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Archives: September 15, 2004

Bird flu found outside Malaysian quarantine zone

Ok, let me respond and I'll...

Looking for moderators

There is NO EXCUSE for not taking this action re Tom DeLay - NO EXCUSE

Gems from the winger film fest: Medved says "seculars" are "outclassed"

Well is anyone going to call out Matt Liar?

Please sign this PETITION to get Bush to attend 3rd Debate

Abu Ghraib, CIA says "if they weren't al Qaeda by the time we captured

Garrison Keillor's "Homegrown Democrat"

Republican's idolatry of Bush

Marion Barry victorious in comeback bid

Washington's secret nuclear war

Minnesota Poll: Bush inches up on Kerry

Study: Vaccine linked to multiple sclerosis

Treasurer quits Arroyo government

There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent peopl

Cat killing film fury

If you had lots of low end torque

Cheney: "Russia Got his", Russia is a she Dick!

Do you watch "Las Vegas"?

Conan O'Brien is kicking ass tonight!!

DU Laugh Track: Ha Ha...

Talking Seattle Grunge Rock Blues

Hey! I got a few thumbs up for my bumper stickers!!!

Alright Father. I'll ask DU.


Peter, Paul and Mary: Jesus Is On The Wire

Hello, Its Me

Air America on Direct TV?

If I want to shrink an 100% cotton shirt

And everyone says that the soldiers don't care about killing babies:

What do you want to be your legacy?

My 1000th post!

Our very own LynzM got a great JOB OFFER!!!

DU Hookups...Give Us An Update...

Freak show has Bush in its sights

anyone know about this document?

Fact: * was, is and always will be a sneaky,lying,cheating,childish asshat

Eliz. Edwards, Howard Dean in MN, two neat snips about them.

Posting this on Battleground newspaper forums, join me

Is Kerry still using the "wrong" Theme?

Mike Malloy suprised me tonight


Neither Vietnam nor Bush's adventures in TANG are relevant issues today!

I want Bruce S. to dedicate "Jersey Girl" to the Jersey girls

Is Kerry still using the "wrong" Theme?

Memo, Schmemo . . . . 1015 Dead for NOTHING, Nothing

Strange question of tonight's Zogby poll?

Thank you freepers. The rest of ya ignore this.

olderman has put up polls that favor kerry

Limbaugh: Bush Advisor and Military Broadcaster

Is anyone else bloody tired of arguing about the Vietnam War?

There's No Excuse for Not Taking This Action Against Tom DeLay - 2 minutes not aware of real story in battleground states.

The Ad That Beats Bush

FACT: No one has yet been able to reproduce the memos?

I haven't been in the loop in a bit. What's happened?

NY Times: Killian's Typist Says Memos Are Fake, But Accurate!!

I get the feeling that Kerry is turning up the burners some every day.

Bush's moral cowardice has guided him all along ;Josh Marshall

Civilian Carnage on Haifa St. (Baghdad)

Gene Lyons

Myerson (WP): Hastert's slanderous behavior

NYT: No Accountability on Abu Ghraib

WSWS: US media covers up American war crimes in Iraq

Playing Against Type (Clear Choice: ground game coach vs. Bush Hail Mary)

thanks for the inspiration, plaid

Not for the faint hearted

The Plaid Adder Rocks

Memos on Bush Are Fake but Accurate, Typist Says

Moving past the expiration date on safety -- Howard Dean

[Madrid]Train bomb terror images published

New Yorker article on Ashcroft and voting issues

Revision Thing - A History of the Iraq War Told Entirely in Lies.

Love Masochism? Vote BushCo! -- Morford

Censored! Ten important news stories the national news media ignored

LOSING THE COLD WAR: Putin Eliminates Elections, Will Appoint Governors..

African American Economists Endorse Kerry Economic Plan

Is Kerry Really More Open than Bush to Alternative Foreign Policy

Growing insurgency could doom US plans for Iraq, analysts say

Bush Let Assault Weapons Back On America's Streets

Clinton allies reject her funding bill


Salon: The Dunce

The Mother of All Cover-ups

Scheer: If Only Kerry Were From the Bronx

James Wolcott: Kit-Kat Club (critique of Kitty Kelley interviewers)

Jay Leno: "I'm not conservative."

'It's a no-win situation for police officers'

Salon: Turning point (the Bush White House lost the key battle of war)

Kerry must 'reframe' Bush --and fast -By Robert Kuttner-American Prospect

Hate in America (Novak Column 9/9)

Iraq - Far graver than Vietnam

Riverbend: Fahrenheit 9/11...

Mid-Hudson Social Forum Sept 18th

Protest Cheney in DeKalb Illinois

Effective Letter Writing to Swing States

Matt Lauer vs. Kitty Kelley: guess who wins?

Campaign Ad buys reflect ability to win state?

The networks' sudden interest in investigative reporting

Kerry posts an article to the rabildy conservative

Journalists' Info Threat Level Raised

Kerry gives great speech on Economy - and broadcast news ignores it?

Please protest battleground-state CBS affiliate's cutting AWOL story

In the Media

Did your CBS affiliate cut 60 Minutes tonight?

Is anybody ACTUALLY suprised by Matt Lauer's asslicking act?

Part 2 of 60 Minutes re: Bush AWOL, for those who missed it (09/15/04)

WAFB in Baton Rouge, having "transmission troubles".....again

Randi Rhodes is my queen!!

Right wing talking point alert: victory for "new media"

How do you ask a man to be the last man laid off...

The Starving Ocean

Interior Blocks Mining Claims On Colorado, Green, Dolores Rivers - AP

Blair "Shocked" By Climate Change - BBC

"metal rubber"

9/15 07:00 AST TS Jeanne Approaching Hurricane Strength 70 SE San Juan

The text of the Assault Weapons Ban

POLL: What wife/SO thinks of your gun/anti gun habits.

GUNS IN THE NEWS--September 15, 2004

Mary Rosh, er, John Lott In The News...

How do I post pictures?

No rush on this one

Understand you have your hands full, with the growth here at DU,

Hi Skinner, just read the Plaid Adder's excellent column...

I'd like you're opinion of this site please


Is it possible to finding ALL of my posts?

is there a "purge" function at DU?

I just got locked twice

What should we do?

LBN question

quick thanks

Help! I'm new in the Israeli/Palestinian forum ...

I was reading your report on the problems with your server problems

Hey Skinner....some folks are thinking that maybe we should organize

Help. I can't find the gallery with all the pictures. TIA. nt

Now that we are just 49 days away from the election

Modifying my account info

So do we now delete posts with no explanation?

Is your Server Bug Regional? I'm having terrible problem in NC but don't

Media contacts: PBS

Media contacts: NBC

National Media List

As I Was Outing a Disruptor Tonight...

How about a policy on age-ism that would parallel that on racism,

Should I be concerned?

Israel will ditch road map, says Sharon

When will Britain and Europe act?

Is Israel 'Swing State' That Could Tip U.S. Election?

Israel kills 10 in highest W. Bank toll in 2 years

NGOs meeting at UN call for embargo of Israel

Sharon Doesn't Plan to Follow 'Road Map'

WOW! ... video on AA Flight 77 -- a 757 into Pentagon?

WingTV- Pentagon

Did a Boeing 757 really crash into the Pentagon

PLS POST EVERYWHERE: Attorney States He Has Proof Bush Ordered 911 Attacks

An Election Sign Encounter...

Pro-Kerry rally outside Dick Cheney Fundraiser in DeKalb

Public finance law may be killed

Looking back on Bill McBride

Conservation agency in jeopardy

Is there a sticky somewhere telling me how I can contact...

Moveon: Governor Schwarzenegger Sign Voter-Verified Paper Ballots Bill!

AdWatch: Spot targets uncertainties of Prop. 72

is there an election coming?

AAR/LA rumors are getting stronger (1150 AM)

Harvard Journalism

Did anyone at the Fair watch the 'CCO "A Fair To Remember"?

Hubbard Broadcasting

Guess what, Petoskey, MI? You've got Air America!

Getting Tired Of It

Kennedy is coming to PA! Where at and when!

Philly Black Clergy to back Specter, a Republican, in Senate race

Gillespie County Democratic Picnic Sat 9-18

TX SEP-15-2004 Confessed serial killers trial to start

How about an Austin Get-Together in October?

David Van Os

Austinites (and other interested parties): join me and sus for brunch 9/19

DUers to the Texas Renaissance Festival!

Russ Feingold Rally in Madison with Cate Edwards!

I have a case for the Internal Affairs Division of the Green Bay Police

**Washington State Primary Thread**

WA RWers in near panic regarding overwhelming (D) Primary selections

Another document

Conyers Wants Ashcroft Investigated for Ethics Violations

i have one general poll question; do they include green party

The Starving Ocean . . . (referral post) . . .

3 miles away from me today

The Future of Free Speech

Who's your favorite liberal media hero in current circulation?

How did real signatures get on allegedly "fake" documents?

Headless Bodies - Iraq

I would like to see these questions asked of Mr.Bush.

typewriter for sale

What is the voting website for those abroad?

Openly Gay Sergeant Brian Hughes on ABC right now.

Number of GIs killed and wounded grows rapidly

Ads for Hannity's show on Air America Radio

Homer Simpson on Dick Cheney


Riverbend is back!

HELP -- Does anyone know what happened to WBAI and Democracy Now?

You are wasting time on "memo-gate"...... Kerry is on issues

it's obvious barbara humped a monkey

No Child Left Behind: All Rhetoric, No Money

Did Bush snort & avoid physical, or was he just lazy, when he went AWOL?

My daughter finally got out of New Orleans!!!!!!!!!

Will it be safe to travel abroad if * is back for four more years?

Today Show

Woman fired for sporting a Kerry/Edwards sticker!

"1000 points of light"

Kelley on CNN with Heidi....

Kerry is on IMUS...MSNBC....NOW! n/t

New York Post compares Rather's memos with Israel spy coverage

Wolf Blitzer Makes Me Puke!

Is Russia Going In the Wrong Direction?

Boy, I miss Tom Friedman!

People who blame disasters on homosexuality/secularism/abortion/liberalism

I don't care if the Kelley book is 100% fake.

U.S. Flunks Higher Education Affordability (AP)

LAT: Once a party drug, meth moves into the workplace

Help Stop the Marriage Amendment: Oppose Writing Intolerance into the

Hurricane Karl?

World's Smallest Political Quiz (Are you really a liberal?)

Okay, was anyone up to the task of watching Lauer and Kelley, part 3?

The most important question this election season is: Have George,

I'm weary of the TANG talk too, but I just had a thought

Are you in Ohio? Call Rep. LaTourette re upcoming Tom DeLay vote

Is Harper Collins squashing Seymour Hersh's book about Abu Ghraib?

THIS is what Wounded Soldiers LOOK LIKE, cause THEY won't show you

Russia'a War on Terrorism

For my 100th post, a silly question

Are we still a democracy if nothing we say or do matters one bit

Governor Dean and Democracy for Colorado On the Air . 2-3 today

Where can I get a purple heart bandaid? n/t

"My Life", by Gee Dubya Bush....on sale now!.................cartoon

reality Check

Flicks for the far right

Slime O'Riely trys to slam AAR!!!

Uhhh, Ivan's going REALLY slow, gonna be catastrophic

BBV: I am in King County Central Count tonight.

Al Franken Show Email Address

Bush at Harvard - A Far Right Youth

A Day in the Life of Joe Republican > another email from the CONSERVATIVES!...

Help me find the name of that guy in Texas

Is there a place to printout Kerry signs??

Your Favorite Lefty Writer

Astounding LTTE to Newsweek re: draft

CBS Phone Numbers

The Plaid Adder cuts right through it again, read "Unexcused Absence"

Remember this?

Ivan causing Panic *AND* Nonchalance.

Religious education

They're (finally) banning the Fox 'Hunt' in UK

Al Franken's and Catherine's last skit has given me an idea . . .

The Neo Fascists should stop pretending

Chimping-- Do you Chimp?

While they still are in control: House votes to give itself pay raise

I need someone who can use video and morph something together.

Can CBS produce the ACTUAL documents regarding AWOL?

Soooooooo, if the Repuke scumbags want to persecute CBS

Snotty coming up LIVE | Press Conference | 1pm EST

Depleted Uranium and american wives and girlfriends

Captioning Tom Ridge

Movie, “Unconstitutional” Examines Civil Liberties Violations Since 9/11

C-SPAN 2...Robert Bennett whining about the CBS memos! NOW!

So does the "forgery" issue mean Free Republic has mainstream credibility?

A Day In the Life of Joe Republican

Harkin posts at blog about steakfry.....Cheryl Crow will be there.

I got the KK book: It appears that RACISM is a Bush Family Value

Don't DeLay, Investigate Today

How long is the delay to am620 kjoj streaming?

" Kerry soft on nature"' claims Whitehouse

Can i change my DU name to:

Unemployment and a record deficit and the House decides they need a raise?

Why the GOP is calling for an investigation of CBS

Healthcare: Universal Vs Private

CIA now has fewer experienced officers on Bin Laden then were on 9/11/01

Best. K Chronicles. Ever. EVER. Seriously. EVER!

Does he ever work?

David Brock on AAR right now 2:10 pm Eastern

Repubs are getting very cocky

"if someone sends me a blue dress and some DNA I'll have an investigation

Edwards, Gov. Baldacci, and Stephen King @ University of Maine

CBS To Release Statement

Best argument to counter "Iraq is better off"/Thank God Saddam is gone

Notice something slimy about some of the voting "activism?"

Does anyone have a list of the assult weapons no longer banned?

George Bush mocks mopaul


Is anyone watching/listening to MSNBC??

Canada public health care system in crisis--what is the real story?

The unstated reasons why the Republicans support Bush at any cost:

Criminals reign in our Corporations & Markets while Martha goes to Jail!

cnn poll on Goss confirmation

The next time Republicans say The Democratic Party are all wimps

Always believe what the secretary says.

So, which is it.. Scared or Bought off?? or "Taken in"??

Log your complaints here

Need quote from Bu*h on Assualt weapons


Any cartoonists looking for work in the CIA?

I didn't know Jon Stewert had a book coming out

How are we (USA) much safer when Russia....

O.K. can someone explain a voting machine thing to me...

I would think that all this forgery or not forgery will be a good thing

With supporters like this, how can George possibly lose???

New DNC Ad -- "Fortunate Son" Bush Nat'l Guard Video

Randi Rhodes going off on KKKRove! NOW on Air America.

Read This Post Re: Bush and His War (Long)

Wesley Clark to be on Randi Rhodes today...

Freeper Humor: DU this eBay Auction of IBM Typewriter

This is no not fair

Funny LTTE in my local paper.

NYT: GOP Senators See Budget Shift on Iraq as Sign of Trouble (for Bush!)

Did a Boeing 757 really crash into the Pentagon

Ed Schultz is Cool!

AAR News : Rove rumored to have leaked the forgeries?

Cant get AAR on stream.

Question for Canadians

I'm in a GREAT mood, I just got a co-worker to register to VOTE!

GOP congress DEMANDS scrutiny of forged Niger papers that led to Iraq War

Holy crap...Daily Show was weirdly good tonight

what ever happened to the V. Plame investigation?

I wanna see this!

Don't forget, freepers didn't believe CBS over the prison abuse scandal

Damn! Randi just said welcome Atlanta, but I still can't get the

Is it Time For AAR TV?????

Located a Selectric II. What else do I need?

Has anyone seen this film?

Custody of Voting Machine Argued in Montgomery Court

A question for Christians, and others of faith...

Typewritten letters - Proportional font - 1969 - Vietnam

Kofi Annan: US invasion of Iraq illegal

I'll be on Randi Rhodes's show tomorrow! :)

Bumpersticker Vandalism

Sbignew Berzinsky on Charlie Rose Right Now

Usually reliable Democratic voter to cast her vote for Bush *sigh*

CDC Now Reports: Just Speaking About Gay Marriages Ruins Hetero Marriages.

Time to reiterate -- Write those emails, letters, and phone CBS!

Hard hearts in Colorado, while poor citizens lose their apartments

Few want to talk about it: Bush* government murdering civilians in Iraq

If Kerry loses this election on us...

For those unaware, the plan to blow up Iraq is here:

'Conscience clause' grows in health care

Political Intimidation of the Press -- IS NO ONE WORRIED??

"Far Graver Than Vietnam "

WAXMAN: Secrecy in the Bush Administration

Someone else verifies secretary's story

ILLINOIS ...BUSH and KERRY in a DEAD HEAT?????!!!!&^%$#@

Even the NY Times agrees ABU GHRAIB is a Whitewash

Bloody Week in Iraq: airstrike on ambulance, another kills journalist

MBAs for the Truth about Bush & Cheney's Business Practices

House bill will allow churches to endorse candidates?

Kobe Scumbag Bryant speaks (Leaked Police statement)

The Acceptable Slander Even here at DU

Report Shows Bush Neglecting Hunt For Al Qaeda

Just put on my NEW bumpersticker :)

Bullies at the Voting Booth - The Progressive

My interesting workplace...

If you missed 60 minutes, the video is here

"I think the proposition of going to Baghdad is fallacious." Cheney 1991

60 Minutes tonight...CBS memo story!!!

DOD's response to Seymour Hersh's book

I wish Paula Von Zahn would say it right: "Mo-BEEL" Alabama

Ten thousand cheers for Dan Rather and CBS

Anyone on DU ever been confined in a "first amendment zone"?

Is anyone else as exhausted as I am with politics right now?

Will you look at those IDIOT reporters on CNN!

Did you ever think you would see the words Bush and Cocaine in a headline?

Air America coming back to L.A. !!!!!

Please post CBS affiliates who did not air 60 Minutes

OK, someone on the inside is trying to make the Dems look retarded..

What Republican Rep. Chris Cox does and doesn't want to investigate.

Wednesday night Mike Malloy thread!

Anderson Cooper is Going to Die

First person account of this week's deadly attack in Iraq...*GRAPHIC PIC*

Edwards is coming to town this Thursday.

Wow! What a "60 Minutes Tonight"

60 MInutes II pre-empted by a movie and I'm furious

The South - Lots of Trailer Parks - A Hurricane - Hope Paula Jones is safe

Neo-Conomy a new book by Daniel Altman 07/21/2004

Quote from Bush supporter in Arizona Republic today

Which Media Whore is LEAST offensive?

daddybush should not be forgotten in this whole AWOL scandal

Anyone see Gen. Boynkin on 60 minutes?

New Orleans & Mobile Live TV links *****

A Question - were the DU admins invited to any of the Gala DNC events?

60 Minutes II transcript of the show that

...the downfall of Oprah is coming...

The NRA called my brother-in-law the other day....

Edwards Promises No Military draft

Is Bush now "Unfit for Command"?

Based on 60 minutes the first question reporters should ask tomorrow

Remember the $550,000 "indecency" fine the FCC imposed on CBS?

Sean Hannity advertising on AIr America!!

Hate in America : Can you explain to my wife

Bush loses voter in Virginia

Maybe Chimpy wasn't Stupid.

Ahhhnold For Pres????

Just for fun let's rate the broadcast anchors. Post your ratings here:

Ivan Check-In - DUers in the path of the storm - where are you?

GOP seems more interested in CBS then Valrie Plame

Maybe Chimpy wasn't AWOL.

My e-mail to Dan Rather and CBS

I have been getting a wide variety of error reports on posts...

So how many cities had 60 Minutes II pre-empted tonight?

Dick Cheney's Youthful Indiscretions

Reporters who cover hurricanes in person should be locked up. NOW.

Is anyone here guilty of a DU P.U.I?

Wonder how many Nat'l Guard are left in LA, AL, FL....etc

Anyone have the link to Dubya's speech to Minority Journalists?

Do you know anybody who was affected by new OT law?

Are they wearing Parka's in Hell? Did the Cubbies win the series?....

Iraq: A Descent into Civil War?

Freeper Girl simulates fellatio on Bush cut-out poster.

The irony! Oh, the IRONY!

Democracy is only for those who believe the right things.

Limbaugh stirs Democrats’ angst over Forces Radio

Republicans run for cover when the gay journo approaches

need help rebutting this smear of kerry

Does anyone here agree with Bartcop? John Kerry is not fighting

Osama Sweepstakes!

Freepers turning on O'Reilly?

Improve Texas Without DeLay

Brush Up on Your Klingon

Rove is so into the gamesmanship, I doubt that he could run

Yet another reason the fundies scare the crap out of me...

Americans sentenced in Afghan torture

Chilling Interview On ‘Fresh Air’ Today

I have something very important to share with you re Killian....

New Iraq Attacks Are More Sophisticated

Bush is living in a glass house

The trolls at CNN are HOPING Ivan is The Big One

Help Bring GW Down with REPUBLICAN support for ABU GHRAIB Hearings

Question about journalistic ethics

Girlie Man - George W. Bush is a Coward

Have a Laugh

Did a figure from the JFK (Kennedy) era pass away?

Put that secretary from central casting on every Kerry ad!!

Boykin is a total fucking nutcake.

Don`t jump to fast on this Bush thing not being true..........

Kitty Kelly is IT!!!! Aren't you fascinated by her flirting with......

Report: High-tech job market has lost more than 400,000 jobs.

Thanks Buckhead!!!!

Help me Debunk This Asshole Freeper

Knox Rocks! ...............well, someone had to say it.

Could we use assault weapons to hurt Walmart?

Who nominates Pulitzer candidates? Can we help get Dan Rather on the list

"Bush didn't think he had to play by the rules that other people had to"

how will they slander knox? she was a prostitute,

Well, another exciting 60 MINUTES tonight! for west coast

Weird Shit: Baker, Brzyznski, Kissinger and more on the Azerbaijan COC

Three Star Bigot.......coming up on 60 minutes in central timezone

LOL! Those crazy New Orleans folk.

Why does B* appear in all of Kerry's TV ads??

Jay Leno CLAIMS he's not conservative

39 Rethugs demand investigation of CBS - email CBS our support

Martha Stewart is OBSESSED with her business

"Urgent US military intervention needed in Grand Cayman"

City of Buffalo NY water rates to increase thirty percent. Why?

Didn't Dan Rather use the term "unimpeachable source" ?

"USA Today" and the dumbing down of America

I Just Slammed the Checker At The Grocery

Spy probe going forward

CBS-memocrap is bullshit and Rove smear job --- drop the damn subject!

Uncovered: The Whole Truth About Iraq

Successful Socialist Democracy: Sweden

Could Rove have had these Bush papers planted?

If GOP wants investigation they must be very sure they are fake.

Are CBS 'forgeries' any different that Miller's NYT WMD claims?

Told the story about the AL lady who lost her job

Is CBS waiting until the end of the news to...

Could the memos be typed versions of handwritten memos?

How does the Repubs get away with this free advertizing?

This Bush's "Good" Discharge really stinks!

something foul this way comes--a ltr

When Kerry wins in November,

Speaking of signatures: "Judge Rules Reservist Must Report for Duty"

What if the Death Toll in Iraq exceeds 9/11 casualties one day?

Randi to Atlanta caller: Kiss Sean Hannity's ass goodbye!

What the FUCK is wrong with CNN? interview

The obvious dividing line between those who support the bushgang

The Fourth Turning --America in Crisis Now?

This board is becoming IMPOSSIBLE to use!

" Dont blame me I'm from Massachusetts" Anyone remember those

Crossfire: Tucker Carlson - the idiot.

I have finally decided to DUMP as a news source AT ALL

Another Bush Failure: Sharon Abandons "Road Map"

GOP congressman calls for Congressional investigation of CBS?!

Drop Karen a note:

They Kelley book has lots o' named sources, seems well-researched

Why the red face, Junior? - PIX

Why is Randi NOT on AAR in San Diego?

"Fresh Air" grim & devastating report on Iraq

In light of this memo thing, It's about time somebody take another crack

Caption me PLEASE!

Ivan's Eye will miss New Orleans

"Iranian Navy, this is COALITION Warship hull number 67"

Could be hurricane force winds as far inland as Atlanta

In scotland there is a suicide every 14 hours

"Bush thwarted our attempts at every turn" (9/11Widows endorse Kerry)

NYO: Dan Rather To Bush: "Answer The Questions"

Arnold For Prez? Maybe

BBC: Pro-hunt protesters storm House of Commons

Kerry Hires Ala. Woman Fired for Sticker

W. House is blocking Dem donor (renown doc for HHS position)

Mrs. Knox on 60 Minutes tonight

State Dept. accuses Saudi Arabia of violating religious freedom

US faces opposition from at least five countries on Sudan

'Conscience clause' grows in health care

Congressional Race Very Close In U.S.

Heinz Kerry visits hurricane aid center

Allawi to Address Hill , U.N. as White House Defends Policy

Situation deteriorates in Iraq (Americans "under siege")

Democrat Kerry Slams Bush's 'Excuse Presidency'


WP: (Bush*) Openly Religious, to a Point

Johnny Ramone, of 'The Ramones,' Dies at 55

Republican Lawmakers Ask CBS to Retract Bush Story

DU - The stuff of nightmares

WP: Rather Talks of Questions on Papers

U.S. Intelligence Shows Pessimism on Iraq's Future -NYT

Allegations Haunt Okla. Senate Candidate

IRS warns churches: no politics allowed

Post Source Reveals Identity to Leak Probers

Bill Would Ban 'Junk Food' From Schools

Stop the Puck! NHL Locks out Players

Iraq War Illegal Says Kofi Annan


Kerry film not meant to combat attack ads-director

Iraq War Illegal, says Annan.

Iraq war was illegal and breached UN charter, says Annan

Anti-Abortion Activists Broaden Efforts

US sorry for death of journalist

Wash Post: CBS Guard Documents Traced to Texas Kinko's


US debates military strikes on 'nuclear Iran'

Martha's off to big house

Diehards carry on drinking as Ivan closes on New Orleans

WP: For Media on Campaign Trail, Little Access to Candidates


For The Record: Bush Documents - CBS News / Sept. 15, 04 - 10:40 EST

UN to help tackle Iraq pollution

Edwards bombarded with war questions during town hall meeting

Iraq invasion entirely 'valid', Howard says

Kerry Accuses Bush Of Dishonesty on Iraq

Judge Orders U.S. to Open Iraq Records

Night On Philly Streets Highlights Dangers Of Assault Weapons

Bush and Kerry Are Told to Hush and Commit

WH: Kerry, Dems in orchestrated smear (60 Minutes/Guard Memos)

Surprises might end PNC's bid for Riggs

GOP lawmaker calls for congressional investigation of CBS for Bush Guard s

Ethics complaint unravels (case against Tom DeLay likely to be dismissed)

Urgent US Military Intervention Needed in Grand Cayman (open letter)

Soros Asks House to Probe Hastert Remarks

Sharon repudiates (US) peace 'road map'

MSNBC announces secretary being flown to CBS in NYC

Democrats Lose Bid for (Cheney's) Energy Task Force Info

Marine Dies of Wounds

New Iraq Attacks Are More Sophisticated

"$3 Trillion Price Tag Left Out As Bush Details His Agenda", WPost

US suicide warnings for Prozac

Lawmakers target Bush administration over Iraq

Human Error Blamed in Air Traffic Breakdown (S. CA)

Bush Cuba Policy In Eye Of Storm

Republican Senator Hagel Outspoken on Iraq Troubles

Bush Urges Putin Uphold Russian Democracy


Pilots rip Santorum over US Airways comments

Ruddock dismisses Hicks study (Gitmo military commission)

Protesters storm British Parliament

27% Believe CBS Memos Authentic; 38% Disagree (Rasmussen)

US running short of reserve troops: report

New Amber Alert.

NYT to Cut Press Jobs

US may run out of guard and reserve troops for war on terrorism: report

Judge Orders Nader Name Off Fla. Ballot

House votes to give itself pay raise


New Iraq Attacks Are More Complicated (insurgents more sophisticated)

Sbignew Berzinsky on Charlie Rose Right Now

Historic Ambassador Hotel to become a school (site of RFK Assassination)


Sharon doesn't plan to follow 'road map' (AP)

Edwards bombarded with war questions during town hall

Oklahoma senate candidate is accused of fraud

Thompson Chides Kerry on Medicare Attacks

Judge Again Orders Nader Off Florida's Ballot

Top Dem (Coelho) Rips Kerry Campaign

OPEC to increase production

CNN: CBS' experts say they didn't authenticate Bush memos (Wed, 9/15/04)

CBS: CIA Insider Says Osama Hunt Flawed

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 15 September

Man Lands At JFK With Explosives

Democrats Score Win in Fight Over Nader in Florida

Kerry to Appear on Letterman on Monday (praise the lord!!!)

Poll: Kerry Holds Lead Over Bush in Minn. (50 to 41)

Mysterious substance causes scare at Los Gatos (CA) post office

DoD Identifies Army Casualty ( # 1020)

A medical cause for Bushisms (pre-senile dementia)

As Leaks Dry Up in FBI Investigation, Activists Still Fear Jury Probe

Bush, Kerry trade shots on Iraq as "tell-all" book alleges Bush cocaine use

Shrinking Swing State Battlefield Changes Strategies

Court denies Bush effort to speed FEC ruling

In Retaken Iraqi City, Perils Lurk ("All bad" in Tall Afar)

Lawmaker wants probe of AG's trips

9/15 Electoral Vote Predictor - Bush 296 Kerry 236

Johnstown(PA) wants Bush to pay for security expenses

Senate Panel Votes to Derail New OT Rules

(Marion) Barry In, 3 D.C. Council Incumbents Out

NATO Nears Agreement on Iraq Expansion

Kerr-McGee to shut down production in Savannah, cut (140) jobs

U.S. Plan for Iraq Funds Worries Lawmaker

Direct Hit by Ivan Could Sink New Orleans

LAT: Bush Casts Big Net; Kerry Picks Spots (TV ads)

Bush sidesteps controversy at Guard convention (Kerry not tough enough)

Musharraf to retain his army post(Pakistan)

Troop rotation under way to swap nearly 40,000 troops

Americans jailed in Afghan "private prison" trial

GOP Attorney Represents Nader in Denver Courtroom

Bush Cuts Into Big Kerry Lead In New York (Quinnipiac Poll)

'Too young to die,' says the mother of Marine

Nader's Top Endorsers From 2000 Urge "Swing States" Support for Kerry

New document said from Bush file surfaces (RAW)

Kerry Hires Ala. Woman Fired for Sticker

Mubarak Holds Surprise Talks with Assad

Kerry: Health plan would not mean U.S. takeover

Afghan GDP growing fast but risks inflation rise(A third of it from heroin)

Chiluba corruption case cut back

EU's Patten fires valedictory broadside at Bush

Former Ill. Governor Aide Guilty of Fraud

Iraqi Scientists to Wage War on Pollution

West Africa ditches dirty money

UK 'hiding Zimbabwe bankers'

Americans Accused of Torture Sentenced

10 killed in fresh clashes in Iraq insurgent bastion (Ramadi)

Russia Rejects U.S. Criticism; EU Joins Fray

Lawyers for 'WMD pair' puzzled

Sharon Doesn't Plan to Follow 'Road Map'

Global population goals suffer: UNFPA (New world population report)

UN to help Iraq clean up toxic pollution after conflicts

Russia Rejects U.S. Criticism of Reform

NYT: C.I.A. bin Laden Unit Understaffed, ("Anonymous") Tells Lawmakers



Three Beheaded Bodies Found North of Baghdad

U.S. Flunks Higher Education Affordability

New Israeli spy probe has a 30-year history, insiders say

History Channel Pimping "Old Ironsides" : "Terra Puke Alert"

NYT: Review of Nuclear Plant Security Is Faulted

Goss - Hill Democrats Not Sold

Car Bomb Explodes South of Baghdad; 2 Dead

Reporters entitled to record Scalia, government says:U.S. marshal was wron

Headless Bodies - Iraq

NYT, pg1: From Those Putin Would Weaken, Praise ("absolute prostration")

Federal judge sends case sent back to state court

Coalition writes Bush in support of roadless rule

Kerry targets Bush economic policy as "fiscal mess"

Variety-Toronto Film Fest fare beating the Bushies

FIS leader fasts for Iraq hostages (exiled Algerian Islamic party leader)

Gen. says he didn't mean to malign Islam (Boykin)

Senators (both parties) slam administration on Iraq

South Africa Reports Critical Stage in Nuclear Black Market Probe

HTML question??

No child /left behind....... a photo essay

I am playing forbidden tunes on forbidden pipes, ask me anything

Ever Seen a Photo SO SEXY...

any country music fans here to help a poor girl out?

Messages for Hurricane Ivan in New Orleans

Just started reading "The Family" by Kitty Kelley

For those threatening to vote Green or Nader

"Excuse me. I have 19 posts and a question: Is it true Kerry eats shit?"

AOHell Question

Who else watched the season finale of Six Feet Under?

If you displease me, this could happen to you...

For all you John Elway fans

Sharing an interesting inventor story

I'm Going to Vote Green

Agent Pickles. You heard it here first.


Freeper Thugs Haunt My Dreams

Are we NUTS or what??

A Funny Joke

Man, I'm tired of the dissing Howard Stern gets from our side!!!

Man Attacked, Stabbed By Wheelchair Bandit

Sometimes you get LTTE that make you go......

Teens Make Almost $1,500 By Finding Out Of Date Beer In Store

arg, GD depresses me.

I still don't have my cable television installed.

Flavor Flav on Howard Stern today, coming up right after this commercial

Over 30 H.S. Football Players And Coaches Injured By Lightning Strike

The countdown starts now! 3 more days...

What I do

WOW... Matt Lauer is Actually Reading some Negative (to him) emails

The freepers must be running scared

Quote Of The Day!

Her name is Jeanne and she's heading towards Florida/Georgia

Uh Oh - Britney Spears' Mommy Upset At Media For Showing Daughter "Trashy"

Looking for thread re Koran v9:11

Halfway decent Bush joke

Dumb e-mail I got at work. (Do you believe everything on the Internet?)

Man Clings To Rusty Car Part He Thought Was A Bomb For 4 Hours

XXL Bra Sparks Hunt For Heavy Crooks

Motorist Shows Up Drunk To His Hearing On Drunk Driving Charges

When BMW's Go Bad (Pic)

Man Accused Of Dressing Like, Stalking Cheerleaders

Favorite Ramones song heroine?

The cooks are invading!! The cooks are invading!!!

All right, this joke cracked me up...

I'm listening to Midnight Landing by 10 ft Ganja Plant - Damn!

I dreamed last night that I started smoking...

Shackled Prisoner Jumps From Squad Car Going 70mph

Study Says Size INDEED Does Matter (When It Comes To Nostrils)

If we stop posting copycat threads, the terrorists have already won!

Is copycat declawing acceptable?

Camper Van Beethoven release

Movie fans! What's your favorite forgotten classic?

I Just Got Sisyphus - WOO HOO

I just got Syphillis - BOO HOO

Visit MANDONNA.COM if you need a pick-me-up today...

I'm taking RandomKoolzip to the vet to get him neutered. Very sad.

The Official Denali Thread: Ain't she a beauty?

I'm taking my cat to the vet to get her spayed. Very sad.

Just got Sirius---WOO HOO

My religion says Kerry is going to win.

The Official Denial Thread: Whatever it is, deny it here!

Eureka!! I found a way to protect my yard signs

I'm taking the whole concept of copycatting to the vet to get it neutered

any miami people here that work in the IT field?

Help with quote re: questioning government

I'm embarassed to say this, but a Pablo Cruz song really got to me today.

is domestication of CatWoman acceptable???

Damn! I forgot our three year anniversary yesterday

Sports Trivia:What two teams are CURRENTLY vying for the Governors' Cup?

Help me debunk this email!

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-- I listened to AAR while driving to work

It's September 15th, what will happen to me this year?

Weather Channel Babes?

Child Custody Hearing Tomorrow

Time for a fun vote (by Sept 20)

Oh no! We're doomed! Six out of four stupid people support Bush!

Bush...just like Marilyn Monroe, the camera LOVES him!

Please, help me find covers of CCR's "Fortunate Son"

What is the best place to post a spammers email so they get spam? (edited)

Any M83 fans here?

I've joined the 700 Club...

Firefox web browser + Adblock

Anyone here read Herbert Marcuse?

I want to live in Europe and need some advice!

Can you believe it? Alice has put up with me for three years!

Time to cast the "W means War" Bush Movie.

Probably the best "Bush National Guard Speech Protest Photo" EVER.

Has the Neo-con given up on Michelle Malkin? Should we find her a new job?

Onion cited by Texas Supreme Court

What can you tell me about FHA loans?

I need good karma, healing thoughts & prayers for my

Anyone remember in the 2000 debates when Gore scared Bush?

Here we go with the bag of chips eaten with the mouth open

Great military quotes from history.

Stupid question to pass the time.

Who's Afraid of Michael Medved?

What should be in the George W. Bush Presidential Library?

Encounter with a Bush supporter

Were you better looking when you were a kid....

Father Faces Charges - His 2 Year Old Daughter Got DRUNK!

I just bumped into my crotch

I have sound!

Study: Beer As Healthy As Wine

Confession: I watch The Surreal Life on VH1

I just bumped into my crush

Ran into a fiend from high school

Is it true that yawns are contagious?

Homeowners Using Live Animals As Lawn Decorations - Llamas Everywhere!

How bad is your language?

I just bumped into my Chachi

Ran over a friend from high school

How bad is your languor?

Ran into a friend from high school

How bad is your luggage?

So who's reading Kitty Kelley's book?

NHL Lockout About to Become Reality

Firefox Question. Why does Firefox not recall i am logged in on DU?

did you know that robert novak is a democrat?

I'm feeling very Oprah! EVERYONE ON DU GETS A CAR!

I just crushed my Bump.

All these posts about bumping crotches and hummers is turning me on

I'm gonna hit 1,000 posts today! Congratulate me, dammit!

It was 20 years ago today..............

Can i change my DU name to:

I had to flip off the Hummer.

Who is meaner?

Favorite Bonanza

There is no God, alas! --- ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS: The Movie

The woman in this picture's melons are HUGE

What childhood lie still makes you cringe?

It's Wednesday's ear worm!

Any Emmy predictions yet?

DVDs that need TV shows

PING Canadians: Villey's back! (Formula One)

MTV in Brazil

What's a great American lager?

Got a GREAT package in the mail today!!

monks' boots bit Tex Schram

DAMN! My Package Is GREAT Today!

I dont think I can fight the good fight anymore

I will now expose my true identity

Anyones' children sick of Phillybri?

John Edwards signs contract with NBA's Indiana Pacers

Anyone heard the group Four Tet?

Are the 10 Commandments a forgery?

Hank Schram bites Monk.

DU Girlie-Man Raffle! Tickets here! (Proof of girlie-manhood required)

Anyone else just SICK of Chitterlings????

What is it about cats?

OK, since everyone else is doing it- here's my true identity:

Tiger Woods did NOT break up with his fiancee

Lap kitty!

TV shows that need DVDs

When The Call Goes Out To "DU-THIS-POLL"... Do You?

Pop! Boo! Boom!

I just made my first ever campaign contribution

Why is the text on my desktop so large and how do I fix it?

Another Cat Thread-this time BIG CATS!

If we were to swap bodies for the day - what should I know about yours???

A website that SCREAMS

Are eyesroll and whoisalhedges the Nick and Nora of DU?

I scored "Hellboy" today

Anderson Cooper calls Dick Cheney an "unstoppable killing machine".

What's your favorite movie scene of all time?

I shall now expose the true identity of Screaming Lord Byron

Sickening September 11 Profiteering

Bumper Sticker: These colors don't run

Has anyone seen "Vanity Fair" with Reese Witherspoon?

Listen children to a story

And the #1 thing NOT TO DO IN Montana

I shall now expose the true identities of several of my fellow DUers.

Today has been the day from hell! !!!! @# ***$#%$#YTY^

What's a great German Lugar?

Republicans and hot air balloons

Study: Starvation Caused Moose Decline

first time in court on Monday...what can I expect?

Company Moves The Dildo Into The Mainstream -- One Housewife At A Time

Is cat domestication acceptable?

Would you play in the NHL for free?

Dad Charged After 2-Year-Old Gets Drunk

Kerry leads 57%-42% (1% undecided) in Buford Wyoming

Wow ! I saw just a Kerry pin at work !

I have a theory: Progressives are gifted

It's a Bird…It's a Plane…It’s Metal Rubber

The proper use for cookies

Petition to Fox News

Help! My idiot brother...

We need new pics of those little baby kitties posted the other day

"How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb"

Ale or Lager?

new Hannity advertiser The Dime Store in Brookside

OK -- who's got the Legacy Edition of Jeff Buckley's "Grace"?

Favorite banana?

Favorite Second Banana?

Worst basic cable reality show

The Shining, Jaws, The Exorcist, Titanic, Alien re-enacted by bunnies

Finally saw "The Station Agent" - anyone else love it?

Press Agent: "There's a plane hitting the Trade towers

Pigfucking Moronic Inbred Losers for Bush

"Monk" boots Bitty Schram

anyone else just SICKof (so-called) grown-ups?

Harley Davidson Owners are a bunch of whiny little boys (a minor rant)

Is ape domestication acceptable?

The return of the "What should I eat for dinner?" thread.

aww... little baby pics of my pup

So I'm reading Kitty Kelly's new book On the Bushies

CAPTION the Georges.

I discovered an awesome breakfast that eat every day now!

Archives reveal terrible story today....

Humor: Rev Dr Human Cannonball Reviews of Amazon Products

If "inner beauty" determined looks, Dick Cheney would look most like...

L'shanah tovah

Anyone here ever read 'The Picture of Dorian gray?"

Any advice to cool down my house? It's burning in here!

I AM SO ANGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Female Athletes Making Great Strides In Attractiveness

Our News Is Not a CROCK!

What were your childhood nicknames?

Tim McGraw, a Clinton fan??? Is it possible?

Non perishable food that can be eaten raw... Suggestions?

DVD-R help - Audio missing in certain players?

My not so bright daughter has decided to stay in Baton Rouge.

Which tv show is worse?

Boxing fans. Who do you like Saturday? DLH or BH?

Here's today's Semi-Lesbian Celebrity Couple

Archies reveal terrible story today....

Where were YOU? 2021?

bunnyj's Big Adventure in Domestic Relations Court.

Best Chick Flick?

LionTamer is 9 Posts Away from Joining the 700 Club (pic included)

anyone get kicked off a political discussion board?

Lets flood the White House switchboard with orders for "dime bags".

Will Six Feet Under be back next season?

You've met Charley, Frances, and Ivan. Now meet Jeanne.

'Slutwear' Is So Last Year on New York Runways

I am loving CNN tonight

Just got back from 6 hours of molecular cell lab- ask me anything!

A message to today's Republicans (email)

On the subject of bodies, check out this six pack

I'm going to give a presentation about coding practices tomorrow.

Today's Quote

Need pics of Bush


Today's thought

UW Student Accused Of Fake Ticket Scam

Shanah Tovah


It's now official, BEER is a health food!


A Thank You to DU!

Yet another sick joke!

Wednesday Night Humor

Femi-Nazi (Love the Word or Hate It) ???

Today in History

Rusty is a homosexual. (Cute story)

Well, the job hunt goes full force today.

I just confronted Ralph Nader, ask me anything!

Countdown to NHL Lockdown! 7 hours!

Short Story

Aircraft Carrier with paddle wheels?

Shameless Vanity Post!

Who wants to have my body for a day?

The place you call home

Couldn't believe the sticker I saw today...

51 posts 'till 2000...ask me anything!

It is a good day to pie...

Damn, I just heard a new William Shatner CD!

"Hey W...what did the five fingers say to the face?"

Post your GWB* nicknames here

Office Memo: Foul Language

Is cat declawing acceptable?

Brush Up on Your Klingon

DU women: What do you think of this?

Freeper Girl simulates fellatio on Bush cut-out poster.

This is my 999th post!


It's my 39th birthday and I just had 4 appletinis, ask my anything.

Attn Malloy fans: Has Brother Sky Blue made an appearance?

A piece of my history.

Has anyone here been mistaken as being a Repuke?

Don't know about you, but I'm SICK of twenty-somethings!!!

Bad puns on names...

Stephen R. Donaldson's "The Last Chronicles of Thomas Covenant"???

Cough Syrup...

Did you have a happy childhood?

Is anyone else sick of people between the ages of 0 and 105???

What's a Great Dark Beer?

put pics of your pet mold cultures HERE......................

I'm 50 today, ask me anything.

So I'm watching Advil Lavinge on ABC right now...

OMG my son just got asked to play

10 Ways to Know If You Have PMS

Cat Haiku's

Anyone else just SICK of children???

subversive radio?

Who here saw last night's Nip/Tuck?

Super Big Ups to the Plaid Adder - Bombs Azz Column Today

Good Times fans - I need your help!

The Corporation Will Eat Your Soul - By Dr. Davidson Loehr

No school tomorrow

I'm bad at keeping friends

Blowing off Ralph Nader steam...(might not wanna view at work)

The Duckie Dance...

Is it me, or is CNN's weatherguy Rob Marciano incredibly HOT?

The Duckie Dance

Can't sleep. Killer asteroid'll smash me.

Let's have a COOTER FESTIVAL!!!!!

Dear God

I alone possess the secrets of peace & happiness & wisdom

Generals and Majors

My first cute kitty thread...

What was the music just played on Malloy?

Hoi Polloi joins DU! Please say hi!

The Alpha Male: "chest-beating, glowering, that kind of sharp stare"

caption my new animated gif :D

Hoi Polloi joins DU! Please say hi!

Top 10 reasons to proof your posts:

I'm back in the gallery!

favorite sopranos character?

oh man, is ANYONE else listening to Malloy tonight?

I think Anderson Cooper is about to lift off

Malloy is cracking me up tonight!

Can anyone help me with Microsoft Access?

Let's have a COOTIES FESTIVAL!!!!!

Your favorite version of "little wing"

I just found a baby skunk

Is anyone here guilty of a DU P.U.I?

A thread started by a moderator was locked.

Fine how about my body, what you do with it?

Is anyone else just SICK of high school kids?

Anyone here from Georgia?

Your favorite version of "little wing"

Favorite song to sing or sing along with?

Lest we think that Lance is the ONLY "Postie" who can ride fast....

"Let's Get Retarded in Here"

Help me not to vomit about being jobless.

Did trof bail or stay today?

Any Other DU Loners?


Message from Dan Rather to Rove

UH OH Oreos...

Anyone have a good college/community music radio station in their area?

"republican babes".

Your Sexual Color Chart

Skipper!!!! Gilligan!!!!! Man overboard!!!!!!

Anyone here old enough (other than me) to remember....

I just (sort of) met Watson from Watson and Crick

Does this mean Ivan is going to stop?

PRIDE Duck...

Does anyone here speak a dead language?

What do you want on your Plaid Adder T-shirt?

Is it OK to breastfeed in the lounge?

Johnny Ramone dead at 55

Is there a way to bring back politeness in our society?

Lost DC info. Help, please!

What the *F* are the invisible things my cats chase

(Computer Question)? ...Suprnova

Shit, I think I have a problem...

Top 10 reasons to proof your posts:

What cereal did you eat as a kid?

Favorite Roger Miller song

Share your wacky politically motivated dreams here!

"There is no pain, you are receding..."

Every day of Shrubby McAWOLFuckWad's "leadership" reverses human progress

My K/E sticker was on my dorm door not 12 hrs before removed

Can someone tell me why Anderson Cooper is taking a shower on CNN?

Classic, "Must See" movies?

"Near Death Experiences"

Anyone ever tried mead?

Find out, in excrutiating detail, what has happened on your birthday.

OMFG! This loser actually thinks the 1970s produced the best music ever.

Anybody Catch the DAILY SHOW? (RE: Rumsfeld)

I got the last copy of Kitty Kelley's new book at Costco today!

OK kids... coolest cell phone?

OK.. my turn.. who wants my body for a day?

Now Cheney has gone way too far!!!

How Bush Resembles Nixon?

CNN: MI "too close to call" (Kerry ahead 50-44) Bush "ahead in OH" (48-47)

Incompetent and Failure, Incompetent and Failure, Incompet...

Bush must be held accountable for his lies.

Did John Kerry sell out the POW/MIAs?

Cheers to the moderator, Good night all.

November 3rd Headline

The war in Iraq can be a winning argument for Kerry

Is the Steam gone from the Bush campaign?

Funny! You can order a deck of "Chickenhawk" Playing Cards...

Is anybody ACTUALLY suprised by Matt Lauer's asslicking act?

This Iraq War is Reagon's fault.

Kerry Today 9/15

What the hell???

Kerry on Imus this a.m.

Tired of hearing about bush being "great"? The answer to all of this is

"Going Upriver: The Long War of John Kerry" premiering at Toronto fest

Where are Kerry and Edwards?

Kristol (NYT) quotes the coWard's MBA prof....

Boston Globe: Kerry must re-frame Bush

Just how much $$$ will the Bush crime family make off Iraq?

any results from the ny primaries yesterday?

Kerry on Iraq

Self delete -- dupe...

Memos on Bush Are Fake but Accurate, Typist Says

DUA - DU Anonymous - Election Season Meet-Up

Where is Al Gore?

What's your impression of Kerry's campaign?

I can't believe memogate can do anything but harm to *

Who needs the CBS docs, when Bu**sh** admitted it

Flipping back and forth between Today & Imus

"America will support someone strong and wrong than someone

My home-made yard sign: "AWOL BUSH"

Read the ethics complaint against DeLay - it will make you sick.

Survey USA Florida Poll: Bush 51, Kerry 45

Are you surprised at the tone of the campaign?

Wasting too much time on memo controversy

The next time anyone bitches about Kerry/Edwards missing votes . . .

What Makes ANYONE Think Kerry Will Get Other Nations into Iraq?

A Collection of's Election Satires

Bush to attend NASCAR race in NH

Yet another CBS memo angle that has not been discussed.

DeLay/CNN makes me sick

Armchair strategists: Should Kerry turn the memo thing around on KKKarl?

Laura* says memos are PROBABLY fake.

Kerry on Imus - "the President should tell us about his plan for Iraq"

Awwwww! They're being mean to us!


D'Oh! I missed the Today show this AM & Matt's Letter reading!

Kerry Anti-War Ally Recants 1971 Claims of War Crimes

What an interview!!! Must see. Kerry: Pay attention!

freepers plan to sabotage CBS fax machine

Wish we could play Hardball !

Dan Rather is not the Democratic nominee. Time to move on.

Bush Going To Washington DC!!!!

But, "I'm Not One of Those People Who Hate President Bush"

Please don't release Butler's move in U.S. - Lets sign a petition

When is Kerry speaking, and will it be televised?

Kerry slams the "teflon president".... "never wrong...never responsible"

Wash St. Primary Turnouts...hopeful sign??

Cheney Returns To Camp Crystal Lake

Mercury News: Different views of Iraq war

Kerry Gave Woman who was fired for Kerry bumpersticker... a JOB!

EMAIL AAR and tell them to REPLAY the KERRY/IMUS interview this AM

It's 9/15. Do you know where your Bush Bounce is?

Bush has early onset Alzheimers?

I know we're not supposed to look at polls but...

Kerry Hired Fired Woman (bumper sticker)

Time to Declare War

Astrologer Predicts October Surprise in Kerry's Favor


It's the credibility, stupid- Kerry has it, Bush doesn't attack is working

Laura Bush says Killian documents might be real.

Press needs to nail candidates down on Freeper "nuke 'em" strategy.

Letter to a GOPer friend


My worthless election prediction

Approach for finding the veracity of the Killian documents ...

Can't win without FL, PA, and WI.

"Excuse Presidency" -- finally! Attaboy, John!

Senate-$3.6B for Homeland Sec - but no increase for Cities at high risk

Kerry at his best when he leaves Mr. Nice Guy at home

What if Kerry did this....

Does the Kerry campaign coordinate with Franken, Maher, et al?

John Kerry's economic policy

Killian's 86 yr old secr thinks docs based on real, handwritten memos but?

Gallup Polls

Something to keep in mind about polls and projections

Here are my hopes (postive post).....

Cops came by this morning for next of kin info...

Hey! We volunteered for the first time last night (great quote inside)

Bonehead screw-up in ANG speech: "War *on* Independence" -video

Time to Declare WAR II

Wolfson's on MSNBC

ALERT!! Disregard all Time polls!! New evidence of flawed methodology!!!

The memos are the problem of CBS, NOT the Kerry campaign

A Message from Wes Clark

I want a democracy not a theocracy!

Mod. Republican office-holders, jump ship now! If not for ethical reasons

op-into Medicare at 55, stop Bush 37% reduction to Soc Sec check in 06

I have no hope.

Thanks to Al Franken (on Air America) I now see how Kerry

Tell Today "Thank you for listening!" re Kitty Kelley (our emails on air!)

Wow. Writer at Buzzflash thinks Rove leaked "forged" documents

hey...just thought of this...the Lipscombs of flint all voted bush in 2000

Maryland court sticks us with Diebold - a national trend?

When the pollster calls you....

The country is at risk. This is not the time for defeatism or retreat!!!!!

Latest Economist "Yougov" poll is up

My, that Pickles sure is amazingly versatile!

WOW! ... video on AA Flight 77 -- a 757 into Pentagon?

Kerry: "Not even failure can cause [Bush] to change his mind."

Florida Poll: Bush 51%, Kerry 45%

So Limbaugh is "officially"

Group offers $50,000 for proof of Bush service

Regarding the October Surprise

Joining in on the advice for Kerry

PLEASE DU this poll

The University of Toronto young Democrats abroad!!! (Election related).

C-Span2: Ted Kennedy (live) is ripping dumbya.....

Update:Now DNC Releasing 2 Min. AWOL Video...(on CNN ticker)

Call me a partisan fool, but Kerry was MARVELOUS on IMUS

Bu*h's Girls party, booze, drugs ?. If so

* Flip-Flops on National Security:

Finally a report on new voters that gets it right. NYT

Dose anyone remember this bush quote:


Kerry to Appear on Letterman on Monday

CBS Docs - Forgeries or Not

THANK YOU, Kerry!!

Killer lines in Kerry's Detroit speech

QuickTime clip of Bush reading "My Pet Goat," 9/11 (linked by Plaid Adder)

DO young voters realize they could be voting for the DRAFT in '05 w/shrub?

Republican Calls for Congressional Investigation of CBS and Rather

"Jersey Girls" Endorse Kerry! (w/ gorgeous pic of Breitwesier!)

Why I think Kerry will win

Iraq outrage (Rove tells military officers what to do in Fallujah)

No SANE "average American" would vote for bush. (taxes)

air america, Franken show to have 2 arrested guys on for

Needing your best anti-Bushco info, please

Kelly O'Donnell, MSNBC, lies about Kerry's statements for the RNC

I'm happier with Kerry's campaign actions of late... are you?

Bush sinking among undecideds...

CNN: Poll: Michigan too close to call - Kerry 50 percent, shrub 44

Wedensday Rasmussen Tracking: Still 47-46 Bush/Kerry

Kerry hired woman fired for having Kerry bumpersticker on car

Time to take BushCo on the 'invitation only' events... is there a lawyer.

How is the "catostrophic success" plan going ? First debate question.

did anyone see what * did when asked about

Please review these Anit-Bush fliers (long...sorry!)

The Daily Howler makes an outrageous suggestion

Respond to MSNBC 'Question of the Day'...

Kerry Press Release: Bush Comes up Short in Comparing Economy to 1996

55 attacks a day = proof the insurgents are reeLing

Rush ?'s Edward Nam service. He was born in 53 same as me. To young.

Bush: "19 individuals have served both in the Guard and as President."

Kerry: "We've been down this road before" Bush: "What road?"

Wingnut delusions of grandeur... and why they matter.

Kerry ahead in Minnesota 50-41

The "excuse president. " Kerry's new TP What do you think?

I'm on to Rove's plans ...

I did not know it was against the rules to out a freeper

Kerry is "on issues" the repugs/media are working 7x24 on "crap"

here's the one question Kerry's gonna have to deal with in debates:

Senate, Republicans included, about had it with Bush 'plan' for Iraq.

is there a shortage of Kerry/Edwards lawn signs?

FYI ---- Gen Clark to be on Randi Rhodes today ...AAR

Bookstore Bias in Texas

Being Cassandra SUCKS

10 changed or new voters for Kerry per each active DU member.

Can someone reiterate what the typewriter serviceman on AAR just said?

33 percent of voters are evangelical Christians?!?!?


George W. Bush: "Some folks look at me and see a certain swagger

Kerry: "*'s desk isn't where the buck stops, it's where the blame begins."


Wish AAR had a video/TV channel...

Is liar too tough of a word for Kerry to use to describe Bush?


Time magazine poll: More proof of its bias

Hurricanes aren't political, but...

Anti-Bush views sway coverage

Kerry must reframe Bush--and fast!

New document said from Bush file surfaces (RAW)

Cha-Ching, Cha-Ching, let's Bush's cash register ring!

Ok I know this is bs but please validate (Re: Virginia)

Gen. Wesley Clark will be on Randi Rhodes today!

OK, it's past 3:30. Where's that CBS statement???

Does anyone have links to news stories about Bush loyalty oaths?

C'mon Dan, we are waiting

Kerry/Edwards have a 57-39 point lead in the West!!

Has Bush Written Off Michigan?

I liked the "Blame President" line

Edwards in Oregon: "Iraq: It's a mess because of this president ...."

Ltr to my daughter (long)

Debates Getting Finalized

Clark was on Randi's show talking about the war disaster

I may get flamed for this but,

Today's Wall Street Journal - "My Economic Policy" by John Kerry

The polls have never been so erratic, we need to ignore EVERYTHING

60 Minutes Tonight

Ethics committee postpones DeLay investigation

Good yard sign news from Repukeburg, Ohio!

Why do we call her Pickles?

ICR Tracking Poll: *Shrub 48%, Kerry 44% n/t

Democrat Kerry Slams Bush's 'Excuse Presidency'


The Excuse Presidency

Ashcroft Hijacking the Voting Rights Act!

Nader NOT on the FL ballot...

Kerry wisely going Retail; not Wholesale

Help Me Debunk This Freeper!

Does anyone think the MSNBC report of Bush closing in on Kerry

New to DU. Ads for Download. Need Advice, Help, Comments.

Just a thought: Everybody needs the right enemy

Pack your kid's baggage- he's going to IRAQ

Mark Green's "Name the October Surprise" contest

Ha Ha HA Judy just said Bush is inching closer in MN 50-41

I went to the local Democratic meeting last night.

MSNBC - Bush Gaining In New York Poll

DO NOT read this NY Observer story in which Dan Rather slams the WH!

Judge again orders Nader off Florida's ballot

There is a Large sign hanging from PA Turnpike Overpass: "BUSH LIES"

What happened to Bush's "Going to Mars," agenda? That was so

Debates: direct exchange between candidates

9/15 Electoral Vote Predictor - Bush 296 Kerry 236

It's about CHARACTER. Issues just grease the skids.

Transcript of IMUS

Sheila Jackson Lee on Cspan talking about the Pentagon receiving

Al Michaels $2000 donation to *

"Kerry Must 'Reframe' Bush -- and Fast"

CNN HEADLINE: Bush Takes Rare Break from Campaign Trail

Madison WI:Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry speaks to supporters

Brief interviews re: election w/ Coulter and Franken:

Who will have the last laugh? Rather or Rove?

Is Kerry missing the boat on the female vote?

Are you voting because you like JK or hate GWB?

Judge orders US to open Iraq Records And Iran is watching F9/11

remember that line at the 2000 RNC convention

John Kerry letter: "We won't let Bush off the hook."

Well, everyone who helped me, she just says it's "liberal bias".

What happened with Kitty and Matt today?

Are you seeing Kerry/Edwards signs in Missouri?

"Does Kerry Still Have a Chance?" -- perspective from Digby

Where's the OUTRAGE?!

Hell yes, we should talk Viet Nam!

Kerry needs to point out the utter hypocrisy...

15 Days left! To register people to vote in many places!

Kerry needs to point out the utter hypocrisy...

"Fire Bush; It's only one job lost"

President Kerry is going to have to fumigate the White House

Got your F9/11 dvd on order??? We need to have house parties before nov..

Kerry did not bring up Documents he stayed away from it..i think he did.

DU this B.Globe Poll

REMINDER: There's a MOLE working in the White House - Media SLEEPS

So, have you noticed it's less than 2 months before the election?

Another first-time campaign worker here.

crossfire is hot today

Dude, Kerry used the "ownership society" bit!

Kerry on Letterman: Monday night

"Swing Voter" defined.... Great News!

DU this poll.

Kerry on the attack

Bush Re-Election Bid Goes Against Grain

"The Excuse President" tagline has given me hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To those who are about to post on Dan Rather's upcoming announcement . . .

The Shrub was a high school cheerleader. It fits.

Dan the Man comin up at 6:30 eastern.

nevermind...thread already started

DNC website rapid response to Scotty's press conference

Pelosi, Gore campaigned last week-end; she and Dean in CA next week-end.

Question about poll watchers

OMG Lou Dobbs could not have been nicer to Kitty Kelly

Explain the logic on this campaign ad

White House Rebuffed (Again) On Scheme To Eliminate Overtime

Have any of the "news" outlets demanding that CBS answer questions

Kerry on C-SPAN Now! (5:40pm EST)


The Upcoming CBS statement- Let's have some fun.

Nadar back on Florida Ballot. - Fla Supreme Court reinstates

Kerry has to stay on the issues.

Should Kerry go on Howard Stern's show?

"New questions, new answers, new evidence" about AWOL on 60 Minutes ll


Do you think we will have even one debate ? n/t

Sludge has CBS News Transcript up on TANG Memo Story

Lou Dobbs nails David Gergen

Rove hit HINT - Tweety spends 5 minutes with Bob Graham & Days on CBS

There've been more gay marriages than jobs created during *'s presidency.

More proof Bush is toast!

DU this poll from Lou Dobbs

To those alarmed about some of the state polls

Kerry spokesmam slams Bill Kristol's claim he has another position on Iraq

Martha on her way to Graybar.....where's Kennyboy?

Sounds like Dobbs is going to debate (on outsourcing) on Paula Zahn - CNN

Scott McClellan endorsed the contents of the CBS memos today

Tweety: "CBS is the issue now"

I've re- claimed the Yellow Ribbon, the Flag, and the Democratic

McClellan: "This president acted to get our economy growing."

Edwards in Lexington Ky Thursday 16th

Tweety: "CBS is the issue now"

Boykin On 60 Minutes- He Consulted On WACO!!!

Edwards gets standing ovation in WV: NO MILITARY DRAFT if Dems win!!

I say put Nader on all the Battleground state ballots.

CBS just went NUCLEAR!!!!

Folks, Survey USA is not a credible polling outfit

before retiring, I just like to say that I absolutely DESPISE . . .

Has the substance of the TANG allegation been blurred by CBS memos?

Secy says she typed memos containing the SAME INFORMATION!


How will the MEDIA spin the Knox appearance?

Is it possible that someone retyped these memos years ago?

Let's all call CBS and thank them for Dan Rather's honesty

"Bush felt like he didn't have to follow any rules" says the Secretary.

Well, I thought thought that went Rather well...

A fascist assault the likes of which this nation has never seen..

I am loving CNN tonight

How did Lou Dobbs handle Kitty Kelly?

focus. . .(just how many) rules didn't apply to *. . .?

Please Rate a 5: No Draft If Dems Win

Why does it matter if the secretary typed them?


Kudlow, CNBC proves one of Skinners points...says Dems did it and Rather

We don't NEED no stinkin' memos!! We don't need icing, we got CAKE!!

ROVE DID DO IT...The bombshell in the secretary's testimony...

Iraq war illegal, says Annan

I'm giddy laughing at the boy-king busted making excuses entire life


GOOD POLLING NEWS: Chimpy Suffers Among Persuadable Voters

Rove's Gonna Have To Smear An 80+ Year Old Woman Now

"Plain and simple. Bush didn't think that he had to go by the rules . . .

The authentic documentation

So, how will the Republicans deal with Ms. Knox?

Local CBS News says ILLINOIS in a DEAD HEAT!!!!!!!

Paula Zahn - Huge Whore - Interviewing Jane Fonda - Now

Bush DID serve in Vietnam - he said so himself

How many Gore voters do you know who are voting for Bush?

Forging Ahead with "60 Minutes" Flap

Carl Bernstein was just excellent on Countdown

Bush is making us victims of 9/11 instead of survivors

How many Bush 2000 voters do you know who are voting for Kerry?

Rather needs to get Sander Hicks on and tell his story...

How will the MEDIA spin the Knox appearance?

Have we heard from Buckhead the Fuckhead yet?

Can someone compile stations last week and this week

Here's the dead giveaway on the Memos story!

Performance Appraisal

Did you know - Kerry would keep 98% of the existing Tax Cuts.....?

Did Rove plant the CBS TANG documents? Did he do the same to Hatfield

Bush Woos Hispanics, Touts Economic Policies

Ohio Polls

More proof CNN Gallup polls are full of CRAP

My asbestos suit is on: We need to drop the AWOL stuff....

Ohio Polls

Custody of Voting Machine (Diebold) Argued in Montgomery Court - WaPo

If the memos are forgeries created on a computer, why hasn't anyone

Rather ends CBS Evening News tonight promising...

Rove fucked himself on this one

Drunk and Drunker: Cheney's two DWI's in the 60's

NBC on CBS TANG documents

It's all starting to make sense re: memos

Awesome Anti-Bush shirt!

DirecTV took 60 minutes off the channel guide

If Kerry actually wins

Carl Bernstein handing Hannity his head right now!

Don't complain about Tom DeLay - do this instead - spend 5 minutes

Dumb Repukes always go too far. Threatening media with investigations LOL

The Fearful Voter

Vote Drives Gain Avid Attention of Youth in '04

I hate to do this, but can someone please explain what happened today?

Any chance the CBS memo source could be...

The Best of both Worlds: The contents are REAL and ROVE forged it!

The memo's were a "plant" ...who planted? Will CNN/FOX and Tweety Help?

Don't read this if you are about to go to bed!

Y'know how at the end of THE MALTESE FALCON...

Is this one of Bush's loving OBGYNs?

Mrs. Knox has created a bright line litmus test for journalists & pundits,

Thanks, Rush Limbaugh! You just created a new voter for John Kerry.

For The Record: Bush Documents

NYT 9/16-U.S. Intelligence Shows Pessimism on Iraq's Future

more from KS...I am telling ya...its not as red as they think..great reads

Freudian slip proof Nader is on Bush team? (Wisconsin newspaper typo)

Dan Rather hit ANOTHER homerun

ABC News Poll Chimpy ahead in Pennsylvania

This face knows something is going down

Nader will NOT be on the Florida Ballot!

Keeping AWOL story alive long enough to do its harm is GOOD for Kerry

So, if the documents are recreations of the originals

Just because Knox didn't type the memos doesn't make them forgeries (m)

Urge CBS/60Minutes to run secretary piece again Sunday?

A Bartcop post. Let's win this election. Avoiding the sandbags.

CBS-MemoCrap is smear job and a ROVE Hit --- drop the damn subject

Tonight we saw "a failed CBS/Dem. smear" FAIL. Does anyone believe a POLL?

Can Anyone Tell Me WHY the Democratic Leadership Didn't Attack SBVT?

Here is the headline I have waited a year to see. "Kerry accuses Bush of

need help rebutting this smear of kerry

Google News count for "Marian Carr Knox" == 251 hits

And Bush keeps hiding the truth, pretending to be someone he isn't ....

Who killed Bush Biographer Jim Hatfield??? "Fortunate Son" Interview"

If Rove planted the documents, he knows WHERE he planted them...

The Secretary Speaks Out!

Bush Names Another Defense Industry Hack To Army Post

I want a congressional investigation On BOB NOVAK Blitz Dem Legislators

The Shroud of Turin is a forgery; that must prove that Jesus never existed

"Memo-gate" is sucking WAY too much media oxygen from Iraq.

New Democracy Corps Poll (more pleasant news)

Does anyone here agree with Bartcop? John Kerry is not fighting

I got in trouble at work

My PNAC article for my community college newspaper-Please Critique!

Texas Kinkos Sent CBS Docs

Edwards: "No Draft When John Kerry is President"

Holy crap...did anyone just see the Rumsfeld clip on the Daily Show?

Is there a law preventing Kerry from making Bush's vacation an issue?

Mrs Knox has created a bright line litmus test for journalists and pundits

Burkett is the Source of the Memos!

WP: Post's source on Plame story reveals himself to prosecutors

when and where are lt bush going to be in rochester? I don't usually get

OMG, look at the size of this crowd!

Stand up for Kerry

Rethuglikkkan-passed laws disenfranchise voters

Kerry In Denver Friday - Ticket Information Here

Did Kerry really hire the lady who got fired for having a K/E bumper?

If you don't think our Media is

I think I scared a Kerry supporter today

red herring - isn't the fax header the SENDER?

Bush Gets Slapped Down

Fanaticism of freepers as obvious as the nose on your face.

60 minutes summary here

A really nice ad for Kerry on the front page of this site:


Paul Krugman on Kerry Campaign

The media makes the polls close because they need a horse race

Are hurricanes, helping

The press HAS to debunk this story . . .

CNN was saying Kerry help Bush

why all the polls so close when we see the pictures and people say other

Texas: teacher, mother of 5 runs as write-in candidate 52nd district

Krugman: Note To Kerry: Attack On Iraq!

CNN reporting Minnesota dead heat?

Anyone remember the story about the body parts in Bush's front yard in ME?

If you don't think our Media is

Burkett as the source does not make sense.

Kerry to be on Letterman Monday night

Shrub is pushing his "ownership taxes" plan as a consumption....

We're going to have 2 international organizations monitor our election!

Congratulations DUers! Matt read your emails w/Kitty this am

Latest Kerry-Edwards Campaign Photos

new 60 minutes video (Secretary interview) posted

Here is how WP / Kurtz plays Mrs. knox. Flame away.

National Run Against Bush Day is this Saturday!

Joke of the day: National Guard members upset about "besmirching" of guard

In Iowa, I got an automated polling call focused on Nader

Defeat Bush: The Guide (This is good)

Why do you think no one is paying any attention to Bob Graham?

Bush-Kerry race tied, says IBD

Rasmussen Battleground Update Grounded Today

After seeing Kerry on Imus, I'm convinced that he's doing everything he

Bush Gains, but Not With Swing Voters

It's Past 5:00 - where the hell is CBS and this "announcement"???

bush's POSITIVE accomplishments: the MILLION KICK THREAD

The Secretary TRAP

Is God Shooting Hurricanes At Bush's Crawford Compound? He Gettin' Closer

If your CBS station is bumping Rather-Knox for stupid movie, check in

A coworker said he would make a t-shirt and wear it tomorrow

Should Kerry use Pet Goat video? Campaign says no.

Bush planned to fight Electoral loss in 2000 if he won the popular vote

Question for those who dont like the discussion on Vietnam

An idea for showing the Excuse Prez........anybody interested in trying?

CBS Just Pulled a Rove

DUer gets FOI doc on DRAFT from reporter -- GET THIS OUT TO ALL VOTERS!!!

Burkett sent them and they're authentic

We've lost our way.

Flameproof suit on: What exactly are we hoping from this AWOL thing?

URGENT HELP NEEDED: Contact Local Affiliates Refusing to Show 60 Minutes

Am I the only one who thinks tonight was a breaking point

AWOL Document Forgeries: The only good END

"Tax Cuts" = Bad Words. What would be better?

Ann Richards on the 2004 Election

Hey John Kerry! You Listening? Here's How to Handle Bush not Debating!

Is anybody else making themselves broke

Why Wasn't Bush Drafted When He Failed To Meet His Guard Commitment?

Freepers slander Knox, maybe threaten her

Remember ! Bushco used FORGED DOCUMENTS ! >

New state polls: NJ and Illinois

Bush *WAS* authorized to wear the ribbon.

Want to boost your optimism? Look at this Kerry rally in Madison WI.

Jersey Girls @ Salon: "President Bush thwarted our attempts at every turn"

Kerry hugs the Teddy Bear and with a little baby

Kerry's October Surprise????

Memo signatures are genuine


yet ANOTHER Democrat MUZZLED & ASSAULTED by Rethugs at a Bush rally

Do you think those a-hole Repub Representatives STILL want to investigate?

Dan Rather will be destroyed....

faxed to CBS News from a Kinko's copy shop in Abilene, Texas

Do you know a swing voter or weak Bush supporter?

At the top of this page is THE NATIONAL MEDIA LIST

New website: Christians for Kerry/Edwards

What did the Clinton's polling show at this time in 1992?