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Archives: September 14, 2004

Interesting column on Neo-Cons, O.S.P. from Moony Times.

Bush avoids issue of Iran, N. Korea on Campaign trail

Krugman: Taking On the Myth

Corrupt politicians, tycoons choose exile over jail time - TW

Turkey set to pass ban on adultery

So, was it worth it?


Elizabeth Edwards Here Tomorrow

Francis Aftermath in Ohio

Download Harris County Voter Registration forms here - 3 languages avail.

Sept. 20 - Critical Deadline in Tom DeLay ethics complaint - TAKE ACTION!

Is there anything around Houston Texas?

9am-12 Sat 9/18: issue/message-based canvass training (Kerry)

FOUND!!! Bush letter from 1973.

David Brooks columns you can't get past the first sentence of Dept.

Wow, MSNBC is interesting....

Born again violence

Why are we so shallow?

Oh, Sh*t. I May Have To Start Reading David Brooks in the NYTs

You can't give the enemy a break.

White House removes press corps toilet

What about concessions from CEO of US Air, Delta, etc.?

Everyone, go and see Silver City and take as many friends as you can.

Governor prepares to meet his future (McGreevy - marriage over?)

US troops face new torture claims (UK Guardian)

Iran calls Arab world to 'unite and resist'

Website 'beheading' surfaces


Will you vote

Which DUer's would you most like to see Tombstoned?

POed's 1500th post spectacular!

Damn Bleachers7...that was a record

Woman fired for Kerry Sticker?!?

A formal appoligy to nothingshocksmeanymore!!!!!!!

Clint Eastwood appreciation thread: Post your favorite pics of Clint

What's the name of this law? Please help.

i got my account locked, ask me anything!

Should I quit it

Carolina Pussies!

Bad Ideas for Company/Product Slogans

Is this a slow night or am I just moving fast?

Sniff, sniff....I just found one of my favorite pictures of Big Dog....

Web Exclusive! Photo of Dubya and Pickles during the "heavy drug" years

Name a game you have NEVER lost at (or you generally kick ass at)

Who's going to go to ATA and ask why this thread was locked?

If Powell could have peered two years in the future and read this story

Let's try the best name of a bar thread.

FOUND!!! Bush letter from 1973.


I'm officially scared...

Hurricane Ivan has very evil thoughts

Anyone have link to pic of W trying to find WMDs in his office??

I want to get 50 posts in 5 minutes! Ask me anything!

MoveLeft Media recent articles

Thread titles that would start a flamewar

Anyone know why the Gallup polls have been so volatile?

Why I'm voting for JFK: expectations and accomplishments

What if John Kerry catches Osama?

Bush's status on the Ohio ballot

Freepers question claims of Swift Boat Veterans for Truth

Poll watching: Kerry on the defensive

I think Imus said Kerry will be on his show Wednesday

No offense but those of you buying the forgery BS are complete idiots ll

Did the Columbine Kids have assault weapons?

Hilarious local news on AWB, re: why didn't Bush push ban?

Bush Letter found in attic - Abortion, Drugs and Underage sex

"let's let Bush win this election"

Krugman's advice for JK: Go After Bush on National Defense. Awesome.


Nuclear Weapons Stealth Takeover

Nuclear Weapons Stealth Takeover

In the year 2004, proof of America's ignorance and downfall

The Choice on the Deficit

Rehash of Vietnam exasperates many Guardsmen

Kerry Pledges to Fight for Seniors Squeezed by Bush's Wrong Choices

Ted Kennedy's Lesson for Kerry

Sundance for Republicans

Can It Happen Here? - Maureen Farrell.

Political Victory (for smirk) : From Here to Maternity

Some groups offering gays opportunities for ''recovery''

Hawk vs. Hawk (gradualist versus confrontationalist )

Interdependence Day Conference in rome.... Howard Dean was there...

Chris Allbritton: It's Worse Than You Think (Western Iraq in rebel hands)

Bush's tactical victory (Keep Kerry talking about - past, not future)

"The Retreat of the Empire" - Pat Buchanan

Why Americans love George W Bush (they are unattractive and stupid)

A step forward.

Molly Ivins: Bush in denial about 'Champagne Unit' privilege

Washington's secret nuclear war - horrifying DU expose

Irene Dische at RNC [Mostly German, sorry]

Police Chief Tom Manger holds an M-16 assault rifle - with Bin Laden

While You Weren't Looking … They lost the war

Lt. Col. Killian’s secretary ;memos accurately reflect the viewpoints

Molly Ivins :: Iraq outrage

Mean Season - - Why the Rage, and Not a Real Debate?

Bush Wears Flip-Flops in the Political Swimming Pool

Salon: "President Bush thwarted our attempts at every turn" (Jersey Girls)

Nascar Dads - Time for a Reality Check

Kristof: Mr. Bush's Glass House

Boston Globe....Don't call * stupid, he might be mentally ill.....

President of 8th Grade

Nuclear Weapons Stealth Takeover (Carlyle Group)

Salon: Viva National Guard! (Military families support *)

Salon: Unwitting Drudge indicts Bush

If Only Kerry Were From the Bronx - - by Robert Scheer

Give as Good as You Get (time for Kerry to get in there & FIGHT

Chain of Command: The Road from 9/11 to Abu Ghraib

Hawk vs. Hawk guys should read this (or maybe you really shouldn't)...

Meet the pResident at Dick Putz Field

General Clark in De Pere, Wisconsin, for an town hall meeting on 9/14

Mobilize the MOB, now.

Website taking donations for Factory worker

Need help with Sirius Folltown music

Make this headline happen: "Ethics Committee Votes Against DeLay"

Kick off National Women’s Election Action Day. Men & Women

Fireback on Canned for Kerry Support

Investigate Tom Delay

Lou Dobbs caves in

Film Walks Line Between Kerry Ad and War Documentary

NY Post/ABCNote link to Doc "expert" that says forgery -but He's not on

DU this poll, please.

The Glass House of Conservative Journalism: Media Matters.........

Journalist Threat Level Raised...........(color code)

FAIR ALERT: Bigger questions about Bush record than CBS docs

The Liberal Media

GOP chairman urges Star Tribune to fire poll director

Is CNN's Daryn Kagan Dating Rush Limbaugh?

"$3 Trillion Price Tag Left Out As Bush Details His Agenda" and we say???

Microsoft's spam plan rejected

Nuclear Weapons Stealth Takeover

Study: Wolves have little impact on moose

kudos on discovering fonts, freeper guy

Just received "The Party's Over"

Kerry's stance on guns won't make any difference....

Repealing all of Washington D.C.'s gun laws

Japan executes child killer

.50 Assault Weapons TERMINATED in California


Oh, Skinner I think someone has plagiarized your name on

How Come I Can't View Certain Members' Profiles?

I'd like to apologize.

Must LBN articles involving I/P be moved?

Discussions of misogyny and sexism

We really need the national media blaster

Getting some buggish behavior

Could we have a forum only viewable to subscribers?

What is the circle with the slash though it under my mouse pointer?

I get threatened with castration and you lock MY thread?

Breaking: On Faux News...Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade chief killed.

So how much is it going to cost US taxpayers to pay Isareli "settlers"

Rabbi says would hold Kabbalah ritual calling for PM's death

Stanley Hilton interview

WtC2 plane exits at wrong angle?

Keyes says game plan is controversy

Judy Biggert - Contact her re Tom DeLay - Time Critical

Nader to go back on Fla ballot

Anyone in SFL having problems getting AM 940 (AAR) in the evening?

OC park 2 B renamed after st. ronnie

I encourage everyone to volunteer at their Every Vote Counts office.

Time's running out for Dolly Dreier

Patty Wetterling for Congress! Her donation deadline is tonight, midnight

The Bush visit to St. Cloud, the tickets are still available

Any Antioch folks here?

Steven Latourette - Contact him re Tom DeLay - Time Critical

Good news in Ohio

Kerry or Edwards coming to Ironton?

Specter recycles endorsements in race against Hoeffel

Democrat Wecht backs GOP's Specter in re-election bid

Edwards coming to Johnstown! Just saw a banner headline on the

Voter Registration Deadline

Austin: Kitty Kelley will be at BookPeople on Sept. 29 @ 7pm

Do this or stop complaining about Tom DeLay:

Bumpersticker = Vandalism in Montgomery County

Kerry-oke rained out

Houston DU Meetup tomorrow, Weds., 9/15

D/FW - Local Candidates on KNON - 9/15/04 - 7-8am.

What are the most, and least, Democratic areas in Texas?

Railfans unhappy about Tim Michels ad

Remember to vote today!


"Band of Sisters" kick-off rally with Gen Clark TODAY

absentee ballet: *must* be witnessed; chging mind & voting at polls


It's early but it looks like Michels is our opponent

Grothman Wiping Out Panzer in the 20th Senate

Packers Fans: McKenzie holdout over

Doc Hastings - Contact him re Tom DeLay investigation - Time Critical

So WTF is up with the WA congressional delegation??

Disgraced former President GW Bush and Disgraced for VP Richard Cheney

sorry, but after seeing watching certain folks on nightline, say over and


Junior Democrats Club (Any Suggestions)

The problem with the flag burning amendment is that it doesn't

Killer wall of water hits Caymans

If Bill Frist brought Kyoto to a vote on the senate floor tomorrow........

Seymour Hersh's new book out today

Does God Endorse George Bush?

Wiley Coyote Bush

Is Jon Stewart a repeat tonight?

DU is my only message boards now...

Putins lust for power? or genuine concern for world peace?

DU This Poll: Bring 'em home?

Bush and the Prince of Peace

So I'm watching Monday Night Football

LTTE to the Philly Inquirer

I hope dubya is our LAST CZAR

Group of 9/11 widows in New York Metro area to endorse Kerry

Latest repug "talking point" about escalating violence

General Boykin-Remember his "my God can beat up your God"

U.S. Defense Department In Extraordinary Attack On New Book

AIPAC is implicated in the Pentagon spy

We must get behind ALL Democratic candidates

Oh yeah, the world is safer

The Liberal Limericker: There once was a gov'ner named Jeb...

Our president is our Daddy (great commentary)

Would someone explain to me just how

Need to know why Poppy is called Poppy. Argument going on.

Sunni vs. Shi'ite - a reason for war?

Barred From Library For Reading Gay News

I prefer to win.But even better, I prefer not to despair,

WTF?!! New Acura Commercial Fighter Pilot?

THIS WAR IS EVIL!!! I am on the verge of losing all hope in humanity

Make a list of people who went up against Bushco & what happened to them?

A joke I got:

Can It Happen Here?

I just voted in the state Republican Primary. I need a shower.

Anyone been watching 'ESPN with the Troops' this week?

I call "Bullshit!" on Dumbya's statement about Kerry's health plan.

TDS video: "Bob Novak, Douchebag of Liberty"

CNN really puts things in perspective!

Is there a web site where I can download image for K/E yard sign?

Great column in today's Pitt P-G ( Father is a republican/son is a Dem,

A New Democratic Manifesto.

BushWhite WhiteWash! Now on Sale! Get yours Today!.....cartoon

What happens with the Loyalty Oaths?

KRUGMAN: "Osama bin Laden must be smiling"

Leno actually funny on Bush

CNN Reporting ENTIRE COUNTRY (Iraq) without power

Employees say they were told to contribute to GOP

Do you know who IS still working in Iraq?

And yet another letter to Corporate News Network

I'm done with morning shows.

Check It Out. Anti-bush* Protest in Baghdad!

Assault Weapons ban - working or not? SEN. CRAIG flip-flops both lips

Seymour Hersh's new book out

Did anyone else notice Lauer didn't read Kelly's book?

Anyone have the quote from Al Qaeda about Bush vs. Kerry?

Post photos of your demoCATS : No republiCATS allowed

GOP Supporters--another reason to hate baseball.

Kitty Kelley coming up on MSNBC NOW!!!

Can I make a prediction about touch screen voting?

Daily love list...

Simple, clear words in the midst of rhetoric.

I call "Bullshit!" on Dumbya's statements about Kerry's health plan...

Bush used forged documents in a SOTU speech to push us into WAR.

What's up with this tag: "The New Iraq?"

Is it safe yet?

So Bush is going to say he is "proud of his NG service?" Proud that he

Daily Hate list here....

Franken has Krugman, Kitty Kelley, Obama and Stauber- All today!

Please Research/google connections between Matt Lauer and Bush family

A Call to Patriotic Whistleblowing

****bag dies after throwning infant from car-infant unhurt. (Karma!)

Hurricane Ivan and Guantanamo: No mention in press?

Daniel Pipes: Cycles of Violence cause less Violence

Dean to be on Minnesota Public Radio 12 EST.

an ugly image from baghdad to remind us, bush's kill people for money

"What If Bush Wins" . . .

I did something mean, sort of

Does Matt Lauer play golf with Bush 41? in the interview with

Are there any "Goodfellows" still alive we can hire as campaign advisers?

ARG Getting F9/11 at Ole Miss is looking like it won't happen.

Zogby asked me if I buy EGGS...

I believe there may be another reason why Bush,Cheney and

Chat LIVE with Lynne Cheney

E-Mail LAUER re: His Assault of Kitty KELLEY

Does anyone know of an international Florist that delivers to Iran?

Matt Lauer went on "golf vacation" with Rush Limbaugh

Does this sound fascist?

Web site mentioned on AAR....byt Nader supporters from 2000

Dear "Serious" Rightwing bloggers:

How can Hastert get away with saying this? About H. Res. 757?

Kerry has to speak with more passion!

Leaked Whitehouse Documents............

If the worst case scenario comes to fruition and Bush wins....

The SHIT is hitting the fan on AWOL ... other stories to cloud COCAINE use

Seeking summaries of torture

Bush Toy Was Not Much Fun

Barack Obama coming up on Franken

Is COPS/Judge Judy/etc a sign of how sick & fascist we have become?

Lets all email Franken and ask.....

I just bought Creedence Clear Water's Fortunate Son on Itunes

Anybody know what happened to Dem_Strategist?

Baby dropped out of car during police chase

My e-mail to MSNC on Lauer's Kitty Kelley "interview"

When was the last time Bush held a press conference?


Anyone else a little worried about what's happening in Russia?

Wanted: Suggestion for diesel car to convert to SVO fuel system

Repuke on CNN right now:

Anti Senn Ads part of National effort by US Chamber of Commerce

Quick, UNFREEP this poll!

BBV - time to email the reporters

Trump Threatening To Sue ABC

New Report Shows Bush Increasing Government Secrecy (Daily Mislead)

The Declaration of Interdependence: Would you sign it?

Bush Spending Little Time at White House (Rate this story!)

Hey, wasn't Kerry on Imus this A.M.?

Hijacking Catastrophe - 9/11 - Fear & the Selling of American Empire

Vote TODAY in NY!!!

Explain this to me...if the CBS expert didn't authenticate the documents..

Kristin Breitweiser is on CNN. 5 9/11 widows endorsed Kerry.

Does this statement sound misogynistic to you?

Woman fired for sporting Kerry Bumper sticker

A look at an IBM Selectric Composer

Pro-Kerry 9/11 Wife up next on CNN

The RIGHT is the most DESTRUCTIVE of a Hurricane.

Horror of Vietnam just as powerful 38 years later

My wife is being accosted by a freeper...

Wahoooo! I just got my yard signs

GWB pre-senile dementia?

Media: Pro-Bush, just lazy, or both?

Wolfie's Poll : Porter Goss


MSNBC Poll re: Churches tax exemption

Why do repugs hate our Constitution?

Let me say this about Robert Novak:

question about kids in vehicles being strangled by power windows..

LOL... "Girlie Man" Bobblehead, Anyone ???

So...where's those hydrogen cars * promised us in the SOTU 2003?

Hopefully, this FReeper won't have any children

GWB pre-senile dementia?

Does anyone feel like the other shoe is about to drop??????

Great Depression Photos -- Why now?

New option for federal employees - "faith based" HMO

Kitty Kelley tonight on Harball

Joe Scarborough's new Book..

If Daschle won't filibuster Goss, Daschle needs to resign as min leader

Jay Rockefeller seems pretty smart

Comment from Seymore Hersh....

Pickles' defense of W is hollow, and has an escape

MSNBC Poll Needs DU

Widows of September 11 endorse Kerry

'"Nineteen individuals have served both in the National Guard and as...'

Has B*ush kept ANY promises from ANY SOTU's??

Folks, save your donation $ for the ACLU

Speaking of Dick Durbin..... coming up on Lou Dobbs, CNN, now

Does anyone know why my media player can't get Air America server?

Lou Dobbs Poll Tonight - Go Get It Folks

Walt Rodgers on Lou Dobbs tonight

memos letters to media

George W. Bush "Dead" list....

How accurate are the polls?

CBS Eve news, pretty damning report on qWagmire

WHy does the media say "When children born today reach SS age,

Can we compare documents from the WH on Bush 71-73 to CBS

Is AAR shut down where you are?

"Proctor &Gamble policy leads to support for homosexuals"

The key to all this is the Executive Order that Bush signed to keep docs

Tune in Lou Dobbs (CNN) ...the job farce in America

God, I hope Kitty is up for this interview with Matthews. He's scum!

Tweety's Kitty Kelly interview is taped and edited

Anymore on the Paul Crouch story?

My note from CBS re: my note about Dan Rather

would Christian Repubs have easily forgiven Clinton for Cocaine use?

Here Comes Hurricane No. 4 - Presently Tropical Storm JEANNE

Ldotters turn on Arnie

Countdown to cover the Dawn Roberts Nader controversy tonight.

what happens if kerry or bush are incapacitated before the election?

I get it now!! People who lie will identify themselves; people who tell

While we are concentrated on Bush's and Laura's drug habits from

News Analysis: Get-tough tactics in Iraq are not working

Does anyone listen to Ed Schultz on the radio?

To DUers who are communicating by cell with evacuating

Sy Hersh to Chris Matthews: 'just let me finish a sentence'


Nader's 'buds' desert him

Putin grabbing more power in Russia using the war on TERROR

Who is Chris Matthews producer????


MoveOn looking to send 100,000 letters to WH from students.

Just saw on CNN a video of bush from 2000 saying "im reporting for duty"

Daily Kos on David Dreier outing...

GOOD GOD>>>> Free Republic is on CNN NOW (Zahn)

The ultimate nightmare: Bush on cocaine

Bush, Blair Guilty of War Crimes

michael moore was to speak at cal state san marcos..

Anyone just see CNN??

"Rated R: Republicans in Hollywood" -- AMC Doc on 9PM CT tonight

"Beat the Bushes" single

Bush and Cheney into the big house

Thank you Keith Olberman!

Republicans physically attack ANOTHER dissenter at Bush speech - PIX

Junior Democrats Club (Need Suggestions)

E-Mail CNN: Howie Kurtz whose wife is Repug Op Sheri Annis calls for CBS

Does CNN, FOX, ABC, and NBC have any idea how much we..

Al Sharpton on Paula Zahn now....... really speaking up

Let's settle this...

Local DJ (Clear Channel) Cocaine/Dime Bags/Kitty Kelley Book

Wonkette coming up on CNN

Do hurricanes hit Texas?

Do this or stop complaining about Tom DeLay:

church/state and the importance of religion in the black community

PLEASE..stop scrounging for scraps with cable news!!

Kitty Kelley NOW (2:05 EST) on Al Franken! (AAR)

Sy Hersh: Bush "hallucinatory."

Tonight on Hannity & Colmes

You had your Press Secretary lie for you!

Look. Bush's Iraqi puppet thinks he is going to a Halloween party

Kitty Kelley interviewed by Aaron Brown -- upcoming

Latest on Hurricane Ivan (5PM EST 14 Sept)

CBS...MEMO update...Next!n/t

Did anyone watch Chris Matthews today (K. Kelley, S. Hersch)

LTTE: Conservative radio is overbearing.

How much FREE publicity for FR is too much?

Nuclear weapons - Who do you trust with them (Kerry or *)

What's with AAR? dropouts, sounds like a skipping 45

Was al-Zarqawi on vacation during the al-Sadr seige?

Junior Democrats Club (I am starting one at school. Need suggestions)

Priceless! Scarborough talking w/ John Stossel about media bias!

Message from Baghdad

Kitty Kelley on HARBALL!

why is (was) the gun ban good?

URGENT!!! Anyone have a link to the 09/03 bogus Time poll?

And What of Saddam?

Anyone else watching Nightline?

BBV - Snohomish County - WTF? Mini-disks?

Of course there is no global warming

Make this headline happen: "Ethics Committee Votes Against DeLay"

What happened to the BREAKING DU STORY

Tim McGraw: "I love Bill Clinton. I think we should make him king"

A shout out to DU'ers, especially those involved in rally's, Please Help!

Where In The World Is Matt Lauer?

Media will need a stepstool to get up to the level of used car salesman!

Is this a joke???

The military, should NEVER be in control of ANY nuclear weapons program

BBV - Montgomery Volunteer Let Touch-Screen Unit Be Tested by CBS News

Global Anti-Semitism Awareness Act....

China executes four convicted of bank fraud

Tuesday Malloy Thread

Reminder: Kerry on Don Imus tomorrow morning.

OK, I have a theory on why the speed of DU posts have slowed...

Which karmic outcome would you most like to see?

Franken is a waste of time

Do Freepers even have jobs?

*sigh* I really, really hate Freepers /new site spawned:

John Stossel! How many here can not stand him...!

Repukes I know are getting more crazed in their emails & rhetoric daily

The Return of Salam Pax

WTF!!! Cheney is in MY FREAKIN TOWN on Friday!

Consider carefully before responding

anybody else think the Bush guard/cocaine dam is about to break?

BBC Radio documentary on Skull & Bones - mp3

When The Rabbits Get A Gun

Bush's National Guard appointee the same one who scrubbed his TANG records

I've changed my opinion about Kitty about you?

CAPTION this family!

"They probably are forgeries" Laura Bush

What's The Rationale Behind Not Permitting Felons To Vote?

Nasty reaction to a Kerry lawn sign

NY Freepers are going to CBS HQ to protest Dan Rather

Watch Nightline

Where Is The Outrage?!

Hmm, I wonder - Is Bush going to fly into Baghdad to serve another

Should "hate speech" be criminalized?

"Ivan Will Sink New Orleans"

I just bumped into my neighbor kid who has returned from Iraq

Land of dreams: Even a drug dealer can grow up to become First Lady!

Today Show: RW Campaign central

Ex-Feds Blast 9-11 Panel and Bush (crosspost from Breaking News)

Paging Bev Harris--New Voting Machines for Lackawanna County

Heh heh; US-CERT Cyber Security on GEMS :)

Boycott this firm--Here's the rat ba$tard that fired the worker for a

Dead soldiers being freeped again, my friends...

I've switched!! Brokaw OUT, Rather IN

Imagine a NEW USA.... One where women take control..

need help finding some pics...

9-11 'Drills': Interview of Stanley Hilton, Sept 10, 2004

Wahoo!! Kitty Kelly just said Laura Bush was known to sell dime bags

Prove to me that the CBS memo's are forgeries.

I am damned sick of No Child Left Behind.

Dan Rather Needs Our Support - I wrote him and got this e mail back

Reenlist or else

House Republicans and Democrats Unite in Linking Iraq with 9/11

Howard Zinn: "A people's History of the United States"

I could STRANGLE Daschle

The Bush Bookshelf: "The Fart Book" | Salon Interview with Kelley

Are anti-choice groups trying to stop "the Pill"?

Operation Tailwind: did the US use nerve gas to kill defectors in Laos?

U.S. Falling Behind in Education

To Oppress or not to Oppress

Seriously: Are things really starting to go bad in Iraq?

Over the past year, what's the longest you have listened to * ?

Laura Bush the SCHOOLTEACHER???

Whatever happened to

Everybody Wants to Rule the World

One of the many reasons I love Canada

BC - We have a billion extra dollars - What do you want to do with it?

Get real. Labour will be elected again under Blair

CBS: 219 GIs wounded in past week

Cocaine-use charges send Bush book soaring up bestseller lists

Syria Tested Chemical Weapons on Civilians in Sudan

Casting Further Doubt (ANG DOCS)

LAT: Rather Rides Out Latest Partisan Storm

CNN: Group offers $50,000 for proof of Bush service


No Paper for Md. Anti-Touchscreen Voters

Lawmakers to Get Federal Pay Raise(Teachers Lose Tax Breaks)

Kerry drops ball with Packers fans - ugh!

NYT: Vote Drives Gain Avid Attention of Youth in '04

Nader's Top Endorsers From 2000 Urge "Swing States" Support For Kerry

NEW ORLEANS (+ Casino Coast, others) EVACUEES FLEE

Erasure of Scalia Speech Said Wrong

US, Iraq press wary nations for help

Families to Confront Bush on Use of Guard

U.S. lags in percentage who have high school diploma

US troops face new torture claims - suggests systematic torture

Why Bush left Texas -- new in The Nation

Bloomberg News: Iraq without electricity

Former secretary says she didn't type memos

DoD Identifies Army Casualty (# 1015)

Hurricane onslaught may blow hole in US economy

Cheney Blasts Kerry for Dean Comments

UK 'hiding Zimbabwe bankers'

Iraq: Signs of desperation

Saudis Pledge 800,000 Barrels Per Day of New Oil

Teachers Lose Tax Breaks for Supplies(but, no Millionaire left behind)

Meet Tropical Storm Jeanne

Blair Moves On From Iraq, UK--New World Media Watch....

Bush Spending Little Time at White House

Skipping Texas for Alabama...Bush's personal behavior was causing alarm

Venezuela's mission to the United Nations tells USA to butt out!


Bush's brother at centre of row over Nader nomination on Florida ballot

Edwards Compares Bush to Enron's Lay

Supreme Court blocks Wisconsin political ads

Bush Says He's Proud of Guard Service

All SoCal Airports transmission problems

Kerry's Wife Calls Bush Inflexible

Defiant 'Junkyard Man' Back Home After Time In Prison

WP: Document Experts Say They Warned CBS of Doubts

Judge Allows Human Rights Lawsuit Against Unocal to Proceed

Lawlessness demolishes rebuilding plans

Senior Democrat Seeks Probe of Ashcroft's 2003 Tour

Turkey warns US on northern Iraq

WP: Test of Missile Defense System Delayed Again (until after election)

Probe Links Pinochet, Allbritton

Newly-returned veterans join Cleland to campaign for Kerry

Bush Making Gains in Battleground States

35 dead in Bagdhad car bomb attack [CNN Breaking]

New poll shows Bush bounce fading - CSM/TIPP

Saboteurs Blow Up Pipeline Junction in Northern Iraq

Two Sue Feds Over Anti-Bush T-Shirt Arrest

600 gather to toast retiring S.C. Sen. Hollings

US Forces Hold Iraqi Women As 'Bargaining Chips'

CBS: 219 GIs Wounded In Past Week

USA TODAY/CNN/GALLUP Poll Shows Kerry Leading Bush in State of Michigan

Texas Governor Names State Supreme Court's First Black Chief Justice

Bush downplays violence in Iraq

Powell Concerned by Putin Political Changes

Bush CIA Pick Says He Is Not Too Biased for the Job

Kerry hires bumper sticker lady!

September 11 widows slam Bush

Despite disenchantment with candidates, Ohio's youth plans to vote

Rebuilding plan for Najaf would raze al-Sadr's office

State to notify felons that they can vote in November (Ohio)

U.S. and Europe Differ on Iran Strategy

Judge Won't Dismiss Myanmar Suit Against Unocal

U.S. and Europe Differ on Iran Strategy

Senate intelligence bill varies from Nine-Eleven recommendations

Woman Falsely Cited for Political Signs

Dementia and the Voter

ElBaradei Says Unclear if Iran Nuke Plans Peaceful (no evidence it isn't)

Police Nab Booby - Trapped Mail to Schwarzenegger

California Indian Tribe Conducts War Dance Against Dam

Pill propelled into abortion debate (BBC)

'Gates of hell' are open in Iraq, warns Arab League chief

Americans, Europeans appear to drift apart on what to do about Iran

Senate Backs Ban on Work for Offshore Firms

High-Tech Market Has Lost 400,000 Jobs

Broadway bigs host liberal fund-raiser

'Weekend warriors' play big role for U.S. in Iraq

Pint-sized cattle are a Cuban revolution

(US appointed) Iraqi President Asks NATO for More Help

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 14 September

Kerry asks FEC for recount advice

'USA Today' Editor Paulson Defends Paper's Reporting on Bush Military Docs

Engineers Battle Insurgents in Oil Blasts

Kerry Hires Mike McCurry as Adviser

Citigroup apologises to staff over bond trades

Iraq May Be Allowed to Restructure Debt (IMF)

Civilians Allowed to Return to Tal Afar

Edwards Compares Bush to Enron's Lay

Democrats File Suit Against Nader's Appearance on Colorado Ballot

Retail sales slip on auto weakness; trade gap widens

US soldiers from the 1st ID pay their respect (KIA not reported yet!)

Plans for Third Chicago Airport Unveiled

Loud Explosion Rocks Central Baghdad

New Rassmussen: Kerry inches closer 47.1% - 46.5%

Now Mugabe wants Zimbabwe's mines

US Arabs, Muslims victims of bigotry

What Did Rather Know....

Turkey warned by EU on adultery bill

Kerry Questions Bush's Honesty on Health Care, Iraq

WP: Dementia & the Voter Research Raises Ethical Constitutional Questions

U.S. current account deficit record $166B (CBS Marketwatch)

Kerry Poll Rank LOWER Than Dukakis, Putin, Martha Stewart...

College Professor Confirms NG Favoritsm


Sudan Official Says Darfur Health Normal

GAO clears Forest Service (Federal PR campaign for logging plan)

Blurry Image Might Be First Picture of Exoplanet

Breaking: On Faux News...Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade chief killed.

Many killed in Ramadi (US Snipers!), Falluja raids

N Korean mushroom cloud blast: invitation to UK diplomat

Showdown over Iranian Nukes

Two Men Charged with Smuggling Nuclear Equipment to Appear in S. African C

Turkish hostage killed in Iraq

N. Korea: U.S. Waging Cultural Invasion

Campaign finance law sponsors sue FEC for refusing to block 'soft money'..

S.Africa probe may shed light on Iran nuke plans-UN

U.S. Falling Behind in Education

Mikulski Uses E-voting Machine and gets Error...........

A little garble goes a long way for Bush as he woos the ladies

Report: Heat to Cause More Calif. Deaths

9/11 clean-up teams file lawsuit

BAE buys IT supplier to Pentagon

Nuclear Weapons Stealth Takeover

Australian F.M.: 64 Australians Still Unaccounted For In Iraq

Medical costs eat at Social Security

U.S. Attacks an Iraqi City With Double-Edged Sword

Bush to address National Guardsmen

Uranium – enough for a nuclear weapon –airlifted from Uzbekistan to Russia

On Fed Payroll, Hackers Seek to Save America

Justices reverse drug conviction

No rush in Wyo to stock weapons

Bush to Address National Guardsmen

3M illegal aliens enter US in 1 year

NYT: A Plan to Switch Money to Make Iraq Safer

British lawyer: US torture in Iraq spread to Mosul

dupe sorry

Nader wins ballot spot in Florida

Saboteurs blow up pipeline junction in northern Iraq

Gunmen kill U.S. soldier in northern Iraq - Five more wounded

Employers don't budge on hiring

VU gets $10M for school choice center

Figure accused in GOP eavesdropping sues over probe

Big Anti-Induce Campaign Planned

North Korea Accuses South Korea of `Smear Campaign

U.S. Iraq Military Deaths - 1,012 members of the U.S. military have died

Gunmen kill 12 Iraqi police north of Baghdad

Pilot stable after F-18 crash

Gender gap for wages still acute

Australia firm on Iraq troops

Saddam Hussein Revisited

GOP Leaders Report No Tax Breakthroughs

9/11 relatives sue bank in terror attacks - Riggs

Something to offend just about everyone....

Direct Hit by Ivan Could Sink New Orleans

Anyone hear about recent report that claims marijuana helping MS patients?

I lost it at work today........

Is winning the only form of safety?

Dems Outrage at Law Outlawing Sex with Dead Corpses

I survived my first appearance before a judge!

"Bush '04" at Chili's

I need to git me some mud for my turtle

Fluffy Mackerel Pudding and other culinary delights

LOL . . . tonight on VH1, Footloose!!! Kevin Bacon takes on

CatWoman has a new job!

Yet another reason to vote for Kerry: he can maintain his balance!

freeper spokesperson on cnn now... live

I hate everyone right now.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man Tosses Baby from car in high speed chase, unhurt, man dies later...

Here's a picture of a true patriot.

Would you date a peasant girl?

Ouch. I think I just pulled a Darwin...

Where a place to find some neat Kerry pictures?

Would you sleep with Olbermann, (Ladies and gay guys only)...

Do you believe in any mystical beings?

Hillary on CPSAN 2 NOW really MAD about 911 Comm. being

Image Test

I just took a shotgun blast to the face.

I hate my sefl-destructive and worthless pancreas Ask me anything!

U2 to Drop "Atomic Bomb"

Vanity Fair, the movie?

Can anyone cite proof of increased taxation hurting business?

God almighty! Another Usenet troll.

Backpack advice sought......

Favorite Salad Dressing?

Backpack advice sought......

Help solve a mail mystery.

lucas' changes to the original star wars trilogy

Before I go, I leave you with another Semi-Lesbian Celebrity Couple

Bush said we must not give up, we must have resolve. How will THAT help?

"MoveLeft Media" list of recent articles


What is your favorite website where people don't wear clothes?

Which is the bigger embarrassment to the United States?

Hallowed are you in bed.

How allowed are you in bed?

i am better than all of you

Maybe we can put the Feline Fanatics in an infinite loop ...

I'm going to Spain tonight...

The ultimate poll. How is the household waste removed from your abode?

Things you DON'T want to hear coming from the Cockpit on an airplane.

ZombyWoof said I had to post this... :)

Need Info On SciFi Channel Series...


How long does alcohol stay in your system?

fun with creating and marketing right-wing merchandise

What techniques do you use to crack your back by yourself?

Bush Thinks About Sandwich During Moment of Silence

Have I mentioned I love Helen Hunt?

A Boy Named Bush (to the tune of beverly hillbillies)

You know, a "little" Cheap Trick is

Priests Fear Drunk Driving Arrests After Communion - Demand Chauffeurs

Todays Boondocks Comic

"Junk Yard Man" Pissed After Being Released From Prison

Is Bremmer (sp) hiding out until after the election?

I admit it - I like the Flaming Lips

Looks like Big Ivan is heading for the Big Easy

Per scroll on MSNBC

Man To "Put The Fun Back In Funerals" - Named 'Outhouse Charlie'

oh goody...looks like another one lining up in the Atlantic

DId Anyone Just See Kitty Kelly on Today (Tuesday)

Bush gets a whipping in fetish lingerie video

Free Republic won't let me play...

Man Pursued By Police Dumps Baby Onto Busy Highway

who can tell me about Flash Animation?

My kitty cat!!!

Concert for Change - great local music coming to your area

Colin Blunstone and Rod Argent reunite as The Zombies for a new CD

Oprah's anniversary audience surprise (if Bush ran the show)

Am I sick? Do I need to be locked up?

There she is... Miss America (slideshow)

Couple charged after daughter takes mold-covered food to school

Jan-Michael Vincent or Gerald McRainey?

post like a non-stealth freeper in this thread

Would you date a peeper?

Best comedies

Freeper friend's toddler son.....(funny!)

Cream's "Disraeli Gears" re-released today in a 2-CD "Deluxe Edition"

The Good News Is That No Files Were Lost

US Dems in Norway in the news...


Do you think my post in this thread will be deleted?

Don’t push me, cause I’m close to the edge I’m trying not to lose my head

If I never hear the phrase "mission statement" again, it will be too soon.

DU Fantasy Football League: Week 1 Results

While You Were Out...

am I the only one who thinks that

Please help me make a decision...

DU music fans: New group is getting a LOT of press

Anyone hear from KG lately ?

Top 10 Reasons why Beer is better than Jesus!!!

FL panhandle reporting: Took up my Kerry yard sign so it would not

This subject fell flat the last time it was posted...Cornholers...heh...

You all know what this is about.....CANADA WORLD CUP HOCKEY CHAMPS!!!

What's your favorite quote from Malloy so far?

Where were YOU? 1972??? &

Spam poetry slam

I feel a sneeze coming on...

I pulled in to Nazareth, I was feeling about half past dead...

Would you date a carbon?

Would you date a prince?

What was the 2nd choice for your DU name?

Best DJ with DJ in their name

Plug 1, Plug 2 or Plug 3?


Post photos of your demoCATS : No republiCATS allowed

George W.Bush to host season premiere of Saturday Night Live!

George Bush wears panty hose!!!!

Anyone else waiting for Hollywood to remake "Simon and Simon?"

LBN is down! Waaaaaaaaah!

J Geils in the R&R Hall of Fame?

I just took a walk.... ask me anything

Y'all skeet skeet, muthafuckas!

delete this thread

Here are a couple things to take W's mind off the Kelley book

Medical ??? Regarding colds and nosebleeds

Radio Enigma played my song "Fool Me Once"!!! Ask me anything!

This year's White House Christmas card revealed

Does anyone else find this upcoming movie kinda creepy?

this thread may be a forgery

if you click on no other thread this year, click on this one

I just got called frumpy stockart! Ask me anything!

My husband buried his first soilder

Any fans of the group "The Six Parts Seven"?

Help, is this computer worth fixing?

Today's Thought

Help? Duh, computer question.

On this day in history...


Another reason the Yankees suck - Bush supporters

Today was the first day i went to the beach all summer.

Okay matcom that's enough-you made your point

A message from the GM of the Mayfield Morans:

Nice Tits!

Firefox 1.0 PR released!! Go and get it!

Thank you Lizz612

Man Threatens To Sue After His Hairpiece Is Snatched In Restaurant

Hepatitis B Vaccination Linked To Increased Risk Of MS

Man Climbs Into Lion Cage At Zoo During Feeding Time - Pulls Out Bible

Looks like I'll be having Florida relatives in for a few days...

Ok, boys and's nap time.

My thoughts on the Assault Weapons Ban.

okay, how do I get an absentee ballot in CA?

I'm Trying To Give A Pee Sample To Some Strange Lady From Out West

Porn Store Clerks Insist They Are Not Into Porn At All

Decisions, decisions

Repulsive ad for Bush campaign you have to pay money to see!

Cat Lovers- Kitty Kelley's book edited by "Norton" author

Canadian PM Scolded By Aunt, Apologizes For Blasphemy

New Orleans: diagrams of "The Bowl." (warning: large files)

I've got Kitty Kelley's book in my hot little hands!

How much is a can of something from your local vending machine?

Elway fans? Any Elway Fans on DU?

Man revives 22 days after being killed and buried

What's the most insulting thing you have said to anyone?

hey Skinner you owe me 20 bucks

You're all royalty...and I'd date all of you.

I'm a carbon, date me!

What is your favorite hot dog stand?

I sat down to my supper

Police Chief Apologizes - You See, Police Raided The Wrong House

Puff Daddy Vs. P. Diddy?

Help! I've forgotten HOW to date!

My Boys are Oversexed Incestuous Homosexual Lovers...

Why does this make me laugh so much?

If I date anybody, my wife will be royally pissed

Hm. The room is sinking. (Anyone else get vertigo?)

I'm the recount---would you date me?

I'm the Count... would you date me?

HOLY CRAP I just squashed the Mother Of All (Software) Bugs!!!

How loud are you in bed?

This might be late

It never fails....

Who else is a PLANETSIDE-R??? Just wanting to know?

i'm a princess---would you date me?

Okay Rule #254-when someone gets up to leave, the conversation is OVER

Texas Rangers-Oakland game turns ugly when player hurls chair at fans

I'm a prince--would you date me?

Molto Mario has a Drag Queen guest on right now - am I crazy?

I'm Prince--would you date me?

Monkey from Wisconsin loves fried cheese curds (JASPER IS BACK!!!!!)

Why aren't these freepers being charged with assault??

Abraham Lincoln keeps floating outside my window!

Tell me about your favourite band and I will tell you why they suck.

Would you date a freeper?

A question for DU pilots?

ESPN's World Series of Poker countdown

Post juicy details from Kitty Kelley book here

This "I promise to shed partisanship" scam - Just not buying it anymore

Who is this?

Drudge has this thumb up his ass again.

IS THIS MAN GAY????!!!!!

I voted in our little local primary election - ask me anything!

"So left" still around?

Favorite Plaid Adder quote? (For T-shirt)

I'm a frog - would you kiss me to find out if I turn into a princess

I'm not a frog, a prince, or a Freeper- just kiss me DAMNIT!

Raven's tomato cheese pie -- Awesome!

Carbon dating - fact or fiction.

WHY is this?

Which Baldwin brother is the repug?


PC virus that makes modem dial various Funeral Homes????


"Growing Pains" girl arrested for DUI , suv rollover, son hurt

Can you watch this without laughing?

Undecided voter is thinking of heading South this weekend-Suggestions?

I'm a viceroy! Would you date me?

Writing a book - need info from police officers or those in the know

Do You Ever Lie When Responding To Polls?

Many foreign language self teaching softwares - which one is the best?

WHAT is this?

Will you EvilDUers lighten the heck up?

Bible "abomination b4the lord..mixed fibers and shellfish..Help finding it

I'm job hunting and getting frustrated

Mental health question....

Best sci-fi short story tv show

Louisiana 1927 (Randy Newman)

Who is out on this week's Amazing Race?

Need some techie help here

Cable Vixens in a Perkiness Smackdown!! Rachel or Samantha?

What Sci-Fi movie do you think comes closest to our future?

Dodgeball or Elimination?

Letter to the editor blasts right-wing talk radio!

Is the outcome of today's primaries indicative of the Pres. Election?

Can someone's personality make them more/less physically attractive?

Should I quit my job?

Whatever happened to Matthias Rust?

I've decided that my generation's label, "X", is worthless. Alternative:

All My Hats At Once (my take on political correctness)

Cheney VS Edwards Visit in Tucson: Cheney: 3,000 Edwards 8000+

Where is this?

More fun with right-wing Usenet trolls!

I'm George Bush and I approved this Message:

A guy on the street dropped his keys just to show me his ass just now....

This post is just an excuse to get feedback on my new sig pic/line.

AH!! I cant take it anymore(See you at the pole)!!!!

Henry Kissinger makes me laugh

some people just look silly when they dance

Say hello to today's Semi-Lesbian Celebrity Couple


What's your favorite boogey-man tall tale?

Why do Freeper types have a problem with Oprah?

I am watching "The Horse Whisperer" with Robert Redford

I just got my first client for my new legal research and writing business!

to DU'ers with problem puppies...

My Fiancée referred to Cheney as "dueche-a-rific" - I love her

My GF said "Get a Life"...

Did your Fantasy Football team win?

It's official: I have been driven insane.

What's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?

Canada VRS Finland in about one hour! For World cup of Hockey Final!

PACKERS FANS: McKenzie Holdout is over!

Does this statement sound misogynistic to you?

Jessica Simpson to don "Daisy Dukes" for first film role

In Praise Of Director JOHN WATERS....

Men are from Mars, Women are from....Anu'udria?

Anyone heard of the movie "Hamburg Cell"?

Freeper encounter!

when did Ron Silver become a Repugnant?

tonights friviloius question; you where just rescued from a desert island,

Denise Austin (on Imus)...another Bush supporter.

Title of new U2 album is awesome

This is for you, Gothic Sponge....

I just drew four nines

Tonite's Amazing Race! I have to tell someone! (NO SPOILERS)

Daily Show!

Remember when I posted that soul singer Tyrone Davis had died?

We're a Republican Band

would you date a pauper?

My babies gone

Blew another tyre tonight!

Stunning amounts of spyware.

If Only ... (My Ultimate Political Fantasy)

For no reason whatsoever, I want an El Camino.

who is your favorite south park character?

Now Cheney has gone way too far!!!

Now the Late Night Semi-Lesbian Celebrity Couple

Isn't freeper sex technically

Be careful with your JPEGs...another Microsoft security flaw

Bush snorted coke off of Laura's thigh while she smoked bongs.

Favorite "gettin' in on" phrase

Don't you hate it when...

Just got the new Steve Earle CD, "The Revolution Starts Now."

My future-ex, 40 years old, finally got her driver's license today!

Is anyone here still in the New Orleans area?

Awesome DU username, cribbed from another board. Use it in peace.

The Fifteen cent miracle meal: Ramen Noodles

"To Me, Ann Coulter looks most like..."

Which is lazier?

I'm sick. But I have Red Sox tickets to tonights game!!

I just had a client go into foreclosure

Why does no one ever apologize to me?

Do You Ever Lie When Responding To Arwalden's Polls?

I'm a crummy prole, and I don't date royalty

I am a toad, would you so much as look at me?

Chess anyone? Introducing a good reason for the guys to take up the game

What is the most insulting thing anyone has ever said to you?

Any Exercise Tips for a Beginner?

If DU were a sports team, what would its name be?

I'm embarassed to say this, but a Tom Cruise movie really got to me today.

"The Bitch Set Me Up"

Dumbest sports team name: Houston Texans

Rachael Ray: Love Her or Hate Her?

All bow before the mighty Postmodernism Generator!

Pet Peeve: If your kid is over 7 or 8 years old....

Patti Smith nominated for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

That's it - I am boycotting George Lucas.

Does language shape culture or does culture shape language?

Most of you know the Blue Screen of Death, but do you know

What would you call these "innocents"????

Tell me about your dog

Post photos of your demoCATS : No republiCATS allowed

Anyone excited about some cool new video games (PS2)?

Kerry's stance on guns will hurt him.

"$3 Trillion Price Tag Left Out As Bush Details His Agenda" and we say???

Is Kerry Going After Bush on Defense/Terrorism?

Here's last night's CBS News Dan Rather/Bush documents clip!

My theory is that there are more memos, even more damaging..

"Meanwhile: In the race for president, this is Yale's moment. "

My letter to Keith Olbermann on his unfortunate poll segment

A new swift boat ad. Why doesn't somebody

I think I figured out the "Assault Rifle Ban" expiration

The race in a nutshell: The graphic TRUTH!

What was "outsourcing" called in the 60s and 70s?

Five 9/11 Widows to Endorse Kerry Tomorrow

"Kerry could still win..."

General Clark in De Pere, Wisconsin, for an town hall meeting, 9/14

Map of political funding for Bush/Kerry in my city.

Remember Wolfowitz's testimony before Congress, before the war

Group of 9/11 widows in New York Metro area to endorse Kerry

Bill Maher is 100% correct when he says...

A bright campaign note! John Edwards came to Tuscon

Baseball owners shill for scrubbie

Yippee! Kitty Kelly's "The Family" hits #1 on Amazon

Expats Against Bush.... the website.

Is it Kerry's fault that he is blowing the election?

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Freedom of the Press? Yeah, right. Censorship '04

Today Show "should be sued" for quoting old/biased Time Mag. Poll

"Matt, You play golf with the former President."

Rather's colleagues getting wobbly ?

We must get behind ALL Democratic candidates

Would someone explain to me just how

americans abroad - how do their votes count?

Kerry; Drop the Thumb On Finger Gesture When Speaking...

I fear that Kerry's getting set up on the Flag vote issues

Why do these bastards keep saying

$4 billion / mo. to "stabilize" Iraq "missing" from Bush's 2nd term budget

About those Seven Minutes, and Bill Maher, and this thread...

Electoral Vote Predictions.

Bush's agenda could top $3 trillion | WP

Today Show Phone #'s (Including Production People)

Cheney voted for "Cop Killer Bullets" when he was in Congress

George Bush had no plan going into Iraq, he has no plan to exit Iraq....

Seven weeks to go today !

Bush Leads Kerry 52% to 44% in Wisconsin, Gallup Poll Finds

Pennsylvanians: Al Gore railing against Bush on PCN-TV Now

Kerry's stance on guns will help him

Bush-Kerry Race Tied As RNC Bounce Fades, New IBD Survey Shows

Pitt. Post Gazette-Great editorial : To Kerry: "Save this ship"

9-11 Families to Hold Press Conference Today to Discuss Presidential Race

Kelly - on Today Show - "3 Independent witnesses regarding Bush claims"

Did Matt "Turd" Lauer have any of the SwiftBoat Liars for Bush on?

Will Colorado EV apportioning benefit us?

Some good news out of Ohio

HELP!!! What's a realistic new voter %?

US News and World Reports on AWOL


Kristen Breitweiser and other outspoken 9/11 widows to endorse Kerry

Tom Toles cartoon: Bush flip-flops, mostly flops.

Polls asking why Kerry is losing the election are:

50 Days for the Pollsters to Get it Right....

US vs World Media

The John Kerry "four months" angle

PICTURES of Matt Lauer playing Golf with President Bush 1

A picture worth 1000 words on why Kerry should be President

MEME Memos: George Bush and the Assault Weapons Ban

Bush, Cheney Spar With Mock Debate Foes

Why is the Washington state primary today......after the convention?

How I think Max Cleland can turn it around for Kerry

Kerry 46%/Bush 44% (RV-9/12)-47%/47% among likely voters-IBD

LOL NewsMax says Kelley shot herself in the foot.

Official THE SKY IS FALLING thread - September 14, 2004

Sufficient ballots on Election Day.......

Bush's Little Secret: His Agenda Will Cost Tax Payers $3 Trillion


Detroit Free Press article on Rep --"supress the Detroit vote"

Handpicked crowd tactics at * campaign events needs to be hammered.

The Ralph Nader..FLORIDA ballot story is on Air America....NOW!!!

Mike McCurry joining Kerry Campaign - reported on MSNBC

Bizarro Ben Johnson: Bush's service more heroic than Kerry's in Vietnam

Outrage- Florida OK's Nader's Name on Election Ballot

What is the backbone message of the Kerry campaign?

Today's Rasmussen

iraq a different perspective

Did anyone catch that Poll on CSPAN this A.M.?

Edwards slams Bush's record in Tucson visit

Edwards Pushes Health Plan

Total reversal on from yesterday

Something just disappeared out of a NYT article online

Is the most intense election you have ever been involved in?

HEY John Kerry call the Ed Sholtz Show!

Have you received this Republican email?

Did "Buckhead" create the Killian memos AND debunk them?

The October Surprise IS coming. Do Dems deserve to lose?

Medical costs eat at Social Security

This is what Kerry has to overcome

STORM excuse DEBUNKED: 9/15 weather forecast for Talhassee Florida

Taking On the Myth - NYT

Maureen Dowd article

Another Florida outrage in the making

Bush to address National Guardsman Tuesday

Why are we whining about another FL theft?

Ex-Nader leaders change tune ! WOW

Sept. 11 Jersey widows will endorse Kerry

The Nation is out of Sync, out of Balance,........ too farr Right.

It's time for Kerry to ask Bush what *he* plans to do in Iraq

Our troops are in "quagmire" and here we sit debating AWOL & Cocaine use

George W. Bush is a coward - great article!

Spoke w/Today Folk re: Matt Lauer ("He was being sarcastic!")

Bush blasts Kerry's 'enormous price tag' for health care

So will Dan Rather be on the debate panel?

2 Very Different Cures for Healthcare Crisis

Repubicans give the nuts in the country assault weapons.

Families to Confront Bush on Use of Guard

New Zogby survey received


hey debunkers, I need help

$3 Trillion Price Tag Left Out As Bush Details His Agenda

Kerry is doing something DUers are missing

for those who think the Kitty Kelly book will hurt Bush.......

Overseas Registration deadline: Help

HAS ANYONE YET ASKED BUSH questions about the content of the memos?

Why does Kerry have to explain ways to clean up Bush's mess in Iraq?

Kelley: "I wish you could see the stuff that's on the cutting room floor"

Howard Stern registering people on-line

Wake up DU! This is a big day for Kerry.


9 to 5.."you are a Wart on the Nose of Humanity"

How good is

The supposedly forged document - great read and BRILLIANT advice

A thread for the DUers who don't understand

Bush leads in FL, WI, Penn, and huge in OH.

Air America laughing at Matt Lauer

9/11 widows are going to endorse Kerry

Where have all the journalists gone??

Professor says Bush revealed National Guard favoritism

More violence against hecklers. In Colorado.

Texas ANG Chickenhawks

Cable / Network "Journalists" about to come down HARD on *

Does * even admit that his dad got him into the 'champagne' unit?

Who is reporting on Bob Mintz/Texans for Truth today?

I am halfway through "Bush On The Couch" - ask me anything.

QUIT worrying about the polls and go REGISTER someone to vote

MSNBC "Ethicist" Idiot

D. Anne Wolfe needs your help.

more republicans against bush...this is a LTE in Kansas YEAAAAAA

Drudge - New Kerry Headline

Media Matters: CNN's Kagan: "[L]iberal is not a label I would ...

jr bush uses JR Ewing as his role model--rove elections are proof

"They hated our Lord, too" Barf Alert

A plea from prominent liberals to drop Nader

Jeb Bush has spoken????

Awesome segment on MSNBC re *'s NG duty - (not the papers)

Pundits and influencing accepted wisdom

A statement on health care that makes an impact

Went to Edwards Rally at UNR


America 2004 = Al-Anon

Drudge pulls a DUH!

F911, false; The Family, gossip; TANG records, forged; but SBVT--True!

"It's Time to Put America Back On Track"


Are the video's of the Abu Grab rape going to come out? n/t

Dr. Dean went to Italy for Interdependence Day conference

DNC ad "Fortunate Son" posted

We need a brilliant catch slam against *. Kerry needs one bad.

Issues for the FCC mtg in Michigan

It's the HYPOCRISY, Stoopid!!!!!

A Pundit Observed: Americans see Bush as Leader because they don't

If we are going to make Vietnam ads the DNC should do this one..

Kitty Kelly Comping up NOW on AAR - Franken Show (2pm EST)

What Did Rather Know....

Kitty Kelly on Hardball tonight

Something just occured to me--could Colin Powell be...

If YOUR Homeland was occupied, like Iraq...

Two Most Recent Polls indicate end of Bush Bounce

Remember when Clinton staffers trashed the White House before they left?

The Audacity of Hope

Forget about Bush was AWOL: Bush *is* AWOL

Why are we losing?.....IT’S THE WAR….STUPID

yet another damn poll to DU

For all the would be Kerry campaign advisers out there

Why do we have to push & prod the Kerry campaign?

Bad polling news: ICR poll has Bush up 8 among LVs

Why must Kerry defend himself yet Bush's critics must defend themselves?

Have you seen the new DNC ad: "Fortunate Son?"

What's up with our "Fairness in Media" march?

If Ivan has to hit somewhere, here's hoping it's Louisiana

$3 Trillion Price Tag Left Out As Bush Details His Agenda

Keyes says game plan is controversy

Why I feel Kerry will win

Kerry hires Mike McCurry ex press secretary to Clinton.

Rasmussen battleground 3 day rolling averages

AWOL America Wants Optomistic Lives

Their need to have people see these documents as forgeries

Bush 291 - Kerry 238.... WTF!!!??

Why is Ohio leaning heavily Bush?

Forgery Feeding Frenzy -- Media afoul of the facts

Online today at, the report (Guard memos) details

Someone needs to make this internet ad.

That's FUNNY, I don't care about the memos or the Polls.

Today Show - Kitty Kelly .... round 2

The DNC "Fortunate Son" video is

"Who" Is the CBS Unimpeachable Source

truth behind iraq war resolution

Federal Review Composite (9-14-04): Bush 284, Kerry 254

What Kerry needs to do and what we need to do

From Kitty Kelly's "The Family"...Jebby, George, and "the gay vote"

Former Clinton Advisers Now With Kerry

Kerry Asks FEC for Recount Advice

Kerry takes lead in new national poll

MSNBC Poll-CBS r or w in reporting NG service? DO IT!!!

I know what I see in Ohio

Does Kerry ever talk about the Supreme Court

Is Victor Ashe in the Kelley book?

If I were Kerry's campaign manager today . . .

Absentee President ...

Kerry addressed Bush* lies and delusions about Iraq today

DU this MSRNC poll

Poll results - Why do they even report a rolled-up national result?

OK Kerry, the time to get tough is NOW!!

TNR-Bush tells a another Bald-Faced Lie with the help of the Press


Vote TODAY in NY!!!

Does Victor Ashe look a lot like Karl Rove?

I have the Kelley book. Victor Ashe is not listed in the index.

Latest poll JK ahead in battleground states 51-39%; independents 48-38%!

Count the lies: Transcript of Bush's Inaugural Address, 1/20/01

Clearly, I'm a moron but which graph of the IBD poll is right?

Why/how does a story just DISAPPEAR from the media? This one was FAST

Send this question to your local paper's Religion Editor

The BOUNCE is GONE? There NEVER WAS. Kerry is right.

My letter to Dan Rather

CNN: WH will NOT investigate NG memos

9/11 Widows for Kerry

The Story of American Jobs

My email to Dan Rather

STOP GOSS Call Daschle,Senators, Reps free 800 839 5276

Big story Nov. 3: Unprecedented Voter Turnout Puts Repukes Out of Office!

Latest Rasmussen Poll: Bush 47 - Kerry 46!

To get to Howard Stern's Website, you have to go through his Clip the Bush

Powell: "I think it is unlikely that we will find any stockpiles"

Shrub won't tell the Truth. He was AWOL, and everyone knows it

Howard Wolfson on Crossfire Kicked Ass

Read this. It might cheer you up. I hope.

If you're a true Republican, you'll vote for Kerry - another good one!

Paula Zahn just aid that a candidate is ahead by 6 pts in Michigan

Kerry Plans Colorado Visit

College GOTV lagging?

Now 60 minutes should do a piece on FUNERALGATE

Have you seen the new SWV ad?

GWB pre-senile dementia?

Kerry Poll Rank LOWER Than Dukakis, Putin, Martha Stewart...

What is your overall impression of news and news magazine TV shows?

Nader's 2000 Committee urges vote for Kerry

Comment from Seymore Hersh....

Kerry Odds hit 2:1 -- What are we going to do?

Two new heroes today, it seems

The irony of the Bushies is they know to run campaigns but not govern

Kitty Kelley Appearances List & "The Family" Website

Novak's "100%" memo expert called peace protesters terrorists in letter

LunarBoy13 Poll Has Kerry out in Front By a Huge Margin!!!

What the election comes down to (found at Zogby)

Rasmussen Update

Bottom Line on the Swift Boat v. Memo controversy . . .

My UPS delivery man is VOTING for JK!

DU the MSNBC Poll: Was CBS right or wrong?

I Don't Like Kerry's Current Iraq Critique

Counting My Dead: Reasons for Voting Kerry

If they were forged, they were forged on a fairly complex system

We need to see Kristen Breitweiser ALL OVER the media!

FAIR: CBS Docs are not the big AWOL issue

DU this CNN/Wolf Blitzer poll:

Kitty Kelley Excerpt: Drinking, Drugs & Saving the Republican Party

Who here isn't afraid of politics?

No MORE "What Kerry needs to do" threads please!

My UPS delivery man VOTING for JK!

John Kerry Speaks About Arkansas

This is too cool!

Worldwide Poll (35 nations) shows world wants Kerry to win BIG!

Paging Will Pitt and/or Kerry campaign insiders

Kerry says Bush glossed over situation in Iraq

did anyone read Atlantic Monthly "when chimp meets John?"

9/11 widows group to endorse Kerry--DU the rating!

Grassroot Swing State Radio Ads

FYI Act04 has a campaign to get the women vote out. cash or work

dupe -- Cush beat me to it again.

Kitty Kelley Appearances List & "The Family" Website

Edwards' Tucson Visit-LARGEST CROWD FOR EDWARDS EVER! (article)

Sinclair Broadcasting Group's latest attack on Kerry's Vietnam record

Are you better off than 4 years ago (CNN POLL) .......91% say NO !

DU poll! Unemployment will play a major factor this election. Look here!

Dim-Son Bush BASHES his FATHER on allowing Kurds to be slaughtered

CBS will talk about AWOL Again

MATT LAUER->NBC->General Electric->DEFENSE CONTRACTS for GE - $$$

Dean's *partial* schedule for Sept. Someone asked where he was.


Chimp McFlightspoon is Bisexual? Discuss.

Harold Wolfson KILLED on Crossfire

Don't mess with the Bushes

RNC accuses Democrats of giving CBS "fake" memo


I am going to have to turn off DU the way I do the TV.

This Friday a great GW parody hits theatres

Kerry: " I'll be straight with you: things are getting worse"

I'll never understand why some repeatedly vote to screw themselves over!!!

Kelley Book is Sort of a Dud..........

If Kelley's words in Salon don't get you to work your ASSES off for Kerry

Bush administrations body count fall-out...

If Bush is a Real Man, why is he hiding behind his wife?

USNews: Bush's military service in question – again

Howard Wolfson, DNC pounds Rep Bob Walker on Crossfire today

What happened to your 2000 promises *? talking point

The AWOL B*sh facts are, somehow tied to the 1995 replacement of his...

CNN sez 245,000 Nat'l grd now active. I'd bet at least 200,000 of them

So what evidence remains that the memos were forged?

Kitty Kelly chilling - nothing will stand in the way of these people

Another reason it's so hard to fight the RW-GOP

Forget the AWOL thing; I want Kerry to attack Bush on the terrorism issue

ABC News report strongly critical of CBS story on bush TANG

MoveOn wants to Get Out the Vote in November 2004, and

Say something you think clever, look at audience, facial expression says

Anyone feel that Bush's official TANG record has been blurred.....

Screw the polls, the debates matter most.

What percentage of voters vote for the candidate they think will win?

Hey! Nat'l Guard Question Raised WITHOUT Forgery BS!

Is it just me

Olbermann is ripping the Emperor's clothes off tonight!!

Gallop Kerry 50-44 LV 50-43 RV MICHIGAN




Gallop Kerry 50-44 LV 50-43 RV MICHIGAN

CBS News is mounting a steadfast defense of the authenticity of documents


MSNBC shilling for Tom DeLay

Meta Analysis and Monte Carlo in LOCK_STEP!

It's turning towards Kerry---

Could "Sex" Be Why Polls Are All Over the Place???

Most battleground states are pro gun

Hey! Nat'l Guard Question Raised WITHOUT Forgery BS!

Ah, If Only....Quick Fantasy:

Enough about the memos already!!!

$50K reward: Prove Bush served

Conservatives for Kerry!

Olbermann's comparing Memo debate to Manchurian Candidate!

9/14 Bad news and Good news for Kerry: 274 EV, 59% Win Prob.

Crossfire is excellent today!

Call CBS & Viacom

Kerry On Message At Last

Idea for catchphrase summing up the failed Bush effort in Iraq

Reminder: Kitty Kelly on Tweety tonite

$3 Trillion Price Tag Left Out As Bush Details His Agenda

UPI WRONG! Trainees are NOT qualified for ribbons their units are awarded!

What do the Texas Rangers and the Republican Party have in common?


Time to take the trash out

Kerry-Edwards "Shop In's" Has anyone contacted other DU'ers about this?

DU this CNN Poll

CNN has known Racist Hate Group as expert

Bush caught on video looking stupid!!

Dubya's Dad Warned Iraq Would Become Quagmire

One of the media games

Deborah Norville is leading with disgruntled National Guard families

I am so friggin tired of hearing about BOTH candidates Vietnam record

Notice when Kerry talked about increase in costs.... media = no comment

What if Killian retyped the memos into msword before he died?

did you see the newest kerry empLoyee? (woohoo!)

It's The DELUSION, Stupid! Bush Is Out Of Touch With Reality (Iraq)

"I'm a liberal and proud of it" said by...John Kerry

Former secretary says she didn't type memos

Rather: "STILL UNANSWERED QUESTIONS" about what he "did and didn't do"

Norville airs "Fortunate Son" clip.

We should be SO Lucky/Fortunate Kerry/Edwards are running in

They can debunk till the cows come home... They are scared of Rather.

the women now being recruited for jihad

more bytes I'd like to hear from Kerry

Dubya's Dad Warned Iraq Would Become Quagmire

Why Kerry hiring the bumper sticker (fired) lady is such a great story.

In polls, what is a "likely voter"?

What happened to the Bush records that were on damaged microfiche ?

bush's tax cuts my ass. Did you know that teacher's lost a credit

Kerry needs to show leadership in running his campaign

Kitty Kelley coming up next on Aaron Brownnose

Kerry Hires Ala. Woman Fired for Sticker

What's Bush*s plan to save 1000 US soldiers from being killed next year?

Former secretary says she didn't type memos (but)

Scarborough's "retirement" style montage of Rather pics throughout

Make this headline happen: "Bush and Cheney to Face Trial at the ICC"

How's Hersh doing on Tweety?

CNN: Walt Rogers quotes Iraqis saying "Bush is a Pimp"

RAW STORY : New Document Shows Bush Bailed on TANG Promises

Their plan to steal the election is simple.

All Hell is Breaking Loose in Iraq

Kitty Kelly exposing Bush family as corrupt scumbags and frauds

Don't believe a word that Drudge says.

Rove's dirty trick pre Kerry-Shrub debate - What will it be this time?

Where we are...

How to Argue with a Kerry Supporter

Were people here flipping out over the soon-to-be-released Michigan poll?

Well known principle.....The best predictor of future performance is...

Game, set, match--- "The Ad That Beats Bush"

Even children get it

If Cheney can say the U.S. will be attacked

Book excerpt on *'s cocaine use and hypocrisy: Kitty Kelley via 'Hardball'

olderman sexiest newscaster alive

RE: Iraq accountability discussion w/ Pat Buchanan on Daily Show:

Goddamn Powell, Quit Covering For Bush. Just Admit That He Lied To Us

You know who this is?

Response to Neighbor’s Kerry Scary Sign?

The Secretary story supports my initial hunch

With Scotus, not boxcutters, they hijacked democracy in 2000 and have

I think a national debate is in order

Deleted message

know anyone planning to vote for Nader?

MSNBC : Hodges thought the notes (memos) were hand written...

Kerry on Imus wens. at 6am. That figures, maybe somebody can see him

Interesting TANG graphic

Why doesn't Kerry use those opponent-Osama ads?

I'm not sure I can support Bush any longer.

DU please vote Kerry in this poll

Bush only got 167,000 more Ohio votes than Gore

Bush "still sinking slowly."

"Russia got his!"

Help Kerry in swing states from your computer - liberal echo chamber

Predict Kerry's Electoral Vote.

Laura's Dime Bags and Dans forged documents

Kerry Family Values - True Commitment to Social Justice

It's the LYING, stupid.

New MoveOn ad: Allison Anders' "The Waitress and the Lawyer"

Tweety walked into his own shit.

"Bush led Gore by 10 points in October 2000"

LTTEs: Republicans should oust Bush and reclaim their party,

Body Count "surprise" is unfolding now and the media might be helping.

9/11 Widow KILLING * on CNN now

Why do people think that Nader voters would vote for Kerry

Headline on CNN.Com: "Reward offered for proof of Bush's service"

Blame Bush for the Sinking of New Orleans.

Top Dem Rips Kerry Campaign (too many chefs fighting over $$$)

Kerry's got to change his position on the War.

I think INCOMPETENT should be the attack theme

The REASON why Bush is head in the polls, is because...

Tony Coelho says we need a "Karl Rove" - any nominations?

somebody explain why Kerry is not taking press questions

Great write-up on why to NOT believe this polling.....

My whole street (50% *) in 2000 is going with KERRY. . .

I told you guys that Kerry would get "Gored" by the press -- lookee here

Pentagon Says Bush Records of Service Were Destroyed ---NYTimes

Tweety with ...Kitty Kelly....tune IN

W's appointed head of NG had audience STACKED for his speech. Hope Kerry

A Drive to distribute F-911 as Campaign Literature???

Feeling a Draft? HELL NO! I WILL NOT GO!

CBS is not backing down, they have answered us all...

What we SHOULD do as strategy

Excellent Nation Article - "Why Bush Left Texas"

Can I get one of those purple heart bandaids?

This is how low America has sunk: This man is our president

I want to be first to say it. THE DEBATES ARE GOING TO BE

Kitty Kelly coming up on Aaron Brown NOW.

Harry Truman on polls and pundits

I have the strangest feeling that if Edwards were "turned loose"

Regarding the woman who got fired for having a Kerry sticker on her car

Kerry's Finally asking * "What're YOU going to do about YOUR Iraq f*-up?"

Alameda County DU'ers:

Kerry Press Release: Bush Medicare Bill would eat up 37% of Soc Sec Checks

Deaniacs! Where are you at?

Other than CBS, is anyone in the mainstreem media defending Dan Rather?

Excellent letter read on Norville Tonight about assault weapons ban . . .

Is Kerry saying "George W Bush" too much in his speeches?

Ohio has lost 1000's of jobs with AWOL -- why would people support him?

Anybody see the Weekly World News this week?

Another week of taking our "eyes" off the Bushball.

The "forged" memos, the "third possibility," and the stupid criminal

Rush Limbaugh Becomes Official Unpaid Advisor to Bush-Cheney '04

Laura Bush says CBS documents are fakes

GOP congressmen dodge taxes by living in "church"

What makes you mad about Bush that Kerry can use NOW?

Does Bush have an exit strategy for Iraq?

The dilemma: Public is anti-Bush but not pro-Kerry

The much-needed killer app Kerry Iraq sound bite

Hypothesis: Kerry is using Ali's strategy

Holy Crap !!! Molly Ivins On Barnes\Bush And Texas Politics !!!

Rasmussen: Kerry gains ground in Wisconsin

"I just don't spend that much time on him, to be honest with you." ~ GWB

Breaking via Countdown: Killian's 1970s secretary says memos phony BUT...

Ted Kennedy to campaign for Kerry


Chris Bell has the guts to go up against DeLay-will you stand up for Bell?

!! 1972: Bush demoted from F-102 to flight SIMULATOR!

The Shifting Baseline: PROOF that the documents were typewritten

Dan Bartlett up to eyeballs in Nat. Guard lies.....Buzzflash and others

What's the equivalent site to this for Repugs?

Why is Bush losing?.....IT’S THE ECONOMY AND THE WAR….(STUPID)


2 excellent bumperstickers spotted in NC today!

John Kerry Hired The Woman who was Fired For Her Bumper Sticker

The White House is LYING about where Bush got his ribbon!!!!!!!!!

GOP Candidate Caught Lying about Military Service