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Newsweek's Michael Isikoff - Media Whore & Liar Extraordinaire

I just lost a couple of thousand dollars in magazine value....

AWB & Prices...

richmond police chief wants ban renewed.

What are you planning to do to celebrate the demise of AWB?

AT last the AWB is history!!!!!

hey. did condi rice or colin powell address the rnc?

david strom of the taxpayers league of minnesota ....

Sundance Channel today:

delete.... moved to GD2004

9/11 Pentagon Crash Animation:

Unless the people of decency in this country gain control of this

Is it possible for Congress to revoke its war powers authority after

Rich people generally are unable to understand why poor or

I'm the face of EVIL


Anyone want to critique my statement on the Assault Weapons Ban

What do you think of the Flag Desecration Amendment?

All Things Considered... Are You Proud To Be An American?

Iraqis claim the capture of 16 foreign terrorist chiefs

Hong Kong's Democrats Suffer Setback in Legislative Election

Pakistan Spending More Than Ever On Nuclear Power

Israel Defense Chief Warns World On Iran

Economists don't share Fed's outlook

Anti-Bush Ads Geared to Young Blacks Use 'Sharper Message' (WP)

Priests charged with child abuse being sheltered in Rome

Edwards Says Bush Lead in Polls Is Temporary (NYT)

Ivan plots ...

I am watching "The Patriot" and....

I have a Squishy kitty (sorry no pics)

Yeah... This is so .. Wrong

So, good news on my terrifying financial front

Upload jpeg to 'signature' section of profile?

Which pays better, telemarketing or website trolling?

Okay, so is this joke offensive?

Pass this one on.... got it in an email today.

all right, computer geeks. Tell me what "spyware" is and --

Are gas prices going down everywhere?

Best period of a person's life.

The new Top Ten is up and #10 is the funniest shit ever

Separated at birth?

KERRY and EDWARDS (and Daschle) May Face Flag-Burning Vote

Colin Powell in four-letter neo-con 'crazies' row

Would "W Stands For Wussy" Have Been More Effective?

Help me understand the Electoral process in America

Where is the USAToday story explaining the 2 new memos????

I have slowly come to the conclusion that the documents are real....

Is there a gender gap between Bush and Kerry?

Is anyone brave enough to do this?

Latest Electoral Vote Poll"

How is the mainstream press playing the CBS Bush memo thing now?

Kerry Challenges Bush on Iraq-9/11 connection

Kerry/Edwards poster prominently displayed...

More reasons the documents aren't faked:

HA! You've GOT to do this with a bush supporter or a fence sitter!

By my calculations if the polls are averaged over the past...

Is America safer? - Pulitzer Prize-winning author examines

Osama bin Laden: a Texas-style Republican in Muslim clothing


Buzzflash: Its time to cream him John.

Time: Mission Still Not Accomplished

WSJ: Campaign Is Becoming A Character Study

Labor Board May Rule on Union Tactic (cards out because they work)

Kerry Campaign Fact Sheet: No Direct Link Between Iraq and September 11th

How Will Voters Handle the 'Truth' About Kerry and Bush?

What is a progressive, anyway?

George Bush has not made us safe from terror. . .

Retired Colonel's exhaustive analysis of Chimp's ANG records

Terror, Guns, and Evil by Will Kirby

WP editorial "Mr. Kerry and Iraq" makes my point. I have been saying

Blood on the NRA's Hands

Group flies Kites to Protest Plutonium shipments/Charleston, SC

AP Press: Both Candidates Often Shift Positions

The war of a thousand years from Le Monde Diplomatique

Assault weapons ban spotlights local case (SF Chronicle)

The Real Threat to Second Amendment Values Isn't the Assault Weapon Ban:

Wondering at wickedness: Mark Lombardi's sinister and complex drawings ...

A Shameless Request for DU Members to read my work

G.A.Geyer: How to turn opponents into terrorists

AU's Campus Republicans Fence Michelle Malkin Out

Protect the Vote by Bob Herbert (with important voter info)

Bush team 'knew of abuse'

By Any Means Necessary

Salon: Medicine Man (GOP control of Senate depends on him)

Cheney as Ed McMahon (Wolcott)

The war on terror can't be won...time to move on -London Guardian

Drudge Tries to Blow a Hole in the Sail of Democratic Undergrounds Boat

BoB: Only Four Months Of Combat

Truth in Politics on "The Connection"

Colin Powell in four-letter neo-con 'crazies' row

Eric Margolis: Why West is Losing.

Flip-Flop Cartoon

why Democrats always get outfoxed ( By Michael Tomasky)

Truth “In the Eyes of Hurricanes”

From Vietnam to Fallujah, confronting the full measure of atrocities

Narberth, PA - Monday, Sept. 13th - Candlelight Vigil-Federal Weapons Ban

DU Election Day Matchups for Swing State residents & travellers

Best orgs working on new/minority voter registration?

Protests more help in passing environmental laws than working on 'inside'

Philly Area DUers: This Saturday - campaign with the Glorias!!!

How do get the Swing/Undecided voter

Old News, Long Overdo(Is absolutely everything fair game for the press..?)

Slime Time Live (In your face:)

Correcting the NY Times

N.Korea Says Blast Was for Hydro-Electric Project/journalists were liars

Safire distorted, omitted facts to discredit CBS memos (

"I'm a Journalist! I'm Dying! I'm Dying!" (Baghdad)

Great WaPo profile of Randi Rhodes/AAR

Olbermann is the Sexiest Broadcaster According to Play Girl

Texans for Truth (video)

LA Times: Labor Board May Rule on Union Tactic

need some facts

Studies Shed New Light on Effects of Administration's Tax Cuts

Further Evidence Of Immune System, Hormone Damage To Polar Bears From POPs

Nearly All Of Washington State's 700 Glaciers In Rapid Retreat

Howard Slams Blair & Bush On Climate, Energy - BBC

Truck maker will sell giant pickup (based on cement mixer)

Some Oregon Ranchers Support Enviros In Pushing To Limit Federal Grazing


The Periodic Table of My Dreams.

Truth “In the Eyes of Hurricanes”

Old Growth Falls As "Healthy Forests" Reaches Grand Canyon's Rim - SacBee

Kerry Says Bush Has Ignored North Korean Threat

The U.S.A. and Somalia: the only 2 countries in the world

Italy's Foreign Minister Leaves for Mideast in Hostage Crisis

Is the Air Force "History of unit awards " file on line?

Powell: Iraq Will Be Quiet for Jan. Vote/Military Set on Pacifying

Putin Moves to Increase Power, Citing Effort to Fight Terror

Assault weapon ban ends

Brady Campaign idiocy.

Keep your booger hook off the bang switch.

So who won the pool?

He mugged the wrong woman.



Bipartisan support passes suicide prevention bill

how are you feeling now that the ban is lifted?

OFFICIAL: J/PS AWB Poetry thread.

Why didn't the AWB prevent Columbine or the DC snipers?

I think I figured out the "Assault Rifle Ban" expiration

Repubicans give the nuts in the country assault weapons.

***J/PS Official Assault Weapon Ban Demise Thread***

Kerry's stance on guns will help him

How many people will die as a result of the AWB expiring?

Kerry's stance on guns will hurt him.

Fraternal Order of Police endorses Bush

Question about 9/11 and GD.

Another great Top Ten! A suggestion, tho...


Watch this thread begun by a newbie in GD2004

Member harassment

Why isn't my signature showing anymore?

Is there any way ...

about posting errors

It's........ So........ Slow........

Land-locked Palestinian naval police faces new work drought

Rajoub: Palestinians recognize Israel in '67 borders

Israel Shuts Palestinian Voter Offices in Jerusalem

The Likud doctrine

U.S. agrees to help Israel relocate military bases

Germany to deliver 2 submarines to Israel capable of carrying nukewarheads

Official Flight 77 autopsy list includes no Arabs.

The place where Flight 77 was swapped with a drone

Dov Zackheim is NOT an Israeli citizen.

Where did Flight 77 hit the ground? Pictures please.

Graham's New Book Is Aimed At Voters

Democrats scramble to replace Jim Stork

John Dean will be in Glendale this wednesday- Sept. 15th

Kerry/Edwards Office Open In Laguna Niguel

Meet Mike Byron-49th CD Candidate on Fri. Sept. 17

Bighorn Sheep

West Liberty Iowa we have Kerry signs!

Air America radio waves hello to Hub

Anyone in Rochester..

Hey Minneapolitans! Vote in the primary Sept 14!

Iraq, jobs stay keys for voters - - Bush, Kerry court Mich. undecideds

Crosses, row upon row - Display is memorial to dead, protest of Iraq war

Nush today in Mich - "strengthen" health care -don't put gov in charge

Why wasn't there an anti-Bush action in Michigan today?

Conditions in Ohio Point to Kerry, but Bush Runs Strong

Ohio - Please Help Us Stop DeLay!

John Edwards in Athens and Portsmouth Wed/Thurs

Kerry must turn region’s downturn into votes

Faith in Bush Unshaken in Rural Ohio Despite Economy

Texas Democratic Veterans Road Rally

Need some help please.

Russ Feingold's Nine Questions

Sheryl Crow to join Kerry in Madison 9/15 (details inside)

Floaty Pen- Homeland Security

There are 2 Plame threads everyone must read

Here two 2 related Plame papers everyone should read

ATTN......"Swing Voters"

Times Of India Poll on WOT (war on terror)

Can someone explain this to me?

Time Ralph Reed Produces a name

WP: General's "stinging broadside" against top officials re. Fallujah

Fox and Friends

US Helicopters Fire on Civilians in Baghdad

Some moron in my neighborhood is celebrating "Patriot Day" (9/11)

Pissed with CNN

Best protest people can do is cancel Time and Newsweek subscriptions

Free Dept. of Labor "Up from Zero" DVD ~ 9-11 Propaganda?

Today is National Lie your ass off Day!

I'm so mad!

ray tal is on fire

Kitty Kelly Coming up on the Today Show (NBC) 7:25am

David Dreier, Ralph Reed, Gary Bauer, Lindsey Graham,

October Bin Laden

Bush Supporters Pic

good morning du'ers!

National Guard in Florida - private security guards?

Excellent Analysis Of Bush Military Record by a Retired Army Colonel

When will the people who know the truth about Bush come out

How much does it cost to subscribe to LexisNexis?

Bush pledges allegiance to his belly...

The "Royal" prerogative to declare war

Texas man who sued Bath, Bush used O'Neil as lawyer and got SCREWED

CSPAN Monday AM — Graham talking about new book, Intelligence Matters

Security Breakdowns at Republican Convention

Thatcher coup plot latest: new twist on classic internet scam

Look at The Terrorist Hideout The US Bombed in Fallujah Last Night....

LAT: Once Party Drug, Meth Moves into Workplace (overworked, longer hours)

Watching C-Span: Do you favor proportional allocation of Electoral Votes?

OK, it's Monday. Where's the Drier story?

The gun issue and callers on c-span

CBS's response to my email (forgery issue)

Ya Think Bill Bennet was their?

Cheney and Fear

Cheney and Fear

msnbc says high ranking dems are silent on Assault weapons ban

I called Specter's office about the Flag Desecration Amendment


North Korea's military capability - powerhouse or weakling?

Well, I just found out that a friend of mine is in Iraq!

The Flying Wedge Issue of "What Hit the Pentagon"

Blair's Britain in constitutional crisis, those with power must remove him

Don't forget -- Kitty Kelly's on Today Show tomorrow

Cindy Adams: Big Dog at home "in pain, immobile," friends renting videos

Hey Kids! Get your very own 'Dress-Up Dubya' paper dolls!...cartoon

Hey Vietnam vet DUers....

"The 2004 Election & Censored News"

Has any cable news talked of K Kelley??

Bush whacked in lingerie video

If every thing is on the table.

Rightwing strategy for attacking truth-tellers...

Rumsfeld's Dirty War on Terror - Parts 1 & 2


What's the story on this bit of propaganda? bush helps out parents soldier

looks like Bob Graham is afraid of Israel

Disappointing and unfair results in Hong Kong election...

Do you feel moore or less safe since 911? AM-NY poll

A moronic joke from the right-wing about Kerry re: Swift Boat

AK-47s, Uzis and TEC-9s - police chiefs warn of an upsurge in crime.

My letter to Matt Lauer

My LTTE to the editor

Leslie Blitzer's former job

How many abortions are performed in the US every day?

Internment Lesson Plan Is Under Attack

No God, no, not a Caption, don't do it George!

All polls affected by the media

delete double posted

CNN Bushwhore Daryn Kagan is dating...

Have you seen this video on the coward/liar?

Here's a link to a CNN poll on Assault Weapon ban expiring.

"...both served honorably and both were discharged honorably."

Best Foreign Policy President of the Last Fifty Years?

Turkey furious with US for bombing N. Iraq city

Sy Hersh is on C-SPAN talking about his book.....he's on NOW!

Waddayaknow! I guess two wrongs really DO make a right.

Protest photo from Michelle Malkin's speech in Berkeley, CA


O.K. so does the number of American casualties include...

Does anyone have the photo of GW signing a bible?

Bush's meme--flip-flopper. What do you think Kerry's should be?

Pentagon Plans to Blow Goats Up, Push them Off Cliffs for 'Training' Purp

The Flypaper Theory of Iraq is true, according to reports (satire).

Bill Moyers and "Now"...and I'm angry...again!

Are we learning anything from this campaign?

George Soros - A Communist???

Now that Big Dog is home, I sure hope he is resting and watching

Afghanistan: 4 UN office compounds and human rights office looted & burned

Matt Lauer was given his marching orders...

funny how people who speak out against the bushes change

Woman governor (R) zeroes out funding for women's commission!

Did anyone get the chills watching

W sucks, but man, I think the brunette daughter is hot!

Build a Better Bush

Every time I see Wes Clark speak

Just make a killing at a 2 for 1 sale. Why am I not happy?

Who is this on AAR and where is this damning article on * on 911?

Has anyone "done" John Kerry's & John Edward's

Nice e-mail from Sen. Rodham Clinton's office

How Bush speaks in religious code

Will the U.S. military be reinstating the draft by Spring 2005?

Did anyone see Kitty Kelley on the Today show?

Zapatero proclaims "Old Europe is like new!"

will Saddam escape in Iraqi chaos?

Is This a good debunking job?

Now we are just as bad as the Israelis.

US strike kills TV reporter during live broadcast

DN: Up to 110 Dead, One of the Bloodiest Days of U.S. Occupation *

The real reason we're in Iraq...

Heads up - Bill Maher on Larry King on CNN tonight

A favorite pastime of Hitler and Bush!

Is it to early to start evacuating New Orleans (re:Ivan)???

Putin has taken a page out of Bush's playbook.

Over 900 customer reviews for the Fahrenheit 911 DVD on Amazon...

Running from his record. What candidate bush said about foreign policy

Please help me with my rebutal

Does the sight of George W. Bush autographing the flag disturb you?

Best Domestic Policy President of the Last Fifty Years?

Does The Sight Of A Desecrated American Flag Disturb You?

Tucker Carlson makes another outrageous comment on RS yesterday.

Is there going to be a DVD of the Democratic Convention?

Does Randi Rhodes think AWB will divide Democrats?

Powell Says War Service Should Pertain to Everyone

Moulton woman says she lost job for sporting Kerry sticker on car

Heads up...Bill Maher on Ugly King Live tonight.

Is Ivan going to hit Guantanamo Bay?

Accelerating toward total police state

I converted a Bush voter today.

Quick, somebody provide me a link! GWB coke arrest scrubbed

PLEASE HELP! Debunking this email

Finally...articles about Interdependence Day, Rome, Dean.

Keith Olbermann Won the Playgirl Election

Is Newspaper Coverage of Economic Events Politically Biased?

TANG Typewriter Follies; Wingnuts Wrong

My Town is a Freepish Hellhole and I can Prove It

I need help finding a chart with Kerry's sponsored legislation..

Kitty Kelley will be on Al Franken's Show.. Air America tomorrow!!!!

CNN: Official Mouthpiece for the Right ?? ...

Halliburton to lose Contract. Baghdad falling out of control. Related?

wondering: is bush the ONLY prez NOT to attend military funeral...

The Nuge's Take On the Russian Standoff

What will the Republicans do if they lose? We've talked about what....

Just saw Kitty Kelley on today show.

New tropical depression (#11) could become tropical storm by tomorrow

KERRY should promise to FLIP FLOP Bush Performance in Office

What was Colonel Killian's cause of death?

more dirt on bush

Take a look at this Doonsbury cartoon, what is up with Bush's* helmet?

DU This poll!

Self Deleted

Ed Schultz is right today on the John Kerry campaign....

Tales of Classroom ignorance...

"Powell: Unlikely WMD Stocks Will Be Found in Iraq"

BBV - Dave Berry - Your Vote Counts, well maybe.

I thought only barbarians beheaded people.......

Does anyone else think Health Savings Accounts are a bad joke?

Fair vote matters above all, regardless of party

So, I got this survey from the GOP.... GOP Census Document

Home Depot, Lowes, out of plywood.

A Crazy Republican Response to the TANG CBS Documents

CBS AWOL coverage

My husband just ordered an interesting Tshirt....

Inside Dan Rather's Head...


Is there a roll call vote for the assault weapons ban expiration?

Vote on a 5 x 7 card in "even" years... No BBV

George H.W. Bush - a helluva lot smarter than chimpy re: Iraq

Time to Put The Pressure on DeLay

So, while we're freaking over "Assault Rifles"....

The Cowboys' Defense was AWOL yesterday

Kitty Kelly Today Show video is up on MSNBC site

Voter apathy: How do we convince people voting matters?

Anyone here a Democratic Party Committeeperson? I just

Dan Rather: "How bad is it going in Iraq???"

BBV - Riverside County: You'd make the Communists proud

Frist:AWB expiring is the will of the American people

Officials Warn Poll Worker Shortage Looms (AP) Can DU help?

Dan Rather update on the "Memos" ........up next on CBS!!

Grand Opening of the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian

The FACT of Global Warming

If a country admits another country is going thru genocide don't they

The Eye Of Ivan.... close up image

Bill Maher tonight on Larry King

I thought this was promising

Elizabeth Drew on Franken today on the 911report; devastating

If BushCo steals another term - it'll be the last Repuke WH for many years

Was Bu$h In Rehab Or In A Mental Institution In The Early 70's?

7:15 Thomas Frank to be guest blogger, "What's the Matter with Kansas"

Doesn't Bush's cocaine and drinking problem

Is absentee ballot voting a bad idea?

The potential coming civil war and the lapsed assault weapons ban...

"It's the kind of summer where you see bizarre stuff...


Fox Anchor Bimbo Calls Clinton A Draft-Dodger

Iraq war cost the US $200 billion??

Did anyone catch Lou Dobbs tonight?

another limp response...

What I Hear on Majority Report

We must support CBS and Dan more CNN, ABC,Faux,

Republicans will hurt themselves.....

Are Gun stores going to stay open until after Midnight tonight?

please vote in this weapons ban poll

The Troops and my right to vote...?

I can't believe people are debating 35-year-old typewriter innovations...

Rove set up Hatfield ("Fortunate Son") re: Bush cocaine charge

Woman Fired because of Kerry/Edwards sticker on her car

Question about the Bush Tax Cuts

Juan Cole...what was in that Bradley fighting vehicle?

Calling Kitty Kelly: Here's your talking point

Iraq mission far from accomplished....

How bad does the Iraq situation have to get

Polls and tin-foil

LTTE - Put ideology aside and vote the practical.- HELP.

Mr. President, Let's Talk About What You Own

Question: Could Dubya have extended the AWB without Senate action?

It's impossible for the documents to be forged

A fresh John Stewart "Daily Show" tonight?

What would it take to create an Internet based news network?

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't a deficit a tax to be paid

Banks recruiting Spanish speakers for military??

Question, I'm watching NOW 9/11 and a thought just hit me hard

Today Show Videos-Kitty Kelly & Sharon Bush Interviews

I don't get it, the repukes say that Universal Healthcare is too expensive

FEC says Bush can't limit criticism by by exploiting campaign finance law

Muhammad Ali, the draft, and a patriot act.

why are there so many undecided voters?

On 9/15 I pay my estimated tax - Why do I feel I'm funding murderers?

The Rural Vote - How well is Kerry perceived on the farm?

Dubya's Honorary Discharge

The Assault Weapons Ban and our Soldiers

88 dead Iraqis just today - why isn't the media focusing on this tragedy?

"Do you *really* want a President who wasn't smart enough..."

Anybody have any info on Edwards and the junk science claim?

Ivan wrecks Grand Caymans: Is Halliburton going to be OK?

Does anyone know anything about the Ms. President

Help me debunk.....Kerry & Communist Party

US is bombing the ambulances in Iraq now?

Official Daily Show Thread!

ABC MNF sign to die for at game: AL Blows Chimpy

What was your first act of civic disobedience?

How soon til someone uses an automatic weapon to blow out an office?

PLAYGIRL Announces Winners of Sexiest Newscaster Election (barf)

We did it, we made Keith Olbermann the winner!

*uck Monday Night Football!

Is President Gore putting on weight?

Lou about Cannon Linens closing

Randi Hannity . . . the new DEMOCRATIC verbal bully.

Anyone Else Sick Of Scabourough

saw a preacher on TV say...

My commentary on Michael Moore's excellent discussion in NYC Sunday.

Monday Malloy Appreciation Thread

Any DU Nurses Around?

Nightline 9/13: Toons with Walt Handelsman, Mike Lukovich, Jimmy Margulies

Howard Dean: An Expiration Date On Safety

Eliz. Edwards, Howard Dean, GWB all in Minnesota tomorrow.

What is the big deal about Bush's "swagger"?

Childless/Child-Free DUers-Ever had a * Supporter tell you...

Lou Dobbs on fire tonight!

Damn! Overheard at the local GOP office!! Please Read!

"Extreme Oil" on PBS tonight!

INFO for student voters experiencing problems registering!

"He OWNS the media!"

mnf - al michaels responds to pressure

c-span: early a.m. - video of W at Russian Embassy. Did you see it?

So... how did that conservative film festival go?

Potential felon/pillhead Limbaugh becomes official unpaid advisor to Bush

How is Bush a socialist?

Which of the following most accurately describes George W. Bush?

Turn on larry King..

The Pill & Pro-Life

Al Michaels on MNF

Did Bush LIE on his security background check?

PIX: Bush looks like hell today

Alabama Woman Fired Over Kerry Bumper Sticker!!

Is any one else scared???

Did the CIA assassinate Aussie Prime Minister ?

Cheney and Fear

Ok, so I had a meeting with Mitch Daniels...

BBV - Senator backs voting machine bill after firsthand experience

HEADS UP! Gays under direct attack in GA -- Nov. 2 ballot info

My city council just passsed an anti-patriot act resolution

Thomas Barnett - Ever heard of him? If not, you better start learning....

3M illegal aliens enter US in 1 year

IVAN ...updated track....getting closer to New Orleans....

If * decides to take Iran in October,

Gay Hating Ex-MD from OK's GOP Senate Bid Clouded by Medicaid Fraud?

Seymour Hersh on NBC 'Today' show

A question about wingnuts.

getting up to date on Jeb's crimes (watching Fl. crumble)

I have a little story to tell

BBV: what can still be done to earn voter confidence.

US soldiers from the 1st ID pay their respect (KIA not reported yet!)

How many German and French soldiers in Afghanistan

Fathers-rights protester dresses as Batman, scales Buckingham Palace

Activists Judges??? WTF????

Did George crash a plane???

HAROLD FORD signed this???

Charlotte, NC and bumper stickers

Kitty Kelley on Barbara Bush: OMG!!!!!

Which soldiers died for which reasons?

Is it legal for Limbaugh to be a B* advisor and be on Armed Forces Radio?

Is there any real evidence that Bush actually flew a plane in ANG? I find

Have you read the Guardian account of the US copter strike in Baghdad?

Anyone yet seen/read my new book The Terror Timeline?

See this >>

what gives the U.S. the right to say who can, or cannot have nukes?

BBV - And so it begins. Hunger strike - John Kenney starving for the vote

BBV - Mikulski sees voting problems firsthand

Sept. 20 - Critical Deadline in Tom DeLay ethics complaint - TAKE ACTION!

"Increasingly Implausible Assertions" | it's TOONday!

Know your BFEE: Oliver North, Drug Dealer

Know your BFEE: Pat Robertson Incoporated a Gold Mine with a Terrorist

time to review DU!

Is W really from outer space?

DU SCOOP! MILITARY DRAFT ALERT! Must-read .PDF - Plans for Bush Draft!!


Okay folks, has any seen this new puppy on * from USN & WR?

Pakistan clashes leave 13 dead

Afghans storm U.N. compound

U.S. air strikes on Falluja kill 7 (incl. women and children)

Environmentalists focus on Nevada in anti-Bush effort

LAT: Once Party Drug, Meth Moves into Workplace (overworked, longer hours)


Guardian: Bush team 'knew of abuse' at Guantánamo

Suspected Militant Hideout Bombed in Iraq

Expatriate vote a hot commodity this year

Kerry - Bush Guilty of N.Korean 'Nuclear Nightmare'

DNC will use U.S. Air Force lit in NEW COMMERCIAL... Thanks DU?

Activist's battle cry: 'God is not a Republican' (RMN)

Time: Mission Still Not Accomplished

Televangelist Said Tried to Hush Charges

Detroit up against more layoffs

Bush Focusing on Health Care in Michigan

WP: At Least 80 Civilians Die in Iraqi Violence

BBC: US 'kills 22' in Afghan firefight

September 33rd

U.S. Agencies, Contractors Lead Space Race

E-mail about Mrs. Kerry gets hostile

E-mail about Mrs. Kerry gets hostile

Goss Hailed as Old Pro, Assailed as Partisan

Canadian writer caught in hostage ordeal ... now freed


Official Targeting Terror Funds Quits (Richard Newcomb)

Violence Escalates Across Iraq

Powell, Ridge Endorse New Intel Position

Afghan Crowds Loot and Burn Over Governor's Dismissal

Both Candidates Often Shift Positions

Time for Diplomacy Runs Out in Iran

Saddam still undefended

(Another) Saddam judge resigns (chair resigned for "personal reasons")

Outgoing Marine General Faults Fallouja Strategy

Sharon accuses hardliners of inciting civil war over settlements

Illinois considering official drink

BBC: Putin tightens grip on security

Florida Frees Exonerated Man After 22 Years, But Leaves Him With Nothing

Iraqi Christians Seek Sanctuary in Ancient Homeland

Bush Focusing on Health Care in Michigan

Iraqi National Congress Member Fired (for visiting Israel)

Kerry challenges Bush on Iraq-9/11 connection

Probe Eyes Faulty FBI Arrest of Lawyer (improper use of PATRIOT Act?)

WP: Debate Team Helps Kerry Prepare for Face-Off With Bush

Hostage Situation Reported in French Quarter

Chicago Sun Times: U.S. fire kills Arab reporter on air

U.S.-Turkish Relations Strained

Terrorists attacked ING and MNF joined patrol (3 kia, 3 wounded, 1 mia)

Edwards: Bush Implied Saddam-9/11 Link

White House fires back on North Korea

BBC: N Korea allows blast site visit

LAT: Violence Escalates Across Iraq

LAT: A Trial Lawyer on Ticket Has Corporate U.S. Seeing Red

Michigan Gov says Bush flip-flops on Great Lakes water diversion

15 killed in US strike on Iraqi hotspot of Fallujah

Wis. Candidate, Others Use 9/11 Ad Images

Semiautomatic Assault Weapon Update

Crowds Plead With U.S. Forces in Tal Afar

Drudge has a pdf showing Bush serve on active duty

Schwarzenegger outlaws sex with corpses

BBC: 'Any alcohol' a risk in pregnancy

Bush ad assails Kerry on health care (new tv ad)

Grand Cayman: "Devastation beyond imagination"

No confirmation of Iraq kidnap claims (2 Australians)

DOD Identifies Marine Casualty (#1008)

Bayer deal leads to U.S. job cuts (1800 jobs)

NY Post (Murdoch): Bush's "Accuser" Had Breakdowns

Delphi on track to achieve 6,000 U.S. job cuts

Sony to buy MGM as Time Warner withdraws

Jefferson getting a makeover on nickel being revealed Thursday

Cat 5 Ivan heads north, NOLA area on watch

Militia Loyal to Congo Government Says it Holds Rebel Base

Zapatero, Chirac, Schroeder meeting signals new policy

Thatcher bids to avoid court quiz

Professor says Bush revealed National Guard favoritism (CNN)

Bush to Shift ($3.5 B)Iraq Funds (from water/electric) to Boost Security

Assault Weapons Selling Briskly (Fort Worth TX)

Doubleday statement: Sharon Bush's denial is "utterly discredited"

Moulton woman says she lost job for sporting Kerry sticker on car

Michigan governor says Bush flip-flops on Great Lakes water diversion

WP: Bush's Records Keep Trickling Out (Milbank)

WP: $3 Trillion Price Tag Left Out As Bush Details His Agenda

Clark: No Role in Kerry Administration

Officer recovering after AK-47 attack

Five 9/11 Widows to Endorse Kerry

Breaking - Bush-Kerry Race Tied As RNC Bounce Fades, New IBD Survey Shows

Florida OKs Nader's Name On The Ballot (Reuters)

Powell says some in US intelligence knew sourcing on Iraq was suspect

Turkey Threatens to End U.S. Cooperation

LIer arrested during RNC to sue city (Believed to be 1st RNC claim)

Court: U.S. Must Make ID Argument Publicly

Newsweek: Iraq insurgency is growing, situation is worse than we think.

Kitty Kelley Dishes on the Bush Family (Favorable Write-up)

Ex-Feds Blast 9-11 Panel and Bush

Sudan: UN health agency survey shows high death rates in Darfur crisis

'He's just sleeping, I kept telling myself' (Haifa Street, Baghdad)

Chechen Rebels 'Shot Down Helicopter'

Powell: Unlikely WMD Stocks Will Be Found in Iraq

100s who suffer from working on WTC cleanup join class-action lawsuit

Cheney Speaks on School Killings ("Russia got his") -NYT

WP: Expert Cited by CBS Says He Didn't Authenticate Papers

US troops announce curfew (Baghdad; Lethal force against anyone seen)

BAE Buys U.S. Computer Group

Norton: House To Vote To Repeal All D.C. Gun Laws

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 13 September

Times Publisher Decries Cheapened Debate

Finding support a picnic for Keyes

WP: Dementia and the Voter

Bush sends three nominations to the Senate

Hurricane Ivan Updates for Monday, 9/13/04 with Photos

Ambulance hit as US planes pound Falluja

Robert Novak Believes in Revealing Confidential Sources, After All

US troops face new torture claims (Mosul prison)

"Extreme Oil" on PBS Tonight!

NYT: Bush Record: New Priorities in Environment

Children of Laos tribe 'butchered by soldiers'

Officials Warn Poll Worker Shortage Looms

Study: Colleges don't comply with student-voting law

Senator backs voting machine bill after firsthand experience with glitch

Marine Convicted in Abuse Gets Clemency

California judge targeted for recall because of same-sex ruling


Ivan still 160/914 - New Orleans may be in danger

Islamists will meet to respond to `American Zionist terror'

Judge Rules Reservist Must Report for Duty

Amnesty Condemns U.S. Use Of Racial Profiling

2 Australians snatched in Iraq

House GOP Proposes to Repeal D.C. Gun Bans

Blair unveils his green offensive with demand US ratifies Kyoto

363 Pakistanis who fought with Taliban freed

Vatican angry over wave of arrests of Chinese Catholics

Countries Declare 'Old Europe' Alive, Well

Pope Denounces Variations of 'Marriage'

Court: U.S. Can Try to Execute Moussaoui

Key US General criticizes Fallujah attack

Study Finds U.S. Companies Shifting Profits Overseas

Today Show Videos-Kitty Kelly & Sharon Bush Interviews

Three Saudi Security Guards Beheaded

USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll results

Britons won't fight for country: poll

Paula Jones' Claim Against Tycoon Rejected

Florida OK's Nader's Name on Election Ballot

Powell Rejects 9/11 Panel's Plan for Intelligence Office -NYT

Review at C.I.A. and Justice Brings No 9/11 Punishment

Bush Scolds 'Tired, Pathetic' Dems -CBS

putin increases power, citing need to fight terror.

Obama on CNN!

Buckingham Palace Security Breached by Man Dressed as Batman

Cuba braces itself for hurricane Ivan

U.S.-Turkish Relations Strained

Ex-Alabama justice pushes judicial plan; Congress in no rush (Roy Moore)

Miranda Sues to Stop Judiciary Memo Probe

GOP Cools to Judicial Gambit ("Nuclear" Option Re: Judges)

North Koreans say explosion was not a nuke

Camp Shelby (MS) no longer a hurricane evacuation center (b/c of Iraq war)

Bush Avoids Issue of Iran, N.Korea on Campaign Trail

U.S. pushes U.N. meeting to haul Iran before Security Council over suspect

CNN: Truck maker will sell giant pickup (OMG! WTF Alert!)

"Me and you..."

My Favorite Joke

HEyHEY where's the image of the Polar bear HEyHEY had for a while

Posts here that have been immortalized on freeper sites

Wikipedia rocks!

So. This is the world that we live in?

How do you know if a bottle of wine is "corked"?

Industrial Slumming in the Rustbelt....a new type of heritage tourism?

CAPTION the thumb up the heart of your A

The "Hand over your heart" Caption this photo

Home page graphics

Police Chief Charged With Tossing Beer Can From Car Window

Snoring Dog Triggers Burglar Alarms

Back from Minneapolis -- miss me?

I registered 2 new voters at work last night!!!!!

Man Caught Wearing 19 Pythons'

Fine me for crammin the lounge- but Dookus' new puppy deserves another pic

priest arrested for DWI, with hooker in front seat

anyone know what this depicts? . . .

Beans Around The World (Website)


Man Exhumes And Eats Grandson's Corpse

Woo hoo! New book nerds up sex!

Composer Fred Ebb dies.

I saw this GOP candidate and simply cracked up laughing.

"Gosford Park" is one of Robert Altman's very best.

Mona Lisa found to be a forgery

How much does it cost to subscribe to LexisNexis?

Today in History 09/13

Today's Fact

I quit smoking! Ask me anything!

Today's Thought

Damn stupid fern bar piped-in music crap.

Swedish Conservative (Against Alcohol) Found Drunk - Arrested

Anyone else seen the movie "Dancer In The Dark"?

Utah Panel Revokes Aviation Exemption For Santa Clause

Agree or Disagree: Popular Music was mostly better around 10 years ago

Ken Griffey Jr. is a genuine class act.

2 new Roger Waters songs at cool lyrics!

Woman Gives Birth In Emergency Lane On Interstate

Ebb's dead.

A Student needs some help: Fighting the school to take the ACT

Why do you think Lucas made Star Wars more politically correct?

What does it all MEAN?

Protester Dressed As Batman Scales Buckingham Palace

Watching "The Color Of War" on the History Channel


The Tony Danza Show: If you like cheesy shit, this is the show for you...

Its Official: Having Sex With A Corpse Now Illegal In California

Arnold Makes it Illegal to Screw Dead People in Calif.

Today's Quotes

Today's Joke

Today's goat!

Beer: bottles or cans?

* shows his respect

A question for Bjork fans

Al Gore?

My fiances' building is under quarantine

whoisalhedges (WIAH) A Dangerous KILLER!!

This is a vanity post.

The continuing car saga

Advice needed: Beach rentals in Delaware

Train hits car-carrier loaded with vintage Porsches

My neck hurts like hell. Why?

Piano Song in Commercial (UPS or USPS)?

What is the third base coach of national security signalling?

I wish I had something smart, but pithy to say.

What's the most exotic piercing you have?

Need feedback on my friend's web business

You're Drudge For A Day! What Would You Lead With?

Canadians - Have you heard of a band called Billy Talent???

The Hangdogs: Our kind of alt-country band. >

I wish I had something pithy, but smart, to say.

I just spent 45 minutes in a dentist's chair...don't ask me ANYTHING!!

CONFESS!! In 'honor' of Cheney - Report what money you've earned...

caption-He can't take it anymore HE'S GONNA BLOW!!!

Batman at Buckingham Palace you shave "down there"?

What weird food combinations do you eat?

Why did whoisalhedges shave his head?

Great Grandma "MIGHT" Fix Her Roof After Winning $5.6 Million

Teaching/Coaching Situationally Appropriate Aggression

Why does Angelfire think I'm a criminal?

What's your favorite steer?


windows help

I wish people weren't so smart and pithy when they say things.

Can any member here help me a sec....

"Subservient Chicken" makes the big time

Ok who wants a HUG ? I feel happy today :)

How many people alive today were born in the 19th century?

Okay Rule#253-NO writing CHECKS for lunch!!!

Help: What to do for a Plantar Wart?

FORMULA 1 FANS! A question for you!

Who's had experience with Celexa?

What show did Barbara Bush make the "....beautiful mind..."

Okay, you've sold your soul to Satan. Was it worth it?

93 Year Old Woman Celebrates Birthday By Jumping 14,000 Feet

I had a lot of nightmares last night.

wanna see a bLonde sniffa?

CAPTION-the Crawford Unemployment office Jan. 21, 2005

Where did you get your Kerry bumper sticker?

Screaming In The Night.... Riding For My Life..... I'd Die For You!

Hi I'm George W. Bush and Im using Kid A's compooter while hes at lunch.

Almost as shocking as Michael Jackson

Why Do TV Shows That Are SUPPOSED To Start At 8:00 PM...

When even a Hummer2 won't enhance your penis...

Same-sex friend suddenly hits on you very overtly...

I had a free trip to the salad bar today. What did I get?

My pants are boring. What should I do to liven them up?

I See You're Writing A Letter... Would You Like Me To Assist You?

Teacher In Trouble For Ripping Bible In Class

My posts are boring. What should I do to liven them up?

What show's season premiere are you most looking forward to?

Well he almost achieved something on his own

Singers that sound great on records but horrible live?

CAPTION THIS picture of Bush at the 9-11 memorial!

New Intelligence Chief with budget authorty. Is this?

Well, whoisalhedges is going potty outside...

So who's listening to Randi?

Are you READY?

Driver Causes Crash At DUI Checkpoint

This Is The Beat Generation: my summary

Can someone tell me who this quote is from?

Is it hard to find a PARKING SPOT in your neighborhood?

Who here knows about MSQuery?

Aw crap, I just dialed the Devil...

Time:Q&A with Tony Danza

Cop Caught Tanning While On Duty - Claimed It Was "Work Related"

Did Randi just throw in a TiVo sound clip????


Republican Showdown at the local Wal-Mart!

Liberal Til I

we live in the age of beetles

CAPTION THIS - "I pledge my stomach to the Burger King."

23,000 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall......

My Gawd, just how hungry can a person get?

Is it wrong for a straight guy to love a man as much as I love

Can anyone recommend a good multi-volume fantasy series a la LOTR

i just ZOGBYed... ask me anything

My pets are boring. What should I do to liven them up?

19,999 ...

Man Sneaks Into The Shower Of Woman He Once Dated Back In High School

I've now heard two Dovers singles

Drunk mom with two kids snoozes while house burns

Row Boat vets for truth! Finally, the truth is out there!

Assault Weapons Ban Expires Today

I Got My Star, What Should I Search For?

Nastiest fast-food Chain!

Rock fans rate Oasis worst act of festival season

Well, I'm Finally Going Potty Outside

had my gallbladder out as an emergency - ask me anything!

Man continues to drive car after passenger is killed by mailbox post

What is a portable chair?

Once again, Emperor Bunnypants has left me speechless and captionless

Tennis Fans! How good is Roger Federer?

Why are they playing Gershwin on the classical station?

MRI???? Sissy stuff!!! Ever had a Myelogram???

Most Psychedelic Album

Separated From Birth? (Hardcore Politics Edition)

urethroscopy??? Sissy stuff! Ever had an alien butt probe?

So what was Oprah's show about today?

Myelogram???? Sissy stuff!!! Ever had a urethroscopy???

Fire Ants? Baby Stuff. Ever been in a Turkish prison?

What is a potable chair?

new Hannity advertiser Content Watch


My cat sent me a threatening e-mail!

"the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders"

Urethroscopy? Baby stuff! Ever had fire ants shoved up your ass?

Chri$tma$ is something like 99 days away, y'all!

We live in the age of Beatles!

Well, the new puppy's going potty outside...

How Do You Put A Link In A Post or Reply?

Weird, slightly disgusting, and hilarious

Have you had an MRI? did you freak out?

A co-worker brought her baby in and on the baby bag was

Ni Hao from Beijing

TV Alert: Bulworth on now on Comedy Central. No Daily Show repeat. nt

...And now it's time for today's Semi-Lesbian Celebrity Couple

I just found out my county supervisor is gay and out!

Is there another "billionaire" who gave as much as John Beresford Tipton?

Uh oh........I found it - the holy grail of cuteness....

I fucking hate prefab (Gateway, Dell) computers. POS's all of them. RANT!

The Cowboys' Defense was AWOL yesterday

WHY does the chimp take such horrible pictures?

I called Will Pitt and he hasn't returned my call...because

yahoo message boards make me sick!

Favorite Kerry/Edwards Soundbite?

Holy Bat-crotch Batman!!!

How long will it take for someone to make an offer on my house?

Interesting spider walking on my keyboard at work.

Big Hugs & hopes for MS, AL and Panhandle FL DUers

Bumper sticker seen: Support Bush - Vote for Nader

Have you lost friends or family because of this election?

Am I freaky enough for you?

A benefit of Hurricane Ivan is that

Local news (WLBT) just reported hotels/motels in Jackson, MS are full

I live away from my extended family and feel conflicted about it

A general sense of wearyness...Hurricanes, Bush, Elections, AWOL,

All right! Who hid the Troll Spray?

LionessPriyanka is not one to talk, just an announcement

Billboard in Pennsylvania:

So, how many agree with the allegations against TBS

LionTamer is a DU Flirt.....just an announcement!!

I thought chimps had a better sense of balance...

Many foreign language self teaching softwares - which one is the best?

The Pleasure Boat Captains for Truth

The Pleasure Boat Captains for Truth

Famous School Photographer dies (the onion)

Sleepless in L.A.

Shake hands with Beef!

How far could you take deception?

I don't care what anyone says The Punisher rocked and if I was president..

... You Know You Should Have Bought a Mac

Today is Bill Monroe's birthday -- the Father of Bluegrass Music

Today's Customer from Hell: I'm Gonna Have To Call Crisco Johnny!

49 years ago today, a rock 'n' roll anthem was born.

What bit me?! Make it stop itching!

I have these three Stevie Ray Vaughn songs; what else must I get?

The Pleasure Boat Captains for Truth

Dihydrogen Monoxide (DHMO) A Dangerous KILLER!!

Watched "The Patriot" on TV last night...

What's your favorite Palm app?

Cheer me up, please.

In the beginning

which lounge flamewar was odder?

Is there another "billionaire" who gives as much as Oprah?

rec'd my 1st terroristic threat

Oh iiiit's such a perfect daaaayy

A new creation

Sandwich/Judy WOODRUYF/ Maalox?

steve buscemi was the best addition to the sopranos that i can imagine

Whats a wacky belief/conspriacy belief of yours?

I just got Firefox. Ask me anything

wanna see a blonde SarahBelle?

Anyone else here annoyed with Bart Starr?

Wanna see a Blonde Kleeb?

Crap, I'm old! I'm as lame as JohnKleeb's dad!

aww... wookit da cute widdle giant isopod

Boiler Explodes - Flies Over 6 Story Building - Lands On Man - Kills Him

Did someone say they needed to see kitty pictures?

Steve Earle on Live at the Bluebird, tonight!

Would Nancy Pelosi become the next Speaker if we take

Bush* gets away with a lot of shit in this country!

HOLY S&%T!!! ANY and ALL fans of smart music must check this out!!!

LADIES!!! Oh Laaaaaaaaadies!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do I vote in a Primary?

Today's final Jeopardy question: "In the '20's, the alledged...

brett favre is one of the greatest of all time

Interview with an honest freeper boss -- funny, worth the trip

my 1000th post.

Red Sox are...

My father bought a Prius :-), and is voting for Bush :-(

Citing the Patriot Act, my bank asked me if I was a citizen.....

anybody here have an unneutered male dog?

Today's Rush and Molloy blind item

My God, cats are so darn forgiving

3 more left till my free ipod comes in....

Another Kitty Cat Picture Thread

The 700 Club is draining my soul... help me escape

I have a cold, ask me anything

Ok I'm slow. Has anyone seen #10 on the top ten list this week?

Orioles are.....

Is it ever your fault?

An Elvis Costello song was used as theme music on PBS.

You want CUTE? I'll show you CUTE! Behold the cuteness of DOBBS!!!

Anyone watch CSI Miami? *SPOILER*

Who wants to win a million dollars question.

Generic Flame War Thread

Is Reagan dead?

Any regrets?

Most endlessly fascinating album cover

Do You have an Addiction?


I'm never showing my kitty around here again!!!

The cute poll.....Tucker the bulldog or Quinn the cat


For those peeved about Al Michaels' performance last week...

The Daily Show is on!


X-wing fighters for truth

Should Edwards have that lip-wart thing removed?

My husband may go over to the dark side (not Repub, but ...).

Most Psychotic Album

Could someone please explain to me how Kerry is a Baby Killer?

How do you make a picture smaller for posting here?

Sundance Channel Subscribers: Al Franken Show tonight at 11:30

The official "Packers blow" thread

Has anyone suffered from job burnout?

The mob has spoken. I'm taking girlfriend applications.

Meeting people online? Have any experiences with this?

Should the Buffalo Bills offense be pictured on a milk carton?


Do you find it sexy when a person has strong political viewpoints?

What's your favorite beer?


which band had the best guitar riffs?

I carried a 50lb Bed up 5 Floors. Ask me Anything?

Confession: I wore spandex in a metal band!

More Hate Mail for Bob Boudelang

Eighth Grader Refuses To Stand For Pledge "Urged By Principal To Do So"

Can anyone in here read seismographs?

Funniest name of a business you have seen


Anyone paying attention? Bonds just hit #699!

So I'm watching Monday Night Football

I am thrilled to announce the arrival of a new little DUer into the world

Oprah gives everyone in her audience a new car

Check out this AMAZING photo of hurricane Ivan.....

Favorite 'rock'n'roller whining about the road' song

What is the most annoying TV commerical?

Trying to get a pee sample from my cat...


Post like a stealth freeper in this thread...

My city's flags are mourning today

What will happen to DU when Kerry wins?

If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be?

Why my Ignore List has grown

Top 10 Reasons Bush doesn't want to debate

1-866-OUR VOTE - Remember that number

Beating the October Surprise by setting great expectations

Sinking to new lows

NYT chart that could be important: Absentee Voting Laws in Swing States

Kerry and the 14 permanent (Halliburton-built) military bases in Iraq

Angry Kerry calls NYT reporter Sun. night re. N. Korea, leads to pg1 story

IBM Selectic Composer for sale on ebay.

Forget the "forgeries" the real story is about Bush's discharge

Carville said it best, as usual....

Secret Service Not Coddling Hecklers

Media Bias Study - This is from Polling point a non-partiasn

Some numbnut on CSPAN is advocating that we adobt a politburo

Kerrry Slams Bush on North Korea

Kerry disputes talk of Bush 'bounce'

HOT! State/Defense Rift Goes Public . Kerry Attacks

WOW! we need GREAT news!

Likability factor: How big of an issue is it? Why does Bush have edge?

I suggested that the Kerry campaign make an ad showing the idiot

I will not die for another man's ideals

the radical Christian cleric robertson when scrubbie loses

The Sloganator: Got this email from a friend - FUNNY!

Sam Wang: Kerry's Electoral College lead

Bush Flip Flops on Assault Weapons Ban

Is it November Yet? (Election-inspired nightmare)

My Letter to Zell Miller - No reply

Real Smear Boat Talking Point: "Vets Mad at Kerry"

"I'm voting for a Patriot" - please read this poem.

Very simple question. Mr. President, on which date did

This piece from Electoral Vote Predictor 2004 made me smile:

Fahrenheit 9/11: The Music

Baseball owners work hard to keep Bush at bat

I just do not understand

With Homeland Security an issue, how can they let AWB expire?

I have no doubt I'll get flamed, but it has to be said.

Got Terror?? If not, why not look at New Yorkers???

my "concern" about the debates

Wm. Safire perpetuates "forgery" lies, credits "blogger on...Freerepublic"

Why isn't case closed on these documents?

Ben Barnes' Daughter; Get Ready for another onslaught

Something just made me cry.

Bush Visits Major Donor to Swift Boat Liars

Here's a website for ya:

Kerry Blasts Lapse of Assault Weapons Ban

How Kerry wins: 2000 vs. 2004

Would Bush have had to sign legal documents which asked about drug use?

Medicare Costs Are New Focus for Candidates

Washington Times: Bounce buoys Bush electoral-vote tally

"I've Been in Worse Situations"

Republicans Pack Punch. Democrats Take It. (For Now)

Coolness Under Fire (but will a sharper message be enough)

Mr. Cheney, answer the question

unclear who'is ultimately responsible for the campaign's daily message

Kerry needs to slice "likability gap" to win the late deciders

'Change' Is Vital Election Theme for Bush, Kerry (Bush=New Ideas???)

Neil Bush Told Sharon (His Ex) She'd End Up In A Dark Alley

Kerry Press Release: Mr. Cheney, Answer the Question!

Coaching Team Kerry (a heads up on Shrum & attack ads)

Powell Repeats Draft Loophole Objections

Who benefits from a campaign focused on Vietnam?

A Trial Lawyer on Ticket Has Corporate U.S. Seeing Red

How will upcoming Guard convention treat Bush/Kerry??

Bush flip flops, Kerry says nothing.

Edwards accuses Bush of misleading nation on Saddam's ties to Sept. 11

It's difficult to take someone named 'Kitty Kelly' seriously

Dan Rather's Five Questions for Bush, and Then Some.

Oh, help me. My first project here

It's difficult to believe that Rove is NOT shitting his pants about Kitty!

More on absentee ballots...

My ditto-monkey buddy's back again! (Very long)

MSRNC noon news had Bush* campaigning in Muskegon and

I donated to the Democratic Party.

C-SPAN NOW: Sen. Bob Graham on "Washington Journal"

Monday Rasmussen tracking poll Bush 47% Kerry 46%

Buzzflash calls for gloves off and jail time for BushCo

CNN Inside Politics - Kerry over? Not.

bush kerry the same. i posted on another board back in Kerry's favor???

RNC asshole kicking protester.

Bush's 9/9/04 Philly rally at business of $2,500 Swift Boat contributor

Is it worth $10 to you to defeat Tom DeLay?

Tuesday Night - Kitty Kelly on the Tweety Show and Lou Dobbs (CNN)

Bush's meme--flip-flopper. What do you think Kerry's should be?

Anybody think Kitty Kelley should have tape recorded her interview?

Kerry must start using some plain talk

Kerry's Key Debate Words: "Pattern", "Spin".....

Columnist flip-flops on source confidentiality

How important is the Vietnam war to you?

So what was the consensus on the AWOL papers?

Lloyd Grove: Carville, Begala blast "Monday Night Football"'s Al Michaels

New EV Count: Kerry 269 Bush 233 - New Zogby Maine Poll

Forget Vietnam. Focus on the Last Four Miserable Years!!

Fonts Do Not Unmake Facts

North Korea: What the hell are they doing?

Safire buys in to Freepers story that documents are forged

Let's stop on the "Bush in the Air Force is a lie" meme

Is Dee Dee Myers a mole? or something?

50 days away---time to go Karl Rove on their asses !!!

Please rate this story

Should Kerry address this news about Putin consolidating power

AWOL won't win Florida - the medicare scam is remembered by seniors

Great video link from the GD board

Who should we write to today?

Bush's Brilliant Response to Question about "Tribal Sovereignty" - Video

Absentee Vote - which way will it go?

Zogby graphic: Bush job performance rating trends back downward

Does anyone have the photo of GW signing a bible?

Wanna fluster a pro-life Republican? (Ohio)

Asshole Pat caddell (Vomit alert)

Build a Better Bush

Al Gore unleashes fury for Kerry!

Kerry Slams Bush Again For Tora Bora Fiasco!!!

Are the debates scheduled yet?

a nuts and bolts rant and whine and a question or two.

Damn those bastards are good and evil! North Korea spin

Bullies for Bush

Good news! Today's Rasmussen POLL

Somebody watch and see if Tucker still think AWOL doing cocaine is OK....!

Sey Hersh on C-Span Makes a Good Point about Prison Abuse

Marvin Kalb Defends Dan Rather and CBS

My electorial vote analysis... for what it's worth...

Phone bankers check in

Why John Kerry is Losing Democrats - Max Burns article

question regarding freepers

Circulate Open Letter to Dick

Josh Marshall hits it on the head re; Kerry, Bush and Iraq

Does anyone know if this is true?

Kerry/Edwards may have just hit the definitive issue to hurt *.

Obama on MSNBC now.

Check out this new ad for Bush

Oh Boy, Inside Politics is 90 minutes now - puke

Running from his record. What candidate bush said about foreign policy

Happiness Is A Warm Micro-Uzi! Yes, it is!

Will 2004 be a reverse of 2000 (Bush wins popular, loses Electoral)?

Ivins: Doesn't anyone know how to research a story anymore? (Barnes)

Absentee Votes worry Officials as Nov 2 nears

That campaign picture on Top Ten Idiots today

Ever wonder who dares to publish the expose' on the Bush family?

George Bush is losing the war

Bush Calls Kerry Health Plan Bureaucratic Nightmare

Campaign back to square one

What's up in NJ, re: the polling report????

why is noone talking about meetups here like they did during the primaries

Internet claim on Bush award disputed (Walt Starr story)

Georgia: State gets 'F-minus' on voting machines

Does anyone have a copy of Sunday's Doonesbury?

Stephanie: Most Republicans Know Bush is a LIAR

Tucker Carlson said 'so what if George Bush used cocaine at Camp David'!!

I notice all GOP spokespeople display signs of lying, blinking, shifting

Is the document story 'winnable?'

should Kerry blast Pentagon's 'no-coffin photgraphy' policy?

Rasmussen battleground 3 day rolling averages

Drudge has a pdf showing Bush serve on active duty

Begala!!! He just said "I want Bush the fuck out" Correction "Bug Out

Likely voters vs. Registered voters? what does it all mean

NPR debunked the Bush ad on Kerry and medicare this morning

The story about the woman fired for the Kerry/Edwards sticker worrys me.

FLOP is a 4 letter word for miserable failure

CNN Inside Politics: "Surprising" poll results from WI...

So, Is Jeb Bush Next in Line?

A letter I wrote to my mom...

Deserters For Truth - Great Bush Bash Ad - FUNNY!

Pennsylvania 49% Bush 48% Kerry

I met Sen. John Edwards today...

Why would news outlets go to so much trouble to debunk memos so fast

Hundreds of Repugs injured!!

Great NeoConservative Pat Buchannan Bashes Bush over Iraq Videos

EMOTIONS - The missing piece

There is no shame in calling phony patriotism what it is.

Does this election remind anyone of Dean/Clark and the primaries?

GOP produces PROOF that Bush was in Alabama on 4/18/72

"We've had a Hallmark Card image of the Bush Family. It lifts the blinders

Are you more or less politically active/aware now than in 2000?

GOP Senate candidate from Oklahoma is a world-class sleazebag

Anyone have stats on various polling groups' accuracy?

When will we hear next from Rather/60 min.? Soon I reckon.

Nervous Bush Voters

Sludge posts document he says that proves * did 120 days Active Duty

9/11 an excuse and pass for everything....GOP does...

I think I'm beginning to understand the Kerry stratergy..

Bush is in shitty shape for an incumbent with an allegedly fired up base.

Novack: Most Dems feel Kerry will lose

So, does this mean Bush was AWOL from the USAF too? (re: Drudge spin)

This is the Ad we need, in my humble opinion

Our Last Chance

kerry could list all his endorsements (police, fire, diplomats, scientists

Zogby: Bush running 7-points behind his 2000 total with Rural voters

Powell-Unlikely WMD Stocks willBe Found in Iraq(back to"he used them in 88

Bush: On Medical coverage

Eureka! Great Kerry idea from Daily Kos

The silver lining in having the pundits declare Bush a shoo-in

Crossfire....who was that dynamite Dem and WHERE has he been??

George Bush* has no record with the black community

put your tinfoil hats on...

George Bush is a moral reasons here

Why do Zogby, Ras, other polls never get mentioned in news?

John Kerry has no record with the black community?

Zogby asked interesting questions this time out.

Do you know a Bush2000 voter who's for Kerry now? What about vice versa?

Woman fired for Kerry bumper sticker

Why trust the future of Social Security to the same guy who planned Iraq ?

Favorite/least favorite Kerry defeatist post today

Oh My, does he look BUSHED?

At 10:30 tomorrow, the DNC will unveil a new * ad


Interesting analysis of Bushisms....

Its a shame Dems in MO and WV are crossing over

CBS Video: Bush Bounce Bursting?

Is The Bush Bounce For Real???

If (heaven forbid) Bush won, who would run in 2008?

good god, people who think Bush is terrible still may support him

Guess who?

Abrams going off on biased media, O'Really and others.

The latest on Bush AWOL CBS Mon 9/13 6:40PM EST

It's time to puta fork in these Pukes!

Bush On Health Care: Calling Doctors Harry, Louise, And Hillary !!!

Is Bush's panty fetish related to his alcoholism?

Ruining Kerry; Ruining Bush

I converted a Bush voter today.


Bush said he gave up alcohol, but he never said he gave up drugs

A rewarding experience ANYONE can do!

David Brock of Media Matters on Capital Report (CNBC)

Please George, keep bringing up healthcare!

CBS and Dan Rather stood by their story and

Let's GET DeLay! (with apologies to the Beach Boys)

Officials Warn Poll Worker Shortage Looms. BE ONE!

Why doesn't CBS have a 24 hour news channel?

General McCafferey will be on Capitol Report CNBC in a minute

David Brock from media matters on cnbc

Tired of the Bull*? (Kerry campaign slogan?)

Kerry and minorities: Making a difference with Project Youthbuild

I hate single issue voters!

Sludge does not know active duty from training

BS ALERT - Officials Warn Poll Worker Shortage Looms (AP) What can DU do?

The Little People have a friend in Dan Rather and CBS

My opinion about the "Bush post-convention bounce"

Bush diverts funds for Iraq from water to oil....

Olberman is going to discuss the CBS Documents

Why doesn't George Bush release the original documents??? Huh ??

We have lost Iraq and it's time to get out!

Got Phone Polled

Watch "Unprotected" ~ The latest ad from

Voting Registration DEADLINES

Edwards delivering stronger criticism of Bush, Cheney _ with a smile

After the break, Olberman will do an analysis of the polls

Oh, help me. My first project here

US News Agrees: Bush Wimped Out.

"Must have been a bad pilot"

Here's An Encouraging Incident!

Did I hear correctly, Kerry got Natl. Assc. of Police Orgs.' endorsement?

Wesley Clark on C-SPAN 3

Just got home from the Tucson Edwards rally.

Interesting how the campaign comes down to selling......

Woman loses job over Kerry bumper sticker

Bush Terrible Commander in Chief- just look at the record:

What Team Kerry should do NOW

Putin stands on school rubble to declare new electoral, security reforms

Spent 4 hours working phones at Dem party HQ in NC.

Olbermann Outs "Buckhead"

Talk, Talk, Talk it up

* bounce GONE. New IBD/CSM/TIPP poll has candidates tied.

CBS Evening News will talk about AWOL again

ABC's "The Note"

Kerrys Health Care Plans have come under fire from Bush

Should Kerry Talk About The ABM Treaty And Nuclear Bunker Busters?

Idiot Machine Dupe (sorry)

Bill Maher on Larry King now

Kerry Blasts Lapse of Assault Weapons Ban

Let One Thousand Assault Weapons Bloom

CBS Evening News Video is up (fourth story on left hand side)

Rasmussen Battleground Update for Monday

Hannity: "When will Dan Rather and CBS apologize?"

Why are so many DUers siding with Fox and MSNBC on the memos?

Those pesky absentee votes may tip the balance....

UN-Freep This Poll

Hannity: "When will Dan Rather and CBS apologize?"

Bill Maher on Larry King

Excellent Analysis Of Bush Military Record by a Retired Army Colonel

Britian's Blair to Best Bush on Global Warming

Bush Campaign More Thought Out Than Iraq War (the Onion)

Kerry Challenges Bush on Iraq/911 Connection

Bill Maher is on Larry King

Link from explaining difference between RV/LV

Who is most likely to restart the draft, Bush or Kerry?

E-mail the NYT!

Great news re: BBV in Fla.

Blech! My town is infested with Bush/Cheney signs.

This is the kind of news story that I've been waiting patiently....

I'm slightly confused about Kerry's SF expansion plans

Should Kerry blast THE MEDIA for ignoring Iraq?

Thomas Paine anticipated the Bu$h-Kerry service debate two centuries ago!

LOL/ of bush* trying to use a shotgun.....hahahaha....

Has the smarmy, sanctimonious David Drier been outed, yet?

great video - pLease save and pass on

DU this poll

MyDD: Kerry Isn't Losing (dissecting the polls)

Another example of why Tim Russert is a GOP stooge.

Good Lord... Cheney's gone (the rest of the way) nuts

Obama on CNN!

W - rong!

need bush image


I'm waiting..........................still waiting..............

Undecideds: If you hate the way the election's going, BLAME BUSH!

Great Edwards picture

Did Bushco* really miss filing deadline in Fla? If so is there a legal

General McCaffrey is on Hardball Right Now -------says that

CNN: Iraq Colosal Failure....

CNN- Professor says Bush revealed National Guard favoritism


"W. Overstated His Military Record"--David Corn calls AF to ask

Rank & name your Top-5 polititical bloggers or news/commentary sites

Not to be a spoil sport

A General weighs in...

Olbermann is the best thing on cable. Period.

New poll IBD/TIPP poll Kerry 45-43-RV


Meet Buckhead?

Anyone see this "Election Scorecard" in Slate

"Whoa! Flyboys go all sensitive in new TV ads"

Olberman is an idiot (tonight). Documents have not been "refuted."

Jeff Jarvis: "Is Character an issue or a weapon?"

Anybody have any info on Edwards and the junk science claim?

Real Democrats root for the Red Sox!


Every vote counts. (Kerry campaign email outreach to overseas voters)

Will Chimpy need the debate questions in advance just as he does for

New SD poll: Thune 50% Daschle 47%

Why does Nader run?

Are you sitting in the catbird seat? (Kerry resources and links)

Help me debunk.....Kerry & Communist Party

Bush will push our country into worse danger....No Safety..

I need help!

George Bush blew it (MP3)

Republicans are...

Just take their word for it....would they lie ?

What we know . . . RW trolls save your time and energy

OMFG !!! - Another Snippet From Monkey-Boy's Speech !!!

OMG ! Bill Maher kicking ass on Larry King tonight! ON NOW!

What happened to VALUES??

Something else about the "Bush Lied" (DU Front page story)

A One-Line Summation of Kerry's Position on Chimp's Iraq F-Up

Help! Facts re: Social Security (economists, historians & poli-scis)!!

Is there any info on new registered voters?

Jebus! I've spent the evening slaying the dragons on the ALPA board!


What the hell happened to Wisconsin?????

Paul Begala: Pres. Bush is a decent man

Sigh. Some DUers falling for forgery conspiracy theories.

To watch or not to watch (MNF)

Former Army Gen. Wesley Clark Bashes Bush

Kerry will win in a landslide

Kerry Slams Bush As Puppet Of U.S. Gun Lobby

Does Peter Jennings owe General Wes Clark an apology?

Is Olberman Finally Bending To His Master's(GE) Will?

How do you rate the Kerry Campaign?

Women: Who'd ja date?


(STATE) Voting Registration Deadline is (DATE)

Politics on the schoolbus: a happy story from my son

Rather's back on the docs and the TANG story!

9/13:Kerry 294 EV, 84% WIN Prob and LEADING IBD poll 46-44%.

When will the people who know the truth about Bush come out

CBS is BEATING THE HELL out of "forgery" idiots

Here's why Kerry may have already won the election

Ben Affleck's new method of dealing with paparazzi

Someone needs to say it.

Latest Kerry-Edwards (and supporters) photos

Phone # for NBC News re: Today

New Fox News Poll - Kerry leads 46-44 in Battleground States

PHOTO: bush* wobbles around in Holland Michigan today

Bumper Sticker update...

Good Website for Catholic Voters

It is time for Donald Rumsfeld to step down....

Could Kitty Kelley turn people away from Bush in election?

Hijacking Catastrophe

Newsweek polled 390 Republicans, 300 Democrats, 270 Independents.

King to Maher: "Do you think that Iraq is another Vietnam?"

Pro-gun folks: Is Bush* lying for you?

The Rural Vote - How well is Kerry perceived on the farm?

C'mon, did ya'll get your assault weapons tonite? n/t

Kerry is FINALLY learning to sound byte his message

Would it restore your faith in America if the young people voted Bush out

(campaign)Speeches ignore pending US debt disaster

I just want to say one thing and then I am going to bed.

John Kerry is going to win. Here's why:

Explain Nader Voters To Me Please

Kerry should disregard debate rules if still trailing by the 2nd debate

My pics from Edwards rally in Detroit

What? Bush up by EIGHT in Wisconsin: USA today poll

Sharon Bush to follow up Kitty interview coming up!

Anyone have info on Wes Clark's "Band of Sisters" ?

Powell says Kerry would respond to terror in 'robust way'

10,000 people at the John Edwards Rally in Tucson

This Kerry-Edwards Flag Vote Thing is BAD

know undecideds & need straight information?

FreeTurds On Alabama Woman's Firing For Kerry Sticker... UFB...

Why the freeps are so excited by this typewriter business (A Caution)

Expert Cited by CBS Says He Didn't Authenticate Papers

Critical deadline approaches in Tom DeLay ethics complaint - TAKE ACTION!!

Kerry lost the election before a single vote was cast! Just like in Iowa!!

Paul Begala: Anyone who believes anything Bush says is a FOOL!

Five 9/11 Widows To Endorse Kerry

We've been Katherine-Harrised in Florida: Nader on ballot because of STORM

My LTTE: Why I’m Voting for President Bush

Have we seen PROOF of Bush's Honorable Discharge?

Arghhh!!! Give us info when you post!!!

MoveOn needs $2.4 million to help put Kerry 'Over the Top'

URGENT: National Security Cabinet Needed to take target off Kerry's Back.

Shhh... here's how Kerry will win in a landslide.....54-45%...quiet...

Calling DU researchers -- Let's ID Buckhead