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Archives: September 10, 2004

The buck stops at the top

WSJ's Al Hunt: Lots of Miles to Go in This Campaign

The rot in the pan-blue camp runs to the core - TW

Aussie treatment of older detainee irritates France

OK, I'm a real PIA, but the air times for Mike Malloy show are still

Milwaukee's moveon pac mtg notes - "Leave No Voter Behind.."

Call to action: Charlotte DU'ers Al Michaels has now made derogatory

one of the most ignorant things i've ever seen...

Question: If someone forged these documents -- how could

In normal times, *bush's statement that he was appointed by God to lead

We can't lose in this election. Here is why.

This election was lost in the public schools over the past 40 years.

I talked to hubby today about "assault weapons".

Employment figures improving greatly (Crawford daily)

MSNBC reporting Guard memos may be false

N.C. Election Board Fines GOP Group for Ad ($200k)

Noose tightens round alleged network of international nuclear black market

Democrat Lodges Complaints Over Leaks From Bush Camp

Reporters' Files Subpoenaed

Burn Down the Mission

DU Chiefs Fans - I think we should all come together

Anyone seen DEMONLOVER?

Least Likely Sequels?

This isnt the first time Al Michaels has kissed Repub ass before right

Turn Turn Turn

Look at Cheney's teeth.

Does Anyone Else Spend Hours @ DU Hitting The Refresh Button

Weekly World News: "Cheney on F-word Rampage, Say Insiders"

I have a tv confession to make

Today is My Third Anniversary as a DU-er

CDs/Albums that should be made into movies?

If you are here on the Lounge right now, please raise your hand!

Films that SHOULD have sequels

Films that made you feel nostalgia for an era you never experienced.

How I deal with my crazy family: (please post survival strategies here)

Never a more important time to vote

Ok, call me an idiot but this is pure Rove....

I'm not worried about this election, and here's why........

OK, I'll admit I was fooled somewhat

is there anyone who can say they served in the Guard with Bush?

God damn it - are they forged or not?

Don't listen to ANYTHING from Gallup until late Oct.

It doesn't matter if they are fake. Truth is Bush cannot prove he served.

The "little people" mean nothing

Does anyone know what happened to the suit about pepper spray

Listen up. This will change everything. No, I'm not kidding.

Enough with the Drudge stuff

I vote this thread to be the most insane DU thread of all time...

Breaking news: Drudge reports Kerry affair with intern!

So let me get this straight

Repuke wife of Killian trying to kill story to protect "our president"


Josh Marshall sucked into forgery story

Why the forgery crap is going nowhere

We need a good media war....let 'em fight !

Bush's Speech - collective amnesia

Bush's military service in question – again

Nightline on now. AWOL docs story.

Need great political blog addies please :)

CBSNEWS Launches Internal Investigation After Suspicious Bush Docs Aired

Freepers thing O'Reilly is a liberal...

60 Minutes should run the show again Sunday

George W. Bush = THE FLIM-FLAM MAN

Can someone explain why Red state people fear terrorism?

Guess what boys and girls?

Don't let Drudge fool you - IBM Selectric II has superscript

The forgery debate - typical right-wing tactic

What's up with Oprah?

What about Bush admin relying on forgeries to go to war?

My prediction: A Kerry Landslide

anyone seen any Swift Boat Liars ads lately?

How can Kerry deal with the "War on Terror" head on?

Good News from NC! Voter Registration says 48% of Dems didn't vote

The Party of Druggies, Perverts, and Theocrats

"Bush The Cheerleader" ad for the Southern white male

Iraq's Terrorist Haven

From a soldier bound for Iraq :: (letter to the editor)

Boundaries Blur for Communal Leaders, Israeli Officials

For 1,000 Troops, There Is No Going Home

Trading Liberty for Security

I'm having a problem walking and I need advice on what to do.

Salon: Why conservatives must not vote for Bush

Palast - September 11: What you "ought not to know"

The Dishonesty Thing By PAUL KRUGMAN

Naomi Klein:The Likudization of the World; The True Legacy of September 11

Guard Memos Fuel Another Vietnam-Era Battle (CBS defends letters)

E.J.Dionne Jr: Rewriting the record.

A personal experience with standardized testing. (RANT ALERT)

Winds of Change:Troubled Waters Ahead For the Neo Cons

Ann Lamott - The Dark Side Rising Diet

President Bush's Letter to Dan Rather

CounterBias: Post-convention blues by Scott C. Smith

It's in our nature to go with Kerry

US Inflation Numbers Fudged Before Election

US Economic Figures “Cooked” Before Election

'War president' Bush has always been soft on terror

good letter re Bush and Kerry military service

Voters have no choice on Iraq :ANDREW GREELEY

Herbert: How Many Deaths Will It Take?

Fareed Zakaria- Bush...lays out vision...ignores reality

The Unpolitical Animal (A MUST-READ)

Best Blog Post of the Year (Anywhere)

Dumbest Election Ever by Will Pitt

Morford - Who The Hell Is "Undecided"?

Bob Graham's Political Tsunami- M. Whitney

Krugman: The Dishonesty Thing

Salon: The gospel according to Jimmy Breslin

Bush's 'dementia' - in an ATLANTIC letter!

Anyone going to see Kerry in Allentown - I have questions

How to use the republicans e-mail tools against them

E-Mail Oprah - Ask Her To Invite Bev Harris - BBV


Tell to drop campaign to renew assault weapon ban

Support Quality Education by Signing This Petition

Ted Koppel: "There's a kernel of truth in all these stories"


Tell the whores to get over it about Dan Rather

CBS "forgery" - the media bought a BLOG called Powerline and uses it

Being own media-video camera suggestion

Need to compile list of whores who bought the forgery story

George W Bush - The Great Dictator

Who are Scott and Holly? (Reporters who asked the question)

So, about "Blue Collar TV" last night - Where's the FCC on this?

Howard Dean tripled the ratings of "Topic A with Tina Brown"

Bush wanted to fly air support missions in ....vietnam???

(anti-trust) Oracle Can Pursue Hostile Bid for PeopleSoft, Judge Decides

US Inflation Numbers Fudged Before Election

US Economic Figures “Cooked” Before Election

Why the Tax Cuts Didn't Work

Study finds no link between autism and MMR vaccine

Generator Fails on Space Station

Arctic Warming Up To 10 Times Faster Than Previously Thought

Another Croaker Kill In Virginia - Cause Still Unknown

The Conference Board (WTF?!) Sounds Alarm On Climate Destabilization

R.E. Lapp, 87, Physicist in Cold-War Debate on Civil Defense, Dies

9,000+ Lexus Hybrid SUVs Presold - August Prius Sales Up 1,487% over 2003

Blair, Ahern Discuss Last - Ditch Peace Plan(for Northern Ireland)

CIA May Have Held 100 'Ghost' Prisoners

Halliburton Unit Gets a Positive Review From Pentagon

And now, a special announcement from the President and First Lady

The Assault weapons ban expires in 2 Days and 15 hours

ABC24 AW Poll.

Kerry: Assault weapon ban made U.S. safer

5 Injured as Bank Security Guard Drops Shotgun & It Goes Off

Tell me what is an Assault Weapon and what it would be used for?

The AWB - my take (for what it's worth)

How many uzis do liberals need to buy before the right gets scared?

The more I observe other message boards

The international forums...

GD2004 is completely gone. Not even a link on the forum list to it

What happens when you put someone on the "ignore" list?

Hey, I made this post tonight in GD: 2004

post count? How do I get the actual?

This is the message I get

I've discovered an error in GD04

Approximately How Many TOTAL MESSAGES Have Been Posted At DU?

I'm not sure why my topic was locked

DU Drive for Volunteer Hours

When threads like this are posted, should we alert you

What about this one?

Glad I found you.

Palestinian shown crushed by Israeli jeep

Israel Locks Down Palestinians

PBS/Bill Moyers on 9/11 Unanswered Questions

Dean, Corzine, Durbin at House of Blues in Chicago on Monday.

Holy crap! Look at this Ivan image.

Defenders of Wildlife - send fax to steroid boy

Fahrenheit 9/11 tonight in West Liberty

Hey, Norfolk/Bristol/Middlesex voters! You voting McQuilken or Wasserman?

Karen Spilka for State Senate

Dork Nation descends on Fenway

Strib: Kerry's daughter will be in Minneapolis Saturday

National Democrats will buy TV ad time for Wetterling, Daly

MNGOP to Strib: No more polls that make us look bad!

Townhall Mtg with FCC in Dearborn

E-voting the New Battle Hymn of the Republic

Kerry may be coming to Toledo...

Gore, in Pa. backing Hoeffel, blasts Bush and Specter

KDKA radio news is so biased, it's becoming comical.

Voter Registrar needed tonight in Austin!

Anybody from Lubbock that could check something in the

Fort Bend County: Have anything to say to Tom DeLay?

*More* BS in Houston!

Kerry in Madison?

Online Candidate Debate

Needed: Packer "Stained-Glass" picture

Nice J/S article on Gwen Moore

What's up with all the teriyaki places in Seattle?

Brock Adams has died

DELETE-FOUND IT!Theresa HK and the Tides foundation - debunking info?

Assume the documents ARE Forgeries

Here is the IBM selectric font used for the memo!

Here is the IBM selectric font used for the memo!

Sundance Channel

Dem Party HQ Vandalized - Galveston... Terrorist act by Bush Supporters

"served honorably and received an

Why oh why didn't I take the BLUE pill?

Who here has ever been mugged?

Don't forget about BEN BARNES.

Are the Bernard Weiner/Shallow Throat conversations for real?

Republicans are a bunch of whiny crybabies!

An oldie but a goodie

Nightline trying to spin for Bush. Not dealing with the substance of

the bush "lifelong learning". plan

A funny thing happened this week, one of my RW coworkers handed

Chimp Cam

If you didn't get enough of Malloy..."The Lion Of the Left"...speaketh now

the unbearable sadness of believing what the media says . . .

The U.N and the election

A quick salute to 22 brave Republicans

I heard a commercial on the radio today for a "temp agency"

I really like Bernie Ward, but....

Should Kerry nail * on Harken Energy, the Texas Rangers, etc...?

Do You Think Tha Shrub Wishes He Had

President Cheney Is A Moron

Shifting winds in Repug country......late night news report

On pain and suffering caps

Skull & Bones

"Yes, America Can" --but we didn't

Remember the Fallen Website: Lists names of Iraq casualties by state.

Speaking of Vietnam

Is there a casualty list that inludes Afghanistan & Iraq?

Lieberman: Consummate Fool

"W" stands for wrong ... but it also stands for ...

How does Cuba handle hurricanes? Anyone know?

The War President sings U2s "Sunday Bloody Sunday"

dupe sorry

After only 3 months in Guard Dubya allowed to go on inactive duty?

Our very own Paul Thompson (9/11 Timeline) on AirAmerica

I need some debunking help

About Font Balls

Ok what is bushies governor record?

NY Daily News-Powell on Administration hawks: "f--g crazies"

the unbearable truth in simplicity . . .

Check out this cartoon that was run in Richard Mellon Scaife's filthy rag

I would just like to say

Imus, Sy Hersh book, Abu Gharib goes to Condi Rice office

NYT "Roster of the Dead" (KIA.Iraq) link (heartbreaking)

Ivan continues toward Florida

Happy Anniversary, even though Osama's free, 9-eleven's good for me,

Why does Don King support W?

Caption needed

Some Lawmakers Question 9/11 Resolution


What roll should Air America play if Kerry is elected?

My personal 9/11 memorial

Do Repugs know of Google --- IBM Typewriters ......

Idea regarding our wonderful media and this typewriter issue...

What is Wrong With chimpy*? Look How Bloodshot his Eyes Are!

Just ask the so-called President if he took his physical and if

A thousand coffins. Just a reminder...

Fascist and corrupt behaviour among China and her allies in HK and Taiwan.

Did anyone hear the Al Franken Show today? Freeper calls.

Sent an e-mail to ABC Sports about al michael's

Did anyone see that awful NFL pre-game show?

It's time to take the war on terrorism away from corporate crooks

I've said it before: Republicans think only of themselves

I've been fascinated with Republicans since

Christiane Amanpour (Yah!) and PJ O'rourke(Boo) on Bill Maher tonight

Gulp! I think the CBS memos ARE fake

Why do I sense that I will be fighting my Country someday?

I'm reading Reason by Robert Reich and

Remember this...The seeds of doubt and disgust have been planted.

OutFox Fox?

Bush to re-read "The Pet Goat," tomorrow on his radio address to

What about the Bush NG docs AP got from the FOIA lawsuit?

Bush live on MSNBC says he's proud to call Zell Miller a friend...

Here's why you can't trust polls!

Why al-Qaeda is winning (Asia Times)

Way too much to debunk - HELP!

Air America's "Unfiltered"

Hundreds of Republicans Injured In Rush To Discredit Kerry

Paging BillyBunter.....

Iraq and the bible..........rec'd this e-mail this morning.....

What happened to the Campaign 2004 forum?

How many years before a conservative politician can be openly gay?

Sudan Genocide = Excuse to Invade?

Penetrator Bombs = hemolytic anemia.

Only slightly political...maybe

Did another AM 1190 boost their signal recently? (regarding Air America)


cnn is certainly pushing the forged document story...

My Repub Co-Worker

Great LTTE re: Jon Stewart v. Ted Koppel (long, too!)

Great "Unfiltered Sings the News"

This is utter BULLSHIT!!! (Utility company raises rates for bad credit...)

When you hold a hammer, all problems look like nails to you.

Kennedy is ripping the chimp (& Co) a new one again (c-span2)

Am I the only one who thinks this AWOL stuff is a distraction?

Why Kerry will recapture "The Mo":

Maybe we should start asking this about forgeries

Today Show whoredom rears its ugly head...again

Is Rupert Murdoch pro-gun?

Presidential Debate in Town Hall

Maybe I'm just nuts today, but thinking about the memos...

need a boost.? Clark on C-Span

What is the "Ownership Society"?

"U.N.: Latin American Democracy Strained"

"Costa Rica Demands Exit From Coalition"

What are the other Air American feeds?

for three years i've been saying it, and i STILL say it.....

"Pinochet Avoids Comment on Disappearances"

We are trying to show F9/11 for free at Ole Miss

"Democrat Plans 'Girlie Man' Doll"

Do you know...

House Dems Block Bush OT Changes - GO DEMS!

Bob Barf on Franken now

Theorhetical question: If the Gay Marriage Amendment passed...

About the IBM Executive typewriter - available since the 50s

Insurance companies rip off soldiers in Iraq

You have no idea what this family is capable of

Media Matters blast press for saying Bush has released all records....

Does anyone have J. Stewart on Nightline transcript?

Foxymoron of the day! The lack of logic is unbelievable... but it works!

Does Globalization herald the irrelevance of the Nation State?

Why Bush's Health care Plan is Wrong!

If you could impeach either Bush or Cheney, but not both, who do you pick?

America says: "Send my kid to die, as long as I'm safe."

Source of "fake documents" story is a far right wacko!!!

Greg Palast busts Bush's connection to Saudis and 9-11!

Terrorism is a bag of chocolate chip cookies

TOONS: Bush Superhero?

Notice there were no "TERRA" alerts after the GOP convention

"Times Won't Reprint Article for New Book"

U.S. athletes go for more gold medals (sorry, no TV coverage)

I just got off the phone with CBS Evening News.

But to return to the interesting story of the day: Judith Miller subpoena

Florida DUers... Is there any "focused" Aid Outreach?

BYRD Alert! c-span2 2:06pm Eastern

"Putin's War" Astounding similarities

Any society that creates a huge split between the haves and the have nots

For CBS news workers - NOT a forgery - DOCS were typed on an

oh those wingnuts are GOOD!!!

Sorry to start another thread, but one thing I keep thinking about CBS is

Patriot Day

Mother Jones: "Get me a rewrite"

Do you think people can subconsciously tell they are being duped?

Big sign on a fancy PU truck at grocery store: "1000 DEAD, THANKS BUSH"

"Va. Inmate Executed After Appeal Rejected"

Did Killian write any other memos?

Thoughtful opinions desperately needed!

The poor condition of our public schools benefits the elite.

"Bush LIED on App for Nat'l Guard" -- FELONY!!!

Anyone have a handy list of vile Rethug quotes?

Randi is having some trouble with Al Franken today?

I am very pessimistic today.

I feel better.

Army Dreamers.....

Unconstitutional: The war on our civil liberties.....

Rove is a f**king evil genius

Can someone tell Kerry to smile

How many uzis do liberals need to buy before the right gets scared?

Whether Bush fulfilled his Guard obligations is a moot point

Kick Ass Vet Rally for Kerry in Midland Texas

So which American News Outlet can i trust?

If Bush gets elected there will be another draft...

WH denies Iraq is a quagmire, What do you think?

Did Joe Biden cheat on an exam?

Stop DeLay

Wanna know what I hope?

The mainstream U.S. Media has finally reached ZERO credibility

is everyone paying $5 a gallon for MILK ?

Crossfire Thread:

Question for economists--why great "profits" and low stock market

Boycott Monday Night Football

Bush accidentally Nukes U.S. City, millions dead - Poll #'s go UP!

Help debunk new info on Bush Memo

Ads we'd like to see...


Sy Hersh is on MTP on Sunday!

Look at this Yahoo pic

Austin IBM Office Products Division huge during Bush guard 'duty'

Heard Sen. Warner (R) condemn the prisoner abuse; I thought

Sharon Bush naive?

Oklahoma Charges Woman's Drug Use Killed Fetus

Political Humor

Mark Luther - Al Franken's resident dittohead...

What do you all tell negative minded Democrats?

There is NO SUCH THING as a legal, Pre-emptive war.

All these political gossip issues are making me late for the party.

Military 'Loses' Key Evidence in Iraqi Prisoner Death

Cynthia McKinney, knife still in back, soldiers on...

Lawyers aren't the problem - Tort Reform


Most Fair and Balanced TV Network? (non-cable)

80,000 homeless in Grenada

Bush Increases Our Danger - Letter to the KC Star

LOL....just heard that some "insiders" in the Kerry

Vote in this poll

CBS is learning a valuable lesson

Okay folks, how are you going to launch your new career on E-bay?

Does the republican party only get the evil or stupid votes?

Deep South Blues.

NPR has a fund drive going in my area

Is this website reliable?

True Story : During quiet meditation in public mourning 1000+ War Dead

I just don't get it

Am I being awful?

Did anyone ever find a link for Bush falling at the speech?

Wolf Blizter poll: Are Bush documents authentic?

Top four reader-rated stories on Yahoo right now. (JOB CUTS)

CBS Eve news/Rather coming on now in CDT timezone will discuss memos

George Bush to mark Sept. 11 with reading of "My Pet Goat"

Hit This Poll

What matters most to a Conservative?

"if they take our guns-how we will shoot the liberals?"

I find Repugs so fascinating...

DU ACTION ALERT: Regal pulls OUTFOXED from theatre(s)

Now all the news will be about Ivan till they unwad their panties

just got back from protesting good ol' Halliburton Dick!

Can we ask Dan Rather to debate Bush?

I have a front row ticket to John Edwards

Arizona running outstanding Kerry Ads....

Big manly Bush supporter beats up on smallish red haired lady

right below the wonderful bush story on cbs page

Debunking needed: Hillary and Gore abusive to SS

A Balanced View of Cuba

Why should Dan Rather tell where he got his story if Novak don't?

I have PROOF CNN is in bed with the GOP

Hardy har har! Bob Novak demands CBS reveal source!

CNN poll -- 50% believe they're "forgeries"

A letter that will never be answered

Rummy will be at NASCAR in Richmond tomorrow (will lead Pledge)

President Bush's Letter to Dan Rather

Watching 9-11 memorial show and I gotta say...

Janeane's dad and Franken's friend, Mark. Why so many like them?

I need a shower with beach.... sat three feet from Ed Gillespie

What should be done about Saudi Arabia?

John Edwards please respond

A heartfelt plea to my fellow DUers

My brother's girlfriend's kids want to join the military.

Was that NPR or TOTN that did the story on AIPAC today?

Warning: this is his plan...then he can declare Martial law IMO

Is anyone else besides Rather disputing the forgery story?

Remember when you saw Rummy every other day?

Aaron Brown....

If you include payroll taxes, income taxes, property taxes, and sales

If Rove wants to smear CBS news and Dan Rather

MUST READ!!! First-rate profile of Al Gore in current New Yorker...

The more Brooks tap dances on the Newshour...

What comes through loud and clear from the words and actions of Bush

The Gap and charter schools?

Topic: IS Global Warming creating Huricanes

anyone here in jefferson city missouri area?

Caption This: What is Pickles saying to Bush*?

Git yer SPITBALLS ready! PIX

Conan had the best line on Cheney's fearmongering at Kerry

Imagine one election being held where white men could not vote

I just completed the strangest survey.

Anderson Cooper on Kitty Kelley book

Sept. 17 is Citizenship Day. Birthday of the Constitution. A great day to

How did Killian die?

A letter from Charlie Rangel....Charlie ROCKS!

Can someone help me find the "Do Not Volunteer" record from Chimp?

CBS NEWS: Bush Docs Are Real. Here's what Rather said.

Ghost Detainees numbers unknown

CBS responded to my email

Did the IBM Selectronic Typewriter have "Proportional Spacing".....

Freepers new discovery: Handwriting expert on Rather was the same

Conservatives Want Dan Rather Fired

WOW. Lehrer doing own 9 11 investigation on NOW-worth watching and

Don't miss Herbert's column today

Democrats in the house vote on resolution that links 9/11 to IRAQ

Ok peasants, grab those pitchforks. Go get those bush bastards

Average per day of American's killed in Iraq up.

Has anyone read "Bush on the Couch" by Justin Frank???

Anyone have problems sending/receiving with your hotmail account?

MCLaughlin on Iraq tonight - 27,000 wounded

Did George W.Bush ask Bill Clinton to throw the election to his father

Is dkos a seperate community from DU?

Hey Freepers!

Swift boats, typewriter technology and forgery charges

What would be quite a story for a news organization would be

"A Day's Work, A Day's Pay" on LinkTV today, tomorrow

Neo-Conservatism: A disease plaguing the soul of America

Putting an end to the Superscript Forgery Nonsense ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!

Repukes Say: "We're Repukes: We Pack HEAT!"

Jesus Christ is a Commie

Tell me about THE DRAFT

Is CNN Slowly Dying?

Arthur Sumsay steps forward.

Lets see.....what should I wear to history class on 9/11.......

Beslan School Grief and Horror, in photos

Australian Elections

Why did Rove get the call on 9-11??

So what needs to be done to definatively confirm whether the docs are real

11pm Advisory: Ivan on the verge of becoming category 5 hurricane again

Malloy thread...STARTS NOW!!

I had an interesting evening tonight. Good story.

Got a huge question..FOR DU and MEDIA?and ASHCROFT !

Anygone is watching NOW on PBS?

Anybody watching NOW on PBS?

I emailed CBS and thanked them for the Barnes interview and Bush memos..

It seems to me Hillary Clinton was dead to nuts right about a vast

A special announcement from the President and First Lady

Why aren't women exercising their right to vote?

real time freeperville.. just spent the two most disturbing hours..

Today I was heckled by bush supporters

The Doppleganger Thread.

How, exactly, has bush made America safer? Lurking freeps? Anyone?

So sad...kid in our school has National Guard dad in Iraq

Miami Hurricanes beat Florida State 16-10 in overtime! n/t

Situation in JAMAICA ( Hurricane Ivan), not good

TOONS: That's Our Dick

Haiti: UN Opens the Door to Reborn Army :-(

Will Hillary Clinton Be 'TOO OLD' To Run For President In 2012?

Haven't seen this posted yet.... other states getting "rigged" mail?

Stop focusing on Bush! Take the war to the media instead.

I'm reading Bob Grahams Book...

we lost a good one today

when bush took over, demands on.. Saudis to cut.. terror funding stopped.

Wanna see Kerry win the debates?

The Lubbock newspaper ad that could prove Bush* lies -- can we get a copy?

9-11-01 Memorial - Three years ago tomorrow we were hit

Hubby needs help on new office war

I deal in rare books & autographs and I have one nagging question...

Nightline 9/10: Images of War -- "it's far worse than we ever show"

Here is why the Repubs are winning an election that they should be losing

Jim Brady was a Pug. Shrub says he'd sign the ban bill,

Remembering September 10, 2001:

Myth: Tax Breaks CREATE jobs......

Congressman Dreier to be outed Monday

why is "liberal" a bad word in American's eyes?

RATHER, MOYERS & KELLEY: George's "New" Trifecta

LiberalOasis nails it! This is why Bush* is leading (kind of) in

Heads up. Sy Hersh on MTP Sunday

Wellstone family attorneys' statement on assassination theories.

Oh Boy! Soon we can buy ASSAULT WEAPONS again!

Hurricane-proof buildings...It can be done


TANG Typewriter Follies; Wingnuts Wrong -DailyKos - forgery debunked !!

To the citizens of Dirtsville USA: Quit grieving for NYC.............

Do you think bush* is going nuts because CBS keeps referring to him

9/11 grave robbers are selling their loot on the Internet

Ex-Pubbies Report Here!

For James Carville fans....... on Sunday with Tina Brown, Topic A

Did the al-Zarqawi terror network use Baghdad as a base of operations?

New Democratic Network and Democratic Leadership Council

Thank You DU.

On This Day...

Help with sexist remarks

IBM 1961 ad ..."proportion letter spacing" PROOF TANG document are REAL?

Dean, Belafonte in Rome for 9/12, day the world stood with us.

"Lemming Logic!" | one nation, under TOONs...

Who The Hell Do RNC Think They Are? Patriot Act Victim

Get this Straight Now.. There is NO Escape, no place to run to, Bush gets

A Bush win and Americans in exile.

Statement from the PMO

Threes years since 911.

Cheney: Economic Stats Miss EBay Sales

NAACP Headquarters Blocks Chapter's Invitation to Education Secr

Georgia Suspects Russia Drugged Journalist

EDS may cut 20,000 workers:U.S. layoffs would be over 2 1/2 years; firm ey

Alaska (Airlines) to slash 900 jobs

U.S. Airstrike Hits Fallujah for 4th Day

Man attacks No 10 with sledgehammer

WP: Health Insurance Costs Keep Rising

Letters rigged to ignite sent to 5 governors

Conservative Christians pushed hard for G-word (genocide in Darfur)

Reporters' Files Subpoenaed


Boundaries Blur for Communal Leaders, Israeli Officials

Bush Support Strong After Convention|Kerry Favorability Rating Plunges

Stocks Seen Slightly Higher After PPI (drops 0.1% in Aug)

Court Rules Against FER(Cordered to consider $2.8B energy refund to CA)

NASA: Space Station's Oxygen Generator Fails

Ad draws big fine for GOP group

Papers: Bush Piloted Guard Training Jets

Goodyear Takes Charges, Slashes (340) Jobs

Kerry hasn't talked to the press in a month

BBC News: Tight US supplies boost oil price

US Genocide Charge is Bush Election Ploy-Sudan FM

WP: Loss Leader: Kerry adviser Shrum 0 for 7 in pres. elections (1 for 7)

Mitsubishi Will Cut 1,200 Workers At Illinois Plant (Layoff Update)

Judge deals Florida ballot setback to Nader

(Republican) Reichert campaigner quits over attack ads (GOP SOP?)

Ohio NAACP Disinvites Paige Per Request

Democrats taking a chance on ``Fortunate Son'' criticism of Bush Guard rec

U.S. Forces on Offensive in Iraq, Taunted by Al Qaeda

Kerry campaign chairwoman rips Bush in Utah visit

Iraqi Rebels Seize, Threaten to Kill Najaf Police

Ridge says Bush wants plan to fight school siege terror

Rasmussen Still Too Close to Call

Eisner leaving Disney (in 2006)

U.S. Draft Dodgers Getting Recognized - AP

Perfect conditions brew up hurricanes(phase could last another 20- 30 yrs

Simon Mann jailed for seven years (Equatorial Guinea coup)

Halliburton Unit Gets a Positive Review From Pentagon

7 years for 'coup plot leader'

Palestinian shown crushed by Israeli jeep

Study: Bush Judges Most Conservative on Rights (RW tilt lasting yrs via W)

U.S. Soldier to Face Trial for Iraq Abuse

Cheney: bad economic news ignores eBay sellers

Three Lebanese shot dead in Baghdad: foreign ministry

Army Says C.I.A. Hid More Iraqis Than It Claimed

DoD Identifies Army Casualty # 1006

Retrial opens on using pepper spray on protesters' eyes

Scientists salvage some Genesis materials

Russia sees Georgian links to Beslan

Cheney Says Iraq Harbored Al Qaeda

Forgeries, My Butt!

EDS may cut 20,000 jobs over the next two years

.UMass professor receives award for terrorism course

Pardon his French! (Powell calls top hawks "f---g crazies.")

Iraqi schools see 'dramatic change'

FEC Asks Court to Drop Bush Campaign Suit

Vigil in park honors war dead (Denver)

Turkey urges end to N Iraq (US) raids

White House Denies Iraq Turning Into A Quagmire

W for war but eager to avoid it, Prof recalls --NY Daily News 9/10/04

Jamaicans Flee as Ivan Approaches (Direct Kingston Strike Expected)

After Clinton Experience, Many Rush To Get Hearts Checked

White House Says Kerry's Desperation Behind Guard Attacks

Florida Ballots are certified without Nader | Tallahassee Democrat

Arkansas Democrats Sue Nader

Cheney Clarifies Comments About Terror Threat If Kerry Elected

CNN: Eisner saying goodbye to Mickey

Anti-Kerry Veterans' group now political machine with big budget

Cheney Invokes 9/11 Memories in Campaign

Heinz Kerry to speak at conference (Hispanic Caucus Institute)

Chicago Mayor Unveils Surveillance Plan

Aide: Bush Faith Has Been Misunderstood

President Clinton headed home.

Still angered by Florida 2000, blacks look to young voters for turnout

CBS News: CBS Stands By Bush-Guard Memos

Plan for Iraq Abuse Exhibit Is Criticized (Andy Warhol Museum)

The Big Dawg is home!! Clinton released from hospital

Chicago Mayor Unveils Surveillance Plan

Veterans focus anger on Warhol photo exhibit (Abu Ghraib)

Iraq troublespot sealed off, Italy lobbies for release of hostages

Joan Snyder, CBS News producer and correspondent, dead at 69

Salon: Swift boat flaks attack CBS (forgeries)

Schroeder: 'Germany can learn from US'

Senate GOP plans for Goss’s CIA confirmation

Federal judge tosses Pa. child porn-blocking law

The New York Times denies permission for Michael Moore to reprint article

Report: N.Korean Envoy Warns of Nuclear Arms Race

Kerry: Assault weapon ban made U.S. safer

NYT: Kerry Says Bush Assult Weapons Stance Aids Terrorists

40,000 Citizens Mourn Soldiers' Deaths, Reject Bush's Iraq Quagmire ..

Polls Influenced Public Misperception of Saddam 9/11 Link

Democrats accuse Bush of lying over military service

Lynndie England Recommendation Sealed

U.S. Wants Lay, Skilling, Trials Together

Aide: Bush Faith Has Been Misunderstood

Jenkins leaves Tokyo hospital to surrender to U.S. authorities

Attempt being made to reduce hurricane's power - AP

Evidence Flap in U.S. Marine's Trial Over Iraqi Death

Blacks Enlist Groups to Court New Voters

'Unfit for Command': a hot potato for booksellers

Privacy Group Accuses Albertsons of Selling Drug Prescription Information

Former Alabama Guardsmen appears in political ad

Fiscal Conservatives Challenge Bush

WP: Bush Hits Kerry on Iraq and Hussein

Ivan back to 150 MPH, still heading for Kingston

Fmr. Dem. Sen. Brock Adams has died at 77

State GOP lashes out at Minnesota Poll

Democratic Party decides to run ads in Missouri, Colorado

Woman charged with murder in fetus drug death.

Bill Clinton returns home after surgery.

Agency to join 9/11 lawsuit against Saudis

STOCK MARKET WATCH - Friday, September 10

Schwarzenegger Signs Bill Banning Sex with Corpses

Bush's Backers Donate Heavily to Veteran Ads

Transatlantic divisions persist; Europeans want EU to be superpower

Bush Has Already Won the 2004 Contest, Ralph Nader Declares

usnewswire: Embassy of Sudan: A Characterization of 'Genocide' Spurs More

Taliban Chief Phoned U.S. on '98 Strike

LAT: John Ritter's Family Files Lawsuit Against Hospital

Bush piloted Guard trainers before he quit

GOP renews push to lift IRS ‘muzzle’ (Allow chuch endorsements)

Rumsfeld: Prison abuses do not compare with terrorism

Kitty Kelly Publisher Seeks Damages From Newsweek

Najaf residents wearying of al Sadr as Mahdi Army continues to fight

Dissolution of (Fallujah) Brigade Is Setback for Marines

Bush Stepping Up Attacks as Kerry Weighs Response

Kerry team, DNC hit Bush on Guard issue

President Ahead by Four Points, New Zogby America Poll Reveals(46%-42%)

White House to Get New Helicopter Fleet ($1.6 billion)

Costa Rica Drops Out of Coalition

Turkey Urges U.S. 'urgently' To Cease Operations In Tall Afar

CBS Stands By Bush-Guard Memos (new broadcast)

Bush Says Kerry Has Many, Many Positions on Iraq

Cherie to hold 50th bash on September 11

Rumsfeld Mixes Up U.S. Foes Saddam and Bin Laden

Parents lead rites at WTC

Bush Blames Clinton For Lost Jobs

80 percent of Texans want ban on assault weapons renewed

Kerry: Bush making terrorists' job easier (assault weapons)

Bush to visit Las Vegas next week to address National Guard group

Statement from CBS News

A song for the forgotten people.

OK, you caught me. I'm a forgery

dbaker, all around nice guy

AH! Couldn't get on DU d/t installing XP Service Pack-ask me anything!

oops I did it again

Dammit, I am NOT a forgery!

I leave for an hour, come back and you guys have gone nuts!

I guess I'm just not good at this. This is my last one line thread

Ok, where should I live?

My imitation of those posts in GD 04

Two good URL's, I like.

Really funny "Kevin and Kell"

I am the sole surviva .......

Dogs in Elk.


A Joke...

Made my 200th post just a few minutes ago...

How many one line threads can I start with no substance?

Whoa! Sexy animated video in another language.

Just saw a funny 1970's clip

What is the best Eric Clapton album

Oh my, someone just tried to access my computer.

Anyone ever taken Geodon?

How to Turn Any Compliment Into An Insult.

Mike Hunt update

College and HS students...What classes are you taking this semester?

I know more about fonts, font balls, IBM Selectrics,

British Library puts Shakespeare texts online

I just stabbed a 2 inch push pin into my hand

GD needs a CAPTION... let's help em out, shall we?

Illegal Gamblers Busted By Pet Dog

Cape Town On "Hippo Alert"

I proud to say that I know absolutely nothing about the Peterson case.

Who was the hottest Manson Family chick?

This is going to be the last free weekend I do absolutely nothing

Clumsy Bank Guard Accidentally Shoots Customers

I'm totally dethroned

Has Anyone Pointed Out.

Today in History

Today's Fact

Today's Thought

Today's Quote

Cows To Help Stop Outdoor Sex Acts

Today's "Is Dubya Drunk" pic: sweaty and watery-eyed in PA, 9/9/04

Belief systems; which religion (or lack thereof) best represents you?

Democrat Plans "Girlie Man" Doll For Arnie

Think I'm in an Eric Dolphy mood

Spiderman Sneaks Into Palace of Chavez

Yellow Ribbons for 9/11?

Racing Pigeons Face Dope Testing

Hey, there's a Kick.

I'm totally cloned...

"post a random thread from your bookmark list" thread!

I hate my girlfriend's cooking!

Dog Walker Finds 1,200 Y.O. Penny Worth Over $200,000

You're officially disowned.

Could someone please PM me

Hey, DEMMAN, top this...

DU Illustrators - I need some advice

A-Brave's Furcal arrested for DUI again

I want to move to Liberal City!

Picture this: watching a Russian tragedy through western eyes

My Children Are Awesome!

I'm Going To Jump Off A Bridge Now - Goodbye All

Hey there, Georgie Girl..................

It's my understanding that some of you are in possession of the funk.

Woman Test Driving Car Shocked To Find Python Under Hood

Pretend I'm whispering this question, ok? ('s inside...)

The most surreal band in music history. Can you guess who they are?

Anyone got a link to that Global Election poll of 35 countries?

Anyone having trouble connecting to ICQ today ?

Anyone got a link to that Global Erection poll of 35 countries?

It's just my job, five days a week...........

Slow. Slow. Quick-Quick Slow. DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT.

Post your latest Musial discovery.

Check out my AWOL George cartoon

Its the suede denim secret police. We have come for your uncool niece!

Little Moonbeam is giving a speech on Kerry at her school!!!

My thoughts on the Patriots lackluster performance last night......

Post your nominations for American Music Legends

Explain to me the damn appeal of shoes like these....

Say HI! to the new jobs that WV and Ohio are getting today

If you were an animal...what animal would you be?

I love (in this order) the Panthers, Packers, Bills, and Redskins.

CAPTION or die!

i'm a big, LiberaL baby

Exciting experiences at church and synagogue!

What was it I was just about to do?

George Bush goes to a primary school to talk about the war...

Activist Who Hates Concert Profanity Hosts "Horny Bi-Dads" Sex Romps

Check out new Borat soundboard (Borat from Ali G)

Was there a sheep on the grassy knoll?

Guardian: Space Cowboys

Fett's Vette by MC Chris.

Jack Mehoffer has a statement for Bill O'Reilly

Post your latest musical discovery

Whats your fav Bob Marley song?

Stanford prison experiment/ Iraq prisoner abuse

I'm singing in the rain, just dancing in the rain...

I wish to practice my love on Laura Harring

I am amazed! My dogs LOVE the two kittens I found!

I wish to practice my love on the Lounge - Come on and get some!

Does your town put fluoride in the water supply?

PC question - I am an idiot

"Monay Monay" Is The Most Idiotic Overrated Song In HISTORY!

Family Videotaping Vacation Sparks Terror Alert (Brown People / Mini Van)

WillPitt is full of SH*T!!!!!! (and more football trash talking)

Wow! And I thought the majority of pictures of me sucked...

Demolition crews destroy bridge on mistake

Bush Yale Diploma a FORGERY?

I'm calling out VelmaD right here right now!!!

UFO clouds abduct humans

WTF Is With All The "Christian Debt Helper" SPAM??

Sadly, my chiropractor's son is headed to Iraq.

Eisner to leave Disney in 2006

Chicago Cubs Deposit $301,000 Into Newspaper Carrier's Bank - Mistake

Chicago Cubs (drunk) Deposit Used Condoms and Cigarette Butts...

U.S. Draft Dodgers Getting Recognized - in Canada

BEHOLD! I have grafted this cromulent omelet to my gullet!

I ate a salad for lunch. What did it NOT contain?

Scientists salvage some Genesis materials

When you can't get your Air American fix....

Give yourself a smile

Baby thrown from car during police chase

Smart-Bot raises bar (roflmao)

What should I do for my mom's birthday?

First pics from the SIN CITY movie!!!!

Having just seen Laura Harring in THE PUNISHER...


Anyone here see the movie "Latter Days"? POWERFUL Movie!

The only hairstyle in D.C. that's worse than Laura Bush's

Computer Wizzes: need help saving streaming video from WH web site.

BTBM's "Ask Me Anything" thread.

Do you save insects from impending doom?

It's time that we all come together, Democrats and Republicans alike

The W stands for Jesus

Does anyone else have a Hemingway cat?

SEC Games tomorrow

I picked up a salad for lunch. What did the store NOT contain?

(Unintentionally) amusing real estate listing

40 richest under 40 - the list

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole Somewhere Over The Rainbow & What A Wonderful World

What is the outlook on Ivan right now?



Cab Driver Starts Dating Service For His Passengers

Check out these T-Shirts!

Do you save insects from impending life?


Celebrity Deathmatches you would like to see

Be nice to me....

50 minutes till interview-wish me luck

Bumper stickers

RE 21st American century...


Defeated Sausage

Depleted wreckage.


Bush Diary leaked! True feelings revealed!

I Just Don't Understand!

Bidet: 'freedom' cleanser or ass shower?

RWer's find another document that might be a forgery

What's with all the toilet threads?

Toilet paper: Hang it over or under?

Parents Just Don't Understand!

Degenerate massage.

Deleted message.

Did anyone catch what WillPitt said about one of M. Moore's new books.....

Do you ever feel godlike?

Toilet paper: Bunch or fold?

Vote on whether Dubya is real or a forgery.

Things you DO want to hear in a public restroom.

Toilet paper: Single Or Double Ply

Michael McKean (from 'Hairspray')get political

Fahrenheit 9/11 To Be Reissued with new material!!!!

Deus does not exist.

ALF (the movie) question: SPOILER!! (Don't read if U haven't seen it!)


I'm totally stoned...

DU'ers, please, PLEASE, listen to this guy

Is this funny?


Things you DON'T want to hear in a public restroom

What's your favorite song and/or soundtrack from a movie?

This is the new shit! (my opinion on politics today)

Tip of the Day

FOUND:...source of the forged TANG documents ...

Another 5 Day Weekend - Thanks Ivan!

There's a song I just can't get out of my head today.

Worst possible thread names - XXIV in a series of four

They've hung the flags again

I'm playing the NY Times tonight in Softball

CAPTION the Limp Wing Trio

Hey, Fantasy Footballers: Dolphins-Titans moved to SATURDAY!

The White House accuses Kerry of eating snails

Yeah man I hear ya right on brother peace for sure man (CAPTION)

If ever you feel down and out...

BREAKING: Questions raised about claims that earth is an oblate spheroid

My Box Turtle Got Her Love Spread By Her OBGYN

CAPTION Pickles teaching letter 'W' to kids

Car or a bed

OK. I can tell it's Friday. People are in the hallway, attempting to saw a

Do you ever feel goddess like

Important Breaking News about Ivan.

Hey Big some time?

I just received a call from the Christian Coalition.....

Hey George!! From One Former COKE HEAD To ANOTHER......

Anyone have any good humor to give me a smile


Website-business People. got a question

Can someone PLEASE help me write a rebuttal to this Freeper letter?

Do you use your Visa DEBIT this.......

I just got back from laying roses on the grave of Father Mychal Judge,

Announcing the new me.

Heros? I've got your heros!

Things NOT To Say To JESUS When He Is "Debt Counseling" You

I'm having a bad day

has anyone here ever gotten a small business loan or grant from the gov't?

I've been living a LIE. THIS is my candidate of choice:

I am depressed because rightwingers say I am stupid

CONFESS!!!!! Who really is Bat Boy???

I am depressed because rightwingers say Generic Other is stupid

gotcha! . . .

dupe . . . please disregard . . . n/t

dupe . . . please disregard . . . (sorry . . . 'puter acting up) . . . n/t

W sings "Sunday Bloody Sunday"

Hundreds of Republicans Injured in Rush to Discredit Kerry

Rant - Cheap labor conservatives and media

Word or phrase from contemporary lingo you'd most like to see retired

I'm having a problem walking and I need advice on what to do.

this is my 1000th post. ask me anything!

Your Favorite ''Match Game'' Kooky Gal (Semi-Regular)

DU parents listen to this....

check out the amazing flying frisbee puppy . . .

Facial movies, books, memoirs

It's Friday you bastards!

US Open. Anybody else watching?

AI (the movie) question: SPOILER!! (Don't read if U haven't seen it!)

Tomorrow Is SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!

Hmmm CAPTION the not-so-sure anymore crowd

What if * was running against Jesus?

Looks like a "bad hair" day...

For all you guitarists out there -- sad day. Not a player, but ...

Starting up a website for lost & found birds (we have a big problem in FL)

The longest ears in the world....

how to start each day with a positive outlook

What time is CBS Ev News on in Eastern Markets? 6:30 PM? 7?

Hah! I'm gonna have homemade shrimp chowder tonite!

My landlord just put up a Bush sign, what should I do?

My little boy is now a kindergartener

SONGS most anti-gov ever?

Anime fans---- what are you watching?

Friends and Beverly Hills 90210

Anyone else feeling tomorrow today?

Which TV characters do you love?

I Won't See You Tonight

In the abundance of water, the fool is thirsty.

Tomorrow is PATRIOT DAY!!!!!!!

You know what the problem is with this country?

Whew, I'm back!

Hilarious fake news clip (possible dupe?)

what is the borg collective saying?

Could you raise a child on 5K a month? How about 10K?

Did anyone just see the Fox News story on the Brady Bill?

TV Characters That Make You Want to Throw Things

Did you ever feel a little irregular?

Well, since my baby left me,

Chicken Wings - I took a break to bake

Florida Voting issues resolved!

Poor dumb thing tries to look thoughtful

I slept through two classes today. Do I have a problem??

"it's been a long time coming"

My Hint-of-Anti-Bush screenname violates AOL Terms of Service

Slammed Dunked the interview

I just clicked a link called HippyGoddess

Today is my 35th anniversary.

My new anti-war sign:

Who else loved Bloom County?


Weird church sign of the day...

Interesting article by Michael McKean (RNC, Bush 41)

Coded Message - Do Not Reply

Weirdest discussion in a class room, you've had or heard

Who would you want to get in a naked wrestling match with?

Washington unveils new Dick Cheney monument

Can anybody tell me why this ain't flag desecration?

Is it too early to start drinking?

What do you like to dip your chicken fingers into ????

I'm dead serious when I say republicans want to spoil your fun

My Daughter was the last person standing in Dodge ball today.

I was born in the wagon of a travellin' show

Did you hear about the Chet Atkins diet?

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame's 2005 nominees

Arnold Schwarzeneggar LIED

September modern mirth is ready....

Let’s go down to the Sunset Grill

Bush tries to deal with complicated concept with complicated name. LMFAO

In honor of Screaming Lord Byron: Why didn't the pirate go to the movie?

Public Toilet Seats, Protection?

Star Wars Personality Test

I see Dumb People!

PDA owners: Do you use a wireless keyboard?

BBC America: The Avengers, The Saint, and The Prisoner

Have any of you spent time on a farm lately? Or a sort of a farm?

Le musiqe pour le chat! (hell make it a KITTY THREAD)


Can someone explain the relationship between Peppermint Patty and Marcie?


Ohio State fans check in here!

Favorite My Three Sons Re-placed Character?


Eight Six Seven Five Three Oh Ni-ee-ine


Appendicitis, the lady in the other bed and bumper stickers




Exotic pet folks, this thread is for you. Pics of my kid's firebelly toad

Heero. Duo. Quatre Wufei Trowa!


My kid wants to be Nixon for Halloween

Cheney Resists Offer to Try Wisconsin Custard

Do you find the frequent "Copycat" threads on DU annoying?

Duby, duby, du

Uno, dos. One, two, tres, quatro!

Uno, dos, tres, quatro, cinco, cinco, seis.


How come I'm so addicted to the PU?

Itchy knee sun she go

Do you find copycat polls of copycat threads annoying?

Republican Headquarters called my house.


Hey there little red riding hood, you sure are looking good

It's been a long time comin'

Christof is gonna forget about politics tonight (and maybe all weekend)...

Eine, Zwei, Drei, Vier, Fünf

Quiz: Which Peanuts character are you?

keep it going, for the funny among us

Hannity not taking critical e-mails??? He was on ranting about how

Ban being lifted on Asshole Weapons?

I'm finally watching "Finding Nemo".... Ask Me Anything! (n/t)

Please don't dominate the rap Jack

I hate being back at school.....

If Bush steals the election, what say we become pirates?

adeen dvah tree

We're all DOOMED!!

Mr. Peebles has returned to bring order to the Lounge

Hey - who all wants to see my fart?

Help me break out of the 700 Club! Ask me anything... PLEASE!!

I Hate George W Bush

do you find complaints of copy cat threads annoying?

Abortion Poll....*snicker, snicker*

How obnoxious is it when you see a thread on DU just another one?

Piss up a Rope

How come I'm so addicted to the DU?

The guilty get no sleep in the last slow hours of morning.

Sigh. Pebble went through my headlight. Do I need to replace the assembly

OMG! The Constitution is FAKE! Here's the evidence to prove it!


one. two. four.

Where the Heck Is a Bar When I Need One? (I'm Talking to YOU, MrScorpio)

What happened to Limbought's Friday night movie threads?

Try this next time you have fortune cookies

Dear lord, I'm bored. Entertain me.

Another One Bites The Dust

Why do women wear socks?

OMG 11pm news, she is gaining strength & more ferocious!!!

this is an email alert I got -- its unbelievable!!!

Guess it was my turn

Gang, my band's got another gig! DUers all invited. A pic from last gig...


Who else here will have Bukkake nightmares tonight?

Silly Game: substitute "ass" in the name of a band you like.........

Have you ever met a girl that you tried to date

"A woman's body is a work of art. A man's body is like a jeep,

I think I died and went to heaven

"We Polled A Recent Studio Audience And Got The Best Response To This..."

Favorite member of New Edition?

I think I need a new dress.

It's 11:45...

Watching King Kong......

Ekahi, elua, ekolu, eha, elima, eono

Hooray It's Tuvan Throat SInging time

A "take anywhere" keyboard? You could shine it on a table and work.

Idiots who think the Flaming Lips are emo...

You think you've got a head for heights

High School Freshmen are Idiots

Is Jaws: The Revenge

I think I need new panties.

In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle

Who remembers this guy? He's now pretending to be Republican

We're all stoned!

The Rain Song

Favorite Gene Pitney song?


I loves me some nasty mid-60s garage music

A special thank you from the President and First Lady

DU me.

High School Sophomores are idiots

Woo Hoo! I nailed the SOB again!

Who was the Smooth Operator?

Hey, Byron!! Hedges admitted to liking a Roses song!!

Just saw a "Buy One get One Free" CAR commercial!!!

GOPisEvil is a helluva guy (aka the end of my car saga)

How is it that Shannon Dougherty keeps getting acting gigs?

Movies so good (or powerful) that you can only see once?

Favorite 8-bit original nintendo games?

I just counted 47 chigger bites on my legs

This may violate DU TOS...

Why do Scotts wear kilts?

Why do women wear panties?

Psalm of Bushees

Jesus Vs Bush in 2004

Hurricanes!!!! Hurricanes!!!!! Hurricanes!!!!!! Hurricanes!!!!!

TV Characters That Make You Want To Throw Up!

Dear Friends, Hurricane Frances...


I just beat cancer! Ask me anything!

Post the middle of a joke

Babylon 5 or Star Trek Deep Space 9?

Do you find the frequent "Copycat" threads on DU annoying?

Lets start a movie script, I'll be bush

updates on Ivan

Ah Peanut brittle

If You Are One Of The First 100 To Reply To This Message...

Do women check out guys like guys check out women?

Why do women wear dresses/skirts?

You like bukakke

Things that are strangely sexy to me

Quiz: What Is Your Animal Personality?

All the Wellstone threads in GD are making me sick...

It's my ex-husband's birthday


A No Carb Diet anyone?

Great tits: pics

On Which Game Show Would You Be Most Successful...

"Canes/Noles" Thread

Silly Game : substitute "kitten" in the lyrics of a song you like.........

Cons of blood plasma donation?

Put Fuck or Fucking in place of a movie, song, band, book etc

MoveLeft Media now has RSS feed

Talkleft take on "forgery"--MUST READ

Just received this campaign e-mail from a friend.

These documents almost don't matter.

How about contacting Dan Rather?

more strikes against false doc claim: AF tested Selectric Composer in '69

Cutting Off The Republican Escape Route

CNN right now with good peice on bush/nat'l guard

White House Accuses Kerry Of National Guard Attacks (And Their Point Is?)

Talked today to black man, reg'd Dem in heavy Dem district: undecided b/c:

Will CNN wimp out AGAIN to the GOP?

Liars This guy Snow and * spokesmen twitching, grinning lying.

Enough about the damn typewriters/fonts already

CBS's statement on REAL Killian documents:

Will Michael Moore Be The One To Bring Up Bush's Cocaine Abuse?

CIA Obstructing Justice? Don't they swear to uphold Treaties?

I've never seen so many threads citing RW sites

Is Israel 'Swing State' That Could Tip U.S. Election?

Just look at yourselves

Forensic Document Specialists for Truth

Just another "Some People Say" ploy.

Kerry and the Coalition

We laughed at Pubs over the Docs yest. now they laugh at us. Nice

Ignore the Pundits

Link to ABC's "False Documentation?" story on-line...

Don't Fall for the Forgery Decoy. And Here's Why.

Don't stay up all night cause this is getting good. I love this election

Alright all you commie conservatives fess up, I know your in here.

I think not focusing more on Arkansas is a mistake

Are they forged? That question will make a buzz in the media.

Maybe the documents came from an "Italian"?

As long as we're studying typewriter fonts...

So why hasn't the White House denied the authenticity of the documents?

You know, it's one thing if people question the Kerry campaign,

If the presidential election were held this week, who would you vote for?

How many of you qualify as Polictical advisors? I see at least 10

Look at this Electoral Map, Guys, Florida is still HUGE!

Take a step back and think about the so-called "forgeries"

You get the feeling that Rove and the media are jerking our chain?

Are there 2 biographies of GW Bush?


Is Virginia not getting the attention it should?

An EXCELLENT read for Conservative friends who are still on the fence....

Preaching to the Choir....

Memo- Bush needs to have a press conference to "set the record straight"

Kerry campaign chairwoman rips Bush in Utah visit

Someone with a PC, please try this test (CYA memo)

POLL - Who weakens the */cheney ticket more?

Show the voters how "Pro Life" "Pro Soldier" Bush and Chenny just love DU

No, we are not safer.

Deconstructing the Fox Poll

If this forgery thing comes back to anyone related to

What's a Diversion and What's Not a Diversion?

More to this news than merely memos...

Are all of the Killian documents being questioned?

This campaign is about "power" and AWOL's agenda .... not for the people !

Do you think that the recently released pilot's log of Bush indicates

Forgeries? Look at other documents from this time and compare..

IMUS (MSNBC-GE owned) & Brokaw (NBC - GE Owned) - documents

Any good dissections of "Agenda for America" out there?

I know we hate FOX, but their new poll only shows Bush up by 2 points

How * is even in the game

Simulated Kerry/Bush Debate right here

Ok what is bushies governor record?

After only 3 months in Guard Dubya allowed to go on inactive duty?

So it took all of 24 STINKING HOURS for the reverse spin to take..

Remember Paul O'Neill's Book - 8.5 months BEFORE 911 ...* plans for Iraq

Killian memos: CBS's Niger uranium purchase docs?

Bush: AWOL - TANG Forgery Source Revealed

I never thought the TANG documents were forgeries

Forgeries? What about the forgeries that sent us into Iraq?

Isn't there ONE journalist who can ask the question

Backpedaling, Flip-Flopping Dick: "Cheney Seeks to 'Clean Up' Controversy"

Put the documents aside, press, and just ask the damn questions!

What next for the Democratic Party if Kerry loses ?

Am I missing something?

Any Air Force Times readers?

Cheney repeats lie about Saddam harboring Al Qaeda

Doesn't the military usually buy typewriters at a contract price?

Kerry is beating FLIM-FLAM Bush: 295 EV, 87% probability

Thomas Limscomb is on the case (Chicago Sun-Times - remember him?)

A way to prod the campaign

Are they skewing to polls to make a rigged election more believable?

Another nutso Killian document forgery theory--

Why forge a document corroborating the official record?

I have to stop reading LTTE's

Jail inmates may be able to cast vote in election

The economy, according to Dick Cheney

This study can't be accurate - Kerry getting good press?

W is STILL blaming Clinton & Kerry's "hidden tax plan"

George Bush, This is Your Life

Media is expressing its approval for Bush skipping the debate

ESPN's Jim Rome Rocks!!! Slams the scrub

Cheney flip-flops on death threat

The media has decided that Bush will be re-elected. Seems

I'm going to a Kerry rally today!

There is so much real stuff to take Bush down, why put so much into AWOL!

Kerry - "bush puts drug companies ahead of seniors" -- this is a winner

"Among all voters in these states, the two candidates are running even."

Just watched the Kerry ad "Wrong Choices"

Wash Post = Bush Rapid Response? Links from today's DU/LB news

Great News in New State Polls Out Today - OH, NC, CO, VA, Senate

I've got that good feeling back

Media Email Masterlist

When does Edwards debate the Lord of Darkness?

Bush: "The federal tax code needs to be changed"

LIST networks that didn't show "60 Minutes" Lastnight HERE

Over 50,00 Duer's to GOTV

What I think the problem is!

Nader on the ballot in New Mexico: Dems plan to fight it

I bet CBS caves

The Swifties are discredited? Good. The documents are forgeries? Good.

A few quotes relevant to the campaign.

Kerry Gets Tougher on Bush (GOP want return to 'separate but equal' era "

Democrats Plan "Girlie Man" Schwarzenegger doll - (LOL!)

Why can't we find any of the men who were on the list to the guard unit

"Attacks on Bush Service May Backfire"

The lesson in all this is... OFFENSE OFFENSE OFFENSE! RAPID response.

Can someone post the link to the EV site?

Which does Rove want : "G.W's Camp David Cocaine Story or Forgery" ... duh

Falwell says Bush "conclusively" completed guard duty

David Shuster Hardblogger Hits Chaney

Start writing to your local editors

There's no forgery - Republicans have a bigger megaphone.

You say probable voters, I say likely voters, you say registered voters...


Bush's "Honorable Discharge" a forgery!

Why is it no one blames Bush for 9/11 ?

Kerry will win in a landslide!!

may backfire, kerry walk to press.....not backfire on us

Responding to the forgery is a classic mistake... Blow it off and attack

CBS should sue IMUS for his "Dan Rather willfully mislead" comment

Call your Congress Representative to demand an investigation to

Kerry's plan to reduce medical malpractice premiums:

IBM Executive typewriter with proportional spacing - going back to 1941

"Bush's Mess" - I commend unto thee the current New York Review of Books

Write a letter to your editor today!

The lesson in all this is... OFFENSE OFFENSE OFFENSE! RAPID response.

Kerry Leading now in Colorado, closing in Ohio

Cheney Was Wrong About eBay

Here is the IBM selectric font used for the bush memos

Cheney still lying; in speech yesterday made "connection" between

Has anyone done a REVERSE typewriter test?

The technique of infamy

Bucks man dresses as Grinch, joins others to criticize president

CBS will do everything to set the record straight.

Bushee's Psalm

OK, so I have this theory...

New California Poll: Kerry well out in front now!

There are some Selectric balls at the office. Name of font?

Greatest Campaign Ever!!!

It's All About the Base

Is Tom DeLay a dead Boy Scout?

Does anyone know Carville's email address?

Big Smile From Yesterday's Press Briefing....

Can we please combine the "Typewriter/Forgery" threads nt

Let's talk about forgeries. Is anyone starting a war based on these?

Lou Dobs question of the day: I can't believe this

If the documents are found to be forgeries

It took the media two weeks to start exposing Swift Boat lies, but 8 hours

Where the fuck are the dems and/or cbs on the forgery thing?

It’s absolutely essential that 8 weeks from today, we make right choice

we need to start a call in campaign against Hannity

September - October, 2004 - The Great Mirage

Bush was right when he said we can't win the war on terrorism.

The Media Spin on the AWOL Story is Unbelievable

Kerry to speak in Allentown today

Another Bush Direct Guard Lie

why do some on DU think the media is objective ?

Until now, I've never had such a dim view of the media

Think like the Repugs...

Oh I LOVE Kerry's "Good Samaritan" angle....

Can we collect battleground poll #s here?

I hate to say it but the recent * ads are very effective.

Are the documents forgeries?

Don't journalists have children? Elderly parents? Poor members

John Kerry on "BlackAmericaWeb"

Cheney still lying; in speech yesterday he made "connection" between

And a SECOND WITNESS says NOT forgeries;

Bush won't bring trade case against China. Suprised?

So if it is a forgery

A Few Good Laughs on a Friday - Election Late Night Talk Show Host's Jokes

allegedly forged memos: ignoring the obvious

Democratic headquarters vandalized

Ad buy for battleground states revised?

"INDEPENDANT" document examiner??? I don't THINK so!

New Rasmussen tracking poll for Friday Bush 48% Kerry 46%

All you need to know about TANG forgeries:

NYTimes Regarding the "Forged Memos"

Shameless Plug


Why hasn't this been noted about TIMES NEW ROMAN font?

Maj.Gen. Hodges confirms"non-forgeries"-"were expressed to me at the time"

Bush's Black Attack Dogs

CNN is now analyzing the documents - this is CRAP

How in the EFF did we get to the point where we're arguing over fonts?

My unscientific, but revealing Kerry Poster test . . .

Let's PLEASE distill the forgery dispute to questions of empirical fact

What is the best way to improve vote total for Kerry?

The more controversy about "The Documents," the better

Bush Attacks His Opponent Over His Record on Taxes

Offer Nader the top EPA job in the Kerry administration?

List of things Bush would have to do to get dropping poll numbers..

Has anyone debunked the "line spacing" basis for the forgery claim

Young Bush called "Grapes of Wrath" corny

B stands for BOGUS. Bush IS a forgery. Who cares about the documents.

How about an informal DU national poll?

No more to people, register people, get them to the polls

Washington Post is an enemy of the truth.

Wasnt the elder * ahead of Clinton at this point in 1992?

THE point is being missed:Service vs. Lying Non-Service

Great post on dKos about the forgery, Kudos to the poster

Rush's girlfriend Daryn on CNN is reporting documents a forgery...

Jesus vs bush campaigns

Everyone who wants Bush to win, please raise their hand!

the State of the Union

"Bush LIED on App for Nat'l Guard" -- FELONY!!!

Nader Says Kerry Will Lose, Bring the Democrats Down

Is Bush's honorable discharge a forgery? How would we check on that?

Who the fuck cares about forgeries, Vietnam, Selectrics and Swift Boats?

"Undecideds," my ass!

who has the original documents? Did they come from

Wolcott on pResident Toot's "broken down sidekick"

White House says "doesn't matter whether true or not"...

"Some people say" Kerry will win. . .

GREED. GREED. GREED. That's what we are fighting in this election

Question about a BBQ attendee interviewed on the Al Franken show

1,000th death a non-event, how come?

I think the question should now be

Half of America is sceaming....`Bring it on.`

Question about Kerry bumber stickers and congressman

Interesting that the press spent more time in last 2 days investigating

The Army Rangers have a saying: FIDO

Speaking of excessive credulity...

Typist exposes false Bush forgery claims! IBM Selectric made font, th!!!

Wes Clark on CSPAN now!!

Boy, did we ever take the bait.

Kerry team! Ask Novak to reveal his source for outed CIA agent Plame

Is this from The Onion? Cheney calls for eBay to be counted

I cant believe that Nader has a following

If you're near DC, counter this wiith a Bush Deserted rally. Keep bumped

What do you think is the most important issue we should be stressing

I'm Increasingly Convinced the Election Will Hang On

W receives key to Ironton Ohio at another "impormptu" stop

Dems are swinging HARD! Tying Bush ANG lies to lies on Iraq!

"the dishonesty thing" (paul krugman in nyt). THIS is what we should

How big can TANG-GATE get? Can it be un-spun?

Umm, what happens in a 269-269 tie?

When have Repugs EVER missed a chance to bash the SCLM?

MNF enters the Presidential election fray with Al Michaels and Madden

Wow just LOOK at all them FORGERIES!!!

Josh Marshall took the bait......

Edwards wants Bush to address memos! Banking the boat AGAIN

How to use the republicans tools against them


From ABC's "The Note" (surprising)...

Has the WH or the Pentagon claimed the documents to be forgeries?

Bush Twins looking for something to do?

Radio Interview : Dan Rather "stand by story, it's true..answer the ???'s"

Rumsfeld on CSPAn - no doubt terrorists will try to disrupt the elections

NEW Democracy Corps Poll: Chimpy Up By 3 (48-45)

Rather- "The More Important Question is What are the Answers to the

I can't stand Bush, but I have to admit

Use FlipFlop AGAINST Bush. Bush is the FlipFlopper-in-Chief.

Does anyone know for sure what model typewriter was used....

Please settle this one issue (re: forgery flap)

Kerry Says US Should Lead On Darfur (Sudan)

Survey USA Polls for N.C. and Ohio; good numbers

AOL's "President Match" Ugh!

Someone needs to be out there everyday...

Dean, Corzine, Durbin at House of Blues in Chicago....

Remember, Rove planted a bug in his own candidate's(Clements) office

Nader says Kerry will lose thread? Can't read it.

Attempts to show docs faked, shows how DAMAGING the freeps feel they are.

The bigger question, Why would CNN, FAUX etc. run with the fraud angle

Sen Byrd on CSPAN now

Need Help Quick: Source

21,256: The REAL Number of U.S. Iraqi War Casualties

Email & tell the "Media" we want to know about Kitty's book (Ann Coulter)

If the documents were false a "LAWSUIT" would have been filed by now!

Who's dressing Mary Matalin LOL

Kerry Press Release: Campaign Response to Bush in West Virginia

Vote On If Bush Service Documents Are Authentic Or Not

Gary Bauer has something to say about Kitty Kelly book......

It's a sad day when Drudge has more credibility than Dan Rather

Afternoon Update--the Whores are Killing Us......

Polls Perspective And Why to Keep Fighting

What will happen to DU if * is re-selected?

DU this CNN poll re: forgeries

The difference between Democrats and Republicans...

Me thinks me smell another Bush FLIP-FLOP

Every 2 mins we have to hear that Bush's poll numbers are up

More on bush Deserter....

Font is closest to ICE AGE D font, which is based on

Kerry's bad month was due to funding, He save it for when it counts.

Kerry/DNC narrows battleground states to 14

Colorado: Kerry 46 Bush 45

GOOD LORD! WaPo reporter demanding that CBS reveal its source

Dems need to hammer on the Tort Reform issue

We are we trying to convince ourselves the documents are not..

Cops were able to trace documents that were typed on IBM's

breaking news : the Constitution of the United States is a forgery !

Democracy Corps poll of LVs has Bush up by 3

Vid Clip: Walter Robinson/Boston Globe on Missing Days

The Media NEVER Discusses Actual Issues

To Cheney, on the anniversary of my daughter's murder

The more we talk about these Memos, the more we help Bush

"Bush LIED on App for Nat'l Guard" -- FELONY!!!

You know what the problem is?

The Constitution is a fraud, made in MS Word!

Now THIS is a reponse! (to Cheney's "Vote for us or you'll all die")

I am so proud of the mainstreeme media.....

If Bush gets elected there will be another draft...

Kick Ass Vet Rally for Kerry in Midland Texas

Not-so-sure anymore huh?

Video clip: Lautenberg on Bush Flip Flops

HOW DO THEY DO IT? Bush Administration really good at spotting forgeries

Enought VietNam Swiftboat and Bush AWOL Crap..Forcus on today!

I called my senator and requested a formal investigation of Bush's

Randi Rhodes is going off on pubs and media about docs

Can someone tell Kerry to smile

Fundraising Drive for Volunteer Hours

A new theory about the "forgeries" regarding * services...

This is a NON-Forgery Post!!!

Polls Suggest War Isn't Hurting Bush

Did you see Chris LeHane's SIMPLE strategy?

Why do Democrats behave so nicely when Campaigning is like War?

Sign the DNC Petition - Take Action for the Truth

The Wallet - What most voters care about


what does Bush-Ass-Kisser Guiliani have to say about ...

We need to revive the "Prozac" quote

"Senator, now's not the time to turn the other cheek "

Today I Struck Back


"Character counts!!!!"

The White House accuses Kerry of eating snails

Call me when the forgery doom and gloomers have stopped.

Forgery charges promoted by same source as SBL lies

Bush launches new attack ad

Questions For Republicans In Cyberland

AWOL, TANG - I just don't get it

I f the bush campaign believes the AWOL documents are phony

One simple question for the press....

Who else believes they could do a better job as president than...

Kerry Phones Clinton for an update on his recovery.

CBS should do a "taste test" with a typewriter....

Forgeries? Hell, he had to have typed more than 4 memoes on that machine!

A Big Dem a Day

Interesting how many people are actually waiting for the debates.....

The elephant in the sitting room re: the "forgery" claims

CBS's John Roberts actually ANALYZES the flip-flop charge

Kerry needs to say forcefully...

If these are forgeries, what was the WH doing with them?

Bush is NOT a True Christian

Most idiotic bumper sticker yet??

Didn't we/they learn anything from Sandy Berger's socks?

Why not get as many W. stickers as your local Republican party office will

How many states is Nader actually on?

It isn't Times New Roman

My e-mail to the various media whores...

CBS News will be addressing the very real documents tonight

Please rate this photo of the GOP* thug a 5 !

I don't think the AWOL story has any more legs...

Cheney and EBay...

Silly question: in an election year, does it matter if they're forged?

IBM Typerwriters had 1/2 spacing keys on them

Bush's Words Just Before The Congressional Vote - Anything Change?

Kerry offered aid and comfort?

How to make 200 Billion a little more real

Letterman was doing great. Now he's kind of lame. Maybe CBS will let him..

Makes my stomach churn... ughh

sigh... a photo's worth 1000 words

How about offering a $1 million reward

For those that are worried about polls...

Kerry bled - Bush fled

LOL Rangel KNEW he was going to get ambushed by Novak!

Was Bush's Service Record Forged?

Where can Dan Rather go to get his message out?

Wish the media had done as much research into Niger docs!

"FORGERY" DEBUNKING THREAD - Please re-post all evidence HERE

Condi Calling al-Zarqawi A Connection Between Saddam And Osama

Interesting State-By-State Tracking Polls...

Straw to break Camel's Back

Novak just said CBS should reveal where they got the AWOL documents

DU this poll

"Sugar growers sour on trade pact, Bush"

Dan Rather coming up on CNN

What Do You Make Of This?

internal investigation

LOL....just heard that some "insiders" in the Kerry

Why AWOL story won't go away and we can thank the Repukes

GOP uses HD I say HD was a way to get rid of troublemakers.

Maybe Kerry doesn't deserve to be President because he's just too

"War on Terror" is a fraud - Bush PROMOTES terror...

The Cheney Shuffle

How come none of the polls ask about Cobb or Badnarik?

Re: "questionable documents", I think it is beautiful.

anyone got a idea how to out Gop whore's income source?

Statement from CBS News

Let's put the polls into perspective this way

How Kerry Uses Swiftboaters for "truth" to his advantage.

Kerry campaign connects dishonesty in Iraq and dishonesty about AWOL

Dan Rather could not be more clear.

Georgia Senate: Dem is running surprisingly strong here

over 50% approve of Chimpy's handling of the economy?

Ignore the Polls

Just saw Dan Rather on CBS

2004 election: Crazy Town....

GOP whores? How much do you charge?

GOP whores? How much do you charge? Show us your bank records.

Honorable discharges are BS they gave them out to troublemakers.

Truthout audio interview with pollster John Zogby

Breaking News! Kerry helped train 9/11 pilots!

In a shift, Democratic Party decides to run ads in Missouri, Colorado

Top 10 Reasons We're in Trouble

Keeping Score - Any forgery allegation that hasn't been debunked?

Question: Is Rather supposed to report more on "Forgerygate"

Ignore the polls--at your peril!

Dan Rather on CNN: "This story is true."

BUSH: Kerry Would Have Left Saddam in Power

CNN email alerts: ALL mentioned phony forgery story except Aaron Brown

A Dem's Prayer

Show Me the Money! $$$$ missing during Bush

Cancelling the debates?

Wake Up, Folks, You're Watching a Side Show

"But he got an honorable discharge!"

Kerry Needs to Hammer * over the War on Terror

Lt. George W. Bush's Cowardice

Okay guys, whatever happened to the massive media blast?

Good News ... we might have a real shot at the Senate

The logic on Ben Barnes the Bush White House is ignoring

What Do You Think of Kerry / Dem/ Liberal groups ads?

New meme: "Wrong leadership is not strong leadership."

Proud to say just got my DU bumper sticker and will proudly display. TY

When it comes to these "polls" don't forget...


"Whose boat would you rather be in?"

DU this Lou Dobbs Poll

Report from SW Ohio: ACT & MobVote

Should Kerry Only Talk Economy And Health Care Until November?

Dan Rather is sure and swift. CNN

What's with the new WP poll giving shrub an 11 point lead?

The reason we need to remain optimistic and positive about this campaign

Is it too early to nominate Dan for a Pulitzer prize?

a game in washington "gotcha"

AP/Ipsos Poll: LV Bush 51% Kerry 46%; RV Bush 51% 43%

The focus has to be AWOL answering the CBS questions to save face

CNN is now a real danger to democracy. Everyone knew FOX was biased while

CBS News webpage now updated defending their reporting

Dan repeats the questions, earlier stated on CNN.

Has the CBS evening news aired on the East coast yet?

Blitzer is a whore

The funniest thing happened today...

CBS covering AWOL now

Bush Knows the truth behind documents. He should answer the questions NOW!

CBS statement on their website. They probably knew this was coming.

LOL Drudge gets Bush* another LOOONG AWOL segment on CBS news


Expect CODE ORANGE any minute!

Dumbest. Election. Ever

Let 'em fight! Swiftboat Liars and AWOL need settling.

I now think Wolf Blitzer is a journalism forgery -Please try this yourself

Dear Dan Rather, You are my hero!

Undecideds: WTF?

Swift Forgery Rather Times Roman Typewriter Purple Heart Boat

Reply from Krugman

You can bet - "blood in the water" for question time.... AWOL 's up !

The coward embraces a lizard, Zigzagzell. Sorry lizards

Zell on the stump with B*? How desperate is he?

What's the deal with Ben Barnes' daughter?

HONESTY. Now we must beat Bushco over the head about HONESTY.

AP Poll: Bush has slight lead on Kerry


Copy of another TANG doc with SUPERSCRIPT

9/10 Kerry: 287 EV, 78% win prob..AZ(-16)? MO(-14) WTF?

CNN shows protesters about 10 */dick 2 Kerry. HUM? I like that

See, Dan, now was that so hard? Feel better now?

I received an email from CBS

Sooooo, anyone think CBS and Rather are gonna sit this one out?

Did Anyone Try To E-Mail ABC Sports About Al Michaels

LOL -- Take THAT, Chimpy!!!!!

Calm down y'all, even IF the documents are forgeries...

The Saddest Thing about the CBS Reply to Criticisms

Cynthia McKinney, knife still in back, soldiers on...

Are these points completely without validity?

Damn these idiots to hell

Whether Bush fulfilled his Guard obligations is a moot point

New Zogby Poll has * leading Kerry by 4%(with nader)

CBS DID NOT cave!!!!

So what is the next attack going to be?

Why did Kerry just talk about the AWB when campaigning today?

Edwards ridicules Cheney's "ebay" inanity

Lawrence O'Donnell: Cheney;'s Vote for us or another 9/11 the lowest.

I'm watching the FOX News guys tie themselves up in knots.....

Calling for one brave Reservist!

Got a question for those who originally supported Kerry in the primaries

If Kerry's so behind... then why

I swear on my life I thought the Cheney "Ebay" comments were a joke.

The REAL beauty of this CBS thing is...

Letter from George W. Bush to Dan Rather

Article in this week's Stranger warning Democrats better get tough.

What is it going to take for other news media to admit

CBS statement: No internal investigation underway

Pressure on CNN - will they apologize ....will they withdraw their attack?

My letter to Ralph Nader: Don't become Lyndon LaRouche!

This will be the year that 18-25 year olds surprise us

Have the lemmings at Fox "News" jumped off the cliff yet

Bush should answer questions about documents directly. Edwards chimes in

AAR says * has been talking about foreign threats since 1999.

What's the matter with Bush? Written Flyer Competition

Online Petition: Demand Bush answer questions on Guard service

When will the media admit


DU Sucks when it becomes hysterical

Rathers Challenge- Prove Me Wrong


The Fairness Doctrine

I just sent Drudge an email, calling him an asshole

Latest Bush lie on Kerry

Walter Cronkite is smiling now

MSNBC has it on right now

Attention: DUers Who Are Kerry Campaign "Insiders"

Sinking Fast - SBL


"If he had his way, Saddam Hussein would still be in power and

Why doesn't CNN just ask the question?

frickin tweety going with canned 911 BS

Poll: Hosting Convention Wasn't Worth It

I know a bit about the 1960's ANG scenario. I managed to get into it in

If they were forged wouldn't that hurt the Admin even MORE?

Should my husband go to FL for Storm Duty?

Why Kerry Will Win

(AP) Aide: Bush Faith Has Been Misunderstood

I see whining time coming soon so I'm otta here. HAHAHAHAHAH

"Aide: Bush Faith Has Been Misunderstood"

Walt Handelsman Is Awesome

Heh!!! I caught them in the "th" lie!

the ONE question that can end it all

"The charges against CBS...." I hope they learned something.

Dan Rather did for Journalism what Dean did for the dems.....a spine was

Request: Capsule summary of CBS rebuttal

High water mark prediction.

Who's the little gal taking Keith Olberman's place tonight ??

We need one thing to DISPROVE the forgery allegations

Lets Help CBS: Blast the Media! ASK BUSH!

Bush Says Kerry Has Many Iraq Positions, But How Many Rationales For War?

What is your political mood?

Chimpy Dance

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart....


Drudge or CNN "retracting" IS NOT good enough....ask the questions CBS

B* stands for Bully!!

ROFL!! If this is true....

Sean Hannity, FOX TV propagandist, had son of Jerry Killian on show...

Kerry team, DNC hit Bush on Guard issue

Let's examine our "W"ar President!!!

Did everybody write CNN about their pukeworthy coverage today

What will be the right wing's response to Kitty Kelley?

TYPO in the Memo's MS Word would not make

Drudge drops the hot potato. Didn't even meet HIS standard of proof

My 900th Post- Allow me to say that Kerry is making his move.

Cheney Backtracks on Terror Risk Comment

Brent Bozell on FOX says ".even his own family says the memos aren't true"

Freepers are Freaking Out about the Dan Rather CBS counterpunch

Rasmussen Still Too Close to Call

Has the time come? To pile on? One after another. In the swamp. Do not

Who agrees this a perfect time for Kerry to attack ?

Cheney: The Power of eBay

Forgery feeding frenzy: Media falling afoul of the facts

Cheney signs copies of swift Boat book...

I got news fer you AWOL junkies. It's no big deal.

Some more new state polls

Dan Rather is a MAN ...

Question: What is the "th" thing mean in the guard documents?

Just saw snip on news that made me sick: sign next to a "Welcome

Rove is shitting his pants: He has a "pissed off Rather" and Kelly Book !

The Tall Texas Flyboy (poem-ette)

Moderate Republicans supporting Kerry (Oregon)

Wer'e in Iraq now because Bush never respected or honored our military

*'s F-102 could carry AIM-26A Nuclear Falcon missles

Mr Bush. We call on you to stop the negative campaigning and .....

Scarborough should put on a "dunce cap" - he's still against Rather.

I Have A Couple Of Things To Say To You GD2004 People

Kerry Rally in Allentown

Oh boy, did the Fox fools pick on the wrong show

Are Rumsfeld and Rather still chums? *tin foil hattery

When is the AP going to send Ron Fournier to journalism school?

This is real simple (bush awol)

Rasmussen Premium Tracking Numbers for Key Battleground states

I cannot believe what we are up against

All y'all poor people are FOOLS for believing Rovish spin!

The Curly Apostrophe Nonsense is a Good Thing

Uh oh! Another 527 supporting Bush!

Bush Ad Against Jesus of Nazareth

DU vote Please

Yep - it's me again - Death By 1000 Cuts

I think I hate CNN more than I hate

The TANG Memo Issue Needs To Be Settled NOW.

C'mon "Journalists" - CALL THE QUESTION! "

Bush a Law-breaking Pro-Life hypocrite - the Abortion story

So Ben BARNES' Dtr & KILLIAM's Wife & Son

What I regret about the TANG story coming out now.

Comprehensive link for Rather/CBS forgery story: Text and Video

Gary Killian is on Hannity and Colmes Saying All CBS docs are bogus!

Hannity/Fox and CNN are in "desparation mode" tonight.....

Anyone have an empirical interest in the "forgery" flap?

Reporters and Repeaters

In answering Bush's "challenge" to Kerry of whether the world is not

So how does this Gen Hodges play in to this. I just

Freepers are apoplectic about Rather

Bowles wife

("FORGERY")How the Rove machine uses freepers et al. to wage its wars...

Rather sounded like he had been up all night hollering over the phone

If the campaign were Bush vs. Jesus... LOL

Cheney: Economy Is Better Now Because Of.....

It's time for the Party leaders to stand behind CBS

question to * : How many lives are worth Saddam's prison bill?

LOL! Edwards on Cheney's "ebay" comments:

Interesting article on Times Roman, Times New Roman

Is It Time To Push Operation PULL???

"Speculate",...on the next right-wing "October Surprise"!!!!

The 5 questions that CBS News' Dan Rather challenges Bush to answer!

I must apologize.... I fell for fake documents story :(

What a loud, drunk Vietnam vet said at a bar tonight...

Kerry did NOT make his Vietnam War service

Vietnam discussions only hurt Kerry now

Rove "hit order" on Rather ...smear and discredit Rather before the Kelly

Let's discuss the little old lady in Dubuque. who is she supporting now?

Everyone write Joe Scarborough a letter...

Now that THAT's over, can we pls talk about George Bush's PHONY ACCENT?

Hey! Where's Colon Bowel during all this TANG/AWOL stuff? Are they

I feel less safe today because...(add to the list)

What is your opinion on the documents now (forgeries or not)?

ya know, folks, the more we talk about this alleged forgery . . .

Kerry today: Bush sold a bill of goods to the American people . . .

$10K Reward to whoever can duplicate the memos on an IBM selectric !

If I wanted to forge old documents, I'd buy an old typewriter!

Marcel Matley is going to take a lot of shit - if you want to help him:

I ask the question that dare not be spoken: Did Bush miss his medical

The Freepers are running an anti-CBS campaign. Don't let them win!

I think I've cracked the bogus 'forgery' claim..and it's good news !

Heads up: NPR stations will probably have fall pledge drive wk pre-NOV 2!

Bush grounded himself to avoid testing positive for coke.

Transcript of CBS Evening News segment

My e-mail to Rather


Kitty Kelly: did she 'out' Poppy Bush's torrid love affair with an aide??

The font naysayers have ignored the evidence, Killian's signature

Next up, reporters and research demons: the Honorable Discharge

Media Matters: GOP talking point echoed during ABC coverage of NFL season

Wow--from a Guardsman of the same vintage as Bush

Be A Poll Worker

Why everyone should get off this board right now

Might be time for another Virtual Protest of CNN.

Reward going to be offered for anyone who served with shrub

Why don't we all start watching CBS news in support of Rather

Rather has BURIED the claims of forgery

I'm so goddamn sick of *'s trial lawyer bashing

Did Kerry Campaign Today???

Political discourse at its finest ! Let me compliment DU tonight...

CNN has consulted 'document experts' to dispel CBS story

WOW! Look at THIS crowd

Texans For Truth to Offer Reward ---Wanna Earn 50K?

Gen. Hodges Says CBS Misled Him and Documents Are A "Fraud"

We are about to find out how corrupt the media are.

Rather's "October Surprise"?

Rather ROCKS! A REAL journalist at work . . .

Amy Barnes Daughter of Ben Barnes on Hannity saying her Father is a Liar!

so...Bob Graham says there's a coverup

1 million dollar reward?

EVIDENCE Bush committed federal offense in 1968.

WELL WELL WELL...Check out AP's document "expert's" GOP affiliations!

Anyone have the video fo Chimp saying he can't win the war on terra?

I'm less and less convinced the documents are forged. Post evidence here.

After seeing Dan Rather this evening

CBS News: Typeset in question available since 1931, WH relying on blogs

The "bogus document" meme is about to be debunked I think...:)

At Edwardsville, Illinois, on September 11, 1858, President Lincoln said:

Get off your ASS and write some emails!!

Can I call Paul Begala a corporate Asshole? AGAIN he slams Kerry!

Conservative journalist speaks out for Kerry

Absolute dumbest forgery claim: The centering of the squadron address

Wesley Clark on c-span now.

Dan Rather v. Poppy Bush 1988 --- it was hotter then!

My reply from CBS News

W for war but eager to avoid it, prof recalls

Who else here thinks Kerry hasn't a snowball's chance in hell?

All right! Sit Down! Shut up and LISTEN!

CBS News Report Debunking Forgery - Video Online Now

We need to prove to Josh Marshall that TANG had IBM Selectrics!!

I'm not sure what's worse

K-E Campaign photos 9/09 and 9/10, incl. Dean, Gore, & Gephardt

BUSH/CHENEY Stickers, Buttons, Posters, Mugs, etc.