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Archives: September 1, 2004

The US isn't so pure

The press continues to show no interest in probing Bush's mysterious...

Nausea in New York By William Rivers Pitt

Liberals take umbrage at soup kitchen 'photo op'

I posted this on Discussion. Because the media kisses shrub butt

France readies for Chinese tourists

France readies for Chinese tourists

Annette Lu says New Yorkers can't understand ads - TW

PM question...

The Axis of Treason : Israeli spies in the Pentagon

Bush questioned on Sharon "man of peace" statement

Pentagon and 9/11

Who is Sam Sheldon?

were the kerry daughters boo'ed a the mtv music awards?

Are you guys hearing Malloy go off on this Repug?

Will Durst Will be on MSNBC After Hours soon!

Michelle Malking makes a big joke about Tweety getting jumped earlier

Franken on Conan O'Brien

So, how does California punt Arnie next election?

Al Franken on Conan?

Try this analogy...would Roy Rogers have waited for 7 minutes on 9/11?

GAP. God Awful Party.

Tweety attack vid

I Can't Believe Arnold Gave a Nod to Nixon!

GOP= God's Official Party

Freeper scared of Friday job report

Why is the GOP bragging about illegal delegates?

Jon Stewart Was At The Top Of His Game Tonight

In this day and age, what purpose do conventions serve?

What are your thoughts on Republican Friends?

Anyone else notice how Bush splays his fingers than slaps his hand

I want no Republican "friends"....

What is the Democratic message?

Closing arguments in England case

Death squads may be behind murders of homeless people - BR

Nader Drops by Republican Convention

The Iraqi oil question: Does it flow, yes or no?

The Non-Public Handbook For Novice Conservative Politicians

Contaminated flu shots?

How many cans of Rustoleum

Pissed off at Court TV right now...

Hi! I'm clueless!

somethin kinda cool happened at class registration today...

I am listening to an Alterbridge song online.

gotta love mike malloy

Ralph Nader is phonier than a Chinese redhead

Have you ever ordered from

Bitty Schram leaving Monk

Easy low-fat hashbrown casserole

Fuckin' Aggies!

how can anyone stand to listen to that brainless twit, jessica simpson?

What well-repeated urban myths annoy you?

You heard it here first--The Yankees ain't making the playoffs!

Remedios Varo

Laura spoke with so much feeling tonight. Passionate, original...

Here's what I wish would happen to Laura Bush

WTF - Larry King actually has decent RNC coverage...

They don't have any of those nitwit focus group things at this thing

Bush girls are for partying, Kerry girls are for marrying

MSNBC: Herald Square Cleared Out...

"Stunt Republicans" - Will Durst

The only Democrat's speech Tweety ever praised was......

Girly man was kinda funny once. Was it funny twice, or

Kerry girls on MTV - mistake?

Giuliani, Pataki Meet With Delegations Integral To 2008 Race

Majority Report has a blog - they're doing up to the minute entries on

Ron Reagan is the ONLY reason to watch MSNBC.

Republicans are marching toward a Friday disaster - Will be fun to watch.

Let's remember, shall, we, the great speeches from the DNC.

Every administration employing Dick Cheney has been a lame duck.

Laura slams stem cell but then brings up her dad's Alzheimers...

Republicans dropped a turd tonight - Media is scrambling to polish it.

Nadar at Repuke Convention

The Barn Door Prez is made out to be a hero for fighting the war

WTF is with MSNBC?

Bush to seperate "War on Terror" and Iraq.

What is with all the beer-drinking analogies?

Where Are the Rifle Platoon Veterans For Truth?

John Kerry Tomorrow: at the American Legion

Repukes better be worried right now

Is Mary Cheney Going to Address The Convention?

Do you think that the Smirk* really is dumb?

Summary of Tuesday's RNC events for those that avoided watching.

What is the most unbiased poll?

Who is A. Schwarzenegger Trying to Fool?!?!?! - Excellent Read

The Media just loves Ahhhhhnold

Were there any real Dems on the news shows tonight.

Who gave the better speech? (12 yr old "time out" girl or Bush Twins)

Convention Shaping Up as Big-Time Flop

FL Hillsborough touchscreen results delayed!! Bush buddy in charge.

Protest day 3. (Fox News, marches and lots of arrests)

A close captioned "Arnold Swastika"? WTF?

Bootstrapping With Arnold & Laura - The Republican Convention, Day Two

Arnold: If you doubt the economy will improve you are a "girlie man"

Hey, cool - we really CAN put a * next to this administration!

so, are the Bush Twins fucking idiots?

If Kerry wins on Nov 2, he will own Iraq on Nov 3. what then??

"Four Harsh Years" - SF Chronicle

Gene Lyons

Administration must cooperate with Plame investigation - Miami Herald

Excellent article

Remember Afghanistan?

Michael Moore 2nd editorial for USA today

The persecution of al-Jazeera ... by Hugh Miles

So We'll Go No More A Rove-ing - Plaid Adder

Odd ways to show compassion

Unexpected Conversation w/ Michael Moore (Snarky Interviewer)

'Ownership Society's' bogus balance sheet

John Kerry: Remarks to the 86th Annual American Legion Convention

"End the Occupation of Iraq and Manhattan" Telepolis, German online mag

Dick Cheney Gets His Gay On -- Morford

Garrison Keillor on the demise of the GOP

The GOP Convention: Home of the Revisionist Historians (

To Attack Thee, Mr. Sensitivity (

Twin Terrors -- How bad were the Bush girls? (Slate)

For these Republicans, comedy is serious business (Repuke Comedy)

BBC Analysis: Putin's permanent problem

Bogged down - Things just aren't going freedom's way lately

The Ebert and McCain show (updated)

Maui Republicans having good time at convention (all 2 of them)

Bush's 2000 War Promises

"Driving on the Bones of God" by Joe Bageant

Dupe Sorry

NY Daily News: Whiners, wusses & wimps (protesters)

Kristof: Crowning Prince George (Brilliant analogy Shakespeare on *)

CounterBias: GOP Convention and Revisionist Historians

John McCain's moment

Republicans-The Party of Inclusion?

Blumenthal: Dubya doesn't do nuance, Arnie does - but even he lets his sl

No 10's silent support for Kerry

The widow of a Bush family confidant;Alabama Senate campaign job

File A Legal Ethics Complaint Against John O’Neill - PLEASE READ!

The world election

Saletan- Being There, What Does 9/11 Tell Us About Bush. Nada

The Politics of My Trial (KEN LAY, WaPo)


Whoa/Text of Michael Ruppert's Speech

A Bush Regime vs. The People of New York Reader

Bush A Christian? I Don't Think So

Vigil for Fallen, Union Sq Park, NYC, 7am until 7pm on Sept 2nd

UFPJ Candlelight Convergence in Union SQ 8pm ,Sept 2 nd

Dem party seeks activists for one volunteer weekend prior to ellection

MoveOn on th Bush Bounce Mind game - and a call for Dem volunteers

Rapid Response: Asses on Fire

Media Blaster/Resource Library Suggestion

ATTN Ms Cahill, or Dem_Strategist- "Bush's Lie of the Day" campaign

September 2 New York Info??

ADVANCE SCREENING: Bush Family Fortunes

Amendment II Democrats?

I was just at the march on corporate media in NYC -- ask me anything...

re:Jailed Protesters, Put PRESSURE on NYC Authorities

Is it at least possible to get Rather, Brokaw, and Jennings to....

Decibels but no dialogue (media repeats charges - but no analysis)

Will the media comment on the Cross motiff on the GOP podium?

Newsweek's Jonanthan Alter's "The Democrats' 'Toughness Gap'

rush was just discussing arhnolds speech

Rules for media whores different for GOP - but it is not a Flip/Flop

Convention Coverage Upsets CBS Vet


Walt's story re: Bush wearing medal he didn't earn

Sam from The Majority Report (Air America) detained by SS

Tweety is schizophrenic

Another NPR screw up.

Who did CNN interview immediately after Cheney's speech? nt

I got a rather cryptic reply from Aaron Brown. Reply above my email

MMFA - Limbaugh claims Clintons behind SBVT

New Census Indicator to Better Track U.S. Economic Trends

Factory Growth Eases(more than expected), Construction Booms

Copy, print, and post it!

Summer forecast wrong, admits Environment Canada

Brits bet on scientific discoveries and technological advancement

Indonesian Reef Fisheries Have 3 Years Left At Current Exploitation Rates

Locust Swarms Arrive In Senegal - Reuters

Microsoft Wins Place on High-Def Videodiscs (VC-1 accepted as 1 of 3)

In search of Earth, new class of planets found

Navy changes claim on sonar use

Small Tree Farmers Oppose Roadless Changes, Huddle W. Environmentalists

Fred Whipple dies at 97

Bush The Destroyer - Great Book Excerpt From The Guardian

India to Promote GMO Crops

Defend the Roadless Rule!

Humans March To A Faster Genetic 'Drummer' Than Primates, UC Riverside Res

Nature feels force of climate change

Revenge Of The Nerdmobile - LA Times

Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument Upheld

Las Vegas Makes Amazing Discovery - It's Located In A Desert!

Need for carbon sink technologies

Could a single dark matter particle be light-years wide?

Terrorist hold 400-AP, or 120 AFP)Hundreds Held Hostage in Russia School

Israel Threatens Syria After Hamas Bombings

A truly patriotic gun-rights advocate...

Man shot in head "for a laugh". Hilarity did not ensue.

Ford's Land Rover Ad Banned by U.K. Regulator on Use of Gun

Zell Miller says he wishes he could challenge Chris Matthews to a duel.

An even better method of banning dangerous weapons of war

I accept "Hide Threads" as my personal savior.

Search appears to be fooked

Media Blaster

A quick note of thanks for Plaid Adder!!!

Hello..I was wondering if until after the convention any political

You should have to confirm nominating threads

Another plea about Drudge posts

Media blaster questions

I want to know why this post was deleted

Is it really necessary

About poll votes kicking to the top...

Have you guys seen this yet? I think you'll get a kick out of it

Palestinians Are Trapped by Their Own Culture

Debra Burlingame, sister of Flight 77 (Pentagon) pilot, speaks at RNC

CROSSING THE RUBICON: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the

Mike Ruppert publicly names the Big Dick as the chief 911 traitor

Chicago DU Gathering -- Sunday, Sept. 5

Alan Keyes sez Cheney's daughter is a selfish hedonist

Keyes lashes out at Cheney's daughter

Who will the Tribune endorse for Senate?

Well ALLRIGHT Florida!!!!!!!

Political vandals

LePore Loses Re-Election Bid

Here comes Hurricane Freedoms, are you ready Florida?

(Solano) County pays $415,000 to get out of e-voting contract

18 School Districts May Face Sanctions (NCLB)

Being a registered independent

Al Franken talked about Norm Coleman and flip-flopping today.

The Onion is here MN!

How to survive bush's acceptance speech- MN

Fighting back!

Kerry Volunteer's Meeting; Dayton, Ohio

The Soul of the New Machine -- Jeff Seemann

What? No posts on Emmanuel Onunwor?

The Ohio Project

We're Getting Help

Campaign Activities in Adams or York Counties?

I just contributed to Richard Morrison's campaign

Went to the DFA meetup tonight -- my first time in Texas.

f911 is showing in Stephenville (college town) and Cleburne

Bush Family Fortunes: 9/12/04 in Dallas.

Hey, Stopped by the Kerry HQ in Downtown Point today!

New WI Poll!! Kerry leads 50% - 44%

Did anybody go see Howard Dean at the University Book Store?

There's some nasty assed hail coming down.

You just might be from the Pacific Northwest if --

Democrats helping to perpetuate the myth that Iraq was involved with 9-11?

I hope Kobe Bryant gets a serious injury and can never play again

Zell Miller Disowned by GA

Bush: Not a flipping president, just one big flop.

WTF is with MSNBC?

Tom Hayden on RNC protest - Guest on Mike Webb now (10:15PST)

God the RNC was so bad, its funny. Lame with a capital L, the media can't

Outsourcing service jobs to other countries pays off for CEOs.

Just mailed this letter to the editor

Veterans speech tomorrow is the whole enchilada

Educate the Young

Repubs playing by the book, 1984, that is. Get out there & talk to people

Down to the wire: Anderson 51.44 Lepore 48.33 96.10% reporting

Bernie Ward on KGO streaming

Hah - Dumb repuke on PBS trying to rationalize W's failure

The Anti-RNC protests are a definitive moment, like Woodstock.

The republican party, still commie bashing. You cant teach an old dog...

"Don't Be Economic Girlie-Men"

Bigger asset to be elected... Better candidate or better advertising?

DU this poll on voting systems!

Am I the only one...

Touring poet thinks Bush will win

Public Enemy

Stars Reading the Constitution tonight in NYC

What did you think of the Bush Twins' speech?

Anyone notice that backstabbing media whore Maria Shriver

Great quote from my friend about the RNC

No News Out of Iraq Yesterday so Nothing Happened Right? WRONG!

Giuliani cannot be nominated for by Republicans for president in 2008

Attempted assassination of Chalabi in IRAQ....on MSNBC

Rejoice! They've totally screwed up their convention.

Bush Hugs Wife/Mother of 4 Active Duty soilders while looking after grandc


Good Grief, am I the only one that thought pickle's...

Something stange on CNN (Ahmed Chalabi)

Cheney To Blast And Lash Out At Kerry

Who are the black people at the RNC?

Kerry behind "Pissing on Liberals!"

Laura Bush's speech tonight: "He didn't want to go to war."

Is anyone else flat out refusing to watch even 2 secs of the RNC?


keyes attacks cheney's daughter for being gay

ok everybody!

Boycott sponsors of faux news?

Al Sadr's approval rating higher than Bush's!

Hey NYC protestors! NYC recieves HUD $$$ so the mayor signed....

Its enough to make a Christian be atheist (My morning rant on the GOP)

Read something about how Gerald Ford wants the GOP to be more pro gay

Will political theater "RFK in Eastern KY" find an audience in area today?

"Terminator" to the unemployed and uninsured.; "Don't be girlie men"

"Butterfly Ballot Designer Loses Election"

I take great offense to the term "girlie-man"!

Under 6 million watching convention

Investigation clears BIA of bias in Schaghticoke recognition

"NYC Police Arrest Nearly 1,000 Protesters" plus the Shut-up-athon

Wow. I just found out how Laura Bu$h killed her boyfriend.

Iran: Curvy Shop Mannequins Must Cover Up

DU feminazis - how do you feel when Arnold says "Girlie Man"?

Who is Strategic Vision anyway?

"Talks to End Fighting in Baghdad Stall"

"Southern Iraq Oil Exports at Full Capacity"

In honor of CNN: With whom does George W. Bush have the most in common?

America and the world are NOT safer....irony in Yahoo! top news stories

Great Gary Keillor Editorial Describing Republicans


Help! I need advice. When talking to wingnuts

Soros sends Hastert a letter about drug claim

Message to the Kerry camapign: Kerry as a vacillator, finger in the wind

In response to Purple Heart band-aids

Is everyone as positive as I am -- Bush is gone

Is anyone else feeling as depressed as I am?

15 Seconds. That's How Much of Last Night's Convention I Could Stand.

Pentagon and 9/11

Why does no one seem to understand..............

I heard on NPR, NYC psychiatrist's are turning people away who

New York Artist Supports Bush (Warning: This is a stomach turner)

Schwarzenegger: "Terrorism is more insidious than communism"

I Am ALMOST Ready To Go To NYC To Protest!!!!!

In honor of Zell, everyone is a Republican on DU today...

what the hell does "shake it like a Polaroid" mean???

what did the bush twins say that has some repugs raising thier eyebrows??

C-Span 8:30 a.m. Who is John Batchelor from ABC? His bowtie is

A Breakthrough!

Caption needed for this criminal in waiting

Whatever happened to Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi?

Understand that the RNC has closed down NYC for their own private party

If you can't see that bush is a dangerous idiot, you're too stupid to vote

A warning to Muslims in America and Europe

Anyone else getting tired of posts getting locked and shot over to

you can hardly tell that people are being slaughtered in Iraq

Hillsborough: "system slowed down to 1/12 of its speed." Touchscreen.

Industry Advocates Play (More than usual GOP) Key Convention Roles

Every Day That We Have To Keep Troops In Iraq Is

Instead of 1/2 of a Tuesday, why not take a whole month to vote?

If you could make a political cartoon, what would it be about?

WashPo: - Giuliani Charges (against Kerry)Lack Context

DU This Question of the Day..

Ok, I've watched as much as I can stomach

Final: Theresa LEPORE 85,601 48.32% Arthur 'Art' ANDERSON 91,134 51.45%

DELEGATES KEEPING FISTS TIGHT (the rich follow a no tipping policy)

LePore's last trick in Palm Beach?

John McCaine on Letterman tonight. Will Dave get tough?

Bush EPA Rolls Back Endangered Species Act, Pesticide Protection

Jon Stewart was brutal tonight

1968 Democratic Convention: Why the Music?

What's up with the blackboxvoting site?

Russian Terror Attacks 'Wicked' - Blair

John McCain on the View now (11:26 am EDT)

Shouldn't we present this little-mentioned fact about Vietnam?

Clerk fooled by $200 bill with Bush's picture LOL

This date in history: 65th anniversary of the start of WWII

Oh, you democrats with your message of hate!

BBV: Bev & Andy on Air America anytime now! (It's 10:30 ET at the moment)

Has anyone noticed - since the sbvt bullshit started....

Anyone see Ann Coulter this week?

Rush Limbaugh claims the Clintons paid for Swift Boat ads!

Go Get Them Kerry.....American Legion

I can't seem to find

Vermonter Helps Hospice Icon in Her Final Hours (Kubler Ross dies)

Dean: "Republicans have a 20-year head start on hijacking this country."

UNfreep this poll PLEASE!

University of Phoenix, Metro/Retro, Cat Cloning, worth $3B.

Amy Goodman


Michael Steele's TJMS interview: fact-checked!

Bush A Christian? I Don't Think So

Michael Moore on The Today Show

After VietNam a Vet threw ribbons. After Iraq a vet bombed OKC.

Any word, Floridians, on whether Jeb Bush will try to fight the LePore

Hey Matcom you lurking?

Know a Vietnam-era Chicken-hawk's birthday? Look up lotto number here:

Nation's Liberals Suffering from Outrage Fatigue

At what point in Convention would Cheney's position NO LONGER

Bleh! Why is the Saudi government buying airtime on my radio?

CNN Mockingbirds hard at work today: Reads worse than a Faux Poll

Time for an organized boycott of CNN

Dean to speak at Loyola tonight.....causing some controversy.

this is old but interesting :)Analysis: Oil and the Bush cabinet

At the wheat festival parade in September, in my hometown,

I briefly tuned in to "Fox and Fiends" this morning...

Kerry speech to VFW. Better, but far from good.

Zero Tax Difference for Married Couple @ $190,000/yr (Kerry vs shrub) WSJ

"Nixon is the party of g.w.bush*"....Arnold has to a plant in the GOP.....

How to b*tchslap a repug on Bush's tax cuts

Help. List of national media outlet emails addreses.

Report from a civilian contractor just back from Iraq

George Bush called me about Absentee ballots..and I live in OH

Forget 527s. We should refer to new terror groups as "5-4" groups!

My kindergarten student's view of Dubya:

Bush's Nickname for McCain is...HOGAN (and more nicknames)

Why don't we or Kerry tout his record concerning Iran-Contra?

who is this guy on air america now?

Will you be sitting up Nov. 3rd watching the ELECTION RESULTS?

Kay Bailey Hutchinson on Iraq -- She CAN'T be this DUMB

Hollinger's Board: Most Irresponsible Ever? - Why is Ricard Perle not in

Who is this complete a-hole on Air America now?

Which would be a better day...?

MSNBC Presidential Poll WTF?

DU this poll......

Quote of the Day: George H.W. Bush "I actually like Maureen Dowd."

Guantanamo on the Hudson!!! Escape from NY!!!

Another point for MIHOP/LIHOP

How do you think the staunch Bush supporters will react on Nov 3rd

I Media Blasted the following LTTE. (Vanity)

Has there been one disputed fact regarding FH911 yet?

Ben Barnes Video is Out

chickenhawk central

To all freepers and trolls here on DU today.

OK, I Admit It...I Was Really Happy On The Day * Was Inaugurated...

The reason why Bush's Approval Rating is higher than it should be


DU THIS poll. Whose speech ruled, Teresa's or Pickles'?

wtf? more than 1,500 people arrested in convention-related protests

Can you handle the “truth” about Kerry’s Vietnam record?

Arnold has had more plastic surgery than millions of economic "girlie men"

Dick n' Zell speak tonight. I'd rather...

Really, now. WTF Would You Expect To Be The Pickles Ejecta?

Cool Photo of Halliburton's Real 'CEO'

Has anyone seen Frank Luntz do one of his real-time tracking polls

Big Alcohol - The Beer Lobby

interesting article

I need a site that sums up Bushes damage to the environment. For a repug!

Michigan, Ohio, Indiana DUers take note!

I understand "Crashcart" and "aWol", but "Pickles"? WTF?

All you ever wanted to know about the Twin's fashion sense :-P

The Bush Twins Saved The World

This one's going to the SCotUS...

Floridians, you are under the gun again. (Hurricane Frances)

United Airlines plans 6,000 MORE layoffs. We're turning the corner!

Did anyone just see Bob Kerrey on CNN?

Guantanamo On The Hudson

Is roll call free now?

what do you think about......

i heard an Iowa deligate say that the Christian Coalition paid for his and

Vote for Bush if you think this is a good resume

'Constitution Guarantees Freedom of Religion, Not Freedom from Religion'

My e-mail to David Hackworth

Diary of a waitress in a NYC strip club: Lap-dancing for equal opportunity

Michael Moore AND John McCain tonight on Letterman?

Here's a name you haven't heard lately: Negroponte.

Motley Fool: "I am an economic girlie-man."

Sojourner's Jim Wallis supposed to be on CNN Anderson Cooper tonight.

Does anyone else find the constant Randi Rhodes bashing annoying?

What's this stuff about Tweety getting tackled on the set of "Hardball?"

I finally remembered where I parked my car

National Enquirer Readers Vote -- Whoopie Goldberg is a Traitor

From Sojourners-Tonight - Revs Jim Wallis and Jerry Falsewell

Who's REALLY bastardizing the Constitution?

Need some juicy Bush AWOL quotes/lies

Right On ACLU!!

Anyone go to the reading of the Constitution at Cooper Union?

I guess my neice will be volunteering at a bush rally

Bertrand Russell Warned Us...

Armed Group Seizes Russian School, Talks Start

Time to take the gloves off........

How much of a prize is Zell Miller?

What you doin' just standing around? Revolution Starts...NOW

Dean to be on AAR about 6:20ish.

Nixon never debated Humphrey? Is Randi correct?

Yahoo meltdown? or is it my server?

Psychologically Effective Ways Of 'Converting' Friends & Family?

I need your suggestions. Talking points for a fence sitter.

Senator Byrd's book "Losing America" and Bush's "ineptitude supreme"

I just gave the third-degree to a solicitor for a half-way house!

Has Anyone Noticed How With The Dem Convention There Was

lucianne 'two packs a day' goldberg urging her readers to fund swift liars

Anyone read "The Great Divide: Retro vs. Metro America" yet? Free copy!

"Happy 10th birthday CONTRACT WITH AMERICA!"

Crossfire Thread:

an EDICT from Clear Channel?

Howard Dean on AAR right now

Question: Is there a long line at the unemployment office....

I caught an astroturfer in my local paper

United plans 6,000 job cuts

When did this happen...Anybody..

Here's a new one: Saudi Arabia is running a radio ad campaign.

Has anyone seen this?

I'm sure this is a dupe, but Ben Barnes to be on 60 minutes, tho

AIPAC Lawyers Up

Why do you suppose Air America Radio won't touch Spy scandal?

DAMN, I LOVE YOU, Plaid Adder!!!

bish* suck draftdoger elephent

Clintons are behind swift boat ads!

Latest LA Times Polls; Check It Out

Can any New Yorker DUer find out who built the podium???

Why is Cheney suddenly trying to "get right" with his daughter?

I just got a freep submission at work!

Did USA Today fire Michael Moore?

Christian Religious Question....

Laura Bush is on Biography, A&E now....

FOX NEWS Beats Broadcast Networks for RNC Coverage, HISTORIC...

please stop spreading this - Arnold did not "lie" about the debate

If only Dean's wife had said she would be "happy to be First Lady..."

Here's my new Dem strategy

Ari Fleischer on power Jeopardy. Now.

Is it possible to separate Christians from "Churshians" please?

Video of protester from Code Pink screaming at cheney "Stop the killing in

Interesting article in the New Yorker today..

must we all agree?

More "corporate kleptocracy"

I need some help. I'm trying to watch

I've been reading the posts about Walt Starr

The murdered Nepalese hostages.

URGENT! Thousand Points of Hope Anti Bush Statement Thursday Night!

When 60 minutes breaks the Ben Barnes story

In tears after discussion with Bangladeshi family

Why Is Al Hunt Married To Judy Woodruff?

Umm... What would everybody think if Shrum and Cahill were REPLACED...

You have seriously got to see this picture of our fallen soldiers

we need to stop waiting for the 1,000 soilder to die.. they already have

What's with this purple heart band-aid thing?

Encouraging your comments on a LTTE in progress.

Cheney spoke at my college graduation

Statement from the National President of VietNam Vets

abc news: very very last segment

Is there anything to prove which has the highest I.Q?

Bush is missing a brain

My LTTE - Washington Post

Bush photographed wearing Phoney medals?

So is Colmes just taking a nap tonight

Sam Seder taken into custody by the SS

dupe George W. Bush's missing year

I work in a small office of 12 people. 1 dem,1 independent and 10 repugs.

GOOD LORD! Fox News hits 4.6 million + viewers during convention!

Newt is one ignorant bastard....

How you steal California

Ladies and Gentlemen heeeere's DINO!!!!

I don't know about you, but Randi Rhodes is definitely annoying

What will be tomorrow's biggest headline?

I want New York Prostitutes to name names.

Is this finally the end of the Dixiecrats?


Nader Fails to Qualify for Oregon Ballot

my response to the 'they don't fund the military' junk..

Laura Bush took to the podium urging compassion, and it worked...

Naples Florida: I've seen 3 Kerry bumperstickers and NO Bush stickers.

Can't Zell Miller be kicked out!?

Report: Government Keeping More Secrets

!#@$@@!!! Where are RNC protest pictures from Sunday?

They need to put Dick on earlier

Protesters: NYPD Making Random Arrests

Dick Cheney said "cuh-FAY."


Thanks , Dick for acknowledging Kerry's service.

2 Nights Down-2 To Go- Watching The Red Sox-No RNC

geez, they can't even chant USA correctly...

What is with the RNC and Motown...

All these storms and hurricanes = stock market crash?

Guess how I just spent the last hour of the RNC?

Oops...wrong forum

Overheard on the floor of the RNC

What I would say if I were John Kerry.

Is Bush using a L.B.J. Tactic on Miller is he strongarmying Zell Miller

Zell is embarrassing himself on CNN.

Some DU'ers need to stop degrading others for being human and having human

CROSSING THE RUBICON: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the

Is there a thread regarding Kerry in Cambodia

Let's defend this country with spitballs!! Just a MET A FER!!!!

Name your favorite Bush flip flop

While the Klan rally was taking place in NYC, US killed 17 in Fallujah

GOP convention is WEAK.

Zell is a loon. Says he wants to get in Chris's face. Wants to "duel"

Kansas says stricter sentence for homosexuals is justified

Goodbye Zell. Good riddance and DON'T COME BACK.

Is it all about image?

Sharpton on McEnroe, now......

Do these people

I never meant to say that the Conservatives are generally stupid.

Swiftboat Vet receive $40M grant from Bush!

Has anyone heard how * coming

All the world's leaders crowd the stage -- The Iraq War in the theatre

Swift boat liars full of s*it

What the DNC should do about the "purple heart" band-aids

For once I agree with Bill Schneider of CNN

Patience little ones

Jello Biafra is the man! He is telling it like it is!

remember wellstone's funeral? this is REALLY a hatefest

Cheney bashing the political hell out of Kerry

Who knew? Ann Coulter & Michelle Malkin are GOP moderates!

Tomorrow, the DEM party needs to formally kick zell baby out

Luntz's focus groups are probably bullshit.

Who is this guy on Randi who wants to charge the uninsured?

Zell Miller: The Face of the Republican Party

America needs to see this

Mike Malloy Thread...

I got drunk for the first time in 20 years last night.

Zell has alzheimer's disease

Bad, very bad. After Cheney's speech Independents in focus

Now I'm glad the Bills lost all those Superbowls

W. Clark on FOx

Malloy is predicting severe damage to Bush after tonight....

Is Frank Luntz really that stupid

Let's be very clear: Bush was a DRAFT-DODGER

God Hep Me...I Hate These People

OFFICIAL Mike Malloy thread HERE...

Jon Stewart on Nightline in a moment - nt

Anyone watching Bono on Bill O'Reilly?

Becoming the DNC Chairman

Has anyone heard how * is appearing

Screw my Karma: I'm going to gloat my ass off!

I have not heard any speeches on the economy, health care, or education

Maybe Someone Can Do a Search on Repuke Convention Speakers

BBV: Slashdot & Inquirer Pick Up Diebold Backdoor Story...

Does anyone else find Randi Rhodes annoying?

A Bush Regime vs. The People of New York Reader

My local bd. of elections won't give out bulk voter registration cards

Houseparties Sept 22nd For EDUCATION

ABC Affiliate WCVB Carried Reagan's Speech LIVE.

Video of Paul Krugman speaking on Monday night in NYC.

Were there conspiracy theories about John Lennon's death?

Mayor Club Med, you are TOAST

Help!!! Can you share addresses for TROOP CARE PACKAGES?

We need an objective point of view (is it possible ?).

Veterans: PEACETIME - WARTIME (Whatever) - Would YOU Toss Your Medals?

2 repuglikans came and got Kerry yard signs this afternoon.

Jon Stewart

Every single cable station AND local station AND radio station

Dems have no choice: Miller has to be expelled from party

Bev Harris needs to get on Oprah Winfrey show!! Email Oprah!!!

I converted my freeper cousin


History buffs: Please help me out with the war of 1812

compare the keynote addresses - Miller vs. Obama

If I hear Democrat used as an adjective one more time, I will scream.

FBI intensively reviewing several high-profile neocons going back 30 years

Why wasn't Mary Cheney on stage?

CBS Eve news pretty much taking apart Chimp's 2000 campaign promises

a second shrub term would be The Haidmaid's Tale

Gas prices just keep dropping around here.....

Democratic Underground included on Progressive Desktop Wallpaper

Mike Ruppert tells Commonwealth Club Cheney "prime suspect"

Media matters either needs to expand or have a sister site for local media

Al Franken talks about Bush flip-flop on winning War on Terror

"Why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?" GRAPHIC

If you are Irish, It's time to GET REAL PISSED!!!! ROVE ($%^%#)

EPA: U.S. Waterways Contain Polluted Fish

Brilliant Piece on the Daily Show Now

Disturbing new data from the latest Frances advisory (11:00pm EST)....

I work in RW hell

FWIW: My waiter friend in Manhattan is getting stiffed

Graph Of U.S. Dead In Iraq !!!

Will the young republican who stomped on the protestor....

Writing "Bush Lied" on my money. Good? Bad?

Rape Victims--speak out. No Flames. No Hate. No Offense

6 mil overseas votes can fax absentee ballots--23 states

Come Together: Plame

Keyes calls Cheney's daughter "a selfish hedonist."

Hackers Hijack US Government Computers - (DOD & US Senate)

Medic says Pittman slapped inmates

Israel Destroys Bomber Home After Twin Attacks

Drug Companies Wooing GOP Pols at RNC

U.S., citing prosec. misconduct, asks judge to scuttle terror convictions

Attackers storm Russian school

Russian School Seized by Gunmen

Iraq:explosions were heard on Wednesday

Number 10's silent support for Kerry

NYT, pg1: Talks to Disarm Shiites Collapse

"Four Harsh Years" - SF Chronicle

Judge adjourns Iraq abuse hearing (BBC)

Hundreds Held Hostage in Russia School

Mortars Fired at Iraq National Assembly Opening

Mosque set on fire as thousands rampage in Nepal after hostages killed

Spy Probe Scans Neocon-Israeli Ties/IPS--(going back 30 years!)

Pentagon Censors 'Right to Know' Video

Judge to question Pinochet

Cheney Due to Lash Into Kerry in Speech

Inquiry accuses Black of $400m Hollinger 'theft', berates Perle

Kidnappers in Iraq Free Seven Truckers

Touchscreen trouble

Gunmen Attack Iraqi Politician Ahmad Chalabi

Three die in Saudi shop stampede

NYT, Nagourney: Loves Dogs,Hates Kerry: 2-Pronged Tactic("Janus strategy")

Thatcher coup plot mercenaries allege torture

Yankees suffer worst defeat in team history

Drug Cos. Woo Lawmakers at GOP Convention

A Call to 'Win This Culture War'

‘Case grows’ against Thatcher: new details emerge

Kerrey-ing No Illusions (Bob Kerrey on Swift Boat Losers)

Seven Foreign Truckers Freed in Iraq; France Anxious

Israel Threatens Syria After Hamas Bombings

Amazon Gives Pundits Web Space to Debate U.S. Poll

US Seeks to Dismiss Terror Convictoins

U.N.: No Clear Arms Evidence on Iran Nuclear Program

U.S. Army Sergeant Charged in Afghan Prison Abuse

Hurricane Frances may be zeroing in on Kennedy Space Center

Mistakes made: U.S. seeks to throw out terror convictions (Ashcroft SNAFU)

Houston to Bring in Investigator for Crime Lab Mess

Dupe, Sorry

MPs probe Blair's spy chief

Iraq's Chalabi Says Judge Drops Charges Against Him

Pace of U.S. Factory Growth Slows


Democrats Press Kerry to Step Up Attacks

Mexico's Free-Market Tide Seems to Recede

26 U.S. Troops Said Implicated in Deaths

Russia Sends Troops to Guard Nuclear Sites

Spy Probe Scans Neo Con-Israel Ties

U.N. Says Iran Discloses Nuclear Plans

NYT,pg1: Handing Out Hors d'Oeuvres, Recalling 107th Floor (heartbreaking)

U.N.: Iran Readies Batch of Uranium for Enrichment

Nepal Imposes Curfew in Restive Capital

Blog threat as Schrock quits seat..(more outings to come)

7 Die As Guatemala Police, Farmers Clash

Former area congressman Horton (R) dies (Wrote Book“How to End the Draft")

Vietnam vet buries son killed in Iraq

U.S. Won't Criticize Panama for Pardons (Suspected Castro Assassins)

NYC SBA (Cops) Will Initiate Civil Proceedings Vs. RNC Demonstrators....

Police Arrest Man in Stem-Cell Lab Blast Case

Memphis, TN: 18-wheel dump truck plows through a Rally's restaurant,

Police accuse man of crime against pig

Keyes: Cheney's Gay Daughter Is a Sinner

LePore is TOAST!

President's sister speaks at breakfast (Some Waking Up Wed As New Repukes)

Kerry rips Bush on Terror Policies

Students Use Vouchers to Flee D.C. Schools

Protesters Disrupt Convention Gathering

Kerry Challenges Bush on Terror Policies

Hurricane Frances More Than 300 Miles Wide

Suspect in Iran-Israel spy probe teaching at Shepherd

New Coca Plants Said to Lurk in Colombia (Bigger, Faster, & Stronger)

Dozens Sickened At Downtown Building (Washington)

MP defends website links to Hitler quotes (W. Australian John Fischer)

Ford Cuts Production as U.S. Sales Slip

France pushes to get hostages freed

Moore Not Bothered by GOP Jeers (& Thanks McCain/ Bush 1 Chimes In Too)

CEOs rewarded for outsourcing

Unsafe abortions kill 70,000 women a year

Sonic Boom Rattles Pakistani Nerves

Charges against Chalabi 'dropped'

Nader Might Go to Court to Make Mass. Ballot

US troops, Iraqi security attacked in Iraq

Thatcher stands £165,000 bail for son Mark

Dems: Cheney is example of Bush favoritism toward corporations

Campaigning Kerry Pledges to Protect Veterans

Florida Calls for Hurricane Evacuations

Kerry Says U.S. Will Win War on Terror

United Airlines plans extra 6,000 job cuts

Pakistan Arrests 'Important' Al Qaeda Pair

GOP Senator Urges Halt to Medicare Ads

Dean touts 'Dean dozen'

U.S. Seeks to Dismiss Terror Convictions

Bush's Father Dismisses Vietnam Claims ("a total lie")

Bush Campaign Files Lawsuit Against FEC

Kuwaiti firm paid ransom for hostages, did not stop Iraq operations

Israel Holds Syria Responsible for Bombing

Drudge reports Kerry calling for Rove resignation. True??

Hastert Responds to George Soros

DNC holds 'Mission Not Accomplished' bash

Jeb taking control of FL evacuations

Cashier Accepts Fake $200 Bill With Bush's Face On It

First Couple to attend 'Hairspray'

Bush Campaign to Pick Baker as Debate Negotiator

While moderates speak, Bush courts antigay contingent

Bush May Be a Cowboy But Republicans Love That (caution for full stomachs)

Soros Demands Apology From Hastert Over Drug Comment

Ex-President Bush Dismisses Vietnam Claims (Not About Kerry, but about W.)

US August job growth expected to show bounce-back

Yahoo: Protesters Disrupt Convention Gathering

Daily Mislead: Bush To Alter Economic Stats Again

F.B.I. Interviews 2 Suspected of Passing Secrets to Israel

GOP rips Daschle for ad with Bush

Fox news viewers are stupid

Kerry Turns Up the Volume With Litany of Critiques for Bush -NYT

Things getting sticky for owner of sticker (Bumper Sticker incident)

Trade Center Families Rally For 'Proper Burial'

Kerry, Edwards Children Stump for Fathers in Norfolk

NYC Police Arrest Nearly 1,000 Protesters (& "Pink Slip" Protest Today)

Vermont delegation criticizes Bush policies

U.S. bureaucrats keeping us safe from Polish choirboy, 12

I caught an astroturfer in my local paper

Nader doesn't make ballot in Oregon

Bush Campaign to Pick (James) Baker as Debate Negotiator

The scoops that followed `Scoop'

The New Campaign Finance Law and its '60-Day Window' Rules Begin Sept. 3rd

Russia Calls for Emergency Security Council Meeting on Hostage-Taking at S

Cheney Says America Faces 'Defining Moment'

Bush daughters make awkward stab at stand-up comedy

Tickets needed for Cheney visit

Terry McCauliff calls Zell Miller "Darth Vader"

Police Arrest Man in Stem-Cell Lab Blast Case

Labor secretary says outsourcing anxiety belies facts

Federal judge rejects Nader's Texas ballot bid

Gulf Air Suspends Flights to Nepal After Anti-Arab Riots

U.S. Jets Fire on Afghan Village; 12 Dead

Solano County pays $415,000 to get out of e-voting contract

United Adds Another Layer to Cockpit Security

Far from floor, ‘we have our special little wife section’ (The Wives -R)

Fla. Delegates Urged to Leave Convention (because of Hurricane Frances )

Gay GOP Group Slams Keyes Remark

Ford Cuts Production as U.S. Sales Slip

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 1 September

Kerry goes on offensive over Iraq - USAToday

Judge: Nader stays on Nevada ballot

Bush recruits famous sports Buckeyes to sell his campaign

LAT: No Joke, Twins' Act Needs Work

Daschle defends footage of Bush hug in campaign ad (Wed. Press Conference)

Kerry on Stump Salutes Veterans, Vows More Help

Blair's list of priorities ignores war in Iraq

dupe sorry

U.S. Airstrike on Fallujah Residence Kills Nine Civilians, Wounds Six Othe

Oops! Mass. (GOP)delegates forgot to feed homeless (compassionate?)

Wis. congressman: Kerry never flipped in supporting higher taxes (Ryan-R)

Mayor: Be nice to the delegates

US Navy wants more cooperation with allies, says US admiral

Nader Wins Washington State Ballot Spot

Government Spending and Debt

CEBU airline opts for Airbus, not Boeing

A thousand fans line up for former President Bill Clinton

GOP's keynoter, Zell Miller, boosts Bush, questions Kerry's judgment....

Fox News tries to overcome 'pro- Republican' reputation (USA Today)

The Dancers Are Ready. Where Are G.O.P. Laps?

Caves and trees provide the only respite for Darfur's hidden refugees

One Dead As Nepal Mob Targets Egyptian Embassy After Iraq Killings

Joint Venture Wins Enron Pipeline Auction

New home starts a spiral to despondency

Bush Gets Endorsement of NYC Firefighters ( I thought they hated him...

Daschle defends footage of Bush hug in campaign ad

Abu ghraib prison: There was no indication that she was there for any mili

Iraqi Judge to Decide Whether to Allow Counterfeiting Case Against Chalabi

AG: Loansharks Gouging Military Families

Mexico's Fox Hit by Health Strike and Protests

Clerk Fooled by Bill With Bush's Picture

Iraqi National Council Elects A Leader (Kurdish)

Prosecutor to drop Kobe Bryant charges

ANALYSIS: Hard right left on sidelines of GOP convention

U.S. Spy Probe Focuses on Two Lobbyists -Guardian

Bush offers help with hostage standoff at Russian school

Employers Unexpected Heat Over OT (From those now getting OT)

ND Republicans must rush to get Bush on ballot (Kerry too...1 day left!!!)

Pakistan Found to Aid Iran Nuclear Efforts

AP NewsBreak: Kerry Will Begin $50 Million Post-Labor Day Advertising Blit

DeLay makes intense appeal for Jewish voters

Bob Kerrey and Max Cleland Call for Karl Rove's Resignation

Oil Roars Up as U.S. Crude Stocks Slide

Halliburton Submits FG Officials' Names to French Judge

U.S. Says Iran's Nuke Plans Threaten Global Peace

Is Iran trying to build a nuclear bomb?

Cheney Leads Sharp Republican Assault on Kerry

Bush Prays, and Is Prayed for, Say Republicans (faux)

Soros blasts Hastert over drug allegation

GALLUP: Cheney’s Popularity at New Low

Rove: Kerry tarnished Vietnam veterans (Compares Terror War To N. Ireland)

India to Promote GMO Crops

CAI EXPOSED! Hires PR firm to bombard Governor over Anti- Foreclosure Bill

Hellstorm Frances: Florida Calls for Hurricane Evacuations

WP: Topic of Terror Overshadowing All Others

IAEA: No proof of secret Iran plan

NYT: Police Tactics Mute Protesters and Message

Columbus swift boat vet angry about letter

International community needs to help end Sudan crisis, experts say

Suspect arrested in vicious attack on cop

New Vets Come Forward – Shows SBVT Criminal Fraud

New York firefighters to endorse Bush

Bush's First N.Y. Stop Will Be Firehouse

Panel Says Salt Lake Mayor Misused Funds (Nancy Workman-R)

Probe of assistance to exile is widened

Congress Expands Inquiry (into recent FBI probe of Pentagon office)

AIPAC hires lawyers

Police Tactics Mute Protesters and Message

Columnist Killed on U.S.-Mexico Border

Bush matriarch agonizes through campaign

They are saying "breaking news"about problems w/absentee

Bush Envoy Defends U.N. Against Schwarzenegger

Spy probe scans neo-cons' Israel ties (long article from Asia Times)

Miller raps Democrats calls Kerry wobbly(& TEXT / AP MENTIONS CHENEY CUTS)

Backlash builds against Keyes' remarks (From Non-Gay Republicans Now)

New York Fire Fighter Locals Overwhelmingly Endorse Kerry for President

Fox News tries to overcome 'pro- Republican' reputation

Iraq's Chalabi Escapes Assassination Bid

Iowans Insulted By Bush's Comments

Young Repubs. support Iraq war, but not all are willing to join the fight

Report: Armed Men Seize School in Russia (Breaking)

Women moved by family not ideology: Chechen violence breeds 'black widows'

Labor Secretary Defends Job Outsourcing

U.S. Clears Sale of Weapons to Yemen

President's nephew says he won't seek political office just yet

Louisiana Republican wants party-switching incumbent off ballot

U.N.: No Clear Arms Evidence on Iran Nuclear Program

Georgia Democrats not cheering for Miller now

New York Attorney General Says Loansharks Are Gouging Military Families

Dangerous terrorist lost in America

Kerry Would Have Done 'Almost Everything Differently' in Iraq

Pentagon Censors 'Right to Know' Video

Jewish Groups Irked by Cross on Republican Podium

Veterans Group Upset Over GOP's Use Of "Purple Heart Bandages"

Ben Barnes to break silence on "60 Minutes"

"Kooky" Greens may have last laugh in Australian election

CU student and former marine appears in new anti-Bush ad

New York AG: Cheney should give answers

Nader fails to make Ore. ballot:

Secretary of State Colin Powell Says U.S. Wants U.N. Sanctions Against Ira

Use Electronic Voting From Overseas As 'Last Resort,' Official Says

Shadegg attacks Moore, calls Kerry supporters mentally ill

Hear Jon Stewart's America

My JPEG Baby!

Name that band

Indians 22, Yankees 0.

FREEB!RDS, quite possibly

how much do ppv college football games cost on directv?

any Linux users here? I have an X question

This may be controversial...

Best Rolling Stones album.

Jello says hello

Ok who is still up at this hour and why are you still up ?


Man Auctions His Friendship On The Internet

Newsweek cover this week: Orwellian, or, The Onion?

The Borowitz Report

d20 systems vs. d6 (plus others) systems

Brittney may support repukes, but they don't support her

Museum Of Sex Removed From RNC's Discount List

Confession - I have a crush on a Republican

"Bank Of Bedrock" Shut Down - Turns Out To Be 'Flinstones' Joke

Hey matcom, Bandit, and the other pissed-off DU vets, this Bud's for you

Bobby Knight's Life Could Be New TV Sitcom

The only thing left for Richmond Virginia. The four horseman!

Is it too much to ask to please get a phone headset

Hey was it me or did Tweety

Is it too much to ask to please close the gosh darn Conference Room Door??

A question for those who are able to watch the RNC

Another reason to love Joe Pantoliano........

Road Rage in Virginia - Hear me complain then post your story

what the hell does "shake it like a Polaroid" mean???

Caption: on-message for Bush-Cheney 2004

Hummer sales are tanking.

Caption:"Don't let the stars get in your eyes don't let the moon...

If you don't post in my thread, the terrorists win.

I take great offense to the term "girlie-man"!

I wish to cause great pain and suffering

Clerk fooled by $200 bill with Bush's picture

Japan Bracing For Earthquake That Could Destroy It

Post your fortune cookies here, but add "under God" to the end

Here I thought Shrub paintings couldn't get any worse(Crazy Freeper Alert)

You are the Angry God and decide to destroy the Earth

Statue's Crotch Size To Be Reduced During Renovation

i'm so f'n angry today

Can't afford a Hummer, now you can just smell like one instead!!

Bikini Hot Dog Vendor May Have To Move Her Buns

Caption: THOSE who laugh LAST laugh loudest...teehee

Today's Fact

Terrifying Bush Twins stand-up comedy photo as Giant Evil Dick observes

Dave Grohl Furious With Bush's Use of His Song at Campaign Rally

Yankees suffer worst defeat in team history

Remember The Guy Who Stabbed His Lawyer In The ASS? Arrested Again!

Caption needed for this criminal in waiting

Caption: the Three Stooges

It's getting to me. I'm getting angry.

Today in History 09/01

I did a google image search on Michelle Malkin: look what I found on page3

Trumad - Dry Ice Info

This picture gives me the crabs

This picture gives me the crips.

This picture gives me the creeps

anyone check out

this picture gives me the Krups

An urgent intervention message for Al Hedges

Young Man Has Raked In $70K Playing Magic: The Gathering

I got my schedule and I am burning, ask me anything

In Memoriam : The life I had before DU stole it.

This picture gives me the crops

An urgent message to RandomKoolzip

Caption|: trouble headin' Poodle's way this weekend?

Her uncles would've been ashamed of her

Taking a Closer Look at the Medals of George W. Bush

Emotional Terrorism: Let's fight the war on THAT!!!

I have a crush on the Ex Fed guy at work.

This picture gives me the craps

DAMMIT The area outside of the bathroom is not the bathroom

This picture gives me the Cramps!

What do you want out of life?

Bush joke: robotic bartender

Poor Michelle Malkin! No bulk sales on her book & outsold by a porn star

So, Grandma Takes Her Grandson To The Beach (A Joke For You)

I'm ready to give the FedEx guy a Crush

Our UPS guy is a lush.

I'm ready to give the FedEx guy some cash.

The Stadium Pal

Caption Squealer the Pig from 'Animal Farm'

I'm ready to crush the FedEx guy at work...

I have a crush on the FedEx guy at work

I gave the FEDEX guy at work an orange crush.

The Hidden Messages in Water by Masaru Emoto

Did anyone miss me?

Shhhhh!!!!! LynneSin is having a bad day!

Any of my GM brethren going to Rowe for Labor Day?

Damnit, if they want me to eat more fiber, put it in something that...

Damn "Jake Brakes".....

An ex-Fed crushed my guy!!

Damnit, now i have a freaking beeping noise that won't go away

Have any DUers gotten arrested in NY?

Weather OTB - now taking bets on Frances' path

Which is the best use of my time?

Kids in Iceland rescue confused birds that crash-land into objects

Woman Is Stunned When Man's Cremation Ashes Crash Through Her Roof

A song to rekindle dreams in these dark times.

DAMNIT, the area outside of the conference room is NOT a conference room

Workplace network Nazis don't like my password

Urban legends that, though false, OUGHT to be true:

Police accuse man of crime against pig

My iTunes library just cracked 100 days of solid music!!! Ask me anything!

Lets DU a poll

Will Pitt just got frisked by the Secret Service!

I just met a guy who actually lives "In a van down by the river"

Danny, my first born grandson left home today.

Best Rush album.

DU POETS, is ya out their???

Well my kid is back to school. What music should I blast?

The ULTIMATE Jazz piano showdown - Herbie Hancock vs McCoy Tyner

Florida's rash of hurricanes - does Bush have a weather machine?

Moe has ANOTHER hotspot!

This is why I love GOPisEvil

Holy shit "AEON FLUX" MOVIE!! With Charlize Theron!

OK, guys - who's the bigger douchebag?

1001 Things to Hate About the Convention

Let's all talk about things of which we know nothing!

CNN Demands Gay GOP Group Edit Ad

I watched "Roger & Me" last night, ask me anything!!!

Breaking: Bush to display head of Osama at RNC

Lynnesin? Pfft---I'm having a REALLY rough day

Ya'll gotta caption this one.

new game: ruining the "boycott bruce" message board

Time for 7 random questions...

*snicker* is spamming

" there is nothing nuttier than nuttiness"

Ugh- truly vomit-inducing bumpersticker I saw

I got 10 lbs of Greek salad, guess what I am having for dinner?

why don't the twins look like twins

Thank the diety for tv land

Proof positive Republicans really are dickheads:

Al Friggin' Franken Drives Me Nuts...

African-Americans finally spotted at RNC Convention:

Yet another wonder food!

I got 10 lbs of tossed salad, guess what she had for dinner last night?

That's it! No RNC convention for any of you folks!.....

Jimmy Smits may replace Martin Sheen as President on "West Wing"

Aha! Now I know what Mischief is up to.

Christian Debt Removal?

Your pizza in 30 mins or it's freeped.....

LA Time is printing my LTTE!!!!

I'm having a panic attack: WHAT IF HE WINS

Heather Graham on "Scrubs": Who else saw?

Large campaign logo image needed

"W" is for Wishy-Washy

is it punk? Is it hardcore?

Eyesroll's Daily Earworm Thread

I know someone who makes the devil look nice

Tomorrow classes start!!!

Woman catches her man having sex with a blow up pot belly pig

Man caught having sex with blow-up doll in public, 'physically' removed...

Man caught having sex in mall with inflatable Pot Bellied Pig doll...

Deep Fried Snickers? Thumbs up or Thumbs down?

Blow-up Doll Catches Woman Having Sex with Pigman

Man bites genitals off blow up pot bellied pig while having sex w/ mall!

SciFi Hall of Fame

Did Arnold have ....

Important Message from Tiger the Cat

When did 50's Diners start serving booze shakes?

Hey - what are the hockey games tonite?

Is there redemption on earth for wrongs we do?

A pig, a blow up doll and man walk into a bar...

My beloved Daisy

My 3 year old nephew

I'm sick, guys....

Anyone heard that new green day song...

Has anyone ever heard of these guys?

Deep fried Twinkies? Thumbs up or down?

What do you usually order at an Indian restaurant?

Hmm check out this poll on Bertuzzi not playing for team Canada....

Caption: Lo! a Bush/Cheney 2004 omen

Why are 35 geese doing an airshow over my buildling?

Today's Thought

I, LynneSin, do solemnly swear NOT to be moody again like I was today

Weird photo of Bushes on the MD for Bush home page.

I'm guessing Lady Liberty has had a tad too much to drink...

I finally remembered where I parked my car

Post 'warm fuzzies' for LynneSin here!

Bosnians to Build a Monument to Bruce Lee

How many times do you visit DU every day?

Cheney to Castigate Captions Tonight at Covnention


Prosecutor to Drop Rape Charge Against Kobe Bryant

What have you listened to today and yesterday?

Labor Day-when? P.O. closed?

I'm protesting at Fox News tonight - sign ideas?

What object do you lose the most on a daily basis ?

We are amazed but not amused...

I guess my neice will be volunteering at a bush rally

Time Has Come Today

Unca Dick Looks on - geez, this one creeps me out!

I've been watching way too much of the Learning Channel

DU WRITERS, is ya out their???

Judge dismisses toilet paper caper charges

save your keyboard, I am really slow to change

I just interviewed with NPR (again)

I was told today at school that my backpack may be searched

Man Caught Having Sex With His Blow-Up Doll In Shopping Mall

What are some really obscure television shows?

I just gave the third-degree to a solicitor for a half-way house!

What would you say to Bush if you were alone in an Elevator?

Canada VRS Slovakia tonight! Official thread

"Bush Kills. Bush Lies" Yelled at convention by AIDS Activists

help! looking for hi res pic of Kerry testifying to Congress...

Man catches woman's blow up doll having sex with a pig....

How to start each day with a positive outlook!

FINALLY: A picture of the Hood of NothingShocksMeAnymore's Car

Support Air America Radio (Al Franken, Randi Rhodes, Janeane, Mike Malloy)

Help! I'm a Linux N00b!!!!

Need info on Seattle

Philly: Let Free WiFi Ring

Why does Red Sonya dress like that?

Why we invaded Iraq...

I'm not a self-starter or a self-motivator

Bush is a punk-ass chump

If anyone received a strange message from me

Thank god for FX

Why did Bush say...

Need help with how to host pictures on my computer. Thanks.

Angie Harmon onstage of RNC

Sigh... now my sister's mad at me

Dumb question: Can you freeze dry ice?

It is what it is

Does anyone know if there's going to be an extended version of ROTK?

bish* suck draftdoger elephent

I just got tickets to see Paul Krugman in Lecture! Ask me anything!

Folks, you WILL NOT BELIEVE this picture.....this dude has lost it

Whats your All Time Major League Team?

Tucker Carlson: "Lighten up" about racist Limbaugh statements


Thank the gods for Game Show Network

Join NaMPLA now!

Hurricane Charley sucker punched me, Francis is going for the knockout!

Does anyone else have a Costco in their mind.

So Your City Is Full Of Republicans! A Fafblog Guide

DU Chat

WOW - check this pic of hurricane Frances

Michael Moore is coming up on "Today"

Why is the elephant the republican mascot

How long should I "Officially Mourn" before dating again,

What's the loudest noise you ever heard?

So what's with the rumor about an article to appear in the New Yorker?

What would vikings do?

Remind you of anyone?


Overheard today during lunch at a restaurant

Protest photos mega-thread running again in GD

Hilarious! The Neighbor From Hell...Documented.

Star Trek Scotty receives honour

She's my sister! *slap* My daughter! *slap* My sister! *slap*

This photo of Senator Kerry should NOT fall through the cracks

Caption the foul odor...

#1 Cardiologist in the country says 4 orgasm a week!

CT Yankee in Freeperland (Burlington, NC)

HELP!!! I need proof that a person can't serve three presidential


I just found out one of my friends died...

BTW Happy Labor Day!

AAR Sam Seder picked up by the SS...just reported on the air

Prediction: Bush will do nothing to stop Hurricane Frances

I'm eating strawberry habanero jelly right now

Laura Bush was a Democrat?

BTW Happy Halloween!

Any DUers live near Reno or Carson City?

The WillPitt/LynneSin was made official on Saturday night in NYC

Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson Live in Concert

My grandson is Gothic_Sponge.

Bill Clinton is my Daddy!

Gothic_Sponge is my whoisalhedges

My grandfather is Bill Clinton.

My Clenis is spongeworthy

Bill Clinton is my Mother.

Does anyone else do this?????????

My grandmother is whoisalhedges

Nooneenooneenoo... Hey! No! Bad touch! BAD TOUCH!!!

Who is Tera?

Tinfoil hat. What does it mean?

A guy walks into a bar...

I Passed My Drivers Test!!!! Ok, so I'm 47.....

OH NO! I'm becoming British!

My grandfather is Beltz

Mr Scorpio is in the Hizzouse!!!

Condom firm covers long and short of it

I haven't watched any of the what have I missed?

Scott Tenorman Must Die!

Can it be true? Methinks we've sold our house!!

Are there any "girlie men" on DU??!!!!

Was anyone else raised in a very liberal Christian Church?

Remember that one time, when Zell ate my ass?

Oh, sweet Jesus.

dolo_amber... if you were in a German Scheize video,

Watching Weather Underground documentary film

They're coming to take me away

Take a break....*ush coming to

What's the best writeable DVD format...If I want to make a copy of

Anyone else watching mens tennis. Federer is getting worked by a scrub.

For the last two days, I feel like I have water in my ear

Yet, another Team Canada gloating thread!!!!! 5-1 over Slovakia!

OK, I'm trying REALLY hard to not watch the Republican Convention...

Terrorist Suspect Arrested at Kennedy Airport...

Two more 1950s R&B singers have just died.

LA DUers? How about a get together?

Our neocon, RW shill archbishop is coming to visit...(advice, please!)

Here's a picture of a mean, ugly, stupid SOB

new Savage Weiner advertiser University of Nebraska Medical Center

BREAKING: Lewis Black paralyzed

RNC deligates act just like 4 year olds

I suspect Zell Miller's hair to be not entirely his own.

LOL - Peter Frampton labeled "comedy show" on Seattle P-I site

I'll say it again, I love Jon Stewart!

Bush must be exposed!

What's the telephone # to call into Mike's show?

Minnie Riperton appreciation thread

Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate.

I'm buying THE PUNISHER on Tuesday without having seen it before.

More Trabants stolen in Berlin than Porsches

new Savage Weiner advertisers Huber Chevrolet

RNC Drinking Game

Hard For Me To Say I'm Sorry / Get Away

It's Daily Show time!

My grandson is Bill Clinton.

I've started smokeing a pipe.

I participated in a Kerry visibility today.

new Savage Weiner advertisers ServiceOne

Caption this: Miller/Busch

Beligerent ghouls run Manchester schools

My FIRST caption request....make 'em good....please

Who would win a duel between Zell and Chris Mathews?

We must pray for the people of Florida!

So I was watching the Food Channel


How much would you sell a 2 year old PDA for? ...

Did you ever just feel amazingly overwhelmed?

Chicago DUers - Don't Forget Our Gathering on Sunday 9/5!

The "Movie Clip" the Daily Show just showed!

Favorite R.E.M. Album- The Warner Bros. Years.

Please critique my response to a Freeper chain letter.

Any psychologists in the house? Need help determining if I'm insane!

Dating sucks, and not in a good way...

2 More ChavezSpeakstheTruth songs

'Apocalypse Now'...NOW! On IFC

Cleveland beats Yankees 22 - 0, Red Sox now 3.5 games behind

ha ha, check out this "unification" e-mail!

Any student have the Jane Reece Biology 11th edition they'd like to sell?

Is this the future flag of the Republican Party???

Rush fans Check in.

What song was most likely to get you beaten up for listening...

USA Uber Alles!

Music at the RNC

My grandson met Bill Clinton...

I have come to this conclusion

Arnold has had more plastic surgery than millions of economic "girlie men"

Well, I'm officially under a Hurricane Watch.

If W is a recovering alcoholic, why does he not reign in the twins?

New Government issue postage stamp - yay or nay?

I'm not watching - Am I missing anything?

OMG! John Kerry and the Electras?!?!? U have got 2 C THIS!

Central Florida DUers Check In- Hurricane Frances....

Der Strauchaffe ist so intelligent wie ...


Throwdown: Ann B. Davis or William B. Davis?

Best Teenage Fanclub album?

Man, what the hell?? "Willow" to be Marvin in new Hitchhiker's movie...

Any recommendations for some trance/jungle/drum & bass?

Local couple arrested on Child Porn and Crimes against Nature Charges...

Favorite Bowie tune: the poll

Is there any intelligent life in chatrooms? (profanity alert)


Fill in the blank: "If I never see __________ again, it will be too soon"

Pit Bull Bites Off Man's Genitals

girLie-men can't finish this burger

Mr. Macchio, if you're nasty!

Finally got photos of my dog

Just so you people know...

I Can't Be A Girlie-Man...So What Should Arnold Call Me?

I dreamed about Cheney this morning...I was reaming him out!

DU'ers help me plan my trip to Toronto this weekend!!

Zell Miller...

Woman Catches Her Brother Having Sex With Potbelly Pig

What's a "girlie man"?

I have a serious question for Floridians

Please welcome my Aunt Anita to DU!!

Rare items you possess

Is anyone else sick of summer?

Our Crewleader needs your best vibes, thoughts, energy rays...

So, who's psyched for the Chicago DU gathering?

A first time political volunteer this evening...:-)

Anyone notice the Bat swinging at *'s head when he was speaking tonite?

Veterans speech tomorrow is the whole enchilada

Economic Girly Men (the message we need to get out)

The make you feel better about the buzz thread

Turnout, Turnout, Turnout

This is Their Best Shot

Finally! Ron Reagan Says Kerry Wasn't Lying in 1971

Guiliani's on King right now defending his "Thank God for Bush" quote

Has anyone seen this ad yet...?

Slate: What is so great about Bush's response to 9/11?

Did Pat Buchanon Just give something away? RE: swiftvets/Republican party

Grade the RNC at CNN: Day Two!!!

Now watching re-run of Bush at American Legion today on C-SPAN

Text of Twins speech..........

New Kerry Commercial: Picture - Purple Heart Bandaid Bastards

Oh My! Log Cabin Republicons not happy

Freeper reaction to Bush twins

Veterans speech tomorrow is the whole enchilada

Laura Bush or Teresa Heinz Kerry: Who Would Make a BETTER First Lady?

The first five headlines in Wed. morning's NYT:

Kerry needs to get the Big Dawg out there - watching him speak on SBVL

Kerry STOPPED his ad!

Outrageous new CNN quickpoll--Who does Bush have the most in common with..

This sounds like something I would make up out of thin air...

Why does no one compare Bush to George Armstrong Custer?

Republican Convention Schedule Update


nightline is blasting the RNC...

You know, the Bush girls didn't really seem to be endorsing their Dad.

Beware: Here comes those errr "Unnamed Democratic Sources!

Rejoice! They've totally screwed up their convention.

What do you think this lady is praying about?! (Caption)

It doesn't matter about the RNC campaign being a flop. Repugs know has a poll with Bush leading as the greatest president in

Laura nd Arnold......"accomplished and electric"

Funny how Jimmy Carter was a true, "born again Christian" and he is

What does 9/11 tell us about Bush? Nothing.

Giuliani cannot be nominated for by Republicans for president in 2008

Anyone notice that backstabbing media whore Maria Shriver

I've been taking the time to really listen to Repugs the past few days...

How can anyone say that B* is good for this country?

Great article from Palm Beach Post re: Theresa LePore

ok everybody!

Senator Arnold?

Hurricanes , Remedial Judgements, And Bush

Read something about how Gerald Ford wants the GOP to be more pro gay

Need Help! Re: Kerry's missed intelligence meetings

"Terminator" to the unemployed and uninsured.; "Don't be girlie men"

They knew how to win. Does John Kerry?

Woke up this morning to go to my "girlie-man job"

Kerry = flip flop, Bush = Clarification

"Butterfly Ballot Designer Loses Election"

Under 6 million watching convention

Bush on "Today Show" now...

"NYC Police Arrest Nearly 1,000 Protesters" plus the Shut-up-athon

Salon article really got me thinking: We need to go on the attack NOW.

"Kerry Pressed to Step Up Attacks on Bush"

Who is Strategic Vision anyway?

George Bush, you big CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!! Won't face NYC firefighters!

"Broadcast Networks Cover GOP's 2nd Night"

Very funny. Comedy Central and Daily Show have ad on Op-Ed NYT page

Will the US State Media EVER...

Lemme see now, the Bush guys got 3 major TV outlets all hooking for them

Why hasn't a 527 vet organization been formed to attack Bush?

Is it just me? Or does anyone else think Arnold is becoming

What do you think will happen if we have another 2000 style debacle?

I'm getting nervous

Kerry to Address Veterans Today in Nashville, Tennessee at 11:40AM

Anybody notice Arnold's HUGE slip-up tonight??

Kerry's speech today. Where, when, who's showing it.

Arnie calls 10 Economic Nobel Prize Winners - "Girlie Men"

Any talk/mention on the morning shows of the Bush girls. .

Michael Moore coming up on Today Show (8:35 am edt)


Send Zell a message at

DU: Let's have a day where we attack the RNC instead of cower from it!

Message to the Kerry camapign: Kerry as a vacillator, finger in the wind

What did you think of the Bush Twins' speech?

Michael Moore: "The Ebert and McCain show"

Who are the black people at the RNC?

The Military Order of the Purple Heart not amused at GOP.

Draft Bagala

so someone tell me about this lockhart fellow...

In response to Purple Heart band-aids

"Ex-President Bush Dismisses Vietnam Claims"

Self Deleted...

Our "Power" will come from voting registration.

I heard on NPR, NYC psychiatrist's are turning people away who

Pregnant Women Against Bush

"Democrats See Cheney As Vulnerable Target"

So, was yesterday the RNC African-American day?

I Am ALMOST Ready To Go To NYC To Protest!!!!!

Even the NY POST, yes the NY POST, pans the Bush twin

The Gropinator nails it

I hope Kerry's speech today in Nashville is rabid.

CNN turns down Log Cabin Republicans ad

Good Grief, am I the only one that thought pickle's...

Think I Know Why Kerry is Retooling.

The Republicans NEED a negative campaign

Two months people!!!! Jeeesh!!!

Carlos Watson on RNC: "Wednesday night will focus on revving up the base"

new talking point: why should i elect bush with 9/11

What time is Kerry speaking at today at the American Legion?


John Kerry will call the 2,000,000 th on-line volunteer to sign up!

Calling "A-L-L" Democrats!

All I can say is, really, really, shut up and calm down.

John Kerry campaign rally in Tennessee yesterday

A Breakthrough!

15 Seconds. That's How Much of Last Night's Convention I Could Stand.

Brilliant Analysis from New Donkey

i heard a soundbite of *

When's the American Legion speech?

Did the '92 War Room have its doomsdayers and naysayers?

So the media is all pumped up about the RNC

Bush twins a waste of our time and energy.

This Poll About Electronic Voting Machines Being Freeped - Pls Help

Lying, Flip Flops, Insults:This Makes Bush's Campaign Superior?

In honor of Zell, everyone is a Republican on DU today...

Edwards Highlights Bush’s Miscalculations on Economy

Laura Bush's speech tonight: "He didn't want to go to war."

George W. Bush: King of the Flipocrites, by The Angry Liberal

Election anecdote: Kerry/Edwards bumper stickers

Kerry behind "Pissing on Liberals!"

Watching shrub's taped speech to the AL on c-span

Hillsborough: "system slowed down to 1/12 of its speed." Touchscreen.

Industry Advocates Play (More than usual GOP) Key Convention Roles

When Laura spoke last night...

DU this

So did George P. Bush talk last night? I couldn't bear to watch.

Rope a dope

New Repuke Convention pictures you didn't see on TV

Dems Press Kerry to Step Up Bush Attacks

GOP disses three groups so far -- Is this the trifecta?

Rumors of Kerry "shakeup" unfounded

Aaaaarrrgh! Just saw swiftboatbats ad on CNN here in NV!

Arkansas Veterans to Condemn Republican Attacks on Kerry Today

Computer Glich stalls again

Josh Marshall has some advice for Democrats. Get a grip.

Rush talks to Bush..have a laugh (real quotes)

Fox: "Second Bush administration may not be as dynamic as the first"

I understand Zell's POV. What's the story with Koch?

I want: "George Bush: Inadequate Leadership in Dangerous Times"

I understand the RNC being in NYC to pimp 9/11. But is there a reason

Ok, I've watched as much as I can stomach

Are you as optimistic as I am?

WashPo: - Giuliani Charges (against Kerry)Lack Context

Be careful you may get a visit.....

GOP Moderates get attention - "but will they respect us in the morning?"

So the Bush Twins Listen to OutKast? I Wonder if They Like These Lyrics

Mark Pfeifle, RNC Communications Director, on the Purple Heart Band-Aids

Who the $*@# writes those damn headlines for the NY Times?

I wonder what "Uncle Karl" will pull out of his

Kerry bashers unleash barbs with no limits - (media flip/flops on standard

Should Kerry and the Dem's go after Bush on 911/National Security?

ABC News: A John "convinces" prostitute to accept $50 for sex

Cheney To Blast And Lash Out At Kerry

NYT talks about Repubs "Two-Prong Campaign" - Kerry needs one more prong!

Keyes defends comments about Cheney’s gay daughter

Crossgate: Critic sees Christian symbol on GOP convention stage

"The 2004 RNC: It's Crass-Tastic!"

Lots of pictures from yesterday's protests.

Forgotten Vietnam, and the new Denials -- Read about Tiger Force.


Texas Hold 'em ...I'm all in.

What was Michael Moore's 'sign' really saying?

McCain & wife are on The View now

Good News! Big group is Protesting at GOP Headquarters here in NC

So, how hot are the freepers getting over the convention?

Freepers think media is biased against gop AND dems are scandalmongers!?

Yes, yes, yes!! John Dean says Kerry should sue the Swift Boaters

"Make your own purple heart bandages! Just like the ones seen during..."

How Dems can sum up the convention

don't miss Plaid Adder's column on ROVE!

Are the Kerry surrogates as invisible as I'm hearing?

Is this man a compassionate conservative?

SECRET Plans -- Lurking Freepers, Do Not Read!

Violent Protestors: Democrats, or Republican Impostors?

DU the snot out of CNN's 'Pundits Scorecard' here!


arnold..........lmao, telling me he knows best

In honor of CNN: With whom does George W. Bush have the most in common?

NY cops in riot gear, more than 900 arrested including bystanders

Nature working against the GOP

Final: Theresa LEPORE 85,601 48.32% Arthur 'Art' ANDERSON 91,134 51.45%


I love it when Repukes throw a hissy fit.

Bush: "I can't do anything without being criticized"

$200 bill with bushies picture on it

Bush girls just gave another "speech"

Michael Moore's 2nd USA Today column: The Ebert and McCain show

Andy Card vs. John Kerry speeches ... DAMMIT ... protesters keep TV on it

Kerry on FOX..

Theme of Fear Plays (fear of Bush and lostcivil rights vs fear of terror)

kerry stand up and say girlie man, huh, lets see

Well to all who were bashing The Daily Show during the DNC

What time is Kerry's speech today?

Is everyone as positive as I am -- Bush is gone

How the hell did Michael Moore get into the RNC?

Has anyone noticed - since the sbvt bullshit started....


Bush success -War on Terror - Iran Readies Batch of Uranium for Enrichment

Will Kerry's speech at the American Legion on the web anywhere?

Bush Success-War on Terror-U.S. Seeks to Dismiss Terror Convictions

C'mon folks, it's F-ing CHENEY DAY!!!!! Let's GET TO WORK!

Kerry making some points on Veterans' care with VFW.

Need a good list of veteran/soldier mistreatment

Constructive criticism: Dems should stop playing by GOP rules

Let's make some $$ off of the Purple Heart Band aids & donate it to Kerry

Just thought of a new Bush slogan:

Kerry Speaking On Veterans Issues- JOB WILL BE DONE WHEN

Why does no one compare Kerry to Joshua Chamberlain?

Let me get this straight...

Go Get Them Kerry.....American Legion

Go Get Them Kerry.....American Legion

Go Get Them Kerry.....American Legion

Lets DU a poll

Can anybody tell me what time JK speaks to the VFW?

I can't seem to find

Kerry is pinpointing all the mistakes Bush made in Iraq !

Schwarzenegger: "Terrorism is more insidious than communism"

Is Kerry being received well....

Dick is going to be on television tonight, right?

Anticipating Protest Withdrawals

Is there a link to a transcript of Kerry's speech today? n/m


Here's what I loathe about cable news-Losing *the zone*

Rove: Does anyone have information?

Ronald Reagan's other son will speak tonight

Kerry needs a new speechwriter

Was Teresa LaPore defeated with e-voting machines?

my 3 year old knows whats going on

Rove to FAUX, MSNBC, CNN: WTF!!!!

A meme is born.

What I hate about Kerry.

If the primaries were all held on the same day

Too weird-Check out MSNBC Online's RNC Coverage-Couldn't make this up

Perfect Speech, Perfect time, Perfect audience GO KERRY

Robert Menendez (D-N.J.) giving a democratic response to RNC


LePore's last trick in Palm Beach?

Franken: "the election is over"


Any word, Floridians, on whether Jeb Bush will try to fight the LePore

Are the * twins fair game?

Keith Knight on JohnMcCain...

How Democrats should respond to Arnold

Whaddaya think: "About as many protesters were arrested in NYC

Should we ALL call our local VFW and SCREAM about the Purple Heart

what did the bush twins say that has some repugs raising thier eyebrows??

Bush claims America is safer....he's lying.

Franken Talking to Gallup Poll Guy.....

I just got home

Terry McCauliffe on C-Span now.

John Branch's view on Bush and war on terror

Is anyone else feeling as depressed as I am?

Slow down, dammit

Christie Todd Whitman!!! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I just "Cheney'ed" someone from the Rethug Issues Campaign.

Kerry did good!

My Letter from Arnold!

why does kerry invoke mccain?

Protesters break into Convention

Has the media been downplaying the puble heart bandages?

Rasmussen Kerry/Bush tied 47-47, Bush never lead or tied during DNC

Barf Alert Bush Twins "Our Parents term of endearment is..'Bushie'"

Who are the economic girlie men?

Rove attacks Michael Moore and George Soros

Governor Granholm, Michigan Congressmen to Appear with Max Cleland

DUers: Rate the RNC at

Anybody got that NYT Rove & Swift Liars chart?

Bush HAS to Win --

"I call bullshit on bashing the Bush twins" Would you like to reconsider?

DNC: Hope, Optimism; RNC: Fear, Terror, whiny Vietnam veterans

The sky is not falling, so get back to work

Jim Hightower's newsletter this month

Up in Arms at a Local Vet's club

this is old but interesting :)Analysis: Oil and the Bush cabinet

About that elephant in the room -

New ads by "Clubs for growth" ? Who are they?

Zero Tax Difference for Married Couple @ $190,000/yr (Kerry vs shrub) WSJ

AAR alert David Brock on now

Okay I feel better now..

Did Kerry really say that the "War on Terror" was winnable?

Will you be sitting up Nov. 3rd watching the ELECTION RESULTS?

Go Wes!

Schwarzenegger, Dick Cheney and Nelson Mandela

Are there more Republicans or Democrats in the United States?

Since we've graduated from college, we're looking around for something

Should Kerry/Edwards Adopt a Scorched-Earth Policy Against *?

Post your Thursday Night Protests Schedules HERE

Link to Transcript of the Kerry speech to vets.

The republicans seem to have lost in the battle

where can I find an Executive summary/comparison of the party platforms

Issues For Kerry

Bush was "In the rear with the gear"

Nothing the Bush* campaign has tried is working. Kerry's going to win.

Kerry has a conundrum. The main thing the undecideds don't like

What blogger or columnist wrote best about the Bush twins star turn?

Talking Viet Nam and etc. on Talk of the Nation,David Halberstam now

I am proud of our protestors.

need help deciding what t-shirt to get...

How much is the RNC costing the economy?

At what point in Convention would Cheney's position NO LONGER

I read the boobygrabber lied about the debate between Humphrey and Nixon..

Democrats' one-word answer to Dick Cheney: Halliburton

"Mah husband din wanna go to war."

MSNBC is a joke.

Zell Miller once endorsed Clinton and Dems...FLIP FLOP GOP!!!

"Nixon is the party of g.w.bush*"....Arnold has to a plant in the GOP.....

Is Bush going to come out in a robe and walk on water

2 Months to talk isues - repugs are scared "shitless"

Conversaion overheard between two vets this morning...

Kerry should use more Bushisms in speeches

At some point Kerry will have to face the elephant in the room.

Bush/Rove plans on announcing Osama is dead ?

How John Kerry busted the terrorists' favorite bank.

DUers: A Freeped Poll on MSNBC - time to add the DU balance

Rasmussen: Three day - Three point negative bounce for Bush.

Would you agree that if it's a tie after the RNC, Bush is Cooked?

When does the RNC end?

On CSPAN right DNC (?) ad Chenney and Halliburton

MSNBC Presidential Poll WTF?

African-Americans finally spotted at RNC Convention:

Why the RNC is encouraging supporters to vote absentee NOW

Kerry's numbers down, Rove not brilliant?

Please, some objectivity about Zell

The Mean Face of the GOP: Vet-bashing and Phoney Warriors.

Looking for resource: What to give to busy complete newbie?

Now Menendez (D-NJ) is ripping Cheney too.

Eliot Spitzer on C-SPAN now

SONG PARODIES: Chicken George

Put on Fox News RIGHT NOW!!!!

Swift boat group ignores Bush, airs new ad (lying headline!)

MSNBC Poll - please vote if you havent

Jim Baker is going to Chimps debate negotiator--who should ours be?

listening to aar? who is this? sounds like Feinman?nt

Chinless Wonder!

Make sure all your repuke friends/family know this about Arnold (link)

Terry McAuliffe calls GOP Concoction the Republican Masquerade Ball

ITS PITBULL TIME. Spitzer is rippin on CSPAN.

Sadly disappointed with Kerry - the 8/31 edition

I LOVE Gen. McPeak.

heh, wouldn't it be something if election night Texas went for Kerry?

Who was the moron Democratic Strategist on CNN just now?

Have we all contacted CNN about tonight's post speech coverage

Just an question about election night coverage...Fox News...

How will the FL hurricanes affect the Election in November?

Showing their true selves (from Wonkette)

Kerry on FOX now at American Legion giving speech

Does anyone have any information on the undercover cop...

Vilsack is good, too.

What are the swifties....

Bush/Cheney will lose support due to the RNC.

WOW. Cheney/Halliburton ad is extremely effective.

Why don't we or Kerry tout his record concerning Iran-Contra?

OMG Bush's approval ratings are up 0.05% He's going to win! We're DOOMED!

Give Max Cleland a damn microphone!

What the SBVs have taught us, in case we didn't already know

Is Bloomberg voting Dem?

MSNBC : Scarborough : "Rush Limbaugh, Talk Radio Ho"

Bush A Christian? I Don't Think So

Rush Limbaugh claims the Clintons paid for Swift Boat ads!

New York Artist Supports Bush (Warning: This is a stomach turner)

Should Max Cleland call Bush a "girlie man" for his military record?

What if during the debates Bush slips and falls on his ass

Why aren't ALL Democrats demanding in the media

Listen to A-Noise! Support the protesters...Turn OFF Corporate Media!

You re-elected me. OK. I'm starting ANOTHER war! It's my due.

How Kerry Proposes To Win The War On Terror

Bush campaign files suit against FEC

Fox asking delegates questions about Dubya ... they're clueless!

Economic 'girlie men' cut taxes during a war and inflate the deficit

How can I find a campaign headquarters near me? I'm having no luck here

Keynote speaker backs Bush but will be Dem 'til 'day I die'

How did you vote in 2000?

POLL: Kerry up 2% since Aug 29- tied with Bush now

Would Bush and co. be able to manipulate job numbers?

9/11 Heros support Kerry

Kerry's SECRET WEAPON: The Millennials (ages 18 - 22), Not yet in polls.

Neck and Neck Polls are a GOOD thing.

Franken on MSNBC now.

Kerry increases lead - 8/29 ICR Excell Poll up 2 points over 8/4 results

The GOP's Slime Boat Springs Another Leak

What's this about Kerry looking tired and/or sick?

Walt Starr - has YOUR story as a headline! Nice!

Will Hurricane Frances Overwhelm the Coverage of GWB's Speech on Thursday?

Kerry speech to VFW. Better, but far from good.

I just got off the phone with the Kerry campaign and am feeling very

Randi Intro: "I thought I was watching 'Mean Girls'" (re: Twins)

J Marshall blogs, more to come from Ben Barnes(Bush's jump in line)

Msnbc is still running swift liars ad, tell them they need to stop

Nader on MSNBC right now.

Don't bury the donkey ! (A lesson for Bush and the Repubs on dirt)

After 9/11 this convention is the worst thing to have ever happened to NYC

McCain a GOP insider for Kerry?

Can you handle the “truth” about Kerry’s Vietnam record?

Barnes does Major Interview on Getting * in to TANG (60 Minutes?)

Poll Numbers Prove Kerry is Doomed (not)

There was a guy from Media Matters on Al Frankin that said media has

Bush files suit to stop those nasty 527s from picking on him

What campaign signs are you seeing in lawns and on houses?

Drudge reports Kerry calling for Rove resignation. True??

This must be NEW MEME: "Bush losing war, that's why unwinnable"

Laura Bush "Knows Her Place"

Capital Gang slams the twits.

Read about Bush's collossal failure to protect America on 911 here!

Network preview: Hurricane Frances coverage

"This president inherited a Clinton recession..."

Woodruff to Bloomberg: Did you thank god on 9/11...

What to do about Media coverage of RNC vs DNC

Has anyone met a Viet Nam vet that disputes Kerry's 71 testimony?

Heard from a friend who's never heard of DU; she's down, needed support

I found Bush in NYC

Pink Slip Protest stretching from Wall Street to MSG: Brilliant!

AIDS Activists Strike Inside the Garden (pics)

What did the twins do after the speech? Went to a bar of course

While moderates speak, Bush courts antigay contingent

The Daily Show invites Bush ....

Were the Bush twins making double entendres about felching on network TV?

A visit to a grassroots office in Portland,OR

Yale Cheerleaders for Truth

Will Cheney defend his daughter's honor against Keyes tonite?

A lady from Florida said 22% of Dems voted in on Country in primaries,

W stands for Women....

Excerpts from Zig Zag Zell's Keynote Address

Arrested Protesters in CAGES, sleeping on DIESEL fuel...Cops blowing smoke

Carville and nofacts on Crossfire now.

Please send new story links on Swifties for our file:

Any "Impartial Media" Note That Arnold LIED About the '68 Debates!?

Wrestling between Kerry and Bush. Taking down the shrub

What do we do when they steal.

Nobody in Florida cares about the Repuke convention

When is our great leader going to talk about Russia?

Zell Miller speech on C-span, speech for Clintion, Mind still good

Michigan, Ohio, Indiana DUers take note!

Dick n' Zell speak tonight. I'd rather...

Did anyone just see Bob Kerrey on CNN?

Another charge Kerry could use:

Secret Draft Of Bush Speech (Shades of Nixon)

Civil Rights 2004; Election Protection volunteers needed!

What if Bush wins the popular vote & loses the electoral vote?

Immediate backlash from the Gropenator's convention speech!

OK John Kerry, prove you're a war hero

WOW!!! Amazing! got an e-mail from Aaron Brown in response to mine!

Call Cable Provider and say SBVFT Add too "Graphic" for your family

Swift Boater Bob Perry has been pouring money into tort reform

Another Girly-Man LIE from Ahnuld...

Stephen Baldwin will be making a fool of himself on Larry King

Dubya has been nothing but bad Karma!

Republicans Are NOT TALKING ABOUT THE ECONOMY, I Wonder Why?

i heard an Iowa deligate say that the Christian Coalition paid for his and

Kerry Offers Tough Critique on Iraq

Kerry Challenges Bush on Terror Policies. YAHOO!

What Did Nixon Say in '68 That Made Ahnuld A Republican?

Guantanimo on the Hudson

Unless something is done, we've already lost

A neighbor stopped by today and commented on our Kerry/Edwards sign.

Swift Boat Liars and MoveOnPAC

Zell's conscience "is on steroids, has a Black Belt and long fingernails"

Caption - Is Zell doing What I think he is here

Kerry on the offensive

Protesters get in Garden to protest.

Help UNFREEP & de-troll TERESA H.K. Poll - Who gave better speech?

NYC store window displays GOP paraphenalia - Window Washer busy

The Swift Liars kept Vietnam alive. Now AWOL issue to be on 60 Minutes!

Get ready for some yuks... Lewis Black on the twits.

Kerry Won't Fight, Can't Win: Bullshit. Republican Talking Points.

Have you seen these state graphs?

Motley Fool: "I am an economic girlie-man."

Cheney set to castigate Kerry tonite

Band-Aids, Bullets, and Broken Hearts

Did Arnold lie about the amputee too?

Ad Idea: Pet Goats for Truth - "John Kerry called me an animal!"

Kerry on C-span

OMG.....Miss Lady Liberty, supports bush......

Ahem, just curious

caption Ahnold

Clintons are behind swift boat ads!

I need a site that sums up Bushes damage to the environment. For a repug!


would you like to see of of anti-protesters from Sunday?

Aaron Brown's Stupid & Sarcastic Reply to my Question

Protests didn't do as much good or harm as anybody thought

JFK, Clinton: They knew how to win. Does Kerry?

these people are so corrupt it's weird

this would make a great ad . . .

someone posted this yesterday on what zell miller used to think

George W. Bush* throws like a girl

Kerry & Edwards Midnight Rally

Photo: AIDS activists vs. Republican Youth on RNC floor

This is actually a big deal (re: Third Swift Liars ad)

Zell Miller's Pathetic ABORTION flip-flop

Did I just hear NPR Mor-a Lie-than-sound say?

Dean's cousin Corroon is leading the GOP incumbent in SLC, Utah.

Let's use "Bush Doctrine" on Bush Re SBVFT Ads - Anyone that harbors...

When you're at war, your allies should be at your side, not the sidelines

Kerry should show up in New York City and lead the demonstrators Copyright Infringement

Ben Barnes to break silence on "60 Minutes"

Well, Everyone....Florida is in for it I'm Afraid......

Sludge: Faux News Beats Networks in Tuesday Convention Coverage

The GOP's Pulpit, Er, Podium

Is Mike Moore Still Covering RNC For USA Today?

"Advent of Bush prosperity"...I just wet myself.

Fox news showing crap about protesters, all that's bad of course,

Bush's cheesy 1970's Rocky entrance is going to be laughed at

Patriot Paradox says "let these swift boat vets know what you think"

I sent this to the editor of the local paper

I know this isn't brand new info, but Ralph is out in Missouri....

Have I mentioned today, how much I hate these Morons. MM

lucianne 'two packs a day' goldberg urging her readers to fund swift liars

I think it's wonderful of John McCain to help Michael sell Moore tickets

In NEW YORK? PROTEST Bush in Queens tonight - Photo-op with firefighters

Please rate these Kerry stories on Yahoo:

Haha...Kerry Staff to rain on Bush's parade in NY tomorrow

Montana veteran claims SBV liars signed his name without permission

Let me get this straight.....

It's just bad luck that all this bad stuff happened under Bush's watch ??

I just want to thank Walt Starr

Please Contact CNN and point out Novak "LIED"

Fingers Crossed: CBS News next segment on the protesters

NYC: DIE-In on the subway - GREAT PHOTO.....

How about CBS?

Franken on CNBC now.

Zig Zag ZELL (on hardball)

Janeane and Sam just eluded to a sit in at Central Park/wear blue anyone

All you ever wanted to know about the Twin's fashion sense :-P

The Republicans are one-trick ponys aren't they?

Text, please. Any links to upcoming RNC remarks?

Barney for bush* How asinine

I signed up 13 new volunteers today

Isn't it ironic

Bush planned to drain the great lakes of my home state

My trip to Beaverton,OR campaign office

Kerry campaign knucklehead of the day.

Arrrnold... did he say "race" or "debate" last night?

Here it comes - Kerry starting to bring it on

I Became A Kerry Fan Today. His Speech Kicked Ass & Was Well Timed

If you watch the RNC - turn sound down and stream AAR.

Bush is all HUFF and PUFF.....Flight suit, an beef, only girlie

They are talking about Walt Starr's medal research on AAR!!

I have a big dillema regarding the Okla Senate race:

The Media is withering before our eyes

Kerry Campaign: George W. Bush - He Just Doesn't Get it


RNC in charge of "Guantanamo on the Hudson" at Pier 57?!

Combating criticisms of Kerry

"Oh, f-- them,Quote me on that." Bob Kerrey on Swifties

How did Kerry do in today's speech?

Got my Kerry Kit. Does It Make A Difference?

I finally saw a Kerry ad...but it's an old guy (who isn't prominently

Tomorrow night...local CBS airing Chiefs pre-season until the shrimp

Wolfie wants to know what would it take for you to vote for dubya

Jim Kelly - Big Fucking Loser

WSJ: Zero TAX difference between Kerry & Shrub -Married Couple @190k/yr

Some new polls WI Kerry 50-44 MI-Kerry 51-43(D-polls)

CNN: What must Bush do to win your vote?

Swift Boat Vet Got $40M Contract From Bush

GOP embarrased...stonewalling any talk about contract with America...

A new definition to go with "santorum" (a bit nasty)...

Santorum is on

How do we counter this: "At least the Republicans Stand for Something!"

Healthy Forest initiative is the height of Repug cynicism

LTTE re: USAToday pulling Michael Moore's press pass

So will it be Bush on Friday morning or Frances.?

Picture of the day!

Campaign request I received today......

wtf? more than 1,500 people arrested in convention-related protests

Tokenism! There go the Repugs again

Andrew Card is a Moron.....CNN

Kerry's Speech in Nashville Today

Public Service Advice for all watching RNC tonite --

Fox: "Kerry Urged to Increase Attacks on Bush"

Triumph, the Insult Comic dog really needs to poop on these repugs

WTF is this?


Support Richard Morrison (D) against Tom DeLay in TEXAS

Kerry must respond to the new SBVT ads showing Kerry protesting Vietnam

OMG they are showing Clinton's speech on MSNBC

Can any New Yorker DUer find out who built the podium???

Bada bing, bada bang, bada BOOM!

Joe Trippi Says Kerry Campaign Asleep Again

Randy Rhodes just called Lynn Cheney a flaming les at RNC LOL

Shrub's "entrance" for his speech tomorrow...

Walt Starr- AAR is reporting your story!!!!

My LTTE - Washington Post

Keyes just called Cheney's gay daughter hedonistic, Bites pubs ass

Media's coverage of the repub & dem conventions balanced.

Go to CNN and vote about the themes and tone of Repuke convention

PurpleHeartNacht: The Night That We Must Forever Remind Americans Of.

FOX NEWS Beats Broadcast Networks for RNC Coverage, HISTORIC...

Watching Karl Rove on PBS?

How sure are you that you know what the Kerry campaign should do?

Tonite's Theme - Failed Domestic Policies

Jenna, your mother let you go out like THAT?

WTF...when did the NYFD endorse shrub??????????

Paging Walt Starr -- Tune into Air America

Rove's vile attack on Bob Kerrey and Max Cleland

Geez! Even Fox Sports is a propaganda piece for the Bush campaign!

Michigan Repug Delegation led by crook, Candice Miller

Arnold Schwartzenegger reminded me of a son of a Nazi...

Kerry Came Into A Red State And Busted Bush InThe Chops

I'll give the Bush* girls privacy when Jeb Bush does the same for Schiavo

Thousands of Pink Slip Protestors go for Three Miles from Wall St. to Mid.

Get off his back and get off your butts!

What would it feel like to be undecided?

AP NewsBreak: Kerry Will Begin $50 Million Post-Labor Day Advertising Blit

Internet Slackers for Bush

My prediction; Kerry By A Landslide!

Explain This To Me: Bush's Biggest Failure (9/11) = VOTE FOR HIM???

Dean just said LePore is calling for a recount.

Could Somebody Explain The Fallacy In My Thinking ??? (Be Nice Now, LOL)

Uh oh....recount of absentee ballots in Florida (LePore)

Not to be morbid, but when is the RNC going to stop discussing the dead?

if FDR were running.....'He's not really a cripple!'

Nader - So What?

I'm not calling him W again. I'm calling him U. Here's why.

Why don't democrats push poll?

At 7:59 pm EDT I switched to MSNBC. There was an ACLU ad running.

How many republican people of color (any color) currently serve in the

"Virginia now true battleground"


They know when we freak..Be Postive of our position .got it on good tip

I get the feeling that Kerry's speech today deflated Repubs hopes somewhat

RUMOR: I heard that shrub's secret weapon is

Michael Ray-gun on, invoking Ronnie and God

Is DICK Cheney the "GRANDFATHER Of the United States"???

"November 21, 2001"

Local SC, but with national implications: Race.

Jewish Group Irked By Cross On Republican Podium

Sam Seder detained on the RNC floor?

Of 267,000 professional fire fighters and emergency medical personnel, UFA

Cheney was a union member in the '60s.

Reagan Tribute - Pardon me while I take a huge puke

Should DU Have A "Chicken Little Forum" For The Doom & Gloomers

**Official Zell Miller Speech Thread**

Whoever's idea it was

I just trashed my Sara Evans CD

Keyes on Larry King just know explaining that Cheney's daughter

SBV liars AND forgers? Man found his name on anti-Kerry letter

Newt: Kerry went to Paris and Negotiated with the Vietnamese

Bush or Kerry: Who would you rather have a FIGHT with?

Bush visiting working Democrat area of Scranton tomorrow....

This lying Repug Bizzaro Mass Lt Gov Healy needs a cornholing

How many people watched the Democratic Convention?

Rumour: Kerry's secret weapon is that Bush is a fake and a fraud

gov MItt Romney thinks he is funny

It's "Black-music" night at the GOP convention

No opposition to the RNC message??

Umm... What would everybody think if Shrum and Cahill were REPLACED...

My e-mail to CNN re: "Bush's Missing Year, etc..."

SBVFT are sitting lonely by the phone crying their little eyes out

Start a Revolution

Steubenville, OH, Kerry Rally Details

Terry McCauliff calls Zell Miller "Darth Vader"

Why is Zell Miller A Still a Democrat?

So do you think Kerry called Vanessa and Alex today

Is Zell Miller the last of the Dixiecrats???

um where was the outrage about trying to bring down the big dog


Time to get MAD, Time to Fight back, Time to GOTV!!!

for such conservative Christians...gasp...they are sure playing devil

The FACE of Republicanism: Zell Miller

Ladies and Gentlemen heeeere's DINO!!!!

2004 US Presidential Election Winner Takes All Market

LOL...Rove and Norquist a romantic item

Up next...Mary Cheney!

They want bashing? Time for another Al Gore barn burner! Now!

What If KERRY Gets a Bump Out Of the REPUBLICAN National Convention?

FUK Those GOP Bastards!!!! I hope it's a Pat Buchanan moment.

Warning, Dr Evil Dick on stage

The Crooked Dick Is Up!

please stop spreading this - Arnold did not "lie" about the debate

Zell Miller publicly lauded John Kerry as recently as a few years ago

MURDERER in Chief: "Halliburton" Dick Cheney

I haven't been listening to the convention..

Where was George W. Bush's "spine of tempered steel"

How much of a prize is Zell Miller?

South Park rocks!!

Did Daschle really issue this Statement about Zell Miller?

I'm glad our convention wasn't filled with * bashing


Is this finally the end of the Dixiecrats?

Hey Zell, Blow me.

What was the media response to ZIG ZAG's speech

So, was the "Bush in a Bubble" thing a joke, or what?

Anybody seeing the "Let Freedom Reign" signs???

French TV RNC coverage focuses on protests

Cheney will sound like Ghandi after Zell

DULawyers! Bush's Missing Year: If this was a court of law...

Zell Miller just puked freeper ideology all over the United States

CNN better give Zell the same treatment....

You know what I've just realized?

Will media hos be as upset by Zell as they were about Sharpton?

VP Crashcart at bat

Old curmudgeon man night at the RNC sure scares them turrists!

that "4 more years" chant was to cover up a protestor who was removed

A FAILURE OF IMAGINATION: Progressives Must Regroup Behind JK To Win

Thanks Zell!

Interesting pic of ol' Judas here...

What a difference, Ron Reagan vs Crazy Zelly Chit....

Who's that being rushed out?

Two words on Crashcart's delivery: Boar Ring!!

Zell Miller - Goebbels

Major site update - criticism/help is appreciated

Cheney: We didn't start this war.

Shot of Poppy Bush ...

Republicans-The Party of Inclusion?

its ironic that the most 'enthusiastic' speaker at the RNC was 'dem'.

ICR poll has Kerry up by 7%

"Once again, we are in a war we did not start..."

Dean will rally with our own Jeff Seemann and others Sept. 5 in Columbus

Loose nukes is our worst problem ... according to Cheney ..

Cheney is really just a nice guy

Ben Barnes' story will get more media coverage

Anyone else agree that the DNC just LOOKED better than the RNC



Lybia was Gonna Nuke America? Does America believe this Crap?

The FACTS on how Cheney cut defense

LOL He said president brush!!

If the GOP had a Zell Miller..

Damn, Bob Kerrey, bareknuckled, to SBVT: Fuck them and you can quote me

Buchanan in 1992 equals Zell Miller in 2004

SHAMELESS: "He speaks often of his service in Viet Nam..."

Liberals hate America? Let's compare keynote speeches?

I'd love to see how tonight's speeches play among undecideds...

McCain with Brokaw DEFENDING KERRY!

Kerry's campaign needs to take advantage of Zell's speech!

We have met the enemy...and he is us.

I Can Feel It In The Air! Kerry is about to teach the Repugs

Is It Me... Or Does The Wide Shot Of Him Look Like He's...

Did they cut/paste Cheney's speach from the same talking points

Dick still using "sensitive war"

Call the DNC and request an official removal of Zell by tomorrow. I did.

Cheney overexerts himself cracking smile, dies on podium

Did ya ever hear this about Lynn Cheney?

Cheney just endorsed KERRY!!!

Zell "the Shill" Miller is on the RNC right now and I am laughing

They have Zell Miller, we have Ron Reagan

Compare the current Republican "hate fest"

Which fired you up more...DNC or RNC?

Why do they keep showing those old guys from the Muppet show?

GOP Extreme Right Stirs Kettle From Off Camera

Not a SINGLE Similing Face....

Kerry needs to hold a news conference TONIGHT!!!

Please stop saying Zell Miller is Judas.

Don't self-destruct Dems!

Will the media now start writing stories decrying Kerry Bashing?

Yard signs...whats the over/under where you live?

Be careful what you ask for, W . . . Here it comes . . .

I am so proud

Is The Gay Daughter Up There ???

You gotta hear my video game story (freeper "debate")

Its Official: They're going to scare the hell out of Americans

Does this audience have cue cards, stand, clap, laugh, Boo ? They look

Please E-Mail the Media now and demand equal time now for Dems.

Is is me or are these speeches getting shorter?

Cheney seemed vaguely familiar to me.. Then I remembered "It's a Wonderful

I've come to respect Bush?

CNN tearing apart Zell

Trippi: This is your wake up call

I don't think terrorism is all that big a deal.

Mary Cheney - Invisible - Erased From the Family

Repetition for the masses....

Where are the Dems that were monitoring the Pub convention?

Dick is really phoning it in tonite, ain't he?

OK, this is the problem.

Mozilla sez 9:57 at the top of the page, 9:53 at the bottom

I could be in denial or mistaken...

Just saw a clip of the protest during the GOP Youth segment! OMFG!

Ha! Even their country bands are wash-ups!

dupe - please delete

Cheney reminds me of an unethical mortician

Don't do Cable tonight, It's a Cheney/Zell lovefester

Yea! Cheney accepts

Good ol' Zig-Zag Zell.

Could Cheney's Speech Be More BORING?

What is the percentage of minorities in dems?

Brokaw just said that he spoke with McCain re: Zell Miller's speech

Lord, Muriel, are they shouting "K-K-K"?

CNN grilling Zell pretty good


Daily Show ... TWUE LIES

Can someone tell me what Zell said? I was out of pocket during his speech

Darth Zell is a fraud, and an idiot, he still has Kerry praises on website

Rename Old Cheney Road,Young And Vigorous Cheney Road?

Well, Joe Scumbag nailed it right on the head

The stage will fill with fog, Bush will come up from the floor. . .

Sorry, is this the Republican Presidential Convention or the Kerry Roast?

DU this!

Jewish Groups Irked byCross on Republican Podium

Dan Rather's first (2nd ?) comment quotes protester!

*All* the Repuke Speeches Tonight Have Been LAME!!!!

Has anyone even heard what their plan is? I can't listen and throw up too

Babs said there will never be another * running for president.

It's a Klan rally

Kerry met with North Vietnamese to find out about POWs

Thank God that Whopper Zell chit did not speak...

DELEGATES KEEPING FISTS TIGHT (the rich follow a no tipping policy)

Someone asked for it, so here's the link....Zell's Transcript

EVERy speech is lying and booing Kerry they are shouting flip flop

Scarborough Nails It - "It's all about Kerry"

What is the Debate Schedule?

James Carville sent me a photo of bushie and uncle dick - yuck!

President Bush is not a "Flip/Flopper". Just a Flop.

Good Lord, Cheney is a lousy, boring speaker. Mr. anti-charisma

BUSH TWINS or activism, Bush Twins or activism ... you can have both here:

Tad Devine kicked a little ass

Get Al Gore and Howard Dean out there now!!!

Begala and maybe Carville to join Kerry team

Zell Miller is...

Daily Show - "Can't separate Osama Bin Ladin from the war on terror" ...

Oscar de la Renta says Laura Bush has eyes "like sapphires"

Aaron Brown & Crew Skewering Zell Miller's Negativity!

Daily Show: Rob Corddry under arrest!!

Latest Polls:

"Sieg Heil, Y'all!"

"George W. Bush... Words speak louder than actions."

Wolfe beating up on Zell

PBS Mark Shields ripping on the RNC all night

My take on the RNC convention: No " flip." Just "flop"

So I guess the joke's on me, but....

Zell is a joke. Threatened Chris from afar. HAHAAHAHAHAHHAH

Zell "diapers" Miller

Make Labor Day YOUR day to Register Voters and Hand Out Campaign...

GOP convention is WEAK.

That's all they got, folks! We will kick their ASS!

Bush's lead may not last

Jimi Hendrix just rolled over in his grave...

What will Tweety say ?

Unbelievable - they're doing the flip-flop chant!

Zell Miller is in total fucking meltdown

Who was it a couple of days ago who warned us that Zell...

Jon Stewart is going to ROAST Zell Miller tomorrow night-the jokes

Kerry will do whatever it takes to get votes ...

Has Zell appeared on Faux yet?

Is the media bashing Cheney too? With all the bashing of Zell tonight,

Zell: "WHAT!!!?!!"

Cheney's decline in polls makes him tempting target

Jobless Figures Could Emphasize Bush's Big Weakness

Anybody counting how many times they say

Andrea Mithchell now trashing Zell

CNN is cutting zell up live

We've Found Cheney's Undisclosed Location At The Convention !!!

Let's get a transcript of Zell's speech.

Zell's mystery piece of paper.

When Bush I was running for reelection in 92 and they had the infamous

Fred Ebert's ripping the RNC a new one

Lovely parting gifts for Zell Miller!

Kerry Campaign: George W. Bush - He Just Doesn't Get it

Report from "Middle America"

dupe and better than mine, lol

So, from what I'm hearing, Zell's speech was better

Luntz is a ass wad

Chris and zigzag was better than 3 days of RNC

Tweetys grilling the Zell now!!!!

You just KNOW Georgie will be sweet as pie towards Kerry tomorrow...

Kerry: Old Ideas, Bad Ideas and Failed Ideas Expected in Bush Speech

Tonight Zell Helped John Kerry

Maybe Zell's a double agent?

A request for someone who's good at Photoshopping

Brooks and Dunn CDs make great doorstops

CNN: Joe Conason on with Aaron Brown

I can't believe how great the RNC has been

Zigzag is a rabid dog, looking like Pubs bit off more than they chewed

File A Legal Ethics Complaint Against John O’Neill - PLEASE READ!

Zell is f*cking crazy! Seriously, look at his interviews!

Malloy is tearing Zig Zag Zell a new one!

Dear Senator Miller (submitted at his website)

CNN's Toobin On Zell -- "That is the single most negative speech.."

THURS: Kerry, Edwards Sprint Out of the Gates with Midnight Rally in Ohio

Does anybody know of something shifty going on in California? I'v heard

Rate the convention

Anyone still want to complain about Zell Miller?

Run a Zell Commercial and IT'S ALL OVER!

Bob Kerrey and Max Cleland Call for Karl Rove's Resignation

Is Oama the real winner of this election?

Welcome to the Zell Melt down master thread list...

Cheney: "America has a president we can count on to get it right."

That's all they got folks! We are gonna kick their ASS!

Who are they going to be talking about tomorrow... Cheney or Zell

They hate Kerry for his adulthood

For Kerry doubters

CSPAN Open Phones ALERT!!!

Tweety's gonna have a Frank Lunt focus group on...

Post the link to the transcript of Zell Miller's speech here if you see it

so luntz shows cheney lying and then gauges how people

Cheney did NOTHING BUT TRash Kerry the entire speech

Thank GOD Zell Miller is on THEIR side!!! eom

Bush's lead may not last

Greater flop hath no flip - Zell's web site boosts Kerry big-time

Bush & Kerry are cousins?

Called the Demo. headquarters here in Kansas City today

When does O'reilly come on again? I want to see Bono bitch-slap him.

The last of the Dixiecrats offered up his rebel yell tonight

Gotta love that Cheney didn't have his gay daughter

For those w/o cable: Letterman's Biff Henderson coming up at the RNC

Joe Conason on CNN now

Is anyone else looking forward to Junior's appearance tomorrow night?

Kerry's PUBLIC Testimony-Returning MIA's From Viet Cong & "Negotiating"

Wild Eyed Zell! He's CRAAAAAAAAAZY

The Repukes have proven Big Dog right

Zell is buying himself a trip to the LOONY BIN

AP: Cheney, Miller Unleash Rage Against Kerry (Actual Headline)

I hereby nominate Zell Miller as official ambassador to the bush-cheney

The Most Negative Convention In History

Zell Miller is a True Democrat, and gave us the final gift.

Hastert must be smoking crack


Hate filled, venom spewing convention will be a liability to the

Another protester on the floor!!!!

They're melting down before our eyes. Kerry is going to KICK AWOL'S ASS

AP headline "Cheney, Miller Unleash Rage Against Kerry"...ooooh, scary.

Can't take it anymore.. fat Frank Luntz and his flock of seagulls hairdo

NYC indymedia: Protestors prevent bush from visiting Queens firehouse!!!!

The Repukes ain't got no rhythm. Why?

Zell: I wish we lived in a time when we still had duels

Zell Miller praises John Kerry

New CNN poll just up - looks good already!

Are they yelling "Four more beers?"

Is Zell persuasive to Independents and conservative Dems?

WARNING: has the scariest pictures you'll ever see!

Buffoon RNC delegate is VERY excited about the convention

General Clark: I disagree with Kerry

MSNBC focus group on Zell Miller's speach

Zell Miller Speech and Interviews = Howard Dean Scream?


Is it personal NOW? Can we take off the GLOVES yet?


With Zogby polls, Kerry 332 EV / 99.76% WinProb ; without, 288 / 77.40%

Local news anchor reports Rick Santorum being treated like a "rock star"

Dick's On!

Oopsy daisy! "Compassionate" delegates blow off the homeless

Kerry campaign is obviously reading DU, and here's proof!

"No lesbians on stage, please."

Chris Matthews has Zell on NOW


Karl Rove just mimiced Dean's "Scream"

Zell Miller vs Barack Obama; let the people decide

Text: Dick Cheney recommended the defense spending cuts

Cook Political Report: The Magic Formula: Two Out of Three?

Who was that guy in the Tad Devine costume?

We need a media person to put these stories together

The Dem's Keynote Speaker, the Future, Barack Obama

AAR announces Walt Starr's scoop about medalgate

the RNC coverage has been lees than glowing..(IMO) I surf the channels

We all MUST write CNN and MSNBC about these Zell interviews!

Poll: Which was funnier tonight? The Daily Show or Zell imploding on MSN

Who here thinks taxes are necessary and can be fair?

Zell Miller Tried to challenge Chris Matthews to a FIGHT

OK, so like when is somebody going to kill this one.

Lewis Black sums up this convention for me...

zell was wild-eyed; lost his cool; is he senile?


What are 10 best reasons to dump Bush?

CNN is really smoking tonight in their analysis

kerry is NOT a christian........(did you all know)

CBS Exposed Cheney-Iran-Haliburton Scandal

Rove on Lehrer NOW - how come he's come out of his closet?

New Vets Come Forward – Shows SBVT Criminal Fraud

Hail, Zell! He feigns abandonment of Dems, then trashes Rep convention!

Be of good cheer, DU! The Republican Convention is going in the toilet!

Text Miller's speech: We've got to pick it apart and express outrage

WHy did George Bush send our troops to war without protective armor?

Holy shit, CNN trashing Zell, and he's speechless (transcript)

Benedict Miller just trashed Carter

Kerry has pulled his ads from Louisiana, but

HEADS UP! Atrios: "Young Bush story out tonight/tomorrow..."

The Bush Twins Saved The World

Suggest labels for Kerry,mine..."Tough Prosecutor,and Deficit Hawk "

HELP SWING OHIO! Please Support The Ohio Project!

Here it is: George W. Bush's missing year (Salon hot of the press)

Protest tactics at RNC this week -- use if election is stolen?

Bumper sticker shaped like bandaid with a purple heart in the middle ...

Colin Powell's Band Aid Purple Heart


Airforce says Bush would not get medal because he didn't earn it.

2000 People Held At Pier 57

Meme: GOP throws a convention, and all they talk about is Kerry

I think we're going to have a civil war.

A Tale of Two Conventions

George W. Bush's missing year

Why does no one seem to understand..............

Cheney has taken Kerry completely off the hook! Thank you Dick!

Need some juicy Bush AWOL quotes/lies

Kerry/Edwards could win Georgia!

Breaking MSNBC: Zell Miller practically invites Chris Matthews to a Duel

Attention those 20 million young single women non-voters: FEMALE DRAFT '05

True non-Lies: Two thirds of Americans think the Vietnam war was a mistake

I forwarded this press release from the Vietnam Veterans of America = Copyright Infringement

We did it! Wolf acknowledges he whored for the GOP

Dirty Dancing - To John Kerry, Time to FIGHT DIRTY! Bush and the Nazis!