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Archives: August 9, 2004

Larry Elliott (Guardian Utd): The world economy sinks or swims in oil

Donating to DU

Greta Van Susteren a scientologist?

A stark difference between the Iran embassy seizure incidents (of 25 yrs

When they start wanting to burn law books

well isn't this convenient . . . September is National Preparedness Month

what would be the weirdest prez/veep line up you could imagine?

Something to make you laugh

Optical scan ballots. No chads, no hacking. Why aren't they universal?

Ireland doesn't like us?

Are you waiting for Bush to go to buy stocks?

Bill O'Reilly is a registered republican yet claims to be independent Great site

How free speech on the Internet is in jeopardy

Combat deaths... "FDR" spam email rebuttal

Marine killed in Western Iraq (Anbar)

Immigrants Raise Call for Right to Be Voters

Kerry Pledges to Honor Indian Treaties

This is the Best ATHF

DU women: Can I get a purty fleet?

I don't get Aqua Teen Hunger Force

/Slacker/ is coming out on DVD at the end of the month.

Cubs lose--and we lose UGLY!

The New Top Ten is out, Baby

All subject lines! One, two, three: GO!

Are you confused?

If domestic cats tasted like enchaladas, would you eat one?


I just had the strangest afternoon/night of my life....Spooky

This is my 2000th post

What's in your living room?

She was all "Should we two way Alecia?" and I was all

MMM Boca Meatless breakfast links

GOP picks candidate with 19 convictions... (big oops!)

Tampa Trib..long article about Dean Dozen, Rob McKenna.

Iraq invasion a "tremendous gift" to bin Laden: CIA analyst

Why is the Bush not coming to Hawaii? We got tons of voters for him

Democrats fool themselves with visions of Kerry victory

[NYT] It's Not Just the Jobs Lost, but the Pay in the New Ones

Two good editorials from NYT.

The Chalabis: Victims or villains?

Josh Marshall Dissects Feith's rationale for "war on terror"

And So It Goes

Woolsey's Web - Structural Corruption & Iraq (good article!)

Justice Dept. retaliated against prosecutors for cooperating w/ congress

Infectious Good (David Warsh - Economic Principals)

Oh great......more Vietnam ammunition for the *ies......

The Other Candidate Bounce - WP reporter find Pres choice difficult

Not Scared Yet? Try Connecting These Dots

Taliban Maintains Grip Rooted in Fear

Abu Ghraib Video link

Godzilla versus King Kong fighting it out in the cesspit of US politics

Mr. Keyes the Carpetbagger (once amusing, are now absurd)

Feeling Pressure From 9/11 Commission, Lawmakers Urge Speed and Caution

Gas Guzzlers Shock Therapy

Vieques - Paradise Lost

9/11's Big Dirty Secret: Trafficking with the Taliban - Hopsicker

Sudan, Oil, and African Muslim vs. African Muslim

Democratic Party win might boost market

New York Times offers Bush friendly advice on terror alerts

articles by Katherine von Wormer.. about *ush's Stalinist muddled

Nature 'mankind's gravest threat'

Freedom for Afghan, Iraq women?

Big Business Becoming Big Brother

Misconceptions dominate the oil debate

War against Iraqi Children: Ghali Hassan

Bush's lies should cost him presidential election

Advantage, Bush (Clift goes a little postal)

We should send Bush to be Iraq’s president

Thanks To Some REAL National Heroes - Open Letter

Bush administration would manipulate a terrorist warning - Alterman

Can the Chimpster go a single day without a major gaffe?

Zepp's Commentaries: More on the Not-So Swifties

Schwarzenegger, Bush snub California Republicans

An Open Letter to CNN -

State of Alert (NY needs funding not just terror warnings)

Man Fakes Own Beheading Video

Protest Bush in Bellevue, Wa This Friday!

Anti-Bush Google Bomb Campaign

The Most Trusted

Please praise the Oregonian for some good reporting on Iraq (finally)


Alan Colmes calls out Obama

DU this poll -- give the FReepers a stroke!

Thought for the day :

Today in History 08/09

Oops, my bad.

Today's Quote

My Daughter

Lost another hiker on the mountain behind me today....

How do we Tackle Runaway Executive Compensation?

Got to talk to some economists last week

Russian Government sells LUKoil stake in steps toward privatization

No Limits To Bush Admininistration Aid To Coal Industry - NYT

Overflowing Narmada River Overtops Dam By 13 Feet (India)

NASA Scientist Sees Possible Mat of Martian Microbes (

US Expands Relations w. Greenland In Exchange For Radar Upgrades

The Myth Of Lynxgate Debunked - Along With "Salvage" Timber Sale

Despite FS, State Opposition, 500 Gas Wells Get OK In NM National Forest

Prozac in British Drinking Water

Superiors Hindered Terror Prosecutors

GUNS IN THE NEWS - August 7 - 9, 2004

a thought to be getting on with

I changed my mind about guns...

Gun-free America still aim of some

Kill the assault rifle ban? YES

In which states will "gun ownership" be a factor in November

True membership date?

Would it be a violation of the DU rules to call someone a

This Thread Had Little To Do With Campaign2004

Forum for debunking spam mails?

is there a way to change my forum name?

Appologies of a violent revolutionary.


I like the idea of pre-donation

A 'Help me rebut this...' forum?

Question: Aren't the majority of posts election related now? I am

Okay already! Mike Malloy is back and thankfully is on AirAmerica.

Is there any reason, I keep getting asked to log in?

sorry, but i hate the new rules about GD and the Campaign Forum

Using search, I often cannot find a recent post of mine

Not sure why my posts got deleted

Court rejects female refusenik's petition against IDF service

stolen lives & stolen lands

Ex-deputy Mossad director accuses IDF of losing its morality

Another explanation for why the Pentagon's missile defense system failed.

OK Ilinois DUers OBama???

Blagojevich is subpoenaed in case of steer stripped of title at state fair

Keyes on CBS2 Chicago just now...

What exactly is Keyes up to? He may not be "victorious"?

Expert: Absentee ballots more likely NOT to be counted

Court rejects Rep. Wexler’s lawsuit over touch-screen voting machines

2004 election season a crossroads for Florida's faltering Democrats

Possum festival a political tradition

2 counties vow to ease Hispanics' poll access

Protest Bush in Pensacola, Gulf Breeze and Niceville, FL 8/10

Don't blink: Bush, Kerry visiting California this week

Hate filled email from bigot in California, need help with a response.

It's 115 here in the desert today 103 at 8pm

Jockeying for Kerry's Senate seat begins

Mayor Kelly a longtime conservative - Letter to Star Trib., online only

New resident of Michigan

Mongo quoted on the front page of the Zanesville paper

How are things going in Ohio?

Democrats cry fraud in Nader drive; workers say they will sue to get paid

Question about DeLay-Morrison, etc. race.

The Top Ten Percent Program

KIRO contact informaiton

Edgar Martinez hanging em up?

the Department has determined that these materials are "not sufficiently s

Asia\Pacific Markets Trending Red This Morning !!!

Airline pilots versus Bush on September 11 / 2001

New ambassador to Qatar, Chase Untermeyer

IMPORTANT: Dean on CNBC-3am EST , Does any one want to talk about it?

Some strange things in CNN's Chalabi story about 30 mins ago.

speaking of stockmarket, what do you think of the stem cell sector?

NY DUer's

What was Bush SUPPOSED to say when he said,

Kerry change in Las Vegas NV stop

I am seething from this anti-Kerry (swiftboat liars) email - help please -

Awesome line by Charley Reese on al-Qaeda

SOmeone with a bit OF historical EDucation.. Help please...

MUST seeTopic A with

Not sure why my posts got deleted

Anyone know Bush's schedule for Friday in Washington?

Former BushCo© Sweetie Chalabi now a Fugitive - COUNTERFEITING?!?!

What did you think of Howard Dean on CNBC tonight?

Is this scenario a nightmare to you all?

Bush Outing Of Khan Enabled 5 Al Kaida To Escape Capture

Check the Reuters' caption on this * pic...

good morning du'ers!

Condi: "I'm just trying to get through the next few weeks."

"(Iraqi) children as young as 6 were throwing fire bombs at the vehicles"

Repugs are saying that Kerry should have been harder on bush???

Saddam's prosecutor charged with murder ????

Alan Cullison on C-Span discussing AlQuaeda Computer/ Has Agenda?

A friend emailed me this. I don't think I seen it on DU before.

For those who like folksy independent internet radio

Alabama Mail Room Veterans for Bush

9/11 perspective

Did George W. Bush deserve his silver star? Please discuss

Keyes fires up GOP faithful..."the victory is for God"

If I were not free, I wouldn't hate free people. I'd want freedom.

"Bush about fear; Kerry about hope" - Excellent LTTE

Preacher Urges Stone-Faced Bush To Ditch Possessions..

See! The terrorist alerts were for real See! See?!?!?!?

Who is Mark Bowden and why was he coming out of my speaker?

Churches See an Election Role and Spread the Word on Bush

Ashcroft orders public libraries to destroy law books

Capital punishment in Iraq

Evan Thomas needs to be ripped a new one

8:05 a.m. C-Span callers - RELIGIOUS nut alert! Theocratic government

I am sick of Dr Sanjay Gupta..

Tourism is a hard sell in lawless Iraq..(From the DUH file???)

Florida E-Vote Ruling: state doesn't need to guarantee a perfect system

Prayer Meetings in Corporations before External QS-9000 Audits.

9:07 C-Span "Liberal" advocacy groups: SAMPLE: LIEBERMAN

Keyes still has unpaid campaign debt?

Prayer Meetings in Companies prior to External Audits, LED by the AUDITOR

Don't make Major Purchases until 11/3

Poll to vote on...

Voting experts: Comment on this pg1 NYT story re. provisional-ballot probs

I think we should set aside a few days a year for elections

So, did you cower in fear this weekend, or go fishing with dad?

The "War on Terra" is both a racial and religious war - The War on Them

Bush: Head Strong and weak minded.

So two democrat House members switched to the repugs? WHY???

Effective at Noon will have been 30 years

Eye injuries par for the course at Landstuhl, life-changing for patients

Evil or asshole democrats/liberals. Dixiecrats dont count.

RW talk show vs Kerry on 9-11

Dozen protesters arrested at Y-12 nuclear complex

Can hardly wait to have a real President

I changed my mind about guns...

Has the spirit of a society ever changed *without* violent catastrophe?

Oh so now CNN wants to acknowledge that Kerry got a bounce

So I get the "Heinz Outsourcing" e-mail last night...

Don't Go Negative On Google - Google's ad rules complex, controversial

GOP & Media Don't Expect A President To Act IMMEDIATELY During A Crisis

A DU repeat quote (I bet) for a Monday morning - Smedley Butler

I have to admit to a certain fascination with FR.

If you listen to Imus then you're mentally deficient Moran.

It's Not Just the Jobs Lost, but the Pay in the New Ones

My political encounter this weekend

Al Franken is new today -- John Dean is one of the guests

Interesting list of those who served and those who didn't

Berger Investigation reveals Hypcrisy (from Mislead)

Lets Talk about the Stupid Media

Did Al Franken just say that AAR is coming to Atlanta?!!

What do you think of my campaign idea?

Have you seen this picture of Condi from MTP yesterday?

White House Intercedes for Gas Project in National Forest

States not State

Outsourcing the Defense Budget - for real

'Ownership society?' Some questions for George W. Bush...

Where can I get this Bush screw-up video clip??

And for post #2000

F/911 Edited?

Larry Schwarz went: From politics to porn flicks

Non-Political Terror-Bush family visits CITI -now Helicopter Tours Proceed

Mr. Bush, why are you a better choice than Kerry to protect us?

"Terror Alerts - Substance or Politics?"...Howard Dean column

Hackworth defends Kerry's Purple Hearts

Just on CNN: Gen. Shalishkavili in hospital

Bob Herbert--Economic Hardships

Riverbend seems to be back

war on 'terra'......Terra is Latin for earth... so W is fighting

Anyone seen

When did Saddam and Bin Laden start hating eachother?

Nagasaki. 59 Years ago today.

DU CNBC "Power Poll" quickly, please. "How is War on Terror Going?"

Amazon top 100 Bestseller it Anti-Kerry week ?

Not really suitable for LBN, but

Under what circumstances would violent revolution be justified?

Loving the Slave Master who Beats you...................

Did anybody hear Franken shooting an arrow at Scotty McClelan?

On CNBC's Tim Russert, O'Reilly likened MMFA to the Ku Klux Klan

Link to ACLU/FL petition to remove lifetime voting ban for former felons

more on Malkin's book supporting WWII internment of Japanese

Did anyone watch Dean interviewing Jon Stewart last night?

Idea for a bumper sticker....

its not the fact that boosh sat there for 7 minutes

Bush has created this enormous hall of mirrors in the country.

My smack down of another freeper

"Deep Throat" on Franken sounds like Larry Flynt

Nightline for 8/9: Truth is the First Casualty (all about swift-boats)

Hey Perl mongers! Get your bushism script here!

October release for Kerry documentary, "Going Upriver"

Kerry brings up the Halliburton issue

Workplace Religious Freedom Act alert from Americans United

horrific ad for RW talk radio station KFAQ1170am in Tulsa

Question for DUers who visit FR...

HELP! I was Evil, and NOW I MUST PAY!!! (Vet Admin)

BFEE got slammed in church over the weekend....LOL

Vet benefit plan: Kerry vs. Bush

Post your own thread here.

Did Franken mention the Krugman/O'Really "debate"

Let's ask KOKO the Lady Gorilla to Debate dubya!

Copycat thread - delete

Senate 2004 - Should Kerry put Repugs in his Cabinet?

Here's the soundtrack to Bush's "Sovereign" answer.

Ben Stein's campaign contributions (full list)

Ben Stein coming up on Al Franken

Al Franken reads DU!

Instead of listening to lies from Rumsfeld on the Abu Ghraib

This one freeper type is using the Sarin gas situation as "proof" of WMD

Did Franken address O'jackass-Krugman debate?

Pencil, paper and...

One BILLION spent so far to protect us. How much is a pair of boxcutters?

Yowza! Texas repukes want to eviscerate the ADA

MEME MEMO: Alan Keyes is a mainstream Republican

ever wanted bush to look different? heres how website link

Randi rant on Bush outing of Al Queda Mole, setting back War on Terror

Let's get a message or three to Jello Biafra about his morning idiocies

Why do fascist republicians hate America?

Former Chairman Joint Chiefs Gen. Shalikashvili hospitalized at Fort Lewis

Wow. . .the top ten list I made


I went to my local dem headquarters today.

The Mother of all Mediawhore phone lists

What would you do if you were in Muqtada al-Sadr's shoes?

They call themselves patriots but

OK Randi is way too funny

What are you paying for Cable TV and is it worth it?

Condoleezza in Portland, OR, Aug 17, noon, Convention Center

Rate this CIA Leak Testimony story a '5!'

Hve you read the 9/11 Commission Report yet....

Stem cells are a Sovereign Entity!

Does Scott McClellan have a brain?

Well it happened. I was watching CROSSFIRE regularly. Today I turn it on

Need Help Debunking!

Is Bush smart enough to have a nervous breakdown?

Shut up and go get me a beer, Laura

From 1 to 10, how bad will O'Lielly's rant be tonight

Woody Allen

Hve you read the 9/11 Commission Report yet....

MSNBC poll: Which candidate makes you feel safer?

Caption the Puppet

John McCain: An honorable man turned whore

Can someone direct me to Bush's employment numbers?

Is it over the top to suggest Bush administration....

Bev Harris: Tell us what DU can do to reduce 30% E-Voting for 2004?

War Isn't Working

drunk bush

What would be happening now if Bush had not taken us into Iraq?

So Russert's a Coward Rat who squealed to the Grand Jury to save his ass!

Attention President Clinton fans!

CIA Leak case: Cooper charged w/contempt & Russert loses in court

7 minutes? 40 minutes? What did YOU think on 9/11, and when?

Happy Anniversary! 30 years since Nixon resigned

Laura and Chalabi Were Sittin' In A Tree...

How we should have spent 144.4 Billion Dollars

Las Vegas terror threats never conveyed, "may hurt tourism"

Letter blasts CNN for becoming FOX Clone

Lt. Col. Peter Matsuura: "it tears your heart out" (our injured troops)

If Freepers were really Christian

On This Day 1969: Film star stabbed in "ritualistic" killings

Plamegate, Khan, etc. -- High treason

Need help re. info on CNN behind-the-scenes powers-that-be (have names) --

Halt 'blot' of wind farms: Prince Charles

Clinton's on the radio now - call-in show

need help finding a link

Bush* blows the cover on another US agent!

What system will you be using to cast your ballot in November?

Lou Dobbs Poll Tonight

Digby at Hullabaloo is quickly becoming my favorite on the web.

ABC's NIGHTLINE: Truth is the First Casualty.

Cheney fundraiser for Santorum in Jackson Hole

JF C!!!!! you think AEI is bogus now? read this!!! John Lott exposed

My Friend Met Rep. Barney Frank This Weekend - This Is About The "Media"

If they can't find Osama will Al-Sadr be the October surprise?

What kind of boat did Kerry command?

To whoever is responsible for B&N Swift Boat Scum book cover revision

No voter disenfranchisement in 2000 election...

Coworker Asks Me Today: "Do You Even Like ONE THING Bush Has Done?"

King Kong weeps........Fay Wray has died, aged 96

AP:They're Going to Rip Kerry's Throat Out During Repub Convention...

"Hannity is the only conservative on Fox." WTF?!?!?!?!?!

Fisherman.... don't eat your fish....

Reminder: Bill Clinton is guest on tonite's TDS

"I've never done anything. I've worked for my dad."

We Should Spend As Much on Helping the World as We Spend on Defense-letter

Purple Heart junk debunked Debunks Smeartboat liars! read all about it!!!

The Power of DU: How and Why.

Wonkette on Bill Clinton going on Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show"

Scotty McClellan's and the WH press corpse today....

shrubbie's prof at Harvard on AAR now

Russert Held in Contempt in CIA Leak Case

What's the number of U.S. dead as of today for the gulf war 2 ?

Is there a approx. age expectancy of a solider in Vietnam?

Did tommy franks say this about the war?

Is this the TIA database at work?

Scottie McClellan press conference...more than 100,000 in gifts to bush???

What happened to Christie Todd Whitman?

Franks shilling for bogus war on Hardball..

Pickles has "smokers lip"

Heads Up: Jeanane Garafalo to be on MacEnroe (CNBC) tonight

I just love how Chris Matthews

Question to Vets out there especially combat vets

Move-On's new ads against bush "I'm a repub voting for Kerry"

Franks takes blame for 'mission accomplished'

So, what happens if the election is stolen in November?

Howard Dean on C-SPAN2 8:00pm

To Swiftboat supporters: My uncle spent only 16 days in Viet Nam

Kerry campaign needs to figure out war stance

Gen Franks takes the blame for "Mission Accomplished" sign.

Bill O'Riley defends Kerry !

One soldier's death...a personal account

So Do We Boycott Starbucks?

Kerry: time to speak out more on Iraq

Have any anti-Kerry vets been exposed as frauds?

when do the yard signs start going up?

To swiftboat veterans: My uncle Freddy only spent TWO months in WW2

Fair and Balanced American History

"Mom, why would people have computerized voting machines?.....

I'm so disappointed, I don't feel like voting for anyone anymore.

Exit Polls, what are they really?

Keeping us safe?: Homeland Security gives 300 Montserratians the boot

The wise old philosopher of ancient Greece,Diogenes, was

The Woman George W. Bush Didn't Marry.Remember this?

I'm Feeling "Hippie'ish" Tonight. Can I Share This Movie With You Again???

DU This Pol: Should international observers monitor elections?

"Dick Cheney is one of the most honorable men I've ever met"

Former Weapons Inspector Butler resigns after 'hate campaign'

The latest jib-jab type flash - Farenheit 2004

War in Afghanistan

Laura Bush needs to keep her mouth shut

I sure hope Kerry can respond quickly to the "Cambodia" issue raised

Bush appointed homophobe Cobun to head AIDS commission


Let me try a simple metaphor for Kerry's War Resolution vote:

To swiftboat liars: View these names and hide your face in shame!

Has anyone watched "Dolans Unscripted"?

All the Objective Evidence is on Our Side

After all the rationales for the invasion of Iraq have turned out to

Fact Lookup

Hypothetical: Cheney as Commander in Chief? Thoughts?

Er...if Ray McGovern is worried about these signs...shouldn't we be?

Janeane Garofalo on McEnroe 10pm EST on CNBC

Did you hear that? Al Franken just said AirAm is coming to ATLANTA!!!

Alec Baldwin just did really well on O'Wrongly.


I'll say it again for those that don't "get it" yet

Jon Stewart kicks ass

On Larry King: Woodward and Bernstein on Nixon resignation.

You must read Kerry's testimony on Viet Nam war to face off with the scum

Tweety should have asked Franks..."Why did you F*ck Up in Tora Bora!

The Military Vote

Amazon posts October 5th as the F-9/11 DVD release date

How far do you expect Obama to go?

Keyes/Obama: What IS IT with today's Repub party?

Does anyone else see this knucklehead Alan Keyes on H&C?

bush destroyed freedom of religion in Iraq

actually... Voting for Bush is:

Teresa Kerry/Castro Connection?

Heads up on MSNBC...McEnroe has Dreyfus, Garofello, Dean

OK to call Clinton a murderer but sacrilegious for Whoppi to call Bush...

ABC news tonight....Admin forced to reveal Khan's name...

I hit one out of the park with a Repug...

Franken's on McEnroe, not Janeane

Tonight's Nightline: Jake Tapper reports on the Swift Boat veterans.

the Michael Moore factor....

who's responsible for Mission FUBAR...?

Scarborough country.....

Is Humanity UNFIT for Colonizing the Galaxy???

Do bumper stickers do any good?

A One time Deal..Free..Take it Back CD if

Pastor gently mocks Bush's struggle on the golf course to drive home point

Lets compile talking points for our constituents to memorize

John Dean just said that Bush is mean to people in private.

Looks like the next ruler of Iraq will be a combination of Osama and . . .

Is it just me or is this ad offensive?

Interesting anomalies

U.S. workers mired in long losing streak

Janeane Garofalo on NOW on CNBC.

Unless Keyes Can Pull Within 20 Points of Obama, I'd Ignore Him


Senator Hutchinson (R-Tx) cheerleads for Terrorists at "townhall" meeting

If Dems don't fight the 9-11 convention and here's-Osama NOW, we'll lose

has everyone seen this graph of Bush's ratings vs. terror alerts?!

The double take of the year goes to...

Just an observation--

Will there be exit polls in November?

I have a suggestion for people with "Help me debunk...RW talking points"


Favorite Repug Question "Do you think the world is better off

wonkette makes great comments on the new Iraq death penalty

Alec Baldwin on o'lilely now

Do you think that the Repubs can just about all be somewhat

Scott McClellan dodges the "How about the people who are dead" question

What's up with Randi and Al on AAR?

Mike Malloy Time!

Remember this, Alan Keyes.....

Will America choose FEAR over HOPE ?

I had an "Ah-haa" moment on the way home from work today.

Shake yourself, Ron Brownstein!

O'Lielly versus Krugman! Up next on FAUX

Who do you think is Deep Throat?

A story about a Dictator

Any one hear the NPR piece Friday about Beanie Man? Boycot anyone?

Dem Whip's statement on Alexander's party switch

Blockbuster BBC report: F911 gets standing O 's at Fort Bragg

Senate approves Iraq war resolution- Bush "America speaks with one voice."

Well i had a great day at work :)

Should presidential candidates have to pass an intelligence test?

appalling crisis for black males discussed in In These Times

This stuff about the Khan outing is really serious.

More "windfalls of war" Amazing!!!

Bush may have blown the chance to capture Osama ?

What is your impression of the threat posed by Iran?

The hidden impact of prison populations: can't vote but counted in census

Tenn. Democrats Call On GOP To Denounce "Racist" Candidate

Lou Dobbs poll on International Observers for Election

Sibel Edmonds and why I think 9/11 could have been prevented...if not

Has anyone else noted that everytime they catch an alQueda

Daily Show Thread- with Bill Clinton

My Religion is the one true path, Your Religion sucks

Under What Circumstances Would A Non-Violent Revolution Be Justified?

Morality vs. Ethics

401(k) Savers Survived Bear Market

Billboard on 85-N leaving SC: Volunteer for Homeland Defense Force

What would Kerry do after he's elected and another terror attack happens?

Michael Moore doing a book next year called "The Book"

John McCain bugs me

This is an official Fundraising Thread for The Guy James Show

Beatings in Baghdad

GOP tactics are to talk louder and talk over. We need to learn it.

Are you better off than you were four years ago?

My dual citizen, conservative Canadian sister

Is "Weed-N-Feed" killing you?

Outsourcing T-shirts now on e-bay

Montana 47, New York 5.

I am sooo sick of this terror bullshit!! You want to know what terror is?

Creepiest Picture of Bush I've ever seen.. I need help posting it here.

How many times can O'Reilly pull it off?

Who believes this retraction Ed Gillespie sent to I don't!

Will Osama's "Capture" Mean a Landslide for Bush*?

"Please don't kill me. Please don't kill me."

931 soldiers have died so far... do you think it will reach 1000 before

Jeff Bridges is on the Dennis Miller show.

Dennis Kucinich's Important Question About Civil Liberties

Voting for Bush is...

I see the GOP has dragged out that Damned....

Dept. of Justice Rescinds Order to Withdraw Publications

Krugman vs. O'Fathead on Now CNBC (10 PM Central) n/t

Predictably, Bob Novak gives the O'Neil book two thumbs up...

Bill O'Reilly is a Quasi-Murder!

Bush pic requests

Is depression real?

Norman Mailer warns of trap in NYC....

I REALLY don't get the enviro-wackos response to Prozac in drinking water

Democrats for Abortion Policy Reform website...

If you missed Dean telling Hannity to watch clip.

Bush Wants To Be Your Shrink

"No Use Beating A DEBT Horse" | and other Terror TOONs

Non-confidence votes

Gallery of great protest pics from the UK 2002-2004

Iraq envoy Clwyd to join privy council

Kerry change in Las Vegas NV stop

City appealing judges order banning blanket bag searches w/o spec. threat

Europe takes on Afghan security

Rumsfeld saves pipeline from Caspian Sea to Turkey.

It's a Teletubbymonkey

Amid Rumors, Queries, Barry Soldiers On

Miramax "to cut" 35 percent of staff (160 jobs)

Seven Iraq police die in car bomb

9-11 attacks spurred Idema to action

A new subject of anthrax probe

California proposal echoes Bush reforms

Churches See an Election Role and Spread Word on Bush

Iran Dismisses Nuke Program Allegations

Bush ends low-key family weekend

Kerry in Gallup for powwow

Thousands welcome Edwards back

Leak at Japan Nuclear Plant Kills Four

FBI Quiz Execution Video Hoaxer

THINKFilm Plans October Release for John Kerry Doc "Going Upriver"

San Francisco Takes the Lead in New Voting Method

Private, Public Roles Overlap in Washington

Crowd drawn to Heinz Kerry

Nigeria's Petroleum Industry Reeling

Bush fares better now than dad did in '92

At least 5 dead at Japan nuke plant

Senator Seeks Inquiry Into Abuse Report

John Mellencamp turns political; joins coalition bent on defeating Bush

Jesse Jackson promotes voter registration drive

Nigeria's Petroleum Industry Reeling

Jobs they came for are leaving

(US-appointed) Najaf leader OKs operations near holy shrine

Dupe - General Shalishkavili fallen ill - hospitalize

Curfew Declared in Embattled Baghdad Suburb (Sadr City, 4 p.m. to 8 a.m.)

Kerry (swift boat) critic to appear on national cable talk show

On CNBC's Tim Russert, O'Reilly likened MMFA to the Ku Klux Klan

Danger Paves Road to Baghdad for Jordanian Truckers

FBI Warns al-Qaida Will Try More Attacks

Seized computer discs may trigger new security alerts

U.S. Contract to British Firm Sparks Irish American Protest

Chalabi sees conspiracy in arrest warrants

Ballot Foul-Up Cancels Ga. Court Election

Terry Nichols Receives 161 Life Sentences

Lebanese FM urges Iraqi kidnappers to reconsider their tactics

We will not negotiate with Dulaimi: KGL -sheik 'playing games' w/ hostages

Neb. to Pay $141M Over Radioactive Dump

U.S. leak 'harms al Qaeda sting'(Bush exposes Secret scource for political

Economists Lower 3rd-Qtr U.S. GDP Forecast in Survey

Another Turkish Truck Driver Reported Missing In Iraq

Iraq Olympic chiefs hold out hope for calm

P. Diddy Teams With MTV To Make Political Documentary

U.S. says five American soldiers killed in fighting in Iraqi city of Najaf

Two hostages freed in Iraq (Jordanians; company announces withdrawal)

Private School Flunks Geography (53 US states, WWII from 1938-1942!) | CBS

Judge Upholds Media Subpoenas in CIA Leak Case

Iraq Reliant on U.S. Troops for Security

International team to monitor presidential election

First Muslim bank to open in UK

Democrats to Challenge Nader Petitions, Alleging Fraud (Penn)

Iraq Suicide Bomber Kills Seven, Wounds 17

Bush's science adviser defends the boss against his bashers

Bush meat trade breeds new HIV Africa

Group Threatens Attacks on Iraq Offices (INA/Allawi office torched)

Journalists' group slams Iraqi ban on Al-Jazeera

Iraq envoy Clwyd to join privy council

Reuters to shift editorial jobs to India

Bush Mum on Expected Fed Interest Rate Increase

Devon, Hess, ChevronTexaco, ExxonMobil in Riggs-Related SEC Probe

Nagasaki remembers atomic bomb, urges US to ban nuclear weapons

Cheney in S.C. for second fund-raiser in a month ($1k per plate)

FBI quiz execution video hoaxer

Bush: Allawi sets course in Iraq ("pretty good progress" in Najaf)

Fay Wray Dies

Five British Soldiers Wounded in Basra Clashes

El Salvador Tightens Security After Iraq Threats (Mohammed Atta Brigades)

Feds: "We Disrupted Al-Queda Plans"

Republican convention puts many in NYC on edge

Laura Bush Defends U.S. Stem Cell Policy

Tommy Franks claims blame for Bush remark ("Mission Accomplished")


AP: U.S. Didn't Warn Las Vegas of Threats

Tens of thousands march for Chavez, one week before Venezuela referendum

Sorry. Dupe.

US To Allow Longer Stays For Some Mexican Visa Holders

Abuse Hearings Moved From Iraq to Germany

Bush Vows to Pressure Iran on Nuke Goals

NewsView: Bad Economic News Tests Bush (AP)

Labor Leaders Focus on Ousting Bush

La-Z-Boy to Lay Off at Least 645

Poland Says It Won't Stay in Iraq Forever

Oops a Dupe

Bush-backers-only policy riles voters at RNC rallies(more on loyalty oaths

Sheriff will bill Kerry for costs

Kerry Stops for Voters' Homemade Signs

Schumer wants details about leaked terror suspect's name

NYT: It's Not Just the Jobs Lost, but the Pay in the New Ones

Nortel Update May Include Layoffs (up to 5000 jobs)

Chalabi, Nephew Deny Murder Charges

Just on CNN: Gen. Shalishkavili in hospital--unknown reason

Howard denies lying about Iraq

Iraq Stops Pumping Oil From Basra Fields

Dems Cry Fraud in Nader Drive (PA. Ballot Petitions)

Cheney Visit Leads To Altercation - Rio Rancho Observer (NM)

Denver Voters May Ban Circus

Clinton is on The Dailey Show now

Fahrenheit 911 takes $5m in first week (Australia)

Terrorized truckers balk at deliveries to U.S. Forces...

US private space ship blows up on lift-off

Democrats make pre- emptive strike before Bush's Panhandle tour

Ken Lay files for quick start to trial

Olympian struggle - Fans face boot for ... wrong brands at Games

LAT: WH Intercedes for Gas Project in (NM) Natl. Forest ("Valley of Life")

Laura Bush touts president's tax relief plans in Toledo

Tourism is a hard sell in lawless Iraq

Poland yields to US in Iraq zone (BBC Breaking)

Senator Asks White House to Explain Khan Leak (Schumer)

Apartheid party fades into history by merging with ANC

Inmate Speaks at Guantanamo Bay Tribunal

Judge Upholds Media Subpoenas in CIA Leak Case

Biggest lawyers group taking stand on Bush admin's detention practices

Republicans Still Trying to Replicant Dems' Blog Fundraising Success

League of Conservation Voters Launches Ad..Criticizing..Bush..

Foreign Monitors to Report on U.S. Presidential Vote

Sadr vows to fight to 'last drop of blood'

Hospital 'johnny' gets a redesign (to help Muslim women)

Police: Xbox Theft Spurred Fla. Slayings

Allies Not in Formation on Kerry's Troops Plan

Koko the gorilla calls for the dentist

Republican Group Says 3 GOP Senators "Playing For The Wrong Team"

WP, pg1: 9/11 Panel Roiling Campaign Platforms ("shaking up campaign")

Bush: Rich People figure out how to dodge taxes anyway

NYT, pg1: "NYC Tourist Copters Terror Target"(+plot to disrupt elections)

Tommy Franks tries to take blame for Bush comments on aircraft carrier

WP: Capitol Police Chief Sees No Credible Threat to Hill

Kerry gets their 'Goat' GOPers rip nominee's 9/11 jab at W

Democrats launch full-bore attack on Bush economic policies

NYT: New Generation of Leaders Is Emerging for Al Qaeda

Bush Offers Contradictory Argument On Taxes, Deficit (Dow Jones)

NYT: Chalabi Links U.S. to Charges Against Him and His Nephew

Texas Schools Sue State for Funding Reform

NYT: Reporter From Time Is Held in Contempt in C.I.A. Leak Case.

NewsView: Bad economic news tests Bush

First Lady Bashes Kerry Stem Cell Stance

Pakistan complains of "mind-boggling" U.S. sting

Latest smear boat vets talking point.

Leak Regarding Caught Terror Suspect Compromises al Qaeda Sting

No let-up in Iraq uprising (it's a mess and getting worse)

Delta will seek Ch. 11 bankruptcy if cannot cut costs

Keyes likens himself to the Firefighters and Police of 9/11...

Court Holds Reporter in Contempt in Leak Case

Bush Under Fire for Sovereignty Comments

U.S. athletes not to display Stars and Stripes in Olympic village

Reconstruction fiasco in Iraq

No one will admit the Janjaweed are here. Yet everyone lives in fear ....

NYT: G.O.P. Plans Spectacle to Jazz Up Convention

Blair faces vote of no-confidence over war

Keyes says Obama has taken the "Slaveholders position" on abortion.

White House Blames High Energy Prices On Kerry, Edwards

Idema role: rogue or U.S. agent?

Bush campaign holds rally in Va. [CLAIMS "RICH PEOPLE DODGE TAXES ANYWAY]

Kerry Stands by Iraq War Voting Record

Anti-Kerry book defaced at online store

Obama leads Keyes 67% to 28%

Analyst says Bush needs `miracle' to win re-election

What is your favourite: Kitty or Puppy Threads?

Platypus thread!

Bush eats Poo!!!

Should I sell out?

Dave Chapelle is doing "Black Bush" right now on Comedy Central

A farting snake?!?

I'm a fussy baby. Ask me anything.

Bush eats Pooh!!!

"Whose lips with sweet meats tainted are"

If a literal BIG DOG as in NEWFOUNDLAND dog or Golden Retriever

Wow! It's been a year already!


Hey kids, it's rugged outback action hero Evil Crocodile Dick Cheney...

Animal Planet is cracking me up tonight

The Simpsons "better than gay marriage" game

Call me cynical, but I wonder if this is the Bushies' favorite expression

Any free web page hosts that allow image linking?

Topic A - Dean, Jon Stewart on NOW CNBC n/t

I start a yoga teaching course at 7 am tomorrow

Is 'Ludacris' Tucker Carlson's favorite rapper?

Who is still awake ?

Should I eat more ice cream...?

excuse my ignorance, but where did Big Dog = B. Clinton come from?

this is still pissing me off. i need to rant.

THIS is my 1000th post

If Domestic Cats had banks, would they loan you money?

An accidental find.. Some interesting Kansans..

Favorite Misfits album?

Nudes Battle Prudes on Baltic Beaches

What if they had never integrated?

I want to go HERE.. (haven't a clue where it is)

It's a Teletubbymonkey

UK train passengers caught short by tilting toilets

All-time greatest NFL quarterbacks

Hmmm .....a Dog thong???

Real Player alternative???

70's singers or groups that had you laughing your ass off

good morning du'ers!

hey what does the word chiquita mean??

Man Spends $116,000 At Restaurant

Looking forward to a little afternoon delight: BEST.LYRICS.EVER!!!

Badgers Threaten Stonehenge

Homeless Man Chases Down Purse Snatcher

Any one hear the NPR piece Friday about Beanie Man? Lounge version

Good Monday Morning DU!

only had 1/2 of a ciggarette this weekend

good news on my mom also

I just spilled red-tinted hot tea all over my white capri pants

Nine years ago today . . . .

Morning all can I make the 700 club today? Ax me anything. I

Air America - That Bayer Advanced commercial sounds like Space Ghost!

Why do I get an Atlanta TV station on cable in Calgary?

Holleeeee Shiiiiite!! SUMO Boxing!

Woman Erects World's First UFO Watchtower

Anti-American ads at German Subway restaurants

Ever wondered how * will look like come November 3rd?

Another Band Some Of You Might Want To Check Out....

You can have my XBOX when you pry it from my..

Egg Smugglers!!!! (+pic round up)

497 animals you will NEVER see in the wild

BREAKING: Hell freezes over

Where do you have your Kerry/Edwards sign?

Is it me, or is there something wrong with this Texas quiz?

Judo champion falls from balcony - boyfriend follows her the next day

I hope y'all had a good weekend.

WOW! Sibel Edmonds is HOT!!!

"Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom": Criminally Underrated

Please throw the ball, come on, throw the ball...

So..I go to see this stand up comedian

I got laid off tonight.

Names Of Men Who Solicited Prostitution Placed On City Billboards

Woman Sues Chicago White Sox - She Was Hit By A Golf Ball In Stadium Lot

Breaking: Kerry lied about being in Cambodia on Xmas...actually...

Suggestions on dealing with wingnut-induced stress

Take the quiz and them email the website to Alan Keyes: Illinois Quiz

My parents are going to NYC!

I am sick of Dr Sanjay Gupta..

Looks Like Someone Needs A Dentist

Mac Keeps Lead on Linux

I just saw one of colonel sander's chickens

I'm mold.

I'm sold

I'm told

I'm Gold

Best hang-over cure

Who's got freckles?

I'm bold.

Is 'Hey Ya' by Outkast influenced by The Pixies?

For my 700th post.....I want everyone to laugh a bit...

I've gone through 3 Kerry/Edwards signs

I need a warm loving hug please!!

A tribute to Matcom: Chicago ST: Tour boat hit with raw sewage

Dead Ringers on IFC Tomorrow Night (Tuesday)

Favorite place online to buy laser printer refills?

I'm diebold

Sod off!

I'm cold

Do you look younger or older?

Six Feet Under Discussion

Have you heard about the "Blow Up the Moon" site? (modern comedy)

Quick question about dairy products

What brought you to DU?

What kind of stew would you like?

R.E.M. North American tour dates! INDIANAPOLIS!!! YESSSSS!!!!!

Gorilla (Koko) Who Speaks Sign Language, Calls For Dentist

Did Alan Keyes just redesign John Kerry's Campaign sign?

Recommendations for a White Zin?

I was wrong about whoisalhedges - he is an impressive person w/ good taste

I just gave to the DNC, ask me anything

I think LynSinn has great taste!

Hey WillPitt - YOU SUCK - anyone have any questions

What I muckraked on my summer vacation.

Stretch Toward Healing - As a way to treat illness- yoga's role

LynneSin and matcom have crappy taste

John Edwards in Sunday's "Boondocks"

Can we all make an effort for just ONE week to not use profanity?

BREAKING: Photos of Utah's Bear Lake Monster!!!

Homeland Insecurity Advisory System ...

"Dignity" and *Bush.

World's Tallest Female Twins Are 6 Foot 6 Inch Teeneagers

Olympics-synchronized swimming-Greece or Germany?

just wondering..

The Devil Comes to Chicago

Yesterday's cycling adventure: I&M Canal trail outside Joliet, IL (photos)

You have $15 and a thirst for a good wine: What do you recommend?

Who loves Anthony Braxton?

Condensed Soup?

Are you ready for some ................FOOTBALL!!!?!?!??!!!

who is the nicest DUer?

Anyone ever ship a car?


XP SP2 Is now available on Microsoft website

What is the funniest thing you have ever found on Google?

Funniest slang/phrase when seen in writing (normally only spoken):

Alan Keyes' autobiography to be released

Favorite member of Color Me Badd

VetWife - are you out there?

Salt Or Pepa?

Music Lovers Who Remembers "Goofy Greats"?

Is Ebay down for anyone else?

When you get out of the hospital...

lionesspriyanka is single again but would like everyone to know

Football fans and system fans, Madden 2K05 is comin out today

What's wrong with me?

Koko the Gorilla v. the Tiger that mauled Roy Horn

Subway clerk arrested for punching woman

Anyone ever ship a House?

I just charged some sucker over $500 for textbooks...ask me anything.

The End Times Are Coming Because Someone Posted on DU At Work

I'm boycotting my local bookstore.

If you had a chance to relive the last ten years...

Fay Wray dies at 96

I think I just figured everything out: Saddam STOLE Bush's XBOX

Holy smokes... I may be buying a house

Modern Mirth # 2 is Ready -- August Edition: 70% Less Evil Clown.....

The Gates of Heaven Are Crashing Down...

Lost in Translation

I wish Malloy was on in the afternoon... still haven't heard his AAR show

Ug. I'm sick today

Aww... Fay Wray died

From Modest Needs: Elderly couple faces house repo, spent $ on meds

Anyone ever ship a big-ass, 20' diameter, 160,000 lb pressure vessel?

Homeland Security called on Bookstore firing protests

I just fired one of the regional bookstore chain managers.

Bush Will LOSE Because Someone Posted on DU At Work

I made a 10 cent royalty today on $500 worth of books I wrote.

He called the shit 'poop'!

2,257th star on Hollywood Walk of Fame goes to....................

I'm old

I just closed down the bookselling division of my company.

Wackiest DUer??

Nasty rash.... what could have caused it?

This just in: The national textbook distribution system has collapsed

Have you ever discovered a DU'er ...

When I listen to Queen all the world is a wonderful place

How do you feel about all the copycat threads?

Textbooks! Poop! Transatlantic cruise! Kittens! Alan Keyes' sweat! Taste!

You should buy an IBM model M PS/2 keyboard

Boy...I can only take Randi Rhodes for about 1 hour

Favorite member of Kris Kross

I burned all books to the last one

AP Breaking: Terrorists hiding secret plans in textbooks.

DANGER! Major solar flare destroys book laden cargo ship

What keyboard should I buy

AP Breaking: Emperor Bunnypants has made all books illegal.

Maybe we shouldn't be allowed to kick ZombyWoof

I'm going around the corner

Just ordered my Kerry / anti-Bush bumper stickers at

Rarely Screened Bertha Venation to be shown on DU

Break out the crucifixes! My 666th post!

Any DUers informed on the ways of Buddhism?

How do you feel about all the copycat threads of copycat threads?

How do you feel about polls about copycat threads?

Best Concert you never went to

Where are all the Kittens?

Maybe we shouldn't be able to kick our own posts

I'm annoyed, they won't let me apply for a advertised job

Proof of how desperate they are: Alan Keyes' sweat on Ebay!

Anyone ever ship an ass-load of books?

So anyone read any good books lately?

Rubberband Man

Takin' my leave until 8/18 and going to Las Vegas

I just closed down one of my bookstores

Come on, who wants to sex me up???

A lovely tribute to Fay Wray

It's been an "Ice Cream Day" in NH!

If you're in Philadelphia tonight.......

You Want A Kitten Thread? I GOTS Your Kitten Thread HERE!

Funny, and sad.

I just shipped an assload of books to the police at a bookstore then had a

Anyone else here have good taste??

X-Men or X2?

Just Quit My Job. Citrus Cures Headaches. Film @ 11. Ask me Anything!

I want the textbooks returned immediately. I want the fire chief delivered

I like George

Let's name the zones, the zones, the zones....

Rarely Screened 'Birth af a Nation' To Be Shown in L.A.

which wd you rather have?

Anyone mailed fresh food before?

Who was really into role-playing games as a middle aged adult?

I just dropped over $500 for textbooks...ask me anything.

Bring me the head of...

In all my years I have come to the following conclusion....

What's your favorite Woody Allen movie?

DU Chat Tonight.

I just invented a glorious new drink!

I've been walking 5 miles a day for a month

I don't care that the guy is rich and hoping to get richer. This is evil.

Help me with these *****-load units of measurment.

King Kong Star Fay Wray, dead at 96

Al Gore raised his children on the gospel of The Beatles

How do you feel when someone's reply to your message is deleted

So if the Skins win tonight, how will they finish?

When I wake up

testing, testing, 1, 2, 3....

What is the deal with Don Imus? Did this guy actually have some kind of

Got a "Kerry/Edwards" Bumper Sticker In the Mail Today

Ok not getting a good enough response in the GD Election 2004

Chicago tour boat apparently showered by human waste

I Had Joe Gibbs BABY In 1987 - And Now He Is Back Again!

I just stole an assload of books at work because my boss fired me

Kitty-Cat needs loving home. Wouldn't you love to be greeted like this?

Anyone else here who was really into role-playing games as a kid?

I think I'll log off for the evening....

hit those books(i really don't like that saying!)

How often do you reply to a post after reading just the subject line...

Barnes and Noble: Something's not right with the Swiftvets book...

It's my understanding that "Blue Collar TV" doesn't feature Ron White.

Would I have a panic attack on a transatlantic cruise?

I'd like to see Chimpy and Senator Kerry face off on this skill:

William Saletan (Slate): Swift Boat Veterinarians for Truth (parody)

In 1954, John Kerry received

I need to find a transcript of the Tommy Franks interview

I'm going rafting tomorrow. Ask me anything.

Get down, get funky, get Trek!

My 9 year old just came up with a great bumper sticker idea:


CA on verge of critical change in homeowner association foreclosure laws

Am I the last person in the world to see "Fahrenheit 9/11)?

What do you do when a Telemarketer calls you?

Public apology thread

What is a reasonable amount to pay for a dental exam and cleaning?

What is this?

What the Unmotivated Are Doing for You

Dr. KittenHearts is now in................

PET (Puppies for Equal Treatment) speaks out...

There's an preseason football game on right now: Denver vs Redskins

I think LynneSin tastes great!

The Cockeyed Campaigner of all CAPTIONS!!!

Are amputations real?

Janeane Garofalo on McEnroe 10pm EST on CNBC

World's first paintball stadium

DU cat lovers! This kitty needs a good home.

What's your favorite thing about DU?

My brothers and I buried my Dad today. Input on flagboxes anyone?

Does anyone else have "On Demand"? For some Stupid reason "Real Time" w/

Irish Computer Virus

Why do people hate you?

What's your favourite thing about

YEEEEESSSS!!! I can watch football again!!!!

The True Confessions of all CAPTIONS!!!!

who'd heard rem's new single yet?

Attention braindeads: Honda Civics are Slow

Do bugs make you curse?

I just got polled...

Oh, do pity the DVD player makers!!

OK... now hitting the 4 digit club.

I hate the bank

I'm going on vacation to northern Canada tomorrow.


The Secret Lives of Waldo Kitty!

Creative Writing or Guitar 101?

A New Game to Try

Wow, 7:30 at night and the paper's done

Teenage Powerpuff Girls

Edible Flowers


I do have to say...that "The Blue Collar Comedy Hour"

1966: The year of my birth and a great one for music!

hmm do i watch clinton or the local news story of a 1000 pound man...

Department of Homeland Security Department

When Grannies Go Bad


I walk around 5 miles a day and I have a question


I contacted the police about an assload of books missing from my store!

To whoever recommended I read The Oath: Surgeon Under Fire

Al Leiter on McEnroe: "I'm A Republican"

John Kerry

Jon Stuart has a damn good point.

Free Fill Up (Joke)

So, for all you Doom 3 fans out there

Muqtada Al-Sadr captured??

Oh GOD I have to change Careers!

I think mahtcum has great taste!

Does anyone think we can ever beat our swords into plowshares?

What's the best way to take care of a bruised tail bone?

I had to turn off "Outfoxed"

Just saw a great headline on Jay Leno

The Republicans don't want terrorists...

Who has the best DU name?

What a bunch of hard asses in GD anymore.

Does that cruise line know what the song in their ad is about?

"The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra"

Oh shit I missed Clinton on the Daily Show!

Anyone watching "Outlaw Comic - The Censoring Of Bill Hicks" on TRIO???

Mike Malloy is on!

Bush Jokes, Bush Jokes --------> post 'em here.

Ich bin ein Berliner

To ex-fundamentalists: Can fundies and ex-fundies be close friends?

Regarding the Q-tip promise of 50% more cotton

clinton just summed up my whole political philosophy

In the last hour i've seen 4 Hummer commercials! WTF?

Wow, I hope this isn't the 1000th time this has been posted...

"Billie Jean" or "Beat It"?

Atomic Bomb?? Cover your head so you don't get burned

A Telemarketer Just Called Me....

If they were to burn all books but the one you save - which would you pick

Most Disappointing Wingnuts? (Should Be OURS) Here're Mine

Any fans of S. African writer Nadine Gordimer in the Lounge?

Help me make a mix of bizarre trapezoid music - abstract Jazz songs

Any suggestions on a very good read?

Fishing for compliments........

Who's Lounge?

Time for the Weekly survey: W vs. Koko the Gorilla

GE Russert Brings Good CAPTIONs To Life

Why do West Coaster use the word "the" in front of highway identifications

YAY!! Who remembers "Danger Mouse" !!!

Historians Find Lost Laurel & Hardy Film

New Steve Earle CD (Aug. 24) reportedly has a song called "Condi, Condi"

Message to a young liberal-in-training (edited for advice request)

Peppers! Tomatoes! Your best salsa recipe?

Ladies and Gentleman of the DU Lounge, allow me to introduce . . .

Does cursing bug you?

Bush wants to "serve" Americans for another 4 yrs...WAIT! It's a cookbook!

Home Depot decks - any opinions?

Butch Braggert: Hunter of Men!!!!

Keb Mo - Peace- Back By Popular Demand, out in time 4 "Vote 4 Chng Tour"

Edgar Martinez of the Seattle Mariners is retiring

I have to go to the doctors tomorrow...

Another Darn Poll: Are you an optimist, a pragmatist, or a pessimist?

I just fired one of my bookstore workers for posting on Du at work


Ok - JVS didn't steal anything and I don't own a bookstore - its a joke

Going out dancin' tonight...

I just updated Windows Media Player

TV Games: Share yours!

question for major league baseball fans

What would be on Jean-Paul Sartre's Walkman?

New Oxymoron................

Four Degrees of Elvis Costello - Who is the musician who links all others?

What should I name my (fortunately fictitious) monkeys?

Berliner Weisse

Does anyone (or know of anyone ) own property in the Czech Republic?

I need help with my American History research, please ...

Male cat is having issues, help!

need intervention

Teen beats mom after she tries to get him out of bed after 2 p.m.

played my first hockey game yesterday.

Perl bushism script for you to enjoy

deleted on edit

Best concert you've ever been to?

I Give Up: What is "25 or 6 to 4"??

Kitties: Inside, outside, or both?

Attn Chicago area DUers: Anybody interested in Sunday, Sept. 5 gathering?

All those who say they won't vote for Kerry - this thread is for you

Reopening a Qualifying Period in Florida?

Kerry change in Las Vegas NV stop

When all else fails use Paper Airplanes!!

TOPIC A Howard Dean on NOW n/t

Need three quick explanations for Kerry in an argument against Naderite

Why would a pre-election al Qada attack ensure * re-election?

Alan Keyes live on WLS-Chicago

Pre-emptive post re: Sunday's new Kerry swiftboat smear

Business Council gathering is told Bush will `need a miracle'

How do you think the Dems will resond to the Repug Convention?

New Polling Report National Trial Heat Summary

8/9 KERRY: 98.0% WIN PROB.; 53.2% POP VOTE ; 330 ELEC. VOTES

"Bush about fear; Kerry about hope" - Excellent LTTE

* Should have disavowed the Swiftboat smear

Keyes still has unpaid campaign debt?

"If there was a Democrat in the White House, and this was going on...

"No one was fired for 9/11 so... We're doing it Nov 2"

Online chat with author of pro-Bush book

Could Shrub pull a Lyndon Johnson ?

Keyes still has unpaid campaign debt?

John Kerry, reporting for duty! This phrase and his salute are powerful

CNN POLL--international observers at the election!

NY Waterways Alert-notice the title

Nixon Resigned 30 Years Ago Today

Bush will make appearances to show he's a Man of the People

Adam Sparks: Why Kerry will lose the election

GOP & Media Don't Expect A President To Act IMMEDIATELY During A Crisis

Will the GOP Convention be nothing but "Vile Kerry Bashing" from

Back door Donation: Buy Heinz Products At The Supermarket!

This week in Bush-Cheney '04 campaign

Tired of reruns of reruns of reruns on AAR? Try this

Al Franken playing clips of OReilly/Krugman

Bush in Annandale, VA at NVCC today

HOF speech

Although Bush can't win fair and square...

Would Gore have rated better against Bush?

Bush-backers-only policy riles voters at RNC rallies

Jello Biafra's lazy accusation that Kerry is nothing more than Lurch

Touch Screen Voting

CSM: "Campaign Ads: Who Listens?"


scotty mac on CSPAN now

Traders get their revenge on Bush?? Pissed at what many say are Poor

Debunking Lies About Kerry

Do you personally know ANYONE who believes Swiftboat Vets for Truth?

A Rant on Cheney

Mr. Bush, why are you a better choice than Kerry to protect us?

Mr. Bush, why are you a better choice than Kerry to protect us?

Kerry Press Release: Edwards Calls for an End to Stem Cell Ban

DU the Keyes poll in the Chicago Tribune, please!

Dallas private Bush* fundraiser attendee list -- just regular folks!

Mongo made front page news w/account of Bush protest!

Anyone seen

My best case scenerio for Kerry and worst case scenerio for Kerry

Candidates focus on being just plain folks

How Many Supreme Court Justices will the next President get to appoint??

Anyone know a site tracking "New Voter Registration"?????

Wingnuts claiming Kerry "couldn't think" for 40 minutes on 9/11

HELP! I was Evil, and NOW I MUST PAY!!!

Kerry Press Release: "Ask President Bush"

On CNBC's Tim Russert, O'Reilly likened MMFA to the Ku Klux Klan

* Plays Follow the Leader. Great Idea for DEMS to drill home!

Please Help Me Respond to This!!

Let's Get Voters to Commit

FYI: Al Franken is NOT a rerun today...

Do you think that Bush would really attack/invade the rest

WH page picture of Bush during Unity speech: not even theirs is good.

Change one word, and what have you got?

Vet benefit plan: Kerry vs. Bush

Republican Nasty Tricks on the Move

Fl. judges say we have no right to a perfect voting system

Analyst says Bush needs "miracle" to win re-election

Bush* on TV with Poland's Prime Minister

Fox News Spins Its Own Poll Results

Kerry on Media Consolidation

Senate 2004 - Should Kerry put Repugs in his Cabinet?

Hackworth defends Kerry's Purple Hearts

Kerry brings up the Halliburton issue

More Nader-GOP Shenanigans

My Latest Electoral map jpeg

Another Bu$h Campaign Deception: National Parks

Rasmussen is a joke

MEME MEMO: Alan Keyes is a mainstream Republican

Secret 6-page Proposal to DRAFT Women and Men under 34 for SKILLS!

Shocker! Bill O'Reilly defending Kerry and his Band of Brothers!

Why are the Witnesses to Bush's AWOL Dead?

In Swing States, Kerry Reaches for the Gun Votes

The Salute seems to be an issue now for some Repubs...

Did anyone read Parade magazine Intelligence Report in

BushCo actually trying to THWART effots to dismantle "Terra" networks?

Who will the Repugs run in 2008 ?

Mark Shields slams Bush

Where are Kerry/Edwards appearing in Cal?

Kerry Has 20-Point Lead in New Jersey, Poll Shows (Update3)

Alan Keyes on the chimp: potential goldmine?

F 9/11 and The Hunting of The President available for pre-order

Kerry in Oregon 8/12 & 8/13

Kerry Unveils One-Point Plan for a Better America

posted in error . . . please disregard . . .

Observers Debate on "Moneyline"

What a gloriously clear day for a visit to the Grand Canyon!

Laura Bush , believer in SKY GOD, comes out against myths.


dumb ass Laura Bush "took a subtle jab" at John Edwards

Whatever happened to that reporter who called in sick for CSPAN?

Preventing an Election Disruption

Will Keyes be making Obama's white mother an issue in the Sen.race?

Don't worry about an OBL October Surprise, it's not happening

WP: Toles on the Intellect of Undecided true it is!

How Long Until Alan Keyes Calls Obama...Osama?

Rasmussen State Polls: Ohio Kerry 46% Bush 45% plus Maine, Washington


Cheney in Spartenburg. Protesters get top of hour coverage on WYFF.

Press subpeonas upheld in Plame Grand jury case

One electoral college map using most recent polls

Will Kerry Visit CA before Nov?

Another soldier sacrificing himself for Bush.

Just what will Bush do? Debunks Smeartboat liars! read all about it!!!

volunteering for rally on Tuesday in Las Vegas, NV

Temp worker outraged at Nader petition drive

Vote in Lou's poll re: allowing international observers in US elections

Why would they put Laura Bush out front on stem cell research?

RW radio host and caller in hot argument about polls

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Some FReepers blaming Barnes & Noble for anti-Kerry book cover hack!

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Please help defeat Musgrave, author of Marriage Amendment....!

Oh Good... More Ballot F*ck-Ups !!!

Question for Illinois DU'ers regarding Senate race

Late Night Rally in Flagstaff, Arizona, brings them out by the thousands!

African Americans spotted at Laura Bush speech in Michigan

AP:They're Going to Rip Kerry's Throat Out During Repub Convention...

Have any anti-Kerry vets been exposed as frauds?

Alabama Mail Room Veterans for Bush (funny)

Laura Bush Bashes Kerry Stem Cell Stance

I read a report and received 20 emails that said

A ramblin' review of the FLAGSTAFF KERRY RALLY

Kerry: time to speak out more on Iraq

The Military Vote

President Bush and Cocaine

What times in the unity conference is Bush laughed at?

Optimism and aggressiveness in campaigning

Imagine, if you will, the elections of 1992 and 1996.

Question to Vets out there especially combat vets

Franks takes blame for Mission Accomplished?

ROFLMAO !!! (Hint: It's About Cruella)

Somehow Keyes GOP team has confused people....

Keyes/Obama: What IS IT with today's Repub party?

Lanny Davis And That Chicken Hawk Sean Hannity Are Duking It Out On Fox

VA is in play, send in Wes Clark!

Is this the wedge issue that they think will work?

What is WRONG with these freaks?!??!

I say Keyes should poll 30% before Obama agrees to debate him. . .

Does Keyes have any ties to Illinois whatsoever?

Regarding Kerry's latest comments on Iraq

Nightline Tonight: Swiftboat Vets

Transcript of president Ipecac "Ask President Bush" session today!

Amazon's listing on anti-Kerry book

Do you like Fascism?

Okay, Ray McGovern is officially concerned about *

Move-On's new ads against bush "I'm a repub voting for Kerry"

How many people know that Laura Bush killed her first fiance?

Who's the "flip-flopper" again?

Laura Bush can just stick it!!!

Did anybody else notice that the margin Obama leads by is 11 points

Obama leads Keyes 67% to 28%

Chicago Sun-Times: Keyes v. Obama is like Good v. Evil, say Repubs

Bush: "Rich People figure out how to dodge taxes anyway"

You must read Kerry's testimony on Viet Nam war to face off with the scum

I sure hope Kerry can respond quickly to the "Cambodia" issue raised

GOP poll on Keyes election

Keyes fires up GOP faithful..."the victory is for God"

Dissin' the I-Man

Churchill kin fights Kerry's corner in Florida

Playing Politics With National Security A Bush-Cheney Specialty

Good reading--Kerry's war record

Arizona will go blue!

Dirty tricks in Florida? Running Repubs as Democrats? Maybe.

Cheney coming to MY city (Joplin MO) Wed., can't wait to protest!

International observers to monitor US elections for the first time!

CNN asked JK to answer Bush's question if he would still vote for IWR...

Anybody Else Watching Alan Keyes On Fox

Let's bust Keyes. . .RE; Donations via paypal. . .

MEME MEMO: Alan Keyes is a mainstream Republican

"pro-life" means "anti-choice"!

My wife says: Vote in the Glamour Magazine Presidential Poll!

Deleted message

Republicans fund Nader as decisive electoral weapon

Let me try a simple metaphor for Kerry's War Resolution vote:

AZ Daily Sun (Flagstaff paper) PHOTOS of KERRY RALLY

Has anyone else seen this e-mail? Give me some info to rebut this.

Swooning for Kerry

John Kerry: What Kind of President Will He Be?

Do bumper stickers do any good?

Purple Heart junk debunked

Well - I let them have it today

Teresa Kerry/Castro Connection?

Were you in favor of sending weapons inspectors into Iraq?

I'm so disappointed, I don't feel like voting for anyone anymore.

Fox: "Now Is Bush's Time to Prove Worth" (isn't it a little late for that)