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Archives: August 8, 2004

The OC Weekly: Another party switcheroo

United States Foreign Policy Exposed

Any moderators on duty in LBN? Got a serial freeper.....

Pick Castor, Martinez to run for Graham seat

Recent polls showing JK in lead: What news from FR and similar sites?

Bush DIE-NASTY soon to implode!

Anybody having trouble with Kerry/DU/chimp bash bumper stickers?

How reliable are blogs?

Should mandatory employment arbitration be illegal?

BBV: Bev and Andy's Excellent Adventure (NY Times piece)

US generates meagre 32,000 jobs in July, markets in shock

6th detainee refuses a military hearing (Guantanamo)

Edinburgh gears up for festival

Crusader confronts a world of trouble

NYT- U.S. Says Man Had Ties to Plot to Disrupt Vote

Report: al-Qaida Made Pre-9/11 Diamond Buy

Fantasy football league on Yahoo! Need teams

I went hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park today. Ask me anything.

Has anyone seen "American Movie" ? It's a documentary about film-making

Does this guy look like a dork?

Has anyone had some juicy gossip that they just HAD to tell someone?

Any good recipes for meatballs?

"Wait a clowns are on drugs!"

What lurks in FReeper directories! Oh shit this is weird!

The fish Jenna really caught


Have a little fun rearranging shrubs face.......and post your results

Which movie should I see tomorrow

A serious question - thong underwear

Who will you pull for in the olympics?

A Weepy Night. (Family Issues - Long)

I saw surprisingly good movie last night

If you could force a Freeper to watch one film...

I watched "Polyester" last night!(Has anyone here seen it?)

At least Kerry is reaching out to the opposing side.

Kerry-Edwards draw 20,000 at KC rally - KC Star

Question about the Olympics and the election

Usama's "capture" would seal the deal for *. Am i wrong?

To All You Self Defeating Purists On Gay Issues

Will Bush pull off the Campaign Speech of his Career at the Convention?

On Fox they're discussing whether Kerry or * has a nicer shaped

Stripes interview: Sen. John Kerry discusses his vision for military

Iraq not as bad as media's worse

All About Eve - Open Season on Women in DC and Rome

Back Home, Disabled Vets Fight Injuries, Red Tape

Post-9/11 checks for terrorist fliers still miss the mark

NYT Rolling Down the Highway...Bev & Andy!!

ABC: Casualty Ward (Landstuhl Hospital)

Our new economy spreads the pain

Letter to Editor: Bush gets a C+ for trying.

Baghdad is a city that reeks with the stench of the dead

GOP couldn't afford to lose Cheney's pull with the right

Strib editorial: Few new jobs/Symptom of failed policy

CBS: Iraq-Viet War Coincidences Noted

Springsteen: ..the stakes have risen too high to sit this election out

Liberal or conservative: Well, WWJD?

Loathed by the rich -- Why Hugo Chávez is heading for a stunning victory

Bush campaign is crying wolf

Darfur Genocide Reveals World's Quiet Savagery

Rolling Down the Highway, Looking Out for Flawed Elections/BevHarris


Kerry or Bush?

Iraq invasion a gift to Osama

Former Labour allies round on Blair


I'm going to go ahead and offer

This Week

The media is pulling the same B.S. with "Terrorist want to disrupt

Media Video Clips from Unity Conference

sibel edmonds on 60 minutes now

Fox News Comes to Canada!

AA- 3 stations in RW areas, need more

Will media note O'Neil/Drudge/GOP Xmas in Cambodia Lie - note Kerry Truth

Covert-op pro's pissed at amateurs also fooling media w/"beheading"video

Just watched the Outfoxed DVD

Today's Quotes

Today in History 08/08

Today's Thoughts

Bruce Springsteen's chart

Does the Venus Transit Cause Floods On Earth? (Bad Astronomy)

HILARIOUS: Fengtek Releases Motherboard Design Using Feng Shui Principles

Let's Talk About Drugs

What's happening to the birds?

Economic predictions are always a farce, (Long, boring and glum)

Credit Card companies....question

The ash trees in Michigan are getting wiped out by a bug

Fellow DUers: What group is it best to make a donation to

Blackout Fails to Give Power Reform a Jolt


Snakeheads - Aquatic 'Pit Bull' Threatens US Waterways

The local news (KMTV Omaha) just said that the Xbox and the clothes

One thing you don't need in order to

M alert button doesn't seem to be working & I think now I know why.

thought you admins would be interested in this

Whats up with the avatars

how can I tell if someone has been tombstoned?

Skinner, can we have a forum for flyers so we can distribute them?

Israeli Arab indicted for assisting Hamas terror cell

Government mulling cutting off utilities to llegal outposts

Attacks on ICJ by both parties reveals hostility to International Law.

'The Missing Peace': Exhausted Are the Peacemakers...

Dichter: More Israelis killed, hurt in past 4 years than in previous 53

Pakistani Sheikh and American rattle

9/11 Propaganda Coup and bogus "al-Qaeda beheading" videos...

Cell Phone Calls From Airliners Now Possible with New Technology

Don't you think Peter Fitzgerald is laughing his ass off right now?

did you SEE it? did you SEE how CRAZY he is?

Deutsch's Senate chances ride on selling his intensity

Analysis: Pugnacious Deutsch grabs at Castor's lead

Florida Constitutional Amendments up for consideration - 2004

Poll: Fifty-five percent of Californians dislike job Bush is doing

California's power grid manager issues warning

California may give up bid for more clout in picking presidential nominees

Calif. Eyes Homeowner Association Changes

Tax on vehicle miles urged

NoCal DU'ers

DU'ers Invited to Mass. Campaign Training Seminar

Don't Forget!!- Kerry-Oke!!! Wednesday August 11th -Royal Oak!

Washtenaw resident killed in Iraq

Eric Fingerhut : Walk Ohio Details!!!

Aug. 5 Bush appearance in Columbus

Maureen Dowd: "Ohio, Ohio, Ohio"

Who here is going to the PHilly Meetups?

Hightower Event in Houston

How To Make Correction To Campaign Underground Info?

Tom DeLay to be "honored" for his contributions to higher education.

I am fuming

So... which stiff should I vote for in the Repug primaries?

Car Vandalized Because of Political Bumper Sticker

Cafe Press

What about this for a bumper sticker?

What are these David Dreier gay rumours?

If bush takes callers' questions on Larry King thurs, could DU do this...?

Yikes! A new conspiracy theory!

drop out prevention in No child left behind?

Jon Stewart & Howard Dean On CNBC @ 8 ET

Why does talk radio have a three-hour format?

See the Severly Beaten & Tortured Prisoners of War here....(graphic)

Priest tells bushwa Sr to actually put his money where his mouth is......

AMERICAN JUDAS -Part 1 The Selling of The Security of America & World for

Rise up, Ye Liberals, rise up.....

What REALLY happened to the Donahue show on MSNBC

I need that link about John Kerry's Senate Record

Why does Gospel Music tend to be about God?

Sibel Edmonds to be on 60 Minutes tomorrow night?

Let's debunk this:

I saw The Manchurian Candidate earlier today starring...

The Dragon gettin' shittier in every city.

Pardon the Iran H word or hostage related message but I bet "acting" Amb.

Nate Clay discussing the Barak Obama/ Alan Keyes Senate race in Illinois

Just saw F911. Angry as hell with the Dems right now

Nader--needs to drop out of the race now.

Final replay of Russert's Krugman/O'Reilly show starting now (1am EDT)

Is everything in F9/11 fact?

Another new show on Air America!

Is there any way this could end up like the 2002 elections?

O'Reilly "has no problem with" concert tour by "fat cat rocker" (The Boss)

To Liberals who say they're not voting for Kerry I have two words...

Anybody know what the lineups are for MTP and "this week" ?

Krugman should stop debating Republicans like O'Reilly.

Pretendident bush- new term to use

Iraq a deception of the Australian people: former Defence Chief

Prozac found in drinking water - from LBN but scary to me

Mystery Revealed- Why * had to do it...

Is DU Dying?

"...Time Magazine Polls clearly show American people favor *..."

Should we expect more from the "C" student?

BBV story on CBS "Sunday Morning" coming on shortly in central timezone

What happened to Moore calling out a talkshow host?

Faux Bragging/Featuring the KRUGMAN Smackdown for Monday

Moore: I Will Bring Cameras to Florida to Monitor November Election

DU Homepage. Bush* strikes the 'Karen Hughes Pose'.

Have you ever considered running for office?

So I'm sitting here

Alan Keyes Renew Mericka website

Ordered to just walk away (Giving Iraq back to the thugs)

More letters criticizing Lott's comments about Kerry in Clarion-Ledger

"Not an open door to execute...people whom the government dislikes"

I could kick O'Reilly's ass with one hand tied behind my back!

Time Warner Cable to Launch Pentagon Channel

Bev Harris in Sunday NYT

On Armed Forces Radio today Rummy said we need to change other countries

last evenings local faux news showed a clip of the Berg beheading!

What is a "think tank"? Is DU a "think tank"?

Kerry NO-DRAFT Plan to cost $7 Billion, NO DRAFT, even w/Iraq

What channel and what time is the Daily Show on?

Kathrine Harris Leaking Either Classified Info Or Lying Article

I'm Rick James, bitch! I'm DEAD!

What should be done if the Republicans steal another election?

Abuse Claims Rock Iraqi Regime

How would have John F Kennedy acted during those 7 mins?

Al Jazeera is in Falluja... Al Jazeera is being banned for one month..

Maureen Dowd on Meet The Press

Sunday Talk Shows

Will Someone Please Go To CSPAN

Ever notice Denny Hastert has NO EYES?

What Is It With Repuke Women And Pearl Necklaces?

Thank goodness Condi is on 1st on Wolfe. I can take off mute soon.

I'm listening to Mike Malloy's Friday broadcast

Wolfe Blitzer question "are color codes effective"?

Hows 'bout a push to get Guy James on AAR?

Stars and Stripes letter: Too much FOX News

30 years ago today, Nixon resigned

Who has the Better Business Plan for America?? Kerry? Bush?

U.S. Senators target of 'outing' campaign

Quote from ridge last Sunday (not political my a**, condi)

When pundits, anchors, and "journalists" became millionaires

Remember the state trooper that testified against Clinton?

"Imagine" alternate take (audio) by John Lennon

PBS' Gwen Ifill's dig at Alan Keyes

Mo Dowd coming up on Meet the Press

Wolf asked Condi about outing Kahn -- why didn't G.E. Russert?

Condi: "We're either going to fight this war all out and on the offense...

Others Get Arrested for Oxycontin Abuse, Why Not LIMBOsevic?

Good quote from Rep. Emanuel

MTP is little more than a forum to plug your new book these days.

did everyone hear * say to Ray Suarez,

Tommy Franks says on "This Week" he doesn't like hyperbole, then he

I need some help debunking a rabid Bush supporter

GOP... uh, I mean al-Qaeda, targeting Congressional Democrats? Could be...

Needed: A list of Military weapons/ funding Kerry voted for.

He's got her by the neck again?

Anyone have experience with Freedoms Answer?

Clarence "Slappy " Thomas to be next chief justice?

New Term from Condi: "Pre-Election Threats!!!"

Carl Eller praises Barack Obama in his Hall of Fame acceptance speech.

Need some DU help re FICA tax deductibility. What is known?

cheney in Parade Mag.........Lies......

Giuliani: Rescinding tax cuts on top 2% "takes money out of economy"

What's Ahmed Chalabi been up to ?

Private school vouchers cost our county public schools 1.75 million.

Guiliani-cops refuse cruel orders Penn S. hmless?

about 8 LTTE in Milwaukee Jrnal complaining "goons" distruptg Kerry Rally

Keyes supposed to give answer at 2PM central. Hear anythig?

Ohio voter purge via Hamilton County continues

bushgang's Fannie Mae trying to scam native americans

I fear that John Kerry and the Democrats are about to make an historical..

In a war of The United States vs. The Global Corporations, who would win?

Is there a video clip of Bush's latest gaffe?

Rich pay less tax as a percentage of income

Oh Lord, Fox News being added to Comcast cable in Detroit

$1 A Signature Nader Petitioners Do Very Well @ GOP Events

There is dialogue now about the terror alerts. It took just one man.

An excerpt from Homegrown Democrat by Garrison Keillor

So, There Is A Disabled Vet Doing Odd Jobs For My Neighbor - He Is PISSED

World won't accept Abu Ghraib whitewash

Religion is getting prominent on our paper's front page...Graham/Bush ties

I am tired of my family life being transformed into a campaign issue

Medical errors kill 200,000/year in the US...

Gold prices going up

Hell, george* is on vacation again

Interesting Article on Masculinity and Politics

The Supporters Bush Will Betray if He Wins the Election

Today @ Korean Store - Korean Wearing Tom Tancredo T-Shirt

Asian Times: Presidential War Games by Ian Williams ("Deserter")

Bush Admin. Outed Khan - AN AL QAEDA MOLE! Why isn't the media reporting?

My city/area might finally be represented by a Democrat again

DVD release of F911 on October 5th

FAUX : Al Qaeda Planning Spectacular Pre-Election Attack !

When is Kitty's Book Suppose to Come Out??

Iraq is the new Vietnam as pop protest returns to the airwaves

Does Anyone Else Find Me Completely Transparent?

The ONLY reason for a "Terrorism Alert System" is POLITICAL.

what's the word on Chalabi at Freeperville?

Fox CEO endorses Kerry?

Does Anyone Else Find Partial Birth Abortion Horrible?

Deaths mounting, as is indifference -- Denver Post Editorial

Well, I got myself into a fine mess

How did Krugman do against O'Liely?

"Balderdash" (Fl. rep conv. secret delegates)

So why can't the government do this?

Appeal to the woman voter

Is Sibel really on 60 minutes tonight?

Partisan Politics: A Failed System

Anybody else think that permitting gay marriage will lead to

Home of the Brave… or land of cringing cowards?

Ordered to just walk away (torture)

Palast to be guest blogger on DFA Summer Book Club Sunday.

Advantage Bush

After Keyes loses, how long will he stay in Illinois?

Does anyone here think that now that they've issued an arrest warrant

A contract for America

"The president has protected us for 3 years"

New Iraqi Gov. Arresting Former Pentagon Advisors in thier War On Terror

Maureen Dowd on cspan now

OMG the Dept. of Homeland Security wants me

Did I miss a big story per Fla rep Foley?

OnNow!! CNBC Our Bev Harris and Dr. Dean

Laura Bush and Chalabi picture

Freeper weirdness...

Think the horse might be coming back?

Finally, finally, finally saw Farenheight 911, and I have a question

For Springsteen Fans

Bless me Father, for I don't fear terrorism. Do you?

far out...check out this poll..

OK, tell me where I am wrong. A terrorist attack in US before election

Dean/Leykis tonight...Leykis said politicians lose if they discuss race.

The biggest story in years...

Just a small sampling of Dubya's supporters...

Just watched outfoxed at family movie party!

check out this poll

How often do you go to the polls and vote?

Liberal/Conservative Definitions According to

Ahh I'm sorry but laying the smack-down on freepers is just too much fun

New Gov Sim Roleplaying Game

If you've NEVER heard "The Guy James Show," PLEASE

There oughta be a law against having a stupid president

Politicizing Terror makes Terror an Effective Tool...

Tim Russert has Rice,Hastert,Safire and Dowd. WTF?

Need info to debunk old email recirculating:any Muslims here?

What would happen if computerized voting DID get hacked in November

BBV: a toxic topic for DU now ???

Sibel Edmonds on 60 minutes tonite

John Stewart and Governor Dean on CNBC


Abu Ghraib Victims Speak

Test me...test me one more time(eom)

Back in your face HACKERS

Prozac seeping into water supplies in Britain...the Scotsman.

What's up with Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz?

The latest Whispering Campaign smear

Krugman showed me how much I and most people know about politics

IT'S BACK!!!!! Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Great screen captures of the whole Topic A with Dean and guests.

My brief, brutal, two-pronged argument with my Navy freeper brother:

Is Peter Werbe on yet?

Allawi extends death pentalty to drug trafficing and rape

look out Texas coastlines, garbage incoming....

Why are the Witnesses to Bush's AWOL Dead?

What The Hell Is Ahmed Chalabi Doing In Iran?

Alan Keyes Running in the Minus

I want to educate homophobes. Doable?

John Edward's Brother-In-Law

Did you know that KKKarl Rove ALSO has CLOSE ties to the Nazis?

Revamped new Tax system.

Jeb, Regier, and DCF.....standing too close to alligators....

IMPORTANT: Watch Dean tonight on CNBC:Stewart/Smiley/Harris

Question concerning F 9/11 type films

Having problems with Peter Werbe's stream. Any one else?

"Chalabi who?"

Who's tougher than me? I shook Theresa Kerry's hand today in Gallup.

What about Cambodia?

Immigration Concerns

Condi Lying For Her Boss On MTP

August 8, 1974. That's when Nixon announced his resignation.

The Writing on the Shithouse Walls

Sibel Edmonds and Ray McGovern talk intell -- Sunday 6 pm Central

30% of Votes for 2004 will be with Electronic Voting -- What can we do?

F-911: The DVD - Out October 5th

Wondered if some should no doubt consider this SCARY in a way ,that

PNAC Kristol..3/03 - BushAdmin. will be vindicated after going into iraq..

Freepers up to there usual ways.

Voting in Churches? Okay? Not okay? Feh who cares? Your opinion

The Death of Air America Radio will be all the vactation time they take

"Chalabi? Chalabi who?" -->Bush Whopper

Howard Dean | Jon Stewart | Bev Harris | TONIGHT!

Just In! Alabama NG vets come forward with new info on Bush.

A Radical Proposal for Education.

Anyone else worried about the national intelligence czar?

Bush and "sovereignentities" or laughter included. Audio

DU this CNN Poll.

Bev Harris simply rocks

On CNBC's Tim Russert, O'Reilly likened MMFA to the Ku Klux Klan


I want to canvas my neighborhood with voter registration forms . . .

Maureen Dowd on CSPAN - vacant, vapid and stupid

Does anybody think that Edwards was chosen as VP looooong ago?

It just baffles me how the President, the Congress, the media, and the

I wish someone had taken secret tapes of the bodies returning to Dover

Connection - Pat Robertson = Charles Taylor = al Quaida

Did you watch Howard Dean on CNBC Topic A?

Didn't Bush* claim he continued flying after being grounded?

Has Anyone Read "Sarge" by Scott Stossel?

Condoleeza Rice:Hired because she is black, not because she good good at

Bill Maher Last Fri -- Did Cokie Get Into The Cooking Sherry?

"The Fog of War" (Robt McNamara) on Charlie Rose Monday

Is anybody just simmering pissed ?

My response to a raging freeper (I think I got him pretty good)

Do any of you participate in boards where there's CIVIL debate between

Infiltrating DU: How and Why.


Prescription drugs generally create more problems than they solve

Why can't they just say it?? WE NEED SOME "SOCIALISM" IN AMERICA!!!

What would socialism really look like in America?

I'm starting to think we should just bring the troops home now from Iraq

FOX news comes to Canada!

Guardian Utd (August 9): Former Labour allies round on Blair

Jack Straw loses it with BBC interviewer

Kerry Leads Bush in Exudation of Optimism (Poll)

United States Foreign Policy Exposed

Just heard on NBC News that Russert testified before the Plame grand jury

NYT: New Alert Shows That Intelligence Weaknesses Remain

Killer Cat Virus Spreading Around Saginaw

LAT: Back Home, Disabled Vets Fight Injuries, Red Tape

LAT: Once Indifferent, Saudis Allied with U.S. in Fighting Al Qaeda

LAT: For Many, Economy's State Lies Between Partisan Views

Bush's message on economy takes beating

NYT: Kerry Steers Message to Nation's Center (base more solid than Bush's)

From Iraq to Zim - perils of a SA security firm

BBC: Iran's consul in the Iraqi city of Karbala is kidnapped. More soon

Red Adair, world-renowned firefighter, dies

Status of same-sex marriages likely to wait in legal limbo | Oregonian

White House tape: Nixon, Kissinger discuss Vietnam withdrawal before 1972

Newsmax: Gen. Franks: Kerry Fit for Command

Iraq Reimposes Death Penalty for Certain Crimes

Kuwait says gunmen abduct driver in Iraq

Raid fails to seize al-Sadr (ING and police raid Sadr's home)

(Another) Turkish company pulls out of Iraq

Al-Qaida suspect arrested, flown to Pakistan

Kerry boost as economy hints at slide

Bush faces battle in New Hampshire

Three Chinese Christians jailed (BBC)

Sadr Aide Says Iraqi PM "Acting Like Saddam"

Homeless and their advocates worry GOP convention will push them out

Danish Troops Clash With Iraq Militants

NYT: Building Bad Reputation:Sloppy Am.Construction(big, corp. companies)

Auto workers become focus of Michigan fight

DUPE!! CNN INTERNATIONAL: Arrest warrant issued in Iraq for Ahmed Chalabi

11 Wounded in 6 Explosions in Baghdad

Edwards says he, Kerry can resonate in the state | Tennessean

Jesse Jackson blasts GOP for bringing Keyes into race | Chicago Sun-Times

Biographer Claims Tape Shows Nixon Prolonged War

Edwards Heads Back to Kansas to Apologize for Snub

Kerry courts the Hispanic vote coveted by Republicans (AFP)

Iraq PM Orders Fighters Out of Najaf; Toll Climbs

Bush Seeks Edge Swapping Fish Tales

Keyes' candidacy will expose rift within GOP | St Louis Post-Dispatch

Iranian diplomat taken captive in Iraq

Russian Parliament Approves Controversial Social Benefits Law


Would-be bomber killed in Turkey

GOP senator intervenes on behalf of Detroit terror prosecutors

77 million people poisoned; over 270,000 will die

Politics short-circuits utility accountability

Gay-marriage fight heats up after ruling | Seattle Times

Arrests bolster Bush's embrace of Pakistan

AP: Superiors Hindered Terror Prosecutors

Sheriff: 4 charged in Florida killings over Xbox (6 beaten to death)

Abu Ghraib Victims Speak

Italy orders airlines to curb fare deals

Iraq reinstates capital punishment

Prosecutors seek death sentence for teen

US senators targeted in 'outing' campaign

The battle for Najaf - A first-hand account (riveting)

Bush Preached to About Material Wealth

Kerry’s NH story lacks key details (Knowles breast cancer and insurance)

Iraq invasion a gift to Osama

Nevada Ponders Superfund Status for Mine

War of Words Mounts between Iran and Iraq/Jordan Times--New WMW

President Bush plans 3 Panhandle stops with McCain

Local man casualty in Iraq war

New overtime rules sap pay for managers (only in Bush's America)

Al Qaeda's Pre-Election Plot

Miami Venezuelans Speak Out As Chavez Recall Approaches

State Republicans End Convention with Vote to Oppose Stem Cell Funding

Springsteen: ..the stakes have risen too high to sit this election out

Chavez supporters, opponents hold rallies

U.S. Hotel Tycoon Reaches for the Stars

Zim 70 'won't be extradited'

NYT: Sensing the Eyes of Big Brother, and Pushing Back (Patriot Act)

Australians Condemn Government on Iraq

Migrant journeys from impoverished Dominican Republic to Puerto Rico often

Iraq issues warrants for Chalabis

Prozac 'found in drinking water'

Proposed Texas waste site draws developer

Democratic representative switches party

WP/AP: Hearing Recesses in England Case (photos not in evidence?)

Nader doesn't get spot on California ballot

Friends in the White House Come to Coal's Aid

Several killed in Karachi twin bombings

US should permit repatriation of social security benefits: CII study

Allawi makes surprise visit to Najaf

WP: Bush Preached to About Material Wealth

BBC (early Monday): Iranian consul abducted in Iraq

International team to monitor presidential election -CNN

NYT: Agent Orange, the Next Generation (Vietnamese and American)

Switzerland is to slap provisional taxes on Israeli exports suspected of c

Iranian Diplomat Reportedly Held in Iraq

City Councilman Lewis dead at age 37

Rumsfeld intervention rescues $3bn BP pipeline

CBS: Iraqi Oil Fields Not So Secure

Iran-Iraq ties strain further

Byron hopes planning will oust (right wing congressman Darrell) Issa

"Famous oil fied firefighter red Adair dies at age 89"

This Week w/GS: Franks 'Kerry fit to be commander in chief'

Laura Bush targets female business owners in Mn. (Invitation only)

SA 'mercenaries' being tortured, wife claims

Bush's ratings slipping in state (California)

Kerry Has 20-Point Lead in New Jersey, Poll Shows

Boy crushed by suicide jumper

Newsview: Focus Shifts From Kerry to Bush

LAT: Dems Are Trying to Make a Leap of Faith ("People of Faith for Kerry")

CA Secretary of State Receives Dubious Donations (SF Chron)

Iraq Arrest Warrants (issued for Chalabi!!!)

Prozac "found in drinking water"

Permit Denial for Big Park Rally Adds to Push for Protests There

Rice says the world must stop Iran's nuclear intentions

Churches See an Election Role and Spread the Word on Bush -NYT

Fundamentalist link in cheap art scam? (Israeli "art students" in Canada)

Wyden (superD Ore) asks Rumsfeld for Iraq investigation

Abandoned, starving, desperate: refugees begin to give up hope

Senator Seeks Inquiry Into Abuse Report

Concerns with Patriot Act mount

Alan Keyes's sweat for sale

Prosecutors thwarted by terrorism unit, documents show

Casualty Ward, ...Trauma Cases From Iraq War -ABC

Edwards returns to Kansas _ in daylight _ to rally supporters

CNN: International team to monitor presidential election

Deutsch's Senate chances ride on selling his intensity (Dem., Florida)

Oil Prices Could Get Even Worse

Dolphins stranded in Florida were "euthonized." Was this humane? Or Jeb?

Anyone getting tired of high and mighty DUers?

Why does Gospel Music tend to be about God?

the unofficial lounge monkey pride post

Ugly, Ugly fight at family gathering today....

Did any of you go see The Dead tonight in Camden, NJ?

Election games ...

One Hour Photo

South Park Class Presidential Race for the curious

How are OUR NEW NON SMOKERS doing?:grouphug:

Anyone have friends who got famous and started acting Snoopy?

Anyone have friends who got famous and started hanging Sloopy?

You punks MISSED IT!

So, I'm bangin' Snoopy, right...

Heeeey...I have a thread on the home page!

karl childers (freeper poster tonight)

Is anyone still awake out there???

10 reasons why history rules (a post that actually praises a subject)

What three horror movies would you pick for Chiller theater.

Best Funny Fat Man

Carl Lewis

The Last Time I Had A Great Time Was

I'm sure most of you have normal tiles in your floors

I'm about to go crazy, Broadway-style...

Why Do I Love DU, let me count the ways

I am techno-boy

Just saw a comedian on Comedy Central say

Can I delete the funk from my head-gistry?

Have You Done This Lately?

Bush at Yale, the yearbook shot

I would rather EAT MY FEET than talk about THIS anymore

Will lionesspriyanka

Mother Superior jumped the gun...

How's about a little kiss?

If You Had A Fly On Your Nose

Computer pros: can I delete junk from my registry?

Ah, Morning Cigar Mouth...

Anyone anywhere near Rhode Island who's looking for . .

I am a thong, and take pride in that

Semi-new Simpsons/MasterCard ads

When was Eddie Murphy last funny?

Who do you think is the best band of all time?

Best James Bond Film?

Transgender witch claims life ruined

Adopt Pinky the Cat!!!

Anyone have freinds who got famous and started acting snooty?

Almost got in a fight, almost went to jail tonight...

Hey, I'm off to make some breakfast burritos

What's wrong with DU?

Free beer if you vote?

The obligatory Allawi "I know it was you, Fredo" post

Anyone having a problem with DU this morning?

The crappiest stripping comic ever

Chex Mix Bold Party Blend

Is it just me, or has this decade just sucked so far?

Oh my god. George Bush killed Kenny.

The PGA nuttiness is starting

Yay, the avatars are back!!!!

About comic strips

Is this a Mozilla thing or a DU traffic thing

I'm Rick James, bitch! I'm DEAD!

Do you think the later part of this decade will be better than this part?

Help!! My thread was locked out and they transfered me to the lounge

Don't you DARE save your Kerry tee-shirts for special occasions!!!!!


Like, okay... I watched the Village last night

Arrrrgghhh! The salelady forgot to remove the Knogo

Only 11 more posts to post number 666!!!!

Sibel Edmonds on 60 Minutes tonight??? My reliable friend just

1st night game at Wrigley Field: 8/8/88

Ghosts, anyone?

Freeze-dried bananas in Corn Flakes: a symbol of America gone astray!

alright - My Tequilla Lime Chicken is marinating

What Simpson character are your pets

Today's Boondocks

Here's a creepy personal ad.

Dennis Moore, Dennis Moore! Riding through the woods!

It is Sunday and I am passing the plate...Go to the Guy James thread

Meet the Fockers =Count me in

too cute. Predator for president. Plus some kittens

ESPN Sportscenter: Old School

The Passion of the Jew...

song of the day

Caption our Fearless Leader

Help me with a diner party - Calling DU Chefs

Windows XP help!!!!!!

You've been hired to co-ordinate the campaign music for the RNC...

Does anyone have a fax machine on cable internet?

Anyone else watching the NFL Hall of Fame induction ceremony?

Important question

Bad movie choices...

Don't hang me on this... just reading it has Hung me to dry...

Silly rant about June Cleaver

I'm watching "The Messenger: the story of Joan of Arc" Ask me anything

Feeling depressed? Need some help, it's as easy as this

Come on, show it to me!! I need to see it, badly!!

What will be expected of us if * steals the White House again

Old pulp

What should I put in a fire safe?



Build a better Bush. Have some fun with this toy!!!

Church welcomes Light-Skinned Negroes *humor*

Will Ferrell spoofs *...

Best Steve Martin film?

Jesus has a thong in his heart

ESPN Classic right now: Elway, Sanders into the Hall of Fame (5pm EST)

DU this poll - on behalf of John Kleeb

more fun with South Park create a character

Anyone see Open Water yet?

Um, are we sure it's August? (weather)

Egads. 10 home runs in the Tigers-Sox game.

Will you be my Happy Tree Friend?

Should I put my Happy Tree Friends DVDs out in the free box?

Absurdly funny website

Just what is the future? (song lyrics)

Greed is not dead! Behold Tom Ridge

The Cat's Book of Life

Your Olympic Fantasy? (Let's hope this doesn't get too graphic!)

Bush goes to church and continues to prevent Pickles from turning head

Got FIve Minutes? Need Pick-me Up?

Thirty years ago today...Nixon announced his resignation

In 1995, people liked freedom and the Constitution...

Michael Moore's "The Awful Truth"

Wal-mart DVD rentals!

Just created a new drink - Staunch Conservative

CREED is far from dead! Behold ALTER BRIDGE!

Disturbing trailer for the movie "SAW"

My typing speed has really increased recently.

"My dog's better than your dog"

Let us now praise Trapper John McIntyre!

"So, what's your position on Iraq?"

Firin' up the grill!

Need recs for image upload site so you guys can see my Kerry pics

Hey, M-jean03 I forget your new nickname!!!!

What is Amstersdam's most important feature?

Which of these things does god most want us to do?

An old and dear friend just told me she has breast cancer.

Has anyone seen that lame W bumper sticker?

What do you like to wiggle

Go see "Supersize Me"

Just created a new drink - Eleny's Bleeding Heart Lib'rul

"For college life, there's Mastercard"; Mastrcard ad on TV said this quote

Farewell to Nasha.

Some Bulldogs are way cool!

An'ahl nathrac uth ves bethud doth'yel d'yenvegh


So I'm taking an editing test

You have GOT to watch this quiz show on The WB right now

My Norton Internet Security 2003 is about to expire...

Please help me decide what should I watch tonight?

Boy, does Leviticus want you to burn animals outdoors or what?

A vegetable supper

OUCH! A wasp stung inside my mouth!!

should we agree to wear orange jumpsuits on election day?

Three Thousand Posts! Woo Hoo!

The Horror!!! The Absolute Horror!!!!!

I hiked at the Buffalo National River today. Ask me anything.

Six Feet Under fans...

Just saw Bourne Supremacy

What are the long-term effects of stress and fear?

What are some of your favorite old movies?

If intelligent extra-terrestrial life was discovered, would that change

Wow, a major media entity is reporting Wal-mart-onomics!

For "Big Lebowski" Fans, Check This Out

HA - my LIES LIES LIES review of F9/11 posted on Amazon -

You know what I think is a total boob?

My literary agent is gone

Ouch! the gears were right, the engine wasn't...

Any other fans of CHEAP SEATS (on ESPN Classic)?

You know who I think is a total babe?

This is my 200th post

Attention WWII Movie Buffs !!! - 'In Harm's Way' On AMC Tonight !!!

Does Karl Rove have anything left?

mecka lecka hi.... mecka hiny ho

My Last CatWoman

Among My Little Pony Fans, it's no contest!!!! (Kerry--40; * ---11)

Happy 1000th post to the reincarnated Mara "m-jean" Steele !

Well, now we know why Ozzy Osbourne is F'd Up

OK DUers, make up your own way Al Qaeda will attack us.

What's Scariest---Scary Movie 2, GOTTI, or ----------DRUDGE?????

son applied for Scientology job

Where did the DU photo album go?

Is anybody watching "Texas Super-Sized" on TRIO???

CAPTION Condi's Weapons of Mass Destraction

Joke about the Repuke Convention

LMAO! Ali G is interviewing INS's James Zeigler...

Think THIS won't be made into a movie?

AP Breaking: Keyes just running to get Chicago deep dish pizza.

Does anyone have Windows 98SE that they'd be willing to share?


I'm pretty sure if John Gotti was alive today....

Just a small sampling of Dubya's supporters...

is hotmail down? I cant access it

Nambe, if you visit the DU Lounge.. just wanted to give you a thanks!

Drunken George W

I wish there was an actual place like Grizzlebee's.

Foreign language requirements can kiss my ass

Tonight's Adult Swim episodes:

So I just watched the final episode of The 4400...

Anybody see the NFL Hall of Fame induction today?

My mom had emergency bypass surgery this morning...


Say no to drugs

Are they really cancelling Aqua Teen?

What food goes the best with beer?

christian dating on the net

If domestic cats were the size of mice, would you want one?

Is Tom Green relevant any more?

Nuclear War? No! settle on the Bicycle Polo Grounds! India vs. Pakistan.

Help Computer Guru's

Harvey Birdman Attorney at Law on Cartoon Network!

If domestic cats were the size of tigers, would you want one?

"Keep Your Jesus Off My Penis"

what is LOVE?

Weird Pet Tricks

Are English Bull Dogs really mean? Or do they just drawn that way

You know who I think is a total BABE???

New Regnery book due out: Alabama Mail Room Veterans for Bush

Why is being a liberal more fun?

There's nothing like an XBox to make you feel safe at home...

What's your wallpaper?

i've got my first flaming thread!! (Obvious vanity post!)

how often do you check the threads on the home page?

Where to go with "G.W.Bush's All Hat No Cattle Steakhouse"?

Which TV Commercials Make You Want To Gouge Your Eyes Out

Can you say Governor John Grisham? I bet you guys are jealous!

DU women: Can I get a pity flirt?

OMG! OMG! I saw "The Corporation" today

New problem with the new cat

new feature at MoveLeft Media blog

Pull my finger

I can see Fall from here

Ship named after your town?

Is it wrong to call my unborn child "the fetus"?

Koko the Gorilla Calls for the Dentist

I need suggestions for a winter outdoor sport...

Let's get drunk

In support of the dog owners here - my girl Marge

Why do people like you?

What do you lie about?

"We Polled A Recent Studio Audience And Got The Best Response To This..."

Do you have more than one location in your house for your pet

Had a nice plate of nachos for supper.

"Your so vain" Who was Carly Simon's song about?

Come join us at Democrats Uncovered

Whats your favorite under rated film(In The Last Decade)?

New Gov Sim Roleplaying Game

Pop vs. Soda

Is anyone old enough to remember cigarette advertising onTV ?

Which famous people do you think post or lurk on the DU???

Math can kiss my ass but chemistry can kiss my ass too

Which celebrity do you look like?

I need that link about John Kerry's Senate Record

This is it: certain proof that Bush will dump Cheney for a new VP

Tickets to Crawford and A bag of Pretzels

What would you do if, on election day, the winner is...

The Vaunted Gallup Poll Picked The Wrong Popular Vote Winner In 48, 76,

??? in Bush's Guard Records.

You've been hired to co-ordinate the campaign music for the RNC...

I can't wait until election day

Why computer specialists will vote for Kerry

Is Glenn Reynolds (MSNBC) on the Karl Rove payroll?

"Swift Boat" story has no legs but crawls around on its belly for days?

Face The Nation: The female in charge of terror alert coordination

General McPeak on Stephanopolous: The White House shows

Tommy Franks says Kerry IS fit to be president, will speak @ pug conv

Why won't Kerry release his service records?

Matthews's Sunday Show: Pundit consensus last week WENT TO BUSH?

bush* bus tour (Pensacola to Panama City) this week WITH McCain

Richard Clarke on Stephanopolous is very good in his analysis

Well, another Sunday full of talking heads who have SOLD THEIR SOULS

B* Admin warns of plot against USS Constellation

SwiftVets: IMO

George W. Bush, "hippie priest"

Crawford vacation days - 2001 vs 2004

What are your plans for election night (after voting I mean)...

Has anybody seen Wes Clark around lately?

One thing that Finemann (Newsweek) said on Matthews's show:

Is ANYBODY watching Condi on MTP?

Cap'n PNAC Bill Kristol erupts on Faux Snooze roundtable

Things I have done to help elect John Kerry...

Why don't dems have a travelling TRUTH squad for chimpy?

McDonalds closing stores...Bush is gonna lose

C-SPAN Road to the White House for 8-08

How would have John F Kennedy acted during those 7 mins?

Now this is sweeeeeeet unless your name is George Bush

Do Democrats need to "double up" on ad buys this week ??

1000 troop casualties around the time of the RNC?

Don't forget to watch Wes Clark on Wolf Blitzer's Late Edition!

Carpetbagger Keyes: Is He Running For Debt Relief?

How I look forward to John Kerry's January inauguration in Ashington!

Results of AP Poll on Candidates

GOP Picks 19-Time Inmate for State Race

The Invasion Of The Chicken Little Wing Of The Democratic Party...

Needed: A list of Military weapons/ funding Kerry voted for.

Nice pic of John & Elizabeth Edwards

Elliot's report on Kerry in 1969

Is Lawrence ODonnell an idiot? Or just a liar? Prove me wrong

Ohio voter purge via Hamilton County continues

about 8 LTTE in Milwaukee Jrnal complaining "goons" distruptg Kerry Rally

Behold: The Votemaster's Electoral Vote Predictor Says We're Winning!

Fuck you Rudy Giuliani

Balanced federal budgets help the economy more than tax cuts to wealthy

Fantastic Ad in NYT!

A question that needs to be asked about the military

An example of why * is going to lose in a landslide - Voter Conversions

Carter-Reagan, and widespread "wrong direction" sentiment

Giulianni is a gasbag. When he is lying, his eyes open wide, have you

Right now Ben Stein is on CNN bad mouthing Springsteen and

Keyes supposed to give answer at 2PM central. Hear anythig?

Tales From The Dark Side

The makers of Prozac making huge profit as consumption goes off the charts

The Supporters Bush Will Betray if He Wins the Election

"How can that be? No one I know voted for Nixon!"

WHO was Pickle's "Special guest" at the State of the Union?

Who has the Better Business Plan for America?? Kerry? Bush?

Report from Las Vegas, NM - The Train Tour

John Edwards backtracked to Lawrence, Kansas, for an unscheduled rally

The Person Ahead In The Polls Gets To Determine The Format Of The Debates*

What The Hell Is Ahmed Chalabi Doing In Iran?

I am tired of my family life being transformed into a campaign issue

60 Minutes heads up: Sibel Edmonds finally on

I fear that John Kerry and the Democrats are about to make an historical..

Franks says Kerry qualified to be president but leans towards b*sh

Appeal to the woman voter

New Iraqi Gov. Arresting Former Pentagon Advisors in thier War On Terror

Karen Tumelty (sp) from Time on Inside Politics just said

The election of 2004 is a referendum on theocracy

Now they're saying Bush volunteered for Viet Nam!

Suburban St. Louisans and Cheney's A-12 cancellation

Fahrenheit 911 DVD #3 on Best Sellers List at B&N

Are Dems prepared for OBL's capture?

My first try at posting a original from the Grand Rapids Kerry Rally

I just visited Campaign Underground for the first time.

Does Kerry HAVE to win Florida?

Tommy Franks Says Kerry Is Qualified To Be Commander-in-Chief

Is there a list of prominent Republicans who have endorsed Kerry?

Newsview: Focus Shifts From Kerry to Bush

Need full title of Bush the Deserter book. I'm gonna buy s few copies.

This Cheney picture says it all

I just shook hands with John Edwards!

Buckeye ceiling?

One of the 4 candidates to take on Katherine Harris

TheCorrelation: Bush Job Approval and Election polling

Kerry reaches out to middle while Chimpy is still wooing his base

8/8 KERRY WIN PROBABILITY: 97.97% VOTE: 53.20% EV: 330

NYT Business: "Polls Say Kerry, Futures Say Bush"

To Liberals who say they're not voting for Kerry I have two words...

Polls Show Kerry With Slight Lead Over Bush

I met a Republican Vietnam veteran today, and he's mad as hell.

Kerry tells truth about Cambodia XMAS EVE in 68-And Drudge/O'Niel spin lie

Why Clinton's attack ads against Dole worked, and Bush's attack ads don't.

An Interesting Outcome to The Election...

transcript sites for Franken, Rhodes, etc.

Should Badnarik be included in polls?

Springsteen writes editorial in NYT - Fat Wreck Chords & NOFX

The latest Whispering Campaign smear

Kerry NO-DRAFT Plan to cost $7 Billion, NO DRAFT, even w/Iraq

Dr. Dean/Bev Harris/Jon Stewart on now

New anti-Bush Google-bomb campaign!

Anyone know why Kerry decided not to stop in MN? ****

this is GOLD -- found it at FR

There is one word for why I will vote for anyone against Bush:

Gov. Dean in Houston August 12, fundraiser for Richard Morrison.

"Swift boat Veterans for Truth" not their real name

"Fair and Balanced" Fox runs Kerry headline: "'Mr. Jane Fonda"

who should be Kerry's Sec of Defense?

Another disillusioned gay voter...

Been reading the Kerry education plan because it directly affects me

Zogby- Bush job approval down to 44% (down 5 pts in 3 weeks)

Per Jon Stewert daly show: NYC bracing for the Family Values Crowd::

Kerry environmental message seeks 'non-traditional' environmentalists

My city/area might finally be represented by a Democrat again

I am seething from this anti-Kerry (swiftboat liars) email - help please -

When Alan Keys Refused to Run In New York against Hillary

MSNBC: Who do you think will be tougher on terror--Bush or Kerry? Vote.

"Stone-Faced" Bush Preached to About Material Wealth

Sabato: Bush needs a miracle to win

A great site for talking points to defend Kerry against attacks.

Photos from Las Vegas NM whistle stop--lots!

Professor Sam Wang (Princeton) agrees: Probability of a Kerry win is 98%.

Bush Lost the Week Bigtime. Here's Why:

Kerry doesn't need Ohio OR Florida

I don't think the "left" is paying enough attention to the senate races

Diebold's voting software is based on Microsoft Access?

Survey of Trial Heat Polls

Kerry Has 20-Point Lead in New Jersey, Star-Ledger Poll Shows

Best way to destroy Republicans - divide and conquer!

Can you tell which way your local paper is leaning - * or Kerry?

Are you part of the circular firing squad?

Serious ?: Will America be more likely to be hit with Kerry or Bush ?

CBS: Kerry now beats Bush among veterans

John McCain on Cspan-playing the Fear Fear Terror Card for Bush

The Manchurian Candidate - some thoughts (yes, they are relevant)

Who will Kerry appoint to be Seceretary of State?

Keyes Will Run for Senate From Illinois

How far do you expect Obama to go?

The Coming Republican Revolution !!!

Room for Pro-Lifers in the Democratic Party?

Kerry up by 7% in new Democracy Corps Poll

New attack on Kerry's service: Christmas in Cambodia

Kerry says Americans need to train to respond to terrorism

Bush Farewell Tour? All Dems should call it that