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Archives: August 7, 2004

Death's Grip on Darfur

husband can't move right side

Pakistan produces the goods, again (high value targets on demand)

Jim Edgar and Jim Thompson May not Endorse Keyes

The week sisters of NATO that Bush has lined up have no pull.

Oak Ridge protestors mark anniv. of Hiroshima bombing

What do you plan on doing this weekend and next week to help Kerry?

The $87 Billion and Bush's Phony 'Nothing Complicated' Line

I am in good company .....besides here too

Don't call me freeper (looking for attack ad link)

New DNC ads try to do too much...

Holy shit! Is anyone else hearing Malloy's caller, Christina from Florida?

FU Ben Stein you slimy POS "Tweety Interview"

Unity pic BEGGING for a caption

How will President Kerry be treated by the press?

"History of the Orange, Part 1" TAP Eloriel's thread?

Speaking to the overflow at TBA conference, police out in force. Pics.

Virgin inks Airbus order - add 6,000 jobs

SA vows to keep up the pressure on Pakistan

3 US servicemen killed in Iraq (Fri.)

NYT: As Convention Week Nears, Many Plot Escapes

Doctor target of anthrax probe Works at UPMC McKeesport(PA)

New Claims Surround Anti-Kerry Ad [NYT]

Britain will always be an enemy, says Mugabe

Okay - confession time - I adore "bork bork bork!"

How long

Computer question


i just put a Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker on a 1951 Hudson!

separated at birth...

What will Rick James say when he arrives in Heaven

A bunch of thin-skinned, no-humour pansies!

Wonder how many "Rate my......" sites are out there

My wife and I just bought a house, I am scared...........

Who should play...

ok it's official, my head is about to start spinning ala Linda Blair...

I am having a craving for...

This should not be surprising re Clinton and Toronto

What music goes best with beer?

Caption this Salespitch:

AWOL status now helps Bush. Distracts from his chickenhawk status.

1,000,000th Swift Boat Thread....

AZ DUers: Let me know if you can meet up in Flagstaff for Kerry!

Careful what you Bush for - will Dems suffer defeat by muzzling Anti-war?

We should make our own swift boat ad about George W. Bush.

Intelligent Design... or Rocky III ?

Kerry and Edwards heckled in Missouri.

Bush said he doesn't want to be President!!......REALLY!

Election ended at 8:30 AM EDT on 8/6/04 - Write it down.

Calling all Viet Nam Vets for Kerry

WTO-Whose Trade Organization? (Free Trade vs. Globalization destruction)

Sadako at peace

Editorial about minding one's own business

Resignation shows Musharraf's hold

Juan Cole: Did the Bush Administration Burn a Key al-Qaeda Double Agent?

My local paper finally published a letter from me (most boring yet)

NYT-Washington's Gift to Bomb Makers

Electoral fraud claim returns to haunt America’s sunshine state

Newspaper Industry Hit by New (Dallas Morning News) Circulation Scandal

What happened to Bush's promise about parks?

Pat Oliphant cartoon

Strib: A candidate's visit can be a burden

9 Million Lost Health Coverage Since 2001, Study Says

'OutKast' not allowed in Kansas libraries

dupe - sorry :(

Al Hunt: Sham Charges Against a War Hero

Riding with the Janjaweed

5 Tough Questions for Mr. Bush -

Fascism and America Today by Aldo Vidali

Few new jobs/Symptom of failed policy

Jim Hightower: Bush Zones Go National

Why Bush could be a fan of terror

The Hand-Over That Wasn't-"100 Orders" remain to exploit Iraq

Al Jazeera shut down for 30 days in Iraq because of inciting . . .

Aspartame, anti-depressants and Bush

The virtue of idleness

(CA) Press Enterprise oped: Jews veer from party line

Tomorrow's San Diego "Walk for Peace" counter protest- Protest Warriors

i clicked the "Listen Live" link for This is Hell and all i got was head

The Media....If you are not part of the solution.....

Faux News: "crazy people exchanging views" says Dick Parsons

On Fox they're discussing whether Kerry or * has a nicer shaped

Another case of treason falls off of the media radar?

I recommed you listen to Daniel Ellsberg's interview with Marie Heller

liberal songs at "MoveLeft Media"

Air America Radio coming to San Diego 1360 AM

The media both makes us fat AND makes us feel guilty about it.

Cassini Hears Puzzling Lightning at Saturn

Johannes Kepler's mother arrested for witchcraft

Viewer's Guide: Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks Aug. 11-12

Today's Quotes

Today's Thought

Skeptics: Today's Quotes (8-7-04)

When Glaciers Melt, Earthquakes Strike

Skeptics: Today's Thought (8-7-04)

The Answer To All Of Life's Difficult Questions Found Here...

Today in History 08/07

What is Octology?

Earthwalk Astrology Newsletter - Aug 06

Russian scientist invents camera to take pictures of ghosts and past

Astrology and the U.S. Elections (from Mountain Astrologer)

Beautiful Crop Circle

'Dead zones' are blamed for rise in shark attacks (Where is EPA?)

What Is Zero-Point Energy?

Earth is Rare, New Study Suggests (God chose the Earth for Humans?)

Loathed by the rich

Whatever happened to patriotism among the wealthy?

My take on the 2nd amendment issue

You gun nuts are really gonna love this:

Guns and deep remorse - interesting questions

Here's a horrible thread...

Hello all...I wanna apologize

This thread was locked without explanation

"Alert" question:

I'd like to suggest a 'Chicken Little Democrats' forum!

How many hits does DU get per day?

What's worse--posting a link to a Neo-Nazi Holocaust denial site, or

Could you pin a 'Response to Swift Boat Ad' thread?

Another thread locking complaint

How is the GD-to-GD2004 transfer going?

I second Cuban_Liberals request

"Dolphins being euthanized" with a link to article moved to Lounge????

At what point will the criticism of Kerry have to cease?

After we win in November can the people with Bush or Political names

remember last year when grover boy

Roeser: Hypocrite Extraordinare

Tomorrow's San Diego "Walk for Peace" counter protest- Protest Warriors

I Passed Out Kerry Flyers At The Ferndale Art Fair

Please do something today for John Kerry

I have political dinner tickets for sale! Please consider a purchase!

Austin DUers...wanta have brunch on Sunday (8/8)

Texas Arts Community seeks to place add in NY Times

Austin Training - 21st Century Dems

Employment/Networking in Wisconsin

Feingold yard signs -

Gregoire heads over Cascades in quest for votes | Seattle Times

Myron Baloney (Brian Maloney) pushed the anti--Kerry swiftboat story today

GOP candidate has long record — in jail

I think swiftboatvets has been hijacked

I wonder who the anti-Kerry "swift boat vets" shot in Vietnam ...

Cheri Honkala's March to the RNC

My Friends, I call for patience and strength...

So what's the story on Elliot, Kranish and the 2nd affidavit???

cnbc mcenroe 12 central

Betcha more staff leave the * Campaign/W.H. this weekend

Think of all the money Bush spent on ads in 2000, Networks got paid...

Bill Cosby's dead?

Ted Danson dead?

8pmEST Sunday Howard Dean to interview Jon Stewert on CNBC

Just saw the c-span videos of the unity conference remarks...

Bush "Let law inforcement... determine guilt or innocence"

I just stormed away from TV news.Swift Boat coverage and job loss.

IL Senate Race Question

Best blogs written by Iraqis?

Bush and the Classroom

I though Kerry knew how to handle these John O Neil guys?

Percentage Estimates for Political Affliations in the Military?

Tori Clark?????

Teresa Heintz Kerry rumors cheap shots

U.S. military weakness


Kerry got schrapnel in the butt. My god that is funny,


I am trying this again.. because the moderator said it was inflammatory?

Kerry and Edwards heckled in Missouri.

Could this Nazi have prevented the Vietnam War?

Tired, Paranoid, Full of Dread? Take "TerrorEX" today & SMILE!

NYT article on Edward's visit to Bilderberg

Hecklers-what can be done to shut them up?

Mexican film lampoons California's haves without have-nots

Lies needing to be debunked

What's your biggest regular activity for helping Bush get defeated?

Great Alan Keyes quote

Southern Maine DUers ---Pants on Fire Notice

... NORML...

Why doesn't Howard Dean have his own show?

I need some help

Kerry at 50% to bush 43% in Florida. Nader not an issue.

O'Neill praises Kerry in Boston, 1996

Kerry with a 7 point lead in Florida!!!

More and more,GI's in Iraq are turning to prayer...

Late Night

"Turned a corner" - Serendipity

Will any high profile Repub flip to Kerry?

Anyone else hear the 2 junior fruit loops on C-Span?

Alan Keyes storms out after IL GOP committeeman uses deragatory term!

Did Anyone See the Answer Bush Gave Take the test!

Zarqawi Group Beheads American in Iraq -Web Site (Hoax)

Today's Bush radio address: "We're a nation in danger"

From my Grandma: "Muslims have declared holy war against the infidels"

The calm before the attack..............

Where's Ashcroft

Infield Terra alert

Documentary to tell story of Japanese camps

Let me tell you how dirty it is in Northern Florida.. I went bonkers !

"War in ERROR" not "War on Terror".... my new one liner...

Great Information on the Heritage Foundation and Free Congress Foundation

"The Democrats' New Look" (editorial cartoon)

The ultiimate test with which to confront all Bush supporters....

How close are we to Martial law?

How do you debunk this again?


Republican Convention to be B*sh's Florida Classroom?

Howard Stern called Bush "the worst environmental President ever."

Despite Attacks from RW Wackos, Globe Stands by Story

Where can I get a copy of the National Journal

Air America will owe me a beer. I am part of a Arbitron survey.

You guys are morons. Sadr's army can't be stirring up trouble now

Al-Jazeera's Baghdad office closed. So much democracy, so little time

Father: Girl’s survival from 30-foot fall is a miracle (Kerry miracle!)

Body count in Najaf. US military brass resorts to old tricks.

Something that's been puzzling me about office politics.

Bush Administration Burns Al Qaeda Agent

"Boy, That is One Terrible Pilot!"

The Difference Between Republican and Democratic Attacks on Presidents

FOX NEWS and what I just heard... TALKING ABOUT MEN'S BALLS


Rumsfeld says Iraq security forces 200,000 strong

Some Reasoning Behind Ashcroft's Behavior

Interesting pro-Bush DU popup ad:

Under friendly fire

Buzzflash GOP hypocrite of the week: Pres. Musharraf

The "Trust" Factor: Except for their base. No one believes anymore

"Kerry - communist hero" (in my local paper)

Kansas Attorney General censoring library content

Why is D.C. so Democratic?

Did You Know Clinton Was The #1 Economic President

pResident Boooossshhhh

Why don't we get bumper stickers focusing on how unsafe we are under Bush

"Safe" Democrats should call for Congressional investigations...

Anyone see Bartcop forum - SwiftBoat vets & Freepers connected?

Diplomacy Fails to Slow Advance of Nuclear Arms

Question about my profile..........................

Don't you find it truly amazing we haven't had another attack since 9/11?

118F/47C in Nasiriyah. Do you know where Bush is murdering your children?

ten ideas that won't be discussed in the kerry-bush debates

Regarding 911; should the emphasis be on PROGRESS or JUSTICE?

Faux News' Coverage of Yesterday's Jobs Report

Sykes to shut Fla. call center (more then 2,500 layoffs this yr.)


Rummy said something that left me musing

Clarence Thomas may be next Chief Justice (not a joke)

The firefighters didn't wait 7 minutes

Question on F-911/Kids

Displacement. The boss yells at me, so I yell at my dog.

Iraqi beheading video faked

John McEnroe's show on CNBC kicks ass. 10pm EST you should watch it

Was anyone watching CNN just now?

Lets get some quality reporting

Bush gives special attention to the "Parents With Children"

Does the token minority appointment or candidate work?

PAUL KRUGMAN vs Bill O'Lielly tonight on Tim Russert !!!!!!

Mississippi Dems considering John Grisham as next gubernatorial candidate!

How are you celebrating the 30th anniversary of Nixon's resignation?

Has Chimpy condemned the smear boat vets yet?

where is WORKING video of Bush UNITY speech?

Party-Switching La. Congressman Draws Ire (Rodney Alexander)

Jenna catches the biggest fish!

Bush's Latest Zogby Approval Poll: Downward SPIKE!

Pop quiz! One question re this month's casualties

Clinton says Iraq was "number five security threat"

PORTLANDERS: Bush AND Kerry due on Friday

Another John O'Neill lie: years in Vietnam

Greg Palast on FSTV now (2:30) Gore Vidal at 3

Want to lose your breakfast? CNN Chairman says CNN has bias

Attention Tucson people call for protest on Aug 29th.

Noam Chomsky on Negroponte's role in Iraq.....

please bring back the election discussions to GD

Has coverage of Iraq really diminished?

He Really Believes he's the Dictator!

I need help and advice with my cable internet

why is it so hard to find a link to how Cheney and Bush demand loyalty

Kerry did not request to be sent home after three wounds

Wanta help Educate the Yahoo Bd? Dissing Kerry

Hatriots "Protest Warriors" Exposed

Do they just lie about everything, even the spotted owl!

Is There One REAL Journalist Who Will Ask Bush This Question?

Has anyone noticed that CBS has the worst news coverage?

By November 2nd, * will just be spouting out 2 and 3 syllable fragments!

Remember what Dan Rather said about bush

Future Soundtrack for America, Tom Waits and They Might Be Giants on board

Was Saddam stepping down a condition of ending GW1?

Complaining about left-wing media...only on DU.

Did Kerry serve 2 terms in Nam?

"Another day older and deeper in debt..."

Yikes! Military Pop Up Advertisement Windows!

Man this is pretty powerful: Bush hates Vets

Truman's 1948 Nomination Acceptance Speech

My take on the 2nd amendment issue

NPR had a reporter mentioning that 38% of the people believe Bush* uses

Who is on the guest list for the Bush family wedding?

I love my new Beanie Baby Purchase...just in time for our election:

How do you deal with not hating those who hate you?

PLEASE HELP!! with cite to moronic Bush quote

"Official Guy James Show" thread----please keep kicked!

Unabashed Racist Wins GOP Primary

Has Daniel Schorr gone over to the dark side?

wanna laugh? turn on C-Span NOW! idiot bush* at the Minority Journalist

Anyone know what Tommy Franks said about Kerry?

U.S. rapped for blowing spy's cover - Rate this story on Yahoo


Bush goes fishing in Kennebunkport, "turning the corner" on his yacht

Democrat nationally, third party locally?

Programming note for couch potati.

"Bush and Kerry addressed minority journalists...Guess who did better" LOL

Dolphins stranded in Florida were "euthonized." Was this humane? Or Jeb?

"Terrorists bought Liberian Diamonds to finance terror"

Al Franken show on Sundance channel tonight?

One more reason to vote Dem

DUs own BoloBoffin mentioned in The Nation!

Dolphins stranded in Florida were "euthonized." Was this humane? Or Jeb?

Ron Young and Iraq is what Ollie North is to Nam and BIG GOP !

Charlie Daniels Won't play "hate" filled song in Arabic Community

Just watched Outfoxed...O'liely can suck my _____fill in the blank

ANYONE consider DSA?

The Lion In Winter -- on Bravo

Will Ferrell as * is Hilarious

I filled up my gas tank today in Orlando FL and was surprised to...

Texas GOP Urges Cuts in ADA Protections

Is this right? 966 killed in Iraq?

Al Franken on Rush Limbaugh: debate needs "mutual respect for the truth."

when and where dean interviewing stewart

Has anyone here considered

Clinton's up here in Canada.

My favorite thing about John Kerry, he outed Iran-Contra.

Questions on the economy

Is Real Time with Bill Maher worth watching this week?

John Dean (Watergate, Nixon, etc.) on Leonard Lopate's show on WNYC

We need to create an attack machine on Hannity and Coulter

Poor Still Supporting Venezuela's Chavez

Bushies Business Plan fails on all points

Has anyone seen a count of how many times * said "Duty" in Unity speech?

How do you think November 3rd will look like?..if they say bush "won"

The human face of this economy... a tragic murder/suicide.

Lest We Forget... He's A "WAR President"

Anyone have a link to recent CNN Florida numbers.

Image of sinking Titanic......

Heartbreaking murder-suicide story in Washington

Who has a link to this from Newsweek June 17 about Bush/feces?

In the "ONION", a coupon for those who say they aren't going to vote

Without DU help, online poll in the Gainesville FL paper today shows...

This is where the Chimp gets his speeches...

Why the Economy Will Sink Bush

Could someone please explain to me about

Air America will owe me a beer. I am part of a Arbitron survey.

I thought of an answer for Kerry when asked about Bush*'s 7 minutes:

Digby NAILS Shelby- busts his hypocricy WIDE OPEN!!!!!

More proof that CNN has become Faux-Lite

If a good friend, parent of a 17 year old, wanted to bring the kid over

If you can turn to CNBC.

Putting to good use

Is anyone else having trouble pulling up CSpan video of * from yesterday?

Bill O'Reilly Lied About Outfoxed On Tim Russert ... Here's The Proof

Some In Maine Come Out Against Jenna Bush Fish Catch

Question: The girl in Florida that was in a coma and they were

Two Surveys. Two different views on job creation in JULY

I've been here 2 years, and finally hit 300 posts!

I think Bush has corrupted all our institutions beyond repair.

I hope folks are keeping an eye on *, because he don't look too good!

"Stay tuned. In George Bush's America, ignorance is strength"

I guess we won't be getting any news from Fallujah

tell me more about John Stossel

A Most Democratic Afternoon

Two excellent programs on LINK TV. Ethnobotany, and ME Election effects

KRUGMAN vs O'REILLY Smackdown, CNBC, 7 P.M. ET

Ah.. the losers are getting desperate.. Heads up for DUers..

DUers of faith - would gay marriage impede your ability

So, where are all the new folks coming from?

J-1 Visas?

State Department: International Election Observers allowed!!

c-span - roland martin calls in sick

Just got home from a Welcome Home party for Jimmy (one of our soldiers

Bush should have been in prison!

CSpan: John Stossel spouting stupidity

I just threw a pest control salesman out of my house (a Tom Delay clone)

Iraqi govt shuts down Al-Jazeera

Of, By and For the People?

Best Jon Stewart clip ever! For those who haven't seen it.

The Tide Is Turning, But Don't Get Overconfident.

A Comic-Book Response to 9/11 and Its Aftermath (War in Iraq, etc...)

O'Nutty hates Stuart Smally

Burce Springsteen Likes John Kerry.

Graph of terror alerts and effect on Bush ratings. Most interesting.

Don't forget, Howard Dean to interview Jon Stewart Sun. 8pm on CNBC

Pat Robertson's friend Charles Taylor has been caught helping Al Qaeda

you know the economy sucks when Micky D's starts laying off and closing

Has any one read Monster?

Robert Greenwald (Outfoxed) on with Bob McChesney Sun. 2pm EDT

Who said this on September 7, 1988?

Mary K. Letourneau's dad was a Republican Senator

My Response to Wing-nut E-Mail. Let me know what you think

Has Dubya hammered the final nails in the supply-side coffin ?

Taking bets on the percentages that Gay Marriage is going down.

I haven't heard of any Democrats converting to Republican. Have you?

Did Anyone Else NOT like Fahrenheit 9/11?

"Go Ahead, Make My Day. Call me a Liberal" AZ Republic.

Jesus freaking christ - O'really on CNBC

Road Rage kills Florida man

I'm convinced now - Bush is toast. My staunch Reagan Republican...

I'm a leftie. Here is my take on the second amendment

Why Citizen Cane is the most important movie ever made...

Doesn't the entire Bush machine remind us all of the Corleone

Can I ask a small favor? Give Paul Krugman his props and our support

the "7 minutes" are NOT important!

The George Bush Show episode 6: "The Secret Plans"

What happened at the Smithsonian today....

Anybody But Bush would have...

Listen up!!!! Really infiltrated a RW "strategy" meeting in VA.

"The Windfalls of War" Halliburton at the top

Just heard on NBC News that Russert testified before the Plame grand jury

New Bumper Sticker Idea, Free to a good home!

The Peace Park Project: Veterans for Peace & Friends

November 22, 1963

Why we had to drop the bomb.

My video clips page

Not gonna let Minstrel Boy's "Coincidence Theorist's Guide" be archived

why does Country Music tend to be conservative ?

31.2% of all black men in florida have been BANNED FROM VOTING FOR LIFE

"The Guy James Show" is in serious trouble. Keep kicked please

Chretien - not a leader, a manager

Svend Robinson sentence...

Can you offer any advice on Cape Breton?

Opinions on the Position of Governor-General

Bomb Blast in Pakistani Port City Kills Two

Military ready if terrorists hit Kansas farms

Anything goes no longer true of politics on Miami radio

NYT, pg1: Bin Laden Sent Suspect (Issa al-Hindi) to U.S., Officials Say

Pakistan: US Screwed Up, Blew Sting Op on Al-Qaeda

Court rejects U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler’s lawsuit over touch-screen voting m

NYT: Kerry's Goal of Independence from Middle East Oil Divides Advisers

Purported Beheading of U.S. Man on Video

Iraq shuts Al-Jazeera's Baghdad office

Kerry victory could help Venezuela-U.S. ties-Chavez

Najaf Fighting Worst Since Saddam's Fall

Report: Group beheads American in Iraq

Iraq gunmen kill three US servicemen

Debt, tax questions surface for Keyes

NYT: Endangered Species Official Reassigned ("angered pol. superiors")

Iraqi Government Shuts Al-Jazeera Station

8 U.S. soldiers injured during rebel attacks (Afghanistan)

Briton 'had Gulf battle plans and links to US navy mole'

UN: Khartoum 'behind Darfur killings'

Archbishop sets precedent with bankruptcy testimony | The Oregonian

Pakistan: US Blew Undercover Operation

Air America will owe me a beer. I am part of a Arbitron survey.

Poll finds Boxer with wide lead over little- known challenger Jones

Letourneau now allowed to see former student | Seattle P-I

'Tigger' will return to his job at Disney | Orlando Sentinal

Italian mayor fights terror threat with ban on Muslim veils

A.G. candidates unite against gay marriage amendment | Salt Lake Tribune

AP Poll: Kerry Gains Ground on Defense

Growers big and small are 'banking on the buyout' ($700M Tobacco buyout)

Five Federal Prisoners Escape in Texas

Ads debate Kerry's military record

Poll: Jones fails to raise awareness (CA GOP Senate candidate)

Party-Switching La. Congressman Draws Ire

Bush denounces legacy admissions

Hastert says Senate race all in the game

Multiple (10) Explosions Hit Central Baghdad

WP: Kerry on Attack on Embryonic Research Issue

Aryan Nations 'memo' inquiry sought | Seattle P-I

Martha Stewart's Judge Opposes Court Cameras (..vain, weak)

McCain Condemns Anti-Kerry Ad

NYT: At (Abu Ghraib) Abuse Hearing, No Testimony That GIs Acted on Orders

Veteran claims misquote on Kerry; Globe stands by its story

Ex-Reservist Details Iraqi Prison Abuse

Economy shows signs of a stall

Explosion in number of bankrupts (In poodle land)

Party-switching Louisiana congressman draws ire

Watching JK on news...they don't lock up protestors in "free speech"

A bevy of (good) books on Bush due in bookstores before balloting

Local man wrongly identified at terrorist

Bush to follow Kerry's N.M. visit

Abuse Hearing Halted for Female U.S. Soldier

U.N. Offers to Help Broker Cease-Fire in Iraq

Oregon soldiers tried to stop prisoner abuse in Iraq, report says

Deepening anti-U.S. rage casts doubt on Iraq leaders' ability..

FBI Agents Search Car Belonging to Bioterrorism Expert Whose Homes

Iraqi Government Passes Amnesty for Those Convicted of Minor Crimes

Party-Switching La. Congressman Draws Ire, Landrieu: He's a coward

Zimbabwe shuts down commercial bank

Candidate Uses BlackBerry in Senate Debate

Democrats' new superstar Obama in Austin

E-Voting: Is The Fix In?

MoD inquiry into 48 suspect Iraqi deaths (UK)

Schwarzenegger: California a Potential Target for Terrorism

CNN and MSNBC reporting - "Iraq shuts Al-Jazeera's Baghdad office"

Republicans Unknowingly Pick 19-Time Jail Inmate to Run...

Democrats Making a Visit To Pensacola to Counter Bush

Supposed U.S. "al-Qaeda beheading victim" alive and well-HOAX FOOLED NEWS

G.O.P. Donors Paying to Play at Convention

NYT: A Princess's Distress Pierces Japan's Veil of Secrecy

"Ex-porn star awarded custody provided she avoids old work"

Kerry Vows to Lift Bush Restrictions on Stem Cells

Aljazeera vows to cover Iraq despite closure

Fighting spreads as U.S. troops kill 350 Iraqis

Unmasking of Qaeda Mole a U.S. Security Blunder-Experts

Syria not learnt lessons of Iraq: US

California Republicans appear divided over Bush prospects for November

Pakistanis 'doubt war on terror'

Hiring Dip Makes Bush Campaign Job Harder | LA Times

Portsmouth Herald: Temp worker outraged at Nader petition drive

Qaeda-Linked Cells 'To Hit Italy' After Aug. 15 Truce

Bahrain royal family member tortured at Guantanamo prison camp: rights cen

Few free lunches at upcoming Republican convention

S.F. Man Says Beheading Video Is a Hoax

Temps hired to gather signatures for Nader to help Bush

Bahrain Royal Tortured at Guantanamo - Rights Group

MSNBC Breaking: Video of American's 'beheading' in Iraq a Hoax..

President Clinton's 'My Life' is top read on British MPs' list

Australian military chiefs, diplomats launch scathing attack on PM Howard

Iraqi Government Shuts Al-Jazeera Station

Kerry Hopes to Cut Troops in Iraq Within Year

Breaking: ANOTHER private plane crash in Texas

Kerry, in Radio Address, Urges Lifting Stem-Cell Research Ban

Abu Ghraib lawyers want Cheney on stand

NYT: Diplomacy Fails to Slow Advance of Nuclear Arms

Bush Warns Americans They Are 'Still Not Safe'

Arizona congressman doesn't find anti-Kerry ads inappropriate

Senator Frist's Political Rise Slows in Pace -NYT

Bush's Heart-Throb Nephew Weds Lawyer

Ordered to just walk away (Prisoner Torture Now Handled By Iraqis)

Bomb Kills 2 Soldiers in Afghanistan

Kerry OK with gay-marriage ban

Fewer Loggerhead Turtle Nests Found on Southeast Coast This Summer

Lawyer: CIA threatened to prosecute if suspects ties revealed

Rumsfeld: Iraq fight worth cost in lives, dollars

Clinton Accuser Now a Perjurer.....

Stern's listeners could tip the race, some analysts say | Seattle P-I

Nader fails to make California ballot | Sacramento Bee

Bush: US Must Help Mexico Develop A Middle Class

Devon cited in Riggs Bank case

GOP candidate has long record — in jail | Seattle Times

Wondered what Bill Clinton's reacton would be if he did a book signing at

My GAWD, do I love my oldest sister!

Does your cat ever sound human?

Help me, hardware geniuses.

Joaquin Phoenix: "Yes but I'm not a beautiful young prospect for conquest"

All the tools you'll ever need

Anti highjacker weapons that are GROSS but EFFECTIVE

Ok I am bored, what movie should I watch tonight

Everyone except Lisa Welchel dead?

OK kids, let's play "Whatzat lyric?" I'll go first--

Quick, Favorite Rick James song

Reagans dead?

Bill Gates is Dead - Website

Security-related updates to Mozilla & Mozilla Firefox released

Will the US media censor the booing of the American Olympic athletes?

Sense of humor dead?

To the idiots posting the dead threads

We came to Big Muddy then we forded a flood


Ted Danson dead?

Why do the juveys wait until 3 AM to post assinine, offensive threads?

BREAKING: Kerry keeper of "Black Orb" 

Post your DU deathwish here.

How long before "dead" threads go the way of "sex" threads?

oh, go to bed.

Generalisimo Francisco Franco dead?

no more personnel attacks, please.

BREAKING: It's only 12:30am here.

BREAKING: I'm hungry.

terrible night for "alt"-tv

The War OnTerror should be renamed...

I'm so excited! I just berated a clog!

BREAKING: JohnKleeb undecided on "nuclear holocaust"

Just watched A+E biog of Marilyn Monroe and was curious if

my nightly bush* song connection

should I rename this page

Man, I freaking love HELLBOY!

Stupid damn 5 a.m. on a Saturday leaving for a stupid work thing

OH Nooo say it ain't so

Whatever happened to Linda Lovelace?

El Presidente Ronald Wilson Reagan is still dead

Famous and successful college dropouts

WIRED MAGAZINE says - More men read news online than women

I know ole Pete stiffed

A question about dual-booting Win2K

Bronson Pinchot dead?

Bill Cosby's dead?

NECN reports: * picnic rally in NH features HEINZ ketchup!

new Savage Weiner advertiser CardioScan (also an Oxyrush advertiser)

new Oxyrush and Savage Weiner advertiser ProPartners MD

new Faux news advertiser Jay Wolfe auto group

I tried to be a nice guy.

Science can kiss my ass

Thanks DU

For those who haven't seen it: Borat's "in my country there are problem"

Today is my son's 28th birthday

I freeping hate mops!

Am I the only one who's freaked out by the Meeting Room forum???

Britney Spears = You Are A F**** Moron

I, HypnoToad, won't need to see 'I, Robot'-I just read a good review on it

Dances of Universal Peace

DeHavilland Aircraft relocating to Bolivia.

I am excited about Monday

Another year of Losing to Will Fucking Pitt!

This land is made for you and me (to sue each other on!!)

Anyone know who does the theme to REAL TIME w/Bill Maher?

"Kennebunkport Vice"...Crockett & Tubbs are on the case (Pappy & *)

Computer Savvy, Help!

anyone got a link to the picture of the rabbit with a pancake on its head?

Did anyone else see these pics?

August in New Hampshire BLOWS! It's in the 40's here!

FOX NEWS and what I just heard... TALKING ABOUT MEN'S BALLS

Where can I find anti-bush paraphanalia written in French?


Anyone see Collateral?

How much does Hambuger Helper really "help"...or, is it a hinderance?

What is your going to bed routine?

Look, sweetheart, I can drink you under any goddamn table you want...

Bush, deep in there anybody in there, nod if you can hear me

Bill Gates gives us yet another reason to be worried

Does anyone know what part of Fl Shrub is coming to Sunday?

stupid newbie USB/Port replicator question.

Digital Cable subscribers: Watch the convention again on On-Demand

You people in the country have it good!!

Happy Birthday to seventhson!!

"Team America - World Police"...Coming to a theatre near you !

last night I dreamed

Drove around a tired Kerry canvasser in my neighborhood last night...

Question about Keyes


Question about Keys

The "W" Quiz

I am off to get tickets to the Kerry rally

Might be moving from support to presales engineering - any tips?

Having just used a non-Windows disk defragmenter for the first time...

I'm officially "young"!

Awww shit, it's pledge month again!!!!

"A Dirty Shame" - John Waters' NC-17 next movie

A question for the interior designers and home remodellers

I need help and advice with my cable internet

What is everyone listening to this morning?

question about Key

Name this song!

Do you get your groceries from multiple sources?


Tie-dye black?

No, my house.

Is it fair to recycle people who don't pay fines?

Candidate loyalty quizzes

shock: I found email addy of an old friend on Google last night.

Which fabric do you prefer?

I just had ALL the brake lines replaced on my truck! should i be paranoid?

did we just go to DU Defcon 2?

Why I dont like chemistry

Help me counter her "INFO"

avatar help

Has Anyone Else Here Heard of John Titor?

Question regarding divulging personal info on this site

Pappy Bush and Zorak from "Space Ghost"...separated at birth?

Mmm....Chicken gumbo. Homemade and it's ALL MINE.

A Little Thread For All The Golf Fans Out There

I love my new Beanie Baby Purchase...just in time for our election:

I have a cat poo problem!

Confessions of a Teen-aged Democrat

my (incomplete) webpage

I am officially "hungry"

OK, so who drinks Red Bull & what's the story on taurine?

George W. Bush, super freak

This has been stuck in my head all week:


cat problems- HELP!!

I shook Lewis Black's hand last night!

Is there a good free product that will resize or crop a video clip?

Pet saying rant --- "Half of one, six dozen of the other!"

i am kinda sad

Image of the sinking Titanic .........................

You can order pizza onine?

dumb idea of some sort

Atlantis is ... Ireland?

The "lost post" thread?

The Nanny of all CAPTIONS!!!

letter to the editor

If you go down in the woods today, you're sure of a big surprise.

When You Look Like A Stud You Feel Like A Stud

Can anyone recommend a good book for a recovering male chauvinist?


Well, the Milky Way people came up with a new commercial...

Any Chicago DUers: freeform jam at Kitty Moon tonight!


I just want to commend all the "young" DUers

I love you, sweaaaaatshirt

How do you spell this word?

The Lion In Winter - should I watch this?

memo to John Smoltz - kindly don't blow this one

Hey Midori!!! "Mr. Iron Chef" Is On At 8pm EST!!!

Weeeeee.....I'm now usin' my brand NEW computer!!!!

The Lion In Winter -- on Bravo

Your weekly reminder: THE SOUL EXPRESS is on tonight!

Conspiracy theorists/religions scholars: "Et in Arcadia Ego"

We'll be turning around that corner when we turn

Rita COSBY Had Dinner with the LETOURNEAU Dude, Her Latest Bad Boy

New Bob Boudelang Up: "the joke was on them"

What email software should I buy?

I am Jack's wasted life

OMG ! Jeb's kid married a LAWYER !!!!!

Kittens are more dangerous than people think

I have nothing of import-ants to discuss

Just got back from seeing The Village...(possible Spoilers within)


duplicate. please delete

IPOD earpieces - upside down?

Did rap pretty much live and die with Public Enemy for anyone else?

I have nothing of impotence to discuss

OK, I'm in a progressive shopping frame of mind

De-Lovely - the movie about Cole Porter

CNN Poll: Is it fair to fine people who don't recycle?

College entrance Essay writing help needed

My (future-ex) wife's gorgeous, rich, twenty-something cousin is...

You as a South Park Character

Mail, muthafucka!

spent three hours in my classroom today.

Computer HELP needed! I can't get past my Windows login page!

Chappelle's Show is on

Ask the audience: Tire Pressure Dilemma Poll

The inarguable superiority of American Spirits

christ hotmail cant be accessed

Thank you Boston. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Which type of government do you prefer?

Mr Smith Goes to Washington

The great Saturday night drinking thread!

What do you put Tabasco on?

Hilarious animation

Steal my "hatriot" sign/poster art

Goodbye Babylon

What pisses you off more?

Some In Maine Come Out Against Jenna Bush Fish Catch

Are you an idealist, or a pragmatist?

Summer reading suggestions....

Internet help: I've got a kid who won't behave on it

Rex Murphy (Globe & Mail) nails (figuratively) Pamela Anderson

looky here, my orioles are in third place

If a good friend, parent of a 17 year old, wanted to bring the kid over

Who wants to see matcom's ass? Do you want to see matcom's ass?

Favorite "regular" or "semi-regular" on the classic "Match Game"

anyone got any more things like that south park thingie from earlier?

Damn it's cold! My outside thermometer reads 53-F now.

Chocolate Math

So lonely...

How many of DU'ers actually eat at Wendys?

Enough cat threads - Here comes the angry puppy

Today is the one-year anniversary of my robbery; still no suspect

I have nothing of importance to post

I saw The Manchurian Candidate earlier today starring...

I Want A Monkey

What Are Your Favorite Small Pleasures?

How many here like old music recordings?

Where's my @#$%ing volume control???

Anyone here have experience with severe acne and Accutane?

Who Here Enjoys Anal Seepage?

Just watched Outfoxed...O'liely can suck my _____fill in the blank

How was K Street? (the HBO show)

When did Bill O'Reilly lose his mind?

Do you agree with my liberal friend?

Van the Man

Attention UK DUers: Exceptionally stupid music question.

D'oh... "OutFOXed" won't have a Canadian release.

Cool Hand CAPTIONs

Austin aread DUers...brunch 8/8

Greg Maddux wins #300!!!

Just Saved $100.00 On Sleeping Meds!

we'll say Jenna CAPTIONed the fish

Computer/internet question: Can you buy a cable modem box?

Why I don't like history

Spectacular storm pics from Tucson

My dog just freaked me out--she's been watching too much Hitchcock!

Favorite phrase? I think mine is "beneath contempt"

I am in need of some of your good vibrations and prayers.........

Just watched "Lost in Translation" So what was the big deal?

DU Runners: Here's how you can "RUN AGAINST BUSH"

I just love the smell of stinky shoes!!

I'm officially "old"!

Seabisket the movie -- worth watching?

I've been here 2 years, and finally hit 300 posts!

The crappiest comic strip ever.

spent three hours in uly's classroom today

Man sells shirt off his back


If you were W's shrink, what drugs would you prescribe for him?

So how much do you fit the "liberal stereotype???"


Photoshop gurus

ok pet peeve rant-- it's "toe the line" NOT "tow the line"

What's your opinion of long-distance relationships?

wild kittens

Are you new to DU or fairly new? Newbies...Check in!

Grassroots PDF of Bush's AWOL record for distribution

Dean Dozen sued for not accepting enough money..judges and money don't mix

I need help! ANTI-BUSH debate! Link needed.

disgusting . . . disturbing . . . downright malicious . . .

AP Poll: Kerry Narrows Security Issue Gap

Could McCain be playing rope-a-dope with the Repub. Leadership?

Kerry got schrapnel in the butt. My god that is funny,

If springsteen and Co are touring swing states,why isn't Arizona on the

Astonishing story!!Bush losing support in own super-rich playground!

Kerry: Simpler talk needed

I think the last nail in *'s coffin might be hammered in right now

Kerry, Bush & Free Republic at Yahoo Groups!

"AP Poll: Kerry Gains Ground on Defense"

"Pentagon Focuses on Voting Plan for Troops"

"Labor Disputes Loom Over GOP Convention"

HOLY SHIT!!! Shows 7-point Kerry Lead In FLORIDA!!

Flip-Floppers Make Better Presidents

The DNC Letter, Kerry's probable victory (if we work hard), & reform...

Kerry with a 7 point lead in Florida!!!

The Anti-Kerry Ad Has Brought Out The Trolls..

Have we not learned anything from the past?

Kerry/Edwards Draws 20,000 crowd at Union Station in Kansas City last PM!

Republican pollster compares Bush to Barry Bonds


Great Alan Keyes quote

MSNBC just reported that * will be campaigning with McCain next week.

McCain to Bush in 2000: You should be ashamed Repub ex in PA is voting Kerry/Edwards

What's your biggest regular activity for helping Bush get defeated?

I might have put this post under the economy board except....

"And speaking of flip-flops"...Steve Sack cartoon

"The Democrats' New Look" (editorial cartoon)

"Purple Heart" qualifications

Make no mistake, swiftboat vets = inventing the internet

If you go to a Kerry/Edwards rally


Swift Boat Lies Are Just A Planned Distraction From The Economy

Despite Attacks from RW Wackos, Globe Stands by Story

The Republican Agenda exposed, and how to combat it

The jobs report could be *'s undoing!

Dirty Politics at smirk picnic

Just think of all the money Bush spent in 2000, Networks got paid...

FactCheck's slimy repudiation of the "Swiftboat" ad

throw candy from the train

I got a Naughty Idea

Questions for people in swing states

O'Neill praises Kerry in Boston, 1996

Kerry on Attack on Embryonic Research Issue (Sunday WP)

So is the idiot basically going to keep everyone scared these next months?

Has Chimpy condemned the smear boat vets yet?

Hint of GOP tactic, Kerry as "object of humor and calculated derision"

DUers coming to the Bush Protest, Thursday, Santa Monica, CA

Bush's Latest Zogby Approval Poll: Downward SPIKE!

Let me tell you how dirty it is in Northern Florida.. I went bonkers !

Vietnam Veterans Become Political Issue .Splitting Vets

Fox poll internals

Nader Fails to Make California Ballot

Cheney cut defense

Kerry-Edwards Campaign Announces Debate Negotiation Team

Here is more on the Wendy's fiasco in NY

Kerry & Bush in Las Vegas

New Time poll Kerry 48-43 (More new national polls all show Kerry winning)

Bush flatlining in Presidential Trial Heat...graphic illustration

Swift Boat (New Kerry Talking Point) Response Help!

MSNBC Just Reported Kerry Has a Five-Point LEAD!!!!

they laughed at smirk at the Minority Journalist conv. - see why

Lies needing to be debunked

Mississippi Dems considering John Grisham as next gubernatorial candidate!

Kerry did not request to be sent home after three wounds

Help me refute this email about Teresa Heinz-Kerry (from my own mother!!)

Bush Toast in Freefall! Job Approval; National Polls; State polls

Need Bush Protest sign ideas-- list your favorites

Holy Crap! Ted Koppel v. Jon Stewart on the convention floor.

hmmm . . . guess I'll have to get a lawn sign . . .

Anyone see the C-span converage of the Journalists of Color Convention?

Powell not going to rep. conv. - has previous appointments - pshaw!

Like Father Like Son - George I had a way with words too!

Media is kept under tight control...

George doesn't look to happy speaking to the Unity group yesterday

If I was in the adjoining cell when Bush was arrested for DUI

Kerry on CSPAN now

Will any high profile Repub flip to Kerry?

Besides chimp and K

George W. Bush -- Now 100 Percent Scandal-Free

Kerry Hopes to Cut Troops in Iraq Within Year

NYT article on Edward's visit to Bilderberg

Big lies, little lies ... all lies ... *'s lie about his visit to NH

Hot New Time Poll

Unabashed Racist Wins GOP Primary

My God...less than three months...

TANG Pilots for the Truth

If I was a prolific writer, these are the books I'd write...

Kerry abv 50% in MI/PA/WA - MOE in Tennessee!!

Anti-choice website supports many Democrats. Anti-everything.

How will the Olympics affect the Polls?

Net effect of the Swift Boat Vet Smear Campaign for Shrubco?

One more reason to vote Dem

Report from The Warren Cty.(NJ) Farmers Fair: Lawdy!!!

Democrat nationally, third party locally?

Nader Fails to Make California Ballot

OK, I've watched Bush and now Kerry on C-Span "People of Color Unity

Here's What I Think is Happening with the Polls

Reuters headline: Bush Warns Americans They Are 'Still Not Safe'

Kerry's Fact Check Sheet for the Swift Boat Ad-line by Line

Did Kerry serve 2 terms in Nam?

*'s mexican middle class.

2 Del. residents in ad attacking Kerry(one is starting a new bank in DE)

Anti-Bush/Pro-Kerry chants

How do you think November 3rd will look like?..if they say bush "won"

Nader Fails to Make California Ballot ~ Associated Press

"Nader is the 'Backstreet Boys' of politics. He's Ashley Simpson."

"Now THIS is my idea of a swift boat!"

Bush approval in state falls from Iraq, terror (new CA poll)

KERRY/EDWARDS STOPPING in Lawrence, KS tomorrow! I just

If Bush wins on November 2, $100 to the ACLU

"We've Turned The Corner": 32,000 Jobs

"Life can't get any better," Gov. Bush told The Associated Press

Watching JK on news...they don't lock up protestors in "free speech"


Does anyone have hard information on how the polls look for Congress?

hehe...chimpy says a new book will be a boom for his election drive...

What will you be doing on Election Night?

I need that link about John Kerry's Senate Record

CNN "Capitol Gang." Bob Nofacts.

Two awesome letters to the Editor in ...gasp...kansas

MN Gov. Tim Pawlenty is soooo dumb...

Kerry Leads Bush in Exudation of Optimism (Poll)

8/7 KERRY WIN PROBABILITY: 98.05% ; VOTE: 53.11%; EV: 329

to anyone who remembers past presidential elections well.....

How much does it cost to make a commercial?

Al-Qaeda Arrest Shows The Cost Of Bush's Incompetence At Tora Bora

Where is Nader *definitely* on the ballot?

1,111,600 new jobs before 10/31/04 or Bush is "Hoover the Second"

Alright, electoral run-down

ACTION ALERT! Support HR 2239 (electronic vote/paper trail)

Do you anticipate Chimpy getting a post convention bounce?

I have a serious problem with people who can't admit their mistakes

Kerry at 50% to bush 43% in Florida. Nader not an issue.

"Kerry - communist hero" (in my local paper)

Anyone know what Tommy Franks said about Kerry?

Mark your calendars! Wes Clark will be on CNN Sunday

Dear Mr. and Mrs. G.H.W. Bush,

26 new voters registered today!

I thought of an answer for Kerry when asked about Bush*'s 7 minutes:

HUGE Kerry/Edwards Rally in Kansas City

So they expect to get the GLBT vote after this???? Nader here I come.


Why is Bush Crashing in the polls?

"Bush and Kerry addressed minority journalists...Guess who did better" LOL

Chart shows how Bush's "Terra Alerts are hurting him"

Does Ed Koch really support Bush for re-election?

Bumper Stickers

Well Ladies and Gentlemen...

Swift-Boat Vets fact check

Co-author of Swift Boat Vets book revealed in this great article.

Anyone see Bartcop forum - SwiftBoat vets & Freepers connected?

Ralph Nader: Let The Voter Beware by Thom Hartmann

Dubya's ANG app: '( )I DO (x)DO NOT volunteer for overseas'(May1968)

Factcheck says SmearBoatVets just as credible as Rassman, Alston, Sandusky

How is Kerry doing with the military vote?

22,000,000 Single Women didn't vote - here, a free movie addresses that

Nut Job Bush is a Menace

Pragmatic and Pre-emptive: Rove Swift-Attack Still Un-matched