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Archives: August 4, 2004

Albany Democrat-Herald Editorial: Berger flap was overplayed

Is Kerry/Edwards coming to Washington on their Bus Tour??

Big Dawg Was Very Disappointing. I'm Ready For Pres. Kerry

NYT: Walking a "fine line on politics and terror."

World's first "women's only" mosque?

Chimp chomps on boy

UK had same alert intel and chose to ignore it as not relevant!

Concerning that incident in the "Isn't that special?" file or the flight

As far as PREVENTION of another September 11 type incident is concerned,

When ordering election materials from the JK website...

The political Compass

After 9/11 "let's bomb South America?"

If only...

Robert Greenwald ("Outfoxed") on with Tavis Smiley tonight

So Is Malloy Still "Unprepared and Uninformed?"

89 Days Till Nov. 2nd and Counting> What's Next?

Zell Miller -statement on Abu Ghraib

When Kerry is elected will it be Bubye to DU or will you stick around

Aughhhhhh! I don't understand Bill Clinton!!! He says that he doesn't

George Bush Wins 2004 Election by Narrow Margin

I really believe we are being set up

Al Franken re Rush Limbaugh: we need "mutual respect for the truth"

THe AL Franken Show now on TV!!

Rev. Martin Luther King was murdered by the U.S. government

What ever happened to the "centrifuge" parts found under the

Raw meat - a gift fit for a President (Saudi $135,000 Jewelry * Family)

McCaskill Ousts Holden in Missouri Governor's Race

President foresees no bounce in polls

Missouri voters approve gay marriage ban

See ya'll in a week

Chimp chomps on boy

AOR. Your opinions.

New Reagan $10 Bill (DU Exclusive)

Tom Ridge Warns 'Japan Plans To Attack Pearl Harbor'

Colin Quinn "demanding" 50 million like Chappelle

An update on the singles lounge thread

Why some men hate women poll

Someone at the Kerry campaign needs a swift kick in the ass!

Hey, Hold-Off on CNN-Bashing! Here's my take on Bounce-Gate.

Incredibly evil fraud in new Bush TV Ad

Will the Real John Kerry Please Stand Up

Garrison Keillor: Homegrown Democrat

Knight Ridder, Bucking the Administration

Our Forests May Be on a Road to Ruin By Bill Clinton

The Plaid Adder (Democratic Underground): After the Ball

War and Peace, and Politics (using terrorism alerts to trump Iraq news)

BUSH* still pushing the" terrorist connections" LIE

Democrats knocked off balance by Bush's alerts

'What We Think of America'- Hans Magnus Enzensberger

Sexual Politics & Family Values in Jeb's Florida

It Takes a Village to make a Millionaire

Dean Sees Red Over Code Orange

Careful what you Bush for

Moon’s groups lure lawmakers to symposiums and conferences

They Knew...

Billmon (Whiskey Bar): Where was Dick? (Re: Cheney/Halliburton/SEC)

TNR-Evangelicals v. Muslims In Africa

springstein: this election too important to set out

Quindlen-A Leap Into the Possible (why liberal is a good word)

Blumenthal on the political terror alert

Where, indeed, is Rummy? Funny, ha ha and

"Clinton inherited prosperity; bequeathed recession."

Gene Lyons defogs the blogs

Dionne: Dean sees red over code orange (Dean was right again!)

Salon: Down and out and on the move (Homeless march to RNC)

The Latest Big Brother Scheme: "Registered Traveler"

Kathleen Parker: American cynicism becomes terrorist tool

The Party of Death, by Michael Berube

How Aspartame Became Legal - The Timeline (Rumsfeld)

Thy Will be Done, On Earth as It is in Texas

Pope again stresses Europe's Christian roots

Fortresses of Fear

David Sirota and Christy Harvey: The Knew (WMD claims were false)

William Rivers Pitt (TruthOut): Fabricating Terror

Young Ron Reagan writes quite well

Info on the Vote For Change Tour! Please support the artists!

Stop Tom Delay - Sign petition

Any New Hampshire DUers out there?

Send Bush to Mars...with a T-shirt...

Springsteen, other acts stumping vs. Bush

Call on Sen. McCain to stand up for Kerry against the Swift Boat Vets!

Grand Opening of N. San Diego County Kerry Campaign Headquarters alert: Fox covers up the DNC convention

Massive civil disobedience on 8/31 in NYC.

Over 1000 archive downloads for first Mike Malloy show!

Survey: Rush, Moore preach to choir (8% have seen F911, 7% listen to Rush)

Is it wrong to taunt these losers? Op-ed writers

Because 99.9%of media coverage is blatantly for Bush, is there even a.....

Anyone know of Kerry's acceptance speech in MP3 format?

Letterman Spoof On "Unfit For Command" Hilarious

FAIR's nice summation of how badly media sucked at DNC

Shocking Associated Press right wing bias on Kerry vs. Bush campaign vids

doesn't Dave Letterman repeat the next afternoon on TNT or

Bat Down CNN and Faux!

The Sky Is Falling in Mid-August

Calling any Vietnam Veterans: Please help

Today's Thought

How to start each day with a positive outlook:

Today in History 08/04

Science is cool: Polio 'to die out by end of year'

Getting The Plumbum Out.............history of the pencil

Fortune-Tellers Safe from Police Crackdown...but they knew that

Nancy is this Uranus .what is with all these Christian groups against dems

Sunday, SUNday, SUNDAY!! The Battle Of The Prayers Is On

Jesus & Mary Magdalene: The Sacred Marriage in Gnosticism

Tenet Reports Wider Loss for 2nd Quarter (more uninsured patients)

The Real P/E Ratio

A Tale of Two Paintbrushes - 2/27/2001

Oil Futures Keep Rising

New Home affordability drops to 43.6%

Peak Oil = The End of Economics?

GHGs, Not Solar Activity Powering Warming - Max Planck Institute

Toyota Will Increase Prius Production By 5,000 Units Monthly

More Than Half Of Fish In Nationwide Survey Exceed Mercury Standards - NYT

South Asia Monsoon Death Toll Reaches 1,800

Asian Beetle May Be Remedy For Invasive Tamarisk In Thirsty West

US Endorses lifting ban on whaling.

Alaskan Rivers Shrink, Flood As Fires Consume Millions Of Acres

Surprise! World Bank Will Go On Funding Oil & Coal Projects

Gulf Dead Zone Returns - 5,800 Square Miles This Summer

Local Beaches Awash With Dead Fish

Human Rights Watch: Land Disputes Fuel Unrest in Iraqi Kurdistan

BBC (August 4): Sudan masses defiant over Darfur


Assault weapons ban may soon end.

Law eases rules for concealed weapons.

Study: Web sex victims mostly teens

Missouri Gun Owners Did Not forget Bob Holden's Veto, Says CCRKBA

My pro2A state house Democratic candidate won...

Democrats Turn to 'Second Amendment Rights' for Political Gain

Gun safe storage laws may help reduce some teen suicide rates

Jury Clears Gun Maker in Accidental Shooting

'Sorry' for trampling your rights

Are You In Favor of Gun Control? To What Extent?

Heads up!

Pssst! Time to update your "Listen Live" link

Can't get to the "My Posts" page

I think we should promote this event: Vote for Change concert

Can't get to My Posts page. I get the same error message as a previous

Hey there!

Weird phenomena in the Lounge.

I never gripe about the mods, but...

Can someone give progress. a kick for me?

Is there a way

Don't know if this is out of line here...

I second/support RatTerrier's post

apparently I nominated a thread of mine for the homepage by accident

So what mention or event has caused the biggest spike in membership for DU

Question about plugging other forums.

IDF in bid to push back Qassam launch line

War of the weak

EU wants to question Palestinian prisoners about PA funds

Annan asked to help stranded Palestinians.

A Wave of Jews Returning to Russia

Israel may give soldiers pot

Just received my DVD copy of "911 In Plane Sight" We were ALL

Water Offers Deadly Relief in a Blistering Iraqi Slum (War made worse an

Ridge Points to Al Qaeda File Use (Computer File was open in Jan 04)

They frame Islamic fundamentalists, don't they? But not on 9/11?

HAHAHA... I am sorry to all the women out there, but look at this...

excellent piece on your awesome u.s. senate candidate, Barak Obama

what happened to that hilarious thread on Gooper senate cands?

Senate Democratic candidates contrast on Iraq

Dixie Chicks AND James Taylor in Iowa City Oct 5

McGovern "Cruising" to Victory

Searchable Mass. Political Contributions Database

Terri Traen

Sen. Dayton gets 2 thumbs up

Were Nember Won! Were Nember Won!

Bush goes to the gravel pit (Mankato, MN stop)

DFL Progressive Caucus Organizational Meeting Schedule

Any problems Voting on the 3rd.........


Two of three candidates named Lamar Lemmons win Democratic primaries

Detroit OKs medical pot use

URGENT! anyone who attended the Bush protest in Cambridge

Eric Fingerhut walks for Ohio

Kerry now up 12 pts; Specter losing ground but Hoeffel flat

I posted this rant back in Feb.

Outfoxed at UHCL, and other announcements from Morrison Campaign

Stop Tom DeLay. Sign the petition.

Austin: Jim Hightower Fundraiser & Booksigning

Madison - Military Family Support/Families for Peace Meeting

Local puke party coming apart at the seams

Taste of Edmonds won't OK Planned Parenthood booth

Bush now coming next week; Kerry tour won't be

Just received my DVD copy of "911 In Plane Sight" We were ALL

Cool anti-Bush no holds barred forum in desparate need of lively debate:

PNAC and race specific weapons...

Here is the feedback URL for Anderson Cooper.....stuck up for Dean

Did Katherine Harris have a makeover?

Tweety - with Gen Cafferty .. 8 mil Afghans registered to vote (9 mil pop)

If you hurry, you can catch the last of the Howard Dean interview

AL FRANKEN coming up NOW on McEnroe, CNBC, repeat from

They want 4 more years of HELL! Teresa Heinz Kerry IS AWESOME!!!!!!

Anybody have Americans friends living abroad?

Can somebody get me the link to 'My Pet Goat' online?

Amendment 5 could help Kerry in Florida

How the Hell did Zell Miller go from moderate Dem to right-wing zealot?

I think the Illinois Republicans are racist

Who has the < 1989 dirt on Cheney?

Was it planned for Kerry and Bush to be in Davenport at the same time?

Katherine Harris 'Regrets' Terror-Plot Comments

Boston Pheonix Breaks The Drought On Sibel Edmonds Coverage

If the information that raised our terror alert was 3-4 years old

I saw a day or two ago that Nancy Reagan was backing bush

So what exactly is the distinction between what Cheney did at Haliburton &

Where is the link......

LOL! Olbermann comment after piece on Bush/Kerry food on campaign trail:

Ok i cant find any pics of edwards in memphis :(

Please take poll if you are registered to vote...and

"New" al Quaeda Threat Means One Thing: Iraq Diverted Us From Real Enemy

Newest Attack.........Kerrys' CEO Backers

Bush Drunk Or Just The Village Idiot? (video)

How I'm going to fix the Intelligence problem

Just came back from 10 hours of hitting the pavement

More on CNN/FAUX post DNC distortions of Kerry's LEAD

The art of language....


Rising young democrats

Orange County: one of the most conservative places on the planet

Even Newsmax knows Bush is going down

How soon before the Presidential debates begin?

Old 60 Minutes Interview - Paul O'Neill .... a must watch ... a keeper

New D.C. security "draconian" "overreaction," "legacy..felt for years"

Terror alerts set stage for election based on fear

From the way Bush and his right wing shills in the media talk

The Last Republican...

How can it NOT be political?

Bush on drugs footage/transcript?

Electorial Vote Predictor - 8/4 Update

My email to American Morning

Billions In Coalition-Controlled Dollars Missing In Iraq- Says US Colonel

Mayor asked for leniency in 9/11 report

CSpan callers - Ds and Rs skeptical about terror alerts!

Press favors Kerry 12 to 1 over Bush!

We are a cancer on that country (Iraq). Thoughts

What is wrong with B*sh's face?

good morning du'ers!

In Biblical terms

Republican men are pathetic little pussies.

Several Hundred Tons of Documents Transferred to Clinton Library

Timing of Terrorist Captures Politically Motivated?

Political Sightseeing -college students spend two weeks in Boston

What activist/civil rights group does the religious right hate the most?

These neck-and-neck polls do not sit well with me.

sibel edmonds- why is she not getting mainstream media coverage?

Saudi Ambassador Responds to Claims in "Fahrenheit 9/11"

Have some fun with a survey

WP reporter giving BAD INFO on CNN, re: terror alerts

Matt Lauer is an idiot...

Obama just can't help but shine

re-pubs in new york city...

Something is really bothering me about who is "at fault" for 9/11

Tape of Kennedy's Killing Is Getting Digital Analysis

Who Pays Barry McCaffery's Salary- CNN or Bush or Both?

"Righteous populism holds the key to vanquishing Bush forever"

The U.S. Military and the shrub.

If Alan Keyes is the Senate GOP candidate...just what IS "Natural Law"?

Eleanor, can you hold this for me. It's your ass. That's right, your ass.

Bush has a smug look about him....

2005 - Sounds like fun

TPM endorses Alan Keyes in Illinois (almost)... [+ vital links included]

And...we haven't stormed the White House 'Because"........?

Since the first phony reason for the political Terra Lert didn't work,...

Bands Gather to Stump Against Bush

How did the network news you watch treat the "old intel" story?

scrub and Illinois.

Saddened by the responses of the right!

A Lesson about the Media

How do the terror alert orders get to Ridge?

Mosul governor killed. The world is still not safer.

bush and Kerry are both in town today

Deleted message

Bill Maher, Mike Moore and Kim Cambell make repugs like the

The New Reagan $10 Bill (First Look)

It's time we catch the person that bombed the WTC and the Pentagon...

ACT and Move On announce details of "Vote for Change Tour" Oct 1-10!

My brother-in-law is leaving for Iraq on the 29th

Help me take on some Right-Wing Nut Jobs!!!

why are the libel laws in the USA so allow Sludge and this

Doesn't anyone find it strange

Iraqi children named george bush, where are they?

AirOne Christian Radio: More Fear More Often...

Col. Joe Schlatter, you know the guy defending Kerry

President's Daughters Get Ride On Diverted Flight

* and the VA

Ugh! All-time new low "Kerry's wounds self-inflicted?"

Need some debunking help re: F 9/11

As I join the 700 club, let me just remind everyone to...

"Mr. President, since Osama's Outsmarted you, have you given up"?

Damn. Over 46% of all Miss. children born in 2001 born to unmarried women

I hope Dean gets a positon with Kerry Administration

Glenn Beck is a piece of

Are we losing the internet battle?

Subject: [Fwd: FW: Running Eagle]

Methinks Alan Keyes is counting eggs as chickens

WP: Tom Toles on latest "Terra" alert & the Alamo...GREAT!

Doug Basham on now!

WRONG O'Neill- there are two of them

Englund's attorney: "photos like spring break"

Will Ferrell - A Message From White House West (very funny)

Forget Terra! 'Kerry Sneaks in Fancy Food'!!!!!!

Fox News own parent company, News Corp. Endorses Kerry

Since my pathetic state of MO has passed the We Hate Gays Amendment

Drudge accused of stealing, altering photo

2000 debates used in Peace March mp3

who has that CNN story from two years ago about the "current terra?"

`Shove It' -- Most Quoted Phrase During Democratic Convention

Latest Terror Alert - Obvious contradictions

We are going to see John Edwards in Memphis today!

Kerry Defeats Dracula

Watched John Mcenroe's show for the 1st time last night

Do we agree with Obama regarding Red States and Blue States?

I think most of you will like this

Do you think Bush will win the Catholic vote?

I think most of you will like this

Thank you bush

There is this old joke that seems to be appropriate today.

WTF? Cheney blames Kerry and Edwards for energy crisis

Help Moveon cream Fox News !

Deleted message

A Bush in a Bunny Suit. Why does NASA hate America?

Quick survey - Dean or Kerry

IL GOP to choose between two Black candidates (Keyes & Barthwell)

Bar talk with Texas prosecutor in Portland, OR last night.

Where's the link to the story about George talking to the paintings

Who's got REAL connections at MoveOn?

Anybody got a link to Kerry's job application?

A Record Recovery -- George Schultz

Last night on cnn

How and Why Fascists Overtook the American Government

SUPPORT KERRY &/or protest bush* in DAVENPORT, IOWA today 8/04/04

Mubarak denied telling Frank Iraq had WMDs

Where can I find the RFK jr interview on Hannity?

Why Do Rep. think women should be seen but not heard???

i wish kerry.........

Bush goes to the gravel pit (Mankato, MN stop)

DNC Announces Bush Truth Squad

Flush "fatboy" Limbaugh confused with Dem reply to "political terrorism"

Is Astroturfing wrong?

I think most of you will like this

Hilarious Calypso character by Franken

My Day with the Freeway Blogger

Bush spokesman says alert not based on computer info alone....

New poll due at 3PM today

Officials admit that computer files may have not been "updated"...

I think most of you will like this

Is Steve Jobs a Democrat? n/t

There is this old joke that seems to be appropriate today.

Could the implosion of the Illinois GOP be a precursor of national events?

So the GOP is putting a black GOP-er up against Obama

Olbermann Strikes Again! : "Bush in a Sharon Stone movie.....

Where can i get a new voters card???

Eva Braun of Faux

Claps weak for Bush Now!

It was 40 years ago, today

Is "In These Times" a valid source?

My Day with the Freeway Blogger

"'Outfoxed' Film to Appear in Theaters"

Kerry slaughtered domestic animals...HAHAHAHA

So glad Oberweiss didn't get GOP nom. in IL

It's time to vote for HOPE, not fear!

A Question of Tactics / Honest Disagreement

Raw meat - a gift fit for a President - really - baby sheep meat

The Right's Accomplishments... For Terror

Check this out...

PA Dem. Senate candidate: Pulling a Nader, in reverse?

Just whose side is Bush on anyway?

Did anyone see John Stewart last night w/Brokaw?

DU this poll about Springsteen @ MSNBC

The quintessential peacemobile, aka the impeachmobile

Bush, Kerry cross paths

Holy crap. North Korea has 12 submarines.

My Mission: Sway my repub cousin in Mizeruh! Ideas?

Vomit inducing photo

Where are Bush & Rice quotes on lack of Iraq threat, pre-9/11?

Just came from Kerry and bush in town at once

Anybody have info on Bob Kerrey's tirade on bad Pentagon "intelligence" ?

'all the US military deaths after Kerry's acceptance speech are his fault'

Michigan Sec of State Is Nice!

Honestly now, How many "frog killers" do we have in our midst?

OMFG! Phil Margo of the Tokens just called Al Franken.

David Brock on Al Franken (I listen on the web, and it is always a little

Cuban TV broadcast of F-9/11 won't prevent Oscar nom for Moore!

Nymex Gasoline Plunges as U.S. Supplies Surge to 17-Month High

raise threat level to red if we catch all al Qaeda?

Bush rally was sad day for democracy


Stop Tom DeLay. Sign the petition.

Stop Tom DeLay. Sign the Petiton.

Cheney is in Lee's Summit, Missouri, right now.

Demicrats bidding on Alaska Purchase

* calls his golden retriever a Siamese cat! Holy cripes!

Disney alert: New TV movie uses 9/11 for faux patriotism

Stop Tom DeLay. Sign the petition

Is Denicratic Underground having problems, they don't have a

Which Party has the most anxiety going into Congressional elections?

Who do you believe BushCo hates more? Al-Qaeda or Democrats?

Why should I renew my subscription to Salon when the give it away free?

* calls his golden retriever a Siamese cat! Holy cripes!

Was there a stampede to get to the polls in Missouri?

Alexandra Kerry on Air America Radio NOW

Help, please

Want to help get rid of Tom Delay?

History, Terrorism, and Dates: Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away?

Undecided voters: A Primer

smirks interior decorater doesn't like David Corn (the 2nd clue)

Will Toby Keith and Wayne Newton...

Prediction: An election-shaking terror attack won't happen in the U.S.

Karpinsky says they conspired to keep her in the dark

REM's Mike Mills made one small factual error on "The Al Franken Show."

IL Republican mutiny on WLS-AM this morning RE: Senate race!

Reagan Official Confirms Bush Should Have Been Put On Active Duty

more right wing SPAM for you to vomit on...

If you had to be a cellmate with Bush or Cheney, which would you pick?

Does Bush get a bounce if he "captures" Osama bin Laden ?

Nightline tonite: Koppel talks to Springsteen about tour for Kerry!!!

Three GOP officials arrested in election office shoving

On second thought, the K of C is mostly made up of old white men

FBI spokesliar just started on CSPAN

Revisisting the Anthrax Attacks.

The elite

anyone have a link to the "balloon guy" audio?

Need Help on Clinton Economic Numbers !

The "tax relief" meme has moved beyond politics...

Question: Progressive Democrats for America? Where? Who? How?

Re: Schultz - Rhodes - I'm firmly in Schultz's corner

1,000th U.S. Soldier Dead Since 9/11

RR on AAR a rrrepeat?

DU this CNBC Powerpoll NOW!

US Airways diverts plane to pick up smirk twins - really

Report Proves Bush Knew He Was Lying About Iraq

One of many reasons to watch Olbermann(countdown, msnbc): BERGER

AAR 'Unfiltered' ChuckD

Breaking: Financial targets face no immediate threat

Is Randi Rhodes a rerun...I saw a post that said it was last Fridays

Vote this MSNBC (Olbermann) poll: Securing the nation: Is the U.S. telling

With which political party are you registered?


Is anyone else planning on taping Bush's concession speech?

"Evidence White House Knew It Was Lying About Iraq..."

Stop Tom DeLay. Sign the petition.

what we face from RW radio......brainwashing of some blacks

"Impotence is the hallmark of strength"

Thank You, the Plaid Adder!

Ladies and gents your 'Vote for Change' lineup

Breaking: SUVs banned on many California roads

When did the memo on "Democrat Party" go out?

PLEASE CHECK-OUT MY INFORMED VOTERS WEB-PAGE and let me know what u think!

Randi moving back to Florida?

Bill Clinton's worst policy decisions?

Hastert on CSPAN II, lying about something

I'll probably get some freeper accusations for this, but here goes...

$1.9 Billion of Iraq's Money Goes to Halliburton, other contractors

200 business leaders can't be wrong

Kerry Uses A Meme: Turn The Corner

Our Staunch Friend and Partner in War - Pakistan?

Berger case - cleared of all charges?

While the Chimp eats corn...people are DYING in Iraq-pics from last 24 hrs

I'll probably get some freeper accusations for this, but here goes...

Squish the Meme: George Bush vs. Hollywood

A story that should stop the hearts of right-wingers.....

November 2nd

Hey DUers...would you give me a hand here...

I know EXACTLY how to stop the swiftboat vets who are lying about Kerry.

Nancy Grace and her mighty nostrils of Justice!

How much time will I get at Guantanamo for this? (bandwidth)

bruce springsteen....

Donna Brazille...... YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

The * eyes - I finally figured out who they remind me of

On our trip to Texas I got to stop and see my mom...(puke alert)


Need ammo to combat freepers as to who REALLY was against the 87 billion?

F/911 reaches 110 million dollars

Kitty Kelley's Bush-bashing book out 9/14!!!

Bubba on Letterman Last Night

If we presume that Bin Laden wants Bush re elected

Some Info help please, about the 1991 self-immolations

The man to replace John McCain for Az Senate

From all the rw talking point posts today you would think that

HELP, I need a search for subjects on Kerry on ABC's Al-Jazeera gimmick ..

Rumsfeld to sycophantic interviewer: you sound like my wife

BBV: Deadline set for voting machine certification (ES&S in IN)

Have you heard Micheal Moore's speech (the latest I assume)

Goddammit! I'm posting my response to Grover anyway!

Check out this pile of crap from page 6 (NY Post)

Each morning I see 20 John Kerry yard signs on the way to work...

Is there any hope for redemption for these girls?

Would a Log Cabin Republican prefer Bush or Trent Lott?

Anyone Watching Crossfire? Now We Want A Terrorist Attack!

A petition from Howard Dean: Hammer Tom DeLay!

Okay I asked this yesterday and nobody answered: What are the sept 7th

One man can not make a difference in this case of the warnings.

*BOMBSHELL* Bush was AWOL in 1972!

Excerpt from Hastert's book

Subway restaurants in Germany pull controversial promotion--on fat America

Is Kerry running to lose?

Springsteen, Dixie Chicks stumping against Bush

I'm on a Bash the Media rampage.

Went to the Edwards rally in Arkansas today and I'm so excited

Fight fire with fire (re: John O'Neill and his band of Kerry-haters)

Political skirmish at airport airline club --

Scoping Snopes

Hardball transcript from last night with Dean.

Politics of Personal Destruction: Bush on the Trail 1999

Flame away if you must, but...

I was going through am stations the other day and I heard a Hannity lie...

"The Midnight Ride of Tom Ridge"...........................cartoon

Just in case anyone missed it..Springsteen on nightline tonite

Sibel Edmonds.....remember her? here's an interview from Sunday

FEAR is BushCo's one and only campaign theme. But it might be enough.

Abu Ghraib: Blame EVERYONE in charge and working there

Will there be a Terror Attack this Election?

CNN just ADMITTED that Kerry is ahead in the battleground states!

I want to respond to this LTTE SO badly guys....can you help???

The British vs. American Press on the bogus terror alert

It was 40 years ago today--Part 2

What does raw corn taste like? Isn't it pretty tough?

GOP shows its nazi side (literally)

Hurry! You can vote on whether you think WalMart is good for America.

DU THis Poll

Since Fuckwad* can't run on his own record he's sicing the vietnamvets

Heads Up. Dean will be on CNN - on Anderson Cooper.

Lynndie's photo of the day

Hey my statement was quoted in my college newspaper today!

CIA asks Bush to discontinue blog (The Onion)

The minute Ed Schultz called Randi Rhodes a "slut" he was cooked!

My LTTE which won't be printed (so write your own)

How was Mike Malloy last night? I missed his 2nd outing on AAR.

Conason: "Somebody owes Howard Dean an apology."

FAIR weighs in on Dem convention coverage

Complaint About ABC

3 Davenport banks robbed while Chimpy & JK in town

Ridge said terror alerts were political

how often do you figure that the conventional political wisdom

* calls his golden retriever a Siamese cat! Holy cripes!

Why is N.Y. Probing Democratic Convention Parties?

The George W. Bush Soundboard (audio site - but works over dialup)

Tommy Franks on

CNN: Robert Kennedy Jr coming up: will talk about Bush environmentl record

Raw corn is typically fed to livestock

How to start the day off right

Should DU have a specific forum devoted to polls: Results of major polls

Dam, people are stupid -

Jerry Falwell at RNC convention?

I'm George W. Bush, and I approved rockin' the casbah.

Repubs on Tweety talking about Rs who could vote for Kerry

Just saw a local newscast on John Edwards' visit to Little Rock today.

Jury acquits Disney worker of fondling

Bush/Cheney Sticker Seen in Lynndie England footage - CNN

Vote For Change Tour. Sign up for Pre-Sale Tickets!

Where are the follow-up questions?

Will Ferrell as Bush in ACT ad

Do Democrats need to use humor more as a political weapon ?

Dubya seems to be confused...can someone straighten him out ??

Has anybody kept a time line comparing terror threats to bad news for Bush

To counter the

Why has the Statue of Liberty been re-opened?

Besides the Dems, what other party do you identify with?

Democrats roll out 'truth squad' to contest Bush campaign

anyone listen to Malloy when he was on WLS? what do you

Help me out with this poll, please.

Here's my theory about the Alan Keyes run.

Ted Rall: "America's Last War" Are we up for Iran yet?

Organized freeper attack on Manchurian Candidate

9 million Americans lost health insurance from 2001 to 2003

whazzup at MSNBC? Hardball repeat at 9PM?

right-wing plan: infiltrate Kerry supporters to trash Theresa

the RNC guy on CNN 360 won't even say Dean's name

Bush Job Ratings/ Terror Alerts

Just cancelled 2 MBNA credit cards

So Carl Cameron of Faux rats on Sen. Richard Shelby.

another voting scam alert!

News Flash... those pesky patriotic Repugs...

As a small businessman,I find the claims of Bush,Cheney and

MEME MEMO: The LEAST that Bush can do is get Osama bin Laden.

Colorado Governor Bill Owens, from the GOP-DNC bunker last week

When will a Democratic presidential nom. carry Oranage County, CA?

There will be a draft

Why isn't Mike Malloy shown on the "Listen Live" list?

class and race

Alan Keyes to hold rally in Chicago today for Senate seat

Debunking please: LTTE

Sen. Byrd will be online Thursday, Aug. 5 at 2 p.m. ET to discuss

A point well taken

Just got home from protesting the Chimp's visit to Mankato MN...

The REAL Mike Malloy is on NOW !!

Will the Repugs bring out the Swift boat veterans and their convention?

Whew, guess we're ok now: $445 Billion defecit "less than expected!"

i need a link to Barak obama's and Al Sharptons speeches at the Convention

Gov. Dean on Anderson Cooper 360 tonight at 7 EST

Whatever happened to Democrats being for civil rights?

Deja Vu just struck me hard

BBV hits the corporate mainstream

Have you thought about using the word "ditto" to agree with a post

What do you make of the "Liberal Media" BS?

Update on my recent letter to the editor

Patriot Warriors Plan to Outdo Dems at NYC Protest!

Schwarzenegger describes abuse

Has the Fraternal Order of Police issued an endorsement yet?

Christian churches allowed by Saddam -- Not allowed by Saudi Royal Family

Bush is a big ole "FAKE"!

Will the super-wealthy power brokers ever turn on *bush?

Family Guy Fans, Check Out This Clip-anti-Bushite

Is it true that Faux News reports daily about this Oil for Food thing?

Where's my duct tape!

Did you hear the corroberating evidence for the terror warning?

I watched my local news in Pittsburgh tonight.

I got a reply from CNN, and would love a little research help

Why does Bush brag about 9/11?

I never belived LIHOP or MIHOP until I read Sibel Edmonds letter to Kean

When Will Communion Be Denied To Politicians Supporting ANY Birth Control?

"'Dead zone' spreads across Gulf of Mexico"

Question: Towards the end of Hardball, did Tweety imply that Bush*

"High mercury found in fish from lakes"

Anyone doing research and can't find old webpages...look here.

"Judge in Seattle rules same-sex unions legal"

"Kerry campaign: Release Cheney's Halliburton testimony"

Lawrence O'Donnell speaks about anti-Kerry book on "Scarborough"

"Dems and The Third Way"

Springsteen on NIGHTLINE tonight re anti-Bush concerts

What and when will be the first scandal bolstered by Repugs

Alan Keyes and the Mosh Pit.

look at this garbage...notice some of the images used...

Did You Hear The Numbers For Bush In Iowa Today?

"Three bank robberies for Iowa town during Bush, Kerry visits"

Chimpy confused by Iowa banana

CNN goes Extreme Right>>>>>>> with Bob Barr the Loser>>>>>>

GD doing strange things tonight.

Bush = Freedom First...what a JOKE!

RFK Jr. kicks * ass on CNN

RNC's Ed Gillespie slips up -- calls a repub site...

Malloy on a Roll!

Need info: What are the dates that Kerry served in Vietnam?

Orrin Hatch's head is going to explode

Creative Visualization: Visualize Bush Giving a Concession Speech on 11/2

BBV - Urgent Tennessee Vote Count Question

Kerry shown on "Tactical to Practical" D'ja see it?

Has anyone ever been to a Kerry party or meet-up?

This might be the Shelby leak

By the way. Happy 43rd Barack!!

My apologies to Mike Malloy

Wis. Man to Kerry: "It's killing you in this area"

I choked on the news tonight.

Moveon pissed me off this morning.

Latest on Sy Hersh and Rolling Stone Article?

A great photo op that GW wouldn't dare try.

Anyone See The Swift Boat Vets Commercial?

Has Deborah Norvill been fired?

Jon Stewart is kicking ass tonite!!!!!!

Kerry Campaign: Release Cheney's Halliburton Testimony - CNN (puke)

MoveOn Victory Drive

Big DOG on Daily Show Monday!!!!

Workplace Meth Use On The Rise....very sad..very sad..

new book out defending Japanese internment camps in WWII

"Saudi Ambassador Responds to Moore Film"

What we are fighting now is no less than a new Crusade

Maybe its time we do a little checking on O'Neill..Looks like a drunk

Randi Rhodes is screwing us by taking days off.

Tune in to Leno if your in the Eastern or Central time zones

RICE a Top Contender for KERRY's National Security Advisor

Ok - I'll cut to the chase - should I quit the Knights of Columbus?

My new Meme for the Bush, Cheney,Rumsfeld Trio of Evil:

Trib editorial about Kerrys wife....

Surefire way to "shut down" the protestors who are dogging John & John

Tonight Nightline: Koppel talks to Sprinsteen about rocking against Bush

Bruce Springstein telling people to vote for John Kerry...on Nightline!

Genocide in Somalia...who cares?

US not the only one after Iraqi oil. The neo-cons get their way.

Just got back from Barack Obama's birthday party, Jesse Jr. sang

Banding Together AGAINST BUSH* Concert locals and dates

David Corn on the GOP's Arsenal of Vicious Political Attacks

TIME:DHS'to provide Bush with 1 homeland-security photo-op a month' (3/15)

Was Rummy abducted by aliens??

Kid Rock on Iraq--explains a lot of the Rethug mindset

Just viewed the DVD "9-11 In Plane Site" - OMG! OMG! OMG!

It's NOT Keyes! (yet)

where is that comarison of bush and kerry side by side?

To Evangelicals, Catholics, Mormons, Jehova Wits and Muslims are cults.

"Thumbs up" new democratic signal on the road?

Scott McClellan declares criticism of terra alerts "irresponsible"

Conversation with my Dad re: Kerry's Purple Hearts

Gosh I wonder what will happen to poor Lynnedie England?

Hanky Stomping Liberal???

8/4 KERRY WIN PROBABILITY: 96.65% ; VOTE: 52.78% ; EV:322

So, I went into the Citigroup building this afternoon

What ARE Regular Guys?

Women! We have to mobilize again! Under attack from every conservative

My State Rep Candidate's Website: How do you like it?

Kerry got an 11.5% bounce! Win prob (5 polls) went from 85.9% to 97.4%

OMG. Just got this e-mail from a supplier who is also a pretty good

Guess who's coming to Air America?

I got a response from CNN

"Bush will win in a landslide" (too funny)

Kerry's "Plan for America" and H-1B visas.

Bush blog posts offensive article attacking pro-Kerry firefighters, Teresa

Asia Times says Pakistan is holding terrorists, to be presented when bush

Are we being played like a fiddle?

Malloy Time!

I Will No Longer Call Myself A Missourian

East Tennessee couple charged with child abuse THEY ARE RICH PEOPLE...

animal rights people, please help me with a question

CBS News: Drop in oil prices today is welcome

Air Force Tried To Discharge Bush After Discovering He Was AWOL

Howard Dean Says Tom DeLay (R-Texas) Has Arranged a Corrupt System

Florida Senate Race: Deutsch backer sues Castor over EMILY's List funding

Heads UP Flagstaff.. Kerry's coming to see you ...Monday

MEME MEMO: $87 billion hand-out to HALLIBURTON

White people, it's time to come clean White Conservatives are racists

Some farmers risk prolonging 'mad cow' woes: Alberta official

Can you recommend a good hotel in Toronto?

Coming to Montreal next week - 8/12

Old data, new credibility issues (dupe)


NYT: The Presidential Fine Line

Kerry Denounces Special Corporate Favors

Senate debate walks party line (Florida)

Republican candidate admits supporting eugenics

Strange bedfellows? Wolfowitz has Arab feminist girlfriend

The Dead and Dostoyevsky, in a War With Bush (Laura played by a man)

WP: Consumer Spending Drops as Income Stalls

WP: Most Fish from Lakes Is Too High in Mercury

President Announces $43 Million in Grants from Compassion Capital Fund

Riggs Will Review Dealings With Pinochet, Wash. Post Reports

'Mercenaries' lose SA appeal

Oil may foul stocks - More weakness seen

Halliburton fined for false profit statement

UL planning additional layoffs (200 jobs)

Britain Arrests 13 Suspected of Plotting Terrorist Acts

Army Pushes a Sweeping Overhaul of Basic Training

Call-ups to create trooper shortage (in Mississippi)

Car bomb kills 3 Iraqi guards:Six Americans die in combat in other regions

Cuban 'Fahrenheit' Telecast Raises Oscar Questions

NYT: Halliburton Settles S.E.C. Accusations (from when Cheney was CEO)

G.O.P. Delegates Get List of Banned Items (no umbrellas or strollers)

TiVo Is at Focus of TV ShowdownFCC decides today how copied programs can b

We did it for fun, claimed Iraq jail accused

Battle erupts in north Iraqi city

$1.9 billion in Iraqi money going to U.S. contractors

Pakistan Mum on Identity of High-Value Al-Qaida Targets

600 Tons of Papers Go to Clinton Library

Insurgents Kill U.S. and Iraqi Troops (130 dead - inc civ- in last week)

Officials protest security measures

British scientist mysteriously deported from Belarus

Pinochet wife, children questioned on secret bank accounts

For alleged White House threat, teenager gets writing assignment

US scientist challenges UK on Gulf war illness

Air Force Tried To Discharge Bush After Discovering He Was AWOL

Ex-felons' Voting Rights Misstated (Ohio)

U.S. Strives to Grasp Terror Plot's Scope

Ridge Defends New Terror Threat Warning

Government asks judge to throw out Miami protesters' suit

NYT -Civilians Die as Iraqi Police and Rebels Clash in Mosul

Poll: Kerry getting vision, message to voters (Marist Poll)

Oil Futures Keep Rising

U.S. Struggles to Grasp Scope of Threat

US Factory Orders Rise More Than Expected

NorthWestern to reconsider bonus package | Missoulian

Water Offers Deadly Relief in a Blistering Iraqi Slum

Reagan Official Confirms Bush Should Have Been Put On Active Duty

WP/AP: "Outfoxed" Film to Appear in Theaters (Friday!)

British, U.S. Officials Quash Plane Rumor

Raw Sewage Floods London's River Thames

NATO advance guard to go to Iraq in "two or three days"

*BOMBSHELL* Bush was AWOL in 1972!

Iraqi governor resigns after kidnappers release sons (Al-Anbar province!)

Optimism of wealthy hits 6-month low (Trickle Up Economy)

N. Dakota jails Marshall Islander in visa mix-up

Detroit voters approve medical use of pot.

Homemade Bomb Explodes Outside Athens

NYT - Trying to Make the Pen as Mighty as the Sword

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 4 August

Al Qaeda may have made contact in U.S. recently

U.S. urged to put 'black boxes' in passenger cars

N.Y. Probes Democrat Convention Parties

BBC World News service rpt this AM - Iraq nearly completely out of control

NYT, pg1, lead story: New Qaeda Activity Said to Be Major Factor in Alert

Coalition vows not to give ground to hostage-takers

U.S., allies: No deal with kidnappers

U.S. scholar pleads guilty to looting artifacts from Iraq

Ministers vow to oppose Karzai

King County judge rules in favor of same-sex marriage

FCC Seeks Internet Phone Wiretap Access

Fierce Fighting in Northern Iraq City; Hostages Freed in South

Tenn. official suspended after mock terror drill disrupts county meeting

Saudi Arabia Opens Fields Before Plan, Lifts Capacity

(Laura) Bush Says She Discussed Gesture With Jenna

Weld (County, Colorado - Greeley) on pace to break foreclosure record

'Disturbing trend' seen in negligent discharges of weapons in Afghanistan

Bush, family and top aides received $127,600 gifts last year from Saudi

Bush Ad Using Fire Fighters Belies Facts; Bush Zeroed ..Programs

Electoral Vote predictor 2004: Kerry 307 Bush 231

Sen. Byrd will be online Thursday, Aug. 5 at 2 p.m. ET to discuss

(WA) Attorney General's Office set to aid PUD in Enron battle

Rev. Moon's submarines, sold to Kim Jong-Il, empower a nuke threat to the

Nymex Gasoline Plunges as U.S. Supplies Surge to 17-Month High

Aid Workers Killed In Afghanistan

UN Says Obliged to Rely on U.S. for Safety in Iraq

Bassett to close Ga. plant, cut 180 jobs

Treasury Secretary Snow tours NYSE

3 Banks Robbed in Davenport tied to political rallies.

Authorities: Possible terror suspects being monitored in NYC area BUT....

Breaking!! Republican Senator Leaks Classified Intelligence To Fox News!

McCain Stumps For Bush In Central Florida

Las Vegas production: Governor launches pro-California business campaign

Local Beaches Awash With Dead Fish (Maryland)

Author Says Despite Critics, Bush Will Be Guided by Faith

Ag Department to require more data before announcing mad cow test results

Former Fortuna resident faces 20 years in Afghan prison

More than 300 South Africans studying medicine in Cuba

Falwell sets pastors' seminar on conservative political advocacy

Rock stars stumping against Bush (The Boss!!!!)

(Father of JonBenet) Ramsey loses bid for state House seat in Michigan

Rumsfeld defends aide (Douglas Feith) from Franks attack

Labor (Australia) wedded to gay marriage ban | Sydney Morning Herald

Obama just can't help but shine

Massachusetts camper dies in N.H. after bear scare

Report Proves Bush Knew He Was Lying About Iraq

Harris regrets terror-plot comments (10 minutes ago)

Officials dumbfounded by Katherine Harris statement(terror plot in Indiana

Abu Ghraib Guard Was Lousy Soldier - Prosecution (Pfc. Lynndie England)

Iraqi civilians assault kidnappers and free hostages.

US abuse could be war crimes

Government Leaves Patents For AIDS Drug Intact

Obama to Soon Have Black GOP Foe for Senate Race

WP: Investigators Concluded Shelby Leaked (CLASSIFIED) Message

Herpes risk from ancient form of circumcision

3 Banks Robbed During Bush, Kerry Visits

Long-time Dem talkradio host retiring,station holding contest to replace

New Orleans man ordered to stop tricking women seeking abortions

It's Keyes! (IL GOOP Senate Candidate)

Al-Qaida operative in British custody warned of N.Y. attack -Knight Ridder

Judge Pretends to Resign to End Hostage Standoff in Florida;

Mary K. Letourneau freed from prison Wednesday

Credibility Cloud Hangs Over U.S. Terror Warnings

Women's grant halted...Congress cuts off funding to SLC Business Center

ABA Elites Demand Full Disclosure of Bush Admin Torture Memos

In Iowa Fight, Kerry Waves Corn, Bush Eats It Raw

Communion Barred to Abortion Supporters

Iraqi Delegation Robbed at Gunpoint in Memphis

Polio 'to die out by end of year'

Pentagon inspector general to investigate treatment of Muslim chaplain

Regulators will stop revealing nuclear plant safety lapses

"Questioned at gunpoint, shackled, forced to pose naked...Guantánamo"

SEC probes Marathon Oil payments in Equitorial Guinea (and HQ burns down)

Bryant accuser might want case dropped

Woman Fired For Eating 'Unclean' Meat

A quote.

Will Du get over 50K by election time...I hope so...

Priest, Nun Convicted After 'Sex Act' in Car

Anybody else here like to read John Collier or Fredric Brown?

What do you think of The Cult? The band.

fun fact: some guy named Harry Dick is a big puke

A cartoon snapshot of America

I got one of the new nickels today


Thank you Coloradodem2004! Launchcast rocks!

PC Guru's...Question about drawing boards...

I enjoyed Gibson's article The Pickpocket, on the home page,

PC Magazine rates the best and worst PC vendors

ok tech geeks... I need your help: laptop to stereo...

My Kitty Cat isn't feeling well...

Is anyone listening to Howard Stern? Howard is now running 2 blocks to do

has anyone ever tried the "brian eno speaker set-up"...?

Perth is BEAUTIFUL...

Two resumes went out. Wish me luck

I need an answer quick

Worst Flying Experience Ever

Australian Dingo Descended from Asian Domestic Dogs

Plastic Cow Stolen, Feared Drowned

I am ashamed of the people in Missouri

If you "young 'uns" want to "feel" the 60's's the place

Squirrel War Causes Peanut Ban

silly joke-- juvenile but kinda funny

I'm in love with Teresa Heinz Kerry for saying "4 more years of hell"

In praise of Einstein

Hippos Terrorize Russian Fishermen As They Were Sharing Vodka

Court Bans Woman From Owning Stereo

Rove orders slaughter of Tiggers to get maximum post-RNC bounce

Help me get to 2000 posts before I actually have to work.

I smell pancakes

Fortune Tells Safe From Police Crackdown - Won't Have To Have Govt License

CAPTION the very model of the modern major general

Man Kills Wife In Chainsaw Accident

The neighbors from hell

The House Painter

Post #2,000.

CAPTION the bright and shining image of America's future

Reminder: Daily Show replay at 10am



Farmer's White Scarecrows Resemble The KKK - Spark Complaints

These look like they really need (amongst other things) a CAPTION

Man Was Simply Baying At The Full Moon - Won't Be Charged

Sniff Sniff I sniff around and so many of the old long time disruptors

Undercover Pooch Helps Nab Alleged Insurance Fraud Ring

I had forgotten how much local radio sucks (re. Summer thunderstorms)

Kerry rides bike in Wisconsin, does not fall, no news to report here


Is there a link to artists press conference?


Future of Hendrix's childhood home looks hazy

CAPTION War on Terra going too far...Tigger beheaded

Do you own a 'kissy' dog?

I want to go on a debaucherous singles vacation

Need Computer Help (once again)

Do you sometimes feel like you hate your fellow man?

Man, Facing Drunk Driving Charges Arrives At Court - Drunk

Are you owned by a kissy cat?

Are you owned by a sissy dog & a pissy cat?

Trick with numbers

Bush/Voldemort '04: No More Lesser of Two Evils!

Why do people have such trouble with the name "Eliza"?

Why do people have such trouble with the game "Eliza"?

Why do people have such trouble with the Minelli "Liza"?

Rate these Yahoo Photos

The mind works in mysterious ways, try this experiment...

Anyone else have Air America connectivity issues?

New "printable version" of DU articles includes graphic! Thanks, Elad!

Puppy Killed

Last chance for GOP minorities to run for US Senate

Here's the thread where we try to identify MallRat's insect invaders.

Prankster Tells Cruise Passengers To 'Abandon Ship' Over PA System

Help! Can't get to "My Posts"

Web Site Rates Prostitutes Online - Has 3,300 Registered Users



Man Tries To Sell Drugs To UNIFORMED Cop Sitting In CRUISER


42 AD

We All Scream for Ice Cream





Need some info about those Syrian Musicians and their Visas



I remember 1966, I was 15 and playing in Milwaukee garage bands...

Bush signs secret accord with Green

LOOK! My First Kitten Thread!!!

Do you know when to start?

When picking dandelions for Grandmother what are children thinking?

Question for Seattle folk...

One of the best Bush* t-shirts ever.

What other things will be banned at the RNC that wasn't in the NYT story?

LOOK! My First FHM Thread!!!

New R.E.M. album out October 5.

Just Saw A Commercial For "Uptown Bill" (Clinton Playing Sax Doll)

Seth McFarlane's "American-Dad" pilot trashes Repubs

Sprint - who hates them? Who'd like to sue them?

It saddens me to list Janeane Garafolo at the bottom of the AAR list

Supporting one of the Vote for Change bands today! Help me decide.

Teens Fire Boccia Ball Out Of Homemade Cannon

From Bruce's website the RW fans are apoleptic

Who would win in a boxing match? Kerry or Bush?

Best not-homemade Macaroni & Cheese

Viagra Helps Mountain Climbers Reach Their Peak

(het)DU women fess up: who would you want to go on a date with?

Dr. Who and Spielberg both effected by "terrorism"

Dyan Cannon Fires Homemade Bruschetta at Ween.

Now I have one more reason to love doo-wop music!

don't open

Why are some year threads locked and some not?

Do you know when to stop?


There is hope for humanity -- there will be no Scooby Doo 3

Girlie-Man Cartoon

Screaming Lord Byron is impossibly sexy.

Alexandra Kerry is on O'Franken...

Viagra helps golfers straighten their

Viagra helps hockey players shoot their

Hannity and other Freeper icons in PA

I'm DU'ing from Prince Edward Island, Canada. Ask me anything...

Hey, What happenned

Photographer Cartier-Bresson has died

Man overdoses on Viagara.

Daleks back to fight Doctor Who

Katherine Harris is talking out of her ass again.

One last update on the so called singles lounge

My fellow DUers. Can you remember what you were doing when you heard

We've turned the corner -- new toon

Names for Residents of a State?

How Many Of You Have Ever Gone Streaking?

Ya know who's NOT dead?

Hubba Hubba- I got to transfer my clients to the new doc

Viagra helps Bob Dole fill out his

What are Politics?

Skinner.... saw some of your conven pics...

Rorschach tests are a riot

Legend Grows Around 1,000-Pound Ga. Hog-- "Hogzilla"

200 Animals Rescued From Missouri Property

"I am a sensitive artist"

Kobe's accuser ponders suing in civil court

I just picked up Tiffany's ashes from the vet

Do you have a "pissy" Spouse?

I just got offered another position

Yes, there is a place to buy anything on the Internet

Meet the OTHER Illinois GOP Senate finalist...

Who speaks to defend the Third Amendment?

An atypical but nevertheless beautiful love letter.

Don't believe everything the Dr. tells you.

Anybody ever dealt with Mini Vacations, Inc?

Viagra helps plumbers

A really, really bad review

Let's post pictures of animals dressed up like idiots!

Post Pictures of Giant Animals


Favorite Indian dish?


I went to the Alan Keyes for Senate rally. Ask me anything!




du dictionary revised

Anyone else not receive their Outfoxed DVD yet?

I am REALLY disappointed in my fellow DUers

Last night saw a double feature of "Outfoxed" and "Starsky and Hutch"

Anybody getting post failure errors?

Atlanta woman practices unique plastic surgery on transgender patients

Fortune Teller Offers To 'Clense Money' For Good Luck - Makes of With $30k

Behold The Emporer Fabulous - Lord and Master of All He Surveys

How do you get to the avatars ?

I'm hungry.

I'm SO dissapointed here....

OK. What should I do to mark my 10,000th post?

Sigh... all the good threads get locked...

Can you solve this "ESP" trick?

F***! I have Adware and Spy Bot and I STILL got Spyware!

Did I miss the memo? Is this DU's official "I hate CNN day"?

Parenting question

Non-acceptance would cause embarrassment to donor and US Gov't.

Let us now praise lawyers!

Poll Question: Should people be able to buy a vowel?

Hey Dookus - did your cats ever catch that worthless rodent?

I am pathetic - I'm still working on my taxes for 2003

Only in America


The "I am not a crook!" tour

I gave in...I joined an argument on!

George Bush EATS IT RAW!!!

I'm so frustrated!!

I don't remember 1966. I lived in Hollywood CA and was trying to stay

The phrase

Ashley signaled her desire by ........

Dallas Cowboys to release Quincy Carter

I LOOOOVE Launchcast

Great little cartoon!

What do you guys think of Emerson, Lake and Palmer?

My Mom loves DU

Another treat from the land of the Olympics - Moussaka!!!

The Catalog Game! I just invented it just now. Play along!

Barack Obama sighting!

Too much zucchini? link to some recipes - yummy

So Bush can handle raw corn...Betcha he couldn't handle my homeade salsa

Keep it in or let it out?


Pretend you develop flavors for Ben and Jerrys Ice Cream

Right-Wing Moran site of the week

What would've happened if Kerry & Bush had crossed paths in Iowa today?

I'll probably get some freeper accusations for this, but here goes...

Damn, I almost forgot. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BARACK OBAMA!!

What's your Homepage?

Neuro-psychology - what is it?

Heath Ledger Fans--did you know he used to do underwear modeling? I have

History of polling:

Hypothetical question #3,233

I am an insensitive arse,

UPS MAN JUST CAME TO MY DOOR!!!! (the good thread)

Not going to the Edwards rally today. Grr...

Damn mischieveous furball . . . .

whaddya think of Maggie?

"The Brown Bunny" sexually explicit film from "devout" bushie

Which Sci-Fi character are you?

Man Bad

stupid advertising language 101

Yes, but does my avatar speak to my individuality?

I'm reading USA Today... Why? Because every freaking hotel provides them.

more parent advice.... weed

This makes me think

I've lost more cat food this week....

Yay! Tigger acquitted

My friend's uncle from TN sent this to her so she felt "obligated to send

Just for laughs

Iverson sinks buzzer-beating 3-pointer for win


This video is disturbing

DU, you're it tonight, there is nothing on TV.

I heard U2 "Beautiful Day" on the radio today

Just heard on Olbermann


What's for Dinner?

Now I know how Chimpy satisfies Pickles in bed

Vote for your favorite PBR

So what's the consensus?

where is Padraig (sp?) from Chicago?? haven't seen any posts lately

Oh Happy Day, there is a God

Fun and Games at the Republican Convention

I got my "politics must stay removed from the workplace"

Should i watch Dances with Wolves?

OK... the Gay Sports Bar is OPEN

Anyone read anything by Victor Villasenor?

DU this poll: Is Wal-Mart Good For America?

So far, four different newspapers have called me about my letter.

Talk about catchy pop hooks: "Breakout," by

I'm single again!

Do you like the English Beat?

Bay-beeee, you can drive my CARRRRRR.....

my dog has gland problems...

Screw it

Cruise ship prank made 'em seasick

Infant attempts Vulcan Mind Meld on Bush, realizes a "mind" is required

Where is LincolnMcGrath?

How to save the United States of America

Ahhhhnold IS girlie-man

Da Vinci Code Special on ABC Now

I promised myself no more * books until september

Gotta vent just had another fight with my ultra freeper father

A post worthy of SoCalDem:

For Any Gov't Worker With Annual Leave! Help my Friend!

How irritating! Just saw a commercial using "I Feel Pretty" as the jingle

My co-worker in the cube next to me. ..

Who had 53 minutes after the hour in the Malloy pool....

OK, this is getting to be a serious problem

he he he

Fiennes to Play Voldemort in Next 'Potter'

What? Nobody wants to discuss horse flatus anymore?

Flash users... I have a question, if that's okay?

So I Have This Graphic & Fergit What Thread It Goes to...

GD down again??

I just saw one of the worst ump calls in history

Uh oh - Rodriguez just connected in bottom of 11th - Yanks beat

If you could only have one right now

EXCLUSIVE Pic Of The Entrance To The New "Liberal Themepark!"

DU webmasters: what is a good hosting company?

Wanna hear my drunken story of test trauma?

Mmm.... Cherry Garcia from Ben & Jerry

Lawyers playing with BB guns scare office workers

Whoa....The Big Dog's gonna be on the Daily Show on (on edit) Monday

Careful with that ax, Eugene

In the nick of time

I am starting Auricular Acupuncture in 15 min


I have decided that I am going to use one of nature's mightiest

I'm just back from Japan, ask me anything

Help? Laptop DVD regions


Near tragedy averted

car repair question (re: CV joint replacement)

Dubya's way-cool "Meet The Beatles" look...lurking in the shadows again

Must... Have... FOOTBALL!!!

Christ on Crutches! Shopping for "back to school" today...

Low-carb ice cream triggers spit reflex

DU Bartenders

My two cats

Industrial/Experimental Music Poll

Help! I need NON-prono photo reference of

I did a help desk call in the nude - ask me anything

BTW....I'm quiting cigs...again...tonight...

quick possibly dumb question concerning comp. hard drives capacity limits

This is what would've happened if Adrian Monk investigated Kobe Bryant

I just realized; DU has the greatest layout ever

Daily Show: "Where do me sign?"




My Mom joined DU.


OK you 3 - Ani Defranco rocks and so does Tori Amos

Doper Question

Oh, Fenris........................ Oh, Richardo.........................

Isn't she a little young?

1964 was an awesome year for music!

Which resort better for a 30ish married couple: Hedonism or Sandals?

Inside Vast Rightwing Conspiracy World Headquarters (Did I miss anything?)

I owe $177.30 on my student loan that has been in default since 1986

RNC convention schedule.

Uh-kay. Let's play 'Pitch the Band', the A+R game.

Caption * showing off in Iowa

Caption Damien, errr, I mean George.

CAPTION the hitchhiking monkey

Bush: "Ich bin ein Davenport Iowan" (his latest "Third Reich" pose)

CAPTION for the wrong cornhole

Anyone seen "The Village" LOL

?W Revue gets its first MAJOR review.....

Cat question

Who would win in a boxing match: Matcom or whoisalhedges

Anyone going to Coventry?

Deadhead question re: 8-1-04 show at SPAC

Do we have any motorcyclists in the DU lounge?

Classists stigmas:Things middle class people won't do

Say Neo-pukes decide to host a concert to oppose the "Vote for Change"....

Someone tell me why those "Left Behind" books are so damn popular?

I'm sorry but Cadbury fucking chocolate is the fucking best!!!!!

Let me design your website!!

What foods do you hate?

A make-up question for the ladies...

How do you collect unemployment?

Do You Have a "Kissy" Spouse???

Queer DUers: Dispel Myths Here.

What is your favorite Louisiana food?

I just caught a 90 pound

What foods hate you?

Besides the Dems, what other party do you identify with?

crap. i live next door to a real nazi.

caveat & apologia

Freeper Lies about Kerry

Several good post-convention polls from Survey USA

"Republican money won't corrupt Nader" - zealous Naderite

Democrats Knocked Off Balance by Bush's Terror Alerts

Great article in Slate about Kerry's "no bounce"

gop attacks kerrys war record

With info like this, you realize the problem is "trust and credibility"

Hey! the kind of guy who you can have a beer with


Democrats Claim Mantle of Fiscally Responsible Ticketdeficits threaten S.S

Arkansas DUers: Little Rock rally for Edwards today!


How many anti-Kerry vets served WITH him...

A bitch about post-convention bounce

Turning tide?


The guy who might cause Kerry to lose

"Taxpayers Pay for FEC Convention Trips"

The race for IL senate has boiled down

"U.S. Struggles to Grasp Scope of Threat" "Ridge Defends New Terror Threat

Is the Kerry being a C student thing true?

Does Edwards need a new stump speech?

For the let's have a beer with crowd

Kerry Kansas City Appearance Friday 8/6 8:30 PM

Yes, there are Kerry/Edwards Supporters in Texas

Laura Bush. Just how stupid she thinks we are.

Oh no! We're being polarized!

Believe it or not, I'm glad some "W" stickers are showing up.

Slate dissects the Gallup poll

"Bush, Kerry Paths Nearly Crossing in Iowa"

SCAM ALERT: Heard On Radio This Morning!!

Kerry Button Sources!!!

CNN has reported repeatedly today that John Kerry and bush*

on the debates!

"Bands Gather to Stump Against Bush"

Exactly how did Kerry get his purple hearts?

LATimes' Ron Brownstein: "Springsteen Joins Anti-Bush Concert Tour"

A 19th-Century G.O.P. Bastion (West Virginia) Holds Firm

Stop Tom Delay (Sign the Petition here)

"Kerry Denounces Special Corporate Favors"

Carnahan's Son in Race for Gephardt Seat

Kerry v Bush on health care: Stark difference (see link for Kerry's)

So who had the larger crowd in Iowa today?

Peter Chernin, COO of Fox News Endorsing Kerry

Researchers - HELP - re the $87 billion Kerry voted for before he voted

An argument to use with third party people--

In These Times Media proves Bush a liar re his 8/2 "I didn't know WMD weak

Does anybody have the latest Senate race polls?

We need to demand a debate between Teresa and Laura Bush

ACT and Move On announce details of "Vote for Change Tour"

U.S. House candidate Larry Diedrich "in lock step" with Evil Dick's words

Bush's talking points beat Kerry's in Iowa today.

New Poll: Tennessee Bush 48% Kerry 46% plus Washington/Pennsylvania

Quotes from Richard Morrison at the Austin DFA meet-up tonight.

bush in Iowa and Minnesota today - he just needs a crown to complete

What a fantastic rally in Arkansas for Edwards

Some new poll numbers

I gave out two Kerry/Edwards buttons today!

Kerry Detours to Visit Town Snubbed by Bush (Great Fun Story)

If Kerry's in danger of being "too liberal", we should all back him up

If you are not a member of ACT, Please join

Do the Republicans really demand an oath of loyalty

Dick Cheney’s Legislative Accomplishments … Both of Them …

Pithy bumpersticker slogans

Why won't you people give Bush a break!!!

Goddammit! Why can't WE go on the offensive?

Kerry/Edwards bus tour - schedule needed

On the Defensive Cheney and other top Republicans attack Dean

"Chords for Change" OpEd by Bruce Springsteen in tomorrow's NYT

No More CNN For Me- I'm Watching MSNBC And They Play It Straight...

Just a reminder: Get off your lazy ass and volunteer.

Bush Threatened to Veto $87 Billion Before Approving It

Vietnam Vets Organization Blasts Kerry in New TV Ad

"They did the same thing to McCain" ....

Kerry got an 11.5% bounce! Win prob (5 polls) went from 85.9% to 97.4%


8/4 KERRY WIN PROBABILITY: 96.65% ; VOTE: 52.78% ; EV:322

Salon: "the president predicting he will win in November because..."

Kerry, swiftboatvets, and libel

ok now what do we do... Catholics against Dems...Christians against