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Archives: August 30, 2004

Officials deny barring pro-democracy lawmaker

At the WillieDylan concert in Rochester MN tonight a Bush banner was booed

I think undecided voters will go bush

What I wish a left-wing plant would do at the RNC convention

Great Article; Shows The Difference Between Canada Press & US Media

Clinton's speech on CSPAN now

How many people were at the march today?

Iraqi children play in the Valley of Peace cemetery

Does * have a new twang?

zig-zagger is "huntin' fer votes"

If the GOP are supposedly so "patriotic" .....

Dems in NYC: 'Mission not accomplished'

Voting begins in widely contested Bangkok poll

Leader's `mistreatment' sparks anger - Nepal

Bush Says He Kept His Word to Help Steel Industry

From CBS/AP: Big Apple Protesters Bash Bush :

First lady criticized for swift boat remark

200 anti-Bush protesters arrested

Who Are The Undecideds In the 2004 vote:

Hmm yeah those TPS reports need to be covered.....

Darn, I missed "Three's Company."

Why can't teachers offer more assistance in Programming languages?

This town ain't big enough for the both of us, pardner.

At the WillieDylan concert in Rochester MN tonight a Bush banner was booed

I need help finding a song (recent).

I saw this Vermeer today, the first ever on exibit in the American south

I'm taking a week off

*swoon* If you've got eyes like this guy, I'm yours for life! (56k beware)

My God, Chaka Kahn just sucked on the VMA's

Heads up Bill Clinton is on C-Span right now .

Ingrid Bergman or Ingmar Bergman

What's something you haven't eaten in a long time?

So I'm talking to my dad today...

I love Newsmeat

how do you find the wattage of computer power supply?

well im moved into my dorm room.

How do I break up with my girlfriend

Anyone remember Al Stewart?.

Yeah, Catastrophic Success!

Clips of Chimp from 2000 - Does he look weird or what?!

Can anyone give me the link to the interactive electoral vote map?

Link to videos of Bush

New Poll--Bush Support Among Arab Americans Tumbles

Colorado Democrats are Morons!

Columbus Dispatch: Ohio Poll 46-46-2

MSNBC: Bush I the best CIA Director

Gallup does it again with their "likely voters" model.

A Clueless Chimpy Supporter's Reasons To Like Chimpy (from GOP Concoction)

I have a question for everyone talking about undecided voters and polls

Clinton's speech on CSpan2 now

I think that the new conventional wisdom will be that

I think undecided voters will go bush

Kerry should be filing lawsuits against states using paperless e-voting

Should the Democrats Have Had THEIR Convention In New York City?

RW radio keeps calling Kerry an "admitted war criminal"

Best protest chant today- "N.Y.P.D - WHERE'S YOUR RAISE?"

"Kerry for President of France"..Bush Campaign hawks T-shirts!

How big of a bounce will Bush get?

I never thought a whole lot about the "7 minutes" until tonight....

US arrogance offends friends and foes alike

Sexed-up reports, pressure on the UN ... here we go again

Doing Business With The Enemy - 60 Minutes

Amid a wall of noise, some quiet voices (NY Protests)

Colossus lost: U.S. empire isn't happening yet (Jonathan Schell)

Repug banks? Well, Repug practices

Satanslaundromat:Go directly to jail, NYC abusing protesters.

Kevin Anderson (BBC): 'Anybody but Bush,' cry NY marchers

Bush not strong on diversity

Both parties and candidates are engaged in a tricky contest of patriotism

Bush Strives to Join Fraternity of Frustrated Two-Termers

Bush: 'War on terror cannot be won'

Five Reasons Giuliani's No Hero

Undecided Voters Want Bush to Offer Specifics

Meanwhile: "The Disappeared Mayor"

"We were supposed to humiliate them" [Spiegel Interview /Abu Ghraib ]

Bush's Leadership Style: Decisive or Simplistic?

The Case Against George W. Bush ...Ron Reagan

Attacking the Messenger: Military versus the Press


Better Off Than 4 Years Ago? Nation Is Divided

Here we go People: Hastert the scumbag

GOP veers from its founding principles

Social great shape-once you get past the blue smoke of the Bush adm

WSJ: Bush's Big Priority: Energize Conservative Christian Base

Johnson: FBI Furious at Leak

Charley Reese: That Real Old Stuff

Kerry Could Squander Historic Opportunity

Unionization Now Option for Part-Timers (Japan Times)

A Day in the Life of Joe Middle-Class Republican

Humvee gunners in Najaf face web of wires (and rebar)

Salon: The Ben Barnes blackout

'Fox news sucks!' (Chi Trib)

Bush, not Kerry, should face scrutiny (Vietnam)

Kerry's Real Heroism Came After The War

Laura Bush a far cry from Hillary

25 Things We Now Know Three Years After 9/11 by Bernard Weiner

How the Pentagon has failed U.S troops

GU: Let's stop Bush-bashing and listen to what he has to say

Fox Rejects "The Nation" Ad

Hey Big Media, Connect the Dots - Nine Impolite Questions for Big Media

Gergen and some GOP delegate were waiting for CNN

Byron for Congress (CA 49th Dist.) Event

March for our lives on Monday. NY 4:00 UN

Hey, Look At This In New York City

I need a flyer on the draft for college kids


Liberal Film Festival Fundraiser!

Here's a way to mock the Republicans at public protests:

Interesting Tidbits from ABC Note - media bias in favor of Bush?

NY protests steal the show (Int. Herald Tribune)

No Howard Stern this week?

The Media is the Key To Victory

"IMAGINE PEACE" - Yoko Ono full page ad, NYT 2004.08.30 p. a13

Classic rerun of John Stewart's Daily Show today

Did you know that Rupert Murdoch(FNC) owns Madison Square Garden

"The 'president' changes his position in the war on terror...

NY Times revives rumor MSNBC axed Donahue for politics

Air America Radio good news and bad news

We need to organize and repeat: "Right Wing Bias"

Fate of US economy remains in question

Living with Little: Part 1 of 3

A (tax) New Money Machine for the U.S. (value added tax)

The Games' legacy includes massive debt

CA Taxpayers Pay $86M Annually to Subsidize Wal-Mart Workers' Public Assis

How do you define poverty in the U.S.?

forecasting Friday's job gains around( 150,000 AP) (160,000 per Reuters)

WTO Upholds Ruling on Canadian Wheat Board (Bush loses)

Records Show Myth Of Locked-Up Public Lands Oil Co. BS

100 New Fires A Day Spread Across Indonesian Borneo - Jakarta Post

Bush flip flops on global warming

Questions Grow Regarding The Future Of The Colorado River Compact

It's the pebble-bed reactor discussion thread....

El Universal "Large oil reserves found"

Study Finds Electricity Beats Hydrogen for Power Storage/Delivery

NASA: DOS Glitch Nearly Killed Mars Rover

Track Update On Frances - Potential US Landfall By Saturday PM

Henry Lee's weasel words - TW

how does travis bickle feel about gun control?

"Almost Heaven" Almost Gone

Sorry, machine gun lovers! Crazy Al Keyes Backs Down

What is your concealed carry method?

Soliciting J/PS participant input on how to spend $500 at Front Site, NV

GUNS IN THE NEWS--August 30, 2004

Dispelling Another Myth About Guns

But I thought gun control would eliminate this....

NYC to NRA: "Piss off, loonies!"

Man drives home with decapitated passenger (Georgia)

just to make sure, everyone here IS voting for kerry, right?

Thanks to NewYawker for birthday wishes to me. --asjr (Audrey)

what's with all the treadlocks this morning?

Suggestion for improving the Top 10 Idiots List.

Skinner, can we get a "herding cats" emoticon

"Dennis Hastert has sex with Animals" Thread...what happened?

If someeone calls me a 'Kerry fanatic'

So why the lock?

My wife got banned

Why'd you move my Latest News post?

I've done a search for the post Skinner or Earl G wrote about


Hey, Skinner and Feanorcurufinwe,

copycat threads

I had a post high jacked to the WSJ.

Surprise, Surprise, Jewish center arson NOT MUSLIMS!!!!

Edwards Says Kerry Plans To Confront Iran On Weapons

Shalom: Mole affair is exaggerated 'media nonsense'

Jewish man arrested over arson at Paris Jewish centre

20,000 Israeli Arabs arrive at Al-Aqsa mosque for rally

On 9-11, Bush was just "doing what Presidents do"

Poll: 50% of NYC Says U.S. Govt Knew About 9/11 - I.E. In LIHOP

Planes on Sept 11th

Heads Up 9/11 Forum DUers, Andy Card on Larry King

OK. Saturday I watched "911 In Plane Sight". I have a question.

Three more IL National Guard units being called up for Iraq

Any news on Goodman/Kirk (10th CD)?

An open invitation to drink and eat on Alan Keyes' dime...

IF Bush Wins Florida

Regier Resigns As Head Of DCF

Castor stand on abortion derided

a recommendation among Alachua County judge candidates

49th Cong. District - Byron for Congress event

Liberal Film Festival Fundraiser!!!

Take No Prisoners

Calif. girl named Kerry Edwards has new affinity for politics

Don't Let the Minnesota BushBots Push You Around

i just dont get it.


More misleading info from Kiffmeyer's office

Politics of hate at the fair

My account of the protest Sun in Wheeling

Wake Up Kerry Supporters in Ohio


Pennsylvania DU'ers: please help!

Don't Give Up Without A Fight

What do people in Crawford think of Dubya?

Anyone know if it's okay to tape city/county council meetings?

D/FW Democrats - Premiere of "Silver City"

Meet the Dallas Democratic Candidates:2004

So are you sick of hiding your Democrat-ness in polite conversation?

"Puffy Jim" Sensenbrenner: "Paul Hamm played by the rules..."

Three recent polls have Wisconsin tilting towards Bush

Kerry is Not Doing Very Well...

Coming to visit for Vote for Change!

Anybody else get the obscene phone call from the Shrubster

AAR coming to Madison?

Kerry/Edwards lawn signs stolen in the Milwaukee area – check in!

That Michels guy is pissing me off.

IMPORTANT: Weigh your primary ballots for postage

Time to Rally 'Round the Kerry Banner

Beware of Dinosaur Rossi!

Did anybody else get a weird sunburn while in Tacoma?

We should have a DU meetup in Seattle sometime.

CBS Evening News will talk about the Spy Probe

I shook President Clinton's hand in Pittsburgh today (book signing)

this looks like a week to catch up on some

Is this who the BushCo people aligned themselves with...

"Kerry for President of France"..Bush Campaign hawks T-shirts!

Best protest chant today- "N.Y.P.D - WHERE'S YOUR RAISE?"

Who is Craig Crawford?

The War Prayer. Twain Nails It

Just Remember- MSNBC-The NBC part is GE- War Profiteer

Don King on Fux.

CNN: Protest Organizsers report 400,000

Schwartzenegger's Tues Speech

Was there a CNN special on The Mission of George W. Bush?

Protest Story jacked up to cover Spy story?

Dean scolds Blitzer

ROFL! I finally got the NYC protest "mouse bloc" reference, I think

Is out-drawing CNBC network in audience?

Is the Democratic Party being redefined...again?

Bill Maher is my hero

What happened to the 2000 media's depiction of Bush as snearing?

PKRA issues manifesto, describes covert agenda

Hey New York DUers, buy a cop a drink, they are working hard with

Offshoring hits a broader range of job types.

The office of tomorrow's address is in INDIA

Looking at all the news about layoffs and outsourcings that seem to

I have come up with a comprehensive peace plan for the Middle

Heads up to the people who just got new AAR radio in their area

What do you think about Barbara Bush

Washington Post reports ONLY 200,000 people in NY protests.

RNC's first day theme? What else?....9/11!

Repub operatives and spin doctors could turn the tables on demonstrators.

"She is the Paris Hilton of postmodern politics, an enlongated zero"

Join us now as the Bush folks canvas the streets....

good morning du'ers!

Cut the Crap! Must have been a Million Protestors! 20 NYC "long blocks"

Excellent photos and coverage of the protests on NYC Indymedia.

Thanks to all the protestors

America can't survive 4 more yrs. of bush, no way, no how

Daily CSpan WJ thread - Laura Flanders on soon

ok another stupid comment by a repug about kerry... why did he lie about..

Were the Kerry sisters booed at the MTV Music Awards?

bush's leadership after 9-11 is the platform? WHAT fucking leadership?

Peaceful or Not, Bush Gang Will Spin Convention Protests Their Way

The real reason John McCain is palling up to Bush.

'those dirty protestors used foul language', so does big dick cheney

right wing extremist & WSJ editorial board member Paul Gigot to have PBS

Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D - NY)slams protestors

C-span 9:03: representative Nadler (D-NY) talking about convention.

C-Span 8:41am: Anybody watching the liberal/repug sisters?

MSNBC just said over 400K at protest...

Bathe in it Bush, let us drink oil.

The Council for National Policy has a leash around the GOP

Are more and perhaps larger protests planned....

The Big Dawg in my town today!

Gergen and some GOP delegate were waiting for CNN

Fox fact check

I love debating bush lovers!

John Edwards' great response...

MSNBC Reports NY Protest Demo largest in history for Party Convention!

MTV, Bush daughters, Kerry Girls and booing

I'm the subject of a thread on!

Misleading news article title for the day:

Ugh, what a way to wake up...

Ok people, let them know what you think about Cheney

What messages were successfully communicated in protest today?

Favorite anti-bush (non-Kerry/Edwards campaign) TV ads

Has anyone else heard about the special confetti at the

HIV diagnosis turns out to be wrong

Info needed--Details of Bush's cuts to V.A.

So what's happened to the spy-in-the-house-of-love story?

Hillary or Theresa? Who will Repugs hate more?

This is the first draft of my LTTE. Input please.

NY Times actually had decent protest coverage!

I told you! Violent NYC protests played right into Rove's hands!

You can't have it both ways...

I love the smell of vastness in the morning.

Clinton's Riverside Church speech (8/29) -- watch online

Jerry Baker is a conservative

i want to like go around and snap my friggin fingers

71 years later, the GOP returns to Madison Square Garden...

Are *they* supposed to be doing this?

caring for those gardenias

DUers attending NYC RNC demonstrations sound off.

It's great that the Kerry daughters were booed at the MTV awards.

Feith Amitay Leeder

Why Are Repubs Such Pricks

I don't want religious fanatics or spies in my govt., of ANY denomination

Anyone try Yahoo this AM?

Just got invited to a Bush bash.....

toon on Repug convention (Henry Payne)

Abortion Protestors target wrong house

How many catastrophic successes and miscalculations can we afford?

Scott McClellan has no shame

Here are the protest numbers, in the NY Times!

Anyone have e-mail address to AAR on live?? They need this..

Protest speeches on

Republicans pushing for Absentee ballots in Wisc. - WHy?

Counts at demonstrations--I need to vent

another anti-bush protest in NYC

BBV - response from Connecticut

George Bush, An Historic Leader...They are Correct

Denver's version of Air America Radio, KKZN 760

200,000 protesters, only 200 arrests.

The GOP's Tall Order (from DLC)

Fox Rejects Ad from The Nation -- CNN & MSNBC accept ad

My weekly rant...

The dreaded Wimp Factor

My Dog Tags

Today, I stopped at the Lexus dealer in our town to get some

What did Bush say

Report on IRAN key to Spy Probe

upsetting poll

"Doing a Lyndie" photo competition / For a laugh.

71 years later, the GOP returns to Madison Square Garden...

Bush to be in Detroit today at 6pm -- protest -- map and carpool info

Check this out...

Planes on Sept 11th

Bush: "I can understand why Senator Kerry is upset with us." Us?

Du'ers around the world

Kat O Stroffic Suck Cess......................cartoon

What states will the repukes try to steal with electronic voting ?

Check out Drudge Bush* headlines

NYC DUers - meet Bill Clinton - tickets still available

where is all the talk/media on the "Fox Sucks" protesters?

DU this Poll NOW

Should Dennis Hastert allow us to look at his internet cache?

The old "win by deception" Jewish center arson done by Jewish member

On choosing between which child to pick up on 9/11

If we lose the election: Here is what I'm going to do --

Can we talk MORE about Bush's FAKE Texas accent?!?!? 1992 video w/o accent

Whole BUNCH of *New* Air America stations!!!

New word I like

What happened at the VMAs. ... Drudge reporting Kerry girls were booed

3 reasons why Kerry having an Iran plan is a good thing.

US Media And Press Sucks & This Toronto Article Shows How

History repeats itself.

Catastrophic success. Oxymoron.

Video games find their political voice

I refuse to kiss the whip: my complete answer to the failure of Bush

Freeper associate believes Carter is responsible for CEO pay

All ABQ area DUers

Delete Please

How Has The Bush Famly Benifited from NAFTA

Delete Please

On Moving to Canada....Why? How? Thoughts?

Aren't anarchists and libertarians the same thing?

LOL. "The MacScottie Potty Factor"

Got automated call from * today reminding me to vote absentee ballot

Attention FEC Bush admits to being behind SBVL ads

How Would the US be different if Atheists ran our government?

I Got Called by ABC Poll

If Bush gets a second term, will he last all four years of it?

John 'the-chickenass-licker' McNugget is on CNN.

Anyone here in Tucson?

Webster Tarpley: "Point of Maximum danger of war with Iran approaching"

newspapers and protests...big picture of coffin parade above fold in

CIA Stansfield Turner testifying on C SPAN and tv cuts off

We are less than a month from 1000

Retro vs Metro?

Come to Lexington Ky This Thursday night.

How Has The Bush Famly Benifited from NAFTA

Falwell and his 'Christian right' have it wrong

Christian skateboard videos? Duhwah!

Tucker Carlson???

Olberman on early...

So....nothing today on the Spy in the Pentagon?

A DUer's salute to the protesting citizens in NYC

John McCain will never be secertary of defense under Bush.

"I left God's countrry" to go to NY, says Iowa Republican party chair.

Will the aliens please come now and zap all these idiots...

help needed over at nyc indymedia

Which Bush Twin will be in Playboy First?

Did anyone see Bush in Wheeling on C-SPAN yesterday?

Subject: Cheney's Cash Horde -- article from June, 2001

Do you think Kerry has something up his sleave?

Video games find their political voice

This website has got to be a goof. "Vivian Freep's" website for

Is FOX News The Only Source That Spells "Osama" as "Usama"?

With dems like Daschle, who needs Republicans!

Do Democrats have a unified position of the Death Penalty?

Air America Radio to debut in Michigan

Why Are These People Smiling ???

Dramatic winter expected for Northeast:

Transcript: On Cooper 360, Dean attacks Bush, Racicot attacks Dean.

ABC/Wash Post poll 48-48 after weeks of smears and pre-RNC positive media

Heh!!! Listen to Randi at the RNC! She's muffeling her voice!

Regier resigns as head of Jeb's DCF. About time.

How high is a barrel of oil today? I saw gas drop 10 cents!

Barabara Bush is a POS!

Online Poll: Are Americans better off than they were four years ago?

Toy In Candy Bag Appears To Depict 9/11 Attack

James Taranto (WSJ) says SBVT ad "more compelling" than Kerry's chart

KOS exposes one sick Fuck!

Sirius "Folktown" supports protesters

What's The DU thinking on Jayna Davis & The Third Terrorist ?

Don't Understand It But Feel Like Kerry Is Getting his ass

GOP means

Did a faking freeper get through today?

Where do I find a list of the organizations hear of it?.....

Ike's Farewell Address: Why did *he* deliver the warning?

I work at ASU

FBI furious with Spy Probe Leak?


Do tonights speakers represent the GOP? A CNN Poll


Big White Ring on arena floor at Con-Con

Bush is Chinchillian! looks just like one of the cute little furry things

Giuliani goes after Kerry HARD in speech tonight

Anone else having problems with the forums?????

Gerry Spence represents Brandon Mayfield in Patriot Act case (Madrid)

Will there be a protest on thurday when * speaks?

OK. Saturday I watched "911 In Plane Sight". I have a question.

Kerry is doing fine, stop all this defeatest crap, right effing now!

I heard Hillary and several other Dems were going to have

Charles Krauthammer thinks the repukes are a centrist party

I missed something: Why is Randi Rhodes "black"?

WTDY/Madison will become "Madison's Progressive Talk" on Sept. 7

So, Will ABC pre-empt Monday Night Football For RNC?

Need Help from Dem Conv. "Tweety" watchers: What was his "line up"

How can anyone still be undecided at this point?

Pentagon spy scandal: Who's the contact at AIPAC?

Young want political news served with a side of irony (The Daily Show)

would sending a box of pretzels to bush....

Something "fishy" about the Islamists holding the French journalists?

rnc doing show tunes on c-span

Has MrScorpio been too hard lately on the poor wittle Repubbies?

Is anyone else listening to that shit Santorum on Fresh Air tonight?

Second Toy Found In Candy Appears To Depict Osama Bin Laden

Liberal talk to hit Madison, WI ?

Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ewwwwwww

Did Elizabeth Dole have a face lift?

George Bush is right. John Edwards is wrong.

Who Else Thinks the Look of the RNC, SUCKS?!?!

If you are watching the RNC Convention, why would you?

OH God...The RNC just started and I can't take it already.

Well you can tell it's the RNC... Candy Crowley has discovered Max Factor

God's Own Party - Is this true?

This war is not winnable.......GWB Today !

Tweety comes out of the closet

The Good News And The Bad News

This'll make you smile: from the trenches of Noo Yawk Sit-ay

Guestion. If commercials pay for broadcasting on regular TV, then

Where is the Diversity of the American people at the RNC?

Calling all DUers....need some advice...

Tell me what Republicans look like!

I still respect Lou Dobbs.

Who is this crap-rock band playing on the convention?

Shaking In Your Boots From RNC Convention Coverage?

What happened to not exploiting 911?

And these girls graduated from college ?

Al Franken Says "Shame" on Senator John McCain for Supporting Bush

So far at the Gop convention we should vote for shrub because...

Cal Cameron and *. A couple?

outfoxed being broadcast on wbai now for people in ny

GOP Convention Seems To be Starting Really Late

Jon Stewart and his writers are wetting their pants right about now

Is anybody else watching C-SPAN?

"Mission Accomplicated"

where is Mike Malloy??? will he be on tonite???

Rush Limbaugh was honored at a GOP event last night

Interesting interview with Namibian Presiden Nujoma.

Bob Woodward & Dole on Larry King right now...

ALERT! John Edwards on Nightline


I took my 21 tear old son back

So now we have an Iraqi pushing the war in Iraq at the RNC

Goerge W. Bush is a post turtle

OK, how do you think it sounds to soldiers that this war is unwinnable?

Okay, out of morbid curiosity...

Get a load of this...Another "clueless" rightie...

Bono will be on O'Reilly Wed. night

Who Do You Prefer: Randi Rhodes or Mike Malloy?

It Is Unfair to Compare George Bush to Adolf Hitler

I See Kerry People

Was anyone else creeped out by Ben Stein calling Bush the Messiah?

Air America to be aired in Madison, Wis starting next week

Clinton - republicans have become 'the people of the Nine Commandments

Somewhat simplistic question for World War II historians...

God help me! The guy I'm training with next week is a Rush Limbaugh fan.

For all those opposed to "Vote By Mail" why do Republicans support

Why do we have to have a "LIKEABLE" President?

When F911 comes out on DVD, will it also be shown on Dish/DirectTV?

Anybody on

Zogby: 50% of New Yorkers Say U.S. Govt Knew About 9/11 (I.E. In LIHOP)

Gullible moron, or critical thinker?

How many Vietnam vets do we have here or family members of a vet??

Edwards on Nightline????

Al-Jazeera finds better host in Republicans

Why is Mary Cheney not at the RNC!

Kris Kristofferson was great on McEnroe

McCain: "Disingenious film maker"....gets roar of approval

Zogby: Half of NYC Thinks 9/11 Was Inside Job

Trouble with Salon


Have any substancial Republicans come out for Kerry?

Whoa-Cheney's AEI & Republicans turning on each other & Bush

Activist judges vs. the people

Has the Democrats ever smeared a Veteran like Bush has?

Maybe the Moore line worked but i bet this po'd most of them


"Has Bush brought 911 on himself?"

Self-delete--never mind

reno 9/11 "bush is coming to town"

"... and slay the Arabs"

"the lack of accountable governments"

Malloy Time...Fresh Thread...!

$300 m redo Phili's "White House"-but no memorial for the slave quarters

If the Republicans are going to use Johnny Cash's name in vain.

Kristofferson on McEnroe!

can someone direct me to the Bush medals thread?

Government has plastered the area around RNC with surveillance cams.

Daryn Kagan, Rush Limbaugh, and the KID WHO FELL ASLEEP

Where were the protests during the Demo convention?

Protesters have invaded Hardball set!

Jon Stewart show up right now

Now they're exploiting poor dead Frankie.

when are the oil prices going up?

I boycotted MNF because of ABC shilling @ 1/2 time. Did they ?

"I have not seen Moore's film" - McCain

Thank God for the Daily Show!!

Repub caller on C-SPAN - I'm DISGUSTED by the Neocon Agenda!!

Hey, I heard someone say that Moore was ejected.

Hot Stock Pick! Don't miss it!

Can Guliuani could be swayed by MONEY$$$$$$$$?

Did Iraq have concentration camps under Saddam?

A Day in the Life of Howard Dean.....Oregon was today.

Is Kerry related to the Forbes Family, as in Forbes magazine?

Zell Haters - Check in

Gullani No Hero

Jesus!!!!! Can you believe that they have brought ole Frankie

McCain never saw F9/11!!!!!

Transcript: Dean calls Wolf a Republican....calls him on Abu Graib news.

Giuliani: Abducting The WTC Tragedy

International call from France against Bush:"Because we love America"

Bush* spokesman ' we lost 1million jobs in the 90 days after 911'

Woohooo... *something* I can listen to in Denver, that won't irritate me!

Mike Malloy thread

Dear Sweet Jeeezuz, shoot me...

Was there a bushism that I missed? "Catastrophic success?"

Did you see “History of the Bush Family” MSNBC?

what a phony!

Sign the petition to get Zell Miller out!!!

Deaniacs and DFA folks - Check in, please!


Confirmed: Moore left of his own accord.

Here is one more reason I hate the radical right....Hastert

Come on Sen. Collins. Let it out.


I'd like to ask you some questions

Udokier's thoughts on the RNC...

Pres. Bush has really acquitted himself wisely and with dignity since 9-11

I came across the Catholic Publication "Focus" today....

Apparently HE'S the one behind the purple band-aids tonight

Michael Ledeen is posting on a message board -- for researchers

Which World War is it, Anyway?

99% chance of attack on Iran

Pentagon spy = Tectonic Plate movement?

Dennis Miller is an ass

why isn't George P Bush (Jeb's son) in Iraq? If it is a war for our

O'Reilly Was Tricked Tonight !

Zogby: Half of NYC and 40% of NY believe Bush LIHOP!!!!!

Why Are Republicans Such Bloodthirsty Barbarians?

Al Franken Says "Shame" on Senator John McCain for supporting Bush.

Secret Service preventing NPR from interviewing Michael Moore

Rush & Daryn sittin' in a tree...

OMG! They are doing an SNL opening .

ben stein says that 'poor' is based on how much you pay for food

Illegal immigrants get social security ???

Garrison Keillor dissects the Republican Party (and it ain't pretty)

Why do Republicans hate peace??

Know an American living outside the U.S.?

RS: Rep. Ed Schrock (R) (co-sponsor DMA) resigns in gay phone sex scandal!


BBV: More dirt on Sequoia , Riverside Cnty , & Mischelle Townsend?

Y'all volunteered yet?

OK, so now the Pentagon gets to decide whether your vote will count

Just heard that shameless prick McCain on NPR...

I am an atheist who strongly believes in freedom of religion

Vermont kicks NCLB a**:

bushgang linked to Israeli right and the Saudis

FL, GA, SC and NC DUers - please keep an eye on Hurricane Frances

Feel The Love! Classic NYC Protest Photos

YES!!!**** EM2004 Emergency Paper Ballot Act

9/11 widows start Afghan aid program

Nader Petition Verification Slowed By Irregular Sheet Numbering

Jerry Brown backs truckers:

The Crate Escape

Family's effort lets soldiers call home

Two Afghan Blasts Kill at Least 15; Taliban Claims 1

Tight Presidential Race Still Developing In U.S.

Bush Puts Softer Face On Hard Right Agenda

Claim U.S. Administration Knew Of Equatorial Guinea Plot

Howard trust 'laughable': ex-spy (Green opponent)

Truckers Aim To Haul More Money Home

Reed Confirms Fees From Indian Casino Lobbyists

Attacks halt oil exports in southern Iraq

NYT: Cheney Daughter's Political Role Disappoints Some Gay Activists

Sex-starved chimp smokes and spits on visitors

McCain urges 'corrupt' FEC leaders to resign

China war games may be off: Taiwan

Sadr Aide Tells Iraq Militia to Cease Fire -- TV

Taliban-Claimed Blast Blow to Bush

GOP Sharpens Attacks As Convention Opens

Secret Service Subpoenas NYC Indymedia over Delegate Lists

Consultants Deliver Politics To Voters' Inboxes, at Price (political spam)

McCain: Kerry Fair Game for Questioning

Republican landowners spout off over drilling

Edwards Says Kerry Plans To Confront Iran On Weapons (WP)

Bush flip flops on global warming

Bush: 'War on terror cannot be won'

Florida paper rescinds GOP Senate nomination after personal attacks

Health care drives many veterans' votes

Bush Tempers Expectations on Terror War ('War cannot be won')

Drunken man drives home with decapitated friend

France sticks to headscarf law

Pakistani Man Arrested for Acid Attack

'We Were Supposed to Humiliate Them' (Der Spiegel Abu Ghraib Interview)

Bloomberg to Delegates: New York Is Back

Edwards Accuses Bush of Failed Leadership

Gas Price Up Near $1.88 a Gallon -Survey

Lawyer for terror suspect Motassadeq injured in crash

Libya honest about nuke programme-UN report

Thatcher family moves to America

Iraq Prison Abuse Hearing Resumes

Pak urges restraint after India test fires AGNI II missile

Tom Cruise meets French finance Minitser, invites him for ranch visit

ELECTION 2004: Miller picks fighting over switching

CBS 60 Minutes Exposed Cheney-Iran-Haliburton Scandal-READ!!!

Kerry Accused of Election Frauid-"Am I My Brother's Keeper?"

St. Petersburg times withdraws it's endorsement of Martinez (R)

Lawyers Prepared to Protect Voters' Rights During Fla. Primary

Court Bans Nader from PA Ballot

Twins Say Bush Owes Success to Their Mom

Oil Hits Lowest Prices Since July 26

WP:John McCain Comes in from Cold(downplays Kerry friendship; run in '08?)

Yury and his magic bikes

Bush on terror war: 'I don't think you can win it.'

Pollsters refuse to write off Australian PM despite lag in polls

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 30 August

Alleged Diploma Mill Used Churches to Recruit Pupils

Young and Impassioned March for Justice

GI Testifies Against Woman in Iraq Abuse

Bush defends Sharon from rare campaign-trail attack

Regional Home Price Drop Possible

Surveys show first lady outpolling Bush

DRUDGE: Dem Dascle Seeks Bush Boost; Ad Features 'Hug'

Unemployment rate key for Bush (CNN)

Kerry, Schwarzenegger, Pataki Will Be Featured in Pro-Life Ad Tomorrow

Surveys Show First Lady Outpolling Bush

Gay GOP leader warns of a cultural war within party

Immigrants' children ace sciences

US soldier killed, 2 wounded in roadside bomb attack

Convention uses 9/11 to define presidency

RNC - MD Governor Bob Ehrlich Blasts Democrats for Being "Racist"

U.S. July incomes grow at slowest pace in 2 years

Homeland Security whistleblower removed for exposing terrorist threats

Turkey wants to criminalise adultery

NYT: Novak has ties to anti Kerry book.

Voices from the march to nowhere

Kerry says expand Fannie, Freddie housing focus

Cipel won't file suit against McGreevey

Iraqi oil pipeline attacked

AIPAC's Overt and Covert Ops

French Hostage Seeks End to Head Scarf Ban

U.S. Marine Fired at in Saudi Arabia

Gay reporter kept from Hamm brothers

Number of wars is on the wane, researchers report

GOP Assails Kerry As Convention Begins

Some Delegates Find Unfriendly Welcome

Australia is at risk: ex-Bush aide

Poor, Homeless Rally Against Bush in New York

Miami Herald staff warned about political concerts

Tom Morello Rages Against Bush, Republicans

Cheney Tries to Stir Memories of Bush in Days After 9/11

Israel Says It Has No Need to Spy on U.S.

Former First Lady Keeps Bush Twins in Line

Negroponte Wants More Funds for Iraqi Security-WSJ

Long Stifled, Iraqis Make Most of Chance to Vent on Talk Radio

Some guardsmen returning home because of limit on active duty(2yr)

Left asked to speak to the Right... Fox News bars 'The Nation' ad

Generals May Pay a Price for Iraq Abuse

Rosario Dawson Arrested (while filming "This Revolution" at NY deomonstrat

Laura Bush: from reserved to a rising star

McCain attacks Michael Moore

Bush Lauds Economy in Battleground States ....??????(catastrophic success)

Former First Lady Keeps Bush Twins in Line

Edwards on Nightline tonight

Rep. Schrock resigns after 'gay phone sex call' surfaces on web

Independent voters sue Democrats, alleging conspiracy against Nader

2008 presidential hopefuls, including Hagel, already courting some delegat

(Seattle) It's OK - You Can Forget The Extra Stamp On Your Absentee Ballot

Michael Moore thrown out of convention by Secret Service

Bush, Kerry Locked in Dead Heat (Washinton Post)

Iraqi cleric al-Sadr calls ceasefire

Fla. paper withdraws endorsement of Republican Senate candidate

Second Toy Found In Candy Appears To Depict Osama Bin Laden

Stocks Dip on Consumer Income Report News

Protesters in New York planning to take on media giants

Giuliani says Kerry not up to job of commander in chief

Bush Seeks 'Compassionate' Label Again

Australia's opposition promises to bring troops home from Iraq

Columnist Has Ties to Anti-Kerry Book -NYT (Novak's son)

Census Now Limiting Arab Data-Sharing

USWA Says Bush MisLeads Voters by Citing Endorsement From Individuals of I

Voters upset by Iraq will stick with Bush to win war, Rove says

The World According to Bush (television program airing in Australia)

Reuters: Consumer Spending Rebounds Sharply

Protesters from poor people's group arrested near Republican convention

Runway damage noticed after Bush planes leave

Cheney to visit Oregon Friday

GOP 2004: Michael Moore Draws McCain Barb, Taunts from Crowd

F.B.I. Is Said to Brief Pentagon Bosses on Spy Case; Charges Are Possible

NYT: Cheney Daughter's Political Role Disappoints Some Gay Activists

WP: Trailing the Twins

Local artists, actors remember Iraqis, U.S. soldiers killed (NYC)

WP: Kerry Loses Edge on Issues of Security

Fla. Child-Protection Agency Chief (Jerry Regier) Quits (WOO HOO!!!)

Saboteurs halt Iraqi oil exports

Moby Predicts Big Apple Will Take A Bite Out Of Republicans

White House expands hunting, fishing lands

Area rally prompts complaint by Kerry

VA Repuke Congressman Schrock resigns!!!

Jewish man arrested over Arson at Paris jewish center

Billions of tax dollars from undocumented workers up for grabs

Democrats Decry Bush Comments on Terror

Germans see France as reliable partner, Britain least liked

Bush Suggests Terror War Cannot Be Won

Democratic strategists say Bush has made 'unmistakable' gains in August

Russian Armed Forces to obtain new unique rocket complex

Republicans say US ready to take on China, North Korea

Subpoena Seeks Records About Delegate Lists on Web

Former Atlanta mayor indicted on racketeering, wire fraud

Rev. Bubba uses Billy pulpit to bash Bush

Court Denies Request to Reopen La. Race

Christian Leaders Refute Religious Right's Claim that Bush is God's Candid

GOP to play Bush's likability card

Zogby: Half of New Yorkers Believe US Leaders Had Foreknowledge of 9/11

Nader off ballot in Pennsylvania, Missouri

GOP Woos Critical Voting Bloc: Catholics

Republicans to Open Convention with 9/11 Tribute

I need to get to a protest.

How was the creator created ?

Where the hell is John Kerry?

I ain't no goddamn son of a bitch!

Another LTTE of mine published!!!

As Promised The CStheT DU Protest shirt and Pics of the March

"Unorthodox maneuver "

GOP stands for "Get Out Pal"

Franken is NUTS

Okay, how do I post a picture?

Joey Pants is on The Al Franken Show!!!!!!!

Today's Quote

What Shall I Do While Waiting for the New Nick Cave/ Bad Seeds CD?

I'm going to bed, ask me anything

Came back from a week in Virginia Beach...ask me anything...

A secret call to Moscow from an undisclosed location

Interesting observation on news coverage tonight...

Poor poor Me, Gonna miss the convention coverage

Funny picture of Shrub

My letter to Joe Scarborough

can someone make my sig pic smaller please


Mama Mia...Cassiopeia

Thank you GREECE!!

Cat on a hot tin roof. Well, tonight we saved a kitty from falling off!

*Sarcastic* I just hit 1000! Ask me anything!!!!

I need some insight, will check back with you in the morning.

If the election were held today...

Anticapitalists, Marijuana Advocates Real Estate Barons?

Who will be the next to light the torch for the U.S.?

(Fill in the blank) is the one thing I COULD NOT live without...

boston gLobe - do they host LTTE's onLine?


Pickles and Pretzel are

Should I eat the rest of my brother's birthday ice cream cake

Now this was an interesting combination. . .

Happy Birthday Molly Ivans!

How I am feeling about politics and the world right now.

Happy Birthday, R.Crumb!!!

East Coast people simply MUST start staying up later

BikesagainstBush will write any message you want at the RNC in NYC

Sex-starved chimp smokes and spits on visitors

I LOVE Laura Flanders!

Log Cabin guy on Frankin

I've been on a 'net fast since Thursday. I miss anything?

And the first one tore a picture of a dead and hanging man

i hate you aLL

This picture creeps me out...

Funny Bush video

In the movie "Spartan," is the girl supposed to be a Bush daughter?

First there was nothing. Then there was God. Then He exploded.


I'm the subject of a thread on!

John Sperling, Metro vs. Retro, University of Phoenix, Copy Cat

Looking for a song heard on Mike Malloy - Dumb Dumb Dumb?

How the hell is LynneSin? Anyone know?

Today's Fact

Family room design - any suggestions?

Need some Advice! Swimsuit help...


CAPTION, no wonder the Dream Team lost.

New bumper stickers to go along with my Kerry sticker

I am so worried that I won't get through school.

Most incongruous thing in your town?

Listenin to Dylan's original all along the watchtower

Republican Convention Olympics

Why not take me as your god?

Master and Commander- Really Bad Movie

Who Sucks More?

ok I know its been a month but I found a good link for the DNC convention

Best Punk Band (Truth and Reconciliation edition)

Best punk band (geriatric edition)

I put my Kerry yard sign up yesterday!

Best Movie of the Summer?

I can't stop listening to K.D. Lang's Hallelujah


Small Study Finds Another Health Benefit In Chocolate


Oh no I missed it!!!

Star Trek fans say goodbye to 'Scotty' at Hollywood tribute

self delete

Sexually Frustrated Chimp Takes Up Smoking

Look at this dickhead.

Best Buckley?

Awww, it's not THAT hard to steer with rubber in all 4 gears...crybaby!

Your greatest off-the-field athetic accomplishment?

Oh. Barf. I'm editing a story about the election for my magazine

Rush planning on working on new studio material.

Anyone have a sphynx cat? Do they really look like this?

I have only myself to blame for this one:

Any marchers see the OBEY signs?

Best artist that Screaming Lord Byron really, really likes

I probably shouldn't complain about this, but....

Help me pick out a new pimp cup.

It is pouring outside

I now understand the saying, "At least it's a dry heat!"

The website I do Admin work at is closing. Ask me (sigh) anything

Caption the Ambiguously Gay Duo?

Where did the Big Bong come from?

Is this delegate a cross dresser?

Smoke if ya got 'em: Ronald Reagan in "This Is The Army"

Clinton is having a book signing near here today

When in Manhattan: Go to Rocky Sullivan's!!!!!!!!!!!

New Kitten/Old Dog Advice

Disgusting Rush Limbaugh rumor- Spread it, Mock it, Gag over it!

I don't care what anyone says, Woody Allen is a genius!

One of the cars died what do we do

Portland Wordstock Festival looking more and more like a reality!

a great humorous site, check it out

Just great! Fundy jerk gets fined.

CNN ticker: Kerry to spend week in MASSASSACHUSETTS!

Burlington, NC - anything to do?

One of the CATS OMG not cars

Music download question

Max Cleland Stole my table and there was a yellowjacket in my greens

Will Franken mix it up with any Pubes during the Convention?

Does anyone still use ICQ?

Best Punk Band (Hardcore Edition)

A big Texan cowboy stopped at a local restaurant ...

I'm gonna be a happy idiot and struggle for the legal tender

Observation: My ten minutes of insanity "break"

Two Florida alligators were sitting at the side of the swamp...

Is parenthood a great cosmic joke or what?

Very nice of him to be so concerned with their safety

Ronald Reagan Home for the Criminally Insane

There was this new bar in town...

Looking for unflattering bush photos.

Where would you prefer to be incarcerated?

do you make a "courtesy fLush"?

Out of these bands, which one would you consider Goth?

What does "catastrophic success" mean?

Spent the weekend in Bush country- Kennebunkport, ME (PICS)


Out of these authors, which one would you consider Phillip Roth?

best punk band

sniffa's pat himseLf on the back thread

"ARK II" Am I the only one who remembers this one?

GOP Convention Drinking Game

I watched Elvira Mistress of the Dark last night! I love this movie!

I rooted against my country yesterday. Dang, it felt good!

Hey GAYS! Now you too can be "normal"!

Frustrated chimp takes up smoking

*dupe* please delete

Thank you to EVERYONE who made this past weekend a success

Was it the full moon?

Is there any way this can be turned into an avatar?

bush* puts final touches on 2004 campaign agenda... new 'toon

Indian Larry is dead.

A question about homosexulaity, show tunes and republicans?

Need advice about internet nose blowing

8000 (with a tip o' the plagiarism cap to eyesroll)

Whats the closest you have ever been to Chimpy or Uncle Dick??

New Bjork CD "Medulla" Released Tomorrow!

"Proudly Holding the Hand That Holds Us Down"

BARE on Broadway

Cat people... any ideas?

Are their any ways to buy actual mp3s online?

Coffins at RNC: pallbearer report

The Crate Escape

Can Kerry get away with calling Bush "Emperor Bunnypants?" Just askin.'

Drunken man drives home with decapitated friend

Stay Strong this week my DU friends!

I brought some beer back from Colorado.

I hate my brain

Man-boobs: funny or not?

Am I Evil?

I'd Like COLLEGE DUers to write about their DORM Move-Ins! Check-In,Please

jpgray throws like a girl.

Randi Rhodes and Pat Buchanan going at it on AAR

Giant catfish claims latest victim - a dog

Frustrated Chimp Takes Up Smoking

Confess! What's your favorite song about rodent sex?

I slept through the first half of 6 Feet Under tonight. Can someone give

Need advice about internet banking

I Passed My First Oracle Cert Exam!!!!

Where do babies come from?

DU this poll

When you buy a house, do you get all new locks?

Wearing pajama's to the store, is this a new fashion craze?

I hate my brian

Ask me anything and I will reply as though I'm this dumbass author

Best Wesley Willis song?

Questions about Wheat grass. Is it worth it?

Is it sexist to go check out man-boobs at a protest?

Drop Over to Truthout and WATCH Will Pitts' fantastic video blurbs!

Just got back from a fundy's house...used to be a close friend.

Happy 207th Birthday Mary Shelley!!!

Dangit! Almost melted my tea kettle!

Do you HATE IT when people DON'T copy your threads?

Do You HATE IT When Peeps Copy Your Threads?

do you hate it when people copy your heads?

Do You HATE IT When People Admire Your Threads? [THE *OFFICIAL* THREAD]

Update on my cat

Do You HATE IT When People Copy Your Breads?

Anyone ever have Zyr vodka?

Do you LOVE it when people copy your threads

Do You HAIG IT When People Copy Your Threads?[THE *OFFICIAL* THREAD]

Do you HATE IT when people moppy your floors?

Some waterfall photos

I would give anything to be in New York.

Do you HATE it when people copy your meds

Do you hate it when people copy your work?

Why do people say "cheerio"?


Do You Hate It When People Copy Your Threads? The *Obnoxious* Thread!





Do you hate it when people ignore your threads.

Were the Kerry sisters booed at the MTV Music Awards?

Poll question: Do you hate it when people ignore your breads.

Do You HATE IT When People Copy Your Threads? [THE *OFFICIOUS* THREAD]

This is a copycat thread!

A poll we must doggedly DU...

I dunno about you but I like copycat threads

What Was The Name Of Your Dorm's R.A.?

Something's Fishy...

Well, I pissed off a repuke today - the decrepit one deserved no less.

1,000 points of hope Rally

Where did the little bang come from?

Caption This!

unexpected stars: armed robbery foiled while porn crew's cameras roll

Dave Matthews Band Offers DNA to Police for Testing

Some Protest and Rally Pics (from Liontamer and Lioness)

For those of you bashing Laura Branigan--chew on this!

Domain Name Lapses - Fans Looking For Football Scores Fine PORN

Please Stop All Of These Pointed Heads!

Can someone interpret my weird dream ?

Which method of execution would you prefer, if you HAD to choose?

Disgruntled Bible School Student, 9, Tries To Burn Down Church

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

The Kick-butt Hoppy Beer thread

Rush is on the market. (Rumor picked up at Eschaton)

Where the Republicans roam...

Great comic from the Gainesville Sun

Will Pitt looks like Wolf Blitzer!

Please Stop All These Pointless Threads.


What does it mean when you dream about your teeth falling out?

Should I eat dinner...'s a picture just for you....

Which Bush Twin will be in Playboy First?

anybody heard from Jack Straw lately?


Who Should I Do My Autobiography/Biography Essay On?

a republican is sitting in a local hotel bar when

It's a Simpsons clip show!

Would someone rub my feet?

Randi: Light up the sky!

How many miles per gallon does your car get?

How many miles per gallon does your cat get?


So, George Bush Is Riding Down The Highway In His Limo

I just ripped someone off selling them $800 Eyeglasses... Ask me anything.

Campus Dining Hall food...

1960's Stereo Music Was Cool

Staying sane during RNC Week: A Guide

did george bush actually win a varsity letter in cheerleading?

I got a new bike today!

Woo Hoo I just pissed off a RW whiney snot

Attn: R.E.M. overrun with conservative asshats

Matte or glossy, how do you like your photos?

Gouge my abrasiveness.

I got my K/E pins today, Woo Hoo

boy-howdy! them frist's is reel smart..

Amusing course evaluation I received today (from RW student)

Man Booked For DUI, Decapitation

How would you say "whipped" in Spanish?

What the heck is Serena wearing???

Bo Derek believes in civil unions for gays......

Campus dining hall food

What's Your Favorite Whoopi Goldberg Character / Movie? no news usually good news?

A friend of mine is starting a business: Calling it "The Hungry Neck."

*Brain Spasm* Low-Carb Milk?

I Can't Stop Whistling the Cable News Political Theme Songs!!!

Any NYC DUers around tonight? We're going for a beer around 9pm

The Lounge is the Syd of DU

Herve Villechaize as King Fausto in "Forbidden Zone" on DVD tomorrow

Gauge my abrasiveness.

Invader Zim is now available on DVD!!!

GHWB's intro is the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life

strange question...does anyone know a site where i could watch the RNC

How much sugar do you think that that evilDUer HypnoToad eats per day?

I Thank God For Cable News Networks

Is this an RNC Convention-free zone?

OK, here's the problem with DVD: "Universal Soldier" is coming out

The Daily Show: RNC 2004 Coverage

Best anti-ad-ware free? What should I get?

Bye bye Big Boy....


Bill Maher shouldn't be on HBO.....

I was going crazy without DU.

Bono To Appear on FOX's O'Reilly Factor

Any grease monkey's in the house.

This is my post 6000. Ask me about the stumps on my hands I call fingers.

DUers chatting online?

I was going crazy without DU.

When is Skinner going to update the DU Gallery ?

best cable modem?

OK. Who's got the GOOD stuff??

be reassured: the government doesn't care what you read.


As you watch the RNC tonight, remember one word:

I just spent $600 on eyeglasses with $200 more to go, ask me anything!

The cheesy albums you love anyway

is it a coincidence that all the RNC's commentator people have been

XM Radio on your PC? Nope.

beloved dog flopped over at opening of RNC

Can anyone help me change my Athlon XP 2600 FSB?

Two Pics from the DU Gathering on Saturday

DU RNC convention watchers thread

daryl warrley?? what the fuck?

Humor guys will get.


Another day...

john McCain pretending to like Bush, this should be good.

Things you are doing other than watching the RNC?

Cure for cancer only weeks away: Experts

Dig at Fox News in HBO's "Live from Baghdad"


Got my MoveOn KerryKit package today.


I'm Computer Challenged

I need some help with a diet/fitness issue:

my GOD, it's Lawrence Welk meets Top Gun!


I refuse to watch the RNC...

Why is Moonbeam_Starlight so cinematically illiterate?

@#$% it! I want my Mike Malloy!

White People Convention

McCain totally just called out Moore. moore's smiling and waving...

Fans Hope Suns Can Rise Again on 'Star Trek'

We went over Calvin and Hobbsinism in American Lack of

"Uniter Not A Divider" Bush To Declare Himself "Lover Not A Fighter"

Now from the Journalism class

Bush's "Rebounding" Economy Just Got My Neighbor Evicted

Screaming Lord Byron is the Imp of DU.

What is the worst forum you've ever been on?

Watching RNC on CSpan..... Noodlerage growing......

republicans dancing in cowboy hats.

I just looked at my fingernail

Which movie should I watch? (poll)

What's On Your Phone Bill?

RNC or Rachel Ray????

Monday RNC Sing-Along, In honor of Mayor Rudolph Guiliani...

33 classic new NYC Protest pics being posted here in GD:

today was my birthday and I spent it alone...

Favourite song that rips off 'Gloria' by Laura Branigan?

what is it about rudy guiliani that makes people cream their pants??

What's Italy Like? Can I Emmigrate There?

I just got hit on by 2 women and i did nothing! (what's wrong with me?)

I really can't stay....

So, I wonder what the Freepers think of all of this?

Would you ride in a car that had a Bush/Cheney for Pres sticker?

I wish Old Navy was a person

Did everyones signatures just disappear, or just mine?

Ol' Blue Eyes Back From the Dead for the GOP!


How Best To Feed a Malnourished Cat?

I hate small cars with loud mufflers.

Caption This!

Dream Theater's Jordan Rudess: new CD with guests Satriani, Morse

How is Canada different from the US?

Do you watch the special features on DVDs?

Make a little birdhouse in your soul!

We went over Calvinism today in my American Thought class

There are only two types of people....

Would you invite this peson to a party?

Why I will most likely leave DU after the election

A song for George Bush. Read this and tell me what you think.

Microsoft Security Program Manager reveals he uses *Firefox*

When did you realize you were getting old?

(Computer Buffs) Microsoft - Longhorn

The Lounge is the Id of DU

Captain Zapp Branigan is dead...

Cat jumped on my face and hung there like a scene from Cliffhanger

Who's up for Rocky O'Sullivan's again?



Holy Crap! Howard Dean does the monday night football intro

Name a great film you have never seen, ala John McCain

Anyone care to caption Rudy... take your pick

DU AIM Chat tonight...

Do you have a life?

ol Mac fans, Apple Expo will be starting in a few hours

I had a strange and funny dream about the RNC.

Bush Suggests War on Terror Cannot Be Won

Squeech comes alive, Sept. 18, Watertown MA

Is anyone a Hitchcock fan?

Any copyright lawyers here?

The Zomby is the Idiot of DU

Where did the Big Bang come from?

William Kennedy Smith?

Anyone else notice how the longer you are on DU, the more likely

A Slide-Show of the Protests - more pics to come



PRESIDENT'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YOM KIPPUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

USA vs Canada tomorrow night!

Anyone else going to buy 'The Passion' on DVD?



Speakers making morse code sounds. Anyone else have it happen?

Let's hear it for Dusty Springfield.


FYI: Soy Milk is BEAN JUICE...

Know an American living outside the U.S.?


Where the hell is matcom?

This day in history 08/30

Today's Thought

Calling all DUers....need some advice...

Rate your relationship with your family.

Laura Branigan

woah Final Fantasy 7 reminded me of 9/11

Yikes! Giant pussies!

Ok--musicals....I'm also working on musicals


Finally saw "Lost in Translation"

I bought my first vibrator...




Things you'd rather do than watch the Repuke Convention in list form

Gulianni: Bush first Prez to allow stem cell research

the thousand caskets....what group got that together......there were

Want to make DeLay's head explode my fellow Midwesterners?

what's the rebuttal for kerry's legislative record..

Does the Kerry campaign have a strategy to deal with the smearvets?

Kerry has a plan. He has to.

How do we get the Dems from focusing on the undecideds?

I'm watching this show on MSNBC about Bush, and he just said...

MSNBC is probably the best bet for late nite convention coverage, IMO

Starting This Weekened, It's Showtime for the Kerry Campaign

It all looks ABB to me. We are going to need Pro-Kerry votes too

"Somewhere in Texas, a village is missing it's idiot."

Thanks to all the protestors

Bush: Doesn't Think Terror War Can Be Won. Flippidy Floppity Flap

I think we need to get people to see "Bush's Brain"!

there MUST be unbiased, credible exit polling . . .

Both Bill & Hillary Clinton Attack Bush-GOP Sunday

bush's leadership after 9-11 is the platform? WHAT fucking leadership?

Peaceful or Not, Bush Gang Will Spin Convention Protests Their Way

Imus: dumbya and Daley

Where to find a good collection of NYC Protest photos?

Washington Post reports ONLY 200,000 people in NY protests.

There's gotta be a tried/true method for caluculating crowds. I have never

Local TV reports that Repubs picked NYC "Well before 9/11"

McCain Disses Kerry;"grown weary" of Kerry; "really likes" Bush

LOL--GOP convention performer, McClurkin is "is ex-gay and proud."

Bush's 1972 haircut

Gallup has more whacky numbers

ok another stupid comment by a repug about kerry... why did he lie about..

Donna Brazille has some advice for the campaign

America can't survive 4 more yrs. of bush, no way, no how

MSNBC just said over 400K at protest...

'those dirty protestors used foul language', so does big dick cheney

Nader criticizes gambling on first campaign stop in Nevada

Bush: policies "aimed at empowering people to make their own decisions"

Tricky Dicky (cheney) MEME for the day!

New Florida poll Bush, Kerry at 46% each

Repub operatives and spin doctors could turn the tables on demonstrators.

I'm Watching The Party For Barbara And Jenna Bush And Nobody Can Dance

RNC's first day theme? What else?....9/11!

John Edwards' great response...

The real reason John McCain is palling up to Bush.

Bush is YELLING AT and lecturing Matt Laurer on the Middle East on TODAY

Absentee ballots seem to be the only alternative in many areas

On "Unfiltered" at 8:50 a.m.: Why isn't Kerry vacationing in Crawford

Bush* and his medals.

Empty Rhetoric

Day One - Lie Marathon Begins at RNC

What messages were successfully communicated in protest today?

MSNBC - police report it may have been more than 400,000 protesters.

Favorite anti-bush (non-Kerry/Edwards campaign) TV ads

I met a "Kid for Kerry" yesterday( and registered people to vote)

Rebuttal on Bush and His Ribbons

To those manning the barricades in NYC this week

C-Span video of the protests is now available online

Anti-Bush Tunes???

"The President's vision for the next four years"

9/11 Memorial Second Line Parade and voter outreach-NEW ORLEANS

Are we all wrong? Is this really heaven?

When in Rome, do as the Romans do...

Did NASA violoate Hatch Act for Tom DeLay reception?

Do you know what voting machine YOU will be using? I say we blast the

Democrats Should Play Their Own WTC Ad

Suggested LTTEs: 'pining for * breaking off the tie after the RNC!'

Ooo...that moving flag backdrop is making me wooozy....

What's the difference between "strong" and "scary"?

Bush on Bush? "those who use terror as a tool are less acceptable"

i want to write a letter to the editor i need some points

Note to Kerry. Tell Media that he is running against Bush, not McCain

Using Boy Scouts as political pawns

For God's sake why aren't we attacking * on national security?

GOP has dol-fun (RNC has Flipper costumers out)

HOLY CRAP! The showtunes are supposed to attract whom?

Bush's little Scottie humiliates self...

It's official: "all-out victory against terrorism may not be possible"

MSNBC Reports NY Protest Demo largest in history for Party Convention!

Media beware:

Does John Ashcroft feel shunned that he can't sing at GOP Concoction?

Gay Republicans say they are unlikely to back Bush, GOP platform

McCain on GMA: "527 money is dirty money"

Excellent photos and coverage of the protests on NYC Indymedia.

Haley Barbor on FAUX: "Arn-nold is bringing CA back into the fold".

Quiz: Rep or Dem- Can You Tell At A Glance?

Maybe Rove Was Right About McCain Being Brainwashed

Bloomberg - Doing the dirty work?

Do NOT DU this poll - National Turn off the TV week

Beware of False Prophets and Fake Christians

"A roaring river of demonstrators," estimate 500,000 (Int. Tribune)

I didn't watch TDS during the DNC...but

McCaiin supports ought to fee betrayed. How could anyone support

Why is Kerry "laying low" this week?

Damnable Lies!

I told you! Violent NYC protests played right into Rove's hands!

HELP! Regarding GOP sending out unsolicited absentee ballots in Maine

Bush says we cannot win War on Terror.

can Carville get involved with the Kerry Campaign?

Report: Government Keeping More Secrets

A discussion of Gallup's use of "likely voters". Pseudo-science?

Bush Twins' Party, a Bust

Bad Reporter - Embedded at the Republican Convention - LOL

Speaker Hastert implies Soros takes money from Drug Cartels!

Edwards Says Kerry Plans to Confront Iran on Weapons

Strategist (Rove) focuses on president's devotees

Info needed--Details of Bush's cuts to V.A.

Please call the Texas State Bar Right Now

McCauliffe: "shocked" that dumbya says we can't win the war on terror.

Ron Silver, speaking tonite at RNC, has donated exclusively to Dems

Appropriate Bush-Cheney ad for Reagan Democrats

Tens of Thousands?

Listening to Tim Russert on the "today show" put me in a

Another shocker!! From dumbya's Secretary of Veteran's Affairs.

Protests may hurt us...

Variety: Biggest protest in convention history ignored by CNN/Fox

An email on the right to vote from my good friend and fellow democrat....

Bush Legislative Tally, Best Since Johnson's, Hurts in Polls

Have the Repugs posted their platform?

LOL! They found a Hispanic at the RNC (just asked him to describe *

reporting from Sunday's BIG Kerry rallies in Northern Virginia.....

Counts at demonstrations--I need to vent

another anti-bush protest in NYC

Census at the redneck church

LOL Bill Clinton's book tour hits 3 "battleground states" this week. . .

Kelley's Book "5 major revelations" & S.Baldwin for "guy led by God"

George Bush, An Historic Leader...They are Correct

Is the NY DAILY NEWS implying that Daryn Kagan (CNN) is dating Rush?

Hillary or Theresa? Who will Repugs hate more?

Gen. McPeak bashes dumbya on recent Najaf situation.

Mt. Rushmore

crashcart cheney arriving at the RNC? cspan just showed a whole line

Here's my LTTE: Comments & corrections appreciated.

Need help convincing an Independent


So, any signs of a St. Reagan lovefest at the Convention?

Rate these Stories!

The misleading "Kerry Daughters Booed at VMA's" is BS

There will be a post convention Bush polling bump. Question is how high?

Democray Now! on Direct TV

Welcome Back Willie or Karl Rove's Tribute to Lee Atwater

Republicans pushing for Absentee ballots in Wisc. - WHy?

Rasmussen Tracking Bush 47 Kerry 46 (yesterday Bush up by three)

Dubya's statement about "can't win the war on terror" is a trap.....

Here's some of what I gleaned from the RNC

Bush: "I can understand why Senator Kerry is upset with us." Us?

* on my answering machine??!!

see how they tried to rig the Native American vote

Is the Kerry campaign just biding it's time, waiting to unleash a barrage

UNBELIEVABLE!!! Guess the song greeting the delegates

Schedule of convention events...and the associated protests

What states will the repukes try to steal with electronic voting ?

Taking bets that by Friday Imus is supporting Bush

Ruy Teixiera : smear boat 'an almost unmitigated fiasco'

bu$hit's *Residency by the --Numbers-- : Talking Points 4 U

Are McCain or Giuliani particularly exciting speakers?

Best site for helping GOP leaning indies go issue by issue?

Anyone who went have pictures of the NY protest?

Face to Face Politics

Seasoned protester "struck by the participants' maturity and seriousness"

Kerry needs to hammer Bush over this "Catastrophic success"

Kerry, Bush daughters booed on MTV

Matt Lauer: Bush has a deep understanding of the issues

My message from Zell Miller asking me to vote for Bush!

"Surveys Show First Lady Outpolling Bush"

"Bush Seeks 'Compassionate' Label Again"

Safer???? then why does bush have so much security and invitation only

The only real question is.......

Where the hell is John Kerry?

"Chumps", "Chicken Littles", "Armchair Strategists", and "Hand Wringers"?

ABC News Now: New 24/7 news channel goes live with full RNC coverage

CBS 60 Minutes Exposed Cheney-Iran-Haliburton Scandal-READ!!!

CNBC Poll too stupid to DU, but email comments for airtime!

Liberal Film Festival Fundraiser!!!

Anybody seen the MediaMatters letter to CNN asking for equal treatment

See if you agree with this strategy to win !

Could we please stop demoralizing potential campaign volunteers?

I'm not watching cable for a couple of days for obvious reasons but

Post your favorite sign or saying from yesterday's march.

So are the issues of a Leak in the Pentagon and

Log Cabin Republicans launched anti "right wing" ad today

Joh McCain....

Did anyone watch CNN's "The Mission of George W. Bush" last night?

Bush's Leadership Style: Decisive or Simplistic?

Vanessa Kerry's comments on getting boo'ed--she is a fighter!

Some Flamboyant Englishman On CNN Said Rock Stars Can Hurt Their

Leadership is the RNC buzz word. What makes a good one?

Video of arrests from yesterday

Nixon hid drinking:Bush also hiding it now?

Daryn and Rush: I'm sure this is gonna get moved to the Lounge...

I had an interesting visit with another Kerry supporter today who

phone calls to go and vote

Attack Bush on National Security

Bush: incurious, impatient, prickley and cranky

Why are DUers so obsessed by John McCain?????

Kerry Accused of Election Frauid-"Am I My Brother's Keeper?"

Are Republican Delegates in Violation of the UCMJ?

Free Speech TV is doing great counter RNC convention programming!

Biggest right wing media stooge for Bush/GOP?

Anyone going to call Republican women "piewagons" today?

My Open Letter to the Kerry/Edwards Campaign

CNN International showing lots of frustrated RNC delegates (quotes)

Please Tune In On "A Nation of CoUraGE" today

Gulliani will compare Bush to Winston Churchill....

DU this Poll please!

The GOP's pretending to be moderate again. Will it work?

Strategist focuses on president's devotees

Attention FEC Bush admits to being behind SBVL ads

USA Today reports that 810,000 New Yorkers are leaving town over the RNC.

If * is so darned good at the "war on terror,"

NY DU'ers, are you surprised Ed Koch sold out?

So the Akron Beacon Journal posts this front page picture

Bush record not strong, but will state he "performed as well as possible"

bush Freudian slip; admits he's behind SB Liars

More on the dragon fire incident: Who is Black Box???....

I am getting nervous about the Election. Will you re-assure me that people

Former Texas Lt. Gov. Ben Barnes: "I'm very ashamed"

As Rove orchestrated the SwiftBoater's, does he do DUers?

Here's why Kerry doesn't have a bigger lead right now:

Poll result posters: Do us all a favor.

What will the Chicken Little posters say after Kerry is inauguarated?

Dear Goddess, Alan Keyes is such a putz...

Kerry Press Release: BUSH: Miscalculator-in-Chief on Health Care

If repetition worked for Bush to paint Kerry as a flip flopper

Interview With Republican Delegate On All Things Considered

Kerry online vs. Bush online

Recorded call from Shrubby motivates me to

Zogby, Kerry opens up solid lead in Iowa (7pts)

Ben Stein: asshat x 10E100

Update on espionage in Pentagon.....

Help Kerry in swing states from your computer liberal echo chamber project

Delegates everywhere. Can't hold my tongue

3 reasons why Kerry having an Iran plan is a good thing.

Ed Koch....speaking "Now" at the RNC...

"Bow Tie Boy" Carlson calls * a Coward on 9-11

* An empty suit inhabited by an empty man. A waste of hatred?

GOP Snarky Remarks About Protestors

Help make our best case for Kerry: Issue #1 National Security & Military

I just realized the reason Kerry is going to win in November

Democrats' Mantra should be: WHERE'S OSAMA????

Dick Morris on NPR Sat

Columbus Dispatch Poll: Kerry gains ground in Ohio

Read this great Kinsey op-ed...

It's started.....Edwards goes after Bush on winning war on terror


God it feels great to be TV and radio free (except for music)

500+ Arrestees Denied Food, Water, Medicines, Lawyers

Here's another potential media double-standard.

i wish the democrats could play this commercial all day weds & thurs

Bush Flip Flops in a month on winning War on Terror-Sing Flipper

Florida Poll finds Bush favored on war on terrorism and Iraq.

Bush Flip Flop Flub

The Tide

NPR this AM

Beware of Bush he's just begun

state by state absentee voter information site

What qualifies Tommy Thompson to judge stem cell research?

Isn't it interesting that the left leaning Pubs will not be on reg. Prime

Bush is related to ex Mayor Koch?

John McCain will never be secertary of defense under Bush.

Has anyone else heard about the special confetti at the

Has anyone seen the podiums at the RNC?

Bush cries "Uncle" to Osama today. What a wuss.

From May: What Happened to the “Winning the War on Terror” Tour?

Nader off Pennsylvania Ballot

A helpful guide to Election 2004

Say it Ain't So Lynn!


Poor stupid Scottie

Carville's Complaint

Missouri Military Absentee Ballots

For all Of the MCCain Lovers


The Right Wing Press is going to give Bush the bounce in the polls

Nethercutt tells GOP delegates U.S. is winning war on terror

Zogby Poll: Undecided Voters Favor Bush Over Kerry by 25 Points

great line from Begala

"Eggies": Humanizing Karl Rove

Winning The War On Terror Without Losing The Values Of Freedom And Justice

John Kerry: Fighting (and Winning) a Comprehensive War on Terrorism

Sunday's Rally Local News

Voter Switches To GOP Cause $800 Pay Cut Left Her Family Better Off....

correct me if I am wrong...but

In Speech, Bush to Stress 'Ownership'

Kitty Kelley's book will be sweet justice

Local Tulsa CBS news just said both senate candidates support FMA.

Impressions of a protest

CBS News reports that the Bush campaign has whittled the # of battleground

Anti Bush bike activist arrested in NYC during interview

How many of you will watch Bush's Acceptance Speech on Thursday night?

my mother just called to say Bush has a 12 point lead???

RNC: Let The Shame Begin!

Estrich Claims Kerry Wanted to Hammer Smear Immediately. Advised Not To.

# of Protesters near 500,000. -- todays NYT front page.

Stress and the upcoming election: How to avoid heart attack

Florida Senate race: Castor 48%, Deutsch 24%

Rooftop Activists! CBS

What percentage of this crowd would be counted as 'likely voters'

Is it customary to not campaign during the opposition's convention?

Do you think Kerry has something up his sleave?

John Kerry Should NOT "DUMB HIMSELF DOWN" For The Voters!

Bush pulling away while Kerry rests in Nantucket

Good survey from NPR (via donkey rising); Kerry 50, Bush 45

New ABC Poll -It Can't Get Any Closer...

Cheney looked like he was seriously winded this morning.

Bush Is Too Nuanced! He Says "We Can't Win War On Terror".

EXCLUSIVE: Advance copy of Rudy Giuliani to RNC

Got this today from a friend in Columbus, OH

This phrase has been repeated over and over regarding the Republican

WHOA! Wolfe leads off with Bush's "can't win it" comment!

Dan Rather: Protest not as big as they thought it would be

I predict that with the polls this close so late in the game

Bette Midler on with Randi Rhodes right now

Randi is giving Pat Buchanan hell about supporting the Swift Boaters

David Dreier Drunk on Crossfire??

I have an idea

Wasn't John Kerry criticized for campaigning during the DNC?

Fear. Uncertainty. Doubt.

You Know, I SAID I was Going To Watch This But I Find I Cannot

I apologize to anyone I may have offended with my comments on Edwards...

GOP Denies Charge - Area rally prompts complaint by Kerry

How Many Deaths Will It Take...

New ElectoralVote Count (DC'S POlitical report)

Big White Ring on arena floor at Con-Con

Exclusive: Advance copy of John McCain speech to RNC

Kerry is doing fine, stop all this defeatest crap, right effing now!

Kerry was given two gifts today "Catastrophic success""We cant win"

ben stein is clueless

Do tonights speakers represent the GOP? A CNN Poll


A fearless poll prediction

Please!-someone with access and influence-please convince the more polls .... It all comes down to the e-vote factor


Carville and Greenberg say SBL ads have "had an impact on the race"

Just so I can point this out later......

So many negative posts

Bush's DWI is fair game

New Zogby online poll

This girl singing the national anthem....

Will Frances Knock Dimson Off The Radar Friday?

Don't Understand It But Feel Like Kerry Is Getting his ass

Kerry wants to "Reclaim our country from the Churchgoers".

Die (un)Official GOP Conventionen Thread

"Lil aWol" salutes NYC flyer/sticker image to steal!

John Belushi must be spinning like a top!!!! RNC spoof of SNL.

Tuesday: John Edwards in West Virginia, Elizabeth Edwards in Nevada

War is the Rep. theme but its failed prosecution due to "going it alone"

Showtunes are about as gay as this shindig's going to get

Now it's generally accepted #'s were 500k, not 100, how many corrections

Dan Bartlett, damn, he's a good liar.

"A commander in chief who is a beacon, not a weather vane"

Cincinnati, Ohio volunteers contact me

NBC Pays Gov’t $33.9 Billion For Election Broadcast Rights

Kerry needs to tell the truth about these Repubs...

James Taranto (WSJ) says SBVT ad "more compelling" than Kerry's chart


"Times they are achanging" Coleman enlists Bob Dylan

OMG, I dont believe this "Live from New York!..."

Who Else Thinks the Look of the RNC, SUCKS?!?!

OK, what the hell is up with that elephant

my john mccain RNC convention fantasy...

Anyone have links to Kerry flyers I can download and print?

Dan Bartlett equates calling * a liar with SBL.

Outrageous Ed Koch!!

2004 GOP platform

Giuliani goes after Kerry HARD in speech tonight

The "R" in RNC Stands for...

Freepers Are Freaking Over "Biased" Convention Reporting...

"Deh War on Terra is nevah endin!"

Does anyone have a link to historical presidential polling data?

Is the RNC off to a "catastrophic success"?

Why did we let them start calling Bush "Dubya"? He should be "Junior".

RNC - Songs from West Side Story? Kinda Ironic.

Has anyone else noticed the disproportionate number of African-Americans

Well you can tell it's the RNC... Candy Crowley has discovered Max Factor

Based on what you've seen so far, voters will rate the Repug convention:

Hell HAS officially frozen over!

Paula Zahn is a loser

Repukes go crazy during Broadway's, Lion King, when the Elephant appeared!

Is Michael Moore going to be In The House in NY?

Who is this crap-rock band playing on the convention?

How fitting they play a song from "1984" (Van Halen)

Welfare - I 'd like for Kerry to say he agrees with Bill Clinton,

Giuliani is...

Give me a break!!!

Picture this.


Heather Wilson on now, god do I wish Howard Stern had a plant in the

Should We Go to the RNC Convention?

This "tribute to the troops" has to be the most cynical display ever

Thank GOD for the Repuglicanoid Concoction


Sieg Heil Her Silver

Did anyone out there know in advance that Howard Dean

I am going to be so happy when Kerry kicks Bush's ass....

What I want from the RNC....slot fight!!!!

Ron Silver Is Speaking, Republicans Sure Love "Hollywood Liberals"!

Where is the Diversity of the American people at the RNC?

"Slobby Michael Moore" Bush Senior

Monday Night Preseason Football Never Looked So Good....

The RNC is nothing but HATERS, this Ron Silver (actor?) is a crybaby

I just love the boston globes front page internet...picture of the

OH God...The RNC just started and I can't take it already.

why is it bad that Kerry is windsurfing ?

An open invitation to drink and eat on Alan Keyes' dime...

Fun with letters thread

Allow me to laugh at those who said Bush wouldn't get nominated

Kerry can wait until tomorrow to bring up "We can't win war on terror"

Should the Democrats Have Attacked Bush More During the DNC?

Is Fox giving more coverage to the RNC?

will FOX remove its news ticker for bush's speech?

RNC thread (Admit it, you're watching and gagging too!)

is the convention showing some dude talking to a roomful of ppl right now?

ABC/Wash Post Poll: Kerry 48%, Bush 48%. ABC spins for Bush.

During A Time Of War, What Kind Of Leader Would Say...

Convention rapid response retorts:VAcut:cops refuse Guiliani:"they own us"

Dammit - fucking asshole up there lying about the Patriot Act

Nader off the the ballot in Pennsylvania


Rudy will hit the stage just as ABC does it's football halftime

Bush is getting ready to do a Jimmy Swaggert forgiveness speech

The video tribute to Gerald Ford looked like it had been put together

Who is this idiot pimping the Patriot Act? (at the RNC)

Remember during the Dem convention, they tried to ...

Champange unit? any info on this?

"Chain of Fools" blaring as the Repugs are walking into MSG

Anyone watching the Nazi propaganda reel? (aka the 'thug convention)

Has Bush accepted official dates to debate Kerry?

You're Being Influence By The Psychological Warfare Going On

Is Matt Lauer going to cover for George W Bush and his surrogates ?

thus far we win on the visuals

Could we keep the RNC outta here, please?

This "Tribute to the Troops" has to be their most cynical display ever

Why Bush may pull the troops out of Iraq.

I used to be a stripper and I'm on a roll...

Shame, the only liberal on the news networks during the RNC is Alan Colmes

Just Remember In 92 And 96 The Pukes Ripped Clinton A New One During Their

CNN sparing us from Ron Silver. Don't turn to MSNBC

Just heard that there is a new round of swift boat liar adds

So now we have an Iraqi pushing the war in Iraq at the RNC

This war is not winnable.......GWB Today !

A Nation of Courage...

the republicans have an iraqi muslim women on.

Garrison Keillor on the Election

You too can donate to the presidential prayer team.

I wish I had this when I was arguing with a Nader supporter last week.

So far at the Gop convention we should vote for shrub because...

Trailer trash needs Repug love too

Republicans need to march down to the recruiters office tomorrow

Who is the Democrat running against Ed Shrock in Virginia

Biggest diff between Dem and Repug Conventions:

This whole convention is just one sick joke

"America's mayor" Giuliani to compare * to WINSTON CHURCHILL

Seriously, are O'Reilly and Hannity and Colmes airing?

They're invoking WORLD WAR II????????

Why does OHIO choose our presidents?

WtF, McCAIN Is Quoting FDR?????????// Rendevouz w/Destiny?

Enough crabbing: Name one substantive thing you did today...

question about celeberties...

When are the Senate Primaries for Florida

How about that CSPAN coverage?!

Whose RNC Coverage are you consuming tonight?

How many "the media is biased" threads will be started this week?

My impression of the RNC...DNC...RNC is bland

Nothing but Repubs on the Cable stations. What gives?

Where are all the Democrats at? Not on the News networks.

I can't tell if I'm watching thr rnc or a meeting of the Black Panthers

Wow...what a show...It's awesome...!

More Republican Senators and Congressmen will be outed.

We Need To Do Something About The Purple Heart Band Aid Brouhaha....

"* is Harry Truman with certitude and the buck stops here" - Matthews

I'm Not Watching the RNC- I'm Watching Football- I'm Doing Fine

Two More Months!

oh dear... Anarchy at the RNC...

Michael Moore THANKS John McAin't

Andy Card on CNN now, taking blame for the 7 minutes of bush freeze

USA TODAY/CNN/Gallup Poll results

Would a rumor that shrub is gay work?

Did the DNC do this at all...milk 9/11..?

where is the CBS OUTRAGE thread???

CBS news showed somebody going after cheney

Day 1 RNC: So far they have looked snide, petty, scared ...

Michael Moore just got the biggest recognition of the convention!

If you can stomach it...tune in to the the bandaids

Michael Moore is at the RNC???

Shaking In Your Boots From RNC Convention Coverage?

Rudy Patootie thread


NH DUers!

Undecided Voters Speak Out; Bush Favored Over Kerry by 25 Points

Band Aids. What a bunch of repukes

where's malloy?

I Now Believe McCAIN -----IS------the Manchurian Candidate n/t

No National TV Tonight?

What in the hell is wrong with those 9/11 survivors?

The Best Way To Get Our Voters Out Is To Emphasize The Draft Is Coming

What is the CNN coverage like? Is CNN interviewing Democrats? nt

What is Mike Moore chewing?

They have stolen SNL'S introduction

Thread for McCain's speech

Bernard Kerik sweating like a pig at the RNC

Ron Silver and Ed Koch are

Proposed Kerry "doomsday device" ad (since the gloves are off and all...)

The real way to predict the Presidential race?

OMG! They're actually PRAYING at the RNC!! And the Singing

Somebody in NY ought to stand behind tweety with a sign that says

Giuliani: "Remember September 11.............."

Giuliani - "I finally feel at home"

RNPF: Republican National Propaganda Fest 2004

No sign of Cheney at the Convention?

Giulianni NEVER EVER told the police commissioner

Have any substancial Republicans come out for Kerry?

McCain threw a media whore party last night

Does the RNC own the Rights to 911??? Shameless.

Bush claim to have flown fighter jets?

911 HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH POLITICS...sorry about the scream

Lookit all them Black folks at the Republican convention!

2008: We have at least 4 candidates who can beat any Repub!

And now...

Saddam Hussein has completely replaced Osama Bin Laden at RNC

Howard Dean Just Did The Intro To Monday Night Football

McCain attacks Michael Moore

Guiliani keeps forgetting about he supports

Idea for a biting ad campaign ... featuring children.

The RNC audience is so white it hurts my eyes.

A party that does not end their convention at 11 cannot be trusted to lead

Answer me this...

The "Curiousity Factor" Convention.

James Carville sent me a form letter today

Telluride, Colorado for Kerry.....

Has Bush ever been right about anything? Anything?

god TDS rocks....they need to be at the convention airing

Bush* is making America gag and puke on "terror". Kerry's going to win.

Did the news networks show this much of the DNC Convention?

Giulini: "Bush wont stop until every terrorist is defeated..." BUT

this is OUT OF CONTROL Kerry bashing!

My RNC Drinking game.

Is anyone else watching the RNC?

Have the networks cut Rudy off?

Well, since the Repugs "aren't going to capitalize on 9/11,"

Cheney Out? McCain In? DooDoo Deep?

Pataki to introduce Bush

Remember all the hullabaloo over Sharpton running over...

They are *NOT* capitalizing on Sept 11th

Can Kerry just go bowling?

So Sinatra supports Bush from his grave? Jesus

Repug Concoction: Dick Cheney IS ACTING LIKE HE'S SICK!

Excellent MUST READ Article on John Kerry & His Presidential Bid!


Why aren't they criticizing Guiliani for talking too long?

Has the RNC Energized Anyone Else Up?

Frank Sinatra is spinning in his grave

and suddenly... Ol Blue Eyes!

Guliani's speech is just droning.

I'm more afraid of computer voting ..... than the repug convention

Hey Rudy! When Saddam was slaughtering all those women and children...

Freeperland's greatest (s)hits - Facist Tea Party edition

This convention is lame. McCain and Giuliani are BORING!!!

Tweety calls McCain and Rudy "powerful"..

Tweety orgasming over "manly" Giuliani and McCain (his brother is a.....

Who was it that was actually giving RNC some coverage tonite?

Guiliani: ". . . and I grabbed the sleeve of Bernie Kerac and I said

Rudy time

Bush has given us two major openings to attack him on


What can I take for projectile vomit?

So far reaching out to the middle is bombing at the RNC

McCain says he hasn't even see F-9/11.

Bush has a new lap dog!

Hey they play kool rock muzak, maybe I should vote for Bush!

You know Nixon's 1960 RNC acceptance speech is pretty good

McCain just called attention to Dubya's AWOL-ism!!!

The Sept surprise: Bush calls congress to pass 2 VP law

McCain admits he has not seen F9/11 and says Moore is right on HARDBALL

Guliuani: "John Kerry could be swayed into war by foreign leaders"

Brinkley on MSNBC: "The war on terrorism is not won and the War in Iraq is

Is there ANY negative Media criticism of these speeches yet??

Rudy, while Kerry was working to stop terrorist banks what were YOU doing?

What political ads did convention-watchers see tonight?

"Mathews! Partisan! He's partisan, he attacked me!"

What's the 2nd part of *'s "2 part strategy" to not win war on terrorism?

RNC message: We're the party of terror OVERKILL and 9/11 EXPLOITATION

tweety's back...

Should people be seen as viable critics to movies they never saw?

did any media pundits take the Republicans to task

The Bush/McCain Theory...from Dan Rather's blog.

Matthews says Kerry is 'filleted' by Guiliani

mccain on aaron brown

The speeches sucked and they're the best the GOPukes have.

RNC fiasco. Preach to the dullwitted converted puke base...bore the rest

Moore gave L for Loser sign to Repugs - This will kill the RNC.

McCain hasnt seen Moores film

M. Moore couldn't pay for this sort of PR for his DVD release.

why are all these callers on C-SPAN

Anybody counting how many times they mention 9/11 during the RNC?

The Saddam Meme: Okay, Saddam was a brutal dictator in 2003.

Giuliani's Mexico City Game: A story of Fear, Power, and Money

In defense of McCain.

Get a grip woman!

Guilliani "For thirty years we did nothing about terrorism..."

You should see the way the RNC has SHUT New York DOWN

Joe Klein - "didn't hear much stirring stuff come out of Dem Conv?"

Kerry needs to attack * for his insensitivity

Fine- if Bush wants to center his campaign around the war on terror,

Pre Iraq War Lies

AP story on dumbya's "can't win" statement. "5" this!!

GWB* just called me...why does he want me to absentee vote?

What is this about the heckler in the RNC

Just saw a clip on c-span firefighters in Wisconsin endorsing Bush.

Kerry doesn't have to go negative on Bush

GOP speakers use Sept. 11 attacks to extol Bush, criticize Kerry. Cretins.

I'm Sorry, But These Speeches Tonight Have Forced Me To Change My Mind !!!

Deleted message

Now that the first night is over where are the Repugs headed first?

Talking Points For The Hapless: Now Is The Time To Bring Up Tora Bora

Edwards: "John Kerry and I believe this war is winnable".

Do you trust the media?

I can't watch...were any Dems there to "comment"

Smackdown on Nightline

2 Vets Say SBVT Illegally Used Their Names & Lied–READ!!

Explain this to me: 5 billion Swift Boaters claim they served with Kerry

Secret Service Attempts Subpoena For Indymedia Logs

New Vets Come Forward - Bush Actually DID Fight in Vietnam!

"A night where the Democrats look back... the Republicans look forward"

2 Republicans told me today they are voting for Kerry because...

Republican family values: I'm propositioned on GOP's first night in town

Nightline is highlighting the "war can't be won" story.

Are the media going to pick up on kerry bashing

With dems like Daschle, who needs Republicans!

Guiliani went negative and off message

It would be interesting to know what the cable producers are telling our

Moore was escorted out of the GOP Convention!

New Swift Liars Ad

Media Matters: Two Candidates, Two Military Records, Two Standards

Where are the Liberal Democratic commentators on TV?!?!?!???

Bush uses "us" when talking SBVT ads.

Bush is making taped phone calls asking for ABSENTEE VOTER Reg. Forms

Federal e-vote standards out by December--voting machine companies

Anyone Else See McCain Damn * With Faint Praise?

Who's Still Happy That We Had A "Kinder, Gentler" Convention?

GWHB finds SVL ads "compelling"

Ghouliani's speech was the most craven, shameless, dishonest

Overwhelming conclusion on Yahoo msg boards: GOP is exploiting 9/11

Would Rudy trade W for a prez who read & enforced Hart-Rudman pre9-11?

My Kerry bumper sticker at the Bristol NASCAR race

Morrison thanks Dean for coming to TX and inspiring.

Rudy Guiliani...

Are you waiting for a 'magic bullet'?

Make sure you watch the GA Democratic Pary's ad about Zig Zag Zell

Why The Fixation on Swing Voters?

Tomorrow night on Hardball: All Repukes! n/t

"We Can't Win The War On Terror" - The biggest gaffe of the campaign

George Bush is right. John Edwards is wrong.

I had a horrible experience canvassing today. We went out canvassing

Feingold: Bush Not Truthful On 527 Ad Issue

The "burning of the dragon" reminds me of the old Donald Segretti tricks..

Sludge: Daschle Ad features Bush hugging Daschle

Know an American living outside the U.S.?

Matthews ZAPPED McCain on not seeing 9/11!!!

so I saw Maher's show last night

I flipped the bird at G.W. Bush…and he pointed at me

Purple Heart bandaid hits AP

I am all ready to go kill some terorrists RIGHT NOW man!

Repugs conventioneers are all wearing bandaids w/Purple hearts on them

"Christian nation" swill already bubbling up at RNC

Yet another former Kerry crewman comes forward to defend him

Bush's Approval Rating Hovers Below 50 Percent (Aug 30)

"Iowans could show New Yorkers what life is about" ....oh and eggs too.

I changed my registration from Republican to Democrat today...(rant)

Freeper thinks Alan Keyes should run for Schrock's seat. I kid you not.

MORE false GOP claims from Congressmen Schrock!

Edwards Outlines Fundamental Differences on National Security

GOP Va. Rep. resigns after TAPE OF GAY SEX phone call released

Sorry, but the RNC really sucks....

Now what's your opinion of outing gay republicans?

GOP 2004: Michael Moore Draws McCain Barb, Taunts from Crowd

Eric Alterman: Possible Actual News Alert

5000 Monte Carlo Simulations: Kerry wins 4983 (99.66%) with 332 EV

Lets compare 'media coverage' of DNC first night and RNC 's first night

Anyone besides me not watching the unnameable spectacle?

FAIR alert: 'Swift Boat Smears'