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Archives: August 29, 2004

Dyke: Blair's world of 'lies and bullying'

One of the too many reasons American politics is too idiotic - Alterman

Iran-Contra II? -- Josh Marshall article on the Pentagon mole is up

Voting for Bush this year is a serious character flaw.

116F/46C in Nasiriyah. Do you know where Bush is murdering your children?

The Reader's Digest Conspiracy

AWESOME site making fun of

Germany: Reform Anger Could Turn Violent

Dobbs/Moyers interview on outsourcing and anti-democratic big business

Check out these Bush* FLOP SWEAT photos

AIPAC was not spying...

Maybe we need to be more concerned

C.I.A. Expands Its Inquiry Into Interrogation Tactics (Abu Ghraib)

Britain dragged into coup plot as rumours swirl over London meeting

Returning soldiers face new adversary

Nazi soldier loses U.S. citizenship

Hostages lured by 'US lies'

Lapses close polls to 2,500 (Florida)

Psssst.... Hey Catwoman...

"Garden State" - the only movie that has made me have a sob fest

Tonight's Thought

Sat night coffee house music report

FReeper drivel on AOL chat - 8/28/04

Just got back from WARDRIVING

Question about pigs and marijuana

Should I start a site calling for a boycott of pro-Bush musical artists?

Another Great Parenting Story, Part 2

that commerical with the guy rubbing his wife's feet

Just ate an entire bag of pretzels without choking

What's the craziest thing that you have ever done?

I'm depressed tonight

figure this one out for me: a fundy xian w/ liberal politics.

Wow, Kazaa is down to 2,312,231 users!

Kerry Tells Tacoma Families There Is A Fundamental Choice on the Economy

"May you live in interesting times"

Poll: GOP Has Few Fans In NYC

Seriously, I can't see how bush has ANY chance

The Spy stuff seems to have, at its heart, the OSP

Nader and the Reform Party-Desperate and Bizarre

Twist on the old yard sign

Bush is very good on Larry King Live

Fred Phelps gonna picket the RNC...

Voting for Bush this year is a serious character flaw.

We need someone to investigate and get rid of KKKRove.

Rove: Projecting Bush's weaknesses onto Kerry and then attacking

Project for the Old American Century. Great stuff here:

Who is afraid that the rigging is place and that it may be over?


Rove is corrupt, disgusting and......brilliant

This wasn't supposed to happen

Who is Simone Ledeen

WP/Kinsley: George Bush's Secret War

The neo-cons give Iran the Iraq treatment

Conservatives for Kerry? Here's Your Man. (Kevin Phillips) Great!

Media failed Swift boat mission

Bryd video interview on Bush, Iraq war

Partying with the GOP -- David Corn

WP Editorial: A Failure of Accountability

The Bush Betrayal - by James Bovard

Denying Atrocities - From Vietnam to Fallujah

Susan Lindauer's Mission to Baghdad (NYT)

Who are the undecideds in the 2004 vote?

In His Father's Shadow, a Son Charts His Course -LA Times

A Failed Presidency

Abu Ghraib Reports: Failings, top to bottom

Sistani Ayatollah to the Rescue?(Will Bush thank him at convention?)

Deserter Bush Attacks A Wounded Vietnam Vet - Michael Moore

(Reuters) Excellent summary of Bush presidency

And who created chaos? (Jamaica Observer)

Mark Latham

A delegate's defection

The Senator is banned

Protest Warrior (scum)

The Clash Thesis: A Failing Ideology?

Marching because our soldiers can't

Swiftboats sink under waves of truth (WorldNetDaily)

Playing with fire: Bush clashes with New York's finest

Star power dim at the Garden

Don't Stop at Rumsfeld: Blame for Abu Ghraib goes higher

Eleanor Clift (Newsweek): Bush's Sleeper Cells

anyone in MI going to NY to protest the RNC??

WILL PITT - where are you? and what's your report on the great march???

view and POST pics from NYC rally here via cell phone or email

DU Urgent Help - with GOTV in Australia during on-line / media night

Any organized protest planned after today?

Sept. 4. Tarrant County, TX: BE A DOCUMENTARY STAR!

HTML into Excel - help needed

Here's a map to the protests in NY next week

"Silver City" Official Web Site

Thank you CSPAN

George Stephanopoulos lets Patakie LIE in our faces

How Not to Act Like a Fool for the Media/Repub's Bullsh*t

The Daily Howler bashes MSNBC hosts for not studying the

Here's the e-mail form to write CNN for their missing coverage of the

NPR - Whoring it up for the GOP .. again

CBS 60MINS: Halliburton trading with the enemy.

If MSNBC replaced Joe Scarborough with a liberal, it would

The FOX Illusion of News

CBS shows Texas Lt Gov admitting he helped Bush get in Guard

Traditional Media vs Internet Media

A little humor about the one Cspan Reporter who looks like R. Reed

So glad Steve Earle is doing political stuff these days

Belgians, Brazilians create world's largest beer brewer

Americans should question federal spending priorities

Buchenwald Incorporated

Oil Profits for August

How Dick Cheney got away with $35 million just ahead of a government probe

Data links early settlers to African diaspora - Formosa

Americans Win Disclosure Ruling Against Untested GM Crops

Pollution warnings for fish from one-third of U.S. lakes, one-quarter rive

Major temperature rise recorded in Arctic this year: German scientists

Henry Lee reveals possible keys to election-eve attack

Taiwan an ideal model for democracy in China: MAC

Account of torture inside American Gulag

Any gungeonites near Louisville, KY or Evansville, IN?

the regulation of guns is:

Help stop the Govenators 50 cal ban

Quite respectfully...

HI guys...

Some people on CSPAN are chanting "Fox News Sucks"...

Is GD 2004 under Freeper attack?

Call me confused.

Accrediting Raw Story for LBN

Apparently I need to be a donor to use the search function

I need some help on copying from the Internet

Shikma jail security prisoners end water-only fast

Why Israel must give up some land

The debt trap

Israeli Democracy?

Gambling For Greater Israel

Anybody else have to puke after listening to Teri O'Brien?

GOP front-runners get personal as tight Senate primary nears

Fresno mayor takes on Newsom over City Hall marriages

BBV Alert..... The Governor is getting involved..........

Get ready to have our votes stolen...

PITTSBURGH! The Big Dog is signing books tomorrow 8/30

A vanity post

Use the Media Blaster!

Aagghh! It's 92 degrees in my condo! At 2:30am!!

Austin: Join Patrick Rose at a screening of "Last Man Standing"

Sept. 4. Tarrant County: BE A DOCUMENTARY STAR!

AAR on the air in Milwaukee??!

In a pretend world, what would you do if you caught * alone (w/o SS)?

I am looking for the Michael Moore's speech at the protest. (video)

HEY-NOW= I sent American Judas to 60 minutes & they're doing



Another MoveOn add idea...

Didn't the media wring their hands

A lady in central park on the BBC -"It's so Republican "


SORRY everyone. they just showed a little clip

Can someone post a screen shot of the thousand flag drapped coffins

Did W. Bush ever fly solo?

Norman Mailer Said:It takes a modicum of trust between the

My only memory from the 2000 RNC!

Just heard on AAR news they estimated over 400 thousand at the march.

WhooHoo. Reuters is now reporting 400,000 protesters!

CNN just totally glossed over Bush's inaction on 9/11

Police violate ban on videotaping protesters

I had Matthews on for a little...He's looking like he's hitting "sauce"

Bush has a fake accent - Kevin Phillips,auhor and former Nixon strategist

do pollsters have to abide by the no-call list

For Sale: One stupid arrogant dictator

protestors make their way to Central Park?

Wouldn't the USA be a curious country if Bush was "re"elected ?

Would someone help me out with understanding something re: Neocon Spy saga

Global protests

IED's - Anybody else notice

Clear Channel adds liberal programming

Air America Radio starts in ABQ tomorrow!

Anyone catch Topic A with Tina Brown?

Last Chance! Question W Revue/DU Party on Wednesday!!

Challenge the Rigged Voting Machines

Why can't the press report HUNDRED OF THOUSANDS???

Apologies to Greece! A very good piece written by a sports guy

If Bloomberg is a Pug, and NYers are Dem....

What party do PETA people belong to?

Freeper co-worker. . .

I just scored 2 tickets

I need help identifying a CNN reporter

At Buick Championship Today, There Was a Man

Chimpy describes Iraq as a "catastophic success"

PITTSBURGHERS! BIG DOG at book signing tomorrow!!

Ask Your Fundie Relatives/Friends This Question

bill clinton on c-span >..NOW

anyone else think Laura Bush's heart is as cold and frozen as her face ?

MTV music awards.. so nutcase repug said that the crowd boo'ed

Dean appearances in WA and OR on Mon. and Tues. this week.

Protest Warrior (scum)

drudge "developing": novak's son is Unfit's publicist

How did the protests look on TV? Please report on the reporting.

Have I Told NYC, Brian LAMB, & DU That I Love You--------LATELY????? n/t

So, is drudge 100% verboten here?

Some humility is in order. Olympic results justify pride, not arrogance.

Will the GOP ever nominate another moderate for President?

Want To Feel Better About Things? Get Satellite Radio

How many coffins???

I would like to grab Bush and shake him by the shoulders and ask WTF????!

"Horns and Halos" -- a documentary

What's the biggest GOP flop?

Another NYCer's Protest Report

Let's Clear this Up. MTV

So, what are all these great things that arnold has done in

Horrifying. Bush's RIGHT WING CONNECTIONS...



Peter Werbe is on streaming

Wanna know where today's Fascism came from? Look here

Screw CNN! (aka faux Fox) I was at the march, and the crowd was more

Hey , Will Ahmad Chalabi get to speak at the GOP's beseiged Convention?

Could Bush and his pals be the False Prophets of the Book of Revelations?

What message will the RNC protest send to "Old Europe"?

Breaking from war and piece

How Fitting

Nate Clay's program just started

Will the Repukes do a Bob Dylan tribute when he dies???

Some Disturbing Results in Poll of 9/11 Families

I've talked to 3 ex-repubs in one week, no big deal except I am in MS!

Bush, China, and abortion...

Please help me find some type of Protest in NYC after todays.

Something has been bothering me

sexual orientation and party confusion

"Rogue Faction" My Ass

Unconfirmed: Cops, Secret Service attacked at Penn Station. 6 Injured

For those interested in this sort of thing-

How to get the Bush Campaign good

To All Protesters, Get Ready For Gaston

whats with people calling in to washington journal about howard stern?

Political Pay It Forward - How to get the impoverished to vote?

The GOP claims to be the "mainstream party" because

ACLU vs. the Patriot Act; gag orders and ex parte contacts

Flyers for the protests

US kills Iraqi police by mistake

Another "halo" shot at the LATimes

Today's CSpan thread - Mark Riley of AAR's Morning Sedition on

Our bombing of Najaf has lost us the Iraqi war.

many still believe that bush is actually the president

Barnes says he called Guard on Bush's behalf - 1999 article

Bush through the Oval Office Keyhole

Tim Russert interviewing Hillary on MTP

I saw a documentary film today -- "WMD"

Ed "chinless" Gillespie on Washington Journal:Stop me before

If ever a pic needed a caption

Seen on a licence plate in Tulsa, Okla. (AMAZAING!!!)

C-Span showing Chimpy's rally in WV live today........

Do you feel like I do that we Americans have lost control over our

Why do Dems allow media to say Kerry voted for the War?

Could this (Franklin) be the beginning of a neocon purge?

Kerry Will Be OK - HE'S THE MAN

United For Peace press conference starting now! (link) (Moore may speak)

Bush ad during Olympics, "We must not hesitate"

Just a cool pic

A miracle has happened.

Questions about the DEBATE

Bush Sunday Funnies

Court won't allow search warrants for less than four ounces of Pot

New Zogby/Williams poll Kerry leads 50.8 - 46.7

Rose Gentle’s Rage

bush doesn't give a fuck about the suffering he's caused

wouldn't stem cell research cut down on animal testing?

Boosh Saved US From 9/11?

Holy Cripes...

in case anybody was wondering laura Bush think's everything's A-OK.

Clintons speaking live on MSNBC right now

CSpan airing New Dem Majority meeting and protests

Big Dog in New York

Iran-Contra II?

Shocking & Awful - Life Under Occupation - Free Speech TV

The "You Hate America" accusation (RANT!)

My husband said I sang AMERICA in my sleep last night ! LOL

Any word on the SVFT?

The rumble before the tectonic plate shift

My favorite Wesley Clark speech

Huge coverage of protests on CSPAN. nt

(graphic ! ) PHOTOS of Vietnam atrocities...Iraq is a repeat performance

so much for the olympics benefiting Bush (iraq/afghanistan ads)

slideshow of massive number of marchers against Bush

FBI espionage probe goes beyond Israeli allegations, sources say

CNN: RW Shill says "Hillary is the face of the protestors"

CHEEZ- things G.H.W. Bush (& the media) never told us -

I don't think President Clinton ever received this many protestors!

527 Bulls@$^

"Yee-Ha Is Not A Foreign Policy"

Denying Atrocities - From Vietnam to Fallujah

Oil + Depleted Uranium => Eugenics? Grand Chessboard?

Did you see the * supporter with no good reasons to support * on CSPAN?

Ohmigod - a Fox News Reporter just said...

Wes Clark Coming Up O n CNN 1:45pm

Seattletime...20K at Tacoma Kerry Rally

I think there are more people protesting than live in my County in PA

Reed and Blitzer alone in a room Live on CNN

Vote the latestest CNN poll, will you watch the Republican convention

Dean of press corps, Broder, defends free speech rights of 527's; condemns

I want to "Stand behind the President"

The contrast is striking: CSPAN vs. CNN


how are the images on cable news? any anarchists to scare my mom?

Interview with Alexander cockburn on in 20 mins!

I was worried about a Draft

Newsweek on the Spy Probe (interesting stuff)

Dean is supposed to be on CNN about 1:15, Clark as well.

Keyes article... always worth a good laugh

Make Wolfy cry! Go vote!

MSNBC poll for president - Kerry ahead by 16 points! Vote now!

Deserter Bush Attacks A Wounded Vietnam Vet - Michael Moore

It must be very gratifying

Oh joy: CNN's rerun of "People in the News" (2 pm EDT)

Abolish the Electoral College

Great scripture reading at Church; GOP take heed

Anyone know if the march is being filmed by foreign TV outlets

MSNBC showing images of 1,000 coffin march.

hope this shows the world

After Kerry wins, will FOX keep insisting that W won + is still in office?

remember the storming of the bastille?

Now there's some good protest marching music!!!

Do you think that seeing the incredible demonstrations in New York

My daughter is in Minneapolis and saw Al Franken yesterday...could

CNN & MSNBC both have protest photo on homepage. Faux? Nope.

i just got back from the march


Who's getting bashed more Fox news or Bush

Severe psychic distress: living under Bush is changing us in profound ways

From the Guardian: Colorado, Bush, Republicans, oh hell...

Just got back from freeperland

Is it my imagination,

Fuck CNN!

What kind of person supports the Republican Party?

Faux news: Taxed to the Max (who really shoulders the burden)

Terrorists acquire backpacks!!

Up to 250,000 Expected at NYC Protests (outrageous Bush* quote)

Giraldo on Faux, interview with Clinton

* spoke clearly, and articulately in 1989. What happened to his brain?

Obviously, Bush is a uniter, not a divider....

W is for: aWol, Wmd, Wussy, Wimp, Wolfs boy, .... some help DU

Hey! Air America is live at the march!

What's up with the umbrellas?

What's up with the Fire in NYC parade?

Preference Voting -- LTTE New York Times

"Tens of thousands"

Need some good anti-Bush images!

"this is what democracy looks like!" n/t

raise hell my people, RAISE HOLY HELL!!!!

my postcards from the edge

I am offended

Is anyone else having probs with AAR streaming?

"YOU are the terrorists...the REPUBLICANS are the terrorists..."

The Street is Open Again!

Anyone else see the Nader/Camejo signs at the protests?

You know what would be great? if the whole WORLD was watching this

my 1000th post. thank you cspan, ny, du, and all peoples for truth

Real Time with Bill Maher not playing in AZ

What would we do if CSPAN covered protest at a Dem convention?

Kudos to the patient protesters

Interesting use of sanitation trucks in NYC

Where is the march ending?

my so called Christan brother says all mosques should be destroyed

I just saw a DUer walk by the camera with a "Hero/Zero" DU shirt

I wonder if Faux News is pointing out...

I wish I could be there with my brothers-in-arms


"Empty warhead found in White House" - protest sign

Aliens just landed on Earth, they wonder why millions hate Fox News!

From a real conservative who is fed up with repukes

Gee- I don't think a lot of marchers like Fox News!


There's a horribly gross creature on MSGreedyOldPRikkk

EESH! Now there's a big pink pig ...

Giant banner on Acropolis: Powell killer go home

kudos to the NYC cops . . .

Protest Count?

I am supposed to be working, doing chores, taking my son out...

The coffins!

"Fox News Sucks"

Do they tally the number of viewers for C-Span?? I bet more people

Strangest protester you've seen today?

On my latest fly-by past the Fox News Channel


We Decided You Suck...

Wow, the giant George Bush head!

CNN Poll: Will You Watch the RNC? 61% say NO!

Who will do an ACCURATE count of protesters? They seem like a million

Excellent protest sign on C-Span coverage

This protest is longer than the Macy parade

I hope the British are as happy about seeing the huge NYC protest

How many hotels are along the route filled with RNC delegates?

Thousands in Central Park?

Did you see the protester with "more fucking less fighting" sign? LOL!!!


35 blocks, that’s over 1,000,000 people!

CSPAN: "Protesters have filed by MSG since 12 Noon EDT"


Sigh. The end of the parade is here...

"America the Broke" . . . another reason to dump BushCo . . .

George Bush Can Kiss My Ass!

4.5 Hours Later - It's One For The History Books! (NYC March)

Meanwhile in Greece......."POWEL KILLER GO HOME"

the protestors on C-span 1, live

You've got to watch the campaign commercials

Somebody needs to play/sing Amazing Grace with those caskets in the march

Laura Bush on Stem Cell Research & In-Vitro Fertilization

what is the formula for counting protestors?

CSPAN's opening their phone lines!

"We Decided...Fox Sucks!"

Did y'all see that? "George Bush can kiss my ASSS!"

"biggest political protest in decades" (NYC)

The Return of the "Iron Cross" has a GOOD VIEW OF THE MARCH.

And here come the Freeper phone calls!

AIPAC Welcome Up Next!

What are some historical march numbers?

AIPAC Thanks list - a who's who of neocons

Numbers of protesters today vs.....................

The Gay Republican Who's Taking On Hilary Clinton

How many protesters were there at the dnc??

Cindy Adams' column disses Repug convention-goers – but good!

S.C. will be ignored by this Administration after the hurricane hits

If Kerry wins, how should his Administration treat Fox News

Sam Harris tells it like it is: Holy Terror

Stars and Stripes letter: AAFES censorship (of Moore's film)

When did the cable networks stop having the color-coded warnings posted?

I think everyone should write again to CNN, MSNBC and FOX

The 53 arrests MSNBC is reporting

Some Moderate Republicans Criticize Bush

ACLU is the right choice to sock it to the right-wing!!

Rawstory BREAKING: 1000s in Central Park NOW:...police moving in...

Holy Roller Hipocrites....a huge factor

Zell Miller 1992 Bashing George Bush....from the Georgia Democratic Party

Email "FOX news sucks!

It's official, growth rate revised down to 2.8 from 3.00 for last

Zell Miller, Fox News Sunday: "let him lead us to where he wants us to go"

MSNBC: This protest could backfire and hurt the Democrats

More Coverage Here, Arrests Are Being Made !!!

ABC spin on protest march

Yahoo freepers and neocons sure have their panties in a bunch

Bush-Cheney's campaign manager has SERIOUS bags under his eyes

Hacksters Protest

"I'm certain the marchers here in New York have exceeded ... 250,000 ...

Please support - we popped the bandwidth

How many protesters were there at the dnc??

Anybody watching AIPAC on C-Span right now???

Comment on CBS story on the protests

Just got home from the march/rally

WABC local NYC news playing on Cspan NOW!

Chris Matthews Brother is a REPUBLICAN DELEGATE from Pa.!!

Bush met by about 200 Protesters in Wheeling WV just now!

Bush 40%, Kerry 57% and Nader 2%

Why does the Left take to the street more than the Right does?

MSNBC has a slide show on their

My right wing Aunt is acting like she's in a cult, my mom is scared...

sad sign at protest - "Bush, you killed my son"

Electoral College

Juan Cole explains the whole neocon conspiracy re:Franklin

view and POST pics from NYC march here!

Did You Guys See: Bill Maher Urges RNC Protestors to Riot - (Funny)

Anyone got a link to Kerry's 1971 testimony on MP3 please

Bob Novak's son is publicist for publisher of UNFIT

Local CBS News Democratic Rep. Louis Gutierrez IMPEACH!!!!

They came from every walk of life.

Kerry camp should be hammering why Bush is not leading by more

DU this poll....Kerry 57 Bush 40

Hillary kicking Wolf's butt!

Wow. People were still waiting to start marching...

Fire in the street

I have yet another techie problem!

Fox News Reports New Info on Chandra Levy Murder - can you say distraction

How is AIPAC legal?

CNN poll -- 61% are going to watch "no coverage" of the RNC

Heads Up AAR! I'm an ARBITRON family!

What are Int'l news reports saying about the protests?

NBC evening news, showed remarks by Michael Moore at march....surprise!

Just saw Channel 4 news in NY

Repubs now "blackballing" Hardball/Chris Matthews.

Thank you Bush for uniting me!

The fire at the protest was set by

Fox News Unresponsive to E-Mail. An Outrage.

Billionaires for Bush (photo warning)

Another example of police misconduct

Info needed on Prescott Bush & the Nazis

Fundie protester disrupts marathon in Athens.

Is the WORLD seeing this NY protest????

Central Park Protester said SHE IS NOT VOTING!!!

Knight Ridder gets it right: "hundreds of thousands"

Indymedia latest reports from NYC: (After the main protest march):

Letter to the Iraqi people

Heads Up: 60 Minutes looks good tonight, Krugman on Tina Brown

Well, they have FINALLY Done It! DADCOM IS BULLSHIT!!

Why don't "THEY" hate the Swiss for their "FREEDOM?"

Contrast: Photo of Cheney Rally at Ellis Island this morning

What's with the dump trucks full of sand?

For yall on the West Coast....lead CBS evening news story

AAR is "a loser format."

Post Pics of the March here, please.

Surprise, surprise, look at CNN's homepage

What is the REAL unemployment rate?

A "Couple of Hundred" Bush Supporters on C-SPAN?

I just returned from the march in NYC

GOP Protesters: I LOVE YOU!!

Have I mentioned how much I love Democratic Underground?

Air America in Philly starting Monday (Also in Atlanta?)

flag draped caskets on c-span now

write to C=SPAN here to thank them for their unbiased coverage......

All DUers enjoying the protests, check in

The Price of an Opinion by Patti Davis (President Reagan's daughter)

How to possibly incite violence at the march.

Damn, I'm glad to be here

How many of those flag-draped coffins represent your home state?

i am standing on the Great Lawn in Central Park

Weather Channel: T.S. Gaston heading towards RNC Tuesday

DU help, please, Koran: Dabbah,the Beast, George "Wubya" the

George W. Bush has a real plan for his next term

Have you New Yorkers seen these?

OMG! Did you see that GOP sign?

Arithmetic Trivia

My Report of the NYC Protest Today (Picture Heavy Thread)

CBS on the NYC protest. Color me surprised...

Galilean Citizens For Truth: "Jesus Lied" (Web Link)

Kerry/Edwars signs everywhere in affluent Oregon neighborhoods.

Is it Time for Socialism?

I'm reading "The best democracy money can buy"

Bush Takes On Direct Role in Shaping Election Tactics

President to woo alienated Muslims

Rumsfield Kicked Out Of Amateur War Games Club

Unconfirmed: Cops, Secret Service attacked at Penn Station. 6 Injured

'Gloria' Singer Laura Branigan Dies at 47

Protesters at Home of Swift Boat Backer

Rove Banks on a Victory and Debunks the Myths [NYT... rove spins like mad]

Shia clerics deny opposing Iraqi resistance

U.S., Militants Battle in Baghdad; 12 Die

Washington Monthly: Iran-Contra II?

Afghan blast 'kills 9 children'

Mugabe warns against Western calls for regime change in Zimbabwe

WP, pg 1: Pakistan Losing Grip On Extremists

GIs Kill 2 North of Mosul After Attack

Strike, unrest paralyze Bangladesh

Warlord seized, taken to Kabul

Investors Take a Holiday

Virtual Rally: Pacifica Radio Coverage of RNC & Protests (link)

DEBKAfile reporting a truck bomb at US Embassy

US bombards Falluja (Again!)

Chechnya war continues despite Moscow's denials

WP: Reform Party Reaffirms Nader is Nominee(5 ballot slots, incl. FL & MI)

Sunni cities hold U.S. at bay

In Iraq, 'Road Warriors' Deliver the Goods (KBR)


Bike bloc reportedly experiencing mass arrests

U.S. Soldier Says Torture Encouraged

coverage of NYC.........

Fla. judge requires manual recounts

Fed Expected to Raise Interest Rates

Combustible DeLay May Be Low-Key at RNC

What's up with the Fire in NYC parade?

iraq shadows bush presidency, campaign (yahoo)

Country polarized over president, his policies as GOP convenes to pick Bus


EU Ready to Discuss Increased Aid for Iraq

In His Father's Shadow, a Son Charts His Course -LA Times

Anti-Kerry 'Swift Boat' Group Vows To Keep Up Ad Campaign

Activist bike creator Joshua Kinberg arrested

Howard realized boat claims false - AU PM

Rumsfeld Hindered by FBI Probe

Laura Bush supports Swift Boat ads

Bush campaign: County prosecutor resigns campaign post (Ohio)

Moderate Republicans Criticize Bush

Canucks protest Republican convention

Explosion kills 7 at U.S. firm in Kabul (Dyncorp)

Video of Kerry Supporter Attacking Bush Supporter in Seattle

More Coverage Here:

Aleksij II: “Orthodox and Catholics together against secularisation”

Making over Mr. Macho president

No Major Violence Reported at NYC Protests

Defiant Gilligan alleges Labour relied on 'stable floor sweepings'

CLG NEWS: Over a hundred thousand strong at start of march

Kerry: Nothing Complicated About Bush's Failure to Protect Coal Miners

Rock Band Has Republicans Seeing Orange

America's hell-hole jail finds God - and redemption

Time/drudge: bush --'I'm the guy making history'

Kerry, Democrats Won't Let Guard Down During Republican Bash

Militants Holding French Journalists Demand End to Ban on Scarves

Claim U.S. Administration Knew Of Equatorial Guinea Plot

Boaters Attacked by (Possessed) Whale Have Been Warned to Stay Away

Online Statement Denies Vatican As Target

Clintons Talk Politics Before RNC

I had Matthews on for a little...He's looking like he's hitting "sauce"

Police violate ban on videotaping protesters

TimeOut NYC Edition Banned by GOP Convention

Police violate ban on videotaping protesters

Republicans given a hostile reception by New York protesters

CNN Reporting - Large Explosion in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Reuters: Hundreds of thousands march against Bush

Kremlin's candidate wins Chechen "vote"

Tories attempt to mend fences with the White House

Three claim run-ins with Bush campaign workers (SS reject undecided)

Thousands of Demonstrators Hit NYC Streets

drudge "developing": novak's son is Unfit's publicist

Anti-Bush Protestors Heckle Broadway Theatergoers

Fort Bragg paratroopers still in hospital after fatal (truck) accident

bill clinton on c-span >..NOW

F.B.I said to reach official suspected of passing secrets ....

Bush Says Kerry Uses 'Upside- Down' Logic

Billionaires for Bush Protest RNC

Iran Hosts Iraqi Official, Eyes Better Relations/Daily Star--New WMW

NYC Cops Swarm Mass Transit

U.S. Military Makes Peace Effort in Volatile Section of Baghdad (NYT)

McCain Says Kerry's Anti-War Protests Open for Debate (Face The Nation)

Israeli Lobbyist Denounces Spy Allegations (from RNC)

`Send him back to Texas': More than 100,000 march against Bush

GOP to use convention attention to keep pressure on McGreevey

Jobless rate casts shadow over Japanese recovery

National Lawyers' Guild decries police targeting of legal advisers

Stage Set for Huge Anti-Bush March in New York (Reuters)

Columbus Dispatch: Bush Kerry Race in Ohio a Dead Heat (Bush drops 3%)

Son of bin Laden's mentor says Iraq a lightning rod for jihad

McCain, Giuliani Speeches to Praise Bush (excerpts released to press Sun.)

Cheney Enters NYC Through Ellis Island

Oregon's GOP delegates like Condoleezza Rice

CLG news update from Central Park

Saboteurs Blow Up Oil Pipeline in Iraq (Basra)

Attacks on Kerry roil Mrs. McCain

WP: Bush's Leadership Style Another Key Question

First lady criticized for swift boat remark (Kerry Campaign Responds)

Magazine: U.S. Soldier Says Torture Encouraged

NYT: Upstaging Before the Show

WP: 200,000 in N.Y. Protest Bush

Convention Confetti Covered in Bush Images

NYT: Protesters Are Anti-GOP, but Democrats Don't Claim Them

Minnesota National Guardsman dies during training

Fanatic interrupts Olympic Marathon

Pentagon Analyst Was Cooperating When Israel Spy Case Became Public

Angry Gay Republicans Accuse Bush Of Selling Out To "radical Right"

Nike, rivals accused of labor violations

Documents Helped Sow Abuse, Army Report Finds

Bush Twins Host Pre- Convention Party

Iran-Contra II? Fresh scrutiny on rogue Pentagon operation -Josh Marshall

LAT: Voting With One Hand on Bible in Oklahoma

Reed Confirms Fees From Indian Casino Lobbyists

Kerry: Nothing Complicated About Bush's Failure to Protect Coal Miners

Ex-mayor won't shy from 9/11 in speech (USA TODAY)

Reservist struggles to stop mortgage company from foreclosing

UK Express: (Perle) Faces (FBI) Quiz Over Links to Israeli Spy

"Good Will Come Out Of This" (Pickles supports SBVT)

WP: Bush Tells W.Va. Backers to Reach Out (urges wooing of Dems)

Equatorial Guinea leader calls for death

Major temperature rise recorded in Arctic this year: German scientists

Edwards on Bush's Attempt to Blame the Military for his Own Miscalculation

Berg’s father plans to protest at convention

Howard fury over White House ban

Chris Rock's "Never Scared" special on DVD Tuesday, with a bonus

Take the Eco Quiz!

An update on my niece (liberal in training) -- LONG

Per Guy Fawkes' Request - a DU joke thread

Randy Newman's "Political Science" set to *

I'm Knot in Love

I'm Not in Love.

Rumsfield Kicked Out Of Amateur War Games Club

Alexandre Despatie-Canada diving- is about the hottest

One flew east, one flew west...

Best Divine movie ever

A big disappointment for me about Kerry.

LOL! Welcome to NYC Bush!

If anyone comes by asking...

opinions solicited on an Shirley Jackson-esque article....

my advice to all Ny Protestors

Vietnam, Vietnam

A thing about Kerry that I dont like (sarcaism)

Its Official, I am an idiot heh

I need to get sugar and soap!

I need your opinion....

raggae bashing gay artists....

talk to the enemy...

Anyone care to shrink this image of my college's mascot to avatar size?

Step right up and get your Gmail account

Gems from Dubya

What's your favorite Gary Cooper film?

what are some other good file sharers w/o spyware other than winmx

Morning quotes on war, I posted this in another thread but please read

I know not what love is

Cool Hand Luke is on

This day in history

Can you use expresso as a substitute for coffee?

Today's Fact

I think I have finally heard EVERYTHING!!!

Will you marry for the money? Take a lover in the afternoon.

Why the hell is * always holding up food, posing with it?!?!?!

Catch22Dem's Sunday Morning DU Confession

How many days old are you?

The train station in New Haven to NYC is full!

It is always darkest before the...

How long is too long?

How large will today's protests be?

Anyone here seen "Canadian Bacon"? (movie)

Love Boat Veterans for Truth

Lillith and Carmella in support of "no more years" for The Boy King

Today's Thoughts

question about "american judas" as mentioned in DU article

Bruiser Blair put Berlusconi in hospital say papers

Oh I’d rather go and journey

At least they gave the bras back

bush* and cheney to model new fall fashions at RNC convention

West Michigan Whitecaps vs. Wisconsin Timber Rattlers (Class A baseball)

The Movie "Office Space" Is on Bravo RIGHT NOW!!!

Anybody else think modern American movies are slacking ?

Have you seen the Will Farrell video--White House West?

Today's Quote

??? Do you have to pay income tax if you live in another country?


I bought a new car today, ask me anything....

I'm so proud of my politically awakened SO

Philip Glass, Music in Twelve Parts - love it, or leave it?

Internet Turns 35, Still Work in Progress

Rhythmic Gymnastics: This ridiculous prancing in an Olympic sport?

I feel like a bad patriot! (NYC protest)

Ummmmmmmmmmm......chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese sandwich

Breaking - European Ryder Cup team just announced

Son of a...arrghhh

The New Fall TV Schedule (Hugh Laurie on US TV???)

My Fergus died one year ago today

Anybody ever have appendicitis?

I just swallowed a piece of gum... ask me anything!

Protester Attacks Marathon Leader - leader loses rhythm and finishes third

"Fuck FOX News."

I want to BUY the ANTI-W buttons ...

"the excorcist in 30 seconds, reenacted by bunnies" roflmao

Who sells the anti-W buttons - I need to buy some!!!!

Someone's always on my tracks.


LynneSin says "HI" from the protest!

When A Teacher Abuses Your Child

In some ways it seems like the fire situation could turn out good

Some GOOD news from a DUer: The skinny on my new apartment!

Today's Boondocks :

*scared* freepers see fox news as drifting to the left

whenever i see someone's xanga/blog/livejournal i am reminded i never

my 1000th post. thank you cspan, ny, du, and all peoples for truth

Terrorists may use hands and feet and eyes...

Howard Zinn continues to rock my world.

I will NEVER listen to the radio again!

Brother Ray's final album due out next week . . .

Hey Hey, Ho Ho ....

I need help with a programming language called R.

Strangest fan you've ever seen at a sports event???

We really are all Bozos on this bus...

Neither Seized Either Species of Weird Foreign Leisure

What un-poltically correct things do you do

Are The NYC Protesters Marching In A Circle? Or Is This One L-O-N-G Ass

Worst change ever in a song?

the final word at the protest

CNET: "Re-elect George Bush GOP Screensaver" bundled with adware / spyware

I just had a rethuglican in my house...

Why do all the pro-bush callers keep hanging up on C-SPAN?


GD/GD 04 down for anybody else?

Just heard GOP moron say there were "fewer protesters than expected"

Music buffs... I need help! ... Who sings this song?

Favorite protest signs?

WTF? CNN Headline news is so full of BS!!!!!!!

199,947 protesters NOT arrested ...

Question for DUers with anti-Bush bumper stickers

Flag Covered "Coffins" Truly Inspired. Genius. Brought TEARS To My Eyes!

On this Great Day of Protest, It's Time For Some Sunday Kitty Pics

All you want to know about Star Trek...

I hate you for your freedoms!

What are some good two set speakers for a computer?

Calling all Eberts.... Is the movie COLLATERAL any good?

What artists/bands had the Zeitgeist and when?

This is the funniest thing I've ever seen! Hollywood does HELL HOUSE!

Are you arrogant?

Don't you just LOVE people that can't grasp the concept of "workplace"

Did anyone notice the Levitra billboard in front of Madison Square Garden?

Is it a bad sign to make more polls than posts?

Welcome to NYC!!

help for a mac idjut

NY Times update on march...with fire pic for those asking....

God Bless The USA - A Song in Pictures

Lewis Black to appear on Hardball now.

Alert Zomby! Alert Fenris! Alert Professor GAC! Road House on TBS now!

Great Springsteen interveiw (long one folks)

iPod users, help please

neat talk today I had with my grandfather


Post your favorite pic of the protest here!

A November 3 song for the freepers

Anybody see "The River Wild"?

Which would you rather buy?

Have you ever heard of this before?

An interesting site:


How Much Do You Love Your iPod?

I think the Men's Marathon is my favorite part of the Olympics!

Watchmen Funnies -- (warning adult humor)

GAWD DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!

DU hits 50K members pool

"The only official US website for Republicans"!

CAPTION the only Black Republican from Michigan

MTV VMAs: Everyone is arriving on yachts DRUNK!

I have yet another techie problem!

Anyone else see Billy Baldwin shilling for * on Faux?


I'm boycotting mastercard

Dead Couple to Be Married (yahoo)

Deserter for Truth

This is pretty pathetic..............

do you have job you like? what are is it?

August 29th in history-internet starts-Beatles play last live show 1966

Cheers to the Greeks! They put on quite a show!

I admit it, I was wrong. Trading Nomar was good for the BoSox!

I was just in a politics lobby chat room in Yahoo.

Stuck Contact Lens

A Letter From A Third Grade Teacher Sent Home To Pagan Parents

21 Things Not to Do While Watching LOTR

Badge of Honor - I Finally Got a Post Attacked on One of the "Other" Sites


Cleaner Tosses ('Modern') Art Out with the Garbage

what kind of great non cubicle jobs are there....I can't take

Help With Job Search

If I was a guest on Fox News today I would've asked this

What's the deal with P. Diddy and Bruce Willis?

Two or three storms heading right for Pat Robertson.

Do you have to close your closet doors before you sleep?

This says a whole lot

Any Cocteau Twins fans out here?

Everyone loves Magical Tevor!

Special request from LynneSin to send good vibes to another Du'er

Gay Bashing Reggae Artists?

Anyone here use a Blackberry?

Please make Gwen Stefani go away!

"Accomplished musicians and performers, Nelly and Christina Aguilera!"

He got a real purty mouth, ain't he

Where's King of the Hill?

I'm watching the Olympic closing ceremonies

Bush girls/Kerry girls on MTV VMA's!

Subject: TEXAS Politics

I need a new stink- any suggestions?

If IT is dead and gone, where else can one go with those skills or

I want to talk just like Bush!

She Makes Me Wanna Die

Has anyone here boarded a pet a PetSmart PetHotel? If so, do tell,

What Book(s) do you like so much you buy extra copies for presents?

What does it mean when...

I saw some old Scout buddies tonight at a pot luck.

Your movie title for the repug convention

Have you heard of Eskimo Joe's?

I simply HAVE to stop reading the stuff on the polls

No Remorse

Oh the irony!!!!

Anybody want a gmail account?

Portrait of a Usenet troll

am i not being mental? Or will the guy in this pitcure tug your heart out

I met WillPitt last night

DU plunging in popularity, no new user registrations in 15+ hours

Besides Ad-Aware, is there a good spyware removal utility...

The Passion of the Christ... Resurrecting on DVD at a store near you.

Where's Cush? It's almost time for Harvey Birdman

where can a 50+ start over and make 50,000 year?

Anyone else watching the VMA's on MTV?

Lots of wierd statements in sig lines lately, I wish people

6ft Under/The best season of TV ever....

Help! how can i make a picture i like show up at the bottom of my posts?

how do people buy these houses for over 250,000 .....what jobs

I LOVE Thunderstorms!

That marathon thing was a damn shame eh?

How does one become a spiritual advisor?

Reno 911 - Why is this TRIPE on the air?

Who did the better rendition of "Hurt"??

Did you " have " to sleep with a " Night Light " as a child ?

top movie badass of all time

What is the coolest thing you own?

Hello darkness, my old friend...

I love my Roomba

Gratuitous Praise for Soup!

And so comes the dawn...

freakin CNN HN!!

Ah, I was surfing the web and accidentally found my Mom!

good joke

The english bulldog post

Have you ever had a "catastrophic success?"

*sigh* - Golf Tournament Tommorow - No Work - Feel Sorry For Me?

Would YOU Ever Consider Changing Your Name?

AM I being overly sentimental? Or does this picture tug your heart too?

CAPTION I'd RATHER not read this

Favorite protest songs?

The song "Gloria" holds the Billboard record for most weeks on the Top 100

Food unique to your city or region that can't be found elsewhere.

I *DEMAND* you DUers have a better week!

A Perfect Circle - New song - Counting Bodies Like Sheep - Video here


ok, so do i have a great big sublime logo at the bottom of my post?

What do YOU like to put on your hot dog?

Honk if you hate greyhound

In my new car CD player tomorrow, what should I crank up loudly for all

Have any of you seen "Hero" Jet Li's latest? If so, what did you think!

if you ever have a cat illness question you can check out

It's decided: I'm ordering an '05 Mustang GT

My Ryno angel girl's kidneys are failing.

caught a kitten doing something cute yesterday (dial-up warning--photos)

Farewell Sloganator....

Vote for Kerry or I will...

so, does anyone here like DOGS? cuz i'm tired of seeing kitty pics.

What NOT to say at the Republican National Convention

Pet Peeves: What are yours?

Turn your username into a "dirty evil commie" acronym

They just played Porcupine Tree on Air America!

Kerry Silvar Star citation a 'total mystery' to ex-Navy chief

Something is fishy here

Does WV have black box voting?

Grandpappy's military medal trifecta

Something has been bothering me

How to get the Bush Campaign good

Do you follow Kerry's actual agenda?

How will the media react to the expected RNC Kerry bashing?

Kerry Should Go Negative NOW

The GOP claims to be the "mainstream party" because

With 9/11 as G.O.P. Backdrop, Families Express Raw Emotions

Ramadan starts on October 15

M. Charles Bakst: What Bush needs to do: Look presidential!

CAPTION called for!

Kerry's 1971 Testimony Really Describes G.W. Bush

Meet the Press: Giuliani

I look forward to Michael Moore's coverage of the GOP convention

Media blackout of John Edwards?

time for any NVA regulars or ex-VC to say what they may...

Bush's swing through NW Ohio: more of the same rhetoric.

"Its going to be much harder to find Black people." Steven Colbert on NBC

Bush Campaign's Failed August Strategy - Different Take on LA Poll

Hillary Clinton, at the Repukes Convulsion, is wearing "BLACK"!

Ed Screwnose Gillespie on CSPAN right now

Kerry has handled this Smear Boat thing EXTREMELY well.

got the latest issue of The Nation yesterday . . . almost puked . . .

Hop Into the Wayback Machine -- August 28, 2000: CNN/Gallup Shows Bush Up

You got the cutest little baby face ...

Enough pessimism!

If its the eve of the Republican Convention and we're still talking SBV...

Mark Shields on CNN this morning

I'm so sick of hearing SBLiars' Damage is all Kerry's fault!!!

Kerry, Greenspan Diff on Social Security


For those interested in this sort of thing-

Only Nixon could go to China...only Edwards can advocate tort reform

Bush is toast.

Face the Nation thread

If anything negative happens during these protest

The stars leave town … and the has-beens sing for Bush

Tweety the other night on Maher

Scary thought

GREAT SITES WITH Pro-Kerry/Anti-Bush Video-Audio Clips

CAPTION the poor baby

So when do we go on the offensive about Bush's military record?

Pacifica Radio Coverage of the RNC/Protests

Defend WI, IA and go after WV, MO, OH, and FL!

Talking Point on Bush's skills

Walt Starr's fake ribbons story makes C-Span call in

Fox News Sunday thread

Bush uses 9/11 Images again in Ads!

"Democrats court the 'Asshole Vote'"

How do you counter this strategy by Bush and Rove ??

Dead Soldiers--Bush 2's Thousand Points of Light

New Bush Strategy Speculation


Dept of Defense; 503,926 "incidents of desertion" , Vietnam

Cokie vs. Will: "safer under Bush, or REALLY safer?"

For all the Naysayers...

Anti-Bush demo kicks off in NY:go Michael Moore

Bush-Kerry Race In Ohio A Dead Heat

Will Dem surrogates repeat Hillary's brilliant one-liner?

Edwards is onto Bush's praising Kerry's service

I just saw the DNC "Broken Record" ad on our local NBC affiliate...

Michael Moore's truth vs. Swiftliars: how did media handle each?

Kerry was right on Vietnam. We should combat Bush with that.

Best article on Franklin - Juan Cole

John Stewart coming up on CNN

Meet the Press thread

Pickles interviewed by Time: SBLiars aren't unfair

Time to drop the AWOL Bomb next week

CSpan airing New Dem Majority meeting and protests

Racicot on Wolf

Bush on the TODAY SHOW says he served honorably. . .

DNC or MoveOn! Please do this ad this week (Zell Miller)

Great sign from protests: These colors don't run the world (flag)

At the Minnesota State Fair

Cheer up, DUers! Dean & Clark coming up

What if Bush had gone to Vietnam?

Thousands of protestors outside Madison Square Garden

New Rasmussen *48 Kerry 45 First Bush lead of more than 1 since June

Wolf asks, "Who's more likely to stand up for what he believes in?"

anyone hear, bush says kerry more hero than i in the vietnam time

DU this poll

Unoriginal Repugs copying Democrats' campaign images, rhetoric!

Iran - Iraq All the Same to Bush!!!!

Bush's pathetic boast about unemployment

The Next Smear

Why do I like George Bush?

972 Americans Killed in Iraq and the 1000 mark could come on Sept. 11th

DU Help Urgent -with Australia GOTV efforts during on-line / media session

Bush TANG service fair game, too, cuz he HAS made an issue of it!!!

CLARKIES!!!! Don't forget to watch Wes Clark on hour

Hillary coming up on CNN/Wolfie after commercial break.....

Any word on the SVFT?

Ludacris must be happy . . ."MOVE BUSH, GET OUT THE WAY, GET OUT THE WAY"

Wendy Sherman is doing good on Wolfie....

Awol story on cnn wolf blitzer bad story for *

It should be about this war, not the old one

Tom Oliphant on AAR/Franken rerun.....fantastic, ripping "journalism"

Clark speech on MSNBC

Dawn of the DU Meme, or If Sparknotes Did Politics

If you didn't predict 8, 9 10 months ago that Kerry would be the nominee

Dan Senor on CNN: "We have a sovereign, democratic" Iraq government!

What Do You Say to Someone who....

New York To Republicans: Drop Dead

In my local newspaper today....

What are some Bush AWOL for truth groups?


Weak kneed, politically uneducated and jelly spined DU'ers, GO AWAY!

my big fear(s)

Just drove through Wheeling about 12:30 pm Repugs lined up for

Attacks on Kerry roil Mrs. McCain

What's the estimate on numbers of protestors today?

London Telegraph has the Fake Medal story

Terry Holt Just Said The Protesters Are An Auxiliary Of The Democratic

I don't think President Clinton ever received this many protestors!

Let's see if Dean gets Wolfie to cite the real polling on the SB ads

527 Bulls@$^

George Bush talks a good game. But does he really know the score?

Who is smarter, you, or Karl Rove

Awesome Kerry/Wesley Clark picture from the rally

When is it that we all go outside and shout "NO!" to protest??

Why NOT To Donate to the DNC - One Perspective

Florida Voting Under Microscope Again

Who's the young female anchor on MSNBC kicking repuke butt?

Russert on MSNBC now talking polls....

Did you see the * supporter with no good reasons to support * on CSPAN?

Can't get to New York - where's my nearest protest?

Ohmigod - a Fox News Reporter just said...

C-Span now covering the streets in NYC

cspan streaming video of protests

Do pictures of 250000 protesting Bush send a message

Hey everybody! Click on 6th and 34th

Who IsThe Biggest Media Wuss?

RNC Spin on Protests: "This is what we went to war to protect."

Vote the latestest CNN poll, will you watch the Republican convention

The likeability question

A report from the ground in NH...good news!

Is O'Neill Giving His Book Profits to Veterans?

Dean of press corps, Broder, defends free speech rights of 527's; condemns

I want to "Stand behind the President"

Love the passionate "Republicans Go Home" guy! Woo-hoo!

More people on streets of NYC now than are watching CNN?

Why Is Alan Keyes Not Speaking At The RNC Convention

The contrast is striking: CSPAN vs. CNN

how are the images on cable news? any anarchists to scare my mom?

Keyes article... always worth a good laugh

Make Wolfy cry! Go vote!

Live Video on MSNBC of the march

Tied Electoral College

Bumper Sticker Wars

Bush Just Said on TV, Kerry is a Bigger Man Than He Is!!!

Awesome protest pics already! Rate these high on Yahoo!

Blitzer keeps quoting the LA Times. WHY?

Looks like Clark coming up on CNN/Wolf.....and we're back to SB???

I predict that Bush is going to say something like this in his speech

See Any Good Signs From the Protest?

Anyone ever see this "jibjab" cartoon....

MSNBC poll for president - Kerry ahead by 16 points! Vote now!

Ralph Reed - Effing, lying, smirking, lying, slimy, lying

It looks like the 10 Commandments who's going to part the Hudson River?

Numbers on about conv. coverage

CNN special on Cheney now, then Laura

Is it possible, "protestors" may steal all the attention from the Repubs?

Deserter Bush Attacks A Wounded Vietnam Vet - Michael Moore

Abolish the Electoral College

Some Protester Said Fcuk The RNC

May I suggest that all DUers who would go crazy watching the Rethug

I See People Here Are Still Peddling The Flawed Rassmunen Poll...

Armchair strategists check in here: Post your strategy for whining.

Did Wolf ever actually read the poll results against Shrub?

Can Kerry's PR people make him more "likable" to undecideds?

Other than Diebold & voter purges what other ways can they steal it?

cspan streaming video of protests

Repug wants Bush on slow boat to China!

A protester: "O'REILLY SHUT UP!"

Help--need date for NYT expose' last week on Smear Boat vets

isn't it about time for some freeeeep reaction?

After Kerry wins, will FOX keep insisting that W won + is still in office?

Any head-count estimates yet?

Do you think that seeing the incredible demonstrations in New York

Check out the non-stop coverage of NYC protestors on C-SPAN!

coverage of NYC.........

OMIGOD-The *Corporate Whore* with Bush blowup doll-Bwahahahahah

Liz Winstead reporting live for AAR on the parade...I mean march

Bush Is The Most Polarizing President Since Lincoln...

Party! I am so heartened watching this demonstration

dean calls wolf a republican

What Sucks, DUers? FOX NEWS SUCKS!!!

Vote count news on FL and MO from

Anyone think DU's a waste of time for the next 60 days?

"FOX NEWS SUCKS" seems to have gotten a lot of time on

The Power is Overwhelming

Listening to Howard Dean with Blitzer gave me an idea.

Just said on Air America - Only one problem with police today

Dean on CNN

Question about Madison Square Garden?

From the Guardian: Colorado, Bush, Republicans, oh hell...

Heard a Chant : "Fox News Set the Fire"

1000 Coffins pic at Yahoo link

OMG!: Puk holding sign: 'Islam Supports Kerry'

O'Neill is Gonna Be Around For Awhile


Anyone watching McLaughlin Group?

New Polls:

NOW they're showing the protests! guess why?

This idiot female journalist on Reliable Sources

MSNBC showing split screen of Cheney and N.Y. protesters!

I'm sure C-SPAN will hear complaints about their coverage again....

AIPAC to welcome RNC? (CSPAN 5PM) That might be interesting.

NOW Faux News is covering the protest.

Interviewers are making a mistake interviewing John O'Neill.....

Bush Resorts To "Push Polling" Again

Electoral College Calculators Swing Back to Kerry

Even Ronald McDonald wants bush out! :)-bet McDonald's doesn't like that

Chimpy admits he really is a GIRL!

MSNBC - RNC screwed over hotels!

People are shouting Fox News set the fire

let's see, during our convention they hit us with...

You heard it here first, folks: a hurricane will maim Bush's bounce.

sbvts ...another perspective..... I am reminded of kerry protests

My experience with the necon, rw, conservative Christian poker game...

Gallup has some bad news for Bush

Pro-Kerry, anti-SBVT radio add - excellent - paid for by local attorney.

It was Kerry's to lose, and he is losing it

Uh-oh Fire


Interview w/Bush - sorry if it is a dupe

Here's what the RNC /527's plan to do after the RNC convention:

Who was the last politician to politically exploit the Olympics?

Why are we still talking about Vietnam?

"Queers, Communists and Cowards for Kerry 2004"

Some Moderate Republicans Criticize Bush

Zell Miller 1992 Bashing George Bush....from the Georgia Democratic Party

The Passion, er, The Mission of George Bush On CNN 8:00 ET

Zell Miller, Fox News Sunday: "let him lead us to where he wants us to go"

C-SPAN Bush supporters from the South?

Do we sent a "Master against a Master" or "Pygmies against a Master?"

Comment on CBS story on the protests

Just got home from the march/rally

WABC local NYC news playing on Cspan NOW!

Bush met by about 200 Protesters in Wheeling WV just now!

Bush 40%, Kerry 57% and Nader 2%

Electoral College

Yahoo. Rate it 5 - NYC Protests!

Fox News: "Only issue right now is SBVT." ROFLMAO!

New Zogby/Williams poll Kerry leads 50.8 - 46.7

bush says initial iraq invasion "catastrophic success" ?? yahoo story

A whole bunch of new Rasmussen polls

Mrs. Greenspan saying Bush admits "minor mistakes"

Republican delegate on CNN says "He had a good plan..

In 2000, Gore overcame a 17 point deficit, JK won't have any deficit!

President Clinton Speech on TV this Morning Said it All!

The Bush economy is a catastropic success

Moderates ask GOP to come back to the mainstream

(202) 737-0002 - Call CSPAN tell them you support Kerry.

Last Chant: George Bush can kiss my ass!!!

Meme alert: Bush is a wimp, pass it on!

Repubs rant that "Kerry Catholics" aren't REAL Catholics.

LOL New Fox chant - We Decided! You Suck!

I have a friend who can't get any TV coverage

Is it over? Where are they going now?

whoaaaaaaaa....a THOUSAND COFFINS on CSPAN

Listen to Michael Moore's speech to the protestors!


Ben Barnes was Lt Gov in 1969... Bush entered Guard in 1968...

I don't like the way the Telegraph used us as if we were Kerry's campaign.

Put an "AWOL BUSH" sign

Mainstream News Incites Violence

"George Bush can kiss my ass."

AIPAC Republican Convention Welcome LIVE at 4 p.m. Eastern on CSPAN??

call 202-737-0002

Freepers Don't Seem to Be Getting Through on C-SPAN

Weak kneed, politically uneducated and jelly spined DU'ers, GO AWAY!

Quick!!!! Send his ass back!!! Don't let him in!!

Kerry-Edwards and DNC WILL Campaign During RNC Convention!!!

Stephanie Cutter on Judy Woofwoof

Look what they did to him. Steroids and Arnold.

Check Beaking News...........Protesters getting Arrested

If Kerry wins, how should his Administration treat Fox News

ICK! -- Stupidest Article on the Repuke Convention thus far....

How can we get accurate protestor count? Turnstile? Sign something

More Coverage Here:

Any Kerry staff reading this? Listen up!

The AIPAC lovefest with the GOP is on C-SPAN now

Republicans hiring "supporters"?

Bloomberg on C-Span talking about Israel...

GOP Convention Delegate Drops Out Over Bush

Did AIPAC send Bush to Israel?

American Israel Public Affairs Cmte --- What a farce

"Kerry asked for it by making Viet Nam the centerpiece of the Convention"

CSPAN is Jaw Dropping Drama!

DU this Bob Brinker Poll

Are there any DUers participating in the protests?

Voter Registration - Important Message from Vets for Kerry

C-SPAN rudy giuliani... another scum

Help for this LTTE about bush's service record--getting sent today

To ZERO - asking about the Kerry supporter/boosh supporter fracas

The Coffins

August 29, 2004 DOES NOT EQUAL August 29, 1968

Steelworkers for Bush???????

GOP enjoying NY restaurants - Do waiters spit in salads of assholes?

C-SPAN -- Ken Mehlman -- What a sicko

Electoral College Calculators Swing Back to Kerry

Tweety's Brother is a RNC Delegate

How did Bill Frist become Senator

Chicago turns out to protest Bush locally (Schakowsky & Gutierrez) pics

New Ohio poll Kerry/Bush tied 46-46

Kerry is doing just fine...

What Dole really thinks of Bush's tactics

There are only 12 people at the RNC now.

DU this poll.

Here's why it's good we didn't try to brush past the Swift Boat crap:

Question: Didn't Pickles announce on Larry King that she hadn't seen

PA officials say big potential for voting problems!

Rassmussen: Kerry lead in California back up to 9%

Democrats in N.Y. Showcase Swing Voters

Why does Rudy keep saying that Hillary is going to vote for Bush?

Kerry camp should be hammering why Bush is not leading by more

DU this poll....Kerry 57 Bush 40

Why do all the pro-Bush callers to C-Span have Southern accents?

Who's the schlub on C-SPAN?

If Kerry's health is an issue, isn't Shrub's psychopathology an issue?

Thank you marchers in NYC!!!!!!

Edwards goes on the offensive!!!

how do i find out about protests the rest of the week?

Newspaper editor exposes Smear Campaign and Cambodia Info

We need to run some funny commercials, share your ideas...

The fire at the protest was set by

Any links to Bill Clinton's speech in New York today?

I Just Turned On C-SPAN, and Caught * saying the following snippet:

Who is this witch on Reliable Sources?

Anyone got a link to Kerry's 1971 testimony on MP3 please

Didn't the media wring their hands

Are Bush and Rove making a mistake if they propose Social Security reform?

slideshow of massive number of marchers against Bush

I thought Bush wasn't going to exploit 9/11?

Why is the march taking so long? Must be a lot of people.

Is the WORLD seeing this NY protest????

I am looking for the Michael Moore's speech at the protest. (video)

Knight Ridder gets it right: "hundreds of thousands"

Armchair strategists check in here: Post your strategy for winning.

Just heard on AAR news they estimated over 400 thousand at the march.

Four and a half hours of protestors against the war.

Rove Brillant? LOL Remember he lost the 2000 presidential election

Wes Clark Coming UP On CNN 1:45

Are you voting FOR Kerry or AGAINST Bush?


The Powder Puff Derby Has to Stop

Good Thing This Board Wasn't Around in 1992

Can someone post a screen shot of the thousand flag drapped coffins

Info about the Kerry Travelers

Slogans Thread: Compile here

Convention Bloggers Link

Protestors, I Need To Talk To You About Your Anti-Bush Pieces of Flair

This is my problem with Kerry and SWL ads

Could Kerry admit he made a mistake on the IWR?

Do you think Kerry's poll numbers would be higher if

freeper -I nodded out during WJ and was awoken by the sounds of hell

Enough already with the whining!

The American Hypocrisy regarding War - Vietnam/Iraq vs WWII

Aaron Brown's Mission of Bush...On Now


He clearly hates America !

If you're looking to join more protests in NY this week, here's a map

WhooHoo. Reuters is now reporting 400,000 protesters!

Political Pay It Forward - How to get the impoverished to vote?

i am going to have a blast with my kerry sticker

"Send Me" is for fundies

Is unity impossible for Democrats?

Media leads on NY protest march

I'm trying to wrap my mind around how I'd feel if...

Really weird!

Political Wire reporting new NPR poll Kerry leads 47-43

Bush's big chance

Straight from the horse's ass - re: SS

Can Democrats win back the Senate this fall?

What are the demogragrphics of the VMA Awards live Audience?

C-SPAN has today's Buxh speech on

No Change in Presidential Race Despite Attack Ads

hastret is a - fill in the blank-

Talking points for going in the wrong direction ala Chris Matthews

Police violate agreement, tape protesters

What's a Yellow Dog?

Unethical tactic in SBVT ad?

WP says over 200,000 at Protest

Difference Between Democrats and Republicans

Do you Blame the Media?

Poll: When protesting, how far is too far?

Why I want Kerry to lose (in a word...)

E-mail from Greg Palast: FL will be rigged again.

Nevada, Colorado and New Hampshire - The Key in 2004?

Anyone know about ABC showing more RNC convention??

FL Poll: Kerry 46, Bush 46

This will blunt the RNC convention more than anything! Mark my words!!!!!

National Lawyers' Guild decries police targeting of legal advisers

Bush needs 85% of undecided voters to have a 50% prob. of winning

Four lines of attack today from the Kerry camp

Over 100 anti-Bush protesters in Huntsville, AL!!!

Please Delete

Why is it the worse Bush gets the more popular he gets?

My Prediction: The 4 Points that will comprise the entire RNC Convention

Another report from NYC

Dennis Hastert told Fox news Dem's are whining about outsourcing.

Central Park Protester said SHE IS NOT VOTING!!!

Somebody Explain How They Hail Bush's Behavior After 9/11


Is this who the BushCo people aligned themselves with...

Who else thinks Bush has something on McCain? Why else

About the Florida Senate race:

was thinking texas today. and how i dont get to do anything

Is the March Historic?


Bob Dole is a man who speaks the HONEST TRUTH!

For the Cable TV Masochists

Rasmussen now shows Bush ahead in Electoral Votes

Bush: "Had my unit been called-up, I would have gone."

TimeOut NYC Edition Banned by GOP Convention

If I am reading this right Pickles sees the SBV ads as justified payback!

How should Kerry's campaign handle his anti-war activism?

LOL did anyone see Edwards comments on *'s "catastrophic success"

I'm curious -- just who did set fire to the green dragon?

8/29 Election Model Kerry:331EV/99.6% win prob due to Zogby/Rasmussen (CA)

If you refuse to trust Kerry now...

Why do Dems allow media to say Kerry voted for the War?

How many in your extended family voting for Kerry?

Caption these pictures of Dick Cheney at convention:

It's the computerized voting machines stupid!

The devil is with Kerry?

Bush is a wimp, this is the meme to push!

Bush girls/Kerry girls on MTV VMA's!

Which Is More Winnable-Ohio Or Florida

My Advise to the Kerry Campaign

A Remainder of Hope

I just got back from the protests (My report)

Comcast News (associated with CBS) is reporting today as

Hastert just questioned whether or not Soros is using drug money on FAUX

Ramsey's DNC Pictures

GOP Delegate Quits on Eve of Convention, Media Ignores

Watching C-span. Has this ever happened to any other incumbent pResident?

Repeat after me! Undecideds! Now say it again! Undecideds!!!!!!!!

Robert Novak's son is the publicist for "Unfit for Command" publisher!

The issue Kerry should introduce to change the debate: The Supreme Court

Can Bush Win?

Kerry Will Be OK - HE'S THE MAN

Faltering Bush plays terror card

david shuster comment there are no Gore voters out there who are now votin

for what it's worth; from drudge

MSNBC: Compare & Contrast their "Day-By-Day" GOP/DNC listings - BIASED!!!

Is anyone as sick of liar o'reilly as I am.

Watching the C-SPAN coverage of the protest march....

is pataki a chicken hawk?

John Zogby and Charlie Cook now see an uphill battle for Bush

Letter from David Brock to CNN (08.29.04)

The Battle is OURS to Win or Lose! On Some Fronts Kerry Cannot Fight.

Fellow DUer's: Where can I see a replay of Big Dawg's

Woman had good rebuttal to "4 more years"

Cut the Crap! Must have been a Million Protestors! 20 NYC "long blocks"

how can the Dems confront the TV whore convention bias?

Did Kerry refute these words?

When will Kerry talk about who will be on his cabinet?

I stand by my statement, George W. Bush wore a ribbon he did not earn

Impressions on Chimpy in Wheeling, West Virginia on CSPAN

PALAST: Still Unreported: The Pay-Off in Bush Air Guard Fix