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Archives: August 26, 2004

LA Times Editorial: Kerry's (1971) Testimony

Abortion Becomes Issue For Military

The negative return economy: a discourse on America’s black budget

'Super-Earth' spotted in distant sky

Tips for earth-sensitive -- and tasty -- barbecuing

Homeless people bludgeoned to death in Brazil

Is this appropriate?

Is there something we can do for Mari333?

Road whims

What needs to be done about this Vietnam issue

Missile defence for 'coalition of the idiots': (Canadian) Liberal MP

Where is the list of 250+ "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth?"

The signs are going up

Is it possible--

Greg Palast and RNC comic relief!

They don't like him either -- I KNEW IT!!!

11/3/2004@12:15am George W. Bush just gave his concession speech...

There is no end to conservative stupidity

North Koreans- love 'em or hate 'em, but they really let it rip!

Nudity! Sex! Boy-on-Boy Torture!

The Very conservative Constitution Party Qualified

Just got more Hate mail after that interview !

Thomas Jefferson has the definition of liberalism

I am meeting my Congressman - what should I talk to him about?

Janeane Garofalo and Sam Seder talk about Torture

My husband has died, he died tonight

Cairo refugee protest turns ugly

Greenspan speaks on `housing bubble'

Campaigning Bush plays up US diplomacy

Iraq's Sistani Begins Journey to Najaf-Witnesses

Judges throws out excessive-force suit…over Miami raid to seize Elian

A Scarred Campaign Veteran, Caught in a New Crossfire (McCain)

NYT: White House Shifts Its Focus on Climate

Social Conservatives Criticize Cheney on Same-Sex Marriage

Central New York an armed fortress for Republican convention

I really ought to go to bed. After all, I do have work in the a.m.

Blair Underwood Appreciation Thread

Sealab 2021: Hi, I'm Hollywood actor Beck Bristow


What year will you make love to Evel Knievel?

Your favorite soda pop?

Rant (strong language included!)

What year will the Apes take over the planet?

Taxi.......(some days are just like that)

Minnesota Frog Found with 5 Legs, 23 Toes

What year will you realize L. Ron Hubbard is God?

Music on the INTERNET vs. the library

What year will you stop wearing Daisy Duke Shorts?

Hey Fargo ND/Moorhead MN area DUers... im about to join your ranks.

I got the SWEETEST laptop today!

Virgins, check in!

I am f***ing drunk and depressed beyond belief

On a very serious note

Rabbit and Bear In DC Area Sept 19--24

Cleland Out Mike Moore's Mike Moore

Top Stories AP - check this out

Letterman: "GWB Electrifying the youth of America"

Flashback: Bush over Gore 50/42 on October 8, 2000

What happened to the body count in Iraq?

A question about 527's and McCain-Feingold

Kerry not talking about the issues?

Kerry's excellent performance at the Philly Town Meeting

Time For An Objective Discussion About The Swift Boat Attacks

Why did Kerry say this?

Some RW blog put JK's "The New Soldier" online, and it's a good read!

What Has Nader Said About The Swift Boat Attacks...

Are you part of the polling universe?

And bush hit the magic 39%!

If you're feeling bummed out. Take a few minutes and check out these pics

Kerry can lose the debates!

Kerry can lose the debates!

Chris Matthews has been called to save the civilized world but..... you REALLY think we're "fighting terrorists"??? Hmmmm....

How can we win if the mainstream media never reports our position

Where is the list of 250+ "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth?"

Kerry and BCCI. If the voters want a tough guy,...

Is Berger still being investigated (freeper attacks me in print)

Dirty Tricks, Patrician Style (CBS News) (excellent!)

DANIEL RUTH (TampaTrib): Smear Effort Not The Most Swift Of Ideas

Booksellers Caught in Dustup Over Kerry Record

Moqtada al-Sadr: Islamic Revolutionary or Political Catalyst?

NYT: Lithwick: No smoking gun.

Libertarians defend Kerry

'They just won't let that war go' [vets rethinking bush support]

Don't leave veterans behind - Wesley Clark

NYT, pg1: Wounds Opened Anew As Vietnam Resurfaces

A Poet Worthy of Protest -- by Robert Pinsky

Please comment on my submission for unpaid editorial writer...

Washington Post: "Letting Israel Self-Destruct" (Op-Ed)

Feed back needed, please

Tina Brown on Dole: Old Warriors Giving Their Last, Worst Shot

When Bob Dole Said No

Unsettling Prediction (The Washington Note)

Holding the Pentagon Accountable: For Abu Ghraib

Mercury Rising (bush allowing too much mercury pollution)

Alterman: a taxonomy of positions on Vietnam

Dirty Tricks, Patrician Style-ancestral origin of Bush family gut fighting

When Bob Dole Said No - WPost

Brief article from local paper. Re: Swift Boat Veteran.

Wrong 'terrorists' nabbed

A ruinous trap of their own making - Iraq is now more dangerous to the US

Diebold Wines and Dines Election Officials........

Fun Quiz-The Thirteenth Hundred Days

Bush Plays Not To Lose...........

2 articles (Salon, Foreign Affairs)- Larry Diamond on Iraq policy failures

Who is Howard Lutnick

Republicans for Kerry. They are serious.

Tom Tomorrow

Vile, disgusting LTTE questioning Chaplain Yee's loyalty

'All US tech jobs will move out in a decade'

Media Bias Alert!

The better approach to war crimes trials

Bush Tries to Hide Poverty Numbers - The Daily Mislead

Bush, the working class hero

Abu Ghraib: Ordinary Folk or Human Aberrations?

Readers have strong feelings about economy

Denying Atrocities - From Vietnam to Fallujah

Fear and loathing in the globalized world

GU: It's the IQ, stupid

An 'October Surprise'? : Neocons have Iran in their sights

A Failed Presidency (great read)

Artists are Americans, too, You Jackasses

The Price of an Opinion (Patti Davis loses a job)

Swift-Boat-Veterans-for-the-Truth-GATE: The File (26 Aug. 2004)

The New Road to Serfdom by M.J. Parrish

Molly Ivins: Conservatives, Repent!

Jokesters now the go-to guys for U.S. candidates What Would Dukakis Do?

read this "new yorker" article and give up all hope

Sadly, Bod Dole tells Voters that if Kerry didn't Bleed...........

Delete the Bush Regime !!! Save America from Radical Right Terrorism !!!

Escape from New York Party Aug 30 in Hoboken

Fahrenheit 9/11 in every library

"Dropaganda" Flyer- If you're going to RNC please print this out & drop

Activists guide to chemical agents

March on the

First Successful Protest at RNC (Photos)

ALERT-NY cops have tv cams in their helmets taking pics of you going to

Impeach Rumsfeld from Charlie Rangel

Cheney to visit NIU

Help Kerry in swing states from your computer liberal echo chamber project

Be Part of a "Human Mural" to Protest the Republican Convention

Musicians Look: NYC Defends the Honor of Johnny Cash

HEADS UP re: NYC GATHERING: LynneSin is in the hospital

Bumpersticker Brigade: Great idea for activists!

KLSD San Diego? Get real!

THR: NBC Uni basks in Olympic glory ($ better than expected)

What, specifically, was a Temple Harlot?

my email to Nightline

NYC Protester's Legal Training on C-Span NOW!

Randi Rhodes hinted at a

ABC World News Tonight, not too shabby tonight

WTO Agrees to EU Request to Let Scientists Into Biotech Dispute With US

Why the tax cut is a sham

Snow:"We'd Give People Choices"(choose to be screwed to benefit the rich)

U.S. GDP Likely to be Revised Lower

Three recent articles on Peak Oil

Ford Expects Rules, Not Self, To Shift On Hybrid Issue - LAT

Study Shows 14 Years Of BS In Climate Change "Journalism"

Colombia's State Oil Company Proudly Trumpets Tiny Find - 15 MB (?!?)

The era of cheap oil is history, geologist warns

Groundwater Pumping Rapidly Draining Asian Reserves - Reuters

Locusts Swarm Italian Town Where "Passion" Was Filmed

Question about recycling

Ford Forced To 'Th!nk Twice' About Crushing Zero Emission Cars

Ecuador - Go Ahead, Drill For Oil In A National Park - Reuters

Cool Site....AirHead:The Emissions how do you score?

Rising Ocean Temperatures Affecting Plankton Cycles

After 4 years of nonsense, Bushies fess up: GHG might be bad for us.

GM Will Provide Hybrid Buses For GOP Convention - Pukepukepukepuke

Scientist Warns Of Climate-Controlling Tipping Points - BBC

Asia Farmers Sucking Continent Dry

Origin of life might be alien, research suggests

Vast New Energy Source Almost Here: Solar Hydrogen Fuel Dream

Iranian Nobel laureate's home broken into twice

Question about the attitude.

So What Are Gun Groups Up To Today?

GUNS IN THE NEWS--August 26, 2004

Effective crime control: $500 reward for information on gun crimes

yes, guns only have one use.

I've just heard CA legislature voted to ban .50 cals

Dispelling a Myth About Guns

H.R.2038/S.1431 total semi auto ban

Can we have nostamj's toon threads on the home page please.

I second pbl's request about Mari333.

Is the DU policy now to remove all posts by a banned poster?

I also second the request to do something for Mari.....thanks

Isn't there a link to the major media contact list?

is it against the copyright rules

Protest of Lurking Conservative Lock

Thanks for locking the lurking conservative thread. I am all for allowing

A question on how to deal with identity theft

Thanks to the mods.

Disappointed in the Lurking Conservative thread locking

Thank you for the local media blaster......

Skinner, can we get a NATIONAL media blaster? The local one is

Banner exchange

Kudos on your Local Media Blaster, and

Regarding DUers who are receiving harassing emails

If Kerry wins, can we have four days of sex threads? n/t

re: a DU gift to Mari333

Banned For Flip Flop Remark?

I'm going to second parts of what comsymp said re: lurker.

Why Was My Post Deleted?

Applying the Geneva Convention

Witnesses: IAF missile injures Jihad militant in Rafah

Investigators simulate WTC floor fire

Brady blasts Keyes' stand on gun control - calls him "insane"

Mason Dixon Poll: Castor 45, Deutch 31, Penelas 9

Hey, Orlando, can I help?

Arnold Lying About Vaction Time

Mary Bono opts out of Repugnant Convention

Bush drills towards California

Big Bear water board hopes rainmaker relieves drought

Iowans in the 2nd District - Dave Franker breaking news...

Kerry at the Great Minnesota Get Together (video)

At the Fair today,

Nader Signatures Tossed

Hamilton County Prosecutor (R) acknowledges extramarital affair

About Local Races?

The Hamilton County Prosecutor Sex Scandal, Part Deux - Lawyer files suit!

Swift Liar Corsi to be at Canton, OH Border's at 3 PM on Sat., Aug 28

Arlen's Appeal

Max Cleland in Pittsburgh Sunday 8-29 evening

Legal type question on a flyer for candidates.

Oy got blistahs on me fingahs!

Need info-WHAT can I put on a Voter Registration Table?

Anyone else hate the new primary ballots?

What's the best way to handle the sign form 180 meme?

I think the SBVFTs have False Memory Syndrome (implanted).

Good website

I think the SBVFTs have False Memory Syndrome (implanted).

Aren't you glad you're not them (lying, scummy Repukes)?

Up NEXT..."The Lion of the Left Coast"...

For left coasters...... Charlie Rose...... Good interview!

Need help. Re: Guard drug testing.

Mormon Church To Offer Tithe Cut For the Rich

Teens get training for conscientious objector status

Shiite liberation, another lie?

Should I Start Worrying; Vol 4

Holy shit -- is anyone watching CNN?

This morning I have come up with a great idea for energy conservation.

Boycott for Equality (Gay Rights)

Are we beginning to resemble the old Soviet Union more and more

Do you think Karl Rove has ever gotten laid? I pity the poor woman

C-SPAN Washington Journal on Abu Ghraib

13 killed, 75 wounded after US troops fire on Kufa demonstration

Don't Worry, We'll Be Fine

U.S. Prepares for Possible Flu Outbreak

Question about the attitude.

Can anyone hook me up with info on GOP revenge on Jeffords after he turned

Mark Marin is a good Radio host

I Need Some Gay People, Please.

Someday, artificial intelligence will reach the point where robots think.

The New Soldier

I hate the smell of Armagedon

Rumsfeld Stooge Larry "Curly Joe" DiRita on CSPAN, spinning torture at 8AM

My first column for the College paper, why you should vote Kerry...

Collected images from Iraq

C-span alert - Lawrence Korb on Washington Journal now.

here is the RW counter-protest agenda for NYC this wknd:

good morning du'ers!

527's and PAC's... tell me everything

Merrie Spaeth's history of campaign donations

Governor Bush: Halt Your Voter Intimidation

Rummy should resign & the President should take responsibility!

Mark Thatcher 'was planning Texas move'

So, Abu Ghraib Wasn't Due To A Rumsfeld Order, Huh?

NYC: Bloomberg bans anti-Bush rally.

I don't know which is worse...the GOP platform on gay marriage...

What color should she order for her burka?

Looking for comments on my LTTE

NYT frontpage on SBVT effect on Nam vets: "Will this wound ever go away?"

Happy Suffrage Day Ladies!

I heard CSPAN is going to have Kerry's 1971 interview on tonight...

Man lights self, van on fire upon news of sons death in Iraq.

The Hunting of the President 2: The Kerry Years

Huge Clock Depicting Cost Of Iraq War Unveiled In NY's Theater District

"Morning Edition" story regarding Missouri and the Economy

Feed back needed, please

"How Stands the Union?" (Historical Socratic Dialogue from Brad deLong)

"Steadfast, Disciplined Bush Unchanged by Presidency"

This book is the #3 bestseller on Amazon right now. Scary.

CNN has Bush-Kerry tied in Florida 44-44....but

Question for religious skeptics

"Mainstream" Myth - Where is this place?

Get Mad. Act Out. Re-Elect George bush

Latest revision to the Opening Day Schedule of the Republican Convention

A copy of my first column, tell me what you think...

15% of Democrats support Bush 4% Republicans support Kerry?????

Members of the Dead, Phish & Dave Mathews in TV ads: VOTE!

Father torches van after news of son's death

August is nearly over. What "New Product" is going to hit the US

ClearChannel promoting "Heterosexual Pride" parade

What Are "American Values"?

Laura Ingraham: Danny Glover should shut up and act

How does our invasion of Iraq

Yet another Arab scholar thrown out of the US

Poll: Most NYers support protests

Woman loses her brother and fiance in Iraq ONE DAY APART

A copy of my first column, tell me what you think

Danny Glover arrested

U.S. Forces need to withdraw from Najaf ...

did Tom Leykis actually speak at the DNC?

Would attack of Iran or N Korea by US require act of congress

What was the margin or error in Venezuela election?

Should I worry about the (allegedly) impending Global Flu Epidemic?

RW reply to Kerry/Cleland letter delivery.....check out this spin

MSNBC Poll-Should Bush have accepted Cleland's letter

Paperless Archives releases 17,361 pages of Bush documents

Unbelievable and so scary!

Mom accused of locking 7-year-old in car trunk

my response to a foreign citizen about Bush...

Another thing

"This is what we're up against."

Swift Yacht Vets for Bush

Stop the..

I am afraid of Freepers letting themselves be beaten in NYC

Hastert said NYC is greedy (really he did)

Freepers are crossing over re: suing the 527's

So was George McGovern a coward?

What's with AAR's streaming?

Blue Shirts on the Brown Shirts

you debunkers are great.. what about this one?

Why is Kerry & all the Dems for OK to buy drugs from Canada?

"Black Box Mortgages"?

They say "dance" and we dance.

Chief Judge Wm. Young opened his mouth: "judges are teachers"

Poll: How much do you know about Kerry's Positions

I saw a great bumper stick this afternoon.

need help- Re:OUTFOXED

hilarious anti-bush song (python)

W wants to bond with Bravest

Can torture ever be justified? What should be punishment for perpetrators?

does anyone have contact info for norman soloman?

Alice Cooper makes Politically Charged Statement

attention NY protesters: Please oh Please -

Al Franken tonight on Countdown---

Pleasure Boat Captains for truth

Are the "Swifties" engaged in class warfare?

What happened to Seymour Hersh and the abuse story...

Interesting stuff - Avg IQ, Avg Income, and who they voted for in 2000..

20 Iraqi oil pipelines sabotaged

36 million Americans now live in poverty.

The Phone in the Dryer

Good reasons to not trust mainstream media reporting in the Sudan!

CEOs that outsource are getting filthy rich!

So, caption Cheney, just how IS be being held up here?

Self delete


BBV: Solano county - Diebold OUT. (ES&S in)

Turning bush's corner; 2004 US dead higher than 2003

Ready for the next aggressive war? IRAN before November

Juan Cole on Lehrer News Hour tonight, talking Sistani-Sadr

Debunking help, please.

Michael Moore makes the cover of Rolling Stone

Report: 1.3 million more Americans in poverty

DU PROJECT! Help us collect emails for our NATIONAL media blaster!

Bush's Word of the Week: SHADOWY

OneThousandCoffins.Org !!! Do You All Know About Them?

Just heard a song about BUSH that you've got to hear.

Trying to debunk a statement attributed to Ted Rall

Once again Clinton was right

Given the complexity of politics, is ANYONE competent to vote?

Check this Bush discussion out.


Eagle Point vet who was there backs Kerry’s assertion.........

You guys wanted Kerry to start getting tough on Bush? it begins..(sort of)

Motion for IMPEACHMENT about to be filed against Tony Blair!

New Army Helmets May Be Unsuitable for Iraq

Does anyone have a link to Kerry's '71 testimony.

WTF? "The World's 100 Most Powerful Women " how is Laura more powerful

HoosiersForChange needs you!

Should be a GREAT "Real Time" tomorrow night

Wonder what they're smoking at the Reader's Digest?

YAY! I just talked to a republican from Texas who is voting for Kerry.

In what way do freepers think this war makes us free?

Olympics delayed for 4 min. while U.S. runners booed.

Ranks of Poor, Uninsured Rose in 2003, not much said about this

How are Air America's Ratings?

I have seen some stupid comments here today

Wow Randi Show clip Of Dems Speaking out that wasn't on T.V.

Meet your average Florida republican judge:

Randi warning protesters not to cause trouble at NYC convention.

Consistency in Bush's healtcare proposals (Mother Jones)

Letter to Colin Powell--I just sent this via the State Dept. website.

Isn't this a cute picture of "W" and Dick......wonder what Dick is up to?

Hillary Rodham Clinton makes the rounds for John Kerry this Sunday!

Dude - what the hell is up with this Randi caller?

Norm Coleman's (R-MN) wife almost bares all (bustier, stockings, garters)

What is the left-liberal equivolent to Newsmax ?

Saw Outfoxed today...

Please read some

2004 More Troops died in Iraq than 2003 and at Greater Rate

When Did Bush Jump-The-Shark?

Isn't the new smearbums for bush ad useless now that O'Neill

What if we start a group called "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth"

Wow! Check this out - Yahoo deleting posts about Blair impeachment.

Neo Fascists know they fucked up.

This is under the radar..ASSKKKROFT RAIDING MP3 SWAPPERS!

Hey! Crawford Coward! What's with the body armor?

will 1000th US serviceman/woman be killed during RNC next week???

Has any other President in history every kissed a Senator on the head?

I wonder how Arnold's sexual harassment investigation is going...

Jesse 'The idiot' Ventura won't vote for either candidate

We have practically taken over a GOP board!

How do you feel about partial birth, births?

Quick I need the "moran" pic

Hello John Kerry.

Juan Cole is supposed to be on PBS News Hour which is starting now

so my friend tells me he's voting for ralph nader, and i say to him...

Even the DUMBEST voter knows one thing: Kerry went, Bush deserted.

Kerry should just take the gloves off....

Bush just may have gave the Democrats a gift

An honest Republican

Who made Pat Buchanan a war expert?

Corporate America's Union......The Republican Party

Take a look! Awsome cover of this weeks Time Out NY!

New York Post's Gossip Column....(nuff said)

Danny Glover Arrested Protesting Slaughter in Sudan

OK. WE should start attacking Bush's* Purple Hearts and Silver Star!

Has anyone seen any estimates on how large the protests are going to be?

How will BushCo. spin the Sistani-Sadr pact?

BBV - Diebold Wines and Dines Elections Officials

question for African-American DUers

Administration report admits global warming...

More of Georges compassionate conservatism

This just in: Schlitz/Bud Veterans for Truth....

C-Span asking for call-ins...please call if you watched Kerry's testimony

dKos: 2004 Iraq deaths now exceed 2003 deaths

"The War Protests Prolonged the Vietnam War"

Kerry testimony on C-Span. This should be shown on networks!!!

Gays trying to kill our children

HUD is GIVING away 10 homes!!!! (Semi-serious Poverty thread)

LOL!Freeps in uproar- Ad w/General endorsing Kerry (former Bush Suuporter)

Disgraceful Treatment of our Troops

BBV: The downloading of the president '04

really good yet incredibly frustrating show

Credibility taking hits

Willie Nelson on AAR maj report talking abt T Keith + country music

New astroturf says: Try to ameliorate global warming and people'll DIE!

Kennedy Smith accused of Rape Again

What is Al Franken's plan?

Another Navy vet speaks out against Kerry.

Has anyone seen the site Take Back Our Faith???

Publisher of Swift Boat vets book to fund whites-only dating service

It's time for the MIKE MALLOY SHOW

DoS attack plan against DU for Convention? alt Forums out there?

McClosky on Hardball!

Breaking (on DU!!!): Bush Wears Medal He Didn't Earn

Is Air America streaming anywhere now?

Is THIS What We Are Dealing With ???

Why don't Kerry surrogates bring up Bush's fear of debates...

Howard Dean on McEnroe...Then Franken. (rerun?)

For Mari333 and all those who grieve

LDotters call for assigning a terrorist to Paul Krugman

Thursday Mike Malloy thread!

I don't think abortion should be used as birth control, either,

I think abortion should be used for my Martini!

Pardon yet another Iran H word crisis related message, but I wonder if

Proactive flip- flop refutation campaign: A Shrub List For Media

Know Anything About The Guardian Angels?

We seem to be in trouble

Now Drudge is running two hits against Bush

I think NYC businesses should jack-up their prices for visiting Repugs.

Nobody Watches Tweety & Keith 'cept Us (Cable Ratings)

my respone to a crazy freeper in my local paper

A great letter to the editor!

This is an absolute joke

New York should have gay weddings during the RNC

"Bring Them Home Now".

Some info about the city we are bombing today. Over half a million.

Blue states with Rep. Governors?

Kerry visits Minnesota State Fair (video)...

Potential Draftees, check in...

Help with TV show 'DALLAS' message board

Big jump in initial unemployment claims 343,000 lucky Americans

If there are fewer to support social security

CNN - Zahn had GI blowing whistle on Military Intelligence Re: Torturre

Dr Laura's son dropped out of Hillsboro U & is selling hookahs


Vote Rigging and media polls.

Cheapskate Cheneys rip off fruit stand owner in coal country PA

Pete McCloskey (R) on Tweety: Kicking *'s ASS & Supporting Kerry

Is there some kind of black armband thing for when the casualties hit 1000

Scrap Iron prices indicator of upcoming MAJOR war?

Violence @ the RNC

hahaha: Blair's Wife's Law Firm to Draw Up Blair Impeachment - no kidding

Bill Maher on with Tavis Smiley tonight (Thu)

Har! O'Really just compared the NYT with Man Coulter!!!!!

Charlie Rangel....RUMSFELD IMPEACHMENT!!! HR629

Julian Bond : "Jim Crow's New Party" & efforts to deter minority voters

BBV: Votergate...a new is the trailer...WOW!

Reduce Issue to simple black and white - repeat oversimplification

Big Dog is on The Daily Show

SON OF A BITCH! Look at this e-mail an old friend just sent me.

Catholic DUers, can you help? Know anything about

Tax averse ignorance

Govt. Recruiter called for my boys tonight

BBV: Validation of a recent Black Box Voting report...

Are you better off today than 4 years ago?

buddhist protest method - filling the chasm

Should we care about the "plight" of the rich?

BBV: On the matter of crooks and DU's Andy Stephenson's investigations

Hannity just said that he has video of Kerry burning down a village in

My encounter with the species Freepus Hypocritticus

ClearChannel promoting "Heterosexual Pride" parade

Bush breaks pledge to deliver five major speeches...

How Great is it that Planned Parenthood...

My 9/11 Timeline is coming out as a Harper Collins book in two weeks!

Arrrgghhh Baptists!

"Dean: Liberals in dire need of conviction" The Oregonian today.

How do you feel about Partial Birth Abortion?

I don't think abortion should be used as birth control.

Farenheit 911 - why does Moore focus only on Saudi Arabia

We must act to save those who are dying in DarFur.

Donna Brazille--Expert or Incompetent?

Mari333 | could DU do something, should we?

Oh, you'll love this post on the Yahoo boards.

When did the war on poverty turn into the war on the poor?

The C.I.A. & The Muslim BrotherhoodHow the CIA set the stage for Sept11

so i'm sitting in sociology today, and we're talking about prostitution.

Made in USA clothes and sneakers?

Machine to suck the Fascism from Madison Sq. Garden ^_^

Condolences to Mari333 | continue here please

For conspiracy theory buffs.

Tony's Impeachment

Minnesota Frog Found with 5 Legs, 23 Toes

Grief-Stricken Father Ignites Marine Van

Gates gives $400K to stem cell group

WaPo: A Failure in Leadership, All the Way Up the Ranks (p1)

Poverty, Health Insurance Stats Draw Fire

Vermont Democrats tricked into hitting on Bush Web site

Clock in Times Square Counts War Cost

Cheney visit draws 80 protesters

Excessive-force suit thrown out in Miami raid for Elian

Witness: Marines Hit Iraq Inmate Who Died

More Bush Connections to Smear Ads (another one officially connected)

CNN: People marching towards mosque fired on by snipers

Time Reporter Agrees to Deposition on CIA Leak

Guthrie Publisher Lets Cartoon Use Song

'Super-Earth' spotted in distant sky

Kerry urges Rumsfeld to quit over Iraq [invokes "the buck stops here"]

'They just won't let that war go' [vets rethinking bush support]

Casualties as mortar hits mosque

Charges reduced for Iraq jail MP

NYT, pg1: Wounds Opened Anew As Vietnam Resurfaces

BBC: Clean houses 'may trigger asthma'

Steadfast, disciplined, Bush sees himself as unchanged by presidency

Ex-Bush (Jeb) Aide Will Continue Consulting

Marine admits role in death of prisoner

Thatcher planned to leave home

Media protest after journalists seized

Democrats' Theme: Mission Not Accomplished

CNN: Bush calls McCain, asks for help in "court action" against 527s

Bush wants McCain to help "shut-down" 527 groups.

CNN- Kerry Critic (O'Neil) Told Nixon He Was in Cambodia

Sadly, Bod Dole tells Voters that if Kerry didn't Bleed...........

Iraq Declares Cease-Fire as Sistani Reaches Najaf

Jobless Claims Rise on Back of Hurricane

Saboteurs Attack About 20 Iraq Pipelines

Mortar Barrage Kills 27 in Kufa Mosque

US admits 'bounty hunter' contact

Chile's Supreme Court lifts Pinochet's immunity from prosecution

Sludgereport: RNC sends email containing personal info, social security #s

U.S. Uninsured, 45 million, Government Says


Ohio high in 2Q mass layoff ranking

New IE bug causes concern [drag-and-drop on webpage activates bug]

NYT: CIA Spurned Prison Rules, (Abu Ghraib) Report Says

Judge Denies Police, Fire Unions Protest Suit (NYC)

News Editorials Weigh in on Kerry Furor

Poll: Presidential Race Movement Limited

Data loss hits Russia crash probe

Bush re-election campaign rebuffs USOC

Ore. county resumes giving gay marriage license

One Billion People Still Drink Unsafe Water-UN

US Air Force deploying 1,000 flyers to Iraq from Germany

NYT: (Hastert's) Comments Anger NY Dems (9/11 "dollars and cents")

W wants to bond with Bravest (Watch Convention at Firehouse)

Speaker Urges Senate Dems to Stop Obstructing Measures to Help Uninsued

Jobless claims rise to 343,000

Kerry fights off attacks in swing states - Democrat edges ahead

Teresa Heinz Kerry campaigning in Ohio

Swift boat memories

Freudenthal looks into Bridger-Teton drilling plan

Trial Begins in Challenge To Electronic Voting Machines

Judge stops partial-birth abortion law

Bush Calls McCain About Anti-Kerry Ads : read this!!!!!!!!!!

Bush, McCain Discuss Ads by Outside Groups

Prosecutors: British Elite Funded Coup Try - AP

Yemeni poet accused of crafting terrorist propaganda asks to represent him

Activists pursue measures to insure Florida blacks vote

Republican Who Opposes War Backs Bush (Jimmy Duncan, TN)

Bush Recruits Giuliani For Help On Campaign Trail

Bush offers court fight against 'soft money'

N.J. Governor: Apology would suffice

Judge Stops Partial-Birth Abortion Ban (Bush loses law - gains issue)

Fierce Violence as al-Sistani Arrives in Najaf

British Lawmaker Calls for Blair's Impeachment

Oops, dupe

Second Successful Protest at RNC (photos)

Naked Protesters on 33rd and 8th (NYC)

First Successful Protest at RNC (Photos)

A ruinous trap of their own making - Iraq is now more dangerous to the US

Bush Team Rejects Call to Pull Olympic TV Ad (again)

Distraught father of Marine killed in Iraq burns van, self

GOP to Millions of Families: You're Not Invited to Our Party; PFLAG

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 26 August

USOC asks Bush campaign to pull television ad

Court upholds government worker tracking

Helmet cams will eye GOP confab

Child Poverty risen for third year in a row.

Chile court strips Pinochet of immunity

Minor league announcer has N.J. governor's backing

Chile Ex-Dictator Pinochet Stripped of Immunity by Chile Court

Regional campaign chairman's affair could hurt Bush (Ohio)

Wolf Blitzer Poll DU Now

"Super Earth" found circling nearby star

Investors sue Citigroup for Enron-related transactions

Kidnapped Italian Journalist Said Killed

Thousands of Shiites end Najaf siege

Breaking - CBS RADIO - Robert Lambert breaks silence, corroborates Kerry!

Bush Edges Ahead of Kerry for the 1st Time [LA Times, statistical tie]

NEW details of Thatcher coup plot: London Evening Standard

Russian Flight Recorders Reveal Little

Explosion in Ellis County Texas

US Poverty Increases for Third Year in a Row; Census Bureau Data Shows

Report: Government Keeping More Secrets if we didn't know

Newsweek confirms Swift Boat Scumbags LIED about Kerry's Rassman rescue Issues Demand to RNC Chairman - Please 'Let Nader Speak

john kerry 1971 senate hearings on c-span at 8pm EDT

Judge rapped for copying lawyer's opinion - Lazy Bush appointee.

Tyngsboro Marine loses leg, not spirit

GOP Delegates Open to VP Other Than Cheney

Delegate Survey: Powell, Giuliani Among Top Potential Veep Choices if Che

Republicans for Kerry (launched a new group today -Oregon)

Electronic voting still barred in San Joaquin County, CA

"I was abused by soldiers": Hicks (Guantanamo Bay)

NBC/WSJ poll unchanged since Reagan death)President/Kerry still deadlocked

New Army Helmets May Be Unsuitable for Iraq

Protesters may gather in Central Park despite judge's rejection

Lawyer: Ex-McGreevey Aide Wants Apology

Talk show host Tom Leykis kicked in the head in Seattle

Publisher of Swift Boat vets book to fund whites-only dating service

Flu vaccine found tainted in factory, shipments delayed

US admits 'bounty hunter' contact

GM Trade War Outcome Delayed - Bush Fails to Win GM Case Before Election

Dangerous liaisons

Deborah Norville Stands Tall: Kerry Service Record

Equatorial Guinea wants Thatcher extradited

Government to take over airline screening

'Conclude Enquiry on $180m LNG Scandal'

Italian journalist held hostage in Iraq executed, Al-Jazeera says

Daily Star,Lebanon-Kerry Victory Would Mark Return ...New WMW


Thatcher visits Richmond

Wife of N. Korean Leader Reported Dead (WP)

Top Russian Official: Plane Terror Likely

Judge Rejects "Partial-Birth" Abortion Ban

Britain's air force to join gay pride festival

Bush: 'I am not going to come in second'

hahaha: Blair's Wife's Law Firm to Draw Up Blair Impeachment - no kidding

USA Women's Soccer Team Grabs The Gold

Iraq Oil Exports Cut in Half After Attack

Global firms reap US telecom harvest

White House prepares executive orders on intel reform

Debate on Kerry's Military Record Rages

Swiftboat Crewman: Kerry Boat Under Fire

New Poll--Bush Support Among Arab Americans Tumbles (14% Nader)

Anti-Bush NY Protests Could Spark Confrontation

Houston Police Find Mislabeled Evidence From 8,000 Cases

Bush Orders New 'Cooperative' Environmental Policy

Bush, Kerry Remain Tied After Veterans' Attack Ads

GOP hardens stand against gay marriage

Texas leads in percentage of uninsured

Bush asking Congress for $2 billion in Hurricane Charley aid

Arrow anti-ballistic missile test fails

Reuters: "Revenge Really Is Sweet, Study Shows"

Kerry Campaign Says 'Just Ask A Woman'; Launches Women for Kerry ..

Bush Dismisses Idea That Kerry Lied on Vietnam

Australian missile plan raises fears

Bush, Kerry Bow to McCain's Wishes on Ads

Critics of prosecutor in ad go to state bar (Oregonian)

NYC, UPJ agree on new rally site and march route

Bush Twins Preen for Convention Spotlight

Poll: Protesters should be allowed(CNN 71% yes)

Earth-like planet discovered 50 light-years away

New York Awaits Republicans With Reluctance and Unease NYT

U.S. GDP Likely to be Revised Lower

CNN Breaking Peace deal agreed at Najaf between Al Sadr and Sistani

Kerry to take down McCain ad

Edwards Has Harsh Words for Bush, Cheney

Calif. to Vote on $3B Stem Cell Project (sidestep bush)

Democrats Rely on Non- Religious Voters

Canadian MP calls U.S. 'idiots'

Swift Boat Author Addresses Contradiction

Grieving Dad Won't Face Charges( for torching Marine van)

Chile strips Pinochet of immunity

Bush admits Iraq 'miscalculations'

Calif. pharmacies sue drug makers, alleging price fixing

MoveOn to Bush, Party: Disavow Minority Voter Suppression

Voting groups step up assistance programs (Intimidate, go to jail)

Ranks of Poverty, Uninsured Rose in 2003

Veterans Favor Bush, Poll Shows (WP)

Thatcher case twist as list of alleged coup backers vanishes

What year will Gothic_Sponge stop doing drugs?

Were baseball games always this bad?

Can I just say I love Eric Idle?

Low-budget movies that became successful (or at least well-known)?

Bob Dole looks like Skelator from the 1980s HeMan cartoons

TEAM AMERICA: WORLD POLICE (From the Creators of 'South Park')

I got a new computer today and I'm getting a new computer tomorrow

I miss Friends.

Marco!....Scutaro: A's win again!

A thing in common with a great president and a soon to be one...

I miss "We Got it Maid"

I Just Saw The Movie "Wonderland"

Ive officially had enough of the Olympics

Rate the person above you as a politician

I'm stoned, ask me anything!

Another Old- Timer thread: Who were:

I just realized this

Do a google image search and post a picture here

I'm preparing to leave for my surgery. Wish me luck!

Do you lose your star if you don't donate again? n/t

Rodney Dangerfield undergoes heart surgery

I miss "Manimal"

DUers who know Mari, please start a thread -- how can we help?

little lark... (or re: a certain former member), a vanity post.

What is the general consensus regarding unscientific polls?

Judge Andrew Napolitano

Back to school today....

Hooters Manager Who Filmed Applicants Jailed

stretching the bounds of reality again

NEWSFLASH!!! Aug 29th Meeting Point for NYC Rally has been determined

Politicians on tour....

Does anybody know what town or City Mari333 lives in?

Republicans Don't Want To See "Naked Boys Singing"

I wish I could be as clever, smart and funny as the rest of you.

Blus Screen of Death in Times Square

Woman Found Packed In Box At Airport

Montana College Student Arrested for Pooping Too Big.

I just love this guy - even more than the purple hippo

Favorite type of rock?

International Rolling Stones Fan Day - Belgium, October 9, 2004

Koozies Beware - New Beer Bottle Is Insulated

NYC- CSpan has been moved to channel 70

Inventor Claims To Have Made Vehicle With Engine That Runs On Air

What is Rabrrrrrr?

What Song Would You Like To Perform In The Nude

Oh Mama is this really the end . . .

Amend the 19th Amendment

attack of the alien spiders

Look at these wild eyed Craaaaaaazy demonstrators

I-pods have musical preferences - NY Times

good morning du'ers!

The Banana Split is 100 years old!!!


Op Ed: "All Olympic Athletes Should Compete Naked & Slathered In Olive Oil

Oh Mama, I'm in fear for my life from the long arm of the law....

"You think I'm Psycho, dontcha Mama?"

The Great Time Zone Debate - WHICH Time Zone Is KING!

Crap... there's no joy in DUville tonight...

Ordered a Cd from - Best.Confirmation.Email.Ever

enjoyed Kerry on the daily show

Check out my "war record" cartoon

Gay southerners-The "Drag Flag"? Pink Dixie flag with sparkles and fur.

Does anybody know where I can find a good free download of emacs?

Has anyone else noticed this about some of the Olympic venues?

German Government To Auction Off Nazi Holiday Camp

"Sorcerer" Kills 10 People - Sells Bodies For Cremation

Here's a song parody for all you Republican paranoids

Does anyone have a photo of JONATHAN BUSH, Rigg's CEO?

which game shouLd i go to?

any george but this george.

I watched "Half Baked" last night(First time watching it stoned)

Tonight's my first Young Democrats meeting.

Burning Man - who's going?


Judge Insults Unwed Mother - Calls Her A Tramp, Child A "Bastard"

Are you ready for soon-to-be Hurricane Frances?

Beast Man's College Memories: the "Black Diamond" Story

I can no longer lust after Shannon Doherty!

Who ever said that dreams are mere figments of reality is full of shit

Songs with a specific sense of place.

Vincent Gallo on Howard Stern this morning...

Man, I sound HOT!!

Anthony Hopkins to play Hemingway in Aussie film

I can no longer lust after LynneSin!

What is this?

Well, I ride on a mailtrain, baby,

Rate this photo: "Shut It Down" (Rethug Convention) Web Site

Daily Show - I Missed Chinless Ed...

"I'm going back to New York City....

Avoiding Olympics Results = Exhausting

US Olympics Basketball (spoilers inside)

Did anyone hear about a gold medal controversy (gymnastics)?

How do you like your carrots?

'Virtual Girlfriend' Demands Gifts


What kind of a channel is Newsworld International?

Jon Stewart is a THIEF!!!!

Read my sig, then go read the book.

Linux doesn't exist!

Any Warren Beatty Fans?

I can no longer lust after Brad Daugherty!*

A computer tells you when it's safe to have unprotected sex

Favorite Peter Blegvad song

Photoshop question/challenge

Help me decide what to have for lunch.

Olympics: Are the USA and China stuck at 25 & 24 golds for, like, forever?

There was a girl just now in my class with a bunch of hickeys..

Babycakes - the world's toughest cat

Where do you get your foods from?

Grits, Cream of Wheat, and Malt 'o Meal: What's the difference?

Where do you get your news from?

The Macarena of all CAPTIONS

A couple of Morans

CAPTION the man behind the curtain revealed

I got my - - - - caught in my fly in the coolest way!

Toronto Star article about the Daily Show -- brilliant.

35 Posts away from 3000!

Wher do you get your nodes from ?

I just tried to delete a thread

Which is the one true faith?

I killed a fly in the coolest way!

Where do you get your nudes from?

Wow, do I need a goddamned DU break

First look at Jennifer Garner in ELEKTRA

i just gave $5 to a DNC voLunteer

Any spouses/partners of emotional/sexual abuse survivors on board?


Caption the Incredible Brain Power of George W. Bush!

I wanna be the towel girl for the Greek volleyball team!

Favorite type of cock?

I am SO DOING Hedges

Utah Man Buys Up Domain Names in Bush Push

Favorite Jandek song?

I am SO Chasing Amy work is a drag today, Let's all sing some Rundgren

Voter Outreach - Absentee, EXPAT, Register

"Linux doesn't actually exist."

Here ya go suffering Phin fans

Hey, my new mailman looks like GOPisEvil!

There's an old saying in Tennesee....

Suggest names for baby alligators!

WTF is wrong with AAR?????????

anyone here have insights into the federal job application process?

He's saluting without the dog, but he still salutes like an idiot

"Naked Boys Singing" Officially Disapproved of by GOP

Computer Geeks: Question

If you are down, just spin the drug wheel!

Late Night Hosts Do Bush

Hometown (Hempstead) T-Shirt Causes Problems for Gwinnett Student

Herbal tea

Linus doesn't actually exist!

Mmm! Peanut Butter & HONEY Sandwich!

USA's Michael Phelps is such a LOSER!

Where's Busy Bee! You go and get it! Go get it now! RUN!

What IM client do you use most?

Republicans not voting for Britney Spears

More conservative brand idiocy

Proof of Bush missing Texas Ntl. Guard on DU front page!!

he's aLways gonna be the unpresident

What kid shows do you remember form the 60's ?


What is your destiny?

I'm babysitting my friend's 7-year old

Cops Want To Cut Down Tree To Stop Drugs, Prostitution

Help me come up with meaningless elected offices for DU.

Cornell '77 - Scarlet Fire!!!!!!

Ghost in the Shell 2 Trailer!

Best Dunker of all time?

any ohio area DUers into Von Bondies or Auf der maur?

arwalden made me have a nightmare last night.

Goodness! MORE gymnastics judging snafus! (Spoiler inside)

Hayo Miyazaki's latest film is done! Howl's Moving Castle

Mom Accused: Locked 7 Year Old In Trunk While She Partied

sittin here in the gulag-jammin to The Other Ones

500th post. Thanks to everyone!

New 'toon - I'm on a roll

Anyone remember Marshall Hall?

$1,500+ is what it will cost to fix my $2,700 car

Wanna create a conspiracy? It's the BUSH CONSPIRACY GENERATOR!!

Favorite "All in the Family" character?

got a question about wine/cognac

Black Sabbath's "Sabotage": the cure for all that ails you!

The results of my interview

Not to worry - Only two more victories for US men's basketball gold

Remember Crispy Critters?


(all together now) WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

ESPN Article On Hatred Of USA Olympic Basketball Team....

Is it nice to call Lyndee England ugly?

Anyone seen the film "Maria Full of Grace"?

Is Bay Buchannan Ill? She's Not Looking Well At All.

What's your DU user name euphemism?

Bush finds the culprit......the October Surprise?

Say it with me now, awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!

Anyone Else Watching the US women's soccer game? (spoilers)

Basketball fans: Your favorite DUNK of all time?

Yuppie disgust Thread: Why Wont Women Identify as Feminists?????????????

I am SO chasing Hedges.

Four more days of school then internship at the hospital.

Old DU'ers what happened to "Short Bus"?? havent seen a post from

Am I an idiot?

American imposter runs up EUR 40,000 in Berlin hotel bills

Got My MS Clinicals Results This Morning!

Finally...Mischief is just about ringworm free.

Which BSD?

Joke - February 2005

I've been remiss with CAPTIONS!!! Forgive me.

Bush caught in hypocriscy. He defended 527's in 2000.

Ok, what comic strip characters are strange attractors?

DU PROJECT! Help us collect emails for our NATIONAL media blaster!

Driving her car

What sports teams do you f*cking hate?

Need a favor: please help me keep a post kicked.

CUBS WIN! And are still 100 games behind the Cards, but hey.


emacs or vi?

Need help: I have cool sheet of free stickers to share but

I'm starting to hate people - this fucking job

Squirrel Blamed for Outage, Traffic Jam

My Olympic complaint

Funny Bush T-shirt

Just got this sick story from my wife w/this commentary:

Do the Lynndie!

Which breakfast cereal mascot are you strangely atttracted to

When is it "me" night at your place ?

What weapon should I buy to go postal with?

A few witches burning gets a little toasty here ....

Question for Folks Who've Bought a Used Car from a Dealer

Upgrading from Firefox 0.8 to 0.9 - Worth it or no?

"Jabba the Hut" took off his coat, and he wasn't wearing any pants!

Obama should be president. That's why cool people vote for Bush.

My new bride, former GOP, just registered DEM!

Well today I ran into my Republican friend from Boston today (great story)


AOL Now Reachable by Desktop Linux Users

Why do textbooks cost so much?

"Only white people charge their kids rent"

How's this for a real scumball, and an even scummier lawyer?


Is McCain W's Luca Brasi or What?

Breaking! Keyes WILL speak at the RNC

Exploding seltzer bottle: update #3.

I'm 50 away from 1000. ooops, now 49, no 48

You know what?

Do you think I Hate Men?

Is DU a political activist site or just an emotional catharsis?

The RCMP just called to tell me my credit card had been skimmed.

Ok, what comic strip characters are you strangely attracted to?

Best Feature Length Ken Burns Documentary?

You and your SO, did it happen fast or slow?

Favorite way to enjoy marshmallows

If there was a DU forum etiquette guide...

I Replaced My Bees-Wax Toilet Ring Today !!! Wanna SHAKE MY HAND??

More office fun today - co-worker freaks on x-hubby

Ha! Finally, a pic of the elusive Mrs. GTRMAN

My physical therapist is trying to kill me.

Anybody seen VolcanoJen lately?

As I grow in age, I value older women

Would you date a hot homeless liberal, or a hot wealthy rethug?

What is alternative link for Air America??

Do you think Karl Rove has ever gotten laid? I pity the poor woman

So what will * diagnose me with?

"Date rape" drug targets males

How can I re-energize my love of my work?

All the political BS....

NYC area cat fanciers

Watch the trailer for this year's Best Picture Oscar winner.

DU women! Raise a glass to the 84th birthday of the 19th Amendment!

Best Ken Burns Multipart Documentary?


Do you think I Hate Cheese?

'Ghettoboy' thinks ....BUSH SUCKS or did you know that?

3000 Posts! Wheeee!

NOW Graham Coxon - Freakin' Out

DUers, get naked for the cause.


Wild Bush twins on ET tonight!

A Rifleman's Prayer

I want to explore bluegrass music. Where should I start?

anyone heard anthems besides the US's in the games?

Need feedback on these new Bumper Stickers!!!

What DVDs would you buy RIGHT NOW if you had the money??

Where is the post on surfermaws daughter..

does the DU lounge do IRC?

The Drill Instructor Creed

Where can I get some SWEEEEEEET anti-Bush* shirts?

Why does my computer turn itself off?

Hallelujah! I'm outta the 700 club

When Did The US Military Switch From Serial Numbers To SSN's??

Sax great Noble (Thin Man) Watts has passed away.

Best college football rivalry?

1969: All CCR, all the time!

I just got even with a telemarketer.

Goddammit! Another Navy vet just spoke out against John Kerry.

I'm going to the Sparks (Reno) BBQ Cook-Off on Labor Day weekend

Does Anyone Else Remember "Bonomo Turkish Taffy"??

No nerf control for my balls

"Live Maine Lobster"

i don't think pictures of nancy reagan should be used for birth control

Ghetto_Boy, can you please kick some of my posts while

I want to go on record as saying that all the DU teasers SUCK!

New Faux News theme....

Kids love me because I stay crispy in milk.

Airplane's Cabin Door Blows Open At 500 Feet

The Repuke Anthem - Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition

Another song for the scientists in out group.

I finally heard a new bush joke: Bush Speech

People who come to Kerry meetups are...

Share with me please your favorite DAVID BOWIE number

That's it - no more Jude Law movies

Move On Concerts, anyone going

Is there a thread to coordinate sending something to Mari?

I don't think sex should be used as birth control.

How do freepers perform oral sex?

Taekwondo team wins two gold medals - TW

Psssst...I just posted something in Ask The Administrators.

I'm glad that I'm not soluble.

If * wins in november, what will you do?

Broken leashes all over the floor, keys left hanging in a swinging door


Get yer buts outta da lounge and help out!

Steelers v Philly on one channel and "The Longest Day" on another.

Pronounce "Chocolate"

After a long, frustrating day watching the political rollercoaster...

Who's More Dizzy?

Anyone else find it strange to see this job on the net?

Well, I've officially sold out

DU movie recommendations: what should I go rent RIGHT NOW

Kennedy Smith accused of Rape Again

I was dumbfounded today at Wal-Mart.

How do freepers play Russian Roulette?

USA Women's Soccer Team Grabs The Gold

Are there any books you feel guilty about liking?

Should People Be Allowed To Marry Animals?

Anybody ever use a 14.4 modem?

I officially survived to adulthood

What are you listening to?

My 4,000th post! I have nothing snappy to say!!!

ZombyPoll # $5.83: Should My Yak Get An Abortion?

Desperately need your help!

Why landlords grow old so quickly: Chapter 43.

What can we do for Mari333?

"Damnit, Jim, I'm a Doctor, not a . . ."

Ray Taliaferro appreciation thread

Favorite Led Zep tune (kudos LynneSin)

If you're looking to build a PC in the near future, give the asus

do you have a "land line" telephone? Pollsters don't call cel phones

WOO-HOO! DU Fantasy Football Free-for-All Smackdown!

What weird celeb did you have a crush on as a kid?

Have you guys seen this?

I don't think estrogen should be used for birth control...

I don't think condoms should be used for birth control..

What's the oldest thing in your fridge?

Another song for the scientists in out group.

OMG! I went out to dinner in the Bronx

Will you marinara me?

Palm Pilot Question -

Let us now praise chocolate...

Who Is Your Favorite Dead Singer?

anybody know the song on that touareg commercial?

Help with music from couple of commercials

Brazen Hussies, check in...

Best Grateful Dead song

a couple of Shrub chuckles for my old DU friends


Pet owners I have a few questions...

Britney Spears - "A dildo"

I'm Gonna Scream If I Hear Bush* Mispronounce "Message" Again

What musician would you like to be a groupie for?

four years ago, you you are...

Favorite type of Pussy?

I just ate a 4 year old Maraschino cherry. Ask me anything!

College students! What do you hate most about your...

HEADS UP re: NYC GATHERING: LynneSin is in the hospital

Who is the best Singer Songwriter living or dead?

Solve This ZombyWoof Brain-Teaser!

Swift Yacht Vets for Bush

Poetry thread

Ok If you could run away from your current life or existence

I just got confused with a Catholic Priest by a fellow DUer

Video game characters you find strangely desirable...

So why haven't you been kicked off of DU yet?

Cheney fails ideological purity test!!! (And freepers ain't happy!)

Concrete Blonde at Seattle's Showbox last night! Awesome!

With condolences to Mari333, this is a thread-based moment of silence

Question for religious skeptics


I can't take the Olympics as seriously as I used to

I think the SBVFTs have False Memory Syndrome (implanted).

And yet more proof that bushCartel & the RWWs are total idiots

What happened to the "outlaw overtime" law and discussion about it ?

Checkout what has on their main page.

DemocratSinceBirth Reports From Hell

Can someone give me complete scoopage on Paris, 1971?

Some Virginia group is running negative ads against Ken Salazar in CO...

I just donated to my US Senate candidate, please meet her:

Naturally, Bush and Repubs would like to outlaw the present 527 setup...

Veteran Navy Seals for Dignity Demand Higher Wombat Pay


When is the Progressive movement going to SERIOUSLY...

I think the SBVFTs have False Memory Syndrome (implanted).

Mortar blast inside Baghdad government compound

Poland & Italy say buh bye and that is BAD news

Yahoo changes Swift Boat headline to defend O'Neill!

And things just get worse in Iraq; 60 journalists rounded up, Najaf

Anti-Kerry Veterans Tied to Texas GOP & Bush adviser

Coming up 10:17AM. Jon Stewart interview with the hapless Ed Gillespie!

Kerry-Edwards PR - Fact Sheet, Hand-In-Glove is Bush-Cheney-SBVT

Hey, it's August 26th, do you know where your pResident is?

Voter Registration in Luzerne County PA

Eerie Parallels in Attacks on Kerry, McCain - GREAT!!!

Max to be on CNN American Morning shortly

Group Says It Will Not Use Highway for Protest

Mosque hit, 27 dead 60 wounded/8 pipelines/Italy says bye/Blair impeach?

The psychologist at Fox diagnosing JK may be the first shot at a new smear

What do my fellow DU'er think about the actions yesterday?

SWTlawyers can have multiple clients"the issue here is one of deception,''

Federal Review Composite: Kerry 316, Bush 222 (8-25-04)

here is the RW counter-protest agenda for NYC this wknd:

No wonder McCain is traveling with Bush*

about the 527's on our side

General Wes Clark says with George Bush, "talk is cheap" for veterans

"Machine Gun Keyes" endorsed by (not-so) Iron Mike!

527's and PAC's... tell me everything

Merrie Spaeth and Her PI Wrote the SBVT Frauds statements AND

Merrie Spaeth's history of campaign donations

New SBV ad refuted by Toledo Pulitzer winners!

Should John Kerry Denounce ALL 527's?

Molotov cocktails, flying bricks, gas soaked teddy bears, all at the RNC

C-SPAN replaying Kerry testimony from 1971 Vietnam War hearing

Bush & Arnold seek to EXPLOIT NYFD during convention, sickening!

Buck Bush Now.

Group action - is it really the best way?

Palast: RNC delegates to be attacked with mice, pipes and AIDS

Vietnam vets and their role this election

Proposed Pittsburgh regionalism Shout Out against Bush

Well, at least they're consistant...

Today's Craft Project: DIY Campaign Button

Do you really believe that Bush will draw more dems than he did last time?

Is Kerry holding back criticism in order to pull

Have we talked about these Axis of Eve (underwear) protestors to RNC?

"Now, how many of Bush's combat medals were deserved?"

Bill O'Reilly Actually Made Sense to me last night

Election 2004: Attitudes Drive Policies

Nearly 36 Million Americans Living in Poverty

ABC's The Note ignores O'Neill's Cambodia lie for a second day

searching for mopaul .....

OMFG FAUX & FRIENDS has a psychologist diagsnosing what's wrong with Kerry

Don't Worry, We'll Be Fine

Local Media Blaster Rocks! (Email advice offered)

Gen. Claudia Kennedy (retired) on Lynn Cullen now

CNN mentions the new "McCain Ad", but will not show it.

What's Kerry's next move against Bush re: SBVT?

Bush Leads Kerry 49% to 46% in Poll by Los Angeles Times

What can be the explanation for Bush pulling ahead of Kerry?


New battleground poll Kerry leads 49-47

Bush lawyer quits(reading TV ad scripts/strategy advise/sitting in meeting

Moveon and Hitler Ad....

Rove admits to running polls for the campaign from the WH!

New Battleground Poll: Most Important Finding, 54% Wrong track, 39% Right

LA Times Poll: Here is evidence SWB ad's haven't impacted

For all those gripped with fear over the LA times poll

Huge Clock Showing Cost of Iraq War Unveiled in New York's Theater Distric

Minnesota GOP Has Illegal Ties To Swift Boat Veteran for Truth

McCain to work with Bush to get rid of these "shadowy" ads....

I just sent off an e-mail to the none-too-Swift Boat Liars!

Who are these "Shadowy", "So-Called" 527 Groups?

It's All About Intensity, According to Battleground Poll

what's media's excuse for not playing Nixon-O'Neill tape?

My theory: Olympics helping Bush, too

Large Banner on Plaza Hotel in NY

Dem pundits should say Bush will be up 10-15 points after convention

When the 1000 US Solider Dies

Sign UP to Pledge Your Vote

Kerry pissed a lot of military people off in

Revisionist history and Vietnam

John Kerry calls Shrubya out...

Is the LA Times Poll Right??

We won't lie about you if you don't tell the truth about us

Someone PLEASE provide media contact list and CNN's number

While you watch America's State run media

Another SBVT Vet Says He Has No Proof for Claiming Kerry Lied

Kerry Live on MPR now!

What Happened to the Issues, Like Homeland Defense?

Swift Liar Corsi to be at Canton, OH Border's at 3 PM on Sat., Aug 28

Protest flyer from my friend

Three Words: The. Supreme. Court.

My republican veteran friend is voting for Kerry!

VERRRY Interesting!!!!!!!! CNN/Bush/Kerry ad

CNN has Bush-Kerry tied in Florida 44-44....but

Great local story regarding Smearvets from Michigan

Bush moves ahead of Kerry in Florida

Talking point: Why should Kerry denounce 527s?

Cheney shows compassion to campaign questioner

Battleground Poll out (Kerry by 44/43)

Basketball coaches and players organize for Kerry

Local Repubs Are Justifying Bush's Use of Olympics in Ads

Presidential Race Movement Limited

Deleted message

Why are folks going nuts over the LA Times poll?

I got someone to register to vote today!

O'Neil responsed

Why Am I Seeing John Kerry Ads?

Kerry's campaign has Bush pissed off....

15% of Democrats support Bush 4% Republicans support Kerry?????

Kerry to take down ad featuring McCain

Here's a poll to DU: Kerry 43 Bush 55...

A key point in Battleground 2004 poll: We must energize Base!!

Guy who turned back on Kerry at VFW tells Hannity he knew of "atrocity"


McCain is a total cockbag. No link.

Polling methodology experts: Poke holes in this speculation

Since Bush wants the truth - Let's Expose All if It

a lurking conservative has some questions....

I have a question about John E. O'Neill of SBVFT notoriety and


"What do you do to stop a Karl Rove?" (Brilliant must-read from Pandagon)

Reference: Timeline of Kerry's military service

~sigh~ Here's for that lurking conservative, a thoughtful note I

Anybody want to make any CNN/Gallup Poll predictions?

Conservative veteran says Kerry's 71 testimony true.

Why I think we're in great shape to win this thing

How Dole got his first purple heart.... by Ridgeway, Village Voice link.

Here's some Ugly coming to us on the "I have a dream" anniversary

Kay guys can someone fill me in on Walts info

Why is the swiftvets site disappearing?

Do some vets think we should have continued the Vietnam war indefinitely?

Just saw news clip of Kerry here in MN today. Pointed out Bush's flip

O'Neill On-line NOW: "A lot of good information"

They Question Democrats/Liberals Patriotism

The Britt Hume-Karl Rove Transcripts: Rove wouldn't lie...would he?

Subtle headline: "Responding to McCain, Bush Plans Legal Action on Ads"

RW reply to Kerry/Cleland letter delivery.....check out this spin

We need to get past this swift boat crap NOW and move the hell on

Why don't they ever show the crowds at Shrubya's stumps?

Anyone have numbers of protestors at DNC?

Pig Farmers For Truth

Bush asks McCain to help block 527s

Yahoo headline labels O'Neill a liar! Please give the story a 5.

The owners of the Swiftboat site helped McCain's camp in 2000

Kerry Challenges Bush to Weekly Debates /bush declines

Freepers are crossing over re: suing the 527's

Yet, another opinion about polls.

Unbelievable and so scary!

Family Research Council Pissed At Cheney

MoveOn is also a PAC and can still run the same kinds of ads

A bar graph that neither the GOP or Nader wants you to see...

Anybody On This Site Could Do Carlos Watson's Job And Do It Better

Watch out for Trolls.....lots of them posting today.

isn't tom oliphant on al today??? nt

Issues Kerry should be pushing DAILY: Draft, Iraq, Energy, Stem Cells

Anyone know why Kerry crewmate Steve Garner hates Kerry?

Some New York City webcams

My dad: "AOL: Bush has electoral vote by a landslide." WTF?

Deleted message

Bush is better than Nixon at smearing his opponents...

Swift Yacht Vets for Bush

Question about Kerry interview on Daily Show...

Ban 527? Swift Liars will just be reborn as a PAC, they aren't going away!


AP runs sickening O'Neill ass kiss article, with a Democrat defending him!

A note from Mary Beth Cahill..

Kerry leads Fox Poll: Kerry 44, Bush* 43 (Likely voters, Aug 24 & 25)

I have some questions about why Bush looks like an uneducated monkey

NEW FOX POll, Kerry still leads 44-43

LOL Chicago Tribune: Keyes turns down role at convention

Another vet witness debunking SBVT lies, as if we need another

Bush's byotch McCain upset by his own words.

barf - * is in Las Cruces, NM today

you debunkers are great.. what about this one?

Help with some distinction in this (Fay Abu Ghraib Report)

George Bush Has Made The Middle East Safe For Theocracy....

Ditka endorses Alan Keyes, Keyes is a Mancow fan--LOL

What kind of ads have to stop on September 2nd?

Help build Swift Boat Vet file . . . so DU will have viable reference.

Every time I hear a Repug talking head lying....

STOP John O'neil, here's how

Everyone going to NYC for the RNC, remember...

Contact Kerry campaign over your digust of ad removal!

PROOF that the Smear Boat guys are from the Bush* campaign.

Sticker and Buttons came in the mail today!

Good to keep your eye on the big picture...

CNN reporting that 56% blame B* for ads

Republicans file lawsuit to get Nader on Michigan ballot ~AP - 8/25/2004

Gallup -People think Bush is behind attacks on Kerry

WHEW. Gallup out. Likely voters (pro * measure) - Kerry 46, Bush* 48

Freepers finally seeing the truth about Kerry's service record!

Alterman: It’s amazing and a bit disgusting

Republican Party Census Document

Are the "Swifties" engaged in class warfare?

Pre-emptive advice...

Kerry campaign to pull "McCain" ad :-(

New Gallup poll shows Americans know Bush is behind Swiftboat Scum attacks

Fucking Swiftboat Liars launch 3rd ad with Gardner Lies

Bush twins preen for convention spotlight

Judy woofwoof with Ed Kroch on CNN

Who here actually visits Kerry's Website?

Do the cable networks favor 527's ??

all politics is LOCAL EMAIL BLASTER (Advice Needed)

Who agrees with Malloy that McCain should STFU?

HELP! I need link/info on Bush's tax cuts...

NYPD, protest group agree on rally site- - March route set for Sunday

Paperless Archives releases 17,361 pages of Bush documents

Won't it be sweet to send THANKS to Swiftboat Scumbags on Nov 3?

Kerry Press Release: Statement from John Kerry on New Census Numbers

Nearly 36 Million Americans Live in Poverty (1.3 m added in 03)

Mother-In-Law On The Fence-Need To Rebutt Kerry In Cambodia Story

Reminder: ALL polls describe the week before they are released

DU PROJECT! Help us collect emails for our NATIONAL media blaster!

Peace - to all the protester going to the RNC (Warning: nudity)

Texas uninsured 25.2% (We are kicking butt in Texas,right?) WRONG!!!!!!

Let God Tell You How To Vote

How will Kerry utilize Big Dog?

What Mike Malloy said last night SICKENS me

LOOK UP , look what is pinned........our very own media blaster

Kerry will be best dressed POTUS in nation's history

I am afraid of Freepers letting themselves be beaten in NYC

i am discouraged people..........i want to say, elect bush

BushCo has nothing to lose by ending 527s..they have 501(c)s


Kerry to Bush: Weekly Debates on Issues

Do you believe that Bush's poll numbers are up?

Bush: Choose between Trial Lawyers and Doctors

Crossfire: Thread

First Successful Protest at RNC (Photos)

Here's a Thought That Needs Circulation as Meme

Repub/Conservative 527s in the red ?

God, Guns, Gays. The three Gs, but how about John Kerry's Guts?

Arnold's own Rx Express

Kerry AHEAD by one in Gallup (Registered voters) 48-47 taken Aug 23-25

Just-in-case you missed it: "Local Media Blaster" at top of DU Home page!

Mr Kerry, Please fire the US Attorney who prosecuted Tommy Chong

Weren't both * and Edwards in Las Cruces, New Mexico today?

NYC protesters . . . the chant is "More pay for police!" . . .

Wolf Blitzer Poll DU Now

Edwards should challenge Cheney to weekly debates

Smear "Bump" Then BACKLASH=Negative Post-Convention "Bounce"?

Did Kerry challenge Bush to a debate on Viet Nam service ?

CNN: Whether Kerry saved Rassmann's life is now in dispute

Lambert breaks silence

Swift Boat Veterans' Ads Willing to Distort the Facts

Will we ever learn? Another bad Kerry photo setup

HA! CNN just aired the McCain ad discussing Kerry PULLING it!

DNC: "MISSION NOT ACCOMPLISHED" new ad to air in 21 battleground states

Bob Kerrey's Transcript on Paula Zahn NOW up--Lets it rip on Bush

Bush released a dozen PR's attacking Kerry environmental record. Can you

Back from the Edwards rally in Las Cruces, NM.....

AP: Democrats Sense Political Advantage In Keeping Swift Boat Issue Alive

Watch all the introspective fence sitters/converts post convention..

Anyone Have Link to info on Bush helping lady-friend get an abortion.

Kerry Press Release: George W. Bush: Misleading on Health Care

Call girls from London, Seattle and California headed to GOP convention

Latest NBC-WSJ Poll -Click

Did other people get their Kerry Kit?

Why is Kerry & all the Dems for OK to buy drugs from Canada?

Republicans Double Number of African American Convention Delegates

What's the coverage so far on the Census Bureau report by our netowrks?

Let the protests BEGIN: NYC Protest Photos (WARNING: nude butts included)

How will you be affected if * is re-Selected and institutes the draft?

A subtle angle on Smear Admiral --Apocalypse Now portrayal?

What if we start a group called "Swift Boat Veterans for Truth"

Why Can't One of the 527's Run A Similar McCain Ad?

Our Democratic Traveling Billboard

McCain's book "Courage" now available in a dumpster near you.

Dingell slams Bush/Awifties On Local News (Detroit)

do RW radio shows know the 'smear vets' have been discredited?????

"Is America Better off Now than it was Four Years Ago?" Pretty ripe time

Bush campaign and Chamber of Commerce getting ready to smear Edwards

How John Kerry can win Bob Nardelli's heart

Second Successful Protest at RNC (photos)

Conspiracy to keep "Unfit" out of hands of dittoheads?

Two Great Swift Boat LTTEs in My Local Paper

And the Kufa mosque has their vote...I think it's for Kerry

FOX News poll has Kerry ahead!

Swiftvet: It's all because Hoffman is in a snit about Kerry's biography?

Another pissed off member of the media...NYPost

Hardball reports Kerry was under hostile fire

Naked Protesters on 33rd and 8th (NYC)

Anyone Who "Disrupts" Is Helping the GOP

CNN has been paid by the Bush campaign for favorable coverage ?

PLEASE - Somebody e-mail Matthews the article where Lambert says there was

Why Bush Will Lose

Oh I'm so scared we might offend someone

The CNN qualifier game...

So what's going to happen to the Swift Boat Vets

So let me get this straight. MoveOn has a Pac and uses it for ads?


Bush Received More Medals Than We Thought.

Okay, 60-ish DUers, I have an idea that I've begun to work on:

Gallup, Fox, Battleground, Zogby out today. Guess who leads?

USA Today/CNN/Gallup Registered Voter results 48% Kerry to 47% Bush

I Take It Back...Pat Buchanan IS DISGUSTING!

Is McCain positining himself to run against President Kerry in 2008?

OK. WE should start attacking Bush's* Purple Hearts and Silver Star!

Watch C-span people!

8/26 Kerry 311-333 EV: Sensitivity Analysis says Bush is Cheney Toast!

Poverty, Uninsured Rose in 2003(by 1.4 million to 45m),median income flat

Have any debates actually been scheduled? And what happened with

George, how do I loathe thee? Let me count the days ...

How does it feel to be Karl Rove's fiddle?

Thoughts on this idea for a campaign commercial

Bush just may have gave the Democrats a gift

All The Polls Are Out And It Looks Like The Not Too Swiftees Only Nicked

Don't worry about the polls this is why

Even the DUMBEST voter knows one thing: Kerry went, Bush deserted.

Kerry's Pulling the McCain ad was STUPID

john kerry 1971 senate hearings on c-span at 8pm EDT

A question for all DU er's???

C-SPAN replaying 1971 testimony

"2000 Cometh Again: Will Kerry Gore Himself?"

public record shows SBVT players completely in bed with GOP

"a 22-caliber mind in a smart bomb world"

Will Kerry bashing at the RNC backfire?

AP is baiting a dump Cheney sentiment

MMFA takes the lead in exposing Swift Boat Vets' smear campaign

Gallup: Kerry 48 Bush 47

Nine more editorial boards weighed in; only one said Swift Boat ads

WALT STARR ---- urgent ----

I want volunteers: Wash DC, Birmingham Alabama, Seattle, Houston

All I know is Kerry had damned well better

Why did Kerry pull the McCain Ad?

My God! What is wrong with these Swiftvets?

third shitboat ad

Just saw Gardener(Swiftnut) on MSNBC, what an asswipe.

Where Do You Buy Your KERRY/EDWARDS Merchandise?

Latest Republican cheap shot at Max


My hope for John Kerry.

C Span to replay Kerry's 1971 testimony tonight

Chicken-hawks fund the chicken-shit Swift-Liars who are mean, little men.

Some Saddam Hussein Facts per requested

Latest NBC-WSJ Poll -Click

An 'October Surprise'? : Neocons have Iran in their sights

Oliver North denied that atrocities occurred in Vietnam;

Let's call this the "Stupid" Strategy.

Blame Kerry? Nixon on civilian casualties:"I don't give a damn,"

What planet are you on?

Pat Buchanon- The Orignal Chickenhawk


Go on the attack about Bush's environmental records. Great site.

OH .... GROW UP!

Kieth Olberman is the 2nd best show on TV

Stop Suppression of Black Vote

Norville now covering Swift Boat Load on MSNBC

Where are the pro Kerry veterans on the Internet?

What's this about Hannity supposedly having all of Kerry's Vietnam tapes?

My response to a RW complaint about Kerrys testimony before the Senate

Kerry testimony on C-Span. This should be shown on networks!!!

Isn't It Typically Slimy

Contribute to DNC by August 31, and your contribution will be matched

Is it wrong to wish that Terry Holt would get run over by a passing bus?

A Working Chief Executive

Is Kerry going to be on "60 Minutes" over the swift boat thing?

A Call To Arms!

Bush caught in hypocriscy. He defended 527's in 2000.

ARRGGHHHH? How do we/Kerry team counter the flip/flop canard?

I'll Take The Arrows..... Chris Matthews Rocks

Bush STILL has not agreed to the debates!!!

Let's bump up this story!

OK, I'm gonna go waaaaay out on a limb here....

My respons to RW complaint about Kerry's testimony before the Senate

Supposedly a new Zogby poll coming out tomorrow in Virginia--

This was never about the Swift Boats, it was about destroying MoveOn

DailyKos, members, I need help.

I am fed up with Peter Deutsch and his "islamic jihad" attacks on Castor.

John O'Neill keeps changing his story.

Kerry congressional testimony coming up on CSPAN1 11:09 PM est

Wake up! "The Democrats win...

Latest Florida Senate poll

"Are YOU proud of Senator Kerry's record, sir?

Who would like to see Bush receive the maximum penalty for

AP is baiting a dump Cheney groundswell at the RNC

Will the Dems have a scanner at the debates?

God is not A Republican or Democrat

Kerry should just take the gloves off....


Ugh. I'm becoming a convert to the "media are the enemy" school.

I hate to say, but the Swift Boat Liars are hurting Kerry

maybe it's time to start examining all service photos of Bush Bush campaign refuses USOC request to pull ad...

Bush: "I don't think you give timelines to dictators"

The TIA Election Model: A Primer for Non-Geeks

The 3rd Swift Boat Liars for Bush ad is really laughable.

Sludge,Bush to give acceptance speech from small circular stage

If it was possible to feel sorry for Bush...

Gov. Rendell at Lancaster, PA, Dem concert rally today ... y'all come!

What should Kerry say to O'Neill when he calls him after he wins Nov 2?

Hardball with PETE MCCLOSKEY

How is it possible to have a 5.5% unemployment rate....?

Bwah! Caption this photo of Bush.

Anyone think they're going to roll OBL out like King Kong at the RNC?

We seem to be in trouble

Voter Reg Table Question-can it be partisan?

Bush using White House for Campaign. How does that work?

Bush Protest today on Farmington, New Mexico

Battleground Poll with Kerry lead, plus interesting analysis ...

Please rate at Yahoo. coup de grace for "THE SMEAR"

FYI: Kerry's 1971 Testimony on C-Span Tonight article: Bush asks McCain to help block 527s

It REALLY pisses me off the freaking media doesn't do their job anymore

Republican fundraisers on Wall St shy away from Bush

Kerry Press Release: Campaign Asks BC04 to Explain the Web of Connections

Moveon petition to stop the suppression of Black Vote..

Nightline now showing program on prisoner abuse in TX

Our very own AWD is one of the new Dean Dozen! it looks like bush just lost

Kerry kicked a** in the twincities today ....

Deborah Norville Stands Tall: Kerry Service Record

Something obvious I realized about military service and politics:

Another Major Bush-GOP Tie Discovered!!

They are now having talks about shuting down all 527 adds?

Just got back from a county fair in Eastern Pa.

Did anyone else hear Jim Phillips (Phillips Phile) on air snit today?

527 Information (boring as all get out Alert)

Kerry saw Swift Boat Problem way back!

I count 15 National Polls. I count Kerry leading in 13 of them.

Kerry's military records

New Polls:

What will you do if Bush is re-elected?

Repug blogger's prediction: Bush will win 40 states

CNN admits it's their poll that's up for Bush WOW!

I Hope Kerry Asks To Dismantle The 527's

I'm gonna say something very unpopular. Carville should shut up until


Kucinich campaign memorabilia on Ebay

I somehow got a feeling that the Kerry people are preparing

Whoah! Check out this new DNC AD

I caught a lot of shit for saying this a few months ago

Other misrepresentations GW Bush has made about his service.

Things to TIE around Bush's neck...ENRON.

The Polls are worthless. Have any of you ever been asked who you are

Swift Boat Smear Backfiring Among Vets

Should George W. Bush stop poisoning pregnant women?

the Swift Boat smear is not going according to plan

OK I’m playing with a theory re: Walt Starr’s latest finding..

We Have To Reach The Young Voters

URGENT: Ned a contact into the Chicago Tribune for breaking story

GWB is just smart enough..

Swift Smear Three Launched...

George W. Bush Wore a Ribbon He Did Not Earn

Nader Voters Dis-enfranchised?

NYC to RNC: Thanks for NOTHING

Is MSNBC becoming our Fox?

Poland says bye

CNN International reporting new poverty figures as bad news for Bush --

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