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Archives: August 23, 2004

Think Again: The Future Dictionary of America - Alterman

Withdrawing US forces is only a good start; bring them all home

Don't forget to signup for your local Kerry Meetup on August 26th

Mastermind of French Resistance speaks out

Where may I post this?

Philly Area DUers: Meet us at Twenty Manning Aug 26 Kerry Meetup

6 Feet Under rocked again tonight


Catalogue of bush lies

Larry Flynt on with Peter Werbe at 1am EDT -- streaming

US largest Platinum and Palladium mine is sold to the Russians..

MSNBC Blog - Anti-Americanism @ Olympics

How to KO that racial profiling witch the GOP is trotting out in 10 secs.

Question about the Medal of Honor for Blair

Unless you help, The Guy James Show ENDS NOW.

NY1 Details Aggressive Republican Convention Coverage Plans

Bombings precede Thai PM's visit to southern provinces

Cuba 'insulted' by US offer

Offshoring to India will sharply ramp up next year after US elections

Bush advisor quits after appearing in swift boat ads

Edvard Much's "The Scream" stolen from a musuem

Mother of dead soldier to sue (UK)

Democrats Urged to Vote the 'Big D'

Swift boat eyewitness writes moving, devastating letter to the editor

I am an abuser!

Tribute - Tenacious D

Skittles voice > OH MY GOD, I'M OUT OF SCOTCH!!

11 things that prove Cheney isn't a coward

Subject: Anyone seen the new awesome Crosby & Nash ad? (very political)

Gophers! I got gophers!

How ugly was your day today? 1-10, ten being the worst.

What vile food did your parents or grandparents eat?

When You Get Online What Is Your First Stop After e-mail?

A CONFESSION: I did a hit-and-run (sort of) - now what?

You ever been in love, yet it's SO non-romantic/non-sexual??

Pick from these Clash songs

What's your favorite near-airport bar for pilots and mechanics?

What is your favorite dive (bar)?

Is this "Jim Russell" a new swift boater coming out in defence...

What % of the national popular vote will Nader get?

Tonight on a Scarborough repeat

I would like to dedicate my 1000th post to J. F. Kerry.

And Again Another Bush Flip Flop

72 nights from the election. Wow.

The Democratic surrogates on TV need to be more aggressive....

Yet another Swift Boat guy backs Kerry in Colorado

I saw Max Cleland today

New veterans group attacks Kerry

How to get to a new young voter

Why Would ANY WOMEN Support George W. Bush?

Is there any truth to what I heard at work today re: Theresa Heinz-Kerry?

Texas folks, here is a summary of Dean's Austin rally today.

Saw and Spoke to John Kerry at "Jobs" Rally in Charlotte, NC

Floundering Bush is running out of ways to win

Is the United States the Roman Empire of our day?

Sports Illustrated waxes political: No One's Cheering for Team USA

The Right's Kind of Campus

The Thief of Baghdad

A journey into the epicenter of the Sadr standoff...(Ali shrine=Alamo)

9/14/1996 Akron Beacon Journal; RW letter-writer says "Men who knew war

Swift Boat ads roiling campaign waters (Bush benefits)

Bush Health Care Plan Seems to Fall Short

Voters Need a Heads Up, Not a Look Back, From Bush, Kerry

'The election is not about Vietnam'

It's official-"Bush will beat Kerry in a walk"

Bush's 'compassion' for Southwest Florida: $2 mil, photo opt,. gestapo

The Narco News School of Authentic Journalism

Derrick Jackson: Democrats Play Jingoist Card

6 coups d'etat - 3 successful: all done by repugs on dems (oh yes)

Death of PCF-43 - Kerry's Best Friend Killed in a Mekong Delta Ambush

The Revolutionary Struggle in Iraq

Tom Frank on Bush's "sense of humor"

Chavez's Venezuela: A Fighting Chance for an Egalitarian Society?

"Guantanamo's Torture Regime is a Shameful Disgrace" by Vanessa

Sullivan: Writing on wall for another one-term Bush

Iraq Diaries......((a moving account from inside Najaf)

The Clash Thesis: A Failing Ideology?

Excellent BusinessWeek(!) Editorial: "Flinging the Foul Mud of Vietnam"

mark landsbaum must feel like a fool

All About Money (creating it out of thin air...the Fed)

Smear politics

"They Are Ready To Kill Our America" by Becky Burgwin

Salon: The downloading of the president '04 (Voting Machines)

San Diego Union Tribune: Trickle down and out economics

The GOP - Riding the Backs of the Dead

Open Letter to the Religious Right - Listen to What Our Country has Become

Bush's Superficial Wounds in the Vietnam Era...Juan Cole/NPR

Over Najaf, Fighting for Des Moines (Marine new to Iraq says war just)

George Monbiot (Guardian Utd): An answer in Somerset

excellent Tomasky article on the media and the Kerry smears

Fast Forward to the Present, End Fighting over Vietnam

NYT: A Chill in Florida – Bob Herbert

Krugman: The Rambo Coalition

America's next war?: Patrick J. Buchanan


Re: Suggestion to organized activists

RNC NYC Protest Schedule - and RNC NYC Free stuff schedule


PARTY: This Saturday in NYC - DETAILS INSIDE!!!

Help finding a site again.....

Need help finding a certain blog...

My three rules for the New American Media

Iraqi cleric slams media war coverage

Media Tenor monitors/analyzes media coverage weekly...

Malkin Mania ... not for the faint of heart

Disparate Jobs Data Add Up to a Mystery(ashamed to admit you're unemployed

Anyone have good economic data and/or links to show. . .

Portugese Forest Fires Drive Vanishing Lynx Into Spain

Mediterranean Fish Now Routine For English Anglers As Oceans Warm

Forest Fire Haze Likely To Worsen In Next Few Months - Indonesia

Unprecedented Ice Age Cave Art Discovered in U.K.

LV Sun: Probe sought after (nuke) waste leak (NV-bound waste)

Thinking through the fall (Ran Prieur)

Researchers create engineered "marathon mice"

Financial Times - China Fears Food Crisis As Imports Hit $14 Billion

Boaters Run Aground On Western Drought - Seattle PI

Massive Spruce Forest Dieoff Underway In Utah

Can the UN survive Bush's onslaught?

(need to request fare)Discount May CostAir Marshals Their Cover(Dress code

U.S. Sees Iraqi National Guard as the Ticket Home

Immigration Laws Might Have Stopped Sept. 11 Plot

GUNS IN THE NEWS--August 23, 2004

Pot grower faces murder charges for firefighter deaths

If even gold medal Olympic shooting competitors can hit the wrong target..

How about this for a new feature:

Just so we're clear: I hate you all.

Why was my thread moved to Campaign '04?

"Coordination" Question about DU....

Is it possible to create a forum kinda like

Would like mods to sort out this thread

I would like to second Skidmore idea of an evidence room...

Accidental Alert

How about paying your members for content this way:

Am I just dense?

Has the state information sites been removed???

Why is the Jerusalem Post an allowable source?

What is the 'Nominate topic for homepage' link for, exactly?

Israel to reroute separation fence following High Court ruling

Woman Editor Recalls Ordeal in Israel

Lyon graves vandal says he was inspired by neo-Nazis in U.S.

Harsh treatment of Palestinian women prisoners

"Let them starve to death"

The 9/11 Cell Phone Calls by Michel Chossudovsky

The Cubs have a home game Monday night with Milwaukee.

Anyone know anything about district 102 schools?

Terror ad roils Deutsch-Castor rivalry

Harkin Steak Fry - Sept 19

An Illinoisan's visit to Iowa...

Sheryl Crow, Tom Arnold at the Harkin Steak Fry this year

Eibensteiner anti-527 editorial from May, in the PiPress: anyone have it?

John Edwards coming to Warren Wednesday 8/25 at noon

GOP Hopes Local Turmoil Won't Hurt Bush

Protesters at the Underground Railroad Freedom Center?

Youngstown Dems would be wise to have a look at this DU thread.

Kerry meet-Up

Cumberland stop on Hoeffel tour today

Teresa in Western PA Wednesday 8/25

Jerry Bowyer's an *** - He's going to have Swift Boat Liar on

First DU sticker I've ever seen

Help Put Richard Morrison on TV!

Kerry in a Statistical Dead Heat In Houston

Kerry meetup in Wausau Aug 26th

Kerry in Green Bay Wed. rumor?

Warrior Goddess Maxine Waters to appear in Milwaukee this Thursday!!

Bob Dole - can we end the nostaligia for Republican officials in olden

Good news...Swift boat scumbags will be major issue in debates.

When You Get Online What Is Your First Stop After e-mail?

Is there any truth to what I heard at work today re: Theresa Heinz-Kerry?

Post your DREAM JOB

Click on my sig line if you hate bushco and their policies

Outfoxed needs your help on board

kerry warned us about this, spread the truth

Flinging the Foul Mud of VietNam

Classic DU thread provides key to understanding Iraq-nam

Has it occurred to you that the CIA Czar post is the End of America?

Need help finding an old picture from Vietnam!!!


Yet another Swift Boat guy backs Kerry in Colorado

Where Can I Find the Iraq War Death Toll?

I don't want to leave the South... I want to change it

Swing State Swing: Florida

Why haven't John O'Niell and his thugs been discredited?

EVER HAD THIS FEELING? The US athlete is coming in to the stretch...

Question about Kerry's Purple Hearts

How about a congressman who hates the people he "loves?"

1,000th Iraq death=approx 9/11/04 - what diff would it make?

Millions of jobs to leave US starting November 3, 2004.

How do we fight back?

How insane is DU going to be on election night?

I Need Some Good Ideas For Protest Signs

Keith Olbermann is getting a blog but until then, read this and laugh.

Uncle Sam kills your Mama!

C-span: Splitting the CIA into 3 Seperate Entities. What's THAT about?

Say good bye to the middle class!

"So what was the point of Farish anyway?" - Sunday Times

My sig line

How do chicken hawks challenge veterans' war credentials?

Feeling better about husband's job appeal....

I now understand the disease that afflicts Tom Friedman and Maureen

Lay-Offs Due To New Overtime Rules?

Whorge Stephanopoulos did not ask O'Neill about Corsi's slurs.

Propoganda: How to fight it effectively

Ask Max Clealand

Rep. Ed Schrock Outed ! -- R (VA)

No coverage of the Wm. Rood ChicagoTribune article?

Will I still get paid for overtime?

Honest question, please try to give an honest answer

Dear CNN,

Left pubes pretty much wordless!

ranting .......I am so tired of usa bombing.....

Please send all SBV links for a SBV-Gate file (for DU Editorials) to:

If being against unnecessary wars and for helping the down-trodden

NYT: undermining the black vote in Florida (OP-ed)

Bush had soul, once

Arundhati Roy coming up NOW on LINK TV.

Can we get this straight? TOUR of Duty is NOT the smearbook

Racist Puke Caller Tells Ethnic S-Span Host To Park Cars

"The Scream" by Edvard Munch. Why Steal It?

Does anybody have a good explanation as to why Cheney asked

We have nothing to fear but STUPIDITY itself

Air America Has Truly Arrived!

Ok, I am now confused

Bumper sticker I saw in Paducah, Kentucky.


RNC Protest Idea (not in NYC) - Human Chains for Change

Where are the Whore reports on "Iraqi Schools are Open" and everything

Are Minority Neo-Cons Self-Loathing?

Juan Cole: Egyptian Mufti: Volcano of Anger over Najaf

Should we ask McCain to retract his endorsement of Bush?

If the government is not for the people then who is it for? wants to counter Swift Boat for Liars ad and needs help!

Bush voting states in 2000 have higher suicide rates than Gore states

Has Bill O'Reilly mentioned the Rolling Stone article?

Blair refuses to accept US award

Wanna have a hoot? Read Doonesbury's Blowback's Freeper posts

People please vote on this poll

Note: If your rating of a yahoo news story doesn't work--

This week's Top 10 list: Best. One. EVER.

on Al Franken today! | Krugman, Bev Harris and others...

Papantonio on "Unfiltered" (11:30) doing an excellent analysis of

Who in Congress seved in Vietnam? Do they support pos *?

First Annual Whoslying O'Reilly Awards

The Repukes are so predictable

Bush biggest lie. DEMOCRACY.

Did y'all see this--Coalition destroying Iraqi cultural heritage?

Winds of Change-Getting Out the VOTE

Richard Morrison commercial! (against tom delay) A MUST see!

the WHO suppressed info on Depleted Uranium

Boston Globe: Kerry website removed questionable documents

some info on Col. Cordier - he can run but he can't hide

Bush camp tells TV stations to ban Kerry ad

What's the matter with Kansas...Bob Dole!

I'm John Kerry and I approve of this message..... I challenge Mr. Bush

The Thief of Baghdad (thief is too soft a word)

Is Doug Feith a chickenhawk?

Harkin stands by comments critical of cowardly Cheney

Visualize This

Please explain Kerry's war record to me.

So, when do the high oil prices catch up to us?

Still no evidence that Swift boat liars are hurting Kerry

Are Bush and McCain lovers?

John O'Neill on Rush's show right now

Team USA Basketball vs. Iraq Soccer Team

Quick....DU THIS poll!!!

I think "DU This Poll" posts don't really do us any good...

ABC got the Bush pseudo-denunciation right.

When are DUer's going to stop watching FOX and CNN?

DU This Poll

Bev Harris on AAR with Franken -= NOW

How many purple hearts have been given out in Iraq?

What appeals to Perot voters? Are there any on DU?

I met the VP candidate for the Green party friday

" A Law Repugnant to the Constitution Is Void, Courts Are Bound By This.

Fahrenheit 9/11 left her cold, but "Outfoxed" enraged her

Mother of Dead UK Soldier to Sue Government

All it will take: one new "9./11" under a Dem. president to end democracy

My quick and dirty portrait of Bush

Protect The Vote: Volunteer

Info on Michelle Malkin

Worst US Secretary of State since 1969

Death of PCF-43 - Kerry's Best Friend Killed in a Mekong Delta Ambush

Were you guys aware of this?

Bush went to Harvard business school!

With the Swift Lying Liars (SWILL) on the attack, don't miss this

Paul Hamm's gold: what happened to good sportsmanship?

David Gergen on Swift Boat Scum: "We now know it does constitute a smear"

DU: we have 3 hours to break the new Bush medal scandal

How many more days are the smear boat liars going to dominate the news?

Why George W. Bush's military record matters

Buchanan and two columns of great importance

Elizabeth Edwards was in Tucson! (University of Arizona)

Greenwald on Charlie Rose, PBS, now

Freeper types obviously have had frontal lobotomies

Bushco has 35% tops. Kerry CAN deliver a landslide!

Best U.S. Secretary of State since 1969

Any DU Viet Vets Out There Who saw/heard of/ committed "atrocities"?

Should 527 groups be stopped?

George Bush blatantly raises taxes with new labor laws

I just saw the Olympic Bush ad...

Worst Poem EVER...

Chávez's VZ "a political model that is confronting savage neoliberalism."

"Military might cannot reclaim what we have lost inside ourselves"

"That means that ad and every other ad,"

Kerry was BRILLIANT not to denounce "all 527's". (* is anti Free Speech)!

Why do some still defend the Vietnam War?

kudo's on the top ten list! one of the best.

Bush's Military past on Radio Left

JK: "The problem, Mr. President, isn't with 527's, it's with LIES."

HELP! Where's the CIA report?

Does anyone have information on the racist tricks used on McCain by Bush?

The Republicans are evenly split on whether Kerry earned his medals!

Paul Greenberg--is he a conservative journalist?

He IS George the WIMP Bush!

Why oh -Why oh -Why- Dear Lord?

Being technically challanged...I need HELP!

What's this trash out of Ohio?

MSNBC Is Letting W Off The Hook.

Anybody else having trouble with AAR streaming?

I Keep Losing Air America Today - Anybody Else???

can someone help me with the source of W's discharge paper

I Need Your Help...

I haven't heard any repugs complaining about Jimmy Buffett

When did the recession start?

When Dr. Death arrives in the Grand Tetons - all life is disturbed!

Why are oil prices so high?

Freepers turn on Iraqi soccer team like rabid dogs

Big Pow-Wow in Crawford Today Re: Iraq! All the Criminals are there....

Heavily right-wing MUD discusses politics

Who is this yelling ass on Crossfire (the republican)?

Pfc. Ryan Martin, 22, of Mount Vernon, Ohio

Man, my heart goes out to this kid

Our dirty little secret?

Daily Kos - Plame - Rumor Scooter Libby is going down

Record Number of Requests for Absentee Ballots in all 67 FL Counties

Call the bastards and tell them how you feel, another media # list.

Just who is voting for the Neo-Fascists/Bushco anyway?

gas tax!

Bush* is a deserter and Cheney is a coward...AND...Kerry earned his medals

CNN.Com really whoring for Bush today..

When does the new Zogby poll come out?

How Odd. CSPAN showing celebration of attempt on Hitler

New overtime laws

Don't miss this live interview, happening now!!! IAN WILLIAMS

The New Marine One

Looking for input on my LTTE response

Does anyone else think that * might be gaining alot

Bob Kerrey coming up on Wolf Blitzer!

Arundhati Roy talked about the "NGO'isation of civil society" on Dem. Now!

I have an offer for the Wealthy who pay taxes.

Is it possible any longer for a person to be a truth teller and be

The story of the day: Bush Denounces All 527 Advertisements.

Write to Chris Matthews

The Cartesian view of the universe, i.e it is understandable

Bush "heckler" fired from his job.

Call Bob Dole and complain, here is his office # (202) 654 4848

Michelle Malkin sounds like a 15-year-old who can't go to a party

Dean on C-Span2 Tues at 9 AM, speaks to IUPAT live.

Just happened to wonder, what's with all the big "TERRA" alerts from 2

Judge dismisses case of lawmaker seeking to adopt immigrants' son

Got any spare unused domains?

Reminder: There could be fireworks on Hardball tonight


Fox newsman in "Outfoxed" discusses Faux News

We won the Swift Boat Scumbag issue today. The best part is...

Was Karl Rove behind the McCain "Black Baby" smear?

I have a thought about the "madman" theory of Richard Nixon.

About Outsourcing US jobs, would you feel the same way about


'The Real Reason"?

Enron song, for those who missed it...have it memorized before

Are any media talking heads veterans themselves?

Najaf Shrine

Whats your favorite Evil Republican nickname

The DU home page is the best part of this site

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and their enemies in the CIA?

Which Chris Matthews will show up tonight on Hardball?

Senator Roberts proves small-government conservatism is dead

Veteran appreciation thread

Why is it the Eastern Block always accuses North America of fixing events?

Is the Army subjecting troops to anti-Michael Moore "training"?

Try as they may, it remains War Hero v. The Deserter

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words (Joe Trippi) Bush ribbons

"10 Weeks: Don't Get Mad, Get Even!" Big event Tues night.....MoveOn Pac

Bob Dole didn't mean to OFFEND Kerry????

So is AAR totally off streaming now?

Is this BIZARRO WORLD???? "Bush urges Kerry to condemn attack ads"??????

Are you seeing this TV ad? Christian cellular service????

Swift Boat strategy...

Why is America so divided ??

Devastating Conservative Words slamming bush over and over again....

This must be "Murdocks'" Rag

New RNC toys? Armored Stealth Vehicles for Urban Security

Looking for comments on my LTTE

Scientists discover a new mouse that speaks English better than

Who here in DU are going to be affected by the Overtime Pay....

Which race/year did Dole snap "tell him to stop lying about my record."


I Missed Hardball- Is It Worth Watching The Repeat?

Mother of Dead UK Soldier to Sue Government

Hardball has Dick Cavett on and Buchanan ARRGG

Bush urges Kerry to condemn attack ads

8 out of 14 service dogs that died had cancer (911)

Civil disobedience

Take two seconds to click on my sig line if you hate BushCo

A close look at the medals of George

Cheney to be at the Chief's Game in Kansas City tonight ---

Is The Name of the Book Josh Marshall re: Bob Dole

Malkin on Dennis Miller......

Can a grand jury continue its investigation after indictments are issued?

They Can Steal It 269-269.

I don't think Kerry should fight it if Nader wants to be in the debates

Until the last soldier dies

The thing is that the Swift Boat Veterans (sic)

"Students Need Peace" rally, Brooklyn, Tues. 1:30

Macho men: Who’s tougher in the Kerry v. Bush battle?

W to appear above conv in a bubble; H***** came 'out of the clouds'

Remember Martha Mitchell and the Watergate Scandal?

Using eminent domain for economic gain under fire;

Kerry should be "credited" for his "Swiftie ad" responses.

Today's dispatch from Guantanamo- ACLU's observer, Romero

US should get out of Iraq now and cut its loses. ( Great read)

The Center for Disease Control in Atlanta warned Americans of

Any News on the Anti-Bush Book by Kitty Kelly?

I fell asleep during scarborough...

McGreevey scandal just got weirder!

My Uncle "Uncle Bud" Said Something That I NEVER Thought A WWII Vet Would

Savage says......

Not a huge conspiracy theorist but was thinking....

Najaf's Valley of Peace...You Must See This

Did this happen?

Would somebody please ask?? How cutting overtime helps...

Did Rush Limburger Serve? How old was he during Vietnam?

This is definitely the Bizarro World!!! Can it get any worse....

BBV question: Are new BBs more common in swing states than in

Was there ever a time when you considered voting for Bush?

Has anyone heard this CD - just found it on Amazon...

Bob Dole's War Wounds Self-Inflicted (On Purpose!)

Television, 'media' in general today is mere FRACTION of what it could be

Did you Choose your Religion, or Inherit It?

Circuit City Donates Money to Anti-Gay Pols?

The violence of conservatism....a libertarian critique?

Mike Malloy Show...

Attn: CNBC Programmers: Put Miller Out Of His Misery!

O'Reilly's new target... Out with HipHop...

Reminder: John Kerry on the Daily Show Tuesday Night!

Just saw Cheney at Arrowhead stadium

Bush dunce caps

Is this why they killed Paul Wellstone?


Ladies and gentlemen, the war has just hit home with me.

FH 9\11 Over $163,000,000 Now Worldwide !!!

O'Reilly: "I chose not to go to Vietnam b/c I felt I could....

Who was in first commercial that hinted bestiality? Bob Dole!

Kerry DID NOT Accuse Soldiers of Committing Atrocities.

I think I am going to be sick!

Secret plan to raise DRAFT AGE to 34! Doc through FOI Act, Seattle PI

Jon Stewart on a roll!

who served and who didnt serve...

Should I go to NY for the protests? A poll.

I am creating a Media Contacts database

BALLAD OF THE SWIFT BOAT VETS (apologies to Barry Sadler?)

Bob Doles wounds were self inflicted!

Potentially HUGE Impact Story That DUers Missed (Eminent Domain-GOOD News)

Where to find Kerry's book: "The New Soldier" ?

Turn the outsourcing question around, what then?

Do you ever think that Bush must have cheated on his exams to

Christianity vs there a difference...?

F***ing moron

Tom Kean is on c-span2 and doing a great job!

I was actually called a "commie pinko" by a Bushite!

James Dobson: Dog Beater

Sacramento hear me now! WOOHOO!

I cut my finger today it bled. Does that mean I deserve a medal?

I was just viciously attacked in Wal-Mart!

OMFG! Faux News Trailer: Weathermen Will Attack During RNC

Bev Harris up now on Franken's show

NPR - Partisan Propaganda for Republicans?

Is it just me, or is this Lee Hamilton guy completely useless?

Is Tom Selleck doing the voiceovers for the MSNBC promo's?

Why is it that European people are so tolerant of religious

Emmylou Harris works with PETA to help provide dogs with shelter

Has anyone out there recently read "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich"

"Welcome Necropublicans!" | another week, another TOON thread...


Pinochet had more US bank accounts: report

Bringing Back a Dying Baghdad Street

Al-Qaida trying to recruit Hondurans for attacks

Miami-Dade County Hires Iowa Expert as Election Consultant

Fighting Erupts Round Rebel-Held Najaf Shrine

U.S. Soldier Marries Woman He Met in Iraq

Besieged Al-Sadr Keeps Grip on Shrine

U.S. Forces, Militants Battle in Najaf (Continued Monday)

Activists demonstrate near mayor's home (Yippies protest Bloomberg & RNC)

Georgia Crematory Operator Faces Lawsuit (Funeralgate link)

Al-Sadr secures US journalist's release

Abu Ghraib Abuse Suspect Faces Court

Anger as Bush bids to exploit Olympic games

"Mercenaries" go on trial in Equatorial Guinea

Arafat and Gaddafi sing the praises of Arab Pop Idols

Bush, Defense Policy Team Have Meeting

Insurgents showing no sign of letting up

WSJ: Armed Forces Seek to Enlist New Voters

NYT, pg1: Kerry TV Ad Pins Veterans' Attack Firmly on Bush

Pinochet had more US bank accounts: report

WSJ: Job Picture Is Mixed in Swing States

Iraqi arms scientists killed before they talk

Minnesota GOP HQ & eCampaign Chairman Illegally Pimping For O'Neill's SBVT

NYT,pg1,lead: Sen. (Roberts) Proposes Plan to Split Up (eliminate) CIA

Note: If your rating of a yahoo news story doesn't work--

Bush Has Nationwide Lead Over Kerry

Bahrain boils in summer power cut

US rockets damage Najaf shrine wall

WP: GOP Hopes Local Turmoil Won't Hurt Bush (Ohio)

Iraq GIs Allowed To Avoid Trials

CNN....Bush To Make statements from Crwfd soon

Controversial Overtime Rules Take Effect

Critics warn of plan to sack 30,000 Iraqi police

U.S. Military Apologizes for Deaths of Three Unarmed Afghans at Road Check

July job figures decline in six swing states

Judge in Abu Ghraib hearings warns U.S. to speed up investigations

Oklahoma Marine Killed In Iraq

Cleland tours state to counter ads attacking Kerry

NYT: G.O.P. Centrists to Speak at Convention, but Will They Be Heard?

Greek guard killed as prank goes wrong

Blair refuses to travel to US to pick up Bush war honour: report

Kerry Courts Farmers by Opposing Meatpacker Control of Herds

New Bush Ad Criticizes Kerry on Taxes

International ANSWER Central Park Lawsuit Denied (UFPJ hearing tomorrow)

RMN: 91,000 New Voters (headline)

Blackwater violated own rules in workers' deaths in Iraq

High Noon On Haifa Street (Iraq)

Chic Trib: Sniping escalates on war service (Info on Rood contact)

LAT: Everyone Wants a Piece of the $18-Billion Man in Iraq

Bush Says 'That Ad' Attacking Kerry Should Stop

No faces, no names as Hicks' trial begins (Guantanamo Bay)

As Convention Nears, Uncertainty Over Protest Location Creates Potential..

Investor Optimism Continues To Slide In August, According To UBS Index

Marine Goes on Trial in Death of Iraqi

The Revolutionary Struggle in Iraq

Striking Prisoners In New York Gulag Being 'Unduly Punished'

Dole Joins the Vietnam Diversion Machine (CNN)

Key West Drag Queens Raise Money for Charley Victims

Bush Needs US Muslim Votes: Report

Iraqi Delegation Visits Lebanon to Explain the Purpose of Resistance

Blitzer: "A CNN exclusive. BOB DOLE has more to add to his comments"

Poll: Bush, Kerry locked in tight race in Nevada

Bush Says 'That Ad' Attacking Kerry Should Stop

Celebs Aiding Anti-Bush Web Campaign

Dupe.... sorry (glad to jump it to the top though)

Vote count at mercy of clandestine testing (CNN)

Arab Christian and Islamic Clerics Seek to Head off Sectarian Conflict

What urban legends/myths have you TRIED to debunk

Dole suggests Kerry apologize (CNN)

Edwards Pledges to Honor Overtime as Campaign Releases New Study on Effect

Judge rejects attempts to have Iraq prison abuse photos quashed

US deal 'wrecks Middle East peace'

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words (Joe Trippi) Bush ribbons

14 WTC search and rescue dogs dead

Soccer: We're No Symbol of Freedom, Iraq Coach Says

Business Week: Flinging the Foul Mud of Vietnam

Iran Says It's Not Backing Radical Iraqi (Iran trial balloons continue)

U.N. Expert Wants 725 Taliban Prisoners Released in Afghanistan, Access to

Guardsman 16th soldier from state (MS) to die in Iraq

N. Korea Calls Bush 'Imbecile'

Private donors foot most of convention bill

5 U.S. Soldiers Killed in 24 hours in Iraq

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 23 August

"Fahrenheit 9/11" takes off in Japan

Terror fears to slow (Fresno) vote results

State (Virginia) reconsiders Nader's bid

Breaking: Abu Ghraib Report Faults Top Commanders - MSNBC

Letter from Bush Campaign to TV Station Managers

Judge orders qualifying re- opened for seat where incumbent switched parti

Private donors foot most of (GOP) convention bill

Anti-gay marriage amendment off (Mich.) ballot

Putin Assures Bush (*) on Oil Production

Kerry Campaign to Issue 'High Noon' Challenge to Bush ..

Kerry's war journal contradicts medal claim?

to Hell with Vincent Furnier/aka/Alice Cooper; it is about time

U.S. soldier wants abuse trial moved from Baghdad

Former GOP field director sues party for discrimination

Group Threatens U.S.-Led Troops in Iraq Over Najaf

Idiot Adam Nagourney on Charlie Rose...

Bush Denounces Ads by Outside Groups

Ex-worker sues RNC for discrimination

WP: Policy Met Politics in Cuba Rules

Wal-Mart Cuts Sales View; Stock Dips

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 958 U.S. service members have died

Najaf; Militants Say Holy Shrine Damaged

U.S. Soldier Set to Plead Guilty in Abu Ghraib Case

Alleged American Vigilantes Show Videos

Meet the Peeping Tom worm

5 U.S. Soldiers Killed in 24 hours in Iraq

Defense Budget to Grow by 28%

Security company broke own rules (Blackwater, Fallujah)

Democrats worry about runaway focus on John Kerry's Vietnam War service

Bush urges Kerry to condemn attack ads(CNN sucks)

Hordes of election observers flock to Florida

Oil prices raise worries of recession

It's a Nice Place to Visit, but He Can't Stay(Bush the coward, part 984)

Tenet blasts proposal to strip CIA of powers

Anger as Bush bids to exploit Olympic games

Dog stops Columbia carjacking

Bush Criticizes Anti-Kerry Television Ad

Barnes & Noble Says 'Unfit' Sellout Not Its Fault

US vigilante says saved Bagram from bomb attack

Brooks & Dunn Tops GOP Entertainment Bill

American Muslims Form Group to Re-elect Bush

Swift boat veteran backs Kerry on details of 1969 ambush

WP: Iraqi Teens Abused at Abu Ghraib, Report Finds

Veterans defend Kerry, criticize Dole


WP: Kerry Team Lines Up Vietnam Witnesses

Minn. Faces Overcrowding in Nursing Field

NYT: Controversial Overtime Rules Take Effect (under Dem, labor attack)

Kerry's Vietnam crew mates testify to his bravery in new film

FDA says Illinois plan may usher in drugs from Europe's developing countri

Additional Guard, Reserve call-ups termed likely

Spy agencies delivered warnings

NYC Police, Fire Unions appeal to Bush

North Korea likens Bush to Hitler (BBC)

Important Legal Developments Related to Anti-RNC Protests in New York

NOW Blasts Bush Admin for Leaving Millions of Working Families Behind

President Says Progress Being Made in Iraq

WP: (Porter) Goss Backed '95 Bill To Slash Intelligence(Larger than Kerry)

Economic models predict Bush win (CNN)

Vets, others call for resignation of prosecutor in Swift Boat ad (Ore)

Alice Cooper - "Treason Against Rock N' Roll"

Electricity Goes Off Across Bahrain

Financiers conspired to overthrow oil-flush African government

1000 Posts! Thank you, DUers!

Loudest Cricket in the world in my apartment - HELP

Don't mix these two!

Does this make me a bad person?

Is it okay for women to spank me?

is it ok to spank somone elses children?

Would anyone like a gmail account?

Help me get even lazier

we all know that alot of DUers dont like creed. but how bout Alter Bridge?

Free IPod's & Free Computers & Free Video Cams?????

A sad song for the one you just hate

The Chocolate Factory - Only $19.95 + $8.00 S&H

Does anyone else watch 2000 Acres of Sky???

Why I've Been Away For So Long...

Who wants to tell me how stupid I am?

anybody else getting abreviated threads here?

Is okay to spank yourself?

Any Robbie Williams fans out here?

Macbeth in Arabic - A Dramatic Reading

Change your wallpaper... you know you WANT to :)

Irrelevant Shakespeare Quote?

My new desktop is making me Dizzzzzzzy

What do you say to a guy like this?

I think i may have pneumonia.

How difficult is it to get tickets to an inaugural ball?

Yes, actually, it is your job to cheer me up.

Cops say dogs are being stolen, slaughtered for their meat (Honolulu)

It's a boy!

How to solve the problem for Olympic Sports like Gymnastic

EVER HAD THIS FEELING? The US athlete is coming in to the stretch...

PROOF: Catch22Dem is Christ-like!

So... anyone play on NationStates?

The Iraq Soccer Team

Eggs Benedict, Bloody Marys, trailer trash and Drag Queens*

Cybersex Part Of A Day At The Office

Laundry soap on my wife's car this morning

Build a better Bush

Can anyone advise of Art Schools in Europe to get my Masters Degree at?

I woke up to a flooded room this morning...

Please take a moment...

anyone here in DU know about Omiai meetings?

I think the Olympics has jumped the shark...

Hookers Use Internet To Keep Tabs On Undercover Cops

Cristl Bustos just did her "SammySosaHop".

I'm obliged to plug my friend's fake news comedy blog.

I got ketchup on my blue jeans...

YAYYYYY!!!!!!! Sasha Baron Cohen on Howard Stern this morning

Wisconsin Speed Trap Blues

The tenth kingdom....

Taking a closer look at the War Medals of George W. Bush

The Tequila has been purchased for NYC

People Flock To Baby Born With "Tail"

My sig line

"Clean air causes cancer" - GOP report warns

Fact of the Day

It's Monday! What will make you smile this morning???

Caption: Frakes's son makes it to Reuters mugshot gallery at last?

Caption: Munch must have known about Junior 2000......

Caption: What? No Taleban entry this year?

Wanna get an implant?

Another "SammyHop" by Crystl

Olympics 2008?

Home Theater recommendations

Kid Notorious

Hey, this terror alert pic. is funny.

So....any opinions on the new Anime Network that started this last week?

Students Pay More for Beer Than Books (Yahoo)

heh. Freeper hate mail is so much fun

Butt Paste Filling Pharmacist's Pockets

Team USA Softball (Warning-Spoiler)

Parachutist survives 3,500 metre plunge

Bubba Ho-Tep changed my life!

Repairing scratches in a mirror...any advice?

Did anyone see Poppa Bush in his US flag LINED jacket in Athens?

The FACETIOUSNESS of trumad!

Shaving your cat's nose?

Do you feel reassured when you log into DU every morning?

I’m proud to be an American

How you know the Republicans are keying cars

Sesame street terror alert bwahhhhh!!!!

John Kerry to be on the Daily Show tomorrow!

Trying to lose weight? Ask yourself "What would Jesus Eat?"

My Gold Star

Wat Tyler and the 1381 Peasants' Revolt Rocks!

Shoppers Meet, Fall In Love, Marry At Wal-Mart

McDonald's CEOs should know to eat elsewhere

Butterfly question: anyone have some insights?

W's reason to oppose stem cell research

Does anyone know of a free storage site where I can put PDF files?

Bodies Of WWI Soldiers Found In Glacier

Woman Moves In With Scorpions To Break Record

Here's to the new cube, same as the old cube!!!!

Democratic Movie Alert -- "The President Vs. David Hicks" 11 AM CT

Bible Study Group Meets at Hooters

Best. Song intro. Ever

GoldenAge ofCartoons

BushGnomes make great gifts-Get your Bushgnome!

"Let's do this like a prison break, I wanna see you scream and shake."

Is okay to spank your children?

"Box turtles for truth"

Do you want to go to heaven if Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell are there?

Tonight there's gonna be a jailbreak...

Lights out for The Guy James Show unless you donate now !

The black dog runs at night.

It's a Kafka high.

I watched "Alien" last night. Ask me anything...

Olympic Guards, Bored, Play Russian Roulette - 1 Dead

PC Gamers: Rome Total War demo is out!

Just spent 2 and a half hours on the phone with Dell..Kill me NOW

I miss the seventies. And you Peter?

Ask me anything: Underground Railroad Freedom Center Opening Gala.

I said it before and I'll say it again: Don't use perfume to mask smoke

Dedicate your "Turncoat" songs here!

Rescuers Save Man And Son -- TWICE Within 24 hours

What part of a favorite song always does it for you?

LOL! My ISP update on Norway art theft: "treasured masterpiece" indeed!

Post your FUNNY website here!

I'm almost two weeks into not smoking...and the Alice Cooper thing

Former "Facts of Life" Star says "Hot Saucing" your child is Biblical

Olympics 2004: Most Exciting Sport to Watch?

Page Six: Lewinsky spotted buying slice of pizza with lots of sausage

Where is the Gallery section in DU?

Happy Birthday to Rock's Greatest Drummer

Best on-screen portrayal of a freeper-type?

What do you like to sniff the most?

Is the site slow for anyone else today? Ot is it just me?

Malaise undercutting my Monday

Internal vs. External hard drives question...

Student Jailed For Stealing Beer Glass (Munich)

I just rode my bike 22 miles in the hot Iowa sun.

Is there an update on Barry Herbeck's (cat-killer) parole?

What's with the sprinter's massive EGOS?

Is it okay to spank me?

Happy Un-Birthday to DU's Greatest Poster

Happy Un-Birthday to Rock's Greatest Drummer

Woman Has No Problem With Her Mussolini Surname

Is it okay to spank your girlfriend?

End of War Ahead

Man Struck By Lightning 6 Times In Last 35 Years

I just wrote this song in the key of G

Are HR team are such idiots-although the mean well-- grrrr

Help me re-write Alice Coopers "Schools Out"

Help -- Mini-iPod is Incompatible with the USB Port!

If a film features both Hank Azaria and Philip Seymour Hoffman

Favorite Led Zeppelin Song!!!!

Is It Ok For Terrya To Spank ME?

What things will ALWAYS make you laugh no matter how many times...

Red Marks Too Traumatizing When Grading Student's Papers - Its Purple Now

I'm so confused!

Ever had a "hot stone" massage?

(Science Buffs) How do you dissolve gas in water?

Aaaaarrrrgh! I got TWO Christmas things in the mail today!

What one word could you do without?

Has Form Autofill ever gotten you in trouble? Hedges I lust for you, truly

When selling a high ticket item, would you accept a cashier's check?

What is a good price for a digital camera?

Pagerbear - please check your PMs!!!

new Hannity advertiser Dr. John Gordon, DDS

Listen to Air America Radio on iTunes....

I need a veggie to go with mah fried chicken and mac and cheese?

My first day of grad school is today. wish me luck

new Hannity advertiser ASPCA

The Tires Plus website...

anyone having problems with Air America today?

Dick is a VAN DYKE!!!! Ask me anything!

Any fans of the Ali G show?

You wanna meet sus? Then join us in NYC this weekend

I THINK I FOUND THE BAR!!! (Air America meets here on Tuesday)

Cold? or Allergies?

Educators, have you ever had students use right wing sources on papers?

Gymnastics flamewars are SO yesterday!

I want my gold medal dammit

Post your favorite BIZARRE websites here!

Bush's Dog Takes Dump on CNN

new 'toon - what do you think?

I'm amazed that no one has torn down

I was a good Democrat today.

Missing Moosehead (Beer) Mystifies Mounties

Those crazy MATCOM olympians are at it again!

should dems and reps unite to smash nader's campaign?

Where can I get print your own anti-bush bumper stickers?

Should i or shoulden't i?

Access gurus who knows Excel formula - HELP!

Ohio! Need information on weird OHIO chant

Should Q-Tips be used at the debates?

I've had enough! I'm applying for citizenship to the Conch Republic

Are You From Seattle....WestWashington

First date, date avoids eye contact ?

To Vacillate or not to Vacillate?

Better get some of this stuff, Matcom!

Cute Siamese Kitten Pics (Mani and Yaxi come home)

Hi All. Doggie update and info needed

Happy ending about my 12 yr old shi-tzu with breathing problems!

Just wanted to share a Funny bumper sticker I saw......


This is maybe the stupidest eBay auction ever.

Ooooh the times they are a caaaaaaaaptioning!

Favorite Adrian Zmed Role

What one cliche phrase can you do without?

Spot the virgin!

I hate living in a "swing state!"

Stevie Ray Vaughan Live at Montreaux '85 on DirecTV "Freeview" in Sept.

CAPTION the usual suspects

Why do some DUers feel it necessary to correct posters?

What urban legends/myths have you TRIED to debunk

CAPTION Mr. Banana giving a knockout punch

A letter in the "reader mail" section of

CAPTION... How can these two be on the same team?

Anyone use any memory enhancing herbs or drugs ?

Whoohoo! Fresh 'maters!

Just got a call again from the FEC Bot......

how to get that no call number?

NTSC or PAL: What do you prefer (and why)?

Anyone gonna watch M. Cheney on C-span tomorrow?

So I'm listening to the String Quartet Tribute to the Flaming Lips

Freepers whining about sites being hacked

hey Cubs Fans...... WTF? Is Up With Your Stadium???


Guy puts girlfriend in industrial furnace, then jumps in too.

Rubberband Man Office Max comercials...Love em/Hate em/Indiferent?


Peanut Butter: Crunchy vs Creamy--The ULTIMATE Showdown

Angelina Jolie's Bee-sting lips are REAL!

Cocaine & Alcohol will damage your Speech Center..

What happened to the Lounge Photo Gallery>?>>>>???

Is It Ok For YOUR Girlfriend To Spank ME?

Why nerds shouldn't talk politics

To Vaccinate... or not to Vaccinate

I don't think i'll be going to the RNC protests.

Can you name the 7 ASIAN Capitals that begin with the letter "B"?

Geeks and SUV's....

Gack! I'm prehypertensive!

Everything I say is a lie.

Breaking: Bush* announces new cabinet post.

If you ignore this Post your health will suffer

have the schools in your area totally eliminated recess?

Hypothetical question-

If you ignore this post, I'll poke you with a needle and thread.

Was I good?

Would you renew your computer warranty

Anybody see "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"?

We are Rocking the Scorpio Household

Ceci n'est pas une pipe.

Ugh hacking like a cat with a hairball problem.

Uranus is at opposition this week.

Any computer pros here?

if you ignore this thread, i will stick you to a post

Beady Belle, yum yum

Need advice on book publishing contracts

If you Ignore this post... God will kill a Kitten...

Sirius VS XM Satellite Radio

Kronos Quartet?

Whiskey In The Jaaaaar'o......Thin Lizzy Appreciation Thread...

Should we start calling Crawford "Crawfordbunkport"?

Real life vs. the Internet (animation)

Having dinner. What's worse than leftover

Speaking of dinner, leftovers etc......

A possible reason why BushCo is what it is...

if you post in this thread, i will ignore you.

Ce n'est pas un président

Woman sues restaurant for $3 million for giving her the finger

LionTamer is a DYKE!!! Ask me Anything!

Holy crap! Driving between tornados.

What shall we give Walt Starr as an award?

History of Libraries...Anybody know if China had "Public" libraries before

This post is false.

Ali G first season out on video...hubby is watching it in

south beach diet--yeah, or nah?

Rate the Signiture above you

"Now something of yours has been in the toilet."

Has Paul Hamm bled enough for his medals?

I have to hang here in the lounge for a while.

That line of the Chiefs is REAL OFFENSIVE!!!!!!!

I paid for a Senior Citizens Olive Oil today

KC Chiefs fans

Bo Derek.. ....The face of celebs for Bush.

Could NBC please lay off the Women's Beach Volleyball!!!

For old DU'ers (those near 10k post AND 2-3 years)

Where can I get this T-Shirt?

Yes or no? Why or why not?

Mike Malloy Thread.

Washington DC DUers (Skins fans!): How is the preseason? Coach Joe?

was i bad?

Spoon Man vs. Rubberband Man

I'm off to the bookstore...Then Dem HQ

SNL: The Best of Will Ferrell Volume 2 DVD in stores Sept. 7th

Happy Birthday Moe!!!


Please, Think of the Kittens

Hey photoshoppers , My husband had an idea he wants to see

Gene research creates a 'Mighty Mouse'

More proof that fundies are evil & insane:

Mike Malloy is on! Official show thread

Let His ego Soaaarrr...

Is there anyone that actually likes Creed?

how does one remove algae from a vinyl pool?

Stuff your tv commercials want you to be worried about


Is your personality the same in real life....away from DU?

Aha! I knew our country wasn't colorblind!

I need a virus (seriously)

Utterly shallow '04 candidates thread

So is it possible to find a clip of Tweety deconstructing Michelle Malkin?

Remember southerngirlwriter? She landed a GREAT job!

Need a Free spy ware program

How to give a cat a pill.


Biodome with Pauly Shore

Ya'll want a single?

Getting around a firewall (to a blocked site)

Stephen Baldwin is a republican?

Linux vendors react to Qt flaw

Infinite Cats

In praise of cats

Could Jesus microwave a burrito so hot that he himself could not eat it?

Computeroids - please answer an easy one

2 methods for bathing a cat

Dave Letterman said, "Republicans are in town

Multi-layered pic - very purty!

Cat Crazy

It had to happen.

Allergy question

My 3r old starts preschool tomorrow.

"Eyesroll Visits The Vintage Store"

Pictures of my Kitty

I'm hungry and there's nothing to eat...

Jan was a VAN EYCK!!! Ask him nothing!

Another great Miami Dolphin tribute site

"Screaming Lord Byron's Visit to IKEA"

Spot the agent provocateur at the RNC protests!

Wasabi coated peanuts

"I'm denouncing all the stuff being' CAPTIONed

Margaret Cho and the West Memphis Three

Looking for Dedicated Democrats

BREAKING: Swifties call Gump's Medal of Honor "dubious"

Bunnypants has NO ONE to iron his shirts? What, is he

OMG, did anyone else watch the mens gymnastics tonight?

Best fake name for restaurant seating purposes?

Anyone having trouble searching Yahoo News?

Crappiest job you ever had...

percocet, percocet

I might die in a few days, is it wrong to make someone promise me this...?

JM's Rant 'O the Day: 911 Emergency Service

Fellow migraine sufferers: Ever taken Relpax?

I heard Bush is going to wear his flight suit for the opening of the RNC!

"Candy, Candy, Candy...I can't let you go!"

Al Michaels of ABC Sports

Is Kharma REAL? See, I just heard that a guy I know has developed

havent been on since tuesday night, whats new all

What product that is no longer on the market do you miss the most?

No poop for you! Zoo Doo lottery canceled

ATTN: September/October babies!!

My Beloved Rottweiler died this morning the Warden to know - that I was innocent - because I'm militant

Attention DU "cat nuts"!


BWAHHAHAHAHA: Bush put himself in danger at Texas Air Nat. Guard - LTTE

They came for the Communists

Can you name the 7 European Capitals that begin with the letter "B"?

As I was saying in breaking hell with Alice Cooper

Does Christianity make music worse?

How do I import a Journal Entry in Quickbooks?

Can you name 7 Capitals in the US?

A woman taking her husband's name when she gets married--optional???

Paul Hamm's gold: what happened to good sportsmanship?

What, no Daily Show thread?

The Top 6 Things You Could Expect To Hear Over Hell's PA System!

Let's Play "Name That Tune"! Guess Song From 1 Line Of Lyrics...

What should I watch at 11 PM?

The Bible's not the only place with a FLAMING BUSH!!!

Please allow me to introduce myself (A song in pictures)

Should the womans Beach Volleyball players be wearing more or less?

Should Paul Hamm Give back his gold medal?

Another "Last person to post wins" thread

Is my liberal Christians page easier or harder for you to read now?

Sound we eliminate Judged Events from the Olympics?

Late Night Humor

Anyone remember "Der Fuehrer's Face" by Spike Jones and the City Slickers?

Happy Birthday, Lennie!!!!!

Iowa governor returns home to Pittsburgh to campaign for Kerry

Dean's candidate appearances this week in FL and NY

have you seen this commercial

new Kerry campaign ad re: Swift Boat Liars

kerry warned us about this, spread the truth

has Henry Kissinger commented on the whole Kerry Vietnam thing ?

1996 GOP convention: Purple Hearts and Saddam Hussein

Flinging the Foul Mud of VietNam

"Kerry in a Straitjacket:" a good article by Joe Klein in TIME

campaign song

"....Sees no pattern...."

This is google on Kenneth Cordier

The Kerrys' $2.5 million rainy weekend in the Hamptons

"Tell him to stop lying about my record," Dole snapped. (Ah, memories.)

Swing State Swing: Florida

Question about Kerry's Purple Hearts


How do we fight back?

Dole...Kerry wounds superficial...

Former Sen. R. Dole on Wolf Blitzer

Media shows its sleazy bias again... Rood vs. Dole.

Josh Marshall makes good points re: SmearVets

Are we going to win?

Bill Clinton Needs To Cut The Cord With Bob Dole....

What states have Nader actually qualified for?

Dumb question about Swift Boat attack timing.

American Catholic; an oxymoron?

Herbert: A Chill in Florida (More on black voter intimidation)

New talking point.... Did Dick Cheney outsource his wife's pregnancy...

The big chill cast among black voters in Florida

Pat Buchanan's "August Surprise" book "Where The Right Went Wrong"

Racist Puke Caller Tells Ethnic S-Span Host To Park Cars

Chicago Tribune Poll Kerry 52 Bush 38 in Illinois

Barney Frank will run for Kerry's Senate seat

Cokie Roberts on NPR...

bob kerrey's rumbLe with freepers

Why is Kerry on vacation, when today is the end of overtime pay?

Stopping by New York: why Bush won't linger

Kerry needs to get back on message.

Delaware Newspaper calls out 2 of the Swiftboat Idiots from Delaware

Propoganda: How to fight it effectively

Whatever happened to the Saudis as a campaign issue?

Buchanan claiming that Kerry's Vietnam testimony was lies.

Will America allow Chickenhawks to insult the entire US Military? (Poll)

Zogby to release state polls later today

NYC Protests - Concerns (Con't)

Bush denounced the SBVet ads? Anybody heard about this from a legit

DU this poll.

Calling On DU Researchers: Help!

I believe I know why the swift boat ads aren't going away...

Will The Supine Press Ask Bush About His Swift Boat Buds At Today's Press

NY Daily News: Volunteering, Undercover

Is North Carolina's second US Senate Seat Cursed?

Annenberg Survey: John Kerry's Medals

Kerry said Bush smearing him like McCain ...

Now that you can no longer donate to Kerry

kerry ambush facts...

How to Pay Your Workers Less, by George W. Bush

Should we ask McCain to retract his endorsement of Bush?

Republicans who wish to remain relevant beyond 2004

Why are John Kerry's surrogates so AWFUL????

Why haven't John O'Niell and his thugs been discredited?

Washington Post promoting Swift Boat Veterans ...

Do we really want to trade for Swift Boats vets?

Jig is up for Kerry: Why would the S.Fran Chronicle publish this BS?

The new Kerry ad SUCKS!!! (One might say, "sucks donkey")

Running against Henry Hyde

Time to CRUSH Bush by the balls.

Please send all SBV links for a SBV-Gate file (for DU Editorials) to:

As Convention Nears, Uncertainty Over Protest Location Creates

Bringing a teenager to the protest?

Bush Yet to Flesh Out Domestic Agenda

N.Y. Post: Radicals Plot Bad Weather

Kerry TV Ad Pins Veterans' Attack Firmly on Bush

"Swifty" O'Neill available for question, comments on 8/26, Noon ET

Al is flying solo today.. and BOY is he worked up!

Bush Flip/Flop - promises Michigan water to Michigan - AND to Southwest

The Smoking Gun gives the REAL story of John Kerry' service.

Hey, Kerry Campaign: Shape the Swift Liars controversy properly, dammit.

Sure-fire sign that Bush is losing the Swift-Vets thing: New talking...

some info on Col. Cordier - he can run but he can't hide

Don't let Michael Dobbs off the Hook! WP Swiftboat reporter online NOW

Bush camp tells TV stations to ban Kerry ad

We Gotta' Get Off Of This Jag!!!

Hey Will Pitt, or anyone else with any publishing connections

KEEP GUY JAMES ON THE AIR . Counterattack Swifties

Kerry Campaign: Time to change the conversation

CNN....Bush To Make statements from Crwfd soon

CNN Blows... Nuff Said....Their Swift Boat Coverage Is Worse Than Fox...

The Vietnam War Crimes You Never Heard Of

Still no evidence that Swift boat liars are hurting Kerry

Focus Shifts to Kerry's Antiwar Activities in '70s

NYT: Bush Says SBV Should Stop Running Anti-Kerry ads! CNN says NOT!

Gergen, CNN Int., 12:30 ET Mon.- JK war record attacks "playing with fire"

bush did not denounce the swift ads specifically

What will be the next Rovian smear? (You know there is one, or thirty.)

Attack on Kerry riles co-chair of WI Vets for Bush

Kerry is getting "Gored". He better hit back hard or he may just lose

For Kerry's election chances, Vietnam is

John O'Neill on Rush's show right now

Kerry Press Release: Edwards Pledges to Honor OT; Campaign Releases Study

Is the Bush Campaign Running Out of Money? (newsmax)

Are Swift Boats Believable DU This POLL

President on cnn Now nt

GOP Talking Points Form for Letters to the Editor

Kerry press release: Bush's Sales Tax = 60% Hike In Sales Tax On Families

ABC got the Bush pseudo-denunciation right.

Kerry Camp newswire...a MUST READ!

James Carville ....Any thoughts?????

Bush's dog shown taking a dump during Bush's press talk

I'm John Kerry and I approve of this message..... I challenge Mr. Bush

Kerry Press Release: Bush Increases Taxes on Middle-Class Families

Malkin says: "Bernadette Malone rightly excoriates NYC mayor Bloomberg...

Chess, and the IWR

All it will take: one new "9./11" under a Dem. president to end democracy

Derrick Z. Jackson of the Boston Globe is Bush's useful idiot

The $6,000,000.00 Question For Robert Dole

Dear Bob Dole, "Did Max Cleland BLEED?"

Rather weird photo of Chimp & Rummy

Rights vs Privileges: Central Park next weekend

Bush went to Harvard business school!

Bush's Resume - Something To Further Clutter People's E-Mail, But Good

Milbank tells Kurtz: Media being used by "both sides" in Swiftboat story

How many more days are the smear boat liars going to dominate the news?

Has anyone seen this email??

Why George W. Bush's military record matters

David Gergen on Swift Boat Scum: "We now know it does constitute a smear"

Upcoming program -- Kerry wins in landslide

Hilarious Post of the Day

Warning to all current US military soldiers!

A big honking waste of money

Schuster: Repug Pollsters find No Gore Voters Switching to *

"George Bush is an environmental disaster" . . .

is anyone watching cnn???

"That ad and all of them" counts? That is BS if CNN and AP report. . .

Just got a letter from John Edwards

Wait... doesn't the Bush Olympic ad violate Federal Law?

KERRY's Latest Ad (It's Great) Denounces Bush and Swift Boat Vets!!!

Please explain Kerry's war record to me.

Kerry was BRILLIANT not to denounce "all 527's". (* is anti Free Speech)!

George Bush just gave Kerry a wonderful ad !!

Were you gullible enough to believe Bush condemned the SmearVet ad?

Daily Mislead: Bush Misleads on Connection to Smear Campaign

Tad Devine needs to send a clear message when debating republicans

What was Bush's position on 527 gps BEFORE this episode? I smell a FLIP...

Bush Calls For End To SwiftBoat Ads

Ever wonder why Bush keeps saying he wants to do away with all 527 groups?

MSNBC Is Letting W Off The Hook.

Now what?

Nader is spoiling Ohio - thanks a fucken lot.

Kudos to Ron Brownstein! Responsibility lies with MEDIA as with Candidates

Annotated Bush transcript

Ed Rendell just nailed woofwoof and CNN!!!!

Opposing 527s is like opposing the First Amendment.


NYC DUers PANTS on FIRE is coming!

Death of PCF-43 - Kerry's Best Friend Killed in a Mekong Delta Ambush

Bush ties to SBVT vs Hussein/al Qaeda ties

Marital status/height/weight-Censored on bush's military discharge????

With the Swift Lying Liars (SWILL) on the attack, don't miss this

Should Sean Hannity renounce his behavior as a pedophile?

Bob Dole's Skeleton Closet: maybe not the nice guy CNN tells us he is

The worm has officially turned on Bush

Bush downgrades # of times Kerry voted for tax increases by 250, why?

Daily Kos: How YOU can help fight voter harrassment and suppression!

The Republicans are evenly split on whether Kerry earned his medals!

Doris Haddock is now, officially and legally, Granny D.

How much is the DNC spending on the McPeak ad?

Has anyone else seen the AOL Strawpoll Vote?

can someone help me with the source of W's discharge paper

Repuke PA representative on Crossfire

To Muslims and Arabs: Bush needs your vote, so don't give it to him

Cincinnati Poll: Will Sen. Kerry's war record affect your vote? Vote Now..

I need links!!!

"I saw the blood"

Freepers are screaming about the Swift Boat headline inaccuracy too

OK, all you armchair strategists, what's your advice to Kerry now?

New Poll: 59% believe Kerry earned medals in VW. 21% do not.

Our Democracy, Our Airwaves Act Introduced in Senate

Has the Swift Boat Liars

CNN really getting bad.

* Meets with Defense Team (today's press show - 527's et al)

Is Chris Matthews voting for Kerry?

Protestors in NYC -- follow the lead of the Von Trapp family!

DU: we have 3 hours to break the new Bush medal scandal


Bush says the only question is who is better on the war on terror. OK....

Hey, Dubya, it's not the 527's, it's the LIES that you should despise.

New Bush logo

In 1978, did Bush lie about being in the Air Force?

Wolf has Bob Kerrey this afternoon...

I can't wait until "Chicken Little" debates John Kerry

Blitzer: "A CNN exclusive. BOB DOLE has more to add to his comments"

When did you stop being "anybody but Bush" and become pro-Kerry?

Bush Criticizes Anti-Kerry Television Ad

Bob Dolt got one thing right

So let me get this right -- If your'e a Democrat the only way you can be

Bob Kerrey's on CNN with Wolf

Texas Air National Guard Veterans for Truth

It's not enough for Bush

Wolf Blitzer is being fair tonight. Did pod people take over his body?

Any Bunnypants Doggie Oops Photos Yet?

Note to Kerry: Do NOT agree with Bush's 527 position.

A Democratic change is coming (my weekend)

How do chicken hawks challenge veterans' war credentials?

So I bring up Bob Dole and I get blasted...!

Remember James Carville's words, all you doubters:

Since * wants an end to all 527s, why doesn't he show good faith and end

Who's on Hardball and Olberman tonight?

Hey-Bob Dole- Have A Pepsi And A Viagra And Shut The Fcuk Up

French TV report on SmearVet controversy

I want an apology from Bush re jumping over other Texans into TANG

Kerry Press Release: Bush-Cheney Ad Fact Check "Taxing our Economy"

What are you doing, personally, to win this election for the democrats?

Is Bob Dole the one who had a threesome with Brittney spears and a dog?

No Mention Of Ken Cordier

Dole just lied his ASS off with Leslie

Kerry Press Release: Everyone but Bush knows energy prices are hurting us

What is wrong with Dem 527s?

How can Kerry or MoveOn go on the offensive? nt

New Zogby polls indicate Kerry has good shot at Tn, Ark, Mo, NH

Anyone seen this freeper email? Quotes from Demos on Iraq. Need to respond

what's up with MSRNC?

With this overtime legislation, did they just slip the noose around ....?

New Polls:

An EXCELLENT point about the Swifties and Bush

We won the Swift Boat Scumbag issue today. The best part is...

Zinger of a quote from (of all people) Pat Buchannan, Kerry outta use this

Patrick Buchanan Slams Bush and the Neocons

Kerry "is expected to continue to talk about the history of dirty tricks

Sorry If This Has Been Asked Before....


Heard on NPR this afternoon...

More stupidity from Adams Sparks (SF Chron)

Daily Howler finds the Washington Post burying pro-Kerry evidence

How Much does the Administration Control the Swift Boat Vets?

Va. AG: State Must Accept Nader Petition

Freeps-A-Feudin' Over Being Left Off The GOP Platform

Deleted message

Need a New Ad About 527's

Could Kerry Win MONTANA?

RNC Protest Idea (not in NYC) - Human Chains for Change

Bush/Cheney's 527

Dole wants an apology from Kerry re statements made 30 years ago

Ex - Worker Sues RNC for Discrimination

Bob Dole question

Bob Dole didn't mean to OFFEND Kerry????

Republicans burying Democrats in Congressional campaign fundraising

After seeing Moyers with Kevin Phillips...Despicable Texans /Dirty Fightin

Edwards statement: it's time to do the right thing, you hateful monkey

Does Tweety Know What The Term "Whistleblower" Means? Kerry Was One

Please help me de-freep this message board

DSB'S List Of Pat Buchanan's Medals And War Wounds

Swift Boat strategy...

Kudos to Kerry Staff for Today's Kerry Response to Swift Liars

Looks like the Swift Boat Vets are planning a DC rally

In Defense Of Chris Matthews...

Just got my first push poll of the season

At the Dem Convention, the vets stood there for Kerry

Do You Agree That Wolf Blitzer Was The Guiltiest Of Helping Smear Kerry?

Just got my first push poll of the season

Would you swap the demise of 527's for the revival of Fairness Doctrine ?

Smirk and Sneer with Smear and Fear

Try as they may, it remains War Hero v. The Deserter

Joel Klein asks, "Why hasn't Kerry gone after Bush on Iraq?"

The Single Worst Thing about Swift Smear is:

Paul Galanti on Hannity & Colmes: Kerry "aided and abetted the enemy"

I was very proud today.....

Time for to get NASTY!

You Might Want to E-Mail This To All Your Friends Now.

The blackout is over and only 12 days left for 527s...

Is this BIZARRO WORLD???? "Bush urges Kerry to condemn attack ads"??????

Olbermann hitting on Bob Dole bashing Kerry!

Dem congressional candidate praises Bush!!!

How Many Viet Nam Veterans can call themselves Swift Boat Vets?

Was Chris Matthews ordered into a political re-education camp on Friday?

If this is even remotely legit....

HOT!!! Prescott Sheldon Bush LIED ABOUT HIS WAR MEDALS!!

Who told Bob Dole to LIE about John Kerry's record?

Talking points that I gave a LTTE writer tonight.

Is it safe to assume all of these polls don't include...

Election Model update: 16 Zogby state polls. Kerry rebound!

Finally * sez the smearboat ads should stop (breaking) so sez O'Reilly

Republicans lay out case for Stoddard County (MO) voters

Poll: Is Bushies Negativity Level Higher than Kerrys? Vice Versa?

Bush urges Kerry to condemn attack ads

"New Freedom Initiative" = Huge Opportunity for Kerry

Business Week Mag: Excellent article about Kerry! In response to

Mike Thompson (DetFP) toon rips Bush and Swiftboat liars

Polls are using incorrect methodology.

Nelly, Russell Simmons Register over 114,000 New Voters in Missouri

Who's Going To Watch Hack On Scarface?

Jim Russell-- A veteran for truth

Tales of baseball, tobacco and Possibly the Next President

The Kerry Campaign did it again.................

So... what medals did John O'Neill receive?

They Can Steal It 269-269.

I Talked *AT* p.o.s. O'NEILL on the Radio Today!

David H. Hackworth on Scarborough tonight

Swift boat LIES are NOT working.

and... waLt starr's story is on msnbc too

Republicans New Swift Boat Line: DEMOCRATS DENYING FREE SPEECH

What constitutes a "connection" between a 527 and a campaign?

Will Repugs use agent provocateurs to promote violence at the convention?

Terry Holt on Scarborough: "We are having a debate on the issues, and...

A modest proposal re the 527s.

Swift Boat Liars Run Aground

The thing is that the Swift Boat Veterans (sic)

Conspiracy Alert

What if the 2004 Presidential isn't even close?

What is the role of truth during wartime? is question raised by Bushites

I is NOT a thug!

The nerve of some people. (Help me debunk something outrageous, please)

Dole's justification

If you can catch the repeat of Joe Scarborough....

Hackworth on with Smerking Joe Tonight

Wingnut Sent Me This "Mullings" (Senator as Candidate)

It's all about pacing.

Time for Harbdall

New Survey USA polls from Arkansas and Virginia

Applications now being accepted (Only Elite Need Apply)

Has Anyone seen these 30 second Anti Bush ads?

This Matthews stuff is getting to be a bit much

Just caught end of Newshour on SwiftVets. Can someone give an analysis

It's time for John Kerry to hire me as a rep for him on Television!!!!!!

great comparison: Bush issues page vs. Kerry's

California Polls - What Is This About?

New Gallup poll from Florida

Dick Cavett's left-handed apology to Pat Buchanan on 'Hardball."

Swift Boat Veterans planning the most "lethal" ad for October...

Kerry Appearance

Heads up - Kerry on Daily Show tomorrow night!

Quotes and Opinions From Vets Who Served With Bush

Statement by Kerry in Congress in Q/A after Wintersoldier

My sympathies are with those who fell for Chris Matthews's trick

SBLs to bush; you knew we were snakes when you picked us up

Documentary Focuses on Kerry in Vietnam

have you ever seen this WAIVER OF ARREST on George?

Was asked by a Guy at my company about Kerry stickers

Is there an Alabama National Guards for Truth out there????


Another veteran for Kerry!!

16 new Zogby poll results

Minnesota GOP HQ & eCampaign Chairman Illegally Pimping For O'Neill's SBVT

"On Cable, a Fog of Words about Kerry's War Record"

Did anyone else see that SBV focus group person on Faux?

Who here in DU are going to be affected by the Overtime Pay....

Virginia-Should we make a strong effort?

So. Here's the WORST they can come up with on Kerry:

Macho men: Who’s tougher in the Kerry v. Bush battle?

Absentee Balloting for eVoting States?

Edwards In La Crosse and classless freepers!

Breaking ... Another connection between Bush and Swift Vets

Swift Boat Liar admits he didn't witness anything

How about an attack ad with only Bushisms and a laugh track?

Why didn't "Top Goon" keep his pilot's license?

for future reference -- here's the path of Walt's story today

Michael Moore features Walt Starr's story on * medals!

MSNBC Heard Us: Where's Dubya's Ribbons???

ABC News SBVL tried to have Runyon sign a false affidavit

Anyone else submitted anything to "America Can Do Better?"


I just saw the Olympic Bush ad...

Who Is John Kerry's "Karl Rove"?

To ALL Americans: Bush needs your vote, so don't give it to him

WSJ: Kerry leads Bush in Electoral College Tally

Dean in West Palm: "The president needs to apologize to Kerry"

Free Speech vs Slander

John Kerry to Appear on Comedy’s Daily Show (Jon Stewart)

Tom Oliphant knows something thats going to go down

Forget 527s - It's MEDIA CONTROL...

Bush admitted to TANG the very day he applied?

I don't think Kerry should fight it if Nader wants to be in the debates

WHY is DOLE Bring up Nam Shit Knowing it Bothers some of our wounded Vets?

Military coverup of *'s AWOL: Please bring me up to date

Documents for Swift Boat Rally!!! Proof Bush Campaign working w SBV

READERS DIGEST - Mrs. Kerry twice referred her, by them as the

Only 12 days left for 527's to be on air.

Kerry campaign should embrace Bush "repudiation" of Swift boat vets ad

Kerry CAN'T go negative on Bush that much.

Aaron Brown just EVISCERATED the Swift Boat Vets with the facts.

The lesson: Why should I respect ANY veteran?

Splintering Bush's base- Catholics are also Christians

Nader Still Unsure of Ballot Spot in Many States

Well I hope the Liars can live with the Trauma they are causing !

How can I argue against outsourcing when most of Teresa's wealth

Flip-flop? Bush Campaign defends Swift Boat Liars?

Democratic Mayor in Ohio endorses Chimpy

Could this be part of the Oliphant Allusions?

Wrestling Fans- Mick Foley's A Smart Man

Media Warriors: Know Your Enemy

Reuters: "Most political scientists & economists foresee a win for Bush"

Five recent refutations of the Swift Boat Vets:

A HUGE mistake on Kerry's part.

trashing other boards?

George W. Bush was photographed wearing a ribbon he did not earn