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Archives: August 21, 2004

Districts 12 and 5 debate...Putnam, Siemer, Hagenmaier...Aug. 24..

DSCC Upgrades PA Race to "Top-Tier"

Dean in Seattle 8/31

Somethings rotten in California

Mike Malloy ROCKS!

Would Ronald Reagan have started a war with Iraq? PLEASE READ FIRST

Educate me on Chavez

LOL !!! - Caption THIS !!!

Does Hannity think we all have shit for brains????

Okay, give me the quick scoop on Michelle Malkin

Hague ruling on fence could lead to sanctions on Israel

High Court upholds decision not to indict Sharon

Area Hamas suspect is indicted

'Kerry' crushes 'Bush' in cockroach derby

Sonia Gandhi is world's third most powerful woman

Snarly day here on the old DU, or was I just paying attention for a change

Gary Hall, Jr. is 'DA MAN. And Phelps is an incredibly good sportsman

Despite all my rage

Jesus loves you and shares your hatred of homosexuals and Hillary Clinton.

Touch Pad ER

Somebody's been eating chips over the keyboard

Similarities between DUers and Freepers

That FR motto is funny

Admit it--you want to have Michael Phelps' child!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crackberry Intervention?

What's on your book table?

Garrison Keillor on Ralph Nader

what's the best day to be in NYC during RNC week?

Proof that Survey USA Poll of CA is bunk.

Just saw Olbermann on Countdown

The Smearboat hits the fan -- Get ready to revisit 1971!!!

Today's the start of the mother of all backlashes!

Log Cabin Republicans ask for plank in GOP platform

How best should the Kerry campaign pre-empt NYC protest & violence?

Out Damned Spot

If Kerry goes negative(which I guess it appears he will)..

If McCain Wanted The GOP Nomination In 2008, How Would He Act Now?

Republicans claiming swift boat ads are fair tit for tat.

Question: Why Did George W. Bush get a new TDL # in 1995?

Somethings rotten in California

Have I mentioned how much I hate these people? (retort to freeper)

Would you pay money to see "The Big Picture" (The Bushist F9/11)?

Either disown the ad, or everythng is on the table!...Kerry campaign

The Road to Confrontation in Najaf

How not to fight against terrorism

The Politics Of Bullying

WP: Swift Boat Accounts Incomplete And Flawed

Soldier with Kerry in '68 says he earned first medal

This election will be decided by a lie

Ben Jones skewers Zell

We could have stopped him

Editorial: Despicable smears/Exposed for all to see, and reject

Illinois Senate race hinders federalists, democracy

Republican smear machine can't stand up to the facts

The warlords of America - John Pilger

Anti-Kerry vets not there that day (Chicago Tribune) Good!

Now they are attacking Harkin!

President Clinton is right - when people THINK, Democrats WIN.

Only the loyal at Bush rallies

George Bush's Real Plans for the Military

Gospel, crosses and boos on cue (bush rally review)

Matrix of connections between SBVT and George & Co.

In Defense of a Hero

"I was there" that day. Anti-Kerry vets were not.

WS: Marching to November [Bombshell!!!]

The Imprisoned American Mind: A Case of Mass Psychosis

SBV-Gate: The File??? Send me links & I'll do one.

(Making the) PARANOID SHIFT by Michael Hasty-must read

AMERICAN JUDAS- by Robert Paulsen

For protesters and counter-ralliers - the Bush/Cheney agenda for next week

Anybody got links to locally sponcered internet forums

Camp Wellstone Training Coming To San Francisco October 1-3, 2004

NYC Activism to Save Health from Bushco 9/11 enviro cover-up!

If you're going to RNC " convention "-pls pass this flyer out

Chicago DU Gathering -- Sunday, Sept. 5

Air America addy for feedback? site's page not open up wn button clicked,

ChiTrib Editor Rood, crewmates Lambert &Runyon verified Kerry-&no TVmedia?

Media Personnel Addresses...

The media is soooo easily led (re: SBVT)

Latest on AAR affilliates

Found: a holy white elephant

Toyotarization blamed for worldwide dust storm

New Yorker's Health Still In Danger from Bushco 9/11 Cover-up

Is this the answer to God, the universe and all that?

Is there a database...

Science and the God Particle and Religion-comment on $5b on a Higgs search

does anyone still care about the space program?

Cool Idea: ‘Energy of the future' flows into downtown Toronto

They had a plan.

The Black Book/The Arab Alliance: The Politics of Race Identity in Sudan

Mark Chen slams `unfit' Aussie minister Downer

Hurray for the war on drugs.

What type of gun nut are you?


someone else didn't get the message about laying off

AWB Rant- Why can't we strengthen it

Should silencers be unregulated by Feds?

Help! I donated to DU, but forgot to include my DU handle on the form...

Would it be feasible to have a forum or even a pinned thread

Problem Trying to Donate

I want to know why my post was deleted

I accidentally let the Chicago gather thread

Perhaps we could have a "Veterans Forum"

DU fund-raising idea

urgent to admin -- check the alert I just sent (eom)

Something we need at DU...

I don't understand the enforcement of the rules here

Israel court orders barrier reply

The case against George W. Bush - Jerusalem Post article

New Housing Units Sanctioned by Israel Show How Dead the Road Map Is

Report: U.S. changes stance on settlement construction

Time for Official Story believers to make their case.

Why "Truth Ministry" agents avoid substantive 9/11 discussions.

Our Democratic Central Committee here in Ogle County

Anybody in Florida got a local Internet service provider with

Castor dominating editorial endorsements

Is anyone in FL asking about undervote-overvote protection?

I think my mom drinks Kool-Aid because she loves this Martinez guy...

Air America on LSD in San Diego

Shelley's staffers call him abusive - complaints filed

Anybody in Iowa got a local Internet service provider with

Vote for Change Tour t roll call!

Anybody in MN got a local Internet service provider with

Kerry visit on Thursday

Anybody in Mich. got a local Internet service provider with

Anybody in Ohio got a local Internet service provider with

Nader on Ohio Ballot?

Anybody in PA got a local Internet service provider with

Austin Alert: Boil water notice for Lakeway

I'm baaaack!

my latest LTTE, sent to SA & local rag

Anybody catch the Repug Senate debate last night?

Anybody in WI got a local Internet service provider with

GWBush* campaign's last minute "picnic" at park where Edwards to appear.

Seattle Hempfest is this weekend - 8/21 and 8/22

Was that SLADE GORTON endorsing Kerry in that DNC ad?

Anybody in WA got a local Internet service provider with

Handy info graphics on Swift Boat Vets: NYTimes

Apparently there is video of some of the swiftboat liars praising

I do declare! The newest Swift Boat ad is so "devastating"....

Is Kerry suing the smearboat bums?

According to Pat Buchanan and the Swiftboaters, Kerry "slimed" fellow

Does anybody have the link to the NYT article about swift-boat

How Many FREEPERS Do We Have Lurking Around the DU?

what's the best day to be in NYC during RNC week?

How many of you were there? Washington, D.C. in April, 1971

OK folks, put Kerry's testimony in the mix. Read it for yourself

NYC Denies All Central Park Rally Permits

Have I mentioned how much I hate these people? (retort to freeper)

was anyone here lucky enough to get moveonpac concert tix?

WINTER SOLDIER: The basis for the new swiftboat liars ad

Kerry Campaign has ties to Swiftboat vets

Stephanie Cutter's Response to McClellan....Awesome

Did you hug your future member of Congress today?

what are all the taxes we pay?

Somebody Please Explain The Tinfoil Hat Thing

Republicans claiming swift boat ads are fair tit for tat.

Is there some sort of new worm or virus running loose tonight?

Steve Gardner Ex Swift Boat Scum HAS!!!!

Hey vets and avid readers about Vietnam need help

Good point about SV SOBs

Kerry's comment about the president 'having the authority' to declare war

All you bush supporters out there...

I think it's time for John Kerry to change the subject

Are those on the FEC Bush appointees?

Media buzz aided anti-Kerry effort :Boston Globe 8-21-04

Are you too sensitive about your religion?

why are republicans in general so hung up on sexuality & fake machismo?

What's the current price per barrel of oil?

I cannot seem to watch Washington Journal archive...

Al Franken will appear on Prairie Home Companion rebroadcast fr. Dec. 2003

Watched McGovern vs Woolsey last night on Charlie Rose

Is a war 30 years ago the issue today?

Michelle Malkin's Take On Chris Matthews Show

My LTTE got published!

Dammit!!! Im sick of this... BUSH IS NOT A TEXAN!!

how DO you counter a lie? The Swiftboat ads are on the face

Can't send Coffee to the troops in Iraq?

Counter Convention: your chance to organize;

This is Hell broadcast on at 9a cdt. Get in early before it fills up

Has Limbaugh broken up with Michael Savage?

CNN Sunday Morning will be covering "Uncovered" tomorrow--9 am.

The Vietnam War WAS immoral

Journalists: Idiots With Laptops (My E-Mail To CNN)

Important State For Kerry News

What would happen if during the republican convention McCain

Orwell Rolls in His Grave

FEC Complaint etc on MSNBC..

D*&n! Vote for Change Springsteen sold out in about 12 minutes!

Once Kerry becomes President

Chicago Tribune Editor breaks silence, recalls Kerry heroism

Great Cartoon at Working for Change

What is Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin doing now?

Refresh your memory: Great Flash on Florida 2000

Do you meet these criteria?

EDIT: Guy James IS onair today!

The Ghosts of Penn Station: Homeless Disappear as Convention Nears

What???? Zell Miller is the keynote speaker for the RNC????????

Iraq 1, Australia 0

Vietnam War Movies -- Name Some.

America’s Workers Set to Protest Bush Overtime Pay Take-Away

I have been seeing more and more...

Help me debunk this crap

Freeper: *'s amazing accomplishments

Another Bush Flip-Flop

"A Perfect Candidate" starting NOW on the Sundance Channel

If the Swiftees saw Kerry's boat leave a man in the water why didn they

Why does the word Christian equal good?

A Question now about service and party affiliation

An Oil Shock That Could Be an Economic Stimulus in Disguise -NYT

Congressman Ed Schrock outed (Va.) against gay marriage

MSNBC - Swift Boat Ads

One soldier comes home from Iraq an angry vet

40 year Gulf of Tonkin coverage in the media ?

has kerry backed off on xmas eve in cambodia?

Judicial Watch announces investigation into Kerry medals/service

Anyone have the video of Kerry's 1971 Senate testimony?

Question: Does any broadcast media still total up the war casualties?

Companies asking employees to waive rights

Military helicopters to patrol U.S.-Canadian border

United Airline Pensions May Go (sorry folks, have to save the corp.)

this is great i love.

US backs Israeli expansion of settlement: this should help us in Iraq

I hope he sues

New Kerry ad will be on all the Sunday shows.

Warning....don't drink anything while reading this!

Rules for Publishing Editorals

Potential Wedge Issue - Federal Election Day Holiday

The latest crap from McCain

Truthout: Anti-Kerry Vets Not There that Day

What one needs to believe in order to believe the Smear Boat Liars.

Arundhati Roy

Korean War Vet shuts down Kerry basher . . .

I don't get the "don't switch horses" argument

Iraqi athletes object to Bush campaign ad

Whats happening in Gainsville? Still having the rally?

Wow, I though Joe Piscapo was a Republican. Nope, "lifelong Dem" he sez

SUV Vandalizer busted because of his hair

McDonald's all ready for the new NO OT rules

I had a spiritual experience last night. I saw

whoohoo, third time's a charm!

What Gives With the Site Where DU Donations are Made?

Face it they hate us for our "rock & roll"

Was Real Time with Bill Maher on last night?

A week after Charley: "We're just a short drive from normalcy."

How DARE those Democrats display disrespect for a sitting president!

Is Jeb as big an eeeediot as George?

military doctors complicit in US Iraq torture

New Yorkers Health Still In Danger WTC Poisons and Bush Admin Cover-Up

Please email Olberman and ask him to stop playing sbvl ads

"Best of Malloy"

Abu Ghraib probe points to top brass - media not pushing as hard on this

Ahhhhhh the "Beltway Boys"......

ATTENTION Swift Boat Duds For LIES!

In case you missed it...NOW w/Bill Moyers...America and Jobs...Outsourcing

"official Guy James Show" thread Please keep kicked!!!

Bob Novak

Cold Turkey, Baby!

where is the Doonesbury thread?

Please Nominate Other RW Pundits to Replace the NEO-CON Talking Heads

what punishment in hell should the swiftvets for truth get?

Ga. DU'ers: Was Sen. WYCHE FOWLER a Liberal?

Politica in 2004 is better than any of the soap operas!

Laura Flander is asking fed-up Repubs to call her

Man fired for heckling Bush

Third Michelle Malkin Song Of The Day

MICHELLE | with profound apologies to The Beatles....

sunk a neighbor's battleship

Are there too many skeletons in the neocon closet?

Republican Politician sues African Maid for Baby(The continuing story)

Help me with some Vietnam information!

Democrats and War

Yes, I can predict the future....


"Bring those Americans here to fight hand to hand. They are cowards!"

What are the solders dying for???

Maureen Dowd on Tim Russert's CNBC show for the hour at 10pm EDT

THE CLINTON LEGACY: The Hidden Election

Just committed some fun at Barnes and Noble

Watching Outfoxed now. Wow and Ick.

Survey on Bush's "Bogus" Commercial

Females win fight for political power

Heard about Republican Fried Chicken?

Could someone help me on 527's and CFR....

GOP Pick McCain after Terrorists Incapacitate Martyr Shrub

Had a fun exchange with the Kansas City Chiefs recently....

Bad guy uses machine gun, so now cops want them?- Indianapolis

Double your donation... It's the DU Texas Challenge!

Just like with the Viet Nam war, the US can't admit it was wrong so it

GOPs are dishonest, disingenuous, selfish and insensitive - yay or nay?

Pravda: "Al Qaeda does not exist, and never has"....not a new theory

Ask The Whitehouse- Some Fun

Why I won't Apologize for Calling Bush a Fascist

We're almost done with Iraq!!! so says Presidents nephew

200 locked away & under the radar in New York

Is it time for Revolution in Mexico?

This is so sad! Freepers have turned against Chris Matthews.

The Cost of War

Rumor amongst troops in Iraq....October surprise....

What records has Bush provided (re: Guard Service)

Saturday morning in downtown Manchester, CT, I drove by a group...

Need a break from JibJab's "My Land?"

Man could get 35+ years in prison for destroying SUVs.

Premptive strike on US?...

* Endorsement List: Oliver North, Neil Bush, Ken Lay, Joseph

The Second Michelle Malkin Song of the day:

Why Does Bush Treat Vietnam Veterans Like Crap?


Cal Thomas

Define: "The American Dream"

Politics are getting too personal!

Maoist Rebels have Kathmandu surrounded and the roads blocked. a siege.

Test your integrity! (stole this from a yahoo msg board):

How many here think Jeb will run in '08?

Are you member of MoveOn? If not, you can join for free.

I wonder who will be on the morning shows tomorrow?

Dispute resolution & dealing with other "-isms"

Too important to leave over in State Forums!! PROTEST DELAY!!

Are there any of the neocons you can't help but kind of like?

Okay, there is a Texas Challenge going on for fundraising, any other

Why Did The Chickenhawk Cross The Road?

Halliburton(s) made the Village Voice!!!!

Is Bu$h a terrorist?

Drudge says * is headed to the Olympics.

Could the U.S. be hybrid by 2012?

Unbearable arrogance of being Dick Cheney.

An Ordinary View of Extra-Ordinary Times

Odd Connection between Free Republic, Terrorism and Nick Berg....

As Kieth Olbermann's ratings skyrocket...

Freedom of Speech Question

Bumper Sticker Story.

Richard Clark did he really say he allowed the Bin Ladens out?

OMFG! Esquire: Tucker Carlson, Andrew Sullivan,pretty much rip up Bush

"We support our troops! Unless they are Democrats!"

Help me win over my husband the pacifist

We wake up and CNN/Headline says: Bush Invades Iran...President Bush

Bush supporter?

Very good article on Bush reinstating DRAFT to invade more countries!!

What it was like in Iraq, women's rights, culture.

The victims of class and culture

The Two Gates

How do you feel about Najaf? (was wrongly spelled "Fallujah" before)

what does "humanist" mean to you?

Trying to analyze what kind of people would vote for *

BBV: Looks as if some knives are out for CA SoS Kevin Shelly...

Are the media under-reporting the good that's happening in Iraq?

Porter Goss...Friend or Foe?

Any Thornley fans?............................

Report: US tortured then executed 37 captured Iraqis outside of Najaf

Inside the Imam Ali shrine, Najaf - Guardian

Americans keen to buy British drama of Sept 11

Ex-Bush supporter endorses Kerry

Al Qaeda Plans to Drop Gay Bombs! (Weekly World News)

Frozen Custard Costs George W. Bush $14,000

WP, pg1: Grp to Air Ad Attacking Kerry 1971 Testimony (context not cited)

Militia, Shiite Leaders Bicker Over Shrine

Riggs latest: Pinochet quizzed on bank accounts (BBC News)

Village Deserted After Mysterious Deaths (Namibia)

Journalists: Idiots With Laptops (My E-Mail To CNN)

Sadr's men hold Iraq shrine in defiance of (US appointed) govt

ABC News: Election Spending for '04 Tops $1 Billion

Guardsman dead day after return from Iraq

Golden mask `sensational'

BBC News: Spain bombs 'follow Eta warning'

Bhutto's husband now admits owning £4m estate

LAT: Continued Job Troubles Seen in Crucial States

Toledo Diocese Says It Will Pay $1.19M

US soldier killed in bomb attack in Baghdad

Group's Flier Found in Bush Camp Office

Swift Boat Accounts Incomplete And Flawed

Two airline firms suspend flights to Iraq for closure of Baghdad airport

Rice tops list of powerful women

Congress Wants Rights Board

Forbes: Cherie Blair "12th most powerful woman in the world"

Clerk changes election vote totals (Wyo. primary last Tues.)

Judicial Watch annouces investigation into Kerry's record

Journalists in US face jail for refusing to reveal their sources

U.S. Issues Mideast Travel Warning

Convention Boss's Other Hat: Lobbying G.O.P. for Defense Clients

National Senate Democrats air ad attacking DeMint (Payback)

Clashes Resume in Najaf, Handover Talks Hit Snag

NYT, pg1, lead: Wide U.S. Inquiry into Purchasing for Health Care

Venezuelan vote audit confirms Chavez win

..New Internet Ad: George Bush is Up to His Old Tricks

Kidnappers lift threat to kill American hostage

KE Fact Sheet: Bush Eliminating Overtime Pay for 6 Million Workers

'Death after death, blood after blood' Killing goes on ... (Najaf)

Republicans launch 'W ketchup'

Swift Boat Commander Backs Kerry on Attacks Over Vietnam Record

Americans abroad determined to have say on Election Day

Bush Lauds 'No Child Left Behind' Law in Weekly Radio Address

Man rallies attendees to cover costs

Graphics designer fired after heckling Bush

Report: U.S. knew about abandoned American children in Nigeria

NYT, Nagourney: Kerry Might Pay Price for Failing to Strike Back Quickly

LAT: File-Share Firms Face Tough Senate Fight (iPod liable under bill?)

Al-Mahdi Army fighters have been besieged by US-led forces

Olbermann Broadcasts Cordier Story Live On MSNBC

LAT: Bush Hears Straight Talk from Steelworkers ("all cited charm")

Ayatollah Sistani: Occupiers Should Leave Iraq

Iraq's Air Force Launches First Flights

Man arrested by FBI : "I was close to capturing bin Laden"

U.S. Sees Iraqi National Guard as the Ticket Home

Zimbabwe moves to restrict NGOs

Edwards: Bush could stop swift boat ads

'Staggering Amount' of Cash Missing In Iraq

Chicago Tribune: Voters rush past Keyes, favor Obama

Kerry urges Bush to demand stop to attacks

Fables of Iraqi "Reconstruction"

KE Fact Sheet: Bush Eliminating Overtime Pay for 6 Million Workers

Iraq Pulls Off Another Soccer Stunner

"You are slaves, Die like slaves": Darfur refugees tell of killing spree

Editorial: Despicable smears/Exposed for all to see, and reject

Kerry Urges Bush to Demand Attacks Stop

Bush's Nephew Rips Armed Border Guards

Two French Reporters Missing In Iraq

German Police Detain 74 Neo-Nazis Before Hess March

Iraqis criticize Kellogg, Brown and Root

Sun. Chicago Tribune: Editor's Personal Recollection of Kerry Heroics

Navy Commander, Journalist, Backs Kerry On Vietnam - MSNBC

Terrorism Ruled out in Siberian Ebola Case

Iraq Pulls Off Another Soccer Stunner

Kerry, Bush Are Tied in Presidential Race, Harris Poll Says

Vote Audit Confirms Chavez Recall Win Fair - Official

Iraqi's Critisize Kellog, Brown and Root

St. Paul launches drive to recall mayor Kelly

Ban on Central Park protests meant to preserve lawn, NYC says

Bush Promises to Offer Detailed Plans at Convention

Vietnam Vets in Hanoi Back Kerry with T-Shirts

Blasts hit Bangladesh party rally

Some in Meadville upset about theater canceling Moore film(Threats)

Coward Bush to have balls kicked (by McCain!) in new Dem ad.

U.S. Rep Jim Leach says U.S. must leave Iraq as soon as possible

Kazaa Owner Cheers File-Swapping Decision

WP: Swift Boat Accounts Incomplete And Flawed

WP- Bush Health Care Plan Seems to Fall Short

Cut-and-Paste Propaganda Infiltrates Opinion Pages

AP has picked up story! Volunteer Links Anti-Kerry Flier to GOP

Ruling Says Mistake Gave Paul Hamm Gold

Bush supporter leaves campaign over role in ad

Military helicopters to patrol U.S.- Canadian border

Al-Qaida Said to Recruit in Latin America

New Kerry Campaign Ad....McCain Slam-n Shrub

UN Staff Union Urges Annan to Consider UN Withdrawal From Afghanistan

Bush to go to Olympics:Drudge flash.

Bush's Nephew Rips Armed Border Guards

Graphic Designer Fired After Heckling Bush

Kerry Camp Makes Video to Defuse Attacks, vote on Yahoo

Najaf erupts as US death toll tops 600

Four Iraqis, including police colonel, killed in attacks

NYT: An Oil Shock That Could Be an Economic Stimulus in Disguise

U.N. Expert Reprimands U.S. on Afghan Prisons

U.S. Now Said to Support Growth for Some West Bank Settlements -NYT

WaPo: Criminal Probe of Riggs Bank Underway

Boehner Favored in Taped Phone Call Case (against Jim McDermott WA-D)

The terror within: a village living in fear of animal rights activists

Despite all my mage

any chatters here tonight ?

just saw insane old footage of Arnold acting a fool in a Rio Travelogue...

BugMeNot is back . . .

Is Anyone Else Watching the VH1 Documentary about Music in Iraq?


What's the pink floyd song ....

here's a picture.....find Amerikat

"Memiors of a Geisha" to FINALLY be made

Google "Bush's foreign friends" . . .


another 1 for the "inherent inhumanity & stupidity of freepers" files

Is there some sort of new worm or virus running loose tonight?

Look At Your Son Now


If that idiot

Guess the color - puzzle

What was *'s "Master Plan" for his life?

Just saw the Hardball Malkin interview and...

I Just Made Some Macaroni & Cheese, You Should Make Some Too!

Would Ronald Reagan have started a war with Iraq? PLEASE READ FIRST

Hey Pet Lovers..........This Man Touched My Parrot (by Mark Morford)

My update

Am I the ONLY One Who HATES Those 'Virgin Mobile' Commercials?

use a condom...

Hey, cool! My two favorite American poker players are on our side

What does it mean to "drop the mad verb"?

Why are you still up?

Today's Fact

new Hannity advertiser Medical Hair Restoration

Can anyone recommend a fast hosting service?

I just passed 4000 posts yesterday.

42 years on, law finds innocent Texas man was framed

What would you be willing to endure to make sure bush loses in Nov ?

Caption: Honey I shrank the housing market....

The creep toward Authoritarian rule

I KNEW Bruce Hornsby was a good guy!!

Springsteen In Orlando Tickets All Gone...

Aoccdrnig to rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy

Am I the only one who liked the movie "Payback?"

'tried to save a parking lot dog outside Corbin, Ky.....grrrrrrrrrr

153 more donations to go before * gets his kick back to the ranch

Remember when Kerry made that comment off mike....


Caption: divine retribution for Trump's dodgy hairpiece?

Feeling the need for a new Bob Boudelang column

On the Internet, Nobody Knows You're a Dog

As if we needed to know this, ow ow ow...

Our '00 Caravan crapped out on us at 66,000 miles.

Quitters... Check In Here

If all mammals have hair, and whales are mammals...

Just got 2 on the floor for Springsteen/REM in Orlando 10/8/04

Need advice for my 12 year old shih-tzu who has breathing problems.

Oh, YOO-HOO! Grovelbot!!! ZW has something for you!!!!

"A Perfect Candidate" starting NOW on the Sundance Channel

Rehab is for Quitters

Dental Hygene Poll... which of these do you use:

Lollipops are for suckers

Olympic athletes just do it (yahoo)

ARGHHH That's the last straw!

The Significant Others marathon is on Bravo's a great show

In my country there is problem

Check out Dad's anti-war song

Hey, did anyone else think the main villain in "The Bourne Supremacy"

Whee! I'm not fat anymore!

does anybody else read Dostoyevsky?

BIG STORY in GD2K4, but we need tech help too, Don't miss this!

Quicktime / Netscape problem. Any techies out there?

it's been almost a month since i've been given the finger.


What's your favorite Baked Ham Recipe?

God, I feel crappy...

Cleaning out my room....

Earthlink or Qwest DSL?

Finally, some rain!!

Time warp: I'm going to see Stiff Little Fingers tonight

Vietnam War Movies -- Name Some.

Which robot does GrovelBot really look like? (lots of nudie robot pix!)

My Kitties!

Sock-Sock, Shoe-Shoe

Iraq 1, Australia 0

Check out this photo

Is Team USA, basketball, not that good anymore?

Anyone have the Sunday morning talk show lineups?

Anyone ever heard of "Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!" on NPR?

Bye Bye DU!

Doom 3 is getting boring!

Sexiest African American Actors

DU Golfers: What clubs do you play?.............

What's so unusual about you?


DU computer gods - my mother needs help with IE

If I only had a brain... or a heart... or courage... then I could---

CAPTION Il Dunce & Der Groppenfuhrer

The Navy Blue Angels are dive bombing my house!!!!

I MUST donate to DU, but I'm a broke college student.

Good things about George W. Bush:

I really hate satellite TV.

The things that make you proud of your church...

Advice Needed: Teacher is lowballing me and now I really CAN'T win...

Bush* loses. What does he do for two months?

Nat'l tractor pull cancelled. Bush blames Kerry

Just ordered my next set of Absynthe! Can't wait!!!

If DU has had 49,045 registrations, then how many true DUers are there?

For the man that has everything "This old kegerator"

hey, where's buddhamama?

USA Loses to Lithuania by 4

Hey everbody. I just changed a light bulb.

Fooled no more! Jenna is the good one, Barbara is the evil twin

I finally have my drivers permit.

Would you dance naked for monkey?


would you dance naked for money?

What's a good, cheap Web host?

Who Really Controls Your Credit Score?

A new career move may be on the horizon....

I just overhauled a bicycle for $45


How many forum members does it take to change a light bulb?

Funny pictures of mr. bush

Return of the Chair Woo Hoo

Has Michael the swimmer singlehandedly rehabilitated the surname Phelps?

What Should Happen With Paul Hamm's Erroneously Awarded Gold Medal?

Any other guys here HATE HATE SHOPPING?

Freeper Punk? I've seen it all.

Anybody bbqing tonight ?

JM's Daddy Day Extravaganza #1 - Lenape Indian Powwow

Stupid car- clutch is fading in and out

Rear Window just started on TCM!

Mac Users: Thinking of "upgrading" to iLife 4?

What the hell kind of question is this? (CNN poll)

A huge THANK YOU to all...

Okay. where do you all get those cute little emoticons? :)

Illegal dumping-some moran just moved...grrrrrrrr

How has everbody been?

I had sex with a terrorist

I just had the oddest encounter with a Republican ever.

If your hometown was a verb, what would it mean?

I had the most erotic dream

Charlie Waller, Original Country Gentlemen member, has died.

tomorrow is my birthday and my sweetie gave me a beautiful

Reminder: my college radio show, THE SOUL EXPRESS, is on tonight!

My star has faded

I want to say a special thank you to a select group of people...

Will our Democracy be over if bush steals the election again ?

How can Vincent Hamm live with himself?

Just had a bachelorette party stop in

Can someone reccomend some high-end russian vodkas?

Any other gals here HATE SHOPPING?

Will the person who paid for my star...

I truely believe

It just came to me. Clear as being shot in the forehead with a diamond

Yay! Two weeks to my state licensing exam for pharmacy tech.

Oh my! It's suddenly getting bigger and thicker!

May I recommend a good alternative music internet station to you?

Best Late Night TV Host?

Worst song lyrics of all time.

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Medical-type question:

So You Love Chris Matthews Now? [DISCLAIMER: GRAPHIC CONTENT]

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Double your donation... It's the DU Texas Challenge!

Anyone else grow their own vegetables?

if I were to start a Japanese anime DVD collection, what should I buy?

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trof's Self-Service Neighborhood Pub is: OPEN

Alabama Crack Ho's for the Truth: Are they functioning independently

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Does anyone know how to delete a DU account ?

I'm an evil mother.......

I am full of self-hatred.

Put me in Coach. I'm ready to play today.

So the parrot, Roberto, just walked upstairs

would you dance naked for a monkey?

Are there any Tom Paxton fans here?

Are you lactose intolerant?

I'm Looking for a Few Good Men . . .

The Kid from Red Bank - Count Basie

Any mafia experts on DU?

Don't believe in church and saints and everything they tell you.

Are you lacrosse intolerant?

Patriots' ass being kicked by the Bungles. Will Pitt, Whassup?

1971: Another great year for music!

Apologies to Michael Brown (Chad Mitchell Trio)

Would You Wear Clothes If You Didn't HAVE To?

Dolphins may swap DE Ogunleye to Bears for WR Marty Booker

Whadda Ya Think GrovelBot Sees When He Clicks On His 'My Posts' ???

Hey college football fans:

The "emeror's new clothes" thread for those who think the Beach Boys...

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I just got my nipples pierced, ask me anything!

Just did the math... before age 25 (I'm 24) I should be totally debt-free

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college packing reccomendations?

The Red-Headed Stranger

Swift Boat Veterans for Truth linked to Penis Enlargement e-mail spam

This Just In: Flat Boat Vets Attack Andrew Jackson,

My girl is watching Queer Eye...

What's on your beer table?

Anyone else enjoying this NW Washington rainstorm?

Anybody else watching UFC tonight?

Feral cat story, mildly amusing

Our brand new bouncing baby girl!

Haven't flown since before 9/11... any tips?

1968: A horrid year with great music!

Got a postcard from Grovelbot... I'm a little disturbed.

Fave "All in the Family" episode?

*****ZW's Couch Change Challenge for DU!*****

Eggplant - baba ganoush?

Woody Guthrie said it.....

This is the third time this week I've heard Tom Cruise pimping

Who needs a star? Some help with the DU drive

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"This is crazy, this is crazy, this is crazy! "

FMA Gov Perry and Geoff O'Connor - too funny!

DU guitarists: advice on amps

Political music

The reason why Bread is the Worst. Band. Ever.

Scarborough aide found dead

Bands people hate poll!

What is the best book you have ever read?

Penny-pinchers unite: Post your money-saving tips here

while I was out...

The comparison Rove doesn't want made, military awards


I heard that Kerry will be in Pgh this weekend for a fundraiser . . . unique t-shirts . . .

This Month Off TV Is Killing Us skewed reviews

Kerry website vs. Bush website

Does anyone have the link Mike Malloy was speaking of tonight...

bush sure hates his daddy!

A Republican "misstatement" (lie) that needs corrected...

Hey vets and avid readers about Vietnam need help

Republicans For Kerry

Kerry's comment about the president 'having the authority' to declare war

I think it's time for John Kerry to change the subject

How long before the media tries to connect to Kerry

Psssst, wanna have a look at Karl Rove's ultimate nightmare?

flashback- "who cares what you think. . .?"

WP, page one, on the new SBVT "1971" ad -- no clarification of context

one more time... the context of Kerry's 1971 statements....

DUers, Democrats, and other Freedom loving ppl will be vulnerable on Nov 3

I Think The Bush Campaign Has Jumped The Shark

NYT Nagourney: Was Kerry's response too late? TV news fueled SBVT

For those of you who think we can't win the House

Zell Miller is giving the keynote speech at the GOP convention...

Has anyone asked where the NAME for swiftboat vets came from?

Looking for pictures of * in uniform

Swifty O'Neill's Law Firm Client List: Koch (as in Bush*'s sister)...

bush BUSTED BIG time!

Is Bill Kristol a Liar?


how DO you counter a lie? The Swiftboat ads are on the face

The Tale Of The Two JFKs

German Weekly, Die Zeit Article - "E-Voting Easy to Manipulate"

Will the Bushies get win #3 against Nam Vets. McCain was first, then

Great LTTE re: Kerry vs. Bush War Record


Swap your PC or your President | Wired News

Good point about SV SOBs

Top Ten list soley for Swift Boat Liars for BushCo...?

Should Nixon-Swiftliar-For-Bush Thurlow give back his Bronze Star?

Counter the SBL's by buying Deserter by Ian Williams

Pounce on Kerry! Antiwar speech forbidden!

Could Najaf Cost Bush the Election?

DU this poll

Why taking back the Senate will be difficult (in general)

Oh, this is rich

Important State For Kerry News

Smear Boat Vet: "I was not a witness to these events but my friends were"

did anyone think the spokesman for * last night

Who went to Viet Nam and who didn't go ?

What would happen if during the republican convention McCain

why anti- swiftboats vets may be the admin's self inflicted wounds.

MSNBC: Chicago Tribune has talked to Swift Boat Commander who says,,,,,

Meet the FEC.

Media is doing the PR for the Bush cretins

Thurlow quotation from Hardball

"Bearhug Politics: Careful Steps to a New Bush-McCain Alliance"

Swift Boat Liar Was on Bush Campaign Committee

Once Kerry becomes President

Kerry needs to "go nuclear" on their asses

Something can be done by us about the swift boat lies

What's the Texas Bar Association's opinion on false affidavits?

Chicago Tribune Editor breaks silence, recalls Kerry heroism

I Have Compiled A List Of Cheney's Battle Medals-Click

Reuters Saturday Stories Bush/Kerry...

Why I like Strategic Vision

If Kerry is the first

I just contributed to the Kerry Campaign to match the DU fund drive

Click For List Of George Bush's War Heroics

Could this be why all the focus on Vietnam allowed

We need to GET OUT THE VOTE!!!

The Ghosts of Penn Station: Homeless Disappear as Convention Nears

One thousand reasons to un-select Bush

Surveys show war hurts Bush with young voters

Did anyone see the McCain/Bush Embrace?

What states is nader a) on the ballot b) off the ballot c) to be decided

More Republican/Nader monkey business (in Oregon)

turn the tables... "If you're not for us.. you're against us..."

What???? Zell Miller is the keynote speaker for the RNC????????

The Worm Has Turned On The Swift Boat Vermin...

Volunteer Links Anti-Kerry Flier to GOP

What is the crap about 527s who support Kerry spending 62 million

Help me debunk this crap

Anybody got links to local ISP homepage forums in swing states?

Kerry did nothing in the Senate except investigate BCCI...

Will Bush Or Affirm Or Reject The Swift Boat Ads?

If the Swiftees saw Kerry's boat leave a man in the water why didn they

Bush Then & Now: Fowl Play By A ChickenHawk

Edwards and Malpractice... need debunking links...

To Review: Both Medals now Corroborated

Restore my faith in humanity please, DU!

Just heard something on MSGOP

The purple heart of a campaign

Nothing's wrong with the 527 groups if they're telling the TRUTH and

Maybe there should be a DU This Poll forum

What will Shrub's convention bounce be?

More proof of Ken Cordier's ties to Bush

Clift: "a war that’s been over for 30 years takes voters’ minds off Iraq"

Election projection from a RWer site!

Between the upcoming moveon concerts & the dvd release of Farenheit

Bush trying to make Kerry cry, "Uncle" with Swift Boat ads.

Senate Race in NC Burr vs. Bowles

Edwards is challenging Bush's manhood!

Judicial Watch announces investigation into Kerry medals/service

MSNBC - Swift Boat Ads

Keep the Nation in TROUBLE and Bush will be re Selected

What if Zell is just a huge Dem double agent???

Hoffman was censured by the Navy! Anybody notice THIS??

Another surprise for George Bush in November.

I'd like Kerry to say this:

One soldier comes home from Iraq an angry vet

My idea for Kerry ad:

Graphic Designer Fired After Heckling Bush


new Kerry campaign slogan: no jobs, no compassion, no funerals

Once more, to strenthen our resolve - Bush/Bundy

The New Attack Method Against Kerry

In Defense of a Hero

Wanna read some real reality-challenged stuff?

Anyone near Lakeland area headed to West Palm Beach Monday to see Dean?

Watch Kerry Bring It On!!

Navy Commander/Chicago Trib Editor Breaks 35 Year Silence: Swifties LIED

Should the Swift Boat Liars be charged with slander?

Truthout: Anti-Kerry Vets Not There that Day

What one needs to believe in order to believe the Smear Boat Liars.

Here's the text of Rep. Bereuter's "Iraq was a mistake" letter

What is a PAC vs. a 527?

RNC protestors "Democratic-sanctioned" (NYT)

When did O'Neill begin writing his book to get it published at this time ?

Discovered a photograph of * with another award

Kerry on the verge of hammering Bush's over his AWOL

Michael Badnarik's message to conservatives

My 2¢: Why Kerry Will Win The Swiftboat "Debate" & The Election

9/11 and another Bush failure...

Bush 'religious' ralley in MN

Yahoo has picked up the Rood story... it's buried here:

The DU Homepage: A Great Source for News (Often, before anyone else!)

Kerry's fundraising a record- lots of people must hate Bush

Soldier with Kerry in '68 Says John Kerry Earned His First Purple Heart!

True or not (I can believe it though)

If this were the 18th Century Kerry would challenge O'Neill to a duel

has kerry backed off on xmas eve in cambodia?

Is Kerry waging an aggressive campaign?

Smear ads and their effectiveness

Edwards continues the counterpunching.

I don't get the "don't switch horses" argument

SwiftBoat attacks cast doubt on all military medals ever awarded

Iraqi athletes object to Bush campaign ad

Well. I volunteered for Kerry again today.

Would *bush's right wing ideas have made him the perfect Nazi officer

Transcript from 2000: Chimp responds to McCain's remarks (in Kerry ad)

Is there a Vietnam Veterans FOR Kerry website?

We need a new Declaration of Independence

Korean War Vet shuts down Kerry basher . . .

Will Al Gore be in a Kerry Cabinet?

Besides this site, what's a good site to keep track of various races...

Did Bush release ALL military records

Let's stop the "Kerry wrote the report" lie -- Email the AP

Not So Swift Boat Veterans

Scarborough: "journalists" professing profound shock at the Swift Boat ads

Just showed Kerry's new internet ad for free on CNN!

Liar O'Neill's law firm represents KOCH Industries -- Doro Bush Koch!

Swift vote vets just got a swift kick in the ass on CBS

A bit of good news from Tennessee....

Nader Won't Be On Ballots in MD or VA.

Can the DNC kick Zell Miller out?

SwiftBoatLiars detracting from the real story of FL Storm tragedy?

Is Bush exploiting the Iraqi soccer team? If so, should Kerry use this?

AZ voter drives pay off

Gainesville Sun: "Gainesville at Center of Swift Boat Dispute."

Swift Boat Skipper Rood who served with Kerry: Kerry Critics Wrong!

Denounce the ads Bush!

CBS News lead: Swiftboat vet breaks silence

Attacks on Kerry's service have backfired before

Media buzz aided anti-Kerry effort :Boston Globe 8-21-04

ATTENTION Swift Boat Duds For LIES!

We LOST the war in Vietnam...there WERE atrocities...

Chicago Tribune: Swift boat skipper: Kerry critics wrong

"Forward this new ad - hit back" Mary Beth Cahill, Kerry/Edwards Campaign

John Podesta on Capital Gang (CNN)

"Veterans For Kerry" Got a HUGE reception at our local parade

To Dem_Stategist or anyone else with influence

Damn CNN! Profiles of Bush & Kerry. Grrr.

Holy Shit !!! - New Kerry Add

Malkin is such a baby

Josh Marshall:Time to attack Bush on "all of it"------I'm with him!!

Democrat Since Birth's List Of President Bush's Accomplishments

Media forgets Bush vowed to jawbone OPEC when oil was only $28/barrel.

I get it, it's rove and KB Hutchinson who are in bed with the unswift vets

MSNBC: Edwards statement from Roanoke, calling Chimp out

Bush's Brain

Question about new Kerry/McCain ad...

Where would you like to see Kerry/Edwards campaign on Labor Day?

AP has picked up story! Volunteer Links Anti-Kerry Flier to GOP

Kerry heckled at VFW Speech?

what punishment in hell should the swiftvets for truth get?

Kerry has an opportunity to turn the media against Bush

Joe Hoeffle's Senate race is upgraded to top-tier by DSCC

Deleted message

Whether you like it or not, John Kerry was not lying in 1971.

Al Gore invented the Internet.

John O'Neill's heroism?

Is anyone attacking Bush's military record in the swing states?

Just received from Kerry Campaign: "Forward this new ad -- hit back"

Citizens For Honest Fighter Pilots blast Bush

Kerry Should Avoid Directly Challenging Bush On AWOL

Swift Vet Flap shows Bush Weakness, Folks

who thinks the smearvet ads are about to blow up in w's

Man fired after heckling Shrub

Democratic-sanctioned displays of disrespect.........? WTF!

Anyone see Bill Moyer's last night?

How can * possibly win unless the Repukes steal it again?

GREAT Op-Ed on the Swift

Dissing John Kerry

Did jerk off John O'Neill ever show up last night?

Should this get a screen capture?

Kerry urges Bush to demand attacks stop at fundraiser tonight

I'm so glad they are reminding people of the McCain smears...

"Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no

LOL--The Rev. Jackson takes Keyes side?

I did not have relations with those swift boat vets! n/t

Could someone help me on 527's and CFR....

New Kerry ad will be on all the Sunday shows.

John Kerry served TWO tours of duty

AP posts "America Can Do Better" screenshot of Bush from new Kerry ad

Sunday Chicago Tribune is on the newsstands

Well, it's probably time for another Terra 'Lert upgrade, eh?

Oh, yea and another thing.... Bush had to have given the "go ahead"

Novak dropped a clue about Kerry's first purple heart on Crossfire.

This Document Should Be Seen By ALL

Geore W Bush never walked a mile in their boots...

I keep hearing RW talking head comments

Alachua County GOP site has Swiftboat scumbag stories

Olbermann Slams SWIFT BOAT LIARS FOR BUSH Again! Go Keith!

The Blowback has arrived "Cordier canned from Bush steering committee

Talk about silver linings.

My new LTTE, San Antonio & local paper

What Democrats Running for Congress Say We Should Get Out of Iraq?

Bush Supporter Leaves Campaign Over Role in Ad

Horrible thought occurred to me

IMPORTANT: Check your local GOP websites for Swift Boat connections...

We need to stick the "negative" label on the Bush campaign

Kerry didn't just save lives in Vietnam!

Bush's COCAINE Use or Kerry's WAR Record?

When should the Kerry campaign hit its peak?

Kerry's big mistake?

Do the affidavits the SmearVets signed prevent them from breaking ranks?

Why 'Nam Is An Important and Key Issue in This Campaign.........

Please give these articles a "5"

Why don't Dems learn from Nader? GET TED NUGENT ON BALLOT IN MI!

Great old photo of Kerry and Rood not long after Silver Star action...

So what should W do while at the Olympics?

Form-180--I'm voting Kerry no matter what, but...

I saw this bumpersticker on a car today

I found another one!!

Who hasn't read TOUR OF DUTY and what's your excuse?


When will Fahrenheit 9/11 be out on Video?

Hey, Gang, would you please DU this poll?

WOW!!! A Swifty liar was listed on Bush campaign page until 8/19!

Think Rove is bewildered about how the Swiftboat mess blew up in his face?

While watching local TV news from La Crosse, Wisconsin

Is this swiftboat thing taking Kerry off track?

Please DU this poll on whether Bush is likely to win

Bush's father is bankrolling the swiftboat vets?

"Letter from a Soldier" Debunked in Harper's Sept '04 Issue

Karl Rove...on the phone...five minutes ago:

Paula F'ing Zahn is moderating a town meeting between 1 Kerry + 1 Bush

Anyone have the video of Kerry's 1971 Senate testimony?

new hope (PA) gazette poll

Kerry has beached his boat and is now chasing down a loincloth-clad Bush*

31% Believe the Swiftboat Ads!

Olbermann Broadcasts Cordier Story Live On MSNBC

Freepers Running Very Scared Re: Cordier And Bush/Cheney Coverup

Re: Ken Cordier - WTF? Has Google scrubbed it's cache?

Is Neoconservatism A Mental Disorder?

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me start a new meme!

Time to raise the Question Again..Why didn't Dubya make Captain

Do you actually know anybody whose vote was swung by these Swift boaters?

WOW!!! Way to go, Mark Shields!!! Calls SBL ad "FRAUD"

Could THIS be the moment McCain has been waiting for???

Bush* is already talking about losing the election

For the "older" members here...

Olbermann is ROCKING!!!

Bush's Big, Big Mistake: Scrubbing Ken Cordier's Name is a Felony.

Proposal: Natl Press Club blue-ribbon wake-up-America news conf re. media

Kerry's Rapid Response Center: "Cordier is Bush Campaign Vets Organizer"

FL GOP web site soliciting for SWIFTIES -- blogger captures it!!

almost 7000 sign up to volunteer for Kerry in AZ in less than a month!

Drudge Reporting Bush to go to Olympics to see Iraqi Soccer Team

"Bush helps to destroy our country."

McCain to Bush (2000) "You should be ashamed" Kerry uses it in ad!!! LOL

"Swift Boat" flyer pictures from Republican Headquarters in FL

Some thoughts on the need for progressive unity...


Yahoo! Swift boats/AP recap of Trib. rated low

Has The Worm Turned In Our Favor Regarding The Swift Boat Brouhaha

What does the administration have on the swiftboat scumbags

Just on the phone with a friend of mine who works for an E. Coast paper...

What Story Have They Repeatedly Removed From FR Today?

I'm afraid..unless * ush gets caught in a SEX scandal......

Another question about Ken Cordier

CNN website homepage: Edwards slamming Bush!!!!

An Open Apology to Dem Strategist

Interesting Maureen Dowd interview

Seymour's September Surprise - 'The Road from 9/11 to Abu Ghraib'

TPP: Election 2004 and DU Influence

OMFG!!! * was awarded NO Texas National Guard Medals!!!

The DD214 challenge, won't you join us, Mr. President?

David Hackworth Calls Rove a draft dodger and tells Bush to knock it off

Amazing photo of man from Koruba tribe in Brazil carrying "Kerry" sign!