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Archives: August 18, 2004

How not to promote democracy

John Kerry, think outside the box

Requesting Media Submissions for a DVD Video Magazine

CNN strangeness today

China's industrial revolution a great leap into polluted water

The Ghosts Are Back - Taiwanese

US reserves judgement on West Bank housing tenders

In Houston? Join us in a protest of Tom DeLay!!! Its going to be great!!!

Go Dottie!!!!

I want to use my 900th post to say

my anti-choice, anti-gay marriage, pro-Iraq war (ECT) neighbor

Pappy Bush's 1992 "Where in the hell is the cavalry on this one" fiasco

Bill Maher rerun

Woodward body slams Rumsfeld on Letterman

Can you imagine going into November if you didn't have DU?

Leftist Lies - Help debunking/replying to this garbage, please

Historians rate Bush* Presidency as a 81% failer

This is worse than a republican

Wasn't there some email going around that said Bush was CIA...

Does DU have a "list"?...A list of sources that don't want excerpted ?

Who was Margie Schoedinger? Why was her death covered up?

Can anyone explain to me how Bush has "Half" of American's support?

China framed HK candidate: party

US suspends Halliburton decision (BBC)

U.S. Broadband Growth Slows - Analyst

Illinois expands drug suppliers beyond Canada in nod to availability probl

French Going Wild For Senator Kerry In Election Fever

Paul Bremer enrolls in cooking school

Went to the Question W Revue

Scandanavian NON-blonde who's a total frikkin' idiot.

If Dookus were a giant rabbit...

Who remembers "That's My Bush!" ?

Bill Murray, Shark Hunter

Favorite day

Bizarro! Bizarro! Bizarro! (on now)

All you BJs/Costco members, die in bulk...

British Columbians - DO NOT take the number three tomorrow!

Sorry, But I Have High Hopes For A Kerry Administration

Soldier with Kerry in '68 says he earned first medal (OH Worker)

Anyone hear Keyes LIE on Crossfire?

Is Norm Coleman Rove's Jewish vote magnet?

Bill O'Reilly: Kerry "demonstrated provable valor"

Swift Boat Liar O' Neill - Caught in Big F'in Lie - Check this out!

Any links about the Crawford "Ranch" being purchased for the 2000 race?

Americans Think Kerry Is Out Of Touch? Look At These Amazing Polls

It can't happen here......can it?

Wesley Clark asks us to support Tony Knowles for US Senate from Alaska

American Prospect: Four-Year Penalty

Kristof: Who Needs Assault Weapons?

GREAT LETTER! Spread it around!

Turnabout on Troops Abroad

Op-Ed: Jaundice, cruelty, and wit in the heartlands

WP: Bush's Withdrawal From the World

Kerry and Bolivia: To the Right of Bush?

Activist judges? What's in a name?

Troop Withdrawal - Plan may be plausible, but it raises concerns

Gene Lyons - Playing Not To Lose

(OR Repub Sen.) Smith's way to hit Kerry: French-frying -by David Sarasohn

DSM Rag on Harkin - send letter defending Harkin please

Eric Alterman: Altercation: Spain Terror planned 2 yrs ago -not election

Wanted: Sleeping Space for Protesters...(outpouring of welcome from NYers)

CBO: Troop shift Costly, unnecessary

Bush's faith-based changes scrutinized ...without Congress OK

CBO report says Bush withdrawal saves little, costs billions

wsws: FBI “anti-terror” task force targets Bush administration opponents

Counterpunch: An Electoral Dien Bien Phu for Bush

Ashcroft rightly rebuffed (Oregon assisted suicide law)

The Company You Keep: Swift Boat Veterans Vs. The Truth

Op-Ed: Short, Sweet, and Sad.

One American without a cell phone

LTTE - Stop sacrificing intelligence community ("very unclever")

WP op-ed "Why Can't Ex-Felons Vote?"

War in Iraq not justified ( letter from a gop congressman)

Salon/Blumenthal: "Isn’t this a democracy?"

Helen Thomas: Kerry Deals Away his Ace in the Hole

Spank Bush!

Aug. 29, I'll be on the Great Lawn in Central Park, NYC

Deja View wearable camera: Great video device for demos

For NaziCon 2004 let's plaster NYC with Deception Dollars

Federal Paper Ballot Act of 2004 - Insist on Hand Counted Paper Ballots

Bush's Brain gets good review-opens 8/20, Brothers in Arms DVD 9/7

My Open Letter to Al Franken

Gwen – home cookin’ – Iffil cooked up a steamin’ pile of anti-Kerry crap

Why does our media make up Bush Quotes and not use the real Quotes below?

Today's thought

Today in History 08/18

I have a Book Ghost.

On Coast to Coast AM tonight

Today's Thought: "Go placidly amid the noise ...."

Answer for Cement Scarcity (end Bush41 anti-Mexican cement duties

Who Pays And How/ R Reich on shift burden for government

With Deluge (of unemployed, getting), Longshore Jobs Become Long Shots

L.A. County Home Prices Cool Off, Slightly, in July -(down 2% from June)

FASB Debates Treating Options as 'liability'

"your job CAN be sent to the beggars of India"

Diesel Fumes Increase Ovarian Cancer Risk - Oncology Study

Opposition Blasts Australian Deal With China On Climate, GHGs

Atlantic Coastal Erosion Increasing In UK As Wave Height Grows

10% Of Planet's Crops Irrigated By Sewage - New Scientist

Prius Toyota's Fastest-Moving Model; Honda Sells Out Of Hybrid Civic

Ford Motor: Lack Of US Hybrid Parts Suppliers Poses Major Problem

Sport wagons use less gas and are safer - to replace SUV?

Three Sea Turtle Species Winking Out In Malaysia

Greenpeace Decorates Brandenberg Gate With 11,000 "Bycatch" Specimens

North Pole climate changes effect of polar bears.

Chasing The SUV Vote - Boston Globe

the Hummer -- an American Excess Story (tax credit with environ. pass)

NHTSA - Masses Of Auto Safety Data Now Off-Limits To Public - FOIA No Use

Royal Society Begins Study Into Oceans' Growing Acidity - BBC

My beef with alternative fuel vehicles

Science is not so much a rushing to the sea of truth as it is

National Geographic's Cover Story This Month Is Climate Change

"Obsession: Mr. Singh’s Search for the Holy Grail"

Anti-Bacterial Additive Found in Maryland Streams


Ex-CIA Station Chief: U.S. intelligence agencies can't beat Al-Qaida

CBO: Troop shift Costly, unnecessary

Yukos Crisis Web site.....excellent source

Why Putin's popularity is dropping

There are just some places that you do not go.

GUNS IN THE NEWS--August 18, 2004

This is a sad message from message boards

Assualt Weapon Ban

Why someone who wants the AWB gone will vote for Kerry

Guys, I think it's very odd that southern bashing threads have

"It all depends on whose ox is getting gored", as my Gran says...

Rogue Moderator

An Admin may want to respond to this...

ALERT: Grovelbot gets sexually harassed by a copycat thread.

RE: locking the "Obama abortion" thread...

Would you be willing to allow more adult themed threads in places like

Just saw Grovelbot talking to a Viagra popup!

Thanks to mods in GD 2004

Can articles be copied and distributed?

Five people, including militants, killed in Gaza blast

Arafat admits PA has made mistakes, vows to correct them

IAF missiles hit explosives, Qassam workshops in Gaza

Expansion in the Works for West Bank Settlements (4 blocks to be kept in

Terrorist Killed While Preparing a Bomb

Arafat joins prisoners' hunger strike

Bush & Rumsfeld: Psychics? Or, Doctors of inoculation?

The FAA Civil Aviation Registry Database myth put to rest (finally).

Alan Keyes accidently tells the truth

Lake County Progressives?

Workplace e-mail monitoring bill passes Assembly

FIELD POLL: Voters appear to back dueling measures

DU Where Are You?

who's going to see The Boss, REM, etc. in St. Paul?

I saw Max Cleland today

Any Minnesotans want to come to this?

Air America in Ann Arbor, MI and beyond MONDAY 1290am

Progressive Caucus at the State Democratic Convention?

Ohio's Unregistered and Disaffected Voters

New CNN Ohio Poll: Kerry up by TEN POINTS among registered voters!

"Concert for Change" (Dem. rally) in Lancaster Thursday, Aug. 26.

BUSH'S BRAIN Documentary in Texas Theaters on Friday

I heard that Snottypants* was in Hudson today...

Andy Stephenson on Kathleen Dunn show tomorrow

Bill Press doing Dave Ross's show August 18, 19, 20, KIRO, 9:00 a.m.

Wellstone Fund voter registration training

NARAL voter registration project

Regnery Publishing (Swiftboat Liars) owned by a WHITE SUPREMACIST?

Hey. I've been watching the Donation meter...

Who Knows?

Heads up! Dean and Al Franken will be on MacEnroe (starting right now).

If we raise taxes on the rich, they wont pay. - Bush

Outsourcing give you lemons?? Make lemon-ade AND the newspaper

Sibel Edmonds on Eva Zahn

I need some help

So while scanning the dark side which is AOL political chat

Say hi to my new blog: updated "coincidence theorists" guide, with links.

Welp, found out I'm getting laid off...


While Bush and Kerry fiddle, 3 million die of AIDS in Africa.

Believe it or not. It looks like Tom Cruise is with us.

I think the debates should be done this way..

Don't know if anyone has seen this...

Phyliss Schlafly - moron or dangerous imbecile?

if Prince Bandar can lower our gas prices now, why not ALWAYS?


Has anyone researched any of the SBV for Truth

Was Kerry right to condemn anti-Bush ad?

scrub continues to slide, my question is...

N.Y. Welcomes Protesters With Discounts

To Critics of the Venezuelan recall election...

remember way back about 3 months ago...those P.O.W. torture photos?

Saudi government radio ads deny post-9/11 "Bin Laden family flight"

White House Backs Off Bush Sales Tax Quip

Who thinks that they may be, in some way, voting against their interests

State department spokesman on CSPAN just called us,

BUSH GAME - Twisted Video Game

Two Dumbest Things My Puke Friend Said to me this month

What are the best weapons to take to a demonstration?

Historians vs. George W. Bush

C-Span 9:32 - Another Repug.... C-Span is VERY biased anymore..

Bush gals to see gay vows

Bloomberg's latest objection to Central Park rally:

Swift Boat Liar O' Neill - Caught in Big F'in Lie - Check this out!

Chicago Trib: Top suburb schools hit by `No Child' sanctions

Well it looks like the BIG NEWS Albany terrorist sting may have a problem!

This Is Why the Anti-Gay Bigots Are Doomed: "Bush Gals to See Gay Vows"

have any of these F*#kers actually read the constitution?

Can someone please provide me with Tom Ridge's contact

Bloomberg says 1st amendment is a 'privilege', not a right

Bush gals to see gay vows

Kerry's Military Records-Where else are they posted?

Jim Lehrer - Rummie

Is this abortion thing true about Obama?

Who's got the higher IQ?

OK like this pampered fortunate son ever picked up a working man's tool?

Is this abortion thing true about Obama?

Soldier Sues Over Extended Military Hitch

Since when is Voting or the rights in the constitution a Privilige?

dKos: George Will warns George W (A pre 11/2 Tet Offensive in Iraq?)

NYT/LTTE: 100% Against BBV

Too Funny!!! On GQ "Missing Years" Spoof

Why isn't this an important topic *anywhere*?

Does anyone remember this story about Alan Keyes?

The Truth of Obama's Abortion Vote...

See what I mean about "independent" voters

Musto on McGreevey | and a great pic too!

Where is John Edwards???? Clue anyone?

can someone help me post this on franken's blog? I cannot

Chicago 1968 (Graphic) Courtesy of Chicago Tribune

How many Amendments are left standing?

Al Sadr's New Deal (a good example of media bias)

LOL Bloomberg WELCOMES protesters with incentives. . .LOL, GOP PISSED!!!

Oh, the irony...

How did it happen and what we should do

Did Bush oppose Homeland Security for a year after 9/11?

Vanunu risk jail to speak on Democracy Now..(.Israeli whistleblower)

More quotes about conservatives and liberals

Now Al Franken...

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy observation

A bear with good taste! (so what if he can't spell)

FL: anybody out there with an accurate, honest death toll..I'm hearing

Will anarchists don 'peaceful activist' buttons to win meal discounts?

The "war on drugs". When will we declare victory...

Al Franken says Matthew Dowd (Bush pollster) is Shameless

Rumsfeld comes up with some esoteric terminology from time to

These days soldiers dying a FOOTNOTE in the Corporate Media: SHAME!

Can over 4000 scientists be wrong?

FEMA has outsourced

Must see interview with Rumsfeld

Bob Barr wants to open more files on Clinton impeachment hearings. WHY?

Bush Daughters to attend Gay Wedding

What are the dates for the RNC?

One of the sayings I am fond of quoting from V.S.Naipaul is:

Has this Poll been DU'ed ??

Colorado tightens up

SwiftBoat Publisher's White Supremicist Dating Website

United States, Isreal and Nuclear Arms............

Shrub's New Speech-Reading Technique

I Am Looking For A Story

Liberty Law School Inaugeral Class Aug 04. Scary Stuff From Falwell

Is this miscarriage thing true about Keyes?

8 years without a President that can speak English?

"...Kill off Democrats and get more conservatives in office."

Any links about the Crawford "Ranch" being purchased for the 2000 race?

So do you guys ever DU wingnut boards if not password protected?

Winning arguments

This months GQ Magazine: BUSH: THE MISSING YEARS

Do you believe many republicans have fascist tendancies?

States of DENIAL - Of women's Rights!

I get tired of people claiming all Kerry runs on is his vet record

Does this bother anybody else??

Photograph evidence Bush invaded Iraq for watermelon jam

Useful reference link - speeches, transcripts,

Suppressing the vote in Florida NOW (2004) -- NYT

OK. Not political. Just simulating being a bug on somebody's face!

What do you think of the recent class-action sex discrimination cases?

chimp is slowly working up his debating sound bites

Base Closing

Just heard on Minnesota Public Radio that Norm Coleman

CNN Fox.... Weapons of Mass Deception T-shirts

My e-mail to Blitzer.

chimp's theme for the debates may be emerging

Official Mascot of DU

Why don't we side with the Police when protesting?

Population growth experts, I have a question for you

This post is so good I had to share it here...

Bush's comment last week about rich people and taxes

Bev Harris on Talk of The Nation NOW (edit: it's over)

Go to Amazon and vote for this review.

Any new numbers of the deaths in hurricane

Dean coming up on Ed Schultz show about 3:05.

Is there any polling of our troops to sugest they support this mission?

Please e-mail Al Franken about the "7 Minute" thing.

Question about Bush's Policy on Abortion

home ins when there's a hurricane........scam in FL

Nader: Where he has officially made the ballot? Where hasnt he?

links to bush saying he's been to war

Venezuela socialist? Set an example?

The Lightning-Rod Man, by Herman Melville

I am looking for the author of this short poem:

here's a thought about the springsteen boycotters

Americans running private war on terror allege cover up

Has anyone here tried making their own Biodiesel?

Long, but not complete, list of Regnery Publishing's political books --

'Hello, my name is George Bush and I'm here to protect you..."

Just had to share this bit of Freeper bigotry

DUers: Help Franken run up votes on "Pet Goat" Amazon review

A little Arab solidarity at the Olympics

Sen. Hart on Charlie Rose said that he believes soon Tennet

Giving FOX too Much Credit

You have got to read "Citizen You!"

just got my moveon email for tix. is there a duer whos an undecided

"States of Denial" from AlterNet

What would it be like if CNN had been there to report on historical events

HURRY!!!! DU this poll..............

Are Air America's ratings in New York similar to the ratings elsewhere???

Do Sen. Norm Coleman's (R-MN) kids not live with him?

Republican Congressman breaking from administration on war

Amazon censors (deletes!) "My Pet Goat" (and "Unfit..."?) reviews

Tv and Radio FCC License Renewal - "Petition to Deny"

GREAT LETTER! This should hit the emails right away

GM unveils Brazil's 'multi-fuel' car (gasoline, natural gas, ethanol)

LOL! Freepers Praise FR Ted Rall Ban

Tulsa D.A. Tim Harris

Is it too late for Toast to resign?

What about a West Wing Series with *bush-like/rovian administration ?

Has anybody seen this e-mail yet? ("Where Bush Got His Orders")

Bush's faith-based changes scrutinized

Idiot Repub Senate candidate wants National Sales Tax vs. Income Tax

Taibbi of NY Press Skewers Kurtz and WP re: apology for Iraq coverage

Kerry Decries Bush Plan to Recall Troops

Post comments about media database HERE--not in the thread,

Begala is on fire! CNN Crossfire.

U.S. Army Capt. Michael Tarlavsky

I'm interviewed on

Does anyone with "BALLS" live in Atlanta Ga.?

More MOORE this summer!

Bush headin Back to Crawford

What happened Coulter/ Franken?

dKos: Did Marines Attack Najaf W/O OK From Higher-Ups?

Would a jury convict these people?

You Too Could Be A Suspected Terrorist

RAPTURE ALERT - index is up 1point

Need Help. Did Kerry say he'll add 40,000 more troops?

Will Conservatives demand the US boycott the China Olympics in 2008?

Attorneys, judges, courthouse workers - your thoughts on this?

Du the CNN poll.

Kerry on CNN at 11:12

im new here but i want to say this to those who are hurting re: media

Would a flat tax be ok if the tax

On DUing/defreeping online polls...

Dean on CNN right now

How Much $$ Would The Media Lose If It WASN'T Close?

RNC protesters receive an outpouring of hospitality from scores of NYers

Corzine to announce he's NOT running for NJ Gov.

Jerry Falwell forms 'Army' to fight Gays!

Ex-Kerry lover posts momentos online - cute or freaky?

G*D D*NM IT, now I HAVE to donate to DU!!!! (freakin' freepers!)

Received a RNC Census in the mail today, the awful tone of it!

Anybody agree that the US government of this administration is much

Another Republican Turns Against the Iraq War

Message for the NJ DSC: Get your merde together.

DU this cnn poll please -

from Jackson T. -great site - a thousand reasons not to vote for bush shows how much Bush has raised from key industries

War! - huh- yeah- What is it good for? Edwin Starr

Touch Screen Paper Trail....In VENEZUELA!

For all intents and purposes I am generally

It's Official: Smear Boat Liars HAVE FAILED and Backfired!!

What's worse? Terrorism or Subversive Political Take-overs

E-mail to my congressman

RNC Schedule

Swiftsmears cast doubt on ALL service awards now!

Sibel Edmonds will be on Deborah Norville at 9:00 EST

Who likes Tweety now?

Why the Democrat's Mascot is the Donkey

CNN website is a worthless POS!

Spinning like mad in Chicago: Jesse Jackson will sabotage Obama

What timeframe is the ad saying Kerry missed 76% of the meetings ?

New electoral vote poll. Colorado Dead even.

Where is Dan Rather?

CBN and the Swift Liars

Freeper issues death threat to me on another board. Advice?

any way to find out if "swift boat" was vanity publishing or not?

A "Kerry" bumpersticker in Lubbock, TX!

Anybody have numbers on George Bush's vacation time ?


Dear Lou,

August 18th, 2004 for George Bush and a terrified Iraqi kid

Anyone have a link regarding authenticity of Kerry film footage?

So what have i missed today? some rightie changing sides?

How can a country have soveriegnty..

Can anyone tell me what the motivation of those Swift Boat assholes is???

Sibel Edmonds, Coleen Rowley on Norville, MSNBC, this hour, 9-10 EST

Who else can't wait for the Debates and see the real truth be revealed?

one Christian home schooling text on history......slavery not so bad, etc

DU'ers, help me out with this wingnut

Need advice on replying to Republican campaign solicitation

David Kay: US intelligence community is in a crisis, is broken

Katrina vanden Heuvel will be on MacEnroe tonight

1,000 Billion Dollars for Weapons

Clark on CNN

Voters growing skeptical of Iraq war.

Retiring GOP congressman breaks ranks on Iraq

Iraq Group Threatens to Kill Journalist

Bush photo that needs to be captioned :)

Issues Comparison

Sibel Edmonds is on Debra Norville.

Per John Dean, "Worse than Watergate"

What's that term for the decrees that Osama issues? It's some arabic

Diapers could be used for terrorism (carrying bombs)

you guys are screwed

Great Googly Moogly!

John Snow: "this is a good time for college grads to be looking for work"

3 Days Later, And Yahoo Story STILL Won't Take Votes !?!?!

Economists give Bush slight edge

Religion in the DNC and RNC

US intelligence system in "crisis" -- former arms inspector David Kay

If Bush loses who will become the defacto leader of the GOP?

How long was Kerry's tour of duty in the Navy?

Fundies at it again: Re: Playboy

The Irony of Abu Ghraib

Kerry should condem the 'moveon' ad about Bush's military service.

Link to other Message Board...maybe some DU Members.....

Should Illegal Immigrants be allowed to Purchase Car Insurance

Repubs are weird, how can I subconsciously change her mind?

A little fun-- 'Dishonest Dubya' action figure

I don't know about you all but Nov 3rd is going to be an interesting day

WTF is going on in Arizona. Of all the swingstates, this one is the most

I wish I were more brave...I have a black sharpie and really want

FYI: Steven Greer Published in World Affairs Journal

Flipping channels, got Scarborough eeewww...Swiftboat AGAIN and

Am I the only one that thinks Sibel Edmonds is full of...

MUST READ: Analyzing The 9/11 Report - Chapter 1

Is this Statement True: "The Democrats need to move to the Left."

Pssst... Did You Guys Know That Kerry Is Up 9 Points In OHIO !!!

Don't want ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS sneaking into America?

should that lady that left those kids in Nigeria be deported.

Was Hurricane Charley "The Perfect Storm"???

I was absolutely appalled watching the hearings today.

May be a dumb question but

Average Mexicans Fear Kidnap as Gangs Grow Ruthless

A nice 'toon for all of the Chavez haters!

The mission of Homeland Security is......SEX CRIMES?

why christians must vote raptureready

BBV: Can you point me to ....?

Farmers Market Freep Fun

Question on the so called "Food for Oil" program

Jon Stewart Smacks down laura then smacks down bush

Republicans eat their own.

Welcome to my John Kerry scrapbook!

Can anybody here access Wisconsin Public Radio???

Are there any black people that live in Canton OH?

Bush to cut Indian Housing

The right of privacy is on the ballot this November

OMG--who's watching Lou Dobbs.

Sibel Edmonds and Colleen Rowley on Norville in a few munites!!!

If you didn't catch Dean on Hardball be sure and catch the repeat!

State police officers in Florida

Know thine enemy: psyops, propaganda, from the source

Epiphany on Troop Withdrawal from DMZ

US troop death count up to 952....

Bush Vows Push for More Military Benefits

What does the Republican Party signify now?

Iran warns of preemptive strike to prevent attack on nuclear sites

Why I recommend watching Scarborough Country...

I just realized how screwed our retirement opportunities are

Tonight, I'll start the MIKE MALLOY THREAD.

If the Republicans lose this election, they will lose BIG

Should racists be deported?

FL Eyewitness Death Count Close to 400 Now

Did you know that there's a gay guy on the loose?

Will the Saudi ad buy sway American public opinion in their favor?

Help! I need some more of those Kerry/Edwards Tshirts with the John Lennon

Sibel and Colleen Rowley coming up on MSNBC - Norville 9:20 edt

Good news: The 9/11 timeline will be published as a book soon!

Remember when we never saw Paul Krugman on t.v. news

Caption this poor baby's thoughts...

Proof that freepers are insane. And Ignorant. Un****ingbeleivable!

The war probably would have been a good thing if done right...


For my 6000th post, I would like to say that ALL DUER'S must...

Troop 'Realignment' Will Hurt Military Families

Should Illegal Immigrants Be Allowed To Obtain a Drivers License?

Should illegal immigrants be deported?

Progressive Book Club

Air America coming to Ann Arbor and San Diego...

Bush* openly BREAKS Texas Law: Click it or TICKET - write him up boys!

Freelance Torturers in Afghanistan?

What is the 'Bush appointed presidental prayer team'?

Humor break: smart-ass comments from the various late-night TV talk shows.

All faked: FBI informant who set up Albany "sting" wanted reduced sentence

CNN having a little trouble with Paula Zahn's feed from OH

Killing and "We deserved 9/11"

GOPerverts pick inmate for race

CBS just used the "D" word!

How many DU'ers know any illegal immigrants?

FEMA cuts, hidden on page 16 of our paper, will hurt Florida badly.

rate your optimism (1-10)

FEMA flew in water to Tampa last night, day 4 after Charley hit.

Center for American Progress on Chavez's victory

Ask me anything (the way Chris Matthews would)

Anybody hear Mike Malloy last night?

Where Is The Heartland Of America?

Just when you thought you had heard it all.."Price Gouging Saves Lives"

Support the Troops!!

PNAC 101 - Stealth Coup of the WH and Rise of the Neocons

Please explain something to me...

Did anyone get a response from CNN?

NPR, diving toward the right ????

Don't let the "Would you have done things differently" question fool you.

Anyone from NYC want to surprise CNN?

Can you tell a NEOCON just by looking at them?

Open letter to Michael Bloomberg

Your blood will run cold, they are what we think we are.

Please Help Texas Democrats! Fundraising drive ends tomorrow

Should health care be denied to undocumented aliens?

Who funds Drudge?

Eyewitness to Florida hurricane body count.

"Code Name Artichoke" on LINK tv

Database of Media Figures and their Political Viewpoint

"If this war was done right..." SHUT UP.

Iran warns US

Bush: Your humanity or your life, the ultimate con

My Jamaican Neighbor is a Fundy Wingnut!

Mos Def in Central Park August 27th (New York City). Anyone going?

Are illegal immigrants used by agro-giants to lower the cost of labor?

Principles Of Nonviolence

Gore stopped for speeding on Oregon coast

Heading to Mont Ste. Anne on Sunday -- any suggestions?

U.S. beefs up security along U.S.-Canada border

The Strange Death of the Woman Who Filed a Rape Lawsuit Against Bush

Detroit is gearing up to woo minority drivers

CIA Officer Denounces Agency and Sept. 11 Report

FL Eyewitness Death Count Close to 400 Now

FARM SCENE: Heat presents health danger to California field workers; one d

Uzbekistan military boost may spark unrest

U.S. forces, insurgents clash southeast of Baghdad, officials say

Voucher law struck down (Florida, Jeb)

Venezuelan Officials Agree to Audit Sample

Medical Experts Fear Charley's Aftermath

LAT: GOP Struggle for (Convention) Podium (cons. Christians slighted)

LAT: Steadfast in Defiance, (Sadr) Gains Stature with Iraq Masses

NYT: Financial Firms Hasten Their Move to Outsourcing

Albany Terror Evidence May Be Flawed

As New Jersey's governor weathers a political storm, Sen. Jon Corzine expl

WP: Bush's Withdrawal From the World

Iraq oil exports halved

Rocket Slams Into Iraqi Market, Killing 5 (Mosul)

US children found in Nigerian orphanage

Iraq Says Forces May Raid Najaf Compound

Iraqis Decline to Send 2nd Peace Mission to Najaf

"BTK" Killer to strike again: FBI

Kerry on CNN at 11:12

U.S. Says No Troops Training for Iraq in Israel

Papers want to unseal Sen. Heinz estate records

100,000 troops deployed along Afghan border

DUPE - Pentagon backs off threat to withhold payments to Halliburton

Iraq's Sadr agrees to end Najaf crisis

Delegate: Al-Sadr Agrees to Withdraw

Iraqi official: Raid prepared on Najaf mosque

Utahn Killed in Iraq

Sadr 'agrees Najaf peace terms'

Rebel ClericAcceptsTruce Terms-(now negotiate how it would be implemented

Retiring Republican House Intelligence Vice Chairman Says War Unjustified

New York Dems: Bush exploits 9/11

Interior May Delay Oil and Gas Projects (until after election?)

Former N.H. (police) chief wounded in Iraq, family hit by hurricane

Soldier sues over extension of combat tour

(Hundreds of) Thousands Apply for (3,000) California Port Jobs

Google slashes IPO price range

Fla. Caregivers Charged With Child Abuse (of Rilya Wilson)

Du the CNN poll.

Israeli Nuclear Whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu Risks Jail To Speak in US.

Bush's faith-based changes scrutinized ...without Congress OK

Fort Wayne airport closed after substance spills from bag

Ladd wins

Southern Mills, Ryan International Airlines plan (Atlanta) job cuts (-342)

Ex-official jailed in report of gun (Utah, with small Iraq connection)

Rumsfeld Defends U.S. Missile Shield as Triumph

Bush "reckless" on post-9/11 health risks -report

Hundreds of Fleet layoffs expected: Bank of America set to make cuts today

Kerry to attack Bush troop withdrawal plan

Religion Experts Ask How Jesus Would Vote

One year later, security still key for UN in Iraq

Central Park Lawsuit scheduled for Emergency Hearing

Wanted: Sleeping Space for Protesters...(outpouring of welcome from NYers)

New York issues emergency order to cut acid rain emissions

Kerry disputes allegations on Cambodia

Kerry campaign swings by Canada

Oil tops $47 a barrel

Iraqi officers threaten reporters ('kill every journalist' in Najaf)

Army Guardsman sues to get out (of the military; re: stop loss)

No news of US journalist kidnapped in Iraq (update: group threatens death)

AP: Kerry Decries Bush Plan to Recall Troops

Al-Sadr OKs Plan to End Fighting in Najaf

McGreevey Donor Pleads Guilty

Al-Sadr says militia will leave Najaf mosque

Al Sadr agrees to deal.

Election Protection Program Gains Support from Nation's Prominent Legal Or

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 18 August (Enron 1k day)

Consumer Confidence Wanes again

After U.S.-French Squabbles, the Yanks Are Coming Back to Paris

US soldier sues Rumsfeld on Iraq policy

US soldier sues Rumsfeld on Iraq policy

CBS just used the "D" word!

US forces besiege mosque (Umm al-Qura mosque)

Is anyone else opposed to the rally on the Great Lawn?

Group to Kill U.S. Hostage if U.S. Doesn't Quit Najaf (Breaking - Reuters)

Kerry-Edwards: Reality Check - Cheney Argued for Kerry's Position

US intelligence system in "crisis" -- former arms inspector David Kay

Cops, Firemen Swarm Bloomberg's Pad

RNC week rally set in Harlem

Afghan vote threatens Bush's credibility (Vote- Rigging)

Democrats Rally Around Obama at State Fair

Khatami congratulates Chavez on recall win

European Winters Could Disappear by 2080

Corzine Indicates He Will Not Seek Governorship of New Jersey

Huge population growth forecast for poorer nations

MoveOn PAC to Host StarStudded Gala to Launch TV Ads

New 'Hadi Army' may join insurrection (Samarra youths to join Mahdi army)

Illinois Will Help Provide Drugs from Europe, Canada

Bush Vows Push for More Military Benefits

More U.S. Troops Implicated in Abu Ghraib Abuse

Mars Hills, Crater Yield Evidence of Flowing Water

ABC: Ambulances on Alert (Could Be Used by Terrorists)

Bush gals to see gay vows (Jenna and Barbara)

Iran to hit Dimona if Israel attacks

SEC prices Google shares at $85

Chavez moves to consolidate control of media, courts, local police

Ashcroft rightly rebuffed (Oregon assisted suicide law)

Stability vs. strain: Troop relocation plan raises issues for military fam

Bush twins may attend gay wedding

Doctor loses job at UPMC amid anthrax probe (2001 Attacks)

Wen Ho Lee Reporters Held in Contempt

I'll be fit for poll: Latham

IDF Teaches US Soldiers Guerilla Response

Foes Press Audit of Venezuela Recall Vote

US army poised to charge 24 people in Abu Ghraib case

To Appease Chavez Foes, Observers OK Partial Audit in Recall

Democrats' Legal Challenges Impede Nader

Abu Ghraib MPs kill two detainees, wound five others

U.S. Soldiers Kill 2 Abu Ghraib Detainees

Translation slip-up at root of controversy over US-based imam facing terro

Chicago Jury with Winfrey Delivers Guilty Verdict

Political money scam alleged (Miami-Dade, Florida)

U.S. Forces Kill 50 Sadr Militia in Baghdad Suburb

Alleged Sept. 11 helper introduced witness to Atta

"Oil crunch on US"..the hypocrasy of Rupert Murdoch

AG sues Mirant over energy gouging (Bush contributor)

CBS News: Three More American Troops killed in Iraq (1 US Army, 2 Marines)

Huge population growth forecast for poorer nations

North Korean women hold up half the sky

WP: Production Grew, Prices Fell in July: Govt. Reports Indicate Rebound

Rebel in Najaf Sends Messages of Conciliation

Labour drops invite to Iraqi leader

Nelson invites Kerry to view damage from Charley

Lourdes needs manna from heaven

NYDailyNews:Did Bush show 'reckless disregard' for our health after 9/11?

NYT: For Post-9/11 Material Witness, It Is a Terror of a Different Kind

'Mainstream Republicans' Urge Party to Avoid Social Issues

Media to Be Restricted at Terror Hearings (dress code)

LAT: Enter the anti-SUVs

Sez Gov lover's his ex [college prof claims affair with Cipel. good news!]

Bush Q&A's Are All on the Same Side

Wen Ho Lee Reporters Held in Contempt

NE (R) congressman: "War in Iraq not justified"

Pinochet wanted bodies dug up, burned, victims say

NYT: Cost of Benefits Cited as Factor in Slump of Jobs

Explosion hits central Baghdad

Keyes, Obama back Peotone

Bush speaks of 'Soviet dinar' in speech about Iraq

Presidential Libraries Pursue Visitors

Bush Says Importing Drugs Makes Sense

Once strictly GOP, North Carolina may suddenly be a presidential battlegro

Iran warns of preemptive strike to prevent attack on nuclear sites

Venezuela Opposition Leaders Boycott Audit

Park Service Retirees Warn of Major Yellowstone Snowmobile Proposal

More U.S. Troops Implicated in Abu Ghraib Abuse (top brass cleared, natch)

Army to penalize Halliburton, it says, then changes its mind

Texas Lawmaker (R-Houston) Fights Ex-Maid for Her Son

WP: Records Counter A Critic Of Kerry

Religion Experts Ask How Jesus Would Vote

Heavy Fighting in Najaf: 'Surrender or Be Crushed'

U.S. General Violated Rules with 'Satan' Speeches

LAT: (Episcopal) Parishes Split Off (from national church) Over Gay Issues

Olympics: Hamm recovers from fall to claim Olympic all-around gold

As much as I dislike Bill O'Rielly, I can agree with him on one point...

delete nt

I need a calming here folks

What was the best Black Sabbath Album?

new Hannity advertiser RadioShack

You can never have enough Cthulhu...

another optical illusion - picture inside :>

R.E.M. "Leaving New York" - Streaming Audio Link

Look! It's a new thread!

I have my priorities in order!

Man burns pal's crotch as a prank

Who was the best Ozzy Osbourne Guitarist?

Tales of the Plush Cthulu

Are gays and lesbians... HOMOSEXUAL:?

My resident skunk seems angry

I'm thinking of dumping my car - suggest a replacement for me

Plankton Shit Key To Global Warming

F-911 to be released on DVD October 5!

Snake Slithers Into Swimmer's Shorts

What does family mean to you?

Just saw a coworker head for the Lady's Room ....

Restaurant Fortune Cookies Net Winning Mega Lottery Numbers

Help! I'm An Idiot! I Can't Capture This Photo!

Dick Clark on Ronstadt and his "aversion for people who have celebrity...

The next "Freddy vs. Jason" pic wants to add Bruce "Ash" Campbell

VERY INTENSE video of Charley taken during the eye wall of storm

Are Homosexuals GAY?

My lips are numb

Look at me posting on my NEW home 'puter

Variation of "Who's On First?"

I still remember the last thing Grovelbot said to me...

parents, don't pay for your children's college education

Kid gets drunk and stupid and drowns, parents sue city and state.

Gamera is really neat. He is filled with tur....tle...meeeeaaaat!

Anyone remember this doozy?

Welcome to the USA: honesty, shmonesty...let's take a shortcut...

Caption: JP2 says no miracle at Diana Memorial Fountain

Had a panic attack on the way to work- Ask Me Anything!

Hair covers 96 percent of Yu's body..He wants to be a Rock Star

Bush finally says global warming is real!

best thing about being an insomniac

Strippers & Pole Dancers Might Be Banned From Performing In Limousines

Were you an angry child ?

Greatest West Coast Rap Album

Listening to the first album by Montrose.

Is there anything better?

Who's the better Guitarist?

Singing Minister Disowns 'Die, Bush' Call

Thank You DU-ers

"Silly String" Banned In Los Angeles

Drowsiness During Meetings...Who Else is Afflicted?


Suspected Bank Robber Busted By Ex-Wife

OMG! I got a really important unsolicited business proposition in e-mail!

on the death of a friend

GrovelBot got an upgrade

Hey, Tom Chiasano (Howard Stern's GM) sez he's voting Kerry!

Coming up on NPR-Charter skules worse than public?

can't sleep john ashcroft will eat me, can't sleep john ashcroft will eat

OMG! I just got an offer to have a degree without going to school!

Naked, drunk ex-mayor found on side of road.

Member of Village People admits he is governor of Idaho

What a pinhead.

Think it would be okay....

ANybody been to Cique Du Soleil?


I am Grovelbot made flesh!!!!!!

Bulgarians sure seem friendly.. edited with correct picture

CAPTION the useless tool

okay so I just drooled on my cat...

Caption: We're in the soup.....

Bear Drinks 36 Cans Of Favorite Beer

Hey computer types, can any recommend a NAS?

Bush is too stupid to be president. Don't believe me ? Check it out.

Caption: JP2 unhappy at Vatican's Olympic efforts

If I draft Steve Smith, Jimmy Smith, and Rod Smith for my fantasy team...

Democrats in Williamson County, Tx

Canadian tutu man gets five months for Olympic plunge

Breakfast breads

I just donated....

1824 election: Jackson or John Quincy?

Cat friendly cafe opens in NYC

New York DJs From the Golden Age of Top 40

LUNCH----Mmmmmmm "marginal" chef salad

My sis sent me this, and I thought I'd share

Matcom News™ is on fire this AM

Today's Fact

64 = 65?

Where do students of Liberty, Bob Jones, and other fundie colleges for

Have you heard the group "Ambulance LTD"?

What's with the high maintenance coffee drinks in the US?

My daddy was a cop on the east side of Chicago

Hey look! Woody Harrelson is in the Olympics!

Who else reads comic books?

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy observation

Ahh the rapture of the CAPTION

world's tallest bridge . . . construction photos . . .

hold your nose and CAPTION

She did it, my wife bought the GTO

I just renewed my ACLU membership. Ask me anything!

When you are on long lift ride, and someone stops it to go 1 floor down

If You Had The Body For It, Would You Be An Exotic Dancer?

I may go back to work.. I am conflicted...

"A $60.00 value, now for a limited time only $19.99!!". How's THAT work??

Naked man arrested in break-in

Did you drink coffee as a child?

Cell phones- Worlds worst invention!!

Post here!

Do you find yourself trying to get threads to 37 posts

Oops - Would three more people PLEASE donate!

Couple Stunned To Find Squirrel In Their Toilet

Georgie makes a discovery about Iowa

Do you think this is a good, or bad film?

bowLing baLL aLert

Hey, leave it to me -

Bush for God, 2004

W is assigned with Rabies?


DU this poll....

the short and tall of all CAPTIONs

Strange Drinks

What public records for an individual can I search on the internet? commercial

Note to cable TV news outlets: I pay you $1,200 per year for cable TV

The "Disco Demolition" event in Chicago...anyone remember it?

The Most UnAmerican Thing I've Ever Done

Anyone else sick of having their mittens pinned to their sleeves?

Anyone else sick of having their kittens pinned to their sleeves?

Anyone else sick of having their mittens pinned to their kittens?

Do you clip and use coupons for groceries, personal care products, etc?

Town Won't Issue Vibrator & Marital Aid Store License

OK. Not political. Just simulating being a bug on somebody's face!

So I walk into Underpants office with a cone hat

Don't wake me, I'm having the most wonderful dream!

So you're in the checkout line at a store... (stupid etiquette question)

I just signed up to work locally - ask me anything

Insurance company rant and med prescriptions

Free Ice Cream by the elevators!

Oprah Lovers, I'm in need of your assistance.

Question for those who watch The Amazing Race

W is signing Babies?

Puppetry Of Penis Not Banned In Chicago

Costco Tests Casket Market

What is your most likable quality?

Amazon review of "The Pet Goat"

Darkness at the break of noon

Official Mascot of DU

I swear, that cat hates me...

Do you ever wish for your fantasies to come true?

I just through $500 dollars worth of Zyprexa away-Ask away

Do you have a superpower?

Anyone Ever Heard Of/Flown SPIRIT AIRLINES?

Where should matcom go on vacation?

If You Post In This Thread, I Will Call Matcom A Dumbass

The underground guide to NY tourism

Do You Enjoy Peeling The Skin Off Yourself After You Get A Sunburn?

Which horrible song will you have stuck in your head after voting in this?

I am looking for the author of this short poem:

Somewhere in Texas,

Which horrible poster is stuck in your head after voting in this poll?

If it wasn't for WillPitt, I seriously wouldn't give......

Bush twins to attend gay wedding?

A Horse With No Name

If Matcom calls LynneSin a dumbass in this thread, then Grovelbot

Hedges, do you or do you not own a denim suit?

a halo illusion attempt gone awry

Slow day...

Do You Enjoy Peeling The Skin Off yourself like in Hellraiser II?

Hey I am moving up in the world

Nerd appreciation thread!

Well, you're a loudmouth, baby!

Retribution for LynneSin

Anyone else sick of having their bus ticket & note pinned to their shirt?

Desktop or Laptop: What are you using right now?

Outlook Question

COMPS! for The Question W Revue TONIGHT (8/18)

Quick. Help me debunk this matcom talking point.

What was that wobbly bridge that eventually collapsed?

today's grovelbot worship thread.

DU Football fans: Who are this year's fantasy football sleepers?

Spiders!!! I'm under attack!

Ever get ribbed for being an absolute idiot by a liberal?

Tumble outta bed and stumble to the kitchen,

Anyone heard from nikia today?

ESPN-Late Olympic entry changes dynamic of swimming competition

Today's letter of the day is............M

Romanian Women's Gymnastics

CAPTION the pirate of the Mediterranean

In a weird as hell mood. Work boring. Ask me anything...

Why the heck is this event not in the Olympics?

Ooh my little pretty one, pretty one

What is for dinner?

Klan not too keen on pink robes

Trapped in a mine that had caved in

Has anyone heard from Nikia? She's been really ill

I hereby nominate the words 'just' and 'have' be eliminated

still a slow day.

LynneSin Lyrical Confession

Daddy was a cop.. on the East Side of Chicago

Billy! Don't be a Hero!

New Swift Boat Full of Lies logo

Quick! What do New York, Cincinnati, Milwaukee, Montreal, Denver & Phoenix

Silly Hour: Would you rather share a cell with Bush, Cheney, Ashcroft,,

I'd give money to PBS during their pledge break, but I don't know...

what happened to

I've been alive forever, and I wrote the very first song

I had a dream that I was tap dancing everywhere...

"Cats4Kerry": Is a DUer responsible for this site?

Man o Man..the campaign is getting to him

PING Linux users (esp. those using GNOME)

Soul vaccination, all across the nation, people been catchin' honkypox

Jenny, Jenny, who can I turn to?

Hilton's Lost Chihuahua Turns Up (Thank you, Jeebus!)

Say something!

This ought to make you nice and horny

Would a jury convict these people?

$ .75 becomes $ 250,000 plus!

Golan Cipel

Tonight: Family Guy marathon on Faux

Down in space it's always 1982

WARNING!! Do NOT Book Hotel Rooms On-Line!!!!

Please quit posting Olympic results- at least in thread titles

I’ve gone to look for America. Simon & Garfunkel song that helped me sleep

This thread is for loungers with 1000+ posts only...

When the Rapture comes and Jesus returns...

X-Games Surfer has Kerry/Edwards sticker on his board

Question about selling a home by owner.

Any "Ozomatli" fans?

BYOB What would you bring and why?

Most Innovative musical artist from the 90's

Captain the reluctant audience...

Is it not cool to see another DUer on another forum?

I've got a female Black Widow in a jar on my desk

Caption the Chimp!

For My 801st Post, I Announce that I GOT A NEW JOB!!!!!

Colonoscopy tomorrow--ask me anything!

Does anyone here know how to design magnets?


The Marrying Man is on

Happiness is an Olympic Gold in the Cycling Time Trial! (spoiler)

Name some things that ALWAYS stay the same

See, this is the kind of shit that makes the U.S. look like tools (spoiler

War! - huh- yeah- What is it good for? Edwin Starr

I'd like to introduce you to another New DUer SouthoftheBorder Paul

In which decade did mainstream music die?

You have one last request "Sex or Food"

Alert! Big Dog on Oprah tommorow.

Goodbye to you my trusted friend...........

Are you required to wear pants at any point during your day?

Distressing. A stupid freeper driving a HUGE red "dooly" pickup

cops taser Fl man trying to get back to his home

My Purple, Erotic, Hippo Wants To Impregnate YOU! LINE UP!!

Do I have a 'random' sort of personality?

I was at the Mens Gymnastics final tonight (SPOILER!!!)

Giant robot named X10 wins everything in the Olympics 2036

Picture of Bush campaign strategist reveals stress caused by Kerry surge

Best Clash Album

Ever been ribbed about your diet

W is signing Bibles?

Just got a reminder for XP SP2...

Remember yesterday's landslide?

How would one go about finding an email address?


My son leaves for Japan today -- for two years!

USA vs Jamaica World Cup quilifier game thread

Glam rock appreciation thread!

Dentist Accused Of Putting Semen In Mouths Closes Office

G*D D*NM IT, now I HAVE to donate to DU!!!! (freakin' freepers!)

Bruce Springsteen Or Melissa Ethridge


congradulations Grovelbot!


a little mac/netscape info help please

woot, jus got some sake

A rose bush just attacked me!

Local Sheriff Suspects Al-Qaeda or Teens

Where is LincolnMcGrath?

2 hr. "Family Guy" marathon on Fox

I really, really liked "Cold Mountain." Discuss.


I found Grovelbot's ancestors.. You BETTER donate..they were MEAN

If you, by some freak accident, become an unpledged delegate at the RNC...

I'm stoned. Ask me anything!

Why did Family Guy just pull a Futurama-style joke?

Best Post-Beatles Debut Album

Should Aliens be given health care

good night. i need to go away.

Google fight!

Boookies are WAAYYYYYYY cuter than Soookies

After all summer without it, we just got our screen porch back!

Which movie character scared you as a young child?

"This is Osama bin Laden"

Olympic tennis coverage. ARGHH!!!

Bear guzzles 36 beers, passes out at campground


What does the DUism 'hypocracy' mean?

I'm sure this has been posted before, but --WHERE'S MY STAR??

Peter Griffin on George W Bush

Bush proves that he can walk and carry cheese at the same time

The Angus Diet at Burger King

OK cat lovers.. question for you

Frog Poop!


Malloy is on fire.

Dude wheres MY STARship?

Has anyone heard from any FL DUers? Trumad? madfloridian?

It's Mrs bearfan's birthday today

Kinky Sex Makes the World Go Round

Why do dogs walk in front of you and stop?

Another kitty rescued

Sand v-ball duo reprimanded for wearing their birth control patch

I wish I were more brave...I have a black sharpie and really want

Computer/ Tech Help Please....CD-RW question

"I'm just a regular Joe with a regular job...

I hit 100,000 miles in my car today

so why are there no crowds at Olympic events?

I'm putting a motion on the floor,,,

Another Florida Hurricane Charley Post

Roy! Roy Roy Roy! Roy Roy Roy! Roy Roy Roy!

You know I bet Texans are tired of this too (BUSH IS NOT A TRUE TEXAN)

Gather round y'all, it's story time!

So it looks as though my lonely life will become more so

I want another cat!

Less than 200 away from 3000!

Shocking puppet sex!

The Weather Underground

Spring was never waiting for us, girl

Who else is sick?

Which one of these two beers do you prefer?

Spike TV: Whats up with the picture?

Burt Reynolds interview on the Daily Show was a damned good one

Puppies so cute I had to share pics

Todays Republican

Late-night quips

LynzM is bored - inquire something!

do you have a problem with political music?

Its The Feast Of Alvis! (Sealab 2021)

Lets talk Brazilian music! Who's your favorite? What's big on the scene?

I am sick. Just finished watching "The Rabbit Proof Fence"

So the last customer of the day...

Ever get ribbed for being a Liberal by an absolute idiot?

How am I not getting this simple math problem?

Battle of the bands: The Offspring VS Green Day

Show about Hitler now playing on History Channel

It's DU opposite day! What's your bizarro name?

DU Musicians, show off yo stuff!!!

I'm thinking of a number between 7 and 9. Can you guess what it is?

Make my brother happy. Don't you have a brother?

Drunken bear in Washington found to have drank 36 beers!

Alright it's time for me to once again admit to my racist ways...

Roll up! Roll up! See a picture of The Tranqs! (See RandomKoozip's Visage)

Who on earth named the woodchuck?

Computer Gurus: HELP, PLEASE!

Everyone needs to take a look at this Hotel in CA

Mama Dont Let Your Babies Grow Up To be:

Admit it. You've always wanted to make love to a woman in a muu muu.

Clay Aiken just voted Sexiest Make Singer by Instyle Magazine

What's the opposite of Dookus?

GrandmaBear and I just got back from manning the Kerry booth . . .

Breaking News!!! DU'er, matcom news cub reporter, hottie and

Blotter, Microdots or Liquid?

Didn't this guy scare the CRAP out of you as a kid?

Why the hell do country people think they're soooo great?

What does everyone think of Roger Ebert and his reviews?

I'm giving away Stars...

I just hurt myself changing clothes - it's a fact

So you're in the EXPRESS line at a store... (stupid etiquette question)

My friends and I are RNC bound and Obey is donating posters

Should Cub fans be deported?

Jessica Simpson Reimagined as Hermaphroditic Dwarf


My Sam passed away this morning.

Worst title ever?

One spot open in THE DU Fantasy Football League!

My car just died (again) - ask me anything!

Does LynneSin Sin? Does FlamingYouth Flame? Is Taverner in a Tavern?

Reality check: Am I becoming as sick as GWB?

Dick and Jane books... who remembers these?

What movie scared you when you were a little kid?

In the spirit of nerdiness -- a contest for a star!

If You Post In This Thread, I Will Call You A Dumbass

Heart breaking. Got jokes?

What does Bruce Springsteen mean to you? Serious question.

I gave my baby an eviction notice.

Thank you DU. I love you all!

Ex-Kerry lover posts momentos online - cute or freaky?

Opera Lovers, I'm in need of your assistance.

Big deal! When I was a pup, we got spanked by presidents...

Just got kicked off a winger site for "trashing veterans."

What's the last song to make you say "Holy" followed by a cussword

Any live Custer fans here?

What's your favorite Catholic Holy Order?

Any Clive Cussler fans here?

Puppies are WAAAAAYYY cuter than kittens

Chicagoans - What dj's do you remember from back in the day ?

I hope Move On doesn't remove the ads because of Kerry's comments.

Diana Kerry campaigning in Canada!

Toronto Star: Kerry Fails Iraq Test

Even Republicans Don't Like Keyes

I think the debates should be done this way..

Kids Favor Kerry (44-38 in poll)

Has Michael Moore made the difference?

vote democrat so you won't have to work

Reasons not to vote for Bush - Condoleezza Rice

Stu Rothenberg: Bush wins only if natl. "mood" change or JK destroyed

Was Kerry right to condemn anti-Bush ad?

The Washington Times Is Excerpting The Swift Boat Veterans For Bush Book..

Flip-Flops Where People Died: W's Crowd and IRAQ

Here's the best reason to give as to why Bush should not be re-elected

Tell Bush to Condemn Swift Boat Ad: sign MoveOn Petition today!

What States Will Kerry Break The 60% Barrier In 04

Wyoming Primary Results - Least populace state!!!

Pathetic display in my state on Monday...

The Truth about Swift Vets - Pt. 2

So we don't cut Kerry's nuts off, we need to take the House and Senate

Did you hear that the Washington Times is SERIALIZING Swiftvets' book!!!!

Kerry's first Purple Heart.

Kerry and Nevada: Will Jacob Hecht Do The Right Thing?

How is Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI) doing in the polls? nt

Holy ^&$#$&*#$^ new Polling Data (GA in Play!!)

Presidential race tied in Colorado

Bush Twins likely to attend Gay Wedding

Is this abortion thing true about Obama?

4 more years: of grief and woe of biblical proportions....

Georgia: Bush 46 Kerry 41

Announcing Quarters For Kerry Campaign!

Effort by Bush on Education (NCLB) Faces Obstacles in the States

Bush was here yesterday..

Bush Assails Kerry on (Reagan) Missile Defense

Nader a problem in WI (polls for WI and MI)

New Bush ad running now. What do you make of it?

Pastors Issue Directive(critical of Bush membership dir)Reelection Tactic

Kerry Coming Up at VFW Convention - Watch Here

Why no Air America in Washington, DC?

Does anyone remember this story about Alan Keyes?

No Meal Left Behind....

Where is John Edwards???? Clue anyone?

John Kerry's Flip Flop Olympics

Bush moves from"turned a corner"to "economy is strong and getting stronger

A thought on Kerrys speech this morning before the vets

Looks like Kerry isn't the only one making campaign mistakes

Chicanery in Florida? GOP directed suppression of the black vote?

New Pennsylvania Poll

The Truth of Obama's Abortion Vote...

Quinnipiac Poll: Kerry leads 47-42 in Pa and leads with vets

Bush Renews Focus on (Reagan) Missile Defense - Kerry says wrong priority

Protest nice, get good price

Terra-ists Suspend Planning To Make Room For Swiftboat/Charley Stories

How are the debates going to go?

Kerry's Military Records-Where else are they posted?

TinFoil: Anyone heard of the Election Day Noon Surprise?

Newsflash: There Will Be No Moderates Speaking at the GOP Convention

Kerry goes on attack over troop reductions.

Kerry Condemns Anti-Bush Ad- wants campaign of issues, not insults,

SurveyUSA- Bush-Kerry tied on Colorado, 47-47

Does anyone know...

Voting Procedure Question

Dock B*sh's paycheck!

New job numbers come out the day after the RNC

Blitzer Misrepresents Kerry's Criticism of Bush's Troop Withdrawl Plan

Dean on Hardball, Inside Politics, and Ed Schultz radio show today.

Wolf Is Still Pimping The Flawed Gallup Poll

What are the dates for the RNC?

Colorado tightens up

Sibel Edmonds on CNN last night: Did Rove jerk their chain today HARD!

Is this miscarriage thing true about Keyes?

"One of the benefits is you get Laura as a first lady for four more years"

8 years without a President that can speak English?

I need the name of W's "rape" accuser that supposedly committed suicide

Do You Think It's All Going to Come Down to the Vets???

Reasons not to vote for Bush - Dominionism

When will the media discuss Bush's "ordinary guy" blue shirt?

Georgia,, and morale....

Kerry speaking NOW to VFW -- but nobody wants to show it

Long, but not complete, list of Regnery Publishing's political books --

Kerry Press Release: Kerry: Bush’s Troop Pullback Undermines Our Security

I get tired of people claiming all Kerry runs on is his vet record

Kerry Press Release: Edwards to Bush: Stand up 4 Families, not Halliburton

Suppressing the vote in Florida NOW (2004) -- NYT

Visualize the Republican Convention....

Kerry to address Legion during Republicans' convention, breaking tradition

chimp is slowly working up his debating sound bites

chimp's theme for the debates may be emerging

Suppressing the vote in Florida NOW (2004) -- NYT

Nader: Where has he officially made the ballot ? Where hasnt he?

SwiftBoat Publisher's White Supremicist Dating Website

Q poll in PA; Good news for Kerry about military families

Cruety...who is more CRUEL? Bush? Kerry?

Are you afraid of convention protest backlash??----------

Nader: Where he has officially made the ballot? Where hasnt he?

Which poll shows the Swift Boat Liars are having an effect on Kerry?

COMPS for my bush-bashing musical revue! TONIGHT

Which State was it that Shrub might NOT make the ballot...

George Will: The unmaking of a president?

How big of a bump do you think Bush will get from his convention?

Kerry Reference Library

Are there any reporters that feel any remorse for the job they are doing

Kerry Decries Bush Plan to Recall Troops

Anyone have a link for MOVEON .org "10 WEEKS" event in NYC on the 24th?

What would it be like if CNN had been there to report on historical events

Bush Daughters to attend Gay Wedding

Kerry Press Release: Retired Military Officials on Bush Redeployment Plan

Does anyone feel overwhelmed by the Bush propaganda machine ?

Anyone watching CNN? Repuke congressman regrets vote on war!!!

CNN "Microphone Malfunctions" with Kerry reporter

Candy Crowley reminds everybody Kerry ordered Swiss cheese!!

Blacks in Texas County file rights suit (more disenfranchisement)

Does this bother anybody else??

Who Runs Iraq?

Shrub's New Speech-Reading Technique

anyone know who is on hardball tonight?

Zogby sending out another poll

Beer with Kerry...or...Beer's with Kerry(Wolf CNN)

Would you buy a used car from this man?

Charley may also hit election

Swift Boat Danger

Vote in Presidential Poll: Cincinnati area

When will Bush come to Orange County?

Idiot Repub Senate candidate wants National Sales Tax vs. Income Tax

Softvote poll: Bush Landslide

The "Kerry der Kriegsruf Blitzen"

Nevada Bush: 47% Kerry 46%

Paul Begala: "Every Gay Man I Know Is Braver Than George W. Bush!"

Will the Democratic Party IMPLODE If John Kerry Loses?

Red states from 2000 that are ripe for the picking this time:

GOP nominee for Governor in Indiana, Mitch Daniels arrested for pot!

Repub Senate candidate wants National Sales Tax vs. Federal Income Tax


I want one of the NY buttons welcoming activists

Op Ed Hit Piece On JFK From A Washed Up DINO Has Been

Are First Time Voters/Newly Registered Voters Included in Polls?

I vaguely remember...

Please delete. Dupe

Does Norm Coleman really believe that he got to chair the GOP

What's up with the VP debate?

What percent of "likely voters" will likely vote for same candidate ?

Need Help. Did Kerry say he'll add 40,000 more troops?

a friend of ours

Has * been to south Florida yet?

Would you have been happy with a Bush-Gore rematch?

Consumer Confidence Wanes again

OK, I just really do not think that CNN has "discussed"

very important question: mi, ia, oh, pa, fl, wi, mo. which is the most

Received a RNC Census in the mail today, the awful tone of it!

"To Restore America" should be Kerry's campaign theme

New CNN poll shows Kerry leading in Ohio

Judicial Watch Seeks Navy Investigation of Kerry

I have a theory.. about Florida.

That &*%$#@$%@*&^%$#@ Ralph Nader!!!!!

Would Bush be for the Vietnam War knowing what he knows now?

Retiring GOP congressman breaks ranks on Iraq

Bush didn't understand the Campaign Finance law he signed

A call for solidarity, (I know, "not another one")....please bear with me.

Trippi: Can Bush turn this blue state (Pa.) red? (Trippi thinks No)

7 Electoral Predictions -- Still very similar!

DUers Prepare- Gall(o)p Is About To Release A Poll On Battleground Ohio...

Unfit for Command info

DU this Loyalty oath poll- 6 O'clock news...

OHIO -- Electoral Expectations Update

Is there a hideously wounded soldier poll?

Can Kerry/Edwards win a Southern state??

Outrageous lying by Repug on Lou Dobbs and once again..Democrat

Another Question for Viet Nam vets re: Kerry filming himself

RNC Schedule

Nader fails to make Missouri ballot!

Either my CEO or my CFO has a Kerry/Edwards sticker on his car!

Standing ovation?

What timeframe is the ad saying Kerry missed 76% of the meetings ?

CBN and the Swift Liars

Exactly what shenanigans do you think * & co. do to win?

any way to find out if "swift boat" was vanity publishing or not?

A "Kerry" bumpersticker in Lubbock, TX!

New electoral vote poll. Colorado Dead even.

WigGuy says he's still in the race!

Please post your predicted Kerry margin of victory.

Kerry crowd: Bush crowd::Antiwar rally:freeper rally

people are asking me where to buy their own Kerry gear!!

Dem Strategist: Mother of all Projects (aka They Can't Handle the Truth)

Great Bumper Sticker

Arizona County Attorney Candidate needs help!

Good News irt Electoral Vote

Electoral Predictions -- Know of Any?

So, I'm at a bar, and this lady next to me has a "Bush/Cheney" sticker....

Military households, PA; 54% say Iraq invasion wrong thing to do

Does the VFW still lean strongly to the right?

Spinning like mad in Chicago: Jesse Jackson will sabotage Obama

How could any veteran or active duty GI support George W Bush ?

Anyone have a link regarding authenticity of Kerry film footage?

Is anyone else opposed to the rally on the Great Lawn?

8/8/04 USA Today article on Swiftvets for those that missed it .

What would you trade for a Kerry victory?

Swiftsmears cast doubt on ALL service awards now!

Powerful Fareed Zakaria Newsweek article on Iraq

Need advice on replying to Republican campaign solicitation

Kerry's Front Porch Photo-Ops (Oregon)

N.C. May Be Presidential Battleground

Missouri dead heat. Washington Kerry +8 (SUSA)

What Campaign Effect Will Troop Realignment And Missile Shields Have?

Well, I'm 35 and finally volunteering for a campaign.

What Can We (And Kerry) Do To Control The Anarchists/FBI Plants?

Kerry biographer: "black missions' to Cambodia"

Bush looks at politics as a "game"....

Hannity predicted nonviolent peace advocacy group will be....

Here's an idea for a political ad...

Troop 'Realignment' Will Hurt Military Families

CNN: Kerry up by SEVEN in OHIO!

Anyone see CBS evening news? Re: Kerry flip flop

Who else can't wait for the Debates and see the real truth be revealed?

I've been asked to write some stuff for Swing the Vote

Interesting letter from my Mom, the Republican....

I JUST got a call from "America Coming Together"--ACT....asking

Purple Heart Stamps!!

ARGH. Someone told me that she's voting for bush b/c "it's the patriotic

I JUST got a call from ACT (America Coming Together) asking

Lets put the adults back in Charge.....Should be Kerrys mantra

Scumbag Perry has thrown more money at the Swiftliars

Bush's Minnesota Record, From the Kerry Campaign.

My response to idiot LTTE in local paper regarding Kerry film

Barnes and Noble and Swift Boat Liars for Bush

Dem_Strategist feel free to use our media cartoon, if you like

Today's EC map. Wisconsin and Colorado-->Tied

The website of the woman claiming to be Kerry's former girlfriend.

I just donated $40 to the Morris Meyer campaign (Texas-6)

New Michigan Poll numbers... Kerry increases lead....46% to 42%

War on the Middle Class ( LTTE idea)

Colorado -- from fairly reliable Bush to dead heat with Kerry

Edwards Talks Jobs (Fort Smith Arkansas Town Hall)

Wolfie Boy's Got a Poll Up: Go DUer it!

Economists give Bush slight edge

Am I wrong to be troubled by this (article about Kerry in Counterpunch)

let's set up mock BUsh/Cheney "Stepford Wives" house parties

Pigboy Scarborough playing the swiftboat ad again, and again, and again

we were calling florida today

This will warm the cockles of your heart.....

Who's the pipsqueek on Crossfire...?

The Ad That Should Get Run Immediately

Those inane "W" 04 bumper stickers!

To follow up on the post I made about Bush shenanigans...

Did McCain only denounce the Swift Boat ads to help his support of Bush?

Unlike Bush, Kerry set to meet with undecided voters during visit

Kerry Press Release: General Wesley Clark on Troop Redeployments

Kerry: End 'back-door draft' "End the involuntary recall of troops"

The real problem with Kerry's same sex marriage position

What's going on with trashy PaulZ's town meeting....

How many like me are voting for Kerry because we hate Bush?

What would you do to put Bush on the defensive ?

Apparently Tweety didn't Read our letters; SOS tonite

Pssst... Did You Guys Know That Kerry Is Up 9 Points In OHIO !!!

What's Chimp's excuse for missing his flight physical?

Okay, debunk the Swift Vets

Deconstructing CNN's "Brain Hurt," or Willful Ignorance!

Could NEVADA be the state?

Can anyone tell me what the motivation of those Swift Boat assholes is???

Angry Neocons!!!! Shovin' around the highway.

Dem Strategist: Spelling it out CLEARLY

Hoooray. Mike McCurry to join Kerry campaign in key role?

Bush supporter tries to muffle Kerry fan

WP Page 1 Story Blasts One Swift Liar Out of the Water

MoveOn's ad responding to 'Swift Boat Liars for Bush'

Anyone know anything about Colorado splitting it's electoral votes?

Did no one watch Olbermann on the Swifty polling numbers?

Why Bush/Cheney '04 stickers are a good thing for us.

One important thing Gallup polls do show us

Ohio -- from swing state leaning Bush to Kerry stronghold

DNC link to write email letters to the editor, contact radio, TV stations!

So people think Kerry is running a bad campaign?

Fellow DUers, I submit that Karl Rove is a Masterful Political Tactician

Could an October Surprise "capture" of Osama bin Laden actually

"I know what I'm doing now...I know how to fight these terrorists.."

Dear DU-er, A Message From The Kerry Campaign!

Americans like winners

Even if no one wants to hear it....Dean, Hardball.

An amusing anecdote on the radio today

dKos: ALERT: Early Voting in Swing States

Moveon stuck cleaning up the mess..........

FBI Expects Violence at GOP Convention

Lemme get this straight, Joe Scarballs MSNBC is down on Kerry

Are any of you superstitious? I am. Therefore, I need to ask for a favor

Look Out... the Blitzer build up... something is up!

There's no significant difference between the two major parties?

It's Official: Smear Boat Liars HAVE FAILED and Backfired!!

GOP 'volunteer' calls my house - how to handle in future?

mr. bush, I DARE you to appear before a RANDOM crowd you COWARD

Why you should come to New York (read this LTTE)