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Archives: August 16, 2004

China slammed for pressuring UNESCO to drop boy's stamp

A special request please,

hey folks, can i change my display name?

MAKE THIS BUMPER STICKER: Vote for Kerry because...

"Citizen You!" (new humor book) ends with very real outline of MIHOP

Jeb talking about the hurricane..........where is his accent?

Just had a conversation with 3 neighbor boys

Would Americans REALLY DIE for this country?

Kerry/O'Neill Debate '71 on CSpan 1 NOW!

Greg Palast on with Peter Werbe at 1am EDT -- streaming

Officials Denounce Fake Information Announcing Chavez's Recall !!!

Arrgghh!!! They've gotten to him!

Whatever happened to Scott Ritter - The UN Weapon Inspector?

Subject: Just had a conversation with 3 neighbor boys

which country, if any, would you move to if Bush's Osama Bin Lotto

Was Bush*s Nose Broken in the Past?

Gov. McGreevey's accuser sought $50 million.

A little sentimentality over something said last year by Dean.

Latest crazy people: SC Christians want to secede by 2016. Idjits.

Ivanov Questions NATO's Air Patrols

Liver patients warned against China transplants

Warlord battles continue in western Afghanistan

Crude Oil Rises to Record Amid Venezuela Supply Concerns - Bloomberg

Gov. Bush cites 'shock and awe' in storm's wake

Residents question intentions of Bush visit

Post #400 - Thank you and good night

What decade had the best coulter?

Snood is more addictive than marijuana.

I'm not looking forward to football season

The luckiest person on Earth

Which song is more wholesome?

Phish is done.

I'm feeling a bit sluggish...

The 10 commandments of AC/DC.

What rock band was still great after a major line up change.

Best of Chapelle on - you just missed the Racial Draft!

Dumbest thing you've done lately?

A Comedy Gold DS1 thread revisited......."I Infiltrated a ..............."

Equal time: 18-25 DU demographic check in

Anyone watch the Olympics tonight?

have we seen grovelbot yet?

Which do you prefer? summer or winter olympics?

What decade had the best culture?

Ok just wondering, ya ever been mistaken for the opposite sex?

small milestones...

I am beyond furious with NBC for its olympics coverage

equal time indeed! 45-85 year olds check in

Ok DU youth check in, gotta be under 18 and not voting to check in

Is Israel the ultimate swing state?

If Kerry had said "No"...

Cheney and Edwards: The Me 2 Campaign

Prognosticators: Prognosticate for Illinois Senate race

HEHE...president Gump using Quayle to campaign overseas...

Knowing what you know now, would you have voted yes for IWR

Why Bush could be a fan of terrorism

Rooney: Maddening Movie Ads

Muzzling free speech One way to quash protest:Build a cage

August 15, 2004, will forever shine in world history (Venesuela)

An Antidote for Apathy (Venesuela)

Why Kerry Is Fit to Be President By Bob Kerrey

When Yes Doesn't Mean Yes -- By Robin D. Stone

Styles Similar in Bush and Kerry Duel on Deficit Numbers

The Peasants Speak: Chavez in a Landslide (Greg Palast)

"The Current Darkness" By Hal Crowther

Ex-Navy chief: Kerry earned Nam medals

Revolt of the Press Corps

Up against Afghanistan's corrosive opium trade

Kerrys Blue Blood a Winner, Say Royal Researchers...

Old Glory’s absence from flagpoles in Iraq draws mixed reviews from troops

FBI whistleblower case: answers, please

Horrible Birth Defects In Children Of Gulf War Veterans

AP article: Income Gap Up Over Two Decades, Data Show


Kiss Your Internet Good-Bye

by Greg Palast :Why Venezuela has Voted Again for Their 'Negro e Indio' P

The Brains Thing

Madison Captial Times: Bush is Wrong, Kerry is Wrong

'Star Wars':($1T)Pie inthe Sky(makes no sense financially or strategically

The Peasants Speak:Chavez in a Landslide

NYT Op-Ed: Suppress the Vote?

The Republican War Against Vietnam Veterans

Dehumanisation of the “others”

Ann Coulter: The blonde assassin (The Independent Interviews Ann)

CryingWolf inthe War Against Terror(Hamdi releasedestroys Bush credibility

Confessions Of A Bush Supporter

Help !!! Close the School of the Americas !!!

MoveOn Petitions Shrub to Denounce Smear Boat Vets

God is not a Republican or Democrat

Standards for Protesting...

Bush, Cheney, General Myers on record in favor of "sensistive" useof force

Shoshana Johnson speaking on C-SPAN2 - momentarily.

I know the answer already

Where is Scarborough Country?

What is your favorite non-US source for news?

Month of Birth May Be Indicator of Higher Risk of Brain Cancer

Examining The "Post Hoc" Fallacy And Full Moon Madness

Today's Thought

Don't forget to pray for my daughter and to ask for prayer for her

TV series collectors

UFO's don't exist /Aliens Pilot UFOs --Both are 100% wrong

Daily Mislead - Distribution of Tax Cuts


Another offshoring report

Ha! Bush-loving Prudential economist Freaks Out! "Raid the SPR!"

What do you think of socialism?

Nature withstands, even benefits from storms

Sudden Oak Death Transforming California - Sacramento Bee

WP: 'Data Quality' Law Is Nemesis Of Regulation

Ah-nold's "Efficiency" Plan Will Streamline Refinery, Logging Permits

Several Nuclear Grants Were Awarded To Universities

Libyan National Oil Corporation tenders 15 sites for exploration/prod.

'SP2' a Must For XP Users

Al Gore Reviews Ross Gelbspan's Latest Book - Good Read! NYT

Hungry world 'must eat less meat'

Stabilization Wedges: Solving the Climate Problem for the Next 50 Years

New Research Will Help Revolution In Diesel Motoring

How long is the reach of corruption? - TW, CN, FR

Suspect lynched in Nagpur courthouse - India

Zambia's former finance minister arrested

Protests cripple Nigeria's oldest newspaper

Ugly Chinese nationalism exposed

GUNS IN THE NEWS--August 16, 2004

"Messed up on drugs"

I get to go shooting in 2 weeks....

Hey Kids! I'm back.

justify owning an assault rifle to me, without using RW talking points.

justify owning an type writer to me, without using RW talking points...

Why should I not be allowed to own a Assault rifle?

Thanks, Mods!!

My donation is headed your way via snail mail.

I want you guys to make Sen. Kerry perfect, OK?

I donated by paypal but don't have a star yet

re: Paypal donation

An Israeli / Rove Connection?

Israel protests at UN against terror attacks

The Lost Steps by Avi Shlaim

Gandhi's Grandson To Kick Off Unarmed Palestinian Campaign

Understanding Arafat Before His Attempted Rehabilitation

Israeli Espionage: When a Honey Trap Goes Bad A Governor Resigns

Ex-Aide Tells Israeli Paper of a Relentless McGreevey

Hezbollah plays by the rules

The Writing on the Wall

Poll: 75 percent of U.S. Jews say will vote for Kerry

Why Bush could be a fan of terrorism

If Kerry loses in November...

Keyes sings "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

Washington Post making fun of Keyes!

When will tourism come back to the Gulf Coast?

floridians is help needed for you, your family or friends hurricane

Calif. Senate votes to bar use of Redskins as school name

Assembly OKs local studies of economics of super center stores

DMV testing to get a tune-up (more touch-screens)

Who are the facist pigs seeding the clouds!

IA-05: Steve King, Then And Now

Tom Harkin in West Liberty Iowa tonight 6:30-8:30pm

Help please.

Question about state tax

Gadflyer: Dayton Most Liberal Senator

question from a soon-to-be MN duer

Coleman to appear on Daily Show

Possible Bush Alert for St Paul

Should I donate to Teresa Daly?

So I'm phone banking tonight and called an 80 year old man

Kerry/Edwards in Steubenville this Friday (Aug 20)

MoveOn Leave No Voter Behind plan Meeting Wednesday

Hoeffel tours all 67 counties

More Kerry yard signs and bumper stickers than

Howard Dean in Austin Sunday Aug 22

Debate: Chet Edwards vs Arlene Wolgemuth- Burleson- Aug 17

I'm having Sunday Brunch with Howard Dean and Richard Morrison

Has the David Alston Swifboat smear been dealt with yet?

New freeper site...

It's UHOH time in Venezuela

Please delete

Has anyone heard of a book? Mission Not Accomplished:....

What language is this article?? Thai? Cambodian?? India?? Pakistan?

What Airport on 9/11...

Scary thought: * as president during other times in our history

confiscating "inappropriate" smutty books on the ferry boat?

Community destroyed by Charley ignored by government officals

I just got the stupidest thing from Newsmax...

without September 11 where would president crappy be right now???

Will the NY hate convention be anything but Kerry bashing?

No caption necessary....

I've turned in my neighbors to the F.B.I., they were TROUBLEMAKERS

Pictures from Venezuelan recall election

many Iraqis refusing to fight their own people.

It's way to early to determine the political fallout from Charley.

Michael Jackson Supporters: Check In

Right wing country---USA--

On C-Span Today: Immigration Discussion

Time for CNN's High Colonic.!!!

Reading for Your Thinking Conservative Friends: The Wars of the Bushes

The "chatter" on "al Qaeda-linked websites" thing...

I for one am glad that Jimmy Carter is in Venezuela monitoring

The secret secret government of GW Bush

Florida Guard - Helping with Hurricane or in Iraq?

Why would Russia want US troops stationed around it?

Even Laura looks confused during the "which child to pick up?" commercial

Where's Chuck D on Unfiltered?

More fun with terra

how will historians define the two bush presidents?

Miami Dolphin owner not happy that Stern is on Dolphin's Flagship Station

am i the only one who finds the olympics BORING and pointless?

Debate times and places set

CSPAN: first caller mentions FBI, Nazis, cointelpro in first sentence

When did abortion become an "important" issue in prez elections?

“What exactly is Muqtada al Sadr's crime?

An Open Letter to Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw and Peter Jennings

The job sections of both the

I love this sight and thought you might enjoy a little laugh this morning.

"Tommy Franks is going to be here, but he's not going to talk about war"

Can't escape Michael Jackson if someone watches the news

Big Problems with Tropical Storm Earl.....

Local National Guard unit off to Iraq!

Possible rumor of fire in southern Iraqi oil well...

This Moran kills me.

Why did BOGUS W POTUS get tombstoned?

State officials to discuss delaying Aug. 31 primary Florida

Will Kerry support Chavez now?

Perhaps we should have made Puerto Rico a state

I think someone hacked the server.

So the Harry Potter stars are threatened, and who do you think is blamed?

New Freeper Smear on Kerry Crewmate David Alston

The Constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela - download a copy

It's official: Ashcroft equates antiwar demonstrators with terrorists!!!

Tinpot Dictator Lovers: CHECK IN!

Does anyone think this is too harsh a letter

Nader and the debates

Phrases and terms I'm sick of hearing from politicians. (for starters)...

FBI Goes Knocking for Political Troublemakers

PIEHOLE ALERT! the chimp is going to, uh, try to speak

Must NBC's Olympic coverage ALWAYS suck?

Clinton’s lake retreat(complement tothe library and museum was) puton hold

Homeless/jobless...Think it couldn't happen to you?

Need talking points for CNN letter

Israelis to Barbeque Outside Hunger Stikers Cells

Always together, to the end and beyond.FL(tear jerker)

My health care presentation on Bush and Kerry's plans.

Does anyone know how many interviews Jeb gave on Friday morning??

Mideast peace promoters sharply criticise Bush administration

Is JFK going to speak at the VFW convention?

Why are our economists so surprised by the poor performance

National Sales Tax: Another Neolib Scam

Jack Cafferty read my e-mail response on air this a.m.

16 days of August- 30 American active duty dead in Iraq

Odd thing I noticed about Carol Lin of CNN recently....

Why do the Olympics segregate by gender, but not by race?

Booooo!!!!! Olympics create complete web blackout of international radio

"Reservists Say War Makes Them Lose Jobs"

Want another reason to write CNN? - try this

So now that Chavez will remain president, he should arrest the opposition.

ChoicePoint in Venezuela - paid for by Ashcroft

I'll bet you didn't see that 3 soldiers died yesterday...

I wonder how many people we have murdered in Najaf today?

where has Fareed Zakaria been? Is he writing another book?

Bush said "The rich don't pay taxes!"

Where can you learn THE TRUTH about what is happening in Florida?

Mike Malloy Listeners...

truckers refusing to drive in Iraq - even for $2,500 per trip paid by US

Iraqi Olympic Soccer Team...I Don't Care!

Wow. The Venezuela/Chavez recall was a big story yesterday - now gone?

The real reason for the troop repatriation?

Interesting Theory From Ted Rall

Who's this guy on AAR?

Measuring Enthusiasm


President Bush: "There's WMDs in Venezuela."

If Tom Harkin calls Dick Cheney a coward, and the media ignores it...

Yesterday, when Bush said spirit of America is "neighbor helping neighbor"

Proportional Electoral Votes on Colorado Ballot

States and Vote Counting Difficulties

O'Reilly Defends Kerry?

As the risk of sounding redundant, I got the stupidest email from Newsmax.

The latest online Zogby poll

Zahn Helps Tommy FRANKS Clear Shrub re: "Mission Accomplished"

Kill...Killl....Kill JOURNALISTS..... they way to get ultimate freedom of

Survived Hurricane Charley-Ask me anything!??

Someone please explain where in the hell Bush is moving 100,000 troops

Does anyone know anything about US Newswire?


Where is General Clark's statement from today -- link, anyone?

Florida...Jeb's at it again...?

Shoshanna Johnson on C-Span2 now!

There's only one thing that scares me

Does anybody know the national breakdown of voter registration?

What's a "landslide?"

Whoa. Funky twist to the anthrax case

HI ALL...I need the audio of Barack Obama speech...

Mike Brown/FEMA: "Mother Nature can go anywhere she wants, anytime

Banned from FreeRepublic because SOMEONE DIED???

Memphis panics over Iraqi visitors

Regarding violent protests at the GOP convention in NYC

Would you give your life, or your child's, for Iyad Allawi?

Help compile list of Kerry defenders against Swifboat Liars

Found a Nat Guard statement about Florida help. How does it compare

So Carter showed the Bushes how an legitimate election works!

Hey Everybody!! John Kerry is a prepuce!!

Barbara Ehrenreich on LINKtv today, 9:30pm E

Ewww...haven't watched CNN in a while

swiftboat veterans for politics

Looking for "A Place Called Hope" Vid on the Net


Many Reservists Losing Civilian Jobs

60,000 troops plus 100,000 family and civilian workers. I smell a big fat

A simple question that no corporate whore "journalist" will ask Jeb or W.

Why are labor unions anti-Chavez in Venezuela (according to Reuters)?

The Current Darkness

Anybody here listen to the Mark Levine show?

Hey! I figured out the troop "realignment"!

Fleecing America's Soldiers (Hightower report)

GOP hoping protestors encourage backlash against Kerry


People still think that Kerry = Bush

What does Bush have up his sleeve with the troop withdrawal plan ??

International Observers Ratify Chávez's Triumph in Referendum

Will this be an unnoticed anti-Bush army in Nov.?

The spin on this troop realignment is "he's bringing the troops HOME!"

Unbelieveable...CNN cuts away from a discussion of the possibility

With Trembling Fingers

Anybody watching crossfire? n/t

How goes the reopening of Baghdad's stock market? Ask him yourself

WWWEEEEEE! - Michael Jackson - Scott Peterson - Kobe Bryant! WWWEEEEEE

NPR: Liberals Add to Criticism of Mainstream News Media

another do you remember.....soldier shoots tiger in Baghdad cage

Kristin Breitweiser on Washington Journal tomorrow AM ...

looking for the nytimes article on fbi questioning protestors

New Poll: NJ Gov. McGreevey Should...

Got my voter registration card...

Desperate to know! Did Venezuela have Paper Trail with EV?

I was just thinking. If Pickles had been a better driver...

Who saw Kerry-O'Neill debate on C-SPAN last night?

Bush Camp Controlling Admission to Events

VFW, Bush*, and Kerry

A Beer with John Kerry (upcoming GQ article)

Fahrenheit 911 - DVD October 5th!

AAR is coming to denver.

True or False : This election is about Bush more than his opponent??

my email to

No one is going to the Olympics........Is it a *bush global economy?

Clark on Hardball!

Laura Bush: 'The Perfect Killer"

What Is Conservatism and What Is Wrong with It?

When it came to economical benefit and success: Clinton is TOPS ! ....

9/11 activist John Buchanan freed

What are the political consequences of the Olympics?

Condi: Even if Chavez democratically elected he's not legitimate

CNN Website....Not a Mention Of Najaf.

What will be the DLC's Public Statement of Chavez's Landslide Victory?

Lou Dobbs will be talking about AEI after the break 5:51p

Laura Bush- what is her problem? Now she's Miss Negativity

What Debate Questions would you ask Candidates Kerry & bush?

Please post names of people you don't want to see on TV again.

Bushbot - No to Universal Healthcare - Gets His from Welfare!

I've been in a lot of pro-choice/pro-life arguments latley....

Protest Walk from PA to convention by my friend.

vote for change tour tix will be $75

Still Waiting

Bush Campaign-Clinton Served Honorably Even Though Wasn't In Military

Who Is More Handsome: John F Kerry vs. George W Bush

Who actually wants this guy as a President?

Will Kerry Fire or Keep Porter Goss?

Michael Moore's Footage of Porter Goss...

Shameless Tavis Smiley (Tony Cox) interview with Mike Caesar re Chavez

I Have Now Heard Everything Imaginable

Cool..Kerry is royality

PALAST: Dick Cheney, Hugo CHAVEZ and Bill Clinton's Band (BRILLIANT!)

Bush behind 3pts in Ohio

Still Waiting

5 MOST dangerous men in America?

Help de-Freep the American worldview on BBC News Talkback board...

Can each of you please donate at least $1 to my campaign?

Can the general public go see Kerry this wednesday...

Porter Goss as Intelligence Czar? ..

Dallas Political Bookstores

For those who wonder why some active military are backing *

Tweety just said that he is going to post his interview with Kerry.....

So... I re-wrote the pledge of allegiance

We are all one and the same in the world

Majority Report interviewing and FBI agent

A news black out on Najaf?

FBI on Air America a GOOF. Phil Hendrie does it much better, folks.

Are you all listening to AAR?

We should all feel good about Hugo Chavez's victory.Not just for the

Anyone have photos of Venezuela Celebrations?

Venezuelan legislator recall election results ...

Why the "Washington Post" Inside Story on the Iraq War Falls Short - E&P

Aug. 29, I'll be on the Great Lawn in Central Park, NYC

FBI lurking at Air America studios??

Generally Speaking - How should a congressperson vote

This should answer everyone's thoughts on Kerry's "authorization" vote

Deja View: Great video device for demos

Do You Trust Bush Re-arranging the Military??

Rep. Dick Cheney

Anyone know is this Agent Mike ?

What defines a "terrorist sympathizer"?


Did Bush and Cheney get "left behind"?

How do public housing, food stamps, and financial aid programs work?

When does the Republican National Convention start?

Malloy just read Will's latest

What is Bush* looking at? This is a picture from the WH site.

Need Info! What are The Bush Crime Family and Cheney worth?

Kerry Campaign: Bush Too Busy Attacking to Get the Facts Right

"Shia Backlash Wrecks US Strategy"

Is Najaf just a neocon passion play?

From: "The DLC has kept the Democratic Party

a quick, fun diversion at this link:

Religion: Carter vs. Bush

I just got laid off...again...Thanks much Bushconomy!

Is Robert Novak gay?

Oil futures hit record on supply fears $46.91 - when will it break $100?

Patriotism is dead as long as you support Bush.

I admit. I'm depressed. How can we win? I need shot in the arm.

(Poll) Most credible Journalist

A cyber-law question?

DU swinging toward Positiveness and Sanity

John Kerry Has Saved Two Men's Lives, One in 1969, One in 1988

Maybe THIS is why Chavez won, not fraud!

Christmas in Cambodia

Chávez Wins!!! Chávez Wins!!! Chávez Wins!!!

GOSS Was CHEENEE's Pick - Surprise, Surprise, Surprise

Why wouldn't you want these folks in the White House?

California legislation may quell smokers...

It's Time Truthseekers - Malloy

Suppress the Vote? [Fla police intimidating elderly black absentee voters]

Chávez: "The ball has landed in the centre of the White House,"

Health Canada ROCKS

'Agent Mike,' here is an essay dedictated to you and the other FBI trolls

Novak: GOP to Implode if Bush Loses

I ran across a great anecdote in Rolling Stone by Joe Biden

Neo-Nazis at Stormfront refer to Freepers as their "target audience"

What is your opinion of anarcho-capitalism?

CNN's Bill Schneider re-cast Manchurian Candidate ...

"THe Need For Speed" Pilots on amphetamines on LINK tv

Lazy assed people vote GOP!

Tweety's on fire tonight

Is George W. Bunnypants de facto Religious Leader of Imperial Amerika


Anybody has any reports on how the CNN blitz went? I did write

Anybody listening to Randi Rhodes arguing the case for Kerry's signature

Reuters: Morgue in Punta Gorda Refusing to Give Out Number of Dead

John O'Neil lying again on Scarborough

Harkin's message for Cheney ... WOW!

Will the Christian Right form a separate political party after Bush loses?

Poor Bill O'Reilly

What is the darkest point of the last 100 years in American History?

Muhammad Ali was scrutinized for not going to Vietnam.

Anyone else see ABC affiliate in Tampa area just now?

Huge turnout of poor for Chavez....What would it take for Americans to...

Guess what is showing at the Co-Ed Theater in Brevard, NC (pop 6,789) ...

"Why do you support Bush?"

The Bank My Wife Works For Has A "Nepotism" Clause - WHY Doesn't The GOVT?

Bush "designing procedures" to DRAFT Men/Women to age 34 for Skills!!

Rightwing opposition to Chavez claims electronic voting fraud!

A Field Guide to Bush Supporters: A List of the Top 22 'Species'

Goss’s Wish List - CIA to conduct law enforcement inside the US

Would our military turn on U.S. citizens at the behest of Bush?

I admit it: Randi Rhodes annoys me

Careful with your posts cause the FBI is surely reading them . . .

"No Way Out" (aka "Civil War for Dummies") Slate Magazine

Last Chance for Overtime

Everything Freeper....

Now why would * be bringing 2 Army divisions home?


Brain Dead, Made of Money, No Future at All

Kucinich supporters..Please reply to Walter Cronkite!

Nearly One in Five Delegates to 2004 Republican National Convention is a V

Please,Somebody Explain the Fairness in These Two Stories

What are the reasons to fight Porter Goss's nomination?

Thieves plunder in Charley's aftermath

So if I understood Ann Coulter correctly on Hannity & Colmes:

Who here remembers the 60s and 70s. The protests?

Freepers react to Chavez win

America, if you take no other lesson away from the Olympics, take this

The Great Abortion Lie

Military "Families" Need Not Apply

"The Chickenhawk Double-Reverse" | your sensitive TOONs

ATTN: Canadians come get your geese

Stop vomiting on our land, Maasai tell Britain

As jobs leave Michigan, industrial equipment follows

Suppress the Vote? [Fla police intimidating elderly black absentee voters]

Bush raising money from baseball owners

Chavez named as referendum winner (BBC

NYT: Detention of British Travelers Brings New Policy (cuffed, detained)

US forces surround Iraq's AMS (Assoc. of Muslim Scholars) office

New York City Sued for Blocking Civil Rights Rally

High Oil, U.S. Economy Worry Stocks

Plot to kill Taiwan's leaders

French-American Journalist Said Kidnapped

Protest rap sheet a cause for concern (prior arrests count during GOP Con)

BBC: Iraqis urge Sadr to end stand-off

Venezuela Extends Voting on Chavez Referendum Into Second Day - Bloomberg

Vigilante accuses US embassy in Kabul of cover-up

Anarchists' Convention Debates Voting (Those who will vote are anti-Bush)

WP: John Heinz, Preferring Inner Light to Limelight

NYT: Polluted (Superfund) Sites Could Face Shortage of Cleanup Money

Cyber Fears On Fed's Web Plan

Guardian: Oil prices ease on news of Chávez victory

LAT: Ready or Not, Missile Defense ("defense firm boondoggle"?)

Despite Surge in Arrests, Bin Laden's Trail Is Still Icy

Referendum Results: an official announcement expected within the hour...

Anarchists' Convention Debates Voting

Former NY mayor Giuliani takes early pot-shot at Kerry

Chavez WINS!!!! 58% CNN Breaking news (Chavez Claims Victory)!!!!

Polling shows crossover potential

In Ohio, doubts remain on Kerry

WSJ: Slowing Growth Stirs Doubts Over Global Recovery

In Najaf, human shields and militants await tanks

Oil companies may be dragging their feet

Offensive resumes in Najaf, prompting desertions of Iraqi troops

Air marshals to look GOP & 'blend in'

Returning troops lose benefits

Carter and international observers at the CNE to confirm Chavez victory

The Peasants Speak:Chavez in a Landslide

Al Qaeda Showing New Life

Bowles Sides With Personal Injury Attorneys on Ending Medical Lawsuit Abus

(Roy) Moore supporter backs candidates

Call for Candidates to Participate in Debates Proposed by CDC

From North To South, Nevada Drought Deepens

U.S. Knew of Chalabi Warrants (did not object -earlier lie by Bush exposed

NJ Gov's)Lover's last-ditch deal to keep mum (offered a $2 m bargain)

NYT: F.B.I. Goes Knocking for Political Troublemakers -Big Brother Bush!!!

F.B.I. Goes Knocking for Political Troublemakers

N Korea pulls out of (Sept.)nuclear meeting (just putting on pressure?)

USA Patriot Act restricts some felons from trucking jobs

Family of Iraq Abuse Whistleblower Threatened

Militia Set Fire to Iraq Oil Well in New Tactic

Howard Dean to debate William Bennett

U.S. Empire State index plunges to 12.6 in August

Pollutants cause huge rise in brain diseases

Olympian charged with manslaughter

Family of Iraq Abuse Whistleblower Threatened

Kerry's Blue Blood a Winner, Say Royal Researchers

Journalist, translator missing (in Nasiriyah, Iraq)

Highest bidder lost out in Riggs deal?

Speed Up Saddam's Trial, Allawi Tells Court

Suspected plot to kill Blair foiled

Blood Money: The Human-Capital Equation of the U.S. Occupation of Iraq

Afghan Woman Runs for President Despite Death Threats

Bikes Bring Internet to Indian Villagers

Americans on trial in Afghanistan get FBI files

Sudan refugees report new attacks

CNN: Democratic ticket hits Bush's corporate ties

Community groups challenge PNC-Riggs merger

GI sues Military for Stop Loss support

Bush's crowds: Everybody's on the same page — his (Ore.)

A Central Banker's Nightmare: Inflation and Slow Growth Together

Cifuentes: Democrats Should Change Strategy for Hispanics

Pope's health "seriously weakened" [announces "end of pilgrammage"]

Bin Laden Trail Still Cold, Pakistan Says

Bush u-turns on intel czar powers.

kerry says: bush too busy attacking to get the facts right

Democrats Blast Bush Troop Redeployment Plan

Janklow crash affected state's politics

The Libyan National Oil Corporation invites tenders for 15 sites.

Oops, a Dupe

Texas girl with cerebral palsy fights for rights

Dupe ..........sorry...........Springsteen over anti-Bush Campai

Turkey calls on Iraq to take action against Kurdish rebels

The Failed Oppositions Game Plan in Venezuela

Naked hoops game busted

Two visions of Iraq struggle to take hold

Suspected Militants Kidnap Iraqi Officer-Jazeera

LAT: In Florida, a Hunt for Basics (no help from official agencies?)

US carrier rescues six Iranian sailors in Arabian Gulf waters

WP, 2nd in pg-1series: "Data Quality" Law Regulation Nemesis (important!)

Halliburton: Army Threat Withheld (For Third Time)

Bush's withdrawal plan could draw votes

AP Survey: Delegates stand behind Cheney

"Libya doesn't need Bush to learn democracy"

TV Ad Demands Bush Get Allies to Cease Swift Boat Smear Campaign

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Monday 16 August

Police Raid NYC Indymedia Video Team Benefit

Swift Boat Veterans Leader Lied About Political Activity (O'Neill)

Kerry tops Bush by 18 points in New York, college poll finds

El Salvador protests Iraq deployment

Marijuana Ingredient Inhibits Pathway For Brain Tumor Blood Vessels

Income Gap Up Over Two Decades, Data Show

Income Gap Up Over Two Decades, Data Show

Mideast Peace Promoters Sharply Criticize Bush Administration

(Military) Veterans Set for Republican Convention

Appeals court refuses to revisit assisted-suicide ruling

Daniel Pearl family asks Cheney not to use reporter's name

Three Venezuelan Ministers Say Chavez Wins Vote

Venezuela’s Opposition Resorts to Phony Exit Polls

Vietnamese sue over Agent Orange

Blair faces Labour conference walkout over invitation to Iraqi Prime Minis

Blair plan to host Allawi angers party opponents

Statement by Venezuelan Ambassador to the United States on Yesterday's Ele

Bush, Kerry press for female vote

Najaf fighting claims three US soldiers

Police fire at reporters as US tanks roll up to shrine

War lord to break silence(Lord Butler to break silence on Blair)

Kerry campaign adds veteran strategists

WP: New York Vs. the Protesters

Oprah Winfrey a juror in Chicago murder trial

Kerry: Donors to president bought influence

CNN en Español: Official results in Venezuela - NO 58.25% | YES 41.74%

Robot with attitude: Armed with shotgun, WMD sensor

More Than 230,000 U.S. Troops Assigned To Bases Around The World

NYT: C.I.A. Officer Denounces Agency and Sept. 11 Report

FBI accused of concealing link to mercenary jailer in Afghanistan

Sen. Chuck Hagel will consider presidential race in 2008

Moore turns temperature up on Bush with DVD date for 'Fahrenheit'

Democrat Koch Backs Bush

Human shields pour into holy city

Milbank: Reprising a War with Words (Bushisms)

NY Senate candidate calls for Springsteen boycott

Revolt of the Press Corps (press sick of Ask the President)

Three missing in flash floods(In Britain...BBC)

Little Rock considers sweep of homeless as Clinton library plans for grand

..'America For Sale' was released today by Kerry-Edwards 2004

Nobel Laureate Decries Stem Cell Limits

New Intelligence Reform Bill May Pit U.S. Congress Against White House

City of defiance

Carter: Observers Agree with Chavez Recall Results

Limbless Woman Sues Air France Over 'Torso' Snub

Breaking: CO Supreme Court denies Kobe accuser's appeal

Shooting at opposition protest in Caracas

Fierce fighting erupts in Najaf, 7 other Iraqi cities

Columnist Says McGreevey Sex Scandal was Israeli Intelligence Operation

John the Baptist's rituals cave found in wilderness

Costco begins test marketing caskets

Harkin Calls Cheney Comments 'Cowardly'

Bush Bringing 70,000 Troops Home to Counter Osama

Gap between haves, have-nots gets wider

Fla appeals court strikes down school-voucher law (church-state)

Bush Announces Plan for Troop Realignment

Nader Ballot Fraud (BREAKING NEWS) (Oregon)

Nerves Fray in Florida as Grimy Reality Sinks In

Flying saucers in New Mexico? Governor (Bill Richardson) rekindles Roswell

Colorado weighs proportional electoral votes

Four Years of GOP Efforts to Target American Jews Have Failed

Bush Tells Mich. Crowd Economy Improving

Poll: Kerry margin widening in California presidential race

Young girl mistaken as intruder, shot and killed by stepfather

Kerry Donates an Unprecedented $6 Million to Help Elect Democrats

Saudis use 9-11 report in U.S. ad campaign

Headline News: FBI intimidates protestor ahead of RNC convention

Dozens of Blasts Rock Najaf; 3 American Troops Are Killed

N.Y. Candidate Seeks Springsteen Boycott

WP: Appalachia Is Paying Price for White House Rule Change

Chavez's victory in Venezuela garners international support

Officials reluctant to release death toll (Hurricane Charley)

NYT: Charter Schools Lagging Behind, U.S. Data Reveal

Haitian Rebel Leader Appears for Trial

ok, is this too cheesy to be a kerry edwards slogan?

People Who Fit Into the 18-25 year old group but have a SO that doesn't

I have this theory about /Donnie Darko/ and abortion.

I walked a fine line between life and death this weekend

Just bought Bonnie Prince Billy Sings Greatest Palace Music. Ask me things

Opi's Luau #3 Aug 22 Sunday 1300 hours till dark plus 3

I've died and gone to heaven...

One more post and I hit the 700 Club

Where in hell are the Speedos?

Ok, I admit it...

I've decided to go to bed early tonight!

can dogs have asthma?

Porcupine balls...

Hurricane Charley MIHOP or LIHOP?!

mmmmmmm late night steak sandwhich, anyone else having a snack

Is your marriage missing passion?

I Just Made the BEST Ice Cream Treat EVER!

Which Line-up of Deep Purple is the best one?

I Finally Got Broadband...

Humor: How to get rid of * :)

Marlin caviar, anyone?? Crackers??

Minor rant: When did "pimp" become a good word????!!!!

Policeman Loses Balance - Damages 19th Century Painting Belonging To Queen

I have nothing to say right now. Sorry.

Supermarkets Selling Out Of Pumpkin Seeds - TV Show Says "Viagra For Women

Man Plunges 200 Meters Down Ravine In Car - Unhurt

Seven kids hurt when wind lifts inflatable slide at county fair

Oh great! Next Week's Aqua Teen Hunger Force ep called "Nuge"

Stripper Competition "Ms Nude" Deemed 'Not Rude'

How to Disappear

Decision 2004 - Kang or Kodos?

its nearly 6 am, i think i should go to bed soemtime here. night. nt

I Am Still Awake!

Dennis Hopper has landed a role in George A. Romero's Land Of The Dead?

Any bets as to from what country their Olympic atheletes get caught?

Reasons to be Fearful Pt 1

Anyone Here Live In or Around Williamsburg or DC?

Anybody know where Rush Limbaugh lives in FL?

How did VelmaD's family come out after Hurricane Charley?

Dumb TV-CBS's opening at the PGA Championships yesterday

Take a cow to Dairy Queen next Tuesday and get a free drink

Ever seen dogs this fat?

Why is it that Catapults

I have wireless internet. What movie should I download?

LOL! The Nude Bush administration's employment record! (adult link)

The AquaFina commerical changed the words to "I feel Pretty."

The Most ANNOYING Fad Ever?

Katielipsss.....time for collagen or botox?

Did anyone see that Chinese gymnast?

Emerging From the 700 Club (Caution: Horrifying Image Alert)

What's *up* with this google logo?

Why is the east side of a city usually the poorer side?

Can't escape Michael Jackson if someone watches the news

Study Says A Little Porn Is 'Good For You'

Any Manu Chao fans?

Michael Jackson Supporters: Check In

old story, but cat lovers may not want to see this

How the hell did this happen?

Teen Stabs Man For "Nice Afro" Remark

So how does one go about getting...

Favorite Foreigner song?


A moment of silence, please, for Capitol Kitty

Big Problems with Tropical Storm Earl.....


Fun at the Natural Selection Zoo

Wasn't this on the Chappelle Show?

Limbless Woman Kept Off Flight Told Torso Cannot Possibly Fly On Its Own."

Republican Convention Schedule

PARTY!!!! I'm in a great mood today!

BEST album by an otherwise bad group/artist.

Perhaps we should have made Puerto Rico a state

how'd you like a name like this:

Anyone have pics/video of drunken Artie Lange on Howard Stern?

Policemen Suspended Over "Porn Star Report"

Can I just say: The MY POSTS button was the best idea EVER!?

I'm so PISSED I missed CHARLEY

Gardening Buffs Get Nude Again For Annual Calendar

Please post some Venusian recipes.

Anybody curious about the "Village" plagurism thing?

GREAT car commercial! (video)

Roommate finally showed up...

DU lonely hearts club

Did anyone see Harvey Birdman last night?

Critics slam asylum guide written in Welsh

Plans for being a successful Evil Overlord

Hey Broncos fans! Jake "The Fake" Plummer throws like a girl!

Damn, that's one hairy guy

What actor/actress do you hate the most?

Carrying a torch for korfball? All manner of offbeat Olympic sports ...

My sister's thinking of getting a yellow lab puppy. Help:

Why do the Olympics segregate by gender, but not by race?


Pride, Pageantry on Parade at Games' Epic Homecoming

What is a Zeitgeist?

What's for lunch today ?

Please post some Venezuelan recipes

Bush Says Kerry Soft On Weather

200M Men's Freestyle spoiler

am i the only one who finds the olympics BORING and pointless?

The Amber-Idiot Alert of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Time again to play-What the hell did I just eat?

Better Olympics - Winter or Summer?

REM's Peter Buck is swimming for Australia?

What's a "landslide?"

My name is Geooooorrrge...George Bush Bawitdaba da bang a dang

C.I.F.-Captioning Is Fundamental

Did anyone see "Alien vs Predator" over the weekend?

OMG! A bomb scare!

Come on Aussie DUers

Big black boots. Long brown hair.

Anyone else hate Bush's voice as bad as I do?

If you could take a camera thru a time machine back to Bush's past...

Somewhere on a desert highway, she rides a Harley-Davidson

Yahoo's"Most Popular Photos" page

Look at this pic i found!

On the left?

Do you guys remember her?

Anybody else hate Bush's face as much as I do?

Did you know that half of the american hookers are space aliens?

Why do women's volleyball competitors wear barely anything

Pointless Photoshop Praise of the Month

Rush Joke

Did you know that half of the American lawmakers are space aliens?

DU mentioned on FR

Where, online or IRL, can I find excellent women's walking shoes size 11W?

who should i donate to?

anyone has the image of NY Post "Kerry picks Gephardt"?

Republican Convention Schedual

My random act of kindness story

Any thoughts on this email sent from my sister? Debunk time?

Woman Gives Birth To Two Sets Of Twins

Nude shoot draws almost 2,000 to former Buffalo train station

Don't ask, just check this out. You will not be disappointed.

I need to rant concerning the dumb motherfuckers at financial aid

Julia Child - a little bit of culture died with her

Teens Cited For Nude Basketball Game

Has anyone here ever bought something because of a popup ad?

help... don't really know how to take this...

Gawd I HATE the Yankees...but

Former (Pgh) Penguins' (hockey) coach Hlinka dies in car accident

Anyone out there see "Coventry" last night?

Who's been through Monument Valley?

CAPTION the log cabin Republican

What is your *least* favorite country?

Religion isn't the solution -- it's the problem

I am addicted to...........

what game is on msnbc right now

Testing new pooch avatar. n/t

Build Your Own Bush!

Bush's True Self ...

I take offense to the Fund Drive graphic.

Is cracking your knuckles actually bad for you?

I'm really bored... don't ask me anything! I'm trying to sleep...

It's pouring rain and I can't get my dogs out to

from the disaster zone...

What's with all the 'nude news' today?

Access or SQL gurus wanted.

What kind of loser are you?

Need links proving Venezuela "exit polls" showing Chavez losing were bogus

"Boondock Saints" appreciation thread.

I'm really bored. Ask me anything!

Little Steven's Underground Garage Fest this past Saturday-A Review!

Guitar players: Ever use a Whammy Pedal?

Dave Matthews Band tonight!

I love the Olympics!

The Best album from the last 25 years: Smell the Glove - Spinal Tap

I am a future driver, ask me anything

I cannot watch "women's gymnastics" with a straight face. ..

Must NBC's Olympic coverage ALWAYS suck?

Is 14 too young to know your sexuality?

Men's swimming = softcore Porn

What I've got you've got to give it to your mamma

Woman gives birth to two sets of twins

#^(#!^& CABLE NEWS NETWORK #^(#!^& (revealed winner of Thorpe vs. Phelps)

"Seed Of Chucky" I can't wait until it comes out

Our leader needs a Caption

Are You (Or Were You) Happy Being Single?

Bush visits Najaf to survey Charley damage

Why don't we just adopt the Matrix System?

Naked hoops game busted

It's the little things that cheer you up on an otherwise shitty day

Best Van Halen Singer. Rhetorical question.

Brian Wilson interview on Larry King August 20th (the whole show)

I feel so successful! I figured out how to deal with an annoying person!!!

Hannity played the Cure on his show today

Are stoned bands better than sober ones?

Any here have experience with a medium?

Anyone here ever take Soma?

HELP!!! If you have my cell phone number please call me NOW

Any here have experience with an extra large?

The most ironic Pro-Bush shirt I've ever seen so far (Pretty funny I think

My skin hurts, but I have no rash..

Are stoned listeners better than sober ones?

Since we all know 30-somethings RULE THE WORLD

Pia: Yes or no?

Know what other musical performer died on August 16th?

Greenpeace - yes or no?

Kleeb is TERRIFIED of Speedos....

My ex- is home from Iraq on leave; advice wanted.

Pizza: Yes or no?

Remember the movie Independence Day?

i'm gonna do it, create a catastrophic chemical reaction

Ask Me Anything Thread...Seriously PLEASE Ask me something

Tucson DU'ers STORM LERT!

Kleeb is TERRIFIED of Cheetos

Kleeb is terrified of Thorpedo!

John O'Neill: "I'm not a republican from Texas." Lying Sack of Shit

Dave Mustaine is a Dumbass

Favorite GTA III radio station

Favorite early films of successful actors and actresses.

Someone get me an antidote, fast

Help! I have a refrigerator problem!

"Hey Lois, look, the two symbols of the Republican party

Today's Fact

Gregg Marmalard, Doug Neidermeyer, George W. Bush

GTA Vice city Rocket launcher or minigun

Fur - yes or no?


Just had a fun telemarketer...

Interview on Wed; wish me luck!

Why is Kleeb gettin punked by Duckie? I like Kleeb

I'm terrified when Kleeb eats burritos.

Pita: Yes or No?

OK DUers, please post what sucks.

Anyone smart enough here to read books? >:D

Should I tell my gf...

The annual.... LET IT OUT! (Let off some steam) fest


Playboy - Women of the Olympics

Official Bengals vs Buccaneers pre season game thread

Cool..Kerry is royality

Is it true that the multiplication table isn't being taught anymore?

Am I the only one...

One Minute Cop Show

Just got back from texas...ya'll notice I was gone?

Dan Fogelberg and Frank Zappa have something in common!

Kleeb dog or Kleeb cat

Enjoy the song! Moore Bush!

Anyone ever see the movie "Walkabout"

Madden 2005

George W. Bush did do one intelligent thing.

Olympics tonight

Please post names of people you don't want to see on TV again.

Homemade pizza! Yaaaaaaayyyyyyyy!

Did I just hear on Majority Report that there is an FBI agent there?

Do You Have A Happy Marriage?

Madden 2005

I'm Talking To You From My Bathtub, HELLO!

Do ALL college radio DJs do bong hits before their shows??

Great, for tonight's entertainment " The Thomas Crown affair "

An other gay men watch the Olympics

Heeeeey, did ya'll spit in this???

I just found tapes I recorded with my very first "band"

Thanks for sponsoring me! You've helped DU and me, too

So, I got scathing letters from pro drug people as a result of...

Apple has just patented what PCs have been doing for some time now:

Home, sweet home at last... and, oh yeah. meet our new dog

new Oxyrush advertiser Funjet Vacations


Hello Lounge Lizards!

Whoa, horse! Slow down! I-am-not -the-asshole-here!

Ok, Monday night earworm!

mmmmm.... animals is for dinner

Oh yeah, guess what I saw on TV the other night?

I LOATHE the bus

mmmmm.... ravioli is for dinner

Duckie is afraid of cornfields

When was the last time you showed a random act of kindness???

Who Is More Handsome: John F Kerry vs. George W Bush


In honor of tonight's Packer game

Okay I admit it. I like Sat.morning 'toons on TV better than prime time TV

I just scarfed down a 10-inch pizza and am getting ready...

How do you feel when you see the flashing "New Mail" sign when logging in?

What's the worst Air America Radio ad?

Damn! No good pie at Costco tonight.

Check out what I caught my cat doing (Pictures)

Why am I hungry all the time yet still losing weight?

What will Mike Malloy do when he reads about Florida's latest scam

Ladies Only

Best reggae artist after Marley

In High School, which faction did/do you belong too?

Favorite movie genre?

I had a great time in Seattle!

Madden Fans: Is the Madden curse legit?

I live my life like there's no tomorrow.

A Petra Nemcova thread just for Kleeb

Window, Center or Aisle?

Am I the only one here with Sheep problems?

Should I move to South Dakota and change my name to Sid?

I tried to join Freerepublic but I can't figure out the system....

It's Elvis Day on TCM

Du is being mean to me.. I'm having trouble posting because it's too busy

How big are your feet?

Anybody want to put your pic in the DU gallery ?

I am George Bush

new category added to "MoveLeft Media" blog: Kerry Campaign

Time To Choose

Hey Kleeb, how did you like that Petra pic I sent you?

favorite GTA Vice City song

Van Gogh fans?

I see gay people: My Liza review

Grumble snarl &%$#!!!

What's Mike Malloy's AAR e-mail address?

Anybody read "The Twelth Planet?"

a real petra nemcova thread for myself


I know its been posted before, But I have to post this. Its hilarious!

Maybe you will persecute me for this, but this must be said

Favorite/least favorite year of schooling?

I wonder what it would be like to be hit by a bunker buster bomb

Dem opposed Kucinich, found knocked out,stripped ,by roadside

Fave Talking Heads Song?

I'm out of the 700 club! Screw you Pat Robertson!!!!!!!

& for my 1000th post, Thank you all....

What is up with all the DUers who hate EVERY movie they see?

Do you live in VA? Do you have a single friend? Hook ProudGerman UP!!

Caption the 'deep thinker'

ABC says Summer Olympics has 1/10th the number of spectators expected!

whee! My first Martha Stewart Living is here!

Could NASCAR ever be an Olympic sport?

Sasha Baron Cohen is on Jimmy Kimmel tonight

Favorite Ice Cream flavor?

Oh, the animals...

My Neighbors from Hell just keep getting worse!!!

Favorite Beatles album

When the hell did 'Blue Collar' come to mean 'Mulleted Redneck'

Peta: Yes or No?

Post Olympic sports you'd like to see!

Someone had to do it.... Catch22's cat....

I guess I made it over the 6 of non-smoking & no urges today!


Ok, so how TALL is everyone?

Which band suffered the most because of a major personel change?

So...what's up with gay men and the term 'bear' ?

Do you like Hunter S. Thompson?

This diving commentator is amazing

Forget my "Blue Collar" thread---who here hates Larry, The Cable Guy?

Am I the only white person who thinks the "Blue Collar Comedy Show"


Musicians who left great bands to join bigger (and sometimes better) ones

Whenever I hear THAT song, I think of.........

Who wants to help me escape from the 700 Club????

Boxers or Briefs?

Had a treadmill test with thalamine IV today - ask me anything!

My ideal 1972 rock and roll band.

Are you a happy person?

Ok the ultimate battle, men's swimming or women's volleyball

Okay, I'm gonna do it - I'm gonna get a tattoo

Grovel Bot

Pieta: Yes or No

Post pics to thrill Pagerbear!

I swear to God, there better be a 'PLAME INDICTMENT' soon or I'll flip out

I'm gonna go take a shit

HELP!! i've walked 1 mile a day for 2 weeks

Ok, I'm due to spend a few days with my bush* loving never-had-a-job

WORST album by an otherwise good group/artist.


Words on DU that you wish would disappear.

Cover songs that are better than the original?

Well, I'm off to watch "Balderdash" on PAX

What song are you currently listening to?

okay, who else MUST see pics of jukes' famous kitties SOON??

Ladies Panties ?? Boy shorts, G-String Bikinis, Thongs, Grandma Bloomers?

Why don't we just adopt the Metric System?

Giant Caterpillar attacks ZenLefty's house. (f/k/a What is this thing?)

Am i the only one here with sleep problems?

Impromptu Chef

Insanity Test

Ghost video?

MicroSlop Lists XP SP 2 Problems........when will WINTEL People learn.

I found letters from a slave-holding great great uncle

Say hi to my new blog: updated "coincidence theorists" guide, with links.

With the Box office success of AlienVsPredator & FreddyVsJason: what next?

Help for Florida pets

Why Bush could be a fan of terrorism

White House Website: Denial and Deception

Kerry gains slight edge in 16 key states

Bush Way Behind in Extrapolated Electoral Votes

Maybe this was posted last week while I was on vacation but

If the terrorists attack pre-election does it prove they want Bush to win?

In the Loop Carpetbagger Deflector contest. (WashPost) Funny

Will the NY hate convention be anything but Kerry bashing?

George W. Bush's tax cuts may hurt him more politically

what was Kerry's Intelligence Committee attendance record?


F.B.I. Goes Knocking for Political Troublemakers

Ex-Navy chief: Kerry earned Nam medals

Hilarious Freeper thread claiming Bush was in Vietnam on a secret misison

Kerry- Edwards Criticize Bush's Corporate Ties

Cleaning up Republican lies about Bush being best for the military

If you want to know how Republicans want you to think, listen to Cokie.

Remember this?

How many things does * put the ASS into?

"There's a lot of compassion headed this way"...Guess who?

Debate times and places set

Lucianne Wingnuts speculate Kerry has Marfan's Syndrome

It's time for Kerry to attack Bush's 280 vacation day's

Deja Vu: another Florida Hurricane, another president Bush

Insert Questions for the Candidates HERE...................

We forget sometimes..

State officials to discuss delaying Aug. 31 primary Fl..........

Will Kerry support Chavez now?

Shirtsleeves Style Is a Strong Suit for Bush

LOL IL Leader reports on Keyes' Bud Billiken experience, not pretty! LOL!

G.I. Joe is a fake (Satire)

Anybody want to have fun replying to a sad Letter to the Editor?

another do you remember.....soldier shoots tiger in Baghdad cage

If Tom Harkin calls Dick Cheney a coward, and the media ignores it...

In New York convention week? Where else should I be?

Kerry/Edwards Economic Plan for Rural Americans

Getting the job done... (?)

Are you a political consultant jock-sniffer?

New Zogby Natl Poll: 50% Kerry 43% Bush, Kerry pulling ahead in..

Kerry Campaign in Ohio ignoring my offer to volunteer

Kerry Donates $6 Million to Help Elect Democrats in Congress

Chimp reading speech at VFW

I actually heard a good radio ad...

A Central Banker's Nightmare:(Bush gave us stagflation)

IA-05: Steve King, Then And Now

Bush Forces a Shift In Regulatory Thrust(regulation is unnecessary)

I dreamed I was trapped at a Bush rally

Why are there no pictures of AWOL FLY-BOY

Bush camp readies appeal to veterans (Kerry missed 75% of Intel meetings)

"I don't pay attention until the debates."

Bush lies on distribution of tax cut benefit

Is JFK going to speak at the VFW convention?

* Cheney campaign office to open in Stateline NV

NYT: Kerry "best-financed presidential challenger in campaign history"

Look at this pic i found!

If it gets worse for *ush do you think the NEOCON's will give the Grape

Bush lies on Larry King sussed out at this site

Kerry surrogates are bombing on Kerry's Iraq War stance.

General Myers: a SENSITIVE failure as a warrior?

Strategy and protest materials for the RNC convention.

Can someone kindly tell me what these knuckleheads are up to?

Voters don't seem to care about Kerry's war stance. Health Care/Economy #1

Is The Education Prez Making The Grade?

Kerry and Bush on Iraq War

MoveOn Ad Rips Attack on Kerry Heroism....compares to Bush awol

Links for Email Campaign to influence Corp Media re. Swift Smear? ?

FBI to track GOP protesters...Land of the free!!!!

States and Vote Counting Difficulties

Do you think Kerry is running a better race than Gore, Dukakis & Mondale?

Bush plans on turning the U.S. into a total isolationist nation....

ABCNote "reports" Bush campaign much better run than Kerry campaign

The new * ad "75% absent..." already TRANSMITTED FOR FREE by the media...

Email media EXECS/ bypass Interns assigned to reading email

Bush rapidly losing young voters!

Howard Dean, Wm Bennett to debate "before the debate" Sept. 30

Is Alan Keys Nuts or am I missing something...

O'Reilly Defends Kerry?

Is it unpatriotic to root against our Olympic Team?


What will Kerry do during the Republican Convention

Help compile list of Kerry defenders against Swifboat Liars

Hey Everybody!! John Kerry is a prepuce!!

Chavez won using ev. Could it be that we won't have such a huge problem

Bush's "six speeches" on Iraq

2 new polls show NC within the Margin of error.

Daily Kos: Gratuitous late summer Tribute to Dean Democrats...


Bush Camp Controlling Admission to Events

The Bush economy, Iraq, and returning reservists....

I am watching * live in Traverse City....

"The Nader Factor" + Bush = ?

The last day I read they asked us to....

Bush and the Asian-American vote

Let's prepare for more "bring the troops home" moments...

What will the October Surprise be? Poll

I am going to man the Democratic booth at my county fair...

Picture of John Kerry and Paul Wellstone (and Lieberman)

The policy of pre-emption at work in the Obama - Keyes race

Anybody watching Crossfire? 4:34 pm. ET?

I Need Help To Do A Pertinent Link....

Joe Wilson coming up on Wolf n/t

Bush Is From Mars/Cheney Is From...

If Kerry is asked during the Presidential debates.

Brownstein: Bush risks spotlighting rigidity by criticizing Kerry on Iraq

anyone seen this Picture of John Kerry with Hubert Humphrey ?

There you have it! George "Flip 'Em" Bush in his glory!

Schumer challenger takes out ads. . .bashing Bruce Springsteen?

swiftboat veterans for politics

Anybody else have this impression: When Clinton left the White House,

Bush Landslide (in Theory)!

President Bush is likely to be thrown out of office

Kerry campaign adds some experienced help for the stretch run

Ohio and Pennsylvania DUers (BOLO ) be on the lookout

True or False : This election is about Bush more than his opponent??

Best commercial for Kerry yet....

Barbara Comstock coming up on Hardball 4:20 PDT

Harkin: Cheney is a coward

Tweet essentially calls Bernard Kerik a liar

A heads-up to those of you who will be protesting in NYC

Don't take Bush's advice on horses (new lie)

What's the story with Bush & Charles Gibson?

Still Waiting

Election's Over. Kerry's Royal. :)

Some Republicans Dropping Allegiance To Bush, Voting For Kerry

Bush Campaign-Clinton Served Honorably Even Though Wasn't In Military

Herding Cats...

EMMY for TWEETY!!!!! and I can't STAND him!

Have faith, keep that chin up, all that jazz

Laura Bush: 'The Perfect Killer"

This is the face of FEAR...

Isn't the real reason Bush is bringing 70,000 troops home...

New Presidential and Senate polls out of NC and KY

What Active duty military personnel can & cannot do re: campaign

Report: A Kerry button Goes to Wyoming

8/16 KERRY: 99.0% WIN PROBABILITY, 52.70% VOTE, 337 EV

TV Ad Demands Bush Get Allies To Cease Swift Boat Smear Campaign

Bwahahaha! Scarborough is going to SHOW HOW KEYES CAN WIN!

Poll: 75% of U.S. Jews plan to vote for Kerry

Bush behind 3pts in Ohio

Brain Dead, Made of Money, No Future at All by Will Pitt

Bush is hammering the airwaves here with his ads

freepdom guide to individual media activism

Kerry: Donors to Bush bought influence

they say a picture's worth a thousand words...

Anyone with info about New England campaign stops?

Kerry wrote to a couple of million people yesterday

Has Kerry even responded to Chavez YET?

flash animation parody of swiftboatvets

why does Kerry tell voters to get him a Democratic controlled Congress ?

RNC Not Welcome


We are beginning to be like Freepers here. many times is he going to beat Unfit for Command!

Found this at a freeper site. Should we demonstrate ?

The Daily Show: Repeat of Clinton's appearance today.

Bush ads: He approves negative content up front. How are swing voters

Why did the Kerry campaign agree to pro-Bush debate formats?

Here's an excellent example of Kerry playing to the left & right...

What would make someone want to be President of the US?

An Anarchist reminds me of

Who's better looking.

Kerry Campaign: Bush Too Busy Attacking to Get the Facts Right

The Reason No One Is Going To the Olympics to view

I sent a BUNCH of money to Kerry but zilch to DNC. guess why?

Everyone has an opinion. This thread is for you

Dartmouth study on Dean campaign. Supporters may sign up to participate.

check out the latest MoveOn ad!

Politically speaking, is Bush dying the "death of 1000 cuts"?

New Freeper Smear on Kerry Crewmate David Alston

Speakers at Repuke Convention

GOP eyes possible Mass. Senate race (Planning for * Loss?)

How we KNOW that Bushco lied

Bless Robert Reich: Slaps Scarface About Being Partisan

Starting to see more visible support of Kerry in my part of MO

Clark to respond on troop redepleyment CNN IP now

I admit. I'm depressed. How can we win? I need shot in the arm.

A Beer with John Kerry (upcoming GQ article)

When is Kerry going to support democratically-elected Hugo Chavez?

Sarcastic T-Shirts? "White collar criminals for Bush"

Anyone else have a problem with the debate set up?

Handy PNAC-Bush Link PDF brochure to distribute

Michigan factories on auction block(job outsourcing=new overseas factories

Kerry's crew is about to deliver a long, rotten week to Bush & Co.

George Bush: NOT a Rock Star

Smack Kerry Down - Go Ahead

Is the DNC staffed with the BEST or just the well connected?

Jan Schneider running again against Katherine Harris for Congress

Bush Screwed in the South!!

Chris Matthews Is Pimp Slapping Matt Dowd....

Fresh wounds from today's Bush speech protest

Awesome post - Re: Hey Mary Beth Cahill - WAKE UP!

The Bush campaign is off message, but not the Kerry campaign.

Did Bush make racist comments to his professor?

Need help debunking anti-Kerry e-mail by "former Green Beret Don Bendell"

Spread jam on him -- he's toast.

Suppress the Vote? (Jeb's Police intimidating elderly black voters)

PANTS ON FIRE update... Maine New Hampshire and New York. DUers

"Kerry, Nader and the Greens Need to Kill the Circular Firing Squad"

This should answer everyone's thoughts on Kerry's "authorization" vote

Daily Kos: Howard Dean's DFA and DCCC Join Forces

General Clark, Admirals and Veterans to Hold Press Conference on Kerry

Caricature: Kerry Cues Bush-Ball

The Republican War Against Vietnam Veterans

Was Kerry really absent 76% of the time

ya know, there may be a way for Kerry to change his Iraq position . . .

Well, the BushBots showed up on my own doorstep Sunday afternoon.

Protest method for NYC convention


They ALL Lied.

Kerry and Bush share same view on Iraq!!! per Matthew Rothschild

Presidential election were held this week, who would you vote for?New Poll