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Archives: August 15, 2004

'Fahrenheit 9/11' provoking strong reaction in the Arab world

Galaxies of stars are twinkling for George W. Bush (not)

The Moby Dick Code

Beware of growing Kurdish displeasure

What Happened to Flight 93

DU having problems today?

to those of you pissed off at Kerry.

A War in Nine Stanzas

The Manchurian Candidate

New York does not have to be shut down for 250,000 + protestors

National Guard in Iraq worried state disaster officials - May 2004

Wonder if Ralph Reed set this up..FUNNY ..ROFL

"The rich get out of paying taxes anyway" -Bush

Pro-democracy protests rock Maldives

Iraq holy city faces new assault

LAT: Social Issues Threaten GOP Unity (Gay Rights)

(Colorado) Electoral Votes in Question in November's Election

Ok I beg of you

What is this new word "apprecitaion"?

Anyone see Open Water yet?

Give me advice on my new job

While we're at it, let's also appreciate chemistry.

Can we have a Petra Nemcova apprecitaion thread, please?

Can we have a Johnny Depp appreciation thread? Puh-leeze?

she could drag me over the rainbow

Is anyone else watching the "Bible Code" on the History Channel?

Saw The Bourne Supremacy tonight. Ask me anything.

I Want To Destroy You

Caption this Bob Dole photo.

eek I hate to reinstall my OS again

Can We Have an UMA THURMAN Appreciation Thread?

What 'Kids in the Hall" character are you?

Cheney and Edwards: The Me 2 Campaign

Constructive criticism of Dem strategy considered harmful?

The Next Imperial Lunacy, Super-bully going to Iran?

The Fuel For Fahrenheit 9/11

Board chose to hit poor students

Just what's happened to plain old dissent?

What price loyalty? (gop loyalty oaths)

Bush's Big Blunder: Chalabi

Broder: Bush's Two Albatrosses

10 of the Top Least Reported Stories of the Week

Death, Duty in a Forgotten Corner of War

Put the Kids on Meds: George W. Bush's Vision for America

The uneasy Republicans

Holy Terror: Religion isn't the solution -- it's the problem

Real leaders stand by those who serve (Excellent)

My review of David L. Robb's "Operation Hollywood"

Stem cell issue (in California) shows partisan division

Who's Giving to Whom?

Nick Cohen (London Observer): Blair's Italian fiasco

ACT, one of the new 527s, heads back to grass roots

Kerry offers crowd something of value (Oregonian, 2004.08.15) issues clarification on Swift Liars for Bush

U.S. shamefully delayed request to ship vests to Iraq

Destruction Of Iman Ali Shrine - Bush Plan For Total War

My dear Republican friends,

Breslin on the Central Park Rally

hey colorado .....UPDATE!!!

Heads up Deaniacs!

Live audio stream for 2 more hours - Open Line, great radio talk show

Six Global Organizations Join Forces Against Bribery for Media Coverage

CBO says Bush Tax Cuts Tilted to Rich-but GOP say that's more progressive!

C-SPAN: From June 1971 Dick Cavett Show Kerry v O'Neill

Catholic League Refuses to Address Swiftboat author's bigotry

Paul Krugman vs. Bill O'Reily on Russert Tonight.

What was it like before the horse?

I have a question re Fla. 2000.

Today's Thoughts

Today in History 08/15

If possible, I'd like to meet some Chicago DUer's

2004: Year of the Monkey.

Today's Regular Quote

Bush's idea- "Follow your job to the slums of India"

Don't play games with appraisals, feds warn

Peter Raven Slaps Climate Pollyannas On Australia Visit

Breakup of the North Poll

1.3 Billion Reasons To Worry About Oil - Newsday

Bush Plans to Cut Forces (tens of thousands over 4 yrs) in Europe, Asia

Humorous criminal article....

I goofed. Mea culpa.

Assault "Weapons" -- Something of a Compromise.

Gun shootings in Detroit skyrocket, in spite of what the NRA promised us

I have a problem

Stop Censoring Me!!!1

Is DU LBN the best news provider in the U.S.?

More coal to the boilers, engineering room!

Have you Admins been kidnapped?

is there a way to find out how someone got banned?

Why was this moved to the Lounge?

Please listen to this radio show for awhile within the next hour!

Another Activism Idea.... as per Dem_Activists suggestion

Another "why was this topic moved" question

nitty picky request

I have a suggestion.

is tombstoning a decision made by the administrators

Seven refugees from Sudan reach Negev on foot

Hamas spells out policy on disengagement and after

Palestinian stabs Border Policeman in Jerusalem

"Ariel Sharon is a sissy"

Israel says Palestinian prisoners "can starve to death."

Iranian world chance fails to learn a lesson from history

Brutish behavior by order of the general

Hanegbi: Hunger strike will fail

JFK assassination & WHO will consider high-level conspiracies possible

Edwards to visit Oklahoma for $1,000 per person---it's a ripoff

Anyone see this LTTE in the trib today?

Alan (I'm fighting for God) Keyes latest numbers ( IL Leader)

Anti-war protest in Barrington, IL September 19

I'll be in Chicago in a couple weeks

LePore not good choice, but she's the only choice

California teachers lose tax breaks for classroom supplies

How Long Will Romney Serve?

who's running against Jeff Anderson in 27B?

Bush in Traverse City Monday 8/16

Sept 1, Come meet State Senator Allen Kukovich at my home

List of DUer in Pa by Counties

To South Austin Voter Registrars

Registrar Extraordinaire!!!

Saw a new Russ Darrow ad that said he's conservative, like WISCONSIN!

Any pet-sitter recommendations in Seattle?

John Perry Barlow, Prominent Libertarian, turns against Bushco, for Kerry

Everyone should take the time to listen to Bab Marley, right about now.

The Republican solution is to go negative...

Ashcroft's Quiet Prisoner

A family of failures, spoiled children, and international sex tourists

American arrested in Iran? I bet you haven't heard about this on CNN.

Protecting the Right Not to Remain Silent

ChoicePoint/Ashcroft compiling data on Venezuelan voters (Palast)

Reinventing the War Party

GOP judge/"demonstrator" faces sanctions (Florida 2000)

Ask an Evangelical Dude!

Who has read "What's the Matter with Kansas?"

Goodnight Irene

Poppy & Bar at Olympics -- my eyes! my eyes!

Post your favorite FREEPER JOKES here!

Umm, this makes the Dean Scream look like a snooze on the couch.

While Bush puffs up like a Blow Fish in August

Bush and Blair express their "true feelings"

how should kerry repay Dean and Kucinich

Bill O'Reilly "wisdom"

Ft. Myers' newspaper...front page .. lots of info and pictures

BBC: Middle East Newspapers Lambaste Najaf Bloodbath

Animal lovers....this hurricane photo breaks my heart

The Nat'l G Charley story... how many, who said.... where are they really

9/11 Mihop and Lihop convince me that Bush Knew.

So what lies have been said about kerry so far? bush?

Interesting AirBus Ad.....

Gore takes on press re. global warming in NYT bk review of "Boiling Point"

What are the repugs so worried about if kerry gets elected?

Was 9/11 the best thing that could have happened for bush?

Bush to cut forces in Europe, Asia

You know Bush and Rove are licking their chops over the

I See Dead People

Chimpy* Making The Baby Cry....

Do the candidates get the questions for debates ahead of time?

Did they tell the people in florida to stay put?

9/11: A Grand Scheme for War Profiteering?

They need to know that we know they are doing same thing to Kerry as Gore

Iraqi National Conference is test run for Repub National Convention in NY

Chicago school districts just say no to "No Child Left Behind"

I saw Larry Flynt's new book about politics was out last night.

Are we sometimes our OWN worst enemy? Feedback welcome....

The Baptist and 4 square church near me just had a GOP picnic with an

What would any prez do if their nation is attacked??

Florida National Guard might have 5,000 ready by Sunday...

New Bush Ad - MTP

Bumper Sticker: HONK if you have WMD's. Anyone want one?

Powell suggest Japan change pacifist constitution.

Bush's "Queeg-like obsession with Saddam"

Biden on Steph gettin' some cojones, hammers Chimp about "6 speeches"

Nimrod's campaign reform

Our campaign HQs opened at ground zero of DeLay's district

NY Times lets the lunatic, Christopher Hitchens, do an anti-Kerry rant.

A Sunday chuckle: Doonesbury on 'Bushisms"

The Republican Party exists to help the wealthy accumulate

DU'ers who know any Hotel Owners in Florida....

Hurricane Charlie and the National Guard

What is the threshold for recognizing sacrifice ?

CT:Dissent heats up when GOP Senate hopeful makes appearance at South Side

Should dems point out to america that Nader is an arab?

SoCalDem's Letter to Republicans

The Republican Convention

Is Keyes accusing Obama of not being black enough?

Sunday morning, 8:20am PST, Should I go to church today?

This is one of the strangest posts I've ever seen

I served with John Kerry....

11 year old Iraqi Amputee, Zeynab, Heather McCartney, Larry King CNN

Will Jeb rig Flordia?

Smirk shifted 3,600 troops from Korea to Iraq - mission accomplished

Help needed to reply to negative Kerry email.

How do we rebut the accusations of Kerry not being at senate intelligence?

"Cruel and Unusual: Bush/Cheney's New World Order"

How many americans died on 9/11

ACT in Cleveland this week-end, Dean, Obama, Ann Richards, Andy Stern

The Real Deal about Suitcase Nuclear Weapons

Another blatant example of media coverup of Jeb's FAILURE to

The Battle of Najaf (set to The Clash's "Death or Glory")

Thurs: Charley hits, not enough Guard Sat: Bush says troops to come home

I'm really proud of this post on my blog...

Some good news more or less from one of my fav authors

Are there enough National Guard troops in Florida?

Reservists Say War Makes Them Lose Jobs

Bush Drunk At Wedding Party

The Moby Dick Code

Registering to vote in college

Heads Up! Coming up on MSNBC "Enough Manpower?" in FL

NYT article describing bush admin changing laws by fiat...

'Bushville' Set Up in Central Park

150 Workers Died Building the Facilities (Olympics)

Anyone remember the Democratic Party's Nationally Televised Telethon????

Any Satellite Photos of the Hurricane Damage?

Legal Status of Resolution?

Anyone have links to thousands going to Najaf

Cannabis extract shrinks brain tumours

Found these two pics of my son at a peace rally :)

"Ask an Evangelical Dude" continues...

How is this happening?

any cincinnati,northern ky du'ers?

Good Article

I just googled "Bush+eugenics"...

The War on Nature

14 died building Greek Olympics (inc. airport, metro, train, roads

Make Wolf's hair fall out

Weather of Mass Distraction

War in Nine Stanzas by Calvin Trillin


Do You Think Bush* Was AWOL From His Air National Guard Obligations?

Coors having problems with image.

Thomas Frank will be interviewed in 6 hours on radio

Grover Norquist found "an attractive Republican" to marry

Review of "Bush on the Couch"

Assuming Kerry wins in November

I am starting to be more impressed with Bay News 9.

Venezuela's Referendum and the Nation's Poor By Medea Benjamin

Thousands Suffering in Fla. & CNN shows frolicking families/Disney World!

How will absentee votes be counted? Can we trust them?

John O' Neil and Vietnam

John KERRY Debates John O'NEIL, from 1971, on C-SPAN @ 6PM EST

IMAGES of Charley's devastation

"Fedup: We need Liberty and Unity" I saw this on a shirt at the....

Matthews's show on NBC (9:13 CT). Americans are dumb as a rock.

ACLU privacy project

email message I just a bush supporter whom I have now put on the fence

What about the Flight Physical?

New place for voter registration -

Who Cares? (# humanitarian crises in the world greater than ever before)

DU Troops..Please Report..Who has been contacted?

Residents not allow back in their homes. But Bush.....

Taiwan PM Says China Practices 'Decapitation' Strategy

Former Proconsul Paul Bremer Located; Called "Public Nuisance"

Anyone going from DC or Maryland to the RNC protest in NY?

How's this for a bill? The No Privacy for Presidents bill

Should we use Creationism as a wedge issue?

Hurricane Charley will be REALLY bad for Bush!

Senator Byrd's on MSNBC Hardball

I sometimes have this feeling of deja vu.

Will China over take us as the super power in the world in 10 years?

Does posters hate America?

Will a heavy black turnout for Keyes and Obama help Kerry in Illinois?

"Ariel Sharon is a sissy"

Tweety, Imus, Stern, and others really piss me off...They Laugh at America

Bush: Olympics show power of freedom

I just got laid off from a volunteer position!

How do you think Iraq will end?

The real tragedy of this election

Trickle down from the criminal way is the best for the little guy

DU Hurricane Survivors...Do you remember how the hurricane you survived

Has anyone heard from Guy James?

NPR just did a story on Chavez vote today. Said we'd hear both sides of...

A comic strip i saw in my newspaper this morning

LOL have you seen this comic?

largest plague of Locust in 16 years is heading for Darfur refuge camp

Electoral vote predictor 2004: Kerry 327 Bush 211!

Sad attempt at vandalism on my car


Venezuela ?

"...the energy we bring to our endeavors...

Yet another Successful Kerry House Party at The Bleedinghearts

What DU you make of this...?

The Democrats are going along with the repugs with Porter Goss!?!?!?

recent post about "them damn liberals"

Question: Why would Tampa wait until today to send its Natl Guard

Just saw THE HUNTING OF THE PRESIDENT, and I'm fucking pissed off!

Just saw Peter, Paul & Mary on my PBS Station

Israel says Palestinian prisoners "can starve to death."

Oh the Gulag we will all have jobs.

More "Pledge of Allegiance" talk!

Most Overrated President of the 20th Century?

Check out this picture of a US soldier in Najaf........

Are too many Americans in prison?

New Orleans needs your help with DUing this poll....thank you

Hmm... Japan's Markets Open With A Dive !!!

Bushs on Larry King again tonight

i just got back from an all day rural auction, and i have good news.

Peter Werbe is on tonight!

S. Koreans protest planned troop deployment to Iraq.

The Toke-inator!! (Schwarzenegger smoking pot)

what, as a progressive, is your "Hill to Die On?"

Can I get some good vibes for my man Hugo Chávez?

Obama shoves Keyes

An opinion about Porter Goss, CIA nominee

Hurricane Hunter airplane denied access to Venezuelan airspace

An amusing take on the CBO report about the tax cuts for the rich

I saw "ORWELL Rolls In His Grave".........

Johny Kerry: War hero and Olympic level tarmac athlete.

How badly did Kerry hurt

"Don't mess with Texas."

A friend of mine applied for a job with the Dept. of Homeland Security and

Dear chimp, please continue to waste your money on those stupid ads

Smirking chimp equates stem cell research to destroying life to save life.

All the hurricane news I see stresses the need for water.

Voting in Venezuela is a really good example for the US.

The young John O'Neil looks like David Faustino (Bud Bundy)

Goss's nomination hits the comics

Wall Street Journal article on Sandy Berger

Bush on Charley: "The government is here to help people help thems........

All DUrs!!!!!....Take GOOD LOOK at the VENEZUELAN election!!

Are the Protesters gonna give Bush a MASS MOONING??

Will there be Civil War if the touch screen voting machines

Florida's Economy Is Going To Crumble After This Storm

How would Bush have handled this terrorist attack?

Reservists Have Difficulty Finding Jobs Upon Return-Who's Defending Them?

U.S. shamefully delayed request to ship vests to Iraq


Lovely Anti-Muslim Hate mail...

Tanks are rolling up to the Najaf shrine. Reporters are being shot at...

A more fair and Democratic tax system

BBC: "The uneasy Republicans"... WoW! This is a Great Article!

Olberman: Fallout from Hurricane on Jeb and George's Heads........

Noonan's "talent" rejected by WH, she'll write for Santorum

a revelatory thought: why the heck doesn't nader run for congress

If you lived in Venezuela, how would you vote on the recall today?

I Was Anti-War From the Beginning: Do I Get a Prize?

Does Anyone Here Use 'Progressive Secretary?'

NBC does Story about Fla Resident's who wouldn't leave their pets really

If the touchscreens wipe out Chavez, Kerry will lose too.

I finally started my blog

Anybody watching MTP? Greenspan's wife hosting today. Roberts

O'Neil/Kerry debate in 71--Will this be aired again?

Hitler's syphilis-ridden dreams almost came true

It's very easy to convert iPod into pirate radio station with 40 ft range.

Google NEWS search results are being skewed by a website.


David Dreier wants it bad...

Nicknames???my favorite is president gump

I have to say, that I like Obama.

YES!! GO to NYC if you can !!! & please consider THIS.....

Bloomberg's In Over His Head

How to identify a repug plant at the protests (good read for all going)

"My Daily Constitution" in NYC during RNC"

Just found! Dubya Peeance Freeance Video!

The ultimate "What has Bush done wrong" list

I'm attending a local speech by David Kay, any questions for him?

Most UNDERrated President of the 20th Century?

Can Somebody Please Help Me Find the Harkin Link

Just Another Sickening Story From Iraq .

Walmart now in the process of buying good publicity...

WTF? Was the turkey real or fake?

Iranian athlete refuses to face Israeli

Army sleazes out of showing F/9-11 at military theaters


Blair signs Olympic Truce

Dutch soldier killed in Iraq, five badly wounded

NYT: Sex, Ambition and the Politics of the Closet (McGreevey)

Tense Iraq debates new assembly (gunfire and explosions)

Montana man shocks community

South Koreans Protest Troop Deployment in Iraq

Why can't the Boston Globe ever write something good about Kerry without

No time for study

Explosions echo throughout Najaf after ceasefire breaks down

U.S. Soldier Killed in Iraq

GOP Grapples Over 'Big Tent'

Six college reactors still use weapons-grade fuel

Ten Dead in Baghdad Blasts Near Democracy Conference, Sky Says

LAT: On Storm, Bush Aims to Be Unlike Dad (Charley hit area Bush needs)

Mortars create chaos at Iraqi conference

Democrats aim at tough incumbent Ros-Lehtinen

Sadr prepared to accept UN troops in Iraq

Kerry leading Bush in key swing states

Mideast Peace Promoters Sharply Criticise Bush Administration

Destruction Of Iman Ali Shrine - Bush Plan For Total War

Uprising halves Iraq oil exports

Oops a Dupe

Giuliani's 9/11 aura helps Bush camp ( and says Kerry is qualified)

Old nemesis stalking Kerry's campaign trail (o'neill)

Chicago-Bound Plane From Va. Evacuated

FTC accused of slack antitrust policy

WP: Blog Interrupted (Jessica Cutler: new morality?)

Sifting hope from the crisis, Corzine emerges

Shia backlash wrecks US strategy

A rash of insurgent attacks have made Iraq's roads too dangerous for truck

Ukrainian soldier killed in land mine blast

Thousands Stream to Najaf (Juan Cole)

'Military Clearing' in Najaf to Resume

Team USA blasted in upset of Olympic proportions

Olympics Hit by Crisis Over Iran-Israel Contest

The 15 ways to stop global warming

LAT: Teachers Lose (fed. and Cali st.) Tax Breaks for Class Supplies

Man at center of McGreevey resignation says he is straight

Already there is a sense of electricity, of triumph in the air(Venesuela)

DoD annouces fatality from August 13th

Iraq: Massacre fears as Najaf peace talks collapse...

'No good options' in Najaf: US lawmakers (Biden: 'What is the plan?')

Florida Starts Massive Hurricane Cleanup

Mahdi Army digs in, hopes for peace deal

Keyes Wants To End Election of Senators

Gateway confirms latest round of layoffs

US bombing kills civilians, Chinook downed

US nervous about Chavez (BBC)

Afghan National Army Dispatched to Western Province to Calm Pre-Election V

Moderate Republicans try to stand behind Keyes

Appointment by dad could be senator's downfall (Sen. Murkowski, R-Alaska)

CA Sec of State Shelley Controversy Grows w/ Campaign Donations

Dog sniff not a search, court says

Some Republicans Dropping Allegiance To Bush, Voting For Kerry

Fallujans may be invited into Iraqi army

Rumsfeld Says U.S. Overseas Troop Shift to Take Years

Clandestine sources email allegedly preliminary results to the internation

Iraqi police urge all media to leave Najaf

Large Group Walks Out Of Iraq Conference

Rwanda Troops Airlifted to Start AU Mission in Darfur

Murtha(Conservative Dem PA) on Iraq: 'Tough time prevailing'

CNN: 2 US Soldiers killed by snipers in Najaf

Saudi ambassador..denies politics affected decision to raise oil output

Iraqi Government Evicts Reporters From Najaf As Fighting Resumes

Police want you to pay for their wire taps (Canada) | Globe and Mail

Sadr's influence seeps across turbulent Iraq

Offensive resumes in Najaf, prompting desertions of Iraqi troops

Round two for Kabul's trial of year

Kerry Campaign Helping With Fla. Recovery

Iraqi Christians leave their country en masse after deadly church attacks

U.S. urged to protect Idema's rights

Gustavo Borges: Electoral fraud attempt fails in Caracas

Iraqi Oil Export Operations Remain Uncertain Amid Tension-Report

Vote system test results perfect, with a few bumps (Florida)

Carter:"We congratulate the CNE and the people of Venezuela"

INTERNATIONAL FORECASTER: Widening margin of victory for Chavez Frias

LAT: Bush, Kerry Worlds Apart on Trade Issues (Kerry for workers, env.)

Protest at Iraq Forum Reshapes Najaf Crisis (Allawi holds Najaf assault!?)

Echo Company loses most men in violent Anbar province

Millions Turn Out for Referendum to End or Defend Chavez and His 'revoluti

Florida will feel Chávez vote

Poll: N.J. Governor's Approval Nudges Up After Disclosure of Homosexuality

Thomas names ESA hearing witnesses

Gustavo Borges: Electoral fraud attempt fails in Caracas

Kerry Campaign Helping With Fla. Recovery (Kerry to go Kiteboard)

Goss Said to Be 'Wrong Fight' for Dems. (Says Rep. Harman-D)

Mixed Feelings, Vietnam Vets Appear as Divided as Other Voters

Venezuelans vote on Chavez rule (BBC)

Bush ally Howard ( Australian PM) caught in lie

Reservists Say War Makes Them Lose Jobs

CNN: Iraq claims foreigners threatening mosque

'Flynted' again

Pollutants cause huge rise in brain diseases

Two Americans Are Killed as Fighting Flares Anew in Najaf

Rumsfeld briefs Russians on troop redeployments

S.Koreans Clash with Police on Iraq Troop Dispatch

U.S. Battles Shiites in Iraqi Holy City

Just a stone's throw from the food markets, babies die of malnutrition

Billiken crowd jeers Keyes, cheers Obama

Bush accused of exploiting hurricane in Florida as he offers aid to disast

Democrats Pressure McGreevey to Leave Soon

Officials Extend Venezuela Poll Hours Until Midnight

Tora Bora army strikes back at the Janjaweed

New explosions rock Najaf

Voters gunned down in Chavez poll

Puerto Ricans slam dunk US NBA stars in epic upset

Iraqi Conference on Election Plan Sinks Into Chaos (NYT)

Kerry Campaign Launches Multimedia Bilingual Action Tool Kit

Sex Scandal Rocks Montana Town: more red state Christian family values

F.B.I. Goes Knocking for Political Troublemakers

Known for Discussing Faith, Bush Moderates His Message

WP: Shirtsleeves Style Is a Strong Suit for Bush

New Zogby Poll: Kerry 50 Bush 43 - Likely Voters

Venezuela's Chavez on brink of referendum defeat (based on exit polls)

NYT: On the Road, Bush Fields Softballs From the Faithful

Raise in Oil Output Not to Help Bush’s Re-Election: Bandar

Cannabis extract shrinks brain tumours

Iran warns its missiles can hit anywhere in Israel

Police fire at reporters as US tanks roll up to shrine

Democrat Warns Against Fight on CIA Chief

N.C. Candidate: Pakistani a 'Terrorist'

Round two for Kabul's trial of year

Venezuela Voters Turn Out in Huge Numbers

So where are all the crows today?

Why are Olympic medals listed by country

crazy connattions you get

Caption the littlest victim...

do you consider where to post here at DU

women's beach volleyball is now my favorite sport

The semi-official Saturday night "Say hello to my little FRIEND!" thread

Anyone Else A Fan Of The Movie "Tommy"....

anyone chugging anything now?

What is the threshold for recognizing sacrifice ?

How 'bout a Renee Zellweger Appreciation Thread!

Levitra banned by NFL for use by all NFL quarterbacks.

o about a shopping cart appreciation thread?

How about a Catherine Zeta Jones appreciation thread?

Best photoshop job ever -- Oswald sings the blues.

Donation Network developing..for Floridians

Goodnight Irene

Why aren't you asleep (at 12:42am Pacific Time)?

Umm, this makes the Dean Scream look like a snooze on the couch.

Would U go on Cheaters?

Just watched Toby Keith, and I enjoyed it!

It's 5:30A.M. See you in 12 hours

Homina homina homina...


CHECK IN: What time zone are you in?

Favorite Nadsat words from "A Clockwork Orange"

What past or present person or people in the news did you think was way

What is the SCARIEST thing you ever thought???????????????

Why are *you* still up?

I want to apologize for being a jerk in here lately

OMG - matcom at the Olympics

Favorite Day of the Week

Did you know tv chef Bobby Flay is engaged to this beauty?

OK Kids... Off to church... Cath-o-lic mass...

How 'bout a René Descartes Appreciation Thread?

anyone know about auto glass prices? . . .

Cat Food Question

Can We Have an PARAGON Appreciation Thread?

ALIEN VS. PREDATOR Tops Box Office codes?

Can We Have An Erotic Purple Hippo Appreciation Thread?

What's your favorite episode of Good Times?

How about a Mr Scorpio Appreciation Thread


I've invented a pill that gives worms to ex-girlfriends.

Best Literary Detective of All Time

It is very hot in Athens for the US/Aussie softball game

Lets see some sexy endangered species:

They're coming after slackers... gene therapy produces more efficient...

I just saw the funniest Japanese commercial

Man is the NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, TELEMUNDO, BRAVO Olympic coverage

Can people PLEASE limit the number of threads they start

Albums that took a long time to grow on you?

Roxanne. You don't have to turn on the red light.

Bill O'Reilly "wisdom"

For shameless self serving purposes: What is your favorite Italian

What's a-matta you? Hey!

Anyone seen the new Chrysler Crossfire Roadster??? like it???

What Have The Democrats Ever Done For Us?


Top Ten Reasons to vote for President Bush

Shameless YOGA appreciation thread

I love the end of "My Cousin Vinny"

Step left, around, and together with the right.

Just found: Freeance Peeance footage!

The Bush Hiccup cure

Come on-a my house, my house a come on

Guilt by association: Suburb targets underage partygoers, drinking or not

Starting my Sunday by listening to Black Sabbath.

DU'ers who know any Hotel Owners in Florida....

Suggestions for an Alan Keyes karaoke party?


Appreciate THIS thread:

Arriving in Ft. Meyers FL, Bush looks old and exhausted

What's that website that has all those newspaper passwords?

Can We Have a Name Not Needed Appreciation Thread?

a natalie portman appreciation thread anyone?

Today's fact

Who here likes Sevendust?

Sunday morning, 8:20am PST, Should I go to church today?

"Kiss me Deadly"

Daughter went to Aruba for vacation......worry about storms.

Has anyone ever volunteered for the Peace Corps ?

Anyone watching US mens basketball today?

Any Satellite Photos of the Hurricane Damage?

Airplane advice

The Adventures of Ms. Greenlee, Cat Acrobat Extraordinaire (pics)

Holy crap....


Happy 60th birthday to soul singer FREDERICK KNIGHT!

Poppy & Bar at Olympics -- my eyes! my eyes!

So, my fundie sister has this affair, see . . .

Anyone seen Open Water yet?

Anyone here use Linux?

Well, I came upon a child of God

"Ask an Evangelical Dude" continues...

Cell Phone Reviews...

Need help responding to freeper email, please!

We need to fight dirty. We know that they already do

Fox: "Book Reveals Johnny Cash Sick, Grief-Stricken"

PALM tech question...WiFi related...Tungsten C

Aerial Tour of Charely's destruction

I've been backpacking for the past 2 weeeks. What did I miss?!

"Christian Debt Removers"

Explorer error?

Just got back from telling my quarreling neighbors to please pipe down...

Burger Battle Poll: Which one tastes Great, Less Complaints

The Nat'l G Charley story... how many, who said.... where are they really

Have you used "Space Bags"? Do they work?

"I'm in a phone booth baby

Mississippi DUers....who would be interested in getting together...


So I decided I want a blog. What next?


How come EVERY time I switch back to Olympics, it's a commercial?

My local Dem HQ is out of Kerry-Edwards stickers

Need help with a sick cat!

Who Else Is Smoking a Cig Right Now?

"I'm going down

My Fahrenheit 911 experience in the Deep South yesterday.

John Kerry and Kerr Avon - separated at birth?!

who other than does online printing?

Sunday Afternoon Flamebait: THE DOORS were a great SINGLES BAND!

I'm on the Highway to Hell!!!! Highway to Hell!!!

Meatballs tonight.

i'm sure you were all wondering, 'did KG make it thru hurricane charley?'

Want to buy a book for a kid?

I'm seeing Liza Minnelli in concert tonight...

There's nothing better than to be

Top Ten Reasons to vote for George W Bush......

name not needed appreciation thread

Swing State Olympic Report

July and August are crappy months for me

Family Guy returns to Fox on Wed. August 18

Has anybody booed American athletes at the Olympic games yet?

Will electronic vote stealing determine who wins the election in Nov?

ZombyPoll: Should jchild clean house or play on DU?

can't sleep - state educational standards'll eat me.

Is it possible to dye a sportcoat?

Do Bigger Tires = Worse Gas Mileage?

Paddy's making cookies!

Animal lovers....this hurricane photo breaks my heart

Hex on thee, Tiger Woods! - No more Majors for you!

I wish my roommate would show up...

Random Song Lyrics Thread

Who Uses the Avant Web Browser?

Olympics Alert

Womens' Crew.....fanTASTIC finish!

What language would you want to learn just so you can annoy your friends?

What about dorm food?

Brilliant new iPod case...

DVD Jon Strikes Again


What's the big deal with Martinis?

Anyone have a SMART CAR yet or know where to get one?

My six-year-old goddaughter just called me a "real fancy lady!"

"Did you hear that?" "NOOOOOO!!!!"

Women's VolleyBall on on NBC!!!! WOO HOO!

'Alien Vs. Predator' Smacks Down Rivals

High-ranking Nazis and Gene Wilder's "Willie Wonka" flick

Rowed around the big island 200X...........


I think being thin is overrated

Fonzie was as queer as a 67 cent piece and I have the proof!

EYES WIDE SHUT poll, for those who have **NOT** seen the movie

Where's Grovelbot?

If you were to avoid a movie just by looking at the title...

Whimper. I have giant blisters on my hands!!!!

My name is not BRAIN!

I'm in a snarly mood.

Aliens AND Predators vs. the chimp........

What about warm food?

What would you rather do?

My first DU donation...

Basketball: Puerto Rico 92 USA 73

More Cute Kitty Pics


Tilia FOODSAVER and/or JUICEMAN JR. owners - CHECK IN!

I love volleyball!!

Canadians are stupid (blizzards)


My newest vice is the Barq's Floatz...MMMmmmmMMM.

Just got back from Pittsburgh...

For his 27th death anniversary: Favorite ELVIS tune on SUN RECORDS?

Olympic triva: Which U.S. senator was once the Olympic judo captain?

I set a new personal best on my century cycling ride today

How are you going to spend the rest of your Sunday ?

I Love Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream

Bush is God's Quarterback

Do you own a gun?

I discovered the CRAP beer of all time!

My former boyfriend - reactivated - to be deployed to Iraq

it's times like these you learn to live again

Bless America, Damn George W.

Old beer jingle help please

Looks like I was wrong...

Motivate me to get off my ass and clean my house.

Just saw Peter, Paul & Mary on my PBS Station

Have any of you seen "The Notebook" and liked it?

Nothing Wrong With You

For those of you who go "Undercover" I took my 4 year old daughter on a bike ride for the first time

I'm not watching the Olympics to spare me of that damn Bush ad

Okay, here's the deal about Nostradamus, in my opinion.

Cats and floppy drives - do they mix?

OK! Who needs a star?

For ZombyWoof, the greatest song about Seattle EVER...

marijuana helps cure brain tumors?

Just finished my first track with guitar.

Stern Interview with James Hetfield

Rob Reiner

Another "my friend is a wingnut!" thread

Anyone else watch "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends" this weekend?

Question: Stray pregnant cat...

Get your &#%@!!*#$! ZombyCoffee here, you #^%%@!'s

Shabbos Dinner at the White House -- probably an old joke, but cute

Is that O'reilly and Hannity on Harvey Birdman tonight?

Alternative DU names

Caption the big useless piece of wood

ATHF tonight.....MOONITES 3

Nicky Hilton gets married in Las Vegas


Sorry to get political here but-If you care about Venezuela Hugo needs us!

Paris Hilton: Has her 15 minutes of fame expired? What can she do

New terms for office workers

Breaking - Bush knew about Hurricane Charley days in advance.

Ceci Connolly, Washington Post Staff Writer, needs more journalism courses

Megadeth - The System Has Failed

What's the weirdest thing you've noticed watching the Olympics?

Second Hockey Game: Not much better.

What's your favorite 2 Live Crew song?

Cocaine is a dangerous drug

New Aqua Teen Hunger Force on tonight!

Time for a REAL Woodstock thread

so i just watched "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas"

2 Buck Chuck is a Dangerous Drug...

On Travel Channel: Marvel Superheroes guide to New York City

The Unsinkable Molly Brown

Into the eye of the storm

I CANNOT stand boys my age!!!! Sexist ASSHOLES!

You know you're a cute little heartbreaker. Foxy!!!!!

Wha?? No Six Feet Thread tonight?

"People are too afraid to be seen with a Kerry button!!"

Are there any fast food recipes worth imitating?

what about worm food?

Were any DU'ers at Woodstock in 1969?

I have four channels of 24/7 Olympics coverage. All live. Eat my shorts.

Question about the Olympics and baseball

I'm having a crisis.....

The Poll of the Gods!

women's beach volleyball

Bush thinks that he is Lord of this World.

The most ANNOYING song ever.

The Greatest American TV Detective of all time?

Can anyone tell me how

NBC Olympics has too many commercials

Favorite song ever?

Grovelbot? Anyone see Grovelbot yet?

I just got the best belated birthday present ever - a set of Le Creuset!!!

DUer Pet Survey: What Kind of Pet Do You Have?

I learned to wakeboard this morning, and my back is killing me.

Sunday Morning hair of the dog that bit you thread

Best Terry Giiliam movie?

I have a question about the Olympic crowds

Just sent IRS Return to the Giggling Murderer, Ask me anything!

From someone who is disgusted by the inflated egos and paychecks of the

Does anyone watch Dead Like Me?

Full figured women are good looking. Who's with me?

What is your favorite foreign country?

what does one politely say at a christening?

CAPTION... I think he is lost.

I need a dental crown, and i can't pay 800 bucks..

Best David Lean Epic?

Exploding seltzer bottle update.

anyone else really like guitar music?

I saw the US get their asses handed to them in Greece.

SADDEST Song of all time.

My wife left me 9 months ago, and she is here now clearing...

iMac gurus.....I am having a helluva time...

I just read "The Nikopol Trilogy". Ask me anything.

Americans are stoopid (Hurricanes)

Iraq 1 Costa Rica 0

I just met George Dyson, the man from "The Starship and The Canoe"

DSL Or Cable-Which Is Better And Why

Is it unpatriotic to root against our Olympic Team?

random ZombyWoof thread

They're selling postcards of the hanging,

EYES WIDE SHUT poll, for those who have seen the movie

My Hurricane Charley Post

Lucianne posters in deep denial

Did Portland Suffer Davenport Syndrome...

Latest, Greatest Bill Maher Zinger

It has nothing to do with not liking Kerry!

President's visit shuts airport in Scottsdale

A note to all who compare Kerry to Dukakis

Once Shrub accepts the federal funds... can we file FEC complaints...

Did anyone just see the Carol Lin (CNN) interview with...

1000+ Reasons to Vote against Bush (Long!)

Hitchens reviews three Kerry books for NYT Book Review

Bush to cut forces in Europe, Asia

I want to apologize for being a jerk in here lately

Do the candidates get the questions for debates ahead of time?

Bush says Kerry lacks grip, grit

So what lies have been said about kerry so far? bush?

A few questions for Bushie

Hearing Bush Took Some Doing: Bravely Filtering Dissent

9/11: A Grand Scheme for War Profiteering?

Moving America Forward/Move America Forward?

How are Kerry media "spokespeople" hired?

Kerry within striking distance in NC

Our campaign HQs opened at ground zero of DeLay's district

What happens if Osama is caught or killed before election day?

Taking the media message to the people

Beyond negativity- the partial truth lie of Kerry missing 38 Intel meeting

Kerry and MoveOn are not using their best ad material

What are the repugs so worried about if kerry gets elected?

Who said this?

Face the Nation

How many voters does Alan Keyes lose every time he sings?

They aired new Bush* ad to appear tomorrow. Kerry missed 75%

Problem not strategy but tactics

Evangelical/Moderate Religious Leaders Criticize Bush...Misuse of Churches

CT:Dissent heats up when GOP Senate hopeful makes appearance at South Side

They need to know that we know they are doing same thing to Kerry as Gore

Somebody Help Me Understand This Poll

Bush's strategy of following Kerry everywhere: Has this been done before?

This is one of the strangest posts I've ever seen

Register to Vote. It's Easy!

Public Faults Bush on Economy - 55% Say Jobs are Scarce

So is everyone tired of all the coverage of Harkin's coward Cheney remark?

Hello, G.D.: Campaign 2004!!!!

Is Keyes accusing Obama of not being black enough?

4,000 scientists challenge Bush

Bush got a 6 point bounce? Make Schiefer correct his error!!!!

My House of MisRepresentatives Shit List

Heretical Gallup Poll got almost no Media Coverage

Are you an armchair strategist and insignificant to the world you live?

Will Jeb rig Flordia?

Alan Keyes, Insane Clown on the attack

Obama needs to slam Keyes for not being Illinoisian enough

another Bush first: politicizing the Olympics

August polls vs. Nov. results

Chess...or Poker?


Kerry Asks Campaign Workers to Help Charley Victims

How do we rebut the accusations of Kerry not being at senate intelligence?



Sadly, often it's a major corporate interest which causes political change

God, Gays and Guns-The backbone of republican issues.

George Will called Cheney's "sensitive" play MADNESS!

CORRECT CNN **Every Day** in Every Way

Okay, which DUer wrote this LTTE?

Good Article

MTP thread? I didn't see earlier ones

Armchair strategists unite!


Coors having problems with image.

Remember how the hurricane was going to help Bush?

Suggestion re: Organizing "Strategy" Posts

I want to apologize for being a jerk in here lately

where's this 6 point bounce for * I've been hearing about?

One polling expert's current prediction:

New Zogby poll head to head Kerry leads 50-43

To the people who say Kerry will reinstate the draft too....

Important - Media & Letter Writing

I'll take Dem_Strategist up on his/her offer - anyone else?

Stem Cell Commercial, with PUGS, exclusively???!!!!

Has Cheney responded to Harkin calling him a coward?

Was Kerry's "Sensitive War" comment a mistake or not?

Bush decision on troops deployment political?

MONDAY: Edwards to Outline Plan for Rural and Small Town America in MO

John O' Neil and Vietnam

Was Cheney's sensitive war comment a mistake?

Multiple Polls Show Kerry is Winning (Even Fox) + New Funny Bush Photo

According to Zogby - Bush could lose big on stem cell issue

Kerry retakes Ohio, gains ground in North Carolina 327-211 in latest polls

Help. I'm reliving 1972. Tell me why this year will be different.

Republicans weary of Bush

Need help compiling information anti-Nader

The missing Heinz son

Alright, IMO, the worst thing about going negative...

Constructive Suggestion (re: Dem_Strat and Media)

Calling all armchair strategists.

Kerry-Edwards 2004 Will Distribute News Via U.S. Newswire:

Election-stealing is easier in the nite: Venezuela and Supreme Court

Charley, LIHOP or MIHOP?

What's the problem with IRV?

Greatest threat to Democracy: Terrorism. Bush. Media

Kerrys campaign train..

It's time to go on the offensive against Bush

Do they push the Bumper Stickers at these Kerry Rallies?

If Democrats ran campaigns like Republicans

Kerry leads 4 of 5 issues over Bush in Pennsylvania

DU this poll

BBC breaking: both sides claim victory in Venzoola

MAKE THIS BUMPER STICKER: Vote for Kerry because...

Bush to commit troops to battleground states?

Does anybody know the national breakdown of voter registration?

Alternative DU names

MONDAY: Edwards to Outline Plan for Rural and Small Town USA in Missouri

HELP!!! on hold for national talk show where they're LYING about Kerry

I know there are people here who don't like comparing Bush to Hitler but

Johny Kerry: War hero and Olympic level tarmac athlete.

Edwards Highlights the Kerry-Edwards Plan for Affordable Health Care

Obama shoves Keyes

Republicanism itself, will help US in the Florida clean-up

Scarborough: "Bush is much better in unscripted personal encounters"

Health Care and the Economy #1 With Voters- Scandal #1 At DU

Hi, you dont know me but I sorta need a ride to New York City

John Edwards draws HUGE crowd in Land of Ashcroft!

Media Links in New jersey

Kerry's kickin' arse in most polls, so why all the doom and gloom?!

Chimp flubs his lines

President Gump

The press reports on Obama v. Keyes at Bud Billiken Parade

OK - This New "Bush is Toast" Media-Meme is Starting to Scare Me

GOP courts Latino voters with fiesta

Today's word is 'morale'.

The True Battlegrounds May Be Across the Sea

This bothers me--

Ex-Kerry crewmate visits Florida cities

Canvassing Report/Swing the Vote/Swanzey, NH

media email project (re: Democratic Strategist and Media)

WP, Broder: Two "radical" Bush decisions mean election odds against him

Do You Think Bush* Was AWOL From His Air National Guard Obligations?

One more time on IWR for those who just don't get it:

So where are all the undecideds/others coming from?

Chris Matthews: Bush Is On His Way Out

If you were the GOP, and it looked like you weren't gong to have

What can we do to make sure the polls stay open for all voters in Nov?

Anyone else seen the Kerry ads during the Olympic coverage?

anyone see the Obama/Keyes confrontation...

I'm really proud of this post on my blog...

push poLL Lies in minnesota

Put On A Happy Face-Zogby Has A Little Present For Us!

8/15 KERRY: 99.0% PROBABILITY, 52.70% VOTE, 337EV

Help needed to reply to negative Kerry email.

Who knows anything about Craig Smith, gold seller, Bush propagandist

Article:Kerry Iraq Policy in Chaos

CALL ON GOP to condemn Keyes, they were pissed RE: Belafonte/Powell

Kerry has to deliver some "Sensitive War" to Mr. Bush's Ass

The Heart of Politics.......this article about Teresa just tickles me

Keyes -- Obama's views on abortion are "the slaveholder's position."

"this is the very first time I felt that God was in the White House"

Terrorism fears no longer helping Bush, study finds


So...what have folks here done for Kerry/Edwards this week?


Counter Protests Planned for Republican Convention

Poll: Bush Tops Kerry As a "Strong" Leader (And Strategy To Reverse This)

DU Researchers: Is this an outright lie by John O'Neill on Cavett?

How badly did Kerry hurt

Bush handler's have taken notice to Kerry's huge crowds and are worried

My health care presentation on Bush and Kerry's plans.

7 Constructive Ways to Influence the Media

Dem Strategist: Making a Difference

Can someone explain Georgia to me?

so, let's organize, re: Dem_Strategist

how should kerry repay Dean and Kucinich

SwiftSmears: "What You Have to Believe" -- please add yours !!

Deleted message

In case of high turnout on 11-2-04, would officials extend hours?

Younger Voters Rapidly Deserting Bush

I think I just got push-polled by the Libertarians!! Really!

is this the infamous unity conference starting on c-span? looks good

More Guard, Reserve troops return to job problems

Q: What was Clinton saying on the Daily Show?

New Bush Ad - MTP

John KERRY Debates John O'NEIL, from 1971, on C-SPAN @ 6PM EST

Recent email from a very conservative friend

Kerry O'Neill dabate on C-SPAN

Hiding Gay Republicans

FOX-TV just said electricity may not be on for several weeks ????

Has the David Alston Swifboat smear been dealt with yet?

To Kerry from Zogby: Stem Cell Science Plan - DO IT and Make bu$h Lose 20%

Will Keyes be the first person to lose a Senate race in two states?

Yet another Successful Kerry House Party at The Bleedinghearts

How badly does GWB need to f*up in front of the camera before

Hurricane Charley Hits Kerry

Bumper Sticker Observation, or lack thereof in Ohio:

Alan Keys making friends in Obama territory...

15 Days left in Kerry Ad Blackout

We need some ads attacking Bush

What about the Flight Physical?

"Ask President Bush"