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Archives: August 14, 2004

Partisan Protestors

Error in Ohio's CU entry.

Outdated information in CU's Texas entry.

Kucinich delegates to discuss convention on Sunday

The SwiftVet Follies

How we can win the "War On Terra" issue with voters.

say, whatever happened to Kahn, the pakistani nuke traitor?

Mike Malloy was talking about a website called NYC shutdown...

What do you do if they steal the election?

Leno. Funny! that's news, isn't it: GWB on Jeopardy.

Do YOU Know The Definition of a Freeper?

Bush 'to move 100,000 troops' - This is a disaster!!

How in the world is this idiot President? My God!!! (watch video)

why is there such a negative connotation to the word "redistributionist"?

Check this quote from the THIEF Pat Boone ..

Roswell Republican senator trying to get Nader on ballot (NM)

Nolensville (TN) man indicted on ‘civil rights intimidation’ charge

US Trade Gap Explodes to Record in June

Bush Seattle fundraiser takes in over $2.4 million

Bush Ad Attacking Kerry Leaks Out

Four Dead in U.S. Navy Carrier Jet Crash in Pacific

This is inspired by that "Bush / Titanic Captain" post and what if he were

I've gotten some latent freepers to out themselves on a thread in GD!

Some Olympic terms - definitions.

here's an MP3 so you can laugh at * all you want!

Suggested College Sophomore DU Paper Topic Thread

USA athletes behave with class...

How do you like my new sig pic?

Did Reagan attend pool parties at Rock Hudson's house?

Wonder if there could be such a thing as REVERSE STOCKHOLM SYNDROME where

The Olympics: Check out all the athletes camcorders and cellphones!!!

So when does the men's Speedo competition start?

What would anyone like to see as part of any commemorations of the

Just saw AVP and converted a fence sitter

Has anyone else noticed that *'s hair color is different?

I may be going to Guam

I just got back from the Kerry rally in Portland, OR !

I need some help, I think. Spend all week making hubbie a hero-

What's your wallpaper?

what much loved celebrity do you secretly (or openly) hate?

Malloy: CBS reports on loyalty oaths at Bush 'rallies'

The SwiftVet Follies

Atrios/Daily Howler urge for better Kerry surrogates to debunk RW lies

If Kerry is elected, our country may be destroyed with fire.

Has John Kerry Let The Bush Campaign DEFINE Him AND The Campaign?

Should Edwards invite CHENEY to join the debates?

Why doesn't Kerry fight the Swiftboat Vets with this.

What is Kerry thinking taking a vacation now?

Interesting thing about Kerry's genealogy

Leave It On The Field

Kerry May Need To Replace His Campaign Strategists

Bush events = gated community

WP: Why John Kerry is fit to be President,

Charley Reese

Salon: SIX DAYS OF FIERCE BATTLE (Inside the Shia Uprising) - Must Read!!!

Palast-1 Year Later-Power Outage Traced to WH

US onslaught on Najaf triggers protests and fighting across Iraq

Salon: G.I. Joe is a fake – military hero lied about his record

A Flunky by Any Other Name

A "Glitch" in Democracy


Taking the Measure of John Kerry

They're getting ready to cheat in Florida by Molly Ivins

NYT: The Secret Shame of the Nader Booster

John Perry Barlow, Prominent Libertarian, turns against Bushco, for Kerry

Lukasiak Study Proves Bush Was Legally AWOL (by Burkett,, LTC ret.)

Spanish socialists: oil would cost $29 without the war in Iraq

Shooting Themselves in the Foot

Attempts to oust Venezuela's leader 'expanding democracy' is just rhetoric

The People's Choice

Kerry is missing a chance to reduce abortions in U.S.

Ambush In Ramadi -Knight Ridder interactive

Why is the Media Letting AWOL Bush Attack Kerry's Military Service

Hey Colorado.....8/20 @7pm

For What to Do, see the volosong thread:

Senator Jack Reed (D) RI

The New Media Are Killing Kerry-Edwards

angry, hasteful, inneffective, and just plain bad.

Bias on display at the Salem OR newspaper

Fox News Decides Not To Report About Democrats

Today in History 08/14

Joseph Stalin bios - suggestions

Today's Thought

Are you a Light Worker? Do you creatively control the energy

Update - Hot Weather Gardening /Planting

Hassert wants to end corporate income tax, shift to national sales tax

Revisiting Lynxgate

Greenland Ice Core Project Yields Probable Ancient Plant Remains

Peak Oil Message Board

Tsunami: Why America's Coast Would Be Toast

Your opinions please. Re: Poland Spring H2O & the Raping of our Resources

Famine looms in east Africa

Why will the Assault weapon ban sunset make the USA less safe?

Thank you for locking the CR thread before it got out of control.

Has there been a change in donation policy?

Can this speech by Bill Moyers be put on the homepage?

I strongly object to post #16 being removed in this thread

Why are my topics being moved to bizarre unused forums when others aren't

I alerted an offensive post but it wasn't deleted.

I would like to post please

A request


Why was this topic archived?

Easy access to email addys, phone/fax #s for media and officials!

What is A Disruptor?

Skinner, can we pin this media contact list in activism or?

Israel: Budget Discriminates Against Arab Citizens

'911 in Plane Site'

9/11 Mihop and Lihop convince me that Bush Knew.

How many here have seen "911:In Plane Site?"

9/11 Video Shocks Sacramento Citizens

Keyes Booed At Bud Billiken Parade?!?!?!?

To our Florida DUers

Naples Daily News endorses Alex Penelas

Edwards Visit Pics? / Bush Visits on Wednesday

Minnesota GOP candidate is a crook and fugitive

Tomorrow: Dueling Mayors in the Strib

KDKA drops Rush!

Perry booed at Lance Armstrong celebration yesterday

Without Delay... OUT WITH DELAY! (a bumpersticker)

Tom Delay in trouble! Caves in again to constituents.

CNN: Number of casualties in Punta Gorda, FL

NYT: In Depth Article on How Bush Guts U.S. Regulations

Just saw a pic of Golan Cipel with the NJ governor.

someone help me...

Manchurian Candidate works for me.

Proof conservatives are mentally ill and/or agents of Satan

Trippi on WGN AM right now

Is it me or was the USA 's wardrobe lame?

Is anyone really sure Crawford wants its idiot back?

Did I see Bush kiss McCain on the forehead today?....

I really like Bob Costas...

What's the Point of Knowing Any More Crap About The BFEE?

What's on Colin Powell's Lap?

boston "free-speech zone"

What is a premium?

Why doesn't Kerry fight the Swiftboat Vets with this.

Health care question

It's not the size of your vehicle that matters it's how much gas you burn.

Call Reuters and complain about this lie: (646) 223 4000

Stripes letters: One on Kerry, the other on gay marriage

Man On Fire / Bush On Fire. (The Torturer Hero?)



If Kerry were to win....

Just two questions

So: will the press compare the quick reaction to Charley with 9/11?

Three moderaters chosen for pres. debates

Your favorite quote of the week?

The truth about Swift Vets

Sorry, I thought this was the lounge! n/t

Does anybody know what's the matter with "This is Hell?" The stream

The rwingers are assh*les all over the world.

Just heard that Powell will skip the Republican Convention

58 degrees here in Alabama? Did I hear that right?

Is Cali Split Between Kerry and Bush (no sarcasm)

Jeb Bush Administration gets an "F" for Charley Preperation

they should have named these hurricanes "bonnie" and "clyde"

* talks of discipline and courage, where's my barf bag?

"Do the Republicans take black people for fools?"

British columnist on C-Span Washington Journal this morning...

"Compassion" Hits Florida----Not Good for Kerry

TV turns kids into fat smokers

Anybody listening to AAR-Ring of Fire Radio?

How are you doing with Charlie? Your DU family wants to know.

What is the 'global economy' I keep hearing about?

Snopes researches my question

BUSH GOING TO Florida because of storm disaster...TAKING RESOURCES AWAY

Help develop the 2005 Atlantic Tropical Storm Name List

Question for those who think that Bush knew or was involved in 9/11

How is Orlando?

THIS is what our soldiers are coming home to in Bush's Amerika?!

selected items from the September Harper's Index . . .

Cruel and Unusual: Bush/Cheney's New World Order

TDS yesterday

CNN just felated credit industry with report on how to "improve"

Clear Channel has John O'Neill on for two hours on KOA in Denver

US drops a series of half-ton bombs on Samarra to "give freedom of

Where's Tropical Depression 5 going to go?

Vote for Change tour: Is there going to be big time Voter Registration

BREAKING: Chimp will visit FL tomorrow morning

What was it exactly that Kerry said after Vietnam to piss people off.

New Study: Bisexual and Lesbian Girls Are More Likely to Smoke

Question: Does Al Qaeda have Shiite elements?

Hey! Are you talkin' to ME?

Trumad here.... and I survived Hurricane Charley!!!

Are there any "funky monks" in the DU church? Actually, how

Another of our local boys is killed in Iraq

U.S. gov't's USAID site still telling Blair's lie about 400,000 bodies

New Republican meme re: Kerry? on Swift Boat Vets for Truth

I am certain Bill O'Reilly will have a stroke in the future!


Video clip of one of the Abu Ghraib victims, shown on Abu Dhabi

Anybody see the foreign corespondent on C-Span this AM?

9/11 Video Shocks Sacramento Citizens

How many here have seen "911:In Plane Site?"

"We Shut Down the New York Thouroughway" Arlo Guthrie 1969

who pays most of the money taken in as taxes?

Why are we deominzing al-Sadr?

aclu pizza

This week the Dems have passed registered voters in Nevada

Experts Urge New Tactics in Najaf Fight

Say hello to new HSUS President Wayne Pacelle

Bush on CCN clip

Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear & the Selling of the American Empire

Here's the forcasted track for Charley

Beyond Torture: U.S. Violations of Occupation Law in Iraq

Rantings of the Insane, Ignorant, Misinformed, Evil RIGHT WING...

John Edwards in Atlanta (College Park), GA Monday

Bush tells western Iowans that Kerry will raise taxes on the middle class

Anyone here own a Vespa?

Copeland's Fanfare for the Common Man...

an excellent source of information regarding U.S. crimes in Iraq....

Kerry Statement on Hurricane Charley

Why has no one asked why Jebbie failed to evacuate ALL of the....

The Saudi government is promoting the bush campaign....

Is it possible for a not-so -bright, uninterested and incurious person ..?

For a period of time in the 90's, drug and alcohol addicts received

Please add to my flyer thread in activism. It would be good to

So, will the Pope be assassinated and Al-qaeda blamed?

Notice how sloppy the press has been with Punta Gorda's population?

Fair's media contact list: Add your own media contacts here!

Culture through the decades.

Frigging CNN again...!!

You know who REALLY pisses me off?

Stop World War III: Vote for Kerry

Hi there, my names Bubba

Anybody report on the closing down of Iraqi oil pipeline?

Handy site for reference work: FAS (Federation of American Scientists)

Why didn't the FCC scream about the Olympic flashing breasts and penis?

It's a Hard Rain A-Gonna Fall

Fahrenheit 9/11 provoking strong Arab reaction

If Bush issued a "DRAFT"....Would you go or would you dodge it?

So where is "so what else is news?"?

Is It True That Kerry Won't Release His War Records?

I need help finding some pictures!

Anyone knows where you can get a bumper sticker with a W with

A question concerning what the reaction might be.....

Will any of the state anti-same sex marriage amendments fail?

Everyone should take some time to listen to Bob Marley

Olympic truce

Bush not protecting us against nuclear terrorism: op-ed in NY Times

The book Bush-haters don't want you to read.

"The Guy James Show" cancelled today-Hurricane Charley! Keep kicked!

Candidate questions Lepore on ballot errors. Dr. Arthur Anderson.

Do you know who could make millions of bucks?

I am surprised there isn't more talk about troop withdrawals from

DU'ers who need info on Family Members in the Path of Charlie..

George, stay away from Florida!

Is it in the Bush adminstration's interest for instability in Iraq?

George W. Bush has just undercut John Kerry on gay rights

Breaking: Punta Gorda death toll at 15

Are Republican Voters Ignorant, Misinformed, or Evil?

What's Jeb Bush going to do with 16 BILLION dollars??????

Has Cheney ever been asked what his 'Other Priorities' were ?

There'll be a lot of splainin to do in Fl

Regarding Moore's 'fake headline' - Didn't the Repukes do it ?

New regulations for European mail to the US

Someone should settle it with O'Lielly his way: fisticuffs, in the pkg lot

Krugman/O'Reilly replay on CNBC

Ever had to take a loyalty oath before? revision on Kerry medals......

Read this column. She is one of us.

The Hussein Challenge - I'm still wondering....

George Will column on BushCo credibility -- help!

There is no difference between "us" and the world

Is NASA unconstutional?

Cuban-Americans can't send storm aid to help their families in Cuba now

Hey, looky at this book cover:

What are the odds that the presidential election will be called off?

Some are suggesting that bushkkko would 'orchestrate' a terror attack

WAITING FOR CHARLEY (and when the news gets personal)

Can't Jeb bush sound more human.....

This is my 400th post. Ask me about something that won't anger/depress me


Forces loyal to radical Christian zealot Bush..........

Unemployment - household survey question

'911 in Plane Site'

Anyone watching Bible Codes on the History channel?

Should the sales tax be abolished?

I'm so pissed off at Kerry!

Cheney caught with his pants down using the word sensitive just today

Anybody else seen this email about Kerry?

Sign Petition Condemning Swift Boat Ads

i attended my sons....

Goss to allow CIA to spy on Americans...

I need a list of the so-called coalition in Iraq. One was posted here.

Curiosity about the pro-gun stance

I'm giving up on The Al Franken Show.

Michelle Malkin's problematic past (-Orcinus)

CNN Advertisers Thread-Who are they? (please keep kicked)

Is George HW Bush on death's doorstep or what?

Bush's "Which child on 9/11" ad is running on FL hurricane coverage

Blood Money -- Must Read! Iraq, DRAFT, $$, Mercenaries, Recruiters

For My Thousanth Post, I Need Some Help

Another 'patient' story - less controversial than the last...

I just completed the strangest Zogby poll ever!

Jeb and his hacks FAILED to adequately protect the citizens of

Are Bush and friends planning a Coup?

Sunday news show line-up: What will you be watching?

OMG!!! Moyers on Link TV right now says: This is a Class War!

Tentacles of Rage: The Republican propaganda mill, a brief history

Bankruptcy clients flying into my office - Never been this busy in 20 yrs.

Holy shit, I had no idea Yahoo boards were so full of freeper assholes

Poor "Old Europe"! Things are looking bad...

CAPTION called for

This war is NOT about oil.

Heads ups 100 percent disabled Vets ..Social Security is gunning for you

Kerry Says His Daughter Has Won Fulbright (AP) ?why?

Does Alan Keyes REALLY want stop using popular vote for the Senate???

Is a right wing racist hate group?

I am always against blocking traffic to protest.


An Open Letter to Democrats from a Newspaper in OH

What's your opinion on Peak Oil?

Who's your favorite President?

Howard Dean's book comes out in September. Here is the link.

Kucinich, others Express Support for Venezuela's Chavez . . .

We'll Shut New York Down

CNN: "technical difficulties" when Jeb was asked about Nat Guard

how much does our primitive caveman brain affect our politics?

Mike Malloy on Sirius

Why does Chimp have a southern accent but Jeb doesn't?

Got into an argument with a relative just now

McCarthyism - History buffs please answer this question...

Letter to Laura Flanders Air America...

The Golan Cipel Thread.

What happened to Sibel Edmonds (CNN) ?

Ruthlessly charming Bush runs rings around Kerry

Schofield Soldier Killed In Afghanistan Chopper Crash

NYT: For Hopeless Generation, (Sadr's) Militia Fills a Void

Charley Exiting Florida Still at Hurricane Strength. Heading up East Coast

New Drugs Thwart Dirty Bomb Effects

One Marine, one soldier killed in separate incidents

Yesterday I heard on two news programs

Demonstrators ("thousands") descend on Najaf

Out of Spotlight, Bush Overhauls U.S. Regulations

Arizona Man Was Sailor Who Wrote Radicals (US Sailor- Kahn's cousin)

Many killed in US bombing of Samarra

Organizers Prepare for Iraq's National Conference

Kalispell soldier killed in Iraq, family says

A Discreet and Harrowing Flight from Najaf

LAT: Bomb Shattered a Reporter's Detachment

Bush visit focuses on Republican core voters

Ad that won Web award criticizes Bush for war (to air in NY)

Gov't Lawyers Seek Limits for Soft Money

Hurricane Kills at Least 15 in Florida

LA Times: Early-Voting Debate Takes On Partisan Tone in Missouri

Charley Causes 'Significant Loss of Life'

Military: Taliban Leadership May Be 'Falling Apart'

Factional Violence Flares in Western Afghanistan; Commander Says 21 Kill

NYT: Gay Marriage Becomes Swing Issue with Pull (state ballot initiatives)

Bush* works Washington like a swing state

Man who confessed after seeing "The Passion of the Christ" sentenced for m

Iraq Halts Oil Exports from Main Pipeline

Bush Plans to Cut Forces in Europe, Asia (!!)

US soldiers fear Afghan drug war as opium profits find their way to...

A Bush cousin finds his TV niche

Venezuela's Chavez heads to referendum bolstered by high oil prices

GOP bastions in Deep South buck Bush's Cuba policy

Former U.S. Rep. William D. Ford dies

E-Voting Companies give more Money to Republicans

CNN Breaking: Najaf truce talks fail...

Many (GOP) incumbents face no major-party opponents (NY)

Bosses who lure other workers can be sued

Tutsis massacred in Burundi camp. - 156 killed.

Blair's interior minister silent on 'affair' with married mum

Styles Similar in Bush and Kerry Duel on Deficit Numbers

Rumsfeld: Activities of Shiite Radical Leader Muqtada Sadr Are Illegal

Goss to allow CIA to spy on Americans...

Report: Iraq poses problems for Bush

Tropical Storm Earl Follows on Charley's Path

Former congressman discusses his book on Clinton impeachment

CEOs strongly support Bush in survey on issues

Iraqi people want resignation of Allawi’s government: Sadr

Edwards: 'No medals for Bush administration on jobs, health care'

EU Willing to Rethink subsidies, if Bush ends U.S. aid to Boeing

GRID grills Bush in near Cleveland

Officials: Charley Won't Push Up Premiums

(UK) Judge refuses to handcuff suspect (U.S. Believes He Could Escape)

Ex-Aide Says He Was Victim of McGreevey

Government Aims to Curb Political Groups

Weight an Issue for New Armored Vehicle (SNAFU)

WP: Bush* Forces a Shift In Regulatory Thrust

Jordan opposition urges Muslim leaders to oppose US-led forces in Iraq

Al-Sadr: Iraqi government worse than Saddam

Will Russia, the Oil Superpower, Flex Its Muscles

Poll: Bush tops Kerry as a strong leader

State (California) loses 17,300 jobs -- experts are puzzled

Bush says he's ready to take "rap" over Iraq


W.Va. veterans to begin phone campaign for Kerry

Charley Damage Estimate in Florida: $11 billion

Former McGreevey official sought $50 million, aides say

In a Town Hit by Job Losses, Bush Has Doubters and Loyalists

Iran: OPEC powerless to lower oil price

U.S. Army Says Kills 50 Iraqi Insurgents in Samarra

A Divided Nation Prepares for Vote

Bush Calls On Europeans To End Subsidy To Airbus

Iraqi Troops to Take Lead In Fighting Sadr's Forces

Mahdi Army Fighters Bedevil Coalition

Kerry Campaign Helping With Fla. Recovery

Democratic Senator Urges Energy Reform (radio address- Cantwell)

Green candidate criticizes Kerry's stand on Iraq, says Bush worse

Edwards responds back to Cheney's criticism of Kerry

Rumsfeld escapes blame in 'whitewash' Abu Ghraib report

Democrats Are Urged to Reject 'Tired' GOP Attacks

US air raid on Falluja kills women, children

France Commemorates 'The Other D-Day'

Chavez Accuses US of Meddling in Venezuelan Recall ($2M)

Bush Sr. Throws First Olympic Pitch

Want, Violence and Death Steal Childhoods From Sudan's Young

Science, Politics Collide in Election Year (AP)

Jobs? Oil? Iraq? On Second Thought, Let's Talk Taxes -NYT

Kerry says his daughter has won a Fulbright scholarship

Hurricane Survivors Haunted by Bodies

GOP eyes abolishing income tax

Never a hostile question for campaigning Bush (AFP)

Nobel laureate Czeslaw Milosz, 93, dies

Younger Voters Rapidly Deserting Bush

Marines disband Fallujah forces

Harkin calls Cheney a 'coward' and criticizes 'backdoor draft'

Bush, Kerry close in North Carolina, poll says

New York ready to unleash fury on Republicans

I wonder how anyone would react if an extraterrestrial or an alien

Jimmy Kimmel is killing me tonight!

I need help with biting a cat.

Why are avatars showing up as boxes with small x'es in them?

??? contacting nbc news.... I need help with a email that doesn't

The b/w john kerry icon thingy that people have

Thanks for the help John Kleeb

Wonder what the surviving participants of a certain drama involving a

Did Bush say that he sounds like a Lawyer?

Weddings Partys Anything...any OZ fans here....

Hurricane question regarding cruise ships

is it just me or pastel mints really good?

As of 12:27 pm EST, 13 August 2004...

I really like Bob Costas...

Any John Lee Hooker fans out there?

Someone help my router =(

I am drinking again, oh!

Bush asked God to help him with the hurricane

I am intoxicated.

Philosopher Ozzy Osbourne

Cool,I've been a DUer for year now.

Is it just me?

Bikes Against Bush

If you had the chance to MOON the SHRUB would you do it???????????????

I need help with biting a cat.

Update on my family in Florida

MAN! How Bad Do Those Eagles SUCK!

Thank Tony

What did Chappelle say again?

Looney Tunes - golden vs premiere

Today's Fact

Would you answer the phone

What is this hippo doing?

G.I. Joe is a fake/Veterans group says military hero lied about his record

I think any olympic athlete who says "I just wanna compete"....

Anyone know of a good spy-ware remover?

"It's now 1400 hours."

Does anybody recall the 80's SF punk band The F##k Ups?

Why didn't they name the Hurricane George or Dick?

One thing Wal-Mart is good for

Canadian athletes looked tthe best tonight

they should have named these hurricanes "bonnie" and "clyde"

How's KG doing?

TV turns kids into fat smokers

SO Iraq got the biggest cheer inthe Olympic parade

Windows Updates !!!!

Question about The Andy Griffith Show...

And a fine Saturday morning to you, DUers!

How are you doing with Charlie? Your DU family wants to know.

Can someone tell me how 'Master & Commander' ends?

Silly Ass Reporters, Doing Silly Ass Stunts!

Politicat's Gran checked in! 95% ok in Charlotte County!! *Big Relief*

Michael Phelps wins IM gold in world record time

Help develop the 2005 Atlantic Tropical Storm Name List

My family's privacy has been invaded!

New Study: Bisexual and Lesbian Girls Are More Likely to Smoke

Are there any "funky monks" in the DU church? Actually, how

Hey DU Americans

Architecture buffs: A round of applause for SANTIAGO CALATRAVA!

As trumads Alter Ego, I will be Gay here on DU.

saturday morning cartoons these days SUCK

See The Olympics Last Night? M.A.T.C.O.M. Was THERE!

How is Orlando?

Medical Analysis...

Just Saw A Hummer2 With Three Cheney/Bush 04 Bumper Stickers

I just found something very scary & it involves us

Happy Bud Billiken Day everyone!

What will the major Olympic scandal this time around?

I Never Thought I'd MISS Seeing Guys in Speedos (olympics)

The apocalypse happens while you sleep..What do you do??

anyone else notice this about wrongfull convictions

Prove me wrong: Fencing is a stupid sport

I've sworn off "Nip/Tuck"

Prove me wrong: Eating fences doesn't add fiber into your diet.

Who Else Is Browsing DU From Their Beds Still?

Today, I Am To Be Deputized As A Voter Registrar - DO YOUR PART!!

HBO are a bunch of frigging slackers when it comes to "On demand"

cubs win! cubs win! cubs win!

"We Shut Down the New York Thouroughway" Arlo Guthrie 1969

If you cannot get into DU please E-Mail me.

What do you have on your refridgerator door?

No, no, no! The Correct Response to the Unctuous Reporter's Question...

Ignore. Double Post.

Here's the forcasted track for Charley

Trumad here.... and I survived Hurricane Charley!!!

Anyone here own a Vespa?

Was partying last I'm .listening to Malloy's show right now...

Are you the one who stole my parking place?

Daddy's post-apocalypse trip to the vet/Got any vet stories?

WTF? I love being treated rudely! (I don't)

Does anyone have a Zen Clock?

I'm about to hook up my new TIVO...

Home milk delivery making a small, but growing comeback

Damn those Olympics! Damn them to hell!

Who would be hardest to beat at Jenga and Connect Four?

Trying something

Steeler fan glossary

Is There Anything Better Than Olympic Woman's Beach Volleyball?

Kids across the street are "lawn surfing" using cardboard

Silliest Olympic event/s

My cubemate is going to the RNC in NY

My Home Made Kerry/Edwards Backgrounds...

Anyone remember "The Littlest Hobo"? A 60's TV show.

What the hell is with those bodysuits at the olympics?

Anyway to cook cornish hen, that doesn't require grilling?

Anybody else think the Opening Ceremonies were tacky?

I need knives--any recommendations

I just bought the Babylon 5 Season One 6 DVD set!

Phil Mickelson has a nice rack

More hurricane stuff

Where's Tropical Depression 5 going to go?

Which "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" character are you?

Well, the last (maybe) Phish concert has started...

1967: A year of psychedelia and soul!

Do your pets have human or pet names?

Notice how sloppy the press has been with Punta Gorda's population?

Anybody know where I can get a nice feminine collar for our new foster

I lost a good friend last night: R.I.P. Dr. Don...

Stones Drummer Watts Treated for Cancer

Is "Charley" a male or female Hurricane?

DUer Household Hint Question: Best way to dispose of cooking grease?

You know, this could kind of ruin your day...

Who died?

Why didn't the FCC scream about the Olympic flashing breasts and penis?

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh.

Will Bush say goodbye on his last day, a la Nixon boarding the helicopter?

These breaststroke swimmers are CHEATING

It's true... I love that "W"

Help! Question about summoning demons:

If you had one day to live (tomorrow, not yesterday)

Leaders or followers or...?

Don't you hate it

Something to lighten your mood.

who else uses yahoo for their homepage...?

I remember demolition derbies

Olympic truce

Anyone have a good bread machine recipe for beer bread??

Anybody know any good French toast recipes?

Listening to Led Zeppelin's Houses of the Holy. Ask me anything

It's a Hard Rain A-Gonna Fall

When I was younger, I was terror on wheels

I Survived Hurricane Charley- Ask Me Anything...

My cat had emergency surgery yesterday...

Yah! I just got my new Kerry shirt in the mail

The great Saturday night rinking thread!

Question for drummers

I just got a 1/2 bushel of sweet peppers roasted at market

Hey fellow Unemployed-What is Re-Employment Services?

I need help with a biting cat.

John Bon Jovi For New Jersey Governor 2005!!!

O'Liely isn's a fit enough economist to hold Krugman's jockstrap

Techies....about XP......

Without wheels and shoes

I need a man...........

i just dramatically increased the performance of my computer!

How many times a week, on average,do you ride the elevator/lift?

Silly question; is there any junk food that isn't high in fat, calories,

The battle for "Alpha Dog" rages in my house.

Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts has throat cancer

Describe your last meal if you could have ANYTHING

Update on router problem- new question

Gawd, I want me some nicotine

"A Fish Called Wanda" Starting Up at 8 ET on the WE Channel n/t

god dammit, people, even if a movie sucks, if you're going to spoil...

Alien vs. Predator sucks.

What is the function of the male nipple?

Who should play Alan Keyes in the USA Network Made for TV movie

are the olympics on tv just gonna be a bush fest?

What's for dinner?

The great Saturday night drinking thread!

I need a Man...and I'm a Man!

Question for techies: What's wrong with my modem?

I was a fool to ever leave your side...Me minus you is such a lonely ride

Any Red Hat Fedora Core users out there?

Is The Petersen Trial Over Yet?

Today was a sales tax free day in Missouri so I

Congratulations! You've just been Kicked In The Nuts!

Me so horny...

hey PC wizards, we have a undeletable virus

Reservoir Dogs is on Spike TV....

Okay: You have to show an outdoor movie. Which one?

So I'm officially unemployed...

Favorite Fraggle?

Which character from VERTIGO are you/have you been?

DU ladies: does it offend you to be called a "chick"?

We were supposed to go away this weekend with the kids...

I am with someone that doesn't care

Brother, can you spare a POST?

Has anybody seen the meteor showers this week?

Finally have time to stop in and say "HI"... so Hello loungies... I've

I deserve a 9.95

I'm Rick James biatch


Just a reminder: I'm on the radio again tonight!

If You Plan On Watching TV for the Next Two Weeks

Does anyone know where I can download a cable modem

Why didn't the people on the Titanic build rafts?

Keep false hope alive!

Speaking of Athens. Are there any Greek DUer's?

What nationality is everyone?

I wish C-Span were covering the Olympics

Who can guess who the man in my sig line is?

Skins vs. Panthers

This is my 400th post. Ask me about something that won't anger/depress me


Guys: If you were to don one of those little speedos

The eye of Charley is passing over me now

My new boyfriend!

VOTE!!!! Most anti-choice canidate

Check out these Converse shoes:

Would you break up with your SO if he/she lost his/her job?

Saturday Night Spam

Oh what the hell--my 700th post

Everyone should take some time to listen to Bob Marley

This is my 400th post. Ask me about something that won't anger/depress me

WAITING FOR CHARLEY (and when the news gets personal)

I've got a new cable modem....

I'm listening to the Zombies' Odessey & Oracle- Ask somebody else anything

Just ate a little after 4 days of not

Finally! Saw Farenheit 9/11; any one else late to the "party?"

OK, here's the Turner Classic Movies 24 hr. Elvis tribute lineup (8/16/04)

I consider my heritage to be

Most asinine car ad I've seen in years.

My Favorite Planet

Attention JohnKleeb: Welcome to your worst nightmare!

Did I report my return to relative civilization?

Ever Been to McSorley's in NYC?

I'm a freaking mutt -my friends are mutts - my parents are mutts

The Onion..Kerry unveils one-point plan for a better America...........

anyone know what scares canuck amok?

This is how desperate Philly sports fans are

OMG! Listen to this Crazy Guy!

canuck amok likes to traumatize me, ask me anything

I just got done watching Casablanca on TCM

Salma Hayek appreciate thread for Chavez

Vikings win 23-6!

an explanation of the kiss photo

All is not lost-- how to "revive" a dead hard drive

It looks like Charley will be taken off the hurricane names list

prairie home companion

I'm getting so close to 600 posts. Axe me anything!

Keith Haring fans check in!!!

Could you please pass the mustard?

Free-floating hostility: the Olympics

Bad news, non-Steeler fans. Ben Roethlisberger looks like the real thing.

Something very scary....go to this website and click on ........

Ironic twist of events claims life of former co-worker's

DU having problems today?

Everyone should take the time to listen to Bab Marley, right about now.

CAn we have a Salma Hayek apprecitaion thread, please?

Bad news

Can we have a Sophia Lauren apprecitaion thread, please?

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

What's the oldest item in your pantry? Be honest!

SUV's, Pickups, and the Second Amendment

Dead bluejay, west nile virus

'Went partying last night with 7 librarians. What a blast!

Droopy's trucking fact of the day.


What Other Famous Movie Villains Should Battle Each Other?

One more infant photo op gone south for The Boy KIng

Have you been to

Could your past pass muster . . .

Anybody been to ABC on 19th st in NYC?

Today, My First Day As A Deputy Voter Registrar, I Have Registered

My Health Insurance Is Going Up From $75 A Week To $81 A WeeK

Friends/Family in Florida? Don't Worry If You Can't Reach Them

heh - What Happened To That "Tiger Missed The Cut" Thread? -3 right now

M*A*S*H*: The Movie or the TV Show?

Crewleader reporting in....after Hurricane Charley

Did Jerry Falwell lose his virginity to his mother in an outhouse?

Is it just me, or is there a huge number of new DUers?

Here's a little story 'bout a nigga like me....

WINE (not whine) HELP? Por Favor! Veal or Chicken Dish

Post your favorite FREEPER JOKES here!

Invite to Democrats Uncovered

if you hate Tom Delay.... (and a general thanks!)

Andre Rieu

Anyone watching Bible Codes on the History channel?

Help! I'm addicted to kitchen gadgets!!

What nationality do you look?

What was your favorite dish that your Mother made?

I see a lot of posters in the Lounge that I never see in the other forums

Question about stem cell research...

People who still support Shrub.....

did Kilborn say goodbye tonight?

The movie cliche game!

CAPTION Micheal W Jackson

Just Installed OS X Panther

What is the SCARIEST thing you heard someone say?

What's the worse dish that your mother makes or made when you were a kid?

Bush to Cut Europe, Asia Forces 70,000-100,000 troops

Fundraiser For Hurricane Victims....

RNC Conventioneers Will Regret Selection of New York


So Who Is This ~ Cronus ~ Person?

So Who Is This ~Dem Strategist~ Person?

New ads to air during the Olympics?

Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch?

From LBN: Nader qualifies for Arkansas ballot

NYT: State ballot initiatives on gay marriage could be "swing issue"


Bush, Kerry pressed to rebuild cities, avoid debating frivolous topics

woohoo, Kerry's campaign called

Bush Photo Embarrassment

Liberal/progressive nay-sayers

Kerry's Health Plan: Is it an Optional Single-Payer System?

The truth about Swift Vets

Kerry's trend since 7/2: Electoral Vote, Pop Vote% and Win Probabilities

Just heard that Powell will skip the Republican Convention

Veterans with Bush Truth Squad blast attacks on Kerry's war record

Bush's latest gaff; who owns it?

Where is John Edwards?

One Thousand Reasons to Vote Against Bush . . .

Bush To Spend Election Night in Texas?

I think Bush deserves a Magenta Heart...

So, has Kerry run a good campaign or not?

Powell calls for changing Japanese Constitution re: WAR

I know this has been discussed but...

two undecided voters. . . (kinda long)

Kerry should be in Florida RIGHT NOW!

It was Andre not Chris Heinz introducing Teresa at the Portland rally

Newspaper coverage in Portland for Bush/Kerry appearance

I just got emailed a Zogby online poll - looks legit.

Where was Bush in 1968?

Edwards defends his running mate: "What it is is an effort to distract"

Why can't the Dems start a campaign about drugs and alcohol

So far I've convinced three people who voted for Bush last time to

How will Hurricane Charley affect the Florida vote?

Why only 1 VP debate?

Goss' Wish List--Scary Stuff

What was it exactly that Kerry said after Vietnam to piss people off.

Just Saw "Defend America Defeat Bush" bumper sticker

shrubya "shadowing" Kerry campaign stops: Are they going to

Mo Dowd on Bill Maher on Puff Gossy

LIE: Bush* in FLORIDA to "help?" with disaster. REAL: STEALING RESOURCES

Ridiculous Bumper Sticker Sighting

DEM STRATEGIST! Please read!

Should Kerry be diverted by Bush's attacks? Bill Clinton told him no.

U.S. Army, 'Fahrenheit 9/11' Distributors at War

Economist poll on Swiftvets:

Regarding Kerry's military honors and Dole

What part of Kerry's military record is "unreleased"?

Pre-election boycott of states without Paper Trails?

Local vet recalls time on Kerry's swiftboat on Swift Boat Vets for Truth

Coincidence? Miami voting machines tested day of Hurricane?

Send this mp3 to every undecided you know!

Is Cali Split Between Kerry and Bush (no sarcasm)

Call me goofy, but I love Allen Keyes!

Another GOP Dirty Trick

Dear Kerry '04 Campaign Staff,

The ONLY Reason The Swift Boat Story Is In The Media

We are losing the anti-terror issue.

Apart from waging two wars (using 9/11), what IS Bush's record???

It's a bit worrisome to me, how the shrub campaign has the feel of just

Do 527s have to stop advertising 60 days before the election?

Something has gone terribly wrong in Florida....

Fair & Balanced Fox documents Cheney's "withering attack" on Kerry

So, Bush walks into a Portland Gym So, Bush walks into a Portland Gym...

"Compassion" Hits Florida----Not Good for Kerry

Why is everyone treating D_S as someone "special" ??

When is Kerry going to start doing TV ads again?

Don't for an instant be shy about using the word sensitive

What will or should be Edwards' debate strategy with Cheney?

C,mon Kerry! Listen to General Patton!

Draft of my CNN BLITZ letter (sorry, it's long). Critique, please

Should Kerry go to Florida on Monday?

Another perspective on the Swift Boat lies and the "authority" statement

IF/when Bush looses, can he run again in 4 years? Has a president ever

"Political Judo", "Ignore Polls", "email CNN is best you can do"


We are witnessing a full frontal assault by a Party in panic.....

John Edwards in Atlanta (College Park), GA Monday

Copeland's Fanfare for the Common Man...

The one big thing Kerry is doing right

Bush Ad Attacking Kerry Leaks Out

Republican desperation

White supremacist wins Republican nomination for Tennessee congressional..

Kerry should beat the Bush Boy like a bad piece of meat on Nov. 2

Just got my Kerry/Edwards bumperstickers!

My Letter to CNN for Monday's Protest - Regarding SB Liars

Will President Kerry be able to rollback the Bush tax cuts

Libertarian analyzes polls - Kerry way ahead of Bush by 9%

Updated Polls:

Ya know, I'm not seeing any Smear Boat Liars for Bush attacks on TV

What are all the Dem Strategists doing about the"Alston never served story

Kerry Campaign Helping With Fla. Recovery

Yo, Smearvets... Does a snapshot of * with fellow guardsmen even exist?!

Anyone hear the fresh new "gooder" Bushism?

Kerry should stay positive.

White evangelicals flocking to GOP

This is what I like to hear from Kerry:


Hey! Are you talkin' to ME?

I need help finding some pictures!

Contrasting styles cross paths on trail in Oregon

Frigging CNN again...!!

Bob Kerrey: Why Kerry Is Fit to Be President

Is It True That Kerry Won't Release His War Records?

Bush and the Media

Stop World War III: Vote for Kerry

Repukes can't wait to get their hands on Kerry slander book

Kerry WAS a HERO in 'Nam - just check with

If you must go on and on about the "Judo" reference...

Blast from the Past: What ever happened to the Sandy Berger Affair?

This week the Dems have passed registered voters in Nevada

Edwards responds back to Cheney's criticism of Kerry

Why the Smearvets are SOOOO stupid:

Dems, GOP signing up lawyers for Florida 2004

How can polls be right?

John Bon Jovi For New Jersey Governor 2005!!!

Let's all support Granny D for Senate! Send her $$!! Go, Granny D!!!

Is Bush More Concerned With His Poll Numbers Than The Welfare

What should the chants of the RNC protestors be?

If you vote for Bush or Nader

Here comes Florida's Knight in Shiny Armour

I'm not buying Dem Strat's "Judo" spin

Election Gossip

is Alan Keyes any more extremist than some white Republicans ?

Bush: Ultimate Flip Flopper

Bush using Olympics in new ad

Got a question, especially for Massachusetts DU'ers

Edwards Rally in Atlanta on 8/16

An idea for Kerry, re: FL and Charley - affordable, SAFE housing...

Countering Bush

Anyone else getting the impression that...

Our Obsession With the Polls - Time To Chill Out?


Kerry keeping powder dry re: Bush "bunker government"


Florida's I-4 Corridor Democrats, Candidates from 24 counties.

Joplin MO Cheney Protest, check out these pictures too!

When Does Kerry Address the Vets Convention??

Send your support to Tom Harken

Pulse on the Mom's board I go to

John Perry Barlow, Prominent Libertarian, turns against Bushco, for Kerry

If you protest the Convention, please wear business clothing.

Kerry Asks Campaign to Help Hurricane Victims

Binary "Sky Is Falling" Poll

Anybody else seen this email about Kerry?

Kerry's Campaign Is Just Fine

Cheney had 2 DWI convictions

You know who REALLY pisses me off?

Why Not Protest CNN Headquaters (Atlanta) Rather Than RNC In NYC?

A vote for Nader is a Vote for PNAC !!!

Edwards to visit Alabama

"Kerry should..!" Kerry should...!" "Kerry should..!" Kerry should...!"

What question would you ask Bush on live TV?

Creepy Christian right group in S.C. wants a sovereign state of its own.

Media Defeating Kerry. Dem_Strategist is Right

Dem Strategy and Strategists


Democrats outhustling GOP in Florida

"Turn the Corner. Accomplish the Mission. Vote Kerry/Edwards."

Obama marches w/900 supporters, crowd chants no more Bush, Keyes no show!

The Baptist and 4 square church near me just had a GOP picnic with an

The Media is the Matter

DemStrategist: If the media is our biggest concern/"enemy"

Fox News: Charley's $$ Impact Will Show Up Right Before Elections.....

PLEASE CONSIDER mailing a letter to people in your precinct...

i'm so annoyed at john kerry ahm a gunna vote fer th'other guy!

The Republican Convention

Bush leads Kerry 48% to 45% in North Carolina Poll

Who are you voting for?

The sky is falling, the sky is falling!!

Is it me or does it appear John Edwards hasn't been so much out front

Will Pitt: Riddle me this, if you please....

Yale professor predicts 57.5% for Bush (NY Times Magazine)

The parable of the lady who complained that I had no extra Kerry buttons.

Bush & Kerry Will Be In Cincinnati Next Week

Kerry Forced Bush To Change His "Turn The Corner" Theme

Stem Cell Science Plan--Is it a win-win?

to those of you pissed off at Kerry.

Why Some Us Are Anxious About The Kerry Campaign

I'm so pissed off at Kerry!

Dem Strategist: Winning

Could you guys let up on the strong-arm stuff a little?

Presidential election were held this week, who would you vote for? MS Poll

New "swift vets" avenue of attack: "Alston Never Served Under Kerry"

Kerry Campaign where the hell is his staement about "Charlie"

Who are you people?

We are framing this issue wrong: pro-choice

Sign Petition Condemning Swift Boat Ads

If Nader voters are such a huge problem