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Archives: August 12, 2004

Yay! Thomas Friedman is on vacation until October.

A Tale of Two "Pilots".

Typhoon Rananim heads for Taiwan's north coast

Error at US airport due to plain ignorance, Lee says

Heads up to Los Angelenos.. KLCS- Virgin Diaries 9pm-PDT 8-10

HAHA - Porter Goss says he's UNQUALIFIED to be CIA chief

what's the new america foundation?

82 days to go....the pendulum will swing several times between now & then

Where you guys aware of Conservative Underground?

Health care costs and the chimps response today

International Observers for the election? -- DU this poll!

Bush aWol vs Kerry Swiftboat

WP: Swift Boat Smears (editorial on Swift Boat Dirtbags)

Former GOP Sen: Kerry saved my life

GIs in Iraq are asking: Why are we here?

How can conservative Christians support Iraq war

The Tripflop - Army Re-Flip Flops - Najaf attack is back on again!

Info request.

A not so Grimm fairy tale.

What will happen on DU on election night if Kerry wins?

special Randi Rhodes audio: Rhodes on CNN, Rhodes on "Majority Report"

Now Bush wants to test every American for mental illness--including you!

Soldier's carjacking court-martial begins

BBC: 2 US marines killed in helicopter crash in Anbar province in Iraq.

Fierce Clashes Erupt in Iraq's Holy City of Najaf

Las Vegas "terror tapes" another false alarm???

US is planning to station second carrier in Pacific

Group runs anti-Kerry ads on Black radio stations

US Upgraded Warning & "Warning Weary"

Toys 'R' Us Says It May Leave the Toy Business

GIs in Iraq are asking: Why are we here?

Oh the knowledge of 5 and 6 year olds.

Anyone else love the new season of 6 feet under?

It's a fool who plays it cool

Sealab 2021: I declare Martian Law!

Bush & Co. miss an obvious opportunity to exploit "South Park"

CIA humor

The perfect office website. No shame if the boss comes by.

Calling all Democrat Undercoverers!


I need some good DU vibes...

any DU hip hop fans out there?

Beef is good.

Just got my stethoscope! Ask me anything!

What are you listening to(what are the first 5 songs on your playlist?)

Who was that group just on Letterman?

Info about DU via Wikipedia.


This is the official Bill O'Reilly thread. (Ask Bill a question)

NYC area DUers... FREE covers, group discounts for Question W Revue!

TOM RIDGE!!!! HELP hELP!!!!!!!

Anyone seeing ads about the Presidential Campaign on TV?

Anybody know when new polls are coming out?

Tell me what y'all think about my response to the swiftboat lies...

If I was Karl Rove, I'd tell W to skip the debates

Question: What ads will MoveOn run this month?

Which child to pick up on 9/11?????????????

I posted to the swiftjerks forum

China's tainted quest for wealth

A long way to go

US Upgraded Warning & "Warning Weary"

Southern Nevada Water Authority Claims Groundwater On Mars

NYT: Painting the Economy Into a Corner

CIA Director Nominee says he's "not qualified" for the position

ABC: State of Grace (Fundie Christian Exodus to S. Carolina)

NYT OpEd: Tyranny in the Name of Freedom - Dahlia Lithwick

Endgame in Najaf?

WP WhiteHouseBriefing The Unnamed Enemy

Global Eye Unnatural Acts

Steve Soto (The Left Coaster) Interview with Paul Krugman (Part III)

Salon: Red alert (Bush Adm.'s dangerous pattern of exposing intel)

Washington Post on WMD's - Admits It Was AWOL Pre-Invasion

480-Pound Woman Dies After Six Years On Couch

Wisdom discourages a US attack against Iran (Lebanon: Daily Star)

(California) State to consider mileage tax

GREED - An essay of this destructive force in free market economics.

The Bushes' stain-free smears (swiftboat vets)

GIs in Iraq are asking: Why are we here?

It Takes an Army to Raze a Child

An interview with Joe Bageant - Best Political Writer on the Planet

Renting away our rights

I am in tears for these people...this is so wrong!

Death, Duty in Forgotten Corner of War (Marines in Western Iraq)

Liberal Oasis Interview with Paul Krugman (great quote about O'Reilly)

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Bush’s verbal gaffes are no longer a laughing matter.

Bush gambles as Najaf burns

A Department Of Peace? BY WALTER CRONKITE

Free F911 screenings for college campuses

Progressive Christians Uniting

Calif. Court Voids S.F. Same-Sex Marriages

SBV for Lies ... O'neil will be on rightwingnut radio....

volunteer positions available for RNC protest legal assistance

How about a boycott of sponsors of the Comedy Central show

Louisiana DUers Wanted!

MoveOn's winning Sergeant Buttrill ad - funds to put it on during NY RNC

I think that my local paper has Never mentioned PNAC

Kerry Komfort Do the voters or the corporations need the security blanket?

Ugghh I hate where I live sometimes

Robert Novak did name FBI mole Robert Hanssen as a source in the 90's

How can i get AAR to come to my city???

Enron employee meeting video?

Wow such even debate from MSGOP

hate Trifecta tonight

Savage defends Corsi

DICK Cheney on Hannity radio show (3PM Eastern)

The [Washington] Post on WMDs: An Inside Story

Lots of interesting media facts and addresses/phone numbers

The Bone Woman has a Web site!

Today's Thoughts

let me try

Suggestions for mass email program?

OFFICIAL: Mike Malloy thread ;-)

Anyone else NOT able to get into LBN, GD, and Lounge?

Who still has the approval ratings pic with the sinking ship???

isn't life strange?

Death Of Famous Mystic Raises Question About Prophecies Pertaining To 2004

Washington D.C.'s Astrological Secrets

Bush on LKL is looking better than he has in quite

Anyone have a suggestion for reading material


Bush Greenwatch: Western Wilderness sacrificed to oil and gas.

If I was to name the hurricanes approaching Florida...

San Mateo County's Dirty Beaches Mirror National Trend

Phelps Dodge Guilty Of Poisoning Migratory Birds - Faces $15,000 Fine

Sumatran Haze Reduces Malaysian Visibility By 80%

Ideas:1.Nat'l Pks,2.fuelefficiency-alt. fuels-build'g energy eff.incentive

All Himalayan Highland Glaciers In Rapid Retreat Since 1990s

Cancer Stem Cells Hint at Cure

Bush Flip/Flop/lie - promised to restore 3 m acres wetlands - actually dec

Friends in the White House Come to Coal's Aid (workers to breath more dust

Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Worse - Locusts Heading For Darfur

Cabinet urges KMT to return property improperly acquired - TW

Beijing cautions Pacific nations

Church supports Olympic bid using the name `Taiwan'

Pres=Mayor of Baghdad (w/o Sadr City,Falluja,Ramadi,Samarra,Mosul,Kut,Naja

Iranians consider future of reform


A couple letters on the AWB

GUNS IN THE NEWS--August 12, 2004

Bush and Kerry hold fire on gun ban issue

Democrats must pull the trigger

How much leeway are we allowed in calling out bigotry?

On this divide issue

Re 9-11-01 threads.. the pages for that day do not come up

On the Kerry criticism rules

Second blondeatlast's post about a "strategist."

I can personally vouch for the "strategist"

"Nader is right, there is no difference"

Not certain how to approach this, but the "strategist" on the boards now:

can you enable PM for dem_strategist?

Thanks to the moderators

You Mods are doing a GREAT job!

Time for Defcon 3?

An idea based on Dem_Strategist's advice:

Not A Big Deal, But. . .

Hey, where did all the "good forums" go?

UN: Israel, Palestinians violating int'l law, undermining peace

Miyasar's Fear

The New Old Hatred-Brian Bethune

Olmert: Israel will leave more than 4 West Bank settlements

Palestinians Mislead UN on Youth's Death -Israel

R. Joseph

The pod is not where the wings and fuselage connect together!

Keyes Makes (Former Repub. Gov.) Thompson "Uncomfortable"

Keyes to embarrass himself on Saturday, he be at the Bud Billiken parade

Absentee ballot mailed to voters includes obsolete instructions

Bush Said The Stupidest Thing

SHORT NOTICE! George W. Bush in Santa Monica on Thursday, August 12, 4:00

Top Massachusetts Bush donor contributed to Nader

September 14 Primary

How's our biotech sector doing lately?

Mike Erlandson on Voter Registration

DU Meet up Saturday, August 14

John Edward here on Friday? Does anyone have info and can we attend?

To: People in the Mankato area.

Rethuglican's: A Sickening Blight at the Wisconsin State Fair

Even Google knows Bush is a fraud!!! Here's proof! (not a googlebomb)

Didn't we drop an atomic bomb on Japan? What was in it fertilizer?

Link for Olbermann's story of Dems paying for votes with sex??

New Spin on GOP Commerical for Dem Jackpot Benefit!

Okay you nite owls...Malloy's show is over...time for...

Anti Bush books coming out before November,


The Truth About Ted Sampley, Creator of Vietnam Vets Against John Kerry

Getthem the freeper is on the out all.

any polls yet on swiftboat reaction

Blues biography.....Bernard Allison jamming on

TPM: Study finds Swift Boat ads are effective with indies

I hate to be a smartass but GlaxoSmithKline's

For Kerry's To Do List if elected:

I detest the Senate Democrats almost as much as the republicans

University of Chicago: ground zero for the neocon movement?

If the US gets booed in Greece - TERRA 'LERT TERRA 'LERT

Dumbest letter to the editor ever?

Democrats maybe united now but.....

We've all seen the decidedly conservative/liberal web sites...

GWB's "positive" ad and fun for dem felines!

CNN Reporting that American and Iraqi Forces in Najaf

Do you think this blog is for real?

US Upgraded Warning & "Warning Weary"

People are so EVIL... look at the comments of a protest pic post

This is not good

The Lay chair -- What's In A Name?

Another neo-con computer pecker calls for the draft

What the heck is

Attention proud U.S. Olympians: Your country is murdering while you march

Has anyone heard this?

The Radical Cleric Al-Sadr

You're a bored, retired 50 or 60-something, with a stagnant life....

Whats "brown shirts" mean?

Is there a connection between the Likud party and the neocon war in Iraq?

AMAZING new preview for new film about Christ!

Spread the word.

It just dawned on me, where are the Swift Vets priorities?

Pics from the Crawford showing of F911

letter to churches that advocate bush re-election

W's new ad.. what does it mean?

Whats going to happen if bush steals this election again?

Found this on bartcop. Can anyone corroborate?

GI's in Iraq are asking: Why are we here? by Anne Barnard

What in thee HELL does bushkkko have to Brag about?

CNN...BREAKING.... God spares Florida....

Bush here in AZ today

Why does the media act like it's so bad that so many people

BLUMENTHAL: "the son is in danger of inheriting the wind"

A Call to Action: Najaf, Iraq (ViTW/MfNC)

Classes Repuke uses Lane Evans (D-IL) illness against him! I am pissed!

Kerry in Southern California Today!!

WP: Prewar Articles Questioning Threat Often Didn't Make Front Page

Radical American Clerics

Porter Goss admits he's not qualified. Too funny!

Heads Up - Sibel Edmonds, CNN 8pm EDT, w/Paula Zahn n/t

RNC - Fascism On Parade? "Civil" war?

Tell your U.S. Senators to delay vote on Goss

Bush: ‘I know what I’m doing’

The Same Old Tired Rhetoric...

Help! Photo of JK on motorcycle?

Republican Values

I am always a day behind on TDS because I go to bed early.

Anyone have any links to the Heinz- Castro story?

Anyone have the link to "sovereignty speech"?

WHY bushco * dropped the "we're turning the corner" slogan...a must see

Is this the guy on MSNBC this morning? Mike German, FBI?

"He pulls a knife, you pull a gun"

When will Edwards step up the attacks??

Bush can't win but Kerry can lose.

I wonder what the clumsy bast*ard will fuck up today (bush*)

Fudgsicles with Howard and Judy Dean. Great story of his Dartmouth trip.

Why No Casualty Figures Anymore?

Suicide is leading cause of death among Israeli soldiers. How sad

Job Layoffs Under Bush Highest in History

Just watched "Outfoxed" tonight.

22 types of Bush voters

Bush's orginal tax plan

TIPS is back! (in Fla. anyway)

Tell me this doesn't smell of the Pharmaceutical Lobby...

Great letters in the Houston Chronicle!

Is Hurricane Charley's path like 1960's Hurricane Donna?

when you only make HARD RIGHT turns.....

278th military wife says gov't blocking help during pregnancy

Iraq 'ended nuclear aims in 1991'

Bush is coming to my town on Monday!!!

Scientists in US have found a way of turning lazy monkeys into workaholics

our ROBUST economy....

The 23 Psalm According to the Bush Record

I am listening to DemocracyNow (AAR "unfiltered" is on repeats). It is

If you can plan a wedding, you can plan a terrorist attack.

Election Issue of Education Is Promoted

The Failed Papacy of John Paul II

Paranoia Sneaks up on a Suspecting Electorate

Allen Keyes is progressive

DU this Roger Waters Michael Moore Poll please!!


State, natl. GOP disown eugenics candidate in Tenn.

Douple post, please lock

Predicted RW talking point on November 3rd after Kerry wins...

LaRouche Will Lead Dems To November Landslide Win

anybody else notice this about major combat operations?

We will pay dearly for Najaf, I fear.

Director of National Intelligence Queries:

So whatever happened to the story of Najaf attack call-off?

When will people's diplomacy with Iraq start?

DU needs to call Larry King tonight (Shrub and Pickles)

I Slammed my Republican Boss At Work Today

Ways that the Left and the Right wrap right back around & re-unite


Shouldn't we have a thread for Kerry's campaign tactics?

John Kerry almost received the Navy Cross (more debunking of O'Neill).

Question About The Jobs Report - Household Survey, The 680,000 Jobs

Guess where the freepers have been posting?

Do I have to buy Outfoxed on line?

Jon Stewart with Tom Cruise...

Minnesota seniors' drugs seized (350 orders- you won't believe this)

Najaf is surrounded and what does CNN do?

Should the ex-mayor of New York endorse Bush based on the WTC response?

Please call your Congressperson and tell them to STOP THE ATTACK

Najaf attacks today, protests were planned for Friday; coincidence?

Seems like we have completely sided with the Sunnis, wasn't Saddam a

Kerry: Wrong on the war, Wrong on the Constitution, Wrong on the Politics

Buxh on sovereignty...The video

Just saw on a rw rag website

Thoughts on fun-dies

When are the Kerry people going to get on message re: Cambodia?

Carly Fiorina on HP and the economy: bad management and a "stutter step"

Major Combat Operations Continue (Ctr. for American Progress)

Kerry is really disappointing, unfortunately.

"Swiftboat Veterans for Bush" is a Karl Rove operation

Today's Al Franken guests

Our National Guard and The Hurricanes Headed for Florida

Charles Osgood's commentary on Body Armor misses the point!

Just A Random Thought On Swiftboat Vets for Truth

Have you noticed that the RNC is no longer using Don King?

Maybe Bush has decided that as long as he's going down anyway

What are the latest poll numbers for the "horse race"?

urgent appeal from Voices in the Wilderness regarding the Najaf situation

The delusions of one black conservative Bush supporter.

that 'terror cell' in Detroit turns out to be much about nothing

Did anybody hear Alan Keyes on Fresh Air today?

Faux news calls it "A Cleanup Operation" (update for Outfoxed)

what, exactly, did Bush say/do regarding Homeland Security before 911?

the NYC 'Shout-out' planned for August 29th... ?

Kerry saved the life of Republican in the Senate

On the air last night with WBZ in Boston!

forget it. Mods, please delete

Good Cartoon, perfect point - Ben Sargent

am i the last one to see this? (funny)

A question re: *'s behavior on 9/11

Do you think this site is being "watched"

Homeland Scariness Dept.

WWII Vets Against Fake Hand Injuries: "What's behind the pen, Bob?"

Need a little help finding info on why Fundies support Israel so strongly

Bill Mahr is going to be on Hannity and colmes tonight.

Iraq leading Portugal in Olympic soccer game.

Help needed re: one of the Swift Boat Liars

'ProtestWarrior' Nazis' plans for people to disrupt...


Wow! Ronald Reagan's fake son Michael to address GOP Convention

Iraq upsets Portugal in Olympic soccer match.

I'm tired of being called names

What Makes Straight People Straight?

Novak: It's an UPHILL CLIMB for Bush

"Scared of the Dark? Vote Bush"

I'm guessing they'll storm the Najaf shrines Friday Night...

"Fear & Loathing in the News Room"

Novack Live on CNN "Bush has an uphill battle" 301 to 236 EV

AIDS drugs off WHO list -- Generics from CROs that fail quality standards

Joe Scarborough at Bush Event

I've been thinking about Iraq.

Proof we're better people than they are...

"I am not a crook."--Nixon

Kucinich on Inside Politics

Bush is Putting the Election on the Line in Najaf

The Founder's of this country were BIGOTS, and BIGOTS continue

Mens Rights thread two, parent was locked, truth about vasectomy

What exactly is the BFEE?

I need to vent...righties are pushing buttons...

Chimp looking more stupid every day


Stocks tumble,oil price hit record high asU.S. invasion of Najaf backfires

Rev Fallwell just said ROVE was a master politician and he would follow

GOV McGreevy may resign

Kerry's first chance to prove he's better on National Security than Bush.

CNN Poll: Is sensitivity important in the war on terror?

Big New Jersey Political Rumor Going Around

McGreevey will resign

The President-Elect speaks ...

Should AAR & United for Peace and Justice hold a 'virtual rally'.......

Social Security and Veteran Burials

Eeek! Candy Crowley whoring to the Rev. Falwell on CNN right now!

Am I the only one who'd rather see the Crossfire hosts discuss this than

okay the Repukes

NOVACK is a slanderous bigot...

Who is the new NJ governor? A Dem or a Republican?

Greavey is resigning because he's GAY???????? Is he?

McGreevey Coming out -This is the positive spin?

please delete - dupe

McGreavy Story on MSNBC - mentions aide scandal

The National Debt Clock

Great game in an article by Gwynne Dyer...

"We're going to war, why do we even worry about all this contrary stuff?"

Whazzup with McGreevey ???

this "sensitive" BS is nothing less than gay-bashing

O'Neil on CNN? AGAIN?

Bob Barr can go to he**

Did anyone see the Jewish infomercial?

Campaign donations prove John O'Neill is (and has been) 100% GOP

Oh No another Dem sex scandal

480-Pound Woman Dies After Six Years On Couch

NJ Gov May Resign: Rumors that McGreevey is Gay and is accused of Rape

Yet Another McGreevey thread...

I thought Nixon died ?? How come he's still involved in this campaign ?

“We must not hesitate” vs. Seven long minutes: Our Rebuttal!

Some Kerry-supporting, Nader-bashing DU'ers actually support Bush

Why were so many Rebublicans cheerleaders in school?

Washington Post Helped Bush* lead Nation To War. (dupe?sorry))

Just sent a note to CNN...

Why is CNN interviewing Bob Barr regarding McGreevey's resignation!!!

Who saw Bush throw the little fish to Barney? He was

McGreevey was right to resign

Read the whole McGreevy article, before you post.

"we're turnin' th' corner, i know what i'm doin', we're turnin' th' corner

My question for Swiftboat liar O'Neil..

Moore Posted the Goss Video Today

Hannity:"I've Never Seen a Man This Unprincipled In My Life!!"

George W. Bush wants to raise YOUR taxes

The unspoken reason many Americans support the Iraq war...

Army Turns to Private Guards

MoveOn/Voters BLEW IT with choice of REAL PEOPLE ad winner

Jack Germond will be on C-Span tomorrow morning

Kerry mentioned Viet Nam TWICE in his acceptance speech, YET freepers

The British authorize the human cloning experimentation - your opinion ?

Sensitivity IS important! DU this poll!

Hypothetical question

Nader in FL - press conference on e-voting fraud and minority voters

Here's The Quote of GWB That Randi Found, LOL!

Charlie Daniels "defends" Bigot Pat Robertson

ENOUGH ALREADY! My response to a colleague on the parish council..

We need to push this "Bush Ratings vs. Terror Alerts" Poll


Is anyone here a registered independant?

Who's responsible for the fighting in Najaf?

Hibernian History

Interesting personal tie-in to all this McGreevey business

To send an email of support to Govenor McGreevey..

Why do some conservatives seem to think liberals hate Jews?

Zonie DUers: What's up with the bush* visit? How are things going?

Help a family hurt by Bush outsourcing

Iraq Explodes,Oil Prices hit all-time high,stock market tumbles

Robert Fisk Foresaw That Iraq Was About to Explode

The New PNAC - "the Committee on the Present Danger."

If Najaf shrines are attacked, guess who the scapegoats are

I haven't watched crossfire in about 3 years

NJ DUer's. What was McGreevey like as a governor?

CNN's viewer comment line, 404-827-0234; leave message anytime...

A "Special" place in Hell for Anti-Kerry Swiftboat Vets

I see that HALF REAGAN is going to be speaking



Did Ayatollah Sistani cut a deal with bush ??

All this Cheney talk about "Sensitivity"...

Sibel Edmonds on CNN/Paula Zahn 8:00 PM EST TONIGHT!!!

Heads Up! Primetime & MacEnroe look good tonight.

TV lineup for tonight

Cuban Missile Crisis: An example of USA restrain & sensitivity.

I don't care who is gay. 1,000 soldiers have died in vain.

Let's call it the Bush/Cheney 2004 Farewell Tour

What is up with the 'holy' Bush pictures?

Kerry Opens Leads in Several Key States

Does anyone have contact info for Sibel Edmonds n/t

McGreavy's wife must be a real class act.

Pat Robertson's Operation Blessing is a front for...

Horrible poll on CNN right now

2020 - 20 years of Bush presidencies - What's the country like?

Soon we will see an all out assualt from W: THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE

I just "turned the corner" and saw guns and sharp swords in the hands....

why isn't kerry hitting the rw back over the swift boat lie?

Could the McGreevey situation be Rovian payback for Rowland?

Why is the Deficit not the number one issue in America?

“going out of business” signs side by side with placards for Bush

Tweety does it again--Two Republicans on panel no dems re: McGreevey

Read this LTTE that I am about to respond to

Living Under Gods Law

Russian Researchers Say Debris of Alien Spaceship found in Siberia

FOX News dropped...

need help convincing someone that Roe v Wade is in jeapordy

Is big oil taking one for w/cheney*?

McGreevey adviser Golan Cipel resigns (rumored lover)

Bush blew it the morning of 9/11 - Bill Maher (27 Minutes!)

An example of outsourcing gone beserk

8pm EDT tonight - Sibel Edmonds on CNN with Paula Zahn n/t

Goss: "I couldn't get a job with the CIA today. I'm not qualified."

Golen Sapel? Did I hear that right?


Once Again Mr. President, Where the F*ck is Our 'Robust' Economy?

Goss Is Wrong for the CIA

"The Watchers" Legal Observers at the RNC Protests

I think Jon Stewart really hates Robert Novak.

Iraqis pin hopes on Olympic truce

What ever happened to Ashleigh Banfield ?

Sibel Edmounds not on Zahn

TV face time: O'Neill the liar vs.Sibel the truth teller

What was Poppy's girlfriend's name & can you give me a link?

Have you noticed tonight McGreevey will get the play while Iraq and

why are people calling me a flamebait??

"The doctored clip Hannity doesn't want you to know about." John Podesta

McGreevey's gay... so frikkin' what...



McGreevy is COMING OUT

Traitor with a TV show! Novak's got to go!

I love these "don't know if it's true, but..." e-mails.

Anyone know where an appearance schedule for Bill Maher is?I just saw Faux

Who here is tired

Trained killers.

Woohoo! i just received my john Kerry shirt!!

Brokaw does it again!

kerryedwards necklace key holder

A list of bills sponsored by NJ state Sen. Richard Codey

Official: No Evidence Attack Is Imminent

Both Bushes refuse to condemn the

Shelley seeks investigation of contributions

So did Saddam really threaten Iraqi Olympic athletes...

They are using this resignation to bash Clinton on CNN right now

John O'Neill will be on Hardball.

Bill Maher on Hannity right now. Coming up after break they

DU this CNN poll: Would you vote for a gay politician?

TOONS: Drink To Bush

I wonder what's going through Gov. Rick Perry's head

My personal EMAIL TO GOVERNOR McGreevey


What's this about McGreevy's gay lover not even being a citizen of US?

I got another one!

The official "W is for....." thread.

I have the solution for George Bush given his stance on stem cell research

The Democratic Party as a whole needs an enema

Anyone know why Air America is playing re-runs of Majority Report?

What in the hell is with the background and drug tests

Bush just said we shouldn't forget the"lessons of Sept 11th"

Jim Robinson of FR, obsessed with Clinton?

Let's give credit where it is so aptly due: Thank Tweety

McGreevy versus Clinton: The Double-Standard Rears Its Head

Powell, Bush, Cheney to resign shortly? Kerry to run against Ted Stevens?

Our Fearless Leader Doesn't Have A Clue.

Wes Clark response to Cheney's attack on Kerry

Hard-Hitting Howie Spills Gut Wrenching Motivation behind WP Tell-All

Bush to Larry King "I'm confident we'll have debates." Oh yeah?

Even more Bush/McCain lovefest pictures

Recently,Will Pitt had a post on the torture of children at Abu Ghraib.

Can someone please define for me?

Ruh-roh! NJ repukes already gunning for a special election

Illinois Beware

I just had a skunk moseying around my kitchen! Don't ask, I'll TELL!

Voter registration question.


Is Sen. Corzine planning to run for President in the future?

Isn't it nice to see the Iraqi soccer team wearing

The Rights reply to the plethora of critical books is one book written by

My last word on McGreevey, I still admire him, but since so many of you

body language buffs, what do you pick up from bush?

Anyone watching Laura/George Love Fest on Larry King?

Anybody know if i can watch today's crossfire on the web

Could freerepublic founder have served in Navy with Swiftboat liars?

O'Neill says he isn't a republican and he voted for Gore...

Have I mentioned tonight how much I hate these people?

I got this "wonderful" email today...sheesh

I found out why Bush is not in favor of embryonic stem cell research.

Judith Miller subpoenaed (PLAME)

Bill Maher on Hannity now

there was a post with bible verse bush screwed up, can you post

Breaking - Al Quada secret weapon is Hurricane

Why is this not a bigger story? Bush let Al Qaeda operatives escape...


Jon forget Novak and go after Blitzer!

Carville is tearing John O'Neill apart. Crossfire

What McGreevey Did Was Wrong

Sorry in advance because I am sure this question

Anyway, my predictions and I am afraid this will come true....

Anybody remember That God awful LAMAR ALEXANDER and his red flannel shirts

Paranoid fear about this Iran business

Can someone tell me what we would gain by stopping the Goss nomination?

Malloy deserves an Oscar

Can I share with you the shallow politics of some coworkers today...?

Goal: Find the John O'Neill - Nixon WH photo 6-16-71

Should I Start Worrying; Vol 3

Guess who may be coming to Lincoln, NE!

W stands for Women

MSRNC switches headlines to whore for the GOP

Jon Stewart's choice of Novak as his conservative enemy perplexes me

WOO-HOO! Malloy just called, "The sewer of the Internet!"

Without Delay... OUT WITH Delay!

Why are the democrats hammering on Bush Military Record

For some reason, I find Mike Malloy's intro music so soothing

HILARIOUS Crossfire Transcript! You'll laugh so hard..........

Did John O'Neill really vote for Gore?

OK, that's it. I'm running for governor!

Porter Goss: Are Dems right to Roll Over on his Nomination?

Can you pick one damn thing this adminstration has gotten right?

Mathews whipping O'Neil rerun at 11PM....

John O'Neil has thoroughly had his ass

Matthews Smackdown of O'Neill - Repeat on now!

Is it okay to be gay and still be in the closet?

Is The Bush Presidency Everything You Thought It Would Be?

Should people lose their jobs for committing adultery?

The Daily Show...

How will you recognize that sanity is returning to this country?

Video of O'neill Smackdowns?

DU post grocery prices here -- got inflation?

So was McGreevy a good governor?

Why do so few of you dare to discuss the Iraq disaster?

McGreevy Worshippers: He OPPOSED gay marriage.

Lousy Work and Larger Wealth in America

What the hell is a Democratic Socialist?

Pickles is wearing the drapery again


leadership quotes, military leader quotes, and war quotes

This is TOO weird (Santorum strangeness)

What Republican reason for not helping the poor angers you the most?

"This country has got to be careful about destroying life to save life"

wow... if you're interested in peak oil issues...

Base Taxes On Income, Not On Marital Status

A little gem from the Daily Mississipian

So for *

Why isn't Sudan topping the charts here?

Who's the worst Attorney General of all time?

I think I got SlamDunked today.

Dear President Chavez

Ten Senior Military Officials blast Bush and Cheney

help anybody know anything about Stratfor's

What is your best, most succinct argument to convert a young Nader voter?

OMG - McGreavey is Gay! Wow! This is amazing! He's come out!

2 Ohio polls released today, O'Liely choses to report the one that shows

IF CONDI is not qualified for the post she was assigned to ...

Drunk Bush speaks. Topic- "Only In America"

Would you support a Draft if......................

Bush Ignores His Own Promises on Wetlands

Saving Us From Hell (Understanding Abortion & Gay Sex)

Anyone see a Detrol LA ad with a woman who's a dead ringer for Pickles?

Death Tax, does it apply to you?

Has anyone noticed Najaf being referred to as "an ancient, sacred city'

Should Women be Drafted along with Men?

The "Us" vs "Them" difference

Do electronic voting machines have battery back up?

DU this Keyes v Obama poll.

Why is McGreevy's marriage a sham?

Gay DU'ers, RE: McGreevey. Go Stonewall on their asses.

Opus Dei.

CNN has Ross on saying Israel or Us will have to strike Iran and this guy

How can any anti-Bush person or DU'er possibly be Pro-Castro?

Honest Question: Was Condi qualified to hold the job she has?

Bush speaks below banner "God loves you, President Bush"

Aren't You Just Thrilled to Know That the Iraqi Soccer Team

Great Rolling Stone Article on O'REILLY (He Really IS Paranoid)

Pick a day and smack CNN all at once !


Indira Singh/PTech deep moles in FAA help accomplish 9/11! WTF??

Holy SHIT! tom delay's opponent, Richard Morrison, called me personally!!

Red Alert: Hearings today on "Women and Children" in Abu Ghraib

FDA: Canadian Drug Terror!!

Anybody watch "Fubar" on the Moviecentral?

Set Election Dates

Peter Mandelson as new EU trade commissioner!

Why are you here?

Obese Woman dies during Couch-removal Surgery!

Statement of John Kerry on the Continuing Atrocities in Darfur

N.J. Governor Resigns, Admits Gay Affair

Group Runs Anti-Kerry Ads on Black Radio Stations

Major Offensive Underway in Najaf

Roger Moore blasts hotels for turning away AIDS orphans

US Bombing of Kut Kills 56 (many women and children)

Bosnia graves may hold hundreds of Muslims

U.S. Troops To Combat Anthrax By Donating Plasma

Ken Lay turned down on request for "speedy trial"

Turkmenistan leader orders ice palace


Is Hurricane Charley's path like 1960's Hurricane Donna?

Democrats soften stance on Goss’s CIA nomination

NYT: When Power Goes Out, Sun Still Rises (state of solar energy)

NYT: Oil Market Refuses to Heed (Saudi) Positive News (demand/disruption)

LAT: Iran's Internal Divisions Play Out in Iraq (Iran a force there)

Iraqis Will Disarm Militia in Holy Places-Ministry

NYT: (Los Alamos) Nuclear Lab's Missing Disks May Not Exist

Top Iraq Cleric (al-Sistani) Urges Respect for 'Holy Najaf'-Aide

Stark (D), Mahmood (R) offer bipartisan rebuke of Bush policies

Simultaneous Tropical Storms a Rarity

Report critical of White House’s logging actions

Pakistan Nabs Five More Terror Suspects

NYT: Democrats Don't Plan to Block Confirmation of C.I.A. Nominee

Rumsfeld makes surprise Afghan visit

LAT: World's Shiites Warn That US Is Treading on Sensitive Ground (Najaf)

Iraq Delays Charges Against Ahmad Chalabi

China's rapid missile build-up no empty threat

Gene blocking turns monkeys into workaholics (Holy Sh*t! This is scary)

Stories pushed aside in march to war

CNN: Bush speech drops 'turning the corner'

Warning from HP expected to take toll on stocks

Diebold Upgraded to Buy

Stocks crash, oil prices hit all time high due to invasion of Najaf

Storm in Gulf buoys crude price (reason # 835 for higher prices)

The Chimp on Larry King Live today, 9ET

Elizabeth Edwards Hits the Campaign Trail: First Stop Ohio

Police: 'Overbooked' Kerry event posed risk (too many supporters)

British Muslim leader sure extremists not targeting Olympics

Romney eyes reins on public defenders

U.S. Media Again Involved in Misleading Cover-Up of Iraq Issues

PNC Financial Services "buy," estimates reduced

Judge Won't Dismiss Ex-Governor's Charges

Army probe of prison abuse calls for discipline of more GIs -Abu Ghraib

'Enemy Combatant' May Soon Be Freed

Injections Temporarily Turn Slacker Monkeys Into Model Workers

Sudan Says West After Country's Oil, Gold

WP: U.S. Nears Deal to Free Enemy Combatant Hamdi

Heat of Battle (near 130°) Takes Toll on U.S. Forces

Al-Sadr group seeks Arab intervention

U.S. July Retail Sales Increase 0.7%; Ex-Autos Rise0.2%(Predicted was 1.2%

NYT: "West Wing": Facing Struggle to Survive? ("out of synch"?)

jobless claims fall to 333,000(prior revised from 336 to 337-so drop of 2

US receives Pakistani complaint on FBI sting operation

U.S. planes, forces attack Sadr's house in Najaf

Metro Detroit office leases backslide in weaken economy

Kerry Takes Lead Over Bush in Florida

(Tx) State is asked to spare artist inmate

U.S. launches offensive in Najaf

Kerry Campaign: Bush/Cheney Attack Their Own CIA Nominee

Vatican shuns Turkey’s EU bid

Ailing Pope to Visit Shrine at Lourdes

Renowned Kenyan Author Attacked (Ngugi)

Lay, Skilling appear together

Two U.S. Marines Killed in Helicopter Crash in Iraq

Turkey blames PKK for Istanbul attacks

US Bombers Pound Shia Iraqi City (Kut)

Coalition Forces Seize Weapons, Rebels in Najaf, Ministers Say(1200 POWs?)

Signs Across the Atlantic: 'Europeans for Kerry!'

Tables turn on US conman waging his own weird war on terror

Army Turns to Private Guards

There can be no amnesty for genocide and war crimes - Annan

California is voiding all gay marriages

Wal-Mart sex bias case has corporate attorneys jittery (BIG class action)

U.S. Forces Said to Storm Cleric's House

Iraqi National Conference Date Set (this Sunday!)

Duplicate - ignore

Bush's Mocking Drowns Out Kerry on Iraq Vote (a la Dean)

Multimillion-dollar mad cow claim filed against U.S.

CNN Breaking (TV): Major offensive in Najaf

Giant mutant ant colony found in Australia

California Certifies Diebold AccuVote-TS for November Election

Man Threatens President Bush

Foreclosure sales soaring across Ohio

Democrat Rep. Lipinski of Illinois to Retire -Report

Voting equipment takes a test (Flawrida)

Cherie joins Clinton, Major and Bono on the lucrative US speaking circuit

Official: No Evidence Attack Is Imminent

Bush Accuses Kerry of Using Political Poker Chip


US Congressional Report Reignites Bush Tax-Cut Debate

Oil prices hit new all-time highs

Rift Grows As Iranians Caught Fighting For Sadr

Ahmad Chalabi returns back to Iraq, party refuses to evacuate offices

Cracked reservoirs endanger 47 000 in China

Cat hijacker 'not linked' to al-Qaeda

Salvadorans to face "hell" if new troops sent to Iraq: Islamist group

CACI Internal Probe Finds No Iraq Prisoner Abuse

Quick to Condemn, World Slow to Deliver Aid to Darfur

U.S. Forces Storm Iraqi Rebel Leader al-Sadr's House (but he ain't home)

Rumors that McGreevey is Gay and is accused of Rape

Did anyone see the Jewish infomercial?

White House Advises Russians on Oil Case

LAT: Army Turns to Private Guards

Renewed violence hits Iraq cities (helicopter downed)


Halliburton Contracts Face New Scrutiny(Loses Track of $1.8 Billion)

The President-Elect speaks ...

White House energy task force sought faster Valle Vidal drilling study

Kerry Takes Lead Over Bush in Florida

Iraq Militants Claim They Seized 3 Arab truck drivers

Just watched McGreevey (dem.N.J.)resign governorship. . . .

FDA OKs 'Dirty Bomb' Treatments

Biggest US Law Group Condemns Torture, Calls for Independent Investigation

Kerry Targets Bush Over Halliburton

Top Massachusetts Bush donor contributed to Nader

Verizon to hire 200 sales representatives

NJ Gov. McGreevy to Resign

Florida National Guard prepares for Charley and Bonnie

Cuba policy is used against GOP (in Miami-Dade)

At Least 72 People Die in Fighting in Iraq's Kut

Subservient Chicken Begets Presidential Satire

Belden CDT Will Shutter Plant, Fire 150 Employees (Layoff Update - 1,000)

Director Moore Quotes Goss on Lack of CIA Credentials (LOL!)

Kerry, Bush supporters look at expat voters

Bush stumps in New Mexico

Soldiers use online resources to make voices heard

Poll finds voters take a dim view of Bush handling of economy

US says Iraq hostilities not covered by Olympic truce

Allawi denies approving attack on Najaf shrines

Mayor Stands By His Decision to Block Protest in Central Park

Iraqi Nuke Scientist Denies British Claim (no uranium from Niger)

Bush's Attack Dog Tries Once Again to Divert Attention from Failed Policie

Seminary shut over porn scandal

Young Marines frustrated by lack of progress

Not Scared Yet? Try Connecting These Dots

Crude Oil settles at around $45.50

Top Evangelicals Still Await GOP Invite

McGreevey just came out as a gay man

WP: 2 GOP Senators Defend Bush on Stem Cell Research

Cheney Slams Kerry 'Sensitive' War Plea

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Thursday 12 August

Should Putin Fear a Kerry Victory?/Moscow TImes/New World Media Watch

Marine Killed in Afghanistan Copter Crash -injures 14

Heat Waves to Worsen Across America, Europe - Study

U.S. Switches Tactic in Najaf, Trying Isolation

Tycoons scrambling for Yukos assets after default

Judge Grants Democrats' Request to Block Election Results

Thousands flee holy city as cleric stages last stand

New Halliburton Whistleblowers Say Millions Wasted in Iraq

Police investigate death of executive of ConocoPhillips

Kerry Mocks 'Shop-Worn' Bush Slogan, Offers Tax Cut

New vote machines undergo simulation, appear to be fine

NJ Gov. Comes Out Of Closet, Quits

Kerry Campaign Response to Bush Appearance on Larry King

Moore defends disputed headline in Bush-bashing documentary

Russian Scientists Claim Discovery of Alien Spaceship Wreck in Siberia

Gore criticizes Bush's CIA director pick

Wal-Mart to require Background Checks

CA Invalidates San Fran gay weddings

Bush meets with Nancy Reagan, Schwarzenegger during California trip

Najaf council in disarray, 16 members of council resign

Ten Senior Military Officials Respond to Cheney's Latest Attacks

White House: No evidence terror attack is imminent

Bush Denies 'Slow to React' Claims over 9/11 Attack

White House Warns of Terror Strike

Leading US Daily (WP) Admits Underplaying Stories Critical of White House

Times Reporter Is Subpoenaed in Leak Case

Dozens suffocate in sealed container -Ivory Coast

U.S. Marines Seize Center of Najaf, Fighting Rages

Paroled molester accused of having sex with dozens of girls

Hundreds protest at site of Bush LV speech

Moore embarrasses new CIA chief

South Carolina Could Be Destination for Christian Exodus

Absentee ballot mailed to voters includes obsolete instructions (Palm B.)

French Court Reopens Diana Driver Probe

WP: Tax Burden Shifts to the Middle

BBC crew held by Israeli soldiers

FDA Warns of Terrorist Drug Tampering

Meat Is Murder!

Does anyone know who this is?


Whoaaaa - did you feel that continental drift?

Blues biography.....Bernard Allison jamming on

A weiner dog, two bulldogs, and one very large poodle

I just came in from watching the Perseids!

new Oxyrush advertiser

Watching the sky tonight......stars are falling

Rock of ages. Rock of ages. Still rollin' Keep a' rollin'.

Brando's "On The Waterfront" speech and the career of George W. Bush

Campaign to make British waiters more cheerful

I heard Britany Spears would be at the RNC - Republican family values?

Don't you know we built this city.

What do you want? What do you want?

post funny images

Darlin' You got to let me know. Should I stay or should I go.

I met her in a club down in old soho,

Bicycle! Bicycle!

Members of the "other" DU--the Blue Room is back up.

McEnroe's CNBC show gets a "0.0" rating...twice

Clean up Isle 17!

I wanna Rock. ROCK!!!!

(stupid question) Explain the "meme" thing to me...

Earth's Moon and Venus would like to wish DU a good morning.

do you ever listen to 'coast to coast am'?

PROOF that George is the real flip flopper

This must be just like living in paradise. And I don't want to go home.

Absolutely Superb View of Hurricane Charley.

Toys "R" Us is considering getting out of the toy business.

I want cold milk out of a glass bottle. AND I WANT IT NOW!!

Excellent cat book coming out just in time for Christmas

"Some times you have to get kicked in the balls to know You have 'em!"

Encouragement trolling post

I had a nightmare and can't get back to sleep.

Remembering Black & White..stunning pics

I LOVE my wife!

Laxatives Fail To Work On Thief

Borowitz hits another home run..

Poll: What type of Connection do you have to the Internet?

My instincts tell me.... no proof

Trail Of Candy Bars Leads Police To Burglary Suspect

Would anything bizarre happen in the world if Matcom wasn't there to.....

46 Year Old Woman Pleads Guilty To Having Sex With 11 Year Old Blind Boy

Call out to Bertha Venation!

UFO Wrechage Found In Siberia

Man Detained For Throwing His Hampsters Off Balcony Into Traffic

Arwalden, if you see this...


Man who urinated in court in trouble with law again

New Olympic sport SUCKS!!!

Matcom's brief career as a crime scene investigator

WWWWHEEEEEE!!!! The word poopy makes me laugh

Bob wrote about Fox News before there was a Fox News

Would you like to touch my rusty spoons?

Eric Feng

Off to Dallas - wish us luck!

George W. Bush Presidential Library initiated

Just googled myself.. .I found my stuff at a BeastieBoys Message board

I just washed my brain & can't do a think with it.

In this thread, we make an election-night mix tape.

Someone take over and use the fake telekinetic powers to be Bill O'Reilly!

For my 900th POST!!!!!!

How many of you spend more time interacting with your computer and


Has Anyone Traveled To South Africa?

I've reached post #2000- all inquiries accepted!

Almost out of the 700 club.

Who will win the Olympics this year?

86th PGA Championship-7,514 yards long

George W. Bush is

2,800 miles round trip; 8 days ....

Rockwell is (was):

"Rain down.....rain down..."


Just one more brief comment about homosexuality and societal attitudes.

What difference does it make if something's trendy or not?

Pretty much sums up America politics

Hey! If you are ever in Hollywood...check out my brother and his friends

Animal pics!! Awww Animal pics!!!

Woman Lets 12 Year Old Back Up Car - Woman Slammed Against Trailer


A store for us!

My thanks to all

Did bush* fall off the shitter this morning?

Is it bad of me....

Injections temporarily turn worker's slacks into monkey models

Police Order Man Dressed As Jesus, Covered In Fake Blood, Down From Cross

thinking make brain hurt

The Art of Peter Saville (Best Record covers ever)

Think this guy had just a tad too much time on his hands?

Ford Introduces New "Erection" Sport Utility Vehicle

If I ever get a cell phone, I want my ring tone to be

CStT Bookstore

Alternative fuels: Make your own biodiesel and save!

The Grateful Dead are (were)....

I won my FMLA complaint against my employer!

This Day in Rock n Roll History....

GWB Bacon Lettuce Tomato

Let's give a SHOUT OUT to our favorite local Newspaper Columnists

"Yeah!" and "Get Low" are pretty much the same song...

Why are books bound on the left hand side?

The worst examples of songwriting ever (Mine is from Duran Duran)

I'm firebombing the home office this weekend or next. What should I keep?

Can anyone give me an idea what I should expect to pay

Swift Boat Veterinarians for Truth

Work sucks...cheer me up!

Need info re hepatitis B vaccine

Bush's Band of Brothers

Girls Get Apology After City Inspector Shuts Down Their Lemonade Stand

Whats the most shocking murder mystery you have ever seen?

Breastfeeding in public: Got a problem with it?

Postage Stamps using ANY pictures....even photoshoped ones!

Ranting about my auto dealership....

How long is tobasco sauce good for?

Caption: when I grow up I wanna be a hand bag...

When I first slept with a woman my Father was relieved I wasn't gay!

Ecelectic music lovers. Just picked up Thievery Corp's latest.

anyone have a favorite "power bar" type breakfast substitute?

High School reunions, are they worth going to?

Democrats Uncovered is back and naughtier than ever!

You have a 12-pack of Schlitz and a pea-size bladder.

60s music experts. Help wanted: tune ID.

When I first slept with my dog my Father shot himself.

I am so FFFing sick of being asked to post my picture on DU.

political compass test, take this even if you took the libertarian test

'Charley' is coming to visit - I won't be posting tomorrow - see ya

Rock and Roll owes more to Jazz than to Blues

Favorite album of the 80's?

My Faux Bush sign for todays protest. Steal it

Admit it. You love Scams

I just saw Ben Stein's new book 'Can America Survive' in the bookstore.

Man, I think it really *is* raining men!!

My favourites folder not working

MS Movie Maker question:

I'm Starting to Lament the Pixies Reunion Already

Admit it. You love Wham!

Admit it, you love Pam?


End of the earth and you must repopulate the earth with one these folks:

Alan Combes Listeners?

Admit it . You wish it was November 2 , don't ya .

Outtake from F9/11: Goss tells Moore he's not qualified to run the CIA

Admit it. You love flan.

Admit it you love your gran.

Former disgraced Miss America and basketball star husband split

Admit it, you love your groin.

NYC Woman Kidnaps Cats, provides vet care...

If anyone needs rain...we got plenty

I admit it. These "Admit it" posts annoy me

Admit it. You love phlegm.

AAAAAAAAH!!! I'm copycatting drowning threads!!!

I need an Ethernet Card

AAAAAAAAH!!! I'm drowning in copycat threads!!!

Admit it . These " Admit It " posts annoy you .


Who needs porn when you have the top of the parking structure follies

Check out this chickensh*t

Nude man hangs out at shopping mall for half-hour before arrest

70s metal song ID.

Admit it. You haven't eaten breakfast yet.

How much would it cost me to get a tooth pulled.................

Admit it! You have something to confess!....Ask me anything about cats!


Bugsy lovers check in.

Today is the most beautiful August day here in Texas

!!!!!!!!!MY WIFE GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!

It's Official!!! Orange Nose Push record has fallen!!!!

Bog lovers check in.

What would be your theme song?

Iraq leading Portugal in Olympic soccer game.

I See the DU Lounge is as Scintilating as Ever...

Why does Franken need Katherine Lanpher? She adds nothing

Parents: Is your child a Wunderkind?

So Charley's about to come knocking at my door! (Shit)!!!!

Please vote for your favorite candidate here

I just spent $2233.76 at one store.

ok I quit smoking and despise sugar

Fuck confessing and admitting. This thread is about keeping it to yourself

JVS just ripped off somebody for $2233.76 in furniture

What does "Have your crack and smoke it too" mean?


2 months later, the new Wilco CD is finally growing on me.

DU Loungeleute, ich bitte um eure Aufmerksamkeit.

What does "Have your crack and plumber too" mean?

Attorneys, law students, people looking for a laugh - I saw the funniest

Hey seeryjw

Mr. Al-Sadr's not in.

HELP!!! how do you post your picture?

Great Olympic story going on right now in soccer

RandI Rhodes is married?!?!

Please Daddy, (don't get drunk on Christmas)

What does "Have your cake and eat it too" mean?

Admit it. You love him.

anyone have any experience with Lingo or Vonage

I haven't seen a new thread in 10 minutes!

Peer group?

Public School Student Manual Includes "No Sex In Stairwells"

Ever been to an ass show in motion?

I've figured out what I want to see done to media whores after * is gone

I want to get Uru...

Went to see the captain

Admit it. You love me.

Best Beach Boys Album (other than Pet Sounds)?

what's beef?

New Jersey governor reveals he's gay

"Who's getting lai......" Oh, .........................forget it.

AshKKKroft singing? You ain't seen nothin' yet. KEYES singing showtunes!

Who's getting paid tomorrow?

my wheel fell off

The Church are (were)

Check out the Bush/Cheney Boxing Gloves

Please use these political graphics as you see fit. The CARB one is

Missing Persons are (were)....

here's my picture--click on link!

Are you rooting for "Alien" or "Predator"??

Don't let me near CatWoman - I scored some Aluminum Tubes

What does it mean to you when someone says....

Help DUer's, Weight lose questing

Has Novak responded to Stewart's remarks?

I just scored some yellow cake!!!!!

You know you're from Wisconsin...

CStT Bookstore

Iraq upsets Portugal in Olympic soccer match.

Admit it. You love Quark.

Nellie McKay wrote a song about Kerry

That's the 3rd time today!

Pick your poster.

Adam Levine

I was just propositioned by the Direct TV man, ask me anything!

Isthmus lovers check in.

I'm resigning from Democratic Underground. I'm Gary.

I'm watching "Enemy at the Gates" ask me anything

Had Fred Phelps bought his plane ticket to NJ yet?

I'm resigning from Democratic Underground, I'm a Grey

Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni lovers, check in.

New Terra Group: Al-Gebra

Admit it. I am horrible and unworthy of love.

I'm resigning from DU. I'm Guy.

I'm resigning from Democratic Underground. Just not today.

I'm resigning from DU. I'm *a* grey.

Admit it. You love Han.

I'm resigning from DU. I'm grey

Caption 2004's version of Mike D in a tank!

Admit it, you love ham!

Admit it. You love jam!

A weird morphing of Bush and classic Elvis movie: "Sieg Heil Las Vegas"

Drugs you despise?

I took a toothbrush, some toothpaste a flannel for my face

Bush is going to be on Larry King tonight.

Whose job is it to mail out toasters?

"If you don't know this, contact your network administrator..."

Just about to watch "Unprecedented" dont spoil it for me, want to see

I'm resigning from DU, I'm a good lay

I'm resigning from the Democratic Underground. I love Tina Fey.

Calling all DS9 and Air America fans!

Would someone please explain something to me

admit it you love spam

Admit it, you love PAM

You Know You're From Colorado When...

The outsourcing of the presidency.

Admit it. You love Spam.


Reminder: Daily Show replay starting NOW!

DUers you'd like to see in a flame war?

Bad boys bad boys... Watcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for

My stupid town is holding a fire engine parade now, at 6 in the evening.

the diverse placards of all CAPTIONs

And I was wearing a brioche, in my left nostril..

Calling all Glendale, Arizona DUers......

let the Wad CAPTIONs begin

"For a good time, call E-s-t-i-m-a-t-e-d-P-r-o-p-h-e-t"

admit it, you love pan,

CAPTION the ring leader and originator of 'the smirk'

.....................FISH HEADS!.........................

.....................ELEPHANT CRAP!............................

Admit it, you Love Dick.

Matcom ate my brioche!

Give a man a fish, and he'll eat for a day..

Matcom you miss one --LBN --Nude Boaters Stop Traffic on N.C. Roadway

CAPTION free for all

The Fatkins Diet

480-Pound Woman Dies After Six Years On Couch

Italian arrested for throwing hamsters

on second thought

Admit it . You love ham .

Russian Researchers Say Debris of Alien Spaceship found in Siberia

Hurricane Charlie should have been named Clyde...then it would have been

Admit it. You love glam

New anti-bush clip from kathleen hanna and le tigre

I am going to watch Lawrence of Arabia

Excuse me

Build a Better Bush

Winnebago Man!

Was this unique to my college dorm

Computer help do I make a copy of a Non-Music CD?

Why won't Dookus post his picture?

Alien vs Predator starts tomorrow

Sandwich Nomeclature!

I support Dookus because he's gay!

I spent all day thinking it was Friday the 13th

All this hurricane news is making me nostalgic...

happiness is

ONE week,....3 hour and 24 minutes WITHOUT

What Radio Station do you listen to while online?

Has anybody seen the movie "Collateral"?

I'm getting tired of hearing how Kerry isn't "speaking to minorities"

I am an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church


Goat Picture.

Samuel Adams, Patriot, Brewer

My woman doesn't like you

Florida DUers

I'm feeling "Dude" like tonight

Ask a question here you have ALWAYS wanted to ask, but haven't

Ok, DU Lads...I have a question for you

Bush will "never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country..."

Earth's Moon and Venus

lionesspriyanka welcome LionTamer to DU

which of our DU babes

Hum, it seems they finally found sleazy behavior in a prominent Democrat

New 'toon - "not in kansas anymore"

I was just told my cat has cancer and has to be put to sleep

Hey ET Awful -- How's Quinn doing?

lol, Chimp in a Suit on CNN, where's that drug that makes monkeys work?

Olympics mens soccer final: Iraq 4 Portugal 2


I'm in violation of a mandatory evacuation and I love it

Meet the new boss...not the same as the old boss...

Interesting story from my job today.

I'm resigning from DU. I'm Ken Lay.

Embarrassing Newbie Question

Yay! We're back!

Since gay seems to be the theme tonight;

"And of course, Henry the Horse dances the Waltz!"


right at this minute

What song is stuck in your head right now?

Who still has the approval ratings pic...

Amber Frey

Can I get a man?

Since gay seems to be the theme tonight:

Tomorrow is Friday the 13th - Stay away from the woods.

I just had a skunk moseying around my kitchen! Don't ask, I'll TELL!

Daily Show is on

Without Bush (Political Parody)

Can I get an AMEN?

Can't. Stop. Dancing.


I gave *'s limo the one fingered salute from all of us here at DU

Quick! Help me debunk this left wing talking point!

I don't know about you guys, but THIS is who I'm voting for...

Beware: Tomorrow is Friday the 13th!!!

This is one of those "Ask me anything" posts - so ask me anything

Beware: The day after tomorrow is Saturday the 14th!!!

anyone listening to george carlin on aar? is this recorded anywhere?

The Onion-Where are you now, Rage Against the machine?

Woo Hoo I'm getting a new(er) car!!!!!!!!!!!!

Am I....?

This one boot camp...

new Savage Weiner advertiser Online Backup and Restore

A cat a day...

The Supremes are (were)

Pray for Shakeydave! He's in Sarasota, FL and in the line of Charley!

Why is Tom Ridge looking like this?

Bird owners - Eggs? To remove or not to remove them.....

This is perfect....

Roper or Furley?

The Cure is

Anyone watch the Perseids last night?

Animal lovers with a demented twist at the b3ta zoo

I have emerged from the sailing saga.... back on land, and home

I was told tonight that I was an engaging speaker.

Was your first haircut traumatic?

So, who here remembers Klaus Nomi?

have the schools (k-12) started in your area yet?

question for the DU Guitarrists/ Guitar Teachers (im sure we have some)

Fla,GA,SC,NC DU'ers! How's your hurricane prep going....The first thing

What experiences have you NOT had that you regret NOT having?

I have a secret and it is killing me not to share it!

There's a little black spot on the sun today.

I'm resigning from DU...I'm bored to death!

How anal are you? I'm an effing nut case. Example: Today I

Cubs lost AGAIN. Ask me anything!

Matcom ate my balls!

Do you hate?

i took Dem_Strategist's advice and when to my local msg board

Do you have to sell yourself?

Bipolar DUers, how are you doing?

Warning: Do not watch this while eating or drinking!

Leaders of wealthy nations that were worst than Bush

whoisalhedges broke DU!!

"I got you - that's all I want"

OKAY. It is time to state your belief

Should I watch smirk and larva on Larry King tonight

For those in "Joisey"

This one band camp....

OMG-- my computer has been in the shop and I have been "outed"

What's your favorite Summer Olympic sport?

How to get an atheist very royally pissed off in a nutshell

I'm resigning from the Democratic Underground. I'm Gay.

Is it a sin to pray that Hurricane Charley hits Drudge?

Your worst hotel experience. Name names!

Whoever came up with the idea...

What's the MOST bored you have ever been?

Happy, happy! Joy, joy!!!!


What music have you listened to today?

"Watchmen" Is the Greatest Comic Ever

Songs that REALLY take you back to your childhood?

"Mom, my ice cream tastes like hand lotion"

Ever been to AutoShow in Motion?

Twelve Girls Band

Best Album Cover of all time (Seriously - not Orleans or that crap)

If a Republican candidate came to your house...

Daddy has a nasty cut on his foot as a result of a minor apocalypse.

What Perfume, Essence Or Cologne Do You Wear?


I went to my last Phish show ever tonight

Oo-ee, oo-ah-ah, ting-tang, walla-walla, bing-bang!

For those in Washington State:

Look who I have with me!!!

ATTN: Minnesota DUers--last minute notice

confess-who's your celebrity crush?

Post your picture!

if you're up, they're going to show Douchvak in a dress again

Kerry: Bush Actually Did What He Falsely Accuses Kerry of Doing

Kerry Unveils One-Point Plan for Better America ( - The Onion)

Ldotter calls Kerry a "honkey pimp" (Racism Alert)

Kerry Campaign: Deeply Held Convictions - The Cheney Flip-Flops

Cheney: "a grave mistake if they replaced the current commander in chief"

Two Week Focus on Kerry-Edwards Plan for a Stronger Economy

McCain on Sampley (the creator of Vietnam Veterans against Kerry)

Okay, we know what Repub 527 money goes to. Swiftie Smears Inc.

any polls yet on swiftboat reaction

Veterans Could Be Key to Nevada's Bigger Prize

Can Republicans hold on to the Senate?

Take the Democratic challenge!

Group Runs Anti-Kerry Ads on Black Radio Stations

Bush knows what he is doing? How can Bushistas disagree?

I'm getting pissed at these RWers - Time to hit back harder!

Pre-election fun...List the dumbest right wing attacks on Kerry...

It's Deja vu all over again!

Why don't Bush & Cheney campaign together?

IMHO, Bush Running Out of Time, Throwing "Hail Mary "Passes

Anti-Kerry radio ads run on black stations

BBV Question: Since there is more than one company making e-voting

Now on CD: John Kerry and the Electras

About McCain and Kerry.

Spotlight on MA County Sheriff Candidate - African American Woman

Ann Richards, protestors, and the parking garage attendant

A vote for John Kerry is a vote for Nader's ideals.

Can Republicans hold on to the Senate?

Help! Bushwad is scheduled to speak 3 blocks

Bush has started three wars that he doesn't know how to finish.

You're the campaign mgr.: How should Kerry react if Osama is captured?

Bush In Disgrace

Anyone have any links to the Heinz- Castro story?

Kerry widens lead in Florida 47-41

Cheney, we need a president who will not send troops to war w/o body armor

What in the hell is Cheney talking about on CNN?

Volusia Co., FL, Dana Rasch radio appearance. Love this guy.

More lies about Kerry's war record, this time being spread by teens

It's all about taxes

Cheney Lying his ass off now about Kerry on CNN

When will Edwards step up the attacks??

OK, maybe this idea for a Kerry ad is a bit over the top, but...

KKowboy supporters are severely insulting non-white Americans

Halliburton Lemonade: $225,00/Glass

Kerry should go help with the Florida clean-up this weekend

"He pulls a knife, you pull a gun"

Peace activists: Something I can TOTALLY be your partner in

Questions for those really disgusted with Kerry's campaign statements

If you criticize your child, does that mean you hate him/her?

From Kerry blog: "Invitation only"

Mich & OhioRadio ads: power supply still unreliable/power co's unaccountab

Anyone notice that the so-called genius, Rove, is flailing and failing?

I am worried.15,000 jubilant fans greeted Bush in Phoenix

Dick Cheney publishes children's book to soften image (satire)

Bush can't win but Kerry can lose.

The Failed Papacy of John Paul II

Sarah McLaughlin anti-Bush

My Letter Got Top Billing

Have you heard of the new anti-Kerry commercial?

Kerry in Southern California Today!!

Post your pro-Kerry ad ideas here

Portland appearances by Kerry, Bush will be as different as their politics

Bush's Mocking Drowns Out Kerry's Explanation of Iraq Vote

If we have any Bush-CHeney scandals.....

I think that Jerry Kohn should challenge Keyes to a debate

I've never thought the Karl Rove was a genius.

I think it would be funny if John Edwards. . .

Bush Sticks to Theme: Security (Shows Campaign Weakness?)

Why is AAR a repeat this morning? It is one I heard and I need

Democrat Since Birth Demolishes The Latest Republican Meme

What do you think of this suggestion for a Kerry/Edwards ad?

(((((Breaking News)))) U S Forces Storm Mootada's Al -Sadr's Home

John Kerry almost received the Navy Cross (more debunking of O'Neill).

Saving Us From Hell (Understanding Abortion & Gay Sex)

Group Runs Anti-Kerry Ads on Black Radio Stations

E-mail Chris Matthews ...

Shouldn't we have a thread for Kerry's campaign tactics?

SLAMMING SWIFT LIARS...isn't that what VPs are for???

News flash: John Kerry is white

Obama's book

New Florida Polling Validates ARG

For Dem_Strategist - welcome, and thanks for listening

Kerry: Wrong on the war, Wrong on the Constitution, Wrong on the Politics

KERRYs Biggest Vulnerability

LaRouche endorses Kerry

GOP trying to hide who they really are at the RNC

Electoral College tie: the ultimate nightmare?

Last three days Kerry has been up in Rasmussen poll by 3 points

"Sense and Sensitivity" or how CNN regurgitates GOP talking point of day!

Bush is such a coward

"Swiftboat Veterans for Bush" is a Karl Rove operation

A thread of pre-emption: Cheney Blasts Kerry's "Sensitive" Comment

Kerry-Edwards Campaign: Even Bush's Secret Saudi Energy Plan is a Failure

Kerry's DD214 form

Have you noticed that the RNC is no longer using Don King?

Kerry: Bush and Ridge Consistently on the Wrong Side of Intel Reform

AP: Kerry Takes Lead Over Bush in Florida

Bush itinerary as released to press (arrogance and paranoia in Portland)

I think Badnarik is going to outpoll Big Ego Ralph

Best place w/info to debunk "Xmas in Cambodia" RW lies?

Kerry is really disappointing, unfortunately.

E-mail the Note ....

Kerry saved the life of Republican in the Senate

What are the latest poll numbers for the "horse race"?

George Bates

Anyone having trouble overcoming dread when clicking the GD2004 link?

Did anybody hear Alan Keyes on Fresh Air today?

Kerry Campaign Reality Check: Bush/Cheney Attack Their Own CIA Nominee

Ohio, Florida & Pennsylvania

Guiding principles and the most important 5 min of the campaign

Have any of y'all even heard of anyone that voted for Gore in 2000

The Big Picture on Kerry: Dude Saves People's Lives! More than Once!

MI Poll: Poll: Kerry starting to widen his lead in state

Security Guards for American Bases

ABC: The Note: How Bush can still win

Youth Is Fleeting for Bush --Younger Voters Going With Kerry


A terrific idea for all the Kerry malcontents

It just dawned on me, where are the Swift Vets priorities?

Hey Dem Strategist(s) -

Time for Kerry 527s to bring up Bush's depession pill-popping issue

Kerry Faults Bush Over Opposition to Drugs From Canada

Is there any way to find out if somebody has filed an absentee ballot

Kerry Should Just Say He Didn't Vote For Incompetence

I thought they were uniters

Anti-Bush Television Ad Idea

Flip-flopper vs. Extremist?

Republicans Using Race Card to Attack Teresa

DU Women, do you REALLY want to win this election?

Just A Random Thought On Swiftboat Vets for Truth

Novack Live on CNN "Bush has an uphill battle" 301 to 236 EV

Why Dem Strategist is right.

How can one tell how badly Kerry is being GORED by the media?

The Truth About Ted Sampley, Creator of Vietnam Vets Against John Kerry

Latest poll ..

Novak: It's an UPHILL CLIMB for Bush

How convenient

was this already stated

So When Will Theresa Open Up The Pocketbook?

I just saw Bush announced they recieved thier 2 millionth contribution.

Everyone agrees, the media is a problem. How do we handle it ?

Kerry, Cheney and Sensitivity.

Pro-Kerry or Anti-Bush? What difference...

8/12 KERRY: 97.3% WIN PROB., 52.36% VOTE, 320 EV

Statement of John Kerry on the Continuing Atrocities in Darfur

The Bush Campaign Is Scared And Flailing, And People Here Only See Doom

Sen Lautenberg responds to Cheney's latest unwarranted attack vs Kerry

Whazzup with McGreevey ???

To Randi Rhodes Listeneres....

In Iraq

Alterman: Kerry: Wrong on the war, Wrong on the Constitution......

Call/write Questions to ask * on Larry King

Zogby has lost his mind...

Oh No another Dem sex scandal

The Fat Lady Is Singing.... For All You Sky Is Falling Democrats

Anybody watch "Inside Politics" today?

If US athletes are booed in Athens, how will Bush spin this??

Help needed re: one of the Swift Boat Liars

San Leandro, Ca., man refutes Kerry's critics

Article:Kerry Momentum Helps in Key States- Campaign Strategy Working!

We are being overwhelmed on the mixed message boards.

My question for Swiftboat liar O'Neil..

LaRouche Will Lead Dems To November Landslide Win

Chris Matthews's Nazi analogy: "Who made that [Kerry] ad -- Leni Riefensta

Kerry should follow Bush into Florida and put him on the defensive....

Kerry mentioned Viet Nam TWICE in his acceptance speech, YET freepers

Kerry promises his FIRST act as President:

Slam Bush - a video and a slam contest to help get rid of Bush

Looks like Gallup will be releasing a new poll, Bush 50 Kerry 47

Lakoff: Moral Politics, Rep=Strict Daddy vs. Dem=Nurturing Mom

what is the matter with McCain? (see worrisome picture)

I'm debating my pro-Bush me quick

Favor: DU this!

"Knowing what I know today, I would make the same decision.."

Iraq, Abortion, and Democrats...

WHY bushco * dropped the "we're turning the corner" slogan...a must see

Ragin' Cajun is tearing up John O'Neill -- CNN now!!

New Economist Poll: Kerry leads 48% to 44%

An AWESOME photo I think the Kerry campaign could use!

Bush speech drops 'turning the corner'

swift boat debunking?

Networks choose Arnold over McCain and Guiliani

Sometimes I feel like an "insurgent", sitting in the middle of Najaf...

* is done. Stick a fork in him. Now, say hello to President Kerry!

How Does The McGreevey Story Affect The Presidential Race?

Is there a new CNN Gallup poll out?

Do you talk to somebody you don't know EVERY day about the election?

A Look at States Where Kerry Has Improved

why isn't kerry hitting the rw back over the swift boat lie?

Kerry calls for mining royalties

I came "this close" to throwing a shoe through my tv at Novak!

Scott's Guide to Dirty Politics, 2004 election, part one: quotes

The Chimp on Larry King Live today, 9ET

James Carville just slapped down Swift Boat lies on CNN.

Is Kerry answering Bush/Cheney attackss adequately?

New Improved Polls!

B* is sensitive!

Kerry-Edwards Campaign: The Truth on Yucca Mountain

If *'s Larry King appear. is taped, why does suggest we call in?


Whither the difference between my local media and CNN/MSNBC, etc.?

So here's what I'm looking at in terms of electoral college votes

New poll Kerry leads Bush 48% to 44%

Choose or Lose

The way to fight the media bias is to begin with Fox News

3 great sites for media activism, updates and alerts.

Crossfire video?

Daily Show rerun on now.........last chance to see Douchevak

Police Block CO Official Pollwatcher from Verfiying Election Results!

For One Brief Shining Moment....

Veterans for Kerry representative Hurley demolishing O'Neill on Hardball.

Major Props To Chris Matthews....

Bush in Las Vegas

Mods please forgive one more new thread: last points of introduction

Frank Lautenberg response to Cheney


Kerry Opens Leads in Several Key States vs. Media Fund & THE BUSH FACTS – A Partisan Fraud Exposed

Chance to blow a hole in Pretzeldent Smirktard's campaign?

"A sensitive war will not destroy the evil men who killed 3,000 Americans"

Statement from Ten Senior Military Officials in Response to Vice President

Education Groups Going After Bush on NCLB

I am 18 Years Old. I am Extremely Politlcal. Does That Make Me The ENEMY??

Let's face facts. He's been lying about his service for years,

Presidential Daily Briefing: August 12th, 2004

Falwell says:

Bush on LKL: Is it taped?

My ass is planted firmly in the middle! Call me what you want

Bush just said that he has met with many dead veterans' families...

Is * psychologically preparing himself for defeat?

No time to volunteer? Here's how you can help....

Bill Maher Punked Sean Hannity Tonight

"Stem cell research is a slippery slope to designer human cloning."


Veterans!!! Let's put this Swift boat lie believing troll in his place.

Is Bush Stoned??

I got this "wonderful" email today...sheesh

Bill Maher on H&C

From Dem Strategist: please read this as I join you on this board

wrong forum

Both Bushes refuse to condemn the

Had my picture taken with Senator Kerry last night, ask me anything.

How were other incumbents doing at this point in time?

There is proof on tape that John O'Neill is a liar --

B* on LKL

Two opposite sentiments

Kerry, Corzine, and Lautenberg should call on McGreevey to resign now!

Kerry-Edwards Campaign in Response to Bush Appearance on Larry King Live

Gen. Wes Clark takes the gloves off...slams Bush and Cheney!

Bush once again fails to condemn the Smear Boat Vets for Bush ads

New ARG poll for Ohio (Kerry 48 Bush 45)

Hardball Tonight

Wes Clark response to Cheney's attack on Kerry

My experience with 3 Young Repubs

Is your luggage black? Slap Kerry-Edwards stickers all over it so that you

* did better on LKL than I anticipated

I have a friend who's obsessed with Jack Edwards. Calls him "Giggle Belly"

"Mrs. Reagan said she fully supports Bush's re-election."

The TRUTH about O'Reilly in Rolling Stone magazine.

O'Neill coming up on Tweety...Let's see how the Tweetster

Bush March 4, 2001:". . .we must be sensitive about expressing our power"

Bush protest today, Santa Monica, CA --------> countdown

Which Best Describes Your Feeling About This Election?

It's Bush's blunder, it's Bush's war, and Bush must be made accountable

Will Kerry Take Nevada On Yucca Dump Anger?


How important is it to you that * be defeated this November.

Kerry and Edwards Focus on the Economy- This is what the voters want

Bush is Osama's Man! And here's proof!

Who Is Watching George W. Bush On Larry King Live Tonight?

Not one Bush bumper sticker in Cheshire County NH.

I never knew you Californias were so stupid! Bush thinks that!!!

Most annoying type of 'wet blanket' post?

I want KERRY and his ORGANIZATION to follow Lautenberg's example:

New Bush/Cheney and W 2004 stickers here:

Keyes will suffer major embarrassment on Sat. . .Bud Billiken parade. . .

Do you believe in America?

Two words for Dem Strategist: Flash Mob

My Kerry/Edwards button story of the day

AP: Kerry Opens Leads in Several Key States

Novak say's Bush has uphill battle to beat Kerry

The Ghosts of War (a Vietnam vet speaks of the 'Swift-Boat Vets')

Bush Calls For Sensitivity In Same Forum Kerry Did! LOL

Bush to Larry King "I'm confident we'll have debates." Oh yeah?

The McGreavey resignation is great news for Kerry!

Should Kerry publicly criticize the press ?

Dennis Kucinich was just on CNN.

A question on the Bush economic "recovery"

Winner of new MoveOn ad contest (all ads by same director)

If you want me to understand things, just say them clearly to me.

You don't REALLY believe Kerry would have fucked up like * has, do you?

Dems Will Win to Dem Strategist: We Need to Talk!

Activists' Resource Thread c/o Calimary, Media Contacts- Use Liberally

From a Democratic Strategist: The MOST important thing YOU can do

Campaign donations prove John O'Neill is (and has been) 100% GOP

Hey skeptics: New DUer 'Dem_Strategist' is the real deal