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Archives: August 10, 2004

Please pray for Bob's eternal journey

Koko the sign language Gorilla

Applied for my Ohio CCW this morning.

Paper I wrote for last semester's Macro-Econ class on Kerry's policies

Do You Remember? (my newest blog post)

Olberman is doing great...right now

Keep on Smilin'....

OK, dammit. Kerry, his comment today, and the IWR

Washington's Gift to Bomb Makers

Hey "Tweety" Al Gore won the election you freaking idiot

Got my Outfoxed DVD from and....

Some interesting facts and figures

Greta Van Susteren is a Scientologist

dKos: Bush is losing it

Dammit. A whole *new* kind of vote fraud

Must-see DVD thread

Bush's Message On Taxes For The Rich Today In Virginia

Just a little request to those of you doubting Kerry

Bernie Ward will be back tonight!

Blast Near Baghdad Hotels Used by Foreigners -Witness

DVDs hit the campaign trail hard

Republicans fund Nader as decisive electoral weapon

What takes away Rick James' life?

Trivia question about football.

Book industry collapses - $500 worth of books now worth 0.062 cents

Your best Ideas for a TV reality series

If there's anything better than dancing rabbis...

Does anybody else have little physical coordination?

Any free email service permitting large messages?

Anyone know where I can get some cheap textbooks?

Don't question me, you son's a bitches

Anyone ever heard of the term "Boston Marriage"? Means "lesbian"

I just got invited to a Bible study...

Behold! The Grace and Class of a Legend

I hate scooping.

Okay, this might be rude and wrong to say, but Tom Cruise seems...

quick: somebody make a drink

If there's anything better than breakdancing robots...

Another question for baseball fans - this time for the Red Sox people

What's a good CD -> MP3 ripper?

Has anybody seen an SNL rerun since E! got the rights?

Napoleon's mass graves discovered: Bush plans to invade France

Do you like endless war against unknown enemies?

Re: Women- Pro choice T shirt gets family kicked out of Bush rally

Betty Castor gets Miami Herald and Palm Beach Post endorsements.

By Bush tax logic: We should stop prosecuting criminals.

Kerry Stands by Iraq War Voting Record

New Proposal - Color Coded Bush Gaffe Alert System

Alan Keyes candidacy is another example of GOP racism

Keyes: Obama's views on abortion are 'the slaveholder's position"

Bush Record On Minority Concerns

OK, dammit. Kerry, his comment today, and the IWR

Vanessa Kerry Brings Youthful Perspective to Campaign

WSJ: Thanks to Oil, Economy Faces Headwinds in Political Season

Molly Ivins: Tough sledding

James K. Galbraith: Our Sinking Ship

Steve Soto (The Left Coaster) Interview of Paul Krugman (Part I)

KRUGMAN: Spin the Payrolls

Disgusting attack on McCain by Worldnetdaily

Religion and Politics, Oil and Water

Women count more than NASCAR dads

NYT: Misreading The Truth In Sudan

One More Chalabi Black Eye(Chalabi's Con Stings Bush Again)

Jesse Jackson: We've 'turned the corner', been mugged

Copyrighting the President

CounterBias: The American Media

Must read: Ron Reagan, Jr.'s article in Esquire

Police State USA , by Rep. Ron Paul

Darfur's ugly resonance in the Arab world

'Sustainable Development' - The Evil Facing America

Admit it: tax cuts have failed to create jobs

Bernie Weiner-Bush's AWOL Scandal

Jonathan Freedland (Guardian Utd): The failed occupation

Plame case: indictment against Libby seems certain

Salon: New York lockdown

Molly Ivins - Letter from Canada. eh?

Juan Cole Update on Khan outing scandal (8-10)

I found the saddest right winger column on F911

Beyond Loopy (Jim Hightower)

Thomas Szaz's Challenge to Libertarians (and liberals!)

"Go Away" (Salt Lake Tribune on Lori Hacking and national media)

FYI-A Bush Critic Isn't a Saddam Ally

"Stacking the Crowd". Did no one see this USA Today COVER Story?

Rich Lowry is in love!

Letourneau is a predator and don't forget it -- by Susan Payntor

Vonnegut on Bush, pat act, librarians, etc.

Steve Earle: The Revolution Starts...Now

For those in the Seattle area,

Cheney to attend RNC Victory '04 Rally in Clive, Iowa today

Williamsburg Neo-ConEY Island Block Party 8/14

Protest Bush in Phoenix - tomorrow 8/11

AWOL: the bumpersticker

Radio Inside Scoop with Mark Levine


David Brooks flip-flops on "values"

Aaron Brown & Bill O'Lielly - our media in-action:

McEnroe played a clip last night

Der Spiegel: Mort on the Hunt for Fox

Today's Thought

Today in History 08/10

Skeptic Quote of the Day

My Carrion flower is blooming, bring on the flies.

What's Up in Space -- 11 Aug '04 Perseids....

Are politics / religion important in SO relationships?

Is it my imagination, or are a lot of young people (20-50) dying lately?

Omega 3---------Sour Disposition? Dried-out Feeling?

Do you ever have dreams of nuclear war?

A Very Dangerous Weed

So, which is it? (U.S. productivity news)

A telling note from John Challenger on hiring plans and the election

Manufacturing Tax Cut Would Help Few (1.1% of Corporations benefit)

Iowa editorial: Admit it: tax cuts have failed to create jobs

Trump was fired today - Who got to tell him? I hope it was videotaped!

Wild Chinook Salmon Test Equal Or Higher Than Farmed For PBDE Content

Multimillionaires' Montana Resort Fined $1.8 Million For Water Pollution

Coltan, Tin, Gold, Diamonds, Timber Fuel Congo War - Reuters

Key Chinese Grassland Munched By Bugs - Reuters

Oregon Ocean Dead Zone Returns - Possible Shift In Ocean Currents

An investment vehicle rolling on four wheels - doing the math

Green & Natural building

August 2004 ASPO Newsletter Now Available

Lake Powell Hits 40% Of Capacity, Will Keep Dropping to March/April 2005

Salmon gives birth to trout - gives hope to endangered fish

Steam explosion kills five in nuclear plant; everyone in Asia will die.

Chinese are poor losers, Chen says

I am thoroughly sick of all this swift boat shit. (Very long post.)

Finley to issue order on gun law ruling

GUNS IN THE NEWS--August 10, 2004

The gun-law sky is falling?

Officer Killed While Trying to Serve Papers

Irresistable gun porn

Do you support the 2nd Amendment?

I am sick of the "Kerry is an idiot" and "Why I won't vote for Kerry"...

Forum change suggestion

Please lock my thread in the Meeting room

Will there be a cross-post feature?

When you get a chance

How about a tee-shirt that says:

New forum suggestion

has OFFICIAL persecution of anti-war democrats begun...?

when will I get my Kerry/Edwards bumper stickers?

How about this idea to get more tee-shirt's designed: A contest

i REALLY don't like the GD/GD2004 change

I Have No Strong Feelings One Way Or The Other About

Passing the 'smell test' with Kerry posts critical of Kerry/Edwards.

Campaign Underground

Military court acquits Palestinian murder suspect, criticizes settlers

Israeli settlers' products face EU tariffs

Reform Presses U.S. to Increase Role in Peace Process Group Urges More Bal

Rightists' victory: PA policemen won't carry weapons

Palestinian inquiry blames Arafat for anarchy

Human rights group says Israel conducts apartheid-like policy on West Bank

Socialism beyond the Green Line

AG: Ethics committee to probe racist comments made by MKs

Link to the planes of 9/11

Right Wing Fundamentalists Even Have Tin Foil about 9-11

Here's a toast to Illinois Republicans

All Democratic Candidates going up against incumbent Republicans

Keyes is an extremely unpleasant person

Democrats make pre-emptive strike before Bush's Panhandle tour

Dade official seeking monitor for vote

GOP recruiting lawyers for election fallout

Congressional District 22

Northern California - Poodle/Poodle Mixes needs homes!

Mentally ill losing services because of Los Angeles cuts

Boxer/Jones Debate tonight- 6 PM

Poll: Schwarzenegger has broad support

Veto hurts child-abuse probes, advocates warn

Hi, everybody!

Cy Carpenter: Bush hasn't kept faith with rural Minnesotans

GOP Catfight!!!

Garrison Keillor Fundraising Event August 21st

Cheney in Battle Creek? any protests planned?

MI GOP almost broke the law in 2000 (nominated Spence for Pres Elector)

GOP says sister's donation to Cafaro is unlawful

Mitakides Rally w/ Patrick Kennedy - 8/11 Dayton

Bourbon for Ohio Repukes.

Lawmaker seeks to revisit slots funding

Conservative candidate Clymer wins Senate ballot berth

I have another Kerry Campaign party planned this Sunday the 15th

PA Lawyers! Question about LCB License.

Bill Clinton to headline Hoeffel fund-raiser

Any Travis County residents needing to become deputy registrars?

Good Story On The Chet Edwards Race

Mark you calendars! David Van Os Fundraiser Aug 26 Houston

State Dem chairman angry with his party

Bryan Kennedy for US Congress, 5th District!

For the love of god. It's only golf, people.


If a horse was as lame as Bush, what do you suppose they'd do ?

William Jefferson Clinton was AWESOME on the Daily Show!

Boris Spassky appeals to Bush to pardon Bobby Fischer

Bush campaign holds rally in Va.; Dems sense weakness

Turn on Randi Rhodes NOW.

NYT: Kerry Says His Vote on Iraq Would Be the Same Today

Iraqis refuse to be a US Colony


looking for "Our enemies are innovative and resourceful.. viddy

dubya in the checkout line...................................cartoon

Howard Dean on CSpan: Says that Bush nominated the man who wrote torture

Clashes And Churches: A View From Iraq

Krugman: Traders chanted, "Kerry," but Bush policy "frantically" spun

Shouldn't someone look into bush's connections to al qaeda?

Porter Goss "Somebody sends me a blue dress and some DNA,

Do you think that bin ladden will EVER be caught?

We are all holding the leash now...

Bush Chooses Rep. Goss to Head CIA

...if it keeps on rainin', the levee's gonna break......................

Pipe bomb's are now classified as WMD's.

Update on RNC protests from United For Peace & Justice: press conf. today

delete dupe

My fear is that even after Kerry is elected, the current junta will

anyone know if Bush will campaign with Alan Keyes ?

Ray McGovern : Not Scared Yet? Try Connecting These Dots

Pakistan protests to US over FBI action

The quiet before the Storm?

Does anyone have link to video of Krugman- O'really debate ?

C-span 9:05: DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS. I love this institution!

Bush also said high taxes on the rich are a failed strategy because

Sen.Roberts: Goss has no chance, pick needs to transend politics

Hey Robert Novak,

Can someone tell me what it means?

This was in the LTTE's in my local paper...

As Bush goes down, his followers get more angry

Okay, now I'm offended (stupid pass-it-on email from my cousin)

NYC tourism bureau to unveil "peaceful activist" welcome program

Pinkerton soft-soaping Swiftvet lies

So, no one ever thought about helicopters and limos being used?

After rereading both 1984 and Brave New World, I think Aldous

C-Span 9:34am CHALABI'S legal representative in Washington!

Mentally Demanding Jobs Lower risk of Alzheimers....(from CNN-AM)

Keyes: Obama's views on abortion are 'the slaveholder's position"

Kerry Stands by Iraq War Voting Record

Does Keyes have any ties to Illinois whatsoever?

Alan Keyes candidacy is another example of GOP racism

1:00 a.m. McEnroe repeat (Jeanine Garofalo and others) if missed it before

I was very moved by this photo. It is GRAPHIC of US corpse.

Missed Opportunities in Embryonic Stem-Cell Research . . .

This cartoon pretty much sums up the last three years

James Rubin is Talking Out of his Ass (RE: Kerry and Iraq)

Not so long ago ago, in 1956 and 1968

Does the two party system have any advantages at all?

Anyone have a video link to Clinton and the Daily Show?

The Bush economy - even good ole' Green Bay is suffering.

Mentally demanding work may protect against Alzheimer's

LOL!! Hilarious Freepertalk Re: Keyes V. Obama

Because Russert is a sleazeball... Now I must defend Bob Novak.

Shalikashvili suffers a serious stroke.

Laura "the horra" bush attacks Kerry

Some perspective on Kerry/Iraq War

Letter from John Edwards RE: Disclosure of Torture Documents

8/10 KERRY: 98.2% WIN PROB, 53.2% POP VOTE, 331 ELEC. VOTES

White House Allows For Natural Gas Exploration In National Forest

Of all the self-absorbed, narrow-minded, selfish things I've heard......

Kerry and the War Resolution

maybe i'm harsh but undecided voters must be just plain stupid

Good reading--Kerry's war record

Regarding the Elections...This is what Floridians have to put....

i just watched the repeat..

LA Times Ron Browstein: election intensity FRIGHTENING!

"Sunk! Swift Boats weren’t meant to ride on sewage."

"We Can Do Better"

Did anyone watch Nightline last night?

Kerry and the Media.

Hugo Chavez is a proponent of touch screen voting

Thanks to Sheila Samples!

Trying to locate Palm Beach recount riot photo w/phony Repub. ops.

The Covert Kingdom

Did Reagan Democrats make the Republican party more liberal?

PU this DOLL!

Oh shit, I'm self-deleting this one.

Bush certainly looked rested, fit, and confident this morning, didn't he?

Who in the hell would want 4 more years of bush*

From July 9: Porter Goss as CIA Director? Cheney's Cat's Paw

What would happen to Goss' seat if confirmed to CIA?

OK. At least a month ago a SMART DUer heard the word OWNERSHIP

i'm in cincinnati yesterday....

Who cares about Goss

Can we have a countdown please?

I once skied a mountain like this.

Ashcroft, Chalabi, Cheney, House of Saud, Goss, Cheney....WTF???


Kevin Drum: "Contempt Roundup." Has Novak already squealed?

Lets hear Kerry reopen the SOLAR RESEARCH program to end dependence on oil

What do you think of the Move On ads? (hope this isn't a dupe)

Gov. Bill Owens (R) CO-says the Zodiac Murders were solved

Pope's altar cloth makers turn to a more profitable line - thongs

Bush is now 'speaking'...

Chalmers Johnson's Blowback is a must read for DUers.

Does Ken Lay want a "speedy" trial?

I heard one interesting argument in favor of touch screen systems...

Have the Swiftboat vets for lies finally been discredited?

How would you like to live here?

Bush says we need MORE tax cuts for the RICH

Dean speaks for Kerry as he finishes Darmouth fellowship.

Federal Government has handed out Homeland Security funding to every

With Friends Like These...Keyes Get Lukewarm Illinois Welcome

Goss nomination? Beware the GOP 1-2-Punch

Bush's Cheers are like the old Wheel of Fortune

How about a separate Federal ballot?

Goss nomination DOA? . . .

Intelligence Patterns - and Problems

Be nice to yourself and catch the Daily Show repeat today

Plame pardons question


More right-wing hypocrisy

In trying to sort out the logic in Kerry's Viet service accusations

When/If Kerry wins, will repugs FINALLY admit we need a PAPER TRAIL?!?!

Nixon on Rumsfeld: We should dump him - he creeps me out.

Mississippi Clarion-Ledger letter: Is Ann Coulter a 'legitimate' writer?

Anyone know if C-SPAN will re-run Bush's sham at the UNITY CONFERENCE?

Teresa Quotes

DU this AOL poll

Is Bush coming unglued?

Realities of 9-11, Terrorism, Homeland Attacks and Terror Alerts ...

Lately Rummy has been working hard for BP oil

My moderate friend sends me this offensive Ant story

Many posts at DU and many news items now say Company

Did anyone hear Neil Rogers agree w/the swift boat liar?

Quickie on al-Sadr

Fahrenheit 9/11 to be released on Oct.5

Just finished watching Big Dog on The Daily Show

"Democrats win when people think."

need stories re: kerry's "like-ability"

My concern is not that Porter Goss will be confirmed, but that he will be

Krugman on AAR now; going over OLielly

My daughter just called to vent - * closed the Panama City library

National Security Advisor?

Toronto Star: "Stewarts gets serious, why won't reporters?"

After Kerry wins, will the Dem's various factions tear each other apart?

Michael Moore is up to something new and big!

It's another day. Where's Osama ??

The President has little control over the economy

Listen to Bush answer an unscripted quetion

I absolutely cannot watch the Will Ferrel whitehousewest clip, HELP!

Plamegate: Has Novakula been hauled before grand jury?

Wolfowitz, Will You Ever, Ever Come Clean? Re: General Franks new book

CNN just fell in line......

TRIUMPH the Insult Comic Dog will be on the O'Reilly Factor tonight

MSNBC poll today.

Arizona Newspapers Association forwarding right-wing spam

What is American Daily, OH, and how does it dominate Google first picks?

Robert Smigel's campaign donations (complete list)

Was the Manchuria Corporation Halliburton or Carlyle?

Laura Bush a chain smoker?

Triumph the insult dawg on Franken

Is Bush or Cheney more like the Manchurian Candidate

Is the abortion issue similar to the stem cell issue?

What religion are the people here?

that Bush ad that starts, "Kerry voted for the Patriot Act"

Poll: Schwarzenegger has broad support - Has Cali gone mad?

What's the response time for Kerry/Edwards to send out campaign gear?

Are Americans ready to live with this "fear" for several years ....?

Your kids hear more than you think they do...

Bandwidth thief now stumping for Kerry

Let us now praise Hans Blix, Mohammad El-Baradei and Scott

Hermann Goring's advice to Bush, Cheney, and Karl Rove:

Do you think the DLC has had a positive impact on the Democratic Party?

war war war terror terror terror Kerry is a Traitor Saddam is Captured

So Bush Defends His Decision On Iraq Using John Kerry

Evidence that doctors and nurses were complicit in prison torture in Iraq.

TIPS in Florida?

Can't Fitzgerald bug Rove, Cheney, Libby, Novak's office and or phone?

Most of our pundits and pundettes are simply famous for being

A Canadian's quick trip through the US

Inspections in Iraq

Why is Bill Clinton so cool? He is hands down the "coolest" Ex-Pres ever.

Because Kerry said he would have voted the same way on Iraq

Could you guys please lend me a hand with this online poll?

Wow, they've done it. US to create Nazi Youth. (USA Today article)

Richard Dreyfus statement on McEnroe: "This war is like the lynching of

Bhopal: A Tragedy Many Times Greater than 9-11

Bush Proves, once again, His academia is = to Jethro's

Who doesn't want to see Osama caught because it will give Bush a win ?

You HAVE to read the most idiotic, racist LTTE in history.

Had you heard the term "WAR FIGHTER" before? On C-Span, hearing

You both sicken me now.

Porter Goss on Plame

If Gore had been in the WH on Sept 11th, where would buck have stopped?

Is the History Channel's airing of Japanese atrocities

How much worse would a second Bush term be if there is one?

What Percentage of FOX News Viewers Are Masochistic Democrats?

Jesus was homeless so why do right wingers hate the homeless?

The Revolution Starts...Now , by Steve Earle

Anyone watching Wolfowitz testify in front of the Armed Services Committe

are Senators, Congressmen, & Elected Officials BETTER than us?

Stop giving money to MBNA & Bush--- Get the Juniper Bank Credit Card!!!

Parental Depression Affects the Entire Family -- Seattle PI

Rep. Goss hiding behind doors!

I voted today....

What does Graham have to say about meeting that ISI guy?

WaPo: Ruling gives Fitzgerald leverage against Novak, other journalists

Media comfy in their Ivory Tower - for now

I wrote to the paper.

Carville making Novak look silly.

General Joseph P. Hoar on Randi (AAR)

John O'Neill the parasite is going to be on

Time Warner CEO says Fox not news, just "talk radio brought to television"

High ranking Dems already rolling over for Goss

Didn't Edwards sue the Red Cross to get them to test blood

Cnn ha a poll.

any terra alerts in red states?

Have you observed that the Bush/Cheney drivers are the worst on the road?

Wolfowitz saz: Al Qaeda has out spent us 100 to 1........

Just For Fun: In 1984...

The Revolution Starts...Now by Steve Earle

Texas Air National Guard Veterans for Truth

Need help regarding military ballots in 2000.

Is "fear" an issue ?

Ex-Marine Carville calls Swift Boat Dirtbags "pond scum"

Fair and Balanced!!!

Shocking, I tell ya: Joe Scarborough filmed at Bush event

why hasn't Robert Novak faced a firing squad yet?

How much did it cost to train Bush* as a fighter pilot and should

The future belongs to freedom, not fear!

Today we are being inundated with more

Ruh Roh!!! The poodle looks like he's in trouble...

Amazon taking preorders for Janeane Garofalo's book

Is Porter Goss a Skull and Bonesman?


*Bush's future VP pick is betraying this nation......

Dope on Goss

Freepers whining about smear job on Corsi--LOL!

Wall Street Joke on Bush's Job Numbers

Coal Miners Don't Matter When They Get Sick

How dare lib'ruls respond to these brave character assassins!

why is keyes getting so much free media time?

Predictions Thread! RNC Conv.-Timed Attack to make * look good?

CNN Poll: Is Porter Goss good choice for CIA director?

Sell your home, all your belongings, buy a Bible and a cross...

'terra' is apparently getting ready to fight back

Has there ever been an official definition of "Mass" in the way it's

Could someone give me credible sources for 3 Laura Bush rumors?

CNN reported Nader petitions were being circulated at Cheney rally in IA

"Bush's AWOL Scandal: Let's Break Through the Media Barrier"

Wow, did you see that analyst guy on the News Hour tonight?

Did anyone here not watch ANY of the Democratic Convention?

The Daily Show just now..

Is Bush trying to put Goss in just in time for an October Surprise attack

"When you're a Democrat, you win when people think"

Yipes! What's your thoughts on this Vegas thing?

Is ALAN KEYES crazy?

Hypothetical Trojan Horse scenario (please note that I'm voting for Kerry)

Howard Zinn on Majority Report

If you had your choice in the Nov. 2004 election

Swift boat vets whining they cant get interviews because of Kerry

AZ Amber Alert...but they forgot

Please look over my LTTE on GOP smears of veterans

Was Wonkette on MTV during the Dem. Convention?

Looking for a good book that compares democratic values to the republicans

Health Care and 2004 Vote on C-Span 2 now......

Sludge: Howard Dean No Scream in Cable Debut; 133,000 Viewers on CNBC

Pic of Pickles "Smokers Lip" inside!

Re: Last night's TDS with Bill Clinton

Pic of College era Bush punchin a dude in the face.

Let us now praise Gore Vidal.

Wisdom of small children: my five year old's solution to the Sudan crisis

CNN: Is Goss Nomination is Going to Backfire?

Be Honest. Ever hassle a Bush/Cheney driver?

Goss is a gift to Democrats. fund drive

L.A. Times vs Free Republic

PLEASE please please! Does anyone have a downloadable clip of the...

What are some great war protest songs from the 60s?

Freepers have invaded the Yahoo Boards

NY Times Versus Reuters: Half-Empty or Half-Full

Why Is Bush Fighting the 9/11 Commission's Recommendations??

Going to protest Cheney tomorrow. What do you think of these signs?

George, Let's Play Abu Ghraib. Pleazzzzzzzze? Purty Pleazzzze?

How much can our troops take

NYT Front Page Picture

Bush Forest Plan Breaks Faith with Washington State, Says Heritage Forests

Court Strikes Down Bush Effort to Weaken Dolphin Protection

Bush Photo Collection: A tribute to Dim Son - feel free to add

Ebay - sweat from Alan Keyes

Anyone else's family getting ripped apart by this election?

Bush lecturing on Tribal Sovereignity, having a breakdown.

Howard Dean Repeat on NOW. w/ JonStewart/BevH/ CNBC

Just watched Bill O'Reilly with Triumph (sp?) the Insult Dog

Thank you to the DUer who turned me on to the Bob Kincaid Radio program

I know some of you share my LOVE of Paul Krugman. He will appear with

OK ya ll give me some sights for my right wing nut job mother in law

Big Dog: "If you are a Democrat, you win when people think."

Kerry's Iraq War Resolution Vote: What You Should Keep In Mind

Paul Krugman coming up on...

Can someone explain this RW bumper sticker?

can smirk pack scotus as a lame duck?

Lol, freeper swiftboat author apparently apologizes for comments on FR?

FreeRepublic fails to allow civil debate

You guys weren't kidding when you said O'Reilly got drilled the other day


Why are DUers defensive when someone asks a question Freepers are asking?

HOW will Americans react if Bushit postpones election?

"Take the star out of the window and let my conscience take a rest"

Indifference to US deaths in Iraq is mounting.

Goss Feathered his CIA Nest for Future Power Grab

Dubya and sportsmanship

Even in Rugby, Bush is a bully and a cheater

George W Bush am Bizarro Superman No. 1!

Important "what if" question

Should telephone polling be outlawed?

Help! I need some Bush flip flop examples

Is there a quote about a leader who uses fear...

Eliot Spitzer on McEnroe now!!!! CNBC

Hope on the way

Difference between Democrats and republicans..

9/11/01, One Person's View

My face to face meeting with Porter Goss

Why do abortion laws need to be reformed?

Bush Mocks Kerry Over Views on Iraq War

Ever been an abortion clinic defender

Dadcom Weighs In On Porter Goss (And A Heartfelt Request)

When is Michael Moore going to out the news anchor?

Do These Lyrics Still Apply... Today ???

This photo is the REAL truth...

Goss was a vocal supporter of the man he's replacing. Where's the reform?

"we're in a holy war, so we need a president who knows the bible"

John O'Neill can kiss my

We must out CIA as largest terrorist org on media! USE AGENT TELLS ALL

Believe it, or not.....a kudos for Dennis Miller!

New Flash: 'Don't We Deserve Better?'

Help from DUer's: Trying to compile list of ALL Bush lies

Who Served? Who Didn't Serve Our Country

Did Goss originally support the 9-11 Commission?

New Flash: 'Don't We Deserve Better?'

Krugman is on Dennis Miller

Topic A on CNBC with Dean as host repeats at 11.

If I were a Republican

Laura Bush speech on stem cell research is fodder for Dems.

If Social Security is even partially privatized... it means death to

Scarborough should be fired now! (incriminating photo)

The ONE thing Repugs have going for them

Fuck 'em. Let them have Goss

How Pubs Avoid Eating Crow When Truth is not Present 207.006

Radio Hosts target GOP - on Scarborough - toppling Repuglican

George Bush* is a Smart Ass

How Do DU members Feal about Taxes

Ethical question regarding the death penalty

did anyone just hear malloy mention DU

Repugs want everyone to work but don't want to pay them for it.

Funny email on shrub knowing his bible.

Drudge is up to his old tricks again

Oh-oh... Why haven't I seen this thing about Iraqi MiGs being buried?

And for this some want to shoot us?

This site provides e-mail addresses for vietnam vets...

Are Scientologists political?

What if Barack Obama gets 'Wellstoned'?

What's the story on Kerry's crewmates

Goss Legislation-June 18 2003

Quote of the Day from Adlai Stevenson

MSNBC Scarborough Country

I heard that Trey Parker & Matt Stone are Republicans...

I'm not an economist. But I did have a few courses at Ga Tech.

Who Is Financing The Insurgency In Iraq?

I have an idea about Drudge

Iran's claims of no enriched uranium appear to bolstered by evidence

Florida Residents: Watch out for Charley!!!!!!

were slave owners big on late term abortions to save the mother?


October Surprise? Diplomacy sidelined as US targets Iran

the thread on lynching

Disabled Democrats, Check In. What is it that you want?

OMG. I think Dubya might be gay!

American Bar Association condemns detainee treatment

Goss maintained that Richard Clarke lied to 9-11 committee.

life and politics -- i am doing my best


Aug. 29, what if 300,000 people just decided to go to Central Park?

Goss refused to investigate the outing of CIA's Plame. "Wild Allegations"

Why does the rightwing adore their leaders?

Is Nuking N. Korea a Legitimate Option

Future President Marries Wealthy Widow

Okay where is the Mike Malloy thread? He is on a roll tonight

Goss: '9/11 "not an intelligence failure" '

Outfoxed : Murdoch reaches 3/4 of the world's population every day?

"We hold these Truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal..

Hannity Referred to Michel Moore as a "Propagandist"

I just had the most horrible thought!!!!!!!


MEME MEMO: Rushing the CIA nomination is reckless and dangerous

Is the Drudge Report an accredited periodical (website)?

BBV-Colorado SoS NOT providing Election Night Results?

Las Vegas mayor Oscar Goodman (R!) on Olberman.

The Daily show is ON! Talking about Novak and SwiftBoat liars!

Aaron Brown & Bill O'Lielly: our freedom of the press in-action:

Limbaugh says: Bush to invade Iran because it has nuke targeting Israel

The AWOL Years

Do you care about protecting reporters anymore?

Kurt Vonnegut's Latest!

Uh oh. Latest polling shows Keyes ahead of Obama. We're in trouble. . .

Dems respond to Keyes sweatrag eBay auction

Volcano could flatten US cities. A problem known for a decade.

Bush and the HAND AROUND THE NECK!!!!!!!

How bad will Porter Goss Gestapo-ize the CIA?

So I just watched the story on Sudan

Is the Election More Important to Repukes Than Destroying al Queda?

Calling all DU'ers from Venice, FL

Bush Leak of Double Agent Hurts Fight Against Al Qaeda

Ever wonder what the Freepers & Right-wing conservatives want for the US?

This Website Is T-E-R-R-I-F-Y-I-N-G-!-!-!

Did Jesus ever mention homosexuality?

CARTOONS: Chicken George

The one quality ALL neocon/freeper types have in common.

I'd like to follow up/expand on Richard Dreyfuss' comments last night

OMG! Bush gives little fish to Barney to torture

Controversial question: How much say should a man have on abortion?

At school My liberal 13 year old said None of your business today ! Ha !

A primer on Leo Strauss the Guru of the PNAC gangsters.


"but I don't like Kerry either...."

Some questions on BBV - Bev's demo with Dean...

Donate to Guy James!!!!!

Next week in Toronto

A Political Overview of Canada (Province By Province)

Well, what a surprise! Tory Michael Howard kowtows to the BNP and UKIP.

Is it time for Tony Blair to step down?

Keeping the monarchy, good or bad?

Immigrants' illegal trip cost $1,500 apiece, court hears

Riggs Lost $34.4 Million, Hurt by Fines, Core Operations

Chile sex scandal spills into politics

Bush campaign pays bill (One of many)

NYT:US Security Officers to Take Over NYC 'Copter Tour Passenger Screening

NYT, pg1: Civil Rights Battlegrounds Enter World of Tourism

NYT - Unpaid Internships Separate Haves from Have-Nots

Fresh Fighting Erupts in Iraq's Najaf -Witness

Turnbull's Iraq criticism puts PM on the spot

A family affair

dupe / delete

Historians Find Lost Laurel & Hardy Film

Dupe Retrial of Convicted Terror Suspect Opens in Hamburg

Judge orders Time reporter jailed and fined - won't reveal CIA leak

Porter Goss

9/11 Conspirators Reveal Links with Chechen Fighters

Terror Suspect Linked to Moroccan Defense Attache

Arrests aren't removing the dangers of al-Qaida

So, which is it? (U.S. productivity news)

NYT,pg1,lead: US: Grip On Iraqi Militia in Najaf Tight (headline misleads)

Firefighters slam Bush cuts

Zambia 'too poor for democracy'

Massive Rallies Anticipate Chavez"s Victory on Sunday Referendum

Porter Goss selected to run CIA

Moroccan in court again on 9/11 charges

First Lady Bashes Kerry Stem Cell Stance

Riggs of US sidelines risk officer

Kerry Talks About Family Economics

High Schoolers: Military Draft Will Resume

Iraq Cleric Vows Fight to Death Vs. U.S.

Drunk Driver Asks Police to Arrest Him

George Bush's failed fiscal policies (LONG)

Police feeling impact of war

Democratic chair angry with national party (Texas)

Were Canadians involved in a massacre in Haiti?

Lay is ready, willing and funded for trial (wants trial before Nov)

Powell Won't Attend Republican Convention

321 DVD copy)Company Reaches Settlement(driven out of business) on DVD

Istanbul Bombs Kill Two, Qaeda Group Claims Attacks

Japan Nuke Accident Highlights Laxity, Aging Plants

AaiPharma announces job cuts, higher net income (125 jobs)

Potentially Harmful Flame Retardant Chemicals in Farmed Salmon

Judge OKs Woman's Dog As Depression Aid

Bush's port security policies are criticized (Holbrooke in Maine)

Pipe Bomb Find Leads To Dozens Of Charges Against Fuquay-Varina Teen (WMD)

Bush Unveils Economic Priorities("Ownership" of any health/pension problem

Rumsfeld: Iraq has "good crack" at bright future

Former chess champion asks Bush to show mercy for ex-rival

An investment vehicle rolling on four wheels - doing the math

U.S. Forces Pound Iraqi Militia, Urge Surrender

Cryptic Comedy "I'm Gonna Kill the President!" to Play Somewhere in NYC

Danes stop handing over prisoners

Pakistani National Arrested in N.C. on Immigration Charges;Allegedly Video

Memos: Vegas failed to act on terror tapes

In Hindsight, Kerry Says He'd Still Vote for War

Reporter Held in Contempt in CIA Leak Case

Keyes says Obama afraid to face him

U.S. 2nd-Qtr Productivity Rises at 2.9%; smallest gain in almost two years

George Bush: Champion of Stem Cell Research

la-Z-boy shuts plants

Fed Pushes Rate Up Quarter of a Point

Kurds Say They Bombed Turkish Hotels

Democrats want party- switcher disqualified (La.)

FOMC Raises Fed Funds Rate to 1.50%

Governor of Southern section of Iraq threatens to sucede

Attack on Jewish Cemetery Stirs Outrage in France

Nichols Seeks Forgiveness for Okla. City Bombing

Libya to Pay $35M for Berlin Disco Bomb

Department stores pay to end probe into limiting competition

Iraq PM gives Chalabi's party 24 hours to evacuate Baghdad HQ

Seniors favor prescription drug imports, price negotiation, new poll says

Strong Earthquake Kills Three in China

Sierra Club picks N.H. for voter education drive ($8M)

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Tuesday 10 August

Jewish students attacked at Auschwitz

New York fire, police unions threaten strike during Republican National Co

Groups File Complaint Over Anti-Kerry Ad

Leak Allowed al-Qaida Suspects to Escape

NYT: US Regulators Release Vehicle Rollover Data (new system)

Sept. 11 Commission Leaders Say Recommendations Won't Harm Military

3 Soldiers From Area Killed in Combat

Anti-Abortion Ads Under Attack

Poll: Schwarzenegger has broad support

Nader petitions circulated at GOP (Cheney) rally Iowa

President Bush chose Porter Goss to lead the CIA

Jerry Falwell wins ruling shutting down a critic

Anti-Kerry Book Scribe Sorry for Slurs

US launches air strikes on Najaf

Insecurity Exacerbated by Coalition Weakness/Jordan Times/New WMW

CNN: Deadly blasts hit Turkey hotels (Istanbul)

Kerry to address V-F-W

Muslim: Fired over beard

Cheney criticizes Kerry in Iowa campaign stop

China slowly legalizing methadone to help combat AIDS

State Education Commissioner Jim Horne resigns (Florida)

Repubs using fake polls to change votes in Florida.

Nominee to Run CIA Was Once One of Its Officers

Plame Leak Case Could End in Supreme Court Standoff (E&P)

Some fans don't want musicians to play politics

Ex-UN chief weapons inspector quits top post citing malicious campaign

Oil companies' role in Africa investigated

Diplomacy sidelined as US targets Iran

NYT: Crucial Unpaid Internships...Separate Haves from Have-Nots

US Refuses Key Testimony in German Terror Trial

Bush Forest Plan Breaks Faith with Washington State

Bush runs afoul of Irish-Americans over Iraq contract

UN reports fresh violence in Darfur, alleges pressure on displaced

New Orleans streetcars videotaped by arrested Pakistani national

Mole Row Reveals U.S. Intelligence Disarray (political opportunism)

Abu Ghraib pre-trial hearing relocated to Germany

Diplomats:IAEA tests on enriched uranium traces found inside Iran vindica

Detainees shouldn't have lawyers: US

Nuke plant leak rattles resources-strapped Japan

State Senator Robertson (R-MS) Convicted on DUI Charge (second offense)

Occupation HQ attacked in central Baghdad

Bush Mocks Kerry Over Views on Iraq War

IRS to Scrutinize Pay of Charities' Execs

Congressman Pleads Guilty to Kentucky Gun Charge (US Rep -R)

[KS-3] Kobach Locks Up Nomination to Face Moore

WP: Tax Cuts Become A Juicier Target

Barbs 'Hurt' Party-Switching Congressman

Provisional Ballots Raise New Questions

Challenge to Kerry's Vietnam record sets off storm

Iraqi south threatens break up

Rep. Majette Wins Georgia Senate Primary

Coors, Salazar cruise to wins

Conscience calls IRS auditor - reveals secret tax deal

Houston soldier dies from shrapnel wounds

(Tx.) State Dem chairman angry with his party (for writing off Texas)

U.S. feels effects of halt in shipments (trucker boycott strains supplies)

Iraq's 'Hell' Still Lures Workers

Most high schoolers think draft will return--55% see DRAFT in their future

WP: Democrats Respond to Goss Nomination With Caution

Iraq On a Knife Edge- (Rebels Control Basra!)-Independent UK

Anti-Kerry Book Scribe Sorry for Slurs

NYT: U.S. to Give Border Patrol Agents the Power to Deport Illegal Aliens

Judge bars U.S. from weakening rules for 'dolphin-safe' tuna

Blair faces vote of no-confidence over war

Mike Wallace was arrested in Mahattan tonight for disorderly conduct..ABC

Haiti election plans threatened by lack of cash

Kerry says Bush broke his word on Yucca Mountain nuclear waste storage

New York crude breaks above 45 dollars a barrel

Bush Says National Sales Tax Worth Considering

Activists want anti-Bush rally in New York (still want Central Park)

Coal Miners Lose Health Benefits


Mapuche Indians in Chile Struggle to Take Back Forests

CNN Breaking: Porter Goss named new CIA chief...

Whoda thunk Red Adair would die of natural causes?

For my post workout cooler, should I have:

Most obscure poll ever: Camillo Cavour

What's one of your favorite films that's not out on DVD?

I just managed to get online after 20 frustrating hours! Ask me anyting

Mozillla question:

Who do you think is the best pro-football quarterback?

What are some signs that a long friendship might be coming to an end?

Is "Nature's Miracle" simply...

I was pretty upset whenTaco Bell took away my Mexi-Nuggets

Droll Website: "Black People Love Us"

Do you approve of binary polls?

Lester Flatt has an awesome voice

Oh poo, my star is gone, I had better fix that.

Insomniacs...where are ya?

My newspaper just came. Is it time for bed yet?

New Campaign Poster for Alan Keyes

guys and girls, i need funny bush pix

another Poll: Are you an philanthropist, a philanderer, or a philatelist?

I think my biolgical clock is kicking in

DU ACTION ALERT!! Nudist Resorts Fighting For Members!

The Village

Take the test: how many dates needed before meeting your soulmate?

Consumer Reports Investigates How to Protect Against Spam, Spyware and Phi

Four Arrested - They Killed And ATE Their Cousin At Wedding

Drunk Man Pulls Cop Over - Asks To Be Arrested

mini-discman owners check in

Man, Rejected by His Wife, He Cuts Off His Penis (Yahoo)


Country Proposes More Flogging - Less Jail

WooHoo-- 600 posts in only a year & a half!

Cat Loose In Cockpit Scratches CoPilot - Causes Emergency Landing

Pixies announce New York dates - Hammerstein Ballroom - Dec 12/13

Root Out vs. Route Out....You decide!

Check out this new bu$h parody.........LOL

Question about Gay Keith (6 ft Under) having sex with the female Pop Star?

The nicotine addiction has been broken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can I get head please?

I'm going away for 11 days.

Teen with drug-free future plans dies of OD a day after jail release

Can I get a thread count please!!!

Dog Wins Alimony In Divorce

Product idea: cell phone with NO features

Fight Over Computer Solitaire Game Leads To Couple Jumping From Balcony

I want my cheneying package!

I'm gonna beat Matcom to one:Cuddle parties let strangers get touchy-feely

If you see anyone driving a CLOWN TRUCK that isn't their's..........

Great. My Walkman is broken

Your "Buffy" Crush (Male)

Daily Show Rerun coming up

Anyone have screen shots of Maureen Dowd on Sunday show?

Canadian man must pay $200 per month in dog support

Only One Person Does A Better Rant Than Malloy!...

Missing Cat Comes Home After 18 Years Away

Mating Land Crabs Are Jail Bait For Poachers

Great my manwalk is broke!

Set Report: "Team America: World Police"

I'm going to Boston today + tomorrow!!!

Great. My Wakeman is broken

Udder-tampering/doping scandal hits Australian cows

system of a DU

The Deadhead's Paradise - over 2500 live shows available for downloading.

Who was your favorite fictional President?


Apple to host every live note The Grateful Dead have every played!

thinking of changing my nick

So it turns out that there actually are folks who will give me a mortgage

Post a role-playing game that you doubt anyone has heard of....

Northern California - Poodles/Poodles-Mix needs home!

Good Morning BigMcLargeHuge! - Are you watching us?

saw a sales clerk w/a red ribbon tattoo on her wrist

serial killers

overstating the potential for CAPTION breakthroughs

FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP it! I lost a stereo unit....

Nominate the world's great rock and roll cities here.

All They Are Saying IsGive Frieden a Chance-findmost beautiful German word


Cereal Killers

Can I get a head count please!!!

Any Lance Henriksen fans?

BA lost 11,000 bags during storm

Am I the only one freaked that I've been a Jon Stewart fan

My boss just told me she met Bill Clinton last night

Listening to Bruce Springsteen's Born to Run. Ask me anything.

Brits Prefer A Hot Cup Of Tea Over Hot Sex

The more B* opens his mouth...

What do we want?

What's for lunch ?

Celery- Nature's punishment for being fat.

Why? oh WHY? Does Visa send you a new card when you purposely didn't renew

My man walked over a grate and it broke

someone define MEME for me please

"Fortunately, I keep mah feathas numbered, for just such an emergency"

DU: A chance to rant right here!

What was the last thing you read or saw that really screwed you up?

did you hear about no more floating chicks?

I just finished reading "Post Office" this morning...

Photoshop of Bill O'Reilly doing something unlikely

Hey, DU Science Geeks!

A question about the Olympics.

Was this intended? - Two threads on Latest (not LBN) page

Okay all you other cat servants, need tips . . .

Funniest t-shirts online...

I hear matcom had breast implants

Cocaine is a hell of a drug.


Burglar Ignores Pricey Jewelry, Chooses To Try The Food

What kind of threads do you head straight to?

During the rectification of the Vuldrani...

Lookie - the first picture of WillPitt with his new beard

The Quantum Sleeper ...

I used myself as a guinea pig. Want to hear the results?

Anyone else getting pimped for the Olympics?

Company Hired To Shock Pigeons To Rid Them Before GOP Convention

What kind of threads do you steer clear of?

DU cooks: I have two serious questions about my lunch. (not a spoof)

I hear the drizzle of the rain

Interesting take on the Draft

Office games....killing time

Are you currently, actively trying to improve yourself?

I get to go up against J.D. Hayworth next week...Anyone want to ask him

White House releases list of banned items

Legal Bank Robbery!!

"Iron Eyes" Cody

So what can I watch on Network News

Why did I wake up at four?

If you don't vote in this poll....

I LOVE the Al Franken Show

How can I get Ringtones in my Nokia phone?

The Kool-Aid in Pensacola must be REALLY strong

Should Shylock1579 post his 1000th post?

Which News Story Do You Want MORE Coverage Of

remember people--- be kind to your computer------

5...4...3...2...1...Take off, hosers!

Triumph The Insult Comic Dog on Bush

I developed a stut...stut....

Anyone else getting pumped for the Olympics?

Guys, do you get funny looks when shopping for women's clothing?

Favorite Jefferson Starship song

My Love

The Irony of the "New Economy"?

"The Best of Triumph The Insult Comic Dog" on's here, baby!

What is the origin of the word "sweetcheeks"?

Dang it, darn it, DANG - My Inbox is EMPTY!!!

Fark: Combine TWO olympic sports...ruh-roh!

I just had a "Six Feet Under" crazy thought....

" got the hiiiiddy got the jump and run again...

Vote for Me! (a poem)

Are you pretentious?

The Wall Street Journal has come in very handy lately (joke)

does anyone know why when I drop my dialup access

The best decade for films?

Seriously. Why do people hate me?

Low carb railroading: N.D. Corn Train Derails...

What is most important to *NOT* teach a child?

DU POST # 666 Subject :Barbara Bush -Spawner of Devils!

CAPTION Bush maybe getting a little too familiar

I dropped 10*C!

Seriously. Why do people hate the Edmonton Eskimos?

We have an al Qaeda operative on DU!

If I hear one more time about the courage of that skank Dolo Amber

CAPTION the actual shadow government

Is anyone else getting pumped?

WORST shipping service?

Four Degrees of Brian Eno - Does Eno link all musicians?

Funny Thought: What if the FRENCH captured Osama?

The Mystery of Britney Spears' Breasts...

Residence Life will feel my wrath soon

So, I called Visa to activate my "new card"

Death awaits you all

What is your favorite John/John duo?

You know what sucks the most about being broke?

if i hear one more time about the courage of that skank amber frey..

Has anyone here known an autistic person?

I love the Olympics. Great positive article on how they can do good.

Oh Dear God it's the Bush Twins "Vogue" eyes! My eyes!

What a day!

I think my Sim is dying and don't know what to do

What do you think...

Does Mr. Scorpio love you?

Computer troubles/questions? Ask here!

*YAAAAWNNN* (scratch)

SEPARATED AT BIRTH: Bush/Pickles and...


Photoshop Wizard needed.

Admit your most embarrassing secret here

Outfoxed just came in the mail.

At long last... post number 200!!!!!

Favorite Social Distortion song?

In honor of these Bush photos, I propose a new word: "fidiot."

Question for DU gals with beards.


Question for DU gays with ears

Question for DU goys with fears

The Sushi Bandit's 2 most popular DU Lounge posts!

Tom Ridge, lookin' like Harry, the guy with the snake on his face


Welcome to North Dakota.

(The Onion): Kerry Unveils One-Point Plan for Better America

Ok....I'm Gonna Say It - DEVO Can Kiss My Ass

Fire Destroys Okaloosa County Fire Station


Who thinks Moof and Dookus should kiss and make up?

Oh.. and Sting can kiss my ass, too

Damn... I need to sell my car now.

Poll: Which TV couple most resembles you and your SO?

"Crap! I swore I'd never go out when Dad was having WWII flashbacks!"

The wild eyed would be superhero needs a CAPTION

OMG! I just got an invite to a dinner.

What is a Moof?

Seriously. Why do people love me?

What do you call one Dookus ?

Carjacking victim must pay $145 to recover stolen car from city pound

OK... I'm gonna say it . Radiohead is whiney

"What's for dinner, Grandpa?"

Will Farrell in top form...

I have kept a log, and now know how I am spending my free time

Best mainstream rock/rap fusion track:

"Furrin'" DUers: Has your country had a leader as intelligent as Bush?

I'm a nothing - Ask me anything - But I won't respond.

What animal do you think you look like?

OK, when exactly is it that we get "old"?

CAPTION a scene from the movie"Foul Play"

Seriously. Why do people hate the Dallas Cowboys?

I hated the Grinch, but I (so far) like the Cat in the Hat

My tortoise loves bok choy

The Peace President? No. "The Anger Management" President?...tell me more!

So you fancy yourself a tops or bottoms person ?

CAPTION the heads of intelligence

Traffic stopped on Interstate for 20 min so Cheney can go to fund-raiser

What is a turd-bucket?

What does the phrase 'carrot and stick' mean?

This is a song about a superhero named Tony!

now this is a party....

Should I get my freak on. . . ?

Dog is to Cat


Sitting here wishing on a cement floor...

Link to pics co-worker took of KERRY @ THE GRAND CANYON!

For DUers on AIM

WORST Decade for Popular Culture?

A Rant.....Don't you just love it When Fellow DU'ers post ...

Joe Schmo 2 Finale Tonight.

A moment of pure terror....

If at first you don't succeed...

Who was the best pro football runningback? would you have handled this one

Wow, has anyone seen the new pick of Mike Malloy on the AAR website

I'm leaving in about 10 minutes. Ask me anything!

Last comic standing

How come almost all the famous rock groups are from LA???

DU Runners - a few questions, if I may.

Picked up Rock Against Bush Vol 2 Today

I have now been unemployed for a month

Mrs. Matcom Is Mad At Me (not really)

APPROVED...your PIC on US stamps......really!

Most common first names

Have fun with Dubya's head!

Your love

And the Cardinals SECOND hit in 10 innings

The hell with cookies and milk! (picture)

Soccer fans: Anyone still like Manchester United??

Question for DU Gays with beers

Mother's Little Helper

Stock Market Futures Crashing due to Crow Shortage. driving prices through

*THIS* is why I adore Launchcast...

Mike Malloy Time!!!

Rum and Coke

OMG, Bush is administering the "Pickles Neck Hold" on Senator McCain!

Daily Show!

Have you heard about no more floating checks ?

Disc jockey Hunter Hancock has died.

Man Dresses As Jesus, Declares 'Salvation Awareness Day'

Hey, European...

No way I have 1.15 million hits on my love story blog

I love reading the Top Ten Conservative Idiots

MS Word question

Jungle Boogie

Check out drudge eom

What if Microsoft controlled Nintendo gaming back in 1989?

Favorite non-traditional childrens song?

OK.. I'm only gonna say this once...

I drove my Kerrymobile into the heart of DuPage county tonight

I don't want to work. I just want to bang on the drum all day.

Greatest "Made In The U.S.A." American Rock & Roll album of all time?

Whose albums do you keep buying even though they now suck?

Good Night Mr. Roberts

Oh my God Malloy is killing me!!

The word HATE get's thrown around here too much!

It had to be done: What's your favorite Pixies album?

oh's another rant! Tonight's topic: Flaky friends, Part II

I know what song I will listen to if Kerry wins.

Just had a Supercell thunderstorm roll through

Time again for "Name ...Zomby's ...Fetus!"

I love McCain

I Love You

Why is everything listed according to Eastern Standard Time?

Anyone here Jadakiss' New Song - "Why"?(Anti-Bush)

Good news and a request for positive thoughts

Heads up. Bev Harris coming up on Tina Brown's show w/Howard Dean

All-time Favorite Athlete's Names?

Your "Buffy" Crush (Female)

The world has gone McCrazy

What wine would you recommend with this dish?

Do you smoke?

What religion are the people here?

What is your least favorite word in the english language?

Which 80's songs best represent NOW?

Computer gurus - help please!

Did I hear that Bush nominated PALMER JOSS for CIA director?

Sieg Heil! Today's Customer Service Horror Story

I am happy to report that the new kitty is already . . .

Hello from Santorini, Greece

Who is the "Y Generation"?

Favorite Prince Philip quote!


Was Michael Douglas' character in Falling Down RIGHT about golf courses?

I so desparately want to see "The Corporation"

So is anyone coming to Happy Hour in NYC on August 28th?

Favorite Member of the Rat Pack?

What is most important to teach a child?

Saw EuroTrip last night

Does Bush ever take a good photo?

Sean Connery: Sexy?

Low - Lust for Life - Heroes - The Idiot - four classics, one year - 1977

Wish me luck (self-serving thread)

Question for DU guys with beards

If you use Outlook...what spam software are you using?

I'm a Lawyer/baker/Computer Tech/Scientist....Ask me anything!!

In DC? Looking for an Internship? With Hillary Clinton? and youngred?

Name this kitten!

Goodbye, Dave Matthews Band!

"Douchebag of Liberty!"

Coastal TexaFloriBamaLouisiSippians: two hurricanes on the way.

Just wasted my 1000th post on one of whoisalhedges' rants! Ask anything!

Have you ever posed nude and do you still have the pictures?


So what kind of wine do Freepers drink?

What's your favorite Hummer picture?

My Fiancé says I have more friends online than in real life. I should:

My beloved Jessie has just had major surgery. :(

Your favorite BAD movie?

cat lovers -- you familiar with Catster?

"The Amazing Race" is the best reality show, ever.

"you're a kerry Loving democrat!"

DU Cooks converge!!! THE GREAT DU RECIPE THREAD!!!!!

Have you ever posted nude and can I have a picture?

Are you currently boycotting anything you like due to politics?

Take the "Libertarian Purity Test!"

Vote For Kerry, or Shove All Your Little Complaints

Bush's new spot sounds just like an oil company commercial!

Swift Boat Veterinarians For Truth Speaks Out

McCain & Bush

Bush campaign holds rally in Va.; Dems sense weakness

Answering the 87 Billion Dollar question:

Anyone watch Clinton on the Daily Show?

An Open Letter To John McCain

That Dubya! What a cutup!


Right Winger answer to Halliburton

Kerry Reaches Out to Disaffected Republicans

Love is in the air... (Pakistan rides to Bush's rescue)

Keyes doesn't get it (neither does the Illinois GOP)

Is this waht "peak oil" is all about? Even Al-Jazeera is reporting on oil

Pinkerton soft-soaping Swiftvet lies

Laura Bush..neurologist/endocrinologist/medical ethicist...speaks

8/10 KERRY: 98.2% WIN PROB, 53.2% VOTE, 331EV

George Clooney's dad running for Congress in Kentucky...

maybe i'm harsh but undecided voters must be just plain stupid

in the Grand Rapids Press last night

Porter Goss CIA Chief

Liberal Media really pushing Bush tax gaffe (NOT)

LISTENING Is Important.

55% of high schoolers think the DRAFT will return, only 68% hopeful on USA

Democrats Press Strategy on 9/11 Report (meet in DC on Tuesday)

Federal Review Composite: Kerry 301, Bush 237 (8-10-04)

Brilliant analysis by Bob Harris on "This Modern World"

question aboutt he lates BS with Kerry's record

Kerry's numbers have finally caught up with Bush's plummeting approval.

Regarding the Elections...This is what Floridians have to put....

GOP calls Kerry a "job killer"-he supports bi-partisanGlobal warming bill

June 01Porter Goss Statement Regarding Kerry's Speech on National Security

Why I would vote Kerry in November if I could

OK. At least a month ago a SMART DUer heard the word OWNERSHIP

Who made the best decision on Iraqi Resolution? Sen. Byrd or Sen. Kerry?


I heard a really obnoxious woman last night on the radio...

bush* speaking - is that scarborough behind him?

THE Case against Dubya

G.O.P. Plans Spectacle to Jazz Up (w/ country-music/gospel) Convention

The Oh-So-Quotable Alan Keyes...

When the HELL is the DNC/Kerry gonna open up and UNLOAD on Shrub??

Which FL county would you like to live in?

John Kerry To Speak At VFW Convention

The Democrats are the TRUE "Pro-Life" party.

Irish-American DU'ers or any DU'ers for that matter..

"Sunk! Swift Boats weren’t meant to ride on sewage."

Goss echoes Bush in criticizing Clinton (Kerry) for 90's intelligence cuts

Bush: "the really rich people figure out how to dodge taxes anyway."

Rasmussen daily tracking poll: Kerry up 49-46

"john kerry onLy spent 3 months in vietnam"

Remember in the '92 campaign Ross Perot held up charts and had

Background on Goss, for your edification

Kerry's BEST response to the IWR his own words

In trying to sort out the logic in Kerry's Viet service accusations

Thank you Sheila Samples and Evelyn Pringle

Bush - Kerry agrees with me. War was right decision.

Any Vets know the meaning of "Mad Minute"?

Only 21 Days left in Kerry Ad Blackout

The Bush/Cheney Sloganator Memorial

Be aware: They're going to use the Goss thing to divide us

need stories re: kerry's "like-ability"

Flagstaff Cry Out....

Hey Laura: BOOHOOHOO about your dad, but we need stem cell research

MSNBC online poll: Kerry 70% Bush 28% 135,000 votes

Kerry Press Release: New Report: George Bush’s Failed Fiscal Policies

Kerry Press Release: Kerry Decisions Based on Sound Science (Yucca Mtn.)

"Mission Accomplished!" Bush ploy to rile up anti-war vote against Kerry!

RNC agenda for NYC

Statement by John Kerry on the Selection of Porter Goss to be CIA Director

Swiftboat talking points

newsmax notes the smear attacks against the swiftvets

A principled explanation for Kerry's defense of his IWR vote

The Bush "Sovereignty" Video

Can't we create electoral maps that show Population not Geographics?

Take a Good Long Look at this Picture....

Because Kerry said he would have voted the same way on Iraq

OMFG.......what happened on Nightline last night?

Cost of War versus Bush Tax cuts per citizen - WHY aren't Dems mentioning?

would you

I'm Sick of the Kerry-Iraq Threads

Reminder of two rules of thumb in a re-election of an incumbent...

Contemplating Kerry's rationale for his Iraq statements

the September Surprise: smirk's check-our-brains-plan (for real)

The "hardlining" of the campaigns

McCain's overly effusive praise of Bush on the war in Iraq today in FL...

The better ? is would Kerry still vote to give DUMBYA the authority

People Get Ready: Kerry's bounce has him at CRITICAL MASS (50%-44%)

Why is Colin Powell NOT attending the convention?

Ex-Marine Carville calls Swift Boat Dirtbags "pond scum"

He wants to lower the drinking age to 18 but refuses to support choice

MoveOn endorsements now listed.

GOP sure knows how to pick their candidates

Anti-Kerry Book Author is a Bigot

where's that san diego chicken guy?

If Kerry had been president, do you think we would have invaded Iraq?

Losing America

My "retro" Kerry/Edwards design

NYT: Kerry Says His Vote on Iraq Would Be the Same Today

Newest overheard stupidity...

Why is Colin Powell skipping the convention?

why is keyes getting so much free media time?

Boxer Jones Debate Tonight @ 6:00 p.m.! PST

Interesting Christian site endorsement for Kerry-Edwards

With Friends Like These...Keyes Get Lukewarm Illinois Welcome

What is a good website for candidate information?

I guess we can't complain about those missing WMDs anymore.

Is ALAN KEYES crazy?

If you had your choice in the Nov. 2004 election

Just a random thought. What would happen in FL if Kerry

I've just returned from 2005; here's how the election unfolded:

Do you think Georgia can be competitive?

The Louisiana GOP are Morans...Look at this

How does the DNC fund the fight for the swing states?

Is it a racist diss to constantly mispronounce Barack Obama's name?

No Cheney-Powell Switch

WYFF Chanel 4 in Greenville, SC, like last night, our friend!

Great piece on Unity/Bush-Kerry Comparison...Daily News Hispanic Columnist

Just Heard the Ownership Commercial

I Think That John Kerry Is Running a Great Campaign. Do You Agree?

Pickles: "I SO need a drag right now...."

Is it just me, or does Cheney seem a bit cranky these days?

Keyes says Obama is afraid of him

Just When I thought I was the only Dem

Might as well vote for Bush

Many intelligent, liberal, and decent Americans were fooled by * over Iraq

Bush's flip-flop stances: All nicely spelled out here!

ACT reconsiders Louisiana as a "target state" -Help

Bush shows his sense of fair play ...

KERRY: PLEASE SAY: "I'll answer THIS question when YOU ask BUSH THIS

Bush said that Kerry was "antiwar" candidate???? He ISN'T! I wish

Bush Forest Plan Breaks Faith with Washington State, Says Heritage Forests

Of all the self-absorbed, narrow-minded, selfish things I've heard......

Bush lies about playing varsity sports ....

Sharpton kicking Repuke arse, especially *'s, on CNBC!

In 1996, did any Dem talk nasty about Bob Dole's glorious months in

I feel a change in the air

Coors Beating Schaffer

Kerry's Iraq War Resolution Vote: What You Should Keep In Mind

Deleted message

How about we start National Guard Veterans for truth

Knowing what you know now, how would you have voted on the IWR?

What is the Kerry response to the Xmas in Cambodia story?

Heads-up: Boxer vs. Jones (CA-Senate) debate in progress, C-SPAN 2 now

Ok help me debunk this another e-mail today.

Starting a mass e-mail campaign to get our views out ....


Kerry strongmen gather area support(Pensacola FL.....)

Rand Beers, JK security adviser, statement re Bush's remarks today in FL

Rock Against Bush, August 10

NBC plays incredibly BIASED bit on Iraq War

Larry Johnson former CIA operative who was part of the Outfoxed

Winning issues--stem cell research funding

Does anyone have any info on the companies Teresa Heinz-Kerry owns?

I was told by everyone who ever knew me: I should have been a journalist

Waterbug Folk Music Anti-Bush CD

The fallacy of "ownership" of Social Security

Kerry's military colleagues endorse him at convention. What about Bush?

Marist Poll

What about Badnarik?

A Republican wingnut just said this on another forum!

Scarborough Country

There is a huge difference between Kerry and Bush

Repubs using fake polls to change votes in Florida.

Kucinich selling out?

Enough! Kerry has to go on the offensive and reclaim the agenda

Neo-Con Troubles

Swiftboat lies author apologizes for racial slurs he posted on internet

Who do you think McCain will vote for?

The Exasperated Speech Team for Bush : Do we pity them, Not pity them??

Worse Than Nixon

What's the story on Kerry's crewmates

Kerry and the War Resolution


So, Joe Scarborough is campaigning for Bush?

Alan Keyes is:

How will the Shrub avoids debating Kerry ?

Bush campaign theme song suggestion (s)

How many will be in DC on January 20, one way or the other?

Mr. Bush, we'll ask the questions if you don't mind.

Was Bush in or near Alabama in '72? A far more disturbing question than...

Help Team Kerry Fight Back: Post your responses to Chimp/whore lies

Ed Schultz callers are advocating Kerry showing up in Iraq

Condemn the Swift Boat Lies About John Kerry

RNC Party-Where will you be?

When Bill Schneider, Sr. CNN Political Advisor is

So Bush wants me to "own" my health insurance???

Where is a schedule of Kerry's tour stops? Any links?

Is Porter Goss A Good Choice?

Can we straighten out some terms regarding IWR and Kerry's position?

Did anybody see John Judas ONeill on Hannazi tonight?

Bush and McCain love fest (BARF ALERT!)

need the latest greatest swiftvets debunking URLS

Chris Matthews Slams Swift Vet Ad

The world ain't perfect, and neither is Kerry, so just suck it up!

Would you have voted for Ann Richards?

I'm really, really beginning to hate Bush lovin Republicans!

All you ever wanted to know about Ted Sampley, and more

Neo-Con Troubles Part 2

GOP areas' turn has trio in shock, awe (Maryland)

Kerry ROCKS Las Vegas! Vegas Rocks Back! Report From Tonight's Rally

What in the frick is wrong with Kerry? Says would still vote for the war?

I donated to Alan Keyes today!


John Edwards is going to Fargo ND to campaign

Is there a site that compares Bush and Kerry side by side on the issues?

Obama: The RW is already worried...

Olbermann: I wonder just how close this race truly is. . .

Can Someone Please Post A Rational Argument For Voting For Bush

Have the Swiftboat vets for lies finally been discredited?

Kerry Blew It on IWR Answer! Should Have Rejected Hypothetical Question.

How Alan Keyes and DU can take back the House for Kerry/Edwards

DUers: Get Used to Newbies Who Need to Play "Catch-Up"

Rassmann Destroys Smearboat Liars For Bush in WSJ!!

Does Kerry have to be a Marxist or something to please some of you?

Re: Kerry's reaffirmation of Iraq War vote. Don't fall for Rove's ploy.

Kerry team (Clark & Beers) take the offense!

Louisiana DUers Wanted!

$#!^ - Kerry leads 48-41 in HAWAII !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My second, more revised and updated, Electoral map