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Archives: July 9, 2004

Herbert: Looking Beyond Charisma

Krugman: Health Versus Wealth

Catholic Church equates anti-Zionism with anti-Semitism

Gainesville/Ocala DUers, F9/11 will be shown on Sept. 11th anniv.

MNGOP: Kerry a gay drugged-up communist

Edwards-The Patriot Act amendment TIED and did not pass

We Need a ONE TERMER Logo to Photoshop on Bush Jackets

Barry Diller (InterActive) and W. Spector (Bear Stearns) dig Edwards.

Woohoo..can go see F/911 in my town!!! The petition drive and

Why the comparison to Quayle?

"Terrorist will not decide this election, the American people will"

Did you see the odious Wm Safire column on Edwards?

Fox news tries to put words in McCains mouth,McCain doesn't let them.

If you don't think * will try to cancel the elections...remember the Jews

WH Press to McClellan: "Do you know how vague you sound?"

Just Saw The Hunting Of The President

A Conservative Analyzes Tort Law

What will Kerry's catch phrase be?

Does the word "Liberal" mean "N"""a Lover?

If Jesus ran as a Democrat...

There isn't VIDEO of Bush walking out on his press conference?!?

Corrupt NYT's screaming headline right now

Rove tips his hand: Here's how the pre-election terra thing will play out

UN Rejects U.S. Lawmakers' Bid for Vote Observers

Groups Try to Sour Voters on Edwards

Putin adviser says Russian banks in crisis

Anal cancer rates on rise in both sexes

ABC's flatulence Web site draws ire

Has anyone else noticed that the days are getting shorter?

Security hole found in Mozilla browser

Which is More Annoying?

A theatre where I live will be showing F9/11 on Sept. 11th

DAMN, we got a new front page???

Please, DU read

Pronounce Missouri

Pronounce "Coupon"

Scary "Pink Floyd" lyrics...

My suggestion for Cheney's replacement

What's your favorite part of the body (NONSEXUAL) of the opposite sex?

WOO-HOO!!! I Just Hit 22,000 Posts!!!!

The PNAC Nightly News Weather Report of all CAPTIONs


Bush would never chose a woman or minority for VP...

sowing fear for votes by raising alarms,

Why Rising Interest Rates Will Hammer Housing

GOP donors funding Nader -More Evidence from SF Chronicle

Bush Supporters Erode the Values of the Right

Wrongly blame the CIA

Americans deserve look at U.S. emergency defense plans :Greeley

Pentagon Says Bush Records of Service Were Destroyed

Hong Kong struggle for democracy a lonely one

Liberal philistinism and Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11

Health Versus Wealth

Will there be a presidential election? - Niman

Dictator in Waiting (Iraq's new Prime Minister) - MSNBC

Abu Ghraib, Stonewalled

Fishing anyone? Bin Laden Is Said to Be Organizing for a U.S. Attack

Message from Greg Palast, "Give Back The Lay Loot George"

Plumbing The Depths Of "America's Heart And Soul" - Brilliant!

Hagel Rips Bush on Iraq -- Says War Hurt Terror Battle

Cheney and John Edwards contrast, by Bob Herbert

The grieving parents who might yet bring Bush down

Pentagon Destroyed Bush Records

The October Surprise? by William Lind

Blair Starts to Sidle Away from Bush

Did One Woman's Obsession Take America to War?

The Asshole Machine - The only reasonable explination...

Another brilliant "This Modern World" cartoon that sums it all up

Another October suprise scenario

Bigger than Bushes- a Macro look at F911

Inquiry will back intelligence that Iraq sought uranium

Veteran gets rude welcome on Bainbridge

Iraq is worse off than before the war, GAO reports

My computer came!

Why I love America letter to editor

[E-Mail this article to a friend]

REMINDER: July 13, 2004 Nationwide "Computer Ate My Vote" Day of Action

I've designed anti bush tees that encourage people to vote appropriately


Ben & Jerry's Needs help in Delaware

E-voting Vendor boat ride propaganda for Election Officials

Tell the nation's governors to put people first!

resources for Milwaukee Kerry volunteers

finding other Kerry volunteers near you

John Kerry & Teresa Heinz Kerry on Larry King Live - mp3 & video

Variety: Mitchell Says PBS not tilting to the right

CNN covering Bush campaiging speech - not a speech to the nation but just

About to Go Insane: Need Help

Let's declare WAR on the media, and attack them with shock & awe,

Author Thomas Frank on PBS Now with Bill Moyers tomorrow Fri 7-9

Keith Olberman - Murdoch And The Media (Video)

Today's Thoughts 2004 Conference

Unions are getting the shaft under Bush

Ispos confidence sub-indexes drop - but headline is "GOOD VIBES"

Whoda thunk it? A millionaire and a billionaire running for office

"Manipulation" of Labor Statistics

One Third Of Rwanda's Largest National Park Burned In Past Week - Reuters

UK Now Net Oil Importer (By Volume) - On Edge Of Permanent Shift

4,000 Scientists, 48 Nobelists Slam Bush Science Distortions - LA Times

Gale Norton - Eliminating Parks Maintenance Backlog "Impossible"

Japan's Largest Methane Fermentation Plant to Recycle Food Waste

Drought Slashes Electricity Output At Glen Canyon Dam - SL Tribune

Feeble US attempt to address the issue of scientific illiteracy.

Senator Feingold comments on Africa policy

The horrors of Darfur

George W. Bush inadvertantly proved that Osama and his ilk want him

India's budget targets the poor

Interview with the Empress

Rights groups target Iran regime on anniversary of student protests

Some interesting Homeland Security data-read it and weep

LRA Kill Over 100 Sudanese

What's REALLY Hiding Under the "Gun Rights" Sheet?

GUNS IN THE NEWS--July 9, 2004

I want to buy a rifle.

This, I'll defend:

Yet one more vote to not lock

This is flamebait. Ugly flamebait

So is any talk about anything female completely banned now?

I Think That It Is Unacceptable

A point on the current sexism kerfluffle

If you're coming here to post about all the sexism threads being locked

Dear Moderator: Thank you for being so quick!

I see that there is _STILL_ a problem...

Keep locking any attempt to discuss sexism.

Question if this post would be allowed or not

Mods and Admin

Think this might be worth a permanent front page link?

a question on how nominate for front page works

Should we go to Defcom 2 or whatever because this place is moving

I think the new look is fantastic

Is it just me, or is DU having problems today?

I'm having trouble donating to the DU.

Is it OK to tell someone...

A lounge thread that probably should have been posted here instead

Why was my thread locked in the lounge?

my apologies to the admins....

When are we going to unite behind our canidates!

I can't post today without having to log in first

I am curious as to how this rule is going to be applied

Question: For those of us on "Dial Up" it's hard finding latest posts

Why is this blatant religious bigotry aloud to remain

Slight Tremor Rattles Lebanon, Jordan, Israel

Israel: ICJ fence ruling fails to address Palestinian terror

World Court Rules Israel's Barrier Illegal-Document

US Muslims convicted over exports

Israel Rejects UN Court Ruling on Barrier

Some Arab Israelis find fence beneficial

Court: Fence violates int'l law, must be dismantled

Ridge warns of election terror plot

A memory that will never be demolished

nadar illinois ballot struggle.

Will Lisa Madigan Challenge Blago?

Democratic Senate Candidates Spar In Sun City

Orlando Slantinel LTTE challenge on voting this November...

info on living in Fla please...

Mammoth Remains Found In Sacramento County

SF, Santa Clara Sue Over Natural Gas Prices

Ardith Wieworka is out of work...

MA DUers: what's up with this taxi voucher "scandal"

2006-2007 bienium, is it really $1 BILLION deficit?!

MN Repukes get REALLY petty...

Voting Machines Not Ready (Diebold)

Ohioans -- tell me a bit about America's north coast

Philadelphia AFL-CIO to back Specter

Governor Impeachable?

Rep. Michael "I hate medical marijuana" Burgess Town Hall Meeting

Waco Judge Dismisses Charges against "Crawford 5"

resources for Milwaukee Kerry volunteers

Tosa's Rosebud now showing FH911

Was one of the DU people at the QFC in Kirkland last night? Little

Kucinich to visit Seattle 7/17/04

Please, DU read

A thought I had re: new Terralerts, sowing fear of attacks aimed at

Two more deaths until 1000 Iraqi Military Fatalities.

It's not W's fault his military records were mysteriously destroyed.

Bernie Ward is on fire tonight...

Rock the (mock) vote!

Ok, I have a question about the Bush press conference.

Afghans say hold three Americans after shootout

That woman that got in Lila Lipscombs face in Washington must be

Today's terrorist threats sound awfully familiar

Here comes Osama!

It's Official: Osama and AlQaida are registered Republicans....

Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges.

International organization calls for releasing children detainees in Iraq

Where I can find a video of tonight's Kerry fundraising concert?

New York Audiences

suggestion for a campaign slogan

Rock the Moat

Hannity Freedom Concert

American Intifada: Post Says Troops Struggle to Help Angry, Defiant Iraqis

Scientific Integrity in Policy Making

Story of gropenator official insult to little girl... (v 1.0.2.freerepublic.4 beta)

Neocon Coup at CIA? It will be if John Lehman takes over

U.S. says Lay schemed to defraud investors

Today's Boondocks is top notch!

What does it mean to be a good american?

Film About the Life Of Paul Wellstone And More.....

The unofficial 'We are F***ed' poll

Here's a thought: since Bush advocates the Biblical definition of marriage

Stagflation, anyone? THE SLOWDOWN HAS BEGUN

Employment # up-when retired soldiers are conscripted and have to leave...

Don't blame the CIA, blame Bush

CNN's Jack Cafferty redeems himself... sort of.

A realization I had about what the RW attacks on Edwards are about.

It comes out that the *admin lied about insurgency but does Fox News care?

oops dupe...delete

while things may be looking up lately, we MUST remain aware . . .

I know their goose is cooked(cont'd).

Krugman: Will actual policy issues play any role in this election?

Latuff's mini-comic.....the DRAFT.....

Like 2000-It's our guy v. Bush, the media and Nader again

Joe Trippi coming up on AAR -- 8:30 AM ET

Article on Weather Underground about Ozone depletion....

HEADS UP! 7:35am: CSPAN - THE NEW REPUBLIC July surprise

Why would terrorist attack before November?

AP Poll: Kerry Solidifies Base

Didn't find any messages about Tommy Chong

Doing Better in observation

Pentagon Says Bush Records of Service Were Destroyed

jeez, this guy giving the prayer at the opening of congress

Remember Lt. Col. Burkett? Re: Destroying Guard records in '97

Tasty Edwards/Cheney Moment from

Senator's Tearful Plea Helps Pass Suicide Bill

CNN and the free RNC advertising

what % of class action suits are prosecuted by

need sign slogans for Asscroft protest this afternoon

What Would You Say Has Been George Bush's Clowning Achievement ...

Transcript of Kerry & Teresa on Larry King

Doonesbury today: We have achieved complete clarity. GREAT CARTOON!

Voting official seeks process for canceling Election Day over terrorism

Caller on c-span want to postpone the election, because of war

Bush: Jobs Not Being Filled By Americans, So Guest-Workers Should Get Them

Heads UP: 8:24am CSPAN - Attack against John Edwards (trial lawyers Inc.)

Serious question: When's limpbaugh going to jail?

BBV: EAC head does not want election monitoring

Please Stop Referring to Bush as a Chimp!

All Holy Hell is about to break loose

Lunaville reporting 1000 Military Fatalities in Iraq

Meet the Press Transcript -- If Jesus Were Nominated on the Dem Ticket

So with the new fear alert..Whats is gonna happen at the RNC?

Ashcroft should not be held harmless in Plame probe

Cheney is a place holder for Jeb

(Jeb) Bush vetoes prekindergarten measure

yet another new low . . . Limburger doctors Kerry/Edwards photo . . .

Time to get serious about preparation for the RNC protests? (think MLK)

Senate Takes Up Anti-Gay Amendment Today

Map your strategy for winning the White House

September: "Kitty KELLEY Sinks Her Claws into BUSH Clan"

Bush, who never mastered English, adds Spanish to his speeches

Ana Marie Cox (wonkette .com), Sway, Yago To Cover Democratic Con for MTV

will bushco terrorize the DNC Convention? what do they have planned?

CNN and the Michael Moore effect

The Afghan/Soviet War started with Carter ("House of Bush, House of Saud")

The 1000th coalition soldier has been killed in Iraq...

Mission Accomplished - Time To Start Again

What Good Has Cheney's Experience Been So Far?

Another work F911 story....

Watch CSPAN-1 NOW!

Live on NPR 7:41pst 10:41est Senate Committee on Pre-Iraq Intel RIPS CIA!

What do you do with someone who refuses to accept facts?

Oh the irony-W's military records destroyed, Benedict Arnold's survive


So Skinner..are DUers all talk and no walk ?

Ldotter wants Justice Dept to "crack" Whoopi's head *racism alert

Can anyone help me disprove anything in this email about buried Migs?

Liberal Presidents in America...

Getting to know Edwards better....

So take back the word "LIBERAL." I will NOT let a fascist define who I am

Does Michael Moore have moore Bush Service Records?

AP BREAKING: Some of W's Nat'l Guard records 'accidentally destroyed'

Lest we forget: Kenny Boy Who????

WP Online - Froomkin has some Plame scuttlebutt

Friday: Intelligence Report Out...Monday: Congress on Vacation.....


Fahrenheit 9-11 signed video deal with Sony

"Every polling place a potential target..."

Please critique my LTTE

The "Go Cheney Yourself" official gear's here!!

BUT.....BUT.....BUT.........Edwards has little political experience!

Here's a little gem from ABC's "The Note."

Anyone watching? Senate Intelligence Committee on WMD...

Health Versus Wealth

Just how conservative is ABC News' The Note?

Santorum and other assorted CLOSET, SELF HATING repugs.

I am telling you: MICHAEL MOORE deserves a medal as a patriot.

the National Youth Leadership Forum

Ken Lay Wants To Get This Show On The Road

WP Online - Froomkin has some Plame scuttlebutt

The Bush-Lay letters

Rove: "The conditions for a Bush victory are all there"

How is Nader not a hypocrite?

TDS last night: Jon hit them hard twice

Liberal philistinism and Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11

Where's Scott Ritter been? And how's he resisted going on a

I don't hear the CIA outing Plame investigation mentioned in the media.

Intelligence investigation BEFORE war? A novel idea?

11:57 am Sen Kit Bond (R-MO) GLOATING ABOUT DEM statements on pre-war

The Official "July- Al Qaeda Catch-A-thon" DU pool!

Kerry and Fogerty pics from yesterday

Anyone have any evidence that Osama did 9/11?

Trump is on board ...

Blame it on the CIA - "It's the Spooks' fault!"

NAACP Head says Bush Treats Blacks Like Prostitutes

OBL Figures He Better Attack While The Attacking's Good

why do we even have to REGISTER to vote in the first place?

Michigan GOP Gathers Names for Nader

Word of the day: "WHITEWASH"

Jonah Goldberg pulled the curtain back on the GOP this morning

George W. Bush never made an honest dime, says "The Majority Report."

Please, if you can out those SICK REPUGS in congress please do it.I am not

Fahrenheit 911 and Lila Lipscomb

Kerry, Edwards Say Bush Exploiting Values

Chicago DUers: Anybody else getting sick of this crap?

What a strange, strange image for a Bush/Cheney ad

Anyone else gonna listen to

NY times reports bush service records destroyed

AP Poll: Kerry Gains Support in South

Fired FBI Translator's Charges Classified

Who else wanted to scream when Sen. Roberts evoked the mass graves bit?

Progress Cited on National Parks

An OBL attack would ensure a * win? Or no?

Navy: Exercise Not Meant to Send Message

How Dean Lost Iowa

Feds Seek to Seal Evidence in CIA Trial

Ridge OK With Not Raising Terror Status

Senate to Debate Marriage Amendment

Pentagon Says Bush Records of Service Were Destroyed

Was the American press also duped by the Bush Administration ?

CSPAN-2: Sen. Lautenberg GUTTING w as AWOL in his entire 4 years

How do I counter an attack that Tennet was a Clinton appointee?

Am I The Only One Who Doesn't Like John Kerry's Tie Selections?

Anybody have proof that Perot took away an even

A completely random thought for a campaign ad

Will the CIA fight back?

A really silly idea, but I thought I'd post it anyway

Why hasn't Kucinich spoken out against the torture of children?

Care to help me popularize a new term for the religious right?

Are we "terrorist sympathizers"?

Just thought of something big, re: Ken Lay, SCOTUS

The DEAN/NADER Debate IS on CSPAN today (2PM ET CSPAN 3)

Patriot Act Left As-Is... Bookstore/Library Thought Crime Provision Kept

'Kerry Edwards' Site Belongs to Bondsman

"Brains??" :Who sez I need brains for this job?" "I don need no stinking


WP Online - new Plame scuttlebutt

2-way radios and rifle scopes - paid for by raffles and donations

Dean Debates Nader, 2pm today (LIVE WEBCAST)

An abortion argument I had last night

Did Anyone Else See Penn & Teller "Bullshit", Last Night?

We have reached 1,000 dead soldiers in Iraq

Listening to the marriage amendment debate is driving me nuts

Bush military records have been destroyed (gee wonder why)

Any response from FR regarding the Intel report or *'s guard records yet?

Can someone explain why CNN is doing this press conference??

Dan Bartlett,whatever you say, we believe you - NOT

Has anyone debunked the F-9/11 "Hezbollah" charge yet?

Cheney lowering expectations for his debate performance against Edwards.

Some stats that should worry the Bushies

Daily Show Video - Pres Bush vs Gov Bush

CNN Poll:Latest ' Credible Threat' Is Just another Ploy

Election Terra ists and Martial Law

just bagged up a dead crow i found out front of my apartment..

The Bush "Experience" has resulted in America Weaker, Poorer, and

Remark made by Riordan, and the screwed up press

Dems/GOPers agree: won't look into WH abuse of Iraq prewar intelligence

Lila Lipscomb to be on Franken's show today!!

Just had a Bush ad with McCain talking about Bush. It was the entire ad.

Lautenberg is hammering the * is AWOL line


Jenna Bush campaigning - Rove countering Kerry Edwards family photos

it seems extremely supsicious

Why isn't kenny-boy IN JAIL....did they even take away his passport?

TRUMP slams Bush...

I have a sinking feeling that there are more than 20,000 insurgents

Reasons Why George W. Bush became President.

Florida "Computer Ate my Vote" events for Tuesday.

Smirk messing with foreign journalist - don't want them to witness

What do you think of this write-up about Bush?

George W Bush is running his campaign on pure bullshit....

Bush to Miss Deadline for Budget Deficit Forecast

DU this poll

How do I go about applying for the job of CIA Director?

Would 9-11 have happened if it weren't for Bush?

Palast: -Bush & GOP Give Back ILL-Gotten Gains from Racketeer Kenny Boy

Oh, the freepsanity

BBV: My former Deputy campaign manager says...

DU this poll .....

2001: Powell & Rice Declare Iraq Has No WMD and Is Not a Threat

When political correctness backfires

ONE QUESTION: Any other former Guard members Microfilm records missing?

July Surprise + Shaukat Aziz as new Pakistan PM

Report says CIA screwed up

Election Terra ists Martial Law

Why isn't kenny-boy IN JAIL?...did we fall for the bush* theatrics?

In most cases, Bush's own words are the best political offense against him

Need info on an aspect of the 9/11 Commission findings

" in the cafes at night and revolution in the air.."

Is there a transcript available for Dean/Nader?

What ever happened to...........

Classified Letters Regarding FBI Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds

Does anyone know the Indianapolis NPR station number????

Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment debate--all day in the Senate (on NOW)

Plame, Matalin and WHIG

Question for Voting Experts - Help me do the most effective thing.

goddammit!! CSPAN2 preempted in my area.

Why we are Cheneyed

Well, looks like we can put the Bush AWOL story to bed...congrats, Dubya!

What should be done about credit card industry? Free market or regulate?

Jim Copeland bad-mouths trial lawyers on Wash. Journal

one down side of a kerry victory....

To those who threatened to sit out/vote Nader if Edwards was picked:

Year passes with no word on war death

OK Cent Florida DUers - the Orlando Slantinel has offered us a challenge!

It's not the government's debt, it's your debt....

Where is the NON-Stop Media Coverage of Wussy-Bush's walk-off yesterday?

Ellis Henican: "Watch carefully now. Something cynical is happening"

There's No Accounting For Some People

Guess what? Kerry ran with the bulls in Pamplona

AWOL on CNN live now talking like an idiot as usual. Sounds drunk again

AWOL on CNN live now talking like an idiot as usual. Sounds drunk again

Why haven't the Bush twins enlisted in the military yet?

Why don't we just take a poll ??????

MA DUers: Anybody have the lowdown on the taxi voucher "scandal"?

Why can't they see the lies?

Watch the Dean-Nader debate at this link.

Today's report will leave an indelible anyone else....

Big Bush protest in York PA at W. Manchester Mall

Need info on an aspect of the 9/11 Commission findings

Best of Randi Rhodes-What Are Your Favorite Shows/Segments?

Do you feel this is the most important election of your lifetime? Why?

Quite a lineup for Meet the Press on Sunday.

New excuse for Bush's missing military records.

Video of Bush's Irish interview

it seems EXTREMELY supsicious

Report: CIA Gave False Info on Iraq

July 18th: Attend "Outfoxed" house parties w/MoveOn members.

Is Kerry is finding his stride?

Today's Boondocks is top notch!

My First Wild Week with "Fahrenheit 9/11"... By Michael Moore

Bush appointed partisans and cronies (as auditors) of Iraq spending

Need Spanish Translations

cnn spiikes michael meehan

Looking for an interview..

Today's "Daily Mislead" - Bush Cronies clean up in Iraq

Is anyone protesting Laura Bush in Boston today?

Of all the bad things today, nothing hurts me more than the Patriot Act

Cspan link to Dean/Nader Debate

If Democrats ran JC - campaign song

Racist landlord moves into town.

Carville is ON FIRE TODay

Horror Story - Inside America's Secret New Justice System

If only

Question for the Married Men

cheney PHOTOS....from the bush*/cheney "Fuck Yourself America Tour 2004"

Just once I would like to be at one of * fake rallies and stand up and yel

The Attack on Consensuality: Why Gays Matter So Much To The Xtian Right

"The Lie Factory"

1,000th Coalition Soldier Dies in Iraq - Good email to send to friends

Reupkes offer to buy kerry edwards personal site what ever the cost

Americans hung Afghan detainees by feet (and beat them)

Bush Loses a Lifelong Republican

We Attacked A Country On False Pretenses-Where's The Outrage?

Fahrenheit 9/11 at the two week mark. Top 15 overall box office for 2004.

Bush speaking live NOW (3:30 PM ET)

AWOL on CNN live now talking like an idiot as usual. Sounds drunk again

7/8, FAHRENHEIT 9/11 still #2

How appropriate: "Riordan" means "The King's Poet"

Kerry to take tougher line on Saudi Arabia, emphasize oil independence.

Subversion of democracy after dark

FAUX NEWS in full Fear Mongering mode!

Bush's bus motorcade just came about a block from my office

READ THIS! CNN: Report slams CIA for Iraq intelligence failures

Rumors that Edwards may get same "foreign policy" test Bush did in 2000

Where are the Whitewater fanatics?

DEAN/NADER DEBATE -- Comments Thread (2PM ET CSPAN 3)

Cheney's F-Word Quote Lives on T-Shirts and Thongs

Clinton on Air America now! n/t

So tell me, why the disparity in security between the R and D conventions?

Richard Clark calls Abu Ghraib a "war crime"

Did anyone just see that?

Dump Cheney - NOT!!!

If Bush dumps Dr. Evil Dick, he's a FLIP-FLOPPER

Give it back, George!

How Kerry can Win 408.008...meant for the Kerry Camp

Senate Report Triggers Presidential Election Debate about Iraq

Mike Malloy site, says check of major radio news, dated July 5th

Remember the Bush/Cheney "create your own banner" tool?

Anybody watching Joe Paterno introducing Bush on C-SPAN ??

Ashcroft's fear of calico cats

Help me to recall

OK, Kerry's in office and has to send troops abroad

Freeway construction zone protocol: to merge or not to merge

Ed Schultz just announced

TIA Analysis: Do the latest state polls confirm the national polls?

Have you seen The Control Room? (Don't miss it!)

Important update regarding Plame grand jury

Riordan and saying it means, "It means stupid dirty little girl."

So, here's the deal - F-9/11 on DVD Now!!!

America: the virtual Empire?


WTF??? Armitage likely to get BIPARTISAN SUPPORT as CIA head???

Nightline: scathing report from Senate Intelligence Committee re: Iraq

Kerry campaign responds to Senate Intelligence report

Plan To Bomb Gay Bars, 'Liberal' Churches Nets Prison Term

Senate Takes Up Anti-Gay Amendment Today

Newsday: obstinacy threatens to turn GOP convention demos into big mess

Good Christian Family Values

I would be a Republican if...

Kerry & Edwards families to attend church services together Sunday in NC.

Did anyone else catch Lincoln Chafee (RI) on MSNBC today?

Kenny Boy hardly knew ya

Reminder -:::> Daily Show that aired last night (repeat at 7PM EST)

"Values of the Heartland" ?????

I figured it out last night! (The Evil Empires Evil Plan)

speaking of "Group Think"

Damn you CIA!! Why did you have to lie to our president??

OH Drudge

)&)(&(*)%&% values!!!!

Bush presidency is Gore's fault and I'm getting f***ing mad!

Should Pharm Ads Be Outlawed Like Tobacco & Liquor?

Yellow Ribbon with "Impeach" printed on it

Somewhere in the memory hole CIA stuff pre-war....

Bogus Intelligence Report! Remember Hans Blix, Scott Ritter?

Coverup alert! 9/11 intel; Iraq intel; Bush Guard records gone

Bush Military Records "Inadvertently Destroyed", Says Pentagon

Free speech? Critics clobbered (Bush hypocrisy on independence day in WV)

Kerry Edwards flash,.....clever & funny

Environmentalists see big win in fight against mountaintop removal

Anybody hear some of the CNN guys criticizing Kerry for patting Edwards on....

Why do I ever bother to look at network news?

Donald Trump Bashes President Bush.

Did I see somewhere that C-Span 2 will re-air Dean/Nader debate tonight?


Anybody know what the Laci Peterson law is?

McDonalds embroiled in McLawsuit

Does Linda Vester scare the crap out of anyone else?

Carlin said it. Must_B_Free said it. Bob Marley said it too

Blood Boiling Here

Anybody watching Countdown with Olbermann? The investigative

So poor mr. bush* was duped by that bad CIA...

Ritter analysis of losing the war in Iraq

Do you think the "capture Bin Laden by late July" is for real?

Freaky -- Anyone seen this?

My Experience with the ASVAB (and the Iraq war)

what happens now?///illegal invasion

need a link to a W quote please!

Is anyone believing this BS about bad intel?

I still have a memory, do you?

A RW chain letter and my reply

Time Poll: Kerry 49% Bush 45% Unsure 6% (7/6-8)

Tell Al From that Dean is out of the race....Please.

Did you hear why Olbermann was fired from Fox? He reported the

Paula "I love war" Zahn at it again

Fla. Democrat Likens Gov. Bush, Bin Laden

Kerry/Edwards should hogup the media....

LOL Drudge reporting that Bush/Cheney wants Kerry/Edwards video!

Did I just hear that Tenet's resignation becomes effective

How come the CIA is letting Bush blame them for Iraq intel??

Why isn't Bush asking for someones CIA head on a platter?

Sharpton on Dennis Miller now

Army Punishes Three in Drowning of Iraqi

Terrific Olberman clip -

Anyone ever hear anything stupider?

Group think photo

Nader vs. Eugene Debs

OK, What did Whoopi say?

Barbara Bush Sr. and her alcoholism...... ???

How Will You View The Convention?

Conservatives flatly reject out of hand that homosexuality

The more I hear about John Edwards, the more I like him.

New Bush ad blasting Kerry for his inattendence on voting.

Olberman talking about the Fox News Movie

Thinning Nader's Herd

Letter in My Local Paper

This is how the Government Gets Away with it. (Long)

YO!! Former Fox News journalists to blast Fox News bias

the terror only works if you let it

Channel surfing: Bimbette on Fox: Could Kerry be EXCOMMUNICATED

C-span is supposed to re-run the Dean/Nader debate.

Those inane CNN polls again!

Nader/Dean debate on NOW on CSPAN 2

Anyone have any info on this "Kill the President" novel?

Only Bushs to speak at convention is Geo. & Laura.

Photo of Christopher Hitchens childhood birthday party surfaces

Tucker Carlson has his own PBS show

MSNBC "GALS" say "more info. coming on Osama's Planned Attack/US

Dean/Nader is being rebroadcast now on 89.3 in LA right now

More shit to be scared about

Brad Sherman's vote on the patriot act??

Babies kissed by politicians at photo ops, grow up to be serial killers

of the 1000 dead, how many are democrats?

Fox News to fight back

Ok - Serious Question about Bush's Speaking Ability

What do you think of Lotteries?

Trip to Pensacola Naval Air Station (good news!)

About that Intelligence failures report!

Someone help me understand what happened to the Patriot Act today!!

Sharpton on Dennis Miller now

Politicians take risk campaigning with kids

The "Outfoxed" documentary will be available to watch on the internet?

Do you think Kerry and Edwards would agree with their

AP lawyer was told: Microfilm...does exist

Bill O'Reilly Outside the Zone .......laff it up

Oliver North: "Every terrorist" wants Kerry to win

Will Marriage Between Same-Sex Couples Be Legal And Recognized ...

The Bush Doctrine: A Low-Class Analogy

HaHa -- Ralph Reed's Hypocrisy

Who was the first big yuppie coke head circa 72-73?

"Is Dennis Miller funny?," asks Media Matters for America.

Anyone got a link to the graph showing ALL of Bush's polls #s sliding?

Kerry has to clear campaign coffers by end of July

Candy Crowlie: Kerry/Edwards attacking Bush stregnths

Will you/did you get an inheritance when your parents pass away?

Ok, now for the CIA "bad" Intel. What, who, where, why, how

I got polled!!!

My favorite congressman said today Jeb = Osama. Crossed the line?

Fear 101, 255, 385, 477 How to Foster/Use to Control/Manipulate

No more "O'Franken Factor," but on Monday, will be "The Al Franken Show."

What is the Democrats October Surprise?

omfg...I just listened to a freeper curse out a muslim in a "debate"

Ok I am officially fed up

Unlike digital media, microfilm has never "crashed" - until now

I'm dying to know how F/911 does in Europe

Bush and the Repubs have shown their best hand today on the campaign trail

irritating windows question

Let me get this straight Bush can hold hands with the King of Saudi Arabia

Does this tell you anything about "why they hate us?"

Seen any "VIVA BUSH!" stickers?

Where Are The... Fill In The Blank:

How far will Bush go this year? " Terrorist attack" at Dem Conv??

A tale of two Lehrer and Brown

DU this poll, pls

"We can't find a guy who's 6'6" and supposedly needs a dialysis machine?"

Oh my God! What if it's a terrorist bomb !?

We are patriotic and I can prove it !

Basic Logic, Mr. Bush---perhaps you've heard of it?

When repubes accuse Kerry for the "misbehavior" of Whoopi,

Kerry / Edwards big on values -- I'll give them values

I love it!!!!! Two washed up losers...!!!!!

Nader Vs. Dean on CSPAN now.

Anyone know what's up w/

George HW Bush Center for Intelligence

funniest headline EVER !!!

For Super Smart DUer's (or anyone else that knows what I am talking about)

report from Bush protest in Pa.

Is George W Bush more dangerous than Osama bin Laden ?

Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it......

re-posted from ForAff/N'tl Sec, DHS cuts, are we safer? sad list indeed

We should have one thread giving Dean

AWOL: Did Garry Trudeau get any takers?

I believe the Senate "Intelligence" report IS ACTUALLY BACKFIRING ON PUGS

So, Hillary and some other useless Dem "leaders"

F-911 - Second Time Around

Will someone help me end this RW lie


God is the Biggest abortionist in the world

I might be one of the last DUers to see F9/11... Finally came to my town.

I don't think this "It's all the CIA's fault" gambit is working

Americans Object to War Images Online

I'd like to nominate Howard Dean for head of the DNC.....

Coincidence Theory: The Accidently Destroyed Bush Guard Microfilm Records

I can't believe the GARBAGE -m

Are there any honorable Republicans in our country? Why don't they

Mike Malloy..."Liberal Talk Master"...

James Carville should ...MUST have his own show

Richard Riordan, the Video!!!!

WELL, this is OBVIOUSLY a CIA problem.

I just got some good news, and I'm not talking about car insurance.

The Bush MicrofilmRecordsGate Scam - a Primer

STAR TREK Fans: a Trek Novels auction raises funds for Kerry!

Iraqi Resistance Dwarfs Recent US Estimates (not 5,000 but 20,000)

MOVEON.ORG: Voter Registration Phone Party (Sunday, July 11)

Don't blame Drudge for the "gay" John/John pics...blame the DLC


I am shocked, shocked that Bush's military records have been burned

Olbermann for President!!!!! Holy shit this guy rocks!!!

Dean vs Nader transcript?

Democrats in congress are pissed

DEAN/NADER DEBATE -- Comments Thread (2PM ET CSPAN 3) -- THREAD #2

Court Blocks Publication Of Cia Memoir

Today, 1,000 military deaths was reached in Iraq.

Legal Question re Martial law

Did Nader make the argument not to vote for him?

Compare and Contrast: Today with the '60's

UFOs Are Real...Bush is Fiction...

One of the most depressing things I`ve ever seen

CIA report revealed truth we knew all along. How did we know

Woohooo... we have a VERY gutsy VP wife. Mrs. Edwards has my vote!

I pissed on a Hummer....

religiously insane Orran Hatch reads bible to Senate

Redux: THE WHISPERING CAMPAIGN and educating the public

Great show planned for tomorrow--interesting guests

Why aren't we hearing more about the OSP?

Bush*co trots out Jenna, JoePa - pics

Daily Show clip: Veep Impact

A MUST SEE Daily Show clip of 'M.M. Hates America' film maker

The worst day ever on DU? (Please don't let Bush get away with it)

What Can We Do----Nothing--------About Shrub's Destoryed Records?!

Would you support prayer in school

What did Whoopie say at the Dem fundraiser that has the Pubs

Want to buy less oil and therfore dump less?

No threads here about Bush destroying his military records?

The Doonesbury problem

FOX goes to War

Chris Matthews "The French were right" Being utterly

Bill Moyers NOW with Thomas Frank....

In honor of today's "intelligence" report: K. Kwiatkowski &THE LIE FACTORY

"Are Kerry and Edwards lovers?" asks Dennis Miller

Just a little rant: I am fed up with the older women on cable: collagened

Author Thomas Frank on PBS Now with Bill Moyers tonight-- Fri 7-9

AAR to feature The Question W Revue!

Former Faux Employees Speaking Out Monday

On CNN just now Mary from Nebraska sez "We made some mistakes

"Homeland ballot security?"

An obvious idea to nullify the "Election Canceled/Postponed" fears

Heheh... America's Heart and Soul

Well, now the ULTIMATE GOAL of ANTI-CHOICE activists is REVEALED

BBV: Documents detail more voting machine flaws (FL and ES&S)

Iraq Survey Group: Donald Rumsfeld's al Qaeda by John Stanton and

Regarding the FMA, From One Angry Lesbian

Suggestions for my blog?

BBV - ES&S Bugs Must Be Publicized

It was all the CIA's fault. They forced Bush into a war he never wanted.


I'm trying to call up the Nader/Dean video on

Dick Cheney in the NUDE! | and other scary TOONs

Today's 'Blame the CIA' report is a GOOD thing

Jimmy Carter asked CIA Director Bush to brief him on UFOs, and Bush

I'd like to hear from some original Kerry supporters on the Dean/Nader

Bush-Cheney Madministration Is One HUGE Obstruction of Justice!

Lawsuit filed against Diebold for fraud; proceeds may fund BlackBoxVoting

US Soldier Dies After Insurgent Attack

World Court Hears Kony Case

U.S. forces still detaining Iraqi youths; reports suggest some abused


Special Session Called in Va. to Address 'Day of Rest' (and overtime)

AP: Iraq insurgency larger than thought

Court: Fence violates int'l law, must be dismantled

Kerry is for faith-based initiatives

Groups Object to Firefighters As Spies

World Court Rules Israel's Barrier Illegal

Sudan warns US against 'new Iraq'

[E-Mail this article to a friend]

Schwarzenegger to Represent U.S. at State Funeral

Police arrest Cologne bomb suspect

Ridge warns of election terror plot

The Kerry Watch Gets Easier

U.S. Marine Meets With Family in Beirut (Hassoun)

Angola: Country's Move to Sign Up for Peer Review Welcomed

Pressure Rises on Arroyo Over Philippine Hostage

State turns down Kerry concert bid on security grounds

AP - U.S. FIrms supplied Nuke material

CNN LARRY KING LIVE Interview With John Kerry, Teresa Heinz Kerry

Pentagon Reportedly Aimed to Hold Detainees in Secret (USSC violated?)

Michigan GOP gathers names for Nader

Rumors that Edwards may get same "foreign policy" test Bush did in 2000

Trump is on board ...

Health Versus Wealth

More Proof that the GOP is Nader's Best Friend and is Helping Him

Indiana library reports info request (Patriot Act)

Officials authorize $3.5 million for 'Tribute in Light' (9/11 anniversary)

Date set for landmark Afghan vote

Coalition records its 1,000th death in Iraq

No Proof Bush Completed Military Service

Mulla Omar closes phone on Afghan agents

U.S. judge curtails valley fills [mountaintop removal coal mining]

US Policies a Jumble in Sovereign Iraq/Jordan Times---+ personal story

Soldier ("Thumbs Up Lynndie") in prisoner abuse case faces more charges

Bush, Dems to war over 'values' By Judy Keen and Jill Lawrence, USA TODAY

Generalissimo to be buried in Taiwan

Jeff Sessions on CSPAN2 now...what a dope

China defends rescinding Viagra patent

Norton: Park Service Funding Highest Ever

U.N. Expert: Firms Supplied Nuke Market

Voting troubles may not be over in Fla., elsewhere

Why isn't kenny-boy IN JAIL....did they even take away his passport?

Ex-soldiers blur Afghan security

"Inappropriate" for world court to rule on West Bank barrier: White House

Action, Not Promises, Needed From Sudan On Darfur, Powell Says

In Place of Gunfire, a Rain of Rocks (Sadr City)

CNN: Brent Sadler reporting the Iraqis are not buying the al-Zarqawi story

First Cavalry Division Soldier Dies In Iraq

GOP donors funding Nader

Kashmir 'torture' sparks protest

(AP-Ispos confidence poll) Good vibes felt among consumers(sort of)

AWOL on CNN live now talking like an idiot as usual. Sounds drunk again

Kidnapped Filipino's family pleads with Arroyo to pull troops from Iraq

Israel Rejects UN Court Ruling on Barrier

Live on NPR 7:41pst 10:41est Senate Committee on Pre-Iraq Intel RIPS CIA!

Man Arrested for Alleged Theft of Explosives From Calif. Storage Locker

Egyptian Cabinet Resigns; Mubarak Appoints New Prime Minister

Bulgaria stands firm on Iraq (Re: US Policy-2 more hostages)

Kerry Hit on Laci Peterson Law

Daschle denies hugging Moore

Ken (Lay) sure got around! CEO tied to Kerrys, too

Oops! Bush Military Records Accidentally Destroyed, Says Pentagon...

Inquiry will back intelligence that Iraq sought uranium

Fired F-B-I translator's accusations locked in secrecy

Veteran gets rude welcome on Bainbridge

Canadian papers say they have proof of US-Saudi prisoner swap

Coshocton couple say they were evicted over Witchcraft

MCI sues former CEO Ebbers for $408 million it says he owes company

Senate Intel committee finishes its report. No WMD!


Coalition records its 1,000th death in Iraq

Some House Members Would Benefit Personally From Tobacco Buyout

Some Theater Chains Refuse 'Fahrenheit'

Editor of Russian Forbes edition shot to death, report says

Farmer and school girl stop nuke waste train (Germany)

$294M lottery winner is cleaning woman from Lowell

Blair Braces for Iraq Intelligence Report

TXU shares drop on power price (in Texas) manipulation report

Kerry, Edwards Blast Bush on Values

(UK) Officials knew intelligence did not back war

Nevada Loses Yucca Mt. Waste Site Appeal

AP Poll: Kerry Solidifies Base (but only within margin of error with Bush

Bush Aide Resigns for Possible Senate Run

Reservist files lawsuit to block recall to duty (AP)

German immigration bill approved

Alleged hacker is Microsoft employee

Biotech firm Chiron fined for trading with Cuba

Audit Faults U.S. Accounting for Iraqi Oil Funds

Minister guilty of child abuse for boy's exorcism death

Bush Drop Cheney? Democrats hope not

US firm said among nuclear black market

White House lawyer laments Bush court loss

Parliamentary Vote Delayed in Afghanistan - NYT

Concert for Kerry-Edwards Brings in $7.5M

When women don't stand up for women

(Bev Harris) Activist: E-Voting to Be a 'Train Wreck'

U.S. firm may be involved in black market nuke materials!

Bush Admin. Lawyer Says Supreme Court Term Was Bad for Conservatives

N.J. to Register Gay Couples in New Law

Barrier ruling shifts the debate

Defectors' Reports on Iraq Arms Were Embellished, Exile Asserts

GOP Congressman engaged to accused war criminal's daughter

Half-brother of bin Laden said he never thinks of turning in al-Qaida lead

U.S. Cuts Number of Delegates to World AIDS Meeting (Cut to 1/4th)

White House Lawyer Laments Bush Court Loss

Senate Report Sees No Formal Iraq-Qaeda Ties

Full text: Conclusions of Senate's Iraq report

Gay Rights Site Runs 'Outing' Ad Aimed at the Hill

Pelosi: 'Republican Leaders Once Again Undermine Democracy...

Bush to Miss Deadline for Budget Deficit Forecast

U.S. Iraq Military Deaths - 875 U.S. service members have died

Alexis Simendinger on Washington Week -- "Sloppy seconds"

Abu Ghraib Soldier (Lynndie England) Faces More Charges

'Collaborator' has eye gouged out

Report: CIA Gave False Info on Iraq

Jurors Find Preacher Guilty Of Child Abuse In Boy's Death

Report: Editor of Russian Forbes Killed

Bush launches broadside against 'pessimist' Edwards

Cheney's F-Word Quote Lives on T-Shirts and Thongs

Policy on gays seen hurting military

NBC gives 3 hours to convention coverage

House Rejects Rule on Sending Goods to Cuba :46 Republicans Rebuff Bush on

Ex-Army reservist sues to avoid recall

Arab Nations to Seek Barrier Destruction

Inquiry will back intelligence that Iraq sought uranium

Republican Bias at Fox News Documented in New Film

Republicans dip freedom fries in "W Ketchup", not Heinz

Army's propaganda war collides with reality

Teen Paralyzed in Accidental Shooting Files Bid to Buy Gun's Manufacturer

Couple Who Took in 18 Children Forced Some to Dig Their Own Graves

Celebrities bring in millions for Kerry but anger Bush campaign with barbs

Cubans arrest Colombian cocaine kingpin

USNWR obtains all classified annexes on Abu Ghraib scandal

US told to 'butt out' of Aussie politics

U.S. forces still detaining Iraqi youths; reports suggest some abused

Gov. Bush Vetoes Pre-Kindergarten Measure

Dean Appeals to Nader to End Bid

In new party platform, Democrats endorse some key pro-Israel positions

SA 'mercenaries' fingered in new plot saga

DU Demographics

DU Demographics (second try)

Check out this pic of Jenna Bush. Does she look hot?

Would you want to know your baby's gender before it's born

Horror flicks on DVD.

"I gave my cat an enema" . . .

I'm gonna go take a shower - stay out of the liquor cabinet this time

I wish I had a hairy ass

Were you shocked and/or awed?

What is the Best Movie Trilogy Ever?

Name a poor/mediocre author/writer too many people have read

Do you like being harassed by people that hate you in your inbox?

My Wife & I Went to See "Fahrenheit 9-11" This Afternoon

Bumper sticker of the day

Anyone going to Grey Fox next week?

Have you ever just been reading DU

Delicious Chicago-style pizza, or that paper-thin junk they serve in NYC?

Kerry Edwards flash,.....clever & funny

It's still legal to sell pee in California...

the new Coke C2: Tasty shit or just plain shit?

can anyone suggest a good cheap web host

So I made a decision RE: work

Best DU Smiley:

Dang, I miss you guys.

new (and expensive) concept in bicycles . . .

would you use this? . . .

WTF is up with all these breakups??

Recommend a free, web-based email provider

Fall To Pieces

I just killed a moth - I feel really bad

Neo-Cons are driven by fear...

Highschool is useless bullshit lessons in organizational politics

DU Insomniacs Check In

Online MBA - Worth it? (v 1.0.2.freerepublic.4 beta)

Cool, Samantha Bee is a Syrup sucking moose fucker! (Canadian)

got my ass dumped tonight...

23 Minutes between new posts?

July Is Evil

So my phone just rang a bunch of times in a row at 4 am - oh how precious

Anybody here ever paint over wallpaper?

MTP: Jesus Nominated on Dem Ticket

Good Friday Morning DU!

Tom Ridge Issues Rubber Ducky Alert

And now...girls jumping on trampolines!

I assert there is no conflict btw supporting feminism and liking eye candy

Once again, my bad luck with cars strikes! (BB Gun this time)

I heard that Hillary & Bill are both doing follow up books.

Which Of These Educational Toys Is More Fun?

Here's something you don't see everyday.

The happy-sunny-non offensive thread

The breakthrough I had in therapy yesterday I wanna share...

Today is Coleman's 1-year anniversary! (shameless cat thread)


You mean there are women who are not evil?

I lost a brother today.

MS won't sue Brazilian official (lets deadline pass); proMS zealots go mad

Zatoichi: The Blind Swordsman

Anybody see the film Kwaidan by Kobayashi?

Hamster Rave Friday!

Political correctness?

***HAPPY BIRTHDAY BigMcLargeHuge***

I would like to personally tell our Liberal Men on DU

You thought green ketchup was disgusting?

Check out the "Possible UFO sighting video"

Received this email from a friend & had to share.

Well, today it was official, Department closes 8-1-04.

Hey DEMMAN and other cat people, to start your weekend: KITTIES

It's a beautiful day in Boston!


Last book you read was???

When did Metallica lose credibility?

Little Friday humor

Japanese guy playing the Mario music on piano - blindfolded

Totally gratuitous display of patriotism from me

Feminists make the best lovers. Discuss.

TRUMP slams Bush...

Michael Moore - will he be Time's Person of the Year?

TV on my cell... Technology is fun

vote for favorite progressive website

I wonder if W have TANG nightmares?

TX++, skinner & mods!

Help, I need a poster of Lady Liberty with a gag I can download

Meg White

Which Happy Meal toy choice do you go for


Online etch-a us your artistic skills

July 9, 1962: Bob Dylan records "Blowin' in the Wind."

Can someone help me with my Western Civilization homework

Are you sick of this crap?

Were you shocked and/or awed?

how is this for a Asscroft protest sign?

I'm stopping at the local convience store - what can I pick up for you?

The Stripers Are Scared!! We are headed to Maine For The Weekend!


What school lunch did you hate?

Quick question about web graphics

I went to the beach yesterday. ask me to post more pictures.

I"m running to the deli to get some lunch - can I get you a sandwich?

It's quite possible that I'm your third man, girl

What is the optimal speed to drive on a highway for good gas mileage?

who else is sick of OCC/Iron Crosses?

Pronounce "mxtlplqrdmzbk"

Anyone else heard of the "Mom 2 Mom" program?

Talk about AWKWARD camera angles

68-Year-Old Mass. Cleaning Woman Claims $294 Million Lottery Jackpot

Caption Bunny and his kid...

Best firefight in a film?

What is the best movie quintology ever?

Anyone here married to a Republican/conservative? Even dating one?

Hey, check out today's Evil George cartoon...

Your work ethic, in Office Space terms

Anyone going to see "Anchorman" tonight?

Wow, this is my 4,000th post!

How much was school lunch when you were in school?

What was your favorite school lunch?


Odd Question: Have any of you ever been clinically dead?

Should I work or goof off?

Here's a link to a video of Riordan's stupid, dirty comment..

rock, paper, saddam!!

Help! Best Online Diagnostic?

What is the best highway music?


Dupe--- ignore


Is today "Bring Your Three Yowling Moppets to Work Day?"

A song about Republican Hypocrisy.

What kind of underwear does George W wear?

Kitten rescued from Gulf of Mexico, named "Nemo"

Name a poor/mediocre author/writer not enough people have read

Support Group for Matcomaholics: Seven hours since his last post

Song about Iraq.

My Long Dental Nightmare Finally Draws to a Close.

Zoo's new yak:

Any evaporative cooler users here?

I'm coloring my hair for Kerry/Edwards, ask me anything!

Is anybody else feeling cranky today? Photoshop Contest: The Murdoch Post


When DU Threads Jump The Shark: Report Them Here

More work fun...

Whose yurt?

Buddy's stag is tonight

Who's House?

The motherload of Bush jokes here

Installshield Help! I need to override it!

Ok DUers I have a computer question


Another great Bush quote (freshly transcribed from my tivo)

DONT download Windows Media player 9 !!!! SNOOP WARE and you cant

Heads up George.... Think fast !!

I love smart people

I'm heading to the liquor store - what can I pick up for you?

ARRRGGGG! Just got off the phone with my fundie mother

Which of these two songs should I....................

Profiles in brilliant career moves: MacLean Stevenson

Anybody here do bikram yoga?

WOOHOO! My friend got the job!

I'm heading out for the black market - what can I pick up for you?

I'm heading out for The Pleasure Chest - what can I pick up for you?

Bald People Eat Free at Calif. Eatery

your opinions please

How should the name "Mageina" be pronounced?

What are you doing right now?

Need info on an aspect of the 9/11 Commission findings

look what I idiots have to deal with:

Do you have a pseudonym?

I've had a long, grueling day

¿Quién es más macho?...the Bush / Edwards Special Edition

Hey, Flappy. Good news. I've decided not to kill you.

Manners: Too nit-picky?

I finally found the secret to good fried rice....

Bars or Clubs?

Question for the Married Men

Four gored during annual running of the bulls in Pamplona - YIKES

WhhooHoooo Alice Cooper in concert in my town

Drat! I just nominated a thread by accident!

Here I am, over 29 (ahem), slammed pinky finger in car door... OUCH!

I just can't listen to the marriage amendment debate any

bryce 5

Where can I buy inexpensive men's bikini underwear?

One flag is enough

I'm pissed off and looking for a fight!

Are you allowed to listen to music/radio/etc. at work?

Captain Kangaroo or Mr. Rogers

DAMN! Courtney Love misses court date on her birthday-warrant issued

The Guy at the Computer Next Me is Playing "Love Shack" Over and Over

Waterworld was on last night....

How to best regulate a monopoly to keep it in check

'Gallipoli' is on Bravo right now (5:15pm EST)

Yuck, I saw Victoria's secret!

Yea! I just donated $50.00 to the DNC!

Where is the next great faux-lesbian Russian schoolgirl pop duo?

Etiquette Question: What is the appropriate attire for

ChoralScholar is Back!!!

I'm quitting my job on Monday

Is anybody counting the Bush temper tantrums?

David Bowie undergoes angioplasty...

Monday Marks the 25t anniversary of Disco Demolition Night.

Nightmare On Bush Street, here's a photo of Georgie Kreuger

The moderators should post a top 10 wierdest nominated threads

Bush's clean-livin' wimminfolk won't like this one...not one bit

Do any DU'ers remember the punk band Television?

Freeway construction zone protocol: to merge or not to merge

Rudy T agrees to be Lakers head coach

I need help

How come the Incredible Hulk keeps his pants on when he, uh, expands?

Would you want to live in a commune?

MSNBC commentator: "Are there some things that are cooler than others?"

Minnesotans - any nice water foutains around?

Has anyone read Adult Children of Alcoholics?

Who's ordered a Kerry/Edwards t-shirt?

I've been watching a Huge forest fire out my front door

Pets/animals - what is the best...

How's this for cuteness?

Tell Me About Being A Baptist

How could things possibly get much better?

Funny animation

Yikes! What is Gwyneth doing to herself?

Watermelon pudding--- YUMMMMMMMM!

Yes, it's that time of month again: The new CHICK TRACT is out!

F-ing INS!!! (Rant)

How do you pack to go to a naturist weekend

What do you do with a cellphone on a naturist weekend?

I Loathe Republicans. I Despise Them. With Every Fiber Of My Being...

political satire

The Grand Mother of all "Is Bush Drinking Again" Photos

Amelia Earhart

Is a college-level basic computer science class difficult?

Let me just say....Chicken of the Sea Tuna is SHIT!

Pronounce "GWBush"

Check out this interesting toilet

The Frugal Gourmet is Dead...

Some advice needed for a newbie!

Help my chocolate addiction!

Which kind of Bad Driving habit irritates you the most...

Did John McEnroe just say BUSH SUCKS on Conan?

Fenris mooned me with a leprechaun's butt

Will you help me with my homework?

"You kids git offa mah yard..afore I shoot ya"

Do you mind? I was trying to think here.

Thinning Nader's hair

Hooray! Finally got a job.


CAPTION President Steve Bartman

Caption Bunny and his kid...

Holy Toledo...

Oh dear, I am feeling terrible!

Increase your text size! how?

Holy Detroit...

Should we start referring to Kerry as #44 and Edwards as #45?


CAPTIONS in the same room at the same time?

Finally...after two 1000th post!

Experiment that proved interesting.....

Anyone watching Stargate?

Why You Should Follow God's Laws

CAPTION the feces flinging howler chief

Heads up Mozilla users (((Security Patch now available)))))

The far right is completely insane

Download Music

This Land (Guthrie parody)

Let's have another fight - The carbonated soft drink is called SODA

For my 666th post: Which one of these Repigs bear the mark of the beast?

Remembering Gene Frenkel

some punk just shot a hole through my plate glass window

Mold in the soil

Who is the most talented out of my two favorite bands?

ACK!!! I now know how the GOP will get all of us to vote for Bush!! YIKES

FINALLY Got to See F9/11

Anyone ever hear anything stupider?

"Take the edge off naturally"

Cheney calls Edwards transcript


excuses for avoiding jury duty

Does anyone remember After School Specials?

LBN....Laura Bush caught.......

Who's actually read "I, Robot"?

I'm headed to Hell - what can I pick up for you?

I can hear Herman's Hermits...

Now Playing on AMC: Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home

Anybody else track flights of their loved ones online?

The bi-fold door that can confound me has yet to be invented!

I got a letter from Homeland Security

No such thing as a dog owner?

Only a funeral and a burial to go!

F-911 or King Arthur Biggest Box Office

John Edward's parents coming up on CNN's Newsnight

Caption This Klutz Down in Kutztown!

I simply love (Rant)...

Anyone read Leon Uris?

At least 500 people at the Kerry/Edwards organizing meeting tonight!!!

Strange Ways People are described

I will have the "gravitas" to say what I want, when I want...

Brilliant Careers: That guy that played the dad on that 80's sitcom

CAPTION Rick Santorum's nightmare

Is the military really a respectable profession?

Dag blam snigglin' flarkin' Cubs!

Build the perfect composite man or woman!!

CAPTION the ride in the shortbus Yaaaaaay!

My pizza delivery job is going pretty well.

I'm haunted by bad memories.

"They Live" with Roddy Piper starting on AMC.

Bleh Ive had enough of the 2004 forum for today

"I mean, it's soda ..."

What is the best snack food that goes with gin & tonic?

The Avengers AND The Prisoner on BBCAmerica

What was your favorite flavor of Funny Face Kool Aid?

I just finished reading John Le Carre's "Absolute Friends" and am starting

Caption W's new lover


Hey ZombyWoof! I have 2 Zombie pictures for you

I'm heading to Victoria's Secret - what can I pick up for you?

I've got WillPitt's ass

Some pelicans mistaking asphalt for lakes

French Ministry leaves Microsoft for Linux

It's now illegal to sell pee in Illinois....

Can you all feel it? Huh? You yes YOU have the power to CAPTION

Anybody here practice Alexander Technique?

I used the mens room tonight and I'm a girl.... ask me anything

I've got WillPitt's face

Zomby's Shit List (Updated!)

Take this quiz and find out "Why you will go to Hell"

Why didn't Rowdy Roddy Piper win an Oscar for "They Live"?

Your computer's clock may be wrong!

Anyone see the "War Room" (Clinton '92 campaign documentary)?

Hey! What silly crap can we talk about tonight...??

College or not?

DU Gamers - I need a new game!

Imagine that "Bush's military records destroyed inadvertently"

Zomby's Sweet List

Katrina Vanden Heuvel - Hot or not?

Bands you could have SWORN were the 'Next Beatles' but weren't

What do you call a Republican in recovery (12 step group) ??

Best hardcore band

I've spent the day dog-sitting.


The Official "I am not mad at Zomby" Thread

Thanks, DU.

CONFESS!!!!! What alcohol won't you drink and WHY!! (happy hour edition!)

Peter Jennings tonight reported that the government is

True or false - without looking it up: Sweet'n'Low is petroleum-based


"You should know you'll have to change my diaper for me,"

God has answered my prayers

Jolie's new tattoo

Advice needed.Should I take my 11 yo to see f/911?

irritating windows question

What was your favorite food when you were a kid

Bush cut another student loan out

Which Myers-Briggs personality type are you?

under what political party are you registered to vote?

I'm no longer married to a cop!

Sergeant Gump's Lonely Hearts Club

Pigs Mating with Dogs!!

El-Sayed Nosair and Ernesto "Che" Guevera, seperated at birth?!?!?!?!?!?

Let's have a fight - MACS RULE take THAT you PC lovin bumholes!

I just saw SPIDER-MAN 2. And it rocked!

Will you/did you get an inheritance when your parents pass away?

Just when I thought I'd see it all - Official Lynndie England Fansite

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Derek Jeter's top 10 clutch moments . . .

Pick your Invisible Woman in the new FANTASTIC FOUR movie

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Name a great writer/author not enough people have read

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Name a respected/highly regarded author whose work you can't stand

What is the worst movie that everybody loves?

Weird Kerry endorsement from Dr. Blockhead

The fool's tool, Ralph Nader

NC Poll BEFORE Edwards was picked as VP

Nader turns in signatures in Nevada ballot bid

Kerry is for faith-based initiatives

Stars burn Bush (raise $7.5 mil)

"Say It Ain't So", John McCain, an excerpt from Salon's Joe Conason...

Al D'Amato says "Dump Cheney."

Democrat double-act hits Manhattan

TIA Analysis: Do the latest state polls confirm the national polls?

NBC Poll w/o Nader: Kerry Edwards 54%, Anti-Christ team 43%

Thousands expected at NC State rally on Saturday for Kerry/Edwards

Bush military records "inadvertently destroyed"

'Kerry Edwards' Web site belongs to bondsman

Kerry Press Release: Campaign Statement on Ridge's Terror Remarks

Could These Words BE Any More Overused?

New Mexico Poll: Kerry 49% Bush 42% Nadar 3%

Kerry, Edwards say Bush exploiting values

Kerry Press Release: Relieving Strains on Overburdened Military

Michigan Poll: Kerry 50% Bush 43% Nadar 2%

Rasmussen Pennsylvania Poll

AP Poll: Kerry Solidifies Base (gains in South, Nader support drops)

Rasmussen Pennsylvania Poll

Kerry on Larry King?

Bush/Rove running to the right?

Kerry Press Release: Campaign Reaction to Report on Iraq Intelligence

Nader's new book published by Murdoch

I think Kerry is stronger in Florida than Gore was in 2000

Pentagon: Bush military records destroyed

Rasmussen Electoral votes- Kerry 247- Bush 203

Kerry has 7-point lead in Michigan, New Mexico

Kerry Polling Memo: Vice Presidential and Convention Aftermath

Rasmussen: Ohio Bush 46% Kerry 42%

Bush Military Records "Inadvertently " Destroyed

So Apparently the President of the US can't memorize a stump speech

A Thoroughly Modern Blend of Other Political Wives

Is Wilogren making shit up?

Bush Rallies Republicans in Pennsylvania

My ringing endorsement of Edwards:

How Bush let bin Laden escape

Elizabeth Edwards wows 'em in Florida. . ."Dems Dixie Belle"

Some great photos from today's Women's groups breakfast rally in NY...

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Bush makes 30th trip to PA.... IMO Kerry has this election in the bag

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Nader is a dangerous egomaniac and should be imprisoned.

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Edwards is the VP that the Americans deserve!

GOP Openly Launches Nader Petition Drive. SURPRISE!!!

Well Kerry is slipping in the polls

I was accosted by the Church Lady today, this is S- P- E- C - I- A- L

Fox News' Neil Cavuto admits he was wrong (about Edwards)

I don't think we will win this way.