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Archives: July 8, 2004

Power struggle in Beijing: Hu vs Jiang

Bye-bye, Bush boom: turning dismal statistics into `steady growth'

now the pay-off for Iraq support :Aust/US training base at Shoalwater Bay

"Richard Armitage is dumb, thuggish" : former Australian Prime Minister

Ehrenreich: The New Cosby Kids

Dowd: Breck Girl Takes On Dr. No (MoDo has poison pen out for Teresa)

"Is the media too easy on Bush?" on CNN Thursday

My Thoughts on Air America

pple to launch iPod mini internationally

Is the world's smallest vertebrate a fish?

Dinosaur graveyard found in Germany

Tung says he's powerless to push talks with China

Get your antibodies to fear attacks here

Iraqi hospitals worse than during sanctions

WTCheney! Check out this link on POLLINGREPORT.COM

Polarization and political war, Repubs started it.....

Republicans for Kerry.

While looking for goofy pics of Bush, found this funny article =2000

Byrd Watching - Losing America: Confronting a Reckless ...

New watermark on CNN?

How I see Kerry and Edwards in one sentence

116F/46C in Nasiriyah. Do you know where Bush is murdering your children?

I have a thread with lots of discussion that I wanted to reply on and foun

My dads Repug friend is worried the dems will win the WH and congress

Who is the worst token liberal?

End of month Kerry 55% Bush 40% per RNC

What differences do you have with Kerry/Edwards

I think Bin Laden is dead

Not afraid of losing NC? Riiiiiiiiiiight

Who should be the keynote speaker?

DU This GOPUSA poll

Kerry/Edwards kicks ass!

HS Junior Writes Terribly Sad F9/11 Review in the Springfield News-Leader

The lie that killed my son: Lila Lipscomb believed in Bush's case for war

Spiderman or F/911: The political divide takes on a new face

Bush appointee: Women should be subservient, rape can't cause pregnancy

Treatment center for torture victims opens in Britain

Dozens killed in Ituri violence

UN: Malawi is facing another year of hunger

Doctor claims Sars vaccine

Report shows big drop in reading

Edwards Pick Boosts Kerry on Political Futures Markets

In first appearance together, Kerry-Edwards ticket stresses positive

Florida: Kerry 48% Bush 43%

Robert Mugabe's reign of terror

Electoral College Projections

Internal Report Confirms Bush Misled Congress, Public on Real Cost of Medi

Mass graves discovered in Zimbabwe

Iran wants international trial for Saddam

"Missing Marine mystery deepens: Pentagon investigates whether kidnapping

US May Force Kuwait to Cede Territory to Iraq: Ex-Minister

Smoking cannabis could help night vision: study

Russia silences Free Speech

My Dad would have been 75 today.

strawberry milk or tea?

Thought provoking piece on shit-balls

My financial aid request for grad school got accepted.

Amaya's cat has a new name

Short rant about Energizer's e2 digital camera in stadium advert

It's time for the GREAT SPACE COASTER!!!!!

Conan O'Brien has the most enormous head I've ever seen on a human being

I propose a couple of toasts.

Best Saturday morning TV show?

Pet Question: Should I get a cat?

Metrosexuals on southpark now.....comedy central

Scrabble, Crime against humanity or delicious emergency crouton?

It just occurred to me...

Simpson's buffs!!! Help Needed....

Suggestions for a girl situation?

fave anime?

ugh.... marine graduation is on Friday which means my brother comes home

Scraple: Crime Against Humanity or delicious breakfast entree?

Has Kerry made his VP pick yet?

Question about "baby boom" and "generation x"

Aqua Teen Hunger Force: D or R?

Another small thing that could help....

7 new ads out

Kenny Boy In Hell

Annenberg poll on Edwards:

What A Rally in Dayton!

Rasmussen Electoral College Breakdown , July 7, 2004

"Bush Ruined Me and My Business"

Good news and bad news about where we are in the campaign.

What a Great Day

Mash Note for the "Girl with the Leash"

When fairness becomes a lie

controversial Aussie lawyer to defend Saddam Hussein

Lions Gate Responds To CNN's "Reliable Sources"

Long arm of the law nabs Bush

Blair's political flirtation with Edwards may come back to haunt him

What the Bushists have to look forward to this summer...

On the way to becoming a US colony :Australia signs up to Star Wars

Kerry, Edwards a winning combination, pollster says


The Working Poor : Invisible in America

Careful, quiet accumulation

Saddam's Trial Shows What Farce Bush's War Is (Scheer)

Michael Moore's War (He got the cover of this week's TIME magazine!)

Blame and Hope in Iraq (encouraging signs on the ground.)

Gunboat Diplomacy in the China Sea? Liberals Facing Outrage Fatigue

Train Wreck of the Week

Halliburton employee recounts his insane experience

Shameless in Iraq - US Embassy gets water project $. (Naomi Klein column)

Can Bush supporters be keeping up with this?

Transcript: Ridge on Summer Threat

a short, great article by Al Hambridge of Strike-the-Root

Bilderberg 'performance' key to Edwards VP pick

Good news, Canucks, the neighbourhood's improving

The Sad Story Of The Privately Owned Federal Reserve Bank

Bush Commits TREASON for a July Surprise

July Suprise: Bush/Pakistani Election Conspiracy

The Most Liberal Ticket, Ever [Fox}

" US has gone too far " : former Conservative Australian Prime Minister

To the ladies in the room - Molly Ivins

LA Times The News: A Nation Divided

Japan Elections Tonight....Arrogant and Conceited to Lose..

Salon: Oh, the stories he could tell!

Boston Globe Editorial Board: The CIA Failed, But The White House Misled


Liquid gas: the next terrorist target?

New BANDagainstBUSH poster...

AutoNation cuts second-quarter profit view

Molly Ivins: To the ladies in the room

"RICHARD Armitage, you are out of order " !

Another crash not far off?

Iraqis get a taste for Linux

The Broken Promise of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness

Eisner Faces Miramax Storm at Herb Allen Media Fest (re: F9/11)

A Referendum Divides Bolivia

It's all Jesus' fault - local LTTE

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac's Role In The Perfect Real Estate Storm

Army Study of Iraq War Suppressed, Released on Web

Nation’s Liberals Suffering From Outrage Fatigue

Bush Anything But Moronic, According to Author

Let's count the ways film (F-911) distorted facts

Join Protest At Bush Speech Friday Morning in Kutztown PA

Sign on the DraftBruce concert

Need new ideas for signs for weekly protest

Media says CIA will take the blame of WMD's away from Bush Admin, but

I'm going to protest Asscroft tomorrow!!!!

I'm driving the Pants-on-Fire Mobile in Delaware!

BANDagainstBUSH in SW Ohio, N Kentucky!!!!

Al Franken, Moby, Kenneth Cole pick t-shirts for Kerry

St. Louis Democrats HQ Open House

Join Draft Democracy and the MMM: Ban Assault Weapons!

CNN poll

If you can, tune into the webcast of ACLU sessions on RIGHT NOW

Lou's CNN poll

TMW - The Liberal Media Compares the Candidates

Fahrenheit 9/11

Ken Lay Perp walk: Will media play Bush/Lay 12/02 Tape by Lester Holt

This week on NOW w/Bill Moyers: Thomas Frank, Kathleen Hall Jamieson

Today's Thoughts

Curious about planners/datebooks

Scientists suggest we can tell when we are being watched

Will Iran establish a euro-based crude oil marker?!...

Zero Unemployment-India

AutoNation cuts second-quarter profit view

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac's Role In The Perfect Real Estate Storm

Forest Fight Spurs Oz Greens To Undercut Labor Party Campaign

The Green Cross Optimist . . . (referral post)

BPA Will Cut Spill On Snake River Dams - No Help For Salmon This Year

Drug-Resistant Syphilis Spreads

Freight trains vs long-haul trucks...

Sen. Tom Harkin on CSpan2 discussing Plame leak to Senate

Australia's Dark Secret....

Devious Rabbit Tricks Bush into Signing Gun Ban - ROLFMAO!

GUNS IN THE NEWS--July 8. 2004

Witnesses: Inmates fought to the death in cages

Bill for LEO nationwide CCW passes the Senate

To the Admins for your consideration

Just added DU to FeedDemon as a new channel, works like a charm

The home page is definitely improving!

I watch the registered numbers go up and up

A quick thank you to the moderators

I saw the other avatar thread and was inspired

A request for new avatars.

Did I miss the DU2 birthday party?

How about an "Employment/jobless" forum?

I don't think this thread should have been locked

I second Cheswick

I also question the reason of locking thread as 'flamebait'

I totally agree with your locking the sexism thread

I third Cheswick's assertion the thread shouldn't have been locked

You were right to lock those threads

Postscript to the home page revisions

Crazy idea for homepage.

May I post a Kerry fundraiser notice on DU?

Pronounce "Why"

How about a campaign photo gallery?

Perhaps there's a better way to describe why a thread is being locked?

Justice, Gas and Tears - Uri Avnery

Several killed in Gaza violence

Judge Upholds Deportation Order of American Peace Activist Ann Petter

Official: Israel won't alter policy of nuclear ambiguity

"A small plane equipped with 5 missiles" crashed into Tower 1?

New name tossed into Senate mix: Mike Ditka

Patriot Act and Lies

Breaking News: Illinois GOP announces senate candidate

Illinois DUers: Can Mike Ditka really win the senate race against....

Kerry/Edwards at St. Pete Coliseum last night - AWESOME!!!

Claim targets candidate for top CHP post

Daly has fundraising success, but needs more

BANDagainstBUSH in Cincinnati!!

Ohio CCW Reciprocity

Join Protest at Bush Speech in Kutztown PA Friday A.M.

Just picked up some Kerry/Edwards signs

Largest Texas National Guard call-up since WWII happening NOW

Well, yall. I don't have anything to say,

Nature Conservancy buys big chunk of Davis Mountains

Must Read!!!

July Kerry Meet-up in Wausau

Corporate Whore paying big $$$ to name local schools after Reagan

My local news ran the "Cheney can be president" clip...followed by...

Imperial Hubris by Anonymous release date moved up to 7/15/04

What do you think will happen with Kenny Boy now that he has been indicted

Missing Marine---Hoax or not---Drudge

Need a New forum for DUers to post rightwing talking points Mods HELP!

Does FReepers actually believe this (Lay-Clinton connection)

"The lie that killed my son" Guardian piece about Lila Lipscomb

July Surprise

anyone watch the John McEnroe tv show?

here is an idea for a commercial


try the mideast geography quiz

I have a question about Fahrenheit 9/11

No Military Draft , my butt


Sorry, but where the HELL can I get a Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker?

Flash or PPT on US?

"US Soldiers Still On Job"

Bush: "I'm just a simple candidate"

The scene in F9-11 where Bush talks about his dog digging in the dirt..

Hu's on First (We take you now to the Oval Office.)

Loyalty to the Country always!

Kerry's pledge to "make America respected around the world once more"

Hey people, check this one out. Radio Sub Rosa

Update on July 4th arrests at bush rally in WV

No Trials = No Trial Lawyers

Freeper forums? Low post count suspicions?

Outraged judge acquits gay HS principal, blasts prosecution and police

Will Kerry announce a withdrawal date at the Convention?

BushCo response to EDWARDS candidacy... CARTOON

DEMS have experience with SECOND CHOICES! cartoon

CSPAN 8:10a.m. Preble (CATO Institute): Exiting Iraq.

I am bald, and though I am not...

This just in: McCain to join Bush/Cheney ticket!

My Letter to the GKC Theaters for refusing to show F9/11.

That's what bothers us. He took over on day 1 and still is.

My encounter with a Republican "Have-More" last night

Medicare Rethugerry

What the Bushists have to look forward to this summer...

Rolling blackouts 30 to 60 minutes possible in Phoenix Thursday

Campaign donation question

If you had, in your possession, a combustible news story

UN Official Implicates HIV in Southern Africa Food Crisis

NRO takes on MM

Katie Couric is giddy over McCain!

best week for Democrats in months

Slate's KERRY-EDWARDS cartoons...some EXCELLENT

Chamblis (R-GA, stole election from Max Clelland) has prostate cancer.

Bush to Pakistan: Kill Bin Laden During Democratic Convention

Smile... its infectious

Raw Story

The First Great Decision of the Kerry Presidency

This is the DU thread on the HOUSE HEARING on BBV yesterday.

OpenSecrets reminds us of the coziness of Bush and Enron!

Cheney's Energy Task Force - A Question of Secrecy

Nice little gallery

U.S. Employment Growth Not Part Of Global Economy

Did Moore make it up?

Hidden Scars of Battle

My Prediction: Bush loses election--pardons Ken Lay!

HEADS UP: Class action suits subject CSPAN 9:30 a.m. ET

"Being friends with the Bush family has made my situation more difficult"

Billionaires for Bush

Lt. General Claudia Kennedy blasting the Iraq War and Bushco!

Military vote at risk; post F9/11 impact?

Will Cheney be indicted?

Kerry CAN'T WIN TENNESSEE. But can BUSH lose it?

Reminder: wear red on Fridays to protest Bush*

How Big A Mess Has Bush Made ?

Did anyone catch McCain on the Today Show this a.m.?

McCain on Fox yesterday: KERRY MADE NO OFFER of VP.

I just saw Ken Lay in HANDCUFF's.... on CNN

Let us not forget the infamous Bush / Ken Lay correspondence.

Paying the Price re: Iraq

Nobody Likes a Trial Lawyer Until You Need One......

Ex-Marine with $66M security contract disappears amid fraud allegations

What effect an attack B/4 election.......

Why isnt this question asked by pollsters?

Campaign Commercial Idea

"F911" and Clinton's blockbuster bk sales paved the way for Kerry/Edwards

Pulse on the economy

No doubt you'll be getting RW email saying Clinton & Lay are best buddies.

Right now, in an undisclosed location...

And Here comes the Terror Alert

When will we know who the Keynote Speaker

I want to thank shrub for uniting my family....

If Edwards is a trial lawyer what is Bush?

What impact would moving all class action cases to the Feds have?

If shrub gets trounced in November.

Bush plans on destroying National Forest to help his corporate buddies

Great picture of the two families and good story too..

Even WalMart is reducing sales expectations

Where is New Republic on the political spectrum?

Drudge's Hillary VP fixation just won't go away

Group tries to DRAFT Mike Ditka to take on Obama in Illinois!

Bush Campaigns on our money.....

Imagine Kerry/Edwards 15 to 20 points up and still losing the election?

Attn: RedQueen . . .

O'Reilly approves of tyranny of the majority over the minority

I don't think the "Willie Horton" style ad would be too effective anymore.


"The conventions are prime targets in the eyes of the Bush administration"

DU's New Look- Silencing Bob Boudelang

France embraces Fahrenheit 9/11

CNN has huge red TERROR ALERT banner atop their web site

GOP's Union Leader:Kerry-Edwards-taxes:Don’t believe the campaign rhetoric

PLEASE send e-mail to ensure proper representation for Ken Lay

Weapons of Mass Distraction

Thousands in St Pete last night.....

Chatroom looks like the 2 minutes hate this morning, reacting to Edwards

Don't forget DU, where you heard it first!

Reactions to Selection Are Positive in General

Lets Say John Kerry Wins And By 2006 Declares The Iraq War Over

terra alert "before the election" to cover for asking Pakistan to find

Had 9/11 not happened, what would shrub's numbers be like today

This election is certainly the most important election of my lifetime!

From a German “manning the rail” to Hungarians "dislike of Bush"

If Kerry/Edwards loses, it's America's fault

I DEMAND They Start Using The Color Coded Terror System!

I'm so sick of this administration and their flunky friends

Terra Alert! Proof that Michael Moore nailed it in F9/11

Todays threat -- "No specific information on time, date or place."

Bush declines invite from NAACP (sorry if dupe)

The OTHER Reason for Today's Phony Terror Alert: Drowning out the Phony

Mo Dowd savages Theresa Kerry, as she highlights Bush/Cheney "global mess"

What happened to Rawstory website?

Ridge now 12 minutes late for press briefing

Power of the People v. Power in High Places

100 Reasons Why Bush* Must Go...

Is the Bush Admin using terror alerts for purely political reasons?

They don't know when, where, or who but we'll have an "alert" anyway...

Repugs see the real 'terror threat' - Kerry Edwards

Media Bias survey ( link inside ) ....

Check out the Kerry trend - he's on track to 54%

Wow, even *CNN* seems a bit skeptical this time...

William Rivers Pitt: Kenny-Boy and George

Newsweek Editorial: A Foul Mouth and Manhood

Why you should not fear terrorists

Are terror alerts a conscious attempt to cover-up bad press for the WH...

MSNBC - The cookie presidential poll - "Teresa is SPICY..."

Karl Rove's Playbook

Bush Lays Claim to Edwards Country(based on his good values)

CNN>>>developing terror threat

Get your perp walk pictures here!

Terrorists and elections

can someone write a letter about the repukes trying to cancel or postpone

My second email to CNN in as many days . . .

Why and how are Kerry / Edwards the "most liberal ticket ever" ?

Why does Fox even bother with their "Most Liberal Ticket Ever" tripe?

Terror Scare Thursday/Bad News Dump Friday

TruthIsAll's compendium of Enron data is here, and you should read it.

Bush declines NAACP invitation

Has anyone seen the new Shrub ad with McCain?

CNN Poll: Get to it, DU it!

Developing story: Rogue intel unit in Afganistan

FEMA worker (Texan) ordered home (re: shrub's WV visit Jul 4)

Do any DU'ers have a tape of the Bush comment on Lay

Zogby job approval for Bush rises - no cakewalk election here

French Flock to Moore's 'Fahrenheit 9/11'

Mark Fiore - Electrionic Election 2004

did you hear yesterday's comments by Bush

So, WalMart Lowers Projections, Huh?

Four US soldiers killed; 9 Palestinians killed and we get Ridge....

Bloomberg picks up TNR "July Surprise" story - where are AP/UPI/Reuters?

Dupe..something weird happened when I tried to post it...

Tough Talk, Banter Kick Off 4-Man Campaign

BREAKING: Ken Lay might attack US with dirty bomb!

"The republican party had better not take the Southern vote for granted!"

HAHAHAHA! Paula Zahn examines media controversy re:Bush

878, 998

Edwards has energized the Democrats, Time for an ambiguous Terror Warning

If there is another terra-ist attack prior to November....

Scary thought. What if bush dumps cheney and puts

Was going to post an article about * not meeting with the NAACP but


"He compared the decree to the USA Patriot Act,..."

video of Deans message to DFA meetup...supporting Kerry

White House Downplays Bush-Enron Ties

Michael Moore has shown us that people must SEE for themselves

Please post legitimate election postponement links

ACLU Sues for Right of Gays to Marry

Plame Enron Halliburton 9/11 Iraq WMD BBV Abu-Graib Medicare PNAC Jobs

the arrangements for an october surprise have officially commenced

Question from a German: Can you leave your place of work to vote?

Election interference: are there any REAL indications that....

Something we can all do.....

My pal Juan just called me from the Kerry rally in Ft Lauderdale

Want to really CHANGE the Two-Party System? The Answer is NOT Nader 04

Tom Ridge gives ambiguous terror warning....again

Whats all this talk about the election maybe being cancelled?

Are they getting Tom Ridge ready to step in as VP candidate?

Conservatives Hate America

Nader returns, with G.O.P. help - Joe Conason

Wag that dog, Tom. WAG IT.

Here are Bush "Values" which he claimed in NC that Edwards lacks...

Will Duct Tape Cause More Hanging Chads?

Bush to NAACP: Go Cheney Yourself!!

Kerry, Edwards: Fla. Votes to Be Counted

Human Rights Watch congressional testimony: US has a crisis of credibility

A "toxic tsunami" of political spin

so I got questioed about being a terrorist

Psychological Warfare

a friend's published review F911..Johann Christoph Arnold a real Christain

I have MSNBC as background noise... Bimbette read an e-mail from a

Cronies: Oil, the Bushes, and the Rise of Texas, America's Superstate

questions on CUBA.....we have that concentration camp there

on Air America now

donating church directories to RNC burning people up

The "L" word-----(liberal)

Hartmann has conservative * critic on

Another Oliphant cartoon about the F-bomb

Fox freudian slip?

Amnesty International : Sudan crisis - In our silence we are complicit

I wish someone were keeping track of these alerts...

So predictable it isn't Breaking News...Ken Lay pleads "not guilty"

Who do you think was the cource of the July surprise?

Citizen Flynt | "Sex, Lies & Politics: The Naked Truth."

Let's promise to refuse to use the word HOMELAND. This is our COUNTRY

Fema worker sent home to Texas for anti-bush tee shirt

Suppose that this conference was to set up the July Surprise

Great Tom Tomorrow toon

what does the term "National Special Security Event" signify...

Over 100 Children Abused in Custody in Iraq (perhaps exaggerated)

Did anyone hear the C-SPAN caller that said his 8-yr old son was Repub

Four more years of terra alerts, paranoia, confusion, and fear ?

What is the one thing Edwards has that makes Bush shake?

BBV - David Pogue (NYT) and CBS Sunday Morning

Nielsen Rolls Out 'People Meters'(Fox will be hurt)

About cancelling/postponing elections - links please.

The Green Cross Optimist . . . new environmental mag . . .

F9/11 White vs Black

Why hasn't the threat level been moved from Bert to Ernie?!?

Rove's at it again: Terror warning and diversionary tactics

anyone know how many times the bushgang has issued "terror" warnings

12:30 pm SANDERS (I-Vermont) talking about Patriot Act.. FORCEFUL!

Why did it take so long for Lay to be indicted?

I saw our citizens' representatives (House) in action today. And

If elections are cancelled, Bush can't be President indefinitely.

Perp walk! Perp walk! Perp walk of the century (so far)

I love CBS!!

Good News: House Votes to Overturn Bush Rules on Cuba

CNN going live from Guantanamo Bay later this hour (2PM ET)

The Lay indictment from

Kenny Boy Piehole OPEN!!!

Ken Lay (longer) Briefing for reporters ON NOW (2:10 PM ET)

"....Anti-Torture Investment Policy...." you will love this

The (online)Revolution Will Not Be Televised ..... Joe Trippi

Hillary on Cspan2 about terror alerts

MATT LAUER is going to DEBUNK MOORE BinLaden family

The "L" word-----(liberal)

Why all the talk about cancelled elections?

Zogby Battleground State polls showing Kerry doing much better than Gore

WTF happened to "terrorists win" if we let them stop our democracy ...???

Cheaper Oil Prices? Forget About It - Read This Article (Very Scary)

Canceling and postponing are the SAME THING!

Is there anyone left who doesn't think

LA Times: Fox "most blatantly biased since the era of yellow journalism"

Anyone remember the daily memos from Kenny Boy to Bush?

Image of Bush with statement from Al Qaida... who has it?

My small-town anti-war surprise

Official: Ridge to say al Qaeda planning attack

How WILL Kerry respond to Ridge's "election cancellation" comments?

Does this hurt you as much as it hurts me?

A woman we know is going to prison for distributing oxycontin

Bush insults North Carolinians of all stripes....

I think I figured out the Special Security Designation for Conventions...

BBV - Federal court upholds Calif. e-voting ban

headsup: Plame discussion today on PBS NewsHour

Mom says: Why do ALL Republicans have beady eyes??

Okay, what's up with Nigeria?

Hilarious, incontinence-inducing Cheney strategy on Kos!

CSpan read news about the BBV hearing in the House yesterday.

I question the wisdom of using a Terra Alert to deflect attention

Lay press conference on CNN 2:10pm EST

MSNBC reports "Islamic militants' success" re: Madrid & Spanish elections

Sen. Robert Byrd ripping Bush on C-Span 2

How should Kerry respond to Ridge's "election cancellation" comments

Librarians Against Bush

LOL! See how GREAT the RW answer to F9/11 is doing @ theatres

Citizen Flynt: American Hero

"Hunting of the President" shown in Dallas tonight

MSNBC Poll-Is Cheney Best?

How the Terror Alert Color Codes are determined. And a forecast.

Anybody have Ridge transcript?

WTF happened to "terrorists win" if we let them stop our democracy ...???

The Two Johns and the Media Whores

Cry wolf toon


Scarborough: Edwards’ time in Senate same as Bush's in Austin

Re: Suspended Elections. I've got my Flame Suit on.

Article regarding the idea of "cancelling elections".....

DUers, please help! Trying to find a link to Ridge comments

Two News Conferences on " TERROR " and no news!!!!

General Clark shows what a class act he is!!

So Ridge is actually telling us "3 months till the October surprise?"

Ken Lay is on TV now in Houston!

Chi Sun-Times: Cheneys report most income of candidates at top of tickets

Ha! Ha! Ha! Kenny Boy just said he wants his trial to start in September

24 dead US troops since "surprise transfer of power."

I know, I know...Old news, new again! White House Downplays Bush-Enron Tie

John Edwards doesn't fish, hunt, follow NASCAR or listen to country music,

Wow... watch this snippet on Teresa Heinz Kerry. Just a few

What bands are playing at tonight's Radio City Music Hall event for

I think Ridge/* is paving the way for their planned disruption

THIS MAN is the President of the United States?

Hope Vs. Fear. That's what it comes down to.

We're borrowing money from China?!?!

Plame hearing

Wow! So far this week I've gotten three thumbs up . . .


F-911 playing in Indiana, PA! (Republican town). It is an old

CNN: Miles O'Brien is REALLY Beating on the "Wolf Crying" Terror Warning

When it comes time, Chimpy WILL pardon Ken Lay.

Kerry didn't gain much from Edwards vp pick ?

WP: Hostile Mission for Recruiters

Will Theresa Heinz be the Right's new Hillary Clinton?

Department Of Homeland Hysteria

4:11 p.m.CNN: Woodruff talking about the October Surprise!

Olbermann running with July surprise story Tonight!

Each one reach one! (2 more Kerry votes for New Hampshire)

"MoveOn.Org: The Next Big Thing?"

We have a winner!

Question About Drudge's Sexual Orientation

Drudge - born to be alive?

Dramatic, Artistic, favorite Kerry / Edwards photo

This picture is PRICELESS

Bush Coordinating War on Terror with Election

ALTERMAN: It’s official. Iraq was never a terrorist threat to the USA...

I wonder if Ted Turner still owned CNN if it would be the right-wing rag

4:24 p.m. CNN Brazile vs. Buchanan (sister) KERRY/EDWARDS

Live webcast of ACLU debate at 4:00. Howard Dean vs Gov. Bill Owens

This spin on the Madrid bombings needs to be stopped!!!!

The Daily Mislead : * Coordinating War on Terror w/ Election

Lay's billionaire pity party: "failure does not equate to a crime"

This could be why there haven't been any Plame indictments yet

Friends of reproductive choice - remember this pic?

George W Bush letters to Kenneth Lay

If we don't jump to every terra alert, they may MIHOP again.

Anybody up for volunteering to do exit polls in FL and OH?

Has Bush flip flopped on terror alert policy?

Okay, so let's say Ridge isn' t lying and there will be an attack

Most expensive public housing

If Martial law is declared in the US -

Where is the story behind this picture?

Bush campaign pulling the ad featuring McCain! ALREADY!

Could bu$hco nullify the election results after an attack?

Isnt that convenient? Terra threat when all atenshun on Kerry-Edwards

Crossfire! Repuke's Edward's "lack of experience" will backfire on Bush!

House Refuses to Curb Patriot Act

I found the interview when Bush* got pissy and walked out....

Nations Liberals Suffering from Outrage Fatigue (The Onion)

On my death bed I will laugh b/c I got to watch Bushco go down in flames.

A Soldiers Blog - (Graphic Content)

F9/11 vs Bushler Propganda "Americas Heart and Soul" for July 6

where is this news about postponing the elections coming from?

My letter to Congress about election cancellations:

A question for H2Oman (and others) re what is coming down the pike

Hoowee. Hillary kicking *ss and taking names

What is happening with ENGLISH under Bush? Bad guys? Good guys?

Is Cheney cheneyed?

BushCo wrong yet again! "Iraq insurgency far larger than we thought!"

need more help debunking a RW myth

Ridge on MSNBC now about TERROR ATTACK ALERT (11:12 a.m.) n/t

236,000 idiots watch Dennis Miller - McEnroe wears Kerry Button

U.S. Orders Foreign Reporters To Leave Country To Renew Visas

the next attack on the homeland

Fran Townsend (on CNN) being asked about the TNR article:

CAN'T KEEP HANDS OFF EACH OTHER - It's really true.....

Never mind!

Republican shenanigans on the floor of the house

CNN Tonight-The Kerry's on Larry King at 9. Clinton interview at 10.

So now we have our media counterbalance to the Saddam trial.

who thought up the name Enduring Freedom? Have you thought about this !

Ken Lay "Perp Walk" is nice, but I know I would rather see this...

Photo of George Enron Bush on coconspirator Kenny Boy's Jet !

Hey, I *want* Tom Ridge's terror warnings.

I was just watching Harold Ford, Jr. on

Must read Joe Conason column regarding McCain's sellout

Ha! Halliburton lists relationship with Cheney as a 'risk factor'!

Anyone hear about this new AP poll??

Amost all the FAT CAT white collar cases have been MISTRIALS or

When will Bay Buchanan get tired of Donna Brazile making her look silly?

GODDAMMIT! Whether they will try to cancel elections is NOT the point!

Regarding the marriage amendment - Action you can take

Is DU edging towards the right?

I love Freeper Fan Mail.

PEW Internet: A new pattern of people LOOKING FOR NEWS ON

i agree with almost everything nader has said.

If the soldier (Hasoun?) was AWOL, he might face the death sentence.

Der Faderland Authority thanks your for your patience while we program you

Those "F"ing Trial Lawyers

What think ye of John Brown?

Tom Ridge is stockpiling Warnings of Mass Distraction

How in the World can Bush say he responded good to the 911 attack?

What if Bush was a civilian...?

What is your favorite progressive website?...(poll..we are on it!)

F 9/11 could help the education and health care of poor children!

How People You Want to Have Sex With Donate Political $$

Hot new fashion trend: liberal patriotism

please send 2-way radios to the troops????

LTTE: About Cancelling/Postponing Presidential Elections

Bu$h refuses to answer questions about Ken Lay

*************Information for Convention goers***********************

Democrats, Kerry get nice Rasmussen bounce today

Crossfire: Novak: bad news for Democrats because the unemployment

PBS NewsHour covering Plame CIA leak, hearing today- in some time zones

Jim McDermott (Washington congressman from F 9/11) on C-SPAN

This election is, or isn't , about HOPE!

DU this poll...

Gung-Ho Bumper Sticker I Saw Today (Puke Alert)

ABC Evening News not buying the "terror warnings"

Countdown tonight is going to do a story on New Republic Article

Help me refute this

easy access to celebrity campaign contributions . . .

Are Kerry & Edwards Liberal Or Are They NOT Liberal?

GOP N.C. Candidate Uses 9/11 in Ads

Cheney Faces Criminal Indictments;

Since the buck does not stop at any Repug desk, Lay's crime is Clinton's

Quote "I'm a republican, but I ain't beyond steppin' across the line."

Everybody take a deep breath!

Home Channel News: Wal-Mart to expand radio tag rollout

Why is Bush "declining" to speak at the NAACP meeting........?

Saxby Chambliss has prostate cancer

Sorry, but I can't bring myself to cheer about Ken Lay's perp walk

The Michael Moore effect (media now hammering WH over terror alert)

Uplifting sign of the Democratic Grassroots Activism out there

Could Bush be tried as a war criminal?

George W. Bush walks out

New time on Dean/Owens debate at 7 PM. C-Span tomorrow.


Brendan Nyhan's tear-down of F9/11 -- counter it!

Drudge - Cheney Collaspes... Rushed to Hospital - Developing

Why are they so adamant about The Patriot Act?

Did you see those Iraqi children that are the NEXT WEAPON against

Who thinks Cheney will resign?

guess who said this ...

How did men get women to support institutionalized sexism?

I hate to say it but...

Here's an Al Queda endorsement of Bush

Anyone else watching Countdown right now?

Ken Lay Tried, Acquitted by MSNBC.

IF you support Equal Marriage Rights....

Michael Moore misedited "Now Watch this Drive"

The 2004 election has GOT to be cancelled because....

October Surprise strategy

Is 'staying the course in Iraq' a RWing or LWing Talking Point?

The lounge will not help me..I need the video of bush* picking his nose

caption this PHOTO: chimp storms out when asked about "kenny-boy"

Ldotters want Yoko Ono dead!

Latest NBC and CBS Polls show Kerry/Edwards WAY IN FRONT!!

I must have missed it – Zell Miller to speak at GOP (!?!) convo?

Ackerman of The New Republic on Washington Journal tomorrow AM

Bad News For Bush!!

What's your favorite progressive website? VOTE DU NOW!


Somethings happening here

Those F*cking Army Commercials

Was I right about Edwards, or what?

Bush Commits TREASON for a July Surprise

Do you think the "Army of One" mentality is to blame for the "bad apples"?

Anyone catch the Lou Dobbs poll tonight on CNN?

Top 11 known arrests/crimes by the family who would restore honor and dign

Dean debating now on Patriot Act (ACLU) he's kicking as* and taking names.

African govts' taste for expensive weapons is impoverishing the people

Some women objectify themselves, often for fun and profit.

letters that, oddly, didn't get the job done (small sample)

2nd annual "Freedom" concert

Any bets Rove/Homeland Sec. will try to disrupt the Dem convention?

Kerry's on Larry King Tonight.

So, somehow I'm on the mailing list of "The American Conservative"

$500,000 bail for Ken Lay?????

Karl Rove sighting!!! (Let's work this story backwards)

DU has depressed me today

former WH reporter Helen Thomas: "This government lies"

What is the difference between progressive and liberal?

I just created a Flyer 5 Times Better than the Kerry Campaign's...

ah crap, the patriot act was renewed.

Local news: "Terror Alerts.... Prudent, Or Just Politics?"

A DU'er has called some other DU'ers "Infirmary Feminists". Sweet!

AP: Iraq Insurgency Larger Than Thought

What is the deal with the latest Niger Uranium

Lou Dobbs has a poll...

Is the economy actually improving?

What Would You Give For Total Victory?

Big Dog being interviewed on CNN right now

ITs about time you all learn about the print screen button

So bringing up a real American problem is "flamebait" now?

Anyone ever look at Lileks' website?

Have you seen John McEnroe's tv show? If so,

It seems to me that if Bush grabs this election, then I think the

Did Michael Moore make John Conyers...

US to execute former hostage because he wasn't actually executed?

DUer Kukesa made the FRONT PAGE of the Cincinnati Enquirer!!!

Enron document shredding: Ordered by former SEC Chair Pitt?

Thinking about Kerrys interview today: They looked and acted real.

Why do we have to take OxyRush commenting upon...looks.

Did Sibel Edmonds have the press conference today?

* on vacation: what's the cost?

Shared "values"?

Our Broken System

How can 'terists' affect our election UNLESS WE LET THEM???

C-Span re-showing the 'patriot act' debate from earlier

Holy crap! Murdoch behind NY Post scoop

More should be said about the impact Dimson's regime has had on Unions.

Good news for Kerry, Bill's not sucking all the oxygen out of the room and

Okay - the FEAR - emails are coming again....

Baxter Testimony Would SINK Kenny Boy and BFEE

"The Pet Goat" available on Amazon!!

Bush gets "snippy" when asked about Kenny Boy - walks off

CNN brings back the "Osama & the U.S.A. in the crosshairs" graphic

BBV: Lawsuit Challenges Florida Ballot Recount Rules (FL)

Wingnut ass says Edwards sued over CP?

Der Spiegel: US solders are said to have abused and arrested children

Anyone know when Nader/Dean debate is on?

Nader on McEnroe NOW (CNBC) (10:30 pm edt)

The true face of animal cruelty.

Greg Palast: Give it Back, George...

Two thoughts about F9/11

Jon Stewart on a roll!

Kerry just turned me way on.

I had not seen Kerry much until tonight.... WOW

Can someone give me the Bush nosepick picture?

This democratic process will not be hijacked.

Allay my fears, DU...Can Bush knock Kerry off the radar like this?

What does it mean to be an American?

Scarborough on Bush's cheap shot at Edwards

Subject: Cheneyburton to resign due to "health problems"?

Bush will receive the same niceties from us as Reagan did, won't he?

Does Republican lust for Tort Reform extend this far?

self-made millionaire

ok, I have HAD it

Cost of the Iraq War Counter...Wow!

Who is this Rick Davis guy on Hardball? What a prick.

Kerry just turned me way off...

Great it worked :-(

GOP terror scam was exposed months ago...and here it is!

When Kerry picked Edwards, I knew Bushco was going down.

where to find magnetic strips for bumper stickers?

IF/WHEN we take the WH/Congress back......

Hitchens calls Lila Lipscomb "Nauseating"

GKC theater chain boycotting F/911

Dubya: 'Why I oppose price caps' on Kenny-Boy's Enron gouging(5/01)

What was up with Ridge during his terra alert?

Major artist Richard Serra's effort to stop Bush

Privatized Torture, But news story is later scrubbed of details

ABC: "Another terror warning...But is it politically motivated?"

Anyone else think Farenheit 9/11 was too long and

Facelifted Sally Quinn just luvs Teresa

How much do you think (L) Michael Badnarik will hurt Bush?

Anyone remember these incidents from early 2001...

Illinois GOP scrambles to replace Ryan

The Republican Way: Exposing Bu$h, Lay, Enron, California, etc. ETC.

Sen. Byrd quotes Bible on Senate floor..."behold these three years..."

What Do "They" Really Hate Us For?

A Letter to Bill Cosby: That's Dr. Knucklehead to You

Can we get Dean back in the Presidential race?

Ridge's quote concerning election

Anybody watched Paula Zahn "examination of the press" re Bush?

See them here first! Pics of Ken Lay in CUFFS! "Oh happy day!"

How can one look at themself in the mirror and support

DU among list of progressive websites poll

LOL look at this "high school" student at a Hannity event. . .

On my deathbed I will laugh b/c I got to watch Bushco go down in flames.

Dennis Miller and Joe "dead intern" Scarborough in ratings toillet...again

I just became a Eucharistic Minister and was told to deny communion to

What if Bush/Cheney win or steal it in November???

Daily Show: "Al Queda attack?"

Looking for picture of Bush boarding Enron jet.

Get into peoples FACES!

Well, folks.. it's time to shame the media into doing their job again.

I just want to say a quick thing about sexism, racism, etc.

This place is turning me back into a Republican (not really, but..)

Houston Chronicle regrets referring to "President Kerry"

Tweety to senator Breaux: doesn't it feel bad when AlQaida is rooting for

I LOVE John and Teresa Kerry. Larry King now.

Master List of Freepers

Control Room: If you haven't seen it, please go!

Why did the Al Qaeda wait until Bush was president to bomb the WTC??

The freepers are freaking over Elizabeth and Teresa!

War in Washington

Why is a trial lawyer a bad thing?

I refuse to be afraid

Experience??? Now the Pubs are pounding on Edwards Lack of....

VolcanoJen's Excellent Kerry-Edwards Rally Adventure! (I met Teresa!!)

Who has info on the 14 military bases being built in Iraq?

Michigan swings

The New Republic's "July Surprise?" article (<3 pages)

"God Bless America" has become "God Forgive America"

Somebody needs to remind the media whores about Madrid--Spanish election

Shame, shame, shame,'' Democrats chanted as the minutes passed....

GOP Unveils New War Paint

Favorite Air America Radio Show?

Why does AWOL set himself up for this? (funny pic)


DoD to Assist Security Efforts for U.S. Political Events

Are you familiar with Vedanta Philosophy?

Stolen bomb materials found

Drudge hits another new low

Everything you THINK you know about politics and why you're WRONG.

Suburban life in California makes political involvement difficult.

Excuse me Mr Armitage...FUCK OFF !!!

Strange mixed feelings on seeing Lay do the perp walk.

Using common sense about WMD's existence

Oops! Pentagon Say Bush Records of Service Were Destroyed

"9/11 happened because * is president."

Plame indictments.....Thread 4

Round him up! Move him out! (Kerry web-ad hilarious!)

From Hiroshima and the Atomic Café to Terra! Terra! Terra!

If You Want To Know What Martial Law In America Is Like:

BBV Mark Fiore chimes in.

Pentagon Says Nine More Guantanamo Detainees Will Face Trials

Chavez Frias flies to Argentina to push for Venezuelan entry to Mercosur

US sets up new Guantanamo panels

Aliens from Roswell try to frame Sam Donaldson

LAT: A Tenuous Peace in Sadr City (900 militia, civilians, 8 US dead)

DCF administrator reports accepting expenses from contractor (Jeb's admin)

Campaign turns to screen (Republican,Florida)

Kerry and Edwards focusing on Florida

Kerry vows to make US respected again

Patriot Act opponents forcing House vote on library, book store records

NYT,p1,lead: Falluja Pullout Left Haven of Insurgents ("terrorist hotbed")

Pentagon Outlines Troop Rotation Plan for Iraq

Feds Weigh Role in Net Telephony

GOP puts muscle into giving Oregon to Bush

Former US envoy funds Nader in attempt to thwart Democrats


Suddenly, the Bush Administration wants to help those poor, poor people in

CNN: Ken Lay just turned himself in.

Kerry, Edwards Debut Team To Throng In St. Petersburg

Data Nightmare at Pentagon

Pfizer to Give Away Nicotine Patches

I just saw Ken Lay in HANDCUFF's.... on CNN

Swedish Guantanamo prisoner released

Capitol Hill Blue (Thursday): Cheney Faces Criminal Indictments

UnEmp Claims: Seasonal adj drop 39 to 310, raw claim # is up 33

US forces to train in Australian bases

Michael Moore's War (He got the cover of this week's TIME magazine)

Candidates trade barbs over running mates

The Most Liberal Ticket, Ever [Fox}

Lawsuit demands manual recount option with touch-screen voting machines

July Suprise: Bush/Pakistani Election Conspiracy

CNN just announced another "terra" threat - from a group of ONLY repuke

U.S. Starts Drawing Plans to Cut Its Troops in Iraq

Report: Mentally Ill Youths 'Warehoused'

White House moves to protect right to spy on readers

US planning to cut military presence in Iraq by 2006: report

Join Protest At Bush Speech Friday Morning in Kutztown PA

11 Dead After Bush Crashes in Afghanistan (Freudian slip?)

Shades of Saddam in Iraq terror laws

couple handcuffed for anti-bush t-shirt in WV


French to indict Cheney

Voter purge ignored many Hispanic felons

Pentagon accused of evading Guantánamo ruling

Pentagon Sets Review of Detainees(does it meet USSC requirements?)

Pentagon accused of evading Guantánamo ruling

Pentagon Will Permit Captives at Cuba Base to Appeal Status

US Senate report on Iraq intelligence will not focus on White House: press

Saddam's trial creates a new legal model

Cheney faces criminal indictments....

BREAKING - Corporal Wassef Ali Hassoun Alive in Beirut . . .

Pakistan for Bush: July Surprise?

Challenger: Job cuts at computer firms on the upswing

Ex-Enron CEO pleads innocent in corruption case

Zeigler Miners Get Layoff Notices (250 jobs)

Musicians band together for Kerry campaign

GM, Ford Jack Up Some Rebates To $5,000

Security Woes May Prevent Iraq PM Visit to EU

'Fahrenheit 9/11' Prompts State Investigation

Study: Fake Sweeteners Boost Rats' Eating

Drug Companies Seek to Mend Their Image

GOP Goes After Edwards With Allegations

169 at Saxon face layoffs (Norman, OK)

Ken Lay is on TV now in Houston!

Muslims Alarmed as Germany Plans Islamist Database

Electrician sentenced to 30 days in jail for reckless homicide in boy's el

The Lion weeps tonight

Judge upholds Calif. voting order (good news re: paper trails)

Jiang warns Rice China won't 'sit idle' if US backs Taiwan independence

Holy See (the Vatican) Posts 3rd Straight Annual Deficit

Lawsuit Challenges Florida Ballot Recount Rules

Cheney's Illegal Actions Raise Warning Flags at White House

Study Signals Promise for New HIV Therapy Approach

White House Downplays Bush Ties to Ken Lay

Moore hoping for ripple effect with new movie ("regime change" worldwide?)

Kerry, Edwards: Fla. Votes to Be Counted

Venezuela accepted into Mercosur trade bloc

Helen Thomas Points to Government "Lies"

Kerry, Edwards: Fla. Votes to Be Counted This Time

bowie undergoes cardiac surgery

Let's count the ways film (F-911) distorted facts

France opposes UN Sudan sanctions

Wireless companies beefing up systems(....)won't be dead spots at Con

Bush Refuses to Answer Questions about Lay

Man Sentenced for Plot to Bomb Clinics

UK inquiry set to back claim Saddam tried to buy uranium

Kerry Fails to Get Lift From Edwards' Pick, Zogby Poll Shows

John Rigas Guilty of Conspiracy (Adelphia)

Gunmen threaten to behead Saddam lawyers

Swedish minister killer sentence overturned

Zimbabwe's harvest 'insufficient'

Missing Marine Questioned

Afghans Arrest Americans in Abuse Case

Fahrenheit 9/11 Audience Diverse (despite RW claims to contrary)

State: 1,600 ex-felons eligible to vote (Florida)

UN Rejects U.S. Lawmakers' Bid for Vote Observers

Bush Declines NAACP Invite to Speak

Pentagon to brief Congress on Red Cross reports on prisons in Iraq

Philippines Bars Workers From Iraq

Warmer tone on China from Taiwan

White House Moves to Protect Right to Spy on Readers

Martha Stewart's Motion for new trial denied

Chambliss tells his staff he has prostate cancer (GA)

Kerry-Edwards Pulls In Ahead of Bush-Cheney 48%-46% [ZOGBY]

Illinois Fixes Glitch to Keep Bush's Spot on Ballot

Robbery Accomplice Saw Signs of Slayings ( a soldier who killed)

Baghdad government receives new security powers as street fighting rages

Sen. Frist: Lawsuit Bill Probably Finished (as in "doomed")

House Refuses to Curb Patriot Act

National Guard Will Play More Prominent Role in Next Iraq Rotation

Americans Arrested in Kabul Abused Prisoners in Private Jail, Officials Say

Gunbattle Near U.S. Marine Hassoun's Lebanon Home

(Iraqi) Group threatens to kill Bulgarians

AP Poll: Bush Gains Slight Lead Over Kerry

Forest Service OKs Plan to Log Trees

The most dangerous squad in Baghdad

Afghan Women Targeted in Attacks to Disrupt Elections, UN Says

Oil prices, markets spooked by warning of possible al-Qaeda attack on US

Megawati in party deals to fight on

Philadelphia Archdiocese Says Abuse Victims Waited Too Long

Venezuela Opposition Will Restore Friendly Ties

U.S., Saudi Ties Could Face Changes with Kerry

NBC Poll: Kerry 49, Bush 41

The quiet ascent of Justice Stevens

CIA Chief Bids Farewell to Agency After 7 Years

World Court to rule against Israel's barrier-paper


Senate RollVote Lawsuits (It Failed)

Bush Camp Says Democrat Kerry Out of Mainstream (W Playing the Fetus Card)

Madrid police chief undermines gov't line on bombs (Aznar lied)

Senate Stirs Debate on Constitutional Amendment Banning Gay Marriage

Bush Reaches Out to Hispanics

'Men-only' dining outlawed: Court rejects claims men dined nude

Bush ties to Enron: big business back in spotlight

White House downplays ties to Lay

Suit says U.S. lags in issuing green card

Rights Activists Assail Pentagon Guantanamo Moves

Caricom team for Haiti next week

RCMP admits contact with U.S. in Arar arrest

Democrats raise $7.5 million with star-studded concert

An account of mistreatment of girls and boys in Iraqi prisons(French news)

House Overturns Ban on Sending Goods to Cuba

U.N. Says Sharon Is Ready to Discuss Nuclear Program

Armitage dumb, thuggish: Keating

President Declines NAACP Invite To Speak

White House missrepresented CIA intelligence on Iraq: Senator

Bogus Agents Said to Be Antiterrorist Vigilantes

US Science Policy Swayed by Politics -Group

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 868 U.S. service members have died

Ashcroft's Interest -- Exclusive: The Attorney General received...

NYT: Defectors' Reports on Iraq Arms Were Embellished, Exile Asserts

Edwards Sets Self Apart on Foreign Policy (Focus Terrorism before 9-11)

Blix Made Last - Minute Plea to Blair on Iraq - Paper

Iraq Insurgency Far Larger Than Thought

Teen Arrested in Deaths at Donaldson Ranch

MI6 rushed to back case for Iraq war

Court: fence violates int'l law, must be dismantled (Haaretz)

A return to tradition in schools (Labour Pushes Uniforms & House System)

Adult stem cells taken from bone marrow can improve heart function

This will piss you off. "Bush's National Guard Records "Destoryed"

Post-Chavez Venezuela Would Be U.S. Ally -Opposition

Fired FBI Translator's Charges Classified -Sibel Edmonds updates

Israeli interrogators in Iraq - An exclusive report

Europe rejects foetal rights bid

NYT: Army Looks for Airmen and Sailors

US mercenary 'dangled Afghans upside down in private Kabul jail'

Some Democrats Urge Kerry to Forgo Public Campaign Financing

David Bowie Has Procedure For Blocked Artery (cancels tour)

BBC: 'Freelance' US fighter identified (secret Afghanistan prison)

NASA Rescue Plan Is Reported to Have High Risk of Failure

Former congressman attacks D'Amato over dump-Cheney advice

Prospect: Ashcroft's Interest (what Ashcroft knew about Plame)

House RollCall Patriot Act (210 to 210)

Breaking News...Bush Admin. warns of another terrorist attack

Bush Taps Calif. Gov. for Austria Funeral

Ken Lay Indicted, And Fights Back

Novel attributed to Saddam appears in Arab newspaper

Baby Born After Genetic Screening of Eggs

FEMA worker ordered home (in handcuffs, for anti-bush t-shirt)

Senator, Sobbing for Son, Pleas for Suicide Bill

Nader Accuses Dems of "Mini-Watergate"

Some U.S. Media Rosy on Iraq Since Handover-Experts

Lawsuit Challenges Florida Ballot Recount Rules

Dean answering Nader's challenge for Democrats

Official's 'Dirty Girl' Quip Draws Fire (Riordan (R) insults preschooler)

Ridge Warns of Election Terror Plot (Reschedule Elections)

Officials: Bin Laden guiding plots against U.S.

Five US soldiers killed in mortar attack, Turkish army warns Iraqi Kurds

PM beefs at U.S. ban

4 U.S. Soldiers Killed in Iraq Gunfire - 20 Wounded (Updated story)

Clarke calls U.S. treatment of Iraqi prisoners "war crime"

27 Fires Linked To Oil Changes In Honda CR-V


'Freelance' US fighter identified

Michigan GOP Gathers Names for Nader

More about Fahrenheit 9/11: 'I think he's a big jerk'

Pentagon Say Bush Records of Service Were Destroyed

AP: Iraq Insurgency: 20,000+ strong and not Islamist

Bush refuses to answer questions about Ken Lay

Did anyone just see Marc Maron from AAR on Conan?

Funny anti-Bush bumper stickers...

Which do you prefer: Carvels or Clinkerbuilts?

Is Tough Crowd off the air?

According to the Wikipedia.... Another reason that * is evil.

favorite republican joke?

I made a big mistake...

Is the Drew Carey show supposed to be funny?

Tired of old-fashioned, manual circumcisions?

(We take you now to the Oval Office.)

If you were a republican...

Anybody want to trash Limbaugh for a while ???

For you gourmet cooks -- cookware recommendation

"Delete" Cheney first !!!!!!!

Anybody practice chai tea or geegaws?

If a guy was about to chop your head off, wouldn't you at least...

*sigh* Welcome to Insomnia-land

Truth or Dare?

Why Do Women Carry Around Such HUGE Chests? --- What's In There?

poker players, question for you

My biology teacher shows pictures of the Chimp!

Any other PartyPokerholics here?

They say the war made us feel better about ourselves.

Take a moment to revel in the awfulness of this image

Help Needed On Underwater Sex Life - "Cross-dressing Cuttlefish"

In remembrance of the Battle of Gettysburg (Jul 1-3)

Vet Treats Stoned Cats & Dogs - (Owners Feeding Pets Pot)

I'm back and all moved in!

"Va-Va-Voom" Makes It Into Dictionary

Drag Queen Poker Players Crash Ladies' Poker Night

Yet another stupid, useless Stephen King remake on the way?

Funny Twist

For FeedDemon users, BradSoft releases an IE-related security update

Uggg! My family made me watch a Ben Affleck movie last night (Paycheck)

Urbandictionary definition of Bush

I can't think of anything to say!

Snapple, Crime against humanity or delicious sugar water?

Kids Likely Stole 20 Plastic Pigs From Yard

And they call me un-patriotic..

Would you date this man????

Let's DU this new poll from Hannity

Man Accused of Stealing Boy's Socks

Why Do Women Carry Around Such HUGE Attitudes? --- What's Up There?

This just in: McCain to join Bush/Cheney ticket!

Kindergarten Painting Sells For $75,000 (Rich Parent Bidding War)

DJ wears mask, buys gum at store, clerk hits alarm, DJ arrested!

How do I post img-s in my sig?

A little comedy for the day.

With This Thread, I Officially "Mark My Territory"

For fun...Couple of pics from sons wedding

happy birthday to me

What cartoon character are YOU?

Robotic Bartender Joke

So I had a weird Ashcroftian dream last night that still has me disturbed

Help! Windshield wipers stuck in the upright position!

Why Does forrest Carry Around Such HUGE Gonads? --- What's In There?

My new favorite Picture

Good Morning DU!

So what's gonna happen to DU after November?

Non controversial cat question

Aviation observations

new info on impending terra tax

Hey! Dick! You're NEXT!!!

Website Teaches Kids How To "Make Better Farts"

Ken Lay turning himself in reminds me of the Chapelle skit...

My freeper stalker rears its ugly head

JMS (Babylon 5) Slams Anti-F/911 Poster (good reading even if not a fan)

Cheney SEXY?

my nephew's concussion -- brought on by anime!

My Car's Being Serviced As I Chat-What Should I Do

The 700 Club!

Airplane Mechanic Gets Scoop On John Edwards - Not Reporter

DU this poll!!!

Quiz: What kind of kiss are you?

Dumbest things you and your significant other have argued about

What's the correct response to"I want someone to take me to the Hospital"?

Straight men at work confuse me!

New Kerry-Edwards Logo Avatar!


Anyone else taking Atenol for high blood pressure?

George W. Bush*

Half-naked motorist arrested with kiddie porn

Man Accidently Runs Over, Kills Sleeping Woman

7th sephiroth's birthday gift to DU, his 3,000th post, come an help

BREAKING: Ken Lay might attack US with dirty bomb!

Phil Hendrie should SUE Comedy Central!

High Speed Chase - Van Full Of Jail Inmates Towing Porta Potty - 100 MPH

just heard a kerry/edwards Ad on cnn

OK, Be Honest!!!

Kangaroos turn deadly

Can anyone beat Ken Jennings on "Jeopardy"??

I am so LIVID right now - our family car vandalized by Freepers?

Did CNN made a grammar mistake?


I feel LOUSY

Quiz: What Mythological Creature Are You?

saw the sweetest little family this morning

post number 3,000 baby, happy b-day to me

I want this car.


"Money won is twice as sweet as money earned."

CAPTION the night before his shadow does the perpwalk


If I read 'marshall law' one more time...

CAPTION the end of the puppet show's matinee performance

If I eat a marshmallow one more time...

I want to thank DU!

Caption: Lay lady Lay

I want to thank DU and all DUers!

Couple Have Car Sex While Driving Fast - Crash

My Girlfriend's Beloved Dog Was Put To Sleep (tear-jerking photo inside)

Art Spiegelman (MAUS) Doing 9/11-Post 9/11 Graphic Novel

The Mighty Moose of all CAPTIONS!!! (**Warning: Graphic Photos**)

Erin is getting better at playing fetch.

Are any debates scheduled yet?

20 Question Jeopardy?

What does one eat for lunch when one slept only 2 hours last night?

Like I Said Three Months Ago...The Mets Will Finish Better Than Philly

Official new "RED" terror level illustration:

University won't require guide dog to know English

The way they were. *sigh*

Another Cheney "keeper" from MSNBC: "Manhood & a foul mouth"

No doubt a very accurate depiction of the future VP debate

OMG-Virginia is FREAKING about new weekend work rules

Great Bush Joke

CBS Sunday Morning - anyone remember this?

Instant message... best friend Preggers!!!!!!

Parking lot revealed to have been built over the graves of 135 children

One girl was called Jean Marie

Sumbitch! I was just invited by Tom Reynolds to dinner with GW.

3 Cheers to Skinner, Elad, EarlG and all the mods

Funny 'Kerry' Commercial

LOSING CONTROL -- 'Control Room' Exposes the Pitfalls of Modernization

Better than Best Bush Photo Ever....

A Song parody and smilies tribute to Ken and W's "passing friendship"

I'm about to toss my laptop over my balcony!!! HELP !!!

What's the name of your local newspaper?


Restaurant offers prices that reflect the customer's hair cover

Where were you in 2000?

Post #3,000 Happy birthday to me

I didn't get where I am today ...


good used music gear web sites? any suggestions



Cadaver Plays Basketball At Anatomical Exhibition (PHOTO)

I've just finished eating, and now I'm going swimming...without waiting!!!

My daughter just asked me about the facts of life, so I told her...


my eggs are hatching!

My eggs are itching!

Cats and Dogs - a few pictures

I am a big ole gasbag

Farm wife impersonation: now making green tomato relish

Clinton's My Life: A "Pretty Good Story" in German, Too

ewww - bug in my Lunch

Anyone ever used mac & cheese to cut your hair?

I am cqhayes' biatch...

Caption GWB storming off in a huff

Has anyone ever used a FlowBee to cut your hair?

my big-ass grill

Favorite Beatles Album (1963-1965)?

Favorite Beatles Album (1966-1970)?

I just love to.. finish this thought

You young whippersnappers!!!! I'm on to you!!!!

Noixrlsyd eht enoptsop ot gniog er’yeht dog ym ho


Great new pic from Mrs. Betty Bowers

Caption This Crusader of Terror!!

So i have a rental car

*** BREAKING *** Bush To Begin Drinking Again

I am so sick of writing

Finally! I have an Internet connection at home.

For one day only: No thread on the Tour de France.

What was your first post on DU?

Pseudo intellectuality always cracks me up

it won't be out until October . . . but, yes, you can pre-order now . ..

I think I'mn scarred for life now...(animal cruelty alert)

DU Insomniacs Check In

Armstrong Says He Won't Compete at Olympics in Athens

eww - beans in my ears

I'm house sitting this weekend...

Doing the low carb thing? Gotta have chocolate? Gotta have ice cream?

Freeper Letter To The Editor:

The Museum of Television and Radio

When I was three, I thought the world revolved around me

Caption the looser

Can YOU identify the spelling bee champion in this picture?

Wanna get passive aggressive?

Best Buy offers computer help - 'The Geek Squad'

file sharing


You were working as a waitress in a cocktail bar...

To the wonderful Bev Harris, who proved what caring, determination,

Recipe: 309's Snackie-Powder

Finally! Kevlar undies! Good for visiting GD'04

I picked Edwards - Now I'll pick the Kerry Cabinet = Play along

If Bush wins 2004 election, Chevrolet to reintroduce Corvair in 2005

bowie undergoes cardiac surgery

It just!

I've been offered a new job at the same place I work.....

Marc Maron from AAR coming up on Conan in a few minutes...

Some surprisingly good advice on how to think about freepers...

Making an anti-war / anti-Bush CD - what should be on it?

My dear friend's dad was just found dead this morning

Rules for dating after 45???

Pronounce "Chicago"


Why people hate yuppies - while driving down a congested street

Citizen You! - funny spoof i saw in a bookstore today.

Introducing: The Youthful Rhetoric Collective (my side project!)

Pronounce "America"

Caption This Picture

All right, I want in on this action. Pronounce "caramel"

Why must all female anchorpeople have emaciated faces?

Starvin' Marvin's in love..

Bono, The Edge and Neil Jordan to make SPIDER-MAN: The Musical???

Pronounce the capital of Kentucky

Pronounce "Potato"

Let this be a lesson to you. Never..NEVER post your picture

Let's be rude: Tell the Justice Department what you are reading!

Which would you rather take for stress/anxiety?

im not clicking on that \/ link right below me... and you cant make me. nt

Any great date success stories out there?

Pronounce "Ya mama"

Pronounce Oregon

Pronounce Heywood Jablomey

bird toys...........not just for birds anymore.

Pronounce Floccinaucinihilipilification

I'd like to live in a yurt. Wouldn't you?

Ok, it's a copycat thread...but pronounce "Cthulhu"

Anyone know how long it takes to get the Kerry/Edwards t-shirt by mail?

Curt Schilling on the mound now

How People You Want to Have Sex With Donate Political $$

Pronounce DETROIT

Has no one really died from smoking pot?

why must all female anchorpeople have constipated faces?

Pronounce "Nevada"

I'd Like to Leave In a Huff.

Who hates Robert Novak? Tell me why.

OK, smartasses. Pronounce "gouda".

Pronounce "eye em sofa king we todd did"

Ronald Wilson Reagan is still Dead. Time for a Reagan Joke!!!

The Lounge is on fire!!

When I don't do my daily ten men - I feel like absolute crap! Any

Pronounce "Pronounce"

Ya know, yak now!

try this one: pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis

There's a moth on my computer screen

I have some questions for any athletes or bodybuilders reading this...

Pronounce Liotta (as in Ray Liotta)

Just watched Sandwiches That You Will Like tonight

I Shook John Kerry's Hand Last Night... (pics of the rally inside)

Oogh! oogh! oogh! Light ON! Cocoa need CAPTIONS

Best. Bush. Protest. Photo. Ever.

I cannot wait until August!!!!!!!!!!! 3 DVD sets coming out:

A genuinely dismal reality check

Pronounce "Hannity"

Damn weedeater

Garden/Yard problem this year


Let's Call the Whole Thing Off

Kinky Cameron Diaz Video Hits Web

I'm famous! I made it on FR...

Pronounce "Nuclear"

Can someone help me find PEEPS in Milwaukee?

14-Yr-Old Murder Defendant Escapes After Gluing Electronic Monitor To Cat

Yet again, Bowie copies me...

Drudge - Cheney Collaspes... Rushed to Hospital - Developing

Two Reasons to Love Maroon 5/Kara's Flowers

My new job is going to RULE! (pumps fist in air)

Bowie in emergency heart surgery

pronounce Abu Gharib.

5 cats, 3 different diets!

I know, I know, I know..I do not come here often...without asking...but

Anyone know of a good on-line resume formatter ?

I am on AOL..and need the video of bush picking his nose

I've Purchased all of the "Winds of War" Series based on Herman Wouk's

Last night a guest was watching Terminator III...

Did you ever think, in your most terrifying nightmares....

DU men: Is this appropriate?

Any good first date disaster stories out there?


Michael Cooper leaves LA Sparks

"I'm Free"

what's your favorite term for ....

Olberman and Ferrell - did anyone see this?

What should I do to my peeps next?

Stolen a film? MPAA wants to know

Thursday night DULL, come on in and have a drink.

Are we all getting along better now?

Another computer question( Dumb, Dumb..)

Teresa Heinz Kerry's accent...

So my mom calls again the next night

Coupled DUers: find the song "Who Am I" by Peace Orchestra...

West Hollywood DU'ers!!

Ah yes but what happened to Nora's side of the correspondence?(Joyce news)

What happened to sundog?

Listening to Phil Lesh, Trey Anastasio, Page McConnell and Steve Kimock

Damn, I hate these things

Look like they stick with The Who for CSI:NY

Will farrell and Nicole Kidman starring in "Bewitched"?!

Are double entendres bad?

Aw, shit. Ridge warns of election terror plot.

Anybody watching Kerry on Larry King?

There's now an actual Dodgeball show on tv?

The Great Flame War of 2004

The Official Welcome Back Sundog DULL Thread

when do the schools (K-12) start in you area?

Tour de France coterie?

Praying man. (t'is!)

Just sayin'.

In a big country, dreams stay with you, like a lover's voice...

I'm a muthuh.

Some women objectify themselves, often for fun and profit.

DU ladies: Is this appropriate?

Bush administration as Dick Tracy thugs

FlamingYouth's hair is on FIRE!

OddTodd Reviews Farenheit 911

Great song for a Kerry/Edwards rally....

UPS is...

Pronounce "Niagara Falls"

Objectify this

Survey Says pResident Bush Has The Best Hair

"Hmmm...let's see...what shall I call my new company....."

I have Shingles (and it sucks)

Pronounce "syrup"

Uh oh.....I didn't realize I'm in the 700 club!

My computer came!

Does Dennis Miller have a co-host? How about Nader?

speaking of pronunciation, try moving to Massachusetts and . . .

Sometimes Suzanne Malveaux looks like the best looking woman on the planet on Cheney / Edwards...I doubt The Onion could top this


Remember the "Offblast" music video?

Scary how this song exemplifies what is going on now.


Any fans of "Trailer Park Boys" here...

Pronounce "Oconomowoc."

F911 proves that nobody has any respect for Britney Spears

Who else has played a euphonium (a.k.a. baritone)?

RIP Syreeta Wright

I just about blew a gut on this one... a sign on the times?

Mozilla / Firefox security patch released (shell: protocol security issue)

You're a jeopardy to society!

I am REALLY drunk: ask me anything.

I'm a daddy.

Seriously, now - sorry about the can of worms.

When I don't do my daily ten miles - I feel like absolute crap! Any

Computer question...Windows XP

Most women, who COULD be objectified by men, choose not to be.

How do you find dates when you are an introvert with poor social skills?

Temporary crown is KILLING me - someone shoot me, please!

DU women, is THIS appropriate?

Anybody else throw shot put and discus in high school?

Subservient Chicken

I'm Doing an English paper on the War on Drugs! Where can I find info?

why oh why did i go to Newsmax?

Uggghhh...I'm staying out of the GD forum today

Pronounce "New Orleans"

Ladies of DU-Introducing the best kept secret of the Lounge*hottie alert*

It just hit me

Who Will Be President When You Die?

Rove Calendar found on park bench near White House

OK, I wanna be objectified now.

new bumper sticker idea

What's Your Most Humiliating Injury Story?

I apologize for the "John Edwards' daughter is hot" dustup.

mac & cheese - entrée or side dish?

How the Neo-cons think - Hyperliteralism and the new Political Math.

Even more efforts to silence Michael Moore

Can anyone give me the scoop on Greenville, North Carolina?

Need Help Please (a video)

How do you break it off with an Ex and move on?

Autograph collectors: best price guide, best place to sell?

Completely inappropriate John-Edwards'-daughter-is-hot pic

Anyone know about Baseball cards/collecting?

If you wanted to insult me...

Who Was President When You Were Born?

Dumbyass joke

Do Macs need firewalls and other types of security stuff?

Did you get bad advice from advisers in college?

Pronounce "Toronto"

Quiz: Which Bob Dylan song are you?

Update on mystery cat ailment...

Post your odd pet behavior stories here...

The ever-popular tell me/ show me your desktop wallpaper thread

Live sex on stage of Norwegian music concert

Thank you Skinner & DU my Fiance and I are getting married

Prepare for Bush's October (terrorist attack) surprise

The Democratic Restoration

I hope we aren't setting expectations too high.

Would history be defied twice

idea for a tv ad

CBS and NBC Polls on Kerry/Edwards v. Bush/Cheney

can someone with an economics background help me?

Bush and Cheney won't be campaigning together? (Security concerns)

Aaron Brown CNN segment re possible turnover of Osama

Kerry-Edwards Ticket Revives Populism Issue

A 'Dream Ticket' Talks of Economic Realities

What a surprise! NBC says Ridge to describe new Al Queda attack plans

Rupert Murdoch (aka Satan) has given money to John Kerry in the past

If Rove dumps Cheney who do you think he would select to run with Chimp?

Video link to Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel to for today's rally!

So now the new plan is to make W & Cheney look like paupers

Justin Nadeau: Stealth Republican or Faux Democrat?

Kerry Press Release: Press Quotes on Kerry-Edwards

We report, you decide. Coincidence? Ridge 11AM news conference?

My problem with Ralph Nader

I absolutely love our ticket!

Video: Howard Dean and Colorado Governor Bill Owens Debate...ACLU today.

Come On - Give us REAL Clark supporters a break!

Lack of woman/minority on Dem ticket

Should The Kerry-Edwards Campaign Use President Gore More?

Kerry Press Release: Fact Check on New Bush Ad

How will the timing of the conventions affect the polls?

Wes Clark's new marching orders

Pics from Kerry/Edwards event in St. Petersburg FL 7-7

Iowa Poll: Kerry 48, Bush 44

D'Amato's Wish: *bush/powell ticket - Will it work?

Another LIE from the LYING Bush Campaign LIARS

Al-Qaeda Wants Kerry To Win (PS - Don't Protest The Dangerous Convention)

Way to go, JK! "Terrorists won't decide the election, the people will!"

So Don King is stumping for Bush/Cheney

A DUer Called this one! How low will they go?

It's not Left vs Right - It's Democracy vs Corporate Fascism

Experts Warn of Potential Problems with Electronic Voting Machines

Pastor 'Shames' Blair and Bush at Funeral of Scottish Soldier

Texas Veterans Protest War in Iraq as Deceitful

Former EPA administrator Carol Browner endorses Betty Castor

Roy Moore for President

Election reform: what would you like to see done? (And do you think Kerry

Kerry Not Over The 2000 Florida Dispute

Have you seen this cool JK/JE photo?

Check Out the Kerry Rock Concert!!!

Has any one seen data on voter registration?

John Kerry and Teresa on CNN's Larry King tonight.

Bush ad assails Kerry for missed Senate votes

White House Downplays Bush-Enron Ties

Just returned from the AWESOME rally in Fort Lauderdale!

McCain ain't havin' it!

How many DUers at St. Pete Collisuem last night?

Good local coverage of the Kerry rally in St. Pete last night. Video.

Cheney 38% Edwards 45%

So Cool Fahrenheit 911 Ad on Primetime CBS

Illinois State Sen. Rauschenberger won't run against Obama

Republicans don't hate trial lawyers. They hate juries.

Senate Confirms Anti-Choice Nominee J. Leon Holmes to Federal District Cou

Maine Poll: Kerry 46, Bush 45

Nader blames the Gore loss on conservative Democrats voting for Bush

Listing of who contributes how much to campaigns. Surprises here. :)

How many people would vote for Nader if they knew all about him?

Kerry is SO much better in a conversational format

why don't dems start calling Bush/Cheney "the most conservative

Summer time Kerry-Edwards desktop wallpaper

Fun facts about age.... Elizabeth Edwards vs. Babs

Arrests of anti-Bush* protesters in WV

the renewal of the PATRIOT Act is made a bit more palatable

WooHoo, I just donated to the

Kelly Arena lies for chimp once again.

HAHAHAHA! Kerry "I don't know what to make of the Vice President, period."

DU this poll

Great news! ABC reports Kerry/Edwards on cover of both Time, Newsweek!

Nader took the US to war in Iraq!

Rocking with John Kerry

Went to Kerry-Edwards rally, Ft. Lauderdale! They're ROCK STARS.

TPM reports Michigan Republicans working to put Nader on ballot

How much you wanna bet that, if they cancel the election,

Rasmussen Poll New Jersey: Kerry 51 % Bush 41 %

AP Poll now has Bush Leading?

Dick Cheney Is Ready To Take Over The Presidency

Should I donate to a Repug?

All the Nader talk boils down to one thing and one thing only


Freepers: "Elizabeth Edwards is fat" thread

Theresa Heinz Kerry impresses the hell out of me

Take this from John Edwards, Dubya, in answer to your latest sleezy ad!

South: Bush 50, Kerry 47

Kerry is for faith-based initiatives

I predict Cheney will not be on the ticket come November

Ralph Nader is Simply Up to No Good.

Talk about chutzpah: Nader blames Gore's loss on conservative Democrats

Missouri Poll: Bush 48, Kerry 44