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Archives: July 7, 2004

Kristof: Kerry's Blue-Collar Bet (Great column on Edwards Appeal)

Beijing is showing its real face in Hong Kong

Bush campaign courts the religious right

Tom Tomorrw: The Liberal Media Compares the Candidates

Maureen Dowd: The right's implacable war with the 60s

HK adviser loses job over democracy

Activists protest reactor Japan reactor

Taiwan's allies to be excluded from Chinese aid plan

I gotta say, I feel so comforted at Level 2...

Love the new homepage guys! keep it up

Looting vanquishes Babylon's artifacts

Uh, Paris Hilton is a human person?? I thought it was a French hotel

And now, the winners...

Tony and Kyoto

"Trailer Park" Elite


I think I am going to start a "Bush Pissed Me Off" jar to support JK....

Well, what does "former Democrat Pollster Pat Caddell" have to say?

Imagine a scenario where JK, having won in 2004, is challenged

Kerry/Edwards is great news but......

Never so embarrased in his life. toon

Bush web site Talking points on Edwards, this is funny!!!

President Cheyney!

Mike Moore busting on Bush on Charlie Rose now, good quip about 7 mins.

What are Liberty dollars and has anyone used them???

Billionaires for Bush at DFA fundraiser in LA. Dunk tank for Bush

Will there be a place for Kucinich in a Kerry Admin?

China behind attack: Falun Dafa

Prosecutors say Moussaoui's mental health may be issue

Report says Bush administration broke no laws in withholding Medicare cost

After Fight, Senate Agrees to Bush's Choice for Judge (6 Dems with Bush)

Police Issue Safety Alert To Realtors - WA

PERFECT CASTING! -- Michael Chiklis as the Fantastic Four's Thing? Maybe.

First Person Shooter Games for PC...

What is a good free MP3 player, wav to MP3 converter?

Rehab is for quitters!

Chiggers, Ticks or SmushyBushy?


A new bush graphic for you guys


When did the Clash Jump the shark?

I know why ODDSSON was at the White House today.

Error: you can't nominate your own topics

I have been so happy all day

Stayed in bed all morning just to pass the time ...

UNBELIEVABLE Conan tonight.

I've never listened to The Who's "Tommy"

how many/what jobs have you had?

Who Remembers Cal Worthington and His Dog, SPOT?

A simple request.

I am not a kitten, I am not happy, and

Anyone high on crack?

Advice on migraines?

Who Are The Most Evil Women In History?


Should smokers receive the death penalty?

KERRY is going to WIN FOR SURE NOW...

As a Clarkie, I'm overwhelmingly relieved that it's Edwards

Who says the VP don't make a difference?

Post your Kerry-Edward Graphics Here!

To CLARKIES Who Still Want To Support Wes Clark's Legacy

John Howard ( Australian PM) has 'half a brain': Michael Moore

Choice Is Pragmatic, Undramatic

The Carlyle Group

Jobs, Education, Health Care, Who Cares

Dick Cheney's Imminent Political Crash Landing

Bush team aims to split Labor ( Australia) Armitage butts in again

Open up Arar probe

Leaning to the right -- The Guardian

Attack Slogans Are the Most Fun (Wash. Post)

"Fahrenheit" On The Brain (Mark Morford)

Past Imperfect:

Another Gene Lyons home run

Dems a fickle friend but GOP acts like an enemy

The Best Choice

Morford: "Fahrenheit" On The Brain/ Who cares if Moore's flick is flawed…"

LA Catholic Canon lawyer trying to get Kerry Excommunicated.

The Cheney Question - WaPo

Glossary of the Right-Wing Sectors in U.S. Foreign Policy

This week's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

What if Kerry Chose Jesus?


VOA Staffers Seek Hill Probe

Salon: Oh, the stories he could tell! (Ken Lay)

The lie that killed my son (Lila Lipscomb)

Bush and the Muslim predicament

What do you mean "we", media face? (Media vs. American people)

With Trembling Fingers - (Hal Crowther)

Salon/Conason: Say it ain't so, John (McCain)

Blumenthal: The battle for the south has begun

July Surprise

Moore's Ax Falls on a Derelict Media Too: Los Angeles Times

Salon: Citizen Flynt

Sex and the Swingle Voter

McKinney Election GOP crossover vote may affect outcome; GA Dems

Genocide in Sudan

BBV Houston alert - National expert will be on tv tonight

Send This Out To Your Local Paper-Tv Chan-Grease the skids 4 DEM elections

Librarians Against

Seeking other opinions of Nader interview on Daily Show from last night

Will Ferrell on CNN

Rush just got clobbered on his own show...

UPI reports Kerry leads among minorities-CNN add "but by less than in2000"

Anybody see Hitchens on Scarborough last nite

Michael Moore On Charlie Rose - Video - Part 2

Send this to yr local paper & stations-grease the skids for dem WH/Congres

Poll: Edwards viewed favorably (CNN's Judy Woodruff is surprised)

Suveying the TV "personalities"

Decision on BBC World Service is due

Ownership of Gannett/USA Today

Today's Thought

Services Index Tumbles in June

Chinese Crude Oil Imports Up Nearly 60% In May From 2003

Vital Gorilla Habitat Falling At Rate Of Two Sq. Km Daily - Reuters

Global CO2 Release From Peat Bogs Speeding Up - Positive Feedback Underway

Chrysler, GM Plan Just 2,600 Hybrids Next Year - Unavailable Most Areas

What's the best way to grill for the environment?

Doctors do brain surgery on wrong man

GUNS IN THE NEWS - July 7, 2004

‘Incurable psychopath' hounded back to jail by media attention (Toronto)

Local DJ arrested for hoax

Chicago teens living in safer neighborhoods less likely to carry concealed

Teen glues monitoring device to cat, escapes

SF Chronicle: Pit bull apologists, wake up

Has the Lounge vanished?

The newer version of new home page is much improved. Thanks!

I move that New York Post stories be banned from LBN

I attack Nader and the thread gets locked. Meanwhile people attack Kerry!

Question about a post deletion:

hey, when did the homepage change?

About your new Home Page will it have the GD and LBN on the

Come on guys! Get crackin!

Uploading avatar images

Oops...I Guess...

small typo on front page...

Why was this thread locked?

I hit "Hide this thread" but I still see it

Bad Dupe Lock in LBN

Illegal code...??

"Discuss this this topic" on the DU home page

Keep tweaking the home page.

Donation Question

Got a meetup to put on the front page

Shouldn't TPM be deemed a valid news source?

Referring to an earlier ask the admins:

Hey elad! I have an idea.

A friend of Israel in the Islamic world

U.S. lawsuit accuses Arab Bank of aiding terrorists

Two soldiers charged over death of Palestinian

Israel tells UN's ElBaradei Iran wants nuclear arms

U.S. Is Disappointed Israel Hasn't Removed Outposts

Yesha Council: We will oppose violence in all its forms

Quartet tells Palestinians to carry out reforms or lose aid

Blast rips through car in Gaza City

Let's dismantle the fence

The ISM Summer Volunteer Program : The "International Solidarity Movement"

The military is spread too thin to respond in an emergency

Fundraising has set record, Obama says: $4 million raised in last quarter

Champaign County Democrats Oppose democracy

Kirk Admits C.I.A. Connection

KERRY/EDWARDS rally TONIGHT! (7/7) in St. Petersburg

Kerry/Edwards rally in Ft. Lauderdale - July 8

CODEPINK to hold training camps in Tampa/Orlando

Teen stumps Gov. Bush with pop math quiz

High Explosives Stolen From Bay Area Bunker

Howard Dean for governor in 2006? Would you vote for him?

California Democrats refuse to hold "Fourth of July" Celebration

Wetterling trailing Kennedy financially

Cheney bus makes stop in Parma (hundreds of protestors)

Pa Superior Court Upholds Common law Marriage

Hey Fort Worth-ers and DFW folks! Heads Up!

"Computer Ate My Vote" Day of Action—July 13

Kerry Nomination Party in Clear Lake (south of Houston)

Free Fish Fry in Fort Bend

Urgent plea for help....

WP/AP article on Jason Rae

Bush coming to Wisconsin July 14

Try to catch P.O.V: "War feels like war" on PBS

Did you hear LETTERMAN's Top 10? Poppy Bush: how I am going

Dick Cheney – Get Out of John Edwards' House!!!!

Please use your state forums and check them out once a day...

Did anyone see PBS show P.O.V...?

Freeper files: a funny argument...

Kerry is a shoe-in with Edwards

the best discussions here in DU are give and take...

CNN Poll: Wiill "trial lawyer" help/hurt Kerry/Edwards?

Looking for Kerry/Edwards bumper stickers...

breaking news, kerry picks vp !!!

Simple Question:Can Kerry use his private donations after accepting public

What's with this "* called to congradulate" bullshit

The results? of the Cincinnati TV 12 Jacor/ClearChannel prez election poll

evil bastards

Kerry & Edwards a Team of Wisdom & Hope

Ed Garvey: U.S. must get out of Iraq or draft will soon follow

Uh Oh, Wired is doing a piece on political blogs, DU is mentioned

Saw Jack Ryan on Scarborough Country-what a slime

What I sent to CNN

William Safire: the lying bacteria of every Wednesday in the NYT

A Cheney-Edwards Debate Scenario Worth Thinking About

Did anybody else just lose Air America (6:09) ?

The Ultimate Anti-Bush Campaign?

The Bush Jobs Picture: In a Word, 'Bleak'

Iraq... whats your read

Poor turnout for anti-torture news conference

My latest discussion with my conservative friend

Voting-software test begins (((Florida))))

Judge Dismisses Lawsuit by Fired FBI Translator

Anyone else notice the "strong economy predictions"

'Hollywood wants Bush to go': Richard Gere

Rate Kerry's overall handling of the VeepStakes and Edwards announcement:

Can John Edwards' Two Americas theme help energize

8:05am. CSPAN - Senator Jon Corzine - (D-NJ) -Elect more democrats

The best piece ever wrtitten about John Edwards....

Ray Bradbury Should Be Thanking Moore Instead Of Being PO'd

More than 2000 names on the Florida purge list that shouldn't be there !

BBV: I think I have Hagel on libel

A note on

Bush "highlights Edwards' role in blocking federal court nominees"

Disappearing Prisoners, dead? alive? Where is the media? Anybody care?

Kerry and Edwards on now!

State won't try to force 48,000 voters off rolls ((((Florida))))

872 dead, twenty in the last nine days

EDWARDS is the best Kerry SALESMAN. We want to WIN!

Does the DNC Have An Alliance With Canada's Liberals?

Media groupthink.

This Isn't Original But...

One Very Positive Aspect Of Edwards' Candidacy

Man it was great to wake this morning to yesterdays news

Kerry and Edwards Look Really Good Together

"Thurston Howell III chooses Gilligan" - WH description

New Kerry-Edwards ad up on Johnkerry,com

Is Charles Krauthammer Insane? He has been calling

Amy Goodman (Democracy Now) has Ralph Nader today

F9/11 is nothing but Lies

F9-11 censored in Willimantic CONNECTICUT

Why did Clinton ever hire this toe-sucking asshole?

Show hands! How many times have you heard 'junk science' since yesterday

The Iraqi Emergency Powers Law

Get used to media bias.... this is all about power and $$$$ from now on

MSNBC analyzing the Business community view of Edwards.

CNN doing a smear, attack job on Kerry/Edwards... They really want dems

Report: Bush administration broke no laws in withholding Medicare costs

Farenheit 9/11 Question

Repubs call everyone to the left of Attila the Hun "liberals"...

Are the Death Squads Back

U.S. Pilot Fined for Killing Canadian Soldiers

Bush gives UNQUALIFIED baseball owners ambassadorships!

Is the coming Election the most Important one in decades?

Check out these letters on! The troopers are HOT!

A simple request.

Will media "wake up" when they realize who'll be buttering their bread?

9/11 Commission Sticks By Its Iraq, Al Qaida Findings

Air! need air! Clinton sucking all air out of the room! air! need air!

What a Roller Coaster the Repigs were on Yesterday......

What's the story on "The National Journal"?

Matt Lauer yesterday on the Today Show

Bush on CIA snafu: "intent" + "capability "= "I did the right thing"

Man arrested after firing shotgun reprise.

Howard Dean for Sec'y of the Interior

Hahaha, gotta love the right-wing spin.

Who was Bill O'Reilly's trial lawyer?

NBC Poll- Kerry-Edwards 49% Bush-Potty Mouth 41%

Let's make a list of what liberal movements in this country have done.

Help this poll along

Carole Coleman bitchslaps the Commander in Chimp

If you have a chance, listen to "Unfiltered" AAR from their archives

Orrin Hatch critical of George W Bush's lack of experience....

Americans don't like shrub his Iraq policy or his VP ...anything else?

Afghanistan Prisoner Report (abuse) finished -- but you can't see it?

When did "liberal" become a bad word?

Gotta See : Dress'm Up Dubya

Stop it with the TRIAL LAWYER REPUG MEME. Edwards is an

If Kerry/Edwards win...

stop feeding the media whore with money for ads

Funny Cartoon in the Globe today


"Blair Democrats": Pro-War Contingent and the 'Anti-War Left'

Mike Malloy fans, I need help!

A little malpractice primer from NYTimes

Get your talking points about John Kerry's second choice right here.

The wench on MSNBC just said the Dow was down because of Kerry's pick.

The Occupation Isn't Over.The War isn't Over.The Media is still our Enemy.

Investigation Says!!!! OK to lie to Congress.

Dr. Bill Cosby for Kerry's U.S. Sec. of Education! Who's with me?

I'm Shocked! Bush Admin Exaggerating?

note I just sent to nightline at

I have not gone to GWB's site to read the 28 pages of crap against Edwards

LivingRoomCandidate: Awesome website!

The Dem-bashing in the media proves two things...

That Witch on CNN!

This bill on Senate right now ELIMINATES CLASS ACTION SUITS

annoyed by LTTE's fiLLed with Lies

MSNBC reporting that North Carolina is in play and even the Repubs

Another Lawyer question thought

Poll: In Hungary, Bush is liked less than Osama, Saddam

The right bashing Kerry for selecting a Rich White Guy as VP.

New NBC Poll: Kerry/Edwards 49% Bush/Cheney41%

slelcident bush's foreign policy was pretty much limited to eating at IHOP

Is anyone watching Bush's Press conference?

Anybody Noticed The Media Is No Longer Biased???

Cheney is "pleased" about not being able to back up his assertions???

9/11 Commission Sticks By Its Iraq, Al Qaida Findings

This again for Gordon 25..Thanks !

Repub friend insists O'Reilly grew up poor

It WAS a Psy-op!


Recycling levels begin to droop AND Beware the Life Cycle of 'Recycled'

Everybody HATES lawyers, until they NEED an attorney

Just sent this note to Kerry site as suggestions of spending dem

The only thing scarier than President Bush is . . .

How many of the lawyer-haters have experienced divorce?

Need a few more rebuttals to respond to anti-Kerry friend

Hezbollah supports Fahrenheit 9/11!!

Has clinton seen F9/11 and if so, what was his response?


Last week, Kerry's running alone; now, all of a sudden, he's

Newsview: Bush Sharpening Attack Lines

U.N. Nuke Watchdog Chief Visits Israel

Iraq Announces Emergency Powers Laws

Oscar, Felix, John Steinbeck, and gay marriage

Lawmaker: Soldiers Near Breaking Point

Taking my brother to see F-9/11 tom .he says he cant vote for Kerry

Shoutcast rocks!

Height/Hair Poll Shows Dems Clear Winners in 2004!

Bush Liked Less Than Saddam, Bin Laden

Morford on F 9/11

What in the heck is judicial temperament?

Ugghhh, I had a dreaded feeling that he would say "better hair" and then

Online 2004 Mock election has Libertarian candidate leading. Seriously.

Elizabeth Edwards (John's wife): THE ANTI-BARBIE renaissance woman!!!

we need a president who will lead the world not bully it!!!

Why does CNN put a talking head in FRONT of the rally instead of

Edwards Has Made Kerry A Better Campaigner!!!

Craig Unger: How Many Mistakes Can Newsweek's Michael Isikoff Make?

The Whore Press is going to do its best to tear Edwards down

i love this John Kerry picture

The Cheney dilemma...

CNN - there is ONE difference between Edwards and Cheney

Anybody Have Ratings for Bill Moyers Now

Sammy Hagar for Edward's theme music??

Terry Holt sounds just like bush

CNN Showing Kerry/Edwards rally in Cleveland. 12:10 p.m.ET NOW

Why do I keep hearing about "The Two Johns" running for the White House?

How Kerry's people play the game

If anything doesn't Edwards eliminate the Nader factor?

"KEEP OFF EDWARDS' TURF!" -- the banner that greeted Bush in NC today

Edwards and Cheney compared: a tale of the tape

Nader on the Daly Show last night

Bush's dangerous dilemma toon

Is there a F-911 transcrpit available?

Local radio wingnut this AM:

Flashback: Read it and weep (or laugh) whores on Chimp and Kerry VP picks

edwards was NOT kerry's 2nd choice

UN Security Council Resolution 1325 On Women, Peace And Security

CNN Analysis now right after the rally. A Repug and a Dem. 12:40pm ET

9-11 panelist Lehman seen as next CIA director...hmmmmmmmmm

Congressman Mark Kirk works for the CIA - (abu Ghraib)

Tinfoil : is anyone else uneasy about the martial law in Iraq

Why is it that when GIs take someone by force from their home it is called

Flush Slimebaugh , new dem strategy...ignore Edwards in the ticket

Another Utah moment: "Go to (our) church if you want to keep your jobs."

EPA Narrows Access to Toxics Release Data

How about a running list of war profiteers associated with the Bush admin?

Ticket taker told by mgmt to call out 'vote for Bush'

Things you have to believe to be a Republican today

Fund-raiser to help buy radios for unit in Iraq

Will the "liberal" talking point against Edwards backfire?

Kirk (Congressman) Admits C.I.A. Connection

who else expects the administration to Foil a massive terror attack...

NY Post's HOT Exclusive today (7/7/04)

bush's ecocomy is sooo good GM has to raise sales incentives ($5,000/car)

LOL! CNN mentions differences between Cheney and Edwards...

Cheney's pants on fire! From an email from The Progress Report.

Info/informed speculation re: forged yellow cake document?

Mike Meehan says Dems have 21 states in play now.

Just had to find and post this to remind of how appropriate it is to today

"We report, we decide"-- Bonnie Anderson takes on Fox News

Non-Iraqi captives singled out for harsh treatment, records say

Thom Hartmann discussing the Sibel Edmonds case now (1:33pm EDT)

RW Talking Point - Post 9/11 world = FEAR

Has everyone checked out DU's new homepage ?

first pictures of Kerry and Edwards together as running mates (family too)

Republican voters are in denial about their votes for Bush....

Spider-Man and Michael Moore: Fighting EVIL

Spider-Man and Michael Moore: Fighting EVIL

Update on the NPR debate with Dean/Nader

Lull in Iraq Prison Probe Won't Last, Senator Says

Air America needs to use substitute hosts.

Great pop culture meme for the Edwards/Cheney debate: Luke vs Vader


Lehman for CIA Director? Just heard this on CNN..,

Hatch backs nominee who backs St. Paul

A question to Catholics here. . .

Howler: Note How NY Times Headlines Paint Edwards? "Rich Slick Lawyer!"

The DAY Edwards is chosen- and already those GOP Reptiles are out!

Cheney better than Edwards because "Cheney can be President."

Dems should use REPUGS in Congress to GET MORE DONATIONS!

My very own F911 thread PART II

Question about Sarbanes-Oxley.

New NBC poll has Kerry/Edwards routing Bushler/F*ckyoself!!

Good pop culture meme for the younger voters: Bush/Cheney=Pinky/Brain.

Wear red on Fridays -m

Is Bush For or Against Trial Lawyers? You decide.

For those of you who like to participate, GONZALES the quaint

Fineman: Is Edwards moving TOO FAST?

Is Randi Rhodes going to be new today or a rerun????

Presbyterians call the invasion of Iraq “unwise, immoral and illegal."

New Books Says Hillary Swears Like A Sailor

Do we hit the media in their wallet?

But Edwards is so "inexperienced" !!!

Countering "Jack Ryan, misunderstood saint"

US vs. Saddam

Is the Kerry "diapers" soundbite the new "Dean scream"?

Dereliction of duty????????

Deleted message

FOUND IT! GW BUSH toilet paper!

Why is Bush* looking so rattled and shaken today?

ACTION ALERT: Dem Platform Meeting in Florida

The Trial Lawyer thing

No experience?! Hey, Edwards could read a goat story for 7 minutes

Is Kerry a uniter? Is that why he approached McCain (if he did)?

When the "new job creation" numbers get announced...

On Trial Lawyers, Baseball Team Managers, and Oil Executives

Boston Herald has crossed the line into OVERT bias.

Fahrenheit 9/11 - DVD release in late Sept.?

Is today the first time Bush has directly acknowledged the Dem ticket?

Anyone sick of the phrase "moral clarity" yet?

Bush RECLASSIFIES 9/11 Memos -**Sibel Edmonds** - 60 Minutes, where R U???

Looking for something to DU?

Is Cspan DELIBERATELY cutting off Sen Hollings?

The guy at CNN at 3:08 p.m. ET said that McCain has not denied

Did anybody post about Michael Moore on the cover of Time magazine

Bush Tries To Keep Half Million Vets In The Dark

It would be great for us Catholics if the next Pope is a black man!


Is it true that Nader's polling at 6%

KERRY/EDWARDS Rally in St. Pete, FL TONIGHT (Wednesday, 7/7) at 7:30!

Every Picture Tells A Story, Don't it: Kerry 'n' Edwards vs. Bush 'n' Dick

Under Bush, Federal Spending Increases at Fastest Rate in 30 Years

When are the Plame indictments coming down?

Wear it proud...let the healing begin!


Partial transcript from Bush*'s NC "press opportunity":

Joke just sent to me by a Pug relative.

We know Theresa Heinz Kerry has been a model philanthropist

TV News Story on Bin Laden Family Leaving Country Post 9/11

My dad, a repub, is now not sure who he'll vote for!!!

Did Kerry just throw a "brushback" pitch at the NY Post?

The "What should I say when..." thread.

Hey, southern "Folks" Kerry doesn't share your values

Did the DLC let Gore sink to make room for one of their own?

It may be time to reassess Clarence Thomas.

Let's get real: is Bush toast or not?

Bush stammering in North Carolina - anyone watching?

Bush* made everybody consider a "President Cheney" today



The Cable "news" outlets give Bush free ad campaigning - 24 hours a day

Edwards is more ready and able of being president than Bush will EVER be.

edwards has clintonian appeal

Anyone see the kids singing Happy Birthday to Bush yesterday?

""Dick Cheney Can Be President," he snapped."

"Traditional Values Coalition" is an Ogre! ARRRGGGHHH!

North Carolainian's...BushCo invent's new word...?

share your VALUES ---- code words for bigots

CNN Woodruff: plays *'s ad for free...again...showing McCain...again

Another inexperienced trial lawyer.

Which comes first; chicken or egg?

This is the time for revolution : people vs the corporations

lets keep it going! cnn just advertised their coverage of dnc convention!

New Google Bomb - Trial Lawyer to Lincoln Biography

is there anywhere we can see a data base of how many registered voters for

New Kerry/Edwards stickers 50 for donation of 50$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GOP is hitting the tort reform button

What were Woodruff's poll results?

Good day to be alive-unless you are *

Okay! I saw the P-Resident! I was in the NC Protest this a.m. Motorcade!

My little, old, sweet, church going, Southern Mom just wrote "F-- you"

Matt Drudge Liked Fahrenheit 911

What Kenny Boy bought with Bush* donations - 3 years of FREEDOM

Back in the US of A: You Don't Know How Unlucky You Are

ok, we've got the "Kenny Boy" indictments.. now where are the ones...

Ken Lay indicted in Houston

Ken Lay indicted

"George Bush didn't win the election, he won a LAWSUIT"

Need link to McCain quote

Share your favorite Randi Rhodes moment

WTCheney??? Woodruff is going to cover HAIR MATTERS for

Give me Liberty or give me [BLANK]!

Tucker Carlson Is Paul Begala's Biatch

Who is this Steve Ricchetti guy? He's awesome!

Begala on crossfire is ON FIRE!!! n/t

Crossfire: Tucker says Ken Lay and Bill Clinton are buddies.


F9/11 ticket holders- seniors, boomers, under 20 ?

No one was more shocked than Poppy and Babs to see Dubya in WH...

Enron and Bush - 2000 Campaign Donations (bush showing his "values")

Sid Blumenthal on Ed Schultz show on Sirius....talking about Salon.

George + Kenny 4 Ever

Who saw F9/11?

From Kos, Cheney was Bush's second choice

Ken Lay was a member of Bush's* transition team....

'US Running Secret Prisons'

HAVE YOU SEEN that John McCain ad Supporting Bush with WMD/Chem


Ken Lay has been indicted by NY Grand Jury

I had my ration of CNN to last me for the rest of the year. Blitzer

Not Even Close - MATCOM Predicts Kerry/Edwards In A LANDSLIDE


In every news story, it is "Teresa Heinz's $3.7mil estate"

Dereliction of duty????

E mail from Edwards, to Kerry list.. Very nice touch. Kudos to all.

Bush = 6 years as Governor//Edwards = 6 years as US Senator

Need art.. PHP-Nuke topic pics for Dem candidate site

Is There Any Way To Find Out How Much Judy Woodruff Earns?

Are we approaching the "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain"

Wake me up when Ken Lay is CONVICTED and does hard time

The NY Daily News printed Wade Edward's essay today

Elizabeth Dole in MSNBC- asked about "disingenuous" remark on Edwards:

'Moral Clarity' falls Dumb before those who have lost Children to War

Please read very emotinal reveiw of F911 by Japanese young movie critique

WOOHOO: My parents are voting for Kerry!!!!!

Atleast Edwards got into Law School

How long can Kerry / Edwards continue to run positive campaign?

It's not the VP we are concerned's the Presidency.

Trust the Process?

I'd rather have a beer with Dick Cheney than John Edwards

Repuke Coworker: "I took your $10 and saw F9/11 - Thank You"

bush* has a lot of nerve

Concerts for Kerry

Hasn't congress seen the abuse videos? Why don't we call and ask?

Know what's funny about the Kerry-Edwards ticket?

Pure hilarity on Conan!

I got forwarded this one..

WooHoo have seem 2 cars with Kerry bumper stickers and 1

John Kerry and John Edwards are going to win! Ask me how I know.

Today is Eric Seibel's Memorial - BuzzFlash

Ken Lay's contributions 2000 to present

Report: Mentally Ill Youths 'Warehoused'

DU this VP poll

Mea Culpa-I was incorrect

Phair, Grohl Sing for Dems - Rockers raise money for Kerry in Hollywood

Missing Marine says he's safe, Update

question about the new Larry Flynt book.

George W Bush is dragging the Republican Party into anonymous oblivion

free bumper sticker


ABC News: "one high-profile slip-up could erase Kerry/Edwards good press"

"Dick Cheney can be president," Bush declared.

Hi DU'ers can you help me find those great slideshows and cartoons

Kerry-Edwards coming to NC this Saturday !!!

7 new Kerry ads posted.

Here's the one thing George W. Bush can't take away from me

Video/Pictures of Ken Lay and Chimp?

War Profiteering or Iraqi Liberation? You decide.


Aw Jeez... Is This Poll Really Necessary ???

"We've Got Better Hair"

So who is out of the mainstream?

Are they Repub leaders because they are drug addled fools or

Federal Tax Laws: By the Rich For the Rich

Jack Ryan talking to Hannity last night. New take?

Kerry-Edwards Campaign Merchandise--Website Swamped!!

Nations Liberals Suffering from Outrage Fatigue (Onion)

NBC about to release new numbers

What do rethugs have against rich Dems?

Nice little story about anonymous activism.

And yet another debate I would like to see...

nader with tweety NOW....

Nader alert!

Who saw F9/11?

Ken Lay Witness for the Prosecution ???

Jewish neoconservatives led US into Iraq

Ohio Crowd Flocks To See Edwards W/Kerry-Cheney Needs To Bus Them In

Say what you will about John Kerry... but

"If Kerry is prez we'll have terrorists attacking us all over the US"

Hey. When's the Ken Lay Perp Walk?

I'm looking for a map or list of states where Nader is on/off the ballot.

It's no longer about Bush.

question-how many reps vs dems in the house of representatives?

'Bush-Cheney' or 'Bush'?

John McCain: "I was never offered a VP slot"

Jerry Brown on Hardball: Kerry should be more afraid of voting machines

George Carlin and the Truth on AAR last night

Now which terrorist group show we most fear? The one we call "friend"

Are concentration camps an inherent part of the world system?

Need website with lots of bush/kerry ads

WTF did she just say on Anderson Cooper?

Make some suggestions for Edwards to use in the debates with Cheney

Sean Penn on 60 Minutes tonight

ALERT! News Hour-PBS-Coming up-BILL!

Refute the F9/11 Reich-Wing Talking Points

Three Bodies Found on New Mexico Ranch Owned by Journalist Sam Donaldson

Are there any up-to-date ADA ratings out there?


Almost Half Dem Delegates Are Minorities

Should we be talking about Dump Cheney or not?

Does the GOP support disembowling little children?

Help! Left Behind Info Needed

Check out the rightwing logic...

four more months! four more months!

Bush talks one game about 'terra' but we are still unprepared

Enron employee, bluntly: "you could convince the Jews that Hitler wasn't

Gay rights activists about to out closeted Bush administration members?

Ken Lay's indictment will never amount to anything

Bush tool Bernard Kerik tips their hand?

One of the main reasons I’m not a Democrat

We ARE LIBERALS... and PROUD of it...LIBERAL means progress,

McCAIN: Uh, no. No, it was never offered./per Fox Interview...

Michael Moore's blog is now up and running

Oregon to test mileage tax as replacement for gas tax

Is the US Torturing CHILDREN Now?!?

Theories on the NY Post "Exclusive"

Edwards & family impossibly photogenic . repugs must be going

what should be the first order of business in a kerry/edwards white house? woman about to appear on "The Majority Report" with

Let's not brush off NC as a given Bush win folks

Kerry Edwards Rally today in Cleveland now on C-Span 2

This outrageous. Our media really really sucks. (Re: Sibel Edmonds)

Are you excited about the Kerry/Edwards ticket?

CNN Poll: Who do you think would be the better first lady?

Countdown: Kent Lay said not to be a "hands on" manager and

I've had it. I'm taking off my Kerry bumper sticker!

What are the chances that, if beaten, Bush will attempt a "Cleveland"?

Who shares "bush's values"...? Enron, Worldcom , Haliburton....

CLG founder Mike Rectenwald to be on Scarborough Country tonight

Thanks to the Mods For Locking the Outrageous Thread on Iraq and Jews

I Am So Happy About Edwards, Now, Does This Make Clark Secretary of State

Granny D running for Senate - Run Granny Run !!

Vice Presidential Debate Preview

DU this poll (the repugs keep resetting it)

Anyone know where I could find a "Kerry Edwards" banner?

Please Take My One-Question Poll on Choice (Abortion)

speaking of First ladies...what the cheney has Pickles made her

Is there anyone who can help me tally the auction?

We have GOT to protest the media! Something must be done!

How many have posted at and have been removed

Beautiful Maria Bello is on board!

Ldotters hilarious take on Bush vs. Kerry wealth!

Tonight on Charlie Rose, pbs

Latest from the AoL online poll...

Where are the Kerry/Edwards White House Lawn Looking pics?

Bush gives UNQUALIFIED baseball owners ambassadorships!

NY DAILY NEWS, Will Ferrell mock NY POST re: Gephardt headline. . .LOL

Just got back from the Kerry rally in Dayton

Boondocks Cartoon from 1984 WOW!

What have you been listening to at noon EDT this week?

Just what kind of father is George W. Bush?

How long will it take to undo the mess Bush has made for our country?

Sex Machines - MommaT's Letter To The Editor !!!

Freepers Actively Freeping this Arkansas...

Some Killer Info On Ken Lay:

Presidential Pardons.

OK, this is the John Kerry I have been patiently waiting for.

Oxy Rush calls Kerry a Jigalo

What does it mean when the freepers say they are going to ...

Wonderful Interview w/ Clinton & Jim Lehrer In Case You Missed

Just saw a new Kerry campaign ad, and I am IMPRESSED!

"I will never, ever, send a child of an American into harms way

Did Bush admit to Dyslexia???

Chicago models share their thoughts on Bush & War!

Hey Rush! make room for Dick's Doctor in Detox!

My Kenny-Boy Lay Question:

Why do freepers claim the world will end if Kerry is elected?

Will the election be legitimate? Completely?

Test post for new member

I heard Edwards on the radio tonight

Of course Shrub thinks Cheney could do the job of president.

wow, check out this great example of Freeper

Scary stuff happening in Oregon

I just made a donation to Kerry/Edwards

Does a family have to be faced with unemployment and homelessness

Can Fox news be "sued" for lying about "fair and balanced"....

Why Bush has been hiding OBL until now! What's your bet?

John Edwards should challenge Chimp to a debate

Near-fight at the local Fahrenheit 9-11 show

How many lives could have been saved if Bush had captured OBL ...?

Idiot on Aaron Brown

Funny Jeb story

"Concerts for Kerry" - grassroots and local concerts - link inside

American Policy in Iraq

Twisted Freeper Of The Day Comment

People: listening to the hearing on BBV, we should NOT USE THEM.

I am about to take the new Zogby survey.

Vote for Kerry on MSBNC.

Cutting the cord: Are tech savvy people tying their own noose?

INDICTMENTS: Ken Lay 7/7 Plame outer(s): 7/14? Osama: whenever necessary

"56 Deceits in Fahrenheit 9/11"

MSNBC Poll: Kerry/Edwards Leads Bush/Cheney 54 to 43

The Bush bubble and military ineptitude in the Iraq war

Rove: Edwards is "more liberal than Ted Kennedy,"

Cheney's Illegal Actions Raise Warning Flags at White House

Should Democrats make Bush/Cheney work to win the South ?

Last year Laura Bush told Queen Elizabeth they have 2 small horses in Craw

War...good gawd...what is it good for

Anyone Watching the Daily Show?

The Bush War Racket - a Primer

Vote on CNN poll for Theresa Heinz Kerry. Come on DUers, do your thing.

Laura bush* was across the bridge in Council Bluffs at a library today.

Homoerotic subtext in Kerry/Edwards photos can't be a coincidence now

RNC in NYC the next Chigao '68? The New Yorker thinks its possible

Teen stumps Gov. Bush with pop math quiz

Bad Dog Bush and his Mangey Friends: See what they did

"KEEP OUTTA EDWARDS' TURF" spray-painted on overpass in NC--now with PICS.

That bitch on MSNBC who was interviewing that lady talking about

New political quiz

Charity -- To Be Named By Disney -- Will Be Fahrenheit Winner

Photo of Chuck Asay

US Marine hostage...

I am going to dump the Democrats after the election if. . .

Talking about arrogance, you ain't seen nothing yet, wait

Anyone see that anti-Moore idiot on the Daily Show?

Carlyle Guy on His First Impression of the Bush Boy

Drop Cheney Talk: are your favorite local Repubs talking this up? Mine

Theoretical Moral Question

Are you on an American enemies list?

CNN: Afghans say hold three Americans after shootout

GAY MARRIAGE: Why always the men?

HOLY SHIT! TPM blows lid off of OBL "October Surprise"?!?

F 9/11 transcript............

CNN does story on Edwards using children in campaign

Kerry/Edwards picture Photoshopped...?

Kerry/Edwards poised to get 384 electoral votes in a landslide

Has anyone here been polled?

I can't believe the apoplexy that Edwards has the Republicans in

Run-Off Elections

Electronic Voting Security on C-Span2, 10:15p eastern

Liberals are evil - here's the explanation:

Don't miss Countdown re-run tonight at Midnight Eastern

Someone shot my Kerry sign......Incident report all cops can do

the picture this morning of the families together on the lawn...

Goodbye to Iraq - A soldier Email

what's the real story on canadian health care?

In Memory of Abu Ghraib, a piece I wrote back in March 2003

On Oberman: Manufactured News such as Iraqis pulling down staue of Saddam

Due Credit for a great Democrat: Rep. Waxman is working on:

on the MetroTrain tonight at the Pentagon stop....frightening revelation

Bush/Enron Party Tape! (MSNBC clip from 12/2002)

ON NOW-Majority Report guest suggesting huge Clinton/Kerry rift...

George W. Bush: "Dick Cheney Can Be President!"

Kid Rock pouts, refuses to see F9/11 storms out on Russell Simmons

Resurrect the "Death Tax."

Question on choice

TIN FOIL HAT ALERT: Does Ken Lay Indictment = DEFINITE terror attack???

Is The G.W.Bush Campaign Website Designed To Decieve?

Abuses in the Abu Ghraib children's wing

Kenny-Boy and George

Executive Compensation has become grand larceny


AAR called ME today!

A fellow DUer has written a book....

Four Trials is climbing charts at Amazon (up to 52). Have you read it?

John Kerry, 1971, blasts Bush.

Would B*sh Resign rather than face humiliating Defeat?

Who will Bush pardon on his way out?

The (tentative) WINNERS of the Erroneous NY Post (Gep=VP) Auction!

The Best Choice

9/11 Panelists Rebut Cheney on Information

Church groups lead annual protest mission to Cuba

Several Explosions Rock Central Baghdad

Kerry's concert faces scrutiny

Rumsfeld may select army chief

Hoon could give evidence to Gulf war illness inquiry

9/11 panel stands by finding on al Qaeda, Iraq

Senate Confirms Bush Court Pick

Group Admits Attack on U.S. Forces

6 Yemenis charged in bombing of USS Cole in 2000 that killed 17 U.S. sailo

Iraqi PM's offices targeted by mortars as Baghdad violence explodes

One soldier killed, three injured in crash near Ramadi

Swazi group calls for sanctions on elite WAS a PSY-OP!!

When spliff gets in your eyes... (Cannabis good for night vision)

Sex claims 'bankrupt US archdiocese'

Syria claims to have confiscated Israeli goods bound for Iraq

Pfizer plans discount medicines program for uninsured

CBS Poll: Voters Like VP Choice

PM pledges to send police to Haiti

Car Bomb Kills Iraqi Mourners

New Law in Iraq Gives Premier Martial Powers to Fight Uprising

Presidential (sic) Military Order Applied to Nine more Combatants

Africa: Aids Epidemic Continues to Outstrip Response

Taped voice purported to be top militant justifies beheading of Berg

Howard urged to admit no WMDs in Iraq

Iran says Powell nuke comments - ''disgrace''

Blair reignites nuclear debate, American lobbying adds to pressure ...

Iraq Announces Emergency Powers Law

Pentagon Deputy's Probes in Iraq Weren't Authorized, Officials Say (LAT)

Pentagon Deputy's Probes in Iraq Weren't Authorized, Officials Say

US Chamber of Commerce declares war (on Kerry-Edwards)

Inmates vs. outsourcing

'Only 29 Foreign Fighters' Held in Iraq

GOPer)Pentagon Deputy's Probes in Iraq Weren't Authorized(business corrupt

Lack of mental help keeps (15,000) kids locked up (in jail )

Bush to highlight Edwards' role in blocking judicial nominees

Six charged with attack on US ship (USS Cole)

Delhi rules out troops to Iraq

Variety: Sony hot on '9/11' vid deal (release this fall)

Bush Issues Pardons in Okla., Wis. Cases

The Cheney Question - WaPo

US reveals Iraq nuclear operation

Clashes break out in central Baghdad

Africa Shouldn't Pay Its Debt, Says Annan's Adviser

Deal halts homes at Valley Forge

Kerry expands advertising to N.C., unleashes new wave of ads

Annan Blasts Use of Gender-Based Violence As Weapon in Africa's War

Bush Lincoln Bedroom Guest Ken Lay Indicted!

It's Edwards

U.S. Gives Iraqi Hospitals Broken Promises in Place of Medicine

Video shows horror bombings

Drudge gives 'major props' to Fahrenheit; Not concerned about objectivity

BRAZIL Investment aimed at oil finds off Iran

Sid Blumenthal on Ed Schultz show on Sirius....talking about Salon.

Woman abandons 84 crated dogs


Portland Archdiocese Filing Chapter 11

Analysts: Economy Headed for Fast Growth

TPM: The Democratic Convention and an October Surprise (!)

Three Bodies Found on Ranch Owned by Sam Donaldson

Lay FINALLY indighted by Fed. Grand Jury!!!!! Yeah!

Bush backs plan to restore La. coast

Economists Cut 2nd-Qtr GDP Estimate (to 4.1%) in Bloomberg Poll

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 7 July

Sniffer Sale Triggered McAfee Layoffs (100 jobs)

For Whom Interstate Roadways Would Toll (Hill considers highway tolls)

Iraq Govt Announces Emergency Powers Law

Dem. Fund-Raiser Linked to Indicted Gov.

Senate tries again to limit class-action lawsuits (debate on 7/7/04)

'Daily Show' host Stewart becomes a father

N.B.C. News Poll: Kerry-Edwards 49%- Bush Cheney 41%

IMF Recognizes Iraq, Clears Lending Path

Bill Clinton to Release Some Papers Early

US torture on UK territory claim

pResident and repukes now attack Edward's "lack of military experience".

Cheney's doctor sniffed away $70,000 in nasal spray

Lawmakers briefed on terror attack threat

Poll: Edwards viewed favorably (CNN's Judy Woodruff is surprised)

Sony Close to DVD Deal on Fahrenheit 9/11

New Jersey Man Indicted ... for Promoting Bogus Security Device

Al D'Amato has some advice for Dubya: Dump Cheney!

July Surprise (TNR and Marshall report on Bush plan)

ACLU Files for Right of Gays to Marry

Lifestyle Blamed for Rise in Myopia in East Asia

Spain to double troop size in Afghanistan

US Jury Convicts Palestinians Over Computer Sales (Infocom)

U.S. Transferred Nearly 2 Tons of Uranium ... Without U.N. Authorization

Three Bodies Found at Sam Donaldson’s Ranch

Push for safer electronic voting bolstered by court decision

Pentagon Responds to Guantanamo Bay Court Action (Circumvents Supremes)

Afghans Find Secret Prison; 3 Americans Arrested

Bling Vote: P. Diddy and Posh Posse Launch Citizen Change ("Vote or Die")

Report: Daphne soldier's death preventable

Couple had sex on stage during concert (Warning explicit pics)

US Afghan forces 'stretched thin'

Iranian regime outlaws commemorations of 1999 student unrest

Pa. Officials Find Artwork in Schools (Worth Tens of Millions)

Lagging sales could lead to Longaberger layoffs (970 jobs)

Congress Approves Concealed Weapons Bill

Yellow Jersey

Despite congressional worries, DOD holds fast in denying need for draft

The lie that killed my son (Lila Lipscomb)

WP: Bush Questions Edwards's Qualifications

FTC Reopens Unocal Patent Antitrust Probe

New Iraqi Government is about to declare Martial Law!

Army Punishes 3 in Drowning of Iraqi (No Criminal Charges For Commanders)

WP: Plane That Caused Capitol Evacuation Nearly Shot Down

FDA to Announce New Rules on Cattle Feed

Translator's suit voided (Sibel Edmonds lawsuit thrown out)

Johnny Won't Read: Report Shows Big Drop in Reading

U.S. deserter seeks refuge in Canada

Bush team pushes to split Labor

Jury convicts ex-Marines of involuntary manslaughter in hacking death

Boy, 14, Arrested in Three Deaths at New Mexico Ranch Owned by Journalist

NYT: Senate Iraq Report Said to Skirt White House Use of Intelligence

GOP convention Web site goof: Where in the world is El Museo del Barrio?

Republicians set up internet affilaite program to raise money

Woman's marshmallow ordeal makes Daily Show

Enron Ex-Chief Lay Indicted, to Surrender - Thurs AM

WP: Election Officials Consider Security Options at Polls

Almost Half Dem Delegates Are Minorities

Bush Liked Less Than Saddam, Bin Laden

Unknown Iraqi group threatens al-Zarqawi

Polls Show Voters Approve of Edwards Pick

WP: Pentagon Sets Hearings for 595 Detainees

Lawmaker: Reserves Near Breaking Point

Pentagon Taking Risks with Manpower, Democrat Says

White House Threatens Spending Bill Veto If Patriot Act Is Weakened

Bus drivers, monitors set to picket (Democratic) convention

Group challenges Florida rule on touchscreen recounts

Former GOP senator: Bush should consider dropping Cheney

Funeral outburst at Bush and Blair

Bush Hits the Panic Button; President Personally Attacks New Kerry-Edwards

(Former Aust PM) Keating to US: Labor won't be bullied

Half of troops on return trip to Iraq

U.S., Australia to Share Missile Defense

Ken Lay indicted. CNN reporting.

Reporter gets inside look at insurgency -CNN-

Newborn twins found dead in toilet

Political Scoop Comes From Plane Mechanic

Sibel Edmonds Responds to Suit Dismissal

Church Groups Lead an Unauthorized Trip to Cuba

Bush Raises Issue of Edwards' Experience to Be VP

Pakistan for Bush: July Surprise? (TNR)

Berlusconi Family Probed for Money Laundering

Philippine President Halts Iraq Deployment

Australian terror suspect tortured in Egypt, Australian TV station claims

DeLay Chooses Legal Team

Inquiry Confirms Top Medicare Official Threatened Actuary

Saddam Lawyers Scrap Iraq Visit After Death Threats

UK Govt's WMD 45-Minute Claim 'Not Supported'-FT

Bush nominates Mississippi judge to federal bench ( to replace Pickering )

House votes to overturn new Bush restrictions on gift packages.....

Church Goers React to New Bush Strategy

Fewer Noses Stuck in Books in America, Survey Finds

French Flock to 'Fahrenheit'; Critics Balk

House Opposes Effort to Allow Pot for Ill

DU insomniacs check in

CAPTION if you've seen george

I stayed up too late tonight, I think


Who draws those robust looking Devil Girls??

Great Onion today.


The Stone went Up His ... Funny Video

This is kinda cool

Why do people publicly proclaim 'dude!'?

Idaho bans penguin lust. If Kerry supports it I won't vote for him!

"Really kinky stuff - like two dogs making love to a cat."

Damn.. all of a sudden I cannot get KGO to stream..and I cannot play

John Edwards and I share a birthday

Bring forth the holy water!

I think we all saw this coming

I love Family Guy Songs....

Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer moments before,

Skin Care Advice

Heading to Kauai for a couple a' weeks

Is there a set age you have to be to volunteer for...

the Winnebago man seems . . . well . . . sort of . . . um . . .

Freaky Birthday Coincidence (Kerry & Bush's within one family)

"Survivor Baghdad".. Tasteless...but it IS the Lounge

Vermont Bears are wimps.. These are New York City Bears.. Bold

Why Can't I Say Seattle Sux *^%*

I'm getting a job in the AM.

The most horrible thing in the galaxy

OK kids of Los Angeles of the 60's ......

Going to my first speech this campaign year (Dayton, OH) any suggestions?

Can't sleep, clowns will eat me.

New Microsoft patch doesn't plug all holes

Any Firefox users?

Just saw Nader on The Daily Show...

What time did you get your email?

Mandrake update for kernel - Manipulation of data

Can you spot the Shrub and the Ashcroft?

Dell denounces desktop Linux dealer

But Tell me did you sail across the sun Did you make it to the Milky Way

Boston DUers: some advice, please!

9 Year Old Boy Lights Home Depot On Fire

RANT: West End Wanda's or lazy rich ladies.....

Four Buffy/Angel TV movies planned?

I'm in pain.

HhhaaaWHOOPS! Tech's Marcus Vick busted again-suspended from team

Mother Arrested For Biting 11 Year Old Daughter

NYPost gets it wrong AGAIN with Kerry VP choice: Jeffy from Family Circle

Lessons learned from the movie "Halloween"

Mortgage Forclosure Forces Woman And Her 27 Cats Out Of Home

Good Morning DU!

Big Brother 5

America' little flower* has blossomed--- Tori Spelling weds

Does anyone else have a feeling that Edwards has a portrait of himself...

Peopel doant reely cair abowt spelinn enny mowr, doo thay?

My Reality Show Ideas

Egon the gentle elk wins reprieve from hunters

System Of A Down Working On New Album

Is anyone jealous of me?

Transport, motorways and tram lines

Any Railroad Tycoon fans here?

Douglas Adams undertones to Radiohead's 'OK Computer'

Going to Scotland in September,

Matcom barbecued his dog!

How do you know the Guarantee Fairy isn't a crazy glue sniffer?

Live Sex On Stage During Performance By "The Cumshots"

BREAKING:Married man lies about having girlfriend!!!

A wall of baseballs to honor soldiers lost in Iraq

Does this song bother anyone else?

How soon until TV starts broadcasting "The Running Man" reality show?

Which is the Best Reality TV Show?

The Blue Train is sittin' at the station....

Did someone merde here?

Texas folks- An urgent plea for help.

Internet Poker question...

Down with King George!! - a July 4 quiz...

Has this right wing claim been discussed here yet ?

Virtual Vacation Needed - Where should I go, and how...

I'm back from my vacation to Chavezspeaksthetruth's house.

What does this photo remind you of?

New DU design?

A Pogues song is making me cry...

Man Pulled Over After Sculptures Are Mistaken For Dead Bodies

Burning question for the day...

SBC DSL Users - is it reliable?

Shoutcast rocks!

What is the phone number to the

Laurie Jennings just called the Kerry/Edwards photo-op

Bush trails only Hitler as Hungary's most disliked person.

What are your most memorable video game moments?

Tin foil hats tracked by radar!!!

Have you heard O'lielly reading his soft porn? GAG!

I am Bored. Ask Me Anything about Arcane1.

I think my car's transmission has sh*t the bed

That's it. I'm done. I'm leaving. Goodbye folks.

Chicken Salad from leftovers!

"They say this cat Shaft is a bad mother...."

Want to see a man play the piano with his balls?

just heard on the radio that the lakers signed rudy tomjanovich

Has any hate radio host ever served in the military?

What the hell month is it??!!??

I know vegetables are good for me but must I really eat them

I'm seeing Fahrenheit 9/11 for the 4th time tonight.

Too horrible not to share…

Vote in this poll

Bush Liked LESS Than Saddam, Osama & Stalin By Hungarian Schoolchildren

Florida DUers: KERRY/EDWARDS rally TONIGHT in St. Pete! (7/7)

Has everyone checked out DU's new homepage ?

I dig the salmon & tuna in the new pouches.

I'm ignorant. Please advise.

"Shopper" The Sea Lion Found Dead In St. Helena

Letterman's Top Ten List: F9-11

Ringo Starr is 64 today.

Ancient Indian Relics in Utah May Solve Puzzle of Tribe's Abrupt Demise...

Yeah! I'm online again! (100%)

Threads you don't click on

pots ... kettles ... the color black of all CAPTIONs

Best Old-School Arcade Video Games

why do i have such a huge...

I have eaten Snoopy

I'm 44 years old today....Jeez that's old.

Cheney's New Mantra: "Jigh-Yah!"

I have finally escaped!

NUDE, Male Restaurant Must Admit Women Court Says

Anyone heard the group "Skating Club"?

Why do Men have Such HUGE wallets? --- What's In There?

CONFESS!!!! Your horror stories from when you first learn to drive

Mazel Tov! to Jon and Tracy Stewart

wiLL you marry me?

How many DUers are polyamorous?

Some FAQ's

Transmetropolitan fans...ever notice how Edwards looks like the Smiler?

Thrash metal is really just plugged-in polka.

Why do I keep hearing about "The Two Johns" running for the White House?

Whats your favorite quote from a "Western"?

Take the Quiz: What kind of cat are you???

You're a comic book villian: What's your name and what's your trademark?

John Edwards gives HIS rendition of "Let the Eagle Soar"

Man Arrested For "Parking Rage" Stabbing At Mall Of America

Request: "Keep off Edwards' turf" sign on I-40 in Raleigh, NC

Okay. Amnesty International has reported it, UNICEF has

I'm looking for a MAME Rom of the early 90's X-men Arcade game

Ask me anything about lionesspriyanka!

"BUSH MUST GO" Lawn Sign Sparks Free Speech Debate In Town

"No W" - Ministry Video......A Must See.


I dupe - so let's make this a thread about worms!

What does the song "The Bare neccessities" remind you of?

I was attacked by monster bed bunnies

I am gonna really miss you guys! Thanks to all at DU!!!

I've been in bed with the flu since Saturday

Would you donate to FreeRepublic....

14Year Old Murder Defendant Escapes After Gluing Electronic Monitor To Cat

What's the address to your homepage?

AM I the only one who finds Norm Macdonald HILARIOUS?

Woman's Crossword Puzzle Interrupted When Car Plows Into Her Home

I'm sorry but what does it mean when someone says "Kick"

Famous "Dick" Quotes through History

Comparison Shot:

Another reason to hate the Freepers: No green bouncies.

we want strength in front, not in the background of all CAPTIONs

those darn brain cramps of all CAPTIONs

I'm sorry but what does it mean when someone says "Dick"

Important information I have to share

The Village Explainer of all Idiots . . . I mean: CAPTIONS!!!

Ah come on have some of the Kool-Aid and CAPTION

CAPTION the intensity!


Under no circumstance should people make jokes re: Hitler.

The On-the-Road-to-North-Carolina of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Anyone a fan of "Chilly Beach"? (cartoon on CBC)

Bumper sticker idea

CLG founder Mike Rectenwald to be on Scarborough Country tonight

Is Spider man 2 appropriate for a 5 year old?

Who saw F9/11?

Help! I missed Six Feet Under Sunday - what happened?

Rock, Paper Saddam!

Out of curiosity, how many people have bought the DU logo underwear?

Identity thief: Its a problem for everyone!

Listening to Guns & Roses: Appetite for Destruction.


Wonkette Rules!


old and busted -- new hotness

Another example of Freeper "humor."

My 4,100th post. Ask me anything!

Just Released: Revised RNC 2004 Convention Schedule

Okay anyone who has that picture of the squirrel in the suit

I just woke up

I woke up glum

Hey I found a way to reuse my 2003 Stupid White Men Daily Calender

Would you date this man???

Does anyone know of a wireless SVideo transmitter/receiver?

Memo to FCC: ..Can we have an all fear terror channel and get back to

Attn DUers planning vacations. Thieves are now ransacking

Devious Rabbit Tricks Bush Into Signing Gun Ban

Marine hostage not deserter - working on campaign of friend in Lebanon.

The Sprint Commercial Must Go

T-Shirt I saw..."Homosexuals Are Gay."

Suggest a good cordless phone to me

I love you guys!

Video: Ultimate High Speed Car Chase?

Loved the Dubya BD Present on one board I visit

Looking for the article about the military permitting troops to view F 911

Ladies...any truth to the old canard

I'm getting a second dog and need advice!

If you object to prostitution, how about this...

I had the craziest cheneying dream last night....

3 Bodies Found on Sam Donaldson's NM Farm (WTF?)

Crossing the highway....

Valuable art collection found in schools

XU's Matta Going To Ohio State

GWB, you are a f***ing moron


Ken Lay soon headed to federal pound-you-in-the-ass prison

please tell me the reason

IIIIIIIII found a reason

yes, us people are just poems

How do you like the DU face lift?

"Frat Boy" by the Compassionate Conservatives (to the tune of "Batman)

People Paying GOOD MONEY To Inhale Radon Gas (For Their Health)

Bullet to head killed wayward sea lion

Yikes! I'm getting GOP junk mail!

wilco fans - new jeff tweedy interview top story on

Anyone care to see Glenn Danzig get knocked the fuck right out?

I like this Bush picture.

Is it still illegal to shoot people?

VICTORY!!!! Finally got published in my hometown paper

Anybody out there in the great northeast...

Given that Satan has always been personified as a goat,

I need someone, a person to talk to

Which of these beers should I have


OMG! Guess what book just hit #1 bestseller?

'Daily Show' host Stewart becomes a father

Conan's subtle gun control skit on his show last night?

Rant: Scheduled on Saturday, AGAIN!!!

How do you convince a 50-pound pit bull that she's not a lap dog?

ranting...... I want to crawl out of my skin... I am just so uncomfortable

A bird in the hand makes it hard to type!

letters to cleo

TONIGHT on the Daily Show (with Stephen Colbert)

I'm American, I'm American!

Do you hate Drells?


Pierce, Azaria in 'Spamalot' (Musical of "Monty Python & the Holy Grail)

I think this is one of the saddest picture/news stories I have seen today.

You know, the 80s had a crap economy and a duncel of a leader, BUT

Hooray!! I got my free book of Mormon today!!!

I have eaten all my snow peas. I expect positive reenforcement from... kitties and Kerry/Edwards sig is back!

Do you hate Dell?

Time for a "special" CAPTION


wow Alf's talk show

They Just SAID it!

How many have posted at and have been removed

Many Thanks to the Poster who Posted this Pic

If y'all think the 00's is the decade of crap movies, check this out:

Well, it's been fun folks! See ya round...

US Postal dominating Team Time Trial so far at Tour de France.

ALL PATRIOTIC MERCHANDISE 75% OFF!! - Seen in local AC Moore

You can have your gold and your diamonds too....

Listening to the Grateful Dead's GREATEST year - 1977

Hey, I Just Hit 600 Posts, but Don't Ask Me Anything

It's today's "Bush drinking? Are you kidding me?" photo

Ken Lay: If the Punishment Really Fit the Crime

MLB All Star rosters. Who shouldnt be there?

How long ago did "alternative rock" become corporate? 15 years?

Progresso Soup is of the Devil

Progesterone cream is of the devil

Need a movie title>>>>

is there a way i can find a name if i have a phone number?

Bush points to area of his skull where brain has become lodged

Rest In Peace, Bradley Nowell

Multiplayer: Populus the Beginning. Anyone wanna play?

Good Daily Show.

Paul Winfield is dead; long live Keith David (City Confidential)

Does anyone read instructions anymore?

The corn-blasting is just about over. Thank god!

Top 10 Most Quickly Rejected Cthulhu Mythos Films

What points should I hit on when trying to convince a CEO....

Late Breaking News - Rabrrrrrr goes to bed.

Average person = 50 diamonds...who knew

Which picture is more likely to (unintentionally) induce laughter?

O.K.....Scarborough is freaking me out!

Today was a good day to be a Democrat....

Did Colin Quinn's show get axed?


Yellow Jersey

This is my problem that needs a little push in the right direction.

Just FYI, if you've been looking for the weirdest site can stop

Are former presidents prohibited from running ever again?

Worst Superman movie?

My dad went to Thailand on Sunday morning.

next time, just give the a-hole a shove.

George W Bush Presidential Library.. a preview

Progressive Rock is of the Devil

Thought-provoking piece on pit bulls.

I want to give up my life!

Doesn't anyone miss JOEMENTUM?

OK, I am fed up! (long rant)

Ever overhear two people talking at a restarant...

I just hung up from an infuriating call with my mother

Test post for new member

chocolate milk or pink lemonade?

Who's sitting around bored outa their mind?

Should the Toad be taking Zoloft?

I can't get off my husband's fundie grandmother's email list

Anyone here a James Clavell fan?

What do you think of Crossballs.

Cat question, please read

If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?

Anybody practice tai chi or qigong?

More cowbell!!

OK, UPS says that my new computer is coming tomorrow

Danielle Steele, Catherine Coulter, etc...

Please hug me, I just finished watching "Big Fish"

Beautiful Maria Bello is on board!

I have some questions about public education...

Thanks to Misinformed01's mom, I now know how to respond to RNC mail...

Senator Orrin Hatch (©NSDAP-Utah) is at it again

Does this not go against some kind of ethics code?

Cheney Fitted for Wig to Give Repub Ticket New Life

* makes my ass want to chew tobacco (share your outlandish phrases here!)

Ridiculous Linux +Unreal T2K4 question

Anyone here speak Russian?

Help! What is the best bank? Well's has screwed me for the last time!

Theories on the origins of spam.

Do any of you male DUers have a comb-over?

Boomers and X-ers: Musings

Strange Things You Remember Your Parents Saying

My 600th post is coming! ask me anything!

For all you Thomas Kincaid haters out there

Why Do Women Carry Around Such HUGE Purses? --- What's In There?

Outsourcing Jobs Reaches New Heights

RANT: I am sick and tired of having freakishly small feet!!!

One of the MBL 'roid guys you never here about


Is getting a Bachelor's Degree not much better...

Texas DUers: Come meet God_bush_n_cheney this Saturday in Austin

Hear Pagerbear sing! Live!

I just saw the most incredibly amazingly fantastic beautiful thing

Post your Kerry Edwards Graphics here

Whoa!! Pink Floyd is mentioned in the Bible!! In the book of Revolutions

I want to copy a digital pic from my computer to DU board

Remove one phrase from English language?

Whenever a fanatical christian says "God bless you" to me...

Finish this sentence "I Love....................."

Dayton OH Rally Wednesday - Where?

What a sight this will be...

VP v VP debate: A trial attorney can spank a CEO in public...

New Kerry Edwards Logo Using Old Kerry Logo

Now this proves Kucinich is out to erode support for Kerry!

Cincinnati Post ed: Edwards Brings Balance, is Dems' Great Communicator

smile vs. the scowl: Edwards-Cheney debate

Kerry/Edwards in St Petersburg tonight. No charge

Kerry @535 4th ave N @ 7:30 tonight in St. Pete

Business vs. trial lawyers; Atticus Finch vs. Gordon Gekko

What time is the first Rally together?

A question about the "First Choice" video

Another good sign

You Decide?

When will Kerry formally accept the nomination?


As a long-time Clark supporter, I am happy with the Edwards choice

McKinney webcast at 2pm today (wed) primary 7/20

I hate CNN as much as the next guy, but to their credit...

Flashback: Read it and Weep (or laugh)--Whores on Chimp's & Kerry's picks

Brains and Beauty

Clear Channel's new tactic? "Technical Difficulties"

"Was Bush Cheney's second choice?"

When is Kerry-Edwards going to make a swing thru NC?

Was Cheney Bush's "second choice?"

in the words of John McCain......

What States are "in Play" after the Edwards choice?

looking for LARGE Kerry signs

Do the Kerrys have a dog?

Dubya's snide retort to the media today: "Dick Cheney can be president."

so why wasn't Hillary picked?

Where do you see this race going? Let's strategize!

Greatest Kerry/Edwards Commercial on Reuters Home Page

When and where will Kerry/Edwards be in Fort Lauderdale on Thursday?

Getting the Thumb's Up Yesterday For My Kerry Bumper sticker

Andrew Sullivan accuses Kerry of being "flatulently vapid"

Has anyone had negative house party experiences?

A response to righties on Edwards

Article on Kerry Rally, Bloomer Wisconsin

Yesterday we found out who will win.

Gallup: Edwards 9 in 10 Dems "satisfied"; 4 in 10 "enthusiastic"

Which states can Kerry/Edwards win?

"like George Bailey debating Mr. Potter"

Links/Pictures of the Kerry-Edwards "photo-op" today? n/t

John Edwards shows he's an incredible asset for JK on the campaign trail!

Need Ideas: Best places to distribute Kerry/Edwards bumper stickers

It's time to put a John in the White House...

It will be nice to have small children in the WH again-well almost the WH

What has Bush said about keeping/dumping Cheney?

Want to see where those "handmade" Bush signs come from?

Kerry/Edwards campaign song??

Face It, Edwards Doesn't Have The Same Experience as Cheney or Bush

The Wisdom of "GOP strategists"

WHY aren't democrats talking about the do-nothing job of Texas Governor

Post some Kerry-Edwards family photo-op pics here!


Vote on this: Kerry-Edwards will win the election.

Edwards needs to come to the Florida Panhandle and Address

My faith has been restored, I now have such an optimistic view of...

So I had a day of optimism, now my pessimism sets back in...

You Michigan people sure are lucky

This AP Article About The Dream Team Warms My Heart AND Excites Me

Isanyone going to see Kerry/Edwards in Ft. Lauderdale tomorrow

Arianna Huffington: Edwards is the perfect choice

Bush:"Cheney can be president"& that's part of problem-per Democratic Team

Rasmussen Florida Poll: (Kerry 48, Bush 43)

Kerry/Edwards poised for a 384 Electoral Vote LANDSLIDE

NBC Poll Kerry/Edwards 49%-Smirky/Snarly 41%

I like the Kerry-Edwards "New Team" ad

FLA: Kerry 48% bush 43%

How's Obama doing?

Convention Keynote Speaker?

Watched the rally again on c-span. That song "Johnny B Good" was great. Is

Sound off on the platform

Ringside for the first Kerry/Edwards rally - my review

Now is the time to give to Kerry-Edwards.

Edwards just won it for the Dems. It's his children and family!

A vote for Nader is a vote against me. Day three of my campaign.

Woodruff has new poll, let me guess Bush now leads 55-40

Edwards is the right wing's WORST nightmare

The Nation editor encourages Democrats to challenge platform

Kerry could spurn public financing

"Most liberal ticket ever."

What happened to John Mc Cain ?

Nader asks to "keep Dean from being a spoiler"

The Tide Has So Turned. Can You Feel It?

Let's gush about John Edwards family

I just returned from the Kerry/Edwards Rally in Dayton, Ohio!

Re Alan Colmes--he may be a liberal-- if this is the 19th century

Nader (who recommended Edwards to John Kerry for VP) now pontificates:

I just can't wait for the VP debates now!

How was the Florida rally tonight?

Surveys On Newest Shrub Commercial!

Future Kerry Cabinet (post Edwards announcement)