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Archives: July 31, 2004

Echoes of JFK as warrior Kerry takes the fight to Bush

Nancy Reagan to Bush: 'We Don't Support Your Re-Election'

I think the AA Radio site is playing with my brain.

Info. about the Memorium video from the DNC...

On Bill Maher's show

On Bill Maher they had Republican Dave Dreier as a member of the panel

Bill Maher's show was unbelievably great! A lot about morning of 9/11

EXCELLENT! Thank-you HBO...

Anybody else catch the "shift" on FAUX just now?? Results of

If Kerry gets elected - he needs to give

Where was Cate Edwards last night?

Former Prime Minister Kim Campbell is a shining example

Do you believe Carnahan's death was an accident?

Question here about terrorism numbers

Need info/links on tax cuts for wealthy, current defecit numbers

While surfing past Hannity and Colmes, I noticed......

anyone know if c-span is going to air clintons DNC speech again?

Kerry honored by Vietnam? Need to debunk

Protesting does make a difference!

Beware of Media-Assisted Republican Dirty Tricks

MM is going to Florida.. He's taking his camera and his lawyers and

Has the Daily Show got media passes for the RNC?

Where's the Link Where Dick Cheney called Dems "Unpatriotic?"

Was Maher's Show The First Shot In A New Democratic Vigor?

Just got back from the MASSIVE Harrisburg, PA, Kerry rally!!!

Do you believe that Jim Hatfield's, Margie Shoedinger's and Cliff Baxter's

Interesting comings together of various groups. Progressive in name.

The importance of being honest and informed

Bill Maher just said:

Shrub's coat tails - The GOP is goin' down!!!

"Europe has collapsed on itself."

Bill Maher just said:

Candidates may pass on I-70 (Kerry and Bush Near Claysville, PA)

Woman's Dying Wish: Bush Defeated

Teresa Heinz Kerry woos gays – ‘You will have a mom in White House’

I'm so bombed!

I'm so blonde

Ladies and Gentlemen...welcome...David Cross!

Computer question for any geeks on board...

People are sooooo stupid. Check this out.


The "What -Ever-Happened-To..." Celebrities

Who smoked banannnnnanas?

Tyson Knocked Out in Fourth Round

Star Wars or Star Trek?

Would you like a smoke and a pancake?

Weird Things You Have No Reason To Hate But You Do

Can someone explain to me what a "yellow dog democrat" is?

Do you believe JFK, Jr.s death was an accident or pilot error.

Thoughts on "The Village" (SPOILERS INSIDE!!!!)

A Triple with Three Men On - Alterman

Should .. US release .. docs removed .. by Sandy Berger? No.

Democrats vs. the GOP: Do the Math

What We Missed in Boston

David Brooks flip-flops on Kerry's speech

This speech had to be great. It was better - Sidney Blumenthal

John Dean: A Closer Look At The 9/11 Commission Report:

Good Cartoon - Carlson

It looks like game belongs to John Kerry (AJC may need subscription)

Iran: Israel, US behind Iraq terrorism

America - A Call To Greatness

Jeremy Seabrook: Creating refugees

Funny Bush Puppet Cartoon!

US Christian Right is chilling free speech


“Bush - Nazi Dealings Continued Until 1951” - Federal Documents

London Observer (August 1): President Kerry?

Decision 2004: Iran or Sudan? (

NYT: If Clinton Could Run Again

Henley miffs O.C. fans by talking politics

Reported: MISSING in ACTION 07/31

Anyone have an on-line source for printing out free political signs?

Bumpersticker Brigade???

Use the Current Administration (and foes) To Cast Your Bond Film!

John Kerry "Born to Run" on CNN right now!

Wow! has positive Kerry story on front page

Did you hear Jon Stewart's advice last night about the media??????

Today's Quotes

Today's Thoughts

Today in History 07/31

My Daughter

Kerry's Uranus in Bush's 10th brings sudden career change

Dozens of activists gather in Canberra to mourn kangaroos

New * regs-EPA no longer has to consult w/wildlife agencies re pesticides

Alaska Volcano Ready to Blow ...............etc

Key to Taipei is the MRT, not Ma

U.N.: Strengthen Resolution on Darfur

Democrats "burned" on gun issues... McCarthy is frustrated...

Are you a pro-gun Democrat?

Kinda geeky request

en re:

When I post a reply to a post...

sKiNnEr, I hAve YouR dOg..If yoU wAnt hIm bACk..tHEn

Why are do so many 9/11 conspiracy theorists hate Jews

Dayton: FAA, NORAD hid 9/11 failures

WGN reporter may run if GOP foots bill

Jebwatch: Jeb's "embattled" DCF Appointee in a heap of trouble!

DFA MEETUPS Weds. Stress Voter Registration for Kerry

CA 3rd Dist: Ose retires; can Castillo beat Lungren?

Kerry and Shrub both in Davenport

Movie critic (StarTrib) takes a mild shot at Kerry in a review

What is it with these St. Paul DINO mayors?

Check out the Dover rally post

My observations on the Bush protest in Cambridge, OH

We're going to have to fight the NRA again......

Kerry Speech watching party in Tom DeLay's district....

Gman's Convention Report

Your Best and Worst Case For Kerry In Texas

Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters and Nirvana to jam with Kerry Monday!!

Has anyone else noticed...

Attention Left Coasters: Real Time

Was the crash of Hale Boggs an accident

Just watched French coverage of Kerry speech. Interesting what gets lost

Two items of interest which need more research

It is true, we HAVE turned a corner....

Maher on in 15 mins for west coast.

Kerry's Speech Was Flawless

So, When Can We Expect Some POLLS?!

Oh boy, am I going to see this film!

Did The Head Of Diebold Really Send Out a Letter Promsing....

GOP video on Kerry/Iraq

Where can I find a chronological listing of all the speeches?

One more kid dies in Iraq for Bush's folly #909

Question about Felon voting rights?

Anybody have an article on a Vietnam peace mission involving Kerry?

You Had Me at Hamster

Anyone heard this quote before? Saw it on several websites

Weld vs. Silber

How Long Did It Take You To Become Totally Hooked On DU?

Funny Ali G show update

Mike Malloy is going to kick some ass.. I'm jones'ing for him to start!

What is it going to take to keep the momentum going

three months to go wild eyed liberals

BBV--Republican Advice - Make Sure Your Vote Counts

Has Sandy Berger been cleared of charges?

CNN.COM making up for lost time?

The 'journalists' of the 'liberal' media . . .

The only "intelligence" the US should believe comes straigt from OBL

I just saw Michael Moore on "Best Damn Sports Show" on Fox!!!

Some of my favorite tv moments in video clips

Should I vote in Virginia or California?

Nancy Reagan: Just Say no.

More watched Kerry in 2004 than Gore in 2000

what things that you once believed in turned out to be total lies?

The best response to the "but your party caters to the hollywood crowd"

Bush and co: more distortion and lies...

Give me your best description of George W. Bush. Here is mine.

"Results Matter" - are they serious?

Businesses Had Say in Report on State Overhaul

"He's just a bum."

9:47 a.m. C-Span - two pollsters (Dem and Repug) anybody watching?

Glad to have C-Span

Was Lori Klausutis murdered?

HEADS UP! C-Span Replay of DNC Speechs (10AM Saturday)

This is Hell is starting now. The show looks to be a great one again

Remember Cheney's involvement with Iran-Contra?

The Anyone But Bush* Vote and Signs of another 'close race'?

The Assault Weapons Ban Expires On Sept. 13

Why Bush won't dump Cheney.

What sort of candidate would appeal to BOTH parties?

'A Real Imbalance’ Ed Schultz on LIBERAL RADIO.

Letter in the MS Clarion-Ledger: What being liberal means to this male

my BLOG on Kerry-Edwards rally in Scranton (links for photos too)

“Global Labor Arbitrage” Dismantling America

when god speaks through W.

MSNBC News of the Week Poll SUCKS.

What's the status on Exit Polling for the election?

Does the Democratic Party have the authority to expel members?

Bush prozac girl is a former Oregon "Blossom Girl"

Did the U.S. finally convince NATO to train Iraqi Troops?

Doonesbury | B.D.'s helmet

This day in history - July 30, 1973

Has Straussian ideology permeated the GOP?

WSJ: GUARDED thumbs-ups for Kerry (hmmm very guarted I bet)

When are the first 'reliable' post-convention polls

Kerry Statement Distorted to Push Flip-Flop Claim

Anyone here seen "The War Room"?

It's a beautiful thing: Susan Sheybani "Prozac" story on DNC Web Site!

C-Span at 9:15 a.m., Central Time...are they replaying all speeches?

AAFES says it's doing its best to acquire Moore film for base theaters

Question for Vietnam Veterans, please.........

Idea about the Secret Energy panel...

"Economy Good Despite Slowing Growth, Deficit -- Bush"

Help how do I add a picture to my post

Kerry Electoral Vote Simulation Model Trend - July

10:06a.m. C-Span2 BILL MOYERS-if you already heard speeches WATCH THIS.

Did repug Gov Bill Owens unwittingly suggest LIHOP/MIHOP on Bill Maher?

Right Wing Bullshit in my mailbox...Help me with a reply...

It's getting uglier and uglier in Iraq. As Bush stumps his lying message

Obama is on c-span now! 12:14

Robert Byrd on CSpan 2 NOW (noon EST)

Kerry "Can Pull the Trigger"---does he have a gun in his back pocket???

Do you believe JFK, Jr.s death was an accident or pilot error.

Interesting Kerry-Bush comparison

Robert Byrd up NOW on C-Span 12:05 EST

Now this is a bumper sticker I'd be proud to have

Rep. Drier really did storm off the stage during "Real Time"!

is this a repuke mass-produced LTTE re F9/11?

The Boy King's radio address for today: The economy is rockin', man!

Great Ed Shultz article Newsweek

With all the talk about hero's lately...recent hero's to me are the

Hey I've been 'published' on a Kerry/Edwards site!!!

The KERRY Revolution Won't be Televised

Study: Fear shapes voters' views

Bush says "Results matter! "

Do you believe JFK, Jr.s death was an accident or pilot error.

LeBron James, Gregg Popovich (NBA) may be on board

How do you make a building dance down the street? Or walk sideways?

Chinese in uproar over attack at U.S.-Canada border

I don't trust the Secret Service

OK. Why do we need the "Dept. of Homeland Security" ??

"bush didn't mislead us, it was bad intel"

Repubs have trouble reconciling Ron Reagan with Ronald Reagan....

Has anyone heard the song 'Third Eye' by Black Eyed Peas?

2004 Republican National Convention Schedule

Schedule for C-Span speeches Sat. atfernoon. (Kucinich up next)

Kerry 54, Bush 41 (!!!)

CSPAN is replaying the convention's even better the second

Kerry should challenge Bush to a debate in August since.....

Did they serve beer at the convention?

Does he actually believe his own lies ??

one-time "Veteran for Bush" Says Bush foreign policy a 'national disaster'

Did you know? (re: letter claiming responsibility for Madrid)

more about Bumper Stickers...and help!

This Land Flash Video - Sue You: This Song Is Our Song 

Anyone know what time Kerry is speaking in Zanesville, Ohio tonight?

"Its better to be a lion for one day than a chicken for your entire life."

Moore vs O'Reilly - Is there a video online?

1:22p.m. CNN has a discussion on Teresa. Pretty balanced, in my opinion

I guess "Let them eat Prozac" isn't as big as "Shove it"

Rats From A Sinking Ship: Ridge To Retire

Kerry talking on CNN Now! (I know I said I wouldn't watch CNN, but I was

Hypothetical - the chimp wants to shake your hand

Proof that God speaks through W toon

I just saw a Berger retraction on CNN

anyone else annoyed by the CSPAN guy's voice?

Does anybody here drink Coor's?

1:40pm HEADS UP: CNN showing Kerry/Edwards campaining RIGHT NOW!

Need response advice

The buttons and bumper stickers are all gone - need to reorder

Why is she called Pickles?

Let's Hear From The Mythical 4% of Gore Voters That'll Vote for Bush

Blue Moon Of Kentucky


Can Rove get away with it again (swiftboatvetsfortruth)

Transmitting Bush*'s speeches and not Kerry's DONATION IN KIND AGAINST FEC

CNN covering shrub live 2:20 est

Fellow DUers: for the first time, a CNN reporter MENTIONED ANTIBUSH

When do the Olympics start ? I know it's sometime in August ?

Cheney in Tucson today

Bush is a war hero and Cheney has a purple heart.

A Little Help Here ???

Stars and Stripes: Two letters off the coattails of John Kerry

Simple Question: What Are The Bush Accomplishments ?

Did Al Qaeda Game Bush into Iraq War? (Juan Cole this AM)

Deficit: Bush position exactly like Kerry's?

The Evil Right-Wing Site Awards

The whores on hate

Daily dose of bewilderment

Should I call this undecided voter?

Woman's Dying Wish: Bush Defeated

"Who would YOU rather have running our country?"

Something I think we need to bring up every chance we get

Suggestion: We ought to have recap viewing parties of the convention

EDWARDS Should Make-Issue (or SUE Shrub) over Sexual Harrassment

What will save George W Bush's soul?

The $87B LIE (needs a repuke style, on-point ASSAULT)

The RIGHTWING started the CLASS warfare... (Bill Moyers)

Balloongate on front-page L.A. Times Calendar section (Sat.)

When the freeps nag re: Heinz Corp, remind them of BUSH ADMINISTRATION

Please, folks, the Bush family DID NOT trade with Nazis...

What a Smug Little @%#&* on C-SPAN

BBC World is awesome

For such "dangerous" times, isn't Bush doing a bit too much campaigning?

Dupe please delete

Terrorist attack on US soil - 7/30/2004

Caption this ! NYTimes Front Page Photo of Bush

Kerry/Edwards Leads Bush/Cheney 52 to 44 Percent;

Hightower's Rolling Thunder Tour is in Seattle today

Check this stupid freeptard post about Teresa

Who should CNN have commenting on RNC convention and * Bio?

Best Fictional Prez

Can someone access and copy LTTE from Charlotte Observer

Senator Affleck?

More people watched Kerry's speech 24.4 mil to Gore's 21.1 mil

Anybody Selling "Best of the Convention"?

Saudi Family is mad at Kerry for blasting them about energy policy

WTF is Dubya smokin'?

Carnegie Endowment group....list of Bush lies about Iraq.

Anyone Got A Link To Yesterday's Zogby Report?

Bottom line, you will vote for change or to maintain the status quo...

Did MSNBC fire Phil Donahue b/c he was too liberal?

Who were Carter's opponents in the '76 primaries?

Need help finding Rumsfeld quote.

MSNBC Kerry special

Will Rove try to incite violence at the RNC?

Spinbuster: CJR takes CNN to task

Talk to everyone

Question per the Senate WMDs report

An election year parable/analogy: Democrats, Republicans, Third Parties

RW speakers at the RNC convention

Old Faux story but funny "Bush gets endorsement"

Producer Don Miscer, the face behind the CNN - DNC "f-bomb"

Concerned that Candy Crowley is on the campaign trail with Kerry/Edwards -

The Best of Broadside . . . a compilation of protest songs . . .

Kerry Mocks Chimp Slogan about "turning the corner"

Need help with talking point

Dennis Miller offers to get Matt Lauer laid

What will be the republican theme for the RNC?

Did Dick Cheney Rent a U-Haul when the First Bush Administration Ended? (

The friggin' injustice is eating away at my soul

Breaking: Candy Crowley still mad about DNC balloon drop (satire)

Why isn't the Kerry Campaign actively defending his Senate Record?

12 Min RNC Documentary on Kerry released :/

Castro hopes God doesn't tell Bush to attack Cuba!

Give your favorite Republican a wedgie

How Many Of You Doubt The 60/40 Prediction Now?

Fifty facts about John Kerry.

Here's a comeback to those who question the purple hearts...

Let's play the press conference game

Outsourcing clinical trials to India -- human guinea pigs?

Here in Bush country I saw my first Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker!

GOP conservationists struggling over who to support in '04

7/31 Newsweek Poll: Kerry 49% Shrub42% Nader 3%

The Secret File of Abu Ghraib

what Americans are learning from radio--------Kerry and dems are LIARS

How many new voters will you register before October 2?

GWB looking worse all the time...

In which states is Nader officially on the ballot as of right now?

The Stuff Bush is getting away With

On the one hand: The 'Clinton Miracle' was the result of Reagan tax cuts

Remember the Reagan advisor who said supply-side economics is a fraud?

"Bush Bop" -- finally, a legal way to beat the crap outta Dubya!

Bush is Copying Kerry

GOP convention to feature Kerry as a figure of humor & derision....jeezuz!

Kerrry Windsurfer Article

The Illinois GOP are F*ing morons

Anyone see Bill Maher and Michael Moore beg Ralph Nader not to run?

44 is John Kerry's number ....

ABC news--Kerry supporters complaining about to many people at the events

Trust me on this one....

What you see is paranoia and desperation flowing out of their ears....

Let's recap what the Repugs think the POTUS is NOT responsible for....

Here's a tragic/appropriate/unbelievably stupid freeper comment:

Should Bush* get a medal for raising twin daughters?

Cuz' I have nothing else to do on a saturday night :(...

So, I'm driving through the streets of Cincinnati...

Should Ralph Nader Drop Out Of The Race And Support Kerry?

Chicago DUers PROTEST RUMMY on August 6

Chicago Sun-Times headline on Bush spin: "Bush rips Kerry for..."

Bush Snr created Saddam?

Rolling Stone article guaranteed to stoke your hatred for pro-life fundies

FL GOP flyer -- what is they learnin' in Florida? It ain't spellin'!

Just saw a Yahoo article talking "Democrat message" WTF??

So what's the deal with the Jersey girls? Are they just accepting

More CNN Breaking Snooze: Kerry Give Hamster Mouth-To-Mouth

Looks like we're getting 'Al Gored' again

BBV-Organized crime nervous about electronic voting

ABC NEWS Objective reporting!!!


Vatican Fears Feminism Threatens Families

DU this FOX poll on Teresa Heinz Kerry...QUICK!

I completed a mission into hostile territory today!

Anyone have money at Charles Schwab?

need help on Kerry matter

Capital Gang and Mark Shields says

Ex-Officer Arrested in NYC Pipe Bomb Case

Will the Bush twins introduce daddy warbucks at the RNC?

How long will it take the masses of middle and lower class citizens ....

Official "Guy James Show" thread -please keep kicked

A new security position (9/11 commission): What is the role of the NSA?

Just watched the convention speeches again. One big question:

What if we just voted on who looked most normal in photos?

What is a liberal?

Anyone in the family has a link to General Clark's DNC speech.

Jack in the Box's new commercial - aping on "Freedumb Fries"

Music List for Dem Convention

A Day in the Life of Joe Republican - from Straight Talk radio

Why Wendys?

Bush has decided to go "positive" with his latest ad.... Why?

E-voting critic calls on hackers to expose flaws

Subtle CNN race baiting

Mr. Kerry, Reporting For Duty, Sir!

Kerry-Edwards Campaign Schedule?

basic republican views about democrats

Seen on Cspan today. Soldier disses king george.

Is it me, or does Bush look like five kinds of crap?

Gman's convention report

Bush: "It means that farmers and ranchers pays"

Ron Reagan's Esquire article....

MEME MEMO: $87 billion to fund HALIBURTON

How to defend Kerry's war vote and Patriot Act vote.

Bush gets results of colorectal exam

Not sure what to say about this - "Team America: World Police" Trailer

So a foot of hard rain fell on Dallas the day of John Kerry's("JFK"'s) ac-

Janeane Garofalo's only interview with Howard Dean

Is Rove/Bush* holding back any Kerry attack material?

Media Matters ....

Bad Intel?

Major speech from the White House, February 20, 2005

John Kerry's campaign bus.....

Bush Will Attempt to Match Kerry's Band of Brothers

Sandy Berger cleared of all wrongdoing.

LOL Mark Shields: "I look forward to seeing *'s servicemates

Things are a'changin'.

These 3 News Articles Were Lined Up At One Time In LBN

LOL....Did you hear the witch O'Byrne in Capitol Gang? "WHEN IS IT GOING

Anybody watching Clinton with Larry King? I don't know if it is a repeat.

Anyone have a link to the infamous 'moran' picture?

We've had 3 1/2 years to convince the unwashed

Anyone voting for * is my enemy

"Aides Work to Get Democrat Message Out"

Great analysis of Newsweek "baby" bounce.

Noahmijo and I went to a Democratic Rally

"Rizzo" from Grease (Stockard Channing) supports Kerry

MSNBC poll

"Bush Announces 20 Recess Appointments"

Kerry/Edwards train coming my way!

Managing expectations: the convention bounce(s)

Who says...

OK, DU - let's play "fill in the slogan!"

I have made my intentions clear about voting.

Where can I get those magnetic bumper stickers you folks are always raving

Iraq Funds Are Focus of 27 Criminal Inquiries

They Can't Knock Us All Down; Rest If You Must But Do Not Quit

If the Media Sets the "Bar" Low for Bush in the Debates..............

The Case Against George W. Bush (by Ron Reagan)

We're through the looking glass, Merriam . . .

Hey Kerry just called Ben Affleck a wuss? I love it but. . .

"Fla. Elections Officials Find 2002 Data"

Now we know Bunnypants campaign strategy.

The mind of the bush supporter--avoiding cognitive dissonance???

my brother's observations on Bush's speeches

Even is whoring...

Real Time is on!

Help, need articles of Sandy Berger innocent...

Is FAUX News reporting from Alternate Universe?

John Edwards better keep an eye on Ben Affleck and Cate Edwards

New Bush Bumper Sticker... Has Anybody Seen This?

Who is this guy on c-span trashing Wilson ?

How is everyone feeling about Kerry as a candidate now?

(Reuters) Kerry Mocks Bush's Campaign Slogan

CSpan Now...Cliff Kincaid lying about Wilson/Plame

Du dictionary

"Expert Issues E-Voting System Challenge"

What Is Going On with Wilson

Front page of right leaning Rocky Mountain News..check it out.(good stuff)

Arguments for Kerry, re: Small Business.

Novak Predicts Election Theft

Biblical Bush

I heard that Kerry and Bush gave speeches today and that the protesters

Did anyone see Susan Estrich debate Bill O Reiley on abortion?

CNN special on JK. Debate with Weld. "I know something about killing

Protesting Cheney in Reno Nevada DUer made the news

*WELCOME TO TUCSON CHENEY Pt. 2* (SammyBlue behind the camera)

observations from the Bush protest in Cambridge, Oh

"Focus On The FAmily" is toooooooo funny!

Gallup to release new poll tomorrow at noon

Hubby and I had an Argument Today...

Wow...Latest Bush argument

Bob Novak just called Jimmy Carter a mean old man.


"Republicans Defecting to Kerry's Camp"

DU this Newsweek poll

Comparing Kerry's speech today in Greensburg with Bush's today in

Al Sharpton and corporate media

Karel is HOT tonight. Listen live

Did anyone ever notice...

Senator Dayton: NORAD lied!

Have you noticed the crap posts have ceased?

Bush Jumps on the 9/11 Band-Aid Wagon

Anti Bush Dog Toy!

Who are the undecided voters and why will Kerry's strategy work?

Kerry vs. Bu$h on my mountain.

Have you seen the new Bush attack ad?

Riverbend is back!!!

What if the 'October Surprise' is the RNC doesn't nominate * ?

I wish CNN would stop showing that Crawly "documentary" of Kerry


Question: Will Liberal Radio attend the RNC Convention?

Vanessa Kerry aids woman in crowd with medical emergency

CNN Polls: "Ways to die" Edition.

Real Time with Bill Maher will replay tonight

Michael Moore. I dig you, but am afraid

In this World, no one wants to be a LOSER... the question is what States

11am and the numbers are sweet

Even is whoring...

Best picture of John Kerry I've ever seen...

Republicans Defecting to Kerry's Camp

Someone ripped down my Kerry sign in front of the house....

10:22pm.CNN Last Call: TAKING CALLS: should a First Lady be outspoken

"I'm a Veteran -- and John Kerry Didn't Earn Any Purple Hearts"

What In The World Is Going On Along The Mexican Border

Gay activists expose gay staffers who work for Fundie anti-gay Republicans

Saudis Criticize Kerry for 'Bashing' their Kingdom

They showed Bush* on the campaign and they said 5000 INVITED

Woodruff, Rather, (all else) on C-SPAN ("Media Coverage of Campaign")

WalMart Pushing Nader Petitions

Politix & books (Franken, Kennedy, Conason) tonight on C-Span 2

C-SPAN: Rather, Brokaw, Jennings, Lehrer on media coverage ...

If you want to watch senator DAYTON saying NORAD lied:

Help need newspaper article on Sandy Berger innocent...

I just saw a new "W" sticker on a late model Cadillac

The Illuminati....WTF?!

"We've Turned the Corner" is new Bush slogan

Maureen Dowd according to Drudge (yich, sorry)

Possible reason for newest NYC Terra threat?

Could someone tell me what is wrong with hating George W. Bush?

Just saw CNN somberly reporting on terror tip.

So, Has It Become Un-cool To Support Bush?

A Day In The Life of Joe Republican

Bush: John Edwards is "pretty".

How are scarce federal dollars best spent?

Don't freak but look at these Partial NEWSWEEK Poll numbers

List of pro sports figures that are Dems? n/t

What really happened to Bush in that elementary classroom on 9/11

The Cause of all this shit is Newt. It was he that made America weak

If We Can Send Bush Packing Who's Up For Them In 08? Jeb?

Some Republicans Defect to Kerry's Camp

"The Bear Patrol must be working like a charm."

Just back from an anti-Bush rally in Dover, OH

Kerry Admin == NARC PARTY? This is your convention on drugs!

WHY out Plame? Misdirection of investigation. Novak, you devil . . .!

A Response to Those Who Question Kerry's Purple Heart

Female U.S. soldiers taken hostage by Iraqis "raped repeatedly" ???

Italian Spies faked documents - anyone with Times UK Subscription

Election disruption issue...

CSpan 2 NOW (450 PM) Al Franken & RFK Jr.

bush has turned the sweetest person I have ever known into a cussing

Newsweek 7/30 poll (after Kerry speech): a 57%-43% Kerry landslide?

Dumbya: "You know how the rich is..."

Deadheart Dick Cheney Bumbles Through the Southwest

Bush Speaking live in Canton, OH

Can the Corporate Propaganda Machine (the Media) be fixed?

Is Ridge Possibly Retiring So Bush Can Play an Ace Card Against Us??

I just got back from the Kerry rally in Wheeling, WV!

Zell Miller WSJ Op-ed: "See Y'All in New York"

Who are your heroes?

Kate (Capt. Janeway) Mulgrew blast Bush at Trek convention just now!!!

My quest for a John Kerry Yard Sign

Debate?..................doubt it....................cartoon

Just returned from Kerry/ Edwards Believe in America Tour in Greensburg PA

Why are we letting the phony attacks about the $87 billion go unanswerd?

Here's something the Kerry campaign and Dems MUST do

If you became a millionaire, would you ever consider voting Republican?

CNN report on Convention: "Scripted Spectacle"

Just watched Ron Reagan's speech....WOW!!! He's a Dem!

If the south and some midwestern states secede

Here's a question...

Booga booga booga! Attack on NYC "imminent"!!!

Okay, folks, This is REAL Important, and I am FREAKING OUT!!

This is too good not to post.: A defense of John Kerry.

THE REPLY to every damn last Freeper email.

How bad do we liberals want our own TV network?

David Brock challenges CNN for equal time

Dont know if this has been posted yet.. DNC key speechs on demand on cable

I can't for the life of me understand why people of color don't support W*

TX Detainee NOT Terror-Linked, & as for the "Tombstone Tumbleweed"...

Affleck and Vanessa Kerry a couple??????

Kerry: "reporting for duty"...

More Signs Of Desperation !!! - Sign Pledge Of Support, Or No Tickets !!!

*WELCOME TO TUCSON CHENEY!* (Protest pics from Tucson and LOTS OF EM)

For my 1000th post I'd like to confess-I used to be a Republican

Rolling Stone MUST READ! Child sodomy at Abu Ghraib


Is anybody else not getting Kerry bumper stickers they've ordered?

Curious to know what fellow Brits thought of the Democratic Convention...

Tyson Knocked Out in Fourth Round

Broken bones may soon be fixed with glue

20 Iraqis, most of them civilians, killed in Fallujah

Ivorian foes clinch peace deal | BBC

Uzbek Blasts Hit U.S. and Israeli Embassies

POSITIVE PERCEPTIONS Party's messages pump up midstate delegation HBG PA

Schwab to close more offices; one in El Paso

Rare visit boosts spirits of midstate Democrats (HBG PA)

NYT: High Qaeda Aide Retracted Claim of Link With Iraq

Iraqi governor offers to resign (for release of kidnapped sons)

Iraq Body Beautifuls flex in honor of hero Arnie. ESPN didn't cover it??

Head of Iraq Teacher's Institute Killed

US troops detain al-Sadr aide

Venezuela Alleges Groups Plotted Attacks

400 will lose jobs at Tyco (MA)

'Dresden' (Mississippi exhibition) faces deficit of $1M

EPIC Report: Homeland Security Got Census Data on Arab Americans

Local activists maintain resolve -(DUer in local paper)

Eccentric ally in Green Zone Imam extols U.S., reveres Virgin Mary -- desp

Dem Refuses to Sign Pro-Bush Pledge

A.C.L.U. Board Is Split Over Terror Watch Lists

French soldiers in Chad begin relief work for Sudan's Darfur

PATRIOT Act used to enforce copyright law?

"Some Republicans defect to Kerry's camp"

Iraq Police Say the Job Is Now Perilous

Statue of Liberty Probe to Continue

Halliburton Sues Retired Executives

Retired general: Bush foreign policy a 'national disaster'

President Bush coming to Maine - for a wedding (Jeb's son)

Vatican's "Sexorcist" Gags Scandal Bishop

Ex-Officer Arrested in NYC Pipe Bomb Case

Militants Vow to Behead New Hostages in Iraq

WGN reporter may run (against Obama) if GOP foots bill | Chicago Sun-Times

"Iraq police say the job is now perilous"

U.N. warns of humanitarian crisis in southern Iraq

Marine’s ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ comments investigated

Nader office shuts down as workers seek pay

BBC (Saturday): World trade deal 'within reach'

4 years after return to Cuba, Elian a normal schoolboy

Army Changing Chopper Corps After Setbacks

Novak Predicts Election Theft

A Baby Bounce? (Newsweek on Kerry/Edwards)

Audebon Society Kills Peacocks at park on Oahu.

Powell Urges Bosnia War Criminals Capture

Busted budgets on the border Memos obtained by NBC reveal lax detention

Oil market through the roof

BBC (Saturday): Iranian dissident Hashem Aghajari freed on bail

Taliban Fighters Increase Attacks

ChevronTexaco profit more than doubles

'No Child' vexes Montana superintendent | Missoulian

White House Says Deficit Forecast Isn't as Bad as It Looks | NYT

"Halliburton sues retirees over health benefit cutbacks"

Halliburton sues retirees (for complaining) over health benefit cutback

The fond and the furious greet Bush in Ohio

PM gets personal in Latham attack

Zoo's Emi gives birth to a daughter. Rare Sumatran Rhino makes history,

C SPAN NOW...Media Roundtable with the "biggies"

Pinochet: Murderer and Thief

Laura Bush christens ship

Sudan rejects Darfur resolution | BBC

Convention success puts Kerry ahead in polls

Black Farmers' Refrain: Where's All Our Money? -NYT

UK: Mandelson rented flat from oil tycoon in coup claim

Former Air Force chief of staff criticizes Bush (Switches to JFK)

Clinton Adviser Berger Cleared of Document Theft

Man Loses Bid to Open Cheney Rally

Attack targets Pakistan's next prime minister

Venezuela Judge Orders Officers Arrested

Nigeria restarts polio campaign

Administration now opposes inspections as part of nuclear treaty

Nader office shuts down as workers seek pay (Philadelphia)

Gay marriage fight takes shape | The Oregonian

Reduction of troops in Iraq necessary, says Kerry

Soldier with Clark youth ranch ties killed in Iraq -

[UK] Army pays Iraqi family £390 ($710) after shooting girl dead

Wanted: A Sucker for a Senate Race -Newsweek

Europeans Mostly Rally to Kerry, but With Few Illusions (NYT)

Iraqi group claims over 37,000 civilian toll

India Mulls Evacuating 6,000 Nationals From Iraq: P.M.

British Historians Attack Hollywood 'Distortions'

Officials Fear Terrorists Could Try to Enter U.S. Through Mexico

Explosions Rock Fallujah After New Bombing (Saturday)

Saudi royal family lambasts Michael Moore for twisting the truth in his 9/

Kerry Mocks Bush's 'Itsy Bitsy' Campaign Slogan

Gen. (Tommy Franks) saw chaos coming (New Book)

Bush camp solicits race of Star staffer

Bush Planning August Attack Against Kerry

News from Lake Wobegon: Keillor Is a Democrat

Pinochet's son released from detention, banned from leaving Chile

Dem's Marine misfire

Petitioner for Nader usually rebuffed

The Nation: How They Could Steal the Election This Time

Brazil Is Leading a Largely South American Mission to Haiti

Woman who stole fuel ordered to wear sign

WP: Bush Visits Worried Workers of the Rust Belt

When Bible Study Is Controversial (Bible Study clubs in public schools)

World trade talks reach agreement

Re: Philippines: former hostage Burnham changes testimony

Iraq's Child Prisoners

Ten Commandments Hit The Road

ABC News: Attacks from Al Quaeda imminent in NYC

Dayton: FAA, NORAD Hid 9/11 Failures

A Bun, a Soda and Thou… (Interesting Kerry/Edwards Campaign Stop)

Saw a very unusual bird today, maybe someone will know what it was

Was the crash of Hale Boggs an accident

What is the difference between a certain kind of poultry excrement and

Was Roger Rabbit Framed?

Bet this would have PREVENTED September 11th

Really Good music


Love, sister, is just a kiss away.

Wondered what would be the hardest to watch


Meaning no disrespect to the survivors of everyone knew what (or a certain

well it`s my friday night around the world-

Oh, no ride tonight...It's RAINING....

Help, DU! What is the name of the symphony that uses the guillotine

Lol, on Airamerica's website

NSMA's secret = KNEI A YROI U A I ACHE? sinr hve ou dg f yo wnt hm bk tn?

It's official: Lindsey Graham is not hot

It's a girl

Thank you, Big McLargehuge...

Official RNC Schedule

So I'm chatting in a political chat room in Yahoo...

Wondered what would happen if I attributed this advice to flight

Follow. But! Follow only if ye be men of valour,


Anybody got some good Nader jokes?

What's the "Republican" equivelent of "Yellow Dog Democrat"?


Under Pressure

Did anyone know the problem with Bill Clinton is that if he wears a tuxedo

Inexplicable objects


My Coffee Runneth Over

Where can I get the clip from the Daily Show where Jon is talking about...

Ken Finkelman's "The Newsroom"

And for my 500th Post....

Richard Milhouse Nixon

I was SO looking forward to my 1000th post......

Having punched both Dookus and Big McLargehuge in the neck

Does this scare you?

The Bacos Story (true)

Graphic Novels

Why W is afraid of horses...

Exploding pants betray meth suspect

What's your favorite song about men?

Admit it.... What movie has everyone seen but you?

CAPTION: Code Pink

forgot it's saturday

off-shore CAPTIONing in reverse

Strangest thing just happened.

Things you won't see at the Republican National Convention:

The ONLY way that Baghdad should have been bombed:

Woo-hoo! Got my voter registration card yesterday!

Jenna Bush wins Gillette's "Best Legs" contest

Why does George W. Bush hate trees...........

the rules at Falwell's Liberty University

Know any good FLIGHT ATTENDANT jokes and if they heard any I wonder what

Okay, I feel better now.... * is rolling up his sleeves CAPTION

Jeez even Dubya's site is evil!

Next for Mike Tyson? ('cause it ain't boxing)

Undisclosed CAPTION: Cheney bought the farm and the ranch

How much is an automatic sunroof worth?

C-Span is bringing back some of that DNC love

Are you suggesting coconuts migrate?

UPS Service

Forgove ,pst ,stj[ses tpppdau

Best sonic youth CD?

I'm nobody! Who are you?

A simple poll

Take a can (or preferrably two) of condensed milk.

Do you believe JFK, Jr.s death was an accident or pilot error.

With a new house, comes... GODDAMNED TELEMARKETERS

movie- Team America: World Police

ah . . . another bullshit music list guaranteed to piss you off . . .

Name your favorite American from the North

i have my house to myself tonight

i sure would like to take a fungo bat to scooter the baseball on fox..

How will you observe the Blue Moon?

Did they serve beer at the convention?

One thing's for sure. Love Stinks.

I feel blah

G-DAM IT! Halloween Party on Kef!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Picture Toby Keith Hopes You Never See!

An atheist at a gospel festival! Is the end near?

They called security on me at the pharmacy!

Does anybody here drink Coor's?

Oh, puh-leeze CAPTION

Fresh cherry tomatoes from the garden...

A long-running DU pet peeve of mine

Bush Loyalty Quiz Time: Take the test

just for fun...

Personality type of question. Verbal self defense.

My name is Dr. Greg Cynaumon

the RNC

"Part of this nutritious breakfast"

Does anyone else have problems posting?

Kazaa Lite question

I was having some late-night fun on the computer tonight...

If you had a chance to punch Big McLargehuge in the neck...

The 1967 film Casino Royale.

Is it better to live on your knees or die on your feet?

Worst. Thing. Ever. EVER.

My kitty died tonight...

It was a dangerous night on the road

Official favorite political art thread of July 31, 2004 - post your faves

Fuck THIS!

WTF?! "Pabst Blue Ribbon" no longer available in Canada.

Will name not needed need a name or not?

Song of the Day Thread: DEVO: "Freedom of Choice"

I always lose track of where the photo gallery is

oh shit

Frightning new GOPer book due for release by October!

Great "summer deck/patio" CDs

Return with me to the thrilling days of YESTERYEAR !!

OK, I confess

I'm going out to get something to eat...

New Showtime Reality Show - American Candidate

Is that millionaire from Jeopardy still winning?

Senator Affleck?

If I had a hamster

Hanna Barbera vs Looney Tunes (via Fark)

Why I'm not going to bother with the latest M. Night Shabadoo pic:

Worst modern comic-book movie ('97 or later), and why?

Who wants to lick sticky cherry juice off my thighs?

Will Will Pitt pit?

I'm ordering a pizza

Did anyone else know that Dave Sim was s huge misogynist !

DU'ers-I went to see "The Corporation" (Indie film)-it rules! Anybody else

Berlin's Olympic Stadium reopened by Jesse Owen's Granddaughter

Stop me if you've heard this one ...

Jim Rome Show fans: Question

Two must see lists: Top and bottom movies of all time.

What was that? "Nomar to Cuba"?

Lump sat alone in a boggy marsh

I love the late, Great Eddie Jefferson. I'm listening to him now

A 'blue moon' tonight

Police Academy 8...

Baby squirrel

Anyone have an video of last night's "Real Time with Bill Maher"?

Good(?) News...

When you first snuck into your parents sock drawer for the first time

F the Vote: Because Liberals Are Hotter (contains adult humor -- I hope)

I'm going out to get something to eat...

I've been a naughty boy, get me into the 700 club, that'll show me.

Let's give Bush a new name "BOOGER BUSH"

What the heck?

Nomar to Cubs?

The puppy from hell!

Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteaks!!!


I've decided that I will no longer "DU" or "unfreep" another poll.

Songsmiths! Enjoy!

A Poem for Summer (a group enterprise)

Does anyone here do live journal?

Showing off:

Espresso and Charlie Parker

One Coney Island and a Vernors please

Berkeley just totally rules

Why the obcession with hawaiian punch tonight ?

Your 5 greatest interests and your biggest non-interests

They babybacks are Ssssssssssssssmokin'!

40 years ago today, a great Country singer died.


Bush's "impromptu stop" at the Cleveland Browns' training camp? Impromptu?

Somebody remind me to visit Betty Bowers more often.

That's "Tzatziki" not "Taziki"... OKAY?

The Walker/Bush family has always "loved" Maine

Rosemary's Baby at the Dem Convention..(Coulter)

Parenting advice please.

Oh my Jeezus EYES!

How do you scream "Nomar" in a Chicago accent?

This made me laugh more than it should have.

What is a "LOSER"

No, really - guy named Dong from Bangkok lops off his manhood

I can't copy and paste!

DU Arbitrary Rule Time: Post yours

Why do you mock me? Dammit, why do you mock me?

Ahh! My mom's gonna vote for Kerry!

When Kerry Wins In November...Will Larry The Cable Guy Disappear?

I ordered a Kerry yard sign

What's the quickest way to sell a car?

Whiney people piss me off

How Do I Find Out What Type Of Voting Method my State Uses on Election Day

So here comes 700


My bf's away this weekend...


Late Breaking Baseball News

In light of yesterday's "porn star name" thread.

what are the big trades that have been made in baseball?

Quick rant about file sharing

Anyone thinks that "moran man" looks like Mark Hacking?

Hrmm... I found Matcom's school picture...

A Walk Across America..with a Leica..(WOW!!!)

Anyone read about this?

Photoshopped Nomar goodness, courtesy of ESPN:

I think DU'ers are about the funniest people on the planet.

Michael Moore & Bill Maher beg Nader to quit

Are you afraid of heights???

need a picture...

It's come to my attention that some of you were worried about me.....

Pick your fave Lizard Animal

Just a reminder: I'm playing '60s soul music on the radio tonight.

I'm going on a backpacking trip for 2 weeks in Philmont, New Mexico

Bloom as Bond?!?

Seattle just totally rules.

A large pick-up truck with an American flag sticker

Hey you DU cartoonists and Photoshoppers...I've got an idea for the

Big Dog to host SNL?

Bob Byrd on C-Span2

Which pair of dress pants should I keep?

rabrrrrrr is now a proud owner of a (somewhat) new car

"Thank god for music I don't have to be creative anymore"

So just how fast did Tyson go down last night?

Are you clammy, cold or sweaty?

Now, THIS is exactly what you want around the house for kids to play with

Does anyone know what is going on with Ebay??

Blue Moon Of Kentucky

What the heck is that?

I'm watching "Harvey Birdman" - don't ask - I have no idea

I am a tree frog

SNL replaying Al Sharpton episode tonight

What's new at the video store

Anyone thinks that "moran man" looks like Mark Hacking?

I am tired of looking for things. This a rant; I expect a flame.

How do I kill time in Chicago?

Blue moon rising.

From Bronoo, With Love: And other made-up names from spam e-mail

I'm in love with a shoe

Photoshopped creation- feedback requested.

I yam what I yam

Todd Snider's "East Nashville Skyline" is excellent!

My freshly-drafted fantasy football team:

There is a fifth dimension beyond that which is known to man.

The World Ends At 10:00am tomorrow morning

Blue Moon tonight

Tonight is a blue moon! Is a new smurf delivered to the Village?

"I'll be dead in the cold, cold ground before I recognize Missourah!"

Great , little known 2004 albums

What is your greatest fear?

When you suck the bone, you get the sauce!!!

I have solid proff that Hellboy is a Democrat

JCCyC vs. rbnyc

will someone please explain "Blue-Jay"'s squirrel pic to me?

John Carpenter's "They Live," 16 years later...who could have known


"I'm taking a ride with my best friend...

The move is finished

Office Space is on Bravo.

Saturday night drink thread

Bush is a pathetic failure.

We Slept In This Morning And DAMN Did It Feel GOOD!

fun game...

New State mottos (from axis of evil blog)

"The Village" ***SPOILERS***

Those with green or blue eyes, please report

oh whee... a mouse

DOGS RULE CATS HISS (especially Merlin if you try to carry him anywhere

"We are turning the corner!"

I Am Spartacus

Thing's you shouldn't say on a first date

ROFL: Bill Maher

Who should NOT play James Bond?

gonna be gone until late wednesday night starting tommorow

If you had a chance to punch Dookus in the neck...

The Bush "Deer Caught In The Headlights" pic makes a nice Kerry poster

In your mind, who should play the next James Bond?

Which Rebublicans are what LOTR Characters?

Who read "Candy" when a teenager?

What can I make with tinned salmon?

any fans of Excalibur?

Spider pic's

Sleepy Kitty Thread

A weird thing happened today when we went to get our mail

ZombyWoof ALERT! Roadhouse is on!!!

What would happen if you crossed a maximum-security prison with a college?

SPOILER ALERT!!! I just saw "The Village"... I HATED it and LIKED it...

Shiny happy CAPTIONS holding hands

70's redneck rock

Just Got Back From The DU BBQ And Need Some Assholery. Where My Boyz Be At

I do NOT get the movie "Mulholland Falls" DAMNIT!!!

Should I buy or do it myself?

DU Convention photos -- Day 7 -- The LOOOONG ride home.

I lost a chicken

An archive of "inexplicable objects"

I bought a Beanie Baby today, a donkey called "Lefty"

I will remember you. Your silhouette will charge the view

DU Lounge discriminates against short-haired, non-cute kitties!!!

In the grim future of HELLO KITTY, there is only WAR.


We got NOMAR! W00T!!!

Democrats hang hats on minimum wage push (Florida)

Met any "real conservatives"? What do they think of *?

Kerry campaign e-mail: "Nothing like this has ever happened before"

Likely Voters?

Kerry Electoral Vote Simulation Model Trend - July

2004 Democratic Convention Speeches

Astrologer compares Laura Bush vs. Teresa Heinz Kerry

Bush radio address: "estimates of deficits are shrinking"

Some Republicans Defect to Kerry's Camp

Osama still has a job. Do you?

PANTS ON FIRE mobile pictures

Delta to Most Freq Flyers, "would you pay more to speak to an American

Timing of Ghailani’s arrest considered ‘intriguing’

POLLS-running totals (trend) of head to head Kerry-Bush

Why Bush couldn't get out after taking out Saddam.

Absentee Ballots people

Running Ohio Poll Totals - Bush leads by 1

Sorry, I don't trust these "conversions" one single bit.....

DU Campaign Research Request - List Of Overseas Call Centers

The DNC was way more entertaining than most crap on TV

Licorice the Hamster Speaks

Deutsch upset because Emily's List only endorses women.

hair pollution!

Bush is nervous about his future

MSNBC: Convention bump 5 pts for Kerry, now leads Bush by 54% to 41%!

Will Ferrell's "White House West" website

Will Bushco drop a Reichstag Fire-like electoral "bomb"/October surprise?

Senator Reid in Douglas County Nevada

Listen To Kerry Slam Bush's "We're Turning A Corner" Phrase To Nothingness

Bizarre Freeper prayers (Dems are Satanic, hellbound devils)

Anyone looking forward to the inevitable Bush campaign gaffes?

What kind of bounce can we expect for Bush from the RNC?

Letter to a young, sweet wife...

Ron Reagan on Bush in Esquire-Link and partial text

Rally patrons forced to pledge alleagence to Bush*

A new low for MSNBC....

Bush Is Screwed - This Is The Best He's Got?

Newsweek poll July 29-30 Kerry over Bush 49%- 42% with Nader at 3%. Link.

Pants on fire Pictures

Does the Platform really support an individual right to keep and bear arms

Americans Show They Are Willing For Change, And Kerry Just Stepped Up

I wish Howard Dean would stop criticizing "Republicans"

If you missed Clark's convention speech

Kerry Mocks Bush's 'Itsy Bitsy' Campaign Slogan

POLL-Ohio Poll numbers modified (Kerry +6)

"John Kerry said, 'Send me'" - A winning theme for the election of 2004

According to News Meat, Toby Keith gave money to George Bush's

Bush has a "four year plan" for the economy

15,000 Strong in Scranton PA - my rally 'blog'

Networks calling a state for a candidate.. a question:

A-holes at Wendys

Howard Dean: Listen to his only interview with Janeane Garofalo

How could so many smart people have voted for Nader (or still support him)

Rudy Giuliani

How does Nader's platform differ from Dennis Kucinich's?

A depressing reality check in Edwards' back yard

DNC report from a MN Kucinich delegate