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Archives: July 23, 2004

Mr. Hersh goes to war

(Senator) Warner (R-Va) Moon-ed: 'I've seen better,' he says

Decay and complacency behind the facade

Footage of shooting suspect released - Assassination attempt in TW

Text size on the new front page

Might it be prudent to provide links and/or banners to the 527s?

Any Washington DUers going to the NYC protest?

Special lyrics to "People" - Barbra Streisand

What's wrong with all the time signatures?

Political Photoshopping

Howard Dean on Gay Marriage (Slate) PLUS Great Cartoons

All Smiles

Awesome Clinton Quote

Read between the lines. Site starting about MM being at Take Back America.

Dems asked for WH subpoena on Cheney/Halliburton

What an awesome activist site!

Anyone read "Pretext for War?"

Diminished voter turnout linked with income disparity

Location Change for Kerry/Edwards Rally in Denver Friday Morning!

?W Revue.... how's this for (a clip from) our first review???

Pick 25 States out to give to the Republicans for their Territory

Seriously ... why didn't we get these Flight 93 details a long time ago?

George W. Bush is criticizing Kerry's patriotism over the $87 billion.

I just blew a fundie out of the water

I got a two-four, eh? Yoffi! (The Great Canadian Shibboleth!)

Deaths from Asbestos Exposure Surge in U.S. - Report

U.S. Congress Votes to Declare Genocide in Sudan

Judge upholds "free speech zone" but permits march on FleetCenter

WP: Kerry Responds to Attack Ads

Moore to be in Boston for Democratic convention

Does the lead singer of The Hives know he isn't Mick Jagger?

photobucket is for photo's. Any sites like that for .avi files?

Do You Work Out?

Woman puts rare coin in meter

Ever bite off more than you could chew? Large pics

Speaking of Morrissey, he's on The Late, Late Show Tonight.

Favorite cologne and/or perfume

This is my 400th Post!

Unfreep this poll

Johnny Cash vs The Dixie Chicks vs Toby Keith

I hate it when a tyre blows off the rim...

Knight Ridder, deep division in Democratic party

Fear and the Election: Good letters to the Editor today in NY Times

3 planeloads a week patients from Iraq War - Alterman

The Politics of Oil......from The Center of Public Intregrity..outstanding

Foolscap and Favored Sons - NYTimes

China Syndrome on the Potomac


LTTE St. Pete Times: Proposal to limit protests is a new low

First Skirmish in the Battle of NYC - - Bush 1, Protestors 0

Axis of Evil, Part Two

Insurance for Electronic Votes

Enmity at the Archives

Leaders need dissenting voices :Greeley (Excellent read)

Salon: Faux claims to have broken the Bush* DUI story (Fair & Balanced)

Commentary: A recharged Kerry

HERBERT: Who's Getting the New Jobs?

Who's Getting the New Jobs?


The 9/11 Report: Bad News for Bush (David Corn - the Nation)

KRUGMAN: Accounting and Accountability

Salon/Conason: The president who took bin Laden seriously

Byrd vs. Bush (Interview)

krauthammer = shameLess apoLogist for the neocons

Washington Monthly - Ted Turner: My Beef With Big Media

Sleepless in the Garden of Eden

Written in 1215. Needed today

Democrats blast GOP lawmaker's "suppress the Detroit vote."

Ten Reasons to Fire George W. Bush by Jesse Walker

A Small Victory for Progressives

Should we stop the slaughter in Sudan?

Giant Sunspot has Scientists "on the edge of their seats"

Scott Ritter: Saddam's people are winning the war

PNAC plan going just fine

"Fahrenheit 9/11" feeds the smugness of bicoastal elites

"May Allah forgive us. In our pursuit to fly high the flag of Islam

'Multiverse Theory' - the Universe is a Virtual Reality Matrix

Some have advocated using boltcutters on "free speech" pens; bad idea

Need a Democracy for America small banner logo

Legal Observers

Jon Stewart's interview with Wolf Blitzer, U-boat commander/news anchor

Greta Van Sustern - What Has Happened to Her?

Mark Crispin Miller Interview

Wingnut Watch...

Byron Pitts/John Roberts of CBS Evening news make my blood boil.

NPR still up to their tricks

Deportation of Journalist Sparks Debate

Today's Quote

Today in History 7/23

Today's Thoughts

Question about the earth's orbit.

My sister is mentally ill...(long post)

?WR: Now that I can catch my breath.....

Software pirate receives 5.5-year sentence

Denel to sell gun in US after apartheid suit

GM paid to move production to Poland

Are we capitalists first -- or are we Americans first?

Stock market bombed today.

Climate Change Affects Even Deep Sea Life - Nature

improved solid oxide fuel cells

Chesapeake Bay In Far Worse Shape Than Official Figures Show - WP

Petrolia, Ca.. What a cool place.. Calif's first oil well site....but ...

Asbestos Deaths Up 2,000% In US Between 1968 and 2000 - CDC

World body slams UN treatment of Taiwan's journalists

Socially conservative Singapore bans popular gay-oriented Taiwanese film

Anyone need insight into USASOA

The Black Book: Imbalance of Power and Wealth in Sudan

Girl Saves Life of Man Charged with Murdering Her

Good article about a posted bank that got robbed (slanted)

GUNS IN THE NEWS---July 23. 2004

They keep saying you can't rely on 911 to save your life so....

Brazil Woman Turns in 1,300 Guns for Bonanza

Corpus Christi Police Officer on AWB, "It didn't make a difference..."

More good press for the Canadian gun registry...

Station may be liable for selling gas to drunk driver

i keep getting HTTP 404 error

Great Hate Mailbag, guys!

I am trying to pull up this thread

Spell Check question?

Do folks with a 1000 posts really have 1000 posts?

hate to have to ask this but

Are threads from DU1 no longer available?

Are The Hate Mailbag Responses The ONLY Response Hate Mail Gets?

Did something happen to the site this morning?

Yo Skinnah

Weird response on GD forum...all I get is a yellow "buy it" button....

I don't think it's right that...

What Dookus said!

How about a "most popular" forum

do you work shifts?

Should Mods refrain from editorializing?

Israel Takes Vengence For Severed Head (Guardian)

Kerry: I can do better than Bush on fighting terrorism

9/11 Commission - Final Report Released

Army doctor calls duty a sobering experience - Iraq/Germany

Where was Osama on 9/11?

Early AM shadows at Dulles?

Westfield's role in the 9/11 conspiracy

Anyone have these books?

9/11 report reveals who was at controls before crash

WLS is a joke except for Nate Clay. They used sneaky trick to oust Nancy

What's with those guys on WSCR the Score?

Housing Costs Keep Many Away (Orlando Sentinel)

Come to St. Pete for Peace press conference tomorrow, 7/24!

Poll: Schwarzenegger's popularity drops

OC Weekly: Learning to love Loretta Sanchez . . . mmm, maybe not


Another young man from Michigan, killed in Iraq

MI State Rep. John Pappageorge wants to "suppress the Detroit vote."

There'rHUD Housing projects in 'much worse' condition" than those in Ohio!

Halliburton+ Cheney+Iran sign the ACT petition

Ohioans contact Rep Bob Ney about Voter Verifiable Electronic Voting

July 24th - Democratic Polka Fest in Westmoreland County

Website on the Toxic Train and Toxic Tom DeLay in Clear Lake

Senators Live Beyond Their Means

Local community movies idea-Johnson, Erath, Hood, Somervell

Who has info on the F911 Crawford showing?

Driving by Halliburton in Dallas today...

Did you see the DNC ad on In Wisconsin that just aired?

31st LD Democrats meeting july 28th Sumner Library 7:00 pm

Bush girls on line

Can someone bump the thread here that first talked about bushs missing

Bush supports "equal rights for gays, but not special rights"

Poll on CNN...WTF?

Scott Ritter on Mike Webb now (10:30PM PST)

I need a link to the 2000 Florida election media recount

Anybody voted on the videos produced by dem voters for Kerry/Edwards?

Matt Damon on Letterman: "I'm voting for John Kerry."

Al Franken b!tch slaps John Stosel (sp?)

Have you sent yours yet? (MoveOn questioning Fox)

UK Guardian publishes entire 9/11 commission report in pdf

Rebroadcast of Stossel on The Al Franken Show NOW!!!!

Kerry kite surfs! Pictures from July 20, 2004

Linux Users: Let's get to watch Frontline's Online Content too!

Vote for your favorite Kerry ad at the DNC.

Doctors afraid to perform autopsies on CJD victims, and yet...

Trickle of samples fails to meet goal at WSU mad-cow testing lab

So has anyone e-mailed the Aladdin Hotel about kicking

Japan Says No Talk of Lifting U.S. Beef Ban This Year

400+ pages in the 9-11 report. and ........

Anyone know what musical groups are playing at the DNC in Boston?

f911 finally in Waco!

NYT editorial: Put protections in place, protect the integrity of voting

Help out the Filipinos

if we spent as much time & energy waging peace instead of war....

ben Veniste on AAR right now

Johnny Cash vs The Dixie Chicks vs Toby Keith

What Kerry needs to win II

Question - Who best to donate to? Kerry, DNC, MoveOn, or .....

Crosby Nash 2004

stop wasting time looking for terrorists on airplanes

Subliminal Rovian Advertising???

JC Watts whoring for infomercial "how to get free gov't money"

Anyone see the Democratic National Convention signs on the Fleet Center?

Top Ten George W. Bush Complaints About F-9/11.

Those who forget 9-11 are doomed to repeat it.

The Pakistan connection

A question for Osama Bin Laden: Did you or didn't you do it?

Take The 2004 Media Study !!!

Garth Nicolson's 9/11 warning. Ever heard of him?

Who heard about this from the "liberal" media?

Army Calls Abuses 'Aberrations'

Anyone else notice how much lip service....

Patriot Act II, coming soon

9-11 Report does not explain top officials missing in action

Whose seat shoud Helen Thomas get . . .

DNC Video contest

Why isn't Imus on in the mornings on MSNBC anymore?

How Pure Does A Democrat Have To Be?

C-Span 9:40 a.m. Mr. Vincent: PRESIDENT IS NEVER ON VACATION!

Will people actually, voluntarily enter the Free Speech Prison?

Attention Catholic DUers - Church Directory issue

On NPR, 20 minutes of proBush spin brought to you by WalMart

Greenpeace charged for lack of paperwork (By Alaska)

viva Carlos Delgado

Imagine if this were a 'Democratic-run Congress'

George Dubya Bush........White House Janitor.....................cartoon

uggg shrubby sure looks forward to a LOT of things

Did the 9/11 Report Address the put options on the Airline stocks

This will get me flamed but...I don't mind reading Andrew Sullivan

High School Answering Machine

Grand Jury Probes Cheney's Role in 'Illegal' Iran Trade

Plane Crashes, WR Grace, Deadly Asbestos, WTC Collapse & Wellstone

NYC Plans Jail Space During Convention

My Dem Convention Theory: A Terrorist Attack will be "thwarted"...

well, the 9-11 report was a complete waste of time & money eh?

Purveyors of Fear

A Scary Thought : Condi Rice is advising GW Bush on National Security

My "confrontation" with an anti-abortion protester yesterday.

Is the fact that Dumbya sounds flustered and angry a sign of desperation?

He "drank all of my beer"???????

"our time has come...."

Rightwing Radio flocking to the Democratic Convention

Why are unnamed sources treated as more reliable than named ones?

Chances of a blitz??

WP headline "The 567-Page Story Of a Humbled America"...WTF?

Iraq syndrome


The investigation into the Plame case will lead to...

Well,the media whores are showing Dumbo at UL

So, this morning, I fired off a LTTE

Rice agrees with Commission: 'We are Safer" WTF????

Sports Illustrated Columnist Moving to NZ if Bush Wins!

Anyone listening to AAR and the nutty freeper on now?

Do you think the Dems and repugs on commision ..

Vote on your favorite Kerry ad at the DNC

More proof that Bu$h has restored dignity to the WH

Stop. You had me at "Napolation."

Man, Freepers in a tizzy over Streisand over "Fockers"Trailer

* on vacation next week. How stupid is that!

Raitt dedicates 'About to End' to Bush

Were there more American deaths in Iraq in July than June?

Name your favorite October Surprise

More Bush bumpers?

DU called out by the late German Little Green Footballs

OK what will be next weeks' diversion tactic?

I Demand an Apology

Was Halliburton given no-bid contracts in Bosnia?

"White House Crock" mp3

A grinning Bush poses beneath giant "Protecting America" sign

What happened to Iraqi prisoners of war?

Anyone remember the "Daily Show" segment....

Bush Twins out campaigning SOLO -- return to Lancaster, PA

We are Being "Had" and It May Very Well Cost Us the Election...

The ReThuglican congressman prick, Bill McCullum...

Sheer Negligence

Thom Hartmann on now Sibel Edmonds on in third hour

the WH is awfully happy-face about the 9-11 report

Anyone hear Alec Baldwin's fundie reborn brother on Howard Stern today?

Nervous about Bush Admin. in charge of security for DNC Boston?

Anyone remember the "Daily Show" segment....

Airport verifies 9/13 Saudi flight! 9/11 Commission wrong!

Who wants to answer this clown in the LTTEs?

Are the democratic Think Tanks out of "thoughts"??

New citizens automatically register Republican(off DFA blog)

I'm reminded of the time I saw JFK(the first one)in person when--

The (R) and Anthrax

Single Parent w. Two Kids Needs At Least 3 Minimum-Wage Jobs - SF Chron

"Kerry to Show Soft Side Before Convention"

Just mostly dead?

Damn Freepers are feeding on themselves

"EPA Considers Lawsuits Vs. 22 Utilities"

Might Dean's loss to Kerry foreshadow Kerry's loss to Bush?

Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms PR on Demconvention

Bin Laden flights and the 911 report

My Email Reply from Unilever-Re: Whoopi

Berger Paper........

"Kerry's Service Not an Issue in Vietnam"

"Poll: Hispanics Back Kerry Over Bush"

"Independent" 911 Commission did more harm than good

Rumsfeld: Misguided good guy, or evil manipulator?

"Text of Bush Comments on 9/11 Report"

"Take A Look At My Agenda"

"Pirate Day" on Franken...

'Fahrenheit' Making GOP Nervous - MSN article

"Army Reports New Allegations of Abuse"

"Poll: Americans Against Using Torture"

Is Santorum A Latent Sheepfucker?

does any know when the Democratic convention starts each day

Pics of Bush everywhere being handed the 9-11 Report: Who is he kidding?

O'REILLY's Pathological Denial (9-11 Commish, Shrub)

Is Clinton Skull-n-Bones?

Don’t fear….you still have “PURCHASING POWER!!”

NO JOKE: What Do You Get When GWB is Commander-in-Chief?

Kerry Camp Accuses White House of Berger Leak

"Row Over 'Girlie Men' Spills Onto T-Shirts"

Dow is below 10,000 again.

thanks to bush, we haven't been attacked SINCE 9-11

"Survey: Nader Won't Hurt Kerry's Support"

Anybody listening to Al Franken? KERRY'S EXPERIENCES WHEN

What all has gone missing re George W. Bush??

Repeat after me, Bill Frist and Dennis Hastert are going on vacation.

Anyone ever smoked cock?

Fh911 to break $100 million mark this weekend!

When do you think "Swallow the Elephant" hits the adult movie theatres?

did anybody hear the pirate joke on AAR just now?

Great article on pejorative use of "liberals" and "democrat party"

Bob Kerrey was ready to kick some ass yesterday

Let me get this straight: We're safer but a huge attack is imminent

What is a "pademik"?

Minorities cheering for Bush are like Jews cheering for Hitler!

seeking enlightenment....

ALERT: George McGovern on Franken/AAR

Could Nader's pandering to the Buchananites/wingnuts hurt Bush?

Election Projection

Hey Virginians

The History Channel is advertising on Air America?

This weeks best new (to me) bumper sticker

It's Time For This Again. The Beverly Hillbillies Meet George W.

you won't find these stars sitting on the sofa: Rock Against Bush

a Hate Mailbag first....

Wow! Bushler has sure made the world a safer place! (Olympics Hysteria)

The *LIBERAL MEDIA BIAS* . . .EXPOSED!!!! *dundundun*

a quick rundown of world history

"U.S. Clears Way for Arms Sales to Iraq"

Bush- Ken Lay Love Letters at the Smoking Gun...

Senate Leaders call for Quick Action on 9/11 Report

Suggest BA Campaign Theme song, here:

Outsourcing is a scapegoat invented by the corporate media

the big dog as a great point!!!

Just bought my copy of the 911 Report!!!

911 Commission Final Report, Section 6

If GOP thugs attack Dem. Conv., they can get a total clampdown for RNC

Boy, the handover of power to Iraqis sure made a world of difference.

If you used to be a CEO, would you put it on your resume?

Sibel Edmonds Ray McGovern Dissect 9/11 Report-DemocracyNow

smirk has 1000s of christian missionarys in Iraq - do you know this?

To women that think W is physically attractive.....

Teacher's Evaluation of Little Georgie

Draft 05: Republicans claim fear tactic

Which Speaker will hurt/help Kerry the most at the convention

My guy is nominating Edwards!

Local Poll - The Dick vs. Edwards

did anyone watch hardball (kristen b) last night?

Hits to Anti-CNP have increased over 500%

Did you hear Bush talking to the Urban League: "Does the DEMOCRAT party

"Anatomy of a Smear" Media Matters. Excellent read re Berger.

My Pekingese is nominating Edwards!

Not to be a downer...........Even if Kerry wins I think.............

Bush: "Clinton did not warn me

Read this amazingly excellent comment to an article on the 9/11 report:

Has anyone else seen the new 'No CARB diet'?

Army rations rehydrated by urine

was george

New Government?

Bush is too stupid to realize Blacks and minorities see through his BS

Oh Please... MSNBC: Al-Qaida might've called off 9-11

Answer: Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld (naughty)

Haven't heard bush* mention THE ECONOMY lately....

DU this poll on watching the DNC on TV!

Any chance of Michael Moore including more scenes on the DVD?

FOX is desperately hunting for a new missing white fetus.

Woman Attacked by Alligator Died

Captain of Greenpeace ship Artic Sunrise could get one year in jail

ALERT: Black Box Voting Discussion NOW on C-Span2

Did anyone see Katie Couric goading Joe Biden this morning?

E-mail from a Council of Conservative Citizens Dir. (Warning: Offensive)

Bush's Arrogance UNMATCHED: READ THIS QUOTE from Robert Byrd Article

Well lookee lookee Gov. Warner (D) of Va. has a SURPLUS!!

All you Red state/Swing state DUers - have you bought a F 9-11 ticket

How sick is this gif?

Rudy G. Touts NYC Resilience

Toby Keith: "People don't realize that I'm a registered Democrat"

The One Universal Truth

DNC Protest Pen: Think Internment Camp

The way out of Iraq?

Will Lieberman be Bush's leading Dem War Cheerleader Again?

Oakshade Raceway, Kerry v. Bush Poll.......

Getting tired of those 40 "Plame Indictment" threads since I'm 99% sure...

My boss is nominating Edwards!

117F/47C in Nasiriyah. Do you know where Bush is murdering your children?

Quick! I need the quote from the guy who said something

Randi Rhodes Keep Cutting Out-Is There Something Wrong With the Stream?

Bring home our National Guard !

NEWSWEEK: the commission's findings are still a SETBACK for BUSH!

Do you think our elections will turn into what Saddam's "elections" were?

One office, one person, to oversee all intelligence. Responsible...

Just got this e-mail Hate Michael Moore calling him 'Pigman'

Before Joe Camel there was Fred Flinstone

PATRIOT ACT II will be rolled out soon...

Kerry/Edwards: Iraq

Woman buried with Bush sticker on casket.

Kerry and the D Word

Brief Political Exchange in the Office... ;-)

Bush* at UrbanLeague: for me RELIGION was more insulting than ELEPHANT

Bush talks at minorities(Urban Leag)- tells them to start businesses - ?

Poll: Americans Against Using Torture

GOP Plans for Dem Convention

Extended Convention Coverage... I'm considering recording.. would anyone..

It's Friday! Girls - get ready to bounce your boobies

TEAM AMERICA: World Police

Is it just me??...

c-span 2 ..(from 7-7-04) DRE session.. I think repubes are scared too

Why do the media keep saying nobody knows who John Kerry is yet ??

Mr. Wolfowitz goes to Omaha..(he did not get his way)

Who outed Anonymous?

New Kerry websites

Rather asked Rumsfeld, "Was 9-11 a failure of imagination?"

What if Gore had picked Kerry instead of Leiberman?

Can you help DU a local poll, please?

The more you learn, the more disgusted you get...

911 report download

I was just sent a link to news story . .

Which is a more accurate info source? The media or the Kerry campaign?

9/11 Report: "Phase II" of war on terror: "OCCUPY IRAQI OILFIELDS"

"The 9/11 Report: Bad News for Bush"

Al Gore walks out to the Convention podium and says......:

Airline hijackers rehearsing for October surprise ?

Bush's bungled Saudi deal-making (Saudi coverup in 9/11 report sort of...

W just said the damn democrats take blacks for granted

It's time for - The Right-Wing Squares

Congress doesnt have the time to focus on security??????

Pentagon Finds Bush's Guard Records

Something we can all laugh at...

Should Congress stay in town until they address the issues in 9/11 Report?

Bush's* backdrops (Spoke at the National Urban League Conference today)

WOW Randi and John Dean,:Novak not protected

Egyptian diplomat taken hostage

Tweety is broadcasting from Boston Today

Yikes! I never knew JK was born in Colorado until just now!

Is government contrary to the concept of egalitarianism?

What is W high on?

Great article on Cynthia McKinney

The Church of Bush: the Village Voice

Advertisements: Should Kerry be a fighter or a doormat?

Schneider CNN: All these polls during the last few weeks Kerry ahead.

Bush's NG records found - TERROR alert raised on CNN.

"ultimately, they are caught lying"

FDA still allows feeding of cow blood and chicken excrement to cows

An Open Letter to Progressives: Vote Kerry...

More idiots walk out on Ronstadt

Boortz equates Kerry supporters with Islamic jihadists - no joke!

Anyone else think Ed Smart (Elizabeth's Dad) is a jackass?

A MAJOR point from F 9/11 supported by 9/11 commission

Reagan's Daughter Praises F 9/11

24-year-old vegetarian diagnosed with mad cow

Bush actually said this today... Iraq is now "a sovereign nation".

How is "Democrat Party" an insult? I'm not insulted by "Democrat"

How to fix an economy, Lula/Brazil-stylee:

I want to move to Boston! After watching the end of Tweety's program, I

The House and Senate are run by Republicans, who go on vacation

Does this administration still allow GOP Contibutors to ride in nuclear

New twist: Domestic Terrorists targeting media @ Dem. convention

Social Security question - for someone who really knows.

Government Warning Bombs DC Convention

DNC's Response to "Discovery" of Bush* Records

Jenna and Barbara Bush chat at 6:30 EST

FUNNY and pointed remarks by Shields on PBS: CONGRESS response.

HEADS UP: John Dean on Olbermann (CNN) 8:10 p.m. ET

Interview: Daniel Hopsicker on the 9/11 drug connection

My response to one of my friends RE: Bush at the Urban League

My favorite Bible quote, even though I ain't Christian:Luke 6:27-36

Today, Chimp asked the Black community, "What has the Democratic Party"

Awww...ain't that sweet of National Review?

So fellow ladies your previous sexual history

Pentagon Finds Bush's Guard Records

NPR: Kean says 9-11co couldn't find where the money came from

Margaret Cho's response to the withdrawal from the DNC event.

Why we're scared about a terrorist attack in Boston

Sorry, but I just have to point out Freeper hypocrisy.

First African American President?

Have you noticed that the FREE SPEECH ZONES just came to the fore

911 Traitors Absolve Themselves

Just did a search on "bush records distroyed" and you will never guess..

Why did they say that Bush's records were "destroyed" just a week ago??

Bush's Gross Racist Quote to Urban League

BBV: NY Times calls for same-day testing of electronic voting machines.

What did I just see about Richard Shelby...

I know I'm late, but why did the NYT give Josh Chafetz "Kansas" to review?

Rozen: Someone is planting stories to offset the ticking Plame bomb

The Missing Bush TANG recortds have been found


Carl Cameron says OUTFOXED is lying about his wife campaigning for Bush.

DU these polls please...

Jeb at it again: Ex-felons Face New Twist in Voting

Novak just called African Americans "those people" live on CNN 6:23PM (C)

Has the convention started already

Spike Lee Joins Anti-Bush Rant

SI POLL: Who's the better athlete: Kerry or Bush?

Where can we get BIG Kerry yard signs?

Bush, his Y2K Florida legal team, and their high-profile rewards (jobs)

Why is Joe Scarborough not on Fox? Is he too right-wing even for them??

Statistical Dead Heat?

Did this really happen??

need help, anyone remember this rather obscure story?

CNN is saying that the WH says the Pentagon *'s records corroborate

" No defense for Sandy Berger "

Okrent replies to BurtWorm re: NYT ommission in Ashcroft story

Fox News on 24 hours a day on three TVs at a friend's house

So, Bush didn't want to scare the kids?

9/11 Commission Report - HTML version is available

More 9/11 Commission Executive Summary BS

Guess who "helped" with the voting "problems"?? Phillip Zelikow..

Apparently the GOP has grabbed the high ground again.

Former Democratic stratigist and pollster Pat Cadell

Does Bush really think he "deserves" the black vote?

Evil Goes To Boston

Who's in Charge Here? (9/11)

Probably already heard about this but incase you haven't

Is Barack Obama the future of the Democratic party?

Richard Shelby under criminal investigation

I Smell Watergate (BERGER)

Terrorists May Target TV News at Democratic Convention

Bush urges economy-minded blacks to "take a look at my agenda".

Sam Seder exposes Adam Nagourney misleading report in NY Times.

WTF is wrong with Ohio?

I've yet to believe that John Kerry is the same as Bush...

Why is Bobby Fischer in custody now? Politics.

F 9/11 opened in arts theaters known for tiny audiences?

Terrific...more ""unconfirmed information" of "a possible attack" (FBI)

Obama will be only the third black Senator if he wins.

F-911 on the verge of $100 million mark

What the 9-11 Commision makes perfectly clear is that

Man, I had a lot of bad experiences this week with conservative assholes.

he's getting a turkey neck wattle

How come there was no mention of the Hart/Rudman Commision

I got bad news for Bush when it comes to the DOW and incumbents

My friend raises an excellent point about the Nuremberg trials...

JESUS! Brian Lamb reading from the report about the flights: big lie!

The Enemy of my Friend is my Friend? - by selwynn

Three cheers for Bill Maher

9/11 Commission sent a list of questions to Tampa International Airport

Please DU this poll.

Science and Religion go hand in hand

When did we become consumers instead of citizens?

So why exactly do we need to spend $416 billion on "defense"?

"The Religious Right v. The Immoral Left"

New Kerry/Edwards Avatar, lets show some DU unity!

DU 20/20 and John Stossel

Montana to Declare Independence if Bush Re-Elected!

Caption this photo of Jesse Jackson and *

bush says blacks were gagging on the donkey but didn't want to swallow

Barach Obama to be on MTP, Sunday

The ABB crowd and Naderites are *both* correct...

?WR: Now that I can catch my breath.....

US soldiers Drugged Iraqi woman and raped her to Heavy Metal Music

Should John Kerry start running negative ads?

Retired Teacher Crafts Saddle For President

Could you give me a page number, Condi? I think you're lying!

Have you contributed all you can afford to the Kerry campaign?

I just read the Hate mailbag...

Why did they pick W?

why is "jibjab" getting pushed so hard?

Help Former SF Youth Commissioner Study at Harvard ($)

An Open Letter to Progressives: Vote Kerry and Cobb

debunking the Berger "socks" meme

Careful to note: Bush's payroll info is hardly ALL his missing records.

When shrub is out do you think any business or foundation will hire him

If Bush was a Democrat and the Pubs had Kerry......

Someone is providing the major news network, Al Jazerra, a booth at . . .

I am so tired of the way the media is spinning the DNC in Boston

Toby Keith: "People don't realize that I'm a registered Democrat"

RW Bloviators Begone

Kerry would have a "winner" with this domestic plan

9/11 Report Summary: In Case President Is Incompetent, Appoint Intel Czar

Every Time I See That 'Internment Camp' (i.e. Free Speech Zone) I SPIT!

If I were Shrubco, I’d be scared shitless by the prospect

Let's Face it..they are going to STEAL the Election!

Warning: Tom Ridge Has 'Experience' With Political Conventions

Liberals vs Conservatives? Who will win in the end?

Lemme see if I got this straight...Kerry windsurfs, ice hockey, War Hero,

Science is a tool and religion is a crutch, Religious discussion CONT...

Subject: What happens if there's a tie in the electoral college

Rush Limbaugh is on for 4-hours in Colorado Springs...

I DON'T believe the video of the 'hijackers' from 3 years ago

The second thing Kerry should do after he takes the oath is........

Kerry calling for vets to come to Boston on 7/26

I have never been prouder to say I used to work for Planet Hollywood!!!

The LaRouchies head for Boston

What do you think of Wal-Mart?

Oh What a Tangled Spin We Spin (FOX Says Kerry's Crashing Stocks)

More corruption from 9/11 Commission: stock gains not linked

Shrub is NOT charming, so stop saying that!!!

Why would Kerry back off from e-voting issue, if this is true?

Am I A Conservative?

Iraq: The Government Rules Only in the Capital

Ok the "free speech zone" in Boston makes me want to hurl.

Alberto GONZALEZ Knew abt BERGER *and* Coordinated for 9-11 Commission

This is hilarious:

The Get-Wilson Crusade, by David Corn

I Am SO Angry . . .

OMG! Is this pic of Jenna REAL over at Bartcop?

Here's today's transcript of bush at the Urban League, 'taken for granted'

The buck stops here !

Fast for Bush..and my letter to these nutcases

I've figured out why Bush acted the way he did in the kindergarden on 9-11

no wonder Fox News isn't allowed in Canada

Forbes: Economy Did Best When CLINTON Was In Office

In a nutshell: Annie Jacobsen's a Chicken Little/Dumbshit!


Ashcroft Lied Under Oath - 9/11 Commission

I know a lot of people here don't believe in God

"The All-American Inflatable Freedom Pig" | w/ mopaul TOONs

Iraqi Resistance Kills 33 US Soldiers in Ramadi

James R Bath, SuperTurd of the BFEE

DU: Respond to Katherine Harris's letter to the Palm Beach Post!

Congratulations, Canada! on your five-hundredth mile of paved road!

Tories won’t budge on social issues

Listen Up: Who will protect us from Fox? CRTC Deadline.

Is "Hello City" about Vancouver? n/t

Mandelson offered top Europe post

UK Parties: The Monster Raving Loony Party!

S. Korean troops replace striking workers

Equipment shortages plague new Iraqi security forces

Missing Child---Pleas look at the link

Al Franken b!tch slaps John Stosel (sp?)

Vote on FTC Chairman Blocked

'Fahrenheit 9/11' Puts GOP On Edge

Airport suspect slipped through cracks

NPR: Kean says 9-11co couldn't find where the money came from

White Powder Found at Kerry Headquarters

Macho Spaniards approve of gay wedlock

Sears job cuts will total 3,300

Sadr reappears to criticise Allawi

Jenna and Barbara Bush chat at 6:30 EST

Edwards to attend San Antonio brunch

Abuses an aberration, report says

US nuclear lab staff put on leave: intern seriously injured by laser

Linda Ronstadt Praises Moore, gets the boot and a reprieve?

Halliburton Posts Loss on Charges

WaMu plans new job cuts, office closures (now it's 4900 jobs!)

Over-The-Counter Sales Reconsidered For Morning-After Pill

US launches air strike on Falluja

Attacks in Sudan's Darfur region are genocide: US Congress

Effect of Iraq war, support for Israel go unaddressed

9/11 Panel Leaders Urge Swift Action

U.S. military to review detainees' cases (public hearings today)

China Warns US Pacific Commander on Taiwan

President's Florida Lead Plummets to 2 Points

Group May Attack Media at Democrats Convention-FBI

'Operational Relationship' With Al Qaeda Discounted (Iraq not involved in

Van Rams Tank (curious choice of headline)

Iraqi General Assassinated by Gunmen in Mosul

Army to send 8,800 soldiers to Texas

Bush speaks to Urban League convention before heading for down-time in Tex

Venezuela: Arbitration sought in fight for seized cash

Dispatch From Afghanistan

Norwegian news (web) site banned in Dubai

Rice: Panel Is Right, Nation Is Safer

Somali businesses settle for $100,000

Mystery: Why Portland? (re:Atta and 9/11)

Kenya Tells Citizens in Iraq to Go After 3 Are Abducted (to save hostages)

Additional Stryker Brigade Combat Team planned

Former NBA Star Jayson Williams Faces New SPCA Charge of Killing His Dog

DeLay will hopefully be DeGone if

Frito-Lay Faulted for Chicago Chip Claim

Bush is pandering to the Black Vote:

House OKs Marriage Jurisdiction Bill

US increases pressure on Sudan

FBI reveals threat to media covering DNC

Egyptian diplomat held hostage in Iraq: report

Grijalva picked to nominate Edwards

Another Kidnapping Is Claimed in Iraq

9/11 Families' Fight Goes On


Nader campaign again fails to get candidate on ballot (Oregon)

Army Calls Abuses of Detainees 'Aberrations'(94 cases w Abu Ghraib 1 case)

What's left in the account?


Sen. Clinton: Bush has "dithered" on terror funding

Aznar used taxpayers’ money to secure medal in United States

Clinton's book-signing draws a crowd in Gables


FBI warns of Possible Threat Against Media

FBI Probes Report Group Planning Convention Attack

Afghan Car Bomb Injures 4 U.S. Soldiers

Taleban Insurgency Likely to Continue for 'Many Years', Afghan President s

GOP meet's first day closed to press (Oregon)

President Bush to visit Ohio for children's games, fund-raiser, bus tour

Lawmakers to break recess for 9/11 hearings

Kerry Heads for Boston on Funding High

Egypt says no troops after kidnap

Air Force Spends $2.6 Billion on Planes (they can't fly)

CIA officer named prior to column (Plame)

Allegations of abuse at Bountiful commune

New TV channel for advertisement lovers

GOP Seeks Catholic Parish Directories

Ethics panel discusses DeLay case

Hostages: US criticises Kenya’s move

Bush Aims to Connect With Black Voters

UK could send troops to Sudan 'quickly'

Florida: Votes by absentee ballot expected to soar

Beef Groups to Press USDA for Private BSE Tests

Fraud present in voter drives, watchdog says

Rigging the books - More boardroom dirt

National Guard calls Appeals Court judge to active duty

Bush Names Acting CFTC Chairwoman

Ethics Committee Extends DeLay Review

Poll: Americans Against Using Torture (2/3 against physical)

More Revelations in Berger Inquiry -WP

Energy Secretary Seeks DOE Operation Halt

War on Terror Seen Limping in Afghanistan, Pakistan

Republican senator under investigation for intelligence leak??!

'Fahrenheit 911' (Press Release of Reaction by Political Party Poll)

Unwilling Victims? U.S. Official: Some Iraqi Suicide Bombers May Have...

9-11 widows ("Jersey Girls") call for changes

Ex-felons face new twist in voting (Jeb Bush)

Brain injuries lead Iraq war injuries (UPI) -- Nearly 2/3 of U.S. solders

Virus Purporting Bin Laden Suicide Hits Web

Treasury Secretary Experienced Job Loss

Verizon seeks 75% increase for land lines

Bin Laden will be caught : CIA

Voter Registration Drive Targets the Homeless in 16 States, D.C.

Fisk Univ. President Escorted Off Flight

WP: Warner 'Deceived' on Rev. Moon Event

U.S. Public Found to Reject Detainee Torture and Coercion

Kerry Heads to Convention With Edge in Polls vs Bush (Update1)

(WA) State's hands tied over 'debt buyers'

Bush Tells Blacks, 'I'm Here to Ask for Your Vote'

Millicent Kondracke Dies; Parkinson's Research Activist

Polls: Kerry Leads in Pennsylvania

The Pakistan Connection

Emotions run high as Bush visits Detroit.

More Troops Killed in July than June in Iraq, says Military

LAT: Latino Support Kerry, Say Bush Misled Public on Iraq…

Murder Charges Filed Against Former President of Mexico

Shelby(R-AL) a target of leak probe? (Fed Investigation re: 911

A conspiracy of silence on Darfur in Beirut

AMC theater chain has deal to sell - Majority owner to (make private)

Florida Court Rules Transsexual Marriage Invalid

Bush twins call Blair "amazing" (Amazing!!!)

Bush dominates at World Stupidity Awards

Over-The-Counter Sales Reconsidered For Morning-After Pill

Trouble ahead for Bush from 9/11 panel

CNN Breaking...Bush's payroll records now found

Panel: No Cockpit Struggle on Flight 93

Breaking - Reuters: Bush's Records Do Not Dispel AWOL Charges

Screw the Phillipines we have our friends to the north

Dang, I've got two free tickets to the Vancouver indy I can't use

Can anyone read this Japanese F9/11 page?


Any John Wesley Harding Fans in the House?

IFC is showing all three "Evil Dead" movies tonight...

I can't wait until August 2nd when Mike Malloy brings his act to AAR

Will this be Guy Fawkes day if he makes 100 posts?

38. (you know the routine) Ask me anything!

Conservative Group Campaigns Against Same-sex Friendships

What has left the biggest trail of destruction for you?

Panic spreads in Nigeria over cellphone numbers rumoured to cause death

Google search, circa 1960 . . .


I could beat Lance Armstrong...

Modern Crusaders

World news Polka on the ABC Bus

In'tl and European DUers, please check out new organization

I'm feeling a little bit of what Rush did right now (hydrocodone).

Raitt Uses Song To Blast Bush

Churchill's Wartime Secret - APE SEX!

Conclusion - either I can't truly enjoy art - or Andy Warhol sucks

Which pic do you think goes best with my sig?

Anyone with crazy in-laws raise your hand

Wallaby On The Loose In England - (Skippy) Becoming A Celebrity

You guys here at DU were right... you all said to just let it go...

Secret Agent Man - Dick Cheney ... Flash Movie

16-Foot-Long Burmese Python Caught On Florida Street

Dog Dies After Snout Is Taped Shut; Man Charged With Animal Cruelty

Let's start a whiparound. Send EarlG to Las Vegas!

Good Friday Morning DU!

Sacha Distel has died (for those of us who remember the 1960s and 1970s...

It's Friday. This week sucked, and not in a good way.

pssst! wanna buy an AIRCRFT CARRIER?

YAY! The Hatemail Bag is back!

Sperm The Star In New Reality TV Show

City of Heroes is down for maintenance for two hours...

Babe Ruth's First Yankee Stadium Home Run Bat In Auction

When Kerry Wins...

Movie music question

A strange thing just happened

Oscar-winning composer Jerry Goldsmith dead at 73

Pet Store Will Stop Carrying Mailman Shaped Dog Treats After Complaint

We're goin' to see the Furs tonight. At the Zoo!!

PETA To "Prove" Vegetarians Make Better Lovers - "Public Make-Out"

Sibling Saviours?

Bush starts the day with his best Jerry Lewis "Hey Lady" walk

So much for the present from the birthday fairy......

Do you practice the same religion as your parents?

This looks like it might be fun

"Girlie-Men" T-Shirts The New Rage

stupid roadrunner tech support

If anyone needs Full 911 to use in Word, a zip file 0.8 meg can be mailed

Pigeon Pecked Hole In Museum Masterpiece - Blown Out Of The Air

My thank you / tribute to Ms. Ronstadt: "Linda, back in the day"

Click Here If You Believe in Cheesus

Did anyone hear the latest "Verbal Advantage" ad on AAR?????

Any fans of "the Little Flower" here?


Listening to The Byrds...................

found MYSELF on Yahoo "Image"

I'm slow.

Earworm of the Moment: "People Who Died"

"Cock-smoking"? The Hate Mailbag... interesting reading this morning.

Within 48 hrs of the report on the worst day of national security "WE"...

"Thirty-seven???" Post your favorite Clerks quotes here!

I am DREADING next week...

Televangelist Bingo Cards (Download Them All)

Celebrity Boxing: Hillary vs Condi. Who would win.

What's your favorite letter from the "Hate Mailbag"?


The I cant go to Boston because I am too poor , too young, too far,club

Mainers- what's the weather supposed to be like next week?

Well, I'm off on my great cycling adventure!

Bear Bites Off Drunk's Hand

WOW!!! I have had the same cd burner since 1999. It was a 4x burner.

What's your opinion of Alistair Crowley?

Salmon on the salad bar!!!!!

Salmon on the gravel bar!!!

Don't Let The Sleestaks Get Me!!

Make Mona Lisa Smile... Or Frown... Or Scowl (Interactive Flash)

Looks Like we made it - we're K.I.D.S. incorporated

Now, I'll never get the job that I just applied to online

Honoring Armstrong!

I got called a brand new name today.

So I think I know of a freeper in our midst

Ever had a music video give you chills?

What is a healthier/smarter thing. Coffee after or before lunch?

In the middle of a move

DU Conundrum:

Math Problem

How do you cope with hate mail?

parties everywhere! heLp me out pLease

Even the FReepers got sick of that Gators4Dean guy!

Sock Puppets are the real danger to America

Grab A Piece Of Uranus Before Someone Else Does

What do you guys think of this "Fire Bush" commercial?

Oh, boy! First 'first date' in eight years went really well!

I'm bored.

So yeah, I went out with that girl last night

When do you think "Swallow the Elephant" hits the adult movie theatres?

As anyone else's office completely EMPTY today?

Dixie Chick Natalie Maines Has Baby Boy

CATWOMAN now up to 12% positive reviews

Anyone else never cut themselves shaving?

Woman Says Garfield Toy From Wendy's Kids' Meal Is Obscene


Any Boston Common stuff going on next week?

I'm so sick of all the Tater bashing

Stupid signature question

Is Santorum A Latent Sheepfucker?

Cash Used In Only 32% Of Retail Transactions Last Year

Favourite member of the Gang of Four?

WooHoo! I just got my first Full-Time Job in 4 years!

The Oldest Newspaper in Your House

I think I'm having a nervous breakdown

Gagging on the Donkey

Company Invents Eyeglasses That Double As Chopsticks - "Sushi Specs"

I'm worried

Favorite poll color

It's hotter than a lizard's ass in wagon rut in Vancouver tonight

Does this thread make my ass look big?

Armstrong vs. Simeoni feud playing out at the Tour de France today?

Re-Elect Bush for a Peaceful World.

Great. Not only am I stuck here

A little humor


Ok boys & girls its that special time to quiet down and sit still

Two-Year Wait for 'The Sopranos'

Someone is bound to find this as funny as I did...

Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn

My mother is getting her biopsy results right now....

Anyone ever go to a house party?

I did a terrible thing.

Wh00t! I made the front page!!!!

For my 500th post: something very deep:

Police Stop Skateboarder - On GERMAN AUTOBAHN

What happened to the idea of a Chicago meet-up?

OK Game: Word Association

Thank GOD! I am outta here!

It's my birthday -- sooo in celebration here's a present for all of you

Best Albert Brooks movie.

The Official "Condolances To CatWoman for Her Bad Movie Reviews" thread

OK. Trivia time!

Henrietta, Freddy, Charlie & Freeda ALL LOVE YOU!

I've never laughed so hard, my guts are sore, people are staring


Has anyone heard the new Beastie Boys album?

Don't be angry on your toilet.

Anyone hear anything about "The Bourne Supremacy"?

Ok everyone.... share it w/ us.....

What is your opinion on the Lecher Harry?

Grad school while pregnant

Back to the drawing board-Building FALLS OVER in Manila

Should I go vegetarian?

Illinois Jacquet Died


Breaking: Berger Snuck Carrie's G-String Out In His Socks

Favorite song about the place you're from?

Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

Okay, here's the stag photos

Quite Possibly The Most Cluttered House In The World...

Need help with "Who's on first" not the Lou and Bud version but the bit

Screenshot of 1973 Record!!!

My new nicey nice family friendly blog...

Baseball fever...

The Paris Business Review is real!

Computer problem

Where are you right now, and what are you doing?

"As you might surmize I am a indapendant voting for the Republicans."

Can a 20 year old college student get something other than a McJob?

Hey! What did that one guy say that one time when he said that one thing!

Well, it's Friday, and I'm now on a quest for 500 - ask me anything!

Why do Wally and the Beaver have to share a bedroom?

Less than 70 till 8000. Ask me anything! No sex questions, though!

John Fogerty's new song

Considering I average 1 response per post

So what does the USS Ronald Reagan run on, anyway?

Red on Fridays?

New outhouse design

My husband couldn't board his flight because he was three minutes late

I can't be the only one Ken Jennings makes feel like an idiot

DU Bowlers! Post your all-time best score!

The full 911 report

Weekend greetings from the Ministry of Love.


Ultimate Christian Wrestling!!!!

Need help finding an auction-style travel site...posted here before.

What's the term for bands that copy other famous bands....

I just gave the dog some pizza. Does that make me a bad pet-sitter?

Need Computer help (and I'm a tech!)

How many ADD kids does it take to screw in a light bulb?

I am sooo sick of all the Vader bashing

Pheeeeew! hot hot HOT! 102 degrees today.

How long do you give a silent caller before you hang up?

I hate my job! Who's with me?

The Ed Wood Memorial Worst Movies Ever thread

Color me bad!

Are there any Frieze Beach zones in Florida?

Are there Free Peach Zones in Georgia?

Anyone read Non-Sequitur?

What do mean, that you don't love the Virgin Mary?!?

Are there any Free Screech zones in California?

Are there Free Leech zones in Mississippi?

Anybody reading "Birth of a Nation" by Aaron McGruder

Is it true the Monkees were a phony group, and studio musicians played the

Gratuitous fun at Bill Gates' expense

Democratic Value - "It takes a village to raise a child" versus

Is Barney drugged or stuffed today?

OK -- It's official!!!! I S-U-C-K!!!!!

Girl charged with posting nude photos on Internet

If you read the new hate mailbag, you'd probably notice something:

I live in a one traffic light village


Sharon Stone, you're not famous anymore.

A different kind of movie quiz.

Annie Jacobsen named Prick of the Week!

Cork soakers

Eddie George is now a Dallas Cowboy

Drip proof peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.


Boy, the reviews of "Catwoman" are brutal.

I just went over 3000

Is pico de gallo safe when taken in low dosages?

I just electrocuted myself on coaxial cable!!

How do people feel about posters who correct grandma?


Tombstone Generator

631 posts until I reach 1000...

Letters...I get letters

Oh, the dirty look I just got!

Is snorting Kool-Aid powder safe when done in low dosages?

Fifty-three posts to go before I hit 4,000.

Am I gonna look like Jerry Lewis?

Maybe one of the most clever photoshops I have ever seen

new Savage Weiner advertiser DMI USA

PC Gamers/Sci-fi nerds : Why didn't you tell me?

"Master and Commander" question

Shut up! Shut up!! SHUT UP!!!

the Phil Hendrey Show

And now a commentary from Emily Litella:

Transporter Beam Technology - What You Should Know


Bored at home & can't do anymore work. Ask me something interesting

Is Jerry Lewis a rip off artist or a great humanitarian

Two news stories from next year...

Is This on the Level?

Post your idea for a band name


Are you Hot or Not?

I'm So Ready to Go Out Tonight....

It's official! I just joined the 700 Club after two years!

My Pedometer reading for today: 18,030 steps

Paranoia strikes deep

A good samaritan returned my cellphone!

My friend was inconvenienced by Air Force One--who can she sue?!

What, no Yanks-Bosox thread tonight?

Washington State Takes Away Man's License Plate

Damn that was scary

Toodle-lee-doo-deedoo CAPTION Toodle-lee-doo-deedoo

Any pictures of Mr. Peebles??

CAPTION the shoegazer


Condom Necklace Sparks Outrage at Fair

It's been a good day! No one in my office was busted for downloading

The make your own Lifetime Original Movie title Thread

Well, Jerry Goldsmith will not be doing Star Trek XI's score...

Whatever happened to Mr Peel.

Do you know that there's a spokesman for Mad Cow Disease?


Why are sooo many concerend with what others do with their genitals?

FOX News: BB guns found in Iraq, "Smoking gun found" says Dick Cheney

What do you think of my new sigline?

CAPTION not worried nope just waiting to be introduced

College light bulb jokes!!!

It's going to be a scary two weeks

I hope that you're watching "Now"

Debate I had on's Forums re: Wash Times

Cold, dreary rainy Seattle?? My ass!!! Damn it's hot here!

Geek needed-computer display problem?

Fair or not -- people judge you by the words you use!!

Short Thread Idea: DUers ZW has not offended!

I will reach 2,000 posts by 11:30 pm Eastern Time

Who's working tonight

Blue Freeze-Pop

About the hate mailbag.......

Who here is (or has ever been) on a college football team??

Is L-Glutamine safe when taken in low dosages?

Ladies: never take dieting advice from a fat man.

As you probably might know, I got rid of Nasty Kermit.

Someone hit a skunk outside

Led Zeppelin. Every Album in Rev-Sucession. Yeah, its THAT kind of day...

All shall bow down to Bizarro Barney!

Why do former lovers come back?

Pet owners - need help urgently! Re: dog pee on carpet

Quicksilver Messenger Service - Fresh Air

Help! Looking for a site to post pics on!

For my 100th Post - A Fox News Warning

Cat question

that's it for me

Help me get out of the 700 Club

Caption the Kool Aide kids

CAPTION the twins on the "campaign trail"

If there was a E! True Hollywood Story about you...

Something just occurred to me re: my recent move and getting laid off.

I'm drinking cheap wine with ice out of a glass

I just bicycled 50 km - ask me anything

That certain "je ne sais quois" Phase II: Natalie Merchant

I know a lot of people believe in God

I thought I had traffic problems, CAPTION this...

Which movie should I watch tonight?

What the hell is Women's Wall Street?

that new Dennis Leary fireman show......


Great cheesy pick up line (From the Graham Norton Effect)

Who's seen the animated "Clerks"?

Help..........girlfriend has man problems and I need advice to give her!!

The Hannity is more than an asshole poll

Live-action "Thunderbirds"? WHY, for God's sake?

Ignorant atheist's question: Where is heaven?

I saw the movie "Control Room" last night about Al-Jazerra TV

Have you ever seen this picture of LBJ?

What is your opinion of the Virgin Mary?

sciatica question

I just ate the quintessential anti-Atkins meal!

Is there an easy way to archive e-mail?

My mother has cancer

What's Your Favorite Movie Theater Candy or Snack?

what do you think?


Best episodes/scenes of M*A*S*H?

Cat People: I need advice regarding pregnant feral kitty!

Favorite homoerotic moment in Lord of the Rings

Do you practice the same politics as your parents?

CD purchases for July so far

DU Aquarium owners: How do I deal with spike in ammonia levels?

Favorite Summer Veggie Recipe!?

Are suction cups supposed to look like nipples?

Remember Clippy?

What could he POSSIBLY be saying?

The DU Gallery has been updated! (July 23, 2004)



Do you take Gabitril?

I have been in the 700 club for 5:25:00. Help me outa this hellhole ASAP!

Holy CRAP ! "napoleon dynamite" is a young Dan Shaughnessy

Post Your Favorite Random Photo Here!

Ode to Peebles

feral & stray cat rescuers!

What really killed the dinosaurs...

Hahahaha..... cute student commercial

While vacationing on his ranch, George Bush* gets thrown from his pickup..

How do people feel about posters who correct grammar?

Screen names that will get you banned from DU right off the bat.

Profiles of DU (my 800th post!)

"He's a Nazi"

Kerry runs high-tech campaign

Rangel launches Bush* game.

The Simian In Chief Is Addressing The Urban League...

"double standard" - GOP breaks tradition on Judicial nominees & crys foul

What * says vs. What * does

AP: Kerry to Show Soft Side Before Convention

Iowa farmer has Democratic name

New CD single: "Beat the Bushes"

Kerry and Foreign Aid to Egypt

Reuters: Kerry Blazes Symbolic Trail to Boston Convention

Question: Is Kerry staying at his home in Boston during the Convention?

After the November elections

At the speed of blog

New list of polls:

A Dangerous Oversimplifaction....

Bush Stands Pat

Are Repugs purging Ohio votes?

New Citizens Say GOP Took Away Their Right To Choose

George's Big Night in September.

Drury for senate in Iowa posts about his campaign efforts.

Edwards Declined to Go Into Hiding on 9/11

Is anyone else worried about Florida?

election effect of 'Fahrenheit' - not changing minds - but bolstered Dems

On election day doesn't the media start saying who wins around 5PM?

Bush Proposal to end overtime pay goes into effect Aug. 23rd - race tightens up

Is there a comprehensive resource of 527's & the states they're active in?

The Way out of Iraq and a winning campaign

Will Berger flap affect the election?

Why they are smearing Berger .....

It's Over, Ralph ~ By BARBARA EHRENREICH former Nader supporter

Dean is a member of the Republican 2004 Victory club!

Castor leading in Florida over all, tied with Martinez, leads Dems.

Kerry needs to remind Bush of SO many things he's apparently forgotten

Kerry calling for vets to come to Boston on 7/26

On 7/24, it's 100 days until the election!

WHY WHY WHY is Kerry Passing Up On This Issue?

419 to 2 - House prohibits election delay!

An open letter to US Senator John Kerry - TaiwaneseAmerican

Highlights from the Republican Party Platform ~ From the Kerry website

So Chimpy is at his ranch during the Dem National Convention.

Kerry Shares Thoughts on Abortion, Entertainment Industry, Biggest Speech

Hi-Larious Jenna And Barb On-Line Chat Written By Some GOP Hacks

What if * pulls a Grover Cleveland?

Bush, Kerry Neck and Neck in Survey - Democrat's lead is minor

The Kerry-Edwards website has been redesigned

Not a Good Kerry Day in Denver ...

Why does the margin of error matter when nearly all polls show JK ahead?

Is Kerry running too cautious a campaign?

Kerry's Chances In New Hampshire

Is Dennis Kucinich pro-war?

We need help on final updates to Campaign Underground.