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Archives: July 19, 2004

Should SAM missles, RPG's, Claymore mines, ICBM's, and the sort

Jim Hightower at Barnes & Noble in Edina 7/19 @ 7:00 PM!!!

Blair getting ripped on C-Span1 at question time.

Peter Werbe under Freeper attack...

As a consolation to the Repugs over the Marriage Amendment

Clinton's Penis made us invade Iraq

Mississippi DNC reorganized and ready to rumble with Republican machine

P.O.V. is on right now in Nebraska/Iowa. Did you know Bechtel had

A wingnut comic even worse than Mallard Filmore

The big Dick is on C-Span talking about postponing the election

"Top 10 Conservative Idiots" stories. See related photos at


are there any war democrats out there?

Zell Miller's 1992 Democratic Nominating Convention Keynote Speech

Do you have any black or ethnic friends?

Why discussing 9/11 conspiracy theories not completely cuckoo

Republicans Helping Nader To Help Themselves

BBC (early Monday): Bolivians 'vote for gas exports'

The Wilson-Plame Affair (Cont'd) -WP Ombudsman responds to TPM

Kerry Extends Lead, But Florida Still Close

Nepalese sacrifice goats to stop Asian floods

Fun with Fundies

2 hours of Rocky & Bullwinkle Every Sunday All Summer long

Mad Soccer Moms from HELL

Any "The Sundays" fans here?

"This log is your log, this log is my log...

Oh my G*d!!! Did any of you catch the last episode of South Park???

What would Dewey do?

Any B-52's fans??

Could someone please explain to me the "freak" smilie

Listening to Joe Satriani.

It's stupid to bitch about Rush

Anyone else using "My Life" as a sleep aid?

Some flower photos

everythingsxen's semi-official "Words left out of the Spell-Check" thread

Possible NYT front page on Election Day?

Watched Outfoxed. It was good.

Bush plays politics with gay marriage

The era of strategic deception

Wacky Summer Weather

An Offer to Bush Believers - Wanna Buy a Bridge?

Bush is a Bigot

Elton John Attacks Bush Adm's Bullying Tactics in U.S.

Bush on the Couch -- a thorough review

Powder Puff Pink Alert

Nelson Mandela At 86

Swedish Guantanmo prisoner tells of torture

One Honest Adviser: An Imaginary Playlet: - Alterman

Eric Alterman: One Honest Adviser:

Mr. President, please pardon Jack Johnson -- by Ken Burns

sorry, this is a dupe

LV Sun LTTE: Movie reveals president to be dazed, confused

TNR: No Vindication For The White House On Niger:

`Gurgling gasp' now a war cry: Iraq rebels gain force, expand power

Peter Preston (Guardian Utd): Natural party of oblivion (British Tories)

Sen. Byrd with Russert

Usurping the Voters?

Warning: nicotine seriously improves health

An open letter to the 'girlie' Arnold Schwarzenegger

Torturing Children By William Rivers Pitt

Salon: You can't teach an old attack dog new tricks (David Bossie)

An Emerging Catastrophe

How We Got It so Wrong in Iraq

Iraqi prime minister accused of murdering detainees

Lies deception, cover-up; the bush legacy

Monbiot: Our lies led us into war

Message From Greg Palast: Black Voters and Disenfranchisement

Moore's anti-US populism

Food banks see jump in first-time clients

Iraq: the crowning glory of George W. Bush

The Ghost of Vice President Wallace Warns: "It Can Happen Here"

Who'll be next president? That's an easy one to call

Former HBS Prof Blasts Bush

When Democrats Lean Right, They Lose: A History Lesson

Charley Reese lays it down.

Meet a Progressive Candidate for Congress from Iowa in St. Paul, MN!

Saboteurs say they'll mock the protesters (ProtestWarrior RNC Convention)

DU CNN's warmongering Iran/9-11 poll

REMINDER! Call Congressman Ney and get HR 2239 on the floor!!

Will Kerry be endorsed by NALC ?

Stick it to Fox News Here

Call the Aladdin Casino/Hotel to complain about how Linda Ronstadt was

Japan Post to go private in 2007

Apple Releases 9/11 Commission Hearings (FREE) At iTMS

‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ reshapes indie film world

Air America soars to No. 2 in talk

NY Times biased reporting agaisnt Kerry and Edwards

The Media's Liberal?

just saw the remake of the mircale on 34th street on tv today

Has your body politic been run down lately?

Today in History 7/19/04

ARGH! Need help with a math/geometry problem!

Six Feet Under jumped the shark tonight

If you missed the latest JibJab animation (This Land Is Your Land...)

Native American Words of Wisdom.

Astrologers what do you see

IWC Conference - Whales Put Nearly Zero Pressure On Fisheries - BBC

25,000 Slaves Mine And Log The Brazilian Amazon Forest - Guardian

Solar Energy for the Galapagos Tortoises

Freak weather fells peaks in Italian Dolomites

NASA Can't Save Key Climate, Hurricane Tracking Sat - Even For Just $28M

DuPont's C8 Contamination Widespread, EPA says

Concerns about exotic pet trade in Japan

Japan Post to go private in 2007

Muslims Portrayed

Iranian Refugees in Australia

Norway best place: bookmark site for English news on all Scandanavia

GUNS IN THE NEWS - July 17 - 19, 2004

Man arrested in death of beaten quadriplegic

ATF inspects only a handful of gun dealers

As of right now...

Why criminals should go to prison?

This post isn't a post, it's a feature article! Please read it.

Get this message when I open my inbox

I wanted you all to be aware of this DU spoof site going around.

I wanted you all to be aware of this DU rip-off site that's out there.

Is Kerrybots acceptable now?

An LBN news article about France and Israel gets moved to I/P

Is J/PS just a gun forum now? Please let me know.........

This must be a hard time to be a moderator!

a little brownnosing follows

My post gets deleted, yet this is allowed to stay?

I'd like to say sorry for my deliberately inflammatory thread

Isn't it time to label Nader and supporters an enemy of DU and dems?

porn in DU

Attacks on Kerry supporters.

A modest proposal for the anti-Kerry propaganda on DU

Protestant Group OKs Divestment From Israel

Settlers said to have put rotting chickens into village well

The unvarnished truth about Israel's separation barrier

Palestinian press blames PA, Arafat

Israeli soldiers continue killing spree

UN vote on fence likely to be delayed until Tuesday

Ties between Turkey, Israel grow strained

It's time to say sorry, Israeli government is told

Apocalypse Now; Why the Book of Revelations is Must Reading

Amnesty slams Caterpillar over Israel

Israel's Cabinet Seeks to Extend Palestinian Marriage Law

Protestant Group OKs Divestment From Israel

HQ of Arafat's nephew hit as Gaza clashes intensify

If it were the reverse

Indignant France sees ulterior motives in Sharon's emigration plea

Israel's first strike plan against Iran is ready

Can Israel be saved?

Don't blame Arafat

2004 Democratic Party Platform on the Middle East

France angered over Sharon's call

The 757 plus bomb theory

looks like tomorrow is the big day!!

Now it's FOUR suspicious fires

anyone know about bush thurs. (7-22) in glenview, il?

Insider Trading & 9/11

Kerry Speech Watching Parties - July 29th?

Vicious Street Thugs Terrorize Oakland Homeless

Bustamante eyeing run at treasurer or controller jobs

The Curious Case of John Titor

Willie Brown Denies He's Running For Another Office (hopes to do tv show)

Californians: Do you approve of disapprove of the job Arnold is doing?

Attend a Reception with a Progressive Iowa Candidate in St. Paul, MN!

Boston DUers: Suggest some places for a Tuesday Evening Happy Hour

Video event tonight in Cambridge:

Come to a Reception with Progressive Iowa Candidate in St. Paul!

Report on Jim Hightower at Barnes & Noble

How abut meeting for a Saturday at 2 PM showing of "The Corporation"

Green Out-Fundraises Dems in Michigan's 7th Congressional District

WBNS: Kerry Coming to Columbus

Columbus Plain Dealer"Ohio's Watergate"-Democrats demand answers from GOP

Ohio Voter Purge

PA: Nader pushes for ballot slot

OK: no response in the Lounge, so: WooHoo! '06 All Star Game at PNC!

Anyone listen to Lynn Cullen's show this morning?

I am going to be hosting a Kerry Party on the 29th of July

Morrison doing well; DeLay's troubles continue

Watch "Last Man Standing" Tuesday 7/20


Kerry signs in Milwaukee

Where is Families NW on expanded gambling?

People actually think that the steroid using , hollywood, pseudo

MLive Forum Discussions

On CSpan2 now....... about the depression, and FDR

Bush's own words: didn't see Iraq intel as conclusive. Where's the media?

When is Dean speaking at the convention?

A stockpile of old Iraqi military weapons explodes

Remember that whoremedia obsession with shark attacks?

The Neo-Cons are simply desperate

Bush just lost one Kansas vote...

Other Anti Bush Sticker Ideas

People who misplace the ideology of foreign political parties...

5 minute sample of Bill reading "My Life"

How to make John Kerry more relatable to Joe Six-Pack?

The call-ups of the Guard and reserves may end up saving us money

"'Cause I'm a nazi (he's a nazi)" The Rush Limbaugh Rap (now on mp3)

I want graphic Iraq pictures of civilians, friend thinks war is a joke

The Payoff And "The Convention Surprise"

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Good news on Air America Ratings - Take that Drudge!

Bush in 30 seconds....

Oh, Lord! Rummy on NPR

The accidental activist - Lila Lipscomb

Who would Osama Bin Laden Vote For?...................cartoon

Safliar .....Hey Will.. How about including the facts of a case for once!

Can't get tickets to see Bush unless....

Maybe it's me..Four page NYT story Riggs Bank......

What will our grandchildren read in their history books about Iraq?

Accused American Deserter Arrives in Japan - Uncle Sam Wants To BUST HIM

New Fox reality show: "Trading Places" - great family values...NOT!

Bwahaha! RWinger C-Span caller compared BUSH* to SAINT PAUL!

Far-Right Traitors Get Crushed in Taiwanese By-Election...

A question about having a house party?

On trail, Bush stays close to right wing


How the "election postponement" trial balloon can backfire on you

US History for $1200. When senate seats went from appointment to election

Non Sequitur "America hater" & Doonesbury "Outfoxed"

Israel Bombed Iraq's Osirak Nuclear Research Facility

wndycty finally admits. . .DEAN WAS ROBBED!

Are gas prices lower in swing states?

Michael Moore Ruins Bush's Vacation

OMG...I just figured out why shrub wants the national mental tests

MSNBC clips on "9/11 panel report" and "new details on 9/11"

Kerry building legal network for vote fights!

Great LTTE in my local paper.

Say... anything going on w/ GNN?

Take this MSNBC poll: Should ARNOLD have to apologize for calling

The Dumbest Poll Possibly Ever...

So the idiot Bush attacked the wrong country

Sorry, wrong forum, self-deleted

IMI seeks to strip Fox of its "Fair and Balanced" trademark registration.

"Critics allege" foul play in 2000 Florida election

Ozzfest 2004: Proof That Freedom Of Speech Rocks

Will Conservatives Sit Home Election Day?

Arnold's Phone Poll!!!!Tell Arnold what you think about Gay Marriage

legal question re:holding without a phone call

83 percent of blacks no longer look to the NAACP for leaders

Drag Queen Plays Ann Coulter in D.C.

Let us all define "liberal", let us all define "conservative", shall we?

Draft Ditka?

Proud liberal girlie man - and my wife wouldn't have it any other way

Referring to US war actions as "we"

Arnold REFUSES to apologize for "girlie men" remark.

Poll: arnie and his "girlie men" comments

What I learned politically on Vacation this past week

The Pubs are using a ruse, a distraction, a ploy, in forming

Bush's righteous army -- onward Christian soldiers!

Does anyone else see this as more stupidity

Kerry kicking ass on

Anybody see the History Channel show about PMCs last night?

Suddenly, Joe Wilson is the liar...

"High Court Sentence Views Flummox Judges"

Evangelical pastor leads voter drive - AP story in Tacoma paper:

Now that we got some 50-centers...

He's not just a LIBERAL...He's a SENSIBLE LIBERAL!

Did Al Franken make the right choice changing the name of his show?

'Enemy Contact. Kill 'em, Kill 'em.' - MILITARY training reinforces

Hugo Chavez lashed out against the US administration

Ha HA. Drudge implying that JK vacations like Dubya

Thinking of moving to Greeley, CO?

Doonesbury on OUTFOXED... IT IS ROFLMAO!!!!!

F9/11 breaking records in Australia before it has opened $760,000

George W. Bush and John F. Kerry are related!

"World War One Claims Another Victim"

Tim Russert yesterday.

Why are homosexuals called gays?

Mother to request review of leadership in son's unit (he was killed)

Given the popularity of F911

Saboteurs say they'll mock the protesters (ProtestWarrior RNC Convention)

Newsweek or Time Magazine?

In Lansing, apple confiscated as threat to Vice President!

2/3rds of Indiana Guard Battalion choose not to reenlist after Iraq

"Most Networks Trim Convention Coverage"

Need some Clinton/China help...

GSA canceled Guantanamo interrogator contract

The President was being very Decisive just now.

Amusing Jib-Jab thingy

they will only screw us as much as we allow them to

Allawi shot prisoners in cold blood: witnesses

New NO CARB diet (gotta love it)

An open letter to the 'girlie' Arnold Schwarzenegger

How come there are Gropinator movies running nonstop on TV?

A Drive-Through Lane to the Next Time Zone

I'm going to a swing state (Ohio) Wednesday thru Friday...

Did Ashcroft use air marshalls when he flew commercial pre 9/11?

I missed "Meet The Press" this week with Bob Byrd

Is it Right-wing nut or Right wingnut?

"The Right Wing Squares"

Press Releases: Citizens Group to Critique 9/11 Commission’s Process, Fear

"Outfoxed," is much like "F 9/11" in that it's main strength........

Anyone see FAUX News Sunday with Eric Shawn?

A perfect description of Republicans and what they stand for...

Britain Pays Compensation to Iraqis - I wonder how much we HAVE paid?

Heard on the radio today

Let's release those rape/torture pictures along with Bush approval

"Saddam's Lawyer Seeks Supreme Court Action"

Just Re-Read 1984

Please tell me again why I should not worry that Rove will drop Cheney

All last week Hannity kept bragging about disrupting the Dem convention

Anyone ordered any Kerry/Edwards Gear? Just ordered the PartyPak

Misguided War on Terrorism

The Roy Moore-10 Commandments monument-God Bless America ROADSHOW

Air America Radio and Dish Network?

Majority Report AAR ratings beat WABC


"Republican" dirty tricks in Atlanta

Which Candidate Is Better Off Financially?

"Software Engineer Wants Outsourcing Ban"

Who's got the link to OUTFOXED .. thanks...

They couldn't get Ditka, so now they want Ted Nugent. Seriously.

Why doesn't Kerry offer Nader a cabinet position...

Hosts of "Outfoxed" house party- No Shows--RW hoax?

RW Hammering Joe Wilson

Conservatives to Protest Anti-GOP Protest

A beneficial side effect of F9/11 doing so well

Hey Al: Gratuitous criticism is unAmerican

Contacting Tom Daschle by phone in Washington about crucial vote

Is Pat Boone Looking for a Job at Fox?

Front page on Yahoo:

Permanent Hair Dyes Tied to Adult Leukemia Risk

20 million to screen all Americans for Mental Illness? Is this for real?

"US Casualty Rate High Since Handover: Long Guerrilla War Feared"

Bush says he'll look into Iran/911 ties.

6 feet under slamming bushy boy last night

If I was Republican....

Answer from the Medal of Honor Society (re: Endorsement of Shrub)

An awesome review and look inside "Outfoxed"...

Moral coward Schwarzenegger runs to hide in Canada...

New Orleans Screening of Outfoxed: HUGE turnout (with pic)

A ridiculously stupid DU parody

Faces of 'Jack' Idema: black ops ace, nut case

David Barton of Wallbuilders to preach to the pastors for smirk (GOP)

Question about the GOP Convention plans for Ground Zero...

TIA Probabilities of a Kerry win based on the latest National Polls

"High Court Asked to End Child Executions"

Californian DUers: any "girlie-man" asking Arnold about HIS TIES WITH

Fox News Leading Future Attack on Iran!!! (Their talking points exposed!)

If there are only 200 of these repukes

Al Qaeda members didn't get their passports stamped in Iran

Will Michael Moore be Forcibly Extradited to Canada?

"Hourly Pay in U.S. Not Keeping Pace With Price Rises"

Cigarettes and portable toilets don't mix

What is the CIA for, anyway?

Earnhardt Jr. Burned in Crash...Bushistas involved?

Current events revive Bad Religion's rage

KRUGMAN is going to be a regular on Al Franken Show!!!! starting

great political flash animation...

Kos invited us. Thanks a lot, Kos

Democratic Platform released through email!!!

Alert Ashcroft...Iowa town bans good, old-fashioned "book burning"

400,000 mass graves in Iraq not correct - 5,000 is truer number

Did you see McClellan with the "unofficial" response to the LIAR

I have my TV on. CNN and one of the makeup-covered-skeletons

Did someone from DU

Garrison Keillor the next victim of Dixie Chicking?

4 more yrs of * =

Art Torres, rockin' a lime green shirt, called ah-nold

Join Move On in FTC suit.

moveon petition

Finally saw F 911 yesterday...

Pictures of Paul Wolfowitz before he combs his hair

Arnold looking like Maria more and more everyday...

I read Garrison Keillor's "Hometown Democrat" yesterday...

Just bought some popcorn and diet cokes for tomorrows Commons debate

most vulgar display of kerry signs....

Bush related to Kerry?

"Socialist" Europe publishes 2 scientific papers for every 1 by America

An incredible offer to the Bush Believers when they hit NYC!

tucker carlson just got spanked

Whatever happened to the Repubs that were hacking into Dem computers?

Did Randi pee on a christams tree? The world may never know!

"the guerrilla war could last for years...deaths could climb to thousands"


Bush vs. Kerry - Remember Goofus and Gallant from Highlights?

I emailed that wuss governor of

Poll: Should Arnold have to apologize for "girlie men" comment?

Republican Ex-EPA Chief Criticizes Chimp

The Hillary obsessed come up with rationale for Bill "supporting" Kerry

Britain's Reward for Supporting the War

democratic underground and rnc - no difference

Why is the Gulf War referred to as "The 1st Gulf War?"

Linda Rondstad (sp?) spoke in support of F911 ?

Help! What group is selling the FCUK BUSH

If Bush declared war on Iran, he would use AIR power, not ground troops

DU this CNN poll

CNN poll, same question on Wolf Blitzer's, and 360's pages

I think I know what Dubya's gonna do with Iran

Democrats need talking points.

Fox News: Unfair and Unbalanced (trademark challenge!)

Don't blink now DOW heading back under 10,000 in time for the DNC

did a dumbass thing -- argued with freepers

Newsmax-Katie Couric: Did We Attack the Wrong Country?

This is how the BushCo marketing program works....

I'm battling my hero, Bob Somerby about Joe Wilson.

Compare and contrast...Bush versus Kerry

the democratic party is the gay party

2004 Indy 500 winner Buddy Rice on "Ask The White House" today

An article that makes a good case for running leftward instead of right

Should congress ban drug advertising. POLL

CNN "consultants" drumming for attacking Iran... I DON'T WANT MORE PEOPLE

PNAC on IRAN: "Do unto them before they have a chance to do unto you."

Kerry aside for a moment , Bush & Co MUST be taught a lesson!

Bush & Cheney 2004 - the Coilition of the Drilling

Holding our noses for Kerry

would * be rolling out the iran invasion now . . .

"Asian Population Lacks Political Clout"

Do they think we're all stupid and have no long term memory???

Bush "protects" his TN base "like a mother lion protecting her cubs"

What this Election is Really Going to Turn On

ARNOLD is a THIRD GRADE BULLY... Art Torres (Union rep. from San

"GOP Congressman Considers Giving Up Seat"

New Fox news show, "Gollum & Smeagol"

Immagine Anti Iran War Protests

Moore F-911 changing Hollywood, Next on CNBC 4:50 Eastern

The accidental activist

Tell Lou how the U.S. should deal with "terrorist nations"

Warning: the next attack is being telegraphed as "Made in Tehran."

Will all the Kerry haters & disrupters just please leave

Why will Guv Groper cut education and social programs?

John Kerry has taken a stand that will not allow me to vote for him.

"No, no WMD over here?"

M. Moore should do a short on "Tortured Children in Iraq" for F 9-11 DVD

Who thinks that the phrase "girlie man" is sexist?

Does anyone know where I can get the No Carb picture? Cheney,Ashcroft etc.

On your Knees for the Land of the Free!

My local news (Dallas) just ran a GREAT story on absentee voting abroad!

Randi talking about Seymour Hersh

Great Bush quiz to spam your puke friends with

Amerika on life support

Does W want to start wars in reverse order of those who "dissed" us.

Linda Ronstadt booed and fired from Vegas gig after praising Michael Moore

Jim DeMint (R-SC) wants to raise taxes on the poor.

Cynthia McKinney up next on Democracy Now

* Executive Orders since 2003

Frightened little rabbits for Bush!

Deleted message

governor won't apologize for the 'girlie men' remark

Arnold's comment was NOT homophobic. It was not SEXIST.

Which party is running a girly man for president?

A puzzle I can't seem to solve

Has anybody seen any columns by the rightwing shills George

Genocide In Darfur, Sudan

Philoso. students:nothing "absurd" till disproved?

Does a DU reader *need* to see F9/11?

Do you REALLY think an invasion of Iran would secure the election for bush

Revolutionary Women Welcomes Dean (& others) to Women's Political Forum

Olbermann: Arnold used "girlie-men" in previous republican campaign.

So, we are going to invade Iran now?

Anger at Russia-Iran nuclear ties ---- (August 1, 2002)

Oh no! CNN just reported that the bush administration says that Iran

Shock and Awe in Iran might turn Los Angeles into a giant terror zone!!

JFK, 9-11, and the REAL America: Tying it All Together

My daughter

Need opinions regarding Gov. Groper. Where is this guy heading?

Will the Kerrybots please stop whining about "purity" demanded by others

Need Quick Info...please (non political)

Do you think Arnold can still fuck in front of other guys?

We GOTTA get these countries that start with an "I" straight, people!

If IraN helped with 9/11, then Bush should've gone after them as of 9/12

A question re: non-resident US citizen votes

John Podesta: Governor Dean to speak at LA Outfoxed premiere tonight.

The Misled Slaves..... We are Bots, Slaves(Mental kind), Sheep, etc

Will Ashcroft Protect Our Dems in Boston Any Better Than the Dems in DC?

Will the Nader-Bushbots please stop whining about free speech

The Republican Party the ..Brainwashed Party? Could it possibly be?

Linda Ronstadt booed offstage &fired for cheering for Michael Moore/F911

Does Shrub even HAVE to go to Congress to go after Iran??

Democratic Platform 2004

Proud, Liberal Girlie-Men, stand up and be counted!............cartoon

The NCAAP snub and loss of jobs - Why does Bush love Hoover so much?

Isn't it funny that when Whoopi makes fun of bush

The folks who are anti-politically correct bug the shit out of me.

CNBC - Holyfield leads protest against Saud's at Embassy in D.C.

zogbys real america (survey)

A fond farewell to the 700 Club.

Bush on Iran: "they're harboring al Qaeda leadership there"

Help me find old picture of Nixon

Will ALL the bots please leave?

Will Someone Please Explain To Me

F9/11 breaks 100,000,000

DUer's -- tell Rick Lyman to get it straight

Who was the shrew at the end of "Hardball" tonight?

Slow prep for the next war frontline....Look how this Iran story evolved:

Good story on No Child Left Behind in the Chicago Tribune

NAHB Suggestions for dealing with ELF, and others

No Child Left Behind series in Chicago Tribune...

A New War is the Only Way for Bush* to Win.

Anti-Gay letter in local paper from local fundamentalist "leader"...

Recommedations for books about history of Latin America

What African country are you most concerned about?

The Australian: Mossad's litany of blunders

HAHAHAHA -- Aladdin hotel is bankrupt!!!

I received this puzzling e-mail today.

Michael Rogers gay activist is outing gays on his blog

Question....Whatever happened to..........

The Iran thing is worse than I first thought - dividing the left.

Linda Ronstadt bounced from the Aladdin support of F911 one of the reasons

Hannity recommends not joining military if Kerry President!

Defending Joe Wilson by David Corn, The Nation.

Email from Greg Palast

Who is the vilest capo in Bush's Cosa Nostra?:Rove, Cheney,

According to Reuters, the CA wildfired were started by a hawk

Holy surveys Batman, I just did the new Zogby poll online

about Kerry and moving forward progressively

Democratic Platform released through email!!!

Re: Iran...Bush should have learned to keep his mouth shut....

Will Democrats 'go along' with Bush's* plans for Iran?

Oh come on!!! Girlie Man means Fag and you know it!

MEME: The "new product" the administration will introduce after Labor Day

Did Michael Moore graduate from High school?

Laugh or Hurl? Laugh or Hurl? I report, you decide

Linda Ronstadt booted out of casino for dedicating song to M Moore


Fire and Ice questionnaire

Bush and Kerry are related?

Sandy Berger being probed for taking classified documents

"The terrorists might have PASSED THROUGH Iran on their way to US"

Old story, detailing WH perfidy, contradictions, re: Niger

AAR caller: neighbor pulled up his pro-Kerry sign 3 days ago

Ignorance in the heartland (Northwest Missouri).

Immigration Reform - Canadians please participate

Best Democratic Presidential Ticket?

I wonder if * will seize upon the Kazemi trial in Iran ...

My boss saw the film over the weekend.

do you suppose that bushy boy cries himself to sleep thinking about mean o

T. Roosevelt quote taken from

Does anyone have Pappy Bush's quote about the horror of outing CIA agents?

a simple question about big media 'journalists'

Is anyone actually surprised by Ahnold's comments?

Do you agree with the reports about creating a National Intelligence Czar?

Damn, The Daily Show is a repeat tonight

Wolf Blitzer with Miller "DOES TORTURE WORK?" Miller says yes.

Will someone explain to me why the possibility of Iran

BBV: Ohio Voter Purge -- Hamilton County Cincinnati Loses 65,000 voters

How many times have you seen f9/11?

Ashcroft really wanted to sing THIS ditty.

Bill Schneider's Political Report on Lou Dobbs

My Crazy neighbor's kids are shooting rockets at my house...

Apollo Alliance at convention: to free ourselves from oil dependence.

Apparently, Republican means never having to say you're sorry.

Oops, They Invaded The Wrong Country?


Clinton Adviser Probed in Terror Memos

I am sick of these Michael Moore rumors being spread

The Internet has done wonders for we Democrats.

2000: "Bush accepts, pledges to work with Gore to united divided nation"

US Media Kills Story that Iraqi PM Executed 6 Prisoners

Could Ed Muskie Have Won in '72?

Howard Dean opposed to the war, BEFORE THE WAR for those in doubt.

'Fahrenheit 9/11' May Yet Show Up Near Crawford - AP\Hou-Chron

Do you think IraN was involved in 9/11?

No. I won't leave. :)

TUCKER TOTALLY ASHAMED and embarrased by NH dem campaigner!

Will a bunch of DUers fall for the Iran garbage like they fell for Iraq?

Australia is scared...but not New Zealand?

RNC Fundraising letter: what to do?

Michael Moores Educational Background

White House Freudian Slip?

Halliburton Gets Subpoena Over Iran Ties

We are building a Peace Park and memorial stone wall

The Blind are Lepers at KFC in Dayton (Scopes Monkey Trial), Tennessee

Jon Stewart on Republican talking points

Fox & Friends Tease Vanessa Kerry

Call both your Senators for the environment, Vote No on judge.

Keep your eyes open for them to try to discredit more Democrats.

Do you think our nation will be able to survive the Right's war plans?

Milbank used *'s quote to the Amish!!!!

Campaign aims to teach bicyclists, motorists to share

Kerry - Bin Laden bumperstickers?!! GOP has no shame!

Lawrence Eagleburger...." I would think that he ought to be impeached. "

Put on your thinking hats...

Kerrybots, Bush Enablers, and punching my own self in the face

I'm sick of DU Kerry bashers,

Hahahahaha, Jack Ryan on with fellow sexfiend D. Norville

Drudge bitching about Kerry on vacation.

Did anyone else hear a brief breaking news report on CBS 11 pm news?

Joe Wilson's website


Best WINNING Democratic Presidential ticket?

BBV: Diebold Printing Union Problems

Confuse Republicans about Nader! Make their plans backfire!

Its All about WHAT.....not... WHO..? The Repubs just luv to use the WHO

How did Hitler ascend to power? The left was too divided to stop him

Where did bush go to highschool?

Ronstadt Calls Moore A Patriot, Vegas Hotel Says "GET OUT!"

NaziAmericans attacked N.Y.C., not Osama or Saddam or Iran

AP: A Daily Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq

Should Democrats Run Left or Right ??

Daily Show 'Talking Points' video clip....Keep this kicked!

Anyone see Joe Wilson on Paula Zahn?

So Nader supporters, why's Ralphie accepting GOP signatures?

Madame Secretary...She is amazing!

October Surprise: It's WAR in Iran - we have LUNATICS running our country

Got a call on machine from Anton Chaitkin....

Guns, Germs, Steel: Implications of evolutionary biology for politics?

Since Arnold Likes Names, Which One Would Best Apply To Him?

War Profiteer Woolsey Furnished False Iraqi Intelligence

For the Love of all that is Decent

Insulting but funny video directed to/against both sides.

This speech by Granny D addresses those that bash Kerry incessantly

Separating Fact from Fiction about the writing of the BBV book

Does anyone have a link to this original article?

Torturing Children

Turning the US into a Theocracy - Why do nutbar fundies hate America?

E. J. Dionne: "The House that Dean Built"

Face it, Nader and his little finkies hate the Democratic Party

How do you feel about all of the Drudge posts on DU?

"Take A Bite Out Of Terror!" | and the rest of the TOONs

PLAME INDICTMENT THREAD #11-High Crimes & Misdemeanors

The military is performing FREE cosmetic surgery???

Indian troops kill 10 infiltrators in fierce gunbattle

Twin car bombs rock Baghdad

Surveillance targeted to convention

CNN Breaking: Senior Hezbollah Official Killed in Beirut Explosion

Congress strikes "coup d'etat" and "election stolen" from Record

Leader tells Afghan judge he works for U.S.

Blair hails new era on Law on Order

WP, Robin Wright: U.S. Faces a Crossroads on Iran Policy

WP: U.S. Won't Turn Over Data for Iraq Audits

More firms join UN push to be good corporate citizens

Reported on WBEZ NPR Chicago -- computer glitch delays Chicago Tribune

Opposition adopts kind recall (Venezuela, Hugo Chavez)

Presidential gathering will bring global spotlight (Clinton Library)

CIA acting director opposes a national intelligence chief

Howard Dean was robbed! [pick-pocketed @ JFK]

NYT: Shift at (NY) Hist. Society Raises Concerns (to Rep. conservatives)

Argentina remembers terrorist attack.

Joe Wilson has put up his own website, here"

Iraqi minister shot dead

Egypt Says Hostage Freed, Now in Embassy

Israeli soldiers continue killing spree

Layoff veteran aims to put outsourcing ban on Nov. ballot (Colorado)

Edwards takes $1 million in S. Fla. visit

Britain Says It Has Paid Compensation in Over 120 Incidents in Iraq

Britain Pays Compensation to Iraqis (120 incidents of death, injury, etc)

How We Got It so Wrong in Iraq

Board Orders Boston Police Arbitration

At Riggs Bank, a Tangled Path Led to Scandal

Heathrow Anti-Terror Plans 'Found at Petrol Station'

Poll finds Bush vs. Kerry is no ho-hum contest

Chirac tells Sharon he is not welcome in France: TV

Sorry, dupe

Conservatives to Protest Anti-GOP Protest

State Department Says U.S. Government Willing to Defer but Not Drop Desert

France angered over Sharon's call

Carter, Gorbachev, 48 nations lobby Supreme Court to end juvenile executio

LAT: To GOP, He's Dishonoring His Father (Ron Reagan)

Sudan: Darfur Peace Talks Break Down Before They Start

DoD Identifies Marine Casualty (NEW)

Agency Doesn't Properly Check Gun Dealers-Audit

Indignant France sees ulterior motives in Sharon's emigration plea

Chirac tells Sharon he is not welcome in France: TV

Watch the cons

Britain Pays Compensation to Iraqis

Police want to expand video camera 'virtual patrols'

Judge: Finest must loosen the rules for GOP(Convention) protesters

Dr. Laura celebrates 10 years in national radio syndication

Reporters Without Borders disgusted by case in Iran

Heathrow Anti-Terror Plans 'Found at Petrol Station'


Senate moderates ask that keeping popular tax cuts not worsen budget defic

Linda Ronstadt canned for speaking in favor of Michael Moore

(Kodak) Hawkeye Plant Layoffs Reported

Cheney Family Values

Democratic Platform released through email!!!

Boston Cops' Pay Spat May Be Fixed by Convention

Red Cross urged to investigate Allawi claims

Militants Kill Iraqi Defense Official

Brazil set to start shooting down drug planes

Democrats slam Bush on security, seek intelligence 'czar'

Indebted Americans Ponder Maggots as Rates Rise

Maryland Activists Want E-Voting Receipts

CBS will resist Superbowl fines

Maoist rebels abduct 50 Nepalese teenagers

AP Interview: Diplomat says Iraq looks for better ties with Iran

Congressman Jim Greenwood (R-PA) Set to Retire

Blair hails new era on law and order

Editor murdered in Russia

Oil nears $42, closes at 7-week high ($43-$44.75 by mid-week?)

Bush 'heads mafia of assassins'

Uncle Sam might still want him, even at 67

More Oregon Guard troops activated

Gov't aims to clear up Medicare confusion

Regime change in Iran now in Bush’s sights

Provinces, states unveil proposals to limit diversions from Great Lakes

Man Sought for Photographing Texas City Refineries

Right-wing politicians want to ban Islam (Norway)

Chernobyl still hitting shrooms

New Role for Boston Cops: Protests at Democrat Event

Iraq Announces New Heads of Missions Abroad

Formerly Missing Marine Says He Did Not Desert Post

Internal report says Bush administration broke no laws in withholding Medi

North Korea: Open For Business -- A Bit

Chirac: Israeli prime minister not welcome in Paris

House Approves Sanctions on Vietnam

Canada's pot exports overstated: RCMP

Equatorial Guinea readies for Zim 69 extradition

Iraqi Prime Minister Opens Controversial Newspaper Shut Down by Coalition

Northup Criticizes Kerry-Osama Bumper Stickers

Halliburton Subpoenaed Over Unit's Iran Work (Cheney to get 10 yrs?)

How has the US been spending other people's billions?

Nader accepts GOP signatures for ballot

House members back resolution that says elections will never be postponed

Bush Vows Probe of Riggs Money-Laundering Allegations (Update1)

Retirement Wave Creates Shortage of Air Traffic Controllers (Ron's fault)

Lawmaker Decries Kerry-Bin Laden Stickers

Top commanders in Iraq allowed dogs to be used

LAT: Classified E-Mail Left (Los Alamos) Nuclear Lab

EQUATORIAL GUINEA: US Senate probe reveals massive theft of oil revenue

Harpooned: the world's fight to save the whale

How has the US been spending other people's billions?

Bush to lay low during Democratic convention, but keep heat on Kerry

Iraqi Envoy to U.S. Hails Iran's Help

India Court Orders Release of Payment to Gas Victims

Kerry aide: Bush 'flat out lied' on Iraq

Governors grapple with an aging America

Our head in sand: Author Security guru sounding alarm

(F-911) Movie Heats Up Anti-Dispatch Move (South Korea)

Area's foreclosure postings remain steady

WP: High Court Asked to End Executions Of Juveniles

LAT: Bush's (Congressional) Agenda on Slow Track (Dems "play hardball")

Anti-Bush film a box office hit (Aust)

Former Republican EPA chief criticizes Bush

Halliburton Subpoenaed Over Unit's Iran Work

High Court Asked to End Child Executions -Carter, Gorbachev, AMA, 48 natio

WP: Bush Pushes Congress To Extend Tax Cuts

Clinton reopens book on Iraqi bid to buy uranium in Africa

CBS Head Says Would Fight Fines Over Janet Jackson

Bush Calls for Transparency in Venezuela Recall

Right-wing politicians want to ban Islam

Search begins for answers on Allawi 'executions'(update, not dupe)

Halliburton's Iran Business Subject to Criminal Probe

Democrats say Schwarzenegger's 'girlie men' comment sexist and homophobic

US casualty rate high since handover

US 'exploring Iranian 9/11 role'

W.Va. City Apologizes to Protesters

Florida absentee vote requests on a hot pace

Stringent gun-control law goes into effect in Brazil

Fox News' use of 'Fair and Balanced' challenged legally

US Media Kills Story that Iraqi PM Executed 6 Prisoners

Cheney Slams Dem. Ticket on Malpractice

'We Do Not Need a Draft,' Rumsfeld Says (Yeah! That's the Ticket! Yeah!)

Film sways voters (F9/11)

Defence opens in BCCI law suit

AP: Clinton Adviser Probed in Terror Memos

Las Vegas: At Aladdin, singer rubs wrong way (Linda Ronstadt)

9 Killed in Truck Bomb Blast in Baghdad

Ohio Voter Purge

Study: Antibiotics Don't Help Sick Vets

Bush to Take Break During Dem. Convention

DRUDGE: 'You're Not Going To Have To Look For Us On Vacation'...

Milbank: The Kerry Campaign's One-Word Weapon

America Hosts 76 percent of Islamic Terrorist Websites

'Fahrenheit 9/11' may yet show up near Crawford

Hell On Earth - USNews -Abu Ghraib

TIME: Marked Women (unpunished honor killings in Iraq)

Any Cubists Here?

What is a Supernaut?

Anybody else seeing a bunch of lazy flies?

Theory about stupid DU posting

Greetings from Godville.

I saved my brother from being a republican

Finally! US Navy unveils newest stealth aircraft

Man snaps and 'hits girlfriend with alligator' after beer runs out

ok...this cracked me up

My hometown newspaper has a call-in comment line..some are funny

Converts to anti-bush movement!

HEyHEY Did You Feel That! Quake!!

Mother Nebula

Vote Buying $$$ (Would you sell your vote)

How many dimensions are there and what are they?

The cats are fighting

What would Huey do?

How men screw up romance-2meg file

Okay. What is so funny about the phrase "GIT ER DONE!"?

Lovestruck man sues to see female judge

I am inebriated..please don't ask me anything

Crazed Surgeon Amputates Penis

Woman Robs Store 9 Minutes after Release From Jail

legal question re:holding without a phone call

check out this ebay item

If you hate those yellow smiley faces, too ...

Howard Stern back on in Orlando

am i the only one who loves 'teenage dirtbag'?

Think of an even more obvious name for a double agent than "Curve Ball".

Get in my belly...

I think I'm gonna go as "the moran" for Halloween

You can end any employment problems here

July 19, 1954: Memphis gives birth to rock 'n' roll!

CNN bias shows up again!!

Hey! Did you see that? See what man?Oh....uh nothing

Good Monday Morning DU!

Go To A Rodeo & Try Some "Bull Fries" - Made From Testicles, NOT Potatos

More, be President?

Doonesbury jigsaw puzzles . . .

Anybody having trouble accessing their inboxes???

What are some low-carb products you REALLY want to see in stores???

in bed at 3:30... up at 5:30... I love my cats....

We're sorry our president is an idiot - product label

Medical info needed...swallowing disorder.

Poll question: Could you function without your cat for a week?

Protect your banana! it art?

Meat Lovers: If you haven't tried Bison meat, it's time to move your ass

Bush/Kerry flash movie "this land is your land"

World War I Claims Another Victim - Man's Military Memorabilia Explodes

So if Bush is Kevin Costner, and 'murca is Whitney Houston, does that mean

Woohoo! My inbox is back.

Where can a Man married to a Fern go on Honeymoon?

Must see concert: BareNaked Ladies & Alanis Morisette

Woman Points Out HMO Computer Glitch - Seniors To Be Charged For Drugs

When Did the Olympics Jump the Shark?

The definition of wealth

I was just French-kissed by my DOG!

Any SQL gurus with experience on Excel? ad idea...

Gonna pick up After Effects do I need a new G5?

Cops seek man who had sex with pit bull-boxer mix

Man Charged With Swinging Alligator At Girlfriend During Fight

Most Dangerous Jobs

"Two Unemployed Democrats" on NPR this morning...

492. should I stay or should i go?

HILARIOUS VIDEO (actually plays through my firewall, too!)

Wasn't there supposed to be a moveon lawsuit started..

travel tips? Going through New England next week

Stolen Library Book Spurs High Speed Police Chase

Now, I am watching Back to the Future 3.

10 Thoughts

Nude man caught covered in nacho cheese

Monday Morning Baby Box Turtles!!!

Caption the preacher!

Help end Childhood Goat Trauma....

Mondays make me realize how bad the coffee sucks here

Sign of the End Times: Coors/Molson merger could be in the works

Proof positive Dave Matthews makes people violent deleted all but 3 of the "My Pet Goat" reviews

Is fish OK in the fridge?

Howard Stern's back on in San Diego today!!!

Mystery Creature Found In Maryland (Pic)

Access Gods, Excel Gods. MERGE!! (formula/expression builder problem)

Who are you voting for?

My Goal: Into and OUT OF The 700 Club In A Day...Ask Me ANYTHING!!

I'm not in a relationship, I'm not looking for one and I'm damn HAPPY!!!!

"Commie national anthem?"

Y'all Rock!! I Only Spent 3 Hrs, 44 Minutes In the 700 Club!! Thanks!!

The good news is, no more weird vibrating voice

Great "This Land Parody" - Woody would have laughed!

Lord! Buddy Rice now White House spokesman?

Does anyone know where I can get a free morphing tool

So (heavy breathing) what are you wearing?

Go to the doctor for laryngitis?

Bush involved in Satanic Mass Murder??

My Fundie Mom's Forwarded E-Mails, vol. VII

Macintosh using DUers are just better!



A little ole lady in the med unit told me I have a great butt!!!!

I picked up Laurel & Hardy on DVD today

I am the Great Cornholio!

I'm ready to take Martha's place as domestic goddess

Brent (Cmdr Data) Spiner to have guest roll on Star Trek Enterprise

Thanks, Guys!! A Lot Of Rockin' DU's!!

WTF is that on the sun?

Are You Tired Of The Phrase "Jumped The Shark"?

At last! Here's how we can win the election!

Favorite bloody Who album

CAPTION this Surfer Dude du jour!

I saw "2001" for the first time Saturday- Answer me anything!

You want terrorism? I'll give you terrorism.

Eccch, I got frenched by the dog

CONFESS!!!!! Things you wish you could do at work, but you can't!!!

Maybe this will give "Enterprise" a kick in the pants

Just got back from a long hiatus and noticed

Earworm of death- REDNECK WOMAN

Is it a bad thing when your coworkers not only understand...

hand-carved chess sets from Russia . . . really cool! . . .

I had the weirdest dream last night.....

Naval Seal training-- Bawhahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

Cigarettes and portable toilets don't mix

The dog and cat are ganging up on me for a tickle-fest!

Harvey Birdman....Canceled?

if a monkey humped a goat.............

Favorite Hanna-Barbera cartoon

My Fundie Mom's Forwarded E-Mails, vol. VIII

Divac to sign with Lakers

Favorite Jack Nance role?

My 500th post...Don't ask me anything, just look...

TV movie "See Arnold Run" to star Hemingway as Shriver & as Ahhnold....

i was going to start a thread about existentialism..

Audiences just love seeing guys getting hit in the groin

What's up with mortgage telemarketers?

Favorite "Big Lebowski" character?

Do you support big tobacco?

Are men who get face lifts, Girlie Men? Just askin?

Here is a fun page with names and statistics about names

Did I hear that someone wants to discuss "GIRLIE MEN"???

It's a world of signs and wonders (funny)

Stronger Pot May Make Reefer Madness Real, U.S. Fears

The "Dishonest Dubya* Doll"

We're never gonna hear the end of this box turtle thing, are we

Do you snore? Let's say I was sleeping next to you...would I be bothered..

Had a long talk with a Libertarian yesterday.....

Conductor Carlos Kleiber Has Died

The question is wouldn't mama be proud?

Things to do with a box turtle on a rainy day: (1) Give it a ride on the

Oh yeah! "Bang a Gong. Get it on"

does anyone know where I can get the Rush Limpbag song?

Box turtle stew- mm good

William Shatner wants to join the "Enterprise" crew

Did you own a Vanilla Ice or MC Hammer record at one point?

What's up with public org. telemarketers? Similar to LizW's post

homebodies veiwer alert - NETWORK on Bravo starting now nt

Aladdin expels Genie after political remarks

Whats with the Drudge wrinkle fetish

Ummmmmm, about box turtles

U.S. unveils new Propaganda Leaflet to drop on invaded nations

Box turtle questions: Should they be poached prior to grilling? Can they

What's the difference between an epileptic oyster...

Tomorrow I meet the crew of Eagle...ask me anything!

European Union legalizes civil unions between box turtles and girlie-men

" Have a nice day." A sign of a somewhat more civil society -

But what about William Shatner's army of mutant box turtle lovers?

Without a doubt, my favorite screen snapshot of 2004 (so far)

Bummer: Snopes disproves Bush "feces" (instead of fetus) remark

Does anyone here think Sylvia Browne is really psychic?

A couple of messageboard questions I'm embarrassed I haven't asked yet--

Empire Rising IV: A satirical history

What happens if you don't vote

I have it on good authority that the natural enemy of Cats, Yaks,& Turtles

Anyone know where I can get songs by Thurston Howle?

The next time one of y'all see me...

Since today seems to be a "Trek" day in the Lounge....

Thanks, Chicago Tribune

Young People Dangling Themselves From Meat Hooks - For Fun

First Cicadas, now Turtles, What animal is next?

Hey, DU ladies...

What's your earworm today?

My Fundie Mom's Forwarded E-Mails, vol. VI

WOW! The Chimp's twins sure are getting a lot of media coverage

Pictures of Paul Wolfowitz before he combs his hair

Damn! this is some pretty funny Flash

As for you, kind sage, I only hope my heartfelt thanks will keep you warm

Oh how many turtles could a box turtle box

Do Parallel Universes really exist? Read article.

Got my Kerry car flag!

What's the best freeware program for recording streaming audio?

I've got a couple email addies to give away

I want to laugh

Cold supper

I could kick Stephen Hawking's ASS!

I want to rock

Guess who this is?

Can't sleep....General Discussion might eat me....

Aladdin expels Ronstadt after political remarks

Tech du'ers, please explain to me how to do this

Post a picture of your "inner geek"

LOL...check out today's Engrish....right wing slippers

Name as many movies that you can with dialog way over your head

intellectual vs. intellectualist vs. geek

All Hail Wildman Fischer

What's your favorite kind of rice?

I have a Woody!

Dr. Who: The Tomb of the Cybermen

Parents like these totally infuriate me!

What is the strangest thing you ingest?

Erectile Dysfunction?

Music fans check in. A question.

Who is the better guitarist? Satriani or Vai.

WooHoo! 2006 All Star Game at PNC Park in the 'Burgh...

I just took up cycling again...

Watching George Lopez show... this is odd:

Bush* to make daring move and unite Anti-Kerry vote

i'm going home to an empty apartment

Refuse to lose!!!!!!!!! - Here’s your ticket

Monday morning puppies!

Hmmm, All State commercial just had a good point

I'm taking my dog in for surgery.. AGAIN

Incase you ever wondered about the battery on your motherboard:

The Lord has a way of revealing...

Has anyone seen any firebugs this summer???

Give a big FUCK YOU to Little Matty!

Will ALL the bots please leave?

Prince concert last night in NJ.....

A fond farewell to the 700 Club.

It's 8:21pm in Royal Oak, Mi, time for you wimps to Q&A w/ Mr. Scorpio

Matcom News™ - Should it stay or should it go-oh????

Send a telepathic message to my son.

Would you tell a friend if they had BO and/or dog breath?

Anuder Editorial Cartoon.

Get Fuzzy!

I'm listening to ELO Live At Winterland '76 (ask me anything)

GlenGarry Glen Ross 10th Anniversary DVD for $4

On a scale of 1-10, how 'whiny' is GD right now?

Leg men, please explain - I don't get it

Cat Hoarding Problem near me...Interesting story but sad

What is your favorite Matcom post?

If matcom stops posting silly news in the Lounge will you...

The Doors' Ray Manzarek: "the tour that never was" (on DVD tomorrow)

The doggie days of summer.

I think I was subjected to some crafty Catholic propaganda.

DU Golfers: Could you beat Whistle-ass?..................

Ahhh are you man enough* to CAPTION?

Matcom: Leper Messiah or the real thing

Are fat metabolism (ketosis) test strips a rip off?

Update on the Eleanor drama

Less than 24 hours left...


Damn, smells like a slaughterhouse in here - f-ing dead mouse. Pew!

Geek Confessional

Any Disc Golf Fanatics?


Where'd the current fascination with box turtles come from?

Who is More Annoying: Me or Matcom?

Should I NOT Post Silly News Stories Anymore In The Lounge?

:cuss: lag! (and doing stupid things)

Wicked: The Musical

What does "Crashcart" mean?

Are you coming to the Republican Party Meetup?

What is your favorite Non-Matcom post?


Let's say we turn up the heat a bit, huh?

Can a box of Mac and Cheese be funny?

Am I the only person who will admit to liking Dashboard Confessional?

"Alien" as performed by rabbits

Republican Mail

Most Important "Moore"

Right-Wing Squares!

Daily Show is a repeat tonight

If you were born and raised without the concept of a god

The OFFICIAL LincolnMcGrath DU Graphics Comp. Part II

Republican male

Which TV parent do you like best?

David Lang's "Born to Be Wild" - great stuff! Just heard it again

Zomby's German Dada Poetry Thread

The wild and crazy X-rated Dr. Laura

Rather have a beer with W?, not me

Nostalgic for your prison days? PRUNO!

Letters from Trixie #2: Yaks Supreme and Loser Box Turtles

I propose we implement the double cheek kiss in America

NYC DUers:

I forgot what I was going to post as a thread

Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk, I'm a woman's man

Techies please help- I need Windows ME CD-key

Repuke special at KFC

du has ruined me.



For all you girlie men: Link to Arnolds NUDE pics!

2 quarts of milk, under 60 minutes

Jack Black as Green Lantern??!!??

Bush parody of Citibank ad - it RAWKS!!!!!!

Crazed surgeon amputates man's penis

DU Dreamers: If you could be anywhere on the planet, where would you be?

Pinch me......Peel me.....Suck ME.....EAT ME!!!!!!!

Learn to enjoy the suffering.

Any Nudists Here?

Spam alert! (My own posts.....)

Which Human Race is Superior?

Any one use Toolbook to develop e-learning?

Sexiest prime number?

Steven Seagal: Action Movie Mega-God or Out-Of-Shape POS Has-Been

the Toyota Scion

Atkins Diet: a dangerous 'diet'

The importance of a pie in the face. (rant)

Geek confession: I'm attending the BIG Star Trek convention in Vegas

Anime Fans...I need your opinions

Can we please reduce the number of DRUDGE related posts???

Grrrr my friend is going through an Ayn Rand phase

need some tips on purchaseing a used car

I'm on my way to put my cat Tiffany to sleep now

A LEGAL solution to BEFOREATHOUGHT's problem

If (insert food here) ceased to exist, I wouldn't miss it/them.

Congratulations Jacobin!! 10,000 posts

Some cute and silly animal pics....

Is there some sort of stomach flu going around or should I blame McDonalds

Delia's Gone

Pic of Arwalden's new camper.

Rabrrrrrr's WTC Ground Zero uncourteous disrespectful tourist morans rant

IF Drugs were legal and you had a time machine

DU Men and DU Gay Women

The For-Cryin'-Out-Loud of all CAPTIONS!!!!

no caps to CAPTIONing the pro-corporation activist


little family--mama's out hunting, left her babies in a safe place (mew!)

Do you have any racists in your family?

For the married DU women...did you take your SO's last name?

arab bombers on rhode isLand fLight?

Parents of Teens, Past and Present. I have a question.

Roses are red and violets are blue,

Any Buddhists Here?

Boston DUers: Suggest some places for a Tuesday Evening Happy Hour

Give Linda Ronstadt a few words of support.

oh... this is gonna be SO cool!!!

The Graham Norton Effect....

I'm allergic to seafood. Anyone else have weird allergies?

Hey Deadheads....the Dead are going to be on

Will you listen to Mike Malloy's new show on Air America Radio?

Bryan Singer to direct Man of Steel movie; X3 now in balance

So what do you think your last thought will be when you die?

I just watched "Ted Bundy" (who was a Republican)

Football Camp's a week away. Who's winning the Super Bowl?

Feral cat advisors: this is just killing me ---

My housecat/bobcat hybrid

My cat likes tomato sauce-do your pets like any weird food?

"Prolly" is not a word

What job would you have now if it was the one you picked as a kid???

Am I the only one who notices that DU is just like High School?

What music have you listened to lately?

Is it just me, or is the 'deserter' Wassef Ali Hassoun kinda HOT?!?!

Attention Evil Geniuses!

I think Betty Castor just won the Fla Dem Senate Primary

Howard Stern's Back On The Air In Orlando...

Action Alert! Never again. Act Now to Stop the Genocide in Sudan.

Joe Wilson has put up his own website, here"

Open Letter to my fellow Catholics in the U.S.A.

Campaign Ads Flood Key Battleground States

How can I get/make a temp Kerry/Edwards sign for my car?

BPW/USA Endorses Kerry-Edwards Ticket

Kerry 327, Bush 211

Small question,big issue:Kerry,foreign policy, and the UN.

Just when you think the Repukes can't stoop any lower

Dem's 2004 Platform

Time to act

Anyone hear about Lynne Cheney touting Cheney's humble/working class roots

Uh Oh Its getting Nasty: Cleland calls Chimpy a Liar

Frist ready to push through judicial nomination of William Myers

Minnesota - MPR Poll: Presidential race a dead heat

What do you make of this attack on Moore


AP blows the whistle on Edwards event

Kerry-Edwards plan pre-convention tours

So Nader's not going to accept Republican petitions but

Orlando Sentinel prints 5 letters about attack on Dean Dozen candidate.

This is the last week it makes sense to give to Kerry-Edwards.

Lighten Up & Laugh A Little Today. In High Praise of Mike Luckovich!

Kos: Opportunity to pick up retiring GOP seat in PA

Candidate's 15 year old daughter is doing his website.

Republican Ex-EPA Chief Criticizes Bush

How Is Kerry Doing In Comparison To Other Challengers

Georgia Senate Primaries - Can we get Majette in and McKinney back?

Regardless of who they plan to vote for more voters expect Kerry to win

Kerry actually doing something about vote theft!!

Have You Seen ANY Positive Bush Commercials?

How Big A Lead Will The Great Kerry-Edwards Team Have After The Convention

Bush campaign's interesting take on Sept. 11 Commission

If anyone wants to see some really cool grassroots democracy in action,

Michael Moore interview in Playboy

Could Kerry have some kind of "October" surprise up his

MediaMatters has a great page you must check out: Right Wing Squares!

Fantastic essay by Digby on Pragmatists versus Purists

Looking to volunteer - help?

Is Kerry Moving to the Right?

Hey, guess what? There is no "Re-Elect Bush" merchandise

Rove: "the good news for us is that Dean is not the nominee."

To Anyone Considering Voting For A Third Party Presidential Candidate

online tool to complain about indecency on tv: like FOX propaganda!

Kerry speech to NAACP

I don't want to offend anyone, but...

Did Cheney's ties to Iran prevent Bush from taking action?

The COMPLETE Democratic Platform

What 's going on in Arizona!!?--Bush up by 12-points

Just saw Bush ad that should have us worried

We May Pickup a House Seat from Pennsylvania: Support Ginny Schrader

Is Kerry Freedom Tour a Gimick OR Start of Real Grassroots Mobilization?

Finally bought Four Trials