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Archives: July 17, 2004

Walter Cronkite: GOP criticism of Edwards' 'inexperience' could backfire

Debunking Distortions About My Trip to Niger (Joe Wilson LTTE in WP)

Kristof: Jesus and Jihad (Why aren't Fundie Left Behind books criticized?)

F9/11- the TV series

News being hidden? ISP disconnects me when i link to sensitive AP story

Prosecutors charge yet another vote captain with bribery

Ulan Bator pins hopes on trans-Mongolian highway

How big of a deal is the UN oil for food program scandal? I havent heard

Preorder "The Future Dictionary of America" now!!!!!

freeper tendencies and a loss of rights

"Liberalism Regained: Building the Next Progressive Majority" . . .

There are at least fifteen serious investigations of the bush* admin

We're in for trouble if the election is close

1st he said "I was appointed by God" now its "God speaks through me"

Mario Cuomo: "Bush did not mislead....

Non Anglo-Irish-Scots-Welsh Presidents

Dean to be in Rome on Interdependence Day.

This is all about bringing a powerful woman down.

The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword

Bush is distorting a remark Kerry made at Radio City Music Hall .

US Congress backs TRA resolution - TW

Prime Minister of Iraq Kills Six Prisoners Himself

Jiang promises to attack Taiwan by 2020

Jiang (China) promises to attack Taiwan by 2020

holy damn, comedy central is having a weekend long South Park marathon!!

ZW's Burning Questions, #862: Does A Yak Get A Haircut?

Boy, did my eardrums take a pounding tonight!

My baby yak eats box turtles for breakfast!

Damn! This is some good ass cheese!

A day in the life of a liberal...

Is New York City worth the high cost of living?

BatBoy: The Musical!

Why do DU'ers become apathetic?

Did you know that Peter Bacanovic is gay?

Would you encourage your child to enlist?

I got kicked out of College today

Clinton 'instinct' axes Bush


Demanding Accountability for the Distortions

Editorial Reply to Edward's-bashing op ed in local paper

Bit by bit, Blair is forced to face the truth

Robert Fisk On Sovereignty, Martial Law, Continuing Violence in New Iraq

Joseph Wilson vs. The Right-Wing Conspiracy

Fiske- War on Learning -professors, deans, tutors targets in Iraq

LAT-Rumblings Are Felt at Base of Bush's Support

Wash Post: Demanding Accountability for the Distortions (read this!)

THE HOME AFFRONT: The abuse of our troops, the neglect of our veterans

On the road to the 2004 election (Red|Blue America)

Has The Butler Knifed Blair?

Debunking Distortions About My Trip to Niger (Wilson LTTE)

Why the media failed Americans

LAT: Sailing Toward a Storm in China by Chalmers Johnson

UK Guardian: Like Jeeves, this Butler's first language is Euphemism

League of his own:

U.S., world clearly are safer by Condi Rice

NYT: In Iraq War, Death Also Comes to Soldiers in Autumn of Life

If Bush were a Democrat

The Decline of America

Fury over Pentagon cell that briefed White House on Iraq's 'imaginary' al-

Ehrenreich: It's Over, Ralph

Guardian, " we don't do God".

Negative capability --- unique collection of Bush quotes in Harper's mag.

Anyone attending a Moveon party tonight?

Seen the Good Bush - Bad Bush T-shirt?

Our presence no longer ignored . . . Our voices no longer denied. vs. Clear Channel - HELP NEEDED!!!!

This is what passes for political discourse in Stockton (click link)

Have your references handy the next time a Rightie brings up the "Michael

DU's own nostamj on Air America Radio, re: QuestionW Revue - mp3 here

The Straight Scoop on Mike Malloy

Television network admits it lied about unauthorized biography

Today's Thought

On this day in history 7/17/04

Any other City of Heroes players?

Surfermaw updates us on her daughter...(not good news)

I believe I have my DU habit under control,

NYT - July 17th: PNC Financial to Acquire Riggs National

Hourly Pay in U.S. Not Keeping Pace With Price Rises

Expenses We Cannot Afford

Ariane launch with Anik satellite

The Bobby Lobby An interview with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.,

End of Joseph Kony in Sight, Says Army (Uganda)

Where pursuit of fairness highlights colour bar

I want to start using my 2nd Amendment rights; need advice

for those of you who like FN's some shiny new gun porn for you

NRA Election Day 2004 Raffle Grand Prize: Heston's "cold dead hands" rifle

Clothes dryers in the news

'DNA Fingerprinting' Trend Threatens Genetic Privacy, Due Process

I want to start using my 2nd Amendment rights; need advice

Looking at getting a firearm; advice please

More Spell-Check questions

Pop-Up Question

Question about missing thread

I want the Kerry hater/basher threads locked.

Arafat to Consolidate His Security Forces

Israel stops major suicide bomb attack

UN recants claim that IDF shot at convoy

Israeli war planes fly over Lebanon

Thousands protest appointment of Arafat nephew as security chief

The Maimed - NYTimes

BBC (Saturday): Gaza kidnappings trigger crisis (Qurei attempts to resign)

'Democratic' Racism: Parts 1 & 2

Bush in Illinois on Thursday

At DCF, push for privatization has degenerated into cronyism

Protest report from Tampa - with photos

Congressional races to watch...

Bush* coming to Cedar Rapids on Tuesday

Women's Events During DNC

Norm Coleman and Dick Cheny arm-in-arm.

blog by a Minnesotan (me)

We need to amend this section of the state Constitution.

Check out what happened in the newstalk forum

"Debbie & the Dems: @ Canal Street Tavern..attn. Dayton!

Ohio joblessness rose during June--Manufacturing sector lagging

Bush is coming to Kirtland Hills - July 30

Pittsburgh's Mini-Rush getting gastric bypass surgery

Bush quietly meets with Amish here; they offer their prayers

Its official - half of me is home - ask me anything

Anyone know what's up with Kohlenberg challenging Kennedy's sigs?

Any DUers goin' to the Dead show at Alpine??

A Spineless Award for Adam Smith

Remember Dukakis once led Pappy Shrub by 15%

Bernie Ward has Susan McDougal on NOW...

Torture and rumors of torture

If Kerry wins, do you think he'll get rid of ...

Susan McDougal on Bernie Ward 10 P.M. Pacific Time

Had to blow off my Repub date tonight....

The largest sunspot in recorded history is taking aim on Earth and is

Bush delivers ultimate put down of God - toon?

Possibility of military draft growing

Rumsfeld orders Missile Defense October 1, four weeks before election?

Fight sweatshop labor in the Olympics

Hey! It seems the Bahamas has fundie busybody losers, too!

Stop me if you've heard this one before...

Not disgusted by freepers enough yet?

RWers are ANGRY

Did anyone see NOW with Bill Moyer.....

Explain to me court martialing military cadets for using steroids.

Had anyone been a former Iran hostage I wonder if they would have done

Republican Sloganeering in Action

I'm watching "Sum of all Fears"

War Pres plans election strategy, caressing zippers on flight suit (humor)

Matt and Trey bring us TEAM AMERICA, theme song: Team America, F yeah!

Good Article: Where Is This 'SAFER' America?

Senior Sunni Cleric Calls For Holy War Against U.S.Forces In Iraq

Could the election terrorist attacks

Yoshi Tsurumi, Bush*'s prof. at Yale. what BUSH was like as a STUDENT

The Shady Bunch

My local news paper makes me sick...

Torturing & Raping Iraqi Children is O.K. people, remember 9-11?

FYI - Fuzzy numbers on 2004 Presidential Race Battleground State Match Ups

Bill Moyers on C-Span2 SUNDAY AT 9p.m. - Just a reminder.

The Republicans' greatest gift is ...

The torture of Iraqi kids, the Allawi murders, John Negroponte.......

How Confused are you?

Ring Of Fire (AAR) on NOW...

Neocon Republicans and Family Values

Whats going on with the limbaugh extravaganza?

US Torturing Children

Bill Moyers on Ring of Fire - AAR, NOW!!

Kerry ad on the NYT Home Page...

F9/11 AstroTurf?

Emmy nominee Brolin on Reagan role: "Whoah, here's Quasimodo"

Lies, Lies, Lies

Sir Elton attacks new 'era of censorship' in America

9:00 a.m. C- Span -ELECTION SECURITY (postponement)

Thomas Frank: How Kansans (and others) screw themselves by voting GOP

Attention Lawyers...

Fellow conservative says Hannity: "not the sharpest knife in the drawer"

Why is it I no longer read about our quest of Mars?

The next job downsizing victims. Developer related services.

"Native'" Vrs "Indian"

peace rally at the DNC ?

The pResident is a prophet

For DishNetwork users, 11AM EDT "Convoy of Death"

My letter to the editor my local paper

Lockdown at Los Alamos

Former HBS Prof Blasts Bush

We Don't Need No Stinking Conspiracy Theories

Bush shakes Asscroft's hand while Jebby applauds: bravo, Dubya, bravo.

Florida's Sec. of State (Hood) didn't pay her property taxes

Wait till they get a hold of this FCUK to host party during Dem convention

Bush is back to talking about sex slavery. What is really going on?

WOW! I'm buying Kansas, right NOW!

How Long Will Bush Voters Fall for the "Not His Fault" defense?

Saddam Defense Likely to Be Mix of Tactics

Democrats Assail New Medicare Drug Law

If Bush were a Democrat

Have you seen "Outfoxed?"

We are living in an oligarchy NOT a democracy.

Environmentalists Fear Anti-Wetlands Rules

U.S. to Withhold $34M to U.N. Fund

So Bush wants to debate values concerning children?

I just don't think that Kerry will go for the jugular

Ldotter says hispanics want "to rape your women"

The Good Old New York Times

U.S. Ambassador Optimistic at Iraq Future

As Expected, AFT Backs John Kerry Bid

Joe Wilson's LTTE/ WaPo- Debunking Distortions About My Trip to Niger

Fmr. Gov. George Busbee (D-GA) dies of heart attack at 76

Must-see programs on Book-TV (CSPAN-2)

OK kids, here is what a "Straw Man Arguement" really is.

Have you guys heard about this? ANOTHER repub hopeful went down in flames

Cokehead & Alcoholic GWB on instant gratification, irresponsible behavior

Another deluded Fundie: The things they don't know could fill a stadium...

So Cal DUers!

The next Bush campaign ad is out...

Celebritys the Repugs should run

Cheney says "Principle is okay up to a certain point,

Charges Dropped Against "Coward" Soldier

Do you think the whole GOP Plan to steal is headquarterd in Ga?

OMG I found Bob Boudelang Jr.

Peak Oil – Are they trying to break the news to the public gently?

Bush administration plans to scrap roadless-rule forest protections

Israel MAKING Turkey, India UPSET? Ooops..

My new quote for the day (and one I will use when I run for pres)

Ashcroft Says Patriot Act Got Child Porn Convictions

What would $123,034,145,032 do? (cost of Iraq war)

Dweedle Dumb and Dweedle Dumber in Minneapolis this morning

So I'm thinking about going to see Control Room AND The Corporation

Why do MS haters avoid questions about bush* and Harken?

Asbestos??? any legistation during w's tenure in the white house???

Jerry Falwell... anybody see this on Yahoo?

Is Kerry throwing a bone?

betty bowers' No CARB Diet

well, if there's no OFFCIAL Guy James Show thread.....

MoveOn serves legal papers on FoxNews

BUSH IMPEACHED (If he was a Democrat) modified dupe

Confusing reporting on recent allegations by Seymour Hersh

Join me for a little Dennis Miller smack-down:

smirk pardons 1/2 billion loan to Pakistan

Military support in bush dictatorship - loyal generals story

Bill Moyers on "Ring of Fire" this morning. PLEASE LISTEN!

McCain Praises Cheney As Rumors Swirl

Who has information about NAACP attack ad against *

Clear Channel's KFI goes after REPUBLICAN lawmakers in SoCal

Name a way in which America will crumble or utterly collapse:

Song on Stem Cell Research debate-Dream Theater

HELP - need links

Another Leak in the White House!

Kerry Backs Much of Pre-Emption Doctrine

shrub encourages teens not to blame others

Meanwhile, back in Iraq....

Is the U.S. Constitution dead for all practical purposes at the

Consider this about Kerry

Arnold Schwarzenegger Met With Ken Lay in 2001, and:

By What Standard Do We Allow Leadership?

Extreme Right Religious Right Extremers on the Extreme Right

Heads UP! Sen. Robert Byrd on Meet the Press tomorrow morn.

A story of a soldier and his family while on leave

Martha is the trial run for the "already suffered tremendously" sentence

A Kerry "Halo" Pic, Plus, My Imagination Or???

I found this article about the Bush family values

The "President Forever" game

Want to Reply to this LTTE?

Voting issue - Alabama (It's worse than you thought)

David Brooks is pissed about values - mostly John Kerry's values...

latest zero-paid users presidential poll

What's wrong with this country in a nutshell

Just saw my hero, Wellstone, on a docu about farming.

Geography of Economy?

Ground Zero Typo Caught After Two Years (The Smoking Gun)

get over it

Favorite Movies of Democrats and repugnantcans

Did you catch this from Thursday's "The Daily Show"

Pro-GOP Groups Outpaced In Funds (Great Piece!)

Where is the head banging smiley when you need it?

now the reupkes are desperate...digging up dirt on Edward's family

By Repukes' "Iraq standards", I had the best day of my life!

Cheney: Leahy "tried to put his arm around me"

Just saw man carrying bootleg DVD of F9/11 on Chicago "L"

My post to Readers' Opinions on New York Times

Screwed Over By An Employer...AGAIN!!!!

Iran Connections to 9/11 Attacks

This is classic..

heard on religious right broadcast,,R Byrd voted for FMA!!!!!!!!!!

Boston area DU'ers----PANTS ON FIRE mobile.

Here is my contribution-Please spread it far and wide

Bob Novak just called Al Hunt "radical"...

A picture is worth a thousand words.

just coming in - comission says that iran helped in 9/11 attacks

Look at photo on today's DU home page. Cover the nose. Bush or Brokaw?

This is the crap the righties believe...

The sweetest justice

Corrine Brown . . . explanation and video

Which is journalistically closer to the truth? F9-11 or cablenewsnetworks?

How the Bush racket will collapse

Did Corrine Brown actually break a rule?

Cheney visit to Minneapolis today

Just found this site... some WONDERFUL questions on it

Would as many progressive voters come out to stop State Marriage Amend . .

Who said these?

Looking for dueling OBL quotes from bush

Wouldn't it be something (a mini rant)

Here's A Thought

Is Bobby Fischer an anti-Semite?

official "Guy James Show" thread

"Surprising star of Kerry ad -- Edwards"

Iraq War Quiz

Money is seriously tightening up

Larry Flint Up Now On C-Span

Bush Pre-Emption Doctrine, Applied to Elections.

DU this poll -- it's worded well.

OK what site has the best anti bush bumperstickers...

I want the Kerry hater/basher threads to be locked.

PNAC-how they see us beat china's economy?

Kerry kite surfing?

Edwards Courts Hispanic Voters in Calif.

Handwriting on the wall

40 in Pa. GOP See 'Fahrenheit 9/11' Free

Rita "Bad Boys" COSBY: OBL "May be near death"

I love this line from Jim Hightower

Christian gamers: Strap on your armor of God and smite someone

What music will you play when Kerry wins?

how do I get ideas to the campaign

This thread needs wider dissemination

The biggest crime in American history and planes are grounded

Just got done watching Outfoxed

A just comparison of 2 men in 2 wars that calls me to apologize and act.

Bush and nuance. Bush and math. His ploy.

Good News from Zogby

Winds of war could lead to return of draft

End Soc. Sec & Medicare & employer provided benefits-GOP Cong. Ryan (R-WI)

DU Racism Toward Hispanics/Latinos

Oh My Sweet Baby Jesus ... We've Hit The Subversion Motherlode!

Rep. Corrine Brown Censured by U.S. Congress

Are You A Have Or A Have More?

"I cant go through an April bombing again" Michael at Abu Ghraib has this to say about the pre-emption doctrine headlines.

40 in Pa. GOP See 'Fahrenheit 9/11' Free

Whoopi Defends Bush Comments After Slim-Fast Firing

Sunday talk shows - FYI

"Michael Moore is a big stupid white man" debuts at #9 on the NYT

Fahrenheit 9/11 Breaks Into 2004 Box Office Top 10

40,000 Russians to Iraq -- smirk works a deal

Question about mass graves in Iraq?

Forgive me if this has been posted but i just saw this...

How many subscribed to "Martha Stewart Living" after her conviction?

Looks like Iran is in the on-deck circle

46% Say Kerry Will Win (Rasmussen)

Who's for keeping Barbara Ehrenreich and dumping Friedman?

U.K. DUers - how's the IRaq war reception doing there these days?

The dot com bubble.

40,000 Russian troops to Iraq? October surprise?

How do you feel about Kerry's beliefs on pre-emption?

Have you seen this person?

Earth...and Life

Heads up! C-Span has on ACLU conference..Seymour Hersh...

What should Kerry do after he is sworn in as President?

Arkansas to bu$h: be afraid

Help me rationally respond to this email PLEASE

Latest NYT/CBS Poll Numbers: ALL BAD FOR BUSH!

NYT: " a used car salesman..."

God Speaks Through Bush - It's official

Republican Rep. Greenwood: "Chance of DRAFT is ZERO."

Any links to Bushs milatry cuts?

What are we going to do if Bu$h and thugs let another attack happen?

Air America flyer (unofficial)

The last IRAQ justification is on life support (Blair Gvmnt fesses up)

The best thing about Peak Oil and the coming financial apocalypse is...

TIA Election Forecast Model Update

PLAME INDICTMENTS THREAD #9 High Crimes & Misdemeanors

If you are going to be in Maine next weekend be sure to come to the

Objects in the Mirror are closer than they look.

Trupiano and Al Martin must have received my e-mail

UNFPA and Bu$h Administration: Just saw on ABC News...

WEEKEND FUNTIME: Let's FReep the so-called "Christians"!

Mike Webb will return Monday, internet-only show on Sunday @3PM PST

Capitol Hill Blue

Medal of Honor Recipients Support President Bush (email)

Arms Suppliers Scramble into Iraq

Rep. Bob Ney - Partisan Hack Strikes Again Working on Coup 2004

Interesting concept from a caller to a normally RW station in Cleveland

DU's own nostamj on Air America Radio, re: ?W Revue - mp3 here

New Movie - Thinly Veiled Parody of Bush - Out Sept 17 vs. Clear Channel - HELP NEEDED!!!!

My problem with a lot of the criticism of Kerry from the dilletante left

Disgusting Fallujah F-16 war crime video

I saved my brother from being a republican

Okay, so I'm walking through my district

Kerry: helping to hide the criminality of the war from public awareness

Another view of immigration in the Southwest

Right-wing patient of mine...

What do you think a Republican utopia would look like?

I downloaded F911 from the internet.....sorry, but I am unemployed

From 1997-evidence of the systemic nature of US torture and abuse

Who was right on Iraq? Dean or Kerry?

U.S. Experts to Report on Darfur Killings Next Week

Endgame for king of chess, after 12 years on the run

Sen McCain - ID theft victim

Car Bomb Kills 1 in City South of Baghdad

Explosion in central Baghdad

Iran resumes Canada reporter case

4 Dead in Bomb Attack (Baghdad)

It's a done deal: Asbestos plan approved (Halliburton)

No 10 admits Hutton cover-up (With mentions of David Kelly... hmmm)

Rudd calls on Downer to clarify claims:Prime Minister Iyad Allawi

NYT:Moving Quickly,US Readying (Gitmo) Review Panels(DOD v civil lib grps)

Debunking Distortions About My Trip to Niger (Wilson LTTE)

El Paso Company announces Layoffs (400 jobs)

LAT: "Hope Is on the Way," Edwards Assures Latinos in Los Angeles

Angry Protest As Rosie's Cruise Arrives In Bahamas

NYT, pg 1: Young Right Tries to Define Post-Buckley Future

Democrats' official donkey delegate will be in Boston

Men charged with attack on gay man were found by cell phone

Gay-suit petition by GOP berated

U.S. Soldier Killed, Another Hurt in Iraq

Democrats Assail New Medicare Drug Law

Detainee Reviews Become the Routine

Jobless rate rises in Ohio

Saddam Defense Likely to Be Mix of Tactics

U.S. Ambassador Optimistic at Iraq Future (&other headlines)

Iraq Blast Kills 5; Philippines Withdraws

Gunmen pick off Baghdad councillors

(Republican) Labor Board denies grad student workers right to unionize

Journalist who reported on Allawi's alleged killings flees Iraq.

JonBenet overshadows important primary races for state House

Bic to reveal layoff schedule

Dweedle Dumb and Dweedle Dumber in Minneapolis this morning

Arafat to Consolidate His Security Forces

NYT: Kerry Outlines Plans to Improve Intelligence Gathering

Elton John attacks 'censorship' in US

Violence hinders Afghan political freedoms

Bush Defers Decision on CIA Chief

U.S. Addiction to Foreign Oil Deepens

Libya Threatens to Sue U.S. Secretary of State for Calling It 'non-Democra

Barclays closes BNP accounts after secret film exposes racism

U.S. plans to build (30,000 lb) experimental bomb

Kerry Backs Much of Pre-Emption Doctrine

"Kerry Backs Much of Pre-Emption Doctrine"

GOP to spread political word to area pastors

WP: Poverty Tightens Grip on Miss.Delta: Number of Young Rural Poor Rises

Former CIA director used Pentagon ties to introduce Iraqi defector

Accusations of Voter Intimidation in Fla.

Iraq Amnesty Excludes Killers of Americans - Envoy (Negroponte)

Prankster Uses Plastic Wrap as Road Trap in Wisconsin; Two Motorists Hurt

Accused U.S. Army Deserter Says He's Ready to Return to Japan

Out of the shadows: the rise of Baghdad’s new hardman

Vapors a risk to workers at Hanford, inquiry finds

Most experts who promote cholesterol lowering drugs have made money from p

NYT: In Iraq War, Death Also Comes to Soldiers in Autumn of Life

Armstrong Clears Path to Sixth Tour Title

Kerry whirlwind seeks to sweep all before it

Capitol Hill Blue

WP: President Is Still Mum on Agenda For Second Term

Car Bomb Targets Iraqi Justice Minister in Baghdad, Killing Five,

Elton attacks 'bullying' US regime

NYT: As Police Use of Tasers Rises, Questions Over Safety Increase

WP: Edwards Is Praised as Able Stand-In for Kerry on Stump

N.Korea Is Bigger Threat Than Iraq, Clinton Says

Hostage crisis challenges Philippines ties (to US)

NYT New Reports Again Question Whether Iraq Sought Uranium in Niger

VP Cheney woos Cedar Valley Republicans

India Teachers Accused of Fleeing Fire

Butler Report on WMD was Watered Down to Protect Blair

NYT: Hourly Pay in U.S. Not Keeping Pace With Price Rises

Bush extends values debate to children

Bush lauded by Medal of Honor winners

Satellites will track 5,000 of the worst criminals in Britain

Bergs press for answers from U.S.

I'm like Mandela: Martha Stewart

Germany to drop 9/11 plot charges

Attorney General warned Blair on legality of war

Iraq: I Wouldn't Have Backed Blair - Howard

WP: Minn. GOP Asks Activists to Report on Neighbors' Politics

C.I.A. Sends Terror Experts to Tell Small Towns of Risk

Elderly Cubans starve as drought brings cut in rations (* creates famine)

Weak GM Sales Cast Shadow Over Industry

Unions Plan to Picket Site of Republican Convention

US cancels $495.3m Pakistani debt

Governor Angered by 'Chaos' Over Budget- Schwarzenegger berates Democrats

9/11 Commission Finds Ties Between al-Qaeda and Iran (Time Magazine)

Schwarzenegger urges voters to throw out 'girlie-men' lawmakers

Bumper stickers call Kerry 'bin Laden's man'

Pilot who dropped atom bomb on Nagasaki dies

No. 2 Is Making His Contribution by Talking Up the No. 1

Democratic candidate Kerry vows to maintain US troops in Iraq for years

Dictator sues British 'coup plotters'

Iran Arrests Iranian Al Qaeda Backers - State TV

PM admits graves claim 'untrue' (UK)

Fallujah: Inside the Resistance

WaPo: Allbritton Loses Riggs Bank (front page, day 3)

I'm a Neanderthal Man,

I need to make an apology to everyone here on DU...

Why does LBN remind me of Philip K. Dick lately?

I got a cool new button tonight!

God speaks through my big toe!

Who likes Maddox?

I was in a "spy" store today..

More out of touch rapper: P. Diddy or Dr. Dre?

who else thinks "Bad Lieutenant" is not just a masterpiece, but funny?!

Late night DU roll call

Cheney cursing GOOD, Whoopi cursing BAD

Can't sleep - Aliengirl will eat me

Can't sleep. I just ate.

Can't sleep.The Bushies will get me !!!

So a couple cannibals are having Clowns for dinner,

NCAA Footall 2005!

Why have the Canadians taken over the Lounge?

Any 'This Old House' fans here?

Watching Fahrenheit 911 right now!

Mozilla security patch update today.

YES! - I finally told them off

Sharpest knife in the drawer?

Scottish name: Whiteside..... Tartan?

Daughter of the year award!

Had to blow off my Repub date tonight....

Can't sleep - Need to eat Peter Bacanovic

DU Web Programmers - Avant Browser/JavaScript question

I'm off for a weekend of debauchery and poor judgement...

Can't sleep, katherine Harris will eat me.

Do YOU Feel Sorry For Megadeth? (The Poll)

So I bought some film last night...

Hamilton Abandons! Riders coming off the back like parts off a Hoopdie


Bass Players... Who's that guy?

Check out my Bush bumper sticker

Wanna join me for breakfast. Just made 2 fried...........

healthy CAPTIONs make Healthy Choices

Spooky angered at fly on food bowl, injures brother, montana...

Bush's new claim

LBN - The Earth really is the center of the Universe

uh-oh, here we go again...

"shrink" experience

how can dennis miller get away with it and whoopi cant ?

Happy Birthday southerngirlwriter!

smile and CAPTION to all the little people

Listening to some RATM right now.

the Bohemian Grove reminder of all CAPTIONs

Who do you feel safer with?


More evidence that Dale Earnhardt, Jr. rocks

I trust that Andy Kaufman speaks through me. Ibbi-da!

ok - movie directors who JUMPED THE SKANK

watch this flash immediately!

What is the toughest thing you have ever done?

What is the most snobbish northerner food?

What Spartan have you kilt?

Am I a campy character on DU?

And God Said

Has everybody been especially deluged with spam in the last few days?

I just came back from the COOLEST movie experience

DU Journalists/writers - what are your strengths/weaknesses

Curious George is at it again

Manchester England..Hair soundtrack

Dedicate a song to someone you love!

I trust that God speaks through me. Ask me anything!

CAPTIONs don't belong where heads have tread

Favorite Type of Beer

This is just plain FUNNY!


I know nought a person has asked,

Run! It's an alien!

Why is it that the only time I buy junk food is when a coworker sees me?!

Hey, VelmaD, did you write this?

I can't wait for the Repug Conv in New York this Aug

Weed: Would you date somebody who smokes you?

Can Bush walk on water?

How can I access Air America Radio online?

I dated some yuck last night

Cheney, what is best in life?

Dubya goes after the Obese vote

Do you DU?

EVIL DEAD: The Musical (Strange, but true)

DarkPhenyx is just a big 'ole meanie...

George W. Bush USPS Stamp

How tall are you? Would you rather be taller or shorter?

Did you hear? They finally found Shrubs brain....

Could we be getting ready for the Big Quake?

Things I saw today at the county fair

Short people got no reason to live.

Do all these pot threads make you want to get stoned tonight?

OUCH! This hurts, I mean in more than one way

Hey CanuckAmok - you round these parts?

Instant Messenger programs - which is the best?

And now... the obligatory picture from "Half Baked"...................

The "My Pet Goat" reviews on Amazon are really on a roll...

OK, Maybe I'll have more luck here...

I am so fucking tired...

I wish they made shopkeeper chow

Bill and Hillary just STROLLED by my house!

Some box turtles have moved in down the street....

I'm looking for a song.

"How many lives per gallon?" I saw this bumper sticker in an Austin

Did somebody say ...C O N G A ?????

For fun - if you wanna dispell/reinforce any Canadian myths ask away

I want to start using my 2nd Amendment rights; need advice

Speaking of Obnoxious Bumper Stickers

I think thigh meals are repressive to chickens

Does Bush=Biff in Back to the Future?

I ate some duck last night

You have to go See---- I, Robot!! It was a great movie!

Do very "good looking" people have an easier ride?

Jetta owners advice please.

Did * really say this???:

Bob Boudelang Goes to F9/11--AGAIN

Caption: Rove's attitude to America

Ok- Movie Directors who JUMPED THE SHARK

I wish I had a picture of this...

WoooHoooo Ernesto hits 1000! And I'm not talkin' bout posts!

In My Vision

check out this site. HILARIOUS

Caption: George is pissed at Johnnie and Johnnie feels sad

Electric Bill

mmmmmmmmJudas Priest remastered

Does anyone watch "American Casino"?

Guitar geeks, rejoice with me - my Les Paul is back from the dead!

Favourite Mockumentary

What responsible parent would allow this?

red hot box turtle on box turtle action

Favorite Type of Bear

Look at today's DU home page photo and cover the nose. Bush or Brokaw?

Congratulations stickdog!! 10,000 posts

The adverse effects of excessive chemical stimulation (PICTURE)

Want to make your own Bush/Cheney bumperstickers??


About the little blue "Lobby" house above...what's the rent on that?

Is there a pool on FUDick yet?? I pick day 2 of the Dem convention

I have to make a confession

Lethal Weapon (1 - 4)

Well, my interest in Trey Parker & Matt Stone's "Team America" just faded

The truth about Hollywood

buying gold coins

ignorant mac user - trying to listen to itunes radio get "network stalled"

July 25th Sunday, LUAU at the OPIs, open to all DUers in town

Bumper sticker I have been seeing around Houston...

I Want To Learn .Net! How Do I Go About It?

Man I feel guilty

Bad movie, but beautiful 'actress'

John Kerry or K/E bumper sticker

Should all chess players be thrown in prison?


So what do you guys plan to do today

The one time I had my mom do my laundry I've lost my Wellstone shirt!!!!!!

Does Murdoch own DirecTv?

Favorite Type of Beer

I lost my link to the gallery.

Boyfriend-girlfriend fight - Different twist


Would You Date Somebody Who Had A Problem With You Smoking Weed?

Have you watched the 4400?

A Letter From Trixie

I want to become trilingual.

Would you smoke weed on a date with somebody?

NRA Election Day 2004 Raffle Grand Prize: Heston's "cold dead hands" rifle

HBO pretty much still sucks.....

Anyone else watch "Some Like It Hot" tonight on TCM?

Ads/Previews that shouldn't be shown before certain shows?

I bought my third Sevendust CD today.

California DU'ers - have a tax question.

Let's get the DU Saturday night party started right

Anyone play Euchre?

I'm going to watch "Alice's Resteraunt" @ 11:15

Wow - George Winston's new CD of Doors' tunes is COOL!

Off to see Sonic Youth...

What is the grossest food you've witnessed someone eat?

urban ohio from space at night.

Actually had an excellently made Caipirinha last night!

"Viva Bush"???? WTF is this???

Obligatory Green Motorcycle Post

Stuffed green peppers, fresh corn on the cob

I'm taking Bill Clinton to bed with me

Sealab 2021: Who stole my Happy Cake Oven!

Discuss the cinematic importance of the "Poison Ivy" trilogy

Rouge Bialy Bleu

I'm listening to Sarah Vaughan

I'm listening to Sarah Vaughan

Boston DUers - I'm jealous of ya

Which movie do you plan to see/have seen this weekend?

So... that "Megalomaniac" song by Incubus is getting mighty popular...

Last night I found lipstick on my water glass in a restaurant!

I've just watched "Monster."

How do you overcome an allergy to cats.

Metallica. It's over, right? After "St. Anger," it's pretty much over.

What do ya say to a DU fiction writing exercise?

Why is the song called "Suffragette City"?

uggghhh, just saw Roger Daltrey doing an "Infomercial"

How long before the Poker fad dies?

FYI - Extreme South Park, 25 Most Outrageous Episodes continues

i loved no doubts "return to saturn" - anyone else i should listen to?

Settle a bet:


Who wants to lose to me again this year in DU Fantasy Football?

Kazaa Lite is down, perhaps for good.

why do some guys wear tee shirts in the summer?

Fight Club - Raves, Rants and Reviews (Some spoilers*)

Can't sleep. Clowns will eat me.

Any John Mellencamp Fans??

Caption: The privileged ones

What's the STRANGEST thing you've ever done?

Does anyone else like the "Weatherbug" that came with AIM

I bought a 5-votive-candle holder for my bedroom wall today.

A Saturday night HOWDY to everyone!

My cat loves my laptop

Would you date somebody who smoked weed?

My triglycerides are 972. Ask me anything.

Caption the chimp in the pressure cooker

Voeckler retains the Maillot Jeune!

Parents - am I really out of touch?

Kitten question

My neighbor is a night mower

nostamj's "Question W Revue" was on Laura Flanders

The Four Seas in Hyannis - who knows it and loves it?

I think high heals are oppressive to women


I'm now at 9,000 posts! WHOOOO-HOOOOO!

Are the French as Rude as everyone says?

A trip to the aquarium.

Cell phone madness starting younger and younger these days

Pete Seeger on NPR tonight and I wept.

Who will win the British Open?

DU Writing exercies results

Political Geocaching it REALLY losing to the fat ass loud mouth guy???

October Surprise: 2 from 1: Poll booster AND bad news cover

I need a reverse Kerry/Edwards '04 bumper sticker.

Awesome CBS/NYT Poll numbers!

FYI: 2004 Presidential Race Battleground State Match Ups

News From the Front: Protestors Un-Welcome * to Florida

Air America Fan Site

2004 Democratic Party Platform Now Online

Bobby Fischer detained?? Dick Cheney must be next.

Special Report: Terrorism and the election: No postponement, just bedlam

Should we talk about good things Kerry will do in letters-to-the-editor?

An honest question about the election

Who will be volunteering to help their Democratic Comm. with Fall Election

Interesting Nader Web Site

NYT: Seeking Voters Through Habits in TV Viewing

Were we as vigilant about fair voting in 2000 before the debacle?

Teresa Heinz Kerry -- unscripted on the trail (good article for most part)

Great Democratic Party Accomplishments

WARNING: Not for the squeamish: W '04 Farm Ranch Team

what is happening in California?

"If it feeds good, do it; if you've got a problem, blame somebody else."

On the local 10:00 news tonight: Kerry kite-surfing off Nantucket

John Kerry's Statement on Iraq Before the War. A MUST READ!

When I get that feeling- I want SEXUAL ACTIVISM! (Daily thread- 7/17)

Latest NYT/CBS Poll: ALL BAD for Bush


Dems choose Swifty as 'official donkey'

GOP polling firm says undecideds likely to break for Kerry!!

List of FL counties that will be using touchscreen machines in Nov!

Bush* Strengths

No need to DU this Poll

Attn Clarkies and everyone -- Help Take Back the House!

37% Democrats, 29% Republicans.

Time to give to Kerry-Edwards is within the next week.

"The Kerry You SHOULD Know," Tom Oliphant (Prospect) - MUST READ

Best Kerry ad ever!

Former Rivals Expected to Support Kerry (delegate info)

Psyched! Some of my old Kucinich comrades are on their way over.

Was Ted Kennedy right to vote against the IWR...