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Archives: July 16, 2004

Bob Herbert (NYT): Bush's Not-So-Big Tent

Inside the Brain of a Republican

Salon: The case of the missing Bush documents

Activists guide to the RNC convention

Hashimoto linked to shady 100 million yen from dental group

Prepare for post-Koizumi era

Largest Buddha to be built in India, tourists hoped for

China convicts Taiwanese `spy'

"end of awb makes it likely that military rifles will once again be legal

Looking for old thread: top 10 reasons

What do you think of the Demoulas Market Basket Stores?

Is Russ expected to win re-election?

Tomorrow's Friday! Wonder what bad stuff is coming out about

Technology, DU, and major political events....

Rep. Brown's comments on the House floor coming up on MSNBC

The IAEA challenges Britain to produce the goods on uranium from Africa.

Where is Kerry Going to be Tomorrow?

John Kerry on CSPAN NOW 12 am eastern

If you want to watch Rep. Brown's statements on the floor of the

Kerry: "This president has a problem with the truth."

Does anybody know what the SAFE Act is?

Technical Glitches In "Outfoxed" DVD?

Statistical Analysis of Polling Data

How do you get convention guest passes?

1st Amendment question....

presidential debates scheduled

"Christian soldiers for the Bush campaign" Blumner, St. Pete Times.

I turned David Letterman's on late. I caught the Kerry/Edwards

Does anybody know what the SAFE Act is?

I dare you to find a dumber LTTE than this one!

I can't vote for Kerry: "God only gave us 3% of the oil."

Why the Hell is it O.K for Dennis "Turdball" Miller....

My chair got kicked at F9/11 when I yelled Amen during

Who's lying? Dennis Kucinich or Peter Camejo?

Wishing The Powers That Be a swell Cremation of Care 2004!

Bush Email to Gore: "This Internet of yours is a wonderful invention."

UN: Norway is the best place to live in the world

Report: Kerry's concert during DNC could take place after all

Burundi rebels massacre 15

U.S. presence in grillings unfair scrutiny?

The envoy who said too much - Jamal Mirsaidov, Uzbekistan

Cigarette lighter prompts bomb scare at Tokyo subway station

US fires back at China over Taiwan

China snorts at Western concern for human rights

Olympian blow for environment

11% of Presidential Voters Have Seen Fahrenheit 9/11

U.S. Won't Turn Over Data for Iraq Audits -WP

Thursday night D.U.L.L. Thread...You can only ask yes or no questions

A poem for the soul

Well we movin on up

Joke I made up that killed in the computer programming department today

Check out this funny flash (it really is hilarious)!

About the La Raza lady with her hand on Kerry's shoulder in this photo...

TV shows that never jumped the shark.

Tired of scams! Anyone Know a GOOD Work @ Home Job?

Do any of you use alternative energy sources for your home?

Do you own an SUV?

Are there any parties the weekend before the convention?

High on sex

I discovered something about DUers

Teresa Heinz Kerry talks with cancer patients

Okay I now have Two Kerry signs in the front lawn

Great cartoon in my local paper yesterday about Bush and AIDS

Sudan's Ravines of Death

In Iraq, the Most Coveted Item Now Is a Passport

the shifting sands

Fitting the Military to Reality (368,900 U.S. troops in 120 countries

WSJ: Scientists Take To the Streets Against Bush

E.J.Dionne, doing an Atwater on Kerry,

Kurowski--great article with one glaring error ...

NYT- The Stinky Tobacco Deal (yesterday's 'buy out')

Howard Dean: 'Bush hurts standing in world opinion'

Suicide no.1 cause of death in IDF

WSJ's Al Hunt: Bagging Bin Laden

Slacker Friday - Eric Alterman

Eric Alterman: Wrong Again

Learn The Code

Citing Falwell's Endorsement of Bush, Group Challenges His Tax-Exempt Stat

President Bush is our Lincoln

NewRepublic - Power from the People

'Remember the last time you shouted like that?' I asked the spin-doctor

Doing an Atwater on Kerry

Another Thomas Frank article

Thomas Frank in NYT: Amendment was a masterpiece of strategery

What is Kerry really going to do when he owns Iraq and can't sleep


NY Times Says It is Sorry

'Terror' on Election Day! by James Ridgeway

Bashing Joe Wilson (Corn/Nation)

UK and U.S. 'Must Learn from Iraq Crisis'

This is the Fight of Our Lives

LTTE today's South Bend Trib: "Saddam, Clinton share qualities"

The Honorable Ms. Brown's response to the striking of her remarks

NeoCon Mylroie chided CIA & State Dept., praised GWB pressure to war

Kevin Phillips: How Kerry can win


Saddam in Eagle's Clothing...

Stealing the Election in 2004: Steve Moore

Morford: Why Hookers Love Republicans


Antiwar Group Settles Dispute With Company on Times Sq. Ad

Air America Radio Ring of Fire to have Bill Moyers on Sat morning

Nordstrom drops Hannity ad--We did it DU!

For the insomniacs...

Today's Thought

On this day in History 7/16/04

Inflation Continues to Outpace Wages in June

Oceans Slow Global Warming at a Price, Study Says

EPA Pondering Legal Action Against 22 Utility Companies On Coal Burning

2,500 Farmed Atlantic Salmon Escape In British Columbia

My email to Lights of America about compact fluorescents' quality

Agency Seeks to End Gray Wolf Protection

Europeans Shiver, Wait For Summer - AP

350 a day could die in Sudan, UN says

Dueling for the NRA Vote

We need more gun posts.

wow, it seems like the posts here are exponentially more busy than other

Elderly woman puts intruder to sleep with milk, banana, stories and photos

here's an idea: let's embrace the notion of a "Big Tent" website

Is "Open Carry" legal in California?

GUNS IN THE NEWS--July 16, 2004

The Black Panthers on gun control

So You're Not Happy to See Me...

Queston about Donor privilages?

I just want to second WillPitt's comment/question.

Suggestion: Post Ms. Brown's stricken remarks on the home page

It's time to move to defcon II

Campaign: 2004 Question

My turn to beat on the dead horse

well, my gast is flabbered...

The error message has an error

And to continue beating Will's dead horse...

You might want to correct attribution in top article on home page

Guess who's coming to dinner ??

why did I have my post deleted??

Air America - could they give DU a link or web-ad?

Why was there a selective deletion of posts in the anti-arab thread?

And I thought I needed a day off ( A Picture Story)

BBC (Friday): Palestinian police chief released after abduction

Protestant Group Divests from Israel, equating with apartheid

Arafat tells al-Aksa Brigades to ban UN's Larsen

What would be the result of declaring a sovereign Palestine?

UN envoy "not welcome" in Palestine

Bad News from Israel

The ICJ vs. Israel

Israel refuses to say sorry

Arafat cannot be buried in Jerusalem

PNC declares state of emergency in Gaza Strip

Kerry Brother in Israel

Rumsfeld Directs Missile Defense to Operate Oct. 1

None of the above?

GOP courts Haitian Americans

Polk County fundraiser with MoveOn's Brendan McCarthy tomorrow.

The Anthrax/Patriot Act Timeline

Bush & the Unification Church

Willie Brown files to seek State Insurance Commissioner post

Tammy Bruce's racist comments last night

Isn't there anything going on in this state?!

Great article in Globe by Meehan. I like this bill!

Cellucci stepping down. Timing questionable.

Nader Shuns GOP Help on Ballot Access

$500 a ticket for Frampton - er, Kerry

Kerry campaign opens six county office in New Philadelphia

What does everyone think about Karen Hallbrook?

What does everyone think about Karen Hallbrook?

Voinovich Leads In Fund-Raising

SW Ohio - Take Note

Diebold machines halted for for 2004 in Ohio

Time for another Buckeye head count

Specter tops Hoeffel in fund-raising

Central PA - Take your GOP friends to see F 9/11 FREE

Reich speaking in Northampton Co. Sat. 7/17

Rec'd this announcement re : Harris County Convention Watch Party 7/29

Perry & his rivals build warchests

Bill Clinton watching party in Clear Lake July 26

Anyone know how to get Democratic convention passes?


Revolution: Why It's Necessary - Why It's Possible - What It's All About

What's the Matter With Kansas?

The SAFE Act. Couteracting the Patriot Act.

THe SAFE Act. Countering the Patriot Act.

Several passengers fall ill aboard Southwest Airlines flight to BWI

Is anyone else having problems accessing DU tonight?

Get Yours Today: The 'Bush Is My Homie' T-shirt

RNC convention infiltrator report...


something is not right at LBN

Whats going on? I can access LBN and now I'm having trouble posting?

The SAFE Act. Countering the Patriot Act.

Not enough poll bumps for us

Are Your Republican Family Members Becoming Insulting Or Abusive?

Has Right Wing Ideology Torn Your Family Apart?

Just got a spam mail dissing Teresa Kerry from The Scoop.

The lies of George W.Bush's great ally John W. Howard (Australia)

Saw the Daily Show clips about Talking Points on the replay

help me, i'm the new guy...


First Lady-Marley fan

FOUND: Kryptonite issue against Re-pukes

Ann "Coulter"? - let me guess where her name comes from...

Case dropped against U.S. soldier initially accused of cowardice

"The high office of President has been used to foment a plot "

A thought about the next Al Quaida attack on the U.S.

Coalition active duty deaths 1012

John McEnroe

this Kerry-Edwards "gay" thing is out of hand

Attacks By Loved Ones For Being Liberal?

Here's a juicy tidbit Bernie Ward just mentioned...

Missing nuk-leare data disks

Where do we go from here?

Drudge: "Black Power?"

You know what makes me feel alittle better... with all of our talks about

Romney's (Mass governor) first name is WILLARD... no wonder

Jimmy Breslin: As the List Grows, Bush is Unmoved

Here's the page on CNBC for McEnroe's show...

Ha Ha! Ted Koppel defends Journalists over F9/11...

Why in hell is Bush's father supporting Ken Lay?

Rove says Kerry thumbed his nose at US troops (pic)- seriously

Todays Show - Martha. The press is already lining up at...........

Why did Cheney ask Tom Daschle not to call for an inquiry into

Here is the newest Cheney spin from the RW chenying nuts...

This is not a joke, nor is it sarcasm...

Anti-Gay Amendment Question

Was Saddam tortured ??

Bill Press is co-hosting on Unfiltered this morning

What do think the next country to blow up in a war will be?

Lamb is frustrated. He has rabid rightwinger Carr on. Apparently ALL the

Claim: Teresa Heinz Kerry donates millions to 'fringe political groups'...

I thought "Healthy Forests" was going to prevent huge forest fires

Zogby: Kerry Gains, Bush Slumps In Ohio

Health tax on unwholesome food is proposed in Sweden

Penis Penis Penis Penis Penis Penis

10:41am "Unfiltered":ARIANNA HUFFINTON with a very interesting discussion.

ABC's The Note: Kerry writing his acceptance speech HIMSELF.

Halfway to being an American family

The FUNNIEST Flash Movie!!!!

The vote was a stinging defeat for the Bush Administration-GOOD NEWS!!!

It's NEWS DUMP Friday!!!

By insisting Cheney is staying, the Bushies means they're dumping his ass.

House Curbs Loans for Offshoring Firms (Go, Bernie, go!)

Would Wellstone be alive today if he signed the black caucus' election

Kerry Promises Teachers Big Spending

Who would make a good Senate Majority Leader?

Nader Shuns GOP Help on Ballot Access

Should the residents of Jap Road in Beaumont, TX, change its name?

Bush Heads to Suburbs Seeking Votes

Barbara Walters to Talk With Martha Stewart About Sentence

THEY HAVE PEGGED IT -- talking heads have figured it out

"President Bush is our Lincoln"

We ARE Freedom, so we don't have to DO freedom. I get it now.

Excellent cartoon

Bush Wants Ore. Assisted Suicide Law Axed (Darned interfering federal gov)

An endorsement I think Bush can do with out. . .LOL--very desperate!

Thinking about sending this letter to the editor. (The FMA)

Congresswoman Brown Speaks Out on the House Floor

Deadly Accurate Insights from the Past

5 months for Martha!

Impeach Bush

Up by the bootstraps, or playing with statistics?

Why are the Freepers so OBSESSED with Hillary?

LA Times Letter: Wingnut Restaurant

Decision not to show 'Fahrenheit 9-11' sparks protest

Box Turtles: This Year's Yak?

the shifting sands

Allawi shot inmates in cold blood, say witnesses

Who Says Kerry Is The "Most Liberal"

White House Disappointed in Philippines

"WHOOPIGATE" - Who'll be the first rightwing shill to coin the phrase?

Look who _won't_ be on John McEnroe's show

I ordered OUTFOXED on Wednesday......

Kerry leads in Florida/New Poll

Kerry gains ground in WI, OHIO, and NM: Zogby Poll

Fascist Fridays with Brian Lamb. What a treat!

Martha must not be a DUer...

Met a Bloomberg Journalist: Here's what happened...

Iraqi Catholic mother's prayer before her son's recent wedding

John Edwards takes his wife to Wendy's on their anniversary every year.

Arkansas swinging Dem!

MARTHA is the only "SEC transgressor" WHO MADE THE MONEY ON

TIA reports. You decide. Are the CNN, AP, FOX polls trustworthy?

OK, DUers...I am curious about TheDailyShow's audience numbers.

GOP Congressman asks FEC for ruling on his if his fiance can campaign

Terry Gross on NPR yesterday.

USA: The Movie

I am a Proud Coonass

Freepers delight in an authoritarian regime

RW talk radio on Edwards' two Americas....'he wants 2 Americas'

The 2012 Democratic Primaries

Hypothetical: Should I Go To Jail? Should My Friend?


Martha's complete list of campaign donations

How does it feel to be lectured about marriage when divorce rate...

Orders from Military to Our Soldiers....Must Read...

Al Franken says Rush Limbaugh promotes racism.

Al Franken says Rush Limbaugh promotes racism.

Don Imus attacks Hillary and Bill and dems 'just take it'

Any old farts like me remember Election 1972?

I propose this Constitutional Amendment

Legal Help Needed

Are there going to be widespread exit polls on Nov. 2?

"Tinfoil hat option on table?" (editorial credits Web board "tinfoilers")

Are WalMart commercials on TV a regional thing?

What is your stance on government-recognized marriage/civil unions?

Dudge is Carrying the Iraq Prime Minister -Execution Story

Ken Lay's and Bush*'s lawyer gives all political donations to Democrats

What is Rove to do yet another poll showing Kerry leading in FL

Need graphic Iraq war images

W is a "backdoor" man

"Democracy in the Balance" . . . by Bill Moyers . . .

Martha: I am going to prison but BUY STOCK in my company...

BUSH giving THE FINGER to a DUer gets into print!

Hey Martha has been sentenced. . .now she can tell everyone FU!


"With Martha Stewart Behind Bars, the American People are Saferer"

Right Wingers now actively trying to get nader on the email to

Florida voucher school principal once tried for murder. Good job, Jeb.

Anyone know if "OutFoxed" will be available for rent anywhere?

Coming out of the Closet? (I've seen 5 Dem cars in 4 days in Dallas)

Improving Impressions-at 6/17 start of book tour, Clinton's approval is62%

Kos: SMH: Allawi apparently thinks he is the new dictator of Iraq

Martha gets 5 months, a cruise, and a spot on Jeopardy

James Woolsey complicit in Iraqi disinformation campaign prior to war ...

Democrats December surprise

Four on Ethics Panel Accepted DeLay Money

What's this about a cowardice charge against someone with panic attacks?

Does everybody agree that Sy Hersh is the best journalist our

Jeremy Siegel "Tradesports" projections: Kerry 291, Bush 247

Outing of Nick Berg's parents?

Things bush* is not ... including a tree Ugggh

go fuck yourself is on cnn

I hope the Plame indictments are withheld for awhile.

"visitors to the Bush site get two tracking data files, called cookies,"

Is the commission of a cruel and barbaric act including possibly

Video Corrine Brown telling off republicans in congress

Worse than Watergate...a MUST read..just got mine yesterday

So, is F.U. Cheney gonna dump Dubya from the ticket??

How is AirAmerica doing so far? I read a post here....

Aren't those Wingers Patriotic? (Sarcasm)

If B* loses in November, who gets a pardon..........Ken Lay?

What will happen to America if bu*h gets re-Selected?

DNC Out In Force in Minneapolis MN Streets

An Antipathic Word On 'F-911'

2004 and the Constitution's last gasp

What ever happened to all of the dollars the GOP wanted children to send

E.J. Dionne interview.....

TOON Supplement - Lukovich: Edwards acting Vice Presidential

The Congressional Black Caucus and the 2000 election -- IMPORTANT QUESTION

Help me with a Winger at Work!

It gets worse for potential Obama opponent Barthwell--she is an addict.

What happened to that $87 billion dollars that Bush criticizes Kerry for..

Who saw Howie Carr smirking over Kerry's wealth on C-SPAN this AM?

If Bush had courage and conviction, he would have spoken in front of NAACP

"Family Oriented" Disney promotes Right Wing Hate Radio:

U.S. Moving Weapons Out of South Korea

as a result of F9'11...I got a new Credit card and sold out my

Please, please, please! Tell me the GOP is behind this Website. . .

Bush loses support of a MAJOR neocon!

Top Senate fund-raisers bring in millions

Allawi Shot Inmates in Cold Blood, Say Witnesses

One of the main reasons I listen to Randi Rhodes

3 days of progressive debate July 27-29, Take Back America.

Fox News Chief John Moody - The Memos which prove the bias here...

Chimp's military records, microfilm, Denver...

It's obvious that there's RW talking points. But who writes them?

Mothers Opposing Bush (MOB)

Allawi Shot Inmates in Cold Blood, Say Witnesses

11% of Presidential Voters Have Seen F- 9/11

9/11 report to propose big changes, panel members say

Lastest Repub BS chain-letter debunked ("Tides", Heinz-Kerry)

Oldest living WWI vet dies? Could this be him?

Surprising man-on-the-street views

House Votes to Block Aid for Saudi Arabia

The Washington Post is STILL hiding 1000s of Torture photos...COVERUP!!!

Arizona's Model Clean Money Law Under Attack

Wonkette: Bush calls Identity Theft a crime of "stealing."

News from Iraq has all but disappeared.

SO Canadians - do you think anyone WILL end up carrying AlJazeera?

Yet Another Response To Right-Wing Email (Bush's Accomplishments)

A question about Polls......

NYT: "We Were WRONG"

How powerful is the vast, right-wing sound machine ?

Another poll to DU Bomb

Trespass Charges Dropped Against Bush Protesters

Party-Anonymous Political Ads

What will be the July 29 morning surprise to blunt Kerry's showing at

Look at these state polls.

On Imus...Interesting theory re Cheney

How I KNOW polls are TOTAL BS

Martha gets five months for 'lying' about a crime she wasn't charged with

Bush issues today's fatwa: "sex tourism" in Cuba

Why don't the Dems send out propaganda emails?

Nixon's pardon. 30th anniversary this Sept.8.

A very touching story about Lila Lipscomb

Al Qaeda does not have to strike in U.S. to wreak havoc in U.S.

Boycott SlimFast

Question about statutory rape:

Any DUers in Law Enforcement?

The BBV issue would not be what it is today without DU!

Check out this 'Republicans are sexy' wallpaper (graphic, sortta)

DU this asinine poll

Your hard earned tax dollars at work!

NOVAKULA to Woodruff: CARRY the Repug principles CARD

New meme on *'s web site, 21 MOH recipients sign open letter

Did Joseph Wilson lie? NEED HELP!!!!!!!

Download your Bush/conservative dart board here......

No Need to Vote - We have redistricting (Fla)

I persuaded my local paper to run this editorial from the Toronto Star

WBAL Poll: Did Bush do the right thing in rebuffing the NAACP?

Randi Rhodes has captured me as an audience member

Wow: Begala (on Martha): If it is illegal for a citizen to lie to Gov.,

Paul Begala....DINO?

Listening the poll numbers from RW pollster

Begala...why isn't bush heading off to Danburry

How much time will Ken Lay get?

Good God Hannity is STILL going off about a 19 yr. old caller

Blair to debate Iraq war.... (he's a rat, but he's got courage)

In Nov, people who vote Kerry should demand someone witness their vote...

Why do Republicans dislike strong women so?

Kerry statement on reform of Intelligence services


How can McCain look in the mirror?

Gawd dangit! Jack Ryan on CNN's Inside Politics...

Anyone struggling with credit card debt...

Any idea why Franken changed the name of his show?

Becuse he's so GodBleep Bleeping Stupid...Seriously

Jesse Jackson played Leslie Blitzer today: GREAT to watch.

CNN askes Where in the World is Donald Rumsfeld

Michael Badnarik(Libertarian) can be our Ralph Nader!

What will * do between Nov 3 and Kerry's inauguration??

Does anyone like "Unfiltered" on Air America?

Anybody Know When/If KERRY/EDWARDS Logo Will Change?

Martha Stewart can live in my house for 5 months

Bush family sends supportive message to Ken Lay

Zee honeymoon ees over... (Ahhnold's budget)

CBS News: Did the WH ignore WMD Intel Warnings?

Daily Show re run on NOW!!!

Kerry is bin Laden's Man/Bush is My Man-KY Jefferson Cty Repugs Bumper Stk

Okie Senate candidate supports death penalty for "abortionists"

"A New Team for A New America"

Iraqi Tyranny Must Grant Freedom to Thousands of Iraqi Hostages Illegally

Blitzer poll: Is Martha Stewart's sentence appropriate?

"Red-State America Against Itself" -- why Democrats lose.

Guilty or Not?

The Democrats Just Don't "Get It" ... Going Green AFTER November

You never know where Freepers may lurk

A letter from a deaf Republican. (That's another oxymoron, btw)

New Daily Show clip: 'Whoopass' (Whoopi Goldberg)

Will Anthrax be mailed to Liberal voting polls?

On NewsHour (PBS) 7:31 ET - SAFIRE apologist... He is just crap.

Looking for the link to the story about the stolen fuel- homegrown terror

My opinion: I think that JOE WILSON will need to sue to clear his name.

Democratic vs. Republican strongholds.

Whoopi on TV right now...unfortunately, only a movie on TBS

Freepers were behind whoopi getting dropped (links)

promised another big story, breaking news today


African American Women are the Truth Tellers; Back them Up!

New manager of Internet Operations at DFA. Neat personal webpage.

Anybody hear "Democray Now" today? It was a great eyeopener.

Martha lies once about a stock transaction = 5 months

A wonderful freedom of speech quote...

If you could take over the body of any pundit for a day.

What about Dick Cheney's voting record?

Whoopi not backing down cites treatment of Cleland, Wilson and Clarke

God's shocker: 'Only arrogant, powerful , white men are in my image'

"What's the Matter With Kansas?"

Fury over Pentagon cell that briefed White House

karlin is on TMR

Martha, Martha all around and it's driving me to drink!

Holy sh*t..Farenheit 9/11 playing in my small GOP town

Ben Affleck turns down movie offer for Kerry.

How much is the Bush family worth, anyway? I ask this...

33 internal FOX editorial memos reviewed

This whole voting thing is "bass-ackwards"

Australian Trade Deal and it's Impacts

Is Al Gore scheduled to speak at Dem Convention ?

I swear if I hear * LIE about Kerry's 87 billion vote one more time

Who knew about the Washington protests before seeing F 9/11?

It could never happen here

Do you know this person?

Jim Hightower on Hannity and Milksop tonight

Saw today: Just like in Moore's movie re: recruiters at malls

Are you guys hearing this on Air America???? RIGHT NOW

Arianna Huffington: A New Contract for A Better America

What is the problem with heinz foundations

Rush to war. Rush to amend the Constitution...

What is Kerry really going to do when he owns Iraq and can't sleep

FMA Roll Call..

BBV question. Can anybody help me out?


dick gregory on c span NOW n/t not stop watching YOUR NEIGHBOR, or any other

is there a way to find out why a post has been deleted?

anyone ever rent out their house?

Will there come a time that we post here about how great

PBS - Now with Bill Moyers - Mississippi Medicaid, Big Oil

I think the Martha Stewart situation is bad for Republicans.

Hmm...try DUing this poll...

Molly Ivins has a new book!

This is how the Neocons will try to fix decision 2004

Low-carb diets, products losing luster

AOL Blocking

It's still okay for Democrats to be anti-Arab racists

Pardon my ignorance,

Just saw F 9/11 for the THIRD time and it doesn't get any easier, does it?

is this a reliable source?

The Economy: it was fun while it lasted

Is anybody else having errors?

Anybody Else Getting 'Bug Reports' Here ???

Did anyone ever figure out the "J-Word" thing

Personally I'd like to rejoin the NRA

Bumper Stickers

like clock work - toon

is this a reliable source?

How Come No One's Talkin' Bout...

Is Al Qaeda Real?

This just dawned on me: Saddam has destroyed the Bush Dynasty

New Zealand passport far does this go into other nations?

4:03 p.m. Anybody watching Inside Politics on CNN? Rep Brown

Did you see the new ads for F9/11? They show people talking about it

Former Niger PM said Iraq did not try to buy uranium...

what makes people like Amy Goodman keep going?

Sources debunking partial birth abortion anyone?

Blitzer DEFENDING Bush not in NAACP (with Jesse Jackson)

There is no anti-Arab racism in the Democratic Party or at DU.

Bush Giving Away Wilderness to Oil and Gas Industry

6 million could lose overtime pay

Corrine Brown: You Stole the 2000 we're not getting over it!

I Will NEVER Use Slim-Fast Again!! EVER!!

WHOOPIE should OPEN the Democratic National Convention! That would BE

How Ignorant Is This Freeper?

Coup d'etat in America?

Riggs - "may have had ties to two Sept. 11 hijackers."

"What we learned from the Spanish experiment.... uh experience"

Right Wingers trying to force Kerry/Edwards resignation from the Senate.


Terror in the Skies, Again? . . .

I'd like bush to embarrass me as an American even MORE than he has!

Whats the DUMBEST LIE Falwell,Dobson,Robertson has spread?

Bombs Away ( Extremely Graphic Content )

I am going to try to get into the RNC convention in NYC.

Red-State America Against Itself (more from Thomas Frank)

Video of Sy Hersh talking about prison abuse from ACLU dinner.

What happened to Corrine Brown is scarier than almost anything else...

What Bush DID NOT accomplish in his 3 1/2 years. His List of Failings....

Media echoes Right Wing Talking Points. Why is Jon Stewart (Daily Show)

Should airlines profile when screening passengers? Poll needs help

My chair got kicked.....thread 2

This week's NOW w/ Bill Moyers - Big Oil's campaign contributions, MORE...

Rumsfeld Directs Missile Defense to Operate Oct. 1

Drudge says Limbaugh beat AAR; AAR share going down

What beer can I buy now????

I'm so sick of this conservative drool fest over Svend Robinson

A message from Robert Redford

Meme - Republican Surrogates are Mindless Drones

Total Cost of War to date (billboard)

The talking point that was mailed out to the radio right-wing shills...

This will make your weekend (New CBS poll Kerry leads 49-44)

NYT: We're sorry (again!) for not doing our job

Martha the Martyr . . .

Man I hate the breed of cons like hitchens, sullivan, et al....

What does Bush gain from not speaking at NAACP conference?

Thomas Frank on FMA: Another tour-de-force dissection of American politics

Another crappy email...

Should Teresa be considered our first African-American first lady?

Bush is always right, the facts be damned

Two Women who need to speak at the DNC

Why are women treated so badly?

If MARTHA gets 5 months, BUSH deserves 5 years.

So, how does the job market look now?

German report on US child abuse in Abu Ghraib

Dubya's prof from Harvard Business School on AAR now

Allawi shot Iraqi prisoners: Video report

Which state has the worst PAIR of Senators?

British DUers: Can you enlighten me re: Labour/Liberal differences?

Chicago '68: A Chronology , (fascinating reading, gave me a chill)

Rethug "stalking points" - pass it on

How should Kerry tap Dean/Clark/Nader/Kucinich/Sharpton/Cobb/etc?

Just who in the Hell lives in "mainstream" America?

Report: To Sue Fox News

So since Dean cant be the president, what should he do for democrats?

Bush told the Amish that God speaks through him

Viewer Alert

can somebody give a synopsis about those Plame indictment threads?

Finally saw a Kerry/Edwards bumper sticker.

German TV Aired Footage of US abuse of Children in Iraq

Slimfast Boycott!!!: Shutting down a Black Woman's right to free speech

CSpan question - who does propaganda the best?

Where should Political Conventions be held? Esp. Presidential ones.

Dr. Dean

Report to the closest newsstand ASAP, and get this month's Harper's.

Sean Times: bin Laden endorses Bush!

Republicans tell two black women to shut up

The Question W Revue on Air America | Saturday 7/17

Is the bush gang TRYING to destroy America, and if so, why?

Anti-stemcell meme from the right

50 (plus) ways to make America better

I cannot believe this!

The John F Kennedy Jr Memorial thread

Congresswoman Corrine Brown Censured by U.S. Congress

You MUST watch this Leno Bush skit. It is great!!!!

Hersh: Children sodomized at Abu Ghraib, on tape

People wearing red on Friday check in!

How America SHOULD export democray

if you could go back and change history, would you rather have Dean?

Let's examine the Right Wingnut AllStars, shall we?

Can the Old American Republic be restored in the absence of a Free Press?

9/11: What do you think happened?

"Inside the Brain of a Republican!!" | the TOON bomb

Clinton 'instinct' axes Bush

The Most Important Issue for You as an American?

Is the WTO the end of democracy?

"Kerry is bin Laden's Man/Bush is My Man"

Sorry, wrong forum

McCain Praises Cheney As Rumors Swirl

Barclays Bank bans BNP accounts

The Damning Evidence (Blair withheld evidence)

Aids reduces African life expectancy to 33

'Terror' on Election Day! by James Ridgeway

Pope fears Bush is antichrist, journalist contends

Pro-GOP groups outpaced in funds

Breaking: Several passengers fall ill aboard Southwest Airlines flight to

US Congress slams 'misuse' of ICJ

Libya to open Darfur aid corridor

Headless Corpse in Orange Jumpsuit Found in Iraq

Big GOP donor chased profit in Hussein's Iraq

Odigo says workers were warned of attack (9/11)

Sen. Clinton to address convention

Meek Compares Gov. Bush's Role In 2000 Recount to bin Laden's Hiding

Iraqi forces evict Sadr’s militia from illegally occupied building in Naja

US bank helped dictator hide millions

PNC to Buy Riggs Bank for $779 Million

Shortage of Canadian loggers could wreak havoc in Maine

House Votes to Block Aid for Saudi Arabia

Re: Bangkok AIDS Conference Wrap-up

Iraqi Liquor Store Owners Fear Fundamentalists' Rise (Sadr ok's murder)

Terrorism training manual scrapped in Florida

US demands closure of major Cape Town road

Protestant Group Divests from Israel, equating with apartheid

Blair still haunted by Kelly suicide fallout

New Trucker Rules Overturned byCourt(arbitrary/capricious-health ignored

Saudi Firm Says It Has Quit Iraq to Save Hostage

South Africa Losing War Against Aids - UN

Fla. Lawmaker Says 2000 Election 'Stolen' (House strikes from record)

Martha Stewart Living shares rise [ says 27%, but it's 33%]

Miami has the largest foreign-born population of any city in the world,

Jimmy Carter to arrive in Venezuela on Aug. 11 to observe recall vote

Swede Freed from Guantanamo Wants to Sue U.S. Govt

E-voting debate heats up in California (political candidate sues)

Consumers a Little More Upbeat in July(less than expected -more than June

Pentagon to hold first hearing for Guantanamo detainees

CPI for June up 0.3 - exceeds expectation - 3.3% yr over year- 4.8% in 04

Extra lifespan of New York's Rich over poor reduced under Clinton


Pentagon creates Office of Detainee Affairs in wake of Abu Ghraib scandal

AP asks judge to order quick release of Bush military records

CNN Breaking: Baconovic sentence - 5 months in prison

Agreement paves way for anti-war billboard

BBC (Friday): Japan holds ex-chess star Bobby Fischer

Web site honors military's request

WP,pg1: Medicare Changes Policy on Obesity: Some Treatments May Be Covered

Hillary Clinton will not stand against incumbent Kerry, says Bill

Democrats conspire against voters in bid to remove SEP from ballot

Pentagon Seeks Better Grip on Detainee Policy

PNC Financial Agrees to Buy Riggs for $779 Million (Update8)

One in four New York Republicans say Cheney a ticket drag

Berlin brushes off US 'no' - seeks UN seat

Actor Brolin Surprised at Emmy Nod for Reagan Role

U.S. dumps colour-coding of air passengers...

Justice Dept. Reprimands Md. Prosecutor

Two Florida DCF Administrators Resign

U.S. e-passport plan raises tech, diplomatic hackles

Riggs' Controlling Family Could Gross $194 Million in Buyout (Albritton)

Cowardice Case Against Soldier Dropped

Senior Sunni cleric calls for holy war against US forces in Iraq

State of emergency in Gaza Strip

"kerry" supporter groping women

Border hospitals face staff crunch over visas

New York's Rich Living Longer Than Poor

Georgia's Swifty Named 'Official Donkey'

dick gregory on c span NOW n/t

Bubba running for sheriff

CBS Poll: Kerry Holds 5-Point Edge

Justice's Banished Monument to Tour U.S. (10 Commandments: The Road Tour)

School fire kills over 70 children in India's Tamil Nadu state

'Soprano' Makes a Killing for Bush

CBS/N.Y.Times poll has Kerry-Edwards up by 5

WP: Interviews of Muslims to Broaden

UN nuclear watchdog challenges Britain to reveal Niger intelligence

Accusations of Voter Intimidation in Fla.

Rapper blames Bush for 9/11 in new song

Bush Optimistic for Cyclist Armstrong (making predictions...LOL)

Citing Falwell's Endorsement of Bush, Group Challenges His Tax-Exempt Stat

Senate investigators grill Riggs officials

WaPo: Ex-Riggs Manager Won't Testify About Accounts (front page)

9/11 Panel Is Said to Urge New Post for Intelligence | NYT

U.S. Diplomat: Abuse Corrodes Soul of U.S.

Kerry Gains Lead in 3 States; National Polls Show Tie With Bush

Bush Speaks Against Human Trafficking

Tribes quit long fight over Kennewick Man's remains | The Oregonian

Bush Legacy Hinges on Success in Iraq - Powell

BREAKING: Major Warehouse fire in Salt Lake City

CNN Breaking...Martha Stewart gets 5 months

Court Voids Idaho Parental Consent Law

(Gen) Keane: U.S. 'seduced by Iraqi exiles,' didn’t plan properly for insu

Paul Cellucci leaving ambassador's post: report

U.S. Will Withhold Population Aid to U.N. Fund Because of Abortion Link

Rumsfeld Directs Missile Defense to Operate Oct. 1(w/o proof it works)

US makes embargo exception in cancer drug deal with Cuba

Guantanamo Interrogation Work Was Improperly Awarded Twice

Ex - Georgia Gov. George Busbee Dies at 76

Ohio native dies of injuries sustained in Iraq

Hood wants investigation of felon database

Questions asked of Mossad's involvement in NZ and Aust

(Edited title); Board monitoring Iraq oil revenues releases audit - UN

Gail Norton: Seeks End to Gray Wolf Protection

US sets sights on toppling Iran regime

IRAQ: Rights groups unable to visit child detainees

AP Seeks Release of Bush Military Records

Poll Finds Dwindling War Support -CBS/AP

Vets group to take Ten Commandments Monument on Tour

Sept. 11 Commission to Release 1998 Clinton Report

CRTC approves Al-Jazeera for Canadian viewers

Bush quietly meets with Amish here (Lancaster, PA)…offer prayers

Nevada First to Use Electronic Voting with Printers

FBI warns al-Qaida may recruit non-Arabs

Americans on work brigades in Cuba more determined to defy U.S. policies a

Japan detains ex-chess champ Bobby Fischer (deporting to US)

Militia chief scorns slaughter charge (Sudan)

Vandals deface Jewish graves in NZ

Bush Says Castro Welcomes Sex Tourism

Allawi (IRAQI PM) shot inmates in cold blood, say witnesses

'Secret film shows Iraq prisoners sodomised'

Salon- Joseph Wilson vs. the right-wing conspiracy, with Wilson's rebuttal

Diebold machines halted for 2004 in Ohio

Zogby - TN: Kerry 48, * 48

Hawking Flips on Black Hole Theory

If you don't want to sing Kumbaya with Skinner, how about a drink with me?

Ank is driving me insane

Do YOU Feel Sorry For Martha? (The Poll)

Democrat-Democratic (afraid to ask this in GD)

new Hannity advertiser

Are their any online mapping servics that...

I just tried to put Skinner on "ignore"

Are you getting lots of errors?

Stand up, all victims of oppression

What the title of this song and who is it?

How hilarious would it be to imagine...

Let me clarify... HOW CAN I GET LAID MORE OFTEN...

Man, that moderator guy is a real prude

How can I get slapped inthe face more often?

YES! I finally made a kick-ass marinara sauce

How to Hang Yourself From an Urban Structure

great new bush googlebomb!

Right now on the International Channel -

These lyrics are cool

If I meet someone who calls me a "bright", I'll beat the hell out of them

Advice to the lovelorn

Time to go protest

"W" Ketchup

Man Falls In Love With Judge - Sues Dozens Of People To See Her

Attacks By Loved Ones For Being Liberal?

Reagan's head in a box . . .

Who has DishTV (sic?) and what do you think of it?

I don't need to fight, to prove I'm Right. I don't need to be forgiven.

Is your boss a giant dickhead?

Anybody get their internet through their satellite TV service?

Man Learns He Is Dead, Thanks To Blind Ex-Wife

Outing of Nick Berg's parents?

Museum To Pay Its Electric Bills Using Visitor's Excrement

Cringing in pain reading this: Fun Poll-Most Painful Castration Method

Goooood Friday Morning DU!

Top Ten Signs Bush Might Be Getting Ready To Dump Cheney

For the insomniacs...

The euphemism generator

I think I've got too many books

I am Mr. Heat Mizer, Mr101

Man, that moderator guy is a real dude

Web gurus: Know where I can find a basic quiz script?

Man Arrested For Online Sex Betting

I saw "The Mother" last night--ask me anything

Lucky Charms - Magically delicious. What did you..........

What would be a good community service job for Martha Stewart

A man can tell a thousand lies, I've learned my lesson well

The Singer "Brandy" Performed On NBC's Today Show...

Mmmmmmm..... cantelope

If I could save time in a bottle

Man Known As "The Parking Meter Fairy" Has Pink, Curly Wig - Stuffs Meters

Desert Sessions

Bush-Cheney: Right-wingers extraordinaire

Anyone know how to get rid of downloader.gk?

Fire department bars book-burning

As seen on The Graham Norton Effect last night...

What's the HBO "technical performance test"?

Hot Box Turtle Action

When Looking For A Job, What's The Most Important Thing

West Wing episode last night.

I GIVE UP - Where Can I Find a "Box Turtles Gone Wild" Video?

I GIVE UP... How and where can I meet decent single Box Turtles?

So a Boxturtle walks into a bar...............

I became a grandmother for the first time 10 years ago today---

Am I the only one who finds the box turtle threads speciesist?

How to ossify a patter.

Surgeon amputates patient's penis

Fire department books bar-burning

delete ..dupe

Black Panther colouring book

AAAAGH! Must.Vent.Rage.

"Box Turtle Love" by The Captian and Tenielle

Fire Department Books Bra-Burning

I search your profile

Which Floyd CD should I buy?

Pink Floyd

Wow. I slipped into the 700 Club without even noticing...

The surgeon told my mom...

Dvd Audio and SACD, all you audiophiles

How do you deal with non-responsive "customer service" at e-businesses?

Feedback I left for Ebay seller

Check out today's Bush cartoon

What's With All Those Commercials For Miraculous "Caplets?"

Welcome to the "Neocon top ten"

Is 2004 what you thought it would be?

Box Turtles: This Year's Yak?

delete please


Holy crap! Did I dodge a bullet or what?

What's the best way to comfort a washer?

Best bumper sticker!

A letter from a great American to Bush*

I really do appreciate

WOOHOO!! Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.) will be at my church Sun.

For Adult Eyes only: Box Turtles home movies

Genghis Khan for President!

OUTRAGE - i was not asked to speak at the DNC

Candlelight Vigil For Bobo the Tiger

I'm listening to Red by King Crimson

Bananarama or 4 Non Blondes? I don't want to think for awhile.

What's the best way to wash a comforter?

Neocon Riots Rock DC

How to pacify an otter

Threw a Party Last Night (pic)

Vanessa Kerry on Air America Now!

Google Toolbar offers browse by name

What's the best way to wash a boxturtle?

Favorite Peter Gabriel Album

Global water volume.

Is There A Lawyer In The House?

Fire department bars book-burning

This is the type of marriage we should preserve!

"Abnormal" turtles are already in Canada-may be ready to strike

I'm listening to my ham-fisted colleague TYPE.

And Lance's Domination Begins in France

Martha Stewart, Box Turtles or Whoopi?

One sunny day in 2005

Wellstone, the DU mascot

Hairy palms are traditionally just for the lonely, right?

Would you rather marry a box turtle or a botox turtle?

My tortise seeks a husband (she's jealous that box turtles gets all attn)

Dupe sorry

Favorite Bananarama Song (for bobthedrummer)

Men Throwing Fireworks Leave Window Up

Hairy chests are traditionally just for boys, right?

Rainbows are cool.

Now I'm listening to Wingful of Eyes by Gong

Which Floyd Cramer CD Should I Buy

"Discussion board too busy. Try again."

Just so y'all know - Expedia SUCKS

CBS fired two actors from CSI. Those bastards...

I just went and walked a mile...STARTING SLOW....

Now I'm listening to Ege Bamyasi by CAN

CAPTION taking a boxturtle for the team

Granny Feeds Robber Milk & Banana, Prays - Soothes Him To Sleep - Arrested

I give up! What happend to the REAL "how to meet a decent person" thread.

I just had the most wonderful lunch possible.

Vitamins - am I peeing my money away?

it's a serious subject so CAPTION accordingly

Friday British Open Thread

Victorian attitudes

186 responses with some DUers in favor of statutory rape

I have a question about wet saws (for anyone who has ever done tileing)

Doesn't the old guy from the Enter Sandman video look like

How many freakin' Martha threads do we need?

Is that guy's "package" for real?

God, my job is boring!

Okay DU investigative minds - what do you make of this?

I thank my lucky stars everyday that I was born a woman

Ten Spot by Shudder to Think

So now Georgie is a good family man?

There's a rat in de kitchen - what am I gonna do?

OK I am back for good. my computer problems are OVER.

aint I lucky- went to lunch with one beautiful coworker

I have a VERY interesting question for ALL you guys out there!

National CAPTIONing Convention - no training necessary

CAPTION this photo from inside the contributor/contractor meeting

DU amateur vets, I need a pre-diagnosis and estimate.

Anyone struggling with credit card debt...

Heard a good * joke:

Favorite B Movie?

For all you IRCers. #democrats

Help me with my cat problem

Which series do you want to win the Emmy for "Best Drama"

What is it about Snood that makes it so hard to stop playing it

What's a good runner's mp3 player?

Time to bounce yer boobies...ya bastards!!

I have a gnome in my home (need advice)

Which series do you want to win "Best Comedy"

Rush Limbaugh vs. Edwards

Richard Buckner tonight, Bluegrass tomorrow. Good music in Dayton

Which Actress do you want to win Emmy for "Lead in Comedy Series"

Which Actor do you want to win Emmy for

I just finished reading 494 pages of indo-european folktales...

The admins have lost it

Nightmare on CAPTION Street

500 Posts and I'm Changing My Avatar

Out in the woods, up to no good,

if stranded for 48 hours, what one thing could you NOT do without?

Quotes from a Freeper's AIM Profile

Sucking up to the new boss...

I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man. Everybody knows I'm here.

Why has Skinner gone all lovey-dovey on us?

Another * joke (or Bushism, not sure)

Whoopi lands new gig with Crest Toothpaste after losing Slim Fast gig

New "no carb" Diet

Jennifer Holliday has the greatest voice ever!!

Damn it!! Bank rant.

Mr. Gary is gone

Rock, Paper, Saddam

Favorite Genesis Album

The White Slavery Boost-Off of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Post your all-time favorite Homer Simpson lines.

Our Skinner is most like

The Mother of all Political Strategies, a CAPTION!!!!!

Listening to Eric Clapton's From the Cradle. Ask me anything.

Man. I just saw a co-workers client- Way to much medication-Not good

Whew! Opposite cat pee problem seems to have resolved.

***Random Flame War***

New U2 songs swiped

R.E.M. Bang on New Album - Stipe promises a chaotic, political album

Which Actress Do you want to win Emmy for "Lead Actress in a Drama Series"

Which Actor do you want to win Emmy for "Lead Actor in Drama Series"

Rumsfeld's blip on CAPTION radar may be fading

Bob Dylan...ripoff:?

Its Been A Wild Week - So..... MATCOM'S BAR IS OPEN BABY!!!

CAPTION the National Con

I'm interviewing for my dream job tomorrow.. send good vibes PLEASE

Visiting Chicago and stopped by the Apple store.,,,added 512 ram

HBO's Angels in America....

Daily Show Replay On now (east coast)

From Crapper's Quarterly (CQ): One-way glass toilet

TAKE THE QUIZ: How much do YOU know about TURTLES!!

new Hannity advertiser Salvation Army

Lynndie England Fan Site

"On The Dark Side.....Ooooh Yeeeah!"

I just subscribed to Martha Stewart Living...

What's your favorite word or phrase?

i got 2 john kerry shirts on the way

new Oxyrush & Savage Weiner advertiser Weinberg Dodge

Did Randi just mention our own AWD?

student loan gurus!

Uh-oh...Mischief finally lives up to his name.

Newly released study - Could be CATASTROPHY !

Does anyone know why Kenyon College was the #3 search mover this week??

Anyone seen the movie "Tape"?

I give and where can I meet indecent sleazy women?

if you can read this

Am I The Only One Who HATED "Office Space"?

Hope chests are traditionally just for girls right?

Has anyone from Fox

Just back from Cyndi Lauper concert... ask me anything.


Hey, local boy's doing good at the British Open......

Is anybody on the online chat?

Classic movie fans

What I had for dinner last night

Biggest jackass in sports media?

Mountain-top finish wows fans! Tour de France & drug controversy update.

Who has a list of Ed Schultz Affiliate stations?

Google's "Gmail" e-mail product reviewed by CNET (it's adware/spyware)

An oxymoron no longer-There is good fast food

OMFG Martha, Martha, Martha.......

I'm going to go watch "office space".

One of my threads made the homepage!!!

Where can I get diapers in bulk?

I just got my new IKEA office chair!!!

So what happened on July 14 that made our nearest star so happy?

I have an erection-related question

Check out the new sig line!

Anyone else have Earwig invasions?

Ikea: pronounced "ih-kay-uh" or "eye-key-uh?"

Clint Eastwood fans! check out this vintage clip from

Play it safer or take more chances

I just had 8 teeth pulled...ask me anything.

I am terribly conflicted.

Cat question re: hand raised kitten...

George and the Amazing Plastic Technicolor Turkey

anyone want to play doctor?

Can a College kick you out if you don't finish quick enough?


What should I bring for a 2-3 hour bike ride


Have you ever woken up and found a bat in your house... the corner of my mind......... BIRTH OF DU HATE MAIL!!

It's only fair - what is the most Liberal food?

Well, since my evening plans have already been fucking RUINED

I'm now a 31-year-old man, and I finally decided to buy a skirt...

Billabong Odyssey


I just hit 300 posts! Don't feel the need to ask me anything.

It's too hot to cook....should I make Gazpacho?

Mrs. Peel, I need you!

Real-Time Aerial Photographs

After hearing dimwit God spoke to me . It wasn't pretty.

Digital Camera recommendations?

I just turned on my lava lamp

I do love sales... saved $259 today!!

If stranded for 48 hours, what one thing do you NOT want with you?

My ferrets have a new baby sister!

Hey. I won $290.00 Friday Night.

Help me name my fantasy football league

I've got a soul patch

“I trust God speaks through me. Without that, I couldn’t do my job.’’

These actors never won an Oscar who would you give it to?


okay, Friday nite lounge lizards ... so what do you think of this?

I am livid.

CSI Fans: Pissed About CBS's Decision to Fire Nick and Sara?

Doctor Who News:

cool shark pic...

? *'s varying eye color ?

Worst bears

Grrrrr. Grrrrr.

I have a mouse in my house. (need advice)

FARSCAPE is coming back this fall!!!

What will VelmaD put in the brownies she bakes for Skinner?

Mozilla users-Halp me!

Which is better, vinyl or CD?

Donnie Darko and the election

Metzenbaum scissors...get that cat OUT of here...cranial screwtop...

Submitted for your approval:

The Internationale, with Lyrics and MP3

600th post and vacation thread

The question isn't whether Edwards can be prez if Kerry dies, it's this:

Stargate Atlantis

middle-aged rockers - let's talk about The Band

Has your pet interupted your love session before?

Just a guess - "I, Robot"

is it may imagination or is DU getting buggy as all get out

Low-carb diets, products losing luster

Mugshot of the week:

Can you see the Real Me? Doctor. DOCTOR!!!

i found out my roomate this fall will be from Ghana.

Dey took yur jeeeyyuub!!!

GAWD! I hate my local news

boy, the new mods are on it tonight....

Whoo hoooo ...vinyl comeback

OK, who on here has the most fucked-up sig line???

Evil clown phobias....?

I have a serious dandruff problem. PLEASE HELP!!!


If you don't want to sing Kumbaya with Skinner, how about a drink with me?

Who is the most intelligent TV moran on this list (dubya included)?

I just found the most gorgeous spider!

Does anyone else have an evil monkey in their closet???


What is your favorite premium malt beverage?

Divorced DU'ers: When did you *know* the marriage was over?

I forget. Are we at war with Eurasia or Eastasia?

I must have some booze. I demand to have some booze.

What is your favorite David Bowie song?

What should I bring on a 3-hour tour?

Most intriguing character in "Catch-22"?

The Reviews: My Pet Goat

anyone ever rent out their house?

Canadian DUers: Is there still a CBC radio show called As It Happens?

Besides Dogs & Cats, What Is Your Favorite Type Of Pet?

Did Bush really say feces instead of fetus?

HELP! I've been "infected" with "spyware". What do I do?


DU teachers, I need some advice.

Am I the only one who watches Kung-Fu movies?

I am a Proud Coonass

Cool Train Derailment Picture

Just bought The Bourne Identity

I'm "celebrating" my 20th year working in retail

My 600th Post! Yay Me!

What's the deal with Nancy Grace?

Philosophical question after seeing SPIDER-MAN 2 again...

A story of the way soldiers are treated in Iraq...

I'm going to be on AAR tomorrow! Ask me anything...

The genius of Sacha Cohen AKA Ali G

Who has read the E.C. horror comics of the 50's (Tales From the Crypt)?

The Box Turtle Quote Thread

Name a cool Scandinavian

I figure it's worth a try...

Do you think the FBI has a file on you?

DAMN!DAMN!DAMN!DAMN!DAMN! (did you guess its a rant?) DAMN!

Damn you X-box!

What are your favorite antiwar songs?

The most overrated Hollywood "babe" or "hunk?"

What tartan is your kilt?

Avant Browser users: Kerry-Edwards skin now available!

Worst Beers

What is the most redneck food?

Who's going to see "I Robot"??

Suggestions for Meeting People of the Opposite Sex

!!!!!!! We're Engaged !!!!!

Chicago DUers! I'm Ready For A Drink!

The ULTIMATE DU POLL!!!!!! Yaks vs. Box Turtles

Second call for MA DUers BBQ July 31st 2pm

Kerry labels Bush a divider (I see a great strategy here)

Okay, this is the election-day scenario I now expect:

Democratic convention parties face likely boycott

Well, Bush didn't really lie about WMD and going to war in Iraq

Pledge your vote website - should we DU?

Does anyone else here think?

Kerry: Bush Leaving Schools Behind

Rusty Humphreys?

"Dubya Dance"--from 2000...Look at this in retrospect

New Poll Kerry widens lead in WI 48-42

A question about John Edwards' backing (answered)

10 Reasons to Fire George W. Bush & 9 reasons why Kerry won't be much

Cheney's Future: A Hairy Story

Pat Roberts Indicates Bu$h Used Poor Judgement In Invading Iraq

'Terror' on Election Day!

Will YOU stand behind Whoopi?

It's Friday...

Nader continues to spoil Wisconsin.

If you aren't excited about Kerry, here's something to think about

How Kerry Can Win - Bush's incompetence - CBS

Updated State Polls:

New Poll

How about this scenario? Cheney -

CBS Poll: Kerry Holds 5-Point Edge

I have an election-related question

Pretty pictures of West Virginia Kerry rally

was Edwards on CNN today ?

Subject: HOT, SEXY Daily Activism Thread (7/16)!!!

the 'draft Gore' movement

Kerry is my man, Bush* is the child sexual predators' man.

I have a Kerry-Edwards sign in my front window

Polls show key Kerry gains (with Edwards -Tenn, North Carolinia )

Are Republicans past their love affair with Bush? petition

anyone else tired of hearing about "balance"


The polls say K/E04 is gaining in various states....

Aiming for John Kerry's Purple Heart

Please donate to Kerry-Edwards. Time is running out.

Folks how does one counteract O'Reilly on Faux if your RW Relatives

Playing the Culture Card - Newsweek

Could FL actually be in play this November?

Here's How Clark Should Be Used At The Convention

THREE Black Senate Candidates

Kerry's Voting Record

Former Green Party Lt. Governor candidate responds to CBC- Re: Nader

The Arrogance of the Liberals

Please Help Me Like Kerry....

Al Weed, VA 5th District. His bio is so interesting. Looks fascinating.

Take Back America conference at convention. Dean,Jackson, Reich

TOONS: Curious/Spurious George