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Thieves and thugs run China

Pgh Post Gazette: No stopping election / The terrorists win if Nov. 2 poll

Pgh Post Gazette: Campaign of contempt / Bush, Cheney stick to their threa

Today's Quote

Singaporean ties boosted - TW

Status quo defined by US - TW/CN

did you delete a thread i started about angelus's eminem thread?

Suggestion: Make a forum (sub-thread) for posts concerning religion.

A Question

(CNN poll) You know what's really sad.....

Article on costs of government outsourcing

MTV chief says Bush AIDS policies will not halt condom adverts

Salon article quotes Free Republic!

recent hour long call-in interview of retired CIA analyst Ray McGovern

I'm voting to elect our national representatives on November 2nd.

Chatham County, GA, Dems "divorce" Zell Miller

I'm a conspiracy theorist when it comes to this election delay deal.

Mathews on Leno's show: Perpetuating homosexual meme

democracy: WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT

Major protest alert in Tampa, Orlando, St. Pete Friday....Bush is coming!

Bartcop Ads on Air America

Tung `planting a time bomb' in HK

US judge clears payments in Marcos torture lawsuit

Petitioners threaten to kill themselves in Beijing protest

Priest orgy scandal hits Catholic church

DJ NRC Suspects Big Bird Droppings In Ariz Nuclear Outage

Frenchwoman Fabricated Tale of Attack, Police Report

CIA Official: Iraq War Helping al-Qaida

I really wanna know-- Who are you?

Darn. The person I'm staying with watches "Big Brother"

Pleased to meet you Assistant Director Skinner!

Ken Jennings Jeopardy **SPOILER**

"I got flipped off by W"

"Midnight" songs

Well, my work here is done for the night...

Wow! Jay Leno was really making fun of bush!

Ethics in a cold world

Have you ever spanked a Chimp?

What's the worst form of discipline you experienced as a child?

OMG! Read what this repug wrote on a message board!

Barney's fart over Sydney ignites air.... huge explosion

Crap! John?!!? Hey, John! Don't leave me here! .... CAPTION

Woody Guthrie born July 14, 1912

Could Specter stand any further away from the.... CAPTION

Does this picture even NEED a caption?

To all DUers (and especially those in France), Happy Bastille Day

Okay, well we stole the thing, now what do we do with it? CAPTION

Wendsday's Doonesbury....any speculations on what word this could be?

Out-of-Touch Bush Family Sips Soy Lattes From Starbucks

Passions drive debate on gay marriage off course

Bush and Blair Not to Blame-Maybe Saddam Innocent Too? (Russian OpEd)

Calling the R's attacks desparate

Arguing with Bush yet Again - Juan Cole

Whitewash! - Paul Craig Roberts

"US and Australia, mates to the end"..Bill Clinton interview

Dildos Illegal in Texas?

George Bush's Crumbling Credibility

Hello, God? It's Me, Dubya Lord? Bush here. I'm confused. By Mark Morford

Welcome to Bushworld

The Four Generations

George W. Bush: Presidential or Pathological?

Jay Bookman: The love that dares not neigh its name ("Defense of Marriage)

"Why the Press Failed," article by Orville Schell

Kevin Canfield (TAP): Crazy Like FOX (Panel discussion on FOX news)

health insurance out of reach, a generation braces itself for the worst

Bush speeches laced with messages to religious right

Compassionate conservative

Documentary on S.F.'s gay weddings has helped break down stereotypes

The True Cost Of The Iraq War (

The Latest Bush Doctrine

Fox feels the heat - Alterman

Minister of Fear

Al-Qaida chatter: Planning to wait for US to mess up own election

Michael Moore: Treacherous Traitor

What If Bush ‘Wins’?

another gene lyons home run

Commentary: Is Bush the Antichrist? - By Mike Moore

"Readjustment to American Weakness: Signs of a Power Vacuum"

The Islamic emirate of Fallujah

Feeling safer? Rein in the Patriot Act

Election Monitors to Prevent Another Stolen Election in 2004-sign petition

Attn. SW VA DUers.

MDN:Politicos Use Email To Get Out The Vote and Rake In the Cash

on IMUS just now....

Interesting stretch from Paul Harvey today

Fox News memos released

Jumpin' Jehosephat! Mike Savage is a low-down, gulldang LIAR!

Misleading headline of the day-Kerry did not read Iraq Intelligence Report

WTTW Chicago Tonight (PBS) is run by RNC HOORS!!!!!!!!

Today's Thought

Today's Thought

Light a candle for my friend Charlie

A question about the Bible and the moment of "quickening"

"American Jobs" -- the documentary

6 million may still lose OT pay (due to Bush August OT rules changes)

Retail Sales: Larger-Than-Expected Fall

Fed. Appellate Court Supports Trinity River Plan (More Water For Fish)

Tuna, Most Commercial Fisheries Collapsing Or In Serious Trouble Worldwide

forest health plan is popular)Kerry offers proposal to boost forest health

Wild Salmon Sales Up, Farmed Totals Fall - NYT

Federal scientists admit failure of Grand Canyon endangered fish recovery

Panel Urges (maned) Mission to Keep Hubble Telescope Operating

Blair's Science Advisor - CO2 Levels Now Highest Since Eocene (55 MYA)

Mercosur president proposes creating United States of S America

(VZ) Colombia's President ... arrives to discuss economic integration

Iraq: A Failure Without Borders

if, someday, a government official came to your door and demanded your gun

GUNS IN THE NEWS - July 14, 2004

Michigan CCW Permit holder goes nuts, assaults teen with gun

I feel we need an explaination

Just wanted to say...No Worries

How much did the fund-raiser for Kerry

After the glitch Sunday, 7-11, my goldstar was gone.

Don't know if this is the place to mention it or not,

Request: A new section for DU

If I click the 'Hide Thread' link inside a thread

Thread moved

For the children's sake, tear down this wall!

UN envoy "not welcome" in the Palestinian territories

Tactical victory, strategic debacle

Report: Israel preparing for day after Arafat

Israelis fire on UN aid convoy

The fallout from Abu Ghraib

Dangerous Judaism (Ha'aretz Op Ed)

Divide and Conquer as Imperial Rules

Why Israel Needs a Fence By BENJAMIN NETANYAHU

Hot off the press - get your Butler Report here -- U.K. Intell flawed


NEWS FLASH: Ditka storms out of meeting

Bill McCollum And Airline Security

Appeals Court agrees with ACLU re Civil Rights Restoration

FL Senate candidate now has TV ad that can be seen online

SoCal DUer's,

Celebrity governor limps toward budget deal in capital he promised to chan

Scientists optimistic Sierra artifacts signal Donner Party camp

California’s not my home anymore

Lockyer may have to cut 118 lawyers

KitchenEtc. Closing, laying off 600

Kiffmeyer (R) attempting to change election rules

Bush calls Iron Range "Iron Ridge"

MSP airport security "cracks" down

Should we gather for "The Corporation" at the Landmark Lagoon?

Anybody that lives in Columbus

Kerry takes a slight lead in Pennsylvania

OT . Austin Music Mag

Rodriguez's next race will be an uphill run

Hey, Chimpy's going to drive right past my duplex on Hwy. 45!

To all lurking freepers, creepers and other rightcrawlers:

poll: DU Volunteer Efforts to TAKE BACK AMERICA

Need documentation that oil was the main motive for invading Iraq

Rate this yahoo story on the Plame indictments!

Why did Kerry and Edwards not bother to vote? The news said they would.

What about the House and Senate?

Slim-Fast Sheds Whoopi Goldberg After Bush Riff

I want the AL to win but...

I think this election-delay trial balloon was a set-up

BBV: Thanks to participants in "The Computer Ate My Vote" action day

Let's see: we're VERY surprised by this headline...

How does the Illinois senate race look now?

Something interesting from the Daily Show.

Most important enabler(s) of Iraq invasion:

If Al Queda attacks the country on election day, what should be done?

Losing your hair? Need some male enhancement?

Why do anarchists reject voting as a means for change?

Love Letters Between Kenny-boy and George W Butcher

A question on Iraq and firearms.

Part of NJ declared disaster area. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Abort terrorism

Sibel Edmonds coming up on Ray Taliaferro show, 4 am PDT (7 am EDT)

Late night Gender Thread

Wives bring contrasting stories, styles to Democratic ticket

Edwards on NBC this AM

what would jesus do, about the draft?

Hilarious Political Strikes toon!

Accident? I say blame the Freepers. Roof collapses during F911 screening

"If you want to protect marriage so bad, ban divorce."

Well, today's the day>>>>

Butler Report Released - dossier went to the "outer limits"

BBVish: Ion Sancho Rules!

on the possibility of riots and chaos

Would Bush be a "War Time President" if it were not for the war he started

Senator William "HMO" Frist

Repubs force a vote on Gay Marriage at the same time as the AIDS conf.

Ok, if people didn't choose to be gay, explain the prison thing to me

Ditka tells GOP he's game - Chicago Trib

I hope this is the first of many law suits filed by Dr. Hatfill

What if bin Laden IS dead?

New website-key congressional races.

"Even Republicans and millitary members applaud Fahrenheit 9/11"

Tony Blair dancing now on CSPAN. Will he survive this mess?

The last group of 'terrorists' to halt a vote in the US did it in 2000.

"Pioneering Republican Visionary" J.C. Watts (Oklahoma) on Bush

LOL FMA could not have a better spokesperson. . .

Democratic Party and ABB Voters are officially PRO WAR

F-9/11 A fair and balanced review

Touchscreen Voting Flawed in Fla.

Has Ashcroft found the Anthrax mailer yet with his Patriot Act?

Zell Miller's office and his secretary's name is Laura

I am freakin sick of ex-coach/athelete Repub politicians!!!

has gen. haynes been confirmed?

I was on CSPAN Baby!!!!

Bush Involved in JFK Assassination

The Bobo the tiger discussion thread-What happened? Was it right?

NY Daily News gossip: Did WH pressure Larry King to keep Moore off show?

Ridiculous quote from Brokaw on pre-war news coverage

I wonder why Laura Bush makes my flesh crawl?

E on C: "I don't think he has any idea of the struggles that people face"

WTF? Cliff May says Joe Wilson's been lying... Victor Camber agrees!?

Who sent our troops to Iraq without body armor?

Abraham Lincoln

McCain: Same-sex marriage ban is un-Republican

Kerry overtakes Bush in Florida -------------Rasmussen Poll

C-Span 9:48a.m. Mankiw (Council of Ec.Advisers): We don't have

Bush Shifts Campaign Focus to Iraq

Plame Situation Must Be VERY hot. They handed it to Hitchens.

Sources: Plane passenger with suicide note arrested

Ditka describes himself as "ulta-ultra-ultra conservative"

Why is the media not telling you Bush is losing Florida?

When will Dennis Speak??

BBV An Incestuous Conflict of Interest Orgy

What is your opinion of the young volunteers in the Armed Forces ?

Today's bombing footage...who is the cameraman hiding from?

Democrats should call for end of color-coded fear....

Anybody knows if they sell compilations of "The Daily Show" on DVD?

A new term I heard on Air America---Christo/Fascists, for our RW friends

What if the Dems paid Pat Buchanan to run?

Kerry Proposes $100M for New Forest Corps

go to and vote on the most irritating director

Independents: "Well, all politicians are's all politics"

Why is the chief Senate crotch-sniffer from Pennsylvania?

Hilarious stuff every week from the Onion (Link)

I just discovered the below link

Donald Trump to Bush Jr: "You're FIRED!"

Voting Machine Critics Rally Across U.S.

Protesters at Bush Rally in Duluth Yesterday

How Kerry's "bragging" about abandoning troops was fed to the press...

DU this poll

I have to say, I agree with the shadow PM

Why would having Mrs. Joe Wilson mention his name as a qualified

Sweden's IKEA treats its American emplyees well and profits therefrom

"the right thing for the wrong reason" ???

I'm thinking of writing to Senator Santorum -- requesting your input

Todays Fun Fact!!!

I just found this on

"Hello, God? It's Me, Dubya" -- More Magnificent Morford Mendacity:

Is he insane?! Bush Asks Congress for Tax Cut Extension

And the year is only half over! Deficit Balloons to $326.6B So Far in 2004

Should Kerry release video of the Hollywood fund-raiser - CNN Poll

House Votes to Allow Canada Drug Imports

If God chose army for protection? Where is thy faith oh yee of

Democratic Underground in the Wall Street Journal

Funny comment my husband heard on Limbaugh yesterday

BWAHAHAHAHA! Bush* UNDERSTANDS business because he has an MBA and ran

Fundraiser tape should be released ASAP!!

Is the anti-gay FMA being voted on today?

GOP Vows to Push Gay-Marriage Amendment

On BBC news just now, something about 3 Americans Taking Afgan ? people

'Doonesbury at War' on cover of rolling stone

I'm liking Lou Dobbs more and more: Same Sex marriage

Coup d'Etat in America?

The one campaign promise Bush has lived up to

ridiculous letters in my morning paper....

Jon Stewart last night.. GOP has more people protecting them from

HS & HHS rig search engines to attack Kerry

NAACP shows F9/11 at convention --- HAHAHA

Cartoon Perfectly matches my opinion...

Tom Daschle as our leader

why are republicans so terrified of black folks?


A little news from Okla.

DU cnn poll about the tape from the

Coca-Cola & child labor in sugarcane fields in El Salvador

Dems in Dallas ?!?!? A first hand report...

Did anyone watch Scarbourough last night

The Australian trade deal (C-SPAN) 1

what sites are good for unbiased information concerning the candidates?

Can someone answer this Ditka question from last night?

Anyone watch Special Report with Shitt Fume last night?

Minneapolis Advertisers Ban PETA's Billboard Attacking IAMS Pet Food

Tell Ditka to put his Ditka back in is pants... quote from "Unfiltered"

You'll get a kick out of this one!

Kerry campaign's response to Bush's demand for tape of fundraising event

Outfoxed - lots of info here, including a Faux employee email

Does Ditka have a chance to win a Senate seat??

I just had to say it, couldn't help myself.

Why some will vote for Bush

Military And Civilian Draft Expected In 2005 For 18-26 Year Olds

lol Al Franken negative *Bush ad

Bush "rally" in LaCrosse (May 04) pictures and COMMENTS

Yes Virginia, there are Two America's.....My letter to our paper

repukes will never learn to think

CBS evening news says Ditka is going to "sit on the sidelines"

Ditka peeved, storms out

Coalition of the willing is crumbling -- the Philippines to pull out !!

They are "chipping" politicians in they can be found if

Chimpy and Kenny Boy both employ the same lawyer

Some in Congress Rethinking War Vote Based on False Data

Rate this Yahoo news story about the car bomb in Baghdad

Happy Bastille Day to Any French People on the DU boards


Did you see this Allawi picture on CNN?What will Iraqi's think if he can't

Reimportation of Drugs. Not A Factitious Question


Did anyone hear the NPR report this morning on ALEXANDER placing 4th at


bill goebbels or reilly strikes again

My cousin just graduated Boot Camp at Fort Benning.

The FMA is being filibustered?


Questions re getting satellite radio in car

Is Bill Thomas really this fucking STUPID

Matthews yesterday? (not sure) with the NAACP chair.... Video

Edwards not qualified...but Ditka IS?????

BBV-Bush to Delay Election for Up to 24 Months

FOX to Start Reality Channel

TIA Electoral Vote Simulation Forecast: Kerry 52.72%, 326 EV

WMD sham - right from the horse's mouth

When is some dj going to mix up Santorum's "I'm A Lover" song?

Congrats South Florida...WINZ...Progressive Talk

Dennis Kucinich on Democracy Now this morning....

anyone just catch that caller on jim rome propping obama?

So after we win in Nov - how do we move this party to the left?

help me out re: the "middle", the "base" etc.

We criticize the repubs for their speakers at the RNC convention?

Did anyone see Kennedy's floor speech on FMA yesterday?

holy. frigging. shit. John Stewart's "and the american people are safer"

Kerry Statement on Federal Marriage Amendment

Ok who IS the Anti-Christ?

The "L" word, the "S" word, and the "C" word.

Pollkatz is up and running again (excellent poll tracking site)

I Really Loved This - Just Wanted to Share

McCain: Same sex marriage ban is un-republican

What is Rick Santorum?

Red Cross Fears US Is Hiding Detainees

FMA fails: freeper desperation shows true colors once again (hate,bigotry)

why do we even have to convince them? What about after this

BBV: Two more Southern California counties allowed to use e-voting

FMA Defeat = Repudiation of Bush

Check out the private protection of Iraqi "Prime Minister" Allawi.

snake Cheney and a kids summer camp episode

Gavel-to-Gavel Convention Coverage WILL be availabe.. in HDTV!

"The police will ticket anyone with Kerry bumper stickers"


The Republican/Neocon Undermining of the CIA

McAULIFFE: Bush should turn over intelligence CLIFF NOTES

I would like to thank All on DU

Mary Beth Cahill Tells Ken Mehlman to Stick it in his Ear

Anyone see this fluff piece on the Bush* twins?

Hey, WP and Steno Sue: why did you just stop polling with ABC?

Should Michael Jordan campaign for Obama?

Bush bird flip makes Air America

Swede say he was tortured...

How do repugs counter the Bush is a sociopath argument?

Some more "Go Cheney Yourself" merchandise.

"the Republicans don't plan on yielding power under any circumstances" . .

Ok i need help with the media and bush ties...

Interfaith marriage compromise - would this work?

Where's Rummy been?

Gotta love the response in freeperville...(Re: FMA)

Prediction: Cheney will have "convenient" heart attack in August..

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised — excerpt from Joe Trippi's book

CNN Poll.......Kerry Tape............

Anyone watching C-SPAN 2?

Help our Troops get Ballots to Vote!!

Donald Trump Would 'Fire' Bush Over Iraq Invasion

Did Elizabeth Edwards Actually Say That? HOT DAMN!

i also have outrage fatigue but, oh well, yet another letter to cnn

Edwards speaking now, but you'd never know it

Did Dennis Kucinich Sell Out Anti-War Democrats? (transcript)

New Tax Cut Scam Excludes Poor Kids

A neocon friend sent this to me...

Who have higher moral values.

"We DEMAND that Kerry release the video"

Per our Constitution, only Congress is permitted to declare war.

MSNBC poll:

FMA: So I called Senator Smith's office

Why would you vote Republican?

Do Republicans hate single parents?

Film on Kerry in 1972

Serious Question about the Bush Twins Campaigning

Does anyone else feel that F911 should have ended with...

A very interesting point by a Marine

Kerry takes lead in Pennsylvania 46%-41%

Just returned from watching F 9/11

I'm actually getting sick of the phrase "values" or "family values"...

Could Jeremy Glick sue O'Reilly?

Did any Repubs vote NO other then McCain?

Does George Bush have Tourette's Syndrome? Grimace,smirk,smirk?

ed shultz, on in miami.

Kerry leads in Florida

'Democrats are shaking in their boots'-Chicago S-T on Ditka v. Obama LOL

How Frist fumbled on gay marriage amendment

Vote on Kerry fund raiser video...tied right now

My E-mail to Sen. Rick Santorum

Why should gun-rights people support Kerry?

The Official Ditka Senate campaign photo

Clinton had written in Iraqi regime change in his policy?

Please rate this story!

The value of reality tv to Corporations

exo-gal Judy Woodruff calls Edwards "attack dog"

PNACer Won't Vote For Bush!

Woodruff ignores her(CNN) own poll and uses ABC poll to attack Kerry

Who is wearing red on Fridays?

The Pro-Bigot Anti-Gay Marrige Bill

Here are my proposed amendments.

Do the Bush girls, um, like SAY anything?

Attention DU Bloggers: The address is AVAILABLE

My State was soiled by Bush today

Best reason for voting Republican

Bushco Bait 'n Switch: al Zarqawi replaces bin Laden as Great Satan.

Celebrity donators to political campaigns...

Drudge Reporting that Ditka will announce that he is running!

Did Senate Report refute Joe Wilson's claims?

Where's Buchanan and Goodman when you need them?

CNN Poll

What Do I Do? Representative Republican Democracy Suck.

I was just watching Buxh's campaign bus rolling through Wisconson

Obama should ask Ditka how many Lap Dances he got at

Why is it when the Rethugs are on the ropes?

Republican Governor Criticizes Own Party

33 internal FOX editorial memos reviewed by MMFA reveal FOX News Channel's

HA HA IL GOP tried to draft Dave Duerson to run, but he is backing OBAMA!!

F-9/11 released on dvd before the election??

My letter that the paper is going to print

self delete

My repub father in law just told me that DU was started by

A few words about the recent "gender wars" on Democratic Underground

top THIS: Bush, Obama, Osama. guess what he thought

Ditka running is not comparable to Ventura or Arnold

Candy Ass Shrub STILL Whining About Fundraiser

How DARE George Bush criticize Kerry about support for Troops?!?!?!?

Its 11AM. Do you know where your Plame indictments are?

If the new CIA guy is right, then Americans deserved pre-9/11 warning

"Stop harassing GA," says AOPA; Congress "gets it"

Would Donald Trump be cosisdered a "Billionaire not for Bush"?

Kerry 322, Bush 205

Should the Dems have allowed the FMA to get a vote?

3.5 million new vehicles from GM, Ford and Chrysler remain unsold.

Today, I am absolutely 99% SURE that Kerry will win BIG.

2004 White House Office Staff List - By Salary

What to do with mean, neocon, borderline racist brother?

Kerry pulling away--Electoral Vote Predictor 2004: Kerry 322 Bush 205

Heard a devout Repub friend of mine say to another Repub.....

"Campaign debutantes" speak out! NEXT on attack dog Woodruff (CNN)

First permits for the 2nd, second permits for the 1st...

who is meeting JFK at the "barbecue" in Arlington VA, Friday July 16th??

How many DUers speak French?


Do football coaches automatically qualify for Senate candidacy ?

Kucinich talks with Democracy Now about platform language (Iraq)

Been looking for jobs online.

Oh, Martha? Have you packed your toothbrush?

un-freep this

Ladies' Home Journal interviews with bushes and Kerrys--sad bush quotes

Go vote in Hannity's online poll!!

November Elections Won't Be Delayed, Official Says

Please participate in this 9-11 poll (blindside to LIHOP to MIHOP)

"Who Let the Dogs In?"- Molly Ivins on Washington Journal tomorrow AM

I wonder if VOGUE will publish THESE pictures of the Bush twins?

This chart could be a campaign ad!

"Bush on the Couch" author is guest on talk radio show NOW

Anxiously awaiting the backlash letter...

Poll: was Clear channel right to ban antiwar ad from billboard?

Has any president ever cut taxes during a war except George W Bush?

Georgie Bush is a Connecticut Pansy Cheerleader

Looking for great pics of Ann Coulter

This is an old debate but does somebody have a link

"Bush to Log California's Giant Redwoods"

FMA is dead!!! 48-50

The Media Masking of a Deserter

BREAKING NEWS: Barak Obama to be DNC keynote speaker

A few questions concerning homos...

Here are possible bumper stickers

Least favorite senator (err at the moment)

Ditka's Many Indiscretions vs. Obama's Drug Use - discuss

When we have all three branches

Do you think that Judy Woodruff was threatened with "necklacing" like

Is Dean Jones one of THEM?

As Bush pushed Medicare bill he quietly worked to cut off seniors

Gov Bill Richardson on Hardball MSNBC tonight!

50 Reasons Not To Vote For Bush

Check out the Ad on the front page of CNN....

no wonder the AIDS crisis is so bad in SE Asia-

Check out Lou Dobbs' INSANE gay marriage poll!!!

Kerry leading in the Battleground: 17 of 22 states (52.35%) with 191 EV!!

Terrorism and the Election: California is the Target!

freeper madness, "Satan is grinning and getting ready for the next attack"

I Had NO IDEA Tucker Carlson Was a Democrat!

F 911 Question

celebrities at Kerry fundraiser, including photos

Now On CNN's Lou Dobbs: "Running on Empty"

Boxer, Santorum discussing gay marriage on PBS

No terror attacks here since 9/11? can you say anthrax? ricin?

Conservative Hypocrisy (again)

Election cancellation plan is on track.

I made a good Friend angry

did anyone else hear that slim fast dropped whoopie for her remarks

Republican strategy unravels

Micheal Savage told my father in law that DU was started by conspiracy

New Documentary: "Outfoxed"

Anybody remember that lawyer that

Is there a site where one can find the victims of the 911

Help me with my essay on youth voting!

in Cooper's CNN program: Who was the guy defending Whoopi?

Gay marriage compromise - would this work?

Devils Choice - Keep Cheney? Dump Cheney?

Anyone here have a subscription to

Iraq Occupation

Paula Zahn now... Blame the CIA

Bush fills speeches with messages to evangelicals

I'm curious: What do Repubs think will be the Dem "surprise"?

Time to boycott freedom hating Slimfast!!!

What they said in '92 about the draft...

Is it true?!

Did you see the "puff piece" on Zahn's program about the twins?

Time for a Call to Arms!!!

Anybody hear Olbermann's "Whoopie's response to the Slimfast flap":

Dumping Cheney might helps us more than *

Could someone please tell me what the "homosexual agenda" is?

Someone explain red and blue to me

No update in almost 24 hours from Josh Micah Marshall (TPM).....

How many of you at DU think that most of the hot air coming from

If Mike Ditka decides to run for Senate in Illinois-

Interesting Clinton Interview on Dutch TV (video) - 30mins

Tweety had Molly Ivins and Blankley (Moony WashTimes). Blankley

correct me if im wrong but

DU this poll

I think Karl Rove has an unlimited supply of assholes at his

Thank the gods!!! Ditka obeys his wife....(know what's good for him)

why do repukes get away with anything?

Whoa...moment of clarity..think if Obama was already in the Senate in 2000

Ridge Says Warning Was Not Political

Question about santorum

Am I the only one who thinks Hillary speaking or not speaking

Pittsburghers & Other Panthers Fans: Let's Get Them Off Clear Channel!

Hannity is a lifetime loser - know how I know?

FMA Roll Call: Props to Chaffee, McCain, Collins, Snowe, Campbell...

so bush talks to god and

Den of Thieves track 6 (or is it 7?): 'Satisfied'

Anderson Cooper poll re: Whoopi canned from Slimfast

Do freepers like climbing up on crosses and nailing themselves to it?

Selling his babies -- *'s next marketing strategy

How Much More Can Bush Make Me Hate Him?

Prospect of a New Military Draft Drawing More Attention, Concern

The repug MEDIA MACHINE is an amazing juggernaut... The Edwards's

Does anyone else want to spit nails when...

Gay Marriage Roll Call Vote

CNN Poll re: Bush twins

bush 41 as deep throat...?

pro-Kerry concert and Republican outrage. Complete coverage w/ photos.

Ping the New American Patriots

Where's the "they call you elite, I call you my base" Bush speech from?

Will Colin Powell be Secretary of State on January 21, 2005?

Anybody watching Mcenroe on CNBC ?

Santorum: "Defending marriage is the ultimate homeland security!"

No Ditka

protesting the RNC?

Happy Bastille Day !

pro-war lady offended by anti-war people in July 4th parade

It's being rumored now the GOP might convince Ryan the Pevert to stay in

Kerry leads in every non-partisan electoral map I can find.

hypothetical question :

Gay marriage problem SOLVED!

Edwards' father was a manager!

Republicans are now Hillary defenders!

yee haa pissed off a fundie today

Barak Obama to deliver the Keynote Address

John McEnroe show is on CNBC (eastern)

Doug Feith under fire on CNN?

House + Senate + Whitehouse = biggest budget deficits ever

concepcion (from f 9/11) emailed me back. short but sweet

DU the CNN POLL!!!

Holy crap. Kerry is ON FIRE today

who was * talking to when he said, "God told me to attack Iraq"?

Conservative Eye for the Liberal Guy (Parody) - Episode 1

"terror" alerts

Cheney gossip

Ditka not running

Democratic Underground has New Moderators!

Hiliary...damned if she does/doesn't.

George And Laura Bush Are Selfish, Thoughtless Parents.

Come on. Cheney ain't gonna be dumped! TV ad: 'Who on earth would fall for THAT?'

Help--Looking for a good place to buy Kerry/Edwards T-shirts

Daily Show NAILS WH purpose in Election Day 'terra' scare. Look at this map!

Did Dennis Kucinich sell out Anti-war Democrats?

Tolerance for Ambiguity - Conservatives and the CIA

Sarah Vaughn? What about Spike Lee? The Daily Show quirk

On Frontline tonight: Nixon, the Watergate break-in, and the coverup

Who here agrees with me that the Internet is to.......

Bush-Cheney signs.

gestapo coming for me tomorrow

Hey Everybody! It's time to play Osama bin Lotto!

Anyone else out there find Edward's life story moving?

BBV - Riverside - Barbara Dunmore replaces Mischelle Townsend

And they say liberals whine a lot.

It's Bastille Day

No difference my ass

Someone made the King in Far Far Away (Shrek 2) a Republican

Edwards/Obama 2012!!

Serial Killer or Conservative Talk Show Host

Illinois GOP recruits Harry Caray for Senate ticket.

Something is happening here....

what happened with ashcroft telling senate committe f * you

Cheney Faces Criminal Indictments

My wife's aunt, a Massachusetts liberal, is voting for *. Thanks, FoxNews!

Disgusting Nightline tonight about illegal alien crossings

If Kerry pulls ahead in these states, Bush is REALLY toast.

Can I Just Say a Big Thank You to Democratic Underground?

OMG Jon Stewart ripped Rick Santorum a new one

A feature length pro-Kerry documentary to be released in September?

F9-11 and 2 new converts

The Cheney story referenced by Drudge is up

NEW (and excellent) ad featuring Edwards & Cheney - LINKED

What should we call "intelligence" now?

tinfoil: why DHS asked for authority to delay election

Thomas Frank ("What’s the Matter with Kansas?") on Charlie Rose tonight

Suppose I wanted to recall Senator Wayne Allard...

Bush can't physically stand to be behind in the polls....and will crack...

report on individuals in gov. who profited directly from pushing Iraq war

Anyone want to open a BushCo* 'Hell House" this Halloween?

Booze twins become media darlings.

Josh Marshall's latest on the Butler report

Article on MSNBC on the Bush* twins. Surprisingly, sounds SKEPTICAL.

Anybody else think that Edwards Makes Kerry Look MORE Presidential?

Why Does The Media Ignore The Kerry Upward Trend

Letters home from Iraq -- Warning: Depressing

If Military Success In Iraq is Good For George W Butcher...

Crossfire now: Carville vs. Carlson!

TOONS: Bush's oath to preserve, protect & defend the Constitution

How Many Republicans, Women in particular, will secretly vote DEM

WHO Is Ready To Take The Streets On 11/3? Are YOU?

G.I. Joe critics: four Army infantrymen from Fort Benning, Ga review F 911

Jenna wants to teach Blacks and Hispanics in Harlem

For those of you who missed Edwards interview in Today Show,

Ney of Freedom Fries fame calls Dean irresponsible over paper ballots.

I was just the victim of a push-poll

Did Cheney tell Hillary to "sit on this and spin"?

US imprisoning over 100 children at Abu Ghraib

Hilarious take on gay marriage on the Daily Show..dont miss the rerun!

Please OH PLEASE! go here and DU this poll (vote O'Reilly)

Need help with the Swift Boat vets (Kerry haters)

For Campaign Underground: 2004 Source Book

Now, THIS is a letter!!!

I'm about to submit a letter to the editor (my first).. any suggestions?

Vote for your favorite ElectTerra Day MIHOP cities

Was Molly Ivins on O'Lielly? WHere's the transcript?

Vote-hungry Bush attacks elites.his own base....LOL LOL

Are there any African-American senators?

Zogby Poll: Kerry back in Electorial Vote Lead....

From Hitler to Bush MUST READ

Plame's Lame Game

RFID: Privacy vs. keeping your kid alive

That Batman/Spider-Man article pisses me off.

What ever happened with Mike Ruppert?

A guy I work with invited me to his church's "Hell House" this Halloween.

Kerry polling 52.91% beating Dems avg 52.60% in last 3 elections.

Tell me again, why did Kerry & Edwards vote to give Bush authority?

Make it happen.

Kerry in WV Thurs 7/15 at University of Charleston-Heads up for W Virginia

Latest Mason-Dixon poll shows "stastical dead heat" in North Carolina.

I think I found Bob Boudelang's soulmate

A brave young DNC volunteer just knocked on my door.

OMG...Who has seen this ad...LMAO

Unfreep this poll

Palast to testify at US Civil Rights Commission Thursday July 15th (CSPAN)

Bill O'Reilly called Michael Moore a chickenshit

Where to buy My Pet Goat -- or read the hilarious anti-Bush reviews

Once again, Californians get bent over...

the crawford wives! great naral ad about anne, pickles, and connie

Surprises in the FMA vote....

Bill O'Liely caught again!

F9/11 breaks 90 million mark...

I need a few opinions...

I'm not making this up NBC5 just reported the IL GOP now wants Ted Nugent

Hannity blows up at caller who said America is NOT a safer place

Should Ralph Nader Get Out Of The Race?

Not that it's a bad thing, but why is Fitzgerald retiring after one term?


In Thursday 's NYT a story that Cheney to be dropped.

Persian Power: Iranian-Americans make an impact

Why does the government give benefits to Married couples period?

Democrats drop Antiwar pretensions

Can you spare 50¢ for a spin?

Some Surprising Facts About Mass. Same Sex Decision

Say Hello to our New Moderators!

What Constitutional amendments SHOULD be adopted?

9/11 was an inside job

BBV: Results of investigations so far (new material)

On the phone with Ralph Nader

International Board Concerned About ... Equipment to Monitor Iraq's Oil...

Four California counties will vote to ban biotech food

Big blast rocks centre of Baghdad (BBC breaking news)

Chris Mathews on Leno about F 9/11

Nine candidates qualify to run for Miami-Dade mayor

Clintons to headline Kerry address

Election chief tries to restore faith in Dade voting system

USA suspends aid to Uzbekistan

Blair Faces Censure for Iraq War Case

MTV chief says Bush AIDS policies will not halt condom adverts

Lord Butler delivers Iraq verdict

Defeat appears inevitable for ban on gay marriage

Rangel arrested in Sudan protest

Bomb kills 10 in Iraq 'Green Zone'

Bush courts voters in Democratic stronghold

Hot off the press - get your Butler Report here -- U.K. Intell flawed

Paper on Iraq Given to Bush Is Held Back (claiming executive privilege)

Dollar Declines Against Euro Before U.S. Retail Sales Report

SA in secret talks over 'mercenary' transfer

on IMUS just now....

McCain: Same-sex marriage ban is un-Republican

Retail Sales: Larger-Than-Expected Fall

Venezuelans line up in Florida to vote in presidential recall

Edwards veep pick give Kerry bounce in Pa., poll shows

Gunmen Kill Senior Iraq Industry Official

Protesters at Bush Rally in Duluth Yesterday

Côte d'Ivoire: War Too Lucrative to Contemplate Peace, Says Think Tank

Blair Cleared by Butler

US thwarts efforts by Afghanistan for more international forces

Retail Sales: Larger-Than-Expected Fall

Gay Marriage Ban Expected to Die in Senate (DU This Poll)

Anti-tax group ready to help Nader get on Oregon ballot

Canadians told not to fear tighter U.S. border security

DU cnn poll about the tape from the

Possible terrorist with suicide note caught on MN flight!


US Aids chief heckled at summit

Gov't Search Engines Link to Kerry Critics

LAT: War Advocates Profit from Iraq Reconstruction (rep contract-seekers)

WP: Clinton Double-Booked on Tour (Big Dog to actively campaign)

Washington state a hotbed for human trafficking, report says

33 internal FOX editorial memos reviewed by MMFA reveal FOX News Channel's

never mind

Church acquires monument from Duluth City Hall:10 Commandments to be put o

Fox News memos: The Whole Batch

Inquiry: U.K. Iraq Intelligence 'Flawed'

Man arrested with suicide note on flight to Minneapolis-St. Paul Int.

Suicide bomb scare in B'klyn - NY Daily News

BBC journos held for spying

"Father" of African trade bill snubbed at Bush signing

NATO Aided U.S. Vigilantes

Car bomb kills at least 11 in Baghdad

What the hell is Rove up to?

Proposal may close Duke case (CA energy scam)

Barriers to voting remain for troops deployed abroad

Retail sales see largest fall in 16 months

Senate Scuttles Gay Marriage Amendment

40 holed up in German embassy

NATO Troops in Afghanistan Tricked by Vigilantes

LAT: Vote on Gay Marriage Ban Backfires on GOP

Police Re-Arrest Six Men Suspected of Plotting Attacks in Bahrain

Spike Lee not a NASCAR fan

Bush leading World Stupidity Awards!

Congressman: FDA lying about lawyer

Former Army Scientist (Hatfill) Sues New York Times, Columnist (Kristof)

Iran's supreme leader suspects US, Israelis behind Iraq hostage-takings

Swede says he was tortured in Guantanamo..

Oregon anti-tax group offers to help Nader

US denies minister strip searched

Former Gov. Dean to speak at Democratic convention

Top Democratic Fund-Raiser Charged With Prostitution

Student, University Settle Case Over Objection to Lines With Vulgarities

Nymex Oil Rises to Six-Week High on Crude, Fuel-Supply Concerns

U.S. Defends AIDS Policy Amid Criticism

NYT,pg1: In Bush's War Room, Gloves Always Off (play press like violin)

Ridge Says Warning Was Not Political (yeah, right)

Legislature approves health care coverage as a constitutional right

WP: ("liberal") Groups Rally for Voting Receipts

Kerry Takes a Slight Lead in Pennsylvania (BUTBUTBUT the media said.....

2/3rds of Guardsmen choose not to re-enlist

Edwards faults Bush's leadership

Bush Overtime Rules Slammed

Five killed as man sets woman and three children on fire in car near Seatt

Idaho National Guard Issues Media Rules

First lady happy daughters are campaigning

Parisians greet British and Agincourt

Militant Khaled Al-Harby not seen as senior al-Qaida aide

Saddam's captors take piece of him home to Texas

Bush assails Kerry for bashing (Must read -- Dems fight back!)

Attackers Kill Governor of Iraqi City of Mosul

White House balks at releasing prewar summary on Iraq WMD

Now On CNN's Lou Dobbs: "Running on Empty"

Imation to lay off 280, most in Tucson

Passenger drops trousers at MSP airport screening

Advocates of War Now Profit From Iraq's Reconstruction

Assassins try to kill Iraq Olympic head

Blair off the hook again but barbs begin to stick


Niger PM survives helicopter crash - report

Sadr militia clashes with government forces in Najaf

Mass. Gov. Romney criticizes GOP administration, Kerry

Edwards Assails Bush on Iraq Failures

DJ US Armitage: Iraq Insurgents Fighting Other Iraqis,Not US

U.S. retail sales fell 1.1% in June-Worst in 14 months/worst than expected

Terrorists Can't Halt Vote, Experts Say

Bush Names Official to Weapons Commission (investigating US intelligence)

Stunned Bulgarians begin to question Iraq policy

British soldiers took part in the Bastille Day military parade in Paris

Saddam's trial divides Iraqi opinion

This just in from the Chicago Tribune re: Ditka v.

Did Dennis Kucinich Sell Out Anti-War Democrats?

US Says Taiwan Arms Sales Will Continue

NYT,pg1,lead story: Medicare Law Seen Leading to Retiree Drug Benefit Cuts

Mortgage lender shaky in downturn

Children to be banned from buying pets

Ditka Says He Won't Run for U.S. Senate

GAO report criticizes terror warnings

Press given access to Guantanamo Bay

Vigilante (Idema) fooled Nato into helping raids

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 14 July

Al-Zarqawi Claims Responsibility of Attacking Iraqi Prime Minister's House

NEWS FLASH: Ditka storms out of meeting

Saudi justice system blind to abuse of foreign workers

Kelly turns up heat on GOP protesters with 'final offer'

Obama to deliver keynote address at Democratic convention

FMA is dead!!! 48-50

Boffins find something fishy in US diets

Powell Flies in the Face of Tradition

Anger seethes in Hyndman over Abu Ghraib soldier

Cheney Says He's Staying on GOP Ticket

Florida Firefighters Endorse John Kerry

Photo student draws attention of authorities

House committee approves anti-abortion provision

Powell warned pre-war claims were dubious

Operation Lightning Resolve begins in Afghanistan

EPA Considers Lawsuits Vs. 22 Utilities

New Reports Attack Bush's Overtime Rules

US detainee says he was tortured

'Outrage' Over Sen. Clinton Not Speaking

Man Exposes Self During Airport Screening

CNN: McCain says gay marriage ban "Unrepublican"

Ditka's senate decision could come today

6 million may still lose OT pay: study

Fukuyama Withdraws Bush Support (PNACer not voting for Bush)

"We weren't doing anything wrong" (Couple w/ anti-Bush shirts arrested)

Magistrate Rules Janklow Was On Duty During Accident

Gay marriage legal in Yukon (Canada)

Per CBS news, Ditka decides not to run for senator.

Second Iraq Education Contract Goes to U.S. Firm (Creative Associates)

WP: Sworn Statements by Abu Ghraib Detainees

Mason/Dixon poll: Presidential Race in NC considered a dead heat

Jenna Bush to Teach Fourth Grade in Fall (a charter school)

Chalabi lashes out at US (blames Brahimi)

Bush Warns Kerry Will Derail His Policies

Idaho Nat'l Guard tells soldiers stick to approved themes...

Israeli army fires on U.N. convoy - AP\MSNBC

Slim-Fast Sheds Whoopi Goldberg After Bush Riff

AMD sales up 96 percent, returns to profit (Correction)

New GOP gay-ban tactics -Court powers could be taken away. (says DeLay)

'Doonesbury' Artist Trudeau Skewers Bush

Red Cross concerned U.S. is hiding terror detainees

Lawmakers Call For WH Action On Outed CIA Spy

How Niger Uranium Story Defied Wide Skepticism - NYT

US struggles to hold together Iraq coalition

LAT: Some in Congress Rethinking War Vote Based on False Data

Bush on Defensive Amid New Iraq Criticism

Kerry Didn't Read Iraq Intelligence Report -- Aides

Voters head for the polls after damning Iraq report

U.S. Treasury says likely to hit debt limit in Oct

Enron's Lay Accuses Fellow Exec

Greg Palast testifying before US Civil Rights Commission

Larry King Backs Out of Michael Moore Interview

Bank 'ignored laundering laws' in handling dictator's accounts

Jobless find new work, not old standard of living

Ex-Niger premier denies Iraq link

‘The Bush Administration Stands Alone’

Massachusetts may make health care a legal right

Bush's warmup act (Dennis Miller) takes swings at Kerry, Byrd, Clinton

A Child and His Lawnmower

Where am I?

+++++++++++++ or - - - - - - - - - - - - - -?

American Graffiti is on, which begs the question; who is DU's John Milner?

Is there a thread on Kerry/Edwards response to Bush/@#$%@ re: fundraiser?

Born in the wrong time and place - who was?

new Oxyrush & Savage Weiner advertiser Saddle Ridge Estates/Marisa Morgan

Notice of Revocation of Independence

I want some Beer.

More journalistic incompetence.

Stupid Questions of the day Thread(We'll keep the snickering to a minimum)

Car people: What's your favorite auto decade?

What's your dream Bike?

DU Insomniacs Check In

Please GOD NO!!

Mama Told You Not to Come

Anyone know where i can find an MP3 of john ashcroft singing?


Man Thinks Bush Aboard Bus, Goes Nuts

I'm listening to "Cut The Cake" by AWB. Who's cooler than me?

I just did something very, very stressful

Castration by Bovine CAPTION

Moose vs. Car - Images

If PT Barnum was right

Which Canadians served in the Canadian Armed forces?

Put a candle in the window,'cause I feel I've got to move.

Barney Fife Kills the FloridaTiger!

Bush 2000/Kerry 2004 Poll

Man Crashes His Head Through His Fish Tank

Terry Everton

and on the topic of office space...

Make sure to tell all your Republican acquaintences/friends/family...

Man hospitalized after outhouse explosion Tuesday

Woman Killed When Tree Falls On Her Car

Did You Know We Could Do This?

worst president ever!

Whats your favorite Musical?

Sing me a song. You're a singer. Do me a wrong, You're a bringer of evil.

Freepers are people, too. Let's have compassion.

Woman Leaps From 12th Floor Balcony, Hits Two Scaffolds On Way Down, Lives

Question about the end of Office Space (SPOILER ALERT)

Good Morning DU!

Cat Boxing

Stand-up comedy - surprise discovery

Do you sometimes feel like not reading the newspaper? Because..

Return to the cocktail hour?

What would Skinner, EarlG and Elad be doing today if Gore had won???

My Porsche 944 Pics


Du... Du Hast...

My great news

I honestly can say I'm thankful for one good think Bush has done for me...

Gore 2000/Bush 2004 Poll

Man drops pants during airport security check

Lord, hear our prayer

Of Kittens and Venus Envy!

Happy Bastille Day!

Questions about satellite TV

AP:Bush Twins Break Silence About Campaign, Parties

U.S. Senate candidate (I) lists Greyhound Bus depot as place of residence

mother of Demman is very sick.

Its a miracle!!!

Does anyone else hate Ken Jennings?

Is anyone else totally indifferent to Ken Jennings?

A Little Jokey Joke

Here's your magic wand: Now wish away one person from politics...

DU this poll!

Man Formally Known As "DotComGuy" Changes His Name To "Mitch"

Articulation Station...Lots of fun quotes & observations

81 Year Old Driver Plows Into Subway Shop - Student Killed

Santorum, Pat Boone and his jacket @ "Protect Marriage" press conference

Which singers/"musicians" do you think have evil (crappy) music?

Wonkette on Pat Boone at GOP Hate News Conference

Bush Daughters: Which One's The Biggest Floozie

Chimp eating Iced cream.... move along, nothing to see here

Uh, hey fellas, ummm. A little help here, please? CAPTION

Mangle your favorite cliche - in 'Lawyer-speak'!

Plame indictments thread 42

The Bobo the tiger discussion thread-What happened? Was it right?

POLL: Life is about................

Man Sets Woman And Three Children On Fire In Car Near Seattle

Check out today's George Bush photocartoon

How to Listen to La Marseillaise

So, did you sleep well last night? My night was a nightmare! did we do with the campaign contributions yesterday?

Question about young travelers & airline rules...

Life is like a...........

Who else is reading Dark Tower VI: Song of Susannah?

How long should a Toro lawnmower last?

t-shirt preference

Man Buys Suitcase At Flea Market - Finds It FULL Of Beatle's Memorabilia

Anyone having problems with Hotmail?

Question--where's the link to Monday's Top 10 Conservative Idiots

Could this be magic, or could this be love?

Death challenges you to Watch TV

Bush's 2002 "Vision" how's he doing so far?

LATEST HEADLINES- GOP Alarmed At Edwards's Inexperience

I am SO shocked and angry -- racists in my own family!

Worst car you owned part 2

How do you kill the evil Windows Journal Viewer pest?

Do you guys have any info on this?

anyone here own an acura integra?

You're All Fools! The mob rules!

Howard Stern is coming back to San Diego!

All Night Phone Flirt Costs a Fortune (Yahoo!)

After watching The Elegant Universe last night...

Bend Over for a CAPTION

Problem with Mozilla Firefox

I'm really getting tired of this shit.

Mmmmmmm...... lobster bisque

What's the more annoying caricature trait? being advertised on AAR

President Bush's cancelled speech to the NAACP

Questions re getting satellite radio in car

Just what the hell is WRONG with you?

Ideas needed for shipping frozen food

I have a crush on a DUer, but I'm having trouble telling her how I feel

"Wingnut!" "Kneepadder!" "Stalinist!" "Enabler!"

My fear about online banking/other logins and passwords....

Funny signs..

Best performance of a song about America

How many here watch regular Fox programming while skewering Fox News

Happy Bastille Day France!

Show us YOUR alphabet...

Doubting Thomas? Not on Bastille Day, anyway. Tour de France update.

Barbara Bush Jr of Cate Edwards?

weird things to hear on the news passing through the room...

1000 posts ask me anything

I need sign ideas

Windsurfer Out Of Control!! Hits Tree, Parked Car

Human Skulls Found In Garbage Bag Baffle Police - They Had No Jaws

A foot in their chicken dinner?


Fess up... Who wrecked the freepers potties???

Who is more annoying? Death or the M.A.T.C.O.M. Triad?

Favorite TV Theme Song?

Attn. Skinner or Mods

Daddy was a street corner

35 years with Jennifer..

Anyone see Wrong Turn?

School Bans Wearing Underwear As Outerwear

Fox to dumb down America even more with the Fox Reality Channel

For my fellow cube-farmers:

Who wants to hear Wryter2000's review of the Tower of Power concert?

If you like black & white photos, you must see this

Post o' Vanity: my Michael Moore column

Is this Rick Santorum or Jack Ryan?

20th anniversary

Java programming question

N.J. - You Can Sue if Hurt By Foul Ball

I won't be raking as many oak leaves this year.

quirky instrument is main squeeze-Accordion fest brings color to Boston

I need a Dog name that starts with the letter 'H'

It's like a realy slow moving chat room in here. (all subj. line thread)

Veterinarian Guilty Of Bludgeoning Neighbor, Daschle

Public Bathrooms: Why Do They Always Smell Like SHIT?

It's time once again to play-----What the hell did I just eat?

The Hello Kitty vibrator

Vegetarian guilty of bludgeoning neighbor's daikon

So I'm listening to Air America while the dog sleeps at my feet.

My cotton anniversary is coming up -- what should I buy my husband?

Any M$ Access Programmers? Familiar with DLookup?

Remember the frequent caller to Mike Malloy's show...

Just thought of a new bumper-sticker slogan.

Man Charged $7,244 For Phone Sex

I'm in the 700 club... Whooo hooo!

Viewtiful Joe

You know a question was raisd about your's truly today

Cocoa attack shiny metal thing but Cocoa like CAPTIONs

Woo hoo! Williams out, "Scrap Iron" Garner to manage Astros...

new Hannity advertiser Charles Schwab

A Ham Sandwich Walks into a Bar.....

Let's pursue the argument to its logical conclusion...

I would like to thank All on DU

Septuagenarian guilty of bludgeoning his own knee cap why trying

Aaawww man, a horrible realization just struck me

CAPTION Bubble Boy

CAPTION the man with the casual male shirtsleeves!

So, remember the idenity theft story?

All Ditka Talk, All The Time

CAPTION the Coalition of the FABULOUS!

I can't stop laughing

How do I make my ESSO understand why I cycle like I do?

Puppy and Kitten Annouce They are Running for President

Can you swoon me a CAPTION please?

Self -congratulatory 7,000th post thread. I love this place!

A Bushie takes over 'Access Hollywood'

Hmmm, ABC accuses FOX of stealing... where's Chappelle?

Wrong Body Dug Up in Kentucky Cemetery

Got offer. Gonna change jobs. More fun work. Better pay.

Some more "Go Cheney Yourself" merchandise.

Shaq traded to Heat!

Kum and go with me to score some Idaho Pot -- only $1.49

Some DU trends that I have noticed.

DUers whats your favorite classical music period?

Anyone read The American Challenge by Bob Zimmerman?

CAPTION General Zod at the end of the first Superman movie...

Speed drunk: state bans 'ultimate party toy'

bu*sh walks into the library of congress

It's taken three years, but I finally reached 1000 posts!

What's your favorite state that starts with "W-i-s-c"

I'm not hot...

Smoker Ignites Portable Toilet Explosion

I have five bucks. What should I have for dinner?

Separated at birth? Arizona coach Lute Olsen and the Zell-out...

Where are your piercings?

The dog is great company, but dammit I still feel lonely!

Who's going to the San Diego Comic Con

Yeah I'll have uh that comb, some gum, some rubbers, and oh yeah a CAPTION

Photo with Bush, Kerry Ribbons?

Natural/nutritional ways to improve mental focus?

Saw an AWSOME Movie last night called "The Last Of Shelia"

Frivolous celebrity news post: Tarantino and Coppola dating

Any Mozilla Thunderbird users?

Anyone listening to AAR streams today? What gives with all the popping

Spike Lee not a NASCAR fan

Who's read "Under the Banner of Heaven?"

What was the last cool DVD you bought?

How do you like your Meat Puppets?

I wonder if VOGUE will publish THESE pictures of the Bush twins?

Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh....clown face!

Seeing Eye Kangaroos: Thread # 6

What do you think....

All You Fascists

Today is the 60th anniversary this plane was shot down in WWII

What Year Did You Join DU?

Who's a better democrat, JFK or JFK?

How many piercings to you have?

OMG, the Northwest Airlines computer debacle is terrorism!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What music defines which parts of your life?

Ever wake up to find a dog turd on the floor?

I sometimes like to live vicariously

It's summer - share some funny family road trip stories with us

How did a big black bird get into a Rat Trap?

Steve Earle says 'fuck the FCC - THE REVOLUTION STARTS…NOW'

Who Else Just LOVES the F9/11 Commercial?? "I'd Love To Change The World"

Just saw a segment on the news that really made me sad

bush joke (wish it were true)

Just bought City of Heroes!

Why is Matcom an icon for the homosexual community?

Your Reaction to All Music Guide's Site Overhaul?

Need some help DU ... mrs. wt2's handbag was just stolen

My 100 favorite songs of 1958

Protect America's future.

Jessica Alba will play Sue Storm, Invisible Girl.

Alabama DUers - I need to know who I would call to get a background check

Things Get Nutty At Man's "MALICIOUS CASTRATION" Trial

no wonder the AIDS crisis is so bad in SE Asia-

Amazing..."perhaps these are not poetic times at all"...poem

are there any free music download sites anymore?

Humor and chimpy and his kids expense...


Telephone solicitation, a question

My new kitty is a prissy eater.

Why does my dog tease me?

"Well I think that Satan was God's best creation...."


I saw a dead Rat in a Bird Trap last night!


OMG... I just got a collect call from an inmate at some detention center..

new Hannity advertiser Nordstrom

I posted on a whacko-right-wing site.......

Man Blows Off Own Arm With Pipe Bomb

The 'You Didn't Really Believe I was Serious' of all CAPTIONS!!!

CAPTION the robotic President

So Bu$h goes to open the Olympic games...

What am I doing on DU?

What makes you feel old??

New Beasties On WOXY Now!

What the hell is in slim-fast?

Harry Mudd? Or Q?

Did you see the "puff piece" on Zahn's program about the twins?

Anybody wanna date Tara Reid?

Help me with my essay on youth voting!

where should I go to lunch today?

Death Challenges you to a game of your choice. Your life is on the line..

Hugh to become new Bond?

How do you think fanatical bible-thumpers will explain the

Before there was wine...there was Fred ..

Hey, Californians...Arnold wants my business, in ILLINOIS! (Now with pic)

It's 8:26 in Auburn Hill, Mi - Time to challenge Mr. Scorpio w/ a Q&A

That "CU Underground" site sucks, IMHO...Bunch of dorks who don't

Any video gamers here? Doom3 is DONE!

Happy head-lopping Bastille Day! Happy Birthday Nick-Nick!

What Truly Fabulous (or Horrendous) Public Secret Do You Know?

"Da Coach" won't run for the Senate

Chips in windshields

Lifestyle Changes After Supersize Me

Wooo hoooo! I'm done packing for Grey Fox!

Need a break? The Maltese Falcon is on TCM right now.

US Capitol turning into a Baghdad-like Green Zone

Ashamed to Admit: Need Tape of Today's Lester Holt Show

Anyone know anything about Aneka (who sang "Japanese Boy")?

South Park: Cartman does Christian Rock!

"A Thief of Time" on PBS again tonight now

Mrs. Cat and I are hittin' the sauce! Questions?

Citicorp Mortgage - A Song of India

Is this a cool outfit?

Book 'em, Danno...murder one.

Half Eaten Banana Sells For $4,232

Um....why is everyone interesting in putting things up HeyHey's alley?

Kobe... Lakers bound or Clippers bound?

The Hulk becomes a movie reviewer for the Onion

Hey y'all. I'm just checking out my profile's new sig line.

A new beer for HEY HEY.. right up his alley :)

If you're not reading Jesus' General, you should be ROFLOL

A new bear for HEY HEY.. right up his alley :)

This is not Nam. This is bowling.


What's your motto?

My poor dog hasn't been on a walk in a month

whats the ideal weight for a republican?

when's going to be the date and about the time Obama should be speaking?

what station online can i hear stuff like beastie boys, black eyed peas,

1000th post: THE BREAKDOWN

Happy 91st birthday to Gerald Rudolph Ford

Red Hat hit with class-action lawsuits

Any sex offenders in you neighborhood?

How does the Daily Show get interviews from people who should know

Best Kiss Album


Daily Show time!

I have been watching my teenage years unfold on VH1.

dick cheney does TV ad

How do you like your meat done?

Oh.....I'm picking out a thermos for you

Wednesday Night Dirty Joke D.U.L.L. Thread

DoloAmber - you look so naked without the admin moniker!

your new, awesome homepage.

Does anyone really think Mo Rocca is funny?

ok guys...admit it....

Hey, anybody going to Burning Man this year?

Courtney Love admitted to an 'institution'

Has anyone tried the new Kids Cereal made with splenda?

Let's talk College 'bout dem LSU Tigers......

Best Grateful Dead Show ever?

Does anyone find this disturbing?

The X-Rated book on tape is that O'Reilly for real?

Hockey Edition: Hated current sports owners

Argh... "I love the book..."

Americans Abandoning Low-Carb Diets (Thank God!)

Home improvement project lands man in court

Did Sen. Cornyn really compare same sex marriage to sex with box turtles?

Kobe... Laker Bound, Clipper Bound, or Prison bound?

250 pages Into Bill's Book: When Do I Hit The Boring Parts?

Cubs to get Garciaparra?

Speaking of stuff that makes you feel old...

Are there any clergymen/women in the house?

Damn, I have a MORAN in my class!!!!!

What is a Redneck?

Well, who will the Repubs get to run against Obama now?

Anyone know what this "Crossballs" show is about on Comedy Central?

Request for Graphic artists

Anyone here grow up in an apartment complex in the city?

Your Errection Lasts MORE Than 4 Hours - Do You Call The Doctor?

Is my stuff bigger than your stuff? I think it is.

Most hated current sports owners: Baseball edition

Question for Lesbian DUers

I just sat on hold with Dell for 10 minutes...

Why is Judy Garland an icon for the homosexual community?

Dave says Jenna will be searching for margaritas of mass destruction!

Happy Bastille Day DU!!!

Did I miss something? Is Killing Joke now popular among teenagers?

I'm sacrificing a private dorm for the laptop I want...

I think matcom owes me money

Have any DUer's recently had dentures?

DU this poll

Slim-Fast fires Whoopi over Bush jokes furor

How do people stay positive?

Batman Supporters Come Here

no vote no work button- no joke

Who here at DU are really good housekeepers?

A few words about the recent "gender wars" on Democratic Underground

You got your chocolate in my peanut butter!

So whatchoo think about SUVs?

Big Dog meets Gomer Pyle

What is the ideal size for a city? What should the ideal city have?

Asheville phone book?

CAPTION - NC Republican gubernatorial candidate Fern Schubert....

Looking For Democratic Web Forums..

Congratulations! DUers raised $6,000 for Kerry/Edwards in 24 hours!

I'm extremely bored...ask me something!

What's the more annoying character trait?

Are you "tanorexic"?

What to do with those Cremation Ashes?

GROVELWitch - Take a look won't cha? (Production art)

Veterinarian Guilty Of Bludgeoning Neighbor's Dachshund

explain to me shirtless guys

Looking for opinionated people about Bushs mercury regulations

Illinois Republicans now pursuing Ronnie "Woo Woo" Wickers for Senate

Got slammed on a general discussion post about F 9/11

I love trolling message boards

More puppies!

Jessica Alba Confirmed for Fantastic Four ( Invisible Girl )

What is the worst part of the new flick 'I, Robot'?

Say Hello to our New Moderators!

The other side of the coin...

In 25 words or less

Campaign 2004 and beyond (LONG but 100% correct article by Rick Perlstein)

TIA Electoral Vote Simulation Forecast: Kerry 52.72%, 326 EV

John & Elizabeth Edwards on the Today Show now

If elections are cancelled...

The good news about Bush's divisiveness

STOP this trade deal. Austrialia (C_SPAN 1)

Surprisingly close numbers in SC pres race

Will Dem convention speakers squash the "rage" approach?

Democrat Barack Obama to deliver convention keynote address

Electoral Vote Predictor (July 14th): Kerry 322, Bush 205

Barack Obama Will be the Keynote Speaker

Action Alert:: Sign petition for election monitors - Pass it on!

Keep DUing this poll ...

Edwards's Lawyerly Style Drew Fierce Foes and Fans-"no notable pro bono"

Thinkers vs Republicans - Joke

Bush's speeches: have you noticed?

little things to win the election - Cahill, Kerry Campaign Manager e mail:

Study: Bush Plan Kills Overtime Pay for Millions

The Tide Turns, Even On Sports Talk Radio!

Need help debunking a hit piece on Teresa Heinz Kerry

"I think he's still drinking"

Edward's first solo campaign appearance

Will Ditka run?

Is Judy Woodruff Retarded?

Kerry and Edwards position on gay marriage ban

Will Cheney call the French 'cheese-eating surrender monkeys' by 12 AM?

Campaign 2004: Are you having fun?

NAACP Poll been freeped, needs you!

Link to receive one free Kerry-Edwards Bumper Sticker!


(post JRE) Kerry Leads Bush by 5 Points in PA (up from +1)

Film `exposes' Kerry's '72 loss (brother broke into Dem rival's office)

Tucker Should Burn His Bra

John Kerry Releases Statement on Federal Marriage Amendment

Dean Dozen in Florida raises 3 times more than GOP opponent.

If Bush is in good shape, why is he

What our Representatives are saying about Dick Cheney.

How About NYC Cops & Smoke Eaters Strike For The RNC Convention

Oviedo, Florida: Kerry 57% Bush 40%

BREAKING NEWS: Barak Obama to be DNC keynote speaker

Updates Polls, National and State 7/14/2004

Ditka's first meeting ends well!

Note to Dubya. Only 2% of small bidness owners pay the top rate!

Keeping up with congressional races

Is John Edwards appearing on Katie Couric's show on Thursday?

Sludge - NYT speculation, Bush will drop Cheney

New Kerry ads aim to boost black voter turnout

"A president doesn't have to be a good public speaker."

Kerry/Edwards will lose the election if they do not come up with short,

How many of you are "outraged" that Hillary has no speaking role

Perfect ad for Kerry Campaign....

Arkansas: Bush 49% Kerry 47%

Kerry's "State-by-state look at Bush’s broken promises on American jobs"

Possible Replacement for Dick Cheney

The unofficial Bush Twins Poll (Will they really help GW's Campaign?)

Yahoo: Ridge Says Warning Was Not Political

7/14- Dr. Fate's Daily activism update!!!

All I can say is OMG - this is a good sign!

Longtime Edwards supporters...You were right!

DU votes needed for Yahoo! article--Edwards assails Bush

Was The Clinton Legacy A Positive One

Current Electoral Vote Predictor: Kerry 322 Butch 205

'Outrage' Over Sen. Clinton Not Speaking

SO, Ditka's Out... Who's Up for the Repub Nomination in Illinois?

Inspiring Kerry-Edwards pic from Reuters

Draft Dean For VP Movement Backs Edwards as VP

Slim-Fast Sheds Whoopi Goldberg After Bush Riff

Jenna Bush To Learn Firsthand What An Unfunded Mandate Is

Mason/Dixon Poll: Presidential Race Considered Dead Heat In N.C.

Salon phone interview with Nader (shorter: he's nuts!)

What if I said...I will vote for Kerry/Edwards and have donated to both,

Anyone still doubting Edwards ability to attack?

How I would answer the IWR question

How do you feel about Kerry/Edwards no show for Senate

Kerry reduces ads in Missouri, Arizona and the South

If Bush wins again...