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Archives: July 13, 2004

WSJ: Why Today's Soaring Deficits Don't Inspire Fears

WaPo op-eds take on Bush

The mythical mainland - China

Probe KMT crimes: Lee - TW

Cold weather kills eight in Argentina and Chile, thousands of animals

Iran: Coping with the world's largest Brain Drain

. Terrorist Network Alive In Florida

Help me convince my mom that Arnold sucks!

1rst Congressional District

Labor laws and personal beliefs collide

MikeG, the Great Mentioner.

Upcoming on Charlie Rose - interview with MoveOn founders.

Lemon Juice may be answer to AIDS epidemic

America mulls doomsday scenarios- Deccan Herald (India)

How long before "1984" will be filed in nonfiction?

Hilarious French Bashing At Freeperville

"Alliance for marriage" speaking on Cspan now

cia bungling on iraq tells only half the story (usa today op-ed)

WOW, Who saw the Daily Show tonight?

Would Zell Miller PLEASE change parties

Are people born "evil" ?

Bush Administration Getting Desperate (KOMO TV commentary from Seattle)

What could happen if the elections are cancelled...

Medical Malpractice and "Tort Reform" in letters exchange in NY TIMES.

Japan: Schoolkids to be tagged with RFID chips

Breaking News: Fox nominated for World Stupidity Award!

Official: Philippines to pull out troops from Iraq

Panelists Discuss Science & Technology Issues, Voting Equipment, & Pres.

Briton to sue Honeywell - depleted uranium

U.S.'s Snow Says Patriot Act Key to Financial War on Terror

Japan: Schoolkids to be tagged with RFID chips

I have a question for people who know the area of Corpus Christi, TX...

Oh waiter, there's a......nevermind...

Pop-ups you love to hate.

Nice riff on the "Every time...God kills a kitten" graphic:

Things you never thought you'd say:

Tesla fans please read...

Keep an eye on Faux News without having to watch it(barf).

Who won the home run derby?

What was the first rap song that you heard?

Computer question: Is it possible....

St. Clairsville, Ohio pop.5057 invaded by 100000 rebel flag waving

Questions about the movie "Lean On Me"...

Anime Fans -- what NEWish Anime are you watching these days?

San Francisco gardeners, any advice?

Couch Potatoes Rejoice!

possibly going to NYC for a few days on our anniversary...

Try to Guess Who's Backing Nader - Newsweek

Air Force One left wing problems a little hint from the CIA?

The Bush Gospel- Interesting Letter to the Editor (Pakistani Newspaper)

The Ballot, The Bullet, and the Grand Refusal (A must read)

Blair sexed up the evidence to justify his own decision

Army post candidate has ties to Carlyle

Fox News: Deploying Reporters/Pundits to Distort the Facts

Some "enlightened" LTTE from around here

Robert Scheer (LA Times): Fact of the matter is that facts didn't matter

'Outfoxed' premieres - Alterman:

Can battered Blair survive?

Having stolen one election, will they postpone the next?

Bogus CNN NC Poll! In last 3 elections, Reps just 6.8% ahead!

Haiti, after Aristide, continues search for answers

Krugman: Machine at Work (Enron, DeLay, Repugs)

The Ballot, The Bullet, and the Grand Refusal

Fire department bars book-burning

Best Doonesbury ever from7/11/04

Oliphant: For Bush, no excuse (Great column!)

heroic proposal to stop human-animal marriages

A Papau note:More than you wanted to know about economic statistical lies

Bush/Cheney and the F-Bomb

Into The Maelstrom

The Right's Architecture of Power (probably a repost )

Who do you believe: us, or Michael Moore?

Ambassador Wilson criticizes president-everything has come up horse turds

Why Bush will lose in November

Paper on Iraq Given to Bush Is Held Back (claiming executive privilege)

WSJ: Bush Woos Voters Through Local Projects

Doonesbury nails it again...

Reason: Ten Reasons to Fire George W. Bush

William Rivers Pitt: Only Cowards Cancel Elections (excellent read)

Govenor Pulls Teen Website

Molly Ivins: The hopeless hillbilly and the American Dream

Sudan: death by designation

National Call-in Day to the White House TODAY- Support UNFPA funding!

Million Worker March: Oct. 17, 2004

GAIN — Grassroots Action Institute and Network

Nurse Alert.....Call Congress to support funding; Please.

Kerry fundraiser bake sale in Silverlake, CA this Saturday

Gay Marriage Ban Alert

Tell Kerry to protect your vote against the threat of electronic voting .

Anyone In Contact With Larry Flynt, Michael Moore or

The Iraq Photo Project . . . (referral post) . . .

Please DU this poll

Anywhere to park in Delaware?

Any grassroots campaign finance reform outfits

Dozens granted protest permits 67 demonstrations get OK from city (Boston) Outfox House Party, July 18, who's going?

The End of Suburbia comes to California

Another Yahoo headline bias - listing only poll results good for Bush

Phil Rosen's a punk. Read his editorial, and then read my response.

Aaron Brown's Morning Papers Makes Me Crazy!

'NY Times' Mag Editor May Have Broken Political Gift Ban

Vote in this poll

"O'Reilly Factor" Nominated for World Stupidity Award


What has the mainstream media to say about this picture?

On Randi just now -- Amend the Bible

Sibel Edmonds to be on Ray Taliaferro show

Today's Thought

Praay for my daughter

Anybody have experience at sexing chickens?

I like this graph of the 7 million missing jobs under Bush

Interest rates rising, bonds dropping, where to put money?

rich = hardworkers, or inheritors?

Shanghai Electricity Demand Hits Record High In Summer Heat

"Unprecedented" Insect Infestations Devastating Western Forests - NYT

Climatologists Report "Unusual" Swings In Southern Oscillation Index

US Pushes To Further Increase Use Of Ozone-Destroying Pesticide

The Most Extreme Logging Plan in History

15 Of 31 Savannah River Waste Tanks Have Cracked, Leaked Or Rusted

Drought Hits US Duck Populations - Down 11% From 2003

Another flock of big Sunspots are comin'!

* Blocks US Scientists from AIDS Conference

* presents the Arctic Nat'l Wildlife Refuge again--30 days to comment

Jew Banned from Israel for Supporting Palestinians

Mormon conversions surge in Latin America

ruger or smith and wesson?

GUNS IN THE NEWS--July 13, 2004

That Win/Win Issue For Democrats...

MN Concealed Carry Law UNConstitutional.

Begging Lunabush's and Bareknuckled's pardon, I make this celebratory POST

A public apology to the NRA.

A quad of comments and a trio of questions

Assault weapon ban: Stay or go?

What is the purpose for owning an assault weapon?

Honest question about religious bigotry

Probably a stupid question

I Am Requesting That My Post # 32 In Thread...

Why in the world

What NSMA said.

Third that


Sixth! I finished baking the cookies and the dishes are drying.


Question About The PM Service

will you post a total for your $5 fund drive?

I am trying to find out when it was I actually joined DU.

I donated by mail (sent out 6/13) but no star yet -what gives?

So Called Uptight "chick" weighing in

Can we get a sticky

4 days, LBN?

I have a 2 day old 'archived' post.......

DCForum questions

Israel Rerouting Barrier Closer to Border-Sources

Shrek 2 banned in Israel over its cutting humour

Amnesty: Israeli law 'institutionalizes racial discrimination'

Israel rerouting barrier - sources

US Court: PA, PLO guilty of murdering US citizen

UN blasts Arafat, says Palestinian Authority near collapse

Palestinian ministers & businessmen accused of profiting from Israels wall

Israel must be compelled to comply

French woman admits she lied about anti-semitic attack: police


Feds knew about 9-11 bribery conspiracy before attacks

I offered a $10,000 reward

Tinfoil hat site shows jet couldn't have hit Pentagon

Obama running as if he's got a rival

Outfoxed showings in Chicago area? moveon not working

Congressional candidate challenged for running ads for his bakery

Duke Energy to pay $207.5 million to settle Calif. energy claims

John Edwards Fundraiser in Downton Los Angeles, 6 PM This Friday (July 16)

Urban thirst

The Most Extreme Logging Plan in History

I hate Prop 13

What are the odds for Kerry in California?

Wow! I heard John and Theresa in Boston last night! They rock!

Ron Crews - You're Going Down Big Time

Concealed carry: unconstitutional, says judge

Registering voters in Minnesota

Sign on I-70

Tell me about Taft

Poll shows property-tax cut plan boosts Rendell’s approval rating

Appeals court reverses, rules for Cuellar

Poll Shows Neugebauer has Slight Lead Over Stenholm

Austin: "Computer Ate My Vote" Day of Actions

Austin July 14: Fox 7 to cover Lorenzo Sadun event -- please come!

Just checked-more people voted Dem in our priimary than Rep

Houston Outfoxed House Parties Sun. 7/18

Fahrenheit' gets free screenings (Rosebud in Wauwatosa)

Sat July 17 730pm, UWM Union: Ray McGovern -ret CIA / F911 Lila Lipscomb

Wow, I just got a nasty email from Lou Pate...

Put People First! rally at Westlake

Sims risks all to embrace income tax

Vietnam Veterans Traveling Wall Coming To Bellingham, WA

My county is packed with Rossi signs. Is your area too?

Bernie Ward on now....too funny.... n/t

Ignore Election Day Poll Reversals At Your Own Risk !!! on Charlie Rose Right Now!

has everyone contacted their senators re: marriage amendment?

Though this may be more a "Lounge" question, I wonder if George Bush or *

They'd serve if they had to (Re: the draft)

Two Republicans first proposed the idea of food stamps

The Ballot, The Bullet, and the Grand Refusal

Should Kerry accept or reject public financing?

Letter from a conservative friend..

Ken Schram Comentary Dupe-Sorry


Bernie Ward cookin' again tonight...

Wonder what would happen if everyone did this

Actually Gallup-NC poll info w/link 49-43 or 54-39

Co worker: Michael Moore is a propagandist like Hitler's Leni Riefenstahl.

Isabel Sanford was a Democrat

Interesting Poll Results - 63% of Americans think Bush is intelligent

Edwards Doesn't Make NC Competitive (Bush/Cheney 56 Kerry/Edwards 41)

Excellent Cheney/ Enron Link thread here...

NY Times- Getting Out the Vote, With Style

the media's subtle way with words (propaganda 101)

Imus just played a clip of Ann Richards speaking at a lunch yesteday.

Let's look at some past polls when an incumbent was running

Ron Reagan @ Democratic Convention - The RightNation Response

Freepers Attempt to Deny Whoopi Goldberg Free Speech

Ditka tells GOP he's game

Anti flip-flop meme.

Oh gee, we're so much safer! What was I thinking?

ON McEnroe (CNBC); Katrina vanden Heavel - right now.

Funny (sad really) cartoon

Senate Intelligence Report In PDF - Very Useful

A peculiar thing is starting to happen......

dupe - self-deleted

AP Poll: More Voters See Bush As Decisive

One mans terrorist is another mans freedom fighter....

stupid people can be decisive - they keep deciding to do stupid stuff!

Any chance Tenant would help us pull an "October Surprise" and release

Putin's popularity slipping. The world is not a safer place since Saddam'

C-Span 7:45am - INSISTING ON connection AlQaida/Saddam!

The Radical Right whines about celebrities who speak out against them...

Help me break down this postponement maneuver.


More CNN Psy-Ops: The Terrorists Are Coming...

So what has happened to the 'Outfoxing' story?

WTF?!?! Ted Nugent gave $ to Dems???

NYT reports "dark, bitter mood" at CIA, "sense of being besieged"

Someone please explain this apparent non-sequiter to me

Has Joe Wilson responded to the Senate report yet?

Washington Journal... Abstinence.. the "retroactive virginity"

the most liberal ticket EVER

How old are "the first twins" ?lol n/t

Exactly HOW Did Kool-Aid Drinking Get Connected To Conservo-creeps?

LOL Freeps boycott SlimFast because of Whoopi! SlimFast is DNC friendly!

Great LTTE about Sibel Edmonds

Frustration over war crimes - what on Earth will bring justice?

Josh Marshall makes a good point.

LOL this is classic.. The thought process of why being a trial lawyer is

When Bush speaks of "values"

Letter to CNN about mis-stating anti war sentiment in Spain ( pre-March bo

My letter to Bill Frist

Bush v. Gore Revisited: An Interesting Read

Federal Marriage Amendment

Blood Diamonds - Another reason to think about 9/11

Senator Lautenberg on C-Span2

Bush....a dry drunk?

No One Knows Iraq’s Secret Daily Death Toll

Why the ambiguity in the Senate Report ?

Googled "Bush postpones election" and

Military Donations going Democrat

"freedom from political tyranny and religious oppression..."

The Reactionary Attitudes Toward Election Postponement & the Constitution

Resign? Too Much

I'm pleased to see that Mike Ditka approves Gay Marriage.

A Racist, Homophobic, Anti-Choice, Corporate Fatcat Democrat?

CSpan/Senate...Dems on a roll this morn

And I thought possibly delaying the election was Tin Foil material.....

In foreign-policy battles, are neocons losing their hold?

Please DU this poll so that

Are we headed to Watergate II ?


who's on

Why is Ken Lay doing all this talking?

Torture - Down the memory hole....

Momentum Builders....F911 and choice of Edwards

I heard John and Thresa in Boston last night. WOW! They were

We never imagined airplanes hitting buildings...

Republican Beliefs, as sent to me

When Republicans say they want to create the 1st Democracy

Drudge's Shock NC poll taken ON THE WEEKEND

DU the CNN poll!!

April, May, and June 2004 polling trends in North Carolina.

Is it me or is Lou Dobbs trying to be Pat Buchanan lateley?

Must Read: Ray McGovern on "Corrupted Intelligence"

My letter to Keith Olbermann

The Most Extreme Logging Plan in History

MSNBC Polls: Maybe they're not scientific, but take a look

Mapmakers Move West Bank Barrier Route

U.S. Seeks to Protect Afghan Elections

I met Dennis Kucinich the other day

Winning arguments against Republicans. Good read.

CNN.....Al Franken statement...anyone know?

Does anybody here listen to "Unfiltered" on AAR? It is usually pretty good

"LaKeesha S" calls NAACP "extreme racist whiners" on their own Web Site

Movies and Politics - F 911 and Passion of Christ demographics

Concerns rise about draft, but officials dismiss idea

Red Cross Fears U.S. Is Hiding Detainees

Frightening glimpse into Bush's mind

As each day goes by the more optimistic I become


does anybody remember /Briton scientist ?/intel/iraq

Check out this poll!

Leaked Salary List Shows Bush's Highest-Paid Staff Is Mostly Male

Condi's response to "postponing the elections"

Cheney: Kerry 'Trying to Rewrite History'

Pukes making last minute changes to the anti gay marriage amendment

Bill I lobbied for is passed!

Rep. Wants Enron E-Mail on DeLay Examined

"We were right to go into Iraq..."

Can someone tape a few Fox news

"It is ludicrous to suggest

Soaries: smirk's pet pastor for delivering messages

New conservative tactic against Kerry

Activists question speed of rape reforms (in our military - the creeps)

This guy needs to bite his tongue!

F9-11 audience is 25% conservative!

Just walked by the newstand downstairs.

Catching Bin Laden will only make things worse

Fear-Mongering Over-Riding Logic or "Can they have their cake and eat it"

i am convinced polls are being doctored: new one shows kerry/edwards down

Is The Chimp Now Riding a Lame Duck

Clinton's Advice to Kerry

Who would really be affected with all this Election Day Scare Tactics?

I got my RNC beg letter yesterday!

Hilarious song...Check this site out

Today's TIA Electoral Vote Forecast/ Simulation


Krugman: DeLay/"corp. interests" "election away from long-term power lock"

Can anybody update me on the WS Journal?

W's mixed message?

Bush's daughter (Barbara) is HOT! wow, i guess it skips a generation.

GOP May Revise Marriage Amendment

Michigan's border Homeland Security: dragons and gargoyles

Stupid Americans view AWOL as decisive and war hero Kerry as indecisive.

When do my Rights over my Body end?

Environmentalists Blast Bush Forest Plan

some Pastors with spine - 14 yrs. worth

Bev Harris on NOW!

Audience Members on Dayside Live on Fox

I got my DVD copy of "Outfoxed" yesterday!!!

Some good news about a convert

Who is the more decisive leader?

If Bush goes ahead in the polls, is it time to go "negative" on him?

Bush failures re: Homeland Security...

W's mixed message?

Amendment doomed......

Watching MSNBC and I expect Bin Laden to be caught

New Keillor book: "Homegrown Democrat ..."

letter to kerry from father of soldiers, what a crock, help debunk

I never thought I would say this but The Eyes of Tammy Faye is a good doc.

An In-depth look at the latest Gallup poll (National and NC)

Simple question: How would we change the electoral process to make it...

Need help refuting this stupid email

Ivy League nude photos . . .

just got done talking to a repuke friend of mine...

How Many DUers Watch Fox News Channel?

I found "My Pet Goat" for sale

News Hounds: We watch FOX so you don't have to!

DU this poll re: gay marriage amendment!

Remember this? The official OBL prediction thread! View your

Breaking: Close associate of Osama bin Laden surrenders

great quote by the NAACP about spineless Democrats

I just heard on the news that Charles Rangel will be arrested today

al is off his game today

WP: other AWOL records still exist

Ivy League nude photos . . .

Bush misleads about race relations-uses MLK day visit to cover campaign$'s

Proposal: For every casualty in Iraq, a pro-war/freeper cuts off a finger.

WSJ: The New Spoiler - Libertarian Candidate Could Hurt Bush

"voting republican is mainstream"

Is there No End to Bush's Evil? (Drops Logging Ban)

Will the internet "go down" if elections are cancelled?

Bush Administration Takes Steps To Cancel US Election..

"GOP= God's Official Party," saw this bumper

Internet Explorer exploits coming

Kenny Boy -- WHO?

Kerry is really going to have to get to work on the CIA when he takes over

American Community Survey by Rep. Ron Paul, MD

American Community Survey (big brother!)by Rep. Ron Paul, MD

Do you find DU to be anti-Catholic?

Uh, hate to break it to you, George . . .

Durbin kicking arse on the well of the senate

Bush: "Kerry opposes the liberation of Iraq"

bush* needs to get priorities straight

Shameful display on CSPAN......Alliance for marriage

Someone here wanted the transcript for Dean/Nader debate.

Franken renames his show !

is this happening in your area Th 7-15???

You know? This trial balloon of "election postponement" might energize

Statistics comparing now vs. four years ago...

Rather than "Which would rather barbecue with" maybe the

Should Martha Do Time?

Cheney faces indictments in US and France

John McEnroe did some major Bush bashing on his show! Let's support him!

Funny, ironic AP tale: U.S. Seeks to Protect Afghan Elections

Are Chris Matthews and Joe Scarborough doing commentary for Democratic ...

The Republican "Big Tent" - 45 second spot

DU 4 MSNBC Polls On One Link!

Great! TalkLeft: Kerry Campaign Seeks Bush-Cheney Documents

Franken Got O'Reilly Good This Morning!

LOL Letter to Bush Camp from Kerry

Attention, lurking Log Cabineers: Your party thinks you're not human

Please DU this poll! IL Senate choice!

Where do you stand on the marriage amendment?

Massive power failure in tallahassee; 3/4 of city without power

Clinton No-Bid Halliburton contracts...true or false?

Cornyn Explains Why

A couple of thoughts on the timed capture/kill of OBL

Senators ask DOJ to declassify Sept. 11 investigation results re: Edmonds

All about wars...

A real Defense of Marriage Amendment

Tinfoil hat site shows jet couldn't have hit Pentagon

Lila Lipscomb (f-9/11) on Randi Rhodes now

Further thoughts on "My Pet Goat"

DU this CNN poll: Do you feel America is safer from terror

Bulgarian Iraq hostage killed (sorry if dupe)

how far ahead would Edwards the presidential candidate be?

Anyone else care to contact the media about the Office of Special Plans?

Bush* said "We are safer because we invaded Iraq" EIGHT times in his

Debunking Needed: "The Spanish Election"

Fabulous Economic Insights From Don Evans, Secretary Of Commerce

RW attack on Edwards.....would like rebuttal points, sources

Historians versus *

check out this Baptist support of homosexuals

NY Times Headlines Do Work of RNC. Frickin' Whores!

Are you listening to "LITTLE DYKES ON THE PRAIRIE" readings on Randi?

Fundamentalists: Fix Your Own House Before Telling Others How to Marry!

Fox OPPOSES Black Box Voting!!!

A question for H2O man

Novak is a pompous windbag!!!

Barf Alert: Gary Bauer on CROSSFIRE

better write your congressmen election issue gaining steam

MY Constitutional Amendment: Let's Ban Religion

Baptist Youth Pastor Gets 135 Years For Sex Cases

If the Kerry Campaign dares to pull another stunt like this...

Alert Ivote - from JudiLyn (Latest Breaking News)

I offered a $10,000 reward

Connection between AARP chief and fight against Clinton's health care plan

MSNBC Poll on Gay Marriage Ban Amendment

Should Kedwardses vote on GMA prodcedural?

Question: Who came up with the HOMELAND crap? Why

Black Bloc planning to come to NYC

A caller to C-SPAN simplified it to the bottom line.

CSpan now....Teddy

If the Bushists' Willy Hortoning of Kerry starts to work...

Steve Brozak Lt. colonel & former republican for Congress!

I believe Joe Wilson, Scott Ritter, Richard Clarke, Sybil Edmond's, Paul O

BIG thanks to members of DU

The toddler who cried 'wolf!'

Thanks Baltimore Area DU'ers ... you know who you are!

I need some address' and zip codes - to do this...

bush - will he take the money and run after November?

what happened to Kucinich?

The Lou Dobbs Poll Tonight

Oh crap! What are we going to do without the 51-man Phillipine unit?

Leslie Blitzer to give Wilslon the Schmidt hand in a moment

Only Cowards Cancel Elections

Daily Show Rerun on comedy central at the top of the hour


Hardball: Richard Holbrooke coming up (MSNBC)

Okay, armchair lawyers (and real ones)...I need a lesson.

George W. Bush is just not evil enough to trash this country.

Is it me, or does RW bias on CNN vary with the hosts?

Burnt out by Scandals & Lies? Try 'Bush's Milk of Amnesia'.....cartoon

Can anyone help? Questions about Just Go Vote...

Overseas Military and Their Votes

TIA Daily Election Simulation Forecast ! Kerry 52.25%, 330 EV

Congressional report criticizes government terror warnings

So did the terrorist bombing effect Spain's election or not?

While Rethugs whine about Edwards lack of experience: they tout Ditka

Poll: More optimism about economy, country's direction

Milwaukee Area F/911 Free Showings

How's the $5 fund drive going?

"I don't know anyone in the (Senate) who discriminates!"--Orrin Hatch

Bush's secret plan with Musharraf (Pakistan)


Bush Gay marriage Constitutional amendment? Its a L-o-s-e-r!

everyone go buy a slimfast!

Would you want the election to be on time IF

Why aren't there liquor stores on every corner in my neck of the woods?

What is the purpose for owning an assault weapon?

Anyone have electronic version of the "Dear Dr. Laura" letter?

What will the CIA ultimately do for revenge?

Gays cant serve voluntarily, but WILL be drafted say mil. experts

IOWANS: Go see Kerry Tomorrow, July 14, in Des Moines

Please, I need a Freeper-English dictionary

Military said Bush Texas Air Guard Records Exist


Would you prefer a hesitant intellectual or a decisive idiot?

A Quick and Easy "October Surprise....."

Is Bush in TX ? It seem's SO likely that he'll show up at the Allstar game

Novak reaches the bottom of the barrel

Let's apply the Iraq standard to Bush's war records!

World War 2

Iraq connection found!

richard holbrooke on hardballs now, compares CM to JStewart!

john stewart's quote about senate Dems on tonights show...

Another Freeped poll that needs to be addressed...

What are Cheney's religious beliefs?

Potential November Scenario for Bush to legally "steal" the election

John Kerry On Taking Back The American Flag.

Vote in this poll.

latest right-wing email bullshit: not on snopes yet

Need cheering up

UN inspectors in Iraq...pre invasion

Blueprint for a Republikant

An "Open Letter to the Kerry Campaign" from Bush Cheney and my response...

Somebody better talk to me before this liberal goes off on some rednecks!

Santorum lied to our faces

what's the limit to thread responses at DU?

No wonder Bush is driving our nation into the ground

What were you doing when you heard Bush "won" in 2000?

American Community Survey by Ron Paul (big brother)

Man Tells Doctor He Drinks 6-Pack A Day, Loses License

For your enjoyment, WHITE HOUSE salaries

has anybody debunked kopels' 59 deceits/9-11

Do different states FEEL conservative or liberal to you?

C-Span: CRITICIZING Teresa's and Elizabeth's FASHION, LOOKS

DU This Fox Poll RE: Ron Reagan At The Dem Convention

this is what my friend in Colorado e-mailed me and about 1000 other people

I'm sorry but I don't want to be an Emperor...(Charlie Chaplin)

Chicago PBS running 30 min Ditka campaign ad

Coping with next 3.5 months - brick wall or hidey-hole?

Headline on AOL: "It could happen again" (recount fiasco)

FREEPERS are invading DU - Have you noticed?

I mailed my protest song to the DNC today,.......ask me anything.

Labor laws and nurses.......

Plame indictments.... thread #7

Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment Appears Dead

Do you answer telephone surveys honestly?

I'm so mad at NPR right now!

Democrats Should Rise Up And Demand The Capture Of OBL

I'm sorry but I don't want to be an Emperor - Charlie Chaplin

DU this poll!!

Is it me but does William Buckley, Jr on Hardball right now

"Let's Abolish Re-Election In This Process" - So Says A Repuke Coworker

Will Homeland Security SEARCH every voter, forcing long discouraging

Ray McGovern, ret. CIA analyst, hammers 'em again......

Raise your hand if you were raised by a single parent.

Get this one: Taxpayers Would Pay in Janklow Lawsuit

Are you listening to Brown's program on CNN? BWAHAHAHA

Did anyone else watch "McEnroe" last night? I couldn't believe it.

OK, I'm only going to say this once

Media Supports Kerry

oh yeah....................!

Ditka's wife has been quoted as saying she'd divorce him if he ran

Strange Postings: Yahoo Poster Claims Bush is a Liberal!

Is Protesting the RNC a good or bad idea?

Workplace (good) story

I'm worried about Ann Coulter

I think this postponing the election idea is a trial balloon

Question about Diane Feinstein and war profiteering

Letter I sent to Bill O'Reilly

Angry American suggests capital punishment for Bush without a trial.

Is it difficult to move to Canada and become a citizen?

Ann Richards dishes humor; Kerry charged with an error

Fox has done it again!

"Take out the papers and the trash..."

The coming divide of our nation

Any DUers who were raised in TWO-PARENT households who think

Repugs sending Boycott emails - I have a suggestion DEMS BOYCOTT FOX!!

DU this poll!

Ken sure got around! CEO tied to Kerrys, too...

An October Surpise involving Israel, Iran, Iraq and the US

Letters to the editor in local newspaper

How silly do Bush and co look when a terrorists surrenders?

I know some are saying they are okay with postponed elections...

Heightened convention security: gee they want to help us too

Rapper Jadakiss asks Bush "Why?" (#16 Billboard)

The Congress And The Sanctity Of Marriage - Time For Larry Flint Again ???

What kind of improvements do you think will come RE: Canada US relations

I saw F 9/11 again tonight

Pete King (R-3rd-NY) emailed me back about cancelling the election.

Things are looking up

In WWII it was "falling out of jeeps." In Iraq it's "humvee accidents."

Richard Holbrooke paid tweety the highest of compliments tonight

Kerry, Edwards May Not Vote on Marriage

Santorum is STILL at it at 10 p.m.?!?!?!?!

Want to vomit? Really, really hurl?

A Yogi Berra Quote: "When you come to a fork in the road, take it."

Anyone else uncomfortable with the idea of the fairness doctrine?

Daily Show does it again

Where is the money going to come from....

Was the CIA aware the Bush administration would "use" them and then

The Iraq Photo Project . . .

Wilson fighting back!

FAUX News NAILED! - check it out and watch the trailer!!!

Speaker Lineup for Democratic National Convention!

Why do Dems go on Fox? The Repukes spit out the daily talking points...

Guess who I met tonight - Karl Rove!!! Eeewww!!!!!

Imagine If Hillary Clinton Wrote Lynne Cheney's Dirty Book?

dubya shuns the NAACP's Outreach...................cartoon

Who was Deepthroat?

NAACP Poll being Freeped. Vote here:

BOGUS CNN North Carolina poll! Last 3 elections Repukes won by < 7%

"Increasing the minimum wage hurts the poor" & other bullshit I'm tired of

A Republican who outranks Reagan says the elections MUST BE HELD - PERIOD!

When does the Warren Commision Report get released?

Zwecker (Chicago S-T) Reports Gop'ers SNEAKING into F9/11

Charlie Rangel arrested today -- will be on Washington Journal tomorrow

Chicago Sun-Times goes after Plame/Wilson in defense of Novak


BBV: Alameda County vote devices tested

Should Gay Republicans Be Outed?

Question about the cravenness of journalists

KerryEdwards need to tell USA that massmedia represent CORPORATEinfluences

What TV News Station Do You Watch The Most?

Why Bush will lose in November

Why are right wingers obsessed with the Clintons?

Marine featured on poster is killed

"You, the elite Massachusetts people with your isolated values."

Bush just stuck it to Kerry pretty good today....

CBS Big Brother Show-has big Bush and Rush supporter

How Many Of You All Actually Watch Fox?

What the hell is wrong with North Carolina?

Bush walks off stage instead of answering legitimate questions!

Former NFL coach Mike Ditka eyes US Senate seat traffic on a slow decline. DU on uptrend

You're in the Air Force-NO, ARMY!- now.

Mike Moore is going to be in trouble unless we help him

$Ten$ for $Ten$ - I'll match first 10 people who donate $10 here . .

Coverage of "Outfoxed" press conference from Variety

How long has marriage been around?

Talking point disabled: Spain Elections

"Nightline" tackles gay-marriage issue tonight

Calculating the probability that Bush stole the 2004 election....

Presidential pardon sought for first black heavyweight champ

Townsend Disallowed "Won't Get Fooled Again" for F9/11

Can you spare $5 for John Kerry and John Edwards?

Deleted message

Anyone afraid of trigger happy Marines coming home from Iraq?

Can Someone, Please Explain "Most Liberal" Label?

CNN Does Hatchet Job On "Outfoxed"

Will someone please kick Ed Koch in the nuts?

Religious Preference?

Gay Marriage Amendment Battle Now Focuses On House

Are we Democrats OUTRAGED enough?

So what will it take for us to have to STORM the Capital??

Ok. I'm actually SORT OF in favor of a plan to delay elections

Call the DNC if you think

Ouch! Sun-Times columnist slams ESPY/Tom Cruise tribute to Tillman. . .

All the RIGHT Moves: How the Right Won in America

"Farenheit 9/11" premieres tomorrow in Australia

Do You Feel Sorry For Nader?

A reminder about volunteering this election season:

Sen. Cornyn on box turtles (WTF?) and homosexuals...

Holy... anyone hearing what is being said on the house floor? (empire)

What's the difference between Democrats and Republicans?

Sweet Jesus! *Expansion of the Death Penalty under the PATRIOT Act *

Kerry and Venezuela

Is Santorum nuts?

O'Reilly found a creative way to run a * campaign ad w/o giving equal time

i think i know where bush payroll/retirement records may be...

WashPost issues correction for flagrant Plame-Wilson error

Kerry Like Gore Can't Win ... Bush's Dirty Tactics

Plame indictments thread 7

The Danger of American Fascism - Henry A. Wallace

IMPORTANT! - Call Congress about the Intelligence Report!

NW conservationists decry new roadless rule

GM plants will be used to create Aids vaccine [Independent.UK]

Congolese Rebels May Have Sold Minerals (Diamonds) to Pattni's Company

Iran Leader Says U.S., Israel Behind Iraq Kidnaps

NNPC Targets Oil Blocs in 3 African Countries

Côte d'Ivoire: No Peace in Sight

Israel Rerouting Barrier Closer to Border-Sources

US in talks over biggest missile defence site in Europe

Ambassador Wilson criticizes president-everything has come up horse turds

Officials Want Election Rescheduling Rules

GOP charges on tax break for Heinz Kerry farm denied.

Kerry Aims To Accept Federal Funding-Reversal Possible if Bush Rejects Mon

Shaw’s Supermarkets start storewide layoffs (MA/RI 275 jobs)

Bush walks off stage instead of answering legitimate questions!

Chechen Leader Unhurt in Motorcade Blast

(Angola) Over 100.000 Refugees Return Home

Killing of Forbes Russia Editor May Be Tied to List of Wealthy (anonymity

Joe Gold, founder of Gold's Gym, dies at 82

Philippines Pleads to Save Hostage's Life

LAT: Resentment Is Festering in "Little Falloujas"

Doctors Say Pact Threatens AIDS Progress (Trade Ag stops cheap drugs)

Networks Limit Convention Time

.Conventions get 24/7 cable outlet...(ABC)

Fahrenheit 9/11 breaks UK record

Mapmakers Move West Bank Barrier Route

Cheney: Dems trying to 'rewrite history' on war

BBV - Diebold Sued (Again) Over Shoddy Voting Machines (Slashdot)

Red Cross Fears U.S. Is Hiding Detainees

Ex-German Deputy Defense Minister, Wanted Since 1999, Arrested

Cheney home is split on gay issue

R.P. agrees to pull out troops in Iraq (Philippine military leaving Iraq)

Watch Repukes Squirm (anti gay marriage amendment)

Is new military fighter jet already out of date? (Bested by Indian AF?)


Introducing John Kerry (DNC Speakers List)

U.S. Trade Gap Falls Unexpectedly

Bush Defends Reasons for War

CSPAN link showing senate debate of Gay Marriage

French woman admits she lied about anti-semitic attack: police


Mother, baby train attack in doubt

Bush: Kerry Brags About Abandoning Troops

Water board issues concerns over supplies (Baghdad)

Close associate of Osama bin Laden, Khaled al-Harbi, surrenders to Saudi

Ron Reagan to Address Democrat Delegates

Web getting a little less worldly, a lot less wide

Burge, 8 others take Fifth on police torture

War still a reality for Marines near Fallujah

USDA Probe Finds Big Holes in Mad Cow Testing of the Bulgarian hostages has been beheaded

California Sues Over Lead in Candy

Tabby Gets Military Rank After Iraq Tour

No 10 cleared on Iraq legal advice

Online job seeker says she was duped into scam

Canada to welcome 525 Afghan refugees

Berlusconi's Coalition on Verge of Collapse

Tennessee May Use GPS on Parolees (violent sex offenders)

Saudis: Bin Laden associate surrenders

Mike Ditka may challenge Obamma in Senate Race In Illinois

GOP charges on tax break for Heinz Kerry farm denied

SaudiArabia acknowledges its militants may be fighting in Iraq(against US)

New Forest Rules May Pave Way for Roads(sweep aside Clinton policy)

France accuses U.S. of HIV drug 'blackmail'


US welcomes back antiwar Defence Spokesman in Australia

NAACP Leader Says Some Black Groups Aid Right Wing

Group sues to force display of antiwar ad - Clear Channel

Burned cross drives family away

New Cuba vessel limits are issued (Bush orders)

Navy, Army, And Coast Guard Units Get New Commanders

Gay Marriage Ban Divides Senate Republicans

Rasmussen Update: Electoral College Kerry 254- Bush 197

Airman dies in attack on convoy in Iraq Air Force on the ground!

War Too Lucrative to Contemplate Peace, Says Think Tank

dupe sorry

TSA Reworks Air Travel Screening Program

NYT: Empty Office Adds to Sense of Isolation at CIA ("dark, bitter mood")

Court reverses on South Texas recount - Full panel backs Cuellar

INTELLIGENCE REPORT Doubts on Informant Deleted in Senate Text

LAT: Killing of Forbes Russia Editor May Be Tied to List of Wealthy

Cuellar Victorious; Rodriguez Aims for ‘06

Hoyer OKs Some Held-Open Votes

Political Year Long on Talk, Short on Action for House and Senate

Secret WMD Session Fades in Senate

Militants announce killing of Bulgarian hostage

Government search engines link to Web page critical of Kerry

Brothers Sentenced For Writing More Than $300 Million In Bad Checks

WP: Bush Again Tops Kerry on Terrorism, Poll Shows

Fed Study: House-Price Growth to Be Slow

Reagan’s WMD Connection to Saddam Hussein

Kashmiri official escapes assassination

Martin to make decision on missile defence: report (Canada)

De Beers pleads guilty to price-fixing


Kerry picks fellow veterans for introduction(Carter/Clinton/Gore to speak)

Clement Becomes Acting Solicitor General (replacing Olson)

Booby-trapped bra may have triggered suicide blast

Guard Shoots Del. Inmate From Ceiling Hideaway After He Threatens to Stab

Ex-Adelphia manager found dead in prison

Chicago Bank Settles Federal Discrimination Lawsuit

Deficit Balloons to $326.6B So Far in 2004

Navy Personnel Misuse Phones, GAO Says

Explosive! Feds knew about 9-11 bribery conspiracy before attacks

US Envoy Ends Big Chill with Lathan/SMH--New World Media Watch

Bush touts values, taunts Kerry for embrace by Hollywood

AP Poll: More voters see Bush as decisive; more see Kerry as intelligent

Sunspot activity hits 1,000-year high

Irish group designated terrorists

Gov. search engines link to Web page critical of Kerry

Office Depot will recycle old PCs free in 'fabulous' offer

U.S.: Cambodian ruler forced out

CDC Ships 'Chem-Packs' for Preparation

Leaked Salary List Shows Bush's Highest-Paid Staff Is Mostly Male

US in talks over biggest missile defence site in Europe

House Votes to Allow Canada Drug Imports

Rural African men make macho AIDS claim

WP, Pincus: Skepticism about Defector's Weapons Allegations Ignored

Kerry's Inner Circle Expands

Internet voting abandoned by Pentagon.

Donald Trump unhappy with Bush

Plame Leak coming up now

Kerry show irks 9/11 families

Justice Department Details Uses of Patriot Act

Dems Sue N.H. GOP Over Phone-Jamming

Freedom Tower Architect Sues Developer

Republican fund-raises for Nader to spite Kerry

Oregon: Kerry 50% Bush 42%

Biggest Buddha to be built in India

Senate rejects Romney's compromise on filling vacant Senate seat

Frist Readies Series of Rare Procedural Motions

U.S. House Democrat Says Agency Aiding Drugmakers(FDA defending Drug cos.)

Bush Document on War Data Is Held Back

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 880 U.S. service members have died

Bush: Kerry Brags About Abandoning Troops

Nevada Waste Site Plan to Proceed Despite Ruling

Bush Twins Break Silence About Campaign, Parties

CNN: GAO report criticizes terror warnings

Got WMDs? Arms dealers race excitedly into Iraq

NASA told not to bar manned Hubble repairs

Congressman Rangel to be arrested at the Sudanese Embassy

Feds knew about 9-11 bribery conspiracy before attacks (Tom Flocco)

U.S. won't delay November elections, official says

Soaries Defends Eyeing Terror Plan

In Bush's War Room, 'It's the Hypocrisy, Stupid' -NYT

Mormon conversions surge in Latin America

Mice might be responsible for cancer

Alack...Karl Rove must be off his game (TPM tidbit)

Taxpayers would pay in Janklow lawsuit.

Attorney general has microchip fitted

CIA Chief Tells AP Osama Aware of Plots

Man loses license after telling doctor about drinking

(Catholic) Church probes `perverse' pictures

Bush AWOL: More than one set of microfilms exist

Can you spare $5 for John Kerry and John Edwards?

USDA's own audit slams its mad cow plan

Why did Lestat get tombstoned?

So THAT'S what Turtle Wax is for.

Your cat's petting threshhold?

Incredibly sweet cartoon

Internet Explorer tetrafecta!

Who else here thinks Rush should be on every radio station?

warren bush

What high school sports did you play?

Outdoor Sex Craze Is Spreading

Prepping for his New Job of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Why is "trouble" so attractive?

My baby girl (sickening cat thread)

$5 for Kerry drive

Well, I'm unemployed - by choice

50 k

Internet Explorer exploits coming

The Polite-but-Firm Dissuasion of all CAPTIONS! (Warning: Graphic Photos!)

Check out George discussing his memoir (This is for real!)

The Dare Devil of all CAPTIONS!!!

Your cat's peeing threshhold?

WHy is being lazy so attractrive?

Here's to you baby!

Though this may be more a "Lounge" question, I wonder if George Bush or *

Jamaican Bobsled Team

We must be ever mindful of 1984 and the marshmallow tragedy...

Samantha Bee!


Have you ever found something strange in a food product?

How about that HR derby performance?

So the company prez is coming for a visit tomorrow how long till I say

Why is Sarah still up?

self delete! n/t

Home Run Derby or All-Star Game?

Im broken, when I’m lonesome ...

Why I don't believe gay marriage should be allowed

Does anyone like Thievery Corporation?

What was the first crap song that you heard?

There's a teacher in a small Texas town...

For WindRavenX, Electrical Storm.

Bumper Nuts/Truck Balls.... are we really lowering ourselves to this?

The Molasses Disaster; if you like strange, but true, stories...

Gamblers starting to lean towards dems...

Family wants killer shark spared


Weed smokers; Who's your favourite dealer?

I need a drink. I'll buy a whole round, in fact. Whaddaya want?

Tarzan Actor's (Steve Sipek) Tiger On The Loose - Police Called

snitchen's F-9/11 critique

Priests Want To Be Exempt - Right To Drink And Drive

I defended "I, Robot" because of the director

Anyone still up?

Is everyone still sending Cheney those "F**k Yourself" Holiday Cards?!

Good Morning DU!

Check out this ad from

Understanding the customs and cultures of others in this world.

Belgian Abbey beers?

I'm making an offer to buy a house today.

Testing image posting... IT WORKED! IT WORKED!

My town is under water!

Hauru no ugoku shiro (Howl's Moving Castle) - Miyazaki's latest flick

American Bullfrogs!

CONFESS!!!! Something you curse at others for doing, but you do anyways!!

The "Buttwalk": cute idiosyncrasy or medical concern?

so i am a quasi-guvment employee-on my desk this morning

Canadian Distribution Dilemma? Business Question.

Ok, Lets play GOD!!

I need some testimony

Concert Will Take 639 YEARS To Complete - 2 More Notes Played

Kansas College Student Downloads 100 MILLIONTH Song On iTunes

Shrinks defend Ken Lay "9/11 Freud"

Holy moly! THIS is the definition of SEXY!!

"The" should be spelled "teh"

I went to Guratemala

DU Insomniacs Check In

Tarzan's Escaped Tiger Eludes Fla. Search

Millionaire Advertises For Virgin Bride

"softball" is a euphemism used by semi-organized groups to describe

Pastor Said He Doesn't Believe In God - Lands In Court

Uzbek GM Rustam Kasimdzhanov is the new FIDE world chess champion

Knology Cable Company (one for the good guys!)

Inspirational, Patriotic, Terra-Crushing Photos of Junior and Condi

Hilarious spoofs of NY Post Front Pages on Fark...

Virgin Mary window vandal "was just mad at the world," says lawyer

Man Makes Millions Cleaning Up Puddles Of Blood & Oozing Body Fluids

Canada Promises To Provide Higher Quality Dope

Hold the (it's pronounced "My-Oh") Mayo. Salad days of TDF almost over.

My lovepiddler Abbott was all confused this morning

This man wants to protect us from gay marriages

I have decided to change political affiliations!

Buds over Baghdad? A JOINT military maneuver

A question for CNBC watchers...

Looking for the picture of the "bourgeois riot" of 2000

Bartcop to have ads on AAR, keep your ears open.....

Joe Paterno spoke at a repug rally a few days ago.....

Love cats but hate the Iraq war? Now I break your mind.

Some judge reads waaaaaay too many comics

20 years from now, will history look at the Bush era like McCarthyism?

Any suggestions for a dog with an irritated throat?

And now for your entertainment.

I'm having TWO count 'em TWO vegetables with my lunch

Anyone hear Jerry Falwell on Tavis Smiley this morning?

"Anchorman" is the funniest movie in 20 years.

What percent of "Christians" have read the entire Bible?

Britney's Ex Still Hurt Over Short Marriage

Whoever came up with online Billpay should be elevated to Diety level

U.S. duck population drops by 11 percent, should Cheney be questioned?

Emerald green dress shirt for men?

Ambien (the drug) - No wonder Colin Powell is seeing things in the desert!

Ever find an old cat hairball in an inconspicuous place? Hollywood ReMake Idea #209495930

ACK! My Air America sound quality is TERRIBLE!

CONFESS!! How old is that bottle of Soy Sauce in your refrigerator?

I just overeard: "It's all because of activist judges!"

Entangled Boater Drowns As Wife Can't Keep His Head Above Water

Your Favorite "Lucy" sidekick

What Was The BEST Car You Ever Owned?

Who's your favorite "Shela" sidekick?

Couple See Every Major, Minor League Ballpark in U.S., Canada 55,604 Miles

Finally: Barbara or Jenna.

Congrads. Have I missed something?

Home Run!

Is there a store or service provider you swear you'll never use again

So I got this email from my brother (Problems with Paxil)

WTG AZDemDist6!

There's so many things to tell you about the way the world has changed

What is a "yellow dog " Democrat?

Suitcase may yield Beatles trove

Used the "Thats like a chicken voting for Colonial Sanders" quote today

Do you believe in 9 lives?

I just got my boxed set of "The Iliad" and "The Odessey"

Bush's daughter (Barbara) is HOT! wow, i guess it skips a generation.

What Was the FIRST Car You Ever Owned?

When is Summer coming?!

Pistons re-sign Wallace, sign McDyess

I hate the Post Office...

Barbara or Jenna?

People that piss me off

Five Guys Walk Into a Bar

No nursing home for me! I'm checking into the Holiday Inn.


Robbers Dig Up Grave, Strip Corpse Of Jewelry

Who will protect me from my sin of "Box Turtle Love"?

How the &*%$# did I manage to miss

Does Matcom News ever go on hiatus?

Has everyone seen all the recent Jenna & Barbara pictures?

Sorry, guys - but any girl with Dubya's face is NOT hot.

M$ Access Query question

The Making Legal Sausage of all CAPTIONS!!!!

The Turds in the Breeze of all CAPTIONS!!!

@#$%&#*!!! Do You Curse Or Swear?

Post your Easter Egg fun

What is it about "Keep on rocking in the free world?"

What about marrying inanimate objects? This new pen I received...

I saw Prince last night at Madison Square Garden.

Man Jailed After Shooting Self in Groin

If I have an image on my hard drive, can I post it?

I Just Saw "The Dreamers" & LOVED it!

I Just Saw "The Dreamers" & LOVED it!

I Just Saw "The Dreamers" & LOVED it!

Man Loses Engagement Ring at Fishing Hole

VH-1: The "C"-level Celebrity Snarky Comments Channel

Anyone know where I can buy the Bush in 30 seconds dvd?

I just took a swim in the pool with a Labrador Retriever!

I just can't decide....Is this picture

I donated $19.50 to John Kerry last week

How do you pronouce FAQ?

Tragic: Mother Dies In House Fire On Daughter's Wedding Day

the road to perdition has no exits of all CAPTIONs


Anybody here seen Jewell in concert?

If you multiply my hubby,

The price of Imitrex almost caused me to get a migraine

What games are you addicted to at this moment?

Mr. Patron and his Anejo friend...

Most idiotic talking point your have heard in a conversation with cons?

no sweat off my back to CAPTION

Another prime example of the state of American journalism.

Man Writes Personal Ads For Lonely Pets

My buddy is on his way back from Iraq

Was anyone else just watching MAD TV on CC?

This is freaking me out - Warning - Graphic Content

Moments when you wish you had better friends....

Firefox 1.0 Set For September

Sgt. 7th_Sephiroth signing up to lead De-Freeping task force

Anyone Here Seen My Jewell's (In Concert)?

Is love for Firefox a liberal thing

Man Jailed For Shooting Off His Testicles

Great letter to the editor in today's Hartford Courant

I am SICK of the rich and famous "Hollywood"'s political involvement

How do you pronounce WWW?

"The government should uphold the scarcity of marriage"?

"The cost of a things ...

Just gave $25 to Kerry/Edwards ... how about you?

Cyndy Brucato is a twit, bring back Harris Faulkner and Kent Ninomiya!

some of Eddie Van Halen's guitars . . .

Vote in this poll

I went Hiking today.

In celebration of my 666th post... ask me anything.

Bill Maher Spends All Night Arguing With Republican Hooker (onion)

All-star game predictions?

I love being a greasy dark Italian, but there's a downside....

anatomy quiz

Update on Phink, the cat-stroke victim...

"Traditional Marriage"

My 100 Favorite Songs of 1959

About That Dead Tiger

To The Individual Who Keeps PMing Me

Are you ready for Feline Dance Class?

God Bloody Damn It All To Hell Anyway!

I love being a pasty white Goth, but there's a downside....

Your favorite brew!

Elfwitches can grovel too... (Rex Raygun Production Art )


Your opinion of Firestone? Hope you aren't driving an old explorer!

This picture will make your brain hurt (in a good way)

Gah! I am so anal! I just cringed at a newscaster saying "Music hath...

Man Houston has some A-hole fans

Well i'd like to tell you all about my dream

One more tale of an "F 9/11" conversion

I sat on my ass all day...

Muted down like patriots amiss

Sgt 7th Sephiroth says De Freep this poll

Promised a Toyota, given a Toy Yoda!

What party do you think your favorite cartoon characters belong to?

Big Machine

Do you pay attention to the number of cats people have?

What do you think of Crossballs?

NY Firefighters make hot calendar

I find it kinda funny that...

go manny! a 2 run bomb

Talk radio used to be so great - a real meeting place of the

Talk Show On Mute

DUers, what is your dream car?

MUHAMMAD ALI throws out the first pitch at the All-Star Game

Good news from Iraq.

DU this poll!!

Spare the rod, spoil the child. Your thoughts on in vitro fertilization.

So, if it's OK to spank the monkey

From now on, I'm only talking to republicans

Crossfade's "Cold"

HA! HA! Crybaby Clemens is getting lit up!!

Can you spare $5 for John Kerry and John Edwards?

Just saw an ad that cracked me up.

Hey! Go look here! It's important!

My vacation in bizarro world


Were you spanked as an adult?

I want the AL to win but...

If you were spanked as a kid, do you spank your kids?

Have you ever had your ass kicked?


Who thinks Piazza is telling the AL hitters what Clemens is throwing?

I just watched "Irreversible" and I'm gobsmacked. Ask me anything!

A poetry

What the heck does Nad(i)r mean?

No story to it...but I walked into a Radio Shack last night............

My brother once said he's rather have a cabin on the Snake River

Do you ever find that you have to talk yourself

I'm not wearing underpants!

The price of pure vanilla extract, whats up with that?

Do you ever feel like you have to talk to yourself

Sgt. 7th_Sephiroth says: De Freep this Survey

separated at birth: jeff kent|lieutenant jim dangle

Let Them Eat War

How to Eat Like a Republican Cookbook

Generic Robb Poll - make your own!

OMG! We just got DSL!

Has John McEnroe's show on CNBC been cancelled already?

Were you spanked as a child?

Does anyone miss the old, free Juno Email?

Fedora, Mandrake, Suse, oh my!

OMG! We just got LSD!

Musicals should not be trusted! EVIL!

Check out this hottie...

Hit my limit with the battle of the genders here

I'm doing a paper on snakehandlers any advice?

Should Jenna and Barbara been spanked as a kid?

Comic strips you really like / dislike?

I need to ask a very serious question

One of the nice things about being home from college

Wow! This one's REALLY hot!

What are some stories out there about Baseball players being GOOD guys?

you down wit osp?!

Today I punched out a Freeper

how many intermissions does a baseball game usually have?

Awesome Tech TV show on right now.

What I think of Bush's friends in a song.

OMG!!! Whose down with OPP?

Plame indictments......thread 3476

Look at my Dick....

Check out this Hootie...

Man, I'm so drunk and Lovestruck tonight - or wait maybe I'm just lonely

It's Daily Show time!

Still Don't Give a F*ck.

William Hung

Michiganders beware... I have my beginning driver's license!

"And the American people are safer!"

Do you pay any attention to the number of posts people have?

going to Yosemite tomorrow

Senator Weinerhead (Santorum) live on C-Span2 now.

Who spiked the DU lounge drinks with viagra tonight?

Any Blonde Redhead fans here?

Wooooooo Hooooooo ... my 3000th post !!

How many locked threads will there be in the Lounge tonight?

The R. Buckminster Fuller commemorative stamp is coming soon!

Any DUers who were raised in TWO-PARENT households who think

OMG! We just got LDS!

I'm bored and my mind is wandering to unhappy subjects....Ask me Anything?

What web browser do you use? IE? Firefox? something else?

I see a little Sillhuetto of a man.

Congrats, Cuban_Liberal, on making the front page!

Did anyone save the pic from the other day of * in his

Watching Dennis Miller on the TIVO...

Old man Bush is getting hours of free face time at the All-Star game

I poured my Guinness Stout into a crystal goblet.....

My bonnie lass, she smelleth

YES! Employed again after 1 year, 7 months of no work!

Line up for your ZombySpankings!

Ok....I have a subject that I wonder about.... (it's homosexual, so bound

Witticisms/epigrams anyone? "I'd crawl a mile over broken glass...

80% of men in Northern England don't wear underpants!

NBA fans 16 minutes till 12:01... you know what that means.... TRADES!

WHOOO HOOOO my 15 milliseconds of fame on Lou Dobbs

So if it's okay to spank a kid

Hipster jeans and g-strings go out of fashion

Nigerian e-mails

Whats the worst show on TV these days?

Rode some really SWEET pavement tonight!

Could you work at a job that went against your beliefs?

Texas big? Bah. I am twenty times the height of any... CAPTION

Well, hell, we were ahead. I really have no idea.... CAPTION

No, honey... not here in front of [i]them[/i] I told you.... CAPTION

The Little Jack Horner of all CAPTIONS!!!

The High-Steppin' of all CAPTIONS!!!

CAPTION the fresh faces of corporate feudalism

Do you believe in past lives?

20% of men in Northern England iron their underpants

What Was the WORST Car You Every Owned?

Please see Eve Ensler's "The Good Body"

I'm enjoying a killer PBJ sandwich right now.

Ken Jennings has $46,000 going into Final Jeopardy!

Any women DUers been under anesthesia lately? . . .

What celebrities are backing Bush?

Been exercising for 4 weeks... lost 4 pounds.

DU Or DE-Freep

My rundown of Adam Sandler movie-----

Caption this race horse (WARNING! Not Smarty Jones!)

*** singing *** My Stomach Is in a Commotion....

Update on dog that my neighbors abandoned...

On a work break now, just wanted to say hi

Biggest asshole in baseball. past or present. Players and managers only.

Freeper famous athletes (past & present)

Man Tells Doctor He Drinks 6-Pack A Day, Loses License

OMG...I'm finally back on line - 2 week hiatus

Subject: Best TWO hit wonder band???

Did you participate in plays in High School? if so, what plays/roles?

Stupid/wrong political cartoon I saw today in the Colorado Springs Gazette

Kerry, What About The Bush Doctrine Now? The Rumsfeld Doctrine? Chalabi?

Do you feel America is safer from terror because of the war in Iraq?

Results of current polls, July 13, 2004

Cheney uses the fact that the Democrats have two Candidates who.....

Emergency situation is now flood,earthquake,etc,for postponing election.

Dean to speak in Boston

For somebody who says that Kerry flip-flops;

MSNBC online vote on Constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage

Little turd in my inbox this morning

AP Poll: More Voters See Bush As Arrogant

Themes for Dem convention below/ Networks Limit Convention Time

Kerry Press Release: NEW REPORT: Bush Economy Leaves Families Less Secure

Who do you expect to win the election and by how much?

Does anyone know how much John Kerry raised by June 30th?

Results of current polls, July 13, 2004

TIA Forecast/Simulation: Kerry- 324 EV; 52.25% (state), 53.1% (national)

New Electoral college breakdown

An e-mail re: Bush in Wisconsin

Campaigning for Kerry - bribing 'em with "Kerry" cake

Florida DFAs endorse Betty Castor!

Which toss-up state do you feel WORST about?

Poll: Edwards boosts Kerry campaign(not in N.C.) Dems lead GOP team nat'ly

An in depth look at the Gallup poll (National and NC)

Debunking CNN's (weighted) poll results (This is geting dirty, Folks!)

JK: "We are going to reclaim that flag for the United States of America."

What would be the outcome of the postponement of the election?

My early popular and electoral vote predictions

Yet Another Conversation with a Republican Friend

Will president Kerry pardon Bush?

how to respond to this?

Which toss-up state do you feel BEST about?

Campaign 2004 will definitely go down in history as one of the

Kerry Press Release: Kerry Campaign Urges BC04 to Release Documents

Help I need a link

Clark, Dean, Edwards working their fannies off -- is Gep helping out?

I got a Republican friend to listen to me

Another CNN stat I just heard

Has any previous convention ever had 3 Presidents speaking like we do?

DU this Missouri TV station's poll

2004 election night

Kerry Press Release: Dems Announce Thematic Framework for 2004 Convention

I just gave $50 to Jim Newberry, Democrat for Congress in MO.

Can you spare $5 for John Kerry and John Edwards?

Subject: I am going to raise $$$ for Kerry/Edwards today!!!

Rasmussen: Alabama poll

Who made the following statement?

I'm totally on board with Kerry-Edwards!

Keep DUing this poll posted earlier!

Illinois Senate Race Poll

Kerry Press Release: Kerry Statement on New Overtime Report

Pat Buchanan: Choice of Edwards might just work for Kerry

Defusing all this terror/Bush advantage crap....

NAACP Needs your support NOW, Please DU This...

Jack Edwards is prepped to dive, coached by Teresa

DU this poll in Conserv-innati

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