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Archives: July 11, 2004

Mpls. Star Tribune Editorial: Intelligence Cover Your Ass (CYA)

Ehrenreich: Let Them Eat Wedding Cake

Hunter S. Thompson, George W. Bush and the Free Republic

Protest Bush in Duluth, MN - Tuesday July 13

In Washington Rally, Iranian Cleric Calls July 9 a “National Uprising”

Anyone see this scathing NRA ILA attack on Kerry?

Report: Blast on Tel Aviv bus

Iranian Pilgrims Require Visa to Visit Holy Sites in Iraq

Political Junkies--Don't miss the show "Road to the White House" on CSPAN.

Bush on the move next week - protest details needed!

I admit it, I was wrong...Edwards was the right choice...

Has the Iraqi child torture story died?

John Kerry & Teresa Heinz Kerry rerun on CNN (Larry King)

For the moderates

Novak: Edwards to Iraq?

Interesting new figures on the Latino vote

Mark Crispin Miller's Patriot Act: A Public Meditation

Linda Ronstadt booed for support of Michael Moore ?

Am I a "bad liberal" because I have not yet seen Fahrenheit 9/11?

Flaws of F911 movie are listed by "The Onion" (satire)

Calculating the probability of a Kerry win using Simulation

Experts in Sex Field Say Conservatives Interfere With Health and Research

NYT: Panel Describes Long Weakening of Hussein Army

Reports: S.C. Atomic Waste Tanks Damaged

Kerry Overtakes Bush In Florida

"Presto" Kitchen appliance maker has a Defense Contracting....

PHEW! I just did five hours on my back, and I'm tired

CONFESS!! How long have you had this crust on me?

Congrats to sundog- 1000 posts!!!

PHEW! I just did five hours on the air, and I'm tired.

Name this Tune everyone

Would Anybody Hate These Kitchen Shelves (Deleting Cabinets)?

Man smashes 100 meter sprint world record by 6 seconds

Chinese Elvis . . . "The King of Wok and Roll" . . .

All you ever really needed to know about Britney Spears

republithugs at various political forums...

What classic is your classical music station beating to death?

Now that I am a member of the 700 Club I bring you:

Best Action Hero?


WV Gazette: Free speech? (Protest arrest of couple at Bush public rally)

Whose Head Will The Butler Serve Up?

Military Developments Bode Ill for our Future Security

Kabul?s Colonel Kurtz

The grieving parents who might yet bring Bush down

Senate cover-up of WMD lies underscores Democrats’ support for Iraq war

Bush's State of the Union speech is redeemed - Mark Steyn (Sun-Times)

A first for Alaska: no oil spills in '03

Kerry avoids GOP attempt for quick KO; polls are tight

Dan Rather: 3 battleground states may decide presidential race

Blair considers resignation? suffers Fahrenheit 911 memory loss

Invasion of Iraq was wrong on principle

My letter in the Chicago Trib (along with many others)

Cracking down on slowpokes: Should California bust those who crawl in fast

David Corn: Senate WMD Report Whacks CIA, Not Bush. But read on...

Spies on attack as Blair fights for his survival

Superb Edit. on ENRON scandal and Bush Admin......

Horror in Darfur

Blair and Scarlett told me Iraq had no usable weapons

The modest, impassioned 'anti-Barbie' (Eliz. Edwards)

Howard Dean's Gay-bashing of Ralph Nader

Did anyone know there were prison riots in Abu Ghreib?

NYT Herbert: The Real Enemy Staring Us in the Face

Man In Fiji Raised As Chicken

pitching yardsigns, bumper stickers volunteer recruitment- MKE/Sat 7/10

I give up in Delaware

Voter registration - just heard of a new technique....

Free speech has become un-American

"LET US VOTE" rallies!

NO VOTE - NO WORK tell them nation wide strike IF

ABC's This Week is just now starting In Eastern Time zone, yet many of

CNN Doesn't Repeat G.W. Bush's "Flyboy's Story" Enough

CNN poll blasts Cheney

Desi Cortez is on KNRC every Sunday

late getting home: Can anyone post the 60 min. Kerry/Edwards interview?

Kerry/Edwards Interview On 60 Minutes - Video

from Prairie Home Companion--Calvin Trillin reads on Bush

Howie Kurtz - #1 Media Whore

Sunday's Thoughts

Delete /Dupe

Any astrological indications of the Kerry/Edwards pairing?

Astrologers! Will the elections be cancelled?

How to bait Chinese children through advertising

America is the "laughing stock of the global community" on trade

Galileo: grounds for divorce?

PBS Nova: "Magnetic Storm"

Changes in the Colorado forests

Beijing threatens British academic

Swazi demonstrators assaulted

Most hated people according to Hungarian high school students

Good candidate for "Listen Live" is on Now!

Why is there a pro Israel bias on the LBN board???

Can you help me retrieve a thread on home insulation in the old E&E forum?

Where to post

many thanks

LBN: shouldn't it be "dupe news item" and not "dupe topic"...

Where's the Hate?!?! :(

Oops! Just saw the explanation. Thanks.

Israel rejects ICJ fence ruling, braces for UN vote...

Israeli troops kill Palestinian teenager (+shoot pregnant woman, others)

Army cameras catch soldiers' abuse

The State Cannot Legislate on Matters of Love

ICJ issues advisory opinion on Israel’s security fence

Arafat hints Israel planted Tel Aviv bomb

Tel Aviv blast: 1 dead, 20 wounded

AG to appoint special team to examine ICJ ruling on fence

Arab Bomb Victim Backs West Bank Barrier

(Al Jazeera) Arafat hints Israel planted Tel Aviv bomb

Mother, baby attacked on Paris train after mistaken for Jews

Comment: Israel follows its own law, not bigoted Hague decision

LA Times: Classified WMD reports altered -- why were Dems silent?

Nearly 1,200 L.A. County retirees receive six-figure pensions

My friend has this store....

Saw F911 for the 3rd time - this time in Edina

MLIVE.COM Discussion Forum

Reviewers of DeLay's Ethics Got His Money

Fort Worth: Southwest Democrats meeting July 12- $15 each

pitching yardsigns, bumper stickers volunteer recruitment- MKE/Sat 7/10

Appleton v. Oshkosh?

Rejected Books of the Bible: On History Channel NOW!!

CNN Park Chief fired for speaking truth to power.

Okay, maybe this guy's a little rough on Bush....

Kerry on Clinton

Nate Clay program on now - midnight Central Time

Sometimes you're never quite sure

Has anyone visited to sign up for a "Outfoxed" party

Does anyone know if Kerry-Edwards is the first time

I registered another Democrat today! 8 total in Battleground MO

F 9/11: $72.3 million in 17 days. And counting...

Awesome Letter to the Editor--check it out

Conservatives Interfere With Health and Research

I'm proud to be an American...

Nuthin' "Odd" about these guys...

Clarke calls U.S. treatment of Iraqi prisoners "war crime"

The Pentagon is lowering the number of casualties again!

Found in Wal-Mart bathroom....

On the domestic front....

Why is the 911 panel holding back 1/2 of the report?

Electorial votes looking very good at the moment!!!!

Probe turns to White House

These guys make Nixon's gang look like the tooth fairy

LOL..."Michael Moore is gonna cost Dems votes"...

Republican party; the worlds biggest hate group.

Ike Newkirk streaming now...

8:28 - C-Span - R-Wing crazies out in force! Blaming Clinton even

Gen. Odom (war critic) c-span now 6:50 CDT

Could someone tell me how many military is based in the u.s.

Sunday talk show lineup

Hell On Earth

I'm surrounded by democrats!

I have scientific proof Repukes are mentally sick - 4 Marines Killed

Just reported: several people in California infected with West Nile virus.

Senate Intel Report Whitewashes Deceptions on Iraq

The irony of Move America Forward, they got more people to see F/911

Americans prohibited from viewing middle-east websites?

Joe Trippi on C-SPAN now!

GW’s reaction to Will Ferrell’s imitations of him on SNL

Figured it was time to change my avatar!

F-Bomb just dropped on NBC!

Salt Lake Trib wants your review of F9/11

So, I had to go to strippers tonight - honestly men disgust me

Wow, Kerry is a new man!

If Everyone Says F####, What's The Big Deal

Michael Savage is a lesbian

Link to Bernie Sanders discussion re: the defeat of the ammendment


Chris Matthews's show on NBC - As always David Brooks: WHY

CBS Sunday Morning -- when did they start with the op-ed

David Brooks: OUR TERRORISTS!!!! bwahahahaha! RWingers going nuts! n/t

Exactly how are the Iraqis better off??

Best line from Kerry/Edwards rally (Raleigh NC), other random thoughts

road to freedom? painting


Doonesbury has OBL doing pro-* commercials. Check it out!

Safety the main issue in the election. ARE WE GOING TO BE SAFER

Downstream from the Genetic Modification plant

Will Cheney dump Cheney?

Inside politics just had a great video of Big John and Lil John

Administration checking with the legals on postponing elections...

CNN Cheney's up on Edwards' home town, shills for Dubya.

Former L.A. Blood Apollo Payne declares O'Reilly is not a racist

Scrapped Florida Voter Roll DID NOT Include Hispanic Repug Felons

Clinton-China: I have started seeing (here and C-Span) allegations

John Kerry and John Edwards interview on 60 Minutes (07/11/04)

I love this descripton of Dennis Miller's show (sarcasm on)

Salon: Saudi and Bin Ladin

Took 33 people to see F911 on Friday

Howie the liar on (un)Reliable Sources

Is anybody watching Roberts vs. Rockefeller?

A short personal story some might find interesting and/or funny

Kerry/Edwards on 60 MINUTES tonight

It's not his fault...

Correspondents mourn the loss of 'Five O'Clock Follies' general

MSNBC compares Cheney to "the groundhog Punxsutawney Phil"

Have they made any public comment as to why

A short personal story some might find interesting and/or funny

Dupe. Never mind.

Why get upset with Senate Intelligence Committee Dems?

pitching yardsigns, bumper stickers volunteer recruitment- MKE/Sat 7/10

It is now time to lay the groundwork with "on-the-fence" aquaintances.

Another reason I dislike Bush.

Any official/unofficial Air America bumperstickers?

another muzzle applied

CSPAN is wrapping up Kerry speech

yet another wingnut claim about Clinton, what's the truth?

About that UNOCAL pipeline in Afghanistan

Whew! Kerry and Edwards WILL vote on FMA

80% of intelligence funds are controlled by the Department of Defense

Trump slams Bush on Iraq

Trippi on C-Span. Should he be more active part of the Democrats?

San Francisco full of tourists that support Kerry

I am going bananas... Listening to Go, Go Johnny Go over and over!

smirk and hydrogen/platinum/palladium and Russia

C-SPAN NOW! Kerry/Edwards rally from NC!!!

I did the impossible I got my hardcore republican father to agree to

Saw Farenheit last night

Where can I find a current count of casualties in Iraq?

A Reminder About pResident AWOL's Records

William F Buckley on MTP == Attack of the Hideous Creature

The perfect book for fence-sitters or hard cord GOP voters?

TOMORROW'S DOONESBURY: I cannot publish the drawings

Baghdad bloggers: Anyone else notice?

Wm F. Buckley, Jr: Senile old doddering fool, or

LOL! Wolfie's online poll Cheney v. Edwards

Huge Republican Conspiracy Uncovered

Mike Savage gay?

A Terrible Observation About Our Dead

Some panel members reviewing Tom Delays' ethics got his money

After the Supreme Court slapped Bush's hand...

Chicagoland DUers... who is the Sun-Times' Mark Steyn (today's Editorial)

Vilsack just made an EXCELLENT point on Wolf's show on terror alerts!

Damn. MSNBC running "George W. Bush" on its 'Headliners & Legends" now.

GOD bless the GOP!!!!

George Staphylococcus (oops Stephanopolous) (This week)

Is it me? Or is Wolf Blitzer not acting like a * apologist today?

SHOCKING! Edwards is a Diet Coke junkie!!!

Trying to find the Edward's photo

DU a RW poll: Presidential preference

Poll: Which Funny Best Personifies The Personality Of George W Bush?

Tell Bush to Stop Exploiting 9-11!!

If there is a terrorist attack in America 2 days before the election,

"I'm Osama bin Laden and I approve this message"

Anybody Watching MTP? Rockefeller and Roberts... They should have

In my opinion, one of the best parts of F911

I am fed-up with the DEMOCRATS. Rockefeller goes from show to show

Bush Administration Mulling How to Delay Election

Did Bush go to Law School?

How much would it boost Bush if he dumped Cheney really?

make your own political film all ye mini-Moores... :)

Kurtz Challenges Moore

Cokie "faux liberal" Roberts thinks F-911 will cost Kerry the election!

Leftists for Lesser-Evil-ism

So what ever happened to the Grey Panthers anyway?

Suggested Summertime Surfing: DU's own 9/11 investigation

omg...Have you All Seen This Site?

Pls DU this poll

Bomb Kills 2 U.S. Soldiers Near Samarra

Those Old Terror Blubber Blues

What happened? Thought the brown shirts had raided DU.

1990s Senate majority leader, question...

Martial law after suspension of elections

Got the CD??? Go, Go Johnny Go!!!

George Bush is Bad for America

Four U.S. Marines Killed in Iraq Attack (or 8 I dislike how they are repor

Not only was that down time scary. But that's exactly the way

What Kerry needs to win

DU this poll

I need help! good group to volunteer with!

Mixed reaction in Freeperland (re: postponing elections)

Great article on Al Gore from the Texas Observer

John Titor's Predictions Coming True? (Tinfoil Hat Alert!!)

Mark Fiore political animations

(Family Reunion)Florida G-Parents say Bush must go.

A Call to Action!!

Can you help us save our country, Mr. Kerry? Mr. Edwards? / pics

That ass Rafferty on CNN

"Let us not dominate others with our power"

Anybody Have Bush's Snicker Sound Clip?

Pub Patches for those that need them. Wean yourself away from the Pub Mind

Bush says "eff you" to gays, African Americans, and anyone w/ disabilities

Send your RW family and friends to this site:

The real suspects of 9/11 IMHO

John Kerry and John Edwards on CBS' 60 Minutes!

delaying the election?

PICS of Kerry/Edwards in NC...awesome-- How the crowd LOVES them...

There is no motive for the CIA to give false reasons to go to war in Iraq

Was behind an SUV yesterday with a Bush/Cheney

Did the Binladin's fly while planes were grounded?

Kerry and Edwards are making in roads in Republican country

Anti-choice site says contraceptives are a "social ill"

The John/John effect - Great pic

John Edwards was a walk-on for Clemson's football team / PIC

Is President Bush pandering to his base?

Kerry Overtakes Bush In New Mexico

I have just the solution if the elections are cancelled.


A Pentagon inspector’s defense of Halliburton is a textbook

they say Duyba looks like a chimp

F911 tops $80 million....

'60 Minutes' avoids hiatus with Kerry, Edwards

Will Democrats allow FMA to pass in Senate Wednesday???

Election day postment, terror attacks, CIA...ummm just asking

Former Enquirer HQ Fumagated for Anthrax/ by Guliani's "Bio One" Co.

Book Burning on the front page of my newspaper today...

Good in the midst of evil - My first F911 encounter

R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr kept saying Jean-Francois Kerrai (referring to Kerry

Some (rational) thoughts on prospect of vote delay/cancellation

I think the right just moved the goalpost again! On Tucker Carlson's show

Common Dreams Has Been Hacked

DUer Gains Top Spot on Another Board With Great Article!

Fahrenheit 9/11: "a crudely made, infantile rant" (or so says this LTTE)

Batman and Robin in 04

FYI - Constitution doesn't require popular election to choose President.


As if you needed anymore proof of how nasty "they" are

Debunking the Laci Paterson Law

"Highest example of desperation in the history of presidential elections"

Fahrenheit 9/11 Soft on Neo-Con Cabal and Media Control -

Did anybody see the Drudge tease, RE: Tom Delay/Enron????

My e-maill to NewsWeek

Vote in this poll


my list of leaders who were/are worse than Bush.

I believe the discussion about delaying the election

Buchanan quote...

F 9/11 contiues to work

Need help expanding our base!

OBL and Saddam were lovers!

From 2 yrs. ago, re: Martial Law

Ron Reagon for Senate or House as a Green.

Meme # 3.7 on the postponement of the elections.

How the F**k did we get to a place where ANYONE would entertain postponing

1999 Indie Film 'Predicted' Suspension Of 2004 Election

Most Americans hold Bush/Cheney to blame for Iraq mess, not Kerry/Edwards.

Yahoo News Freeping revisited.

Postpone? Why not move up, so we can send...

Help screw up America

Edwards on CSPAN II from a year ago, talking Vets' benefits

Freepers blaming libs for postponing election?

I think it's time to buy a gun!

Ldotters want election postpopned til 08

I think we need to promote the idea that opportunities for


E-mail Sent by My Wingnut Vietnam Co-Vet

See you in September

Draft Ditka?

Dammit, I 'm ready for the debates

Analysis of 155 polls reveals why Undecideds will break for Kerry

Edwards: "For 51 years, I've been myself and it's worked pretty well"

Martyrs To A Lie.

NOW with Bill Moyers is a MUST SEE! 11pm est on PBS

Bush will pardon Kenny-boy. That's why they dragged out the indictment.

Don't blame Kerry/Edwards for Iraq. Iraq is Bush's mess, a huge mess.

"Hell in a Handbasket"

Did someone hack ??

Two more election postponement scenarios

The Push

Evil + Dick = Evil Dick (U.S. German Embassy Cheney Bio)

Is it true? Election postponement being discussed on mainstream news?

Jack Germond on MTP....excellent!

About delaying the Election...

Anyone have that joke about the diffrent names for the new "W" ketchup?

Matt Drudge is such a tool

60 Mins ...... not on the air on LA

Could al Qaeda determine the outcome of the election?....

How Kerry (and Edwards) should answer on the Iraq vote

Best Article Seen About Protests Along *'s Road Trip in PA

Why don't we just postpone the elections.....

This is how Kerry should have answer the Iraq war on 60 minutes

This Dean supporter is glad that John Kerry won the nomination.

Do you vote electronically or not where you live?

Yet another first-time "F9/11" experience - this afternoon in Cincinnati

What's the official Democratic position? Was Iraq a MISTAKE?

Shrub & Ozzy Have Groovy Auras

so what's the plan, stan?

I have a ? about Stahl 60 min. interview. DOES SHE CALL LAURA BUSH

Need Bush's proposed military cut list

Why the assault weapons ban should be extended

"Don't even *think* of Wellstoning-Carnahaning Senator Edwards."

this election will not be de Layed.

Will the Democratic party become democrats again under Kerry?

The Fahrenheit 9/11 effect

Didn't Stahl in 60 minutes admit to having the RW TALKING POINTS?

OK, Associated Press has got to be smoking crack. Seriously.

Why would we interupt the election for a terrorist attack, when Bush won't

LE Show on NOW!!

What's the best bet for campaign donation

Its in the bag

Be careful what you wish for...

RW Talking Point I heard twice this weekend

How the despicable feminist witches on Capitol Hill failed the public

Will Tom DeLay resign before weeks end???

Ron Reagan and DNC Convention -- CONFIRMED!

F9/11 did $11 million this week, not bad for week #3

It's Coming, Guys... Suspension of Election

Top 11 telling parallels between Ozzy Osbourne and George W. Bush.

Saudi 9/11 fights finally confirmed, after 2 1/2 years of denials.

CIA report is letting Bush off the hook without mentioning O'Neil, Clarke

Just saw the Carl Cameron clip from Outfoxed

Negroponte, Honduras and Iraq

Take a look at the new web add comparing Edwards/Cheney

A Veteran Republican Official Critisizes Bush Before a Stunned Audience

Concerning the Democratic Party's position on the Iraq War

Should free speech be curtailed?

I need help from you guys re: draft prep

Does anyone agree that Lesley Stahl

Presidential Authority

Whoa! Republicans getting way testy!

more PHOTOS from the bush* campaign....jenna struts her stuff

All who MARCHED against the invasion?

Boston Herald: Kerry as "Sexual Aggressor"

Kerry to Reach Out to 'People on the Right'

Two-second Poll: Will they attack their own country to get elected?

Kerry/Edwards' secret weapon the Secretaries of Cute and Adorable. . .

My right-leaning wife will be voting dem for the first time ever!!!

Teresa Heinz Kerry is a WYSIWYG.


Jeb Bush Son to Marry.

what is the basis for all the fear?

What the HELL is the Laci Peterson law?

Is there a movement to push absentee voting in critical areas?

55% of Americans now say the war wasn't "worth it."

AOL straw poll shows Kerry leading

The trial lawyer attack Repubs are using against Edwards - ?/James Baker.

Lincoln on the 1864 Presidential Election

For fellow gays and lesbians considering leaving the USA if FMA passes

is there really anything we can do

The Christian Taliban didn't just happen. RevMoon/CNP/BushInc MADE them.

HELP: Why doesn't it matter who wrote the NIE report?

This Dean supporter is glad that John Kerry won the nomination.

Ralph Nader's Nutty Ideas

Kerry: 'I am against the war'

Unbelievable 60 minutes with Kerry/Edwards on Iraq

Bush's Toughest Interview Ever LOL

Gee, why are Republicans pushing Porter Goss for CIA head?

Suppressing voter turnout with fear: good or bad for Bush?

Where is the transcipt of Old Bush claiming to be in Vietnam

My inlaws are in town - father in law and my argument drove hubby

60 Minutes!!! Kerry and Edwards

I submit My latest letter to the editor for your critique

Freepers are sooo welcoming

Newsweek: Justice Dept. considering how to cancel elections

KERRY/EDWARDS gave legitimate answer to War ?

Randi Rhodes is TOO NEGATIVE! I want Thom Hartmann instead!!

Time and Newsweek covers with Kerry and Edwards (very nice)

Kerry and Edwards: "Bad Intelligence Costs Lives"

Ron Reagan to discuss F 9/11 on Hardball on Monday night.

That's it. First smoking in Mass. Now this. I can NO LONGER vote for Kerry

new bush hate ads running in IL

Why hasn't the Office of Special Plans (OSP) been NAILED over Iraq?!?!?!?!

Amateur Conservatives are funny

Is it just me, or does the job market still suck?

Delaying the election will NOT extend Bush's term

"The Elections Are Suspended, But There Is A Terrific Sale At Walmart !!!"

If we demand Part 2 of the Senate Intelligence report we'll get it

Market research says F911 audiences crave info on 'issues and candidates'. Who

Karen Kwiatkowski: How do we get her on CNN, MSNBC and the like?

Someone Posted A Fabulous Edwards Picture of Him Kneeling

They have awakened a sleeping giant.

Slipping away from middle class

Why Do Common, Ordinary People Vote Republican???

Are there any DU'ers that can admit that they were wrong about Iraq?

Easy Ways to Help Air America Radio

MEME MEMO: If the elections are cancelled, the terrorists win.

Plame indictments......thread 6

dupe - sorry :(

Democrats See New Hope in Republican Strongholds (Colorado)

Spy chiefs 'withdrew' Saddam arms claim

600 students quarantined - Malaysia

Senegalese editor jailed

Bad Iraq Intelligence Cost Lives, Democrats Say

World is on our side: Arafat

De Beers to plead guilty in price-fixing case

PM and spies at war over Iraq report

Israeli troops kill Palestinian teenager (+shoot pregnant woman, others)

Floods Kill at Least 40 in India, Millions Homeless

Blast in Afghan City of Herat Kills Five, Wounds 34

Bob wants Zim poll to be 'anti-Blair'

Experts attack Bush's stance (abstinence) in Aids battle

Judge Orders Ends to Miami Trucker Strike

Family Asks Pardon for Accused Soldier

NRA spat with hunters could spill into politics

Soliders taught to exercise injured brains

Experts in sex field say conservatives interfere with health and research

Kerry Vows To Restore 'Truth' to Presidency

Kerry Gun-Shy on Assault Weapons

Question of pressure splits panel

Peek at polygamists' haven (FLDS's Jeffs moves to Texas)

Free press under death threat

MSNBC: Philippine official says withdrawal from Iraq will not be moved up

Nearly 1,200 L.A. County retirees receive six-figure pensions

Airport-security system in U.S. riddled with failures

Former tabloid headquarters fumigated nearly 3 years after deadly anthrax

Layoffs might mark end of era (450 - 850 jobs)

Bomb sets pipeline afire; captives reported alive

More UK soldiers face charges for killing or abusing civilians

Kabul bounty hunters search for bin Laden

Yahoo News... government considering election postponement

MSNBC....election postponement?

LA Times: Classified WMD reports altered -- why were Dems silent?

Arafat hints Israel planted Tel Aviv bomb

Tel Aviv blast: 1 dead, 20 wounded


Al-Qaida-linked group claims blast

Iraqis hold pro--Saddam march in Baquaba

Iraq Bomb Attack Kills U.S. Soldier

WP: Saudis Facing Return of Radicals (From Iraq)

Gang Attacks Mother on French Train

Free parking for hybrids proposed

News from abroad we'll get here later if ever

US soldiers to be based in Greece for Olympics

Iraq Says Zarqawi Likely Seeking WMD Materials

Iraq's Old Army May Be Recalled

Schwarzenegger shows he's a mortal in politics

Rebels Cut Off Nose, Tongue of Kashmir Girl -Police

Democrats see new hope in Republican strongholds

Kerry accuses Bush of losing lives and allies

U.S. Mulling How to Delay Nov. Vote in Case of Attack

U.S. Mulling How to Delay Nov. Vote in Case of Attack [view all]

Palestinians to delay vote(regarding the Security Council)

U.S. Soldier Killed by Iraq Roadside Bomb

Separate Attacks Kill 3 Soldiers in Iraq

Tangled vines (Rep. Radanovich, R-Calif., bilks investors)

Kerry Edwards: I was offered $150K for my Web site [CNN.COM]

NAACP asks Bush to relent on snub

Butler acts to prevent PM 'spinning' his report (UK)

Four U.S. Marines Killed in Iraq

Bush Expected to Oppose Creating Intelligence Czar

Lawsuit tests religious speech in class

Senators press White House on CIA chief

Olympics organisers target rival logos

White House T-Ball Season Kicks Off

Laurance Rockefeller, Venture Capitalist and Philanthropist, Dies at 94

Filipino Hostage in Iraq Gets 48-Hour Reprieve

Muslim council says Bush administration too slow to act on cooperation pla

U.S. Jew Denied Entry Into Israel

Putin's Rating Falls below 50 Per Cent/Moscow Times--New WMW

Social Conservatives Want More of Their Own to Speak at the G.O.P. Convent

Doubts over touchscreen tech choice for Venezuela recall

Saddam reached deal with US before attack: Primakov (caught months before)

Clinton attacks war haste

NEWSWEEK: 'The Dots Never Existed'

Kerry, Edwards show public affection

Longaberger layoffs could impact election

Brother racked up different kind of record (Next Edwards' Meme)

US accused of political pettiness at AIDS meeting

Bomb Kills 2 U.S. Soldiers Near Samarra

Schumer: Saudi Arabia still funding terrorists

Hagel ’08 stumbles at outset

Daschle Plans To Retain Post

US warned Pak to capture Osama: Report (Get OBL before Nov. 2)

Bush: NAACP hostile to me

Kerry Team Settles Dispute With Kucinich Delegates Over Iraq

Ron Reagan to address Democratic convention

Whaling ban 'bought off by the Japanese'

Wife says Cheney's outburst was out of character

Separate Attacks Kill 3 Soldiers in Iraq

(Australia) Trade Agreement May Undercut Importing of Inexpensive Drugs

Ron Reagan Jr. will speak at Democratic National Convention

DeLay's Corporate Fundraising Investigated (WP -- Drudge's Story)


Workers Suspected in Iraq Oil Sabotage

In Pa., Cheney's getaway is no longer a secret

"Election Day Worries" - Newsweek exclusive (postponement)

Indian Defense minister strip searched at Dulles

Officials discuss how to delay Election Day (holy s**t!)

Critics of e-voting file suit against Diebold

Blair accused over WMD evidence

Italy Blocks Ship With Sudanese Refugees

DeLay's Corporate Fundraising Investigated

Lynne, Dick Cheney Differ on Gay Marriage

Some Key Conservatives Uneasy About Bush

Japan's Ruling Coalition Stays in Power (Rival Demo Party Makes Big Gains)

Report: Touchscreen Voting Flawed in Fla.

Pentagon Papers Whistleblower Calls For National Security Leaks

South Florida radio station drops Fox Sports for liberal talk radio

Kerry to Reach Out to 'People on the Right'

Fury over Pentagon cell that briefed on Iraq's 'imaginary' al-Qaeda links

Swastikas drawn on woman in Paris attack

To Bill Brasky!

For NY DUers, Write Down This Address: 27th & Madison

Anyone visit free republic lately? HELP!

Name this Tuna everyone

I'm watching "Superman" on TCM right now. Christopher Reeve was perfect.

Any "Longpigs" fans?

What rock song is your rock station beating to death???

**champagne pop!!** My Thousandth Post!! (long)

Listening to Alice In Chains.

Saw Anchorman tonight!

My Conversation with a High Tension Screwdriver today

Saturday Night DU Insomniacs Thread

Did you know that Walmart has...

Flamewar breaks out in GD!!!

I think I'm gonna call it a night! Ask me anything!

Shy moose given assertiveness training

Mother Earth News

The thing that bothers me about the new show "4400"...

Can you refrigerate uncooked potatoes?

Shaq To Miami.... Can Rudy T Play The Low Post Position...

This Bush banner is creepy

My tinfoil hat is quivering. I just went to for the first time

am I an old fashioned guy?

How the fuck did I go from my buddy's truck to flame wars

Did Daisy kill a wabbit? I report, you decide

Dizzy dizzy dizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy

I don't come here much, but I hear it is the place to be! Psalm 2004

200 years ago today

Man raised by chickens

(mid-90's series) Spiderman cartoon marathon on ABC family

Ever seen those plastic surgery shows on Discovery Health?

Good mornin' DU!!

Gettin' some pretty wicked weather right now...

7/11----Happy Convenience Day!

Is it just me, or is Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle the worst film EVER?

so how many other straight people get accused of being gay because ...

DNS error - what causes them?

What PJ Harvey album should I buy next?

CAPTION Gump and Frump go to church

THe Manchurian Candidate.

Adorable kitty saved! AWWWWWWWW!!

Who needs a book? I have a sister!

What Sealab 2021 Character are you?

I am about to reveal a deep, personal secret

Anyone seeing Lynn Cheney on Wolf Blitzed?

Did Sen. Barbara Boxer Actually say this?

Just wrote a check to my credit card

If Everyone Says F####, What's The Big Deal

Ha! Ha! Just saw a cool "Fox News" Bumper sticker.

Winter in South America

What is the difference between a fetish and an interest?

Ignore list updated

Grammar cops, help me with the rules of "to" vs. "too"

Argh! i hate those sexy fag ads!

Go Back in time

God_bush_n_cheney: activist and interior designer

For only $25 per month, the Presidential Prayer Team will make you...

WHOA! The CEO of COSCO only makes $350,000 a year & no bonuses!

WHOA! It's 2:00 p.m. and I just woke up for the day.

Democratic Underground gets great exposure...

Who has been driving the same car for the longest time?

FINALLY going to see "F9/11" this afternoon!

What's the ignore button for?

Just watched "The Secret Window"

I just got back from this years Rainbow Gathering. Ask me anything.

SHOCKING! Edwards is a Diet Coke junkie!!!

Penis explodes during sex

Dubya finally names new CIA director

Are you a Wiccan, Witch or Pagan?

Best, most covert way to tell other board members to f*#* off

Alternative to spanking REALLY FUNNY

Who else was at Gutfest '89?

Best way to tell other board members to take life a little less seriously

Oh no 20 minutes without DU...

Okay, what the hell??

So, I had to go to strippers tonight - honestly men disgust me

An official apology from yours truly, Angelus.

I'd like to apologize for Angelus' apology.

Homeland Security Squirrel threat level in my back yard: "Elevated"

I'd like to apologize for Paragon's apology to Angelus' apology.

Best way to tell two board members to get a room

I really watched "She Woke Up Pregnant", ask me anything

With all the lawyer-bashing that goes on in these here United States...

Best most overt way to tell DUers on the board you love them?

What did you do while DU was down?

Not only was that down time scary. But that's exactly the way

Testing, testing...

Argh!!!! I hate those Six Flag ads!

Can any NASCAR fans out there answer these questions?

Who is your personal savior?

Can you watch a movie more then once at the theater?

Best decade for energetic music?

This stinkin commie LIEberal is leaving for "F9/11" in 5 minutes!

i just picked up some books/reading materiaLs

Okay, I am so fed up that I've decided up update my Ignore list:

More good signs for our side

For the raccoon fanciers here...

Is this kid happy or what?

All you ever really needed to know about asparagus spears

Do you own a cellphone

The end of the human race will be that we will die of civilization

Just got in - I'm NEVER getting married

This is a fun Mini-Putt Game

This movie offended me:

Help DUers!!! My head is on fire, what should I do?!?

need help getting an avatar to "take"

The Fishtank of the future...

So about a week ago...

Ok. Back From Maine - Caught 4 Stripers - Fun - WHADDA I MISS?

Ok. Back From Maine - Caught 4 Strippers - Fun - WHADDA I MISS?

People would be surprised to know that you own what albums?

I have heard twice on CNN about some drug company that was going to sell

What will the next step in DU's battle of the sexes be?

Men/boys/dudes of DU: are you serious?

Any "professional" strippers on this board?

HEyHEY -- they locked my thread before I could reply to your 'shot'

Is Kinkos the only place that you can rent computer time?

Thanks everyone! I got to see F-9/11 today with your help.

Michael Savage is a lesbian

Do you suffer from Transient Tickle Zones?

That's one angry dragon!


Do you sing along with the background vocals instead of the main vocal?

I just watched Cabin Fever.

Well, I guess I'm on Asscraft's list now

I'm listening to some Dead Kennedys live at the waldorf

100-Meter Sprint World Record SMASHED by SIX Seconds!!!

newsmax is both funny, and current

Who wants to talk about funky 70's music?

REALLY stupid radio ad I just heard.

Elvis still doing all right -- 50-year-old song at #3 in the UK charts

Disney can NOT be happy about movie business this weekend

Willem DaFoe in Auto Focus

'Fahrenheit 9/11' DVD will have additional footage

Do you cut the crust off brie cheese?

I want to make it to the 700 club today... ask me anything.

thanks DU

Sometimes you get the Bull,


You are ALL invited

Is Edwards' Head Tiny, or is this an Unusually Large Football?

Has anyone heard of "Voom TV"?

I'm going to listen to some Ani, Fiona, Joni Mitchell and Sheryl Crow

Keith Richards Leads Tribute to Old Pal (Gram) Parsons

WHO Is PROUD Of ME? *bows*

Go see Anchorman!!

Mmm.... Home-baked cookies.

summer colds SUCK

If Bush announced himself to be the devil incarnate

i'm never eating at fire mountain again

If you've been up since 5:30am

Take Me Out


Breaking news: the current contents of Forrests' iTunes library!

What does The Chimp-in-Chief do down in Crawford, TX?

My roommate just peed in the dumpster...


NASCAR -- Stewart Starts Another Riot

How many have been branded traitors?

Great Books for you!(since LOVE seems to be our topic today)

I wanna be a forensic apologist! Why?

Over 300 channels and nothing i want to see!

Meet my new fur friend!

Northern Alberta Tornado Alert

Salmon on the grill

Separated at birth?

FOX plagiarizes Dave Chappelle

I need a gmail invite.

Law & Order:CI

I wanna be an aphasic archaeologist. Why?

Glen Campbell July 2004 mug shot from Smoking Gun

My gold star disappeared after today's glitch.

AZDemDist6 sigline/bumper sticker idea

I'm about to format my hard drive and reinstall everything.

Has anyone else accidentally nominated threads?

Netflix: Should I sign up?

Emeril: Genius or Huckster

What are you wearing right now?

Slightly tasteless joke

Horrified! My dog is a RW'er

Any Sonny Landreth fans here?

Howlin' Wolf summons the Ancient Spirits

Bobby Flay?

I let a neighbor kid mow my lawn tonight

Finally lost my "F9/11" virginity...


Isn't this a CUTE name for a company:

Well, it's my 28th birthday...

My Fundie Mom's Forwarded E-Mails, vol. V

Thinking about adopting a FeLV+ cat.... anyone have experience with this?

dupe n\t

A year ago today I put a framed $1 bill on my wall.

Is this poll wrong?

All Polls Will Be Wrong

GREAT lighthearted joke about Bush

On a sign in front of a church

Has anyone here seen the old jack lemmon movie "How to murder your wife"?

F-911 Music Question

my roommate just found a paul reed smith guitar in the dumpster..

OMG, my new favorite show (non-political)

Anyone watching 60 Minutes right now?

Would you back out on a sale?

OMG the Cubs are ahead of the Cards 6-1!!

Skinless Chicken

I Wanna Be Will Pitt's Opthamologist! why?

Does this webpage come up for y'all?

Favorite Fafblogger

Favorite Fafblogger

Senator Leahy Pays Tribute to Phish in Congress

Are Vern Yip and Ty Pennington now off "Trading Spaces"?

Its the ADULT SWIM thread

" A Thief Of Time " On PBS Mystery tonight

What have you done today to make your dog(s) and/or cat(s) happy?

Does anyone have any good leads on jobs in NYC?

Marlon Brando - Cause of Death?

I have my "I've seen F911" badge now....

I wanna be a forensic anthropologist! Why?

what is a good spyware to use to get rid of

Bowie/Queen's UNDER PRESSURE is the greatest song ever written.

Oh geeze

I'd vote for Nader

Self promoting "I just made an avatar thread"


OK, but...I'm gonna set the building on fire...

What's the best method for selling the canoe that I won?

Cosmetic surgery: Would you go under the knife?

"Live and Let Die" is on in 15 mins.

I was just called a "limousine liberal"

I just registered 3 people to vote at a Moveon voter registration party...

I got a new kitten!!

If you had enough money to change yourself

Best wet T-shirt picture ever...

I killed a new kitten!!!

Did you miss this in "F9/11"? (spoiler)

I'm a gay Christian. What does that mean? Am I destined for 'Hell'?

What the hell is wrong with people??

Your opinion of Emeril

Name of band and album.

Who loves 'Good Eats'?

What page does your browser open up to?

Ian McLargehuge is 3, and apparently wants to be a landscaper (big pics)

Do you consider yourself a member of any of these groups?

"How'd you do that?" Cat content for today

Do any of you still eat...

THOR!!! Norwegian takes 8th stage at Tour de France! Armstrong hangs.

I'm in one of those F'd up moods where...

Which is correct...?

!!!! HELP !!!! The official Howard Stern message board. Quick input Please

If there were a North American DU Convention where would like it to be?

"She Woke Up Pregnant"

DU Band Practice - Who Rocks?

What's your favorite song from a movie?

Testing, testing...

Salinen is tired of being Salinen

I had a shot to the heart today.

An old friend of mine is on a collision course with disaster! (Long post)

I feel a surge of ZombyLove coming on

First picture of elusive MommaCat

So, my 28th birthday is here...

Free blog for first 5 relevant people

GOP Targets "Exurbanites" in Swing States

Do you think Cheney will end up being Shrub's running mate?

Bush Wants To Screw Gays And Tinker With The Constitution To Get Elected

What Does Tom DeLay And Ralph Nad(i)r Have In Common?

It's not mathematically possible for Kerry to get over 50% in the polls

Dick Cheney is the ideal VP -

Another big thumbs-up-I love America

Cheney's phrase is f***ing famous

Fact Check: Al Gore did NOT win a majority of the popular vote in 2000

I'm looking for various types of Bush opposition....

List the reasons why Va. and NC are now in play....

"The Edwards Effect" from the St. Pete Times today...

Republicans worried about losing FL, AZ

"I'm Osama bin Laden, and I approve this message"

John Kerry and John Edwards interview on 60 Minutes (07/11/04)

Kucinich, Democrats, Kerry reach platform deal


Ronald Prescott Reagan To Speak At Democratic National Convention?

Reality Check: The Election is NOT over, and I remain pessimistic

Wow! My Repug friend is "ready for a change!"

Kerry Warns Against Campaign Complacency

A Serious Question Concerning Organizing African-American Voters

Electoral Question

Another call for unity.

Guardian Utd (July 11): Bush takes aim at 'dream team'

CNN poll...

I'm Voting on Election Day

Nad(i)r's On CNN Now

MoveOn PAC makes it easy to give to up to 4 Democrats at once.

Lynne, Dick Cheney Differ on Gay Marriage

Warming Up Kerry - by Whorie Fineman

Blitzer should have asked Lynn Cheney about her daughter

If we have to change the date of the election

All naysayers: PLEASE consider this.

Constructive Kerry Criticism

Wouldn't it take a constitutional amendment to postpone the election?

Florida: Analysis Reveals Touch-Screen Flaws.

Do Bush bumperstickers have Cheney's name on them?

I really have to admire Lynn Cheney

Bush Declares War on National Unity

NBC exec offers Bush mixed compliment

If real or perceived election terror threat, then make balloting absentee

Teresa-when it was Republican money it was o.k. She can take care of

Found in Wal-Mart restroom!

Audiotape of Cheney phonecall to Mohamed Atta ordering 9/11 attack

Replay of the Wednesday photo-op Kerry/Edwards and family

Orlando Sentinel reveals today who drew up bogus "felon" list for Jeb...

Lynne Cheney disagrees with The Dickster on gay marriage

The recent crack from Bush about Cheney was ready to

What if Bush replaces Cheney with Powell or McCain?

My 600th Post. I would like to use it to say that Kerry/Edwards

Postpone elections so that Kerry will run out of money? Kerry needs to

Kerry's comeback line about Edwards being a "trial lawyer"

Time to play hardball with Nader

How confident are you that Kerry/Edwards will win in November?

Suggested sign for any Bush events you protest

I have calculated the probability of a Kerry win using simulation

Analysis of 155 polls shows why Undecideds will break for Kerry

Bush Administration Mulling How to Delay Election

Florida absentee voting. Good or bad idea?

Ron Reagan, Jr. to address the Democratic Convention in prime time

What is a good poll website for The Pres. Election?

Playing with Electoral Math

GASP! Lawyers who have become President/VP of the USA

Would you rather have Kerry or Nader as President?

My bumpersticker count while on vacation....Kerry v. Bush...THIS is GOOD!

NEW ENGLAND: Birthplace of American Patriotism!!

Two progressive groups to meet in Boston in July. Interesting stuff.

Kerry/Edwards on 60 Minutes, TONIGHT! N/T

Should President Kerry pardon Bush and Cheney for their crimes?

Ron Reagan Jr. on F9/11, Hardball, Monday