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Archives: June 7, 2004

Turkish PM: Isreael treating Palestinians as they were treated

John F. Callahan (Salon): Antiwar hero (Eugene McCarthy)

Who is the most underrated president ever?

Who was best president ever?

Who is the worst president ever?

Who is the most overrated president ever?

Wash Post: After the Oil Runs Out

Drunk, yes. Mystery, no.

Where's my sig?

Trouble Answering a Question

Few Hands Drill Public Lands

Well....Guess I WAS just a lazy slacker back in the 80's...

Reagan was a sophomoric jerk.

The War Room

Was the Tony award broadcast live?

Kerry on C-Span now in Truman's library eom

Reagan remembered: Research vessel seized for 1/10 oz marijuana

The Reagan radio spot is up and available...

To posters scolding others for their thoughts and feelings about Reagan

Who is Charles Grassley?

Interesting blog post on RayGun

Who should be Kerry's VP?

Charlie Daniels' Kosovo War Post

For those of you with the stomach, BUSH AND CHIRAC C-Span 12 a.m.ET

How was Reagan as governor?

N.Y. Times Photographs of Bush & Kerry: The Tally

What was Ronald Reagan's most impressive achievement?

What do you know about the Assault Weapons Ban?

15 Years Later, The Remaking Of a President

Good or bad, Reaganomics legacy endures in America

Reagan's influence ignited GOP's Florida turnaround

Wildfire imperils former Reagan ranch

J Lo having marriage anulled

Was the Tony award broadcast live?

What about this Alternative timeline?

What do you think of this alternative timeline scenario?

You will like this Alternate timeline scenario.

Carol Channing ROCKS!

Man Inside fortified bulldozer on rampage - Video

CONFESS! When "Jerry Springer" was at the height of its popularity,

I used to be a Yahoo chat regular in Paganism 1

Is Chirac hosing Pickles?

just saw Wilco for free, outside!

What are the most romantic North American cities?

Oldie but a goodie..... The Orginal Bund Boys.... CAPTION

Is there a woman more needy than JLO?

I just had the honor of listening to Teresa Heinz Kerry

Chris Matthews & His Repuglican Freaks Wants Edwards, BADLY

Who Doesn't Like Reagan? (warning: WorldNetDaily article) Ronald Reagan, Goodbye and Good Riddance


Bush Won't Be at the Tonys due to anti-gay campaign theme

Awesome Conservative Idiots this week

Ronald Reagan: A Legacy Worth Remembering

Salon - Rick Perlstein: The Reagan legacy

Different Times: Nixon, Clinton and Bush

I need you to get out of the car, you exceeded the Constitutional limits.

Baltimore Sun: Memories of Ronald Reagan (Subtle Slam Alert!)

Reagan's Dark Global Legacy

'After the Oil Runs Out' - WP has editorial on Peak

Why did Canada support a U.S. coup in Haiti?

Hats off to whoever does the top 10

Interesting article on the National Review site: Bush’s political problem

Hitchens on Reagan: A cruel and stupid lizard.

"Inherent in the president"

Level With Americans By BOB HERBERT

George and the Media

Boondocks: Magruder defines "Iraqi Sovereignty"

Salon: Shelter from the storm (Second-term abortions)

Lockboxes, Iraqi Loot and a Trail to the Fed

Supreme Court Fails Working Families, Sets Path for Border to Open

World majority oppose Bush

Bush’s Willing Enablers


300,000 Deaths Foretold

The terrible legacy of the Reagan years

Big Borrowing for Big Oil's Benefit

Salon/Conason: Reagan without sentimentality

Peace rally focuses on Iraq and Israel (Indianapolis)

Note from Howard Dean re June 19th Gap in Health Care Action

San Francisco DUers June 9, Wed 6 pm, flyer think tank meeting

THREE photo albums of International 9/11 CITIZEN'S Inquiry

The ANSWER rally in Washington June 5 was SO much fun . . . .

A Collection Of Anti-BBV Posters

The Boston Herald is a RAG

This sunday John Stauber discusses new book

To paraphrase Chevy Chase

Today's Thought

Microbes have stolen some of our genes!

Astrologers: What does Shrub's horoscope look like for Reagan's funeral?

Fat Boy Mall Walker

Your cell phone company knows you hate it

Australia's free trade pact with US could carry a hefty cost

GOP push to reward states that have no state income tax on the rich

3% Fuel Surcharge.

Big Borrowing for Big Oil's Benefit

Apple iTunes Europe set for June 15 launch

Jobs, Jobs Everywhere and Not a Job to Find

Bush Tax Cuts zoomed the Economy Pure Blarney


ABs Revenge - Dust cloud/meteors beginning to reach earth today

Nearly 200 Poisoned In China From Polluted Water - Xinhua

Kabul Chokes On Dust And Smoke

2002 Alaska Earthquake Altered Yellowstone's Geysers

Nat'l Online Town Meeting with John McCain

Seven States Press TVA To Clean Up Its Coal-Fired Power Plants

Dodge City - Driest May In 130 Years - Dust Storms Return To Kansas

Atlantic Wild Salmon Stocks Lowest Ever - Extinction Beckons

Wanna live in London? It'll cost 10 years

BBC: Is the world's oil running out fast?

Ethiopian Rape Victim Pits Law Against Culture

Berlin denies US arrested German colonel

Rwanda jails former president Bizimungu

Shack fire leaves 5 000 homeless in KZN - SA

Swazis 'plot' against king

Offshore outsourcing debated in house (networks vunerable)

Mouldy maize downs (Dead) dozens in rural Kenya

Cloud over France

Midnight Oil's Peter Garrett touted as Australian parliamentary candidate

Another (of the many) example of CCW use...

GUNS IN THE NEWS--June 7, 2004

Heads up, Gungeonites - after a lengthy absence

Pills vs. Talking (ABC News) Dad Investigated for Taking Son Off Meds (NM)

Clyde's ban on guns in parks is right on target

Why all guns should be banned forever.

Fact Checking the NRA (and Bush)

Homicide figures down in Australia

AWB legislation back on the Senate calender -- S. 2948

CCW recipients

Gun enthusiasts say their sport is not violent

Skinner I told you we would be mentioned by a RW radio host

Hi Skinner

I want my account terminated.

Kudos to the mods and admins this week.

Navigating DU to find photos of members

Error on homepage

How many visits a day, approx., to DU?

FYI (hide state forum option)

Any estimate as to when we get our sig lines back?

Another kudos to the mods and admins

Please terminate Trumad's account

Please help, I'm Lost!!!!!!

Thanks EarlG!

DU Performance Question for Admins (Elad)

A small question/suggestion during high-traffic times....

Bug report

Can moderators delete posts from their own discussions?

Photo Gallery

Can we ban every member from the Tampa area?

How can I add a picture to the sig line?

FM in Cairo to discuss security in Gaza after pullout

To Drink From The Sea Of Gaza

Five Israeli Arabs indicted for planning to abduct soldiers

Israelis kill man in wheelchair

Telling the Truth about the Palestinians

Powell warns against division of West Bank into 'bantustans'

Six soccer fans charged with incitement for anti-Arab chants

CNN on 9/11 phone calls -ridiculous lies

Terror financing suspect could haunt Castor

To all Deutsch-supporters:

Graham leaps to the defense of Penelas

Preference Poll for U.S. Senate Primary

Will Bush crack up in public?

Volunteers balancing good will, cost of gas

Ah-nold saved them money

Want do do a small activist thing in Santa Monica friday nights?

Did anyone attend the Wellstone rally on Sunday June 6th?

Good Article on DFL's Dean Johnson

EEEWWWW! My niece spoke to Pawlenty at the movies

Consumer Caucus at the State Convention

Scott Ritter is coming to Dallas, June 24th, sign up now.

Are all democrats invited to the state convention?

Assault Weapons Ban Proponents Rally In S.A.

Central Texas Mourns President Reagan's Death

Jeff Wagner on AM 620 mentions DU

Washington polls (President/Senate; KING/Survey USA; scientific)

Check out this proposed design for the Washington quarter

Is Chirac hosing Pickles?

Can't we at least equal the Sandinistas in foregiveness and mercy?

SlimePig Rushbaugh - Kosovo Thoughts (warning piglink)

A Rumsfeld Resigns timeline.

Al Franken on Topic A with Tina Brown (CNBC) at 3am EDT

Gipper Day is just one day after Jesus Day!

How many of you feel alienated

BBV: Anyone catch the season premeire of The Dead Zone?

Help! What is the song at the end of the F/911 trailer?

front pages from June 6 and June 7, 1944 . . .

J.Lo Reportedly Weds Singer Marc Anthony - how long will it last?

An old RayGun flyer I saw on LA Indymedia...

Best retort to RR praisers:Trickledown failed

Here is a nice pic for everyone blocking articles if you block ads?

On Jonestown II and the death of St Ronald

Has anyone ever seen Pickles

War between the Freepers and Liberals: Check this out!

Politcal movies may sway voters

The real Reagan,for those who have yet to check out this site ,as it says

"Julian Bond, you can talk to Powell or Rice" - the NAACP leader was

What? I am agreeing with Pat Buchanan?

Graphic I'd like to see made - Anyone good at photoshop?

Re: Reagan - please show some respect!

Why All The Reagan Postings ?

DU mentioned in this article

Coming C-Span-8:45a.m. Eric Engen (AEI) and Lee Price (EPI)

Candidate sweetens 'poll' numbers with help from 'freeping'

DAMN the Devious Liberal Media! (RR-free!)

To the Reagan's. I thought govt. was the problem, not solution

Fahrenheit 9-11 vs Fahrenheit 451.

Chuck D says Reagan era is precisely why he started Public Enemy

Could there possibly be more navel-gazing at DU?

Win One For The Gipper?

Who was most responsible for the end of communism?

Calpundit - great piece on the Texas GOP platform... a sign of

neocon acrimony turns my stomach....

1980: the year the USA "Jumped the Shark."

Bush's Erratic Behavior Worries White House Aides (

Reagan in Asia...especially Korea

Very well done VIDEO CLIP - It's time to play "Osama Bin Lotto"

I know a woman in New Jersey

laura's SPIN :: Spicing up PBS, Cheney Style

Will the Kuwaiti League of Women Voters attend Pickles

G-8: "Mending Relations" or "an arrogant America pushing its own ideas"

An Interview with Rand Beers

Anybody notice Dubya's dum-dum mispronunciation?

White House Web Site adds 2 Bush in Rome photos: time to start...

Does anyone have the AL Franken - Neil Boortz tape ??

Oh, what a tangled and dangerous web they have woven....

Tenet Was 'Victim of Ancient Albanian Jinx' - THAT Is Why He Resigned

So Dubya wanted to emulate Reagan? Right out of Hollywood folks.

The Reagan "I hope you're all Republicans" story is bullshit...

Welcome to hell Mr Ronbo Raygun and meet your new cell mate the Ayatollah

NY Post- More Boots On The Ground

U.S. Plans to Cut Troops in S.Korea by a Third

Does DU REALLY matter in the larger scheme of things?

Just saw the Kerry health care spot on TV

bushgang stalled release of website on 'abrupt climate change'

Welcome to all you single and double digit posters.

Any news about the SEIU rally for health care workers in NYC?

And so it begins.....

With apologies to Andrew Loyd Webber and Tim Rice

Bush's Eratic Behavior Worries White House Aides

Bush is no Reagan

Is Condi aping Bush*?

Nobody is talking about Reagan at my workplace

Unlike some websites, DU has opinions that span the gamut......

My one and only anti-reagan rant....

Who is more intellectually challenged--Reagan or Bush II

Really Good Article on Reagan in The Nation

Does anyone know history, or are we the dumbest people in the world

another tasteless, low class ronald reagan cartoon.....................

Another dumb "shrub in yu-rp" picture

How do you think the media will react to Jimmy Carter's death?

I keep hearing "Reagan restored pride to Americans"....

What Reagan Taught Us

Preview of new campaign button featuring Reagan and Bush II

New Republican Seal (Not family or work friendly)

Email from a friend

Pentagon loses stinger missles

Democracy Now: the best show on radio or TV, who does not listen?

question:comments on the death of Wellstone

"Neo-con" is not a catch-all term

BBV: DU, I need your research skills.

Should I be........afraid of Andrew Sullivan?

Question for the "Reagan Restored My Pride in the USA" Crowd

This is a very important poll

The Conservatives' Day is Over....

Neil Boartz is a HEROIN JUNKIE like Rush Limbaugh! Details...

Pentagon has lost track of exported missiles

66 (Unflattering) Things About Ronald Reagan

Bill Kristol on cspan this morning is trying to ride Reagan's corpse

not much reagan coverage on the weather channel; that's where

any mention in the media of Reagan's Afghanistan blowback?

Drudge links to Palast and Rall comments on Reagan's passing. . .

A Collection Of Anti-BBV Posters

Letter from Sibel Edmonds - (100% Reagan-Free Post!)

You are extremely wealthy. What's a more altruistic use of your money?

I think this is funny....

Reagan and the Cold War II

Enron Tapes -- "Yeah, Grandma Millie, man"

The Unofficial F*** You Neil Boortz thread

Typical Freeper Thread

Freepers laugh at Wellstone death!!

What have the Freepers to say about Kerry's remarks on Reagan's passing

Reagan didn't do much on the terrorism front either...

Pay Tribute to the "Gipper" by reviewing his history

Which President did the most to stop terrorism?

Iran/Contra experts.

Could google be focusing our searches?

I just got my application for the SSS board....

BBV: Support Maryland group for paper ballots.

Some U.S. prison contractors may avoid

Does anyone have a list of Bush*'s flip-flops?

Was that story about *'s "There's America, then there's Texas" true?

Watched a few minutes of the Ronathon yesterday.

**OFFICIAL "Welcome to DU, Rush Lowbrow!" thread**

RR: Our most "popular" unpopular President (Polling Data)

Americans would trade rights for security -experts

What Will History Regard As The Worse Years For America?

Would there be someone here that can translate French?

Give me something to laugh at.....

Sex-change woman sues over 'terrible mistake'

Baywatch Star Arrested for Drink Driving (Hasselhoff)

Dems dropping ball on Reagan-Chimp comparison bigtime

Brace: Limbo/Hannity to Lambaste, Lash Out at Us Over RAYGUN

Had an argument with a Air Force guy about being a liberal this weekend...

More Bill Bennett Hijinks (His Dominatrix Speaks!)

NYT: Some Republicans concerned about Bush/Reagan contrast

Within the span of five years, Reagan did two things which

NYT: Reagan may not be much help to Bush in election

Duplicate thread

Just my 2 cents on Gipper dissing

On a lighter note RE: Reagan. . .how many high profile people on the Right

68 Greats on Reagan What a Hero

When will the UK decide if Tony Blair remains Prime Minister? (nt)

CNN just said...shrub will give RR eulogy...I think in DC..

A lot of people DUers like will say nice and gracious things about Reagan

Reagan Administration/Bush Administration

CBS breaking in with Reagan's casket and honor guard.

Query on the Reagan administration:

When did Reagan the Myth begin?

I thank Ronald Reagan for helping me see the light...

Capitol Hill Blue "Bush becoming more extreme" ?? - Is this a good source?

How would you characterize President Reagan?

Grover Norquist on Reagan's Death - "Roosevelt left Europe half enslaved"

Has anyone else notice the hight cost of food these days?

The trippiest campaign ad I've ever seen: "Ed's Back!"

Dear MR Boortz...I challenge you to read this on the air

What is the primary difference between Dumbya & Reagan?

"Give him an enema and bury him in a shoebox."

Is Micheal Moore our "Woodward and Bernstein?"

give Judy Woodruff some credit today

Sick of listening about Reagan's ideals...

What do you guys think of Michael Reagan getting second class treatment. .

I thought I had seen dissolute pictures..takes cake.

Hey Freepers - remember this?

Ponder these words.


Jeez, it's only Monday and I'm so sick of it all.

What happens when a former First Lady dies?

Why didn't Rush mention DU on his show?

Thinking of Reagun makes me remember the War on Drugs - check this out

113F/45C in Nasiriyah. Do you know where Bush is murdering your children?

Can someone explain why cable has so much Ronnie?

What I remember most about the Reagan Administration?

Remember this week: Patti, Ron, stem-cell, two legitimate elections

Are we gonna officially dedicate June "Reagan month"?

My stars! Merv Griffin is a Reagan pallbearer?

Feingold Morphs Himself

obviously a dead president is more important

Come on everybody!!! DU this poll!!!

I've been away from DU since Thursday. Any good tinfoil thread links?

Ronald Reagan was much worse than George W. Bush

WSJ: Pentagon states ability to set aside laws "inherent in the president"

Six ways to Decimate Liberal Trash: How to volunteer for the President

Anyone else listening to Rush hump Raygun's leg?

Listen to Randi now. Comparing Reagan to Bush....good!!! n/t

Shades of O.J.'s low speed chase:

The Real Reagan Legacy, From A to Z (Part 2)

Is Reagan's death a blessing?

To those besides me already tired of the "Saint Raygun" show

Fahrenheit 9-11 trailer links

R. S. V. P. Republicans Under God

Regarding George W. Bush and Democratic Underground.

Why the FCC should die

Why didn't this end Fineman's career?

Cuba harshly criticizes Reagan

Now everyone is saying nice things about Ronnie, but...

I love the way Buzzflash is covering Reagan's death: hardly a mention

Helen Thomas coming up on Ed Schultz

Reagan reached out from beyond the grave and

The Real Reagan Legacy, From A to Z (Part 1)

This Reaganthon is going to kill RW hopes of using him as a prop for

ABC has cut into Reagan's funeral.

Interesting, I just heard

CNN just said there's a report that Bush can approve torture!

Limbaugh called for U.S. troops to "rise up" against Commander in Chief

I need you to get out of the car.

A fitting tribute to Reagan...

The last big TV funeral I watched and cared about was

Oh, what channel is Reagan coverage on??

REAGAN SUX! progress on a Bush's OUtlaws Update Matrix?

Ad Execs say Bush, Kerry ads "BORING".

Reagan Presents Wreath At Nazi Grave site

FOX NEWS: at a loss for words

New Iraq Timeline Site - Incredable Information!!!

Can I rant for a second?

Yikes!!!! "Bush should have died, not Reagan": Morrissey

Suffering from Reagan burnout? Ask your Doctor about Reaganol

DU XCLUSIVE: C-Span2 "Cleans" Jon Stewart's Bush Comment (RealVideo)

Does anyone have the ted rall piece on reagan?

Moved by the Spirit to Govern (fundies take aim on Latin America)

Testing. Can you read my post or not?

In honor of Paul Wellstone, let's get this bus on the road!

Lucianne goldberg giddy to exploit reagan's corpse

Check out I. Fester Auspice's "Memories of the Gipper" ///Too funny///

Check out the Bush '04 website remake.....

Stock market up with Kerry win says 90 yr. old investor

Does this seem fishy to you?

Caption: What did the Big Dog say to Dutch?

The power of Trumad compels you to read this post by calimary!

My prediction: If Kerry picks McCain ...

Howard Fineman's got NOTHING on me! "Reagan Reflux Disease."

Caption this Reagan mourner

Read this Novak puke line on Reagan, opening today's Crossfire:

NYSE and NASDAQ closing on Friday to honor Reagan

Limbaugh Sez "Reagan Will Live On In My Heart"

ABSOLUTE, 100%, definitive proof that ronnie was evil, evil, EVIL!

Exactly who are these "Reagan Democrats" I hear so much about?

Which was the least presidential?

Clinton's book WILL overshadow Reagan's death

Statement from President Carter on the death of Ronald Reagan

military eligibility/sleep disorder

Reagan and "w" comparison

Greg Palast - Must read!!

Bush was not 'packaged' for the public - he was 'invented!'

Hannity Lied Again!!!!!

noam chomsky and amy goodman on reagan

9/11/2001 was exactly 1,000 days ago....... When was the....

Disrespectful Republicans

Democratic Leadership Committee tribute to Reagan

What do you think of the Reagan Dime?

Randi is doing a

When you say to non-Duers, "I knew RR would die this year"

I'm in my office, ten minutes from Reagan's services

Pentagon whackjobs love the CLG site!

tom tomorrow's latest - "Damn the devious liberal media! "

You really didn't think the "liberal media" would let Ronny's death

Scott Ritter, Dallas, JUNE 24th!!!

In defense of servility

So does Alzheimer's kill you?

Dubya was chewing gum at the France D-Day memorial?

If the U.S. is hopelessly, incurably conservative...

TNR-Reagan's Timing Couldn't Be Better--For Kerry

Weird question I heard at the bank today

In a new voter survey: "If the election were held today"

Reagan legacy lives on in his ideological son

Okay this is dumb and just for fun but....

Meanwhile back at the ranch, new polls Kerry leads in IA and WA

OFMG, I just had the most horrible and bizarre thought...watching the RR

Simi Valley. THAT Simi Valley

Has Bush the Elder said anything

Taliaferro on Ray-gun veto of Nelson Mandela release.

DU this poll!

My thought on Reagan and the attitude people are taking toward him...

How many members of the Bush Administration are needed to replace a

Just a reminder about those on 'the other side'

So how long until they stuff Reagan like Lenin and parade him around?

Pentagon has lost track of exported missiles

Question regarding Terrorists warnings

Here's a poll that

Reagan's Senility saved him from jail.......will bush's?....

Wonder how the masses will deal with Bush, Sr.'s passing?

I just donated $50.00 to the John Kerry campaign

Why is it it OK to use the "N" word if you are Black?

Your tax dollars at work. Stem cell R&D, Star Wars R&D, other?

Tax cuts and social programs. challenge from a con

Neil Bortz is on the radio reading "supposedly" from DU

Who was the last decent Republican President?

On last night's "Laura Flanders Show," Robert Reich made this observation.

Germany expected to vote for UN resolution on Iraq on Tuesday

Need some research help on Reagan and Wellstone

aaron macgruder knows what time it is....

What is DU's public image?

Kerry Bounce

after all reagan has been declared a saint

What did Condi say @ Sea Island ?

Question ...laying in state and length of this whole thing... is this

How many more phases of the October Surprise are remaining?

FOX airs "American Pie 2" in place of "Seriously, Dude, I'm Gay" tonight

G8 "new initiatives"..."Numerous. Many. Many, many sub-initiatives."

they found atlantis, but nobody notices cuz of reagan

Repost - Anyone have any news on Reagan's autopsy?

Death of Reagan is bringing out hatred of him - a good thing.

Two humorous pictures from Hannity's website

Remember the SNL sketch with Reagan and the girl scout?

My response from FCC regarding Sinclair Broadcast Group (Nightline)

Gerald Ford shot today at the senseless age of 83..........

Kurds threaten to pull out

Jeez, I never thought I'd have to look at Ed Meese again.

Question about Reagan's Presidential abilities

Cheney and Energy Task Force

Huh?? Gov. Reagan signed legalized abortion bill before Roe vs. Wade?


Be willing to go to jail, be determined to be nonviolent but be willing !

the "greatest generation"?

K. C. Public Radio Call In tally today re Reagan . . .

Will there even BE a presidential Debate????

Bush Declares A Day Of National Mourning for Reagan

Barry Goldwater on separation of church/state, religious right, gays

Should the RNC be declared a terrorist organization.

Who believes at GOP convention you'll hear "Win one for the Gipper?"

Hey Will ---- a new fan for you

AOL headline "Walls crumbled because of him"

We are so lucky * is an inarticulate boob!

reagan deserves credit for berlin wall fall cuz he was prez at the time?

How do you add pictures inside your posts?

CNN Poll about Stem Cell Research

All non-essential federal employees

Security to be tight for Reagan Funeral

58 Senators Seek Looser Stem-Cell Rules

Caption this mourner at the Reagan send-off

*Orwell Rolls In HIs Grave*- just got the CD a couple of hours ago

President Jimmy Carter profiled on PBS American experience now

Peggy Noonan: Alzheimer's ain't so bad

O'Reilly: "You might want to button it up until the president is buried"

Everybody loves Ted Sampley!

do they EVER look at the pictures that are shown on the news?

my personal reagan experience:: what's your's?

House Majority Whip Roy Blunt will get sent Packing by this Man

Reaganomics lives on (in GWB)

What would be your reaction to a Terror Level RED? if they tried it

Dennis Kucinich statement on Reagan

The Old Man and the Marine

Eeery........Could Reagan be the Moshiach?

stem cell ethics question

The Myth of RR

Cuba lambasts Reagan saying he should "never have been born."

I wish he were buried already. I feel like the inmates have taken control

Anybody heard of Swans,com??? GREAT WRITING and commentary!!!

Palast on The Majority Report

Lou Dobbs to compare Reagan with Thomas Jefferson

What Rove is reading tonight: "How Reagan hobbled the Democrats"

Scathing "bio" of Reagan on

A sick video. . .this is the type of stuff Bill Cosby was talking about

Guardian: Bush campaign claims Reagan's legacy

Oh, man. Nancy's wearing giant Morty Seinfeld glasses.

What feeds and what starves

PBS now (et) is running a story about Jimmy Carter and his political life.

I got sucked into a political "discussion" at work today...

John Aschroft "Fear remix" video

My Reagan Memorial, posted to

So now that Reagan's gone, are they going to release his papers?

MSNBC, CNN, FOX, and all the cable stations are at bottom of ratings if...

Jeez! How scary is it when you find yourself agreeing with Pat Buchanan?

Do it yourself Caption

Calls for unity: We MUST come together as a nation * Your response?

have you ever seen those flowers and such

Should Kerry now hammer the stem cell research issue?

When the Hell is the Pope going to Die?

The same website that showed Berg's video issued latest al-Qaida threat.

In the naming of Great Presidents, the name bush* never comes up.

Whos getting Bill Clinton's new book?

Talk about a dysfunctional family........

an open letter to satan...

Would someone please tell the NY Times that Bush consulted a lawyer?

Dyncorp/UN men open their pants in Bosnia

KC Star, MO: DRAFT BOARDS ready if call for conscripts goes out

Bushes, Bin Ladens and Sauds, OH My ...

The Israeli/Palistinian Conflict.

Kerry Would Focus FP on Stability NOT Democracy

WSJ.. "Dean Is Back, and Not on the Fringe, Either" Must read.

A lot of us have right-wing relatives....

AirAmerica radio links

I've been looking

BREAKING NEWS: Jelly Belly Co. recalls Reagan's fondness for candy!!!!!

The Saddam Hussein Sourcebook - Declassified Secrets -US-Iraq

Great article on Bush reinstating the DRAFT in 2005 (must read!)

"... Official U.S. Knowledge of Drug Trafficking and the Contras

Bush Isn't Nuts! He Looks Fine To Me

is it time to copycat banned threads?

is it banned to time copycat threads?


Finally, some respect for Kucinich from the Washington Post

Is it time to ban copycat threads?

does anyone know where i can download those enron tapes?...

let's discuss relative social worth.

STUDENT $$ available for those who don't REGISTER FOR THE DRAFT!

Any takers on a daily O'Reilly Factor monitoring thread?

Will Chimpy speak at Reagan's funeral?

Wolfowitz lets rich white people play with war toys for a week

"I accept full respononsibility" and Al Franken

28,000 Troops to Participate in JNTC Exercise

I went and watched Chapelle as Black Bush! Better than TV this week.

CEO pay has gone from 40 times avg. workers' to 400 times

Kerry a flip-floper? Look whos talking.

I CAN'T believe the whoring I just saw on O'Reilly

Just heard Frist's voice on AAR news...His voice is as despicable

Iraq...Dying in squalor, the children betrayed by broken promises

Would President Gore have declared war on Iraq in 2003-A?

Who wants to come see Scott Ritter in Dallas, June 26th?

Do Hannity's followers really believe Gore is "shrieking" and "shrill?"

Big Borrowing for Big Oil's Benefit

Denial from My Local Wingnut

the last 2 pictures from yu-rp

Why Reagan's flag-draped coffin and not those of our children?

I'm,sure if Clinton died ...

How Much Disrespect Is OK For Dems To Level at Reagan?

I will be cleaning up Bush's politcal war for re-election.

Freeper: "We have gotten too negative, too nasty, too petty, small-minded"

How freaked out would the dittoheads get?

Maybe this is why Shrub saw a lawyer...

Remember Rep. Dingell's zinger to CBS when The Reagan's' movie was canned?

Greg Palast just made an interesting point about "ketchup is a vegetable."


My Zell Miller theory

Who here thinks that A Premier of Farenheit 911 would be well served in

What's the difference between Bush and Reagan?

will they put reagan on the dime or mount rushmore?

Message to Will - I need your help!!

Liberal Handbook?

Victor Reuther died Thursday--was this posted in LBN?

Why are people so afraid of what the Right thinks of us?

Vanity Fair: Bush* likes strong women!

Can we put RR on all our money? Rushmore? all our airports?

Trailer for Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911. Premieres in US on June 25th.

UnFreep this poll: Will Clinton's legacy be honored like Reagans

The battle never ends with one who is inherently evil

Is Ronald Reagan still dead?

Who is India Oxenberg?

Welcome to Bizarro World: Take this Quiz by Maureen Farrell

don't forget: Reagan made sure Saddam had WMDs, chem & bioweapons

Is Clinton a failure?

50 year anniversary of Joe McCarthy "no decency" quote

check out these pics of Bill Clinton with Ronald Reagan

Anybody on TV mention David Stockman yet???

Does Anybody In The Real World Truly Care?

What is the MOST left-leaning position you hold? I have an idea....

I just read Will Pitt's article Planet Reagan

Reagan honors Hitler's SS in Bitburg, Germany, May 5, 1985

Does anyone else find it ironic that... (Bush drugs/alcohol )

Kerry coming to Reagan library tomorrow.

Should we tell the truth about rightwing thuggery,

Kerry is just sitting back and letting people compare Bush and Reagan

Roger Wilkins on the White Flight President

How would you handle this highschool Homework Assignment?

June 6, 1968 - Bobby Kennedy Assassinated -

A Republican response to Reagan

Is Anger a gift?...or a Detriment?

If the draft comes back, what will you do?(for draft-age DUers or parents)

Reagan Christ and Buffalo-Bush

The stupidity of Ronald Reagan.By Christopher Hitchens

Reagan White House email - declassified for your reading pleasure

Get Republicans to Vote for Reagan in 2004

No Friends

Is it just me, or is Patty Davis the new

Will NPR do an anti-fascists/anti-neoliberal story on Venez.? Not today.

The Real Reagan Legacy, From A to Z (Part 3 and last)

Rating Reagan: A Bogus Legacy

Death of a Salesman

I need help with my brother (MARINE) re- dissent,troops, war

MP3 audio of "Thanks Ron"

Dean's 2nd column..."A Problem We Must Not Ignore" Health care.

Is Bush Speaking In Tongues At Staff Meetings?

US Americans: Do you want a constitutional democracy?

Fineman:How Reagan's passing helps Bush

Have you seen the Bio Diesel info.. ?? you can make it for $0.70 gal

G.W. Bush= A.J. Soprano

R.I.P. PBS -- Bush pushes public TV to the right

Dept. of Defense says Bush has inherent power to TORTURE

Did you know anyone who passed away from AIDS in the 80's ?

Can anyone help my Deaniac husband???

"Heeere we go again!" | this forum NEEDS a TOON break

Bradbury Blasts Moore Over 'Fahrenheit' Title

"Liberals are now celebrating the Death of Ronald Reagan"

Reagan did the right thing at Bitburg....

Why do Americans always dress like they're headed to the ballpark?

Freeper on a Disney Related Board is attacking DU about Regan threads

"Top Ten Things You Never Knew About Mohamed Atta"...

"We live in a different world after 9/11..."

Regarding Ronald Reagan and Democratic Underground.

Bill Clinton came to my office and I got the pics to prove it

Libya hits out at West in "AIDS plot" case

Gunmen Fire Grenade at Manila Office Building

Dupe please delete

GM to invest US$3b in China in 3 years

Raw Data: Bush Order on Gov't Holiday Friday

Parental Notice Adviser Costly.....TALLAHASSEE

ALP's bid to snare Oils frontman(Midnight Oil singer to re-enter politics?

ICE: "Godmother of Cocaine" Released From Prison, to Be Deported (Florida)

U.S. Soldier Killed in Mortar Attack in Iraq

US to pullout 12,500 troops from S.Korea despite security fears

Amtrak Train Searched After Report of Passengers Acting Suspiciously

Bush Won't Be at the Tonys due to anti-gay campaign theme

greg palast - no sympathy for reagan

Lawsuits Put Military Contractor on Defensive

Afghan children fall prey to killers who trade human organs

Soldier in Iraq Dies While on Guard Duty

NYT: Move to Stiffen Decency Rules Is Losing Steam in Washington

Weakened Bush hosts G8 summit

Think before you text: Wireless messages show up in court

Nine Iraqi Militias to Disband (does not include al Sadr's militia)

Diebold Stops Top Executives From Making Political Donations

Before 9/11, One Warning Went Unheard (Roche AU)

U.S. calls in air strikes after Afghan convoy hit

Explosions rock Kufa mosque compound as ammunition dump catches fire, nine

Jury selection begins in citizen patrol case:Abuse of migrants at border a

Nine political parties agree to disband militias;

Mercenaries in 'coup plot' guarded UK officials in Iraq

NYT, p.1: Her Home Silent, Nancy Reagan Found a Voice (stem cell)

Four Iranian brothers detained for supporting alleged terrorist group (CA)

Aid groups suspend more Afghan work after attack

Court: Americans Can Sue Over War Crimes (The Supreme Court )

Eight Colombians injured by car bomb

Strike threat sends Nigerians into panic mode

U.S. General Won't Rule Out Iraq Extensions

Video of Kerry Graduation Speech Online Now

Haiti unable to meet international port-security deadlines

Aristide holds out hand to US

Fixed-rate student loan option may end

DID YOU HEAR? . . . Riggs Bank

Iraqi judge orders arrest of American aide to Chalabi

Sadr Militia Arms Depot (Mosque) Explodes in Iraqi Town

NYSE to close Friday to honor Reagan...

Mercenaries worked for UK in Iraq - an investigative story

Chinese peacekeepers prepare for Haiti mission

One US soldier killed, two wounded in Iraq ( not dupe)

Connecticut Governor Ordered to Testify

Iraqi Theater Artists Join Club Of Victims

Protesters cut power to Paris train stations

Freedom to sneer

Bush says 'a free Iraq' will signal end of US mission

Diebold Halts Top Execs' Political Gifts

Judge Delays 1st Enron Trial Until August

NYT: Reagan Legacy Looming Large Over Campaign


Report Cites "Climate of Fear" in Iran

Gen.: Troops in Iraq Now Have Body Armor

AmeriDebt Files for Bankruptcy

WP: Despite Agreement,Insurgents Rule Fallujah (report from inside city)

Europe Recalls Reagan Fondly; Arabs Don't

Venezuela Offers to Buy Back $1 Billion of Bonds (Update2)

No date for troop withdrawal from Iraq, says top US general

Iowa: Kerry 49% Bush 41%

Thailand rejects any role for U.S. in South

Inspectors: Iraq Weapons Sites Destroyed

Colorado GOP Loses Redistricting Case

(Chicago) Tribune Ads Falter, (100?) Job Cuts Planned

Brazil says Haiti can't be Latam "forgotten child"

U.S. soldier from Puerto Rico killed by mortar blast in Iraq

Teen wants vote for 14-year-olds

Institute for War & Peace Reporting: Daily Iraq Update from Iraqi Press

Text of Latest Iraq-U.N. Draft Resolution

Bush Plans to Meet New Iraqi President

Bush, Kerry to Pull Ads in Reagan Salute

Sen. Baucus (D-MT) receives pacemaker | Billings Gazette

Agreement 'reached' on Iraq draft

Venezuela: Chávez's goal "2-to-1 victory"

Boxing Promoter Don King Stumps for Bush

World majority oppose Bush

Supreme Court Fails Working Families, Sets Path for Border to Open

Military Families Protest Iraq Services

Clinic Director Accused of Abortion Sham

Rock star's trip from green to MP makes Labor members see red

Senators (58 of 100) Ask Bush to Change on Stem Cell Policy

Thousands of Home Aides Strike, Seeking $3 Hourly Raise

US soldier killed, two hurt in Afghan blast

Canada's Liberals Trail Conservatives in Daily Poll

Lawyers said Bush not bound by torture laws-WSJ

Hispanic Support For Bush May Be Weakening

Baghdad gallery solicits works in response to Abu Ghraib

Flynt-y investigation (Bush girlfriend abortion)

Experts anxious over Pakistan tests

UN Inspectors Find Iraqi Missile Parts in Holland

Kerry tops Bush in Maine poll

MP Gallant compares abortion to Iraq beheading (Canada)

Al Qaeda Warns of Attacks on Western Airlines

China's Hong Kong rule compared to Cultural Revolution

Cantwell (D-WA) calls for release of all Enron tapes | Seattle P-I

Iran: Torture Used to Suppress Dissent

Salvation Army eyes immigrant return program

Down to the Last Detail, a Reagan-Style Funeral

Tampa Bay Lighting win the Stanley Cup

Senior Shiite Official Killed in Baghdad

Bill Allows Mixing of Religion, Politics

Delays, Purge Hit Voter Rolls (Florida) (

WP: U.S. Bends to France, Russia on U.N. Iraq Resolution

Forced Nudity of Iraqi Prisoners Is Seen as a Pervasive Pattern.(NYT Tues)

WP: Rice learned of Tenet *resignation* minutes before announcement.

Gustavo Coronel:PDVSA and the Venezuelan Central Bank: Bonnie and Clyde

Dark Reagan legacy in Central America

New Documents Suggest Enron’s Lay, Skilling, Washington Lobbyist Knew Abou

Regan's family viewing at the library

Contract roundup CACI International Inc

Iraqi newspaper editor in Bush protest plea

Is the world's oil running out fast? (BBC)

WP: Friendship, His Way – Bush Sets the Terms in Forming Relationships …

Pattern Emerges of Sexual Assault Against Women Held by U.S. Forces

New Zogby Numbers - Kerry Still Leads

Fla. Senators Question Gore's Comments

Israeli invasion of 1982 haunts survivors (another recent "memorial")

WP: Memo Offered Justification for Use of Torture

Kurds Threaten to Pull Out of Iraqi Government

Cuba: Reagan Should Never Have Been Born

Bush Wins Mexican Truck Safety Case

Civilians still bearing the brunt of war, Annan says

"Bush should have died, not Reagen." (Morrissey)

I am curious about the occasional reference to "tin-foil hats" ...

A political site you should check out, if you haven't.

Mother says I intimidate women

What Is The Last Thing You Picked?

My Friend Says I Intimidate Women...

My friend says I intimidate women by the way I dress...

Sorry I've looked at my new avatar too much

Have you ever burned bridges at work?

should i just go ahead and begin drinking?

Jay-Z hires chicken-wing chef

Is it late at night or early in the morning where you are at?

"The Fletcher Memorial Home" - Pink Floyd

Bush could have saved Reagan, but he forgot!

Prisoner Joins Prison Dance Troup - Dances Right Out Of Jail

I think I've found a cure for hangovers......

It cost me about $1,200.00 but I missed out on "DDay and the Reagasm"

Interview twists, turns

Keep me entertained

Good Monday Morning DU!

Atlantis 'found in Spain'

I watched "The Times of Harvey Milk" this past weekend

Monday morning sing-along!!!

"Jason and the Argonauts". One fine adventure film.

Graphic I'd like to see made - Anyone good at photoshop?

SHARE THE WEALTH (a Raygun tribute)...

I am baackkk, What did I miss?

Okay... My turn to vent.

Christian anime?

Offer Sympathy for Ronald Reagan's Passing

The Digression Thread

73 Y.O. Man Gets Stuck In The Muck While Trying To Rescue Duck

Trivia factoid of the day

parasailing is not all that

May I vent???

Viva err....REAGAN!

Who else is sick to death of the Reagan tributes?

Saw the day after tomorrow, am I the only one who thought...

Tell me, Hank...why do you drink? Why do you roll smoke? Why...

Kate Worley died yesterday.

First-Grader Killed When Falling Tree Strikes Tent At State Park

THIS JUST IN: (June 7, 2004)

Welcome to all you single and double digit posters.

J.Lo Reportedly Weds Singer Marc Anthony - how long will it last?

CONFESS!!!!! How old were you and what made you a Lesbian/Sapphossive??

**Moderator Massages**


How much does beauty matter to you..

A blowjob marathon?

Which tragedy from last week most profoundly affected you?

Miracle! The face of St. Ronnie appeared on my tortilla!


CONFESS!!!!! How old were you and what made you a liberal/progressive?

Man's "Is Bush the Anti-Christ?" Sign Taken From Building

A blowjob moratorium?

Rate the latest Harry Potter film

27 Posts away from the 700 Club- Help Me on My Mission!

Gender Selection Kits NOW AVAILABLE For Parents -To -Be


Deep in the secret lair, another, more personal drama unfolds . . .

Girl Scout Casserole

The Totally Tasteless Thread


Diagnose "Barf-Fest 2004"

British To 'Sex Up' The Book Industry For Men


Just ask for me, I'm Harry, the guy with the snake on his face...

Computer question for screen has been flickering...and

Remembering Reagan: A Portrait of the 40th President

I dreamed about you last night!

I have not seen any Harry Potter movies (or read the books) and I'm proud!

Assault With A Deadly Chalupa

What I'm most afraid of when I enter the Lounge...

High School Grad Scored Perfect Attendance (13 Years - NO Absence)

Baywatch Star Arrested for Drink Driving (Hasselhoff)

A Stitch In Time Saves Six-Pack

What did God say to the man in the desert after his donkey died?

todays fusco brothers - al rips shrub..

Iran-Contra info

I spent the weekend abusing my cats

Personalised balls for Euro 2004

Anyone else addicted to Crystal Meth?

Anyone else addicted to Crystal Method?

Anyone else addicted to Crystal Gayle?

Hee hee.

There is no escape? It's Iron Chef

The wit and wisdom of Ronald Reagan

**Moderator Messages**

Riddle for you-all--something I just found out.

Anyone else addicted to Crystal Light?

Christians Preach Bible-Inspired Diet

The All-Porpoise Copy-Cat Thread

I WAS RIGHT! I Knew Ian Brown of the Stone Roses was in Harry Potter #3

I spent the weekend amusing my rats

Swimming Pool help needed

The All-Purpose Copy-Cat Thread

If you are Catholic can you take Saint Reagan's Day off?

Anyone else addicted to Crystal Reports

Our dog finally figured out how to eat peas straight from the vine.

Remind me not to eat at Denny's

My tap water is brown!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

who said the foLLowing?

The all-purpose cleaner thread

The Fictional Band Game

help! help! get me out of here ! i`ve been taken hostage!

Boy Not Allowed To Bring Date To His Prom Because she Is A PORN STAR!

Man Invents Microwave Milkshake - Says It's Marvelous

Reasonable rents for houses within 1.5 - 2 hrs of NYC?

so, DU traffic is currentLy high

did anyone see the sox game yesterday? (6/6/04)

The day after tommorow was pretty bad

My friend was camping in Canada and a grizzly bear fell on her.

The credit card as ID

who spent the weekend abusing themself?

CREED is splitting up!!! HOORAY!!!

Is it wrong for me to go to the ATA forum just for a good laugh?

Thank God---I think I finally got into Will Smith's band!

Chalupa assault didn't lack in flavor

so, DU is currently high

Your daily dose of poetry

Random Question

Face it... We all secretly love Ronnie!

Who is the laziest baseball player of all time?

My cats have finally met their match.

Moaning coming from the basement

Testing, this is a test .

Ah the sound of air-conditioners early in the morning...

Oh jeez, somebody farted

Is Reagan still dead?

No "Alias" until 2005!?! AUUGGHHH!!!

My cats have finally met Orrin Hatch

Someone did think to check the box, didn't they?

Baffling Disease Makes Lobsters Look Ugly (AP)

My cats have finally met Richard Hatch.

I just Hate these Rhymes.... ask me anything

I just ate a lime.....ask me anything!


Anyone else having trouble with Yahoo Mail today?

Now I see why some people don't like Pope John Paul II

How can I cook asparagus without a steamer?

105 friggin dollars for the floyd fest!!!!! has dates for me tonight! Ask me anything!Just don't ask me out!

I just ate a dime - ask me anything!

I just ate a Mime, ask me anything...

Reagan Reagan bo beagan, banana fanna fo feagan, me my mo meagan,

need help from DU Soprano fans

Yukos Allowed to Sell Hemp Vodka

Do you use your DVD player to brush up on...

Caption: Now he's ripped Pickles's skirt....

Wonder how the Catwoman will deal with OJ's passing?

This thread sucks

non-US DUers: How is the media portraying Reagan's death

Thank God---I think I finally got Will Pitt banned!

Caption: Chirac shows Junior why no WMD in Iraq

Mrs Matcom Won't Let Me Go On A Date With A Porn Star Either!

Favorite Pope of the last 100 years?

I took my pill at eleven

How can I open a sarcophagus without a crowbar?


goodness those lackwits over in GD, glad I don't ever go there anymore

From one president to the other, what is the joke?

when will the first Reagan 'miracle-sighting' (aka Virgin Mary) take place

If The Internet Were Around In The '80's....

Jo ann Allen's Voice Turns Me On

Seriously... how does a person go about starting their own school...

Man Scares Off Robbers by Faking Seizure


Caption this motley crew

Is this your cat???

Bush is pResident-the media doesn't care - why can't you be more positive?

"Rise of the Mutant Drunkards" (The Booze News)

"We also have the ability to produce a one or two pound Saltine"

Oh. For. Fuck's. Sake.

I'm giving away free beer today!

Should Mrs Matcom let Matcom date a porn star?

Omaha the Cat Dancer's creator Kate Worley, RIP

Get em while they're hot!!!!!

Let the healing begin by watching "She Devils On Wheels!"

Just how much storage space do you have available to you?

Anyone else have some anal housekeeping rules?

Anyone know of a used software website?

new Hannity advertisers

I feel naked without my Sig Line....

Was there a thread about DU BBQ recently?

You know you might be a Drunkard if... annoyed at a local store RE: delivery...

Favorite soap of the last 100 years.

check in if you have Friday off (not gloating, just curious)

~*~Requiem for Raygun~*~

Ever have non-political arguments with Peeps?

Why do we so fear the dead?

Today would've been Dean Martin's 87th birthday.

Anyone watching "5 Days To Midnight" tonight?

my new sig: yay or nay

oh my god (Reagan viewing)

SOMEONE!!! Teach me the imperfect tense!

Bolts undefeated in playoff when leading after first period

President Jimmy Carter on PBS now


It's tyhe typo thdread!!~!~~!!

Good, easy chicken breast recipes

If DU's top ten list were to be boradcast on the radio,

Cocaine 'Godmother' Released From Prison

Last Friday,4,16,1943, I was forced to interrupt my work in the laboratory

Anyone here understand the Toyota Production System?

Favorite soap of the last 100 years.

Schools urged to smash internet myths

"Type to you later" sounds silly, but "talk" isn't technically correct.

Happy Birthday Prince!


I've Died & gone to hell (so to speak)

My father sent me to the grocery store tonight.

Share your party mixes!

Bank robber breaks back in to return cash

Republican Drinking Game

Ernie Knight is dead at 97.

I just donated blood! Ask me anything!!

I'm not wearing any underwear!

Comet/Asteroid/End of the world hoax revealed.

If I fell in love with you

Who's the hottest actor thirty years old or younger

ever feel like your balls are about to explode? . . .

Ya, OK.

3 days with 4 teenage boys: stories from Hell.

Can someone please explain the animus towards community colleges?

"In his house at R'lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming." H. P. Lovecraft

DVD-o-philes: Why does a disc play slower on a set-top player?

Look at this pic from CNN

Pickles learns the difference between east and west europe....

The Daily Show is NEW!

I'm REALLY hot!!!

George W. Bush is an Asshole-Literally


Favorite outdoor concert venue?

Hurray for non-aerosol shave gels!

2 week visit ot Japan in October, then...

Confess! How much..ahem.."adult material" is on your computer?

Will Ferrell sings "Afternoon Delight"

I bought a head!

Questions about Atkins

********** PISTONS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!! **********

Time for The Daily Show!

My butt hurts. . .

Train dispatchers must read "DU"...

Team names for Ronald Reagan memorial High School

I guess it's time to change my avatar (hockey discussion)

I just got a brand new computer..... Ask me anything!


Land Mine Found in Attic of Old House

Best line in best film by best actor/actress in said film? A trifecta?

is it time to copycat banned threads?

is it banned to time copycat threads?

is this the line to scan poppy's phat threads...?

Play The *Mangle RR's Syntax à la Bush* Game


There is a Tim Horton's off of I-70 in western Ohio near Dayton...

anyone know how to locate someone in europe?

Best Fox animated comedy?

Is it time to ban copycat threads?

Did someone win the Stanley Cup?

DU Graduating High School Seniors, Where's COLLEGE?

Apple patches 'critical' OS X flaw

Is it time to copy banned cat threads? (Pole)

If you could travel through time, what year would you go to and why?

anyone else's ignore feature not working?

How can I cook a lobster that isn't a screamer?

How limber are you?

Michael Moore Hates America:

Brian Mulroney named as a Reagan pallbearer

I need hugs--I neeeeed to whine!

My ferret has learned how to open the door to his cage!

Ever have non-political arguments with Freeps?

Computer buffs - a question

TECHIES HELP! I can't get rid of the servu- daemon Virus

How do you pronounce this word?


Favorite Cheech & Chong movie:

My concert was a rousing success

made a Dead Kennedys avatar, if anyone likes it, use it

DU pasta fans! What sort of pasta do you use?

Say HELLO to U of Tennessee's QB-Jim Bob Cooter

Anyone planning to watch the transit of Venus tomorrow?

Hi, everybody!

What makes a good or bad business partner?

Alrighty. I really need some advice about my 14 yr-old son.

Man Allegedly Sells Marijuana At Pizza Shop

Punk Rock Guitarist Robert Quine Found Dead

50 years ago today - Alan Turing died

someone who knows insects: PLEASE tell me this isn't what I think it is

"Porn Star" Name OR "My Little Pony" Name - Take The Quiz!!!!

Caption: The President's Brain is no longer Missing.....

Entomologists...What kind of insect is this?

Bush Joke

Let me ask you something. Who cares about Horse Racing?

Let's see... Yup, I think I just got 6,000 posts...

movies that stretch the meaning of "based on a true story"


I bought a Bed!!

I just turned on the TV to see some local news and weather!

Caption: Arm and Hammer????

eastern painted turtle in the road -- returned to pond

Help me rewrite 'Candle in the Wind' for the Gipper. It must be done!

I was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar

Cats for Kerry Redux

Monday Night DULL thread (Or help Belladonna escape the 700 club)

(Bill) Parcells apologizes after using racial slur

Get your Reagan avatars here!

ok. so, I changed a diaper today

Random Answer

I am starting a Joni Mitchell listening marathon

You know who is really creepy?

Time to call it a night....

The Fictional Place Game

Should fat, ugly people go naked?

Newly published schedule of events for GOP NYC this summer

I spent the weekend abusing his balls

Anybody have the url for a good online Briggs-Meyers test?

OK - now it's official! I'm a homeowner!!!!

Problem with Anthony Michael Hall on "Dead Zone"

Stanley Cup Game 7 LIGHTNING vs. FLAMES thread

some hints on pissing on graves

The official Anti-Bush Bumpersticker thread!

William H. Macy or William B. Davis?

Things you would NEVER say to politicians!

Why is is social acceptable for men to masturbate...

Today's Customer Service Horror Story

Things NOT To Say While Posting at DU.

Favorite musical couples

There is a guitar that I really want on Ebay! How do I win the bid?

looking for ted rall's reagan piece - his site is down


I have a freeper who love-love-loves me!

Who is the craziest baseball player of all time?

Bush Sucks and is Way Worse than Reagan (Yes or No?)

Nixon's Honest Funeral

Kerry vs. Bush

Brokaw interview with Bush in France 6/6 (excerpts & link for transcript)

To honor Ronald Reagan, I'm donating to Kerry's Campaign

Clark headlines fundraiser for Charlie Rangel

Tell me what you have accomplished in meetups

Kerry brilliant in response to Reagan's death.

Oregon's Green Party snubs Nader

what Kerry said about the type of vp he wants

Kerry Tries on Rose-Colored Glasses- power of positive thinking

Wow! Absolutely great write-up at Alternet about the TBA conference June 3

It Is Completely Wrong For Bush To Eulogize Reagan On The Campaign Trail

Do you have any idea of the evil

how many days until the

Factoid on Edwards

What Reagan Bounce?

To all the Penelas-bashing Deutsch-supporters:

And Now for Something Different - What I'd like in a Kerry Admin

Senator Kerry Speaks at HS Graduation (video)

Alex Penelas ((((Backstabbing Coward!!}}}}}}}}}}

War Study shows Gen. Clark DID NOT support the Iraq War

Did Clark split the vote?

Post Your Top 3 Running Mate Picks

Who should Kucinich pick for VP?

Wes Clark advised Richard Clarke to go public

Republican 527 Groups Face Donor Resistance (Political Wire)