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Archives: June 5, 2004

Salon: Muzzling a Marine

Solace for a nation gone astray

Time to save the environment is running out fast

When business is hostage to politics

Meria Heller-What Do You Think

I've said for weeks Abu Ghraid proves the RepuKKKes are buttfreepingrapist

Young Republicans - Do Dems have anything like this?

Support Maryland group which wants paper ballots from evoting machines.

108F degree in Nasiriyah. Do you know why Bush is murdering your children?

Kerry plan could cut insurance premiums

Republicans struggling with insecurity

What if Quebec seceded?

why did the WH announce Bush had lawyered up?

Amy Goodman is putting another nail in the coffin

Pope is still trying to throw American elections

Guess where the money is going...!!!

Rights group denounces Australia over Timor oil

School slaying a sign of gender equality: minister

Pakistan tests another missile (nuclear-capable)

Armitage Thinks Days Numbered as No. 2 U.S. Diplomat

Virus kills dozens - Montreal and Calgary

Regan's Condition Worsens

Thousands protest China's authoritarianism in HK

Are you a good public speaker?

Fahrenheit 9/11 Opens Nationwide Fridy, June 25th

Do you believe in an afterlife of some sorts?

Yay for me!

Trust me; this is not a serious post.

This guy should have just placed an order to be delivered...

Sure God's all powerful, but does he have lips?

Should I get an Art Nouveau armband tattoo at age 41?

When did Wayne Newton die?

Can we sponsor a showing of the movie Fahrenheit 9/11

What is the secret to happiness?

Just saw Shrek 2

Beating Specialist Baker (NY Times)


Neocon News and Conspiracy - Great article!

NYT: American Soldier Tortured..... (By Americans)

US Justices Not Blind to Photos of Prison Abuse

Slate: D-Day OD

Sibel Edmonds interview: Jim Hogue

Misleader nails Bush on Wage Crisis

The neo-anti-Semitism of the neoconservatives

'Steadfast' Bush's amazing flip-flops

Media o matic 2004

Vest: Spy vs. Spy

Bush Aides Think He's Cracking Up

old friends

Star Tribune praises Washington Post article which says Bush ads lie

Bush in the field of screams

Gwynne Dyer: The Decline of the West

The Banana Split

A critic of .. intelligence .. turns his sights on the Iraq invasion

George W. Rathjens, MIT professor emeritus of political science, on Bush

NYT Book Review, a comparison of General Grant and Bush.

Despite strong relationship with Nancy, Reagan headed dysfunctional family

Terrorists For Bush (response to Dick Morris's NY Post propaganda)

Why Capitalism doesn't work. You can only break the law so long.

Senior Republicans are worried about Bush losing in November

No more cares for what's in the public interest.

NUMEROLOGY: Reagan died on 06/05/04, 150 days before the election.

Anyone remember Phillip Agee?

Astrologers: Any insights on Reagan's condition?

International Labor Commission on Globalization

California Environmental Law Challenged by Foreign Investors Using NAFTA;

BBC - Bilderberg Meets, Stresa, Italy 3-6 June 2004

Secretary of State -Madeline Albright **Archive Site

Korean Border Deal Announced

Indian kiln labourers murdered in their sleep

World Public Opinion Says World Not Going in Right Direction

Man stabs Jewish teenager in anti-Semitic attack (Paris)

N.Y. ballistic database firing blanks so far

Catapults, ballistas, trebuchets, petraria arcatinus, and mangonels, oh my

I have a serious and urgent request.

DU Voice Chat

A matter we should settle sooner rather than later.

How about unlocking the first thread on Reagan's passing?

What Will said

I would love (but know that it's not practical)

How come my state forum function is all goofy?

The mods are funny.

My sympathies to the mods today

Thank you Mods

A post of mine regarding Reagan

Cleanup in GD, please

I know you guys are slammed, but

What happen to the sig lines?

Question re: a locked thread

Thank you to all the mods and the admins.

Could we get "thread hide" back?

Posting etiquette question

Newbies and threads regarding Reagan's death.....

To the mod who locked the RR threads in the lounge--

Thanks Admins, Mods

What happened to the single thread for Reagan's death posts? Please

A mostly insignificant request

Would it be possible to temporarily ban new registrations?

Magnum Photo West Bank Images

We are getting really tired of this

"Encyclopedia of the Palestine Problem" available on Net

3000 pro-disengagement protesters rally outside PM's home

The Scale of the Carnage: Palestinian Misery in Perspective

Jewish communities planned to 'block Bedouin expansion'

CPS closing 10 schools---can you guess where they are?

Santa Cruz Pride Parade this Sunday

Schwarzenegger Urges More Ocean Protection Measures

I will not take joy in Reagan's passing.

Did the "First Friday" street vendor thing in San Antonio tonight...

I'm not a delegate so I'm considering volunteering at the State Con

Any good analysis of the job figures?

Anyone hear Hannity question an EMail that said sex makes people happy?

Get your Iraq Torture T Shirt!

We know Sec Defense must be retired from the military over 10 yrs, right?

Iraq Dispatches: "Why are they doing this to us?"

A great new interview with Kerry

David Duke to run for senate in Louisiana?

just a quick shout out to DU. Many said here that Ronnie would


George McFly sez 1.4 mil new jobs in past year.

When did the rise of the political hacks begin?

Chimpy TV Alert: CNN - Bush-Berlusconi Press Conference (5:21 am EDT)

Is this picture worth a caption?

Bill Clinton Speaks About His Memoir (at

"he's marching along through a dry forest, and he's lighting matches"

I'm A Reagan Democrat.

C-Span 7:15a.m.ET - How did you choose your political party?

Clinton will be on C-Span 2 Sunday at 6:00 PM

The price of gasoline in Iraq ???

So Give tha man a break !!!!

1st to reach "Super Ranger" rank for W* = Al Cárdenas. Fmr Fl GOP chairman


Will BushCo tame Iraq?

Howdy Pardner! Welcome to the Western White House!

Give Bush a historical precedent....

When discussing the "positive" in Iraq, let's begin w/Iraq's hospitals

"President Bush is no more steadfast than Tony Soprano is faithful."

Is Shrub killing off Raygun to garner sympathy votes?

Video of * and his pesky umbrella

Bush denies blame for rift with France

Palace intrigue...

GOTV/Voter Reg Question

150 DAYS!

Going back to the landing on the carrier

Who was Ronald Reagans Economic advisor that gave us

Tasteless Raygun croaking thread

RayGun and Bin Laden.......The Repukes last hope for November.

It sure was invigorating when our last President accepted his failures

Here Is the Latest News From Neocons

Clinton received thunderous applause from "partisan crowd"

So will Bishops now deny communion to pro-war politicians?

Bush now has one less voter as gun-toting armored bulldozer driver is dead

Who has more fashion sense...

Drudge says Reagan's about to buy the farm

Agitating For Workers Rights In Iraq

You have to watch this snip of Bush and the Pope on MSNBC...

Reagan Fucked Every American Applying For SS Disability Benefits

DU this poll!

E-mail Bill O'Reilly for Media Matters re attacks on Soros

i really love the Reagen posts and threads

Why the Dems Can't Match Bush: Woo-Wooism vs. Metorites

Rare picture of Dubya posing with Reagan:

Bill O'Reilly cancels $20 per ticket public appearance in DC

Question: Anybody knows about Salem Communications Corp?

Ronald Reagan: A Tribute

Cleveland schools imperiled by $100 million deficit

Pre-Emptive Ronald Reagan Obituary

Will Bush pass stem cell research after Ronald Reagan dies?

What If Reagan Dies On The D-Day Anniversary?

Bush Says He Sorry Tenet Left CIA

Did WH NeoCons pose for Harry Potter's Dementors?

Please answer my stupid question about DU style

Breaking news: NBC News: Reagan may be dying.

Bush: "festering grievances" and "a lesson in the power of liberty"

Bilderberg conference 2004 - Stresa, Italy 3-6 June

Reagan Testimony to House Un-American Activities Committee

MSNBC's Swastika map... doesn't look like a wise decision

RFK Memorial - What would have happened if RFK lived?

I need some good Reagan quotes

Why should any of us care about Reagan?

Do you find it ironic

How is President Crackhead's musclemass doing these days?

You KNOW who Freepers will blame for Reagan's death, do you not?

Remember the Wellstone Memorial reaction. let's do the same.

Lets revisit this gem: Lott, Reagan and Republican Racism (TIME Mag)

To everyone who prognosticated Raygun as the October Surprise...

Will Bush II attend Reagans funeral?

A list of Reagan's sins .....

Do you think the common Republican really thinks of Bush* and America

Records Paint Dark Portrait Of Guard

caption cheney PHOTO....gawd....the guy is a dead man walking

And here's the latest jobs report

"This is Hell" LIVE stream(10am EDT): Jim Moore (Bush's Brain), more...

Why I love Ronald Reagan

Bush and Berlusconi: The downward spiral continues

Heroes vs. Martyrs What's the difference?

D-Day Overkill, and Ronald Reagan are

Remember when CNN got busted for preparing web memorials?

What would happen if Bush literally cracked?

Rush Limbaugh proves he is back to popping pills

UN Says U.S. Soldiers Could Face War Crimes Charges

Is this the beginning on the October Surprise....

Anti-porn pastor elected mayor of small town

The emperor sends more troops....

How Stretched is the Army? Go to & enter "music" as a keyword

Could we hate Reagan for the same reason they hate Clinton?

pop go the weasel!

Pro-Peace rally outside Air Force Academy during shrub's visit PHOTOS

Did this really happen ? New Mexico poetry purge.

Click, click, click

Reagan's legacy: He set back social progress decades.

Neil Boortz spat with Franken?

Sending Old Men To War

I want my country (and my holidays) back!

66 Records by Reagan

GRIPPING bush* says 'sorry that tenet left', with Berlusconi PHOTO

I have no reverence or respect for Reagan.

The LaRouche people keep calling me

Did you hear Jon Stewart wrote a book? Apparently his view of

What shrub hears on his earpiece..

Credit where credit is due

Is the WH misleading us with the "Reagan Dying" story ... seems premature

Reagan Religion faux

Press: Bush's Pope visit backfired

Have there been other presidents or world leaders that have gone crazy?

And the Bush hits keep on comin'..."a society that is run by a tyrant"...

Peggy Noonan, in Wall Street Journal: It's hard to be a bus driver

OMG...little man bush* (higher then a kite) with the POPE (PHOTO)

NY Times: A Pentagon Plan Would Cut Back G.I.'s in Germany

Has * ever accepted responsibility for anything as pResident

'I'm all right, GI said, 'but I lost my left hand'

Bush Tax Cuts did little for Economic Growth check facts

IFC (Independent Film Channel) is showing the Fahrenheit Trailer

Will Reagan's passing effect the election ?

* as the Dukes of Hazzard!

Have any of you seen Mike Malloy

What are the chances that His Highness WON'T compare D-Day to Iraq?

Could the Reagan story be disinfo?

3 a.m. Memorial Day 300+ local Guard unit deployed to Iraq

Bush speech on MSNBC-- wtf?

The Soldier's Psalm

Excellent joke by Suskind today (BookExpo) about Democrats and Republicans

Blogging on the Tenet Resignation

Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush, Bush, all were moron assholes

Please STOP Posting Right Wing TALKING POINTS as Thread Titles!!!!

Flip Flop

Should Americans Worry About CIA Leadership Changes in a Turbulent Time?

Manipulation of America has resulted in Bush being our Prez

10th anniversary of Reagan Alzhimer

Brazile, Chavez, O'Rourke, Dowd, Suskind, Lamb- Live BookExpo cspan2booktv

Maureen Dowd (NYT) on C-SPAN2 LIVE at 1pm EDT

Al Gore is insane

Screen on the Green , Washington DC - Subliminal Bias Against Bush?


Rap stars to encourage voting

MSN’s Top Internet search and its NASTY

World Bank drops the ball when it comes to lending to "clean" investments.

Helen Thomas lambastes Bush on war!

Linda Chavez: The Abu ghraib prison attacks: You would not

Women prone to miscarry and anti abortionist/antibirth controlers

What the hell is the echo on CNN?

I Cannot Freaking Believe That the Media Would Do This!

enough with the enough with Ronnie threads

Yippie, Kos reporting Kerry leads Bush 47-41 in WV

West Bank images that you won't see in the mainstream media

A call for restraint about Reagan

Cheney Got "Lawyered Up" Too

Educational effects of annual D-Day Celebrations

Why I think the Minimum wage argument is really a red herring

Need video of Bush/Chirac press conference in Paris

US Citizens Revolting Against Paperless Voting

Do you support free health care for everyone and increased minimum wage?

Wasn't the nuclear football taken away from Nixon?

What would have happened if Ford hadn't pardoned Nixon?

I guess Bush is only a marionette

Media-o-Matic - courtesy of donhakman

I need the link debunking Kerry's finger flipping.

Sorry, I can't get excited and cheer Reagan's death

John Dean on Bush Lawyering Up: must know who leaker is & will take FIFTH!

So how was the ANSWER protest today?

How much have your *tin-foil*/CT tendencies increased since Buscho??

What's with all the republican president sympathy threads?


Does Bush look more confident since 2000?

A nicely done effigy of Dubya in Rome

Hee hee. One of the MSNBC anchors has a brooch...

A serious question about the "war on terrorism"....

Reagan haters, thanks for showing me that

Truly sad Fox headline on Bush / Chirac: "Trying to Get Along"

When are Texans finally going to disown Bush?

Was it just my impression or did Chirac just "dress down" Bush ??

Wanted: Ann Coulter adams apple photos....

A Poem for President Ronald Mo Paul

My doorbell just rang and there was a guy

Police conservatives behavior closely when Reagan dies

Salman Rushdie on FL2000 - How the Grinch Stole America

Reagan passed on...

"The Many Faces of John Kerry": AN ATTACK BOOK ON KERRY

The Link We've All Been Jonesing For - "There's America ...."

Enough with the Ronnie threads!!!

Reagan Death Watch - Start the Countdown!

Here's righties campaign issues..

By the 1992 election hadn't the economy pretty much completely recovered?

A NON-Reagan question about campaigns...

The Ronald Reagan is may be dying thread.


NYT: One Way to Reach Anthem High Note: Just Make It Lower

Boy, Bush is the luckiest MF alive!!

Will * run home citing Reagan's death

Why Does Reagan Rate A State Funeral?

Lets win one for the Gipper...

Have the Freepers blamed Clinton yet for Reagan's death? (nt)


Reagan's death will show the world

The networks have stopped everything!

Reagan's Death - I've already had enough

Best defense for Reagan's death? Scream partisanship!!!

Better Reagan Dead now than near election time "Win one for the Gipper" from the GOP

Reagan is Dead: Ready for a week of blubbing neocons?

How many things will the Repukes now name after Reagan?

Are there enough Reagan threads on DU yet?

I don't know who is worse, GWB or the Pope.

If Bush wants to honor Reagan

Does anyone have any good links about the severed cat heads at Abu Ghraib?

Reagan's death could give Bush and the Repukes a bump in the polls

Dead or Alive, Reagan was a jerk

Why Does Reagan Rate A State Funeral?

The Right Wing Killed Ronal Reagan.

Allegations against Jim Moran - "anti-semitic remarks"

Bush invites Chirac to Texas to see cows!?!?

Great, simple cartoon about Saudi oil

Bush lectures Chirac on what "sovereignty" means

Novak is politicizing it.

Oh goodie I can sleep in tomorrow.

Shrub's bio in Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

Alzheimer's. By the time you're old, it could be just a memory. (Al Assoc)

Did you vote for Reagan?

Novak has no shame.

Ruminations on Reagan in Hell... and 'Invincible Ignorance'

I urge restraint and respect concerning President Reagan's death

Harry Potter & Iraq

Double desecration of D-Day

are the Freepers going to boycott NBC & CBS?

The Ronald Reagan Memorial Thread.

Today's front page of my local paper

Attention GOP! Re: Ronald Reagan...

Has any news network discussed...

When Clinton Dies...

Did you know?......another glimpse of FreeperVille......

I beleive Tom Brokaw is a great American journalist. Watching him on MSNBC

to honor his presidential Americans can

Is George Tenet the "mother of all patsies"?

Let the Vigils begin............a small glimpse of FreeperVille.......

Relief is here - Bill Clinton on CSPAN2 now

Beware. BushCo will dump tons of bad news this week hiding behind Reagan

What will Carter say?

These "unfavorable" remarks about Reagan are bringing out the freeps...

A Two-term Pres. dies and you cut to golf?

Did Nancy Reagan change Ronald's politics?

I am not so sure that Bush will be able to use Reagan's funeral....

Alzheimers in Your Family?

How many TV stations are running preempted "special reports" on the worst

America's policy vis-à-vis Islamic movements

Does the road to Beijing run through Baghdad?

What would happen if they blocked Farenheight 911 through the

Why are some of the Reagan posts being locked?

It's mourning in America.

For Clinton fans........ today.......

I don't see this helping or hurting Bush (and other remarks)

A question about the * autobiography

Remember this old CNN Reagan obit?

Wow, DU thought police out in full force.

Ronald Reagan decided that ketchup is a vegetable

How do you like my letter to Senator John Warner, in honor of reaguns?

In the afterlife?

Mt. Rushmore/Reagan countdown

We need a Reagan break- THE BELMONT IS ON!

Best Reagan Epitaph, and it's two years old

This "lefty-commie-pinko" isn't going to dance on Reagan's grave.

say, didn't bush 1 try to have reagan killed? he was a tough ol' cuss

Reagan started the biggest black-hole of corporate welfare ever

Tape of Chimp's reaction coming up on CNN.

Ronnie memories

Anti-Reagan Repukes might delay raising Debt Limit!

Hey, say what you want about Reagen...

Reagan started the anti-environmentalist movement

Reagan Orgasm continues: check out ESPN home page

A word to all the "be nice to Reagan" posters:

reagan died again today

liberal songs are at MoveLeft Media

Reagan got rid of the Fairness Doctrine

All right, I apologize for my previous comments

Did the right wing whack Reagan?

Maybe Reagan's death will inspire new research with stem cells

What policy as president did Ronald Reagan put forth to help people

We Are About To See The Show Of The Century

US Praised for Committing War Crimes

Blood on His Hands - Ronald Reagan and the AIDS Crisis

You know what? I'm sorry Reagan died today

Should I pretend to be sorry that Reagan's dead?

Interview with Gary Webb about the 'crack epidemic' and the Reagan admin

Three Cheers!! To the Death of the Southern Strategy!! may you fade out of

Bush is overshadowed by two 2-term presidents

It's Morning In America, Time To GET TO WORK!

Let's NOT carve reagan's face onto mt. rushmore, shall we?

did you grow up with Reagan as pres, and did that affect your views of him

Roger and Me, a rememberance of the Reagan years.

Kerry statement on Reagan makes a good point about the state of debate

Was the Chimp drunk while giving his condolence message?

There were two "Bush campaign" calls to our house today....the first

"Official Guy James" Thread Please keep kicked

Is it just me or are the Conservatives on television

so reagan is dead...

I predicted this last summer. Probably lots did

"It's Mourning in America"

Reagan helped Saddam get his WMD

ABC News describing the Iran Contra scandal right now

CHEER UP everythings under CONTROL

Ronald Prescott Reagan(Jr)...Prescott?

When W dies

I'm getting drunk as possible

Will they politicise Reagan's death and funeral?

Why do we blame ONLY Reagan?

Washington Post */Pope photo - unbelieveable

Perhaps a positive Reagan thread?...

Maybe Nancy will opt for a "private" funeral so as not to help Bush out

Ronald Reagun made me the Democrat I am...

My view of Reagan

It's now the party of Limbaugh, not Reagan

Scott Ritter coming up on Laura Flanders on AAR

Air America takes on Reagan's legacy

Who Embodies The Republican Camelot: Reagan or Bush

Question about the upcoming Reagan funeral

Reagan on the US Marine force in Lebanon, 1983 (since it's D-Day)

Open the gates of Hell, boys, Saint Ronnie's comin' in!

Any final thoughts on Reagan's "Dense Pack" and the MX missile?

Ruminations on Reagan... and 'Invincible Ignorance'

The greatest president of the 20th Century?

On which day will you be sadder?

WWN Breaking: Ronald Reagan spotted alive and well in Argentina

My god look at the CNN web page

Some day, we will all die.....

I feel sorry for Peggy Noonan...

Was Reagan responsible for the fall of communism in Europe?

Cool Bush-protest signs in Paris (Reagan can't claim this infamy)

A positive Reagan Thread

JFK is dead...MLK is dead...RR is dead....All great men are dead....

so is reagan's death causing a rift here in DU?

Ronnie dies...Chimps in Europe...Good or Bad for the 2004 Election?

Should I or should I not

'87-the good ole days, when the budget came in at just over $1 trillion

Reagan was an amiable meat puppet

Pataki getting booed at Belmont.

Do the times select the leader or does the leader change the times?

Reagan blasts Bush

I can understand people's glee

Reagan Presidential Foundation renamed Reagan Memorial Foundation

We should focus on stem cell research when Reagan dies

Just Remember: Reagan Started Off as a Liberal Democrat

I'll Show The Same Compassion For Reagan That He and His Ilk Showed For

Taking a DU break.

Blair opens secret talks to build bridges with Kerry

Reagan's passed on, no gloaitng, no insults from me

Bush's "eulogy" is a laundry list of his own failures in reverse

And if it were Teddy Kennedy, the freepers would say worse.

Ronald Reagan's Great Sense Of Timing

Trapped on Earth by Negative Forces. Opihi Rant #906.01

How does a body (like Reagan's) "rest" when its dead? what creature will Reagan be reincarnated?

About the Reagan bashing threads. Let's stop for now.

Bush Writes His Own Speeches

Are the American people stupid enough to re-elect Bush?

Reagan on C-SPAN.... Oh, Man!

Having friendly discussion with Repub, need resource ...

Reagan was dead already. Long time ago.

Its the end of the world again: Meteors and stuff.

They Distort...

Are the American people stupid enough to re-elect Bush?

Jumping the Dead Reagan

Good Riddance! Reagan, creator of Bin Laden, Saddam and Noriega

This is weird

how did you feel when Nixon died ?

Bush receives positive poll bounce from Regan death

There is still Hope for Ronald Reagan

A Dilemma for the Networks....

Will Reagan lie in state in the US Capitol or California State Capitol?

Our media had better give some attention to world affairs.

Can't we get back to the D-Day coverage?

The Greenfleet Tree Totaler . . . how many trees do you owe? . . .

I didn't like his policies but can we TRY to put our best foot forward

That Liberal Media...

Bush I can finish a sentence.

817 unpublicized and uncelebrated deaths in the GOP hell of Iraq.

Hypothetical: Who would/could have won a third term?

Reaganomics... just the facts. A series of charts from MSNBC..Opinion?

Only ONE thing matters about RR's death

Like the Nazis, Reagan was a victim.

When will the victims of El Mozote get a tribute like Reagan?

Wotsis I hear? Reagan died?

I'll probably be admonished for this

Re Reagan: Look, this is an anonymous internet forum!


Who has a video of * insulting France...

On Now: Chirac Speaking, * Looking Like An Idiot

I'm writing Reagan's obituary here. Help me out.

What kind of President was Reagan?

Reagan must be looking up laughing his ass off right now

Naked Condi.

New Bush/Cheney Pic

Questions for Kimmitt

My Ronald Reagan Story

my question,....we are bothered all the press for reagan

Aaron BROWN, WOODRUFF, and Wolf - Oh My!

Something from Down Under

"Fahrenheit 911" trailer showing on IFC

This got me thinking: what will happen when Castro dies?

The colors of the US Flag, discuss potential new meanings:

Think Nancy Reagan would ever support Kerry?

The Reagan movie is pre-empted by...


I was actually more sad when Paul Wellstone died.

Have any long-time FR moles been outed from the Reagan flame wars?

The 'Patriot' Search checks homebuyers

Best example of difference between Reagan & W

I waited for half a year to find out when the plug would be pulled

I mourn the death of Ronald Reagan.

Bring out your (dead) Reagan quotes

Argh! Did anyone see Grover Norquist on Fox News?

D-DAY 'S 60th anniversary memorial thread. Did you know someone

I'm sorry - but this is disgusting behavior

Can You Imagine if This Were Clinton We Were Talking About?

What's more important than thousands dying on the beaches of Normandy?

Freepers are at it allready...

Does anybody here really think that they won't cheer when Clinton passes?

Anybody watching * on MSNBC?

Terrorist Raygun dies; every Nazi from his regime is on cable news...

Who is our party's "Ronald Reagan"?

MSNBC LIVE - NOW -- Hear Bush's Live Feed during his speech!

Statement from Senator John Kerry on the Death of Ronald Reagan

POEM FOR RONALD REAGAN - please keep this kicked

Suskind: when asked today at the book fair what impact Reagan's

As for dancing on graves...

If Shrub Hadn't Effectively Stopped Stem Cell Research...

Who did more to tear down the Berlin Wall?

Nancy could not stomach Bush Krime Family

Who was the more divisive president - a question for historians?

was reaguns another reTHUGlican chickenhawk? never served?

Didn't Reagan lay a wreath at Nazi tombs or something like that?

Did you find Reagan "likeable?", "affable?", did he have "charisma"?

Reagan's legacy will be felt for generations....

Stopping the war in Iraq by turning off your lights

Al Gore Rips The Bush Administration Again

Think about Ron Jr. and Patty...

me signing off.....

Are you glad that Reagan is dead?

Ted Kennedy says Reagan won the cold war

Some day, Jimmy Carter will die...

Reagan's Legacy: The ZombyTroof Edition

Why should I feel sorry for Reagan?

Vetwife stood up for civil Righs in a redneck Resturant just now !

Hate well, hate smart, and hate hard.

Please don't berate Reagan for the immediate time

Reagan dead, it's our time to bring up stem cell research

Why Shrubya won't DARE try to use Reagan in his campaign...

June 2004.....The Beginning of the END?

Bill Clinton statement on Ronald Reagan

NY Times columnist Thomas Friedman says that outsourcing jobs

Sibel Edmonds to be on 60 Minutes tomorrow with NEW stuff

can you believe they want to delay raising Natnl Debt ceiling?

So yesterday or Thursday Rummy goes to Bangladesh to beg

Reagan Memorial - Plans already leaked - (Pics)

"Well. there is America and there is Texas....."

Kerry needs to announce his VP soon!

Bush said "he's going to the shiny city" ? ? ? ?

66 Things to think about when watching the Reagan tributes

Regan and the Cold War

I've waited for this day for 24 long years, now i'm celebrating

Shrub in Yu-rp....Some pictures to break in on Ronniepalooza

Other people who apparently deserve respect in death, as human beings:

horrible...disgusting....shrub fails to shake hands with French President

Please join me tonight in a prayer for Reagan's victims

If Reagan was the Great Communicator, what does that make Bush?

"Let's win this in November for the Gipper"

Are you sick of both "hate Reagan" AND "don't hate Reagan" threads?

On a side note, I think Nancy will be vocally critical,

The "AIDS Quilt" Should Be Draped Over Reagan's Coffin (Photos Here)

What would've happened if HIV had afflicted the straight community first?

The Ronald Reagan has died thread

Is this the DU or the Progressive Free Republic. . .

Freepers going nuts over Raygun

Kerry has a GREAT plan to bring down health insurance premiums for all

Let's talk about something that brings us together. How much do you hate

Two favorite presidents - Clinton and Reagen

George Bush's Vision For America?

About time that welfare queen Raygun gets off the public dole.

a photo of George W. Bush at his ranch

Just came from my local Borders & Clinton's popularity is just amazing!

10,000 protesters march in Paris against bush.

Press: Bush's Pope visit backfired (headline from the BBC)

We must not be enemies.

"Reagan was a gift from God"

How sad that we feel the need to cheer the death of a President.

Here's another guy who agrees it's ok to cheer people's deaths

Remember That OTHER Summer 2004 Film ??? - Trailer Here !!!

THIS is for all the self-righteously phony freepers lurking here today

Are You Proud Of Your Fellow DUERS Who Are Pissing On Reagan's Grave?

Bush throws Tantrum and insults French IN FRANCE...Diplomatic DISASTER

I don't care what the Freepers - who have posted death threats - think.

Anyone here old enough to remember how some cheered Kennedy's

L-O-fucking-L! Only on DU...

A Warning From RightNation.Us

From the desk of GWB on June 1: Faith-Based Executive Order

Nancy Reagan

Smarty Jones...Horse #9 in the 11th race at Belmont.


Don't feel like apologizing for how you feel re: Reagan? Post here.

He's Acting Like Nixon in the Final DaysHas Bush Gone Over the Edge?

What is your reaction to Reagan's Death?

Rummy in Big Trouble with Republican Lawmakers! Today's News...

Bush cards big hit

Rumsfeld Says War on Terror Will Continue for Years (Update1)

U.S. Forces in Afghanistan Call in Planes

Texas company meets with local officials to discuss offshore LNG proposal

U.S. rules expected to cause huge drop in trips to Cuba

Democrats call for executive order from Bush on vouchers

Colombian baby 'stolen from womb'

U.S. Soldier Killed in Baghdad Explosion (NEW)

Iraqis the Only Ones Getting Cheap Gas!!!

UN workers 'kidnapped' in Darfur

Pentagon accused of ignoring CIA evidence of Chalabi's link to Iran

Rumsfeld urges Asians to join US-led war on terror; pledges continued U.S.

Thousands of Iranians ready for suicide raids

Sharon Sacks Cabinet Ministers

Sahara Desert Handoff Hopes to Win Capture

Quiet, effective John Danforth offered reins as U.N. ambassador

Brother of 'Informant' on Saddam's Sons Shot Dead

UN workers 'kidnapped' in Darfur

CEO heads to prison with full pay, bonus

Three Contractors Killed Near Baghdad Airport, AFP Reports

Only Iraqis Get Cheap Gas Despite Forecast

TV Alert: Bush/Berlusconi Press Conference - CNN - 5:24 am EDT

Elections chiefs to discuss purging of voters (Florida)

Feds seek to strip Philadelphia Housing Authority of Head Start funds

Report clears energy grid managers of market manipulation (California)

Grenade attack wounds 17 Iraqi jobseekers

Police fire teargas on anti-French rally

Remember That OTHER Summer 2004 Film ??? - Trailer Here !!!

Rumsfeld Arrives in Bangladesh, Discusses Iraq Troops

Dissident DRC troops on the march

NYT: Abuse Inquiries Seen as Leaving Significant Gaps (Abu Ghraib)

Reagan passes away

Voters want to hear Bush, Kerry explain how to get nation out of Iraq

Army reports 16 new criminal investigations

Smarty Jones to run any minute.

Five UK soldiers quizzed over Iraqi boys death -paper

Danish former prisoner says abused in Afghanistan

Brother of 'Informant' on Saddam's Sons Shot Dead

Publishers hover to snap up book that insiders think Tenet will write

US releases $300m to Egypt

Bones of Liberian massacre victims dug up

Roadside Bomb Kills Two U.S. Soldiers in Baghdad; Tensions Ease in Najaf

Catholic U. Won't Recognize NAACP Chapter

Swedish newspaper: Pope lectures Bush.

Bush more than Kerry is unifying (WA) state Democrats /Seattle Times

WP: Leak Probe Appears to Be in Active Phase

Enron faces suit in California over rigging power market

SPY STORY: Top RAW officer fled via Nepal on US passport

Pope wants US out of Iraq immediately

Goldilocks Economy Could Be Pure Fantasy

Iraqis agree coalition troops will stay

Smarty Jones second by a length.

5 G.I.'s Are Killed in Baghdad as Rebels Agree to New Truce in Najaf

House Dems spoof GOP with reality show

Cheney visits town -- quietly (Ann Arbor, MI)

Bush admits pope "repulsed" by torture pictures

Gov Pressured by Formula Companies to ‘Water Down’ Breast feeding ads

Kerry Drapes Himself In Red, White And Blue

90 days to stop disaster in Africa

WP: U.S. Moves Closer to U.N. Resolution on Iraq (Bush* vs Chirac)

Sadr's militia defeated: US

WP: LBJ's Service Will Be Model for Funeral

D.C. Protest Calls for End to Iraq War (includes PHOTOS)

Reagan's office deflects report of decline

US expert slams WMD 'delusions'

Quotes: A Nation Reacts to Reagan's Death

CIA braces itself for criticism over 9/11 and Saddam's weapons

Kerry Statement on the Death of Ronald Reagan

Rumsfeld Fears Losing War on Extremism (lol!)

Venus about to make Sun passage

Cheap gas from the war? Only for Iraqis, not Americans

Naval submarine Jimmy Carter christened

Laura Bush puts on the charm in Paris

Kerry Postpones Campaign to Honor Reagan

Kennedy extols patritotism of service members who became citizens

Cheney faces grilling over leak as Bush election hopes slump


Gore blisters Bush on war, 'moral cesspool' at Iraqi prison

Proposed income tax break for Texans gets new life

Titanic crumbling faster, losing items to possible looters

Taxes, gays, abortion targeted by (TX) state GOP

Students suspected of drugging teacher (marijuana cookie)

This man walked up to me on the Street...

im bored... entertain me lounge monkies... dance...

ABC News: "Do Alpha Male Executives Behave Like Chimps?"

It sucks to be a moral relativist.

This thread is only peripherally related to monkeys

Is this what schizophrenia looks like?

Double-Tongued Word Wrester . . .

I'm sorry but I just want to get out of the 700 club

Do you like dill pickle chips?

I just found out why my apartment building was cordoned off today

I just killed the biggest cockroach I've ever seen!

'Sup Ya'all- I'm ba~ck!

Favorite 'American' song.......

It's 4:15 AM CST...

Stevie Nicks

What will God say to Republicans when they try to enter into Heaven?

HOW did I MISS these PHOTOS (of the Idiot King)?

shameless promotion -- AMERICAN SHERPA-WEAR

Kerry Campaign Riffs on Pearl Jam?

What is your favorite cheap beer???

To what degree do you feel stoned?

LOL this old grizzled Normany invasion veteran

"Hearts of Space" should not be on at 6 am on Saturday mornings

do you have a favorite non-personal photo? here's mine!

Today's the Day!

I'm buying a new computer, what should I look for?

How would you answer a Freeper-type post like this?

I'm afraid my cat has started taking after the worst ways.

There are strange things done in the midnight sun...


Uugh. Sinus Headache

Smarty Looking To Make History

Any mainframe people here?

6:30 AM and I've been up all night with a toothache

Ronald Reagan hasn't even died yet

Bush as the Fifth Tenor? Plus, Chief Inspector meets the "Peup"

Childhood Picture of Bush Found!

To all you Grill Gurus-- HELP!

What do you consider your greatest talent?

Looking for a funny pic...

Netscape Navigator 6 audio help needed please.

So who's self-insured, health-wise?

So how's THIS for a Saturday morning pisser


Evil kitten eating warthogs.

these things I hate...........feel free to add yours

wanna see something creepy?

Computer gamers- You have to check out Painkiller.

Check out this campaign "commercial"

Who has more fashion sense...

Does one serving of cereal satisfy your hunger?

Guard unit, FBI investigating suspicious calls

Hell Will Pitt!!!! Read it and weep!!!!

Cat-loving DUers, please help me w/a dilemma

That "Miserable Failure" thing...

Not Another Cat Thread!

Don't go to this cat site

"Honey, I'm going to the store."

Big gay animals


would somebody take this fucking nail out of my eye PLEASE?

"Fat Boy" Dennis Hastert questions John McCain's patriotisim

so... anyone have any restaurant secret recipes?

October Surprise: Eddie tosses Sammy out again, brings back Dave?

Holy crap, Cop Rock was even worse than I thought!

cat threads....ignore, alert the mods.....or......

2 characters you never wanna fuck with, bugs and tweety bird

I had a woodchuck bite into me this morning.

I had a woodchuck chuck wood at me this morning

Dumbledore Looked Different

Why do some companies work on swing shifts?

I had a woodtick bite into me this morning.

Hehe....I corrupted a bunch of Katimavik Kids last night!

Raygun's death will make me rich

"The Heretics"

"Enlarge your breast size by a full cup in less than a month!"

Am I entitled to compensation?

Official Friday Night D.U.L.L. Party Hangover Thread

Caption this if you dare...

Genaeralissimo Franco is still dead

tragic mishap at funeral of author of 'the hokey pokey' dead at 87

most pizza you've eaten at a given time

Just watched "Roller Boogie" on UPN. I know. Scary.

Good News For People Who Love Bad News

W's desktop

Wal-Mart ties bonus to worker diversity

So what time, exactly, is this stupid race on?

Help! I need a simple hot dessert recipie, stat!!

¿Quién es más macho?

Would you ever have a sex change?

I had a guy named chuck bite me in the woods this morning

If Bush climbs the Empire State Building, will they talk him down or...

Whats the BEST reggae Ive never heard?

I am no longer a hot (spot) virgin!!!!!!

A Few Good Actors

I'm not patriotic! (Well, this guy says so...)

Ann Coulter stoops to a new level of scum...insulting our Vietnam Vets

Hi everyone!

You know what? I have no interest in cats

When someone yells "Duck" what is your first reaction?

Where is the thread praising the day I was born?

BTW, last person who replied to sus's thread was....

how quickly can you solve this? . . .

Unleash Your Inner Drama Queen

Kiddie crack stash (1st-grader brings drugs to show-&-tell)

My roommate is a fucking dumbass!!!

A question about excessive bank charges

UFO over ? - Video

Unleash Your Inner Drag Queen

Thinker Quiz(What kind of thinker are you?)

Has anyone seen "Bubba Ho-Tep"?

Unleash Your Inner Dairy Queen

I have been given a tremendous opportunity this summer.

I think Jackson Pollock sucks as a painter!!!

Lost Classics of the 90's

Reagan died on my birthday. Ask me anything!!

Bush Begs Forgiveness From French President Chirac!

My husband bought some hempseed oil cream

I'm a real asshole



I got the day off when Nixon died

Will federal employees get a paid day off because of Reagan's passing?

Ronald Reagan was a great guy...

Will Jane Wyman attend the funeral?

before and after(cat thread)

THIS JUST IN: Buckwheat has been shot.

Waddya think Peggy Noonan is doing

Ronald Reagan is the most beautiful man who has ever walked Earth.

What did I miss?

Have I got a Dynamic(Website) Deal for You!!!

It hasn't even been an hour...

Do we need another Ronald Reagan thread in the Lounge?

Ronald Reagan is my daddy.

Reagan died years ago!

DVD recommendtions please

Reagan's body is gonna be embalmed two blocks from my house!

Rest assured old punks, the new generation is keeping up the fight

O Frabjous Day!


The Official Non-Reagan, Non-DDay Thread

man, somebody's locking those RR threads pretty darned quick!

It must be my fault --

I'll bet president bush will now

I am changing my name to ZombyReagan

WTF?! A pool and spa company is using high gas prices to sell its stuff!

Where will be the funeral for Reagan?

Will Smarty Jones be the first Triple Crown winner since Reagans death?

Latest CNN report:

Calling KG!!!!!!!!

We need a Reagan break- THE BELMONT IS ON!

There's the post call

Would anyone put down $500 to win $100 on Smarty Jones?

Which horse would Reagan pick?

Smarty Jones to run any minute.

I'm psychic; I predict that Birdstone will win the Belmont Stakes

Mrs. Venation is a goddess.

holy shit smarty jones lost

Ronald Reagan died for your sins

Who was a bigger disappointment to you? Ronald Reagan or Smarty Jones?

The official Non-Reagan thread

a horse called Rock Hard Ten?

Ronald Reagan decided that ketchup is a vegetable

Kurt Vonnegut " Cold Turkey " question

Why I love Ronald Reagan

OK, you'll tell me to ask the mods.

Smarty Jones is a Republican.

I think that was Tobey Maguire riding Smarty Jones today:

It's a good one.........Captions

Smarty Jones Loses!

Farewell, Mr. President

In GD, one can no longer discuss the info of the day

When did you find out Reagan died?

Let's talk about something other than the dead and horses.

Official Ronald McDonald Thread

Anyone see Harry Potter yet?

what?? Matcom is Posting A CAT THREAD?

Security at concerts

Official Lock Thread


Am I a snob?

Would you mourn or celebrate Ronald McDonald's death?

Well, I've got to thank Reagan for one thing, and one thing only:

The Official Lockproof Thread

On Discovery Channel: Titanic -- Answers from the Abyss

I hate when Trumad gets to be right about just to humble him


Nice Prairie Home Companion sign off

What Pay Preview movie should i watch tonight?

help me decide what movie i should see tonight or tomorrow night...

Too cute, my Tiel is singing to "Rockin Robin"........

A toast......

Music for a DU Presidential Funeral

Do you have pets besides cats, dogs, birds, and fish?

Saturday night blues

Just saw Kill Bill 2

I'm a 50 year old guy and I've gotten hooked on Joan of Arcadia

Twila said to Jerry:



I just had the best pizza ever

"Impact" is on TV...Not a movie person but

Have you had a thread locked yet today?

...Apart from the sanitation, medicine, education, wine,

Chanel Perfume. Do You Like It?

I can understand people's glee

The official Moonbat_Hunter is dead thread

Which Gilligan's Island character do you identify with the most?

Look what Purji and I got for our Sixteenth Wedding Anniversary!

The Father, The Son, and the Holy CAPTION

we don't need this fascist groove thang

Do you prefer going to bars on weekends or weekdays?

How many times should I kick my guarantee that S.Jones would lose thread?

Thoughts on the bulldozer guy...

I like watching cops

Good game so far - I feel sorry for those who don't get CBC though

Offical Adolph Hitler/Pol Pot thread...

Just a reminder: I'm on the radio tonight from 9:00-midnight EST

Corrupt Your Children

Beer nicknames: Goebel - The Queen of Beers

L-O-fucking-L! Only on DU...

"Nil mortuis dire nisi bonum."

Reason Calgary will win........

Don't you just love sudden golf overtime? I do.

Heads up! "Highlander II" on Showtime Beyond NOW! what creature will Reagan be reincarnated?

Is GW looking old to you?

OK, something much more important than Reagan or * just came up...

SNL should air a special "Reagan years" episode

the kicker's name was amusing

Chris Rock - War and Politics

Homeland security and the bulldozer guy --

Oh, what a circus, oh, what a show,

I just finished watching "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf". A question.

donhakman posted that his/her best friend was murdered today

The Earth Anthem (Another post with a positive message)

Americans have way too much junk

People who don't leash their dogs!

Need advice: CD Drive

Housewife Sees Reagan's Face On Tortilla...

It's WABBIT season!

Let's GOOOOOO Calgary!!!!!

The one thing I remember about Reagan is that

Official Ronald Reagan Thread

This just in: Generalissimo Ronaldo Reagan is still dead!

This needs to be said about separation/divorce related celibacy.

Do any of you know a gay person who was disowned by his/her family?

Joshua Gone Barbados....

You can buy a tropical island for what a small house in California costs

Sports and magazine cover trivia question

Sites to trace ancestry on?

Stupid *&^@~#!$% Internet connection....

Seeking recommendations: collections of short stories

Insanity in poll

Do you give to panhandlers?

Naked Raygun

The Stanley Cup is awesome

Chappelle show appreciation thread

cabbage lovers-- here's my dinner tonight....

Freepers can post in this thread and not get banned

Some merciful person please pour me a martini

I can't take it

Just passed to me; I, in turn, pass to you. The ubiquitous pilot jokes.

I'm drunk on boxed wine- ASK ME ANYTHING!

Does or has anyone here lived in Mexico?

WWN Breaking: Ronald Reagan spotted alive and well in Argentina

What Gilligan's Island character would you most like to be stranded with?

How long ago do you think Brokaw taped his Reagan obit?

Pick who should hit Bush with a rubber chicken

Why did they hold off telling us that Reagan died last night?

David Beckham is the most beautiful man who has ever walked Earth.

Smarty Jones will lose today...(((((I guarantee it!!!))))))))))

The unofficial, official Harry Potter thread

Great Anti-War Sign!

Psychiatric Study...mean-spirited, but somehow, oddly right on.

This is crazy, Birdstone jockey apologizes for winning Belmont

How do you like your brownies?

Linda Ronstadt fans

We're looking at adding bumper stickers to our mall...Do you like them?

Chriac questions W.... he must be a DUer...... CAPTION

Me and my dog interupted the circle of life this morning

I almost just killed a man at the grocery store.

Has anyone here bought a computer from Dell or Gateway?

death by sex....

Do you give in to painkillers?

Hey I wonder what FAUX news is doing about Reagan?




Best Robin Williams movie?

The Saturday Night Reagan Free D.U.L.L. Thread

I'm tired of my posts being monitorred and questioned!

One of my cats took a dive in the lake this morning!

To what degree are you alone?

Karin Dostal: 3/08/58 - 6/05/04

"SO WHAT!" - Don Cherry

Take Heart, Comrades: Poll Suggests Kerry Remains Undefined (AP)

Great Kerry photo

Washington (State) Kerry 49% - Bush 44%

Pelosi raising cash, sharpening message for Democrats

Another reason for optimism

National Review Fears Kerry's Power To Nominate Supreme Court Justices

One less Vote for Shrub?

Kerry's staff ignites VP tempest

How long will it take to sober up Dubya...

To those who predicted Reagan would die this year

When are the Reagan's

Bush Trying To Boost Borrowing Limits For 3rd Time (After Elections)

Teresa Says Bush Is Kerry's Best Fundraiser

Wotsis I hear? Reagan died?

New Louisiana Pres poll

No Right Wing Cannon Fodder From DSB When Reagan Dies...

Obama for President 2012

Ronald Reagan for Kerry's VP

The election...what REALLY worries me

Ray Bradbury tirade: Wes Clark lost the nomination because of Moore

Videos, transcripts..from Take Back America conference Thursday.

What are Kerry's positions on Israel/Palestein?

John Dean Predicts Bush likely to TAKE FIFTH before Plame Grand Jury

Reagan Vs Kerry, who wins?

CARTOONS: Breakfast With Bush!

Potential Kerry Running Mates Vie to Sing His Praises Loudest