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Buzzflash interviews Katrina vanden Heuvel (editor of The Nation magazine)

China: New words, same actions

Air force on alert about UFO - Portugal

New York Times reporter, Judith Miller, admits

New York Times reporter, Judith Miller, admits

Organized Theories of Tenet Resignation:

Eureka...of was POWELL!

OK, I was a year too early.....

What if Bush now says Osama didn't do it?

10 more days-central time- to

Here it is: The Zagat -style DU take on Tenet's departure

OK so Tenet resigned

Sally Quinn on "Nightline" just said that.....

Funkmaster Rummy layin' down some lies....

Bush is going down: can you guess the date?

Clarke on Nightline: "Spend time with family" code for FIRED

Do you really care about democracy right now?

Hannibal Lector and George W. Bush

Did he fall, or was he pushed? George Tenet

Great new poll in Betty Castor campaign for Senate...Graham's seat.

Inside look at Al Jazeera and the Iraq War

Nassau County (NY) Democratic Convention. My report

mindboggling 9/11 site

military family loses son, turns against Bush and war . . .

4 More Years ??? - CIA Vet Ray McGovern On George Tenet's Resignation !!!

Airline industry announces more layoffs (400 jobs - Georgia)

Crowds run wild in the DRC -Thousands of rioters attacked UN

SARS whistleblower goes missing

40 percent of children overweight in Arkansas

Seagate to cut 2,940 jobs

Accused U.S. Soldier Wants Cheney, Rumsfeld Evidence

Bush faces protests in Italy

Progressives, Preparing To Advance in One Direction

Dupe, nevermind...

Little Georgie's Report Card (forwarding email)

You know, drinking a lot of milk raises your voice temporarily

I had a really, really good day today.

whatever happened to Theo Fleury?

I'm In Trouble

To any spiritual or religious people on this forum. I need guidance.

It's time again...every post in this thread has to end with

On The Fence In 'Swingtown' - Bush losing Pennsylvania

The French Connection

WP: Tenet - For Personal Reasons, Or Is He the Fall Guy?

Contact the French Embassy like I did -- ask them to help us!

That other war --the war on poverty

TNR - Misplaced Blame

This is amazing, if true:  "Bush Knew About Leak of CIA Operative's Name" 

This time, Europe's hatred justified: Greeley

WSJ : A Better CIA (Tenet leaving is Bush opportunity)

John Kerry Hates America: Here's Proof

Drug Up Your Teen Today! Mark Morford

Supreme Court Justices Make Money on Side

Tenet or Not, CIA Must Learn Mideast's 'Secret Language'

More Imperial Intrigue as CIA Director Resigns

Imperial America: Gore Vidal Reflects on the United States of Amnesia

Washington will prop up the House of Saud - for now

Germans Reject Torture In Terror Cases

Tenet's resignation - Jim Morin (Cartoon)

Rich Choices in November (Kerryopoly)

Oliphant slays....

Bushido (humor from the NewYorker)

Store for Designer Clothing Displays Political Leanings -NYT

Hopeful Liberals See Signs Of a Political Comeback - WSJ

"A Selifsh Memorial Day"

Help me edit my LTTE...


Kerry's Dance - The Nation

John Dean on Bush's Hiring A Personal Outside Counsel For Plame Investig

The US coup started in 1994 and is finally complete.

Republicans struggling with insecurity

William Rivers Pitt: Down Goes Tenet

'Torture loophole' lawyer sets sights on the Supreme Court

Delusion on a psychotic scale

Neocons on the brink by Madsen

Chris Floyd: Inside America's Animal House

Great Tenet cartoon - Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel

Bush's Erratic Behavior Worries White House Aides

Bush is in Trouble! Let's organize and pour on the pressure in Washington!

Help support CA stem cell research initiative...

Bush takes a tongue-lashing from the Pope -a Brit headline not in US Media (new and improved!)

Air America's flight plan is still changing (had encouraging ratings)

What's going on with PBS?

The "24" plots don't work for repuke regimes

How China took our place in the world.

Info on the Venus transit

Today's Thought

Bad SCOTUS, bad dog!

There's hope

Microsoft fails to make Fantasy a reality

Michelin axes jobs and recruits at same time

Study: India's outsourcing industry continues to boom

HP stepping up outsourcing in India, sources say

Seagate to cut 2,900 jobs

Question: Is personal debt subject to criminal or civil law?

Can someone help me settle an argument re: CNBC

Pretend part time jobs up 195 of the 248 - and part time up 500+ -so full

Oscar: The answer to my question is Boron-10

can a car run on compressed air?

Oscar pulled an "Oscie" if I`m not mistaken, this a term used in football

What is the most difficult mathematical subject?

'We will keep your babies until you pay us' - Zimbabwe

Nigerian govt seeks to stop child hawking

Tragedy in Darfur is Manmade and Can be Stopped--Ramcharan

Assault weapons ban supporters have a new friend...

"It's...a shame...this guy had it coming to him" says prosecutor.

The Serious Implications Of President Bush's Hiring A Personal Outside Cou

A hearty Welcome to our latest Registrant - The Gun Industry

GUNS IN THE NEWS - June 4, 2004

Mysterious disappearance may be solved by chance

CNN Poll Shows Growing Opposition to Extension of Clinton Ban on (guns)


Teen accused of suffocating baby with chili powder

A question regarding the US v Miller decision.

Why cant I write new posts or reply to my own old posts?

Permission to reprint articles - what do I need to do?

Butt kissing!

Can we have some leeway on Washington Post stories?

How come the DU admins don't have

Copycat threads

Any way to add a 'Waffle" Googlebomb for Dubya?

Anyone else finding things going mighty sloooowwwww ?

Do you guys get regular vacations?

DU's demographics.

Hey Skinster et al

I'm contemplating on changing my username

Petition: Make Israel Accountable!

Rules of war enable terror

Sharon sacks two cabinet opponents

Isn’t it Time for an Israel Accountability Act?

The ambulances-for-terrorists scandal

Advice best disregarded

They didn't even give us two minutes to get out'

Israel Troops Exhibit Tells of Harassment

The Pilots and the Planes: Part 2

Chicago area - protest Cheney @ a Jack Ryan fundraiser 6/4 4:30pm.

Keep Ryan records closed, judge says

Mel Martinez Banks on Hispanic Vote in Senate Bid

Legislators defend ban on copying names from (FL felon) voter lists

Sen. Nelson joining CNN lawsuit on voter list

South Florida Dems: Check out Sam Sheldon

Stem Cell Initiative Certified for Ballot

Governor invites lawmakers to movie

Calif. Audit Questions Water Agency

Survey points to Bush edge - California

Bush rally today

Message from Senator Mark Dayton

Silverdome drive-in tonight Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azcaban

Jason Seagraves and the 7th District Congressional Race

Storm Warnings for Bush in Ohio.

Mark Boles Running in 18th District! Needs your help!

It's official: our reps suck


Brainstorming: What are you doing in your county to get the vote out?

Got my reservations made for the Convention!!

Have You Voted On This GD Poll?

Austin delegates to State convention...

Barnes: 'Take Back Texas'

Need some help or suggestions

Dam this letter to the NYT's became an accurate prediction.

The possibilities of a Bush Ace before the election...

Here's why Tenet surely must respect Al Gore's opinion.

Things I like about Soon-to-be-President John Forbes Kerry

The Main Reason Why I Like John Kerry

Fareed Zakaria hosts Charlie Rose Show: Tenet is the issue

Kerry wants to add 40,000 troops, where the hell will he get them? magic?

NOW Bernie Ward: Judith Miller is a Neocon ... airing it out

Why do you need a fall guy if you didn't do anything wrong?

If you were in Tenet's shoes......

Mussolini's damned granddaughter is in the Italian Parliament!!!

84 year old woman starts primary school

DU has eaten FR

Did you hear Chalabi's latest comment?

Howard Dean on Cspan 2 right now

Bushco actually used Hitler as a model for prisoner treatment

Steph Herseth sworn in on the House floor

Why is Kerry speaking publicly like he has an egg up his ass?

South Dakota House Race

Fahrenheit 9/11 trailer gone from Moore's website?

Got a match? Yeah, Limbaugh's ass and Bush's face!

Good point from another message board: The real reason conservatives...

Fahrenheit 9/11

Need help with New Cheney/Halibuton Lies...

Pope John Paul meets with the Anti-Christ

Is Bush entitled to counsel?

"The only thing Republicans have to fear is the end of fear itself."

Clinton likes Poppy Bush

Repugs blame the Indians for SD loss ... sad, really

C-Span 8:07 ET - Dionne discussing "Stand Up and Fight Back". Good.

Anybody watching David Chu on c-span?

C-Span 7:18 ET - Most callers don't like the idea of Tenet resigning.

Oh Lord, Bush is sitting next to the Pope...

Every picture truly tells a story

Jose Padilla, Declassified June 1, 2004

The Very, Very, Very Simple Reason Why Tenet Resigned

Did you see the snippet on C-Span where Kerry said he has over

China crackdown on demonstrators. Republican-style patriotism

C-SPAN WJ Viewers: Are You Noticing Today's Blast Fax???

More good LTTE in my local paper.

Ameraqi Babies And War Brides...

Bush gets away with the WMD lies!

things bush* didn't know....

There ain't gonna be a Tenet book

It's actually good for Kerry to be behind * in the polls

no more mr. nice mo

hey, folks, check out this funky cnn poll.....

Blast Kills 4 U.S. troops

Anyone else notice something about this headline?

The "flip-flop" issue ......

chimp visits the pope (text)

Colin Powell compares war in Iraq with fighting the Nazis

Chalabi blames Tenet for EVERYTHING THAT'S GONE WRONG - even WMD!

Capitol Hill Blue: * FIRED Tenet on Wednesday...

aar archive link?

Don Wade: Kerry flipped off a Green Beret at war memorial.

C-Span2 10:50a.m. Domenici(R-NM) talking about Jobs, Small Business,

Maybe Tenet is going to turn on Bush?

What are they thinking?

"It's called capitalism."

Question: on AirAmerica(majorityReport) total close-down better protest

Anybody have a working link to the Fahrenheit 9/11 trailer??

RNC screws up Hispanic outreach (ha ha)

Fahrenheit 9/11 trailer down

Moon in Mideast under guise of women's peace festival.

Sereal child rapist allegedly killed by molestation victim in same cell

11:34a.m. Unfiltered (AAR) Gary Hart talking about CIA issues n/t

4 U.S. troops killed, 5 injured in Baghdad

Rumsfeld sounds like Andrew Ridgely explaining his contribution to Wham...

No Better Guest: Texas Goopers Party With Roy Moore

Wear red on Fridays to protest the Fascists

For All You Doubting Thomas's....We Told You So

Dominatrix For Kerry!

Why do people say all agencies were wrong about WMD?

"I was told to get the football His black nuclear bag replied Haig

Impersonating a tribe

Soros rerun on CSPAN2 now (12:15 pm est)

Ahh - the spinning on Tenet is in full swing! The fall guy has fallen!

War profiteering: title co's charge home buyers $30-terrorist ck list

Help Protect Marijuana Patients from the Feds - Pass It On

Maytag cuts another 1,100 jobs

Burger King Moms

Rumsfeld limits Senate's access to Boeing papers

My letter to Bill O'Reilly

Is Capitol Hill Blue a reliable source?

What do you think it would be like ?

Faces of Treason:

Shouldn't we be thrilled Tenet is finally gone?

Why is she called "pickles" ? n/t

Gunner Palace

Feel the LOVE for Bushie in Rome!

How much will our media show of the protests of the Chimp in Europe?

Help support CA stem cell research initiative...

Will Bush go from the oval office to a padded cell?

12:15 Franken: being tortured as per Ann Coulter's statements. Hilarious!

Question re the "slam dunk" remark

On the lighter(?) side

PABAAH and Michael Moore

Wingnut Claim: Geneva Doesn't Apply to Accused Terrorists

Rush broadcast in Iraq - because "he is popular" Stern - inappropriate"

ABC has the number of US dead in Iraq at....600

Excellent LTTE in response to disgusting editorial re: Gore's speech

Tomorrow - Mass Mobilizations in LA, SF, and Washington DC

CNN should be picketed

Fahrenheit 9/11 Mirror

Limbaugh Just Referred to Kerry as "Dead Man Walking"

Creating another Franken thread because:AMY GOODMAN coming up later on.n/t

Our "body language" president...

Someone please define "Fundie" for me

Breaking News! Smarty Jones got a bath today

Rebuttal cubed

RNC chairman Ed Gillespie on Hannity & Colmes: Soros, Hitler, Bush, Gore

4 US soldiers dead in Iraq...toll hits 450

Found an old book in the attic "Night of Camp David", read it again

Why do we have so many "help me with this arguement" threads?

Need some help with a repuke

D-Day Veterans

Conason on Air America - " I am a bit of defender of Tenet"

Who Did You Vote For in 2000?

Rethug Wayne Newton gave $2000 to Harry Reid (D-Nevada)

w/ economy "improving" and no core diff. w/ Iraq, should Kerry go Populist


GOP StallsIinvestigation into Torture Scandal

Cheney appearing at Ryan fundraiser in Chicago today

Outmoded belief system or accepted myths

Farenhet 9/11 - you know this is kind of an exciting moment...

Re Plame: Who automatically gets to know IDs of spies?

Bush to link Iraq with the freeing of Europe at Normandy.

George "Alleyoop" Tenet

Bob Barr on CNN -- ME situation is CARTER'S fault

Okay, Ray McGovern's interview is THE SCARIEST thing I've seen yet!

Disappearing stories in the mainstream press.

Has anyone checked tv commercials

Let the power of DU be heard!

I have asked this question before:

Teresa Heinz Kerry... looking to me like she could be a real

Army Pfc. Leslie D. Jackson

Brock debunks the " Kerry flipping the bird" Newsmax BS

When will they ever learn? "Someone had blunder'd"

Is F911 being widely released?

Italian protests bush photos

Holy Shit Lollapalooza 2004 Rocks! The Pixies, Sonic Youth, Flaming Lips,

Moments ago, Pres Bush on MSNBC (what a loser)

Remoting Hosting/Linking

Great Description of Bush from Kerry spokesman

Soooo, we ever get to see those OTHER photos?

FAIR looks at NPR's guest list

Boo's at my local theatre at Farenhet 9/11 trailer

This is why I love Bob Somerby and his team at the Daily Howler

"Are you going to believe what we tell you about jobs or those lying

Peace Flag in Rome... isn't it beautiful?

Abusive Conservatism

Mario Cuomo for VP

GOP now wants GOP to stop talking about Iraq

Why should we believe MIHOP? Here's why I believe it......

"Fahrenheit 9/11" DVD expected in August or September

This comic clarifies who Dr. Allawi is

John Kerry needs to hire a comedy writer.

Get 'em bouncing!

Novak's Electoral Notebook: Kerry 280, Bush 258

URGENT: Protest Dick Cheney in Chicago today! (Please keep kicked!)

High school student sues over ban of anti-gay T-shirt.

Boy,i just watched,THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW...

Let's get the theaters to want to show "Fahrenheit 911"

I am SICK and TIRED of being PARANOID!

Why are we giving the Pope the Medal of Freedom?

Who will speak for the "Burger King Moms"?

Does * actually know the words to "Stars And Stripes Forever"?

"Why are they doing this to us?" a must read re Iraq torture


What an incredibly dishonest poll

80% of Candians STRONGLY dislike Bush!! (Poll)

The day after the "Day After Tomorrow" who thinks we took over our host

"Gunner Palace" . . . another documentary coming soon . . .

Randi (4:41) making fun of this CBS poll:

O'Neil/Suskind & Clarke on George Tenet.

VP will be decided in a matter of days!

Cheney on CNBC at 5p EDT

LIHOP/MIHOP theorists - would you send someone to the chair...

How can you vote for a liar like Kerry?

Death toll in Iraq

Towards the Petro-Apocalypse: more on Peak Oil

Powell Disses Blair, Says No Iraqi Veto on Troops. (Heel, Blair, sit)

Another example of extreme right wing on AOL


Area Pizza Hut In Trouble Over Alleged Racial Slur (South Carolina)

Just gave another $100 to Kerry.

VP will not Be Announced in a few days!!

Is the economy a winning issue for Democrats or Republicans ?

What does food cost in Europe?

It just gets more bizarre -- four months of bad news is GOOD for Bush!

"The Corporation" . . . yet another documentary . . .

My Arch-Enemy Is On Sean Hannity Right Now

Tenet - so the traitor/coward resigns & walks off into the sunset

Anybody have a link to Bush*'s speech to the ailing Pope?

Remind Us Why We Are In Iraq

D-DAY is NOT the same thing as the war in IRAQ and Bush better not

According to Woodward's "Plan of Attack," how many deaths did the WH...

* really is picking up grassroots support!

David Brock To Be On Ed Schultz's Show (For At Least An Hour)

Does anybody have Voom Sat Television.

When Bushie loses, who will the freepers blame?

Dems Need toTie ALL Republican House/Senate Candidates to the bush Admin.

Tenet worked for the late John Heinz, the former husband of Theresa Heinz

So does Bush* still think God is a Philosopher

So how long before US politics follows suit?

Lou Dobbs Poll

What would happen to Bush if the word "freedom" didn't exist?

E-Mail I received from Kerry Campaign ~ Rand Beers interview

Lou Dobbs poll tonight: Happy with job growth?

Why Dubya HAS to have a second term come Hell or high water (pun intended)

Why is Chimpy getting away with comparing his bogus War on Terror to WWII?

tres Gay on the Newshour political wrap tonight

HOLY CRAP! 500,000 protesting in Rome...Now that's a Protest!

Ben Verniste on Hardball discussing Tenet

Rumsfeld on CNN: The war is going bad because of the MEDIA.

LOL - today's "Friday News Dump" is the higher job numbers!

Dean rocked the crowd today at Take Back America.....WP article.

Dems Need to Tie ALL Republican Candidates to Bush in The Election

Texas Republicans Call For Jail Time For Supporters Of Gay Marriage

9/11 was a secret government plot to assassinate Hugo Chavez

Begala on Unfiltered, gushing over Raygun (took responsibility for

Unholy Alliances -

White House cooking Jobs creation book?

Liberal Activists Lukewarm On Kerry At Democratic Rally

Guess who's at super-secret Bilderberg meeting in Italy today?

Stormin' Normin & McCain on Hardball 7:30..just after the commercial.

four days in the belly of the APS

Religious Hypocrites Really Annoy Me

David Brooks say's forget about the economy, Iraq is the Bush's problem

Daily Show: George Tenet: Convenient fall guy or superb public servant?

Armitage says he's about to quit? BushCo falling apart at the seams!

Can someone post the candidate donations site.

Were you a Reagan Democrat?

Trailer and review for new "The Corporation" documentary (must see!)

Historians--is it true that Nixon sabatoged the peace in '68?

Judy Woodruff slams Kerry, fellates Bush in first 3 seconds today!

AUSTRALIAN Lawyer might BE DRAWN INTO US Senate abuse Investigation.

How does crap like this get posted to Google news?

Bush Shows up at his Pope Meeting Late

Slate's Fred Kaplan: Risk of Bush Collapse Is Soaring

Question about all these job numbers...

One airline pilot's rant on comments about the demise of my industry

Caller on Hannity: "How DARE They Attack a Sitting President???"

Fahrenheit 9/11 is now on

Can anyone link me to the Fahrenheit 911 trailer? The official

Thinking about buying a Bush drug card? Read this

Why earthlings hate *

I love Olbermann. (countdown, MSNBC). He is good. Watch him so his

9/11 was actually giant meteors are controls by the CIA and the Masons

"I'm not a joiner." The liberal meme that will guarantee we lose.

Moms Against Bush Playgroup

Could the Detroit Free Press sue FR for the word "Freep"?

Boosh go home, Boosh go home!

How bad did the '68 riots hurt the democrats?

French "Le Monde" paper suggests its about time US use IMPEACHMENT!

FRom today's Le Monde: The "I" word.

Just saw the trailer for Fahrenheit 9/11 and I was in tears

Does bush suffer from Schizophrenia? Or is it Dry Drunk Syndrome?

President Truman had a sign that said The buck stop here. (new and improved!)

RW Radio host's comments about Bill Clinton today

Must Read: Greider on dangers of War on Terror

I want to pray for Bush

Anybody watch NewsHour Tax evasion (legal) techniques???

Photos from Tricky Dick's visit to Chicago

CBC's As It Happens reports on Chavez...from opposition's perspective.

Is there any video of Bush's bizarro Tenet-related press conferences?

would these folks fit into today's Democratic party?

Gulf War POW judgment overturned

Does Michael Moore read DU?

hehehe...funny photomanip...wizard of oz...

LOL -- Chimpy says we should report gas gougers to the Justice Dept.

Why Tenet Left: New & Improved Theory

Tenet was appointed by Clinton

If we want to hurt globalization, create strong global unions

For people who feel bad for the Palestinians: please stop calling Israelis

This picture says it all. Note the vehicle.

A Slip of the Mask......

Bush's public speaking

8:58pm GORE VIDAL in Majority report.I think I missed most of it. boohooo.

Democratic suicide--Daily Show style!

Carlos Santana: 'Elvin is the beat of life itself' is drinking and grabbing himself.......

Today's CNN Poll, You Know What To Do - Link

Republicans don't consider non-whites as "real" voters

Bush to Paris Match: "They are going to take me away, ha ha!!!"

That fucking Chimp Quote makes me so mad!!!

Is it me? Why isn't this being reported tonight?

An all-purpose comeback to right wing/bushco attacks on Kerry -

I am outta here for tonight.

Has Abu Ghraib been swept under the rug?

Why does Bush get credit for no "terroist attacks in US since 9/11?"

US Planes authorized to escort Bin Laden's family during 9-11?

John Dean's take on Bush Lawyering Up

Will anyone explain why Chalabi hasn't been arrested?

How come Democrats get tongue-tied when asked ?

Rumsfeld's Warm Fuzzy Side

When they tout a 'recovering economy' be sure to mention a 'mortgaged

Bush disses the French the day before his visit to France

Court Panel Throws Out POW Judgment

Does anyone know if McCain filed his papers to run again in AZ?

9 countries - China, Russia, UK and US (9 Battle Groups) sea

"Neo-Cons on the Brink" - must read

Should Bush STAY or GO?

The official catharsis-inducing "I hate Bush with a passion" thread

Should Canada rid itself of the monarchy?

What's the deal with Pickle's veil?

Revised: NYT and Tenet and the "Bush is crazy" story.

America as a One-Party State

Best protest sign from today IMHO

Beware Repugs....some Dems are going to Swtich Parties for 2004!

So, I totally misjudged my father-in-law's political beliefs.

Heads Up! our fav sci-fi-paranoid-political allegory THEY LIVE

Jesus Jonesin'? Party on here.

Ann Coulter, 6/3/04: "The invasion of Iraq has gone fabulously well...

How many DEMOCRATS actually read the Patriot Act before voting?

"A less-constrained Al Gore bringing message to town" Great article

Concert for John Kerry: June 10th at Radio City Music Hall

C-Span video up with Hilary, Soros, and Howard Dean.

CNN: Bill Clinton a VP consideration?

Heads up: New RW Talking Point about Kerry

"War on terror" is a political slogan--not a coherent strategy..."

Is Bob Woodward a republican?

I'm voting for Kerry but..SIGH...I wish it were Dean with the nom

Uh Oh. Sam Seder of Air America's "Majority Report" just

Didn't DU do a "fall guy" prediction re: Iraq, about a year ago?

Dennis Miller said M.Moore's a slug and said he should have his ass kicked

The end game is here

Dan Rather just said that *bush is leading Kerry among Veterens

NYT confirms key element of today's "Bush is CRAZY" internet story

Who is the most intelligent conservative writer/commentator today?

Join John Kerry and contribute to the Intrepid Fallen Heros Fund

How do you refer to a citizen of the great state of Texas?

What major causes have former Republican Presidents trumpeted?

Michael Moore movie will only have an impact if UNDECIDEDs see it.

major story goes down the memory hole thanks to Tenet's resignation

What economic system is closest to your ideal

"Deadline" - July 30th on NBC - Don't miss it

Wash. Times' Tony Blankley on Soros: "He was a Jew who figured out...

I have watched the "F9/11" trailer 20 times

The Iraqi Governing Council Meets Tom Lehrer...

Stats on where the jobs were created.

Is Susan Estrich drunk or stoned on Hannity and colmes

Is Bush the one who passed secrets to Chalabi while drunk?


Zinni's truthful qoute discribing this evil administration ......

David Brooks is Losing his Hair at a Very Rapid Rate

997 DAYS Since 9/11: Can you Believe Bin Laden is STILL a free man?

TURN OFF CNN! TURN OFF MSNBC! Take the pledge....

Skinny Osama or Fat Osama: which is his best look?

If its Tenet's fault for bad intel,what about the office of Special Plans?

Cheney has been awful quiet - find out why in "The Most Dangerous Dick"

Newsrooms got the heads up....

Democrats are the party of Pro Abortion.

my neighbor's new bumper sticker re: abortion

BBV: Invisible Ballots - New Video Documentary

NOW w/ Bill Moyers - Remembering D-Day, talking to veterans

How do you pronounce this metric measurement?

U.S. plans major shift of troops in Europe

apeman promises the pope a vigorous probe of prisoner abuse

Bush In Full Wigout---Nixonian Paranoia Strikes Deep

Ideal for Journalists: Be Adversarial to Any Administration

It's interesting seeing whom the Republicans need to discredit:

248,000 jobs created last month. Construction & manufacturing.

First thing you will do when Kerry is elected is......

What need to be done with Norway?

bush on verge of religious mental this!

Bush's Erratic Behavior Worries White House Aides

Soros: America, Once the Victim, Now the Perpetrator in War on Terror

"Personal Reasons" | Friday TOON Fun (featuring mopaul!)

MH CHAOS/Operation CHAOS became the International Terrorism Group

Ray Bradbury calls Michael Moore a dumb *bleep*!

Need Help Designing A College Course On Midwestern Politics

say it loud & don't be ashamed anymore, buscho DID 9-11

Greg Palast/BBC Video: Bush Family Fortunes

DU-E-Mail Howard Stern and tell him Heather Wilson has an OPPONENT

'Torso' killer seeking return of luxury items

Legal Glitch Snarls Bush's Spot on Illinois Ballot

Bush to seek more war support from European allies

Judge Judy has a new case — in her own back yard

Iraq to seek control of foreign troops

WP: Tenet - For Personal Reasons, Or Is He the Fall Guy?

Oh Lord, Bush is sitting next to the Pope...

Russia Raises WMD Questions on Iraq

U.S., Shiite Forces Set to Depart Najaf

U.S. Troops Battle Shiite Militants in Baghdad - Ayatollah Sistani speaks

Families to lobby for soldiers' return: Tour extended twice; Army to hear

Thousands of police patrol Rome streets as Bush starts his visit

Radical Iraqi Cleric Rejects Interim Government

Second top official to quit CIA

China censors CNN over Tiananmen

NYT-Abu Ghraib Inquiry Is Said to Focus on Head of Its Interrogation Cente

Rumsfeld: Source May Have Stopped Attacks

U.S. Iraq Military Deaths - 813 U.S. service members have died

Stem Cell Initiative Certified for Ballot (in California)

Italian protests bush photos

Transfer Could Include Saddam Handover

DCF, private agency at $1 million impasse (Jeb privatizing child welfare)

Pretend part time jobs up 195 of the 248 - and part time up 500+ -so full

(Hart and Rudman) Rebuffed before the attacks

Seven killed in massive Russian market blast

Second CIA official resigns - Deputy Director

Prosecution may bolster Limbaugh team

Iraq Leader Defends U.S. Troop Presence

Found an old book in the attic "Night of Camp David", read it again

80-Year-Old Man Kills Wife, Himself, Sheriff's Officials Say

Teresa Heinz: Bush helpful in fund-raising

Zarqawi 'aide' captured in Iraq


The Pope's speech to Mr. Bush

OBL stars in Rumsfeld pillow talk

ABC:Four U.S. Troops Killed, Iraq Combat Toll Hits 600

Bangladeshis Burn U.S. Flags Before Rumsfeld Visit

Patriot Act affects ex-con from Nebraska

Taiwanese VP asks world support against possible attack by China

New Plan Would Let Iraq Order Troops Out (UN resolution)

Poll: Calif. voters support abortion rights, oppose gay marriage

CIA boss victim of ancient Albanian jinx?

Employment Situation Summary+248 (includes guess "Birth of jobs" of +195

Press warns Bush to tread carefully

Cheney speech to draw protesters (today in Chicago)


Four U.S. Soldiers Killed, Five Wounded in Baghdad

NYC Pupils Expected to Repeat Third Grade

Paris put on high alert for Bush D-Day visit

Hmong refugees begin arriving this month

Iraqi Kids Suffer at Underfunded Hospital

DUPE--Please Lock

Pollster: Kerry narrows Bush lead in La. YAY!!

Maytag to Cut Salaried Staff, Merge Units (1,100)

Hatch resumes push for his amendment against flag-burning

Legislators defend ban on copying names from (FL felon) voter lists

Iraq Says It Needs Multinational Force

Enron payout may be underpowered

Some Big Conservative Donors, Unhappy With Bush, Say They Won't Back His C

Rumsfeld: Al Qaeda to up attacks as Iraq handover nears

Media Subpoenas in U.S. Terror Case Raise Concerns

Italy protests greet Bush visit

Kerry ahead as Bush approval drops in Pennsylvania, Quinnipiac University

Kerry Says He Was Joking About VP Choice

CNN BREAKING: Bulldozer attack | Buildings destroyed

American D-Day Vets Arrive in Paris

Army Investigates U.S. Soldier in Slaying of Iraqi

U.S. Tries to Soothe Southeast Asia on Security Initiative

Maytag sets job cuts in restructuring

Four U.S. soldiers wounded in Baghdad vehicle blast

United or divided? GOP's Moore effect

To spank or not? Let the town vote.

Sistani's fatwa

I won't budge: Latham defies Bush on Iraq

Sources: Informant involved in border killing

KL hedges at UN bid to see detainee

Bush Pressured on Iraq by Pope, Protests in Rome

Nukes: Fewer Missiles, More Muscle

Bush names ex-Sen. Danforth as new UN ambassador

FEC Cites Sharpton Campaign for No Report

Labour launches anti-Bush campaign

Opps, Dupe - please delete

Saudi Police, Militants Exchange Fire in Jeddah

Iranian Studies Conference in Washington Draws Hundreds: Nobel Peace laure

U.S. troops say to pull back from Najaf shrines

New Plan Would Let Iraq Order Troops Out

Rumsfeld hopes US forces will hunt terrorists in Southeast Asia soon

Watch out for new keystroke-recording virus - Korgo

Smokers win out in Pierce County (Tacoma WA) | Seattle P-I

NYT- Religious Leaders Assail Amendment on Gay Marriage

War Widow's Lament: 'He Died for Money'

Armitage Lauds Powell to 11-Year-Olds

Republicans struggling with insecurity

Court Panel Throws Out POW Judgement (US POW's from Iraq)

Koreas Pledge to Ease Military Tensions

Abu Ghraib Intelligence Soldier Describes Iraq Abuse in Detail

Florida's Goss gains support as a successor (CIA)

Iraq PM: U.S. Departure Would Be Disaster

Agreement Reached on Voting Equipment (San Diego County)

House Democrats plan Abu Ghraib investigation

Taliban told US it would give up Osama (in 2000) : report

Utah Judge Rules Polygamist Abused Girls

Wal-Mart Tweaks Pay, Touts Benefits

9/11 Kin Upset Hijacker-In-Training Freed

WP: Records Paint Dark Portrait Of Guard (Graner)

US navy plans `show of force' off oil-rich West Africa

Spain and U.S. at Odds on Mistaken Terror Arrest

Swing Voters View Bush Critically, Poll Finds

CBS Poll: Vets Favor Bush

Church leaders strike deal to let Prince Charles re-marry

UN Says U.S.-Led Forces Violate Rights in Iraq - May Be War Crimes

Newsweek: Could the Draft Come Back? 36% of 18-29 already think so!

Media move to quash subpoenas on CIA leak

Bush, Kerry, and a battle for Catholics

Bush Late for Meeting With the Pope

Enron Tapes Should Be Nail in Coffin of Schwarzenegger

Virginia: Bush 47% Kerry 45% (new Rasmussen poll)

Senate committee still missing key documents in prisoner abuse case

Breaking: May Employment Report Up 248,000

"President Bush should pull his head in. This is Australia not Florida"

Rumsfeld: We would have stopped 9/11

Protest song is back - with a vengeance

Pope Denounces Events in Iraq to Bush

Diebold bars executives from political donations

“Why are they doing this to us?” (heartbreaking reports on torture)

Cheney Reportedly Interviewed in Leak of C.I.A. Officer's Name

Liberated Kurds Find Little Freedom

Pope denounces "self-centered demands" for abortion and same sex unions

Taliban Told U.S. It Would Give Up Osama - Middleman

Sibel Edmonds: Lost In Translation

Liberals, Conservatives in a dead heat, poll suggests (Canada)

Food Additives Increase Hyperactivity in Kids

Bush's nuclear "football" enters Vatican

Armed Man in Bulldozer Goes on Rampage (Granby, CO)

500,000 Protest Bush's Visit In Rome (UPI)

Bush's Erratic Behavior Worries White House Aides

Do you keep a journal/diary?

What is your favorite music for relaxing?

Joke time!

Funny eBay ad with a Dog & Shoes


Can Shrub not look like a doofus!?

Im hungry with no food in the house

I'm a house with naked people running around

What are your Grandparents' middle names and the last four digits of their

Help/ Questions About Licorice

House me in hungry clothes while naked with food

Celebrity Pecker Challenge: Night #2.

I'm naked with no clothes in the house

There is an egg in my house wearing grandparents' naked hungry clothes

I'm food with no one hungry in my house.

I'm naked with no eggs in my clothes

I am in my car fully clothed with an egg sandwich, so I'm not hungry

Do you remember the 1996 Democratic National Convention?

George Tenet is he another Benedict Arnold or George Washington?

I'm clothed with no nakeds in the house

BE THE DUSTIEST to respond to this thread!!!

BE THE RUSTIEST to respond to this thread!!!

Saks Is Bribing Me Hazy Complains Dweebish Woman

Blacks Is Driving Miss Daisy Complains Racist Woman

Is this emoticon's blinking eyes adorable or what?

Tracks Derailing My Buggy Complains Amish Woman

Jacques' Diving Is Lazy Complains Swordfish Woman

A Question About Leper Ears

A Question About Leap Years

the computer has been drinking . . . NOT ME

I am so not afraid of the cops right now!

How many members of the Bush admin does it take to change a lightbulb?

The computer has been thinking . . . NOT ME

Do you eat with chopsticks?

I'm coming to america in july & will watch Fahrenheit 911

Good comic.

1000 people have me on their ignore list -- but who's counting?

My first picture post!

Researchers Say That Ducks Have Individual Accents

Amtrak is digging up my backyard, ask me anything.

I have 45178 people NOT on my ignore list ... and counting.

I'm a house inside a hungry naked person with no food or clothes

Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, gooooood bye!!! (to my office)

I want to post pictures. Do you know a free web host...

The Difference Between Focus on Problems, and Focus on Solutions

Argentine trash cash row goes to court

Your No Brainer Decision(s)- that affected everything later?

Have you eaten a FReeper lately?

Which singer sounds great on CD, LOUSY live?

Woman Allegedly Stabs Man for Singing on Bus

Has anyone done a "Don't Fear the Freeper" thread?

DU golfers - how is that for a scorecard?

Megadeth re-issues

Tulip Vandals On The Loose

If you had to do it all over again...would you?

But...IS IT unpompous all-american ART?

Has Soledad O'Brien Ever NOT Been Pregnant?

If M.A.T.C.O.M. was a controlled substance, would you be a criminal?

I need quotes of women who were in the American Revolution

I like to inflict my music on others at the stoplight, am I a bad person?

State College, PA DUers

would somebody PLEASE get the Pope a glass of water?

An old man goes to the White House...


I will be seeing Henry Potter in a couple of hours...

Smarty Jones is the new Seabiscuit.

Short skirts stir "animal instincts"

Toothpick Links Man To 1991 Killing Of Elderly Woman

Sex Is Driving Me Crazy Complains Swedish Woman

Indiana Pacers Equipment Manager Busted For Exposing His "Equipment"

Don't be an asshole: Vote Democratic in 2004

So What is going to Happen today?

Man convicted of beheading dog could get life in prison

I will be seeing Harry Potter in exactly 7 hours!

Gooood Friday Morning DU!

what does a queer duck sound like? do they quack like other ducks?

Having a party on monday, and I need to make a cd of music...

Do I look confused to you?

Check out my "George meets Berlusconi" cartoon.

If DU offered a web cam feature....would you take advantage of it?

I have nobody on my ignore list... and counting.

I have 45 people on my ignore list ... and counting.

I have no one on my ignore list. Does that say anything about me?

I had one jerk-wad on my ignore list...But he got banned...

Why am I never listed in MILESTONES????

I Swear My Home Is Being Attacked By Psychotic Birds

Raise your hand if you're on Arwalden's ignore list

Caption: JP2 ex-communicates Junior

Rumsferatu says "Do the Oak Tree!"

Favorite Vice President

Spending the night with fiance lands divorced mom in jail

Today's my 10th Anniversary

I don't need no stinking ignore list

My Yak Is On My Ignore List!

I only have one person on my ignore list and that's Dumbya!

I know whom Kerry should pick for VP!

Girl Downloaded Penis Photo Man Sent Her On School Computer

Director lied, say family

WHAT is that word?

Scrapple to be recalled

Captain: Smirk's Italian vacation, take 1

Who's wearing red today?

You've been Juiced!

My mom swears that she talked to John Kerry last night

I have you on my ignore list.

Taking DU a step further.

Any good horror movies coming to theaters?

Sorry if it's old news, but Uranium split up

Sorry if it's old news, but The Beatles split up.

fact or fiction?

We have to work overtime tonight again.

Women Crying Over Jewish Rabbi's Wig Ruling

anyone else laughing at O'Franken today

AL Franken is being tortured on AAR

Sorry if it's old news, but Tenet split, too

Sorry if it's old news, but Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis split up

Friday humor

Sorry if it's old news, but the South Split from the North

I need some opinions, re: the Venus Transit

Sorry if it's old news, but copycat threads are really fucking lame

Sorry if it's old news, but the Confederation of the Rhine split up.

A coupla Windows questions

Worthless congress. Why are we paying these people?

Sorry if it's old news, but Pangea split up

Sorry if it's old news, but bananas split up

Copycat threads are really quite the same...

This is my 12345th post

Wood tick detector?

Save America From President Dickhead!

Is It Just Me... Or Does The Rhythmic Grunting Of Pro Tennis Players...

At Long Last, Gum Is Legal in Singapore, But There Are Strings

Now I'm REALLY Going To Hell - I Found "Pope On A Rope"

It's Friday. Name the unidentified cocktail.

Need computer help with RAM.

I love My New DU Shirts

my son's last day of school!


For sale: 1 Titan1 Missle Base and Property

Copycat threads are really fucking tame...

Hmm...should I do ANY work today?

Your Favorite "Lucy" Show

Sorry if it's old news, but Bananas split, too

Are you thinking of coloring your hair?

Let's exorcise those earworms once and for all

Sorry if this is old news, but infinitives are to really split

Who has a diabetic cat?

Harry Potter! Harry Potter!

Friday. Home for lunch. Having a beer!

Are you biased?

I just don't understand this - are these folks having fun?

Rumsfeld fighting technique


has your own kid ever embarrassed you?

Going to Ottawa this summer. Any suggestions?

Breaking News! Smarty Jones got a bath today


ATTN: Tech Savy DUers-->My computer is SLOWWWWWW....

I'm horribly groovy today!

I have a Google question...


Who's Next?

Police Look for Naked Drive-Through Patron

Question about the diving process.

Caption this! The Bush's and the Pope!

Denny's Cook Charged With Adding Semen To Honey Mustard Dressing

Want to see DU grow up through the years?

CONFESS!!!! Movies everyone has seen - but you haven't!!

i'm horribLy moody today

what is the stupidest thing you have ever done?

He's B-a-a-a-a-a-c-k

We should be allowed to bring our pets to work

Cheetah, the Tarzan Chimp, is STILL alive! aged 71

Ok, so I 'won' $613,548...

Personal Information Thread #81: What is the name of your favorite Uncle?

Personal Information Thread #28253- What does your navel smell like?

Joke: So Bush and the Pope

Personal Information Thread #666- What's your credit card # / expiration?

For Friday Happy Hour: FAVORITE DRINKING GAME!!!

Selling Son's Beloved Play Station 2 For Punishment! EBAY

Personal Information Thread #8- What is your hat Size?

Web site Design Geeks wanted again

Is ear wax actually wax?

Ghetto Antena 2000

Hid threads for the first time

Is toe jam actually jam?

is femunda cheese actually cheese?

Jackson MS Jubilee Jam 2004

Is Lung Butter Actually Butter?

A MAJOR tenth anniversary will soon be upon us

1000 people have me on their ignore list......and counting.

Is Cheez Whiz actually whiz?

Is Democratic Underground actually underground?

Is Nestle's Quik Actually Quick?

I've GOT SPEAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Which movie character reminds you the most of G W Bush?

45200 user registrations since January 2001

I have 1000 people on my ignore list ... and counting.

Does The Clap actually make your special area clap???


Naughty Fortune Cookies

Humpty Dumpty and George Tenet:

Amazing---Some Freepers actually coming to Clinton's defense

PsychoPong . . .

Hey CATWOMAN! Guess What I Got You For Your Birthday!!

Top Ten reasons for erasing your Ignore list


Are Grape nuts actually nuts?

Is head cheese actually cheese?

It must be Friday. The lounge has gone completely nuts.

A Stalker's Looking For Me.....

Is K-Y Jelly Actually Jelly?

latest Skinny Puppy lyrics

In honor of Harry Potter...

Laundry: before or after my Pabst Smear tomorrow?

Fun for the whole family — Caption your fellow DUer!

Check this out! -- Mothers Opposing Bush

El cuarto de Tula

I Used Gorilla Glue to Stick the Whoopass to NSMA's Hand

I have in my hand a can of Poupon

Tomorrow is the Belmont!!!! GO SMARTY!!!!

I never got my copy of Newsweek in the mail this week

Feeling down? Depressed? Troubled?

T-shirt just seen at Cub game: The Liver is Evil--It must be punished

OJ: How much pulp?

I can't be the only straight, over-30 male who likes Alanis's new album.

I Hold In My Hand A Bottle Of Gorilla Glue - any advice?

The state wants it's dollar back?

I have in my hand a can of whoopass

Are you overwaxed?

The Negativity Negotiation of all CAPTIONS!!!

I have in my hand a can of potted meat. Any advice?

I think we should have a DU acid trip

La Plame La Plume La Puppet of all CAPTIONs

Does everything taste great when it sits on a Ritz?

"Siss. Boom. Bah!"

What are some of your favorite political biographies?

CAPTION those who have time to play musical chairs

I Hold In My Hand A Bottle Of Zyban - any advice?

Who's your favorite panther?

Rate my Pooh

Rate My Poo

I have in my hand a beheaded duck (toy)- need advice.

Is Melba Toast Actually Toast?

What's THE best L.A./So-Cal tour guide/book?...

Rate my pool

Big Ten gets poor man's version of instant replay

Rate my cool

I want to talk to you guys, but I have nothing interesting to post.

SPSS users, quick question

Zero. Zip. Nada. Zilch. Nothing.

Rate my Pew.

Help! I need a good lo-cal cookbook. I love to cook, but...

Who here has read one of the "Left Behind" books or watched the movies?

Boaters paying at the pump: Imagine paying $300 to fill up the tank!!!

Do Blow Jobs effect the Unemployment rate?

FARKers photoshop Bush and his umbrella (pic heavy)

If Coffee was a controlled substance, would you be a criminal?


Update on nudist summer camps.

Well, just finished my oddest impulse buy - perogies

Sense of Reality and Logic

I'm looking for a stalker

At what point do you go from being an ex-smoker to a non-smoker?

Good Afternoon DU

Holy Shit Lollapalooza 2004 Rocks! The Pixies, Sonic Youth, Flaming Lips,

Make me feel better by sharing embarrassing Freudian slip stories

Gerorgia Elementary School Principal bans sugar from her school.

Just spent an hour getting rid of malicious spyware, ask me anything

Listening to the Dixie Chicks

I just got hit with a giant can of whoopass!

Is there some way to upgrade my Windows 98 to SE?

What food item do you always feel bad about donating to the food bank?

Funny news story on tv right now

Man - got me a Saturday Night dilema

Who's your favorite punter?

Four and three and two and one ...

I'm on a new mac and can't get a picture link - help please

What did you think of the Quizno Spongmonkeys?

the Ignore List of all CAPTIONs

WOW - Chelsea Clinton!!!

One in three Dutch men would choose watching soccer over wife's birthday

HEY!! Has anyone seen my cat ??

I never post anymore.

Gay republicans shovel their pusillanimous hubris, er, pride!


"Liquid Sky"...i must've been stoned when I saw this movie.

CIA and KGB were fighting for alien"s dead body

Drug, alcohol busts put IU in class by itself

Anyone else looking forward to a post-pregnancy Debra Messing?

Matcom LOVES To Make 'Toys' Out Of Cherries

O.J. Simpson to host reality show?

Yeah... We're DOGS, All Right!!

How often do you see numerous bullet holes in signs?

Personal Information Thread #414: What was your birth weight?

Angry Friday.....

It's for sale on eBay. What is it?

Where is DU located?

5 cats and I STILL have mice in my house?

BBQ: Steak or Sausage?

Delete this thread

oooo two cultural firsts in one day - met my first Alabamaniam and...

"Smarty" Touches Kids All Over America

Caution's subversive song of the day

Personal Information Thread #602- What is your shoe size?

What should my punishment be?

I know PHP/MySQL web programming. Tell me anything.

Are you overtaxed?

My Bratwurst Are Cooking In Dark Beer Right Now - Going On The Grill Soon

All things considered, humanity is:

Armed man goes on rampage with bulldozer in Granby, CO-Levels buildings...

So long!

Who's your favorite punker?

Philp K. Dick is mentioned on Air America!

Flashback: A Small Tenet 'Tribute'

So Cal 'Sig' Alert Creator Dies

I'm listening to "Al hurt" by Java

The ?W Revue - poster! (cool?)

I'm cat skipping again

Finally! A worthwhile cat thread!

Need a URL - the funny captions to homeland security illustrations?


Is Sugarfree Red Bull the Nectar of the Gods?

The best reason NOT to vote for George W. Bush

Jagerbull - is this drink unhealthy?

Further pet peevage: "myriad" or "a myriad of"?

Anyone Hear of Prefetching?

I guess Teddy_Salad really did it

Best Bush ad EVER

Terra alert at my apartment complex.

I'm taking my family to Yellowstone... Tell me everything.

More pics - need help - which would be best for the front page? is drinking and grabbing himself.......

I just watched Bartleby. Ask me to do anything.

What is your favorite kitchen appliance, and other sundry questions?

Sweet victory over my flooring contractor today ...

OK What should I do while visiting Seattle

Who makes Schlitz beer?

My latest SPAM subject line: "garbage can 3 stalactites"

I am outta here for tonight.

I just saw the most redneck parade I've ever been to - pics!

Creed broke up - there is a god!

"Brave New World" on Sci-Fi channel now.

Good internet radio talk show

Help! I need a link to the "post your photo" page

when good hard drives go bad

Haha! I am on arwalden's ignore list. I can talk about him with impunity

I've been away for a while, what have I missed?

"Share the Land" by The Guess Who

DU Poll: Male or Female



Which nation's humour do you like better

September Tapes - Trailer

My boyfriend dumped me this afternoon. . .

Ballroom Blitz

Whenever you can help people get rid of their popup ads on their computers

What are you drinking tonight?

ALRIGHT!! WHO is hangin' with Matcom on DU tonight?

What the?

How quaint. How silly are some laws are these days.

Does Babylon ever cease to exist?

I hate being sick

My boyfriend just gave me my birthday present....


Anyone around Memphis?

Anybody know the cheapest way to register a domain?

Truth or Dare?

Dammit I got a cold sore

What's you're favorite ROOT BEER?

Sorry if it's old news, but Creed split up.

I started Adaware and Spybot at the same time...

Vinyl or CD? Another instance of one of the great questions of our time.

Cat picture poll (for Jen6)

Does this picture make my cat look big?

Wait... tell me if you've heard this one: Creed broke up!

Elect George W. Bush for Dog Catcher!

Official Friday Night D.U.L.L. Everybody come on in.

If you disagree with management, how do you say your concerns?

The rock band "Creed" broke up!

DU gardners, where are you?

A google for 'creed sucks' gets more results than there are members of DU

Was Marvin Gaye? Did Lucille Ball?

I'm cat-sitting again.

I found a photo of Matcom's cat

legal question: How do I serve someone with a summons?

Which type of humor do you prefer?

Soprano's finale discussion anyone?

Tartakovsky (Samurai Jack) to write and direct Astroboy

Tonight's menu: Stuffed pork tenderloins

Gore Vidal on AAR right now

Tonight is the 30th anniv of the GREATEST baseball promotion!

Anyone here ever been to Des Moines?

I have in my hand a can of Moxie.

I think we should have a DU camping trip

The stupidest haircut ever invented (mullets don't come close)

Is OJ guilty?

Two mystery writers to avoid

Favorite bourbon

Do you know how to shit in the woods?

Who makes shit beer?

Does anyone else have to pay a "city sticker" vehicle fee?

Dense, uneducated, brainwashed...

Name Acronym Generator, get your acronyms here

Who's your favorite painter?

The GD forum is chock full of nutballs right now.

At what age would you like to die? How would you like to die?

My idea for Ohio (stealing from Al Franken a bit)

Democrats to Investigate Cheney/Haliburton lies?

Kerry says Colorado is a battleground state and will campaign there

Police union allowed to picket Democratic Convention

Teresa Heinz Kerry says opposition to Bush helps in fundraising

Kerry Rolls Out Bid for Veterans' Votes

NRCC Chair Lowers Bar-Doesn't Expect Gains in November

High opinion of yourself, Mr. Colmes?

I think that Kerry should, at some point, say something to this effect:

I would like to know

Kerry looking presidential

Are You Happy With Boston As The Convention Site?

This article shows how unsafe we are under George W. Bush

Funny FOX News coverage of Rome protest march

What should John Kerry do on July 4?

A Rather Interesting North Carolina Poll

Ya gotta love David Wade & DNC response to the RNC "Kerropoly" game

Friday, June 4 - 150 days from Election Day

Kerry is NOT going to announce afterall.

four days in the belly of the APS

What should John Kerry do on Labor Day?

Kerry Ammunition? Early Wolfowitz Quotes

Please rate Kerry's ad 'Country'

Donate or buy bumper stickers to give away?

gore vidal october surprise, bush's resignation

Saw new John Kerry commercial on CNN in Richmond tonight.

Can we find a V.P. candidate as likable as Cheney?

PRESS RELEASE: calls for a Kerry-Edwards ticket

Kerry does not believe **at this time** that there is a need for a draft


Whining Lefties Take Note: Poll Suggests Kerry Remains Undefined (AP)

CNN...Kerry will announce his VP in a matter of MINUTES!!!!

Catholic Vote Up For Grabs

Gotta also love those Italians protesting against Bush today...

DU Moms: Check out this new Organization - get out and join!

former Gore,Clark, and Gephardt guy to head Kerry's campaign in Michigan

New Jersey: Kerry 51% Bush 39% (new Rasmussen poll)

VA and NC look like they are up for grabs

State polls thread! If you have a state poll please post here.

CNN...Kerry will announce his VP in a matter of DAYS!!!!

Where are you at with John Kerry right now?

The V.P. Game

I like what Carville just said to Novak, "Help is on the way."