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Archives: June 3, 2004

The world doesn't need or want an empire of denial

China's threats never end

Aristide's ouster hasn't filled any Haitian bellies

Neo-cons collapse in Washington and Baghdad

price of gas toon

US is Sued Over Records of Military Prisoner Abuse/ FOIA Act!

George Bush Fan

Science boss sees brighter future for nation's researchers - TW

May Payroll Predictions

NASA Considering Robotic Mission to Save Hubble

Brazilian prison riot leaves at least 30 dead

Filipino workers, activists protest over jobs

Ugandan sex abuse on the rise

From buzzflash: The 2000 GOP platform revisited

Fahrenheit 911 trailer

Some Help Please, in advance.

The kind of poll I'd like to see on CNN

Ross Perot is for Bushie

Anybody know this "Big Story" FAUX News is going to break?

Why did Bushists free and deport a terror suspect to Syria?

These are the moments I miss Media Whores Online

The REAL Ann Coulter

How will neocons respond? "Not true," "True but okay," or "Ooops!"

Another strange message to add to the paranoid mix

WHO seeks urgent action to avert Sudan crisis

Must see label on high end luggage!!

I just emailed CBS news

How often do you vote?

Go NOW & watch the Farenheit 9/11 trailer (link inside)

Harper wants to put 1 Billion a year more in to Canada's military....

suggestion regarding the Michael Moore trailer link

John AssKKKroft - Attorney General And Deep Thinker.

"Carmela Soprano" joins Kerry camp!

50 held after US man killed - Liberia

US brigadier-general's visit to Taiwan to mark breakthrough: Presidential

Lu (Taiwan VP) dines with Jeb Bush

Spain grants man 'gay asylum'

U.S. Faces Payback On Iraq Resolution

Kerry Condemns White House Support for Chalabi

On Hill, Rice Pledges Probe Of Alleged Chalabi Leak

Mel Gibson shocks expo attendees with F-word at Passion related appearance

Bush tune sung to: How much is that doggie in the window

What is rye whisky?

Love will Keep us Together

Will Smarty Jones win the elusive triple crown?

Little American flag pins

What should I get my sister for her 55th birthday? Quickly?

Who's coming tro surf city with me!?

The Death of the Barber of Seville

Dayum....the chicks of Stuff Magazine are HOT!

Arguably the finest half man / half jellyfish movie ever made...

Rye, experience, and the afterthoughts the two equate to.

Speaking of surfing - DU Snowboarders/surfers

Epilogue - Rye, experience, and the afterthoughts the two equate to.

Why do people talk and talk and talk and say nothing?

I am going to be offline for a couple weeks

What is your favourite bread?

Who is/was the greatest American songwriter?

Anyone have a good recipie for hummus?

Attn: Fans of David Sedaris

Cuomo's talk was phenomenal! I recorded it - can anyone host it?

Word of advice to the Repukes

It’s not the cellphone, stupid

If it has a real case, U.S. should take suspected terrorist to court


GOP, Democrats in pitched battle for Pennsylvania

Vote for a Man, Not a Puppet

A petty thief dishonors a patriot.

Crawford mayor is Kerry supporter

Tiny Armstrong High School mourns two of its own.

Time to Celebrate Big, Broad Jumps in Test Scores - WP

"I suddenly felt as jaded as one of the Borgias"

"An Eye on Power" a Bill Moyers Must Read! He Rips Media Apart!

A Star Athlete, a Soldier, and a Challenge (ND Danielle Green)

The Conceited Empire -- from The Dominion (Canada)

Novak: Bush ads turning off GOP base (!)

Transcripts: Market Manipulation Was Sport (Enron)

Special story about a big payday :: Molly Ivins

Bye, George - It's been a bad week for the Bushies.

George Tenet - resigned/fired.


Bush back to face his European critics

Oil workers go to strike in Venezuela oil fields

D-Day Unity Wears Thin

TAKING STOCK - (Made Up Jobs Numbers Out Tomorrow)

Preserving abortion rights

Nevada GOP bets its chips on Reid

Option Zero in Haiti; "a very multilateral coup"

Informer Without Results

Don King's Bush Love Can Only Help Democrats

Bill Maher on Larry King 6/2/04

Shortcut on Nuclear Waste

Molly Ivins: Can the PR -- get the facts

must-read column by Arianna Huffington

The Mirage of 'National Unity'


Salon: Storm warnings for Bush in Ohio

Who leaked CIA's Plame to Novak? Important in obstruction investigation.

Los Angeles DUers Saturday, June 5

"ActForChange":Tell UN to Fix Iraq Resolution; Dump Limbaugh from AFR

email this fascist!


Tell Kerry What You Think! Take This Survey!

Un-FReep Fahrenheit 9/11

comparing war on terror and WW2

Is this BS or a lucky guess? Triv (WTAM-1100 Clear Channel) made a claim

Joanne on Franken

Pew: journalists in center/libertarian - but ID as Liberal more than GOP

Today's thought

House Hunting Blues

Sustainable oil....?

Made Up Jobs Numbers Out Tomorrow

First X Prize Attempt Set For June 21

Elusive poisoner has Hong Kong police on edge

Meta-Efficient . . .

An open-source call to arms (software wars)

Avogadro`s Number: an absurdly complex basis for quantifying the number

Long Island Offshore Wind Energy

How come this guy hasn't been arrested as a spy ?

The Al Gore Effect

OK, so that was last week....THIS week's Onion is also very funny....

Men escape from jail - walk to another and ask for transfer in.....

Today's "Reading Pleasure"--Pinheads on Parade

Something different: Ladies' Night At Bar Declared Discriminatory (NJ)

GUNS IN THE NEWS--June 3, 2004

The roots of Canada's gun problems are in the United States

knives and other stabby/beating things...

Boy builds AR for school project!

DU going down in the AM for me as well.

Forum for international visitors?

Are you guys capable of adding someone to someone else's ignore list?

please add the Ed Shultz show to your listening list

My post was deleted in the Tennessee forum...

Can This Technically Be Done

You know what would be nice??

Sorry for being inflammatory.

Should I ask for my post to be removed?

Would this be impossible??

naughty naughty me...

When can we get a hatemail update?

Would you add some of these new smilies

Israeli troops swoop on Rafah

Ministerial panel on Or Commission issues recommendations

Israeli tanks fire on school

Indictment expected against man suspected of murdering Oleg Shaichat

PM summons National Union ministers Lieberman, Elon for talks

Why I Burned My Israeli Military Papers

Like sheep to the slaughter

Turkish PM: Israel treating Palestinians as they were treated

Legal Glitch Snarls Bush's Spot on Illinois Ballot

Union boss Browne, sister guilty

Gov. OKd Costly Mission to Brazil

For those of you in the Stockton area

Democrats See an Opportunity

Gray Davis crafts new image as lovable loser

Local Air America programming--Christine Craft on 1240 AM in Sacto?

Free Tickets to see John Kerry- Location Changed!

Two Ohio Voter-Registration Workers Fired

Rendell reviews election procedures with county officials

Slimy Cornyn wraps himself in flag amendment

Flight Attendant Admits To Writing Bomb Threat Note

Bush Reelection Focus Of State GOP Convention

How many seats are we going to lose

Why is Waukesha county so heavily Repuke?

Hi y'all...I'll be moving up yonder in a few weeks, help me out

More Video available of Bright Flashes in Northwest June 03 2:40 AM

I get to have dinner with President-in-exile Gore tomorrow!

Paul Martin to skip two days of campaigning for D-Day ceremonies

The "Personal Responsibility" B.M.O.C. "barely knows Chalabi"....

UN Defers Vote to Shield U.S. from Global Court

Franken Boortz on AAR again now

Caption this photo

Have any of you called in and spoken on Air America?

Here's why I'm spooked.

Chasing Bush

Plants should be treated humanely? Yes? No? Sometimes?

IRS Asked To Probe Catholic Tax Status by Americans United

anyone else see Walter Cronkite interviewing Eisenhower . . .

Asia\Pacific Markets Looking Red Right Now !!!

I thought I would share my 911 story..

Strange Guardian article about Michael Moore.

Hey Arnie gave us a toy bear ! yippee

What about all the good things Hitler and Bush did?

C-Span 7:08a.m. question: Does Iraq war resemble WWII?

No Hammermaster in UW Astronomy Dept - "Meteorite"

Anglicans Ponder World Debt, Fair Wages in Prayers

This is a really, really great read..

UN's Brahimi: Bremer the 'Dictator of Iraq' in Shaping Iraqi Government

Scalia met with anti-gay group before Lawrence vs. Texas decision

Euthanasia Campaigner Writes Guide to a Good Death

One word - - - - FASCISM

waiting for the chimp

Anybody ever see this picture?

Polygraph Testing Starts at Pentagon in Chalabi Inquiry

Bob Novak's article - interesting

Reuters: "John Ashcroft prays near President George W. Bush"

Friedman got something right..

Seen the profiles on ALLAWI? He made the nukes = 45 minutes claim!!!!

Some good LTTE in my local paper.

I just spoke with my local Movie Art House in Orlando about Fahrenheit9/11

Investigations make governing hard (How's it feel now?)

Being George Bush

This picture broke my heart. American soldiers' hearts broken even before

Breaking: Gigantic flash in WA state at 2:45 AM PST

For those who never bought the adminstration's lies about 911

Bust him under Article 112 of the UCMJ

Aussie PM John Howard

Read bush's Nazi Jingo War Crazy speech from yesterday

Pigs sully South Carolina's conservative agenda

Heads up: members on C-SPAN WashJnl 9:30 ET

Changes In The Wind: Rumbling At The VFW Hall

Bush still not on Illinois ballot

Snarlin dick cheney (500) John Kerry (14,000 +) at KC Rally

Those Evil Gay People

Need a quick hand beating down a freeper...

When I came to DU, I'd already decided to vote for Kerry

Anyone else concerned about violence at the MM Farenheit 911 film?

Hollywood Comes Out In Full Force for Kerry Fund-Raisers.

Can Church and State really be Separated when there are...

Anyone have an idea when Plamegate indictments are coming?

Re: Enron/Calif. scam: Who's paranoid now?

Look out Europe! comes King Kong!.....monkeypresident tour

New * name: TEMPORARY. And it's his own choice!

Ray McGovern (ex-CIA) on with Amy Goodman now -- Tenet is topic

Coincidence? Padilla planned natural gas terror AND propane trucks stolen

Tenet GONE -- who will be next to go down?

They flipped a coin...

Tarpley: Bush Backers prepare Super 9/11 Attack

Where is the outrage?

FAHRENHEIT 9/11 Trailer now available online

Unscrupulous bastards---it's all a game to them

Anyone think President Gore had anything to do with Tenet's resignation?

The Freepers speak: "This is not good news 150 days from the election"

Ralph Nader News Conference On C-Span Today 1:00 PM EST

Poor chimpy....................don't cry

Was the Chalabi/Iran Revelation a Ploy to Get Tenent , which was a

Are there any more Clinton appointees left?

Iraqi Prison General being Investigated

Is PETA a terrorist organization?

See NEW Kerry commercial here - shown in 19 States

Is this the start of a Saturday Night Massacre?

Tenet has an opportunity to make a great speech and tell it like it is!

Through the looking glass yet again.

Tenet resigns for personal reasons .... BREAKING

Anyone having connectivity problems to the internet....

If Kerry's smart

So did Tenet listen to Al Gore?

Rich-ard Per-lie Here We Come

VERY bad sign for * for a CIA Director to resign in an Election year

2 paragraphs on White House Web Site: "President Bush Commends Tenet"

Oh, I almost forgot - Tenet is resigning. (Wonkette)

Republican Party about to rediscover presumption of innocence

Churchgoing closely tied to voting patterns

Titles for George Tenet's eventual tell-all book?

Was Bush working without notes when he announced Tenet's departure?

A chilling first hand account...

Where is Steno Sue on the Plame grand jury?

Bush Push May Cost Churches Tax Breaks

Tenet Resigned......Who's Next?

If Bush doesn't run

"Rogue Bush Backers prepare Super 9/11 False Flag Terror Attacks"

Al Franken "has a call into" Joe Wilson

Make your predictions here: Who will be the next to resign?

A one-stop website for those who despise loud mouth radio hosts

My 1000th post....

forget President, Elliot Spitzer for SCOTUS

So--was Tenent working for or against Bush???

Alan Colmes defends Kerry?

Cost of * tax cuts

Republicans are like a bull in a china shop....

There is only one way out for Bush and that is for massive terrorist

My clown of a cousin claims Kerry is a traitor.

If Raygun croaked would it give Smirky a chance in Hell?

leakers beware

Reality Check: Bush not resigning, not in criminal danger

I want them ALL to resign for personal reasons.......

Is Franken joking...

anybody else having trouble streaming Air America?

For those of you having trouble with stream for AirAmerica, I saved

Rummy does his (oops)Sgt. Shultz act......again

Pragmatism drives Naderites to Kerry

Has anyone here ever been allowed into a Bush* campaign event?

Bush's stupidity: natural or chemical?

IMPORTANT re: the story in LBN

OMG!Jerry Falwell is in the new 'Clinton'Movie!'

Let's talk about congressional races.... Kerry's going to need

The Bush Regime seems to be unravelling: so why am I terrified?

Mortgage Question - Need Help Please

warning of the "swagger and demented logic of the fanatic - by Bush -LOL !

Did you watch Bush* with Howard today? The last question and answer are

Why I don't think there will be a 9/11, part II:

Bush said "Some people call you the ELITE I call you my BASE"

Kerry rally in KC last evening...

Kerry Warns of Nuclear Terrorism

Don King Joins the GWB* campaign

W caught lying on Chalabi - Unfiltered, AAR

2 dimwits visit Gitmo -- Reps. Meeks/Gingrey - say it's just fine

Bush retaining a personal lawyer and now Tenent resigning...

How many people will die today because Bush is still in office?

'Sistani, Sadr Followers Agree On Goal, Differ On Means' +another

Why make the resignation statement now ??

Why Tenet Resigned

Tenet is wearing a "John Kerry Pink Tie" on MSNBC

With Tenet gone, the floodgates open

The next time somebody makes fun of Al Gore's speech

Pledge your vote has been freeped

NPR: Tenant resignation good for the chimp

"In the event the president needs his advice..."

bush* just left for his European photo-ops...leaving major chaos behind

Did Bush's new lawyer advise him to fire Tenet?

Plame cover up? No way, Jose...

Who Will Be New DCI?

MSNBC (Shrub goes to Europe): "A chance for fence-mending"

Told Dick Morris his new book was a hatchet job on Hillary! (on NPR)

Tonight was a good night.

It appears the Taliban are fans of Mel Brooks

PantsOnFire mobile in Colorado!

Why the Tenet/* Excuse for Quitting is S-O-O-O-O Lame.

How will we get $hrubco out of D.C. after they lose and refuse to leave?

S.F. Art Gallery Owner Beaten Up for Showing Anti-Torture Painting

Barney Frank OVER. it was a 5min. sorry! lock and drop this

Flintstones meet the "Towelheads"

Go Dubya, Go's your....

F911 trailer not working for me

I want Truelson to win the Spelling bee!! He is the coolest one there.

What if the next terror attack here is caused by us, BUT

We should be rejoicing in the streets...

Bush is Toast...

Let's Bash Ralph Nader!

Pelosi Statement on CIA Director Tenet's Resignation

How much do you hate Bush today, on a scale of 1-10, 1 being lowest?

First Tennant, then Cheney - Bush Administration election strategy

Ignorant Enron question

The Kerry people MUST

Chalabi on CNN claiming victory over TENET and blaming him for WMD

"it is impossible to prove a negative"

Did Arnold forgive Enron's debt to California? nt

It's getting worse(or better): Chalabi starts talking smack about Tenet

First Tennant, then Cheney - Bush Administration election strategy

Freepers react to Tenet resignation (warning - disgusting rhetoric alert)

Bush is taking the advice of a "crazy" person....

I told the governor of my state I was running for congress yesterday.

Need help with this long freeper message........

Kerry says: "he fell on his sword"

Republican Survivor

Josh Marshall brilliantly sums up the WH current state of affairs

Randi is pissed...she heard Bush/Inquiry when she woke up and she

Gulliani (sp.?) for Head of CIA???

Tonight on NIGHTLINE.....Tenet's Resignation

Well, the "Fahrenheit" trailer sure *sounds* great...

bush* LIED about Eisenhower's speech..LIED by omission...(links)

Could someone else besides Bush have forced Tenent out???

Jerry Falwell Asks For A Pardon

Here is the soldier who refused to torture

Okay, folks. When the Freepers start blaming it all on Tenet...

Freedom vs. Security: A False Choice (Ron Paul)

Anyone out there in the Texas Panhandle?

Fox News "scrubs" Shrub's grammar...fair and balanced my...

Don't Vote Ralph / Sign the petition that demands Nader tell the truth

Pew Study: Journalists and Liberal Bias

I want some of what Chalabi's smoking!

Whose the "left" guy on Crossfire?

Bush an IRANIAN agent? Absurd, no? Read on...

Soros: To get things done, Buy the Government

Randi Rhodes discussing the problems in AAR start-up. The

New Republic's View of Tenent's Resignation/ Link to David Boren, again!

Bush leaves on a trip and all hell breaks loose - again

Mayor of Crawford, TX. Endorses John Kerry

Can anyone refute this rw e-mail?

Atrios has the goods on another Bush flip-flop (or shall we just say LIE).

Source of CIA (Plame) leak? VP's Office?

Who's responsible for the obnoxious phrase "lawyer up"?

The Conservatives personally hate me

Did Ja No

Don't forget how many others have 'jumped ship' !!

Gore called for Tenet's resignation last week along with Rummy/Condi

Will Tenet's resignation allow Bush to solidify power?

Who all frequents on a regular basis?

Will there be a political realignment in 20 or 30 years from now?

Who do you consider more evil Hugo Chavez or Carrot Top?

Just received...

Veterans of Foreign Wars June July Magazine: Instilling Patriotism

Woman Holding up Anti-War Poster in Airport Removed

EJ Dionne on Washington Journal tomorrow AM - also Kerry's adviser

Two people I want to see running in 2012 if we have President Kerry

Listening to Tom Friedman on NPR got me thinking about Imperialism...

Does anyone else think Kerry looks better in the light colored suit?

This should be good! Company to publish U.S. election video game

Is 'bad intel' to blame for Iraq or 'bad use of intel?'

Looks Like A SECOND CIA Resignation !!! --- Check Here In LBN !!!

CIA Director for 7 years, but he couldn't last 5 more months?

George John TENET

Do you think Bush Admin doesn't care, or does he have more sinister plans?

This is how to take it to the press. Good for Cegelis!

Think It Will End When Bush* Is Replaced? I Suddenly Realize It Will NOT

Would you do business with a company that does this?

Lightbulb Joke

A grunt's eye view of war

Mueller Proposes New Intelligence Service Within FBI

I had an idea for depicting Shrub in a less than flattering image.

What 6:30 network news program and host do you like the best?

Are you guys hearing it? Tenent is the scapegoat for the WMD debacle!

The Laramie Project is on HBO tonight

oops . . . wrong board . . . please delete . . .

Kerry says U.S. now has 'backdoor draft'

Al Sharpton hired as Political Commentator on CNBC:

resigned or left bush

Don't be an a**hole - vote democrat in 2004

Why should we assume that W didn't have a lot to do with outing Plame?

Gas prices: get some political mileage

Another resignation coming down at CIA --

Air Force Academy Bush picture

"It's not the plan, it's the MAN!" Bill Maher on Larry King re: Kerry

The Five Biggest Lies Bush Told Us About Iraq

Kerry: Bush has created a "back-door DRAFT" through the stop-loss orders!

If mad dog killers hijacked our government, what would you do?

Economically, is there really much difference between Keynesians and Suppl

Which nuclear threat is the most frightening to you?

Hannity is Unmercifully Attacking George Soros

Farenheit 911 - list of theaters where it will play?

Isn't it logically better for the party to move left?

Kerry: "I Will Not Let Ideology Trump The Truth"

dupe. please delete

What states do you think Kerry will carry in addition to Gore's in 2000?

Tenet was fired for not controlling his "troops" better.

All right. What month will the October Surprise happen?

The "Why" of Tenet is of no importance; it's what they do with it

I Just Got A Call From Dadcom

What the crap is going on with the * admin?

Air Force Academy graduation

Who's watching this bit on the News hour about hog factory pollution?

It's time to play....Republican Survivor!!!

Freepers were all excited about a new book connecting Bin Laden and Sadam.

Seen this Chalabi cartoon ?

Olbermann- Countdown: had Trent Lott: Let's not think too much

Rush uses obscene language. Where is the FCC?

Tweety interviewing Fineman from Newsweek. Fineman also thinks

I was just blown away by the number of anti-bush books I saw in B&N today

"Easy on the Patriot Act, Raleigh"

Michigan: Kerry 47% - Bush 43%

Bush unravelling....A good quote and something ....................

CNN Sues for Access to Fla. Voter Rolls

I need some help from a labor law person

Dick Morris, thy name is WHORE!

French News: If WWII was Iraq, * would have invaded Norway on D-Day

delete - repetitive post

Gay Marriage Ban on MO primary ballot, not Nov. 2nd.

A Funny George Tenet Cartoon......................

Women's wages trail men's by 26%

Disinfotainment Land

Anthony Zinni on Deborah Norville for the entire hour

help me out please.... with link to Wash. Times article...

Delete - duplicate

Help! Who has that cartoon in their sig about elitists and goo-gah freedom

Self delete....dupe.

What will * do after he's thrown out of We The People's White House?

time to refresh our memories re: Iran Contra?

Chalabi is a creature of the WHITE HOUSE. Pelosi on C-Span

When will Dems take the House?

tenet resigns..."the official story"

BBV: Officials Defend Punch-Card Ballot

Tennant resigns as Steve Martin's wife....

My bumper stickers got some dipshit seriously pissed off tonight!

OK, somebody around here must know the answer about Tenant's pay

Heads Up: Kerry at 9:20 on C-Span. Then Clinton's speech at BookExpo Chi.

Anyone else get the feeling that corporate media is almost fully in

Remember this picture?

Wal-Mart Welfare

Groups Sue Pentagon Over Iraq Abuses (WOW sue, sue, sue!!!)

Quotations About Tenet's Resignation

So, How are you going to compete for a $500/yr Salary??

NOAM CHOMSKY coming up on Majority report at 9pm!

Is the truth too much to expect from our leaders ?

Who'd best serve as J.K.'s running mate? New Republic vs. National Review

The Secret Government --- a video...

Girls Pushing for Modest Fashion Options

Iraqi Bionic Hands were donated by Germany not the US

Cspan Alert: Clinton Book Expo Rebroadcast on now (7:15 PST)

What the F is going on? Let me hear your interpretation:

Can you join the Army as a conscientious objector?

Who lied to Asscroft and told him that he could sing?

Delete, please.

If you shop at Costco, help get them to carry Wilson's book

Saudi Arabia hit peak already?

Tenet: pushed, or walked? Whatta ya say?

So I'm surfing the web for news and I find out the Bilderberg 2004

"...YOUR WIFE IS FAIR GAME." (re: Tenet's resignation)

Everything you always wanted to know about neocons....

I know that there is another Clinton C-Span thread. But I want to shout

Is it more important that the Democrats win to regain power or.....

Chalabi and the CIA, what's going on?

who is going to visit the Counter Clinton Library?

Bush Job Approval and Accomplishments since Feb. 2001

Fred Phelps family vs gays on Howard Stern family feud E! SHOW right now

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Barney Frank making fun of Bush disowning Chalabi

Only 75% of FREEPERS now support Bush Iraq policy.

When will Dems take the Senate?

The Dick lawyered up?

Zinni on Norvell now!!!

Caption: bush* and pickles leave for Europe...waving goodbye...

Really--why is Bush going to Europe??

Richard Perle 1; George Tenet 0

Freeper's list of least liked repugs.

George Tenet resigns, the day after...

Chalabi Pal Gets Iraq Contract (I guess the Army does not know yet about

CBS Evening News: Good Coverage on Tenet

Whose integrity do you respect more: Hugo Chavez or his Opposition?

Mario Cuomo fans - Daily Show tonight n/t

It's Tenet. Tenet. T-E-N-E-T. George Tenet.

Did al-Qaida trainee warn FBI before 9/11?

The Daily Show---hilarious re: Tenet resignation on now eom

Olberman hitting em up with the Enron story

Latest RW meme: linking to a "good" war...

Alternatives To "I Want To Spend More Time With My Family"

"Hold Up on E-voting" by Howard Dean

Why do the folks here at DU think that the Bush regime is conniving.... ?

O'Rarely gets into Bushlite tonight

Rush slime ball will remain on the DOD radio network.

What were they saying about Buzzy Krongard on CNN this morning?

Scarborough has Hitchens on.

Will Bush buy ads for Nader again? And, if he does isn't that taking

"...Go see some cows..."

So, I just talked with Joe Wilson.......

Did Tenet and Pavitt testify against Bush in Plame Grand Jury?

My take on Tenet's resignation - check my logic

To the DUers in Europe:

Are we going to lose the culture wars? (Fundies targeting our kids)

We are winning the war on terror.

Repub convention- is NYC going to be too crazy?

So I got accosted today by a Freeper at Costco

Friedman on The Daily Show last night

Father Roger Schmidt

Nader Remains Skeptical About Kerry

Don't forget, even if you accept Woodward's 'slam dunk' story

Bush in 'Yurp' - a classic TOON revisited!

Do you really care about Hugo Chavez right now?

Maher tore Bush a new one

The Fix is In: Colin Quinn blaming Tenet for Iraq

Discovery channel outsourcing show is propaganda

I respectfully disagree with Will Pitt about Tenet.

Nightline on Tenet.....let the whitewash flow over us starting at 12:04 E

Tenet out for exposing Chalabi & to drown news of Bush's hiring lawyer

Farenheit 9/11 - TRAILER

Religious Right paranoia about the LGBT human-rights move.

Bill Clinton coming up live on C-SPAN

I just got a call from Sy Hersch

5 Lies Of The Venezuelan Opposition

Bush still not on the ballot in Illinois

What Has Nader Accomplished? You Gotta Be Kiddin!

How would you answer this letter?

Gay Marriage in Missouri

Invisible beam tops list of nonlethal weapons (microwaving crowds of ppl)

Whoa! Tom Clancy just said re Wolfowitz ...

Hypocrisy on parade: Texas newspaper demands apology from Kerry

Tenet did not resign

with Tenet Resignation, will it strengthen bush

Tenet's resigning, bad for us, part of the neo-con plan

Did Tenent really say the "slam dunk" thingy? Or was that what GW said

Pat Boone on O'Reilly mad at CBS for Abu Ghraib

Caesar warned us about Bush

Al Qaeda (purportedly) claims AA flight 587 downing (Nov. 2001)

The Front Page Auntie Pinko Must Be A Joke....

Cspan Stephanie Herseth swearing in

BLUMENTHAL: "Even Vietnam doesn't look so bad in retrospect."


The Enron Tapes: Unbleeped

Liberals and Progressives need to Beware of George Soros

Stop the nader Bashing! Ralph has and is accomplishing much!

heard a rumor rush's wife is leaving him....

Lets try this again, remember this picture?

Political use of Chalabi's discreditation: W.'s Admin.SCAMMED by 2-Bit Con

What Does A Landslide Look Like?

Scary Tenent thought...may require tin foil

'Fahrenheit 9/11' has a date

Question I want to hear Kerry asked

What do you think Bush will do if he loses?

Okay, what the heck is supposed to happen on 6/11??

Story from May 25: Tenet and others to go for part in assassination plot

MSNBC: "the economy is enjoying a robust, sustainable expansion"

Why are we sending 6 naval battle groups to the mid-east?

6/11 will not be a terrorist day

BBV: This just in - parent company may close Sequoia Voting Systems

Is Tenet's resignation a ploy to divert attention from Plame?

I wonder how Bush knew what was in the Grand Jury testimony?

BBV: American Contacts French Embassy -- Begging for Help

REPUBLICAN PRESS (***excellent***)

bush consults lawyer in CIA leak case

Shaken expatriates rethink Saudi future

Chechen interview brings crackdown

US President on Australian's hit list

Kerry Keeps Lead In Oregon

Computer problems ground (British) planes

Nuke whistleblower Vanunu appeals to leave Israel

Duplicate post

Saudis hire more security guards after attacks

Australian military launches inquiry into handling of Iraqi abuse reports

Clinton Filmmaker Defends Documentary

"Gift" bomb wounds seven Afghan policemen

Pachachi Says He May Seek Iraq Presidency

New Iraq president wants some Baathists back-paper

US cities say they short-changed in war on terror

French general: Bin Laden in reach twice

Jailbreak Due Escape Punishment (UK) - justice at work......

AP: Administration Freed Terror Suspect

Israel bulldozes more Rafah homes

Attack on Italian Embassy Kills Iraqis

Russia Echoes French Concerns on Iraq Resolution

Iran leader dismisses new Iraq caretaker government as US "lackey"

Re: FT: Visa delays 'cost US business $30bn'

Newsmax at it again: New Iraq Chief: Evidence Linking Saddam to 9/11

Iraq will have no veto on U.S.-led military force -Powell

breaking CNN > tenet resigns

CNN Breaking: George Tenet resigns.

First major figure joins Chechnya poll race

unemployment adjusted initial claims was 339,000 for Current week

Democrats see opportunity to win back House

CNN Sues for Access to Fla. Voter Rolls

CNN Sues for Access to Fla. Voter Rolls

Eastside group warns parents of military recruiting in schools /Seattle

(Fresno) Trustee's (war) remarks agitate crowd

Bush launches blistering attack on Latham's plan

Systems failure grounds UK flights

U.S. Troops Battle Militants in Kufa (For 8th straight day)

Mitsubishi knocked by another vehicle recall

FBI on trail of Pentagon mole

Atmosphere brings American TV to Cubans

Transcripts: Market Manipulation Was Sport (Enron)

Tenet Resigns

For some, Iraq contracts too much of a gamble

Former Iraq Prison Chief Rebels at 'Scapegoat' Role (Karpinski)

Fighting Erupts in Iraq Holy City; Residents Flee - Najaf

Rights group urges inquiry on U.S. abuses

Two Marines Plead Guilty to Iraqi Abuse - Using 110 volts of electricity

George Tenet RESIGNED!...breaking MSNBC..."for personal reasons"

Harper's absence from youth forum draw concern from students

Bush Visit Costs Denver $57,500 In Police Duty

Kerry blames Bush administration for "intelligence failures"

Productivity Growth Strong But Costs Rise (inflation jumps 1st Qtr)

Allawi's ascent follows extensive PR campaign

Macedonian Muslims Oppose Building U.S. Embassy On Cemetery

Leadership battle heats up at GOP convention (in Texas)

Two Marine privates plead guilty to shocking Iraqi second prison

UN envoy calls Bremer a `dictator'

Bush Ready to Cooperate in CIA Leak Case

Flight attendant remains detained in bomb note case

E&P: Meteor Crash Report Was a Hoax

U.N. Council Haggles Over Iraq Control of U.S. Troops

Chalabi Changes Role After U.S. Fallout (Peacemaker)

Bush warns against "disastrous" Australian Iraq withdrawal

FBI Chief Wants New Intelligence Service

'I control the town of Bukavu' - Congo

April Factory Orders Are Weaker Than Expected

Tenet Subject of "Devasting" Senate Intelligence Committee Report

Thousands homeless after Myanmar cyclone

Sierra Leone war crimes trials begin

Chalabi: Tenet 'Behind Charges' of Leaks

Chalabi: Tenet 'Behind Charges' of Leaks

Schweitzer (D-MT) able to grab spotlight | Billings Gazette

Rescue effort under way on Mount Rainier | Seattle P-I


Veteran CIA Official (John McLaughlin) Named as Acting Director

Kerry says Bush has mismanaged U.S. military (Using a back-door draft)

Protestor dressed as hooded Abu Ghraib prisoner arrested for "implied bomb

Situation in Iraq not as bad as it could have been: Bush

Iraq's Sadr Tries to Shore Up Truce, Mediators Say

A Deadly Kennedy 'Nemesis'? (Onassis implicated in Bobby Kennedy's death)

MSF halts Afghan operations after staff killed (After two decades there)

Worm Cloaks Itself As Potter Game To Spread

Meteor reported following flashes, booms over Western Washington

UN and US warn of huge toll in Sudan (1,000,000 could die)

Pentagon Said to Keep Poor Missile Records (Sales)

Minister: Iraq Demands Security Authority

Coast Guard repatriates 122 refugees to Haiti

Berlusconi says worried about anti-Bush protests

Bush: Iraq Pullout Would Be Disastrous

Republicans Ponder Not Adopting a Budget This Year

Iraq's New Oil Minister Aims to Hike Production/Daily Star--New WMW

Sharon Fire(s)Two Ministers Ahead of Vote

Gay mums row hits Aussie kids show

Oil workers go to strike in Venezuela oil fields

Rev. Sharpton joining CNBC as commentator

Powell compares Iraq war to fight against Nazis

Dentist writing book about hijackers falls ill

GOP: White House Open to Tobacco Buyout (flip-flop)

Rev. Al Sharpton joining CNBC as political commentator

U.S. Told Saudis to Let Al-Qaida Gunmen Escape Says Official

General Says Rumsfeld Reviews Guantanamo Methods

Saudis let 3 gunmen walk, official says

Layton tilts to windmills (NDP vows to build 10,000 wind turbines)

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 813 U.S. service members have died

WP: For Personal Reasons, Or Is He the Fall Guy?

NYT: Critical Report May Have Sped Departure of Tenet

Census: It pays to be a man in most jobs

New code bans deck barbecues in apartments, condos (bans x-mas trees too)

Keynote Speech Launches Clinton Book Tour

Iraqi minister sees Chalabi role in new government

BBV: American Contacts French Embassy -- Begging for Help

Numbers Challenge (Military recruitment is down)

Airline industry announces more layoffs

Vilsack says FY2005 budget will require hundreds of layoffs

Critics Fail to Stop "War Zone Game Show"

BofA to cut 500 mortgage employees

NYT: A Pentagon Plan to Sharply Cut G.I.'s in Germany

Perry takes swipe at Kerry as (TX GOP) convention begins

Intelligence community 'in denial' over Iraq and September 11

City layoffs for July 1 total 150, mayor says

DOD: Casualty Announced (Soldier dies of wounds--new)

WP: Appeals Court Nominee Let His Bar Dues Lapse

Terror police quizzed guitarist over Clash lyrics

Turkey 'plagued by crimes of honour'

Spooked? (Newsweek's Isikoff and Hosenball on the Tenet Resignation)

General: Cuba Interrogation Methods OK'd (by Rummy)

(Pachachi,)Candidate who pulled out blames Chalabi plot

Iraq painting that triggered assault may hang at SF City Hall

U.S. Pays Egypt Compensation for "Regional Unrest"

BusinessWeek: The Few Decide for the Many (Electoral College)

AP Meteor Crash Report Was a Hoax

Cubans revolt against W

Former CIA Director Says Tenet Was Forced Out

Bush Knew About Leak of CIA Operative's Name

John Kerry will propose increasing the US army's ranks by 40,000

GOP has Soros in its sights

Turkey Seizes Missile Shipment to Egypt

Coded Cable In 1995 Used Chalabi's Name

Soros Says War Makes U.S. Perpetrators, Not Victims

Why Did The U.S. Hire These Four Guys? (to head Iraqi prisons)

FBI chief wants new intelligence service

Bush asks Congress to approve Australia trade deal

Study: 'Toxic dust' on computers has chemicals linked to diseases

NYT Tenet Resigns as C.I.A. Director; 3 Harsh Reports on Agency Due

Bush blasts Latham's troop withdrawal plan

NBC: Did al-Qaida trainee warn FBI before 9/11?

George Tenet RESIGNED! Thread 2

Bush Consults Lawyer About CIA Name Leak

The Price Of Desertion

Bush to Give Pope Presidential Medal of Freedom

Michael Moore releases trailer for 'Farenheit 9/11' (link inside)

Airline executives present dire picture of industry

Outed CIA agent's husband surprised by Bush seeking counsel

CNN Breaking: James Pavitt, CIA Deputy Director of Operations, Resigns

Arar lawyers protest federal bid to withhold papers

Regulator Doesn't Rule Out Riggs Charges

Lone Man Stages Brief Demonstration in Tiananmen

Venezuela's Chavez to Face Referendum: election Body

Airport accused of ejecting woman with anti-war poster

Bush will rank high, Rice says

taH pagh, taHbe'!

Why does the audience applaud when Emeril adds alcohol to a dish?

I'm weeping uncontrollably

Former journalist Thomas Friedman is on the Daily Show

Kymri mating ritual cigars near 2585 - that's my newest spam subject line

Don't you just love 'Daily Show's' Moment of Zen?

I just saw a trailer for the worst movie ever...

"I took a pounding from my radio today, I heard the radio say

This one goes out to my friend.

Items seen in LA this searing day, #1: Corvette Bitch

Items seen in LA this searing day, #2: Don't Swallow

Society is a failure.

is this illusion for real (picture inside)?

Is this illusion for rea (picture inside)?

Ruling a small chunk of the planet


Poll edit: If you could travel BACK in time

Some photos of Salt Lake I snapped tonight......

How many people have died since, like, 1300 A.D.?

anyone familiar with Bishop's Castle in Colorado? . . .

If you could travel forward in time

Is this illusion or Rhea (picture inside)?

Man arrested for stealing dad's police cruiser to pull over ex-girlfriend

84 Y.O. Woman Starts Primary School

China Plans Male Beauty Pageant

Confession: I'm Not Turned on by Lesbian Porn

4-Foot Alligator Wanders Into Restaurant


You know, have I told you how much I love my cats

Blondie blocks support band because singer is blonde

Happy Birthday, Allen Ginsberg

RBNYC - how's the tiny pee-pee growing inside of you???

I hit a raw nerve here last night & didn't even know it till

Good Morning DU!

I saw the new Harry Potter movie last night-ask me anything

He'd Better Hope He Doesn't Get Sick

Naked Man Arrested Bathing in Car Wash

British Man With 'Medical Item Fetish' Banned From Hospitals

Elderly couple divorce after husband has sex change

Words of Wisdom (Deja Vu all over again)

Would you say that you are a forgiving person?

Man falls 12 stories and survives

Man Drags Himself To Safety 3 Days After Car Wreck

Did anyone hear David Sedaris this morning?

Life in the 1500's.....Good read....I like the "Dead Ringer"!

I see so many losses today. I lost my second brother-in-law in

I put my first person on ignore. Ask me anything.

Men stranded on Route 24 ‘clobber for help’

Moore's 9/11 trailer goes online

Royal funeral for pickled heart of Louis XVII

If you were on the Jury. (poll)

6/6/04 D-Day PARTY-Free chicken and hot dogs!!!! BANDS!!!

So I'm finishing up my second week's worth of constant harassment at work

Portuguese air force on alert over UFO sighting

Say something bad about Dio

I may no longer be a Cowboys fan

I may no longer be a Cowbell fan

A short message to all lurking freepers:

Single digit sizes BAYBEE!!!

Kurt Warner a (New York) Giant.

I called in sick today, what shall I do?????

What is the best Funk band of all time?

Does anybody know if BBC America is any good?

Hi everyone...if you have a post deleted by a mod

Look what I found when I clicked on "Thursday Gold Coin Prices"

My hamburger is barking

I'm so tired of hallucinating

OOPS! High School Prom Keepsakes Include Shot Glasses & Champagne Flutes

This is my 3rd day at work this week where I've had nothing to do

"This Day In Rock History!"

So when Kerry wins - who's heading to DC for the inauguration?

Suggestions for truly disturbing (horror) short stories?

I'm a soul man!

Repress!!! Compress!!! Dynaflex!!!

CONFESS!!!!!!!! Why are people using my CONFESS!!!!!!! trademark

CONFESS!!!!!! What do the voices in your head tell you???

Dr. Phil's 10 Question Psychological Test

Al Franken series "LateLine" to be released on DVD...

What Exactly Do They Put In Crystal Light Drinks - Crack?

I'm so tired I'm hallucinating

Cassandras (A rant for the 10%ers)

Howard Stern listerners:

Great Actors & Actresses and the bad movie choices they have made

My 1000th post....

Am I a bad person?

Oh lord, Laura's wearing the tablecloth again

My best friend John died.

Check out my George vs. the umbrella cartoon

Act for Love Personals for Activists

Find your secret superhero identity

"The Office" appreciation thread....

Don't you hate it when you have a hot topic to add

Bush's farewell telegram to Chalabi

ooooooooooh Pudding!

DU has been taken over by Northwest Airlines on my computer

Hey I think I went over a thousand posts!

The Prisoner of Azkaban starts tomorrow: Who's going?

That god damned drunk barber just referred to me as Lou Grant

Do you DU in the nude? Confess....

DU Techies... Is IBM Thinkpad 1500 laptop keyboard same as the 1400?

For those of us who are not allowed to marry & those who can but don't

GD!MF! Benefits deadline MF!BS!

My bald spot is growing hair!!!!?????????!!!

Killed another thread this morning

What is the best game for the XBOX?

The Rising


The Font MSNBC (TV) Uses For Their Captions Is Very Odd

Yeah! Only A Month Away From A Great Sporting Event!

"It was the 3rd of June, another sleepy, dusty, delta da-a-ay....

How many Sour Patch Kids in too many?

Check out this good-looking young man

The Sky is Falling

If a Democrat (Kerry) is elected in five month's will DU & it's 50,000

Your Favorite Generic Reason For Resigning

DU Trivia: What was the first film shown in the White House

Met a Dellionaire the other day...

biLL o'reiLLy just took credit for tenet's ouster

Mac experts...

anyone heard of the band 'Sparta'?

I want Truelson to win the Spelling bee!! He is the coolest one there.

The Perfect Storm of all CAPTIONS!!!!

CAPTION W stepping on the rake that is the bitter truth

Did I miss anything exciting during my absense from DU?

Raise your hand if you've met other DUers in real life

Start the Nader bashing! Ralph has and is accomplishing much suffering!

The Sinking Feeling of all CAPTIONS!!!

"I hope you're happy now!"

My case of Jolt! Cola came in!

What Word Are You Continually Misspelling?

DU hunters check in - Anti hunters please hide this thread(pics)

An e-mail from Joe!

Help Wanted: I need a book recommendation

Who looks like more of a doofus?

This is the funniest thing I have EVER heard

Bush Nominated For Purple Chin Award!

Greek food festivals in Pittsburgh

new Hannity advertiser Kansas Department of Commerce

Was Maxwell Smart a Neo-Con?

See Movie Of Bush Falling Off Bike Here!

Do Politicians From Particular States Affect How You Feel About That State

Caption Pickles -- or is it Nancy?

Dido is stalking me

Hey PC experts...

Got some new scans, fellow Type I diabetics get your insulin ready :)

simpsons episodes about which you still have questions...

My Fair Lady: who are you?

Caption: JP2 to canonise Junior in D Day Landings Celebration?

Anyone else use

Favorite George Harrison album?

Caption: that'll be $5billion, Mr Cheney, and immunity from prosecution

I'm voting for the European Parliament (check the Cannabis Party!)

Which Are You????

What do you take if you have the beginnings of a cold?

Have I stepped into the Twillight Zone? for real...

Farenheit 9/11 Trailer is Up!

What's a Henway & how do you greet a female spelling bee winner.

Strong Winds as Bush* and Laura depart for Europe

I'm Making a Mexican Dinner Tonight.....

I have a huge LIP near my zit

I say Philly DUers should get together for Farhenheit 9/11

U.S. Election: the Video Game

Got a nickname? What is it? Do you like it?

I have a HUG E hard-boiled egg on my lip

Greatest Sidekick of All Time:

A question and a joke

I just got a call from Sy Syms

"It really doesn't matter if the person who hurt you

Just gave Lucky and Erin a treat.

Sometimes I feel I've got to...

I have a HUGE ZIT near my lip

Im going to sleep and I have off today!

I just got a call from this HUGE ZIT on my lip.

Bitchy post about how to spell TENET's last name.

Awakened last night by something awful

How many bushies are needed to replace a lightbulb?

I just went to Borders. Here is what I bought.

Today is Opposite Day.

Isn't a bottle of Ether easy to inhale?

BE THE LOOSEST to respond to this thread!!!

Told to wait, asthma patient called ambulance for ride to another hospital

"Damn I wish I had your job"

BE THE LEAST to respond to this thread!!!

What are you parent's first names?

Which kid were you in Kindergarten?

*GASP* Shaq is TALL!!!!!!

Questions for DUers who live outside the United States

*GASP* Shecky is GREEN!!!!!!

What is it that drives people to suicide?

Freeper gay quiz!

**Gasp** - Lorne was Green!!!

"It really doesn't matter if the person who hurt you

How reliable is the Old Farmer's Almanac Long-Range Forecast ?

*Gasp* Betty is WHITE!!!!!

Is it better to work for a small or a large company?

I smell a dead thing under my front porch.

BTW, gay and lesbian DU'ers. Happy Pride Month!

Crazy dream last night. I was dreaming that I was..........

It's raining like hell here...

Dishonest Dubya Action Figure

What's with all the personal info threads?

Grow old with me - John Lennon

Liza Minelli was is a cabaret.

If Bush is elected in five months, will DU & its 50,000 members...

Be the Straightest to Respond to this Post


so i was interviewed for the front page of my local paper monday

Gizmodo . . . the gadgets weblog . . .

Isn't an Ethernet card easy to install?

Fundies get the same idea as the Libertarians

Cowboy Bebop fans, look at how this Freeper has desecrated the show

*GASP* Shrek is GREEN!!!!!!

What was the name of your first love?

Why do Bush supporters...

weekend waster . . . possibly the hardest flash game ever . . .

Who else will be standing in line with me Saturday to see...

Political joke.

BE THE LESBIANEST to respond to this thread!!!

James Patterson - The Beach House

how to score a baseball game . . .

Your prediction: Which Village People member will Bush "channel" next?

Followup on the Teen Sex poll

I finally ate a cicada

Big Bellied Women and their pierced Belly buttons! What's up with that?

Should I change my sig?

"We Polled A Recent Studio Audience And Got The Best Response To This..."

Who do you like?

Man Visits Strip Club - Man Sues Over $129,000 Strip Club Bill

What Are Your Siblings' Names?

Passed my stress EKG. Ask me anything.

Latest no-carb diet

Odd observation...

Travel with strangers

Liza Minelli was is a Cabernet!

Anyone have a good recipie for humans?

Favorite Beatles movie?

I got the bird from a young girl today on the interstate-???????

Hey Will Pitt!

One of my best friends committed suicide.

Noam Chomsky on Air America now!!!!

Hey Catwoman...

Does anyone know why Michael Moore's site has been down for

Penguins... What do you think of them?

What was so important about July 24, in the year 365?

What IS it with lawyers throwing you work at 5:00?


Hey trumad...

All praise the colorectal surgeon...

Anyone know Gaelic ?

My very own Bush toons - variations on a theme.

Just bought an 8 pound spiral cut ham for $3.50

*GASP* Shrek is GRAY?!

Everyone hates bush: Still more evidence.

Worst Decade of Last Century

2 of 52 Disgusting Reasons to Support Bush! How low can you go!

Churchmen Upset Over Nude Cyclists

Caption the Phallic Symbol of Doom

neil young's Greendale film on dvd june 22nd

I need help getting up.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy . . .

I Got a limbaugh on my chalabi!

Not sure how I feel about this....

Boy Collapses at Spelling Bee, Nails Word

Bush tests out new missle defense technology himself!

What was your childhood imaginary friend's name?

My dad has TB... who the hell has TB anymore?

I'm Resigning From DU!

What would Jesus DU?

Got in trouble at work today...Updated with letter to the F&B manager...

The Elvis Peanut Butter 'n' Banana Sammich & Ann Margaret Thread

Today is CURTIS MAYFIELD'S birthday!

The Z.U.U.L Lounge is open

***GASP! I AM GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!***

GASP! My Girlfriend is GAY!!! What WILL I do?

It's takes so little to get me buzzed

They don't make my favorite toothbrush anymore.

A list of those public figures who, before the war, after the "mission

I'm in an underground bunker with several other people. All are...

Reserve Not Yet Met

landlord evicts tenant George Tenet

I need some help from a labor law person


My secret for the perfect hard-boiled egg...

Just got some more bad news about my uncle with cancer

So big brother is watching us

How do you really feel about your job???

I'm sick. I hate my job. Who wants a WooWoo?

Air America is pissing me the fuck off tonight!!!

I am in a room. I have little sense of my self, and it is fairly dark.

Our good friend William J..."Here's looking at you, kid..."

Caution's subversive song of the day

I Need help

Ed's got contacts!

Who lied to Asscroft and told him that he could sing?

did anyone else buy the Auf Der Maur cd?

Let's have a big round of applause for today's contestant...

tragic DC fire

Binary poll

We're off to see the wizard...


*GASP* Shrek is a GOY?!

Hustle the Captioner! Er I mean... Caption the Hustler!

Canon Digital Rebel or Nikon D-70?

The Pants That Swallowed Fred Mertz... Or...

My daughter is getting rid of all her dolls and barbies

My hint for removing the core from iceberg lettuce

Any Widespread Panic fans suffering through withdrawals???

Thank the gods

Three catholic women...

Meteor flashes in Washington State....

Boy, my bumper stickers REALLY pissed some douche bag off before!

If you've met someone online, had two dates that went well, but then

You mean that's not...?

A DU'er asked a while back what Watergate was like, well here you

God, I wish I was a moderator so I could lock 'be the last to post' thread

Riding Giants: Stacy Peralta Boards Again!

The D.U.L.L. Lounge is open

Celebrity Poker Challenge: Night #2

What are your grandparents' first names?

I love Metallica - do you???

What's it called when rain doesn't hit the ground?

How about some stupid poetry????

blondes, brunettes, or redheads?

Atkins Was/Is A Terrorist - Discuss

Cops Accused Of Stealing Millions From Elderly Couple

Favorite Debby Boone Hit Song

Any Duers going on road trips this summer?

BE THE LUSTIEST to respond to this thread!!!

Favorite CIA Director

So, I'm getting paid $50 to talk about cosmetics next week...

Product placement from Hell

***The perennial DesertRose has 5000 posts!***

How cute is that little spelling freak?

So is laziness a sin, a character defect, or just a bad habit?

Fancy Pance Elitist Underground

With which of these statements do you agree the most?

OK 80's DU compatriots I LOVE MISSING PERSONS!!!!!!!!!

BOUDREAUX'S BUTT PASTE--- (is your ass chapped?)

How do I contact the NBA refs/NBA re officiating

So, what do you think Calgary will be like Saturday night?

Sopranos fans... Who is (was) the stupidest character?

Hmm...too many women walking around in summer clothing


What classic film just can't be remade?

DU needs new smilies - what do YOU recommend

Pseudo Cursing on TV...How crazy is it making you?

Question about the dining process.

*GASP* Shrek is GAY!!!!!!

guys and their pierced beLLy buttons. what's up with that?

Want a free scoop of Ben & Jerry's?

12 (sarcastic) reasons why gay marriage should be illegal

What does it mean when a song is "in a minor key"?

SE PA DUers! My band will be in King Of Prussia tomorrow night (Friday)!!!

Anaconda: Worst movie ever?

Question about the dying process.

Dallas/Metroplex DUers - get together?

My cat made a toy out of a cherry

Midwest Express: A Campaign Rooted In the Heartland - WSJ

Anyone else here think Larry Sabato 'Crystal Ball'

Stephanie Herseth swearing-in - CSPAN


DU has been taken over by Northwest Airlines on my computer

Dem Economic Message: Great webpage from Congressman Miller.

In anticipation of November, John Kerry sizes up the competition

Campaign ads: stay positive?

Rev. Al Sharpton joining CNBC as political commentator

Need help... isn't there an online search engine to check and see

Missouri Poll

Bush Holds Slight Lead In Ohio

Obvious Kerry ad: Crawford, TX mayor supports Kerry

Wes Clark becomes military advisor to John Kerry

I just gave $40 to the Stan Matsunaka for Congress campaign

Kerry TV ad in Va. stresses his service

Bush, Kerry are worlds apart on environment

Zogby Internactive Florida: Kerry 49% Bush 47.6 %

RNC Outsources Campaign Phone Banking to Call Centers in INDIA!!

Michael Moore movie trailer!!!!

Since the Pope thinks Dubya is the Anti-Christ, how does he sanitize

Zogby Interactive Wisconsin Kerry 51.9% Bush 43.7%

Absolutely awesome pics from Kerry/Dean NJ house party.....

Anyone have NJ polls OTHER than Quinnipiac?

so lets be really optimistic

Rasmussen Reports has released a batch of new state polls

Bye, George: It's been a bad week for the Bushies. (Fred Kaplan in Slate)

"God wants me to be President" - Frontline's "Jesus Factor" streaming...

Hope its not new...Tennessee Bush 49.3% Kerry 46.8%

Democrats and Gun Control

Michigan: Kerry 47% - Bush 43%

Kerry says he was wary of Chalabi long ago

Edwards at Bilderberg group meeting...

Resigned or left Bush administration

Poll....How Much Does Religion Affect Your Vote?

The Draft!

Gun Control Policy Poll

One Month Before the Greens Convention, The Choice Apparently Narrows