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Archives: June 29, 2004

Iraqis holding out for real sovereignty

Cohen: A Grim Graduation Day

"Bush's War on Science" by Gov. Howard Dean, M. D.

Fahrenheit 2004 - Alterman

Dionne: First Ripple of a Political Tidal Wave?

Krugman: Who Lost Iraq? (This is a Must Read)

Ignatius: After the Handover

Tonight's Thought

Risks abound as Fed plans rate hikes

Apple previews next upgrade to Mac OS

Hawaii Goes To The Dogs

Massive black hole stumps researchers

NDP would lobby U.S. to improve gun control

What happened to the duplicates rule in LBN?

Anyone going to see Al Franken next week?

I read a book quite some time ago

Cheap Labor Conservatives Are Making a Killing

Four Bush Job rating bounces in 42 months: 36%, 12%, 4%, 2%

How long will Canada's new L minority government last before it dissolves?

was the "early turnover" in Iraq partially a way to blunt effect of F/911?

You have to read this

Congrats, Canada. No BBV. You counted fast, manually and accurately.

You have to read this

CNN Special Report: "U.S. & Coalition/Casualties" as of 6/28/04

The Founding Fathers Meet George Bush*

Come on Canadians, say something nasty to me.

BBV: Firm's voting machine could provide needed 'paper trail' (Avante)

Where's the latest Ohio poll?

"Cheney has a history of swearing; it's just usually when he's clutching..

OK, Canada has dodged the neo-Con threat

OK, Canada has dodged the neo-Con threat

"America's Heart and Soul" a "counter-balance to F9/11: Repub Bullshit

Iraq Occupation Erodes Bush Doctrine

Which major party will the Liberals form a coalition with? (Canada)

Strange, interesting and possibly wacko letter to Chimpy....I dunno what

The Supreme Court says.....

War Losing Support In Alabama, But Bush Still Approved By 59%

The other documentary you should see: The Corporation and Fahrenheit 9/11 house parties with Michael Moore

Bloody Response to Iraq Power Handover

Gosh darn it, we can we ever get over the idea of TRUTH here.

BBV: Filing in Md. targets Diebold

BBV: E-vote directive has counties upset, concerned about costs

BBV: Group presses for open testing of voting machines (TX)

BBV: Last-place primary finisher alleges fraud (NM Republican complaint)

Is Michael Moore the new Jane Fonda?

Bremer Imposes His Will (edicts to Iraq's Legal Code)!!!

So what are my chances at getting ahold of Michael Moore?

Sen. John Warner (R-Virginia) F-911 "Part of the Fabric of America"

Nevirapine resistance fears

E.P.A. Energy-Saving Spots Give Cars Short Shrift (un-friggin'-believable)

National Alert System In Disarray

Poll: Dismay With Bush, Iraq

'Women are dying at their lovers' hands' - SA

WOW-- is anyone else in Northern California getting the most...

Anyone ever been to Manitoulin Island

Why does Michael Jackson love twenty-eight-year-olds?

Was the blonde newbie on Casino really that dumb?

Farenheit 9/11 Showing In Three OKC Theaters

Canadians: Woo! We did it!

Shipping: Who's best?

Apparently, I am invincible...

I'm watching Surviving Nugent

Quick cure for my depression symptoms: quit my lousy job

Ron Howard to direct "The Da Vinci Code" movie

Dishwasher Cycle Question

Republican Church of God Store

"Nader's Illegal GOP Backers" - (Joe Conason - Salon)

Complete Supreme Court decisions (3) from yesterday

Broken promises to veterans

Ha! NYT's Readers Roast David Brooks!

All but Fox attack Fahrenheit 9/11 - Why?

Chinks Appear in Bush Business Armor - WSJ

Irish Dislike of Bush Won't Hurt at Polls, But It Does Matter - WSJ's Murr

SCHEER: Born Under a Cloud of Irony

U. S. Edict Curbs Power of Iraq Leadership by WP Chandrasekaran & Pincus

Who Lost Iraq? (Krugman - NYT)

A Reporter Finally Stands Up To Bush

Is the US military preparing another massacre in Fallujah?

Breslin: Torture gets you nowhere

Turkey, Drugs, Faustian Alliances & Sibel Edmonds

Bill Buckley, you and I know the war was a mistake:Josh Marshall

The Arrogance of Richard Nixon Revisited

McGruder = Boondocks = Very Interesting Direction

Bush Bigs Open Their Wallets For Nader

NYT's David Brooks blames education for a polarized country

Walking? Or just talking? - Molly Ivins

Hillary Wants To Raise My Taxes?

Scary stuff from Cris Floyd on the Bu$hco Theocracy

Over all well done article, Jack Rabbit,

The poor need leaders to take responsibility for real solutions

The Constitution to GWB and Co: “I’m Still Here.” - Alterman

Iraqis have lived this lie before

In Sudan's Darfur: action, not just aid

Court bars monarchy powers in U.S.:Marie Cocco

Mauling Moore: The Attack on Farenheit 911

Are You a Neocon? - take the quiz!

Hackworth: Sack 'Em and Rack 'Em

WSJ disturbing article about abortion and "demographics".

Last Day for Public Comment on EPA's Mercury Emissions Proposal

Anyone interested in entering DNC Video Contest? one year anniversary...

I just found something interesting.

HELP! Need info on initiating run-off elections

Only A Few Weeks Left - Please Contact Your Senator!

Why no US media on billions of Iraq oil $'s apparently stolen by Bush Buds

Fahrenheit 911 on DVD: What BONUS material will it contain?? rises again!

Legal status of F 911 digital copies?

Circulation scandal hits Chicago media

One more reason to love Keith Olbermann

Where is Radioleft?

flashpoints....pbs on foxoids

Today's Thought

June 29 – This day in history

Stop Smoking Site

China Appeals to EU to Reconsider Rejection of Market Economy Status

Consumer confidence leaps (Conference board # posts 8-point gain )

Last Day for Public Comment on EPA's Hg Proposal

As Flooding Speeds Up In WVA Coal Country, Industry Denies Responsibility

Indonesian Govt. - Get Used To Choking Haze From Fires

Scientists Take Public Aim At Bush Mercury Trading Scheme

Antarctic ice station likely to float away

Norsk Hydro Announces 6.6% Cut In Oil Reserves - AP

Amphibians' Accelerating Decline LInked To Fungus - NYT

Macchu Picchu endangered

It's Robert Oppenheimer's 100th birthday.

I'm reading "Blue Gold" and basically, we're screwed

Imperial Amnesia: John Judis - Foreign Policy

Property boom skips 'old township homes'

An appeal on behalf of repressed violent Australian criminals....

A Challenge To The Pro-Gunners On This Board

Post articles about things that might have happened!

Newton Mass will not issue unrestricted carry permits

GUNS IN THE NEWS - June 29, 2004

Self Defence 101 According to Queensland Police Department

Candidates Take Aim at Sportsmen's Vote

Where is the link to the photo gallery?

Links to offensive sites

More Hate Mailbag?

What are you guys smoking? Can I have some?

More power, Scotty!

Would you please look this over

Regarding people trying to squelch

Israeli shot dead north of West Bank city of Ramallah

Arafat slams Sharon's new 'apartheid system'

Congress Overwhelmingly Endorses Ariel Sharon’s Annexation Plans

So,it's ok for Israel to talk about annihilation of the people it occupies

Were Abu Ghraib abuses learned from Israel? Palestinians think so, but Sh

The Jewish Divide on Israel

Turkey, Drugs, Faustian Alliances & Sibel Edmonds

quick question

The Condensed 9/11 Primer With Footnotes - 2002 version

Official report: county building fire was set

Bush gets on Illinois ballot (sigh)...

Deutsch supporters attack Castor in U.S. Senate race

Paid Family Leave Program Takes Effect Thursday

Were any CA DUers at this showing of F9/11?

Kerry in Iowa!

Air America in Western Mass.

Ask mental health orgs to denounce GOP attacks

Bryant Lake Bowl


Kerry Still On Top In Ohio , June 29

F9/11 coming to Lancaster County


Cheney may be coming to Altoona

More pics from Ritter and F911

Bush pal eyes Perry challenge

"Computer Ate My Vote" Day of Action—July 13

WUWM's Dan Edwards interviews local Fox News Director

I just checked the F911 Tickets website for WI and got ...

Kerry in Bloomer on Friday

Great E. J. Dionne article referring to WA DEMs

Congrats Seattle: #1 "Kid Friendly"

I hope this is true.

So what was the voter turnout (Canada)...

Hey you know what these election results mean?

Greens and Naderites - which one do you support?

Taliban guy in F -11

"America's Heart & Soul" has a MUCH bigger problem than F/911

Why the Worldwide Left NEEDS Kerry

Daily Show on NOW!!!!!

It's pretty safe to say that Naomi Klein has nailed the issue

CAPTION: Barham, baby! Call me! Let's do lunch!

What are your thoughts on the Senate race outcomes right now?

Howard Dean coming up on Hardball

Howard Dean coming up next on hardball....

Dupe. Please delete.


A F911 3 pronged question/poll of sorts....

Local cons. radio host bolts from F911.

The Onion: "Reagan Pyramid Nears Completion"

How about some public showings of F911?

Terror Alert! Al Qaeda to target multiplex theatres

"Sure, he's entertaining.. BUT DOES HE TELL THE TRUTH?"

Question: How Can Shrub Get Away With The "Magic Marker?"

A Freeper Replies....

Operation Iraqi Freedom was a success ( practice thread on the art of war)

Our national alert system in "disarray"

"Tough Crowd" on Colin Quinn...

MUST READ: America's Black Budget & Manipulation Of Markets one year anniversary...

I go to bed tonight and get under the covers knowing Canada held the line

Canadian Election Result: Freeper desperation leads to stupidity..

Question about the media using 'fear and consumption'

"Positive Vibration"

BBC..People are more receptive to documentaries than ever before..

MEN: Have You Ever Combed Your Hair With SPIT?

What Bush Has Really Created With The So-Called "Iraqi Transfer Of Power"

We are conducting a war in Iraq ...that had nothing to do with 911 ?

Dupe sorry

The NYT This AM

Will Pitt mentioned on C-Span


It's time to dump Microsoft's Internet Explorer

Help Me Rebut These RW talking points

Did anyone see the beginning of Six Feet Under last week when....

The Constitution Party Presidential Nominee - Michael Peroutka

How does F9/11 expose Bush? Let me count the ways...

All the rats deserting the Bush/Cheney ship reminds me of ...


What are your feelings on abortion?

They have hit rock bottom...and started to dig

I found the WMDs!!

Question About Lila Lipscomb in F9/11

Bush "speaking" live on tv now

Boy, Bin Laden really has his buddy bush by the B---s

Ashcroft faces whistleblower secrets probe

Green Party in Canadian election hurt Liberal Party?

Anyone else use Opera internet browser?

Anyone know where Sue Ellicott of Morning Sedition is?

Anybody know what happened to United for Peace?

What if Bush wins the popular vote but Kerry wins the electoral college?

Some People Spell It Out

Petterson=O.J.=excuse for no news coverage. Iraq war "over"-let's get back

Pretend transfer of sovereignty is dangerous to Democrats

This outsorcing is getting ridiculous.

Krugman: wingnut economics, cronyism, pol. payoffs "Lost Iraq"

Media in Baghdad ordered to quack like ducks and hop on one leg.

Media in Baghdad ordered to put all their cellphones in a paper bag....

June 28, XXXX

Well what do you think of this cartoon?

You'd have to Court-Martial me before I got into a Humvee in Iraq!

Senator seeking a counterbalance to Limbaugh on military radio

Articulate well-read liberals...5/ Ignorant knuckle-dragging Rush-bots..0


I gotta believe Nader's gonna throw his support to Kerry

Where are the $20bill.? Will this get bigger?

Jeb Bu$h says F9-11 nothing but fiction

Oregon is a contested state? I think the gay marriage issue could

F-9/11 Report From Metrowest MA - Monday Night All Shows SOLD OUT!

Will ANY of these bushnazis face criminal charges?

Aristocrats == Vampires (another rant/learned essay from Freya Hastings)

Daily Show clip: 'Clearance of Arabia' (about the terror amnesty)

C-Span 9:10 - HEADS UP Talking about military contractors.

Venezuela Journalists, Priest, and Chavez Supporters Attacked by Oppositio

Did you see *bush's speech on CNBC (7:30est) - It was PNAC II

I extracted this cartoon from nostamj's post. Handover in perspective.

Which of these pisses you off more?

I hate to ask but-What happened to the "New" Iraqi flag?

The VERY strange case of William Krar-white supremist terrorist

What's the current Iraqi death toll?

The Skeletons in Nader's Closet

White crosses in the sand, on a sunny day

The "handover" is a sham and a farce....

Rend Rahim is a deluded dingbat (CSPAN AEI Crapfest)

If anybody interested in the RRRWinger opinion of handover, CSPAN:

Excellent LTTE in my local paper

Doonesbury | Nurse! Self-pity in Room 5732!

What type of simple mind would trust the judgement of George W Bush?

MSNBC: Canada's Liberals fail to hold on to Parliament

Daily Show interview with Michael Moore online now

Saddam to be charged thursday

Product placement for Sharpie markers?

10 U.S. Stealth Fighters Deployed to Korea for Training ...... Ideas?

KRUGMAN: Who Lost Iraq?

Caption the Clueless Chimp (Photo)

Could we be seeing the emergence of a future black president?

Do the Iraqis get to charge Bush I and Bush II for killing thousands of

Why does the US continue to violate the Geneva Convention

William F Buckley Bucks the War

How fast does Bushies Brain go? 1725 rpm 440 rpm? 20 rpm?

Individual Ready Reserve is about to be called up. (Drudge)

Whatever happened to the 9/11 victims who sued Saudi Arabia?

Song remains the same after Iraqi handover

Does anyone know any Gore voters who plan to vote for *?

Great quote from the Note today

Hillary Rips Bush as Incompetent

Remember my e-mail to the RW writer at the SF Chronicle?

If the Bushes are a real-life Corleone family...

Did I Hear Lisa Myers Correctly?

When Bush loses, many right-wingers will lose it... will blow up....

How the heck is Halliburton managing to LOSE money?

Nader sucks, F911 rules

The Handover: Too Little, Too Soon

Doctors Condemn War Zone Shortages/UK

Obama to speak at Democratic convention!

Now with New Plastic Turkeys !

Cool! According to this elections Canada report Vancouver is con free!

Oregon conservatives Push to get Nader on the Ballot

Funniest *Audience* Comments at F9/11?

Go Away Recruiter Lady! I already told you, you can't have my son!

A New One: Bush going crazy, say his aides

Darth Rums & CHEENEE Wanted to "go after" Sy HERSH in 1975


It appears Mr. Eisner has once again shot himself in the foot.

What's the report on "Hunting of a President"

Help find the missing $20 Billion

I Want My Kerry Hatred!

Anyone else going to be watching Cassini-Huygens on Thursday?

The fake Saddam handover is working

Clear thinking vs. Baloney

The real value of Michael Moore

The Strengths of F9/11

michael moore needs another TV show.....

My brother 20 years ago said Nader might be a GOP plant...

4 Months till the U.S. Handover of power to the AMERICAN people!

This week's Rep. redefinitions

Bush Seeks Democratic Reform in Mideast

What will this year's G.O.P. Convention be like? Will Osama drop by?

Poll: Americans Wary of Iraq Turnover

Helms less evil than Feinstein? On one issue, yes.

Stop Making us all Look Foolish

Buckley to Relinquish Shares in Review

Can someone tell me how John Stewart ripped Hanna Storm

Ha Ha - O'Franken and the "Cheney Interview"

So Bush* is traveling abroad try to repair relations with NATO and Allies


link needed: Bush saying "Abu Garif"

"Cheney expletive" has gone mainstream!

'Fahrenheit 9/11' Boosts Interest in Iraq

Comparing notes on F9/11 and Clarke's "Against All Enemies"

Scarborough distorts re F911 - expect this one to be repeated ad nauseam.

BBV: Groups work for trouble-free vote

Poll: Bush, Kerry Even Despite Iraq Woes

HELP!!!! Looking for presentation device.

Humor with a sting

Unsealing Kerry's divorce records

It Begins | It Continues | three U.S. Marines were killed

F911 - "the rest of the story"...always make this point

Sex pros get ready for Party (GOP convention)

Kidnaping for the Lord

Wow! The Blues Fest is doing civil rights!

Repubs need something else to talk about besides FH-9/11...


Please don't make "America's Heart And Soul" controversial

Chirac on Bush and "EU affairs"..."none of his business"

Germany and France Deal Blow to Bush hopes for wider NATO (IRAQ)

F9/11: What song was playing when * was on "Mission Accomplished" landing

I need help from DU to spread this message

This is how you run an election (BBV)

F 9/11 coming to my town!

Sirius has channel devoted to Elvis full time!!!

Collaborateur! Time to use that word on Republicans?

Gen Hoar USMC (ret): Whatever the excuse, it was wrong to invade Iraq

New Steve Earle Album out Aug. 24

What Do You Think About This Guy?

Would the United States be better off...

In honor of William F. Buckley's retirement, his views on race

Chinese cars coming to U.S.? (1st dealer in Arizona)

Saddam to be frog-marched in TV camera parade tomorrow

good op ed....the 911 con

Its NOT working, Bushies Image, Message, and Hype, is not helping

Fed sends interest rates soaring

$elling out the investigation.

What does n/t mean? I thought I heard all the l337 speak there is.

Clinton's education policies are paying off

Does Dick not look like the caricature (HOPE the spelling is correct)

religiously insane Hannity & Miller open their mouths:

(3 marines killed) Nothing changes after handover scheme

SIBEL EDMONDS: Will she FINALLY not be a LONE voice in the Wilderness?

Anti-Bush/Flea market story

Anyone notice the night-vision footage in F911...

The new war on decency

Bush's handling of Plame's case vs other leaks

Who was at a Party last night? (I Was)

Link to replay last nights conference call with M Moore

My crazy idea - no more gasoline, wind powered cars

Like Father, like Son: W. doesn't see it coming

Bush's Strong Point: He has been a uniter not a divider.

Won't be long till the Military tries to reinstate Gays thrown out

The election of 1980

It'll be a "Cake Walk"

Stars and Stripes letter: Conservatives feel betrayed (by Bush)

Bush's Sanhedrin Hands Over Sovereignty *In The Middle of the Night*

Fun: Ideas for a Bumper Sticker

Is this the Michael Moore interview where he blasted Hannah Storm?

Fahrenheit 9-11 is adding a theatre in Pinellas County (FL)

No more of this neocon junk, the repubs are fascists! FASCISTS!!!

Disney's and Repugs answer to F9/11?

Govt. atty argues to U.S.S.Ct. that military doesn't want to hold detainee

Why the $$$$ F-9/11 brings in matters

President's Activity Calendar?

EPA Caught Lying About Emissions

Freeps opting for criminal activity to counter Moore

Bush Discovered To Be Evil Cyborg - Kerry Still Lags In Polls

Fellow Catholic DUers- I need some help.

Is Saddam presumed "innocent" until proven guilty ?

No way I can view F911....too much *ush

help - can't find this at Snopes

Michael Berg still blasting Chimpy


Have you seen Fahrenheit 9/11 yet?

Sigh...where do they all come from?

Fed sends interest rates soaring

Father of Executed American Blasts Bush, Media

I just invited my entire apartment complex to see F 9/11!

"Landslide Annie" does it again (Canada)

Saudis getting tough on terror? Offering amnesty?

Woman in my area cited for handing out voter reg. at Fahrenheit 9/11!

9/11: Hijackers were ID'd while * sat in the classroom

If Iraq gets custody of Saddam, who gets custody of WMDs?

Soldier's mom invites media coverage of casket

Kerry should endorse F 9/11, it only helps him if he does.

A Look Back Reveals: Bush Was Right!

WMD shipped to Syria/Bekaa Valley...debunk?

Holy Crap, I agree with Scalia

80% of Iraqis Want US to Stop Patrolling Cities

Viewer Alert -- Michael Moore will be on Tavis Smiley tonite

Bush's poll number chart

When did Moore contact Lila Lipscomb?

Had near fight w/ Dad over F9/11

Help! Were bin ladin family members questioned or not?

Take a tour of the Oval Office with shrubya - If you have the stomach

Moore crushes compitition even on a Monday(now over 28 mill)

Bush's Rating Falls to Its Lowest Point, New Survey Finds

Are any Dems blasting this? "Billions of revenue from oil 'missing'"

Direct election of the President would eliminate Republican-favoured bias.

The Federal Marriage Amendment

Flint mom of war casualty getting used to being treated as film star

In kindest way, I suggest friends/family intervention for Nader --

New RW Talking Points Re: Michael Moore

been seeing lots of new people on DU

Army to Call Up Retired, Discharged Troops!!

Does My Cat Have Free Will?

"He's taken us from A-OK to IOU."

Anyone find a copy of F9/11 on the net?

There's This RW LIE about Clinton Weakening The Military

True or False? Richard Clarke giving order to release Saudi/Bin Ladens

Dr Fate on the Ed Shultz show!!!

Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee...

A Republican in my partner's office ....

It was...I mean...I just saw F911 and...I mean...

I'm taking my 3 boys and their girlfriends to F/911.

Now, it is up to the Iraqis to figure out how to create a government....

Question About National Guard and Emergencies here at home

I say F%#k all the time now....


Republicans Helping Nader in Oregon offline until 7-1-04

Bob'Watergate'Woodward : "Bush At War"

Does anyone have a copy of the Moveon add in the NYT?

Dick Cheney's "Wheel of Fortune" (cartoon)

How much media coverage will this new military..

If the Democrats takes over the Senate, and the new Majority Leader

The final spurts of the Reagasm...

Letter to family, friends and neighbors about F911

4th July- Do you think * will order Flags to be flown at Full-Staff?

Just who the hell is Laurent Murawiec?

Should I vote Cobb in a safe red state?

Hate radio is so cool!

Do you consider "Go F___ Yourself" a guttural phrase?

Where Do You Get Your Breaking News?

Anyone know offhand what the IWR Congressional vote results were?

"America's Heart and Soul" ripped to shreds.

Freepers Supporting Nader's Candadacy (To Help Shrub)

Justice Department Says It Can't Share Lobbying Data Because .....

The NEW and improved Pledge of Allegiance

What personal lie will Bush tell on Kerry in the final week of campaign?

Dadcom WILL SEE F-9/11 On SUNDAY AFTERNOON! I Am Taking Him

Ahmed Chalabi?

DU gets Slashdot to post article

What Will Our Troops Do During A Civil War In Iraq?

Al Sharpton to Host 'I Hate My Job'

Sometimes when I am talking to someone in a public place I

I like Moderate Republicans!

Recharging The Liberal Soul: San Francisco Gay Pride '04

Govt. denies request for lobbyist list. Reason? Fragile Database. Pfft!

How many days of vacation will Bush take in August?

Who are you voting for in Novemeber

Were you a "red diaper baby"?

"...Rumsfeld's blustery testosteronics..." (TIME; 7-5-04)

GOP dance: Step to the right, then the center

A curious observation about F 9/11. Why does Lila have Micky Mouse

I'm thinking about refinancing my Mortgage &

Did Moore point the blame of WTC on the Saudi's?

More Excellence from Robert Fisk: "A Pitiful Occasion for the People "

Shameless in Iraq - MUST READ!!!!

Does anybody know if there is a website ... ?

Green Party Convention Now on C-Span

Visit "Stupid Security" website, for related F911movie discussion.

How many people have you brought to see Moore's movie?

Hate Radio's take on F/911?

Question for our Christian DUers who've seen Fahrenheit is back

Wanna see a freeper slobber and stumble?

Wes Clark on 'Inside Politics' just now...

Lies, I tell you! All lies, distortions and fabrications...FOX On F911

MPAA tries to censor F9/11 advertising RE: Roeper quote!

So what's going on with Ralphie boy?

Does Reagan look accurate on the silver coin?

Pathetic Freepers make excuses why they can't get called back to duty!

F9/11 per screen average real tells the tale $27,558.34 per screen!

Remember Nader Trading in 2000?

Should liberals form their own militia?

What is Disney showing instead of F911?

I Love Randi Rhodes. Still

New free progressive blogging community...

"November" surprise

HOLY SHEE-ITE !!! - NASCAR's Earnhardt urged crew to see Fahrenheit 9/11

Which Fahrenheit 9/11 moments got the biggest cheers when you saw it?

Whe does the media let the repugs "frame the election debate" -- Iraq only

Aloha... Seems like the Pub Masters don't have any. Auwe Auwe

I'm a 45-year-old, disabled female who will be called to duty???

Great Toles Cartoon today re "Go F___ Yourself"

Pentagon Ignores Pervasive Anti-Gay Harassment in Armed Forces

F911 not top documentary opener

Holy Crap! F 9/11 playing in my hometown!

can anyone in here refute fox's claim about F911?


Was HandOver Was Done To Blunt Impact Of USSC Decisions?

Let Freedom Renege

Oh no! Not another one!

Iraq Regime Change a Sham, Say Mideast Experts

We are turning over Saddam and he will be tried for exactly what?

Why do so many people hate Bush?

An Idea re: F911 is "all lies"

keep an eye out for Pakistanis with rope burns!

U.S. expels two Iranian security guards at Iran's U.N. Mission, U.S. offic

Who was caller that mentioned Will Pitt's article on C-SPAN this AM ?

Pissing off friends with politics.

BBV: Voting machine payment contested (ES&S in IN)

BBV: Voting machine inspection weak (AL)

If there was a push to get raygun's likeness added to Stone Mountain,

So "Gloves Off" trumad was right about Nader all along?

Why is Hannity winning the Playgirl contest?

BBV: Shelley recertifies electronic voting in Shasta, Tehama counties

Question ? Why the Reserve "call-up" if Iraq is free.....why more troops?

Rend Rahim Francke

One of my employees has a son who just enlisted in the Marines

An idea for Moore's next movie!!

Clarence Thomas Explained

Which recent presidents used the most complex grammatical structures?

John Kerry's War on Poverty

WooHoo, Clarence! Du'ers have your number!

Fuck it. I'm voting for "tastes great"

Fuck it...I'm voting for "Dog Bites Man" and I'm going to give you links

Cheney it, I'm donating $50 to Kerry

Fuck it! I'm voting for Will Pitt!

ORWELL ALERT! "Involuntary Mobilization"

Iraq is over - waiter, check please...

Check this out..Distressed american

Vote it! I'm fucking Ralph Nader!

Think if Clinton...

Bremer: Majority of Iraqis Still Alive

Fuck everything! I wouldn't vote for Bush OR Nader.

The tide is turning...this is opinion call in from a Republican city!!!

Michael Moore Linked to Carlyle Group

air america archives?

New Senate Rules via TBogg (humor)

Did Scalia just dis Thomas for his lone DIS-sent?

Bush's credibility vs. Moore's. Whose evidence is better?

I don't believe the polls,do you?

Heart & Soul a response to F9/11? Disney says no, SO FREEPERS GET A LIFE

NE - State senator arrested, accused of prescription fraud

CNN: Woodward, Rather, and I think McCain on Larry King now 9:10 p.m.

How many of you are willing to die right now to be with Jesus?

A ZW Repost: My Conversation with a World War II Vet: June 6, 2002

Ending the month on a downer? (And a cartoon)

Democrats Tapping Into Anger Against Bush

Ron Reagan: Lets It ALL Hang Out

fuck, I'd gladly vote for Kerry

best "Majority Report" stream for 8 PM Eastern/7 PM Central?

Teacher (23-y/o blond bombshell) "Cheneys" 14 y/o student.

Damned Hooligans are e'mailing me and threatening me that I did F9/11!

Why doesn't Nader run in all but the 10-14 "battleground" states?

Iraqi's new defense forces

Subject: My take on F9/11

Please Kerry: Beg Ron Reagan to speak at the convention!

Whither Iran?

Once Upon A Time...People were Polite.

Fuck BUSH with LaRouche.

Took my young kids to see F911. Was I wrong?

Childish RW radio host

Fuck It....I'm voting for Kerry because he's our only choice.

Q for Legal Type: Limitations of immigrant's participation in US politics

Censoring ALL the books that are coming out?

Cheney: I told Boxer to "eat me" and I told Biden to "suck it"

Any particular reason the "F" word is being used so much tonight? Has

Guard retention down 15%

Have we terrorized Iraq?

Worst thread title from currently active threads in GD?

Open Letter to "Safe State" Green Party Voters

Transcript of Bush v. Irish Reporter?

Death Camps for Liberals

F911 will be released in the UK on July 9th.

SO Florida's Voting System Needs a State Audit - Please vote in this Po

My take on F9/11

Do local Fox affiliates take the same slanted approach to local news?

Worst poll question from currently active threads in GD?

Doucebag it! Kerry fuck voting Ralph choice

I am fucking sick of the word "fuck"

Is Nader relevant?

TBTM Radio #43: 'Listener Powered Radio'

200 additional copies of F-911 have been distributed for Wednesday opening

Took my young kids to see F911. Was I wrong?

My oldest brother has been an undercover Republican for years!

Is Nader relevant?

Lila Lipscomb Responds to New Fame

Who should speak in primetime at the convention?

Crushing Defeat for Berlusconi! Final Election Results!


California be careful what you wish for...Arnie worse than Davis...

Who here can and will give testimony to the effects of the war on

Question: How have the right-wing whores been dismissing F9/11?

The Daily Show: This Week In God. Really good.

Talking about F9/11 at work

COUP D'ETAT (VERY long article)

Daily Show clip: Brand New Mess'o'potamia

I never knew William F. Buckley was this much of a racist scumbag.

Great F-911 house party last night! New Orleans

Memorable Moments RE: F9/11 From "Talk Of Iowa" (NPR)

Schwarzkopf on Countdown (MSNBC) now 8:41 ET.

Prayers--how many do you know which have been answered?

Who has the #'s on Moore's box office record? Can't find them

Is "Crossfire" helpful to Political Discussion, a Wash...or Dangerous?

Frist May Get New Powers

Yankees pound Red Sox (Cheney booed)

An involuntary recall is NOT a draft!

IF the plamegate indictments come down tomorrow,

Let's all try to take someone to see the movie.

Kerry on CNN LIVE now.

Should we tell rightwingers that -- it's not a contest--we need them?

Dupe-- go see the other.

sorry if this is a dupe....flight 93 shot down....

Mike Malloy ...if this is a dupe, sorry!

Sorry to bother y'all, need a stupid fact checked (Clenis)

List of Records Set by FAHRENHEIT 9/11 (so far)

What Made Viet Dinh Turn to the Dark Side? How could this happen?

Any DU'ers know anything about this alleged quote from

I love this clip of Michael Moore

Olbermann says that Hannity is first in Playgirl contest because Colmes

Warrior Freepers Rule the Earth

Is Al Sharpton getting a prime time slot for his convention speech?

TPM: Josh Marshall was out of the country.

From Michael Moore's website: Picture of the theater in Richmond, VA

Zogby: Bush leads in MO by 7/10ths of a percent.

If your getting nervous about the election read this from Josh Marshall

Amb. Joseph Wilson on Letterman tonight

When did Judy Woodruff become a media whore?

WMD Election Eve Bombshell?

Jesse HELMS slams Bush tax policy

I Am Fucking SICK Of The 'Abortion Issue' On THIS Board And Everywhere!!!

Caption this PHOTO of Bliar "congratulating" Shrub

I am pissed off--

"Surviving October Surprise!" - a Ministry of HomeSec Educational Film

Why didn't Senator Kerry / Clinton support the CBC that day?

New Steve Earle Album Out Aug. 24 -- Takes Bush to Task

It's Another Multiple Meltdown Night for O'REILLY

Alright, now, on Disney's "America's Heart and Soul," you might have

Must read this transcript of Moore calling CBS & media whores & traitors

Does it matter what the Democratic Party stands for so long as it beats..

I have a bin Laden/Saddam/Saudi/Bush/9-11 Question

Freeper Meltdown Nov 3 04 preview here

"You are the haves, and the have mores. Some call you the elite...

Interesting Poll. Should Cheney be replaced on ticket. Tell them

'Fahrenheit 9/11' sets record (in Fayetteville, military town)

Ambassador Joe Wilson to be guest on Dave Letterman. Show

The script for 9/11 was written right here at the archives

Rather said that the Bush* adm. has convinced the "journalists" not to

Anyone see cross-referenced databases of Bush and Nader donors?

More good news for Obama fans!!

Clinton in San Jose, CA. B&N Book store line PICS - My eyewitness report

McDonalds Refuses Life Insurance to Employee Killed on the Job

Is the Chimpministration a cult?

Good point about the Repub Convention Speakers.

Just watched that Hannah Storm - Moore interview on CBS

Olberman reporting that stockholders are PISSED at Disney

Topic: Effects of the War on the Working Poor, a friend of mine needs

Moore lectured about "telling both sides of the story?" Oh, come now!

Bush Vacation days 2001-04: 500 days/Clinton: 1993-99: 154 days

I'm fired for speaking to Rev. Jesse Jackson about the Iraq war+NAACP.

Fuck it. I'm voting for Nader.

What are the laws on abortion in other countries?

Went to a bar tonight with my Aunt and Freepers confronted me about F/911

Fidel Castro offers free health care to 3,000 U.S. poor

Al Gore Dis Invited to speak at Convention??

John Kerry is a douchebag but I'm voting for him anyway

think "Uncovered" and "Unprecedented" could make it at the box office?

Transcript of Michael Moore vs CBS' Hannah Storm:

"You gonna vote for that asshole?"

Crossing over...this is amazing!

Wingnut letter in my local paper and my rebuttal

Faa ha ha! Cheney gets a Bronx cheer from Yankee fans!

Edwards tops VP poll, once again, on the heels of the pick

DTripTV: Bush Birthday Haiku from the DCCC

Fahrenheit 9/11

Progress in Alabama.

Brother is called BACK to Iraq for the 6th time at least.

Exactly how did Joe Scarborough's aid Die?

Fuck it. I'm voting for Kerry.

Truthout calls BS on 'Saddam Handover' story

Would any of you be shocked if DU wasn't invited to Democratic Convention?

NYC DUers: Joe Wilson, Todd Gitlin speaking 6/30 at Ethical Culture

The great gift of F9/11 was to expose.... the Media

After you go see Fahrenheit 9/11

Wayne Madsen: Plame indictments will happen this week, if they happen

What's wrong with this picture?

Statement from Kerry Camp on Plan to Recall Reserve Troops

Any Canadians here who want to explain election results to us?


The best way to combat "Micheal Moore Hates America"

just jumped down a man's throat for saying "vote for bush"

I am personally against abortion but

Looking for help to rebut the "The US was founded on Christian principles"

Where did Rev Moon (Moonie) get his financial fortune from?

What has happened to the moral fervor that animated Jewish

I think abortion is wrong, but...

Voting official seeks process for canceling Election Day over terrorism

Does anyone here truly think F9/11 should be PG-13?

BBV: now 144 cosponsors of "Voter Confidence Act" in the House.

Is Anybody Really Pro-Abortion?

A Bird's Eye View of the Enronomy

Perhaps the most honest thing I have ever read.

Mongolia opposition makes gains | BBC

Presbyterians Urged to Lift the Ban on Gay Clergy

Bush Pushes for Democratic Reform in the Middle East

U.S. Charged With Silencing Scientists

LAT: In Weary Baghdad, Hope Rises Unsteadily to Its Feet

Roadside blast kills U.S. Marines in Iraq

Explosion on Turkish Jet

How KAF Jets Ended Up in Mercenaries' Hands

Blast Injures Three in Plane at Istanbul Airport

Iraqi Police Detain Two Chechens — Newspaper

Slow pace of case in Iraqi's death irks judge

Darfur war 'threatens Sudan deal'

U.S., U.N. Leaders Expected To Press for Aid During Visits

Afghanistan's Karzai to NATO: send troops now

SEC probes Capital Research

Stealth handover stymies journalists ..(locked in room til the turn-over)

Euro 2004 grabs public more than Iraq's day of destiny

U.S. Lawmakers Want Probe Into Kiriyenko

Pentagon Brass and Military Contractors' Gold (revolving door)

LAT: (Sen. Lindsey Graham) Digging for Iraq Abuse Answers


Nine killed on first day of Iraq government, Turkish hostages freed

NYT: Pentagon Brass and Military Contractors' Gold

Turkey Says Three Hostages Released in Iraq

France blocks U.S. on elite force for Afghanistan

NYT,pg1: US Has Leverage, But Wants to Show Iraqis in Charge

NYT:Insurgency & Able Govt Prompted (Iraqi) Transfer Decision

Iraq to take legal custody of Saddam

Bush, Kerry Running Even In Two-Way Matchup - (George Wash. U) Poll

Was HandOver Was Done To Blunt Impact Of USSC Decisions?

Bush running even with Kerry, boosted by economic optimism: Poll

Kenyan leader seeks to calm political storm

SCOTUS strikes down anti-porn law

NYT:Title IX Trickles Down to Girls of Gen Z(new phase:lawsuits)

Army Plans Involuntary Call-Up of Thousands

Liberals keep power in close Canada elections

Is the US military preparing another massacre in Fallujah?

Left celebrates after Berlusconi's coalition defeated (local elections)

Political documentaries

Attorney General Visits Today

Dead Or Alive? (Maupin)

Yemeni Forces Close In on Anti-US Cleric

24 Die in Sierra Leone U.N. Copter Crash

A Reporter Finally Stands Up To Bush

US expels two Iranian security guards at the Iranian UN mission

New Jerseyans raise nearly $400k to help Corzine win Dem control of Senate

Consumer confidence leaps

Disney opts for patriotic movie after nixing polemical 'Fahrenheit 9/11'

State GOP files formal complaints against Sen. Schumer

Military Stands Its Ground (US control, but may consult Iraqis)

Iraqis greet handover with joy, disbelief

12 Indictments in Philly Corruption Probe

Enemy Combatants Entitled to US Court System

(IN) Parole Board votes to stop execution

(Boston) Police say they won't picket convention

US Army Plans to Activate Reserve Troops: BACKDOOR DRAFT RAMPS UP! IRR!

WP: Kerry Urged to Do More to Get Black Votes

Kerry vows to boost college options

Ovary transplant pregnancy first

Barroso Appointed EU Commission President

10 U.S. Stealth Fighters Deployed to Korea for Training


Sales-tax deduction bill may not be a done deal

Kerry backs free trade agreement (with Australia)

Official: U.S. expels 2 Iranians at U.N.

A crash course in democracy **USAToday 29 June

Clinton to headline first day of convention

A novel's plot against the president

US military lowers profile in Iraq

Oil Falls to 2-Month Low on Iraq Optimism

Minority Government (Canada)

Powell in Sudan for crisis talks

U.S. helicopter crashes in southeastern Afghanistan, no injuries;

Bush Seeks Democratic Reform in Mideast

Countries Suspend Global Talks Aimed at Eliminating Steel Subsidies

No Retirements As Supreme Court Ends Term

U.S. to recall thousands of ex-soldiers

Clarence Thomas stands up for porn

Kerry benefit to see star studded performances

Soldier's mom invites media coverage of casket

Father of Iraq Beheading Victim Rips Bush


BHO scanning tool and New Scam Targets Bank Customers

New D.C. Law Bars Hand-Held Cell Phones While Driving

High Times repositions itself as activist magazine

Schwarzenegger rewards official staff with higher pay than predecessor

U.S. Official Warns of 1 Million Deaths in Sudan

San Francisco voters get chance to express views on Iraq

Helicopter carrying UN workers crashes in Sierra Leone

Chinese protester hurt in drive-by shooting

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 853 U.S. service members have died

Sun-Times circulation chief, predecessor leave posts

Voter turnout lowest in elections since Confederation (Canada)

Carter, Mourners Bury Beloved Young Poet

Passive smoking risk worse than thought

Kurdish Iraq Leader Hints at Secession -- New World Media Watch

Coast Guard to Board Each Foreign Ship

Camp Shelby can handle 3,500 155th troops, Guard says

Local soldiers report for duty

Guard families brace for July 4

N.C. judge must restore God to oath

Jury deadlocks in videotaped rape trial

TV to snub conventions

Prisoner 27075 learns limits of sovereignty

Couple beaten at Sox game after objecting to cursing

Vatican birth control policy spurned

Dead soldier's mother attacks Blair

Army Defends Plan for Involuntary Troop Call-Up

Forty members say tobacco buyout key to their votes on tax bill

Doubts cast on voter database (FL felons again)

Cheney booed at Yankees game (buried in story about the game, mods)

Yup... Over the hill!

'9/11' earnings better than first reported

GOP Accuses Texas Group of Outsource Scam

Ongoing Need Puts Demand On NG

U.S. alters missing Marine's status...

WP: Bush Chides U.S. Allies In Mideast

Experts: Four documents protect U.S. military, citizens

High Court Upholds Block of Web Porn Law

Suit in Ill. Over 'Choose Life' Plates

501st Extension Denied

Del. Eleanor Holmes Norton (DC) no longer wants the draft reinstated

Scans uncover secrets of the womb

Second Guard wave readies

Cold warriors return for war on terrorism (a new kind of PNAC?)

Timing of rebound could help Bush

Lawmakers Ask Ashcroft Why Suspect Freed

Army Recalling Thousands Who Left Service

Army to involuntarily recall former military members

NYT: Reality Intrudes on Promises in Rebuilding of Iraq

Lords attack Blair over Kyoto (they want him to pressure Bush*)

Bartow (FL) Christian School Administrators Charged With Voucher Theft

Americans Wounded in Iraq Find Rough Recovery at Home

WP:Immunity Extended for US Firms w/ Reconstruction Contracts

Prominent Iraqi slams handover

Military appoints tribunal to try 3 Guantanamo detainees

Annan Says U.N. Action Against Sudan Possible

Bush Approval Rating Falls to Lowest Point in NYT/CBS Poll

Roadside Bomb Hits U.S. Convoy in Iraq (3 US Troops Dead)

Mistakes were made in Iraq, British foreign secretary says

U.S. finds second animal suspect for Mad Cow

Michael Moore's Army On The Move

Labour membership falls to 'lowest level for 70 years'

Bid to Stop Massachusetts Gay Marriages Rejected

The angry author, a literary storm and 'one dead armadillo'

Military Moms Hopeful Their Kids Can Come Home Soon

"Fahrenheit 9/11' Boosts Interest in Iraq

Pulling Out: 190th leaves for training, overseas duty

Ave Maria College receives censure

Justice Dept Says Can't Share Lobbying Data B/C Computer System Will Crash

Abductions in Iraq Reflect New Strategy, U.S. Says

Billboard Altered To Show Bush Quote

TV to snub conventions

Poll: Bush, Kerry at Dead Heat in Florida

U.S. military police raid Iraqi center accused of inmate abuse

French-U.S. Tussles Reopen NATO Wounds

Clip used in 'Fahrenheit 9/11' upsets local TV station

U.N. Nuke Expert: Iran Plans Not a Danger

WP: Budget Impasse Reflects GOP Schism

Bush, ignoring Chirac, pushes for Turkey's EU membership

Argentina fed up with US "meddling": minister

Zarqawi Group Says Frees Turk Hostages - Jazeera TV

Iraq Envoy Welcomes Baathists in Politics

Abducted Marine Had Deserted the Military -NYT

Saddam Set to Appear Before Iraqi Judges

Log Cabin praises Republican convention's speakers

Color Commentator for Basketball's Orlando Magic Accused of Molesting Teen

'Fahrenheit 9/11' sets record (in Fayetteville, military town)

Attack Iran, US chief ordered British

I'm going to bed. (Waltons Style!)

Today, I washed my soap

Listening to Dream Theater's Scenes From a Memory.

They're B-A-C-K!!! ..... cufflinks

OK, the RIAA has just become even lamer

My old High School Vice Principal here in Salt Lake was quoted about F-911

Remember that cop who assaulted a retired priest?

Have ya'll heard of Streets Radio?

"A Face In The Crowd" is coming on Turner Classic Movies

Favorite Deli Sandwiches

Am I the only person on the planet that hates Mellow Brooks?

Body painting hippies are at it again..That's no dress ....:*)

Could you run over/slam into with your car someone that was a repub?

Trust Me. Turn On Turner Classic Movies, Right Now.

question about yankee slang

Techies- Newsgroup help

Music to dine on Republicans

would you throw a crab on or at a republican?

Throgh all these late nights on production day I'm glad I've managed...

ever have one of those days where your life feels like a tool song?

HUGE ... RC Plane

ever have one of those days where your life feels like a Kool Keith song?

CAPTION Little George's Favorite Toy


Is that Ballpark wiener commercial supposed to be homoerotic?

I'm baaaaack.

Dog Wanders 2300 km From Home

Barry Manilow - Crimefighter

Apple makes fun of Longhorn

Video Game Geeks: What game are you interested in right now?

Linux behind the magic of Shrek 2

Good moring, DU!

would you drain a blister for a republican?

going in to wake up a communist... ask me anything.

My new car stereo is on the UPS truck for delivery already!!!

I need a hobby that a crafts-challenged person can do.

Pick or Scratch

Where is this movie theater?

FDA Approves Leeches As Medical Devices

cant sleep...

Fujitsu backs Longhorn Server

poor sqeaky the cat, she needs kitty pads

Favorite Nickelback album

Passion for Life

Political Parties Offer Free Circumcisions Ahead Of Election

Austraila - World Leader In Internet Porn - Aussies Lust After It

Listening to some Liquid Tension Experiment.

If you wore a message on your underwear, what would it be?

I keep my trachea on the nightstand while sleeping

Why do gorillas have big nostrils?

The Dumba** State bashing thread

matcom matcom bo batcom, banana fanna fo fatcom, fee fi fo matcom

We are going to protest Cheney, give me some ideas for protest signs


So, I think my co-worker is losing it

Does anyone have an effective cat repellant?

I Post With Kitchen Prose And Gutter Rhymes

Leopards caught in fearful Bombay

aption: "I resign": dyslexia expert's analysis of Junior's Nato note

Confession: I love Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Senior Prank Does $10,000 In Damages To School - 5 Teens Arrested

If you were buying sus a pair of underwear with a message on it....

charLie danieLs' soapbox

Vietnamese man claims to have world's longest hair

What came first-America's obesity or Relaxed Fit pants?

Pictures of the hottie losing to Serena Williams at Wimbledon

Couple Set Up Video Camera To Catch 'Yellow Ribbon Thief" - A Squirrel

Anybody know of a service that buys china settings?

The song that suits my mood perfectly right now

Man I get a lot of CIALIS spam emails...

UFO sighting

Cartoon: Steve Bell on Iraq handover

If you were buying Pagerbear a pair of underwear with a message on it....

Cool! DU needs a "bozo list" function!

No Frivolity Allowed!

Someone please explain this DU Icon

Greatest Moment In Movie History? (Pre-F911)

I just wrote this letter to Fox-6 News in is it?

Op cures two-year bout of hiccups

Another Geography Quiz: ASIA!!!

Naughty pupils punished to suck teacher's breast

Michael Moore to be Kerry's Running Mate

My cube neighbors think I'm crazy - it's from laughing at all these...

In accordance with FCC/FEC fair time rules: What message for my underwear?

How about the underwear every guy "thinks" he needs??

Woman Awarded $400,000 In INSEMINATION Mistake

Anyone with a PhD in Ed and a background in coaching want a job in NYC?

I've lost 13 pounds!

Last night my heart was broken.

I think my girlfriend is pregnant.

CAPTION even if you don't know who is minding the store?

Guy walks into a bar...

Here Is A Pen And MY Underwear? Whadda YOU Gonna Write In Them?

Name the TV show...

Raw Horseflesh Ice Cream

CAPTION the turkey in Turkey

the 4-legged 2-headed monster of a CAPTION

DU word association thread (Umpteenth Edition)

CAPTION accomplished

Caption the most unpopular person in the room...

I watched "Amityville 2" last night and I'm still a bit jittery...


This Modern World


22 guys walk into a bar...

Another heart warming family story... (yahoo)

Who would be on your DU bozo list? Your DU props list?

I decided not to wear Speedoes for underwear today

A striking photograph...

If I pulled down my under wear and asked you to scratch my butt

Where can I see if someone was tombstoned?

CAPTION the Halliburton front man

Sirius has channel devoted to Elvis full time!!!

Any M$ Access experts/guru here

Suggest songs for Graduation ceremony...

Anyone else use Opera internet browser?

I'm thinking about refinancing my Mortgage &

Cheney it! I'm voting for Man on Dog

Should I be worried?

Anyone else having photobucket problems today?

Sex pros get ready for party

Worst parasite?

CAPTION from a Galatasaray Far Away

Does Anyone Watch Reno 9-11?

Man Finds Python Under Seat Of Rental Car

Let freedom reign

A guy walks into a bar...

The Passed Note of all CAPTIONS!!

The Origin of Progressive Rock (kind of funny, kind of true)

I need your honest advice please

Madison WI - apartment hunting

Possible Darwin Award Contender

new Oxyrush advertiser

new Oxyrush advertiser Barkley Financial

Woman, 43, gets 60 days for raping son's teen pal at slumber party

Question RE:eBay account

Man Finds Monty Python Under Seat Of Rental Car

"Technique" is the best New Order LP ever released. Discuss.

I never realized that people care about my penis so much!

UPS just brought my DS1

Man Finds Monty Hall Under Seat Of Rental Car

Unlikely duos. I'll start.

A guy walks into a bar...

Check your PM

Check your PMS

Thanks for your recent post, Velma D

LynneSin caught lying about emissions

HURRAY FOR ME!!! 1,000 posts, I'm a real DUer now!

Bad News: Fahrenheit 9/11 didn't do 21.6mill the press released......

UPS just brought my DSL modem

One Catapult Battlemech

Woman thought SUV's plunge into swimming pool was a dream

Redrum: The bunnies are back with the Shining performed in 30 seconds

Favorite British P.M., 1757-1806

Never trust a big butt and a smile.

Angelus's stupid question of the day:

Disturbing footage of DS1 "revival" found

Favourite British P.M. 1721-1742

I injured my cat-

FREE Family/parenting advice from The Remnant Fellowship & its founder

Pull up your socks.

my fav. thread of the day

Best song by a female singer or songwriter?

Prettiest pop song ever (I MEAN it this time)

Hey! My 7001st post!

For My 800th Post - Just A Big Kiss for My Fellow DU'ers...

Are they a Twin.......or not?

Lynne's Movie Lineup for tonight: You bring the popcorn, I have the wine

So what does a Lickey Lackey make in D.C.?

What is it with older men who are clueless and extroverts (rant)

How can she pull herself up by her bootstraps?


New Harry Potter title revealed...

Do any of you have a secret identity at another board?

found - the originaL "Let freedom reign" note

It's a freedom-lovin,' South Park, Katie Holmes kind of day...

Anyone been watching Jeopardy lately?

I'm Cyril the Celery Stocker

Anyone knowledgeable about BitTorrent?

Why's it so hard to find insane slutty golddiggin biotches?

An Iraqi Student Defines Democracy - Sounds like Bush's definition

WWWeeeeeeeee Liquid Lunch With The Boss - No Underwear - Write On Me!

Does My Cat Have Free Will?

I find myself using this a lot lately


My ass hurts!

STOP IT! You're all being TOO DAMN FUNNY.

There is chocloate frosting all over my ankle

Finally got my Father's Day gift!!!!

Do you consider "Go F___ Yourself" a guttural phrase?

So, Will W capture Osama, or does does OBL work FOR bushco?

Is there any politician you'd like to have sex with?


JanMichael linked to Carlyle Group, Halliburton, Exxon, Enron and Satan!

What is your opinion of the Rev. Billy Graham?

new Hannity advertiser Cordell & Cordell

Well, that dream is dead an burried

Top Ten Questions Ralph Nader Asked Potential Running Mates

Ok, so I was bored and sketching on my iPAQ

CAPTION the European Personified Compromise

Is trail mix fattening?

So, what's your type? (Breakfast Club edition)

Is it better to rule in Hell, or to serve in Heaven?

People that say 3:00AM in the morning drives me nuts-what's yours?

Evil Dick shakes hands with 2 Yankees, "Go "F" Yourself" not uttered

Who should play Mary Jane in SPIDER-MAN 4, Tiger?


This frosted malt better cheer me up

Battle of the 80's bassists: 1982 - Steve Harris Vs John Taylor

I just found out that my kitten, abbey...

The theater I gave the finger to last week is showing F 9/11 on 6/30.


Well, we bought a second lawnmower today.

Well, I bought a second cup of coffee today

Talk Radio in Colorado, am I becoming an addict??

Mail Fahrenheit 9.11 ticket stubs to Shrub, with a note attached

6th Harry Potter Book Title Revealed

All hail the mighty St. Louis Cardinals!

The Zen of Lawnmowing.

is anyone else having trouble with Google?

The ax has fallen at work.

Well, we bought a second bookstore today

New free progressive blogging community...

Catch22Dem is better than a freeper - (Reason #1)

I need a vacation...

What's your favorite blunt flavor?

So radio says Mike Tyson is homeless, living shelter to shelter.....

i Love banana chips

Teacher charged with having sex with 14-year-old student

Blue-Jay is a douchebag!

I just got carded at 7/11 while buying cigarettes. And I'm 48!

F9-11 question


I'm back!! But did anyone even notice I was gone?

Why is Hannity winning the Playgirl contest?

To Red Sox fans: Don't let those F'ing Yankees win.

What color is your chair?

How do I end my addiction?

I just got home from Costco! Ask me anything

Is F9/11 Appropriate for a 10 Year Old?

I saw F9/11 this afternoon and I have this to say(no spoilers)

‘Real World’ should face reality of own decline

Which Star Wars character would you like to have sex with?

Fuck it! I'm voting for Will Pitt!

Did YOU mistake LynneSin and matcom for a couple?

Vote it! I'm fucking Ralph Nader!

Who wants my last...

Cheney! "Man Bites Dog" is the best one to vote for...

Fuck it...I'm voting for "Dog Bites Man" and I'm going to give you links

i Love banana cLips!

Hey! It's Mo Paul....!!!

Fuck it. I'm voting for 'Fuck it.'

I am now officially a dirty old man...

Fuck it. I'm voting for "tastes great"

I'm seeing F 9/11 tomorrow. Please don't give away the ending.

OH NO! My E-Bay Acconut Is Going To Be Suspended! What's an acconut?

Hey Cat Lovers....Look familiar?

Gingeranna Jones, Adventure Pig, died today. Taking bets...

DU Chat tonight

The "DU LOOOOOOVE" thread

Cheney it I'm voting for Mike Hunt!

C2 vs Edge

"Fuck fuckety fuck fuck fuck..." - Classic South Park

Anyone know of website to get forum avatars from?

WOO HOO! I get to go home tomorrow - I scraped the gas money from change!

Hendrix family's court fight begins

look, a picture of a fire surfing ninja turtle holding a lightsaber!

Best Song Title and artist...

Anyone ever listen to "Vintage 45" on Itunes?

Best clapping and/or snapping part in a pop song?

Box Stats: Could you please explain how a team can be .5 games ahead

Best drum part in a song WITH a drum solo

I"m On My Back!!! Did anyone even notice?"

Any particular reason the "F" word is being used so much tonight? Has

Worst thread title from currently active threads in GD?

Just started watching the movie 1984

Why did the freeper stop making ice cubes?

What Star Wars character would you like to take a tire iron to?

Quick! Where can I find a video of David Bowie getting hit by a lollipop?

What's your favorite nicknames for our losers in power?

email from a my husband's cousin, a republican

God told me to make this shrimp bbq recipe today

New Daily Show!

That paper stuff on the back of embroideries on shirts.

DU Direct TV satellite

Watching a tape of the Star Trek: TNG Series finale.

FUCK IT! I'm giving up on the Red Sox.

Anyone watching the new Joe Schmo 2?


Jesus spotted in Iraq today

Moral certainty = cultural inferiority

Star Trek: TOS character you'd like to take a tire iron to:

How do you like your peanut butter?

Somebody save me!!

Another dumb observation by Gothic Sponge

Wish a happy birthday to my li'l buddy...

Why is Comedy Central showing

Three straight walk off wins for the Tigers

Okay, let's settle the terminology differences:

A raccoon came walking into my house today

Define Irony: Firefighters Return to Find Station on Fire (yahoo)

This is hilarious, I lost a client... due to insourcing!!

What exactly is a gothic sponge?

What Should I Make For Dinner Tonight?

They can put a man on the moon but they can't design a toilet flapper...

Which DUer will show up first if you invoke his/her name?

Why did Whitacre go "undercover"?

Check out what Snowy did to this toy...*warning:graphic!*

A big ole spoonful of peanut butter:

The Kerouac question: Which would you rather be?

MEN: Have You Ever Combed Your Hair With SPIT?

Most annoying singer?

War Sucks but The Clash rules!

Is m-jean03 really a lesbian?

if it were your loved one's birthday and they were miles away, you would

Yanks/Sox series prediction

Just out of curiosity, how do you post pictures?

What Star TREK character would you like to take a Tire Iron to?

List of 10 constructive things for Saddam to accomplish in the next 48 hrs

Favorite Sports Movie...

What should we do/where should we go in Nova Scotia?


Just Saw Fahrenheit 9/11 (Short review, possible spoilers)

I need the OPINIONS of some DU critics: Do I really SUCK that bad???

Do you talk in your sleep?

OMG! - I'm in the 700 Club

Is it a sin to pray that KKKarl Rove gets it up the keister?

Divorced parents still battle for custody--after 38 years.

I was just looking in the gallery at pets

see the banner that made it into Fahrenheit 9/11-

Any Digital SLR Camera users out there? I got some questions.

Going to Yankees/Red Sox game tonite...ask me anything!

Angry Mom Flings Pizza At Chuck E. Cheese Character

Best drum part in a song without a drum solo?

Goin' to Cabo!

DU should help out the only vocally anti-Bush "get John's job" contestant

Techies - Can I share my Comcast broadband connection?

Peanut butter and...

Is there any politician you'd want to have sex with?

Holy crow I want one of these so bad!!!!!!!!

What color is your hair?

Heads up: Joe Wilson (CIA wife outed) coming up on Letterman

"I like my oatmeal lumpy"

wiring help for jeep cj5

I bet someone won Mega Millions.

Which DUer named HEyHEY would you like to have sex with?

Fun with Harry Potter's...umm...'wand' (NC-17)

What movie star would you like to have sex with?

What do you imagine to be the worst about being the opposite sex?

Sex business expected to boom during GOP convention in NYC

Update On The Whole Cooking A Meal Thing....

!!!Welcome to DU, newbies!!! Pull up a seat and introduce yourself

DUers - do you condone this?

Whew! 1000 Posts!

I GOT A JOB! And a damned good one, too!

Heard a great suggestion today

Anti-Bush Documentary Boosting Public Interest In Iraq War

Oh, so the polls MATTER again now to the media.....

Federal Review Composite Poll (6-29-04): Bush 271, Kerry 267

What is "creepy"? Is Nader's strategy "creepy"?

Just in: GOP Platform

Can I vote in Florida?

Christain Aid Charity:Iraq oil billions 'missing'(Bush's CPA/Cheney stole?

Did Kerry say when he'd announce his VP?

Did anyone see Gen. Clark on the 'Today' show this morning?

please delete...double coverage on same article

Police say they won't picket convention

Who would you include on Kerry's "With Friends Like These . . ." List?

Wesley Clark Criticizes Surprise U.S./Iraq Government Hand Over

Why do pollsters include Nader...?

Kerry 242 Bush 269

* campaign letter: we're immitating Dean

Kerry should announce Edwards and Clark's positions in his admin. NOW.

Gephardt Not Everyone's Choice in Mo.

"the president desperately needed some positive news" Dean on handover.

Did anyone else hear Andrea Mitchell mention Hardball guests tonight?

Many Missouri Dems want Edwards instead of Gephardt

Cheney fundraising like mad to defeat Clooney

Kerry platform--public election funding voluntary

Bush Approval Near Low; Poll Shows Tie With Kerry

What does it mean, historically, for an incumbent pResident to be at 42%

Article about my cousin, David Ashe, who is running for Congress

Disney To Release Patriotic Movie To Counter Moore's Anti-Americanism

Latest CNN Poll Edwards 1st Place in Veepstakes Gephardt close 2nd.

Bush ahead of Kerry on Battling Terrorism, Iraq War

A little fun on the tarmac before heading out of Chicago O'Hare today...

Ad Campaign Idea: Tie Bush to His Colossal Failures in Texas

Nader needs signatures for N.M. ballot

Not one Senator....and the Wes Clark /Michael Moore Bait and

2004 Platform

Muslim voters 54percent for Kerry 26 for Nader 2 for Bush

I saw John Kerry today at the La Raza conference in Phoenix

Has anyone heard that Kerry isn't fond of Edwards?

Just one more month to give to the "John Kerry Campaign"

It will be Clark, and I couldn't be more pleased

New Composite Poll Report: Kerry 261 Bush 271

Presidential Poll

CNN: Poll finds enthusiasm for Kerry-Edwards ticket

How severe are the brawls over Kerry's VP pick in here?

Dean reveals that he is advising Kerry on VP nominee!

Question: Why isn't Nader calling his old "Green Party" friends "strange"

How does Nader's Iraq plan differ from Kerry's?

Why Do We HEAR About Edwards on t.v., But Don't See Him?

Bush approval 51% says Brit Hume.........

Clark On CNN Now (Woodruff)! 2:53 central

Edwards’ ambitions may hurt him

Who thinks tomorrow might have a surprise?

Nader Calls Green Party "Strange" and "a Cabal"

Kerry says NO to releasing his divorce records

Dean endorses Lynch in Dem Gov primary over more progressive opponent

Media Flip Flops on Kerry

Kucinich: Continued US Occupation of Iraq is Counterproductive