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Archives: June 27, 2004

Happy Pride Weekend from David Horsey

Middle East policy banks on destruction

Asian antiterror group finds its footing

The unseemly behavior of hostages' families

Cops look into Israeli hawkers - JP

The 9-11 Commission Finishes Its Dirty Works

7-9pm Wed July 7 Italian Community Center: Kerry WILL BE THERE -Milwaukee

Condi is working this weekend - Sabbath Gas Bags

Holy Cow-the Post likes Obama a lot!!!

Mike's Movie was Part 1.. Part II is up to US.

Will Bush dare to take a month off this summer?

Wichita Falls (TX, SPS) will probably never have F911 shown...

F911 and the tale of "two countries."

Who is the biggest threat to world peace? POLL in Japan

Bush underwear photographing is obvious attempt to steal Clinton's mojo.

ALL CANADA DUers: Would the NDP form a Coalition government....

F911 in Midtown, Atlanta

Learned something new from F911

"The theater canceled Shrek 2 next door and showed 9/11 instead!"

must read, courtesy of mike malloy: the 14 characteristics of Fascism.

If at all possible, see F9/11 *before* June 30th, because...

I love "giving aid and comfort to the enemy", don't you?

So, when we win in November... when we take back the WH and both

The Republican Platform 2004

Transcript of chimp's RTE interview

Anyone know how Moore convinced the 2 recruiters in "F 9/11" to be filmed?

Freepers saying moore should be jailed for sedition

Bush admin lied about secret Saudi flight

"Super Size Me" or "F911"?

DUer's we are this close to electing a rigth wing government in Canada.

Whoa! Teresa Heinz Kerry worth $1 billion

So who thinks President Kerry's first offical act should be ...

Stupidest rw 'review' of F911 yet

Come Sunday, you'll see the rationale behind the admin.'s prohibition

The FReepers Will Go After Lila Lipscomb.

Question for anobody in the movie business: How are the gross figures

Grenade thrower injures 30 - Madagascar

Fertility loss linked to men with mobiles

For Iraqi Girls, Changing Land Narrows Lives

$5.3m guard to keep Bush safe

Finally saw "The Fog of War" doc.

My 900th post

I love to soak two corks at the same time (SNL)

I'm a cork soaker

So what does Frank say we do?

Amateur Wrestling

I love my my exgirlfriends's kids

Danny Elfman needs to retire.

So it's Saturday night; F911 all sold out...I'm bored- what should I do?

"Blazing Saddles" 30th Anniversary DVD on sale Tuesday

I love my kid's ex-girlfriend!

I still have not seen "Fahrenheit 9/11"

AIM Chat tonight, try to come if you can

the Subdudes

Guess who said it?

Saturday Night ZombyHugs

"Hey fag...are you gonna go cook some dinner..."

Funny cajun joke for Sat night

My newest Sticker creation... needed some color on the car

Convey your feelings only through Beatle lyrics

Clenis Sighting.....

the Asheville Disclaimer (sort of like the Onion)

all right safe state folks, what reason do you have to vote for Nader now?

Saudi regime's worries extend beyond terrorism

NYT Mag.: The Son Also Rises (Ron Reagan Jr. interview)

"Moe Bush"

What me Worry?

The case of Justice Scalia's duck-hunting buddy

Cheney's High Court

War will not end terrorism

President doth protest too much

With apologies to the three stooges

An Empire in Denial (Stryker McGuire - Newsweek)

Dithering as Others Die

Call it genocide

They all look alike anyway (Lehman's "mistake")

Are they losing it ? MoDo thinks that they are.

Iraq Insurgency Showing Signs of Momentum

Will it work?

Diebold Funny ad posters!

Squeeze Voodoo Doll causes frenzy at F9/11 LA screening

NYT (Frank Rich): The Best Goebbels of All?

Sunday Morning Message: Reflection on our "collateral damage"

Please explain a Denver Post POLL?

Ron Reagan on Cheney: "He just stood there, letting her flounder..."

Dowd: "Are They Losing It?"

Venezuela: the Gang's All Here Replay of Chile and Nicaragua?

The Disaster of Failed Policy - LAT

HEALTH: Big drug companies geared to profits rather than research

The Bishops vs. the Bible (Garry Wills NYT)

Plenty More to Swear About

Lest we forget the other reason the Turks don't like the US

Intelligence backs claim Iraq tried to buy uranium

The Economist - Time to worry for George W. Bush

Bush praises Turkey as Muslim democracy

Americans sex obsessed, soldiers wear pantyhose

Conquer & Plunder follows Shock & Awe: Z. Toufe

NYT(reader rep):Report,(Clinton)Review..(violated pg1 "sanctity")

Iraq's new govt must abide by American-made laws.

The real Enemy Within: Creeps who write things like The Enemy Within.

Squeeze Voodoo Doll causes frenzy at F9/11 LA screening

Democratic Party action alert on Bush's Hitler ad

BBV: ES&S Official Says "Touchscreens Easiliy MANIPULATED!"

The Times 'New' Review of Clinton's Book--Weird...

New on White Rose - Live Stream of "Grrradio with Rama and Grace"

9 out of 10 Film Reviewers Back 'Fahrenheit'

Screw the Media; think for yourselves, out of the BOX

Michael Moore really is a beautiful person!

New Censorship Bill Turns Parents into Prosecutors

Sent e-mail to MSNBC regarding Lisa Meyers Fahrenheit Story

Who are your parents? Mr. & Mrs. Moon?

Denver Post liked my book

Squeeze Voodoo Doll causes frenzy at F9/11 LA screening

Astrologers: Venus goes direct 4:15 PM, PDT on June 29

Today's Thought

Now, being a Yankee isn't dandy

Nat. Mean Housing Price FELL in April to 198 k down from 218k

Hiring up, but many jobless not looking

Another large meteor overnight in NZ

Prosecutors detain Procomp boss over company's assets - TW

US lashes out in Fallujah as new leader Allawi defies insurgents

Iran 'covered up nuclear spill'...

A Guide to the Memos on Torture

Colombia's New Border Brigade and the Venezuelan Referendum

Iraq combat: What it's really like over there

Paroles climb to highest rate in years

Hey Admin... don't ever stop "Shaking the Sign."

Will any of you three see Fahrenheit 9/11?


Why was my thread locked?

Sorry but I have a problem with this.

Can someone change my email address

Is a defending Fahrenheit 9/11 forum possible?

Mossad "False Flag" Operations

US envoy Burns meets with PA premier

Israel: fence in north has cut terror penetrations to zero

Three Minutes: The Flight 93 Online Book Project

House blocks refunds in Enron case

Is the Mayor of San Jose a dem?

Favorite current Redsox player?

Hey, kids, head on over to the Lounge where

The note my mother wants my niece to send to my Republican uncle

F911 Toledo (Maumee) update

On-line Town Meetings with Michael Moore

Shrub's "Ohio Jobs" Ad is Wishful Thinking.

who should I back?

Couldn't Kerry run just one spot in texas?

David Van Os in Houston. GREAT speaker!

Got a few bucks left over the end of the month? Send 'em to Van Os

Times Letters to the Editor.

Does anyone know any celebrity activist progressives who live in WA?

Death threats from Right Wingers @ F9/11 Movie Friday

Links to sites that keep track of poll numbers in battleground states?

Bush's head finally explodes over "Fahrenheit 9/11"!

Clinton's Environmental Legacy - Bill Clinton

Pardon the "Garfield"movie , "Garfield" movie bad guy or badnik analogy

You Know How Ann Coulter Always Shrieks 'READ THE BOOK"

Canada will follow our American brothers.

Michael Moore and Barbara Bush

Bush will be remembered for starting a war of attrition.

I know what happened at the secret energy meeting

Here's hoping for your sake and that of the U.S John Kerry would have the

George HW Bush the only ex-president that receives daily CIA briefings.

Richard Clarke = Limited Hangout

Gavin Newsom.....Mayor of San Francisco

Second story in the local news

When Kerry wins the first thing I want to see

Well...Robot planes flying in the Great Lakes as well as the Rio Grande...

NOW Cheney 'probably' cursed a Democratic Senator

bush going to Iraq?

Canada is NOT blacking out election coverage!

Alas, poor Yourick,I kninda knew him.

Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy will get primetime for Convention

need help-how do you deal w/ a 4th of July Bush visit? (in West Virginia)

Michael Moore: The Traitorest of the Traitors

I have to go to bed now - BUT who can send some positive messages

Daily Show video...Cheney Getting Busted...!

Excellent Clinton book reviews on Amazon!

The Republican Platform 2004

Can someone post some F/911 line-up pics?

For those of you who love Gore Vidal, his interview with Amy Goodman.

BUSHGAME.COM - An hour of my life well spent.

if you want to see cheney nailed read nyt 6/27 op-ed. link

True story: Right after leaving the theater to see F911...

At what point do we stop being the "hate America crowd"??

Here is what really irritated me about F9/11....

Chem weapons launched into Baghdad's Green Zone????

Bush's Narcissism: A Serious Disorder

Ideas for Kerry's administration

F 9/11 ALL shows in Memphis TN have SOLD OUT, 2 Days in a row!

Telling moment in RTE interview

I have been thinking about John McCain

Our 4th Estate. WHAT IS IT?


I thought bush* said he didn't know this guy:

This is so funny this post must be a dup. But just in case....

Those doggone "liberal" media are at it again!

C-Span 8:45a.m. LIFE IN A PARALLEL UNIVERSE:divisions in Iraq GOOD

Cheney's Duck Hunting trip with Judge Scalia (Cartoon)

Heads Up! Sunday Morning (CBS affiliates) doing draft as first story.

DU this poll

40,000 Turks protest Bush

For my fellow educators...

Faux "Beltway Boys"

The Morality of Business.

Any word on Saturday's 9/11 Gate receipts?

F911 is out-selling Spider-Man 2 by huge margin

Sunday talk shows

pResident GW Bush is a piece of sh!t on the boot heel of history

Challenge To F9/11 Detractors... Put-up Or STFU.

Michael Moore's 'Fahrenheit 9/11' is powerful propaganda

Tweety on NBC (10:03 a.m. Sunday): TIME CAPSULES of old presidential

Meet the Press. Mr. Potato face and, so far, a general and a RWinger.

Funniest anti-Moore argument I've heard yet. . .

9:23 am CT- Midwest DUers: NBC's Tweety's program has good HISTORICAL

The GOP has had great success in one area.

Bush said he barely knew Ken Lay...remember?

I am disappointed so far the the box office of FAHRENHEIT 911

My Suggestion to the freak repukes who complain about F-9/11

A problem I had with Fahrenheit.

So, Wednesday we 'hand over' a country to its citizens - THEN Marshal Law

Hate Crimes Legislation-can someone give me a rundown of status?

When Kerry wins Moore should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

If you were running a Congressional Campaign....

Got a funny message from the DNC today

Somebody here covering George Stephanopolous This Week? I cannot

NYT reader rep:Kukutani Clinton bk review violated pg-1"sanctity"

I am disappointed so far the the box office of FAHRENHEIT 911

Can I see Fahrenheit 9/11 in Aspen, CO? Help Me if you live in the area!

How about Hawaii?

Know any good chat rooms? Haven't been in one since I got my new computer

Moore Film Heats Up Emotions

Damn I wish the election were Tuesday

HaHA! Rethugs upset at Bush golfcourse scene in F 911 ads

A better-late-than-never report from the Dublin protest

Nearly 3000 people got naked in Cleveland yesterday!

Being that it's Sunday...

Slashdot discusses F911

Possible Kerry VP Choices Speak in Iowa

Newt crawls out from beneath rock on NBC

Note to Bush on Turkey: Burning you in effigy is not a good sign

Gephardt or Graham for VP

Newsview: Bush Not Reagan Heir Envisioned

MoveOn.Org a sophisticated means to control dissent?

Help-looking for mirrored image of Cheney pictures

Late-Night Hosts Dust Off Clinton Jokes

Someone on MTP mentioned that a Kerry documentary was coming out soon

F 9/11 still #1 on Saturday

Stop expecting to get good reviews from the media on Moore's movie

Karl Zinsmeister opens his mouth and is full of himself

WASHINGTON (AP) -- CIA suspending harsh interrogation tactics

I witnessed Evil personified today F911

F911: For those who doubt its ability to influence votes...

Now it begins: the final battle between RW Media Bushit and F911 Truth

A monster movie... a horror flick if you will....

How do you post pics in your threads? n/t

Bradbury vs. Moore

Hell of a weekend for the right, may it continue this week until forever.

Kerry Cancels Speech, Honors Picket Line

Is this joke old?

The Buzz Effect: F911 is gonna hit harder than anybody yet realizes.

Will the USA successfully steal Iraq's oil?

Rehnquist, Cambodia & Abu Ghraib

I came to a conclusion after watching F9/11...

"We will cut off their hands and behead them."

User ratings of F911 are going up!

Bush Song and Dance - literally

Moore's next film

Waxman searchable Iraq database

Bumper Sticker Spotting, Plano TX: "ROVE/CHENEY/O4"

"He doesn't play well with others".

Want republicans to see Fahrenheit 9/11?

The Stepford Wives: Do you think that this is the type of First Lady the

The Explosion of the 9-11 Truth Movement -U.S.Media's Dirty Little Secret

Cheney's Curse 'Not an Issue' With Bush

Jack Valenti " I don't think you can buy a congressman's vote "

media matters

The GOP Candidates in 2000!

Are there any "exit polls" for F911?

Iraqi sovereignty won't extend online

"It's like diving into a pool but we don't know if there's any water in it

What's the Matter With Kansas? a new book

Soon-to-be-President Kerry on the unPatriot Act.

The biggest threat to Bush is a scared and panicky Republican Congress

Fellow liberal needs your word-of-mouth help ($$$ to DU)

Egads !!!! Condi is getting jowels. Does lying do that to you?

Rudy Giuliani: Just another GOP whore.

Has any Dem Sen or Congress "agreed" with F911 or talking points...?

I was just polled; they asked, "Have you seen a movie at a theater in the

Ldotters refuse to accept F9/11 is a hit

Telegraph UK: New Iraqi police fight US troops who trained them

Cavuto: Evil Dick will not run for president in 2008..."this will be it"

The Washington Times "Newspaper"

Any fans of here? (awesome Supreme Court website)

Squeeze Voodoo Doll causes frenzy at F9/11 LA screening

TBTM Radio #43: You pick the topics!

Sign the petition against the Hitler ad

If The Rpugs Are In A Tizzy Over FR 9/11 . . .

Edit delete

Bottom of the ninth, two outs, bases empty

Michael Moore looks exactly like an older version of my son . ..

Where has this attitude come from?

Whenever a "mediawhore" says the * 7-minute blank can be justified

NEED HELP: list of democratic Mayors...

MoDo: the Bush-Cheney menu, only brimstone and gall

Help me DU this poll

Did anyone or do you know anyone who went and saw 9/11 and DIDNT like it?

I just noticed something is missing here.

U.S. Edicts Curb Power Of Iraq's Leadership

Would Cheney have said,' F yourself' to a female Senator?

Frist on Cnn Late Edition; Dean on next

Anyone hear John Kerry's conference call last night?

"Its * they hate, not the American people....."

Meet the Press just confirmed to me

Must Read: The best article ever written about..Bushler


CNN 'People In The News' is all Michael Moore- on now

* Visits Ireland: Irish People Say "Make Love, Not War".

Hussein regime left only dregs to lead his army

Movements to muzzle Michael Moore backfire

So, Friday night I went to see F/911 in San Antonio

We are not at WAR!!!!!

"Bush's Monica Moment" (Atlantic Monthly)

Bush's Comments Re: 9/11 vs. Moore Classroom Footage

F911 projected #1 weekend movie in America

7-930pm Wed July 7 Italian Comm Center: Kerry WILL BE THERE -Milwaukee

Question To All Maggot Infested Unemployable Hippies...

Cheney's F-U is just a metaphor...

U.S. steps into the very footprints Britain left in Iraq

Oh, Wow!! Bowling For Columbine is on TV.

Brilliant freeper logic regarding rich liberals; H-wood, Moore, Kerry...

Reasons for the success of F9/11:

Just as important as getting Kerry elected

Repugs shoulld help Nader by giving up their ballot slots

Does anyone really believe the children would have been scared?

2004 Election - Is it fixed?

New Iraqi police fight US troops who trained them

Incident at Loews for the Fahrenheit 9/11 Showing

Hitler also hated Liberals

Bush Speech Yesterday - Unbelievable

F9/11 is/is not Propaganda?


If (God forbid) my child is drafted

You know what scares me to DEATH...

Shrub to Name GOSS (Dweeb in F911) as Dir. CIA?

the South is a great place for African-Americans to "live, work and play"

Why is * talking to RELIGIOUS LEADERS in Turkey? Is he trying

Am I paranoid or did anyone else get the feeling while leaving F9/11

How many DU'ers are Delegates to the Dem Convention in Boston?

CNN tag line on TV says Nader can't be on ballot in 22 states.

Write to Congress (check this site out)

Question for anyone who is on a delayed enlistment in the military....

What do you do when you reach a place where you brook no argument?

U.S. Army Told Not to Use Israeli Bullets in Iraq

Scalpers could have a bonanza with Farenheit

Which member of the * Administration will you be happiest to see go?

A bit of hope: My neighborhood unites against Bush

What did Bush's handlers do when he smugly blew off the protest question?

Fahrenheit 9/11' Tops North American Box Office

Toledo, Ohio F911 update.

Do We Have A Constitutional System's Failure?

Tia Careerre is with us.

Blackstone, Jefferson, Padilla

Who Made Up Most Of The Audience When You Saw Fahrenheit 9-11?

Which of these VP picks would you prefer

Maybe Dick Cheney was only trying to be "hip"

Oakland man who appears in 'Fahrenheit 9/11' braces for criticism

In F911, the woman who told Lila it was all staged...

NINE out of TEN Film Reviewers for Daily Papers LIKE FAHRENHEIT 911!

The crawl line on CNN had that


Sincere question: Why do all the "pundit" shows invite David Brooks?

F911.....oh my god....

Is The Situation In Iraq Hopeless?

Fahrenheit 9/11 Number 1 at the Box Office!

CNN discussing F 9/11 on political roundup NOW

Wait a minute..."40,000 protest Bush in Turkey?"...Forty Thousand???

SNOPES: Members of the Bin Laden family MAY have left before SEP 14th...

F-9/11 earns more in first 3 days than "Bowling" did in its 9 month run

Why would BushCo FORBID their staffs to watch Fahrenheit 911?

U.S. Marine held hostage in Iraq????


Bush AND Rumsfeld- AWOL On 9/11

Will AAFES allow F9/11 to play at the base theatres?

Possible 4 converts and they haven’t seen F911 yet!

Will Condi Rice resign?

F-911: Booker Elementary school

Everyone Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't I? (F911 Review)

Newt Gingrich recites Frank Luntz's talking points

Best way to drive your Right Wing family members / office mates crazy

Will so-called 'handover' be another 'mission accomplished' moment?

These guys will help Bush steal it...

Any links to draft articles or documentation?

I'm getting tired of hearing how Clinton "sold nuke secrets to China"

Marine held, beheading threatened..Let's check the cable news!

A question about F9/11

The moron press is acting like F9/11 will be forgotten soon.

A lesson for the American people from our mess in Iraq.

"Reliable Sources" Transcript and it begs the question

DEAN on Late Edition (1:20PM ET CNN) NOW

Don't worry about Bush, he's on his way to a great dinner in Istanbul

I am Officially the Last Blog to Mention F911

BBV: ES&S Official Says "Ballots should be counted by Paper"

Right Wing Theme Park

"Navy Seals rock"

The Early Days of DU, Inauguration Day 2001; and F911: These Are Days!!

When was the last time bu$h got an endorsement from ANYONE?

Repub Richmond lining up for F911

Whatever you do, do not buy a Bush Voodoo Doll!

Doing Battle Outside DU

What to do if you're a president reading to kids and disaster strikes

I am the lone Democrat in my family.

LIHOPpers/MIHOPpers - Are you pissed at Moore

What Was Your Favorite Scene In Fahrenheit 911?

Good theme song for John Kerry...

Arianna to guest-host CNBC's 'Topic A with Tina Brown' tonight

So, is there anyone who's seen F9/11 that can still defend Bush?

Here is my little boy at a peace rally!

My blind brother thought I was a voodoo doll, God Damn that Pin hurt!

Laura Bush stole my great-grandma's couch cover. . .

New email from Bush crap...explaining why it is great they used the nazi a

Has anyone seen this editorial about F911?

The Orwell quote at the end of F911 - could someone cite

I just read that Dale Earnhardt Jr advised his crew to go see F911

Dale Earnhardt Jr says, "Go See Fahrenheit 911"

Why Couldn't Michael Moore

WHAT? An AFP article on Yahoo quoting Bush's "asshole" quote from 2000

Dadcom says there a theatre in Asheville, NC is about to show F-911 (CALLS

I keep hearing about how bad Ann Coulter looks...

Cheney swore in Bob Woodward's "The Commanders"

What charity is Disney demanding a cut of F 9/11's profits go to?

The next couple of weeks will tell the tale about Bush Administration...

Yet another example of LIBERAL bias in print media

Afghanistan Policy: Success or Failure?

My rw friend figured us out...Now what do we do?

Christians everywhere should denounce Bush.

Please HELP....I'm confused?

Another pic of the "moran"

Friedman out for 3 months to read "Earth is Flat", duh....

Bush Crimes Just Bounce Around the Editorial Pages and Talkshows

Katrina vanden Heuvel streaming now with Bob McChesney -- link

BEST sighting today

Moore did what the Media, Republicans and Democrats refused to do

F 9/11 to add theaters

MM, F911 coming on NOW on 60 minutes!

I don' t understand about this Iraqi freedom thing

Dumb, dumber, dumbest. Reagan, Quayle, Dubya.

I urge Micheal Moore send the movie to our Brave Men and Women in Iraq

So hows that Bush trip to Yurp going?

Will F911 get a "Best Picture" nomination ?????

Porter Goss: A Dangerous Choice for CIA Chief

60 Minutes shows "Pet Goat" scene from "Fahrenheit 9/11"

Biggest Opening EVER in less than 1000 theatres!!!

Iraq is not going to be sorveriegn because.....

Anyone else find it weird

Reuters: F9/11 #1 Movie In America!!!

Ok no more of this neo-con junk, they are neo-fascists

This is not good. . .American Marine captured and held in Iraq

Lab Rats Wanted! (Need help testing a stream)

Heads Explode in Freeperville- Dale Earnhardt Jr. tells pit crew see F911

Delray Beach, FL: F9/11 Sold out at 1:30pm

Did Bush drink a beer in the F911 Scene where they are playing horseshoes?

Facing up to defeat in Iraq

Fahrenheit 911 sold out in San Diego

Breaking on MSNBC: Arab TV reports Marine being held hostage in iraq

Think Mel Gibson has seen F9/11? *lol*

The US Supreme Court is about to decide whether Guantanamo is above the la

Send the Irish reporter an e-mail saying.... Thanks......

A bit of hope: My neighbors have united against Bush

Should I mirror the F 9/11 files that I got off

I'm off to see F911. Im bringing Pretzels!

The "This is all staged" woman

The Islamic gold dinar - Serious Issues For The Dollar?

Movie Goer Assaulted at Fahrenheit 9/11 Showing

Did I mishear?

Iraq Insurgency Showing Signs of Momentum

F/911's effect on a Bushie Navy man, the media, and thoughts

Has F9/11 made you appreciate George W. Bush more as a drinking buddy?

Topic A with Tina Brown on CNBC guest hosts Al Franken and Arianna Huffing

Spinoff.. What are some of your fav bumper stickers?

F911 released on the internet.

Anyone else have a repug family

One way all Americans can fight terror

Be on your guard

Just who is the Democratic choir?

Bumper Sticker Moment

God Dammit!! Don't the Dem's remember? It's the economy stupid.

Please vote this poll

Hey, I don't like Bush any more than you do

LOL! They're on the attack again: Kerry's Divorce Records

Just had a stone thrown through my window... Freeper Terror?

The genius of Michael Moore is that he...

Don't you think Repubs are Pissed?

150 Kerry Points! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Micheal Moore about to be on 60 minutes

The fundraiser scenes from F 911 disturb me.

and it's two..three..four what are we waiting for

Don't you just LOVE freeper logic?

didn't see spitting-- but, they arrested our moveon worker

Encounter with a freeper-type at the grocery this afternoon...

Bush caught in lie about the 9-11 wtc attacts

The wheels are falling of the Bush Admin's bus

Emotions stirred by film

Rumsfeld's group to stir up and irritate terrorists...what was it called?

De-Freep Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

Michael Moore on 60 minutes starting west coast now!

What we're up against

Should Hannity be fined by the FCC?

Sounds of explosions in the MD suburbs of DC. Early fireworks?

The three great conservative lies

Rummy Turns Green!

I have a question regarding Helen Thomas...

Any Post-F 9/11 Film Discussions at Your Cinema?

Concerning fahrenheit 911 and PNAC.......

F 9/11- the phone number?

On my way to see FH911, can't wait-!

Fahrenheit 9/11' Sets Documentary Record

for example, take my wife... please. (yes, another F911 thread)

Will Pitt quoted on Moore's website

Why was Bush allowed to visit Booker Elementary School on 9-11?

I come and stand at every door

Freeper reactions to F9/11 sell outs?

Michael Moore is not a hater

my 9 year old wrote this tonight

Too strident? Consider this....

The genius of Moore

Is the Bush approval rating of 34% just a rumor?

Who is this guy Tedd Webb from Fox ... he's amazed that

Are more movie locations being added? There were only 41in TX now 61

reality check! bush* will get ONE vote

Perfect response to those who say Moore didn't tell the other side..

F 9/11-The Temperature In Fort Worth Texas

How has Iraq come to occupy America's attention for the last 14 years?

Tell Me Your Honest Feelings About Vote Fraud in The 2004 Election

I believe F 9/11 will put us on top

Is anyone going to a F911 house party on Monday?

What happened to that pizza guy with a neck bomb?

If they were planning the Iraq war before Bush was selected,

Che Guavera movie previewed at F 9/11 !

I don't vote because both parties are the same!

Is Michael MOORE Better Looking and Smarter Than Matt PUDGE?

Werbe on now - 9 p.m. mountain time

Cheney said it.

DU this poll

Any media types gushing IN FAVOR OF F911?

Libertarians Announce "Unauthorized" RNC Protest

Did MMoore open up a can of worms with F9/11?

Heightened Security Alert Had Just Been Lifted (at WTC before 9-11_

The Most Hated Man On Earth? (add to this list please)

A poll for those who hold Nader responsible for Bush

India Daily says of F911-"US Freedom of Speech passes first test!"

9-11 Questions (200 very key questions)

CNN: Iraqi's have a US Marine and are threatening to behead him

Know the enemy – Neo-cons defined….

Bush's tears.

Here's the choice Earnhardt comments From the Freeper Thread they hid

I debunk someone who claims F 9/11 is based on lies

encouraging weekend in the burbs

Old People on DU

F 9/11 - R rating was appropriate

A F9/11 report from Indianapolis

Arianna Huffington has her own show?

the cia beheading of nick berg really has backfired, hasn't it?

New book: Deserter - AWOL's military diservice and mistreatment military

Reminder to Canuck DUers: You have a federal election Monday. **VOTE**

I think the War on Iraq may very well have opened the

Gwen Ifill (PBS Wash Week): is she another RW conservative black

When is the international release of F911? Gonna do HUGE #'s in Europe

"Let the eeeeeeeeagle soooooooar ..."

Writer challenges rightwing to debunk facts of Fahrenheit 9/11

In f9/11 removal of Maj. James Bath's name and report

Police at F9/11


F911 - Mother - in-law didn't want to watch our kids

F9/11 - Did I hear one of the soldiers mention Napalm??

Freeper meltdown concerning Yahoo! F911 coverage

You know what I am sick of?

Are we prepared for Bushco Terror Attack number Two?

Why was Bush Jr. so much more articulate in 1992?

Comparing Bush to Hitler hurts our credibility.

Drudge claims "Dodgeball" made 60M so whats the big deal about F 9/11?

What part of the whole Iraq War situation made it "WRONG" for you?

I would like to see F911 again. It is the kind of thing that needs to be

I need some help.

How did you/ do you feel about our chances come November...

Bush Gets Bad Marks in Genext poll

Peter Werbe discussing F9/11 right now

Calling all Canadians! Will F9/11 have any influence on our votes?

Powerful story of a Marine casualty officer, moved to tears by his job.

Has the invasion and occupation of Iraq ...

Red-Hot 'Fahrenheit 9/11' a No. 1 Hit Across America :$21.8 million

RW Radio host, here in Dallas, had 3-4 anti shrub callers in a row!

I'm scared for my American DUer friends.

Has F9/11 Made DU Mainstream?

Yeah, but did you really get the point of F911???

The "Vest Wing" pics Buscho doesn't want you to see.

Why didn't Moore tell that the 7 minutes he describes...

Tell us your F911 - Freeper protest story...

In your gut who do you think will win the election?

A leftist ICON posts on DU and you guys.....

DAMN DU!! We Write One HELL Of A Movie Script Don't We??

"Bushie Horror Picture Show"

Great op-ed about Clinton in the Guardian

Saw F9/11 twice this weekend; more powerful the second time

Something to think about regarding Iraq and terrorism....


I saw a T-shirt yesterday that bothered me for some reason.

Who is the most hated person in the world?

What will a Lame Duck Bush do?

Lets create 1000 Michael Moore's

Why Didnt Kerry supprt the Black Caucas?

Ouch. The Washington Post throws a beat-down on the Green Party

Check out this email I got from a FOX DJ...who is this guy?

Al Franken on CNBC right now.....10:30 pm, CST

Question for pro-gun rights DUers

How I know the election is lost

Ok 2 rumors ive heard... One about a rape and one about a DUI ..

Penis Diplomacy

Poppy Bush still receiving CIA memos

Where have all the hippies gone?

I went to a great house party yesterday!

Farentheit 9/11 Sold out in Raleigh, NC all weekend. Drove to two theaters

BBV: I just gave 50 bucks to TrueVote MD.

In Parliament we have "Qustion Period" ,why doesn't the USA?

Why do these beheading threats always drive away bad W news?

Aren't we harming DU by comparing bush to a monkey?

"So What"? was Pub sister's reaction to Bush's remaining in classroom for

Heightened Security Alert Had Just Been Lifted (at WTC)

An important fact we must not forget, regarding F9/11

This is what a rw nutcase just posted at another site about MM..

Why are sealed divorce papers fair game now?

F911: Moore's Use of Music

Did Rove put Hitler in the new Bushie ad because:

Which of these Kerry/VP tickets is your favorite?

Is there anyone at DU capable of researching whether any of the

the facts be damned, anyone but bush frothing at the mouth

Sleight of Handover

MOORE--Movie a big hit in red states

Did yall know Sen. Robert Byrd has a book coming out??

Get this: On local news, 90 yr old woman skydives to show up Poppy AND

Who needs analysis and reason in war when you have the Power of Prayer?

The freepers pulled the Earnhardt thread!

PHOTOS: the brave IRISH stand up against war-criminal bush*

What's the Hitler love-in all about?

Mandatory Proletarianization and American-Style Health Insurance:

Crazed freepers outraged by F911 success, plan theatre blockades

how are we so damn smart???

There are just a FEW differences between Bush and Hitler

"Walking On Air" Song in F 9/11?

Hey Freep, what you gonna do when the TRUTH comes for you?

I heard the "revolutionary" song from Les Miserables driving to F911: WOW!

a good photo of actress Jeri Ryan

How many paychecks are you away from homelessness?

"Let the Eagle Soar" is No Joke

Evils of Wal-Mart: Based on Reality?

Nazis in the Republican Party

Bush and Bath

Violence erupts ahead of Kashmir talks

Chinese court tries aid worker for helping refugees

Sri Lanka's Tigers recruiting more children, UN says

Additional International Assistance For Haiti Needed Says Caricom Chair

Bomb kills Afghan vote workers

Former chairman of Royal/Dutch Shell gets giant payout

Bill and Teddy Will Be Heavyweight Opening Acts for Kerry

Small utility takes lead in fighting Enron

Czech survives 10 days buried alive in coffin

Wireless Devices Help Police Fight Crime

Cigarette Suit Says Maker Gave Samples to Children

Designer: Space tours not on horizon [AP]

More Spanish troops to Afghanistan "limited"- PM

Peace without honour leaves Iraq in chaos

Arguments rage over teenage moviegoers' R-cards

Turkey rejects Iraqi hostage demands

NYT: Movie Ads or Political Ads?Complaint Says Line Too Fine

New Iraq PM promises amnesty for insurgents

Protesters delay Bush speech [Ireland]

Some U.S. Edicts Getting Chilly Reception In Iraq

Will it work?

Danger of Chem-Bio Terror Attacks Peaks This Week (soldier gas mask order)

Little joy for Bush at meet with EU officials

(Jeb) Bush no fan of Moore's movie, Clinton's book

Schwarzenegger, moderates to speak for GOP (to highlight 9/11 theme )

F 9/11 still #1 on Saturday

Biggest Task for U.S. General Is Training Iraqis to Fight Iraqis

Secret Agent Man - the Goss Gambit (Newsweek)

New Head of Al-Qaeda Cell on Arabian Peninsula May Have Been Trained by US

Blasts Heard in Baghdad Near Green Zone Compound

Another Foreign Worker Kidnapped - Pakistan

Florida paper says "Vilsack out/Graham in"

Moore film heats up emotions

Man divorces wife after she phones talk show - Saudi

Transport Plane Hit by Small Arms Fire

New Iraqi police fight US troops who trained them

Florida AFL-CIO backs Castor, Deutsch in U.S. Senate race

Iraq and Al Qaeda - key 'collaboration' source changes his story, Newsweek

Rice: Saddam's Army to Be in New Forces

Interest grows in blimps for homeland security, defense

Bowers: Klansman organized slayings, ex-Imperial Wiz names 1964 ringleader

Hitler Image Used in Bush Campaign Web Ad

More Than 40,000 Protest Bush in Istanbul

Senate Passes Camcorder-Piracy Bill

Felons' voter rights measure unlikely to make November ballot (Florida)

No 'progressive' in Harper: Senator

Clinton's tome marks a thoroughly therapeutic age

Activists cry foul in electronic voting furore

DOD: Captive US Marine missing for a week

San Fran Gay Pride Parade Features Something Unusual - Married Couples

NATO struggles as global cop

Key general defends the 'Gitmo' way

N.H. Congregation Worships Separately After Schism Over Gay Bishop

9/11 Commission Staff to conclude attacks were preventable

Mexicans Stage Massive, Silent Protest Against Violent Crime

Irish President McAleese warns Bush over torture of POWs

Venezuela: the Gang's All Here Replay of Chile and Nicaragua?

Peace Activist, Supporter of Gays, Wins Leadership of Presbyterian Church

A record year for shareholder activism

Multivitamins reduce anti-social behavior

Why was Bush allowed to visit Booker Elementary School on 9-11?

Sept. 11 commission says two hijackers got help when in U-S

Bush Caught in a Lie About the 9-11 WTC Attacts

U.S. Marine held hostage in Iraq

FBI warns of possible deadly floating material

Explosion hits Israeli army post

Clarke Calls Iraq War 'Enormous Mistake'

For Iraqi Girls, Changing Land Narrows Lives

FT: Evidence of Niger uranium trade 'years before war'

Saddam to be moved to new jail in Iraq at the start of July: PM

NYT(reader rep):Report,(Clinton)Review..(violated pg1 "sanctity")

(Ark. Sen.)Pryor Makes Kerry Nod Official..Invites for Hunting Trip

In politics, the rise of small donors

Israel should talk about nuclear arms: El Baradei

Clarke: Iraq war an 'enormous mistake'

Frist Won't Criticize Cheney for Cursing

Senators cancel visit to Middle East this week (Weren't ALLOWED In Iraq)

Family friendly TV group growing at its 5th anniversary (COMPANY FRIENDLY)

$20m 'hole' in Iraqi funds held by US-led authority

Were Abu Ghraib abuses learned from Israel?

CIA puts harsh tactics on hold ..(If a dupe, please delete)

In Sudan, Death and Denial

Drudge after Kerry divorce records. Using Ryan as a precedent.

Shiite Tribes Gather for War on Fallujah--New World Media Watch

U.S. Hopes to Reduce Visibility in Iraq

Mountain Lion Attacks Woman Hiking in Central California

`Fahrenheit 9/11' Ends Up Preaching To The Choir

Kerry Won't Cross Picket Line for Speech

Education department report omitted evidence backing critic

Evidence of Niger uranium trade 'years before war'

UN asks Israel to go nuclear-free

Estimate of Heinz Fortune Doubled

Victims of Afghan Attack Are Registered Voters

(16) Afghans Killed After Vote Registration (By Taliban)

'Fahrenheit 9 / 11' Sets Documentary Record

Quick school fixes won few Iraqi hearts

Television news accused of Iraq bias

Scandal becomes the main focus in Canada's election

A New Terror Threat (explosive floating beer coolers)

Chirac leads resistance as Bush courts Nato allies

WP: Iraq Occupation Erodes Bush Doctrine

House blocks refunds in Enron case

Poll says Colorado in play for presidential election

Hiring up, but many jobless not looking

Families, Deep in Debt, Facing Pain of Growing Interest Rates

In Illinois, drawing a moral line in politics

Powell: Iraq war not a mistake

Pope: Torture should be outlawed

Fla. AFL-CIO Splits Senate Endorsement (Because of protester mistreatment)

Former Enron CEO claims he did nothing criminal

Iraq Militants Threaten to Kill U.S. Marine -- TV (new kidnapping)

As Bush Confers With NATO, U.S. Is Seen Losing Its Edge

CBS: 'Back-Door Draft' Raises Questions (Gaffney-draft might be needed)

'Fahrenheit' has $22m opening weekend; Biggest opening for documentary

Ark Dem-Gaz: Kerry, Bush Supporters Divided by Sex in South

NYT: White House Aide Hard at Work as Bush's Eyes and Ears on Right

Moore credits opposition for strong `Fahrenheit 9/11' opening

Billions in salaries could flee Carolinas

Unsolicited Advice From the Far Left (Nader Says Moore Like A Beach Ball)

Cheney Visits Pittsburgh July 4

Dean: Most Americans Now Oppose Iraq War

Iraq's incoming government must abide by American-made laws

Reports say billions of dollars of Iraqi money unaccounted for

Name That Republican! (online crossword puzzle)

1/7 to Eagle!

So Confess do you have emotional problems?

Porcupine Tree

Japan magazine cuts out the nudes..people are very upset

T-shirt: "Keep prop 5 alive". California residents, what's proposition 5?

Time for The Process!

What are the WORST video games of all time???

Will Halo 2 ever come out?

I loved her fore ever

Ever get the feeling some has TOO much faith in you?

Right after someone just watched Farenheit 9/11

I have to go to bed now - BUT who can send some positive messages

ATTN Buckeyes Fans

Help countering a critic of F-9/11?

incoln Park Zoo Apes Get to Take Revenge

Are you bi... ?

Has anyone checked out the new Los Lobos disc?

I feel myself getting more angry. It feels good(Warning: Ranting Ahead)

Rest in Peace, Grampy Jack: a vets dying words

bush's pink slip

Ahhh, Macaroni Salad Good - What Are YOU Eating For Breakfast?

Danny Dark died! Voice of "Sorry, Charlie" in tuna commericals

Know any good chat rooms? Haven't been in one since I got my new computer

First Rock Concert

The further adventures of Mark Discordia

Admit silly childhood crushes

What if?...Other Presidents Spoke Like Bush?

She said, she said...who put all those things in your head...

What jobs would you like to see outsourced?

Caption this

How do you post pics in your threads? n/t

Enough about F911 - how about C488 or K761?

We have a couple of new additions to the bearfan house this weekend.

Real reason F 9/11 is playing in only 868 theaters. Toxic waste problems.

Kind of a stupid question

Well, I finally found a TV show that hadn't had a movie made from it yet.

I want to buy a F911 hat, Where?

Amos Recalls Being Axed From 'West Wing'

Classic email scam!

Michael Moore beats White Chicks.

Actors that became famous by emulating other actors.

anyone have a link to the bush in ireland video?

Denver Post liked my book

"I didn't get a harumph outta that guy"

Will Evil DUer JCMach1 land in Guantanamo?

This is absolutely vile and I love it!

Info that you really shouldn't post

"My job is to do my job"... the Great Leader speaks again.

I need some help to find something.

Okay, I've gotten hooked on 'Enterprise'

So I wrote this book.... (apologies to Mr. Pitt)

Classic draft diary from Bill Simmons

F 9/11 1:20 matinee sold out

Did anyone listen to "This American Life" on NPR this weekend?...

Techie gurus: suggestions on a web hosting company

We're going to see Trout Fishing in America tonight!!!


Just got back from /White Chicks/.

Horrible day at home today.

Listening to some Porcupine Tree online. Ask me anything.

Gay marriages for straight people, agree or disagree?

I just snapped today, lost it...............

Bush Squeeze Voodoo Doll causes frenzy at F9/11 LA screening


Credit-card users should be aware of traps


What is the function of heavy water in the production of a nuclear bomb?

What do EMS and WAP mean in terms of cell phones?

Watching a Star Trek: TNG two-parter on tape. Ask me anything.

Bush Library Burns to the ground

What's your personal record for

anyone else catch bob weir sing the national anthem before the nascar race

I thought gamers and anime fans would be liberal - they hate F911

Newbie guitar amp advice needed...

Calling all cooks -- How do you make fish stick?

I make too much potato salad.

Anyone ever had problems with an Ebay seller?

Anyone a Netflix member?

The mind of a Freeper

German men asked to have more sex

Calling all cooks -- How do you make a fish sick?

Win XP question if I may....

If I changed my email to BECOME spam...

Any Sox fans on here?

Bush wins. Waddaya do?

Need help RE low-carb diet (which one to choose)

Dumbest thing you've seen advertised on DU

Calling all cooks -- How do you make fish stock?

My F 9/11 story (SF Bay Area)

I'm baacccccckkkkk!!!! - RonnyK is HOME!!!!!

Calling all fish -- How do you make a cook sick?

Has anyone ever used a "buyer broker" when househunting?

Who has the link to that really wicked-cool "Dress Up Bush" site?

Whatever you do, do not buy a Bush Voodoo Doll!

Interesting preview at F911 today

CAPTION needed for this bizzare UK new sport

It is raining cats and dogs in colorado today.

A drug test question

Allman Brothers Live at the Atlanta Int'l Pop Festival


Favorite Cookbooks

More cell phone questions...GAIT vs. GSM

"The Passion of the Christ"?!

Interesting Revelations from F9/11 (spoilers):

I am listening to a SIX hour Clinton speech ....

My blind brother thought I was a voodoo doll, God Damn that Pin hurt!

Are crack pipes worth it?

Are crock pots worth it?

Top Ten Most Livable U.S. Cities

CNN now...People in the News.....profile on Michael Moore...

Micheal and Seperate - the 2 Most-Often Mis-typed Words on DU

Anyone from San Jose? Salt Lake City?

I hate cleaning the bathroom

Do you ever feel like you do not fit in because you are not into

ZombyCoffee: Sunday Morning Fahrenheit 9/11 Blend!!!

Listening to Black Sabbath Heaven and Hell. Ask me anything.

Taxidermist doorbell

The things you can find online....

Game Boy Advance...

I love Robert Evans, and I think he's still incredibly sexy.

can someone please tell me

"Hey! Weren't you that 'Roof is on Fire' guy!"

Clark on CNN NOW...on Iraq........

Don't put it down Best one around

Fahrenheit 911 torrent

I have seen the future, and it is yak!

Do Orcs make good pets?

Should I attend this George W. Bush house party on July 15th? (Must read)

I got a job... at critter central

What's your favorite product placement in a TV show?

F911- Am I the only one feeling vindicated these days?

F911 - The New Rocky Horror Picture Show?


I am so totally pissed off with satellite TV.

I have seen the furniture, and it is yak!

Goin' Back

Is it legal to shoot photos inside a public building?

Is there something offensive about this "Soul Collector" TV movie on now?

Music hath charms to sooth the

"Clinton's book should be put in the fiction section."

Help! Need Pics - Anti-Bush*

Just a thought: what would John Lennon, if he had lived, thought of

simple things are often the best

Why is Andy Richter playing a father to teens?

F911 is a smash of historic proportions

Why don't you take me to the smokehouse......

I just want to send a big thank you to the Weinstein brothers

Giant Multinational Corporations You Love

Something I put in my livejournal: Pro-Life=/=Anti-Abortion

"The Corporation" - the movie.....everyone needs to check this out...

Are croc pets worth it?

Just went to some Off road Races...

For those who saw F9/11: Anyone interesting hanging outside your theater?

Fan of the movie 'Hoosiers'? The finale is coming up on ESPN Classic

DU Gardeners! Your expert input, please!

My tee-shirt just arrived (yesterday)

Adventure Computer Game Hall of Fame:

I met Michael Moore today, ask me anything!

Well, well, well!

Dale Earnhardt Jr. tells his crew to see F9/11 day before the race.

Biscuits & gravy: Food of the gods, or deadly toxin?

What was the best original Star Trek Episode?

I just home from an afternoon of pure racism!

I have had,...enough.

My yak lives on prime real estate

Well, well, well!

Bootleg Toys

Crutchfield: Better than the rest, or is there better?

Do me a DU favor?

Let's buy aircraft carries

Since when did Wrigley stop making normal gum with sugar?

Any other guys think "The guy code" is a load of shit and not abide by it?

Walla Walla Onion Rings and Antonio Carlos Jobim

Car problem, could I get any possible hints or advice?

Do you believe in luck?...................

So are you gloating over F9/11 box office record?

AHHHHHHH......YUCK,I just saw......

Philly Fans *shaking head*

My stuff is finally at the new place. Now all I have to do is unpack it!

Nice to kick some Longhorn ass! Go Cal State Fullerton!

Goddamnit I want a smoke!

So, some freeper came up to me in a bar, after I'd seen F911

Six Feet Under tonight.. WTF?

8:30 on Sunday and I'm fucking bombed

I'm tired of talking about F911. How was "White Chicks"?

Will...F9/ do doom da da doom doom...for * ?

Heads up! NOW with Bill Moyers is on.

XM or Sirius? anybody have them?

Any Pantheists, potential Pantheist, or Anti-Pantheists on board tonight?

Prettiest (pop) song ever?

The Incredibly Evil Machine.. (brilliant)

someone PLEASE turn this site in has a hate site (FR)

Alas, poor Yourick,I kninda knew him.

Did anyone else live in a town/city like I did?

President Kerry's First Whitehouse News Conference.

Well I just saw F/911....Everyone please read.

The "good ole' days"--Did they really exist?

So how was everyone's Gay Pride Sunday?

Next Must-See Movie: "Silver City"

I just rode 100 miles on my bicycle!!! Ask me anything.

Caption Rummy!

Worst thing about F9/11

W.B.Yeats Thread

Bush in Ireland photo (begging for a caption)

Does new Fundie neighbor deserve baked goodies?

It's been rainin' too much...damn deadly skeeters are swarmin'.....

So what does everybody have planned for the 4th?

Favorite Joni Mitchell song...............

PING DUers who live in the UK

Watching the Yankees-Mets game on ESPN.

I want to start a College For Evil - what classes should I have?

DU chefs I have a problem and I need advice!!! re: glass cooktop

Political Poetry Corner

Oh, what a day I had.....I need my Xanax................. CAPTION

Nader has the hairiest neck I've ever seen on a non-monkey

Am I only person on the planet that hates Mel Brooks?

Thread Ideas to Get you Banned


DUers you'd like to have a beer with?

Hide your kids and avert your eyes, its a DU pic post

OK, that's it. Naderites are on par with Bush supporters

if there are any Nader supporters here....

Nader seeks help from republicans in gaining Arizona ballot access

I've seen Kerry bumper stickers in normally conservative areas!

"BREAKING: Greens Snub Nader, Target Bush. Cobb Chosen"

Iowa Governor Makes His Case

Kerry's ADA record the highest, even higher than Kucinich...

Squeeze Voodoo Doll causes frenzy at F9/11 LA screening

Does Cobb and the GP have automatic ballot access in swing states?

Like Senate in F9/11, Nader also rejects Congressional Black Caucus pleas

October Surprise

What's the deal with Wisconsin?

NYTimes buying $1.5 million in gifts for Republicans during NYC convention

Goat's 7 minutes:Ad, by an issue group, on "Leadership"

Saw something that worries me

Dean sees Nader support as biggest threat to Kerry

Log Cabin Repubs at Orlando Pride (hilarious)

Naderites - did you attend GLBT pride parades this month?

F 911 on the local news, channel 10 san diego

"Lee Iacocca Endorses Kerry for President" (backed Bush in '00)

Gen. Clark on Anderson Cooper SUNDAY NIGHT-8:00 pm EST

Wes just got mike jacked on Cnn! They just cut his volume

Will Nader Leave the Race Before November? edits "wild-eyed" ad, still lies like shit

How about Jerry Brown on the ticket?

Carl Hiaasen: In this election, nothing will go wrongg

new Wisconsin poll: Bush up 46-42 Nader has 5%

did John Kerry get a new hair cut/style ?

I think Kerry would make a more liberal president than Clinton

I just gave $40 to the Russ Feingold campaign

My Wes Clark Experience

How secure are Bush and Kerry web sites: An Analysis

here's how to counter many RW talking points

Could Dems end up winning the battle but losing the war?

CNN cuts Gen. Clark completely OUT of the 11:00 p.m. Replay of CNN ...

I am sick of people tearing down John Edwards.

I DEMAND A FINAL ANSWER...why did the Democrats act like eunuchs

Nader: Is he really a threat w/o the Green endorsement?

Edwards turns on the charm to build Kerry base

OK hubby just scared me half to death

I have it from an insider that the VP is Clark's to take or reject.