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Archives: June 26, 2004

WP Editorial: Conduct Unbecoming (Cheney)

Tucker Carlson on PBS

Blues' election case slammed by judge - TW

Russia could make subs for Taiwan

Mongolian MPRP `will win' poll

F 9/11 in Texas

Help! What was the last line in Fahrenheit?

When you have a choice...

Does anyone know what news executive Cheney called to complain?

Shrub told Michael Moore to get a job

Bush Administration must be scared; they're bringing back Mad Cow disease

Michael Moore on Conan tonight

"Operation Cakewalk" and other songs at MoveLeft Media

My one complaint about F911

Moore Edited Out Important Sequence!

Activists in Ireland: Arrest Bush!

dumb but curious question

Monday - Call White House - Give Message to Cheney to F... Off

Does anyone know the name of Michael Moore's new movie?

Bomb Threat At Nashville F911 Screening?

Two more Marines killed in Afghanistan....

M Moore on OFranken right now.......rerun at 11:34 PM, CST

"I can accept incompetence, I cannot accept self righteous incompetence."

Was Fahrenheit the most touching 9/11 tribute you've seen?

Kerry: I have never asked anybody to be my Vice-President.

Koppel/Nightline nailing Shrub.......just now on in central timezone

RE: Fahrenheit 9/11 - A Review. I just want to say something....

The theater was packed!!

Why aren't there any bluckbuster pro-war or anti-guncontrol Documentaries?

Moore on Conan O'Brien tonight -- coming up soon (12:45 am)

If every American was made to watch this movie what would happen?

Shows you how sorry and completely controlled the US media is

Betty Bowers Asks: Is President Bush A Homo?

A Freeper Take on F 9-11

Let's SING for Michael Moore.

Rethuglicans JUSTIFY Hitler Ad!!!! mass email sent out...

Do we like our leader like that..........?

Anyone else hate Britney Spears even more now?

moore new movie opening

Farenheit 9/11 in Chapel Hill NC

Howard Dean appreciation thread

Fahrenheit 9/11 forces the paradigm shift

Houston Chronicle - Americans in Kabul hold Kerry Fundraiser

HK braces for huge democracy protest

S Korean security officials to meet over Iraq killing

$2.65m to 'save' hardliner's mosque

Boy stabbed in anti-Semitic attack in Belgium

New York Times: Streets to Be Blocked to Secure GOP Convention

Oh Crap!

This One's Called Michael Moore


ok,ok, I'll post my nasty habits!

why are Australians so damn good?

Hot steaming sausages in the buns...

Just got back from F911 in Spokane....

Which is better?

Tomorrow will be a special day

Let's Listen to Some John Phillips

Got stuck behind a Republican car earlier today.

Some advice needed on my new Sirius receiver

It's been a long time comin'

a young freeper punk at my job gets taken down

Who here has listened to the band Blue Cheer?

Any one got the pic of the morAn guy?

Isn't It Time?

I have a sudden urge to watch "Dragnet"

Soccermoms and Soccerdads in DROVES taking their kids to F9/11

let's listen to some Emo Phillips

I cried during F-911.

let's listen to some Utah Phillips

Report from KCMo.... F911... all shows sold out... Kerry workers

Favorite Sexy Cartoon Character?

Did you guys enjoy the Farenheit soundtrack, too?

should DU have random breath testing?

Why would a person cover themselves completely except for the eyes?

What additional scene would you like to have seen in F911?

Oh no, it's a lame Quiz: What does love mean to you?

What song is playing in your head this minute?

What Do You Say When You Stub Your Toe?

How will Maria Shiver handle Dubya?

Canada's role in Arar's ordeal

Torture: The crucial role of health professionals

Rehnquist, Cambodia & Abu Ghraib (Shapiro in The Nation)

Abu Ghraib Comes Home: Alien Detainees and Private U.S. Contractors

Mapping the matrix of torture trauma

Coup still scars Guatemalans 50 years later

Another Good Reason to Go See F-9/11 THIS WEEKEND

Break the Silence of Uganda's Lambs

Speakout: Picture of Venezuela's Chavez twisted

Affirming Life

elite, parasitic subsociety exploits American working class?

NYTimes on the Zarqawi link

Alterman: Slacker Friday - Rush, Nader, Rumsfeld...

The Best Goebbels of All? (Frank Rich)

Could Your Child Be Drafted? - Family Circle

Limbaugh Has No Place on the Front Line

NYT Video Minute - A.O. Scott on F9/11

Politics is not a Spectator Sport

Woolsey, the CIA, and the Coming Information War

I'll see your Chris Hitchens and raise you a William Grigg

On eve of Milwaukee convention: Green Party divided over Nader campaign

Will Hutton (London Observer): Your time is up, George

'Fahrenheit 9/11' Opens in Omaha to Packed Screenings

What `October Surprise' might be in store for Americans this fall?

'Fahrenheit 9/11' burns journalists along with Bush

Ann Coulter's baby brother finds an audience

Moore's documentary delivers the goods

Are They Losing It?

Here's a headline (or 2) I'd like to see while Tom Friedman is on leave

Bush - the only U.S. president to get a poor reception in Ireland

Fahrenheit 9-11 and the Burning of Bush: A review, by M. Rectenwald

The gay marriage panic (Salt Lake Trib)

RNC Protest resources from UFPJ now available.

WNUR/This is HELL.

The Lying Liars of MSGOP caught publishing a Lie Whore pic!

Guy James on now.

Sent CNN email re: Johnson funeral, Why the HELL are they covering

NYT's David Brooks: "All Hail Moore"

Where's the Outrage?

Today's Thoughts

Another silly AAR ad -- one thing you do want in your house....


I was watching a feature on NWI this morning

ACTION ALERT; Don't throw money down a nuclear pit

A. Einstien ripped off Henri Poincar`e as to theories of relatvity

China slams US arms sales to Taiwan

Nigerian senator cleared of murder charges

Leave Iran to the Iranians

Drunken driver gets life in prison

Family fights city to keep afloat

If the AWB sunsets...


Really bad photo in GD, Mods, Admins. Think poster went ott, and don't

hate mail

Regarding polls on the DU...

Has DU been invited to any of the Insider Politico Parties for Dem Conv.

sorry to bother you with a silly request, but

UN Human Rights Experts Slam Israel Over Rights Violations

Israel: Army fury at Hebron soldiers' brutality exhibition

Israeli fear sparks alliance with foe

The disease of racism and how to cure it

Here's an interesting thing

Al-Zarqawi-AnAmerican False Flag Operative

Chicago Pride Parade and Obama (6/27/04)

AFSCME convention - Thanks, CA

CA State proposal boosts trapping and hunting - More red foxes, bobcats

NOTE: F-911 - Pulled from Pavillion Place NOT Har Mar

HELLO ALL who made it to F9/11 at the Lagoon on Friday

Raised in Minnesota, I have a request

F911:Packing 'em in in Royal Oak

Ohio F-9/11 viewers respond to Moore's website.

Congressman Ney strikes back

Need info concerning Philly

Correcting My Flags Post

Wisconsinites who've been to Iraq say ...

Appleton F/911 update for Friday

$3100 per US household to support war in Iraq.

Interesting article about Israeli Soldier's photos...

USA Today: F 9/11 "will turn Bush-haters into bigger Bush-haters"

Now that Moore has exposed the real enemy, what will be their next step?

Craig Kilborn joke about F911

F-911 made me realize I am beyond outrage.

Well I am Pissed OFF!

Most powerful part of F 9/11: the bookend scenes of the grieving women.

some asshole on Aaron Brown ripping F 911

I was "asked to leave" The Grove in LA tonight... holding a

Fahrenheit 9-11 and the Burning of Bush: A review, by M. Rectenwald

I have a Mission

Uh-oh...the Presidential Prayer Team prayers appear to not be working

Coalition of the Wild Eyed Website

I have been gone for two days, on a trip. The night before last,

Shrubs are good for the environment. How will you vote?..LOL

Any indictments coming in Plamegate?

F911 should be viewed by every teenager considering military service

Amidst all the F911 euphoria, let's not forget the BBV problems.

RWers and their Moore-is-a-Narcissist nag...


Bernie Ward's theme tonight is F-9/11 --- He wants callers who've seen it

If Michael Moore made a movie about Joe Scarborough..

Random thoughts on Clinton, Nixon...

Other "anti-Bush" movies - Have you seen........?

Dennis Miller on Leno

F 9/11 in coastal Alabama...

Late night Photoshop fun

I just got back from F9/11.

Ya'll see this article? Pretty dang cool for yahoo. Rate it.

My fully guaranteed "5-4, not 7-2, freepshow!" cut & paste

Do we need a Fahrenheit 911 forum?

should we give $10 for the CapAlert people to see F9/11?

AOL on Al Gore on "Welcome Screen":

f911 sold out in San Jose, CA.

F911 on Yahoo Movie Review. Rate it! Were losing this one. Call to action!

cops at Fahrenheit 9/11 showings

Anyone else feel that Michael Moore didn't make this movie for us?

Oregon conservatives boost Nader

Either they don't know, don't show or don't care whats going on!

Bush gets his cheese grilled!

Went to See F911 tonight...

Spot on F-9/11 "review" from a Bush lover/Moore protestor

Freeway Blogger (YUO = PWN3D)

Kerry gives Bu$h

IMDb rating of f911 seriously freeped

laura bush refuses to do interview with irish reporter

Where Was This Supreme Court About Nine Years Ago?

F9/11 Leafletting Almost Ends In Arrest-Similar experiences?

Dallas, Texas showing of F911 very interesting indeed!!!

Wow! Just happened. 7:10am, Dallas, WFAA Channel 8, 2 whole

Poll: Which scene in F9/11 will have the biggest effect on voters?

Rush, Hannity, and Savage Weiner on vacation on F9/11 opening day


Post local newspaper coverage of F911 here.

Question for those who saw F911

9:17 a.m. ALERT Bush* speech on European Summit on CNN, MSNBC n/t

Moonie-Gate Continues...

Playing poker with Dick Cheney (very funny)

On the Frist letter..only 1 senator contacted will never guess who

Moviefone calls F/911 politcally-motivated propaganda

List of Quotes from Repubs re: MoveOn Hitler Ad?

Mr. Cheney, your pants are on fire!

Did you hear that the Bush adm. banned their staffs from F911?

Who would like to join my wife & I in a wild S&M swinging cage party?

Wingers Freeping Boston Globe F9/11 Message Board: PLEASE HELP!!

Documentary Draws Bush Bashers: Charleston, SC Newspaper

Markstein Cartoon re Walmart - notice the little smiley

any estimates on viewership of F9/11

Is there something Vichy about Baghdad and June 30?

Noticed several Repub comments that they refuse to $upport F911...

IMDB Rating of F9/11 Freeper's are Busy!

Ads for F9/11 could be banned by the Fed Elections Commission

Because of Moore, Americans can no longer say "We didn't know"....

Op-ed from NYT on Zarqawi

" Axis of Deceit " Australian Intelligence whistleblower's book

Movies You Hated But Didn't See

Rant about Political Correctness and Ignorance(or stupidity)

Bush* Irish press conf: terror blah blah terror blah blah blah blah

113F/45C in Nasiriyah. Do you know where Bush is murdering your children?

Irish Times poll re: how to treat Shrub

Amy Goodman on "Ring of Fire" (AAR) 10-11 a.m. Saturday

Demi Moore yells insults at on-screen Dubya in F-9/11

Bev Harris on "This is Hell" at 10am EDT -- listening link

"Forget the Sex Scandal and the Cursing - It Is the Democraps Who Are Wide

Spokesman for pro-F911-ad censorship worked on Clinton Chronicles!

DemonFighter's Review of Fahrenheit 911

Best "Fist Pumping" scene of F911? (SPOILER)

AirAmerica archives...

Dick Cheney: Mr. Conflict of Interest. F U.

Maybe the "first President of the U.S. who has brainwashed himself."

The "Uniter" vs "Big Dog" death match

Protestors delay Presidential press conference

Global warming...some facts?


For the well informed-- was there anything in F9/11 you didn't know about?

Extra-high cannabis theory goes up in smoke

Republicans go to war..... with each other..... NEOCON vs. PALEOCON

BUSH*'s UNDERSHIRT!!!! MSNBC has the clip, but you have to listen

11:05 : CNN "discussing" Michael Moore. n/t

"Go get a job" was a caption of a photo about F911 movie

Will F9/11 awaken the people to the lies of the Whoremedia?

our local paper reports on F9-11

Does anyone have a link for * Irish interview?

Has your opinion of soon-to-be President Kerry changed?

Orphans in IRAQ and the Balkans

F911 - I never knew Fox News "called Florida for Bush 1st" vs the others..

"America...Go F * *K Yourselves! " is what Cheney really said...

Ill. GOP Scrambles for Senate Candidate

Streisand Sings, Kerry Smiles (WilHORen at it again)

The View From America: Responses to Fahrenheit 9/11

Drudge: FU long overdue!

F911 shuns Pinellas Co., FL - 4th largest city in FL gets Cold Shoulder

Judge Regrets Comparing Bush to Hitler

Cheney tells Democrates to go forth and multiply!

DU needs a temporary F911 forum?

8 in 10 Support McCain-Lieberman Climate Change Legislation

Looking back over the past three and a half years, I am

Unbelievable...Full House for F9/11 in Repuke infested...

Absolute PROOF of Republican hypocrisy

F911 in Oklahoma City

Ted Olson: Getting Out Ahead of the Storm

Cheney LIES again!

Archbishop says pro-choice voters should confess

Shut the fuck up Cheney, we need you!

My apology to some DUer's...

Everyone should listen to this....

Gore showing such passion these days begs the question:

Re: EXPLOSIVE INDICTMENTS. Why won't Asscroft block them?

If Wh Had not tried to suppress F911, would it have so many people flocking

Now even Newsmax is predicting the DRAFT, Col. Ray (must read!)

The NBC "truth squad" evaluates F9-11 COMING UP ON MSNBC

I apologize: I was gone for two days and now I have posting sickness..

I can't think about Ted Olson w/o thinking about his wife's murder

Was Ted Olson involved with LIHOP/MIHOP?

"This is the biggest opening day ever" - Charleston, SC

Something I noticed about F9-11 audience--polite

TNR: Consertives Don't Mind Hypocrites

"Michael Moore Is A Big Fat Stupid White Man" A new book by

Where were the Freepers at F9/11? Report any sightings here!

What effect is F911 having on the conservative friends you took to it?

F911 - Radio talk show & TV news crews at Plano, TX showing

Let's try again. Anyone care to share experiences taking others to F911?

Stepping Out to a Cold Irish Welcome

Persecution complex

When the government attacks another country one of their first targets


US Could Join International Criminal Court In 'As Soon As 20 Years'

I certainly hope Michael Moore doesn't let his guard down...

Forget Undershirts, Economic Growth (GDP) Revised DOWNWARD!!! Lies!!!!

Want to get some Freeper and NeoCon panties in a bunch? *lol*

John Ashcrofts Singing

Free F/9-11 clip here

Carlyle Group just bought Loews theater chain

White House off limits

MM said on Howard Stern that EuroDisney is 23% Saudi ownership

Did you hear about the Colorado Catholic Bishop Michael Sheridan

How about the Asscrust scene where he is taking...

Feds: Mad Cow Never Entered Food Chain

The Greens Gather, Sharply Split Over Nader's Run

Is there any way we can urge a convention invite for Lila?

Farenheit just might be what delivers Ohio. . .

Latin America Is Growing Impatient With Democracy

F-9/11 on DVD - when will that happen?

F9/11 top grossing film Friday

What are the numbers? Is F9/11 number one film this weekend?

Looking at the big picture: Terror, Plame, oil, Iraq, CIA, Saudis, & Bush

"C'mon now, boy..."

F9/11 TOP GROSSING FILM FRIDAY (despite being in 2000 less theaters)

Repost: Where in the World is James R. Bath?

F911 makes the Media "look bad "as well -- another reason to see it.

Anyone have the "Wild-eyed/Hitler" Democrats ad in a easily spreadable..

Freepers post photos of theater owner who rated F-911 PG-13.

Frigging CNN

Bush in F/911

"To The 5 Boroughs" - anti-smirk - is number one on the charts

Countdown to Handjob

Should Disney shareholders sue over F911?

Did anyone where blue at the movie?

Thom Hartmann on Sirius 143....discussing Ike's Military complex warning.

Link to Irish Interview

Not only is he DUMB or BLIND he is DEAF

Am I the only one that doesn't much care about Fahrenheit 9/11?

Why Moore left stuff out

Subject: White House bans staff from Fahrenheit 9/11

Honor, integrity or uniting? Which one of these traits is the

Rate shrub's Emerald Isle trip on the 1-10 propaganda scale:

What is this about Bush in his underwear?

Shaggy in the Marines - Recruiters were Misleading

Anybody gonna tell me nice shot?

Why Ryan wanting to have sex in public wasn't kept sealed:

Reality Check On Michael Moore

Michael Moore believes in Oil Wars, some Arabic not translated

Any CONVERTS? Please post if your RW friend saw the light after F9/11.

So in 20 years, when *'s memoirs come out, what do you think he'll say...

Republicans comparing Dems to Hitler?

Did we talk about Zen Miller speaking at GOP convention?

I have a stupid question. What does "lol" mean? Am I the only one

What if everybody did what Bush and Cheney do?

So when will the RW attack machine start on Lila Lipscomb?

Why Agnew had to resign first

WaPo: Buzz Around Moore's Movie May Be Able to Shake the Election

What is Shrub doing in this pix with PM Bertie Ahern? Scratching one leg

Freepers in F911

I usually just delete these

How Long Will Allawi Last In Iraq?

MSNBC Repeating, repeating Monica's interview with the British tabloid...

A 2000 Election theft-helper is running for congress in my district

Which Bush admin dickhead can you not wait to see leave the most?

F 9/11 is making the Freepers heads explode! Check it out!

"Don't try to take a speck out of your eye, if I got a log in my own."

Reminder for those getting sick of the F911 threads

Check out the pics of F911 at

Bill O'Reilly deceit about Iraq/al Qaeda relationship, exposed by Franken

...and isn't "The Hunting of the President" coming out soon, too?

Hitler, Kerry, F911...

Flashback; Remember the "Kerry is imploding" stunt the right tried?

Got A Link To The F911 Site

CNN's Amanpour reporting thousands of pieces new equipment for Iraqi Army

Bush behaves like an ASS in Ireland and CNN/MSNRC cut it off!

People can't handle it

If Bush/Cheney resigns from Plame, is it Pres. Powell, Frist or Hastert?

Hitler/Kerry, or Hitler/Bush. New commercial looks like Hitler/Bush

We have another enemy...

I am tired of the hate, tired of humanity, if the here and now is

OK... my obligatory F911 thread.... Santa Cruz, CA

Drudge, can't stand the fact the movie doing so well

My next prediction --- F911 Merchandise..

Letter to Cheney

Osama Bin Laden and Clinton and...

F9/11 Sold Out Sat. Afternoon & Fri Nite ---Richmond, Va

Richard Clarke-did he arrange the bin Ladens' exit from the U.S.?

Where can I find the transcript of the Irish interview?

Really not a good week for Republical 'morals', eh?

..."one of the most corrupt politicians in the United States. ..."

Desparate? Who's desparate?

Yahoo at last features F9/11 blockbuster story!

Bush's Kerry/Hitler ad rocks

Mr. Moore's film has been out for days...

Oh... I DO Love This !!!

Anyone know where I can download F.911?

Cheney: US hooked up Hussein with Zarqawi

Best headline pun for "Fahrenheit 9/11?"

Any News Of Indictments?

'Fahrenheit 9/11' causes a rise in temperatures

Thank you, Eisner, Disney, Thank you very much!

I'd like to see a statistic re: Saudi Ambassador visits

Zell Miller to speak at republican convention

GOOD NEWS: Long time republicans to vote for Kerry

What are the chances that, after we "hand over" sovereignty to

I just saw F9-11

Hitler Image Used in Bush Campaign Web Ad

European Union = Satanic? You make the call.

My Idea for a Kerry Ad

Should Dick Cheney fuck himself?

Okay my review of Fahrenheit 9/11 (more of a summary)

The Media and Dick Cheney

One Sane Freeper Among The Raving Maniacs

This Week in Review (not a bad week!)

Will DVD version of 9-11 have new info/footage, ie. Chalabi?

f911 and police at the theatres....

fahrenheit 9/11 is going to break all records !!!

Big Dog f's Monica again

Since the campaign for shrub is using the Hitler ad,

NY Times Protects Big Time Dick Cheney, won't quote him on "fuck yourself"

If Smirky can't handle one Irish journalist, then ............

Welcome to Plan B

Look at the scale of F911: here is some data to compare

So GHW Bush is the only former president still taking CIA briefings huh?

Poker with Dick Cheney. lol

what did "Passion" gross on opening night?

al sistani calls zarquawi and bin laden 'filthy infidels'

The Far Left Philosophy is NOT Communism or Marxism

F911: Too few screens in some states!

What in the World is the White House Crew thinking now that F911

Mel Gibson to Re-Make "Fahrenheit 451"?

bush is worst than hitler!

McClellan on Cheney suggesting Leahy "F" himself: "These Things Happen"

I'm about to go to a John Kerry fundraiser...

Another review of Fahrenheit 9/11 spotted

Movie Goer Assaulted at Fahrenheit 9/11 Showing

Josh Marshall is back

My local Fox channel actually showed the demonstration in Ireland

Is there a word for inadvertent commentary?

Campaign Finance Reform Question

Excellent New Review of F9/11 from NYT's .....Interesting Observations.

Freepers still believe Saddam attacked us on 9/11...

Embarassing Pictures of Bush in underwear

Bush Brushes Off Criticism in Europe

So, do you plan on seeing F9/11 more than once?

As disturbing as some footage was, seeing F911 was cathartic for me.

Fucking Republicans buying tickets for other movies, and sneaking

Dumya doesn't know what day it is....

Which are you more worried for, re: Michael Moore:

Let the Republicans crow about F911

Justice Scalia scares the crap out of the other Justices....

Anybody have link to transcript of RTE interview with chimpy?

Anybody else tired of the "WE" and "OUR" references from

A soundtrack?

Moore's next documentary should be strictly about the media

Think the RW is all in a tizzy now (F911)...

OK Greens, I love you again!

How much vacation has Bush had since April 03?

Mike Moore, you've changed my life.

george dreams of his trip to baghdad..........cartoon

What? No cats?

AP: F911 Tops $8 million in its first day

LOL, Freepers are going nuts!!!!

Salt Lake Tribune gives Fahrenheit 9/11 3.5/4 stars.

Bush Is to Blame

Iraq combat: What it's really like -letter to a reporter

Farenheit 911 in Times Square

F911 is not some sort of opposite of the Passion

Reagan aide slams neo-con policies

Did Ralph Nader just show his cards? (Capital Gang clip)

only 4 months till the election......any damn thing could happen

Tom DeLay's Amoral Code

If you really, really like F911

Identifying film clips in F-911

How do you apply for a position on the draft board?

Where's the underwear pic?

Think F9/11 Will Impact the Polls?

Folks on line at F9/11 pelted with tomatoes (Denver)

Just saw Fahrenheit and passed out about 30 voter registration apps.

F911 - Montana Feedback - Billings Gazette

Biggest Less Than 2,000 Theater Box Office Openings Ever

How do they get away with this?

frigging Zell Miller is going to speak at the GOP convention.

F 911 -will it hold until November?

Don't Kill The Messenger

What ever happened to the DUer who was going to start an alternative

Michael Moore Is A Big Fat Stupid White Man

CBS Evening News MIA tonight in this corner of freeperland. Saturday.

Funny, I didn't see a single "wild-eyed" person at F911 today

Bush: War not inciting terrorists

Most politically significant revelations in F911, for non DUer types

Does anyone know where President Clinton is this week...

CNN showing Fit To Kill now (8PM EST)

Anyone able to verify this? Re: Hussein, June 30th, assassination

F911 in Nashville: Saturday, all but 2 shows sold out!

Most shocking F911 moments?

I was solicited for money by the Republican National Committee

How I spent my summer vacation - by Dick Cheney

Big Dog book signings on BookTV/c-span2 - 9:30pm est

Ireland: Is * going to alienate ANOTHER ally?

If we can't hand out voter registration cards, what about

White House Admonishes Carole Coleman RE: RTE Irish Interview

CNN Ron Reagan interview replay (Larry King) now!

I photoshoped the Chimp.What do you think?

US Dance Stars Mobilise Against Bush

Federal prosecutors interviewed Bu$h on 6/24 about Plamegate.

Yet ANOTHER F/911 Post - This Time from Tulsa

Kerry calls Pugs dishonest and they freak, Cheney tells Leahy FU and nada?

WIll Farenheit be released on DVD in October?

Tom Delays Amoral Code

Something Wicked this Way Comes

I will see F911 Tomorrow

No blog or forum for Chimpy's campaign?

I saw F9/11 here in Bush country today!

The out of fashion Christ.

Bush/Coleman IRISH JOURNALIST "confrontation". * looks like an egomaniac!

The crowd was searched for weapons at Fahrenheit 9/11 movie.....

Guardian: The multibillion robbery the US calls reconstruction (Iraq)

Fahrenheit 9/11: A Conservative Critique (In favor of the film)

U.S. Base Damages Ancient Babylonian Temple

The Interrogation of George W. Bush , The Plame Affair

"Bush Declares End to Iraq Rift at EU Summit"

Atrios reports : questions submitted 3 days in advance (Irish TV intv)

photos of Dublin anti-Bush demo

Oh Goody! A documentary exposing Faux News.

I NEVER go to the movies and I've seen F/911 twice.

My F911 expreience and the house of Saud...

F911 = A- / But Why no Hitler or Nazi refererences ?

Where did Michael Moore get all this awesome footage? Does he

In the transcript of VP Cheney's interview on Fox News today...

I want to shake the hand of that soldier in the hospital in F 9/11...

Tenet is in deep.

The Heroes of 9/11

DU this poll Freepers flooding Harris Poll ...Calling all DUers

If Bill O'Reilly lived in the 17th century...

Who wrote F9/11? We did, right here at DU.

So after Kerry wins...

Ken Lay sez: " "I take full responsibility for what happened at Enron"

Funniest part in F911

394,228th F911 Thread: A Suggestion.

Freepers flooding Harris poll now. DU this thing.

Limbaugh, Hannity and Savage all on vacation at the same time?

Who thinks Alex Polier should sue Drudge for defamation?

When is Kerry going to pic a V.P?

Greens nominate Cobb (do not endorse Nader)

Is the US polarized?

CNN's Greenfield is about to "take F9/11 apart with a critical eye"

Bush on RTE - "the God I know is one that promotes peace and freedom"

Didn't F911 prove that mainstream media has been....

Any firsthand sightings of Freepers/Bushies/Fundies at F 9/11?

I think MoveOn should organize people to hold signs outside F911

Have you seen F-911 (& will you see it again?)

The deteriorating Bush

Did anyone else hear David Cole's O'Reilly story on Franken's show?

caption needed...pickles and bush* arriving at Shannon Airport

Now that F9/11 is a Success (Bx Of Open) does anyone "smell" anything?

damn, monica is slamming bill hard

CNN: Jeff Greenfield RE: F-9/11. Has he seen the light?

It's F9/11 in Phoenix!!!!

Did Hezbollah really endorse F-911?

What will RW media say on Monday when Moore's movie is #1?

watch Hannah Storm's interview with Michael Moore

So when is "Gore TV" going to be launched?

Flame away - I think all the people dissing F 9/11 are doing a disservice!

Geez, what a spoiled, whiney brat Bush is, unbelievable,

Will we back the CBC THIS time, when more votes are "lost" than in 2000?

What's going on here?

The Essense of Addiction article is great!

Were it not for FOX News would Gore be President?

Wild "Guy James Show" today!! Please keep kicked!

CHENEY'S FU: What Do We Tell The Children???

A Rethug's reaction to F911

F9/11: America is SOLD and Bush is OUT (Google News)

They called Mrs. Lipscomb ON THE PHONE?

Saw F 911 in Tupelo Mississippi. The only place in the state

Bush had the questions from that Irish reporter beforehand...

$10,000 per night is how much money over 2,000 theaters are turning down!

List faults you find with F911

Bush/Cheney promoting extreme fear, to set up a terrorist attack before

Big Dick Cheney plays Monopoly..............cartoon

My son's Marine recruiting officer just dropped by!

Northwind's review and impressions of F911 (minor spoilage)

Sex Scandal. GOP hypocrisy. Jack Ryan of GOP drops US Senate bid.

CBS Evening News -VERY anti-bush tonight

If Bush is going after Irish reporter, think what he does to Cnn, Msnbc,

The most moving scene in F 9/11 for you?

Parasitic subsociety of elites exploiting American working people?

I made the cut, Im in it! :)

George W. Hubris

Moore's next movie should be about how the media failed us.

It drives me crazy when they say I am not patriotic (vent)

Amber Alert: The rantings of a freeping idiot...Get her a job on FOX

Has anybody seen any reports about Protests in Turkey?

I had this idea after seeing the 3 new Turks who the terrorists are . . .

Ted Koppel should make up his mind

Teen's documentary film captures national contest

Could the Internet have stopped Hitler's genocidal madness?

Green Party rejects Nader as nominee

E-Voting House testimony:certification process "virtually non-existent."

easy way to help the new Michael Moore movie

Bush is *not* Hitler!

Who came off as the worst in Fahrenheit 911?

How will F911 play with Nader supporters?

Do you have any Republican friends?

Why didn't the Senate support the CBC objections over coup 2000?

Saw F9/11 last night in Houston and off to see it again tonight....

Drip, Drip, Drip, Drip, Drip, Drip, Drip.

DU this poll -- de-FReep Jacksonville, support F9/11

The most damaging aspect of F 9/11 is its humor.

Freepers flooding Harris poll DU..... this now.

F 9/11: An $8.2 MILLION dollar Friday!!!!!!

"F9/11 is bombing"

First Reports are in about F 9/11

Am I the only American who didn't see *'s limo pelted with eggs?

More proof Bush is a loser-files complaint in Irish embassy over interview

I loved the point MM made about "If it was the politicians children...

Gore speech, Rainbow/Push convention.....C-Span not covering?

Support the Irish reporter that Bush is trying to blacklist!

Help me with this poll DU!

An open letter to all you Republicans/Freepers/Conservatives

Cheney-Leahy question #1

bush ad says hitler is a democrat!?! (DNC email)

Barbara Bush footage in FH 9/11?

Michael Moore on "60 minutes" sunday 6/27

Freeping lizzards. they have posted over 700 in 15 minutes. DU

I Want To Know Who The "It's All Staged!" Woman Is.

Check out this Washington Dispatch thread...

"assassination by documentary"

Michael Moore Wants To Know: Are You Ready to Turn Up The Heat On GW Bush?

The main point of F 9/11: The War on Terror is a Sham...

For Lila Lipscomb

Has everyone donated to Babbit Hoeffel Murphy Wetterling (Moveon's 1st 4)?

DU this Harris Poll

Are there any African Americans Here??

"It's staged! It's all staged!" Woman Freeper exposed to millions!

135,000 American Casualties in Iraq

Just blasted a freeper and probably soon to be former friend...

Collecting Embarassing Pictures of Bush

Americans in Kabul Hold Kerry Fund-Raiser

Terrorism Witness Charged With Lying

Torture survivors seek support from Bush and Ahern

As Supreme Court prepares Guantanamo ruling, some say government ...

'Punish torturers' call

Saudis behead 53 prisoners during year

$35 million suits filed against Canada, Syria for alleged kidnapping, ...

Irish TV Crews Catch Bush Changing Clothes

British bash US military trials, Fault rules as 'unacceptable'

Centre heals the scars of torture

Americans In Kabul Hold Kerry Fundraiser | WCCO

U.S. Growth Slows in Quarter

Iraq Insurgency Showing Signs of Momentum

Iraqi Military Won't Get Tanks

UN Human Rights Experts Slam Israel Over Rights Violations

(CA) Campaign loophole closed

Criticism grows over Guantanamo detainees

Nine Die As Insurgents Hit Baqouba, Iraq ( Allawi's office blown up)

Car bomb rocks Irbil

Sex Scandal Brings Down Senate Candidate

Edwards tests enthusiam on rival's turf

F 9/11 #1 Friday Night

What `October Surprise' might be in store for Americans this fall?

Irish TV Crews Catch Bush Changing Clothes

Bush filmed in underwear

Opus Dei opposes Spanish domestic violence bill

Carr tells Latham to toe US line

U.S. and European Union Pledge NATO Aid for Iraq

Lugar Warns NATO Its Reputation at Stake in Iraq

UN Rights Experts Seek Access To Terror Suspects

Scientists Now Need OK to Consult WHO

John Dean says he doesn't know who 'Deep Throat" is

Protesters 'drive' Bush from Ireland: CNNI

Brutal Wave of Kidnappings Sparking Protests Across Latin America

Arafat vows (Olympic) Games truce

LAT: Standing Bush in a Corner (education as campaign issue)

Drivers Getting Break as Many Insurers Cut Rates

The Greens Gather, Sharply Split Over Nader's Run

Three Turkish business men taken hostage by Zucarwi and will

Ireland on anti-war footing as Bush visit triggers huge protest

Exposed: BP, its pipeline, and an environmental timebomb

UN predicts rapid nuclear growth

As Doctors Write Prescriptions, Drug Companies Write Checks

Iraq War Casualties Mounting for U.S. Citizen Soldiers, No Letup in Sight

Ivory Coast slams murder of French soldier

US gives Cuba travellers until July 31 to return

F9/11 daily box office ### AMAZING!, simply incredible!

SA, Cuba put heads together over Africa

F-word 'made me feel better' (Cheney)

Mubarak fine after surgery, says minister

Moore film a hot ticket 'Fahrenheit 9/11' energizes the anti-Bush multitud

Gun owners shoot down firearm laws - SA

Coors, brewery part company on gay rights (brewery sponsors pridefest)

Newport accused of underage distribution

Bush declares end of Iraq rift at EU summit

Iraqi Prime Minister Says Insecurity Could Delay January 2005 Elections

Newsview: Bush Not Reagan Heir Envisioned

Nebraska Republican State Senator Arrested

Indigenous Resistance to Globalization

Tight group of swing voters could decide presidency

Democrat (Obama): Economy Squeezing Middle Class

Kerry will NOT speak in Boston Monday, honors police picket line

Pakistan PM tenders his resignation

Service Honors Slain Hostage Paul Johnson

W.House on Cheney Obscenity: These Things Happen

CNN: Jeff Greenfield RE: F-9/11. Has he seen the light?

Internet is Extremists' Channel of Choice

Kerry's Campaign Has Soared From Poorhouse to Penthouse

Cheney's Curse 'Not an Issue' With Bush

Infinity Says It Will Back Howard Stern on Indecency

WP: U.S. Edicts Curb Power Of Iraq's Leadership

Greens Reject Endorsement for Ralph Nader

Crimes of Others Wrecked Enron, Ex-Chief Says

BBC (early Sunday): Iraq leader warns of poll delay

Second Fatal Train-Vehicle Wreck in Two Days in Louisiana

Kerry delivers message of hope

Reagan aide slams neo-con policies

Edwards Turns On The Charm to Build Kerry Base (WP)

President Hugo Chavez Frias is gaining ground before recall referendum

Former Terrorism Czar Calls Iraq Invasion 'enormous Mistake'

Theater owner ditches 'Fahrenheit' film rating (PG-13 in Oakland, CA)

Green Party rejects Nader

CNN Breaking News, Car Bomb in Iraq kills 17, 40 Hurt

Kerry: Bush Has Neglected Latin America

WP: Allies' Rancor Over Iraq Is 'Over,' Bush Contends

Clash ahead of Bush visit to Turkey

McCain: Illegal Immigrants Should Get Chance to Become Citizens

KLASTV (Las Vegas) Movie Goer Assaulted at Fahrenheit 9/11 Showing

US would invade Iraq again if necessary: Cheney

Democrats Find Relief Among Allies at "Fahrenheit 9/11" (NYT)

Rasmussen Has Kerry Ahead in Florida

Doctor: Girl said mother tortured her

WP: Insurgency Leaves U.S. Forces Baffled

NYT: Aides Say Memo Backed Coercion for Qaeda Cases

Kathmandu: Nepal asked to allow UN envoy address torture claims

Beheadings Fuel Backlash Against Muslims

Angry White House pulls RTE (Ireland) interview

'Fahrenheit 9/11' Tops $8M in First Day

Short skirts invite rape, say principals

WP: CIA Puts Harsh Tactics On Hold

Foes of U.S. in Iraq Criticize Insurgents

Internet Is Extremists' Channel of Choice

Thousands of Revelers Parade for Gay Pride in Europe

(Schwarzenegger) reverses stand on shelters, reinstates waiting period

WP: Police Look for Clues In Slaying Victim's Life, Homeless Woman

Chilling call to murder as music attacks gays

Hitler Reappears in '04 Campaign, This Time in Bush Ad (NYT!)

Whew-that's the most furious bit of posting I've done in a while! Wahzzup?

friggle fraggle with the sniggle snaggle

In the mood for some Roy Wood/ Move wailing

Quiz: What are you addicted to?

"Yes" is on Craig Kilborn tonight. Tune in.

Utah Emo John screw all that

what is betadyne?

Yusuf Islam presented just for you

Bush Reacts To F 9/11 after special White House screening!!!


Tiddely Winkely said

Scott's Thoughts: Fahrenheit 9-11

What does it mean to have a collateral blood descendant?

"You can afford to be a Democrat"

The 1899 Louisville Colonels

Some one stole "My MSN"

What is a "Shivolay?"

Which is better?

Happy 48th birthday to Chris Isaak

What is the name of this made for TV terrorism movie?

Who's got the cinema link for showings and times?

a few goodies for jazz fans . . .

Sickest scene from Fahrenheit 9/11 - I almost puked when I saw it:

Just in time for the election: Fahrenheit 9/11 will be on DVD in Sept!!!

cats or dogs??

I have a new GrandKat

Cartoon: Steve Bell on Junior's Yurp visit

Romanian yogis hit by investigation

Who is going to the Gay Pride Celebration today?

What is your favorite Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode?

Two photos

Movies You Hated But Didn't See

List of things that make Evil Dick "feel better" (other than the F word)

Cool age comparison

I was witness to the worst staggette ever last night

Our love is like a ship on the ocean...

NHL Draft Day

Scratch and Sniff on the net

Looks like I'll be joining the vast media conspiracy...

Get your paws off me, you damn dirty APES!


What is your favorite political movie?

Blond Jokes

What do you call 13 bu*sh administration officals convicted of felonies?

Saturday Afternoon Mix CD Challenge

So, BC duers, I seem to have woken up hungover in Osoyoos

If you had to buy Dubya a book, what would you get him?

Am I the only one that thinks Springfield is not good?

Am I the only person who thinks Springsteen is not good?

Massive anti-Farenheit protest: = 2 people

Michelin denies paternity suit.

This answers a lot of questions...

the international police lineup of all CAPTIONs

I hate threats that

Damn penis pill commercial theme song stuck in my head!

Caption: Begorrah! Hope those pidgeons are continent...


Am I the only one who thinks spring time is good?

Am I the only one who thinks God is not Springsteen?

I hate threats that

Am I the only one who thinks Springer is not good?

Cheney does TOO have a heart, so stop saying that!

Am I the only one who thinks springer spaniels are not dogs?

Am I the only one who thinks spring rolls aren't not good?

Did Elvis save the Beaches? - (Inspirational dog story)-

Suggestions for good summer video movies?

Sad But True....

Something we realized at the F911 show last night:

Windows ME help needed

Woo-hoo! My first deleted thread!


Internet Hoax Warning!

Am I the only one who thinks Springtime for Hitler was a great show?

Am I the only one who thinks women are cats?


Anyone know where I can buy F911 poster?

Any suggestions of a good tv show to watch??

Since I can't see Fahrenheith 9/11 til Monday now

Today is my 5th Anniversary - Cancer-Free!

Has anybody heard from VelmaD? She seems to be MIA.

Damn Wimbledon and that Damn British Rain!

neat utility for finding cd key

I have a stupid question. What does "lol" mean? Am I the only one

'what do I do now?' CAPTION???

Important New CNN Poll: Is it true love for Britney?

De-FREEP This Poll!

Caption the Compassionate


Am I the only one who thinks springing for F 9/11 is good?

Why would a Multimillionare steal ANYTHING?

Cheney shows thumb that he's had up his ass since 2000

(OVALTINE TASTES GREAT!).......WTF?...It does?

I hate threads that

Knight, Bishop, CAPTION

Who's watching the Canadian Elections?

Clinton's bracelet? It's not what you think

Why put a house in the name of a business?

Are there customs inspectors at Eurorail stations? Is it a really bad idea

Did you get the feeling from the Marine recruiters in F9/11 that...

Your five most sucking bands/artists in history of mankind

CAPTION me when we get to Dramamine Castle

Ireland is for Lovers and CAPTIONs

What's A Freep?

My Fundie Mom's Forwarded E-Mails, part II

Your top five bands at this moment would be??????

Who here can't STAND Star Trek and all it's incarnations?

Who would you vote for Monday?

The Bush-Osama picture we can't post here:

Would it be unethical to blast shotgun holes in my ceiling

1 more reason to live: Star Trek (Orig. Series) Season 1 released 8/31!

My post in honor of Michael Eisner....

I'm Taking Time Off From DU to Watch a Movie

bahrbearian and I have experienced the crap that is "Begotten" ...

A conversation with the freepers

As a sociopath I found F911 to be an OK movie

Whoever Said F9/11 Was "Nothing New" Was Wrong

I'm trying to do a text wrap on Indesign - can someone help me out?

How'd you like to be that dumbass freeper woman in F9/11 today?

Attn: LA DUer's! Got my ticket for F-9/11 - 11:25 tomorrow morning...

What is the best ad/pop=up blocker out there?

Is my signature photo too big for your tastes? Thanks!

WI DUers: Notes on the feeding and care of my grandmother

So...anything good at the movies this weekend?

there is no way I am going to F911...

What was the best Star Trek (original series) Episode, in your opinion?

What do Canadian DUers think of this Spirit of the West ditty?

Am I the only one who thinks men are dogs?

So what did you get at today's gay pride sale-a-bration?

I just came back from a jazz festival in Breckenridge.

Texas couple names son ESPN in honor of the cable sports network


Coals are heating, "Greendale" is on the CD...

I am listening to Dream Theater's Images and Words. Ask me anything.

Pick a Coca-Cola!

What should Michael Moore's next movie be about:

Bop Bush

Ou est Master John Kleeb?

Am I the only one who thinks Springsteen is not God?

That's it! I'm not buying another pack!

I have not seen F-911 yet

What was the WORST: Star Trek The Next Generation Episode?

How long will I listen to Delay?


one of the most interesting promos for F 911 ive seen...

Rumor from the Leaky Cauldron

I hereby decree that Minnie Driver is a fiiiiiine lookin' woman

Okay.....dead post..but anybody into "Boy George"retrospectives?

Life in the '50s..... (the 1550s that is)

Punk Kittens!

What's a good grad gift for my niece?

I had the most delicious Veggie Burger at Red Robin... ask me anything!

Johnny Cash's Death got more attention on DU than Ray Charles...Why?

I don't get why people say so-&-so is a "direct descendant" of someone

I just prined out 20 flyers for Farenheit 911.

CAPTION the other Wacko Jacko

Spent the day listening to Martin Luther King Jr. speeches

I just saw the DEVO "You must Swiffer" commecial -

Rita COSBY Is Putting the Moves on Bernard KERIK

Sicko DU Groupies...Why don't you get a life? WTF are you doing here


Coolest Planet

Who here thinks Pink Floyd should get back together??

Are there any websites that sell old nintendo games?

Sousaphiles! What's your favorite Sousa march?

I need 15 posts to escape the 700 Club - ask me anything

Movie Thread

Going on vacation to Milwaukee for a week. Summerfest, the Mysteries

Good Evening: Let Me Bring You Songs From The Wood

HELP!!! I'm trapped at work

Which Pink Floyd musician is better?

What people will do get in first..

Apologetic Bush Voters Ask the Nation's Forgiveness

Would Saudi Arabia

How many Austin area DUers went to see Farenheit 911 ?

Has anyone seen Otep's anti-bush music video

My friend is going through spiritual/political crisis after seeing F9/11

I gotta have one of these bumperstickers. Give up the info.

new Bush ad

Postus Regretus.

My new reporter rules!

Is any one signed up on the Game Faqs Board?

Why we believe...and disbelieve...and argue so

Let me just say that Barack Obama's wife is HOT!

At F-9/11 I stood in line w/Michael Moore

What was the best Star Trek: The Next Generation Episode, in your opinion?

Is it now OK to say.... (WARNING: Filthy Language)

bird pic I took recently

DU is sloooooooowww tonight... Or is it just me?

Lousy burn quality off iTunes (I'm new to this stuff)

Listening to Dream Theater's Train of Thought. Ask me anything.

Just watched Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Ask me anything.

Ok, in all fairness... Best/Worst Star Trek Deep Space Nine Episode?


Are American Men Hornier Than Frenchmen?

With this post I gladly leave the 700 club

Please tell me why my neighbors have a fire in their fireplace?

John Ashcrofts Singing

I really enjoyed Farenheit 911 today.

Anyone else like carnivorous plants? *Pix*

Link between Jazz and Progressive Rock?

I just bought a new clam pot, ask me anything.

Bush's head finally explodes over "Fahrenheit 9/11"!

Man O Man...Pickles is starting to look like "Bar" around the hips...

My Siamese are getting old...I used to "exercise" them with those feather

Just saw Fahrenheit 9/11....

STOP ME!.... STOP ME!..... STOP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyone here skydive?

Do You Know What I Love About Fenris

Attention any areas of the country who are in a drought:

Should I Grow My Hair And Complete My "Hippiness"?

Do you know what I love about Texas?

Fun with Google - look up the lyrics to the Stooges' "Gimme Danger"

Where're all the YANKEE haters at....where they at???

Painful rectal itch

Any figures on how much money F 9/11 has made so far?

I finally saw Kill Bill Vol. 1 last night. Question???

Now there's a look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky.

Why is there so much antagonism towards sex in western culture?

When do you not speak your mind?

I NEED to see F911 ASAP, but I'm not in the USA...

My first A&E City Confidential WITHOUT the late Paul Winfied narrating

is beckham hopeless?

Has anyone here seen that new "Fahrenheit 911" movie?

Best Kramer album (not the Seinfeld guy)

Are cellphones too small?

Christian Rock Groups

Mikul More is a fat librul lier!!! He shood be shooted!!!

F9/11 lines in Orlando

DU parents of teens and DU teens- I have a simple question

When's Bob Boudelang going to review F911?

Question? I am thinking of moving. Just packing everything in storage

DU this Canadian poll

New Bob Boudelang today...

In anyone going to the Rainbow Gathering?

It must be raining in England

Audiophiles - Stereo question

Did anything really scary happen in your town/neighborhood when

question, is there any way to retain your harddisk's data?

Which of these is the HOTTEST babe?

I'm in shock, my bestest friend just came out to me

I hand an epiphany of sorts tonight...

You guys have to be my family now.......

Favorite CAT STEVENS song

5000 posts later.....

Did anyone here see Star Wars when it FIRST came out?

Is anyone else playing Thief: Deadly Shadows?

What's your candidate for the hottest scene in a non-X rated movie?

Help Me! My Stop Smoking Thread

Casting call for new movie "The Administration"

Maslow and "it's for the kids" and Al Franken and Smaller Learning

Vilsack, Edwards coy about veep

John Kerry's Big Screen Test

Hey I didn't just get back from seeing F9/11!

Kerry plans Fourth of July swing through eastern Iowa

Wesley Clark backs Farmer's Senate run

Should Cheney apologize for using the F-word? (AOL Poll)

Fri.'s Stern/M.Moore on-air love-fest... here are the highlights.

Democrat vows to fight for local jobs

Stealing 2004

Kerry 300, Bush 238

One more reason to vote, volunteer, work for Kerry

DFA fundraiser with Arianna and CA political stars in LA July 6.

Kerry responds to Cheney's F-word outburst -- good one!

"Nader's Dubious Raiders" by By Max Blumenthal

Edwards and Vilsack at Iowa Democratic Conventions

Great Nightline show on Kerry Friday night

When I saw Lila Lipscomb, I thought about another DU poster.

Kerry announces 3rd trip to West Virginia (July 15)

Please Mr. Kerry, pick a running mate!

Pottymouth Cheney coming to Pittsburgh on 7/4.

Greens nominate Cobb

Kerry mentioned Graham in his interview with Ted Koppel

What is the likelihood of Clark being selected as VP?

Which scene in F9/11 will have the biggest effect on voters?

Anyone See Comparisons Of Cheney and Kerry Using F- Word?

I just 'volunteered' for Bush/Cheney '04 !

Whos taking November 3rd Off of Work

Of all the primary candidates, it was Wes Clark whom MM endorsed

I suspect Arnie will ease back on his plans to stump for * real soon.

Edwards a sure pick for VP