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Archives: June 20, 2004

What did W know and when? (Tenet perjury about to explode)

How is working to bring about the "end time",

Can you put Bill Clinton on next weeks Top Ten Conservitive idiots

George Soros giving commencement speech on C-SPAN

Bush Administration sends dubious prison official to both Iraq and Haiti

Happy Father's Day whoever you are.

Happy "Adopt A Shelter Cat Month" everyone

Would repugs still vote * if he was caught having sex w/ stray animals?


Michael Moore Is Ready for His Close-Up

Help need links re possible Draft in 05

What is your favorite TV ad: mine-Captain Morgan Gold-Bold ,cold ,Capt.

Bush decries gloomy economic outlook

Clinton defends successor's push for war

I'm 26 and I don't care what kind of music you like

I got something to say...!

The funny thing about regret is...

I don't care what age you are the album "Rio" by Duran Duran rocks!

I don't care what age you are the album "4" by Foreigner sucks!

I just finished my taxes, thanks to Turbo Tax and.... good news!

Speaking of Duran Duran - Jane Fonda was hot in Barbarella!!!

Why do fundies hate gays?

To sleep, perchance to dream.

What is your favorite TV ad: mine-Captain Morgan Gold-Bold ,cold ,Capt.

!'m 45 and if you're not listening to bluegrass

May I get a round of applause for my friend "Brew"

Could you be a father and not know it?

Funny!! flag grading - criticism and advice Actual Article

Just got back from a baseball game. Ask me anything.

Looking for fun? Try the Amazon reviews of Dubya's autobiography

I'm 21 and I hate all this new corporate music.

The Ultimate "Your Music Sucks" Test

Did you end up where you wanted to in life ?

What good R.E.M. album is your favorite?

What's Everybody Listening To Right NOW

What songs could have used more cow bell?

So, my buddy is back with us

Today I went to see David Icke!!! Ask me anything!

Harry Belafonte : "We Have Got To Bring Corporate America To Its Knees"

Rhetoric versus reality

The Iraqi who sold his life to the Americans

WP: 9/11 Panel's Findings Vault Bush Credibility To Campaign Forefront

Juan Cole-Asia Times Interview

Will Michael Moore's Facts Check Out?

Philadelphia Inquirer Ed: "Invasion rationales wither as facts unfold"

AP: Ken Lay may soon be indicted on a number of charges before July 4th

Honor Reagan's Promise and Abolish the Selective Service

Carl Hiaasen (Miami Herald) : Why we went to war awaits honest answer

Pope’s criticism of President Bush should not be obscured by medal photo-o

The Army and Torture: What the Rule Book Says

Pakistan killing weakens Al Qaeda, inflames tribes

Let us cleave these plucky little Americans to our bosom

"A Conflict Of Blood and Belief" (Daily Herald)

Heroes and the cult of celebrity

"Harkin Takes on Military Media"

"A Call to Impeach" LTTE Minneapolis Star Tribune

The Saudi trap.

Richard Serra's image of Bush the devourer (after Goya)

Bush hates frivolous lawsuits against Doctors...

Torture Policy (cont'd) - {scathing WP editorial re Rummy}

Op-ed On Father's Day by John Kerry

Why is Space Commando Gen.Meyers top Mil. Com. during ground war

Salon: Hail to the Moon king –no longer one of D.C.'s best kept secrets

National Lawyers Guild Calls For Prosecution Of President Bush ...

Arar for dummies

IRAQ: Bush bullies Latham

Frank Rich: What O. J. Passed to the Gipper (Scathing funeral review)

Tom Oliphant (Boston Globe): Facts vs. fiction

My LTTE Got Published in Today's LV Sun: The Reagan Stamp

etiquette?: OK to post info on upcoming Kerry fund-raising event here?

Help get permits for the RNC in NYC!

List of emails: Please ask them to show the film

Sudan: how you can help

Where's All The Media Tie-in Programming For F9/11?

Bill Clinton on 60 Minutes - mp3 & video for those who missed it

Today's Thought

One more thought

drafting friends, maybe teamates for internet NCS races (NASCAR Racing 4)

Some great quotes we can use

Astrologers: The Pit, on Starlight News

China's homegrown cola sees future in `fashionable' drinks

NAFTA discussion with a friend

Is fiberboard made from hemp stronger than wood?

One of India's oldest tribes dying of hunger

Education, not weapons: protesters - TW

An idea to help veterans

Just curious


Can't criticize M Moore ????

How can we find out if no-profile folks have been tombstoned?

OK to post info on upcoming Kerry fund-raising event in WI state forum?

Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestini

Military crime without punishment

Industrial Estates Along the Wall

It appears that the war in Iraq is giving great cover to Israeli terrorism

Just surfed some other media outlets. Read what is really going on in ME

Hopsicker interview

Questions about Rumsfeld on 9/11

WTC 7: "Classic Progressive Collapse"

Have we got our own Nader?

Hey guys how about a regional DU meetup???

mock election, register and vote!

Hey Everybody, Mrs. Grumpy's in the hospital...

Rivera wins ACC runoff

My Summer Vacation-- the Texas Democratic Convention

Houston's Gay Pride Parade - Saturday, June 26

Austin DUers! Mark Strama Campaign F9/11 benefit Friday June 25

State Dem Convention DUer Pix!

Jef Hall-------

* playing into Bin Laden's hands?

Just bagged 3 Dem Votes

The "87-Billion Perspective" Has Been Updated...

please THANK and SUPPORT michael moore

Wonder if the worry that the terrorists would take Bush or * up on his

Yay 2 new Wesley Clark videos uploaded!

did anybody read the new Robert Reich book? (nt)

Have you see all the polls over at DU Lounge?

Jesus Would Not Be A Right-Wing Republican

Ron Reagan slams Bush

how was howard dean unelectable again ?...

Give me liberty

Bush is the hell-spawn of Ronald Reagan

Beware the 'evilgayers'

Conspiracy threat to anti-nuke treaty

Afghan Women’s Struggle Continues: An Interview with RAWA's Sahar Saba

Leo Strauss and the Noble Lie: The Neo-Cons at War

Sunday talk shows:

Dowd admits Clinton "power surge..produced lower body count"

"A Democratic Iraq?" DONKEYS IN THE DESERT: Democratic Soldiers in Iraq.

Look at what my son brought home from 2nd grade.

Does Arnold Really Matter?

For those who have MTP on their TV schedule now, seems interesting.

Should Kerry call for the end of Beheading In Saudi Arabia?

749a.m. C-Span- Peter Beinart, New Republic. US Policy in Iraq

Interesting development

This Is What We Are Up Against

Saw this Budweiser commercial, what do you think?

Telegraph UK: Clinton rages in Panorama confrontation over Lewinsky

Mortician Bill Frist on Faux sunday morning: Scientists lie, essentially

Pat Buchanan's Latest Stupidity

* playing into Bin Laden's hands?

Beinart (New Republic) "Liberal" WUSS for Sure

McCain on Face the nation: Love Bush*, will always love Bush*,

I need the Mike Moore quote from Letterman!

This Week disrepects War Dead.

How was Tucker Carlsons debut on PBS?

I am seeing a LOT of Kerry Stickers here in Pittsburgh

Putin's Iraq claim startles US officials

F911 reminder - Contact a Regal Cinema Theater near you

Will Bush demand that Saudi Arabia end the official practice of Beheading

Michael Moore on This Week with

Bush Allies in his "War(s)"

Another Death Caused by bush*. Little Baby Ali has Died.....

Remember the video of the puppy getting gassed in Iraq?

Is Ron Reagan great, or is it just me?

Clenis is stealing oxygen, both here and in the media,

Even on Sundays Tweety is still a jerk: Clinton's book and re-emergence

A Fathers Day present

Of Gods, Holy Wars and Testosterone

Brabury's Fahrenheit 451 #95 in Amazon Sales Rank - Thank Michael Moore!

114F/45C in Nasiriyah. Do you know where Bush is murdering your children?

Why now for Clinton's book and not till after the elections

The weak Bush Raygun bounce. Soon the frogs will be marched...

Clinton trash-fest on Meet the Press

OH NO Tino !!!!!

For any Dennis Miller curious DUers (I cannot say interested or

George W. Bush: Groveling bin Laden Family Buttboy

The Pastiche of a Presidency, Imitating a Life, in 957 Pages(Bill's book)

Comments from Bush and Cheney

Delicious Frank RICH on the RAYGUNautery

Re Anti-Clinton Ad To Air During "60 Minutes".

Why you should vote for Bush. Just look at the record.

TW with G. Stephanopolous: Kean and Hamilton 9/11 commission

Does anyone know where Condosleeza is these days?

Why oh why might Clinton have hated Starr?

Anybody See Pee-Pee Pants Matt Laurer Interview Michael Moore?

One way to get out of Shrub's illegal war...

My final theory about the Josh Marshall story

F911 Director's Cut

F 9/11: Starring Michael Moore and George W. Bush

Speak to Regal managers this weekend re F911

Harkin takes on military media (get that lying Limbaugh off the air)

For Father's Day, I want bush to leave my sons out of his death cult

Why has Kerry announced that he wants to increase minimum wage

Blitzer and CNN Late Edition poll...

9/11 Panel May Hurt Bush Reelection Campaign

The only negative anyone ever says about "the big dog" is...the Monica

IN IRAQ REPUGS ADMIT: We are not in Iraq for the IRAQIS but for BUSH!

How we can help Air America.

Anybody heard of this whackjob?

smirk lies about number of stem cells -- Nada, none, zip, zero

Kerry Would Take Maryland - Poll 6-18-2004

WRIF is back to streaming

Viet Cong Victory

Who is this woman Rep Braithwaite(sp) on PBS I think it is all Florida

Sy HERSH Alert! Coming up next on Leslie's Late Edition!

Another book against Bush/Iraq war from a senior US intelligence official

Bush Censure by Envoys May Be a First, Historians Say

currently serving "Anonymous" intelligence official hammers Bush policies.

Quitting looking for transcript of MM on This Week. I found RW attacks

Air America in Colorado?

A growing meme: Bushian, Bush-like or "to pull a Bush"

Clarence Thomas favors re-enslaving himself

Who has a link to the website that kept track of the Iraq bombings?

What kind of "Scenarios" do DUers think about when they can't sleep?

Neil Bush schedule for dinner Scott Hinkley day after Reagan shot

Bob Novak is not in jail yet

The problem with the Clinton book is not the sucking away of

***BREAKING NEWS**** but let's not discuss it

Heads Up: C-Span - 911 Commission Press Conference on right now.

Janeane Garofalo and Al Franken each interviewed an economic expert

Michael Moore on Letterman

I believe there really is a Stepford Wives bot factory

BBV: The facinating world of science and technology.

David Brock dissects NYTimes review of Clinton's book

lol clinton supports bush's war now

"Locked in an Orwellian Eternal War" Oceania and Eastasia

If WE Don't prosecute these bastards - will we be NEXT(EXPLODED PENIS) ?

need caption for bush* PHOTO......

can somebody explain to me

Political Systems

Hart-Rudman Paranoia

What are the names we should know in the Al Qaeda leadership ?

Was Bush lying when he said he saw the FIRST plane hit the WTC live?

From the Wilderness Talking Points: Frog marches and tectonic shifts...

Allawi plans to revamp Iraq security forces.....

A Bush Victory in 2004 - What Would It Mean? What's the Mandate?

Taking up residency in another country!!!!

Who will get the blame for Plame? Watch my drive.

Psycho-analyze the average Republican, a la "Bush On The Couch"

Stupid Security website

9/11 Panel Underscores White House Differences

Mrs. Saddam Says Saddam Not Saddam

Democrat Convention Credentials Bloggers

Gay Wedding March Inspires Documentarians

A great Hermann Goering quote... (Hey Tom_Paine, you'll like this one)

some recent pics of big dog you will want to see

Let's make LBJ's haunting dream George Bush's!

Phoenix Could Become Riverside Community

I just discovered I made the Right Wing News

Kerry Tests Waters on Vacation in Posh Nantucket

9/11 comission uncoveres interesting stuff

Here it is hot off the internet: SY HERSH's interview with Blitzer

FDR warned us of Hitler-like propaganda tactics

Quibble Quabble Squibble Squabble!

Green Party to Make Its Presidential Pick

Phoenix Could Become Riverside Community

Insiders shape postwar Iraq, Republican ties often trumped experience

Don't flame me...but John Kerry looks a bit like Brian Mulroney

Clinton: Timing of Iraq Attack Was Wrong

Reminder: Big Dog on 60 Minutes Tonight!

Who else is excited to read Clinton's memoirs???

White House hires 24 year old to re-open Baghdad's stock exchange

Ha Ha, Dave Brock catches NY book reviewer recycling anti-Clinton review

Hilarious Bush* campaign slogan parodies!

I had a thought

We need Plame indictments before the next terrorist "attack"...

Why does it take so long to fix a pipeline or two?

Can you imagine the chaos of ELECTION DAY?

Yet another documentary for the DU crow, "The R-Word"

Check out the lobbyist for this mess:

A story of anti-amendment bravery.

Whatever you think of Clinton...can you imagine Bush submitting himself...

"collateral damage estimates [were] well within our rules of engagement."

Seymour Hersh - Israelis in Kurdistan, Iran(script & link

Help w/rumor -- Moyers "Now" Being Cancelled?

Interesting that some of the DUers not wanting to hear about Clinton,....

Kurds Advancing to Reclaim Land in Northern Iraq

As a public service, a "cut and paste" P.R. template for President Bush

Interesting observations about Fahrenheit 9/11

how would al gore have handled 9/11's aftermath?

Viagra, prostitution: Bush's legacy in Iraq

Would Al Gore Have Been A Better President Than Clinton?

Honestly DU-ers -- "Arabs" and skin color...

Arizona (major swingstate) apparently showing tie between * and Kerry

The right tries to deny Clinton's accomplishments...

Has anyone ever heard of the 100th Monkey?

Fresh contoversy surrounds situation at Guantanamo Bay... Developing...

a GREAT Doonesbury today!

AP: Kerry Took Money From Arrested Figure

Hillary was quite the attractive lady when she was younger, I'll say

Frist Denies Gay Marriage Vote Timing Political

CBS has a poll to DU: Was Bill Clinton a good president?

The freedom to create will soon be over, thanks to the fascists in power.

Re Bush's "Sanity or Mental Health Surveys"

8:58 p.m.Laura Flanders: wonderful program. WalMart CEO makes 60 million

conservative group to air ad during Clinton 60 Minutes...

Kankakee veteran says Kerry's the one

Bush Made His Bed, Now Let Him Lie in It

Proposal Warns Evangelicals on Politics

AP: Kerry Took Money From his Mother when he was 10

Hilarious Ad - this made me laugh so hard

Gore spoke in NH last week, but some whiney dems angry with him

Isn't it better to make pro/positive statements/campaigns?

The Official Three Cheers for Bill Clinton Thread. We all miss you.

Allawi, the new Iraqi PM, IS A MURDERER, but he is our MURDERER.

I want to thank all the DU veterans and military families for speaking out

National Debt Clock

millionaire creation rate is + 10%. how many posters here are millionaires

What is Space comandos name and why is he head of : Joint Chiefs of Staff

F911 in North Jersey?

Drudge says fresh contoversy surrounds situation at Guantanamo Bay

is Air America in a bad way?

it's the war party in 2004 no matter who's elected....

to defeat terrorists you must make them kill their own

Leo Strauss and the Noble Lie: The Neo-Cons at War

Did fat head Bossie's ad ever run?

POS * is a robot!

Katrina Leung- High Profile GOP Fundraiser & Chinese Double Agent

Must watch Jon Stewart: Coalition Promises (Ricardo "Dirty Sanchez")

Enough of the Clinton threads!

What is Space comandos name and why is he head of : Joint Chiefs of Staff

OK, when is the Commission going to investigate US ties to Al-qaeda and

Pay-pal users, if you have used it tell me something

Bush's Tell-All Memoirs

The best was to thank Clinton for his 8 years of service: Buy his book.

Is There Anything "Penis" DRUDGE *Won't* Run?

Getting ready to click on the Peter Werbe link

West Coast 60 Minutes--Clinton thread

Dele if dupe-Clinton interview w/Guardian(UK)

Select a Candidate Quiz (from Minnesota Public Radio)

Fresh contoversy surrounds situation at Guantanamo Bay... Developing...

Lindsey Graham on AAR news: pleading with Europeans to send troops

cant the repukes come up with anything new...Kerry taking money

In Jeb Bush Florida Pill Freak Rush Goes Free...

There were two GREAT episodes of Penn & Teller's "Bullsh**" tonite-

Today's Doonesbury. Truely funny, truely true.

A Response to an email to a theater about Fahrenheit 911

No Peter Werbe tonight...on

Just got word I've been threatened again - this time on DU

Heads Up. Susuan McDougal on CNBC

So now, a member of Saddam's elite group MAY HAVE BEEN directly

Michael Moore on G. Stephanopolous TW (10:11 CT) NOW.

Truth is All

Clinton's My Life Book Tour Schedule:

Would you buy Clinton's book? CNN poll

Do you think maybe bush ENJOYS killing women & children?

1.9 million votes by black voters not counted in 2000

Help!!! I'm in a reality warp.

So, no anti-Clinton ad on 60 Minutes?

CBS News: Saudi Police in on Paul Johnsons Death?

PALAST: 1M black votes uncounted in 2000 election

Kidnapped South Korean...

I got a letter from Tom Tancredo last week.

Why hasn't the body of Paul Johnson been found? Is it me, or is this

Check this out..Bush to screen all americans for mental illness

GOP avoiding investigation of prisoner abuse

Red States Egging on the Terrorists

Bush family skeletons.....They really are a criminal family - all of them

What the hell is going on?

From the mouth of my babe

"Army Wife" is not the toughest job in the Army!

Barak told Cheney the only Iraq issue was size of our humiliation!

Signs of Facism....

israel wants to use kurds against arabs (kurdistan ping)

AP's Nedra Pickler slams Kerry for having money, again

Michael Moore better be careful...

Anybody saw the press conference with the 9/11 Families on C-Span

Speaking out against fascism in this country, can they arrest you?

The bottom line: How did you vote in 2000? How will you vote in 2004?

The National Lawyers Guild calls for the prosecution of President George

Please email the experts regarding the Bush job numbers.

*sigh* Doesn't he look "presidential"???

Clinton "60 Minutes" interview thread

Get rid of DeLAY -- Chris Bell Op-Ed is a window of opportunity for us..

The Stepford Wives: A metaphor for our times?

Take Note, Mr. Bush*: War Crimes Act of 1996 (US Code 18-1-118-2441)

Does anyone besides me not want to subject their family to more Monica.?

Sex, sex, sex, sex, Osama, Saddam, sex, sex, sex, sex...

Why I support Kerry

Just got attacked by a Repugnant-can. down at my pool.

Truly Arab Views

Republican proposals if * wins

Where have both the towers gone?

The Lies of Dick Cheney Part XXIV

Worst of All Worlds

consider yourself left? think Clinton's, like, the best ever?

Clinton's book will HELP Kerry: women will remember he is sexy, men

I'm scared - I've got a mail, sounds real!!!!

Dan Rather, you failed us all again tonight for 60 minutes..

Ron Jr. hits Bush team

BBV: please ask Congressional staffers to attend Rush Holt speech

Newsweek will "debunk" F 9/11 in tomorrow's issue

Dick Cheney is Underscrutinized and Underexposed

Nate Clay streaming LIVE now -- late night liberal radio

French Nazi hunter encourages Jews to leave France

Pick your favorite president from the given quote.

I need a good anti-bush t-shirt... pronto!

Snow Expects More Jobs in Coming Months

Sorry. I don't want to hear anymore about Bill Clinton....

What would martial law in America be like?

What inspires you to do whatever you do,...

How would you describe the conflict in Darfur, Sudan?

Would you order the death of one innocent child


The crux of it all...diminishing resources and "overshoot."

The brilliance of Bill Clinton

Poppy Bush's MISTRESS Jennifer Fitzgerald

Freedom, Incorporated

Forget peace with Al Queda! We need stealth assassins to take them out!

GOP accused of playing politics with BALCO

Policeman gunned down in Thailand

Siemens evacuates Iraq staff

Seven dead as Afghan forces battle Taliban

AP: Enron`s Ken Lay may soon be indicted. I will try and find a link on

Workers exposed to radiation at Nev. base

Greece gets johns' numbers

Pakistani nuclear scientists in North Korea: report

Marine killed by hostile fire in Iraq

Bush Claims Economy Is Growing Stronger

Sources: Enron's Lay May Soon Be Indicted

NYT, pg 1: G.O.P. Offensive Puts Small Dent in Kerry's Image

Governor, President May Disagree Over Haiti Policy

Turkish driver shot dead by US troops in Iraq - TV

Archbishop set for "Simpsons" role

9/11 Panel Wants Evidence From Cheney

U.S. Troops, Insurgents Clash North of Capital

US officers knew of abuse, officials say

Candidates Strive to Overcome Privilege (LA Times)

Bomb Near Baghdad Kills 2 Iraqi Soldiers

Democrats Work Together to Build an Anti-Bush Platform

Afghan drug trade may derail American efforts to rebuild nation

WP: Mistakes Loom Large as Handover Nears

Battle follows bid to kill Iraqi minister

Russia's HIV/AIDS called 'time bomb'

Armed Kurds abduct 10 taxi drivers

Dying to See Their Kids

9/11 panel sees no conflict on al-Qaida-Iraq ties

Iraq police dismiss US claims in Falluja

Iraq: US Attack in Fallujah Killed Only Civilians

NYT, pg 1: Kurds Advancing to Reclaim Land in Northern Iraq

Five (Iraqi) police killed in US air attack

As best auto jobs fade, careers, lives disrupted

British troops accused of killing Iraqi prisoners.

Big Brother is watching (artist Steve Kurtz)

LAT: Evangelical Leaders Reexamine Principles

Clinton: Timing of Iraq Attack Was Wrong

Iraqi Official Says Most Killed in Airstrike Were Foreign Terrorists (NYT)

Banking on Baghdad: Inside Iraq's 7,000-Year History of War, Profit, and C

al-Qaida Head Justifies Targeting Johnson

Report: Saudi Police Assisted Abduction

N.C. support for war eroding

Al-Qaida: Sympathizers aided abduction (Paul Johnson)

Snow expects more jobs in coming months

UK troops accused of mutilating Iraqi bodies

When your donations fund insider perks

Interview With Seymour Hersh LATE EDITION

Syria drafts sanctions for US

What is Space comandos name and why is he head of : Joint Chiefs of Staff

Kidnapped South Korean...

Community Angered Over American's Slaying (Paul Johnson)

After Two Years, Lawyer Goes On Trial In Terrorism Case

WP: An Educator Learns the Hard Way (rebuilding universities in Iraq)

The desperate plight of refugees in Darfur

Report Says U.S. Allies Aided Al Qaeda

Kurds Advancing to Reclaim Land in Northern Iraq

Blair Facing Backlash Over Europe/Scotsman--New World Media Watch

Airstrike on al-Zarqawi safe house kills 18

NYT: New Iraqi Leaders Consider Emergency Rule

South Korean in Iraq pleads for his life

Iraq Group Threatens to Kill S.Korean Hostage -TV

South Korean Held in Iraq Pleads for Life

Bush himself is to blame for chaos in Iraq, Edwards says

How Mandela helped Clinton survive scandal

Iraq's Allawi (US appointed PM) Welcomes U.S. Strike That Killed 22

Iraqi Officer Tied to Al Qaeda - 9/11 Commissioner

AP: Kerry Took Money From Arrested Korean

Protests take place ahead of Bush visit

1.9 million black votes didn't count in the 2000 presidential election

Town honors civil rights slay victims

Coalition ahead of Labor: poll

India, U.S. Set to Propel Space Cooperation

Clinton: Al Qaeda Biggest Threat - 60 Min

Blast in Baghdad as report says British troops mutilated bodies of Iraqis

U.S. Is Quietly Spending $2.5 Billion From Iraqi Oil Revenues to Pay for [

Thousands rally for Ariside return

Guild: Bush Should Be Tried For Role In Torture

IBM fights to suppress cancer probe

WP: (bush*) Judicial Nominee Practiced Law Without License in Utah

Three-Month-Old Baby Ali Dies in Iraq


Haiti says Aristide stole millions of dollars

Newsweek: 9/11: Who Was Really In Charge?

Bush Timing on Iraq Was Wrong, Clinton Says

69% think Saddam supported Al Qaeda pre 9/11.

Kerry Vacations With Wealthy in Nantucket (more AP crap)

What You Don't See at Olympic (National) Park (Washington)

Michael Moore set to take the heat from 'Fahrenheit 911'

Plane Lands at Air Force Base by Mistake

Iraq group threatens to kill South Korean hostage

Judicial Nominee Practiced Law Without License in Utah

NYT: Exaggeration Seen on Value of Guantánamo Detainees

New Abuse Charges (Classified sections of Taguba report)

LAT: Saudi Arabia & Pakistan Aided Bin Laden,Say 9/11 Panel

Chavez, media boss lay ground rules for recall

Bomb squad link in Spanish blasts (Gov't tie to Madrid bombing)

770 Specialists Discharged for Being Gay

Iraq had ties to "secondary players"

Do you love the Skatalites?

Am I the only fan here of Occam's lesser known toiletries?

Most Annoying Musical Performer/Band

Listening to AC/DC's Highway to Hell. Ask me anything.

Are DUers more pet-centric than the population at-large?

greetings from iraq

Did you give birth to a child and never advise the father?

Mp3 from David Cross's new comedy album- LOL

Seasons don't fear the reaper

OK - I outed my love for Tears for Fears - now I must say I Love the GoGos

Best PRINCE Album


My favorite far-right nutcase is really losing it.

Which do you prefer: naughty or nice?

How do exceptions prove the rule?

Best Michael Jackson Song

Why all the negativity tonight in the Lounge?

Should every thread starting polls about starting polls be a poll?

how annoying are polls about polls?

Now I think that we are doomed.

Should we do a poll on how many polls we should do?

If you were attending a party aboard Jeb Bush's yacht: WOULD you.... ?

Should more DUers stay up all night to vote in more polls?

Should every thread about starting polls be a poll?

Have you see all the polls over at DU Lounge?

We haven't heard from the Clenis in awhile. What will it do next?

What's your favorite Pole?

Anyone Know this Eurythmics Song?

Is it morally wrong to vote in your own poll?

True or False?

Insomniacs check in and talk to me

Music/Dance variety shows:

Seasons don't fear the Freeper

Your favorite hot & sexy hits from the 11th century

Can't sleep, the clowns will eat me.

Give me liberty

Another Toby Keith crapfest

"Be My Baby" by the Ronettes - A groundbreaking masterpiece?

My cat wants to say something to everyone at DU!

Make love, not war--easy for us to say.

Good Morning! Coffee, sunlight, and a cool breeze.

Did anyone else love "Hannibal"?

Anyone see Holland vs. Czech Rep.?

Ya wanna see a real funny (but freaky) website???

Golf- Love it or Hate it

is david beckham the worlds most over-rated footballer?

Happy Father's Day!

/me is up and awake and totally hating this &@%$*@^ dial-up

Two reasons I like Father's Day

Ear Hairs, Nose Hair, Wild Eyebrow Hairs...

Are you compelled to answer your door every time someone rings the bell?

Victor Calderone - Aye or Nay?


Today's Window Sticker: "Piss off a Liberal-Buy a Gun"

WI George Harrison fans

A lesson for those who drink and drive

"Thank GOD for Mike Savage!"

an "only in NYC" moment...

What is your favorite pop song from the 80's?

Celebrating Father's Day

Happy Opposite Day!

Bush joke for the day

Forget falling rocks...Beware Car Eating Dragon!

Any Nextel users in the Lounge?

What's the MTBCT of DU ?

Father's Day barbeque'rs

So I'd like to know where... You got the notion...

My POS neighbors are gone, but their legacy haunts me still.


Korgo virus.

Calling all DU computer graphics gurus!

What's all this talk about frogs marching? Does anyone have pics of such

Is your desk like this?

How much is exercising too much? (my last question)

Check out this poster for F-9/11

C'mon DU Dads, let's see some pics of those kitties

Message to Michael Moore:

Overused stupid rock cliches


OW OW OW My back really hurts! Make it stop!

9 posts (well, 8 after this) away from 1000! Ask me anything!

Body Mass Index

Euro 2004 : Best Game of Second Matchday?

I just got spammed by barry goldwater

My copy of the new Mike Keneally album ("Dog") has shipped! WHEE!


Does anyone have the "Blue Peanuts" video?

Age has been very kind to Bill Clinton...

Say hello to the Butterfly

Happy Summer solstice to all Pagans and friends of Pagans

I like that Outkast song...Hey Ya!.....makes ya wanna dance.

Meet my lawyers:

I just watched JFK again.

I'm feeling a bit vaklempt...

Does Bill O'Reilly's ego need a separate universe?

A father is as a father does.

Why is there a buzz on my videotapes?

Most Annoying Movie Actor

My neighbors are LOUD TALKERS

Any Neil Young fans seen his movie Human Highway ?

I forgot how funny Robin Williams is

DU Fathers -- plans for Father's Day?

BHN tour to meet Midwest DUers!

"Father's Day" (Sung by Groucho Marx, written by Harry Ruby)

Who has a big mailbox?

To Kill a Mockingbird: on NOW ...

what countries would it be best to move to? Easiest? Safest?

Greatest Western All-time???

I caught this little guy on Howard Stern Friday night

Ken Griffey Jr 500 Home Runs

What's for lunch?

Terry Jones' "Medieval Lives" are playing on History Channel now.

Advice to couples, if you are about to have a fight - go for a long run.

Happy Father's Day for all you DU Dads out there!

Well, between the accident and the annoying girl...the weekend was a bust

C'mon DU Dads, let's see some pics of those kiddies

Go die for oil...Sucker! (a poem)

Should it be illegal to put cat meat in cat food?

Speaking of the 80's - What is you favorite Atari 2600 game?

dual boot windows xp/Mandrake 7.2 question

“Hey, Old Li,” I said. “What is it people want?”

Moving: it sucks!

Well, the umpire blew that one! (BoSox-Giants)

How do you embed a link within words?

I love you.

I just re-read Fight Club, and I'm ready for the revolution!

Well, the Empire slew that one!

I need a PopTart griller! Any recommendations?

I just re-read On The Origin of the Species, and I'm ready for evolution!

I need a popup killer! Any recommendations?

I need a Popeye killer! Any recommendations?

I need a puppet thriller - any recommendations?

Well folks, in ten more days I will be 50 (June 30th) any

I just re-read "The Colon Book," and I'm ready for ablution!

Dr. Tim: single fathers need to be remembered on Father's Day, too.

I just re-read Bush'e biography, and I'm ready for omission

Just re-read "Carrie" and I'm ready for immolation!

I just re-read Sun Tzu, and I'm ready for attrition!

I just re-read PKD's Ubik, and I'm ready for oblivion.

I need a poopeye tickler - any recommendations

I just re-read Girl Interrupted, and I'm ready for the institution!

I need a puptent chiller! Any recommendations?

I just re-read The Cultural Creatives, and I'm ready for a solution!

small laws....

Hop on board........



I need a puppet molestor. Any recommendations?

The downside of internet radio stations....

Favorite Lines From "Meet The Parents"

Bud Collins picks Roddick at Wimbledon; Tracy Austin picks Serena. Means?

I need a guppy filler! Any recommendations?

who does that song in the Micheal Moore 911F trailer ..

My father passed away yesterday - he was only 57.

Okay, I'm finally going to build up my classical CD collection.

Okay - let's goof around!

I need a puppy killer. Any recommendations?

I just re-read Gravity's Rainbow, and I'm ready for confusion!

What to see tonight? Super size-me or Control Room

I'm a Canadian...and I vote!

Attn July/August Boobies!

What do the Bush twins get Daddy for Father's Day?


Woody and Soon-Yi

Some folks I know from this list...

How do I post pictures with earthlink?

HAPPY SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Parking shopping carts

need a new So Cal team to root about..the Dodgers?

The heart of Bill Clinton

Oy, what a party!

DU women/DU Gay hairless do you like your men?

Wow! The "60 Minutes" interview really shows Bill Clinton's human side.

Andy Richter?!

I have to admit it: I think Bill Clinton is hot

Pick a number between 1 and 52 (nt)

This is pretty cool

Plane Lands at Air Force Base by Mistake

I'm out of the 700 Club! Ask me anything!


Dodge Ball-the movie

I just got laid off! Ask me anything!

What did you have/are you having for dinner?

Too-Ra-Loo-Ra Too-Ra -Loo-Rye-Aye

Granta's "The Family: They Fuck You Up."

Matcom BBQ Clean Up: LOST & FOUND

I just came home from an anime convention, ask me anything!

Will anyone be seing F9/11 in Asheville, NC?

What I got for my special father's day...

A dear freind gave me Richard Rorty's "Achieving our Country"

Oh geeze This HAS to be the funniest dead guy du jour on six feet under!!

OK, I'll admit it: I like Air America's ad for the Museum of TV and Radio.

My dad beat cancer. He is now officially a cancer survivor.

The Salem's Lot remake is on

LMAO, check out this mock election

Fahrenheit 9/11 playing at theater at Great Lakes Crossing Mall

What happens when a freeper doesn't pay his trash bill?

Message to lurking right-wingers

I'm an Australian...and I don't vote!

I ate nothing but hamburgers today. Ask me anything!

So how long will the flag be at half mast

I just had a spicy wing dinner and strawberry shake

I just reread a book on solvents, and I'm ready to make a solution

Favorite Metal Vocalist

Are you a hammer or a nail?

I'm takin a break - entertain my ass

Tina Brown, CNBC---segment on Faren. 911 coming up ....

Let's hear about S/O's Dad's who hated you


Can anyone put these in order?

Has anyone here ever listened to Drudge?

Are you a hedgehog or a fox?

If you placed all freepers brains end to end......

I still laugh when I think of the title, RUSH LIMBAUGH IS A BIG FAT IDIOT.

Does the world really need another political blog?

What does it say at the top of a freeper's ladder?

Here's some rather bizarre humor....

Term papers and end-of-semester projects at Freeper University

Which is your favorite credit card company?

Death scene in tonights 6 Feet Under was an fff'ing hoot ! Spoiler!

Sunday Night D.U.L.L. - Other DULLards, please check in.

All right! Time to say something to infuriate the righties!

I just posted my 100th reply!

My brother is very sick with an organ failing disease

new Sealab 2021 is on!!!

psst... want a leather office chair & floormat for $28?

ATTN: July/August Freepers!

I ate nothing but HAMBURGERS today. Ask me anything!

Computer/HTML Question

Do you ever feel a little sorry for isolated thunderstorms?

Anyone Watching 'Last Comic Standing'

How do you cook a Cornish Hen?

If all the freeper women were laid end to end...

Is this a sex thread?

LIFE Magazine: "The Roots of Country Music."

What's a better search engine?

We interrupt this post to bring you this important message

Billboards We'd LOVE To See! - *GRAPHIC INTENSE*

Does it bother anyone else when a store "offers" you a credit card?

what foreighn banks are the best to move money into?

Which McDonald's character would you most like to pummel?

One last golf thread, please read, even if you're not a golf fan

La La La La Lola

How many freepers does it take to screw in a light bulb?

I'm over 40 and remember being mocked by the Sex Pistols!!!

Do you like "The X-Files"?


Nice CHOKE Michelson

Since it's Brian Wilson's birthday... Who's your favorite Beach Boy?

NBA Basketball

For fans of Mark Crispin Miller - you can see him in NYC

Reminding everyone - CLINTON,the BigDog, is on 60 minutes NOW

Tanning: Outdoors, Indoors, Bottle, Spray, or Not At All?

Favorite Metal

How about the Guinness diet?

Favorite AC/DC song...

the who-are-you-again of all CAPTIONs

Best Barenaked Ladies album

guys - how did your dad deal with "the talk"?

the Big Foot Big Dog of all CAPTIONs

the tele-evangelical-ency of all CAPTIONs

'the fix is in' of all CAPTIONs

I saw the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know?" last

Tonight on The Freeper Channel....

Has anyone else read the Traci Lords book "Underneath It All"?

Phil Mickelson's loss is all Bill Clinton's fault. T/F?

would a military dictatorship be easier to CAPTION?


What is your credit card number?


Finally, a freeper joke that I like to bring back every few months....

Freeper insanity......


matcom's BBQ PICS are up! The real ones for a change

Favourite Soundtracks.

ATTN: July/August babies!!

what should men do when they go bald?

"That 70's Show" A problem with television shows dealing with nostalgia is

Should every thread I start from now on include a poll?

My Dad is going to open an asparagus farm in Argentina.

Band that is most sadly neglected by history?

drafting friends, maybe teamates for internet NCS races (NASCAR Racing 4)

Mrs. Grumpy in hospital, please leave pm's for her return!

I have to see my wife today, and i haven't seen her in 7 months.


the temper cook-off of all CAPTIONs

Recalling Anguish in 2000, Kerry Is Mum on No. 2

Bush Asking Supporters for More Cash

So far, Bush's loyalties outweigh VP's liabilities

At last, a real test for Kerry

Cultural values could give Bush the edge in election

Clintonmania: boon or bane for Kerry?

Clinton: Iraq Needs Stable Government

WV: Abortion-Hating, Gun-Toting, Immigrant-Trashing Kerry Voters

Nader, Although Weaker, May Reprise His Spoiler Role

Any Floridians seeing Gallagher's ads on tv this morning.

Howard Dean still running, this time for Kerry and Dems

My dream about Bill Clinton.

Kerry rallies support on Republican turf

Sharpton stumps with Kerry, rejects diversity questions

*bush v. Sen. Kerry - Momentum Watch

murrikkka in Iraq: latest poll #s

Let's keep some focus here, folks: KERRY is going to be the President

* courting the American Muslim vote

Worst of all Worlds

Bush Asking Supporters for More Cash

getting FH911 screened

Why is Mosses going to vote for John Kerry?

Democracy for Indiana ... "rebuilding the party from the bottom up."

VT Dean delegate criticizes system, says it favors insiders.

A Poor Man from "Hope" got trashed, a Peanut Farmer from GA, Got Trashed,

A Different Kind of VP Poll

John Kerry on Father's day

AP Dredges up Kerry fundraising scandal

DEAN: my interview archives...

"Moral clarity" is a * campaign theme

Kerry says Iraq war has made us "less safe."

Max Cleland May be Kerry's Chosen one for Veep

Michael Moore on Dean: "we thought Geez, this guy is kind of a prick. "

DU'ers are the BEST! I made it into the Sunday paper!

Dems find favor in Edwards

7 months until Kerry becomes President! (I hope)

John Kerry on World Refugee Day and the Need for Action in Darfur

I Had a Dream Last Night About an Edwards-Cheney Debate

Nader blames Dean for his failure to get on ballot