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Archives: June 2, 2004

My reminder of the obvious to the NYT

Top 10 U.S. blunders in Iraq


War on cancer also battles high costs

Missing millions and hard numbers - TW

Vietnamese get used to living in 'tiger cages'

'In the last five months, we've had zero attacks' great site

"A daylight robbery is going in Iraq"


Interesting description of Bush* from a center-right friend of mine.

Why does George Bush hate America?

Wheneve I hear...

Hail to the Chief song---bushies version

Those Who Hate "Liberals" Really Hate a Free America

polls show american people are wising up to the dufus in the WH

If Kerry wins can he flush the neocons out of the Pentagon?

Alabama elects former aide of Roy Moore to Supreme Court

Craig Unger (House of Bush, House of Saad) on with Charlie Rose tonight

Will there be Exit Polls in November? (nt)

Does thinking it's okay to vote for Nader mean I'm a Bush enabler?

Maria Shriver is on Leno and they are going on and on....

Al Gore speech (lexcerpts and link to full text)

Marine World Trainer Gored by Elephant

Bush (*) Pushes Faith-Based Aid Initiative

How Did Saudi Terrorists Escape?

Girl, 11, slays classmate in Japan

New Kerry TV Ad Shows U.S. As 'Optimists'

U.S. Judge in San Fran Strikes Down Federal Law Banning Form of Abortion

Bureau of Indian Affairs' director reassigned after deaths in custody

'Huffing' Can Kill Your Child

Honeywell planning (100) job cuts

GAO: Pentagon Gulf War Illness Data Wrong

Rice pledges Hicks, Habib probe

What do you want to be when you grow up?



What is a mature adult?

300: time for bed

Dookus for Jeep!

Anyone with a real cryptic DU name feel like explaining it to us?


Movies with a sado/masochism theme?

Did anyone else read that NYTimes Magazine story, about h.s hookups?

Best pizza topping

Woo hoo! Finn Brothers coming to Philly July 29th!

just saw soul plane...

Netzero and Juno suck!

Don Prudhomme! Funny cars! New England Dragway! Sunday! Sunday!

My cat. China.... hit by car. DOA, broken neck

How old were you when you first saw corn?

Is there an epidural in DU?

What the hell is happening in South Dakota?

Kucinich got 6 national delegates at the WA state CD caucuses

Schwarzenegger Exalts Troops - WSJ

Full sovereignty in Iraq might not be so

Conservatives for Kerry

When Dishing Out Blame, Don't Stop With Bush (media/others allowed Bush)

Electronic Voting – Not Ready For Prime Time-Howard Dean

Another Gen Lyons Home Run

New Iraq government clone of old

Bush's cynical fund raising

Just like WW II !

Different Strokes, Different Folks

Mole in Our Midst (A Grand, Unified Theory of...Bush Policies)

A Gas-Guzzling Revenge Plot Meets Souped-Up Sales Pitch

The Neocons' War

Democracy in Mid East - Bush style

LAT-Faith-Based Chief Cites 'Culture War'

Bush the war leader losing key battles

US security, Iraqi freedom are unrelated

Ashcroft Degrades American Democracy


Like WW II except...

Blunt and Bush both hope to ride gay coattails into office

Must Read: For Some Soldiers The War Never Ends...NYT's Op-Ed

In ann coulter's world, everything's as it should be....

Alterman: Judy, Judy, Judy

Salon: Burning down the Log Cabin

Iraq's WMD Factory

Will Haiti be forgotten again so soon?


Not ALL media has bailed on Bush...Happy Drug Card "News"

Blumenthal: Bush takes refuge in history

Zero-tolerance on torture: How hard is that?

Help Save The Land Of The Western Shoshone!

I've given away 28 Kerry bumper stickers

Book project looking for people who passed on teaching because of salary

Bernie Ward and ?

Why no human interest stories on background of Bush Treason outside lawyer

AP wire joins CNN in not reporting Ken Lay/Bush comments on Enron tape

Will CBS be the Wash Post of the '70's? (PNACerGate <> Watergate)

BOOK THREAD -- "After the Empire" by Emmanuel Todd

I was a liberal --

Today's Thought

The ?W Revue | Opening Night Benefit for MFSO 7/12

Microsoft plans for expansion in India

The "Clinton Recession"/"Bush Recovery" lie

e g e Posted about amazing new tech. called Sabatier reactors

Defense Bill allows Energy Dept to just bury nuke waste - no clean-up

Talk Energy . . . Because real change starts at home! . . .

Ethanol , other biomass products will reward a pioneering attitude

Tunisia Wants Women To Pray At Home

Child recruitment was war crime

Bush Imposes U.S. Sanctions on 'Drug Kingpins'- (Peru Airline Owner)

UN Urges Iraqis to Set Up (parliamentary) Body to Oversee New Govt.

Bin Laden Was "within Reach"of U.S.-Led Forces inAfghanistan Several Times

Buddhists rally for peace - TH

Elementary student cited for bringing a nonworking gun to school

Heh heh heh.....Today's Onion made me laugh....

GUNS IN THE NEWS - June 2, 2004

Not A Question -- A Word of Thanks

Deleted. Someone else answered my question.

I believe this is a news story and not an editoral

Which Do You Prefer?

Where Do Alerts Go?

Good morning, Skinner! - I have some good news -

Why don't you just

Re: RimJob and Hussein in "Um, Skinner, could the Freeper be right?"

To whichever mod moved my "Al-Queda" thread to GD from the Lounge:

Um, Skinner, could the Freeper be right?

Search question

What happened to my Caesar thread in GD?

Smiley Request: Cigar

Is this graphic prohibited?

Why were my posts deleted? >:(

Palestinian Unemployment Hits 35%, As Economy Strangulates

Yesha rabbi: IDF allowed to hurt civilians

Palestinian Affairs: Death of an Intifada

Behind burning eyes

Beit Hanina: Another new Ghetto in Palestine

Weapon-smuggling tunnel uncovered in Rafah

Settler Rabbi: Killing Civilians Permitted


Nine more Border Policemen said arrested for abuse

4 Bakri family members convicted of hosting suicide bomber

The Neocons' War

Anybody see what two-faced Roe Conn did?

Schwarzenegger forcing out CHP chief

LA County to remove cross from county seal after ACLU challenge

Southern Ca KCAA and thank them for Air America

Iowa Campaign Underground

sniper on I91?

Here comes the sun!

BIG anti-bush* sign in Marysville, Michigan (near Port Huron)....(PHOTO)

Kerry in Columbus - Wednesday, June 16

Plain Dealer 5/30 says Bush by 6, Kerry 45% Bush 41% per Rasmussen

Ohio for Kerry Field Offices!

Bible Thumping Bikers Coming to Austin

Roy "10 Commandments" Moore guest at Repuke convention

Stolen propane trucks raise terror concern

Lt. Gov. Dewhurst's Mother Dies

Austin Marines Called To Active Duty

Who wants a DU nametag for the Texas Convention?

Texas is #1 again (Not a good thing mind you)

Stolen propane trucks recovered

Who got their state convention packets?

State Dems convention this weekend

Job opening at WA State Jobs with Justice

AP declares herseth winner

Bernie Ward in San Francisco is on right now...

A Kerry/ Shreck Ticket would kill the Pubs

Billionaire's campaign against Bush centers on Iraq war

CNN's Carlos Watson...The Anti-Bill Schneider???

Is Allawi Curveball?

CNN's morning Terror Trifecta

‘Sing a song of Esso’

C-Span 6:06 a.m. CT First analysis of Herseth win in SD.

What would have happened if RFK lived?

I just had a wild idea...

True or False : Iraq has more PHDs per capita than the US ?

* and Rice begging for captions

AP article: Other things Iraq funding can pay for

Saw my first protester today.

Why is it that news about Afghanistan is not being covered?

CNN / CBS Radio (so far) censoring Enron tapes w/ comments on Bush

Facing Suit, County to Remove Seal's Cross

Found a great web site on Iraq

Phony Degrees actually shipped from Jerusalem

C-Span 7:45 ET: The first ethicist to discuss *'s ethics. might be good.

Dean WAS on AAR talking BBV

Bwahahahaha... The mayor of Crawford, TX, home on the range for *

C-Span 8:57 ET mentioning CHENEY/HALLIBURTON MEMO:

(in case you missed it) Scott Peterson trial started yesterday

I just read the War Resolution again. What a piece of Crap!

Liberalism = Al Queda

I just saw Condoleezza on "Today"

I am so sorry for humanity. Religious dogmatism makes people hate

OK. Everything I have heard on C-Span and Bush*'s campaign moves (on our

June 2 Boondocks is hilarious -- and very pointed

Why is US building 14 military bases in Iraq if we are turning it over to

Revisiting the 2000 GOP Platform: 20 Outrageous Assertions, Shameless Lies

Hilarious pic of Chimp & accompanying pool report

C-Span 9:11am. CRAP. Hudson from Crisis catholic mag. doing KERRY bashing.

C-Span: caller said Pat Robertson got 500 thousand from the "faith based"

We are Suppose to Shut Up and Move On...again (this is total crap)

What the hell is the status on the Plame investigation??? nt

From what I've read, I get the sense that Bush is splitting his party.

Chalabi - Passing secrets to Iran?

I did not know that Michigan's Democratic party is in such desarray.

So now you need to fill out an application to be a terrorist?

Terrorist Alert: Wanted by the FBI and Ashcroft:

Was the war in Iraq instigated by Iran?

Democrats to Pull Out of Arkansas and Tennessee

Kerry Seeks Virginia's 13 Electoral Votes in November

BushCo asked the media (including NYT) to delay the story on Chalabi....

Moore's film to be released...

Help...need a link for body counts

Congratulations South Dakota!

The George W. Bush Soundboard

Bill Clinton to tout book on “60 Minutes”

i'm working on a potentially useful kerry convert...

"Just let it go"???. OMFG, are these people for real?!

I finally figured out what 6/30 is all about

Silently slouching towards 1000 dead

CNN Polls: "Yeah, well Bush is anti-dead-people-talking!" Edition

Iran code=Plame; Chalabi=Novak; Rove/Cheney(?)=???

Anyone know where the index of commercial free Stern shows went?

Dr. Edwin C. May Ph.D got a lot of our tax money for ESP "research"

so the weather now gets more time than the news on the morning shows

Sooo IS Bill Cosby "being attacked" "taking grief"?

"Aerosol and Electromagnetic Weapons in the Age of Nuclear War" by

It's amazing what maniacs will do, if you let them, & don't stop them

Bush pathology (Brain damage or just Personality?)

Newsweek on Bush: "Another Comeback Kid?"

New Meme: Bush admin using Cold War tactics to fight war on terror

Mopaul...your new sigline picture...

Sweet, sweet music

Another trophy added to *'s collection: a brick from Mohammad Omar's home

If Bush chooses McCain as VP, are we dead in the water?

CONFIRMED: Chalabi informed Iranians we knew their codes

Anyone attend the LA 21st Century Dems Training?

Could someone please tell me why I should care about Kerry's hair?

Have the dead died in vain?

"Three Purple Hearts Trump Three DUI's Anyday"

I wish we could stop bushco BEFORE the planned U.S. terror attack

I feel so stupid....

The war at home

Anti-War Poetry Thread


West Nile, stolen tankers, Al Qaeda, Jose Padilla, Laci Peterson...

Say, which administration official is a drunk, I wonder?

Iraq Prisoner Photo of the Day

Why isn't the Enron Story breaking all over the place?

a finger print question

Why is Free Republic still in existence?

David Brooks is a pretentious ASS!!

American and United stock sales on 9/10

captured Free Speech Zone now trophy in music room

Let's get one thing straight MonkeyBrain.....

Talking out of both sides of his mouth=Flip Flop

Linking Schwarzenegger to Ken Lay During California Energy Scam

Oh crap-Idiot Boy is coming on

MSNBCGOP: HUGE propane trucks found!!!

They just won’t let us win

"Scandal fatigue" -- Is that the biggest problem we face?

Bush giving Speech on CNN -- sounds like canned applause?!?

Bush, "America's Compassion In Action," healing, free hugs for everyone

The Gore/Moore syndrome

Bush is getting much better at reading his speeches on the teleprompter

Nanny Dick!!!

Joke: Changing light bulbs in the Bush Administration

Al O'Franken just body-slammed Neil Boortz in a one on one...

Huf! Huf! Huf! Phewww!! Who else is in training for the Presidential

Repub Nut Sends me 10 Page Lucifer threat Letter

Al Franken: did you hear Calvin Trillin's poetry? FUNNY. If not, catch

Art terrorists

Bilderberg Conference 2004

Report: Bush Understands Iraqi Opposition

Bush is giving a fascist speech to the Air Force Academy graduates

NORAD locked doors 1st time in fifty years on 9/11

Learn to stay alive from this article from Reuters

Conversation at the Bookstore

TV terrorism "expert" Christopher Whitcomb was an FBI sniper at Ruby Ridge

While you guys sit around here and enjoy this friendly forumn I'm on

Army expanding stop-loss program

Possible letter

* can't even hold his own umbrella

'War on Terrorism" and "War in Iraq" are not the same . Got it ?

The logistics of Nader Voting.

Activist Arrested at Army Recruiting Station--congress candidate

Public Baptism Sparks Controversy

CA and FLA DU'ers how are Jeb and Auhhnold doing in Popularity ?

Zogby Interactive Poll Currently Soliciting Your Opinions

Thinking outloud about the Chalabi affair:

So, if it's no longer an "occupation", does that make it a "hobby"?

Randi: the last time a Bush spoke about religion the bush was burning!

I want the Bush name off that war memorial.

Bush must be watching the FACTOR

How many tunnels has Israel found during its Rafah raids?

Just watched J. Kerry speak again

We are losing sight of our biggest campaign weapon

Any bets that the Plame leaker/Chalabi leaker are one and the same?

A Conglomeration of Inconsistencies and Contradictions


So, if Bush's "Global War" = WW II, will there be a GI Bill for vets?

Bush is meeting with Dr. James Dobson this morning.....

WHO is WH Traitor who gave Chalabi the Classified Data?

Today's CNN Poll - A No Brainer

You know? Bush is right. Iraq IS like WWII.

Republican National Convention Schedule

Which religion is the funnest?--Why?

Rasmussen Ohio Poll...

CROSSFIRE Thread - Margaret Carlson on the Left

Any update on Bush's current approval ratings?

Athiests vs. Christians: How split are we?

Other Things Iraq War Funding Can Pay For

Is the al-Qaida an organized army or more just an organized idea ?

A Friend asks me to Prove that RWingers buy books in bulk!

Afghanistan - Any Websites list KIA's like Lunaville does for Iraq

Got this in my bulk email

Don't fall into corporate media claptrap using Clinton's book to divide

Well we just had one HELL of a storm here (Tulsa vicinity)

Donna Brazile is Cool!

O'Reilly: "69 percent of Americans believe the Abu Ghraib story was...

What happened to the Attack on Kirkuk ? MSNBC/CNN not Reporting..

Jenna Bush on 112 Mile Holy Pilgrimage in Spain

Fascist/Corporatism? Have we arrived? Or in the process?

Guard troops hard hit by "stop loss" order.

Randi just announced Greg Palast coming on at 5:30 ET

I-66 Bridge protest-banner against mercenaries: Arlington Virginia (PHOTO)

May Cable Ratings Are In

CNN/MSNBC Now: John Kerry Press Conference (4:03 pm edt)

Larry King/ Bill Maher tonight at 9 p.m. ET.

Is John Kerry qualified to be president?

Well, I gather they found the missing propane trucks...

Dean has convinced me to vote for a pro-war candidate.

Randi: "I was the vomit girl. Hold my hair!"

So Buxh is going on a field trip to Normandy France

Bush was hiring known rapists and murderers as contractors in Iraq prisons

Mole in Our Midst (MUST READ!)

Ludacris SLAMS Bill O'Reilly!

Faith-based, pro-life left seeks political home, will vote Kerry

What would have happened if Iraq had been permitted to switch to "euro"?

Bush Visit to Ireland - Planned Protsests

Virginia .....Saw my first Kerry ad

ACLU conference: Dean and Gov. Bill Owens to debate. Many big names

New Procedures to Speed Overseas Absentee Balloting

Before 9/11, America was the world's only "superpower".....

Should Cheney be investigated?

Wonder what we would say or think if it came down to an ISLAMIC REVOLUTION

Cover blown due to a drunk American soldier who wanted to blab...

Bush administration comparing Iraq war to WW II!

I am filled with contempt for this "president"....

Why does AirAmerica not make their stream available in other formats?

Democrats do not usually win special elections.....

About Rep. Herseth...

Don't forget: Bill Maher on Larry King tonight

Randi: if the media has a liberal filter it is clogged!!! This woman just

Who's this guy that Al Franken is rippin up?

CBS Evening News: Enron Tapes Part 2

I Wonder If The Blogosphere's Favorite Hick Law Professor

Judge Dismisses Two Nichols Jurors

The night before Shock and Awe

Herseth is pretty good on the issues

Is there anyone here that can reach Micheal Moore? The Crawford

Viacom/CBS CEO taken down (for 60 minutes criticizing Bush and the war?)

Bush* & the rethugs deserve Don King

"Curb Your Enthusiam" saves a mans life

3 Days until June 5 Mass Mobilization in LA, SF, Washington ...

Enron tapes on LOU DOBBS!!

GASP!...* is hiring a lawyer..?!!...

Re: Shrub lawyer, freeps are speechless

Now the administration is releasing known terrorists

some freeper posts on the Plame thread... aaaahahahaaa!!

Wolves in Sheep's clothing ?

PROOF that freepers have no sense of irony:

Violence in "stable" Kirkuk, Iraq surprises many! Weapons Dump Attacked!

Bush Likens War Against Terrorism to WWII

U.S. general in shoplifting controversy.

Olbermann not on Countdown tonight. But they interview a former CIA agent

Would Bush resign before Kerry takes office????

The Dame Plame name game shifts blame to one of fame.

Concentrate Campaign On Gay Marriage Amendment Bush Advised

What do you all think of The Rude Pundit?

Enron tapes being played on Majority Report now--

I'm Pissed, Peterson front page Bush lawyer back page!

Don King and Ed Gillespie on CNN as buddies

Media Whore Zahn has "Nazi Type" Military person explaining away

Whoever hired Chalibi should be in jail!!!

Complete withdraw from Iraq: naive thinking.

I can't seem to figure out how to work this damn Cone of Silence!

So what will happen if terrorists nuke an American city?

Why is NPR only skeptical of governments that don't like privatization?

Will They Now Stop Blaming Women, Bill Clinton, and Gays?

Good poll on the draft @ Headline News

Top 21 reasons why its so hard to be a republic in 2004

Will * plead the fifth.................

Have you heard this (Home Depot) ad in your state?

Mike Wallace on O'Reilly

What is the impetus behind Bush hiring a lawyer?

Did Gore choose Lieberman in 2000 because of "Clinton fatigue"?

CBS ... Bush lawyered up in the Plame investigation ...

Breaking: Bush Hires Private Lawyer to Defend Him

Should Ahmed Chalabi now be declared an enemy combatant?

Our troops are never coming home. Never.

Bush shares his timeline: "Overcoming the work of decades"

Looking for Enron Audio Download

Who's getting frog-marched out of the White House?

Cheney better get that promised "summer of terror" into gear. Why?

Web mentality: LW v. RW, pecking orders, and eating our own

Free bumper sticker for hard core Democrats

Bill Mahr on Larry King tonight

CBS Evening News - in the West .. on now ...

LMAO Freeps all confused about * hiring a lawyer !!

Bush and WWII statements....hope Europe sees it for what it is

CBS Evening News - Lead FOUR stories tonight

Heads UP! House IRAQ WATCH happening NOW (c-span1)

Why is Scot Petersen Trial News? I ask CNN....

Thomas Friedman on Hardball... what a jerk. He is happy that

9:15 EST: Turn on C-Span NOW.

Has anyone found anything on Atty. Jim Sharp of Washington?

Do you expect another terrorist attack in the US before November?

Just to be fair, folks...

Josh Marshall's Take on Bush* Lawyering Up

Neo-cons/freeps/assorted malcontents scared of Moore's movie

Has anyone else heard this phrase, yet ?

Dr. Dean devotes his first column to the dangers of E-voting

DoD, Postal Service Announce Ballot Initiative

What the hell happened to World Trade Center 7?

Bush Predicted To Take Only 2 States

Powell Says Iraq Will Not Get Veto Over U.S. Troops

Chimpy wants to make nice with the Iraqi Resistance now. Whodathunk?

Will Bush re-instate the draft?

CBC Could Be Toast

Forensic Science Busts Mouse-In-My-Soup FRAUD

* ties Iraq War to WWII

Yeah, but did Keith Hernandez spit on him?

A Question for DU Web Designers ... please help ...

Chalabi has the Junior Gmen over a barrel!

Did the Bushs return an adopted child?

Religious groups celebrate flaming shrub in Washington

I got this email from MoveOn today about an anti-BBV/pro-paper petition

We need a Constitutional Amendment

Crawford mayor is Kerry supporter!!!

For those who get "The New Yorker": excellent article on PBS rightwards

Question: Is Chalabi under arrest / US detention?

Prognosticators - Most Likely Scenario for Cheney?

If our government tries to invade

bush's lawyerJames E. Sharp - Iran-Contra Richard V. Secord

TalkingPointsMemo:Chalabi collected info on his American contacts to "use"

Here is what the great thinkers thought about patriotism...

Freepers threaten federal judges

Brahimi Calls Bremer A Dictator

George H.W. Bush calls Michael Moore a slimeball

The Mobile Infantry made me what I am today....

Moore offers White House screening of "Fahrenheit 911"

Ugh - received letter from Bush campaign with photo

Found this while keeping an eye on the other side (re: Saddam and AQ)

Freeper thread is hilarious...

NBC Nightly News showed preview of Fahrenheit 911!!

Looks like gin Blossoms to me.

A People's History of Ancient Rome (Pulitzer Prize Nominee)

If soldiers are forced to remain on duty...

Holy smokes!! Does this title mean Chalabi is naming BUSH??

From my home town...Colorado Springs....

Story about my congressman (Sullivan R-OK) killed?

Listen to Al Franken body slam Neal Boortz today!!

R wingers protesting Kerry

Ralph Nader Wooing Republicans Away From Bush

WAIT A MINUTE! Is Chalabi revelation PART of the plan??? Invade Iran?

George the DORK -- worse pics than ever before!

Do you believe in the Rapture?

People MUST understand that Bush = DRAFT in 2005

Anti-Nader Hate Campaign Could Backfire

Will Kerry appoint the greatest Sec. of State in history - Bill Clinton?

Bernie Ward on a RANT ... now --- He's really pissed

so were there any protests in Denver? Where are the photos?

A question for European DUer's

SERIOUSLY! Why she wants to somebody out...

Who's honesty and integrity do you respect more: Carter vs Chavez

The LEAD on Aaron Brown's "whip" ---Smirky Lawyers Up!!!!

Looks like the CIA is at war with the Neo-Cons.

I am SICK of the F'Ing Repukes on the tube whining about Clinton!

When Bush-Bashers Collide? Moore's Film at Odds with Clarke Remarks

U.S. forces stoned as they pull out of town in Sunni Triangle

OK PETA has gone to far this time!

Is Bush wearing platforms?

how do I record an aar program from the net?

Covert plan against terror splits Bush Administration

Air America is broadcasting Noam Chomsky tomorrow?

What will be the next country Chimp will invade if re-selected

Will Jesus Return As A Woman Next Time?

Josh Marshall quotes Nelson report on "promised" Plame indictments

Looking for Rove/Bush Puppet Picture

Who wants a special DU link to Bush Admin scandals w/UPDATES?

wow. things are starting to break hard against the PREZ

The neocon vision. This is why I get nervous about empire.

Strange Prophets

complete withdrawal from Poland: naive thinking

Chimpy giving Chalabi the Ken Lay treatment

Anyone else think this Chalabi code thing is fishy?

What years did you feel that our collective innocence was lost?

OK Dem bashers...the table is now turned

Anybody else hearing the Dean rumors?

I didn't know that Dopehead Rush's radio show is heard by the troops daily

A GREAT New Name

An emerging liberal echo chamber

Bill Maher kicking ass on Larry King Live...

Leo Strauss and David Brock: Dangerous Reading

US is #1 in percent of people in prison

Remember this photo?

LOL!! "Militiaman" Freeper Posts His Picture...

God save us from pushy religious assholes

Wow. Our Democracy for America meet-up grew more tonight.

Animals should be treated humanely - yes, no, or it depends?

Where can we find good quality pictures of Kerry???

Whose integrity do you respect more: Hugo Chavez or John Kerry?

You say you want a revolution

Stephanie Herseth (D SD) won yesterday, but I wasn't paying attention...

A zany thing about hardcore conspiracy theorists.

Conspiracy to Commit War Crimes

Attack back on the bill collectors.

BBV: Any comments on the Brazil EV machines? My country will use them!

Do you believe that Al-Queda terrorists crashed the planes on 9/11?

US, UK propose troop withdrawal timetable

Republicans lose another House seat.

Militants Fire at U.S. Citizens in Riyadh - Diplomat

E-Mail Prompts Calls to Probe Halliburton, Cheney

Mother damages fetus with loud educational tapes

Judge: Bush Abortion Ban Unconstitutional

Sex education US-style: don't do it

In cellular future, will privacy ebb?

Militants, U.S. Troops Clash in Kufa

The day the stooges bit back

Accord reached on July protests (Boston Convention)

UN Members Want More Specifics in Iraq Resolution

Iceland to catch fewer whales

Conservatives for Kerry

Army Reservist Who Served in Iraq Arrested After Police Find Wife's Body

Fahrenheit 9/11 finds coalition of willing distributors

Bush calls for funds for church projects

Kerry wins South Dakota presidential primary

IAEAgency Details Iran's Ambitious Pursuit of Advanced Centrifuges(but no

Kathy Kelly: 'Social Security'- On Trial for Delivering Medicine to Iraq

Chávez hints at accepting vote, says he'll win

Conflicts Seen for General in Abuse Probe

Bush says)Nation has 'choice' (if not elected worse attacks than Sept. 11)

New Iraq President Says Was Pressured to Step Aside

Boeing loses bid for $10 billion security contract

Bush to compare Middle East with war-time Europe

Brain trauma takes toll on soldiers (Knight-Ridder)

Abu Ghraib abuse: Made in American prisons

Iran Holds Open Option of Producing Sophisticated Nuclear Centrifuges

Kerry: U.S. Bioterrorism Plan Has Gaps

Nine killed in fresh clashes between Sadr militia, US forces

London's fiery mayor urges US voters to sack Bush

Enron manipulated energy prices during California brownouts: report

U.S. peacekeeping troops leave Haiti

NYT: U.S. to Divulge More About Modified Crops

Oil Rich Iraq Hit by another Fuel Crisis

UN Urges Iraqis to Set Up Body to Oversee New Govt.

Two Airliners Searched After Boston Bomb Threat

Anti-Kerry veterans group protests ad

"Provisions In The Rules of Jihad "-man charged with inciting terrorism

ParisMatchMag:Bush Understands Why Iraqis Oppose U.S. Occup.(not terrorist

Bulgarian Opera Great Ghiaurov Dies at 74

Many U.N. Council Members Want to Hear From New Iraqi Leaders, Still Want

Bush Likens War Against Terrorism to WWII

Bush giving Speech on CNN -- sounds like canned applause?!?

Bush Likens War Against Terrorism to WWII

Army Issues Order to Stop U.S. Soldiers from Leaving

Congress watchdog: drugs threaten Afghan stability

U.S. Says Iran Hiding Nuke Bomb Program from UN

Bush administration scales back massive Northwest timber sale

Bush likens war on terror to WWII

Full Sovereignty in Iraq Might Not Be So

House OKs big expansion of Mount Rainier boundary

US media skeptical about new Iraqi government: reports

(Stevens) Republican Senator Rejects 'Blank Check' for Iraq

Rocky Mtn News: Nation has 'choice'

Government Must Act On Environment, Say Americans

Tough Capital Insider to Face His Critics on Bank Regulation - RIGGS

Security Council Diplomats Not Happy with New Iraq Resolution

Iran and arms expert David Albright tell US to prove nuke allegations

Officials: Chalabi Gave Secrets to Iran (FBI Investigating)

Poll: Most Portuguese Want Police Force Out of Iraq - (74 Percent)

Iraq to Dominate When Bush Sees Anti-War Pope

Bush compares Iraq, terror wars to World War II

Clinton poised to claim spotlight

Democrat Wins Special Election in South Dakota

Not All Iraqi Rebels are Terrorists Says Bush

Italian Hostages Shown Alive on Arab TV

Raines on Kerry : 'Lurch Gone to Choate'

Brahimi Urges Reconciliation Dialogue Between Iraqi Insurgents and U.S.

VOA radio reports CHeney ordered Halliburton contracts personally

Envoy Seeks Dialogue With Iraq Insurgents

Halliburton tied to Tristar scandal (Nigeria)

Baghdad suburb 'hit by car bomb'

Halliburton tied to Tristar scandal (French are investigating)

GOPer DeWine)Senator sacked me over tales of congress

Venezuela Repression Condemned by World’s Press

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 2 June

Chavez cries fraud in referendum bid, orders probe

Biscuit logging details released

please delete dupe

Sears inks $1.6B IT outsourcing services deal with CSC

U.S.: Afghan Army Effort Will Take Years (at least 4 more years)

Army issues orders to keep soldiers from leaving

Duplicate. Sorry

House Likely to Defeat Succession Plan

Spitzer sues GlaxoSmithKline over 'Paxil fraud'

Bush hires attorney regarding Plame investigation


NASA Weighs Robot Mission to Telescope

Conflicts Seen for General in Abuse Probe (MG Ryder got a promotion?)

Evolution theory rules in Roseville CA | Sacramento Bee

Ormet Layoffs Felt In Monroe (131 jobs)

UL (Underwriter Laboratories) plans to cut 750 U.S. jobs

Yucca cuts could force huge layoff (1700 jobs)

ENRON tape story on ABC now

Army Expanding 'Stop-Loss' Program

Kurd Rebels Attack Turks, Ending Truce

Push to forge markets for renewable energies

Aljazeera airs tape of Italian hostages

German culture centre opens in N.Korea

$2-a-gallon gasoline takes its toll on Meals On Wheels

UN Envoy Urges More Negotiations with Iraqis

Iran denies receiving Chalabi intelligence

Iraqi group parades 'collaborators' (hostages)

Dems look beyond Daschle (new leader in 2005?)

Microsoft granted patent for double-click

U.S. Military Attacked in Saudi Capital

Turkish Kurd rebels renew fight from Iraq mountain

IraN "happy" with Iraq's new interim government

U.S. Troops Battle Shiite Militants in Kufa, Baghdad, Fallujah

Democrats say drug discount card an "embarrassment"

DOD: New Fatality Announced

Bush Skips Over Eisenhower Reference to 'Crusade'

Washington under growing domestic pressure on climate change: EU official

The Potential of Bioenergy is Still Too Often Neglected

Bush to Compare Middle East with War-Time Europe

DNC Invites Some 'Bloggers' to Convention

GOP Senator Would Limit How Bush Could Spend Iraq $25 B ($5 B slush only)

Crawford Mayor is Kerry Supporter

TPM: Bush's Lawyer James Sharp Represented Iran Contra Luminary

Army Plan Aims to Keep Soldiers on Duty

AP: Administration Freed Terror Suspect

Does this sound desperate?

(Roy) Moore candidates split court races (AL primary results)

Seagate rallies on (3000) job cuts; Comverse up on results

Cancer Rates Decline; Survival Up

FBI Probes Disclosures to Chalabi: Newsday (New Info)

Louis Vuitton's links with Vichy regime exposed

'Drunk' American Blabs To Chalabi? | CBS

Iranian Nobel Winner: U.S. Cannot Impose Democracy

Shoplifting Charge Dogs Iraq Gen.

Administration Freed Terror Suspect

14 Reposted Dead in Massive Kirkuk, Iraq Blast news reports say!

November Army Investigation Found Abu Ghraib Problems

Cabinet seeks NT$610.8bn to purchase arms from US - TW

DeLay confirms deal on balanced budget amendment

US frantic to soften harsh language in UN rights report on Iraq

U.S. Aims to Smooth Absentee Voting by Troops

Baird Amendment Goes Down in Flames

Concerns grow about Lariam's side effects

Powell Presses C.I.A. on Faulty Intelligence on Iraq Arms

Venezuela's Maza Says Economy May Expand as Much as 12% in year.

Events Forcing Abortion Issue on Kerry

'Kerry intern' tells of rumour mill trauma

Bush tells French readers: Chirac's my friend

Halliburton Memo Boosts Hill Critics

Democrats Seek Special Halliburton/Cheney Counsel

Stolen propane trucks turn up near Laredo

Judge who made gay marriage legal under fire (Mass.)

After Aristide, Haiti faces organizing rebels

Kerry's Wife Criticizes Iraq War

Tip of the Iceberg? The probe into alleged Chalabi leaks to the Iranians

AP: Administration Freed Terror Suspect

British Gas Prices Top $5.79 a Gallon

New Study: 26% Of Americans Have Mental Illnesses

Cities look to put the brakes on minibike craze

Massive explosion in US base in Kirkuk

Durbin Releases Catholic Scorecard

NYT: F.B.I. Begins Polygraph Tests in Chalabi Inquiry

CIA to Investigate Chalabi, U.S. Officials Say

Flag amendment gets preliminary approval

Bush Push May Cost Churches Tax Breaks

CNN Sues Over Lists of Possible Felons on Florida Voter Rolls

Anti-war Protests Ahead of Bush Visit to Italy

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 810 Dead - 4,882 wounded

US is sued over records of military prisoner abuse

Why oil prices are stubbornly high

Paris bans protests ahead of Bush's visi

CBS News Exclusive: Bush Retains Personal Attorney In Plame Probe

New study discounts link between oral cancer, pot smoking

Indonesia expels terror expert - American Sidney Jones

Tip of the Iceberg?

U.S. Opposes Taiwan Troops Going to Iraq

Bin Laden within reach of US-led force several times: French general

AP: Administration Freed Terror Suspect

Five aid workers killed in northern Afghan ambush

G.O.P. Seeking Congregations for Bush Effort

Senator Cites Four Civilian Contractors in Calling for Wider Investigation

Four Civilian Contractors Cited in Abuse

US Prison Abuse Painted on Wall

The Crimes of Iran-ContraHave Never Ended

'Ladies night' axed at N.J. bars

Boxing promoter Don King stumps for Bush


What happened to Tinoire?

holy Sh*t...

Anybody know how Consumers Union lost control of the phrase "best buy"?

WOOHOO! 200 posts!!

BE THE FIRST to respond to this thread!!!

be the 15th respondent to this thread!

"What the $%#@*& Do We Know?" ... Anybody seen it?

Who says that Bush can't dance?

High school students take push for better sex ed to school board

The Daily Show.

No caption required

Has anyone ever used the 'puff piece' emoticon?

Forget the kissing - how important is the first time you hold hands?

Amesome night - Pistons win and Dems pick up a seat!

signals of attraction?

Farm Rich: Food Evildoer

June ushers in traditional Cub's backward slide in NLC

Do you think seeing porn corrupted you?

The Perils of Outsourcing

Jordanian man divorces wife three times over phone bills

Authorities Recruit "Owl Flying Squad" To Combat Rodent Problem

Strong coffee & soldering delicate connections

South Beach Diet

What kind of a president should be the one that follows Kerry?

Police car siren killed chickens

Good first date questions...

Woman Empties 16 Bags Of Dog Feces On Park Road To Protest Farmers Market

Dixie Chicks - Travelin' Soldier

HBO Video(clears someone of murder) Curbs Police Enthusiasm

New Email Scam - Help Get NIGERIAN Off SPACE STATION- He Is Stranded

Good Morning DU!

Phony Degrees actually shipped from Jerusalem

South Park Diet

Double Post

New Baby Kitty in the House!! (pics)

Police: Nude Man Walks Down Westheimer

Favorite chips?

Ghost Towns For Sale?

Philly to Begin Gay Media Campaign to Boost Tourism

Lightning Bugs Needed Again by Scientists-Price has Jumped

Today's Daily Inspiration:

I Accidentally Discovered My Sister Bought The 'Plan B' Pill Yesterday

I just hung my DU bumper sticker on my cubicle wall at work.

When do you shower?

Confess - those of you who got the Bush fundraising letter

Boys, 10 Get Keys To Bulldozer - Do $500,000 In Damage

Deer rescue

Would you trust this man....

Computer help:URGENT!!!'s a's a goal...

Got it bad, got it bad, got it bad....

"Any 1 else listeing to Stern right now?" I have a few gen. questions.

Teacher Blinds Pupils With Anti-Lice Shampoo

The Casey Kasem "Snuggles" thread.

I'm thinking about seeing the DAY AFTER TOMORROW the day after tomorrow...

Time Travel: What moment in time would you like to visit?

The Campaign Strategist of all CAPTIONS!!

Playing with new digital camera, PET PICTURES!!!

Man Steals Cop's Cell Phone While Being Taken To Jail On Another Charge

Pics of Bush wrestling his umbrella--and losing!

Gretchen Wilson's REDNECK WOMAN song

I just saw "The Day After Tomorrow" ... ask me anything...(SPOILER)

Nutro Pet product users - GREAT Program!!!

VH1 Metal Moments

Woman Crushed To Death In Fight Over $50 Check

My boyfriend wants me to meet his family!!!!!

Ellen Degeneres and John Kerry...Separated at birth?

CAPTION the malfunction

Mother, Son Allegedly Plant Mouse In Soup At Restaurant

Did anybody hear me on Thom Hartmann just now?

How old were you when you first heard Korn?

Pizza Soup?

Ghost story thread!

I will be moving tomorrow

Wanna' have some fun and support my husband? / How come this link isn't working?

Oh my, Oh my.....dying krill

97X is dead.

New campaign commercial

Would someone take me out back and shoot me??? Please???

It Gets Hot Down Here in Houston!

The "I have an idea, Ollie" of all CAPTIONS!!!

Detroit Tigers Hot Dog Vendor Told To Knock Off The Opera Singing

Okay, I need to cleanse my palate a bit...


Movie treatment: "They Saved Bush*'s Brain"

Are the LOTR deluxe box sets worth it?

Need good wishes

The Teutuls...OCC Paul Jr. or Paul Sr. ?

SST Records appreciation post/thread....

Who is Franken talking to?

Help. Need the url for the blogger zxy, xyz something or

What was that on the O'Franken Factor?

Peeping Up Women's Skirts Found Dangerous To Health

Ladies: how important is the first kiss with a new guy?

Apparently, Matcom Occasionally Drinks Scotch

do the people in the rest of the world see the U.S.-

I am so sick of RAIN!!!!!

Sean Hannity, Michael Savage or Rush Limbaugh (for gals!!)

In LA this Saturday, the Bush Puppet marches again

What is the difference between a brownout and a blackout?

First date hints & tips...

poo price

Have you ever used a psychic?

Days of Hollywood Squares

Public baptism sparks controversy

Be the one who has the MOST posts in this thread!

Oil shortage

oh god i'm bored

We've come a long way, baby!!!

I have a guilty musical pleasure - I love Simply Red

My cat's sisters

Yes, Dogs really do resemble their owners

i hAve yOUr caTs! IF yOU waNt tHeM bAck, pLAce 100K in uNMarKed bilLs

There's an RA here that is like 50 years old...

I have a guilty musical pleasure - I love Taco

Tell me, what's worse? Question for people about relationships.

I have a really guilty musical pleasure...

OK... now that LynneSin's gone...

In the shower: soap or body gel?

Jazz Lovers.......Newport Jazz Sweepstakes link.

I found this wild book in Borders last night

Oh, those wacky co-workers!

Anyone else creeped out by the GD forum?

Favorite poll?

Anyone get VOOM-TV? (HD Sattelite Svc)

Need help..what is...

I want to know Dr. Phil McGraw's net worth -- does anybody know

Why is Matcom OBSESSED with my carpeting???

Be right back - I gotta pee

Enron tapes? Bush knew?

Bad first date questions

Michael Moore's movie will only be shown in 500 theaters?

Got my cell phone connection today.

Who else has NEVER seen that TV show everyone is talking about?

Name the BicMcLargehuge Baby

Cover letters are a tool of Satan

Ann Coutler, Laura Ingraham or Michelle Malkin?

Damn, my first weekend off in months...

Coming Soon : The "Showgirls" DVD V.I.P Edition

O for the days when CLINTON'S PENIS was all that we had to worry about....

Old enough to make crap up.

I got to talk like Randy today!

Comes a time. . . .

Easter Bunny To Face Felony Theft Charges

This week's editorial - need some suggestions

So should go hear Mario Cuomo or David Brock tonight?

Kerry donnera un coup de pied l'âne de McFucktard de Chimpy cet automne.

Fresh Fruit Season! Post your summertime treats here!

I need to make $100 fast... Any ideas?

I got to talk randy today!

7,000 feet above CAPTION level

Pop Star Upset That Her Raunchy Sex Pics Were Posted On The Web

I don't wanna grow up.

Caption Commander Bunnypants!

Ind. Man Survives 69,000-Volt Shock

PISTONS WIN! Off to conquer the LALEE!

I got to talk to Randi today!!

Margaret Carlson on crossfire...

Caution's subversive song of the day

If freepers designed SUV's...

Caption Commander Bunnypants II: The Nightmare continues!

Gonna have to have my wisdom teeth out. Ask me anything.

CONFESS!!!!! What was the first Album/CD/Cassette/8track you ever bought

Crap. Landlord not renewing lease... REALTORS HELP!

Dirty pictures

Another one for armchair physicians:

Norway Unleashes Mad Dentist

i dont wanna go to work...

Apparently Paul McCartney did drugs.

Trying to use logic with a diehard Republican is like...

What food do you love that you ONLY buy in the summertime?

Fellow San Diegans, or for that matter anyone who puts gas in their car...

100+ Hours Smoke Free

Who else has seen Troy?

It Dont Come Easy--You Know it Dont Come Easy...Good Night America

Kerry in 04 or Clinton in 08?

A&E/J.K.Rowling 8pm (est)

Which part of growing up (school) was the best and the worst for you?

Yet another inane loung thread

Post #666: Ask me anything & be DAMNED TO HELL!!!

Gotta love this spam...

MoPaul!!!! DS1!!!! Matcom!!!!! an excellent photoshop opportunity!!!

I just watched The Lion in Winter, ask me anything!

Be The 132nd To Respond to This Thread!

Matcom to let 50 lucky winners to ride his Wienermobile...

My 400th POST!!!

I just realized something!

Two ten year olds, an unsecured contsruction lot, a bulldozer with keys,

The spelling bee is on TV right now--ask me to spell anything!

10 Worst Shows of Alltime

Your favorite Burt Bachrach/Hal David song.

Fahrenheit 9/11 - where?!?!?!

Worst Influence on Children 2 years running

Comcast Nightmare

Some observations at the grocery store last night (about men and women)

The god damn drunk barber from next door keeps coming over

CPSC recalls baby walkers

What should I Google???

That god damn drunk barmaid from next door keeps coming over

I think the people upstairs are playing football....

Why does getting a shot in the roof of your mouth hurt so bad?

Yet another inane Lounge poll.....

How about this for a long email address

Kerry trying to have it both ways again!

I have a very dumb question to ask ANYONE here at DU

TIMELY Movie tonight on Encore True "Das Experiment" (Stanford Experiment)

Shit. Fuck.

Have you joined Film Movement?

6,000 posts.

Happy, happy. Joy, joy.

The world's most pressing bathroom question....

Vanity post: my column

Like a Sunday in T.J., it's cheap but it's not free...

More tornadoes!

Preznit Boosh demonstrates the Trickle-Downbrella, the hot new

Windows Media Player 10 Technical Beta

Eric Chavez out for at least 6 weeks

Ninja Gaiden


Question for parents re: Bathroom privacy

The NRA just called me

Emerging from seclusion. What did I miss? Anybody miss me?

OK. Horny, Watching CHIPS & Eating A Pop-Ice

Why aren't there any houses for sale in Nashville??

It's TV trivia time!!

Do you believe that Al-Queda terrorists crashed the planes on 9/11?

Oscar Mayer to let 50 lucky winners to ride the Wienermobile...

I swear I am the Stain Woman

astrologers: are you too already digging the upcoming Venus transit?!

Tom Friedman is a JOKE

Hey Catwoman? Britney Spears is meowing for you!

Need advice. Irresponsible parents/CPS

Moved into A Five Floor Walk Up....Ask me Anything!

What words are you amazed the DU spell check doesn't know?

5th Estate at 9:00EDT - Conspiracy Theory(911) - Is it worth watching?


Which City Would They Nuke?

Contact Lens Wearers: Question

I just got a bottle of Midori! List your favorite drinks with Midori.

Things I've learned from watching low-budget sci-fi

My Waterbed and Pharaoh Ants

Check out Boodrow!

Why do most states tax the pensions of out-of-state'rs who move

Ants : A Poem

Pen & Paper RPG'ers - ever used SPECIAL?

Britney Spears to go to China... Chinese Gov't wants to see her outfits...

I did not know that

Guess what I just got?

Got two reasons why I lie awake each lonely night

Caption: Casting call for new Mary Poppins movie

I NEED SYMPATHY! I had my icky two molars pulled today!

Man Commits Suicide After Sex With Hen

Han Commits Suicide After Sex With Men

I miss the wild west days of Napster!

is there a policy on posting images altered for satiric purpose?

Pachabel's Canon in D - Techno version

Optical Illusions

Yeah, but did Keith Hernandez spit on him?

Be the first, AND LAST to respond to this thread.......

OK, SF Geeks...Make up your imaginiary BEST starship crew

I've just come from a dimension where all this has already happened

Name That Song Thread...


Perhaps Bush is like THIS GUY:

Which Star Trek Character Are You?

Say something bad about Rolo

For the over 50 crowd...remember these?

Say something bad about Rio

Hey syrinx9999

Weapon of ass destruction!

New Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban poster " Mouthboy battles a dementor"

the left click on my mouse broke!

Oh my, Oh my,.........Diana Krall

What do we say of this?

Have you seen the new pic of the Dear Leader?

More farking fun!

A Question for DU Web Designers ... please help ...

Say something bad about Dido

Should I return the 1000mm lens? (long on graphics)

Say something bad about Greedo

Jon Stewart calling Bush a liar

I am monitored to respond to the name Robby.

I Just Designed Will Pitt's NEW BOOK COVER!!! Ask Me ANYTHING!!

Don't you just love them Fark photoshoppers?

I just had the best thing

I'll Stop Attacking Cats If arwalen Stops Attacking Astrologers n/t

i forgot my 25th wedding anniversary today

Favorite stand-up comedian?

Queer eye for the what?

Pitch Black on right now on SciFi Channel

I have a guilty musical pleasure - I love Tears for Fears

Post your favorite poem

Say something bad about Speedos

Teachers' Decision to Pee on Field Trips Parents

"Every Time A Cell Phone Rings...

Franz Ferdinand (band)

Any poker players here?

I've been kind of depressed lately, and I don't know what I can do.

"Are You Being Served" thread

Anagrams for your Screen Name!!!!!!!

When you hear a car alarm, your first thought is

Douglas Adams: How to make a decent cup of tea . . .

The 25 top cult TV shows.

Of these what should I take for a swollen/sore throat ?

I finally received my John Kerry for President bumper sticker

Post the punchline from your favorite dirty joke.

Is artistic photography as legitimate as other art forms?

Love or money?

Mrs McLargehuge made me swear to keep this secret

new Oxyrush advertiser Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services

Say something bad about Dolo

CONFESS!!!!! What was the last concert you went to?

Isn't it Friday yet?

Teachers' decision to drink on field trip peeves parents

Which is worse? The "C" word or the "N" word?

HS Graduation quote?

A bumper sticker for liberal Christians

OMG Check out this German Ad

Astronomers....Debunk this 'End of World Coming' claim

My cat died last night.

Any realtors/former realtors on DU? (career advice)

WOO-HOO!!!! I Just Passed 21,000 Posts!!!!!

CONFESS!!!!! What was the first concert you ever went to?

"Eurotrip" - have you seen it?

Brazil 1 x Argentina 0

What's the funniest thing (person/movie/tv show/book/etc) EVER? actual photo of Evil Dick hiding behind a shrub!!!

How Old Are You? (And are you happy being your age?)

cat food thread

Last 5 books you've read?

The "sexy librarian" look will be big this fall!!!

Hulk Hogan, Mr T. and He-Man vs the Idiot Son of an Asshole?

The DU Gallery and the DU PETS Gallery have been updated! (6/2/04)

OK. Moved Up ONE WEEK - DU BBQ At MATCOM'S Will Be Saturday 06/19!!!!!


Cat threads, cat threads...roly poly cat threads...

I've never read "The Iliad."

A Pet Birthday List.......

Will "Smarty Jones" win the Belmont -- and thus the

A tiresome Word Association Thread-

Quit gloating over the Herseth win and write the article!

Republican split could lose South Dakota vote for Bush

Bush budget will hurt state (Maine), Kerry team says

Thank you, Boston Globe for editorial, "Bush's False Advertising."

Herseth wins in South Dakota!

Is the election in South Dakota really over?

How to 'out' creationists running for local posts like school board.

Democrats wake up and use talk radio!

Die-Hards Fight for Nader's Candidacy

How do Rasmussen state results differ from Zogby?

Generate your own "George Says" toon

THE ONION: "Many Americans Still Unsure Whom To Vote Against"

Clark Campaign Debt (fundraising)

Campaigning has really picked up in Florida!

America Already Is America (Stalinist Roots to Kerry's New Slogan)

Do you think we can convince Independent Bernie Sanders to become a Dem?

Herseth Added to ‘Frontline’

If W drops out, who runs?

TERESA Slams Iraq War

House Dems On a Roll?

A Message from Wes Clark.......

Time for Kerry to start getting LOUD

Zinni for vice president?

I'm so sick of hearing about how "unexciting" Kerry is!

Competence is on the ballot in Nov. (photos)

Good pic of Kerry in Tampa today.

CARTOONS: Bush Leaks! Hires Lawyer!

New Zogby Poll and free report

Wes Clark in Ukraine to Meet Senior Politicians

Latest Federal Review Composite Poll Kerry 48.52 Bush 47.77

Clark 1st, McCain 2nd, Edwards falls to 3rd--Week 11

If dems don't draw the line at a candidate who supported a bogus war,

I just signed up to work at Kerry's campaign office

How many * bumper stickers have you seen in the last 2 weeks?

Campaign Underground Status Report (WE NEED HELP!)