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Archives: June 16, 2004

18 year old toon

Bush's Erratic Behavior Worries Aides

The Rude Pundit: The Incredible Shrinking President

High Crimes and Misdemeanors

Torture Policy (WP)

Forest Rescue Station #1

Drunk SUV driver smashes 17 cars before stopping

What's up with F911 in Wisconsin?

How about Gore for VP?

Mark Halprin on F9/11 "could be a big factor in the election"

Fans of the Darwin Awards ... Another Lion's Gate offering

Re-socializing the military has to be a top priority.

Hunting of the President tix on sale now for NYC.

Let's hear for Chris Bell. He filed ethics charges against Tom Delay

Just saw a repeat of "Countdown with Olberman, he slams O'Reilly

EVE...1 billion years later. Did she seduce Adam to make him bite?

Concerning the 1 time Clinton cat or Socks, I wonder how the Clintons

Bumper Sticker: Honk if you have WMD's

The Constitutional Question I Have With Gay Marriage

new favorite bumper sticker

Way to go, OC . "Fahrenheit 9/11" will be showing almost everywhere

"George W. Bush: Send that Liar Back to Crawford" - a tangy campaign ad

Forget the presidential election! We are screwed, anyway!

I've been thinking about the most insidious aspects of right wing rhetoric

Poppy & Babs played golf the day after 3 year old daughter died?

Weirdo wingnuts celebrate Wink Martindale's support of *

Two years on, U.S. spy landscape little changed

New Twist in the Afghanistan Story/A Times--New World Media Watch

Inquisition wasn't quite as bad as people think, says Pope

GAO report: Possible billions wasted in Iraq

My man, Chauncey Billups, MVP!!

Is it time for another Helen Mirren thread yet?

Rockies 6, Red Sox 3

Listening to Rush's Grace Under Pressure. Ask me anything.

Anyone know what the record is for most cars hit by a drunk driver

So, I re-loaded my video driver and now the machine locks up

Whew! Finally got my taxes done and sent off!

Vanessa Willams

An example of non-traditionally attractive women...

For once, gets it right

The (Dame) Helen Mirren Appreciation Society

Ben Stiller...

What is the highest floor number...

An example of non-traditional male beauty

Just had to get this out...

Oh my G_d! this is it! one of the signs of last days???

Describe your dream home...and dream address

Everyone ignores the threads I start - prove me wrong, if you dare!

Who would you want to sing you to sleep?

Glasses or Contacts?

What shall I get my step-father for Father's Day? (hurried request)

Ch-Ch-Check it out

More Movie Quotes:

Check Out Psychedelic Republicans Now!

Memo to Kerry: stop using the phrase 'average Americans'

Sites from the Lunatic Fringe...

Any chance of a Kerry - Gore ticket?

VP announcement on July 4th / Wes Clark?

Salon: The Inner W (Bush* on the Couch)

William Pfaff: When laws get in the way of torture

Indecision 2004

Dupe - please delete

In response to something on GD

Alterman: Unvarnished truth

Another fun-looking week in the Boondocks - Magruder

Hunter S. Thompson, George W. Bush and the Free Republic

WaPo: So Torture Is Legal? (Applebaum)

The cinema of revenge: Revenge films post 9/11

A grand slam from Gene Lyons

Exclusive: Clinton On His New Book

Hiding a bad guy named triple X: Abu Ghraib like 'ghosts'

David Hackworth: The Meaning Of A Purple Heart

Alterman: Psst, someone tell Cheney

A Moral Crisis

Politics: We Ain't Playin' (one guy expressing his political views)

Army division sees its Iraq tour extended and its casualties rise

Indecision 2004

"Abuse alerts poured in from Iraq"

Programs: ChoiceMail Puts a Stranglehold on Spam

Special Prosecutor Needed to Investigate the Bush-Torture Scandal

This is Imperial Arrogance

June 16, 2004

Conason: Diplomats Break Silence To Criticize White House

Chicago Sun-Times: Clinton-haters vs. Bush-bashers? No contest

Rumsfeld bans camera phones in Iraq

Salon: America's Blankness (Anti-Americanism abroad)

Blumenthal: Portrait of an armistice

Barely-literate column criticizing Michael Moore

Coming up on Dateline NBC - Michael Moore and more

Torture, War, and Presidential Power

Best. truthout. EVER.

Buzzflash: Hunter S. Thompson, George W. Bush and the Free Republic

Historians say Inquisition wasn't that bad

Bill Moyers: The Fight of Our Lives (excellent!)

Kristof: The Darfur Genocide

Here are the operatives vs.Michael Moore

Keep Haynes Off the Federal Bench!

HR 2239 is making the radar!

Sweeping stun guns to target crowds

I am Vetwife and the veterans org I started trying to help blind WWII vet

Al Franken's handlers wouldn't let me ask my 9/11 question

I have a question for the 9/11 commission.......

for those of you with DishNetwork

Anyone have a download source for the Fahrenheit 911 trailer?

Thai reporters say bugging press room violates free press

Jean Shepherd - A Great American Voice

Convince me astrology works

To All The Mystical Naysayers.

Visit this site...Randon Acts of stirs a sense of optimism

Okay. Let's Try It This Way.

World Bank suspends payments - Ivory Coast

"Tax Modernization"

Trimtabs - Employment Gains Stalling Out

#of outsourced jobs each month?

Corporate Tax Bill Clears House Panel ($4B problem now $140 B tax cut)

Manipulation on Labor Statistics

Republicans Renew Push for Energy Legislation (no compromise on MTBE liabi

Bats as Natural Crop Dusters

Online global warming townhall meeting with Sen. John McCain

am I alone in loathing the BP advertising campaign?

Chomp, Chomp, Chomp - Pine Beetle "Explosion" In Colorado Forests

Nuke growth seen as industry turns 50

Visionary Daimler-Chrysler Unveils 500 HP V-10 Pickup Truck

National Academy Of Sciences Will Review Everglades Restoration Plan

China cuts demolitions to reduce protests

Probe begins into conduct of officials in Ciudad Juarez

US union activists warned by police of deportation risk - TW

Linda Heard: Israel and the Truth behind Its ‘Democracy’

Blacks excluded from SA property boom

Romania bans adoptions in other countries

Mob violence leaves Nigerian town in terror

(Death) Claims From (Contractor)Iraq Work Could Cost (US GOV) Millions

Leaked report finds fault with purchase of Mirage fighters - TW

Four charged with SA envoy's abduction

GUNS IN THE NEWS - June 15 - 16, 2004

Project Targets Gun Criminals

The following assault weapons/techniques are used in the Olympics

Cops to crack down on gun violations

Gun victim plans takeover revenge on manufacturer

I not an NRA-political fan as of later years.

New Mexico Homicide rate drops

Let these folks know how you feel!!!!

As long as our country breeds people like this

T o F? For a liberal place DU is a friendly place for gun enthusiasts?

"Headline SELECTED for DU Dissention"

Is this where I come to ask why my post was deleted?

Question for the admins.

Oh first post in this forum

How about a links sections that include all the major Kerry Endorsements

Here is something for the mods and admins

I had begun a duplicate thread in the latest new forum . . .

Can We Have a Spouses Section in the DU Gallery?

Minnesota DUers are having a gathering - would like front page posting

Was The Correct Thread Locked??

A complaint...

I love EarlG!

Israel Weighs Major West Bank Expansion

Walls and Checkpoints: The Nightmare Comes True:

Prison Tactics A Longtime Dilemma For Israel

A-G's decision opens the door for Labor

Bush Again Delays Move Of US Embassy to Jerusalem

Annan to open anti-Semitism talks in New York next week

Jewish reporter has standing to say it: Settlements must go

Linda Heard: Israel and the Truth behind Its ‘Democracy’

Survey: Many Arabs miffed with life in Israel

US bulldozer firm in Mid-East row

9/11 panel says Iraq rebuffed Bin Laden

Mohand Alshehri

9/11 compensation agreed ($7 B to be paid to families)

Yet another take on controlled demolition

NIST Press Briefing on WTC Collapse - Friday, June 18

Flight 93 question

Chicago Area DUers....

Tampa Bay and Brandon AMC theaters showing Fahrenheit 911

Civil rights backlog shrinks

Senate race putters to primary

State appeals huge energy crisis claim

How does Finneran keep getting elected?

Who's your favorite US Congressman from Mass?

New thread: Seeing Fahrenheit 911 at the Lagoon


State probes claims against State Rep. Roberts

This is the picture of beauty that will be seen all over the Philly area

Pa. families having trouble making ends meet

What will dress be at the kick off reception?

Texas DUers: Sign this poll to investigate Bugman DeLay

Here's an image of the DU Name Tag for the State Con...

What are the good bars and restaurants in Houston, Texas?

Campaign Finance Reform Summit - Austin 6/24

NRA: Civil rights organization or Terrorist enablers?

Scarborough attacking Michael Moore right now

Can Those Of Us Who Supported Dean Against Kerry Now Remove Our Burqas?

If you want to LEARN about taxes, READ this book (discussed today in AAR)

I don't think God is Blessing America

so, did Richard Clarke arrange for bin Laden family to get out of town

Ron Reagan Jr. to appear FRIDAY on Dateline NBC

Sibel Edmonds asks fed workers to come forward with 9/11 evidence

John Podesta falls for Hannity's bait

check these pics: any similarities??

I have a biology question about inbreeding...sorry to put in GD, but

I received a message


Anybody hear how the Canadian political debates went?

Operation Window Dressing...

(The prophet) Jeremiah's take on BushCo

I Saw A Picture of shrub

Tinfoil hat....maybe? Art Bell show

"a lazy, mirthless little prince"

When will Marijuana be legal in the United States?

So Don King used "the n-word" at a RNC event yesterday...

Things You REALLY have to believe to be a Democrat these days

A tribute to NSMA. Kudos for being so far-sighted.

Pentagon: Iraqi held secretly at CIA request

Anybody in DU or other liberal sites has a clip of Bush* manic laugh

Police in Orange County, FL...are they harassing African Americans?

Remember the 40 million uninsured figure in speeches? DOUBLE IT

Bush Declares Afghan Victory

9-11 Commission Hearing on Radio NOW

is it true that * will have this ( * ) next to his name in history books?

National Amusements blocking "F 9/11" support messages.

Shrub loses it in mizzoo

Wonderful endorsement for Kerry from Phil. Daily News

bush* campaign slogan

Stupid Whining Liberals, you CAN'T stop us, We're the Neocons!

NY DAILY NEWS scoop on Moore/O'Reilly confrontation at F9/11

Corzine on C-SPAN 2, telling it like it is

Conservative Campaign Ad Features Reagan

The * Normandy photo-op - Cost to US taxpayers: $30 million!

wes clark fans

Michael Moore on Today, has anyone seen the interview?

Moore's movie loses its point in a barrage of cheap shots- USA Today

More than a thousand people for "Hunting of the President" premier

"Being a goofus, doofus like the one in the office now"

Why We Need Martial Law

A group of former government servents from previous administrations

Great Source: Iraq Revenue Watch

House OKs Pre-emptive U.S. Attack Against Iran

Barf Alert: Reagan Commemorative Coins are here!!!

Do you realize how evil McCain is? It's amazing how conservative he is...

WooHoo! I got my F911 tix in advance...

How many DU members are there?

"Yet nothing is done! '

The WAR on COLD (K Chronicles)

Is John Kerry Meeting Your Needs As A Lifestyle Concerned Person?

Iraq poll - USA losing support

C-SPAN2 Wednesday morning Senate debate on contractors

US Post Office joins the Neu-Reich: Media Mail to be opened

Doesn't it seem like a long, long time since we had a real president?

Ready To Move To Canada? Here's How!!

Is John Kerry the "doom and gloom challenger"?

Club for Growth's new "Leadership" ad -Regan/W/Kerry

ROEPER: Clinton-haters vs. Bush-bashers? No contest

We ARE getting foreign troops to help us in IRAQ! Bush told the truth!

George Bush and the Economy

Sent to me by a "friend"

Final 9/11 Commission hearings starting at 9:00 EST

9-11 commission states unequivocally, "No credible evidence ...

How many votes would Shrub get

CNN Poll - Has War on Terror been won in Afghanistan?

Photo/video: bush* throws seniors/disabled out of Federal housing

Results of the Bush "Secrecy".....a weakened America.

Leaked Memo Shows Microsoft Outsourcing High-End Design Jobs - Seattle PI

Did anyone notice?

I've been thinking about Saudi Arabia and Fahrenheit 911.

Check out this website MY FELLOW DEMOCRATS:

9/11 Panel Says Iraq Rebuffed Bin Laden


Riding Ronnie's Coat-tails: Conservative Campaign Ad Features Reagan

Church/State "insist it was only a trial separation" (Asmussen)

War Profiteers Fed By Your Taxes - What You Can Do

CNN Poll-- Did Al-Qaeda and Iraq cooperate on 9/11?

I will not support Vilsack for VP - Iowan

Was the world about to end in 1980?

bush* to speak at 10:25 AM today: MSRNC

Did you hear about the pickle?

Flip-floppin' Bush, a perennial favorite

Is John Kerry Meeting Your Needs As A Lifestyle Concerned Person?

So, what happened to the 60 Minutes piece on Sibel Edmonds?

PHOTOS: from the WH to rumsfeld's house...PRO-PEACE people

My VP is better then your VP truce?

CNN confirms 2 U.S. soldiers killed; 8 wounded

Is there an official tread for the 9/11 hearing? I need someone to

Bush will take 33 states

Official: Cheney Not Briefed on Iraq Work

Why is CNN polling about 9/11 Iraq connection?

The Pukes are tying to stop “Fahrenheit 9/11.” from being seen.

9/11 ED Zekolow giving Commission's Statement on CSPAN3 no one stopping them?......

Sean Hannity having phone sex on the O'Franken Factor

Dan Bartlett, comm. director for BushCo, still saying Saddam and Al Queda

Hillary Clinton...

Petition to House Ethics Cmte (Complaint Agaist DeLAY)

PHOTO: fleeing the U.S. Capital....after plane came too close

President's daughter unhurt in Spanish incident

I have lost track, is it supposed to get more violent in Iraq after

Kerry and the Democrats Need to Present a Bold Agenda

A theory about the media and the RW...

Danielle Pletka is telling lies on CNN.


60-year-old homeless man found dead behind convenience store

Bush is too pessimistic about Iraq

Bush administration hiding, lying about economic news.

The Hollow Bush, Callous and Shallow too.

Wayne Madsen says Plamegate indictments should come in a week or so

Kerry/Real Democrat... the only ticket.

1008 Days since 9/11, and Bin Laden still free....9/11/2001 ANYONE?

snake Powell opens his mouth: and the truth slips out

Did (would have) you served in Vietnam?

WOW! Kerry's May Fundraising Numbers DOUBLE Bush's

bad unemployment news for Bush 28.5% of jobs going to noncitizens

Today Show and Michael Moore

Bush declares Afghan victory

Just as I have suspected! WashPost: Polls increasingly useless

Bush Slated to Carry 3 States

Scientists Sound Warning on Climate Change

Deleted message

Petition to keep DOD Counsel Wm. Haynes off federal bench:

Petition Encouraging the House to Investigate Tom DeLay:

Bush Mob or The Sopranos - 'quen es mas evil?

WashPost: Bush on Religion

#of Outsourced jobs per month?

SBC calling for Southern Baptists to pull their kids from public school

"Liberal Media"

You CAN'T stop us from seeing Moore's film you stupid shits

Bev Harris.............

E-mail from Move-On re: Fahrenheit 9/11

The anti-bush online adventure

9/11commission staff report: wrong question asked about Bush*'s reaction.

What the National Press Club/Diplomats and Generals for Change

Monday Morning QB (aka, how would you have fought the WoT?)

Senate votes money for (maybe) new nuclear weapons-really they did

"We are the Champions of the World".....i've grown to hate that song

Shrub just plugged Pigboy in speech!

My brother, who was so sure Bush would win this year

Look Out - Rodrigo Rato new head of IMF

What is going on with Shrub's Faith-Based Initiative...

CNN confirms 2 U.S. soldiers killed; 8 wounded

What IS their ideology?

Kos: CNN Captures Bush Admin Hypocrisy (Screenshots)

Changing Minds (new book by Howard Gardner)

When are those 26 high ranking officials supposed to make statement?

Sometimes, you have to keep it simple

NUNN on Veep List, and Tori for VALENTI?

US applied "Doctrine of Responsibility" in past, now it points to Bush

Looky what I found - Pic of Reagan and the young Dubya

Kerry on fire! Inspiring article from WashPost on Kerry

Implications Of Bush's Hiring A Personal Outside Counsel

If the economy is in revival...

Brock on Franken now (2:13 p.m.). Good segment. n/t

Do you still feel that Kerry is the right choice for President?

If Conservatives were sincere in their worship of Saint Ronnie....

"Baptists praise Bush message to right"

139 days ...

2000 Election Demographic Data - any one have any links?

Inaccuracies in "Bowling For Columbine"

Lollapalooza in cahoots with Move-on, my love for Perry Farrell

Thousands of new jobs?

One of "The 26" on O'Franken now...

What criteria do you have to boycott something or someone?

What ever happened to the photo-journalist who took the pictures

Online global warming townhall meeting with Sen. John McCain

How many troops will * have to pull out of Baghdad to secure oil fields?

86 High Level Resignations and Dismissals

60 Minutes Wednesday reporting on Stop Loss in Military

Whath happened to the announcement from the former military, etc?

If Kerry wins it's a referrendum on Bush..Not because of Kerry

What do you LOVE about Bush*? segment on Al Franken. Hilarious!

WATCH the Dipomats and Miltary for Change Press Conference

126 ciountries met & agreed to work on alternative energy - who knew

One of the 26 signataries of the letter wanting Bush OUT on FRANKEN!!!!

George W. Bush should resign as President.

Did you hear (AAR news) Bush plugging Rush Limbaugh in his

Move To Let Churches Engage In Partisan Politics Nixed

Just pre-ordered Bill Clinton's My Life from Amazon, ask me anything...

I dont think Mrs. Reagan will be endorsing *

fahrenheit 9/11 or fahrenheit 911

A bunch of hilarious pics from that nutty anti-Hollywood, pro-Bush group!

Why I feel a little sorry for Novak....

How long after the sovereignty of Iraq will they ask America to leave? Bush

Dutch break promise -ask MSF(Médecins sans Frontières) to reimburse ransom

I give up! What's with Clinton and the pickle comment?

U.S. Presidents - Lists and Records

The World According to America

au revoir CNN and your idiot propaganda newscasts passing

Geez! Congress now voting to repeal ban on gas additives...

Philadelphia Enquirer, city's second largest paper, endorses KERRY

Who do you think will be the next in this administration to resign?

O'Reilly: "You can't compete if you're addicted and ill-educated!"

Will Bill Clinton appear on the "OFranken Factor"?

Adjust your tin foil hats for a moment

California Ordered to Refund Enron $270M


O'Reilly: "You can't compete if you're addicted and ill-educated!"

You have to play this anti-Bush game NOW!

I'm so Excited! I just got my RNC Membership card!


Give Bush a Kick Back to Crawford!

Randi talking about Rush's latest divorce. Maybe he should try going gay

Dan Rather gives "My Life" By Bill Clinton Five stars!

Who will be the next member of the * Administration to leave

Did the founding fathers ever consider a situation like what we have now?

Truck hauling bees crashes in Montana

the southern baptists have lost sight of any REALITY--wtf? NO to public

Sean Hannity broadcasting from a U.S. Warship . . .

Anybody knows what Randi's ratings are? Just curious. She is so good today

INside Politics Discussion gets heated (retired pols letter vs Bush)

Hey...Right-Wing Trolls...Here's a Little Something...

Randi talking about poor Waxman getting nowhere with his

Randi's opening with Rush's "I'm A Nazi"!!

"Summer Jobs to Defeat Bush"

WWJD report: Jenna Bush agents join fistfight

Another survey (Weekly World News)

Former diplomats call for Bush ouster

Former diplomats call for Bush ouster

Oh sh*it!!! Al Franken finally putting it together.

Daniel Ellsberg: Ashcroft may face prison for 9/11 cover up

List of news execs donating to republicans.

Bush Misleads On Separation of Church and State

Anyone have Audio of Al Gore's speech this week?

Bush Takes Anti-Gay Campaign To Southern Baptists

700 bushbusting links & 900+ images at this site

DUers: What is your current Political Activism Level?

Will the freepers finally give up on this myth now?

A New Voting Age for Women: 26

Freepers show utter contempt for Reagan's family

NYC Going SLOOOOOOOW on Protest Permits

9/11 Commish Report /C-Span. Osama wanted hit when Sharon visited Bush!

Nine Eleven vs. moveamericaforward: re Fahrenheit 9/11

Freeper attack on DU

Ron Reagan will talk to Tweety Friday on Dateline

When is Fahrenheit 9/11 hitting the theatres?

Scrutiny on Kerry's VP Hunt Intensifies

Quayle couldn't spell potato; Bush can't tell a vegetable...

The phone calls/e-mails (Fahrenheit 9/11) are working!

The Universal National Service Act

DUPE.....dunno how I did it......sorry....see moveon vs. moveforward 9/11

Crawford Ranch - a graveyard?

Listen to Air America at 6:30...Waxman will be on talking about Haliburton


How about your thoughts on a shadow cabinet

I wonder what Michael Reagan has said about these insults from

Just saw a Farhenheit 9/11 ad on CNN....(et) it was a good attention

so, long before Al Q was invented, Khalid S Mohammed and Saddam

Climate Change Experts Despair Over US Attitude

Who was a bigger enemy of Saddam? America or Israel?

Lauren Bacall is on board

Just saw an ad for Farenheit 911 on CNN!!!!!!

Looks like my job literaly hinges upon a Kerry victory

Henry Waxman coming up on Randi's show...

How long will Dems let Cheney keep LYING?

NYC prepares to clear homeless from (R) convention site

Randi - Letter from Father of Son in Iraq - where published?

The world is better without Saddam?Who else?

O'Reilly's "review" of Fahrenheit 9/11

One official "Party for the President" (bush) I'm going to...

One more little sign that times are changing

Tomorrow, the 911 Commission addresses NORAD's response..

How bad to Americans want to be controlled?

Crossfire: Fahrenheit 9/11 is the topic

John McCain votes for nuclear bunker buster research.

Anybody watching Tweety? He had Durbin and a Repug talking

Michael Savage

United States Senate to vote on the Federal Marriage Amendment 07/12.

List of news execs donating to republicans.

(Roy) Moore Criticizes Play That Opens Friday

Hit this poll

AFA: Democratic Leadership Stands Solid In Pushing For Homosexual Marriage

What happened to the gang of 26 posted from the LATimes on Sunday?

How R Freepers reacting to the 9/11 comm. report on Iraq?

Paul Rodrigez was on Tavis tonight and he was on fire.

How many debates with there be between Kerry and Bush?

A terrific idea for protesting Bush....

The Pukes are starting to crack

Deniro donates $25,000 to the DNC

the neoCONs took advantage of our DISNEY WORLDVIEW fostered by the media

CNBC Capitol Report?

We have to give 60 Minutes lots of credit for their anti-Bush attitude

I need help figuring out how to order Farenheit 911 tickets through

I kicked Rupert Murdoch to the curb today!

Heads Up -- Ron Reagan Jr. AND Mikey Moore on NBC Dateline

Who would you vote for in Canada?

Do you think that guys like Boortz & Rush have Sexual Inadequacies?

Stupid Security, the Website

Feds may stunt union organizing campaigns

Rumsfeld ordered prisoner held off the books!

Help me help DU and Guy James..That time of month again !

Announcing The Responsible Party

Michael Moore calls for more security


O Reilly - Latest Hypocricy

Buy your F-911 tickets in advance!

My father just got a $63,000 bill for an angioplasty...

GOP Mulls Vote On Gay Marriage Amendment To Coincide With Democratic Con.

okay, we need to shame the US press into telling this story TODAY

Only 139 days to go till the Election. Much hangs in the balance.

BusinessWeek online interview with Howard Dean. VERY indepth.

Let's take a walk down "Liberal" Lane, shall we?

Hey, a moron standing for Congress!

Why is Alan Greenspan being reappointed AGAIN?

clinton got the al capone treatment and republicans could be peeping toms

Wasn't President Carter ridiculed for his stance on human rights?

CNN Poll - - - Go Get This One

Anyone know where I can download the Fahrenheit 911 trailer?

Charlie Daniels only recorded campaign donation was to Gore!

Theater owners getting death threats for showing F911

Oh man! I think we're in trouble!

Question on Campaign spending, Accepting the Nomination and timing...

Jeanine and Sam also thought that the "Hamster in a Cage" quote in

Anchor deals Berlusconi nasty blow

Sneak & Peek

Al Gore owes Maxine Waters a public apology.

Reverse Racism

scarborough: "Moore's real motives" for making F 9/11

Is Kobe Bryant going up the river?

Kerry Raises $100 Million In 3 Months

Isn't it about time we at DU recognized real patriots?Off hand

This is the fight of our Lives

Philadelphia Daily News Endorses Kerry

10 most negative presidents ever

Tecs - I had posted a couple of great pics of Saddam from soldiers

Unless Kerry Gets Off His Ass And Lights A Fire

"Neoconservative Republican"

Headlines SELECTED for DU Dissention

Big, red spot on Bushbeak he hitting the JackBlack again?

Vote! MSNBC poll - If the presidential election were held this week,

"Method & Red" - show O'Reilly is boycotting FOX for - on at 9:30 EST

OKC one of 10 cities to host premiere of Fahrenheit 9/11

More Abuse Of Power

Powerful graphic! Should be a bumper sticker!

Counterpunch: Why Iraqi Detainees Should Sue Michael Moore

SUDAN Genocide - Should We Send Troops?


This is what Bill O'Reilly think of people with financial difficulties.

What fresh heck is this ! Sucker Carlsen on PBS ???

Something tells me he's a lying stack of shit when he says.....

"You're sacrificing greatly for our country, and our country has needed...

Let's be honest, Bush is going to win more states than Kerry

Things you have to believe to be a Democrat today

How can you get people to care about politics?

Is Fahrenheit 911 actors recreating the events or is it actual picture of

"The Original American Idol, Ronald Reagan"

Paul Krassner up next on Majority Report

Nightline: The links to Abu Gharib. 10.40 PM

Nancy Reagan declines to speak at GOP convention

Bush may actually be eligible for death penalty for torture directive.

Oliver North sez: Torture Critics have Blood on their Hands

Freeper Doug from Upland gets reported to the Secret Service

Juan Williams is a today's NYT editorial page

Laura Bush oatmeal cookies wins on Crossfire

Another psycho-looking Bush picture...

Got A Fundi At Work And Need Help With

battling wits with the unarmed.... :sigh: are Enron tapes being covered in the media over there?

German submarine deal with in question now.

NBC News: Rumsfeld may be war criminal

Sam Nunn??? ABC just reported Nunn being considered Kerry VP candidate

Our cultural biases show when it comes to the catholic church

Which vote is more important for Kerry to win in 2004?


Danielle Pletka is telling lies on CNN.

Clinton Tells '60 Minutes' of Infidelity

Listen LIVE to William Rivers Pitt on KRCL - on NOW !!! --->>

Have you served in the military?

Another rat jumps off : Key Bush Latin America Aide, Otto Reich, resigns

What will Bush do if Saddam walks?

Kerry Overtakes Bush In West Virginia

Stupid CNN poll, I really hate these people...

Call your Senators against war-profiteering

Global warming doesn't exist according to freeper

60 Minutes II: Soldiers complaining about Stop-Loss

NRA: Civil Rights organization or Dangerous rightwing organization?

These are not the times for milquetoast Democrats......sorry.

720 sq ft house in not so good neighborhood selling for $515,000.00.

Bush-Cheney '04 commits "an astonishing abuse of religion" from W.Cronkite

Ashcroft and Calico Cats comment link?

Letterman on Bush "I'm really going to miss that guy"

If you listen to Air America at work, you're a slacker

I've noticed that Right Wing Republicans don't like to talk to me.

Olbermann (countdown) showing that recovery might be a mirage.

List all the republican websites you can

So you're a Duer against same-sex marriage. Explain your logic to me.

Charlie Daniels: An Open Letter To The Hollywood Bunch

Is peak oil for real, or not? Give me answers, especially if it is NOT.

Lack of universal health care is killing and bankrupting us

Kerry's Remarks on Hybrid Car Makers

Ron Reagon Jr. on Dateline NBC Friday at 8:00

Terry Jones on Torture, The Guardian

Do you know an Economics Professor?

US-China Economic and Security Commission

Beijing wages cyberwar against DPP headquarters

Karzai requests more NATO troops

Thai reporters say bugging press room violates free press

Cocaine `vaccine' clears research hurdle

Controversial passport scheme delayed

Indecision 2004

Saboteurs Cut Iraqi Oil Exports, Test Government

US Negotiated Deal With Libya Despite Anti-Saudi Plot

Detroit stuns LA Lakers 100-87 wins NBA Championship

Spy case investigator charged with rape

New Terror Website Registered to a Dallas Address

Audit: Ag. Dept. Lax on Payment Limits

Wildfires Bring Jobs and Money to Reservations-Disasters Mean Steady Wor

Sept. 11 Commission Holds Final Hearings

Irishmen freed after 34 months in Colombian jail

US deputy defence secretary in Baghdad to discuss security issues

First mobile phone virus created

Ex-Soldier Recalls Beating He Received in Guantanamo Drill

Poll of Iraqis Reveals Anger Toward U.S. (+other results)

Moderator please lock - dupe

AP: 9/11 Panel Says Iraq Rebuffed Bin Laden

9/11 Panel: Al Qaeda to Keep Trying to Attack U.S.

Commission reports "no credible evidence" that al Qaeda and Iraq...

Former NY Gov. Mario Cuomo to contest F-9/11 "R" rating

Ark. Hosts Premiere of Bill Clinton Film

bush* to speak at 10:25 AM today: MSRNC

Nine die, including four foreigners, in west Iraq blast: medic

Gun Group's Radio Show Tests Limits on Advocacy (NRA Radio)

Historians say Inquisition wasn't that bad

Conservative Campaign Ad Features Reagan

No clear winner in passionate debate (CAN)

In Texas, opposition to paddling grows

Sprint to lay off 1,100, backs year forecast (in addition to all the other

Conservative Campaign Ad Features Reagan

NY Daily News: W's D-Day speech on 100G set

Open seating can put emergency row in dispute (Southwest Airlines)

Iran: Better Not Knock Our Nukes

9/11 staff: No al Qaeda cooperation with Iraq

9/11 Panel Says Iraq Rebuffed Bin Laden

Feds turn up the heat on Rowland

More Than 22,000 Congolese Flee Fighting

Judges uphold genocide charge - Milosevic

U.S.-Led Forces to Hand Baghdad Airport to Iraqis

DRC Tutsis fear new genoicide

 'Africa is losing the war on poverty'

Democratic convention going $10m over budget

Iraq oil security chief killed

9/11 ED Zekolow giving Commission's Statement on CSPAN3

Guinea accuses Spain of coup plot

Opposition to paddling grows

Oil futures rise after Iraq exports halted

Beheading horror grips Hollywood

RUMOR: Hosni Mubarak Dead?

US lays out conditions of Saddam transfer

US Must Disclose All Detention Facilities in 'War On Terror"

Kerry Wants Federal Afterschool Program

FEDS: 'Army of God' leader should get life term!!!

US likened to a 'whore'

Inside the feud over torture

U.S. Labor Department sues Boston-area restaurant chain

9/11 panel: No al Qaeda cooperation with Iraq

Kerry Raises $100 Million in Three Months

HIV/AIDS touches Mugabe's family

Legislator goes to Afghanistan to fight and he's a Dem.

Computer Error Overpays Thousands of Postal Workers

A Thousand Show Up for Clinton Film Debut

Six Iraqi defence troops arrested over roadside bombing

Nuclear alert for SA

Klein ready to unveil health reforms

Sport Doping Suspect's Bid To Bush

9/11 Panel Disputes Iraq Link to Attacks

Bomb Hits NATO Vehicle in Afghanistan

9/11 Panel Says Iraq Rebuffed Bin Laden

Kerry Wants Federal Afterschool Program

Miles Miffed at Party

New Scandal Uncovered At Sun-Times

Scramble Starts for First Peek at Clinton Memoirs

La. Voters to Decide on Same Sex Marriages

The secret life of Newt Gingrich: Amazon book reviewer

Pregnant troops leave the war; Central Command not counting

Lotharios tamed by brain protein

Post Office to Issue Reagan Stamp

Hopes for 2005 Federal Budget Deal Fading

U.S. Soldier Charged in Fatal Shooting of Hurt Iraqi

Panel Says No Signs of Iraq, Qaeda Link

Judge rebukes government over no-fly list

Southern Baptists Reject School Pullout

CNN: Johnny Ramone losing Cancer Fight.

Programs: ChoiceMail Puts a Stranglehold on Spam

Graham's book to be published in September

Analysis: Bush's Iraq Plan Suffers Setback

UK scientists seek approval to clone human embyro

9/11 Report: 10-Plane Attack Was Planned

U.S. Soldier Charged in Fatal Shooting of Hurt Iraqi

House Passes Refinery Expansion Bill

Many New Jobs Going to Noncitizens

Two leading groups rate NDP greener than Greens

Reagan's Family Criticizes Use Of Reagan In Anti-Kerry Ad

Army Says It Has Enough Troops for 3 More Years

US general named to head Iraq command (Casey replaces Sanchez)

Russia Signs Strategic Partnership Deal With Uzbekistan

Measure banning private sector interrogators fails in Senate

CU president under fire for 'c-word' comments

STOCK MARKET WATCH, Wednesday 16 June

Senate Reaffirms Stand Vs. Prison Torture

GIs martching away from re-enlistment

W's D-Day speech on 100G set (WH Aides Ordered-And tear down bleachers)

Paul Allen sees space tourism in our future

3 U.S. soldiers killed in rocket attack

Bush Defends Limits on Stem Cell Research

9/11 Panel Disputes Iraq Link to Attacks

Duplicate post. Sorry mods

U.S. Iraq Military Deaths - 828 U.S. service members have died

Raucous bar scene emerges in Baghdad's green zone

Muslim states call for political independance for Iraq

Soldier: Commander Tried to Change Report (GI's mental health report)

Rumsfeld ordered Iraqi prisoner held 'off the books': report

Air quality regulators want to reduce pollution from cows

Ron Reagan Jr. to Appear on Dateline NBC on FRIDAY

Senate Votes to Continue Arms Research

9/11 Plotter Wanted 10 Planes

On Agreeing to the Amendment (Congressional Arts Caucus)

Official in charge of cleaning up nuclear weapons sites resigns

Saudi Arabia works to block terror funds

Iraq and Saudi Arabia violence tied together

IRS files tax lien against state GOP chairman, wife

FTCR calls FERC's Response to Enron Tapes Appalling

"Draconian" plan to detain mental patients is revived

Oil chief: my fears for planet

"Withdraw troops" say voters (London)

Thai troops to leave Iraq by September

Surgeon Accused of Torture Quits Practice

Iraqis flexing political muscle in advance of June 30

Fla. high court to hear appeal of 'Terri's Law'

State approves paper records for e-voting (CA)

Rumsfeld Issued an Order to Hide Detainee in Iraq

26 Ex-U.S. Diplomats Urge Bush's Ouster

Ex-diplomats, generals blast Bush

North Korea could accept IAEA inspections in six-party talks: analysts

Southern Baptist Convention quits Baptist World Alliance

Soldier: Commander Tried to Change Test (whistleblower "unfit")

Study Says U.S. Trails in Family Time Off

NYT: President's Political Thorn Grows Only More Stubborn

Al-Sadr signals end to Shia uprising

Kerry to increase child care tax credit by$20 (+McCain to campaign w/Bush)

'Fahrenheit' marketing will crank up the heat

Cheney won't back down on Saddam-Qaeda link (despite 9/11 panel findings)

Former ambassador speaks

ID theft case leads to Julie’s Cafe

Sweeping stun guns to target crowds (for use against protesters?)

Sexualized Violence Against Female Soldiers Going Largely Unpunished

LaHood bill would ban Bell’s filing [against DeLay]

From Paintball Practice to Prison:

Bush repeats Iraq terror assertion despite 9-11 panel report

British mercenary with sordid past wins biggest Iraq security contract

A bum's rush feared at MSG (Clear out homeless for Repub Convention)

Bush makes Pakistan "major non-NATO ally"

Kennedy Sidesteps Impeachment Endorsement

Rocket Attack on a US base in Iraq

House (DEL) passes limits on tongue splitting

Teleportation breakthrough made

Ashcroft may face prison over 9/11 cover-up, says Daniel Ellsberg

New York braced for trouble at Bush rally

Official verdict: White House misled world over Saddam September attacks

Glaxo, Pressured by Spitzer, Publishes Paxil Data

Miles miffed at party - Senate hopeful is snubbed on Dem website

Suspect in Mall Plot Sent for Evaluation

House GOP disputes the 9-11 finding

Flood insurance bill takes on property owners with repeat damage

Calif. senators press Bush, FERC on energy issues

More Incriminating Enron Tapes

California ordered to refund $270 million to Enron

Rumsfeld ordered prisoner held off the books.

Several Large Explosions Heard in Baghdad

Bush Tells Troops 'Life Is Better' in Iraq as Handover Nears

`One China' review under way (in USA) - myth that Taiwan is part of China

Abu Ghraib

If you get a post removed, does it still count towards you post count?

HAHA - Sri Lanka: "Dove Dies at Peace Ceremony

Profits are down for MATCOM

Here's the line, name the movie: "Get the butter"...

Front page of the Detroit Free Press:

101 ways to skin a cat...


Who would you want to give the eulogy at your funeral or memorial service?

My wife just caught me skinning 101 cats!

Toronto/Atlanta -- just noticed the words are very similar

Truck Carrying 9M Bees Spills in Mont.

my wife just caught me playing with my penis

My wife just caught me playing in her ding dong!

Can't sleep. Not doing so well. Anybody awake?

What makes your skin crawl?

I just watched "American History X"

Would Madonna have made it as Esther?

Ejrtr od ;pbr? Er s;; mrrf ;pbr/

I see trees of green...

I just ate a Hard Boiled egg for the first time ever

Teenager Sells Virginity On Internet

new Oxyrush advertiser First National Bank of Olathe

It's a beautiful morning!

Do stupid people deserve to die? If yes or no please tell me why...

El Paso, Texas Named Sweatiest U.S. City

Sexy picture here !! (caution: contains tassles)


Man gets stuck in child's tyre swing

James Honeyman-Scott - in Memorium

I just saw a picture of Matcom for the first time ever

My wife just caught me playing pan flute

I just visited a feminist sex shop for the first time ever

jukes is a stupid, egotistical boor...

How would you define love?

Caption: JP2 not happy about lack of funeral invite last week...

Man Claims He Was Speeding To Blow Dry His Hair

The strange duality of life.

a sucky thing about my meditation

One thing that sucks about my medication...

Caption: Bwah...where are my specs?

Take THAT Poppy Bush! 101 Y.O. Man Breaks Sky-Diving Record

Caption: Junior leads his flock all the way to the hustings


Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame to open in Seattle

Anyone here been to Montreal?

Good Morning DU!

I just read a copycat thread for the first time ever

i just fled a copycat thread

I just read a trumad post for the first time ever

Caption: Mioooow, threesomes can be fun....

Sri Lanka ceremony ruined as peace dove fails to fly

I'd love to see the guys from the Shield bust the Sex in the City girls!

I just read a Will Pitt post for the first time ever

i spy with thy own eye..... Lynnesin

Haven't been on since yesterday afternnoon, I just wanted to say

Too quiet in the neighborhood this morning

It's the worst day of the year.

Harry Potter Survey

My wife just caught me playing air guitar

Paging a locksmith for LBN

Music Question - What Ever Happened To Superstars?

My husband doesn't have enough cash to pick up his dry cleaning


Is popular culture on the decline?

Police Shoot Bear That Wanders Into Hospital

I just bred a copycat thread for the first time ever

Goombay Festival

Bear shoots Police while Wandering by Hospital

The other big documentary coming soon: The Hunting of the President

I want to buy a copy of this Movie Poster: It's the best!!

Grammar question...capitalization of the d word

French speaking DUers (quick question)

Curse Words Traced Back To 11th Century - Curse Words INSIDE!

Things you have to believe to be a Republican today:

Bare policeman shot while wandering in hospital

Vandals Lop Off Head Of 100 Pound Painted Fiberglass Cow

Jonesin' for a cigarette - day 3 of quitting

Nominee for worst DU sigline (WARNING seriously WARNING)

Doesn't this just reek of e-mail scam? You decide.

What do you think of my sig pic?

Sometimes Photoshop reveals the truth...

EW! No. 1 contender to replace Jack Valenti as

You're all beautiful.

Wacky religious stunt or celebration of one's culture? You decide!

GD stands for God Dammit!

Vegas: MGM Mirage to take over Mandalay Bay

Bette Midler's Funny Tales - CBS

Funny road rage joke

Are copycat threads gay?

I am about to hit 100 Posts

How many DU members are there?

DU folks with dogs AND cats...

Geeks - FM Transmitter

Is C-3PO Gay?

"What the Lakers need to do is..."

Check out THESE cats! Prepare to go AWWWWW!

60-year-old homeless man found dead behind convenience store

Coming soon to an overpass near you

More humor from my conservative co-worker.

Who else LOVES their iPod

What Do You Think About The Most Expensive Hat Ever Made?

I dont wish this cold on any rethuglican

Are the Lakers as good as my Bulls were in their day with Michael Jordan ?

Can anyone recommend a good history of the US Civil Rights Movement?

Caption: Cheney & Hastert just got their vacation invites to Kabul

Anybody have the Cingular Nation 450 w/ Rollover plan? How is it?

Johnny Ramone dying of cancer......

Why do/does __________ hate America?

King Crimson fans: Which ProjeKct is your favorite?

Anybody remember the Dudley Moore / Peter Cook "worst job ever" joke?

Separated at birth?

Who's hanging with me at the CounterConvention in NYC during the RNC Conv

What skills do you wish you had?

just in case anyone was wondering . . .

How do I post a picture here?

Is Yoda gay?

Listening to Montrose's Debut album. Ask me anything.

If you could alter your body in any way, what changes would you make?


David Crosby's all new Riverdance

Let's put Saint ronnie on a silver dollar.

How about Ray Charles on the twenty or the five?

Microsoft sues Brazilian official over an ANALOGY

does anyone have 'Moderator' on ignore?

What should my 700th post be?

Fresh Concrete / Boys On Bikes = Charges, Court

Single parents - how do you do it?

Sheriff investigators' nudity, sex contact dooms prostitution cases

Please Hear this Song

What do we mean "The Proof is in the Pudding"

Upgrading computer audio

Bartcop Mirror

which sports franchise do you wish wouLd come back?

"If it wasn't for my horse, I'd never have spent that year in college."

Man Paints 3 Y.O. Boy's Pet Donkey Red

Which superpower would you want: flight or invisibility?

summer reading for radical spirits . . .

i won a prize over at fr

Man faked own death for month-long romp

"Don't lean on me man, cause you ain't got tiny chicken"

Flag etiquette

How do you keep flip flops clean?

Just pre-ordered Bill Clinton's My Life from Amazon, ask me anything...

Update on my dad and various issues

Boy Who Lost Foul Ball to Man Gets Gifts (Man is Youth Minister!)

I went to bed with Randi Rhodes last night...

Cupid's kettle drums - How Important To You?

help out an old-timer: scissor sisters and goldfrapp

Netflix: Any DU subscribers?

Who'll be the first to say, "He/she pulled a Matt Starr"?

Is Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) gay?

More humor from my conservative co-worker.

You know, copycat threads can be cute at times

You know, copycat threads can be annoying at times

Any David Horowitz fans here?

Are flags (US, state, etc...) supposed to be inside churches?

Is there anything worth watching on MSNBC

Does Larry King love the British Monarchy?

terrorist question

When will Phil Jackson leave the Lakers?

Confederate symbolism: Do you see more of this flag...

Movies that should have never been made.

Wow Bush really looks bad in this picture

Surgeon Accused of Torture Quits Practice

CAPTION the coiled cobra ready to strike

I've seen this tech Q 1000 times and never paid attention to the answer.

One of my (nice) Redneck customers cracked me.......

Drunk driver gave the police the finger(Driving at 110 mph)

any vladimir horowitz fans here?

Live from"Corona" room it's CAPTIONs

I'm on summer vacation. Will you miss me?

Truck hauling bees crashes in Montana

You know, copycat threads can be really cute sometimes

Either people are hitting my window with fireworks or my computer is SNAFU

Captain Salisbury and the Mystery Meats

"Sex and the City" on TBS????

Just a thought

I need a catchphrase. Suggestions?

Gene cure found for cheating lovers

Lets be honest... How much of a chance does John Kerry have?

Vanity Post

Help me ID a band....

Nebraska City Ponders Cat Leash Law

Any Moses Horowitz fans out there?

Cool: My Great Grandmother is listed on!


just testing imgspot .ignore

My wife just caught me playing skin flute

From really bad to really worse!

Are you vain?

Lets be honest... How much of a chance do Fusty Luggs have?

Let's be honest...How much chance does Rutheford B. Hayes really have?

If you were Mrs Rush Limbaugh, what would you demand from the divorce?

Are large jury awards in malpractice suits the only reason for...

Is Trumad too old to start drinking beer?

Let your grumpy old man (or woman) out!

Wednesday evening kitty thread!

Best Bush* photo EVER!!!

"She-pee" urinals relieve Glastonbury

Where can I buy a corral/fence thing?

CNN: Johnny Ramone losing Cancer Fight.

Some girls in my astronomy class threatened to kick my ass today.

Joke of the Day

Do your pets force you to spoil them rotten?

Funniest typo you've ever made?

This might be a fun movie. Brendan Fraser in "Gay Secret Agent"

Which commandment is the most fun to break?

Happy Bloomsday!

Good god, they want bachelors degrees now for what I do!

My favorite sentence in all of Literature

Reading List Suggestions Anyone?

"Everybody's got that sinking feeling..."

Cool: My Great Uncle is listed on

Your Favorite Aqua Teen Hunger Force Episode?

Two frogs are thrown in a skillet

Has anyone ever slayed their own nutter at home?

One of the best things about Air America? The Return of A. Whitney Brown


Has anyone ever watched a travelogue of Qatar at home? n/t

EXCLUSIVE!!!! Trailer for the sequel to "THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST"!!!!!!!

Has anyone ever made their own butter at home?

Long Lost Bush Brother Gives Opinion On G.W.Bush!

Let's Be Honest, how much of a chance does George Bush really have?

Is digital photography considered "real" photography?

You know, Rabrrrrrr can be really cute sometimes

I just saw Trumad start a Flame War in the Lounge for the first time ever

Panda Porn

I'm making tacos for the boys.

It's time to mix and match TV shows with food commercials!

Time again for FOOD, SEX or CARS!!!!!

DU Cooks - Stay Away from Emeril Lagasse's Mac & Cheese Recipe

My Rush Limbaugh dream from many years ago.

Not to be outdone...FOOD, SEX or CARS for the ladies and gays :)

I got a boxful of ducks!

Anyone ever been to the Middle East?

A very nice tribute to the late Ray Charles

What movie should we see tonight?

Say what you will about the tenets of national socialism

Recommendations on an inexpensive digital camera

Shameless copycat thread - DTBK: The Early Years

Star Trek DVD Box Sets coming August 31!

I'm making tacos from the boys.

X (the band) appreciation post

Best songs about duck driving

Best Joe Jackson album, Part 2: 1986-1994

LA Lakers are a one man show, one and a half if you count Kobe

DU Buttons?

Cat picture that cracks me up!

Best Joe Jackson album, Part 3: 1997-2004

Best Joe Jackson album, Part 1: 1979-1984

Where do you think this Week's Doonesbury storyline is going?

13 Hotties against the Shrub

The Ultimate Diet Food: AIR!!! No calories. No carbs. No fat.

Would someone please explain this bumpersticker to me...

Rugby (State of Origin) replay tonight.

Oh no! Ditka's a Repug!!

River Patrol Police Pull Over A House

I don't have air-conditioning, only a fan. Could you manage w/o A.C.?

Need tech help please...(Power Search)

Just call me Mr. Grumpypants

If you need a treat

#1 Reason I am Full

god bless bumper stickers

Is the concept of "competitive growth" a good thing?

Parents defend principal in pot investigation

I saw a great bumper sticker on the way home...

Holy crap how good is firefox 0.9?

Cripple Fight!!!!

I finally saw "Super Size Me".

Ore. Town Passes Anti-Nudity Ordinance

Hit-and-run driver lectures victim before driving away

48 hours until vacation countdown celebration!

If you're into ladies: F-Marry-Kill: pop-tart addition

Nudity -- Check One

#1 reason I am Gay

A Newcastle Brown, some sticky Humboldt ...

I feel bad for Ashlee Simpson

How long are flags gonna be flying at *&@*^$#@ half-mast?

I hear the mattress springs rhythmically squeaking in the dorm above me

Peter Jackson's "Meet the Feebles"

What is your favorite right-wing parody website?

What cliche that you hear people misstate drives you bonkers....

Cool T-shirt spotted this evening

Anyone else use computer and Mp3 for a car radio?

The Obligatory "Hey!! I Just Clocked 2000 Posts!!!!" Post

lego paintball

Are you offended by my user name?

I am trying out the Starz online

stuff i bought today

Happy Bloomsday!!! 100 years old to boot!

Camera Question.. I need to replace a camera that...................

what would your secret agent codename be?

Short Story

$1.99 Charles Shaw wine strikes gold at competition


Is skateboarding rebelious anymore?

So I'm working on this song parody

DUers are chatting....come and join the fun!

Pocket Bikes?

"The Cooler": Anyone else see it?

What's on your T.V. as you read this thread?

Is Bush attacking this 84-year old woman with a baguette?

Another coworker had a mental meltdown at work today

Is anyone watching this guy on Daily Show!

Johnny Pissoff

Diet Rite or Diet RC?

Finally! A picture!

Age, Music, Past time? Indulge me!

Favorite Shoe?

Best songs about truck driving


Listening to the original Black Sabbath 2-CD set. Ask me anything.

Forrest meets Forest

Random Questions, Part Deux

What is your favorite made-up-word?


Ok, is this really funny, or am I just slaphappy?

Bush being followed by a Dick shadow, Dick shadow, Dick shadow...

What can an underconfident person do to get a job?

Should I be notified when this man moves into my neighborhood?

CAPTION Dick running

let's go redsox!

I need a blender that can crush bone, what kind should I get?

CAPTION the gay spiderman dance you never thought you'd see


Caption the U.S. Open practice round!

Can an allergic reaction cause chilling?

How bad is the worst underwear you own?

I just drank a beer for the first time ever

What was the address of that anti-Bush video game with Voltron?

Favorite Movie Quotes

DULL check in!


Best cat ever....

Photo Shop Experts needed to fix an image

Bands/Singers You Like That Nobody Else Does

Who's related to historical figures?

What sports franchises should never have been formed?

funny rant (not by me)

Anybody got an AlphaSmart? Like it? Hate it? Where'd you get it?

Question about video game device

Maybe I'm just a dumb heterosexual - but what's with Toasters & Lesbians?

Man Threw Poisonous Snake Into Crowded Bar

DU Cookbook thread

Greetings and salutations

Do flamboyant Christians use religion as an excuse for boorish behavior?

How come if I dumped my ex...

Any Beatles pins collectors in the Lounge?

Yes. You have a butt-tattoo. You're SOOOOOO original!

I'd like you to welcome my husband to DU: publichealthnut1

Honesty for Bloomsday - hands up DUers who've read Ulysses cover-to-cover!

King Arthur : Can you deal with a Xenafied Guinevere?

SoCal DU Gathering

Oh, my...that's VERY hard! I think it's too hard!

Anyone know how to Photoshop RimJob into the Moran man?

Where Do You Get Your Television Signal?

So today has really sucked.

What movie have you watched far too much?

And just when you've thought you've seen it all on the internet!

What is the strangest thing you ever set aflame?

My Amazon.Com Wish List

Best stand up comic of all time?

What toy did you really really want as a child, but never got?

I want a blender that can crush ice. What kind should I get?

Kerry was on Bass

OK, Cat People -- Put up or else -- I'TS A CUTE KITTY CONTEST!!!

Any Howitzer fans here?

New Mexico governor denies he wants to be Kerry's running mate

Wonderful endorsement for Kerry from Phil. Daily News

not much Reagan anymore, it's about Kerry and the vp hype

Economy Praised on Both Sides of Campaign Trail (optimists = Kerry & Bush)

will they debate?

Is it just Florida or like this in all 50 States?

Kerry Speech has new standard theme lines

GOPHouse Approp. kills food safety & climate chg/emissions-free coal resea

What the heck is going on in Fla.? New poll has Bush ahead by 7

I'm have been convinced that Edwards should be VP

Kerry Raises $100 Million in Three Months

Have you seen the latest * campaign ad?

The moral of this story: Duhh....

Faith groups target poverty - lobby DNC delegates

IBD: Bush Gets Bump Off Reagan; Views On Iraq Also Improve

Russ Feingold speech endorsing Kerry (MP3)

A Look at Potential VP Contenders - AP

How Would Edwards' Economic Background Play With Kerry's?

Kerry Misfires In Economic Blame Game

Kerry: An Echo, Not a Choice

Kerry's AFL-CIO speech was less than inspiring.

What Are The Three Words Kerry Used To Describe His Wife?

Minnesota Republicans as Bad as Florida's

Kerry, Gephardt meeting ignites gossip

You HAVE to play this anti-Bush game NOW!

Female or Male of Color

Trying to "out war hard-on" the right with Clark for VP is cracked

Latest odds on VP selection

Loyal Opposition

House Democrats Offer Election-Year Jobs Plan

Bush, Kerry visiting key states

Dem prospects jockey to run at Kerry's side

Kerry Campaign: It's Your Money -- The White House Spent $100K...

Iowa court nullifies entire state economic development fund (Vilsack)

My belief on who should be VP.

Big U.S. seniors' group endorses bill on Canadian drug imports

Voters Are Harder to Reach As Media Outlets Multiply

ALERT! June 30th is the deadline for contributing to John Kerry!

YES!! Hope this is a trend!

Effect of controversial Moore film on election is debatable

National Security Credibility A Must For VP Choice Says Kerry's Team

AP: Kerry Would Increase Child Care Tax Credit

Clark conference call on Iraq/Aafghanistan....missed this one!

please vote for possible VP out of these

Please pick Edwards: Beneath Gephardt radar, House Dems seek to sway Kerry

MSNBC to discuss Kerry's VP choice in the next half hour.

ABC News: Edwards will likely not be picked as VP

Evidence that Kerry is going to gut Bush at the debates

New Composite Poll: Kerry 282-Bush 256 (6-15-04)

I think Edwards is an unfavorable candidate for VP

Are there ANY Edwards fans who wouldn't vote for a Kerry/Clark ticket?

I think Clark is the best VP choice. Talk me out of it (or into it) #2.

Clark for VP Supporters: Will you vote for Kerry if he picks Edwards?

What about Graham?


FCC, McCain Push for More Election Coverage

Dean: "People Are Ready for Kerry"

Calling a Truce

Kerry/Clark = An inspiring Democratic ticket.