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Archives: June 15, 2004

Brooks: Bitter at the Top (Knowledge Workers(D) vs. Managers(R))

Human rights activist says war hurts efforts

Holbrooke is on Tavis Sml (PBS)

Electoral College survey averages

for all the moaning from the right about Kerry delaying his acceptance

A RW disk-jockey on my Oldies station, said that Martha is going

Is Nightline worth staying up for tonight?

CNN: Michael Moore on Howard Dean ... "He's a good guy"

Pancho Villa's skull missing? George?, Sen. Kerry?

Why do we allow the cultural issues define "liberalism/progressivism"?

Tell me this article is not really true. I want to think it is not true.

If your state could secede & join the EuropeanUnion would you vote for it

John Kerry's CORONATION???

This is certainly out of the box thinking

Stripping Prisoners of Their Clothes and Dignity

Thoughts about US military/ police talking like kindergartners? (bad guys)

I'm crying

I just saw the trailer for Fahrenheit 911

anyone watch tweety

9/11 Action Alert - Expose The 9/11 Commission Whitewash

No question: Ashcroft is the worst attorney general in history. (KRUGMAN)

911 Commission Final Hearings - Action Alert for DUers.

Nader vote as phallic symbol - the tiny winky theory.

Attacking west a sin, say Saudi clerics

U.S. missed need for prison personnel in war plans - USAToday

Judge: Skilling can get interest from seized millions

Fox News censured for rant against BBC

Talking about Ray Charles on Charlie Rose now.

All-time favorite commercials?

You'd think that people would've had enough of silly love songs...

employment advice?

Are you a short woman? Read this

True love in a nutshell

I just saw Battlefield Earth on TV. I am speechless.

Listening to Van Halen's Women and Children First. Ask me anything.

Favorite BAD Movie...

Heinz Kerry Says Why She Joined Democrats

Bon Jovi Hosts $1M Fund-Raiser for Kerry

Kerry to Discuss Plan to Build a Stronger Economy for America's Families

Kudos to Howard Dean

When there is nothing left to say

Church and State, by Neal Pollack

Reporters in chains

The Anointed, the Media, and Ronnie

Roy Hattersley (Guardian Utd): The failing that could prove lethal

South African Man Kills Designer for Criticizing Home

Thank God

Light Bulb Joke

So, being the good guys means we can torture?

High Court Ducks Hot Potato Case

George Orwell... meet Franz Kafka

Salon: Abolish the terror tax

Moral Relativism: It's Not Just For Liberals Anymore

Tout torture, get promoted - Robert Scheer

New Labour: Threaten the left, brownnose the right, forge stories

Reagan's Blowback in Central Asia

"A Temporary Coup"

Enron still merits FERC's attention

Gary Younge (Guardian Utd): Somewhere else to go

Death was the Gipper's co-pilot

Iraq Images Jolt Chile to Count Torture Victims

Counterpunch: John Kerry, Political Placebo

Blank Check (Ellen Ratner)

Ashcroft is the worst AG ever (Krugman)

Iraq's electricity: The other power struggle

The blah of allegiance -- Why the Pledge is irrelevant

Bitter at the Top (leadership style war - Knowledge or focused management?

Young Americans deceived into dying for unjust causes

How comforting - Molly Ivins, pundit laureate

Governor Dean and the DFA grassroots get some nice media!

Docu derby (list of political movies due out before 11/04 election) Miami E-Voting Bug Nationwide + Call for Paper Ballots

Please vote No on this poll

Help create the Democratic Platform

Terror, terror, 8 month old mall bomb plot foiled

Podesta on H&C

Bill O'Reilly... Fear-mongerer.

The Peoples' Media

Letter to Roger Ebert demonstrates media failure

Holy conservative cow-irker, Batman!

100th Anniversay of the General Slocum Disaster

WHo believes in Astrology?

Today's Thought

SA boozers top of the tots

Arrest warrant issued for former Symbol CEO

Black Helicopter Theories Whir Through Markets (silly plunge protect team)

How will the American labor market survive in the global economy?

Malaria, Dengue Rage After Haitian Flooding And Landslides - Reuters

Protecting Oceans Far Cheaper Than Subsidizing Fishing - Reuters

Hydro plant gets thumbs-down - Namibia

Total Area Of American Pavement, Buildings Equals Size Of Ohio

Ten leading US climate scientists call for urgent action.

Receding Lake Mead Reveals 1930s Construction Complex

Kaohsiung wins bid to host World Games 2009

Nationalist faces reformist in Serbian poll

Lithuanian election heats up as nation readies for run-off

Bangkok in difficulties over southern region

Academics speak out against arms purchases - TW

"The Army Is Voting With Their Feet"

Madagascar reservists unhappy

Zimbabwe stocks up on jets, arms (Wash Times)

Bolivians burn alive mayor accused of corruption (Reuters)

China's trains struggle to keep up

Federal hammer falling on convicted felons with guns

Guns: The War at Home

Swords: They're not just for killing anymore

Nebraska City Ponders Cat Leash Law (AP)

The strongest political weapon there is

Civilians Teach Army at Camp Bullis

Anyone get Canadian TV?

Great picture from Ohio Newspaper.

Ask Auntie Pinko and Bob Boudelang...

Are pro Nader anti-Democrat posts allowed?

"member since" date

So I present you with a solution

Why was my thread locked?

Locked thread...kind of nutty...

Question about deleted post

A question for you....

Withdrawal for Lebanon has new lesson for Israel

Israel Could Shift Gaza Settlers to West Bank

Making More Refugees

Report: Syria to cancel prohibition on recognizing Israel

IDF: Hamas tried to carry out 6 simultaneous terror attacks

Compensate settlers for what?

Mazuz decides not to indict PM in Greek Island affair

Could Fighter Jets Have Stopped 9/11?

Recent, interesting comments re: WTC collapse

Governor takes budget battle to the people

Is anyone going to the Chicago Meetup tomorrow?

Clock ticking for Martínez camp

Deutsch fires up his campaign for U.S. Senate

Church gives pre-election scorecard

Romney administration calls for Kerry to resign

Fahrenheit 9/11 Theatres

State says it wants more money from Wellstone settlement


DFL Women "Radical feminists spewing man hatred and victimization"

Hey guys! was wondering if there were any DU get-togethers planned.

Kerry sets a fund raising record in Cincinnati

Anyone here work for the Richard Morrison campaign?

Email from the Morrison Campaign--The Hammer Gets Nailed

Heads Up Convention-Bound Texans!

GOP History Lesson: First Lilly White Primary

Something you should know about Chris Bell

Join me for a consumer's rights caucus!

Anyone read the Isthmus last week?

For those of you in the 53rd Assembly District

Press Release: Mark Green Campaigns on Your Tax Dollars

Kerry needs help in G.B.!

I'm thinking of getting a new puppy

Can Stem Cell and Medicare Reform Help Kerry?

Fallon NV Cancer Cluster and the Dem's chances to turn Nevada Blue

Who has paid for the Holocausts that have occurred?

Kirk Kerkorian: GOP power magnate

The rest of the year in Unilateral America-- the EU wishes us well.

Didn't anyone notice that A$$Kroft's latest press release doesn't

Reagans not crazy about W...

Hilarious Audio Clip: 'American History'

Claims vs. Facts

Damn folks, get rid of Bush and worry about Kerry later.

This week's Fareed Zakaria: "Tackle the Nuke Threat"

The Allen Plan . . . a quite reasonable (I think) alternative to the draft

I'm crying

Take Action if You Haven't Yet! (Fahrenheit 9/11)

Cheney again asserts that Saddam had ties to al Qaida

Another US Success in Iraq......Fallujah is now "Little Saudi Arabia"!

Stopping "terrorism" should be easy.

when the next attack occurs, I already know who to blame

US cannot find other defendants to testify against Saddam Hussein....

War in Afghanistan the correct policy?

My little delayed tribute to St. Ron.

Today's (Tue.) Doonesbury is great! (Spoiler)

Can you actually believe anything this Administration says ?


Church gives pre-election scorecard: Should we revoke tax-exempt status?

I think the most incendiary words in the English language are

Bill O'Reilly replaced - toon

Homeland Security cracks down on foreign journalists

F/9-11-----Turnabout is fair play--Move America Forward

Holy conservative cow-irker, Batman!

bbc: Iraq abuse 'ordered from the top'

A somewhat positive review of Fahrenheit 9/11 from Fox News?

A Hot and Humid Day

The U.S. government used her as a hostage and then killed her

Does anyone know of a "Howard Stern for Kerry" bumpersticker? ...nt

Ark. Gov. Huckabee has cellphone "talk" with God at Rep. meet (no joke)

dupe delete

Which air america shows take the most calls?

Daily Show coming on now...really good one

You can pre-order the latest "How to..." political book NOW!!

I've a hunch we'll see more "foiled terrorist plots" in Battleground...

Abu Ghraib General Says Told Prisoners 'Like Dogs'


If you don't think America has a Taliban, think again!

C-Span-2 9:40 a.m. House committee report on prisoner abuse

The "get to know them" question I'd like to ask at the pres. debate

My Republican relatives are now anti-W!

Does Anyone Have a Link?

Robert Novak is a slimy, nasty POS.

About the Taliban

Patriot Act Casualty: Freedom of the Press

Reaganite by Association? His Family Won't Allow It

Powell: "...nobody can get away with that now..."

"U.S.’s critics ignore real torturers"

TED KENNEDY now on C-Span 2 now (10:44 a.m.) n/t

How would you design this poster

C-Span - House debate on OIL

Columbus Ohio "Terror Plot" Revelation Related to May Ohio poll?

Lying Limbaugh - again

Ignorance can kill your dumb ass

What is going on here? Lobbyists? Scorecards?

BBV:Paper Trail Endorsed - National Science Fndtn & Kennedy School of Govt

Touch-screen voting could be hacker's heaven

Has anyone heard a rumor that....

Arrest Rumsfeld to Challenge Bush's Policies

All AOL users. Go vote in this poll.

Ex-Workers Hit Halliburton cost- ditch a new truck because of a flat tire!

C-Span2 - Repubs want MORE Nukes for BushCo....

Kerry: 'I'm Running for President Because ....'

Who is this jerk urging Kerry to be even MORE Bushist in Iraq?!

Cheney Claims al-Qaida Linked to Saddam wtf?

All AOL DU members: vote KERRY now!

Steve Kurtz - Bio Terrorism - trial / protests in Amsterdam etc.

Does anyone have a pic of the Clinton portrait they can post?


AIER Cost of Living Calculator, 1913 - Present

anyone have a link to the article that had the picture of

So what exactly is transfer of sovereignty

MUST READ: Conservatives use of language in politics

Dupe...delete please.

update: daiLy LocaL posting responses

do you think a lot of these senator jerks have 'something on' each other?

Kerry is...

Wolf Blitzer is such a putz...

Open Letter to John Kerry from Venezuela's Bolivarian Circles -- USA

Check out this Bush pic I found on the PABAAH site...

Is it time for the Roman Catholic Church to lose its 501(c)(3) status?

Michael Moore on Letterman Friday

I cannot believe that Franken had not seen the * 9/11 snippet reading the

Good News Hawaii: Air America Has Landed

Snippet from Franken's interview on Hardball last night:

"Unto every thing there is a season...."

A campaign program you should know about

Note to John Kerry:

...One Nation, under bush, with Liberty and Justice for None.

Karpinksi's latest comments this AM on the BBC

What are FDR's descendants up to?

mediawhoresonline and David Brock

All hell is gonna break loose after the "turn-over"

FINALLY! VIDEO!!! of the G-8 Press conference with MANIC Bush*!

Dames Demanding Democracy baring much more than usual........

GOP refusing to allow testimony on Halliburton spending

What ever happened to Mark Russell

First draft of letter to NPR on misleading segment Sunday AM

Are you listening to the kid on Al Franken? He is A-OK.

Why do * supporters still support him?

Signal Orange: Representing Iraq War Dead on Bodies of the Living

The International Good Will That George W. Wasted

great quote from Bertrand Russell

Two startling revelations about the GOP "drug discount program"

DU this poll

Deleted message

Can the Dems get back the House in November?

Question about Vietnam Draft

Smirk whined about having to answer questions in 100 degree temperature!

New HR Policy at my company...This may go national!

Question: Who is the WH correspondent he calls "Stretch?"

What's up with the White House press briefings?

Why can't people see the dollar signs in their eyes?

"Thanks to Bush...the world is a safer place."

Howard Stern, not upset that he wasn't invited to Bon Jovi/Kerry party

WaPo Live Online Weds: "Bush On The Couch" author

God & *

The truth about Reagan tax cuts

"Dudant wanus"

Fox News Gives Farenheit 911 Thumbs Up

I pray of you: Watch these two Videos: G-8 and Karzai *'s conferences.

A "virtual interview" with the schizophrenic American public

I just sent this email to each group on the MoveAmericaForward site

Read Howard "Stop Michael Moore" Kaloogian's insane blog

Cuomo donates $2000 to Kerry

Rove: Yucca won't be an election issue

ACTION: AAR - Unfiltered asks us to write PBS re: F*er Carlson's theft

Bush hates that Saddam was not killed when he was captured....

Who are we to cheer for in Chechnya? In the Balkans?

Fr Greeley says Catholic Church is NOT Rightwing

Hardball preview: Franken on ‘Air America,’ Reagan and Dubya tonight!

Tenet's Perjury & how his Resignation dooms Bush

Has anyone else gotten hung up on when on hold for AARadio?

The Asinine Press and their recycled "Zarqawi Letter" story.

You don't suppose those few gay marriages are already having an impact??

Practice for the October Surprise? (Ohio mall plot)

Bush's Belief in His Own Unlimited Authority Is Unprecented

Stop the madness!!! Frozen french fries are "fresh veggies"????

New Army Uniforms--terrible!

Idea for all DU musicians: Free cover at your gig with a F 911 stub!

major announcement with Mario Cuomo regarding Fahrenheit 9/11

Cut out the middleman to make health care affordable?

David Gregory, Howard Dean, Dee Dee Myers at Broadcasters' symposium.

"I'd rather fight them over there than over here...."

Wouldnt it make sense to pull out the October Surprise a bit early

You have to see this email I got from Wayne Madsen re: Plamegate

Patriot Act Definition of Terrorism: Got a Problem with It?

I need some links regarding Reagan's actions in south America

Response from Kerasotes regarding screening in Northwest Indiana

Bush Press Conference: Complete Evasion on the Plame & Torture Questions.

Al Sharpton guest hosting Crossfire 4:30 EST

Daily Kos has a new candidate on the Kos 8

Clothing label apology

Inflation up at a rate of .6% this month

John Dean's take on Bush retaining a lawyer

More Bush favoritism for The Halliburtons and the rest of his cronies

A Vets Resource Clearinghouse: "POLITICS AS USUAL (BUSH)"

*URGENT* Senate Hate Crimes Vote today - call now!

Molly Ivins: Is this what we have come to?

Will the mainstream media EVER admit that Bush is cracked?

If you missed the Bush/Karzai press conference this morning

Greenspan says the reason for the wage disparity is that we're too stupid

What if * loses the popular vote again..........

Wes Clark will be on Wolf Blitzer

So the Admin is rolling out Zarkawi as the al Qaeda connection to Iraq?

O'Liely quip RE Joe Lieberman last night

John Yoo sounding like Stalin

Are You As Sick Of Dems Whining About Kerry As I Am

Cheney is a robot!!

Did Randi just say Kerry is not running to win?

Read George Orwell's 1984 Online

Link to Karzai/Bush news conference..Watch and Groan...

New Hampshire attorney general (R) resigns over sex accusation

Remember how * decided AGAINST to burn Afghanistan's opium fields?

CBS News: Teresa Heinz Kerry interview coming up

Why do so many suffering economically vote Republican?

Har Har Har...a look back at Ashcroft's Libertarian days...

Repost, but still worthwhile: FaithfulAmerica ad

Who is responsible for all the violence in Iraq?

the Democratic party was the party of the south and enforced slavery.

Rep. Ros-Lehtinen is a moron.

So Cal Du'ers\ quake

Do you think RFK was murdered as part of a conspiracy?

Latest RW bullshit talking point: Kerry is too gloomy

How will the media ho's react when Kerry is elected?

Accused of being difficult when questioned by police.

Did you know a prctologist...

Should Paul Krugman replace Alan Greenspan as head of the Fed ?

Who speaks the best for YOUR Democratic Party?

Don't forget...Al Franken will be on Hardball

contact info for UN president.....

Bill Press on Hardball

WOW! Democratic Party Commercial in Spanish...

Neil Boortz on Kerry

check out duncan hunter on c-span bashing kerry, praising reagan

god DAMN it!!!! Holbrooke on tweety now, unannounced!

Forcing Prisoners to Go Naked

So where are these e-vile terrorist websites posting videos

Oops. Dean is after the media again. Uses "murdochization" of cable news

BBV: Why does NYT's KATHERINE Q. SEELYE hate democracy?

Deleted message

So the Admin is rolling out Zarkawi as the al Qaeda connection to Iraq?

Richard Holbrook must read my posts on DU!

Explain to me why the Bush's Boogeyman isn't on the FBI's most wanted list


If Bush and Cheney are indicted by the Plame Grand Jury,

Fundie callers on CSPAN are out in full force. Aaaaaargh!!!!

How do your political views relate to those of your parents?

Tom DeLay Don't Get No Respect!

BBV: Bev is on Flashpoints NOW

We just had an earthquake in San Diego!

How does Jeb know who is african american?

David Brooks' dumbest column since his bogus Red State/Blue State analysis

Ques: Who, exactly is getting payment for Iraq's exported oil?

Al Franken next on Hardball!!

Fox gives "Fahrenheit 9/11" a glowing review (!!)

history of word terror - Chas I used terror to deter

MSRNC going to town on Kerry

Don't bother to watch Paula Zero.

Fun with a fundraiser from college

Book Recommendations Wanted

What if Gore had said Bush would have North Korea where it is now?

New York and Arkansas DU'ers: Hunting of the President starts Friday...

Have Wisconsin Theaters decided Not To Show Fahrenheit 9/11?

Right Wing Thinking in Decline

Anybody But Bush!

Dupe...pelase delete

My entry into the DNC Kerry ad contest....

McCain votes AGAINST hate crime definition for gays/lesbians

I'm so sick of these staged hostage takings...

Bush's Christian Nation

WTF...I got this did they get it...I certainly didn't particip

Bush with seniors on the News Hour -

Look what the writers of the "Bully George" comic say about Scarborough

The King of Saudi Arabia

Who is Chris Bell, why did he lose his primary and

So it's Kerry "gloomy," Bush "optimistic."

Rudy-Julie on Tweety right now ...

O' Christ, we beseech Thee, hold sway over Your zealous devotees

Heard a numbskull on Hannity say...

Joe Scarborough is going to probably DECLARE THAT AMERICANS

David Ensor - legitimizing info obtained through torture...

GOP was ready to chuck EC and call popular vote 'will of the people'...

Why is Cheney nicknamed "Crashcart"?

Torture, murder, child rape before moms - kids stuff in comparison

Anyone catch Gerald Posner on Countdown?

This is amazing..

Is America's public schools anti-Christian?

Retired Officials Say Bush Must Go

Your help needed my friends

Global warming Warming on Scientific American tonight

Look what Bush has done to our military

It's the end of the world as you know it

WHY Are They So Evil?

Can we get Barney Frank to propose the "Two-Time-Loser Act"?

Tim the Whore is on Hannity and colmes.

Ok, I need some help from the creative brilliant DUers out there.

It's the Reverend vs. Tucker on Crossfire

Air America Radio hires familiar news director!

"If Ashcroft is for it, I'm probably against it." slogan Jeff Smith, MO

What will happen if * manages to steal another one.

Anyone know if Kerry is planning on/wants to meet with Blair before the

Lies Upon Lies Upon Lies..US military in Crisis

What's with Spinsanity?

Ron Reagan, son of the late President, blasts bush!! Whoa....

BBV: the machine which lets the blind use SAT style paper ballots.

This is GREAT! --Please check out Meria on TV...

Podesta to confront Hannity tonight

I keep hearing . . .

Don't you think that THINKING people should refuse to appear

Sean Hannity is afraid of basking sharks.

Lutherans Oppose Anti-Gay Amendment (way to go, Lutherans!)

Human Cloning - Support It Or Oppose It?

Question about Puke Sites

Calling all Canadians! Who's watching the debate?

Do you think the lapsed Dems and Rudy-philes will be back?

Any good links about the rules and limits for contributions to Kerry

If Enron dealings forced the California recall

Could fighter jets have stopped 9/11 attacks?

What is this crap on C-Span now?

Who here has gotten mailers form Republican campaigns?

Before you pick up that leash

Question, how did the GOP Primaries work this year?

Kerry on C-SPAN - middle class?

Who is Michael C. Ruppert-is he credable?

Wow! Rep. Bell from Texas filing that Delay complaint: WHAT COURAGE

LOL, Bush on Jon Stewart "I'm glad you're here, and so is the president."

Interrogation abuses were 'approved at highest levels'

I really thought god was talking to me

Freeper bumper sticker sighting.

Viewing Thurs. for Ray Charles @ LA Convention Center

Psychologist: Bush is Nuts (essentially) on AAR 9:30 ET. n/t

So, what could the "R" in Cheney's secret "Site R" stand for??

Question re: RFID

Another state Repug office holder bites the dust . . .

Caption this...Rove and Bush out for a walk...

CIA Restricts One-Third of U.S. Senate WMD Report

Morning Sedition Fans here? Miami E-Voting Audit Bug Nationwide + Call for Paper Ball

Control Room.....excellent documentary about Aljazeera


Mike Webb Show (KIRO Seattle) "Draft could start June 2005"

Kerry apparently refuses to let the Repubs corner the U.S. flag

Raygun Repugnican Vs. Bunnypants Repugnican...Let The Games Begin

Gloria Borger just caught Terry Holt completely misrepresenting Kerry


"You have to know a person's soul to say lies."

Randi Rhodes: "wage" and "income" are not the same thing...

FOX News calls Fahrenheit 9/11 'a brilliant piece of work'

YES! Idaho Kerry bumper sticker sighting!

Freeper-Moonie connection

Remembering Reagan...

LINK to the 9.7% Total unemployment stat from Fed.Bureau of Labor

White House Picnic Pics

I want President Kerry to GET US OUT of Iraq

Anyone have a list of the 26 people

How's this for respecting marriage?

Catholic Bishops Meet To Consider Penalties Against Pro-Gay Politicians

Haw haw Drudge. "Tootsie" Heinz? Here's Pickles "Joker". Pass it around.

Would you support an amendment to secure Church/State separation?

Canadian DUers. Who won the debate tonight?

Olberman is AWESOME

What's up with Robert Byrd & the KKK?

Where is Al Qaeda mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed?

Am I the only "liberal" DU member who thinks...

TIME Reveals Cheney's Bunker---Dubya PO'd

FR's take on the positive review of F/911 from Fox News

My honest assessment of AAR

"We decide what the news is. The news is what we tell you it is."

Is Ann Coulter a "Stepford Repug?"

should Lou Dobbs be put on the religious nut list?

Help...I need that faux GWbush resume

If you woke up tomorrow, unfortunately, STUPID

FOX PRAISES "Fahrenheit 9/11" in Gushing Review!!??!!! (WTF?)

O'Reilly's "review" of "Farenheit"...and his face-to-face with Moore

Am I the only DU member who is a practicing Catholic?

What is your economic definition of a "Middle Class" household?

Reject Pro-Gay Candidates Catholic Voters Told

NPR's coverage of the new Clinton library

Let's stop Move America Forward

Update: Southern Baptist HAVE quit the World Alliance over gays.

Show of hands: Who's engaged in voter registration activities right now?

From The "You Learn Something New Every Day" File...

"Boycott France: we've had enough..."

Why is Saddam Hussein referred to chiefly as "Saddam"?

An actual moonie defends Moon crowning on freeper thread.

Moore seeks PG-13 for "F9/11"

Anyone see a recent pattern of blaming women for everything?

Bush *insane* at press conference -- he is abso-fking-lutely NUTS.

I just heard Mike Savage refer to Bush as "too politically correct" . . .

U.S. Jobless Rate Misses "hidden" Unemployed

Over the next two decades, every Arab government that is

Can someone please tell me about Reverend Sun Yung Moon?

MEME MEMO: Not gay marriage - marriage rights

somebody today posted the code for half-staff flag flying...

More F911 screens!

Why did these Senators (D) vote to confirm Ashcroft?

Senators' financial disclosures show vast wealth

Vote for Bush because: Yada yada, do. But what of his Leadership?

Does the Democratic Party's perceived stance on gun control cost us votes?

Can the Catholic Church lose tax exemption?

Debunk this GOP BS... Osama handed to Clinton on "silver platter"

Al Franken coming up on Hardball next!

What's Disturbing about Theresa Heinz Kerry

Socialized Medicine, A Democratic Must?

Smoking Gun finally found in IRAQ

Moore is brilliant: F911 has a built-in innoculation against censorship...

The Big Dog - where did this phrase come from?

To George: Washington weather 85, Baghdad 106 degrees

N.Korea wants to talk to bushgang - smirk says no

Hey! Hey! I like your bumper sticker!

scotty the weaselworm is spinning madly on CSPAN II at this moment

Zogby poll in my email.

Call me crazy - CNN: On Saudi hostage tape Johnson says

Breaking Greenpeace story - read this

Why do they insist on "core inflation" indicators?

A Common and Silly Republican Argument

Can anyone explain why the Catholic Church has become conservative

Senate preparing Gay Marriage vote in July (right before Dem convention)

French Fries Considered "Fresh Vegetable"...

What is your opinion of John Walker Lindh, more than a year later?

Neil Boortz!!!! You're a God Damn Coward!

Kerry: "we don't really have an opposition party in this country...

Am I the only "liberal" against hate crime laws?

Roger Ebert puts FReeper in his place

The best "Fahrenhiet 911" review so far!

To vote for Nader, one has to believe:

BBV: Diebold paid $1 million to the blind - inside story on that

Yet another hot chick joins Kerry camp: Meg Ryan

BBV: League of Women Voters reverses stance

PLEASE participate in this poll about 2nd Amendment rights and Democrats

Asian growth straining oil supplies, experts caution

Koreas make historic radio exchange

UK plans hearings on illnesses linked to first Gulf war

Taiwan lauded as Asian beacon of democracy

Shell tries to win friends as it owns up to mistakes

Fox (Faux) News censured for rant at BBC

Food company head commits suicide over dumplings - S. Korea

Sudan rebels abduct 9

House Panel Advances Tax, Tobacco Bill

26 Former U.S. Officials Oppose Bush. Diplomats and military commanders.

DeLay to Be Subject of Ethics Complaint

Cases of Mental Disorder Surge in US Infantry Division in Korea

Mayors get to share campaign spotlight (with Kerry)

U.S. wants to press Iran over nuclear program

Tonga sends 44 troops to help US in Iraq

GIs marching away from re-enlistment

Camp Casey's 2nd ID sees surge of post-traumatic stress disorder

Accused contractor at Abu Ghraib says he told guards what to do

(Border) Patrol uniforms 'made in Mexico'

SA woman 'pregnant with clone'

Thank God

Doctors' group opposes FDA stand on morning-after birth control

Disarmament deal OK'd despite probe (Libya)

Fox News censured for rant at BBC

Terror, terror, 8 month old mall bomb plot foiled

Woman, 26, Pleads Guilty in Deadly Smuggling Case (19 dead)

Saddam lawyer terms Iraq government illegal, denounces trial plan

U.S. Iraq Military Deaths - 826 U.S. service members have died

GE, Bayer get priority for power

Iraq abuse 'came from Guantanamo'

Ex-Halliburton workers decry waste

Yahoo fortifies free e-mail

Reporters Fight Subpoenas in Terror Trial

Oregon governor denies he knew of sexual abuse

Iraqi Shiites Blame Police for Killings - Fallujah Brigade

Dollar Rises Before U.S. Inflation Report, Remarks by Greenspan

Cheney: Saddam had strong al-Qaida ties

Cheney says al-Qaida, Hussein linked, despite widespread doubts

Auditors Take Aim at Halliburton in Iraq

GOP refusing to allow testimony on Halliburton spending

Moore says he had Iraq abuse footage

Al Qaeda May Have Delayed 9/11 Attack

Ethics charges to target DeLay

Iraq abuse 'ordered from the top'

Abu Ghraib General Says Told Prisoners 'Like Dogs'

Tenet's Perjury & how his Resignation dooms Bush

US Congressional Democrats Blocked in Effort to Widen Prison Torture Probe

Tamworth teenager to face Iraq abuse charges

U.S. producers buying cheap Canadian cattle

Abu Ghraib general says she's being made a scapegoat

Iraq Jail Contractor Contradicts Generals

Court Rejects Barr's Suit Against Clinton

Oslo drops Kurdish mullah charges

Violence Renewed in Iraq's Sunni Triangle

Moqtad Sadr could join politics if he disbands militia, beats criminal case


CONSUMER PRICE INDEX: MAY 2004 increased 0.6 percent

Anti-American sentiment growing among the Kurds

Fear of violence spreads across Venezuelan border

Iraq Wants Saddam by End of the Month

Cheney is a robot!!

Fast-food chain(Mickey D's) sued in fatal car crash

Re: Thai troops to quit Iraq in September

Could Fighter Jets Have Stopped 9/11?

Anti-Wal-Mart billboard at proposed store site torn down

No Christianity in new E.U. Constitution

Florida church apologizes for 1964 racism

SA must stop 'arms race' - DA

Pipeline blast stops exports

Big Mac bites right back

Schoolgirl loses Muslim gown case

Byrd lambastes Bush in book

US Army launches 445 million dollar campaign to win Baghdadis' hearts, min

Virus attacks mobile phones

DeLay to Be Subject of Ethics Complaint

Mall prepares for the worst (Indy Mall Bomb a DRILL)

It's the Reverend vs. Tucker on Crossfire

Vatican says sorry for Inquisition

Docs Support Morning-After Pill

Americans, Iraqis Vie for Control of Security Forces


Menem founds new Peronist faction

Gasoline Prices May Continue Declining

"Off Message" (the shrub loses it in Mizzoo)

Bush Declines to Create Do-Not-Spam List

Schwarzenegger paroles more lifers than predecessor


Earthquake outbreak in California. 3:19, 3:28, PDT

More Foreign Contractors, Oil Pipeline Attacked in Iraq (new Tuesday)

'International Attack' Hits Big Web Sites

Back to the future: new US-Russia arms race

Pipeline Blast Cuts Iraq's Southern Oil Exports

Commander Of Al-Quds Gives First Hand Account Of The Khubar Operation

Urgent action call on US climate

Republicans' Phony 'Energy Week' Fizzles

GOP ties mine cleanups to Arctic drilling

Iraq North Oil Pipeline on Fire, Sabotage Blamed

Southern Baptists near showdown on departure

'I okayed Iraqi sleep deprivation'

Americans Still Split Over Iraq’s “Worth”

GOP leaders not welcome in S. Dakota?

Saudi Ruler to Deploy Anti-Terror Forces

Iraq will demand return of Saddam's palace

Greenspan Says Fed Preparing for Terror Strike Possibility

Bush Noncommittal on Saddam Handover

German Cancels 9/11 Hearing Appearance

Study urges broad ban on fishing to restock oceans

Lights go out across France in privatisation dispute

Classes Train GOP Convention Protesters

Koizumi Sued Over Rape Allegation ("Symbolic damages")

Electoral Vote Change in Colorado?

WP: U.S. May Cede Legal Custody Of Hussein

Iraq to get $38 billion World Bank assistance

White House Aides Financially Comfortable

Senior Official Resigns From Energy Dept.

US changes tune on Australian alliance

Official: Cheney Not Briefed on Iraq Work

Bush: Afghanistan is a victory over terrorism

Canadian Wal-Mart store employees seek union certification

North Korea-Iran Preparing a Joint Nuclear Denotation (Japanese paper)

Aussie lawyer 'urged' Red Cross visits to Iraqi prison

Pakistanis compare bodies with al-Qaeda photos

Batter-coated fries OK'd as vegetable

Panel on 9/11 Calls Pentagon Not Prepared

Greece facing ($36bn euro) decade of debt over Olympics

U.S truck carrying radioactive material caught in Kuwait [Al Jazeera]

GOP Planning July Vote on Gay Marriage Amendment

Bush's new lawyer harbors secretive, criminal past

Senate Passes Gay Hate Bill

Rwanda denies amassing troops

U.S. hiring plans near boom levels

Cuomo retained to fight R rating for F9/11

Michael Moore Seeks PG-13 Rating On 'Fahrenheit 9/11'

Saddam tortured, says lawyer

Judge Delivers Major Blow To Laurie Bembenek

Fox News gives Moore's "F911" thumbs up -- "a tribute to patriotism"

Layton goes on attack in leadership debate, gets under Martin's skin

Islamic Group Shows Tape of U.S. Hostage

Jenna Bush's bodyguards rumble in Spain

U.S. poll of Iraqis: widespread anger at prison abuse, worry about safety

US Army chief: Iraq "cannot be won militarily"

CIA sends heavily redacted WMD report to Senate

Vice President Deceived Public On Halliburton Contracts

USDA: Frozen Fries Are 'Fresh' Veggies

Republican Urges Kerry to Quit the Senate

U.S. Signs Free Trade Deal With Morocco

U.S. Spy Case Investigator Charged with Child Rape

Vatican releases new data on Inquisition (Seattle Post-Intelligencer)

Poll of Iraqis Reveals Anger Toward U.S.

IRAN massing troops on IRAQ border

Saudi prince: Zionism to blame for terror attack

Club for Growth begins ads linking Bush and Reagan, Attacking Kerry

Bush says Afghanistan a success

I'm thinking of getting a new puppy

Need a favor from CNN watchers


South African Man Kills Designer for Criticizing Home

I am a beta tester for the new invisibility cloak!

how do you kick an archived thread?

Name that ass...

Anybody got a napkin I can borrow?

A stupid question about post counts

a silly answer about post counts

Enough with the joke subjects, puns & the silly riffing of petcock's posts

Does being unique make you special?

I'm listening to "Keep On Doing." Ask me anything.

Easy cheap way to get high:

Another freaky optical illusion [picture]

Enough with the polk projects, the nuns, the silly sniffing of others pot

Bottoms front

I'm in the Mile High Club!!!!!!!!

I have a question - Does this post make my ass look big?

Follow the monkey MoneyBoy

Follow the money MonkeyBoy

Word of Advice (Insomniac Thread)

Ronald Reagan and a personal epiphany

new Savage Weiner advertiser Casual Male

mp3 question

Robin Quivers saw F 911 last night, giving it great reviews, yay!

When did this start?

Wife confiscates TV remote for football

Linux bug discovered

child support lawyer

Howard Stern thread. Robin went to Fahrenheit 9-11 premier

new Faux news advertiser Victoria's Secret

Good Morning DU!

Today was wonderful!

Couple Celebrates 80th Wedding Anniversary

Matcom makes me cry

Miller Brewing drops effort for injunction against rival ads

Tree Crashes Into House Trapping Woman Reading Bible

Matcom makes me lie.

Matcom makes me bi.

Matcom makes me Pi!

What I hate about the NBA.

Matcom makes me sigh...

Matcom gave me a Sty!

Matcom makes me high

Matcom makes me high.

Is anyone having trouble getting to Yahoo?

Hooray, it's my 22nd birthday!

Matcom makes me Thai.

Enough with the yoke subjects, the buns, the silly sifting of another post

Woman Arrested On Pot Charges AFTER Flipping Off Cop!

I don't care what sus says - I'm posting a picture of her here at DU

Rosemary Altea will be on CNN in a few minutes.

What's your 'Dumbest Bush Quote Ever'?

Yahoo! (?)

Enough with the yak subjects, the huns, the silly sniffa posts

Vietnam Vets....

The Kerry Campaign takes a lesson from Estee Lauder

It is now under 100 hours to FUNDAY (Thank God!!)

Heh. Just Got A SPAM In My Mail Entitled: "Matcom, Get Some Ass Traffic!"

Matcom Gives You ANYTHING! What Do You Want All Powerful Matcom To Give!!!

Photoshoppers: have I got a challenge for you!

the ant and grasshopper - oLdie via emaiL

Enough with the sex subjects with nuns, the silly sniffing of underwear!

Philip K. Dick Fans: "A Scanner Darkly" Movie in Production!!!

Blind Man Crashes Golf Cart on Ga. Street

Gateway nightmare, anyone else? (profanity warning >;-( )

Little girl shares a secret with Chimp-boy


You lookin' at me, tough guy?

You've been invited to dinner at the Bush White House...

Half-eaten wife used as bait to trap killer Tanzanian lion

bird's nest conundrum

Caption: Bill been painted out of the picture?

Caption: Junior plans Poppy's funeral eulogy

David Sedaris is on "The Connection"

The Missing Picture of all CAPTIONS!!!!

Let's play Trivial Lawsuit!

Reagan Library website: What's New...In The Vault

More of the tokes, gigantic blunts, and silly spliffing

So, what're YOU going to hell for?

We're going to crate train Bailey...

What are you going to Heaven for?

cronyism in your face grandma of all CAPTIONs

So, who's going to barbecue matcom on Saturday?

don't mind me, I'm just window shopping for a CAPTION

How do you determine the "appropriate" punishment for a mime?

Does Bush* Have Tennis Balls Underneath His Armpits?

Rules for newbies c/o DuctapeFatwa

Caption: But will they hang together?

Are you "yokel" when you make love?

I'm in a fellow DUer

Man Lights His FLAMABLE Pants On Fire To "See What Would Happen"

When did you first use the Internet?

Any salon premium subscribers?

I'm a fellow DUer

If I'm the fellow DUer that you're in love with, you can tell me now

Do you yodel when you make love???

Copycat Polls

Copycat Posts

More Cassini pics

Are you "vocal" when you make love?

Fans, players cry foul at ball hog

It's the "I LOVE CRABS" poll: What's your favorite Crabs??

Will computers and high tech transform humans into higher beings?

Copycat Trolls

Copycat Threads

I just discovered that my question mark key is inoperable...

Noticing some *suggestive* threads today

"Yes, I've actually heard (the c-word) used as a term of endearment."

has anyone tried C4?

Define your vision of "Heaven" and "Hell"

Is google not working for anyone else?

I thought I had something to post that was thought provoking.

Has anyone tried C3PO?

Well, Its OBVIOUS That *I* Am The 'Adult' In Here Today

Good-bye 700 Club...some final sex advise from our friend Pat:

I am in lust with a fellow DUer.

Anyone else getting phone calls to support LaRouche?

Do you drool when you make love?

It's time for an "I AM SO BORED" thread

have you ever tried finding a flashlight in the dark?

Has anyone tried C2?

The stupidest dog breed or individual pet

Castro asked US President Roosevelt for $10

Smartest dog you've ever met

Do you "yodel" when you make love?


Simpsons Season 4 is out today

Payola is Alive and Well on Radio

what's your favorite board game now?

Okay, Jumping On Matcom's Thread - A Baseball Etiquette Question

If you're not tinfoiled about GMail... (out of invites already)

New HR Policy at my company...This may go national!

The Off-Topic Thread

I am in LUST with someone somewhere

Those wacky British & their hats...

Met the Flecktones!

I'm not in love.......

Anyone here use MSN

DU Sims fans- admit it- You've enjoyed killing a Sim!

so when does big dawg's book come out?

Kobe: "I'm telling you right now, we'll win Tuesday."

Court orders 'Dog Lady' to give up 121 canines

Today, I'm going to the airport to pick up Camero.......

Etiquette Question: I Heard Magic Rat Stole A 4 Year Old Girls Ice Cream

CAPTION getting carded at her age

Matcom makes me want to..............steal foul balls from children

Shrub becomes unhinged

Yehaa! I just got my first professional health-care related license! Wahoo

Who's NOT going to MATCOM's barbecue Saturday?

Principal Ate Live Worms After Students Met Education Goals

I found out that I have just been admitted to Graduate School.

So does Detroit burn tonite?

Do you h8thegop?

Favorite Diamond Dave Van Halen album?

Put the Blame on Mame

Stupid movie questions

Bartcop used my cartoon today!

Great new yahoo email? I can't get into my inbox!

WARNING: Spoilers Inside

I need your honest opinion. Feel free to be brutally honest...

What's the best urban legend practical joke you've pulled on someone?

Don't call my cramped up collie when she's autographing my cartoon quotes

Well, I had a heart attack at Best Buy today.

Has anyone ever tried C6-H12-O6?

It's the offical "I HATE CRAMPS" thread - stay out if you don't want......

How old were you at your first marriage?

Age of death of the deceased and greiving

Randi Rhodes is trashing Ann Coulter today

Satellite buffs, can I sell my RCA directv receiver and dish?

Too funny.. My son's car was stolen

We buried Ben today.

I hurt my lower back today.

Gimme Gimme Gimme - By: Your Company's CEO

I got an invitation to my high school reunion today.

Hummingbird advice

Why honey is not vegan - they've got a cut on Bush!

I noticed this sticker adorning a dumpster Monday

I just got screwed by the DNC... ask me anything

The 'Do Not Call' list: did it ever happen? Does it work? Experiences?

Kernel flaw makes Linux crash easy

ESPN fans: Ralph Wiley has died

Where is Radiohead?

Wow, I pulled off 2 bumper stickers and found out that my car is not grey!

here's the snake I saw today

new Hannity advertiser Business & Technology College

My GF wont Let me keep a third cat!

Cat Copying Polls

I lost my job today to............

What's a good name for a border collie

3:31 PM PDT significant earth movement in San Diego

Hummer advice

First day at work...

great quote from Nipsey Russell

Best Parody EVER

Do you like to get the last word?

What does a "high paying" job pay , these days?

What site can I check out to see where fahrenheit 9/11 is playing?

Who Shot the Red Baron, Tonight on PBS's Nova

More than 101 reasons NOT to be Vegan...Some of them are FUNNY!

David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar?

Quick check. What's in your pockets?

I'm going to be a millionaire in 6 months!

Hey, kid, pull my finger!

I think I would like a new scream name. . .

Any Neverwinter Nights fans here?

There's a ghost hat on my head.

Should the Island of California become the 51st state?

Is there really a difference between liberal and conservatives

put threads you thought would be a hit but sank like a stone HERE

Hey! You've got updoc on your face!

Texas Love Poem

Message to Rush Limbaugh - [Dial-Up Warning...Graphically Intensive]

A delightful evening thanks to Costco (eat your heart out, ZombyWoof)

I have some new ideas for the Great US Seal:

I'm in love with a fellow DUer


Leaving from SF on 3 day trip....where to go????? need advice

New Army Uniforms--terrible!

delete this thread

'Think we saved a nest of baby birds in Chicago today - 'feeling

Rat on my website.

Going to Vegas sometime this year, 3 days/2 nights. What should we see?

You have a dickfor on your forehead!

Dog question: Any formula for guessing a mutt's adult size

Anyone ever visit the Architecture Hate Page?

Sing the praises of your Pooch(s)!!!

Hot or cold?

Got my Simpsons Season 4 DVD set today!

Teen sleepovers...advice please

Does Anyone know the current score of the Lakers/Pistons

I'm going to New Mexico in a few weeks and need advice.

Door to door salesman:"Are your parents home?"

Anyone Familiar with programming Java?

Let John Kerry give up his Senate seat

blagga fushnar

By Golly Gosh Gee Whiz, I want an answer!



Look! Emmylou Harris Is A Deanie

Crystal ball time...what 80th birthday stunt will George W. Bush perform?

Extreme Dodgeball on now (Gameshow Network)


Flecktone photos

I wish for

I just made an omelette! For dinner! Ask me anything!

Air America Radio hires familiar news director!

Why do the Reds suddenly suck?

Proof that the Pope's on dope. Vatican says Inquisition wasn't so bad.

Dumbest thing ever seen on snopes?

A friend of mine was killed Friday night....................

I get by with a little help from my friends

I ain't?

I just lost my temper on another post....

I just listened to the Blue Collar Comedy Tour....... ask me anything!

What is a Gipper?

On Thursday I will be married to a 40 year old women (should I leave her?)

My conservative friend is pokin' at me...

BREAKING! Urgent Announcement from Attorney General John Ashcroft

Poll: How Much Do You Make?

Anyone ever see a trippy cartoon movie called "Fantastic Planet"?

When someone says to you "How are you today?"

Where can I upload a picture for free?

A semi-serious question: If you died tomorrow...

I really thought god was talking to me

Autographed books

Go Detroit!!!

What Happened To All The "BoSox Will Win It All" Threads from May?

The Vodka poll take 2

Keep me awake.

What non-traditionally good looking aliens do you find HOT?

Will a Freschetta frozen pizza cook in the microwave?

Big rock festival in Norhern WI this summer

Here... Sniff This!

Laker fans: Kobe is still going to get some jewlery.

32 year-old DUer plans to attend punk festival

My faith in the NBA has been restored tonight....

A Pistons victory = The NBA is worth watching again.

Anyone else get to miss the whole Reagan thing?

On behalf of over 1 million Piston fans in San Antonio

Traffic Stuck on Freeway, Literally

Letterman tonight - wow

Letterman zinger/predition.... Moyers at Midnight?

I'm itching for a fight...

My brakes went out on my car, so took it to the Ford

I spent the last two days driving

Most thought the movie SUCKED, you liked it. Name that film.

Pistons-Lakers thread!!!!

Some more random questions

And so I put off work again until the last possible latest moment....

I think I would like a new screen name. . .

Women: carry a purse?

More rain. Reminds me of Vietnam ... Monsoon season ...

Typos you make EVERY TIME

What's your favorite obscure or cult cheese?

Detroit stuns LA Lakers 100-87 wins NBA Championship

How many tabby owners here have no idea their house smells like cat pee?

Please post your views and experiences regarding the afterlife

Travel tips for New Orleans?

Is America's public schools not teaching grammar gooderly?

I Cried During A Movie This Weekend, What Movies Have Made You Cry?

Let's play Trivial Pursuit!

Any Andrew Vachss fans here besides me and NightTrain? He's got a new one

Any R. Crumb fans on DU?

The Polyphonic Spree:

I thought my head was going to explode this morning...

What was your favorite board game when you were a kid?

What is your homepage?

What's your favorite obscure or cult 70's TV show?

Stupid Tootsie Flavor Rolls!


Who's from your town?

I am in love with a fellow DUer...

Euro 2004 : Best Match so far ?

Euro 2004 games on TV?

so where should I go today

What's the best technical reality show

Favorite political quote (Democrats only)

So--Um... what should I put in my thousandth post?

Did Robert Johnson really sell his soul to the Devil?

CAPTION the Medicare recipient!

Give Mr. Interest-Rate a CAPTION

Are you "Yoda" when you're making love?

There's something...fishy...about this caption...

CAPTION the early returns on W's performance today.

MLB thread: I say interleague play blows. Can you dissuade me?

Fictional character you'd bring to life if you could?

Health update (Back from Dr.)

Do you know me?

Man Nearly Knocks Down Boy Going For Foul Ball - Keeps Ball - Heckled

NightTrain: The Early Years

Anyone here ever used Rimadyl

Just as I suspected, Jim Robinson of FR

Most liked the movie, you thought it SUCKED. Name that film.

Worst cinemagraphic destruction of a literary classic ?

I enlisted in the United States Army yesterday.

CAPTION that face.

Just watched "Sex In The City" for the first time ever.

For the men.... What non-traditionally good-looking women do you find hot?

Toronto area DUers

CAPTION the joint session of idiocy!

Did he dope or didn't he dope? - Lance Armstrong sues Times over claims

Boston Globe: Why not Howard Dean?

Zogby: Kerry/Dean in close race in battleground states w/ Bush/Cheney

Report says Bush sought Vatican help

Democrats Plan Strategy Meeting on Tuesday


Campaigner (from Dean's Campaign) brings Web skills to Florida

Who will bless the Democrats?

the DNC Kerry ad contest....

FOX NEWS: Libertarian Candidate Won't Concede to 'Evil'

Tony Soprano and his dead Cousin love John Kerry!

Constructive advice for John Kerry

FOX NEWS: Diplomats, Military Commanders Commit to Ousting Bush

Kerry Sidesteps Job Growth as He Hits Bush on Economy

Iraq Abuse "Ordered from the Top" Gen. Karpinski's own Words on BBC

Electoral College survey averages

A match made in . . . where?

Classes Train GOP Convention Protesters

Deadlock over protest permits for Republican Party convention

Calling all rebuttal experts. Help me smack the critic.

New DNC Feature: "This Day in Bush History"

Kerry: Caught! Administration's Own Numbers Contradict Bush Campaign

Kerry to focus on economy in two-week blitz

Tucker just said most people think Kerry will pick Edwards.

Cheney's redux of Saddam/Al Qaeda link his last gasp?

I missed what Wolf said about Wes Clark. Damn! What's up?

League of Women Voters Drops Support of Paperless Voting Machines

This one will make everyone who survived the primaries at DU proud.

"Unto every thing there is a season...."

Abu Ghraib General Says She's Being Made a Scapegoat

I called a talk show to defend Kerry today, ask me anything!

When you send money to Kerry--

Great interview with Dean streaming on VPR ins.

Saudi Arabia is Bush's soft underbelly

Kerry gave an Edwards speech today. Said Rs "put wealth before work"

Is there a consensus on Kerry's VP short list?

Colorado May Award Electoral Votes Proportionately...

Key tests loom for Bush and Kerry

Derailing Ralph

Judy Woodruff just called Kerry "the Democratic Insurgent"

War profiteering: Not Halliburton, this time its Edwards

Political Odds states that Edwards is slated to be VP choice...

Conservative Campaign Ad Features Reagan

Democrats slam State Department for keeping error-ridden report on website

CLARK on CNBC tonight EST at 7:00 P.M.

Comedians on the Political Campaign

Repugs planning Gay Marriage vote in July

Kerry on the Constitutional Amendment re: gay marriage

McCain's out as No. 2; is Edwards in?

Wes Clark, Susan McDougal Attend "Hunting of the President" Premiere

Kerry: 'I'm Running for President Because ....'

Do you have family in Iraq and does this flavor your VP choice?

"Kerry's only ahead by a bajillion points?!"

Teresa Heinz Kerry expresses disgust at Republican Party

Black republicans question party's committment

Edwards is a lame choice for VP.

Kerry for the Defense

Edwards Tops VP Field, But… (CBS News)

Clark Alert

Charlie Rose discussing VP. Pushing Edwards.

I think Clark is the best VP choice. Talk me out of it (or into it).

Edwards a man on new mission

Women's Group Drops Support for E-Voting

Kerry: Bush Not Compassionate on Finances

Has anyone considered Kerry/Feingold?

Pitt: is U.S. ready to elect Catholic VP & Pres?


Boston Globe Editorial: How About Howard? For VP

Why I'm almost certain Cheney will remain on the ticket