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Archives: June 11, 2004

Will Bush Be Able to Pull a Reagan On Addressing Social Security? - WSJ


Who sez we are Anti-Americans?

Just how many more times can a Bush double-cross a Kurd?

Reagan's Legacy of Poverty and War

G8 exclusion bodes ill for global peace

It's time for the public to face facts - TW/US/CN

Krugman: An Economic Legend (Instead of Truth on Reagan)

Herbert: Punishing the Poor (Haley Barbour's Mississippi)

Foreign newspapers seek to paper Indian market

299th Post: A Question for RealPlayer Users

Typhoon fails to quench reservoirs in nation's south - TW

Paris prepared to ban gas-guzzling off-road vehicles

Harley Davidson police escort protects Lu in US

Nearly 40% of the country is online, new report says - TW

Afrikaner radical released from jail - SA

Why is polygamy being defended on DU?

Former Texas Attorney General Jim Mattox on Reagan / Bush (2002)

You guys HAVE to see this Kerry website:

Why would someone give to both the Libertarians and Greens?

It really just boils down to this..

I don't mean to scare people in NYC

BBV: Here's how Venezuela will be counting votes on Aug 19:

My congressmen: "only through God's mercies that our lives are blessed"

The saddest picture I've ever seen. I'm not going to post it you'll have

i just saw the F911 trailer on yahoo!

I still can't find video of President Fubar's Press Conference today?

Poppy and Babs finally show up!

the Democratic Primary schedule was in place before Kerry won anything

Californians: If this doesn't mean war.... (Enron)

Book: A Pretext for War - * uncourageous for running on 9-11

Third party supporters - how many friends do you have?

Nuclear losses mushroom to £303m

LAT: Most Voters Say It Was Not Worth Going to War in Iraq

Taliban Suspected in Killing of 11 Chinese Workers

Brits arrested in Enron case awaiting extradition hearing

Saudi Cleared of Terror Charges in Idaho (Victory against Patriot Act)

At the Sea Island Summit, a Sea Change in U.S. Diplomacy

Boeing 7E7 contracts go to China

Use of Dogs to Scare Prisoners Was Authorized

Thanks everyone

Itunes seems to be having a Ray Charles night if you're interested

MTV Movie Awards

When Ronnie goes to church tomorrow, the sith will be watching .....

HAHAHAHA! On Blind Date right now on UPN...

My cat is 18 years, 2 months old. Who else has senior pets?

"Sir...Drop the Chalupa..."

Genius of Soul, Ray Charles Tribute on Nightline now

A knock at the door. Nobody there. A video of a Ray Charles concert...

Reagan's head is on a pike in the chamber of horrors

Why don't conservatives support polyandry?

Seven-year-old kid in Canada runs for office

Sarahbelle, Nothingshocksmeanymore, Mrs. Grumpy, geniph, and flamingyouth

It's time again! Post something nice about your fellow DUers!

I found the spot for our DU convention. Viking Exotic Resort

How much of this week's radio show should I devote to RAY CHARLES?

An odd family question

Mt. Rushmore is not nearly fitting enough tribute for rWr

Why is polygamy being defended on DU?

air traffic controller irony

General Anthony C. Zinni for VP?

Dems need RR memorial plank in the platform.

Some snippets from editorials on torture

Sudan: Words are not enough

Poor Version of Democracy -- E. J. Dionne Jr.

Bush's attempts to ride to election victory doomed to failure

David Corn says it all, 66 things about the Reagan legacy

Bush's Ronald Reagan redux (flash), Fiore

WP: Poor Version of Democracy

Editorial from Nicaragua's 'La Prensa' on Reagan (not what you would expec

Good Cartoon - Markstein

Boehert (Salon): Reagan Porn

Torturing Children?


Putting hoods on the heads of Congress

How Reagan Beat the Neocons

Bush honors Reagan with 5,000$ a plate Funeral

Breslin: Reagan Should Be on a $3 Bill

"New Yorkers were not always behind Reagan"

The Disability Lobby and Voting

President basks in Reagan's reflected glory

Viewpoint: Bush’s lies coming to roost

A Case for Immediate Withdrawal from Iraq

Molly Ivins: The Day the Constitution Died


Memorializing trickle down theory

WP: Sacrifice in the In-Box

Besieged, Bothered, Bewildered - and Busted

Feds Putting Weapons in Citizens' Luggage?

CHURCH & STATE - A lunatic Christian cult has the run of the White House

Reagan essay sorry for posting it three places

San Francisco: Commemoration Ceremony for the victims of Ronald Reagan's p

Open Art Studios in SF Bay Area (East Bay) This Weekend

Hey, Bay Area DUers... Who's Up For Movies And Margaritas ???

Moyers Profiles DeLay, Wartime Powers & Gov't Secrecy on PBS this weekend

Turn off the TV

The Howler catches a double-standard, NYT says Kerry cut into line

any stamp collectors ?

Today's Thought

Rite of passage--Just made DU my home page.

Pray for Reason

getting ready for my mid-life crisis

ECRI gauge points to economic slowdown

Inflation data could pressure Fed

So much for 'measured'

Krugman notes Reagan expansion 3rd best after JFK and Clinton - but

Single Failed Delta Levee = $80 Million + In Damages, Irrigation Worries

Cities' lights-out policy (for skyscrapers) saves birds

I thought I've seen everything, but this takes the cake

Blackout demonstrates impact of electricity generation on clean air.

Two Vanishing Vulture Species Found In Remote Cambodian Forest

Aid agencies tread carefully through ethical minefield (Darfur, Sudan)

Mugabe wants Zimbabweans to learn Chinese

Why are Japanese people killing themselves?

Trips cost country dearly - Swaziland's King

UN sanctions on Liberia to stay

Bolivian Congress backs poll on power industries

US rebuffs Labor bid to heal rift

Little Love For Bush At U.N.

Box of C-4 found in home of accused (SWAT) officer (Pittsburgh)

Will there ever be a national Dem acceptable to pro gun people?

Alzheimer's patient ordered to mental hospital

Why all the hostility down here?

Question: Liberals and Guns

If someone sends you a PM

The ignore feature...

Can Admins protect our real identies? What if you were served with a

Identifying the freeper

Not a question, but a thank you

Inquiring minds want to know...

Question about deleted post

I am also asking, why a post was deleted

Someone asked for a history

I'm very tired of the Reagan hate threads

A quick question

A guide to the perplexed on the new political divisions

Column One: Managing pathologies

The Berkeley Intifada?

P10K FORCE Mission

US, Israel Caught in Traps

Does anyone remember a "Day of Mourning for the 9/11 Victims?

Cell Phone Experiments in Airliners by Germer Rudolf

Has ANYONE out there in the DU world EVER seen any

Miami TV weatherman gives $25,000 to DNC and $5,000 to DCCC

Who's paying for Reagan's canonization?

Greetings from Mississippi - I have a question for anyone in SanFran

I received another of the

What's the poop on Forciea (Former Moe, Wellstone consultant)

Fahrenheit 911 showing in Oakdale and not at the Uptown?

How about our Pistons?


Philly DUers: Let's all go see Farhenheit 9/11 together: June 25 opening

Kiss Bush Goodbye Happy Hour Sat, June 12th in Austin

Horns Cobber Vanderbilt 15-3

DeLay's Fundraising Shenanigans on PBS Tonight 06/11/2004

Lone Star Loonies Meet and Squabble

STROKING THE BASE - Sims Veers Left at Democratic Convention

Does anyone have that article about what they considered liberal votes...

Pity Afghanistan, Pity America - Reagan's support for Islamic Fanaticism

MTV awards: Jack Black's t- shirt says "Vote Kerry"!

This is what I am talking about

These media bastards had better give our 1,000th soldier killed in Iraq

whatever happened to osama?

Graham book to focus on 9-11 lapses/ out before the election...

don't approve of job in Iraq yet approve of Bush as President?

Take Heart folks...Bill Clinton's Book is coming out soon

"the need to speak to the hopes and aspirations of the people they serve"

Put Ronald Reagan's Face on Food Stamps

Bev Harris on Mike Webb Show now 2:17 est

Reagan Played Decisive Role in Saddam Hussein's Survival in Iran-Iraq War

here is Ray Charles with Ronald Reagan (from Kerry's blog)

Fired air-traffic controller still feels the sting

Bush sounds mildly retarded in his G8 meeting close.

Three-year-old Alexis McCabe...has no Mommy..she died in Iraq

DUers- How are you explaining the Reagan coverage to your kids?

RThug interviewed outside Capitol

Outlook India on Bush: the Religious Scholar

Do we feel enough moral guilt for what the government is doing?

I'm almost tempted to stay home from work to see if * works the phrase

bush* and pickles at Reagan's coffin...


Tom Delay must have a new "business"

Under Reagan, the R's did not achieve control of both Houses of Congress.

Numerous Job Openings! High Demand!

Surprise, surprise, surprise . . .

Bush European Leader remian divided

Did you hear about the lotion to counteract chemical,biological attack

We have a funeral today

Bush (Prematurely) announces Denver as Baghdad's Sister City!!!

Of course, George Bush patterned his presidency after Ronald Reagan

AOL poll explains it all about Reagan

Ray Charles AT THE GOP Convention.

Please, for the love of God. Let this be the last day. Just put the coffin

Please, is this "fact" or "fiction"?

Reagan tried to join the Communist Party but they said he was a "flake".

WOW! Fahrenheit 9/11 to be shown in a Major Movie theater in Orlando.

I open the msn site... and here is the RR picture they show:

How did you feel seeing Bush

Posters for "Fahrenheit 9/11"

Great site for a humor break

What's Enron?

Is Reagan in the coffin? If not where?

The Reagan Mourning: It's all part of the Bush campaign

Eulogies from Dubya AND Pappy...why not Jeb and Neil too?

Tony Blair takes an electoral beating

Anybody saw McCain on Conan O'Brien last night? How does he get

Word for the week

Poll: Voters Say Iraq Didn't Merit War

A Troubling Dissent:Justice William Rehnquist and two of his colleagues

Count Wolfowitz and Young Soldier With Arms Blown Off

Just have to say I'm pissed I'm not getting my mail on Friday.

A (democrat's) Architectural View of Reagan Memorial

Where's Michael Reagan for all of this?

Yea, I knew George Soros was "a little shady"

After today, the Raygun show leaves town and we get back to business.

UK: Labour (i.e., Tony Blair) suffers 'election kicking'

Is there a procedure to "un" name things??

Media Insulting Ray Charles!

C-Span guy says "turn us off"

DU this Poll, and site feedback on lib website

I just heard that Ronnie-boys casket...

Is anyone else sick of this Raygun BS? Was the SOB assassinated?

What do I do with this RW e-mail poop?

Some jackass said to Hannity yesterday they felt safe with Bush...

As a lifeguard Raygun saved over 70 lives...what a crock of sh*t.

Do the Reagan worshippers filing past the coffin seem overweight?

Bush didn't break U.S. law re: torture

So why not honor Reagan and Fund fund Alzheimer's research ?

22 Russian Students Stranded in Florida

I'm sending $50 to Kerry now in memory of Ronald Reagan.

WWJD- What would Jenna Drink?

Credit Card Reform: A Democratic Issue?

PEOPLE: "Unfiltered" (AAR) is great. They took a clip of *'s LAUGH

Has Spyware invaded DU?

Has anybody seen Gore or any of the other former VPs at the service?

I just watched Chimp and laura walking down the isle of the cathedral and

Reagan porn - a quarter-century of fawning - Salon

Favorite Reagan quotes.

How about a One Trillion Dollar Bill?

Surprised? George Bush exploiting private moments with Nancy Reagan. . .

Poor Bill Clinton!

Can't get Air America on air! (still streams)

The God of Lies is Buried. Now Let's Take Back Our Nation.

I don't get it. (campaign donations)

CNN - Poll - vote

Why the hell did Brit Hume (ON FAUX) just bring up the politics of the . .

MTV Awards-Jack Black and Sean Astin wore Vote Kerry shirts and pins

Quit yer bellyaching about offshore outsourcing!!!!

Glimmers of light in the United States Of Reagan

When is President FUBAR performing today?

Good Googly Moogly. Has He Become A Saint!?

Did Cheney just diss Clinton?

Torture Memos were written because of torture plans.

Watch Grover Norquist implode on C-Span!

the late Princess Diana's mother passed away

FUBAR is at the mike

Some great Bush flip-flop quotes!

My Fantasy of Bush's Eulogy to Raygun

For those of you who want to hear *'s manic laugh, here is MSNBC's

A funeral a day keeps the spotlight away...

Gorbachev: 'We all lost Cold War'

W must hate the eulogies. It's not all about HIM.

Is Jimmy Carter at funeral? Ford?

My email to CNN

Okay, it's 6/11. Doomsayers, are you ready?

Bush, the leader of a diabolical cult?

While Driving Around My Repugnican Burb...

Why does the left always blatantly lie about Grenada?

RONNIE! : The Reagan State Funeral Drinking Game

Here you anti-war guys go.

Is there an AIDS ride going on in Southern California?

Reagan's Regime One Of The Most Fiendish

Bravo's Attempt to Buck the Republican Machine?

Reagan rejected the Neocons - Bush stands by them

For DUer's : Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty....

Are lots of DU poster gov employees?

Official * eulogy thread.

Will W be the first US president to go into exile???

How does he manage to smirk even when giving a EULOGY???

Document warns Guantanamo employees not to talk

I'm building a better world just like Ron did

Rehberg denies rumors he was drunk on visit (to Kazakhstan).

Listen to Al Franken covering the ceremony!!!! It is funny... n/t

X-Presdidents down one member ...

Will W be the first US president to go into exile???

The Paul Bunyan of American Politics is getting buried today

"Georgia when it fizzles" G8 protests....crackdown on dissent.

Franken (Smalley) spanking O'Really

Any clips online of RW drones going on about Wellstone's memorial?

Al Franken just did his Stuart Smalley character !

Bush I & II both mentioned Michael first...

Republican loyalty vs. Democrat dissection/analysis

Mississippi Healthcare: A Portent of Things to Come? (Punishing the Poor)

Democracy Now: Headlines for June 8 - 10. 2004


How would you counter this?

What the HELL is up with this CNN poll?

What can we do - Fahrenheit 9/11 not playing here?

If you could ask George H.W. Bush (poppy) one thing:

Teamster Union Announces Plans To Organize In Mexico!

Teamsters Union Announces Plan To Organize In Mexico!

Was that the most depressing funeral you've ever seen?

What exactly is Pappy thinking here?

Drudge pulls up a 1988 quote from Kerry re: Reagan

Need help debunking the "Kerry middle finger" smear


Liberty Bound

A few firsts for Reagan

Wolf Blitzer actually said this...

Sandra Day O'Connor quotes Kerry's ancestor @ funeral?

"I can't remember if I've seen the memo or not."

Kerry and Clinton talking after the funeral... they look great!!! MSNBC

Reagan: one October surprise gone...

A little antidote to the all Reagan all the time, week.

Did Sandra Day O'Conner Dis Dim Son?

Why is Ave Maria being sung at Reagan Funeral? Babs only one in White!

The civil war among conservatives has begun

To flush out the animals, you've got to beat the Bush...

Weekend at Ronnie's

What we face re: grave-robbing (true story)

Bush transposed two words in his eulogy:

AP Photos of Bill Clinton and John Kerry today after Reagan's service...

Have you heard about the documentary "The Corporation" ?

OLIVER L. NORTH, Defendant. - Criminal No. 88-0080 02 - GAG

what's next for Nancy? Marry Merv?

what did poppy say about FDR?

Rasmussen: Bush 47% Kerry 44%

Why we MUST see ALL of the toture pictures and videos

Godless Americans: "Safe Harbor for Churches" ALERT

The utter hypocrisy of it all: wingers post-9/11 moral relativism

Re: Hannity's bogus poll from Thursday...

Let's show some DU forgiveness

Could great Presidents of the past have been elected in the television age

in 3 days, our mourning ship of state turns about, and ...

Okay, Reagan's corpse just flew off into the sunset

Immature repukes and their stupid terms.

Excellent summation of Bush's career: "A Second Chance"

FReeper gets DUer Fired....

Chris Dodd's Comments on Reagan

Bugman DeLay's Fundraising Investigation on PBS Tonight

What's the deal with Matt Drudge ???

The unbearable lightness of being... a conservative

Workers Still Face Long-Term Jobless Crisis

Whoops wrong Yahoo caption on photo (seems to be shocking)

Would those who remember please describe Nixon's funeral?

Now theres a man !!!!!!

Krugman on the real Reagan record

Bill McCullom getting a little free National air time

Unfreep this poll

Caption this photo of Nancy, Ronnie , and Sinatra...

Shrubya MUST NOT win this election

I hope you realize that everyone who posts on this forum

Ronald Reagan, hero of the right (& the outright enemy of the rest of us)

Well, I don't think anyone can accuse the media of being "liberal" anymore

Did * really say this to Clinton after the funeral?

"To Free The Slaves of Communism"?!

Nancy Reagan as victim??????

This is the third time that Nancy hugs the casket . . .

Freeping of Bruce Springsteen's website

DU this "Reagan on the $10" poll!

I need a record of Congressional control...

Real Deal on Reagan Former President pushed racism-with a smile

No memorial service in Managua

repugs getting desparate?

Heads up duers!!!!(immunity from prosecution of torture)

I think Ronald Reagan was an enigma

My Reagan essay/english final, please read

Seymour Hersh at U of Chicago "You haven't begun to see evil...

Will Reagan leave Andrews and make secret midnight visit

"Lying" in State

My response to freeper letter to local editor:

Just when I thought it was safe to watch CNN, they put on another RR

Carter defeated 70s gas lines!!!!!!


I can't watch anymore. I hate these people too much. Grrrrr.

Bush's behavior during yesterday's press conference.

Anyone see this poll - please excuse if a dupe

It's beginning to feel a lot like Watergate

(false) Family Values vs. Building Stronger Families

Sid Blumenthal on the Racism of Ronald Reagan

A Much BETTER Leader From The 1980's

Any pictures of Kerry

DUer fired - mailed NPR this letter regarding it...

Fake DNC Boston Convention Site! * FYI *

I knew Jesus before he voted for Bush

Bias and ignorance by DUers against fellow DUers

He hasn't even been up there a week --

Okay, dude is in the ground... Are the 80s over yet, now?

PRIME opportunity to goof on FReepers (photo thread on FR)

The Bushworm turned, but got a resounding "No!"

I missed the big todo at the National Cathedral. Was * his usual self?

JFK was buried in four days.(actually three)

Freeper gets DU'er fired => Removed thread........too bad I saved it

What would you tell this engineering major who just graduated from Vandy??

Dirtbag Roy Cohn's campaign contributions

Drudge Report has found the WMD's !!!

WTF? CNN Will Carry Reagan BURIAL LIVE??

Who remembers the Reagan plan to ditch the elected government?

100 Days in Iraq

Faux says Cheney to head CIA - icky Rudy to be VP

It's already up on Drudge: Kerry laughing, Clinton "sleeping"

BushCo wanted DENVER to send DENVER'smoney to Baghdad!!!

Favorite Reagan quotes: Post em here!

A warm welcome to all lurkers and readers of DU ....

How much will this week long wake cost the US tax payer?

QUICK question: How many indictments under Reagan? Clinton?

The fired DU'er should....

Carlyle Group buys local Hawaii phone company...

interim government chooses first of new currency

Drudge has a news tip box on his site - HERE'S a tip for you, Matt Sludge:

Transcript of Junior's Reagan eulogy on Fox

Conservative Bill Bartlett: Reagan signed largest tax hike in US history!

Soooo...Did Bush screw up the eulogy?

I am ashamed to be part the the Homosexual Community.

What if POTUS snapped & tried to fire up the nuke football outta the blue?

Reagan Trivia: Who coined the phrase "Voodoo Economics?"

Reagan Blasts Bush!

CNN - Poll - vote

Have you decided who you will vote for in the Nov. Election?

That's my boy! The Big Dawg has fallen asleep at Reagan funeral!

Disaster at the Polls for Blair AND Co.

Who has more divorces - Limbaught or E.D. Donahay/Hill?

SWM Seeks Family Values Oriented Conservative SWF for Fourth Wife

So...Did we get our money's worth??

needs caption: PHOTO..bush* nazification of his WWII monument (RR funeral)

Will Gipperporn be over when I wake up tomorrow?

Does Sy Hersh have a blog? I'm trying to find out more info

Amazing grace by a white bald guy ...

Bosnian Serbs formally admit massacring Muslims for the first time...


BBC News just MADE my evening

Clinton's book sells out even before publication

22 minutes of local news, zero about Rush. If it had been Clintons

Sick GOP scum pimping Reagan before he's in the ground

Family Values Limbaugh vs. Evil Liberal Clinton: Marriage Scorecard

Rush Limbaugh: Is there REALLY hypocrisy in his third divorce?

Newsweek: No Case Against 'Dirty Bomber' -- DOJ Scrambling

I'm doing work for Reverend Moon.

Could you imagine for a moment being married to Pigboy

Dateline NBC

TATU to run for president...together (Russia)

Ronald Reagan's America

George H. W. Bush said he learned kindness from Reagan

Deep divisions remain between * ,world leaders

Moon crowned in Senate building (no hoax)

ITT, I will answer questions about Peak Oil.

"Reagan was actually very intelligent"

According to LA Times, Kerry has significant lead over Bush.

Have Janeane & Sam discussed Rush?

DU up this "Who will you vote for" Greta poll...

Who are the guys standing in the truck in front of the procession.?

"Why Can't People Just Leave Rush Alone"

Demonstrators march on the day of Ronald Reagan's funeral

Friday Night Tinfoil: The Day After Reaganopia

So, Rush is getting divorced?

Who is Brad Delong, and who was Seymour Hersh speaking to at U of Chicago?

Gettin' ready to walk down the street to see if Reagan really is dead

Today begins five days of mourning for Rush's marriage

I really wouldn't mind the Ron-Fest if we had seen his presidential papers

Should the US issue an apology to Mexico for the Mexican-American War?

If Rush divorces do the terrorists win?

Why does the left always blatantly lie about Grenada?

Okay it's 6/11

Who's next?

Didn't the chimp look like a kid among the world statesman?

Can technology conquer evil?

Paula Zahn has not shut up ALL DAY!!!!!! Do Not Watch!!!!

You will NEVER guess where Rush got married to #3

I wonder...

Is U.S. REALLY like Germany in the 30's?

Sex with Rush Limbaugh

Caption the man* with perpendicular problem

Can anyone tell me how many 21 Gun Salutes

Torture Interrogation of Terrorists: A Theory of Exceptions

Fatass announces divorce Friday 7 pm after Reagan week

Leaked Torture Memo

US government faked Bush news reports

AAR discussing Moon's coronation in Congress. Right now. n/t

Most underrated President of all time?

Ladies: would you "do it" with Limbaugh for Millions of $$?

Bill Maher's Comments on Reagan Winning the Cold War

Murder and torture for profit

Hard Right Calls for Bush to Stand Trial for War Crimes

Baroness Margaret Thatcher

Mike Ruppert on Coast to Coast last night...along with another

All 3 Reagan kids are suppose to speak at the West Coast Edition of the

William Greider on Majority Report - Air America..

I'm watching the Reagan motorcade pass by...

Freeper reactions to El Rushbo's divorce

Reagan should be on the $3 bill

Wonder what America's bill will be for the funeral?

Somber skies see Reagan home to California

House Approved Preemptive Strike on Iran??

Rush will keep on whackin' it

What is your criteria for measuring good vs evil ?

Remember folks - turdbucket blamed some bad apples for the abuse

Fired DU'er DJ -- what's the latest update?

Sheesh!! I turned on the news

Ed Meese can go to hell!!!!!!!

OK, helicopters over the motorcade, this is just getting bizarre

What they were thinking at the funeral. Fun for the whole family!!!

Is it really $1000 to pass by Reagan's casket???

The State Funeral smoke screen

Anyone catch Ron Reagan Jr.'s little dig at Bush during his eulogy?

OOO Ron Jr just took a shot a Bush

TAKE THAT! Shrubya!!

He Is Risen

DU this CNN Poll. "Too much coverage" of St. Ronnie's death?

HOLY CRAP ! It's 7PM and there's nothing worth watching on TV !

Check in if you've been married fewer times than Rush Limbaugh

Dear God. This minister is freakish on the funeral coverage.

Imo, the best funeral of all time is Princess Diana's funeral.

Hey, you in swing states or Republican-leaning states ...

Michael Moore: Blair is next in line for a movie

When should we pull out?

Observation of a couple of stupid remarks re Reagan's Funeral

Free Republic Banned me....

cartoon says it all about Reagan

Hee hee. That chaplain just did a mock-Thatcher voice!

FOX will edit Ron Jr. out of the commemorative 16-DVD funeral set!

Repug had to FedEx because Post Office closed [Reagan Day]

Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail '04

Hey, I just counteda a 19 gun salute! Was anyone else ....

Thank koresh it's over.

Did Jennings just say that?

Should the US issue an apology to Japan for using the A-bomb?

Ronald Reagan as the Good and Faithful Servant of God?

DISCUSSION RE Pro's and Cons of the Hiroshima/Nagasaki bombings.

Canucks! - Coronation Street moving to prime time!

Another Wingnut Slouches to Be Born (Ben SHAPIRO)

A co-worker was chosen to keep an Arbitron log

dupe...please delete

Mike Moore Hires Lehane & Fabiani To Man Farenheit 9/11 War Room

So how much do State Funerals cost?

Reagan Death Resurrects Controversies, Bitterness

Observation on Rush's divorce - Since he went off O.C. and started

How much Reagan at Repug convention?

Woh Ronald Prescott Reagan just said. . .

When do Republican Congressman distance themselves from Bush????

All that talk about marital faithfulness between Ronald and Nancy...

check out this poll on my local paper!

Why is the media doing this?

So why can't Iraqis fire guns at weddings?

..anybody have a video clip of Ron Jr.?

It's finally over

Just bury the old bastard already

Anybody watching the McLaughlin report? David Corn talking right now.n/t

If you have a website, link to "The Daily Howler."

For the record: Russert's explanation of October Surprise

Yea!!!! Time to return to our Regularly Scheduled.....

June 2001 -- Will Pitt article on the Freaking Freepers

Frontline, Son of al Queda.

Please someone post Kerrys response (re: McCain VP)

If everyone is really as sick of Reagan coverage as they claim...

Nancy truly loved him

Hell of a shot Ron Reagan

CNN ignores Ron Jr. remarks...King, Brown, nobody will touch this with

Is this "great outpouring" really about Reagan or. . .

Will they please bury Reagan and get over it?

Was that Jane Wyman that went up to the casket a minute ago?

Reagan remembrances boost Bush (Vote now - Kerry at 58%!!) wtf!?

*chuckling* And now, the news at Ten...

Am Shutting Off Tweety Now ----------Feels So GOOD!!!!!!!!!

Photos of children being raped at Abu Ghraib coming out soon.

Bumper sticker: "What if Mary had had an abortion?"

Basic Human Building Blocks Which Advance Our World.

Gorbachev is on Nightline right now... this going into Guinness as the world's longest funeral?

Right about now God is reaming Ron's ass....

Check here to see where FAHRENHEIT 9/11 will shown in your State

Koppel just played Ron's statement about

Looking for a link to Ron jr. speech

O.K., he's dead already, can we talk about raping Iraqi Children now?

* and Co. worried about Nascar dads. Forgot Soap Opera, Oprah moms!

A little musical diversion for Radiohead fans....

Simpsons brand new episode about the Pubs naming everything after RWR

Limbaugh to divorce wife.

Dissing Michael/ADOPTION Is a Bad Thing n/t

anybody been to a Mexican Wal-Mart?

BBV: Andy Stephenson's lawsuit got RESULTS!

HERE is a picture to get choked up over

"Stern is going after Bush with near-obsessive zeal"

I find it very appropriate that banks closed today

U.S. investigates possible Libyan terror plot

William (mr virtues) Bennett's Domina speaks out

Fred Phelps crowd is picketing the Reagan funeral

Transcript of Ron Reagan's speech

I missed the Reagan funeral . . .

My opinion is that this 6 day funeral was mainly about helping bush*

After Nancy's gone, will Ron Jr. run for office as a Democrat?

The voice of Conservative America: A thrice-divorced drug addict

Grover Norquist introduces a new meme: Nazism = German socialism

Remember the rumor that Nancy Reagan slept with Frank Sinatra?

Nancy Reagan looks PAST done with all this

I feel depressed...I will have to vote for Kerry because he still

Jury Deadlocked in Sentence Phase of Terry Nichols Trial....

Who Gave the best eulogy today

Rich, Fat, Pompous GasBag, seeking mate. No smokers or Feminazis

It's time for Ronald Prescott Reagan to seek political office.

O M F G ! ! ! ! Look at this pic of Cheney! (puke alert!!!!)

Rush's personal life is private. This is the no comment thread.

"Scary lizard people running around eating human babies..."

A State Funeral For Ray Charles! You KNOW It's Right!

Atrocious US ARMY Videos ( Download Links inside) !

Will the cameras follow Nancy into her home and spend the night?

Freeper Gets DUer fired.......Thread 2

WOW, the white house press corps USED to be journalists

The GOP Hypocrisy Continues

Michael Moore critique

get a drug card = give up some of your food stamps

"Banana Flana Fleener Faddle" | the Friday TOON alternative

Did Bush Speak At Reagan's Funeral?

Freepers on the Ron Jr. slam on Bush

MSNBC talking about Ron Reagan's shot at Bush*

REMINDER: PBS documentary NOW focuses on Tom DeLay

Phelps and his Klan protest Reagan's funeral??

For those who watched, who Wasn't at the Funeral? Might be interesting .

Various pics from Reagan funeral

The Day the Constitution Died

Screening Dates For Hunting Of The President Out Now !!!

What is up with this photo of Bush??

Should the US issue an apology to Black People for slavery?

Ron Jr. speech....Did Nancy know that was coming?

Today was the first time I've actually felt concerned . . .

Why is Barbara Bush wearing white to a funeral?

Bill Clinton, the real "Great Communicator" HATE MAIL time!!!

Did seeing Ron Jr. slam Bush on prime time television make it worth it all

Anyone catch the shot Ron Jr took at Bush Jr?

Why does Air America keep inflicting these right wingers on us?

Reagan in Europe - CNN International

My Thanksgiving ploy, and McVain for VP

Bill Clinton caught sleeping at Raygun's funeral...

There's not a Republican dry eye in the house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got to talk with a random solider in Iraq.

I really hate to kick Oxy Rush when he's down but...

Why didn't Reagan address PEAK OIL?

Freepers mourn Pigboy's divorce

Did Ron Jr. just slam Bush?

Wheels are in motion...

Want to help me interview Sibel Edmonds?

Why all the fuss about Reagan

For those of you w/o cable, Jon Stewart's "finding memo" clip:

Comedy Central: Fat American kids should be BURNED ALIVE for entertainment

Poignant but terrific interview with Howard Dean by AP today.

Wow, I actually feel very sad for Nancy, while watching this...

Reagan's criminal cabinet

BBV: CA SOS recertifies TS-voting machines in two counties

Bushes caught SMIRKING AND LAUGHING at Reagan Funeral

How Reagan Got Elected in the first place -- My little tribute

Seriously, what's up with the naval deployments?

UPDATE on the Fired DUer; NPR Contact Information

I think Kerry may have turned his back on the Party.

Who should Japan apologize to for starting WW II?


TIA adjusted Poll numbers: Kerry 53.16%, Bush 46.84%

A bizarre story but the Dr. interviewed has testified before Congress.

NY Times Responds to FAIR Alert on Torture

U.S. Military Will Shift Mission Under New Iraqi Government

Thousands flee Congo town

Prime Minister says Australia will never condone torture

Blair punished for Iraq war as councils fall to Conservatives

Army Withholds Chemical Attack Antidote

Ray Charles tribute on KGO.

France, China sign Airbus and satellite deals during vice premier's visit

'He felt the Cuban cause . . . in his own blood,' S. Floridians say of Rea

Legacy of Reagan's Presidency Now Begins the Test of Time

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 825 U.S. service members have died

G8 urges end to Darfur killings

Bush's attempts to ride to election victory doomed to failure

Blair losing voters' trust - poll

Blair punished for Iraq war as councils fall to Conservatives

U.S. investigates possible Libyan terror plot

US administration admits wrong terror figures

Military to try Cuba detainee:Australian linked to bin Laden group

TIA now verifies flight of Saudis

White House owns up to errors in terror report

Vaccine researchers exposed to anthrax

DR Congo 'coup attempt put down'

50 000 troops in Gulf illness scare

Najaf prayers cancelled after scuffles; US soldiers targeted by bombs

Gunmen Raid Police Station Near Baghdad (and blow it up)

Survey: Bush Gets Little Credit on Jobs

NY Court Says Gay Marriage Ban Unconstitutional

NYT, p.1, R.W. Apple: Reagan Legacy Begins Test of Time

Mourners' Attire Not Quite Reaganesque

Fuel Costs Hitting Farmers Hard

Cuba hopes search for oil will build up economy

Bush Drops Hopes for NATO Troops in Iraq

U.S. Probes Killing of Iraqi by American Soldier

Film and Election Politics Cross in 'Fahrenheit 9/11'

Bicyclists will shed clothes in protest ride

Anti-Bush campaign is stripped to its bare essentials

Halliburton's Nigerian unit probed (by SEC)

Sunni cleric urges Iraqi military officers to join insurgency

Angry at Bush, shock jock Stern boosting Kerry

Document warns Guantanamo employees not to talk

In Italy, Hostage Release Turns Political | LA Times

Torturing Children?

Boaters charged over race to Cuba:Federal prosecutors charged two Key Wes

Poll: Most Americans feel war not justified

Abu Ghrahib Update: Photos of Child Rapes Coming...

NYT, p.1: Undecided Voter Becoming Focus of Both Political Parties

Bushes caught SMIRKING AND LAUGHING at Reagan Funeral

Analysts:U.S. businesses could make billions of dollars in Cuba

Rehberg (R-MT) denies allegations of drunkenness | Missoulian

Rover (Opportunity) takes first dip into crater | BBC

Venezuelan Election Officials Bicker About Recall, Paper Says

Argentine (Catholic) church condemns clergyman (4 book on sexual exploits)

Labour suffers election 'kicking'

Army's 1st Armored Division to Leave Iraq

Co. Wants Spyware Control Act Blocked

Cassini set for moon encounter (saturns moon Phoebe) | BBC

WaPo: Fed May Scrap 'Measured' Pace For Rate Increases

Sexism row rocks Merrill Lynch

The Vatican and America (Bush visit)

Saddam's daughter laments her 'hard life'

CDC: Suicide Rate Falls Among Youngsters

Archbishop resigns over child-sex scandal

Nader Qualifies for Presidential Run in Arizona

'Pop-up' firm seeks to block spyware act | Salt Lake Tribune

3 boys admit plot to slay teacher over failing grade

'Made in Mexico' uniforms chafe Border Patrol agents

U.S. Said Trying to Replace Arab Gov'ts

Putin Takes Bush's Side Against Democrats on Iraq

Anti-Bush campaign is stripped to its bare essentials

Undecided Voter Is Becoming the Focus of Both Political Parties

Powell likens Bush to Reagan for thinking "boldly"

Dateline NBC

Sam's Club markets bulk 'Passion' videos to churches

Work under way at Democratic convention site after police end picketing

U.S. trade panel defies NAFTA, rules Canadian lumber injures U.S. produc

Facing Defeat? (No 'Dirty Bomber' Case Against Padilla!!!)

Powell likens Bush to Reagan for thinking "boldly"

Newdow ("under God" in Pledge) wins $1 million libel award

Woh Ronald Prescott Reagan just said. . .

Sen. Kennedy Loses Bid to Remove Pryor

With Infrastructure Under Attack, Iraqis Aim Their Anger at America

Much of Coastal U.S. May Follow California on Car Emissions

Some Washington residents in doubt about Reagan legacy

Gay Activists Urge Boycott of Virginia

'Made in Mexico' uniforms chafe Border Patrol agents

Investigation Into Babylon Damage Ordered

Iraq cleric 'calls for new start'--BBC

FBI stagnant under freeze in promotions

WP: Bushes' Distinct Views Imprint Praise

SF Mayor Newsom asks: What do you need? | San Francisco Chronicle

CNN: Alcohol abuse up, but fewer alcoholics

Bosnian Serbs admit to Srebrenica

Employers to Form 'Buyers Club' Seeking Low Drug Prices

Room Designed That Puts Customers to Sleep

Halliburton Under Investigation for Nigeria Bribery Accusations

Ten Million Kids Trapped in Domestic Labor -Study

Phone Rates Could Rise on Bush Administration Decision

G-8 security a model for upcoming events

Reagan Death No Boost for Conservatives

Man jumps from helicopter at Grand Canyon

University Radio Station in Alaska Suspends Student DJ for Reagan Comments

(Sioux Falls) Mayor Reacts To Gateway Layoffs (300 jobs)

Blair vows to stay the course after British election set-back

Giant panda makes a stunning comeback as China marks 40% rise in numbers

Poll: Mississippi should reopen civil rights era investigation

Devoted marine (Oliver North) skips ex-boss's funeral

Limbaugh announces end of 10-year marriage

Granny D and two others file for U.S. Senate

Moore interested in making film about Blair's role in war

WP: Iraqis Put Contempt For Troops On Display

Al-Hussayen acquitted in terror case (Univ of Idaho grad student)

Poll: Voters Say Iraq Didn't Merit War

Army Policy Bars Interrogations by Private Contractors - NYT

Pension Funds Press CACI on Iraq Prison Role (Wash Post)

Early Abu Ghraib Reports Went Unheeded

Kurds Find U.S. Alliance Is Built on Shifting Sands

Annan criticizes policy of preemptive defense

Iraq's Power Woes Becoming Pressing Issue

College Students Favor Kerry, but Apathy Grows

State Dept. Warned White House on Torture

FBI warns 10 cities about demonstrations

AP: McCain rejects Kerry's VP overtures

SYDNEY: Latham criticised over policy reversal on Iraq

UN inspectors: Saddam shipped out WMD before war and after

Jury deadlocked in Terry Nichols trial just down the road, no death penalt

CBS Report: Rumsfeld OK'd Prison Rules

Huge Demand for School Vouchers in Capital City

Torture memo puts focus on Nevada judge

Law professor (John Yoo) brushes off accusations over terror memo

Hey everyone! It's time for RECESS!

Holy Toledo!

HA-ha, Lakers

Mike Ruppert is on Coast to Coast AM NOW!!!Thurs-Fri)

I'm going to close down this forum - it's entirely too silly


O-L-D Ray Charles joke


I've been in a coma for the last 8 days. Did somebody die?

Why is polygons being defended on DU?

naked body alphabet . . .

Sacrifice a chicken for Reason

Private Parts now on HBO2

Why don't conservatives support polyester?

watching the Rage Against the Machine Live concert DVD...

Any other insomniacs listen to Todd Wright on ESPN Radio?

Agghhhh!!! Barry Manilow is on Craig Kilborn!

Really cool volcano ppic... (Surabaya)

Worst Breakfast Cereal!

Heat From Detroit Too Much for Kimmel, Lakers to Bear

Ray Charles tribute on KGO.

Help me find a picture of Chimp driving the G8 golfcart!!!

I need to go to sleep...

A bit of the life of Ray Cgarles and a quiz

Wombat...(waaaay cuter than yaks)

National Anthem: Ray Charles "America the Beautiful"?

Fallujah sunset

GuyQ Quiz.

Veterinarian Who Spray-Painted Stolen Horse Pleads Guilty

Newest inductee into the "Silly Walks Hall of Fame"

Injured Wild Boar Causes Havoc At Hospital

Celebrity Crocodile On Hunger Strike

To my fellow SoCalers, I hate to say it, but the Lakers are toast

Good Reagan Day to you all!

More Money Doesn't Mean More Sex

Angry Buzzard Terrorizing Country Road

Revenge of the Old Farts!

Canada's Too-Friendly Killer Whale To Be Captured

I think I need a lobotomy after today

Hey Rev. DS1 - will you be hosting services for Reagan today here at DU???

Hey! Did something happen with Reagan?

Why do SOME guys have to be jerks when they drink?

TV Cameraman - Filming Dangerous Intersections - Struck & Killed By Car

Gollum actor to 'play' King Kong

Seven Arrested In School Cafeteria Food Fight (7th Graders)

Australians chew mice to win holiday

Good Friday Morning DU!

Anyone else looking forward to Euro 2004?

Man Hurls Woman Off Overpass, Then Jumps To His Death

Caption:Cretins' Corner, plenty of room for Junior

4 Year Old Registered To Vote - Turned Away At Voting Booth

This week's Private Eye cover

"Just say No" (80s) vs. "Wait until you're Married" (00s): you decide!!

2 Year Old Survives 80 Foot Fall

Philly DUers: Let's all go see Farhenheit 9/11 together: June 25 opening

Former Break-Dancing Instructor Now Weighs 900 Pounds

DUers- How are you explaining the Reagan coverage to your kids?

Anyone hear the Newt on NPR this morning?

A question for all the people pushing the rWr on the money and Mountains,

Shouldn't they just be happy they came to see him at all?!

Anyone Here an Email IT/server Guru?

My birthday is really embarrassing

Yukon Men Convinced They Saw Sasquatch

Cartoon: Steve Bell on Ronald Reagan

Blowin my 200th post

Posting or netsurfing while "at the office".

What advice should you NEVER post about here at DU

in the year 2005 - joke

I just watched Robert Altman's "The Company." Ask me anything!

Please could you stop the noise

Yeah I got another job!!!!!

Who has a link to the Bush upside-down umbrella photo?

Fahrenheit 9/11 Get Together: June 25

I may have to kick my dogs butt....

Caption: Sea Island Summit posts Junior's I.Q.

Tony Blair starts singing "Mack the Knife"

Caption: Gorby to marry Nancy?

I LOVE my job!!

Paging Mojo Nixon: "Reagan Is Everywhere?"

Still Doesn't Work. I'll Figure It Out!

G8 Summit group photo truly expresses the spirit of what Bush accomplished

TDS w/ Jon Stewart - G8 coverage last night...

I'm high on espresso & listening to Queen- ASK ME ANYTHING!

Now this is a tribute I like.

I can't believe it! Then again, really, I can.

Do the Lakers totally suck?

Pat Robertson prays for deaths in Supreme Court, State Dept.

Has Spyware invaded DU?

Will Bush* get a bounce from Ray Charles death?

The songs that really touch you

Gollum To Be King Kong

YAYYYYYYYYYY!!! Star Trek Marathon on SciFi Channel!!!!!!

Beautiful photo from Yahoo / AFP: Performance art group "Stretch Marks"

my drugs are red, white & bLue

LynneSin's TV Viewing for tonight: The Reagan/Bush Combo

Site feedback on lib website

Couple little jokes for today.

Did I just see Grovelbot at the Reagan funeral?

I'm done with finals for the week!

Caption: You take the ashes, I'll have the offshore bank accounts

DU this UK 'Hello!' Magazine poll

The BBC's obituary to Reagan....Guess the first two contributors?

Poppy's 80th Birthday parachute jump: what do YOU wish him?

General Myers is a preacher?

Caption: Farewell to God's Banker's President....

Why does the left always blatantly lie about Grenada?

I finally broke down and cried last night

Are you a stockpiler or a let it run out kinda person?

"All day, all night Marie-anne"

1 Minute Message Beamed Into Space Will Cost You $25

Man In Reagan Mask Robbs Econo Lodge

What does Mr. Atkins say about THIS???

free speech TV on DISH question?

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy Poll

So Mika, how are you feeling today?

Bush enjoys a cocktail with al-Yawer (should be in LBN, but what the hey)

Excellent joke!

I'm leaving for Las Vegas in a few hours

Anyone else think VH1's Rachel Perry is smokin'?

How long does it take a cat to get used to a dog?

Someone give me a good kick in the ass

I just conducted shameless ass-kissery

Did Any DUers Attend Woodstock?

I just got Dave Barry's newest book on my lunch break

Joe Lieberman's name can be rearranged to spell

I started out today in a great mood & now I am just depressed.

goodbye y'all! i'm leaving DU

Mods Please Lock - thanks everyone

LAers can thank Neil Young for an early preview of Farhenheit 9/11

Friday weird links thread

Vote is this telephone poll!!!!!

Why is trigonometry being defended on DU?


Why is tomfoolery being defended here at DU?

Most bizarre cult ever

Why is origami being defended on DU?

What's your favorite obscure, really bad TV show? Here's my new one.

Woman creates avant-garde Nascar themed ballet

How to become a political journalist

Who Is Ronna Reagan?

best show flyer ever!

why is origami being attacked here on DU....

Why are people attacking polygamy at DU.

Margaret Thatcher joke thread

Are you threatening me?

Oh crap, my friend just called and she has to have emergency

The Fundies' Marriage Amendment News and more News of the Weird

Why is whorigami being defended on DU?

Anyone ever heard of the group "Piano Magic"? Or "Movietone"?

Hey Kucinich backers! Larry Flynt is on board

why is sus being defended here on DU

Please post here if you're going to be at work today.

A day of mourning: a trip to one of the most beautiful malls in the world

Bush is a man of great vision?

Classic Steelers Fans- Franco Harris is on Board!

Further proof America is full of Puritans...

Wow. Bush is dumping Cheney for '04

Ron Junior for VP!!

Ego stroking thread warning: 2000 posts!

Sean Insanity= No talent hack


Why are people attacking my jammies here on DU??!!???

DU vs Freep forum structure

Pud Acuf And Morton T Morton on Radio LMAO!

I had the worst dream last night - About really really mean cats

I made a Flash movie -- It's called "Shock and Awe"

I need a new background image...Will you help me?

"The Plague" just now on IFC - Oh Wow!!!

DU at Magenta Alert . . . Lurking Freep Infestation Suspected

I'm about to try to get two cats in cages for a trip to the V-E-T.

Nice to see other libs writing letters


dead kennedys - bleed for me

Latest snowdome I got.

People Flocking To See Glowing Cross In Bathroom Window

just rode my bike past the Ultimate Freeper Truck

Anyone ever hear Todd Rundgren's "cover" of Good Vibrations?

Local TV station at my senior center this morning.

I want this cat....

Now Breaking! Sharpton Rejects Bush V.P. Overture!

Breast implants for the town crest

Star Trek Question -- Can you spot the doomed soul

Well, I celebrated a very important funeral today...

This just in, Reagan's desent to the after life to be shown

No Sex Before Games, Please, Says Germany Doctor (Yahoo/Reuters)

Damn I hardly lasted five minutes as a disruptor at Freepland!

google question, request

178 topics match your criteria

What is the best video game system?

Time once again for... Words and phrases you HATE!!!!

You have been picked to find the best way to memorialize Reagan......

BREAKING: Ronald Reagan Kicked Out of Hell.

Kerry kicked a cat. Bad Kerry.

I need help with a gift.

Help me, I'm being held against my will...

XM Satellite Radio is the shit!!!

Roddick sets record for fastest serve (again; 153 MPH)

DUers not feeling anxiety and panic because they smoke herb check in here

Free Republic Vasectomy

Laugh of the day

Skinner issues Def Con 3 warning!

Free Republic Birth Control

Mr. Dobolina!

O.J., ten years later

"You'll be back to eating garbage in no time"

Are you ever afraid to fly on an airplane?

Why does Bush talk about merkins so much?

This business of a freeper getting a duer fired

would it be feasible to just fly raygun around the globe 24/7..

Bush/Zombie Reagan 2004

I have a Franz Ferdinand earworm- help get it out!

Free Republic Wedding Night

Anyone see "The Man Show" last night?

Golf Cart for the Assholes who drive SUVs

Attention reptile lovers

What's your favorite obscene, really good TV show?

There is no way in halliburton that I will see that Garfield movie

It used to irk me when the Pistons didn't get the respect they deserve...

It's on DVD! All right!

What Politicians have you met!!!! List em even if they are repukes


CNN: Camera Embedded in Reagan's Coffin ...

Help, I'm having a panic attack - right now

The official "Hey FREEPER- lick my puckering butthole" thread

Special tribute to Ray Charles with Joe Cocker

HELP!!! Need advice on an issue with an 8 yr. old kid...........

In honor of Rush's impending divorce, I'd just like to say....

My co-worker is a selfish bastard

I just switched from IE to Mozilla's Firefox today and I love it!

Confession Time: I use pasta sauce from a jar..............

A warm welcome to all lurkers and readers of DU ....

What does a Freeper girl say after sex?

Question about the state funerals

Look who's been eating our ferals' food!

Rush attacks customer in 7-11 over last bar of Velveeta!!!!!!

What does a freeper woman do when she first wakes up?

Have you ever seen your parents naked?

Frist pissed himself (pic)

I just spent the whole day listening to RAY CHARLES.

"Presenting Elvis and Cash"

Kraftwerk live at Coachella Mp3's

Is the bar open yet?

Army called in to save beer (Russia)

There was a bird in my den when I got home today.

Marta Limbaugh seen with Ben Affleck!

Heads up for Ray Charles show on PBS's Ammerican Masters

Ladies!!!! RUSH is on the market again!!!

300th Post, My Birthday and a GREAT GIFT!

Stupid Cat Tricks......

Thank you all

The Pretty Things......

now that weve had the day of rememberence... can we forget about him yet?

Should I or should I not post Bill Hicks' dark poetry about Rush?


"21 Things That I Want In A Lover"

OK. Rush Has To Masturbate Tonight. Any Tips For Him?

My day at FreeRepublic

Last night I had dinner with Dan Quayle and Spence Abraham!

"Blue Velvet" is on The Movie Channel tonight...

The Thomas Alva Edison Game

Am I wrong for hating all those "American Flag" bumper stickers.

Lets go for a 21 CAPTION salute.

What obscure TV show do you really HATE?

A Complete Map to Springfield (Simpsons)

Best Junky Fast Food

Please be gentle, it's my first time.

IMPERIAL DOGS : "Reservoir Dogs" meets "Star Wars"

My 6/11 prediction came true

How much would I have to pay to have someone punch

Here It Is, Post 1,000

Girl suffers when part of skull is removed

Ask me anything, I'm listening to John Lennon now

Sneakin' Up On 1,000 Posts

Question about a well known nutritional/bodybuilding supplement?

Possibly the worst thread in DU history

Ginseng for energy?

Nick-Nick is in deep trouble tonight. (Long rant on wayward dog).

Whee, he wrote back to me!

Reptiles, Repugant, Replusive,Republican are on the same page

Impeach Reagan

I'm Takin' a Shit, How 'bout You? (re: RAYGUN Funeral) n/t

What's that, girl? You say Timmy's trapped in a mine shaft?

Just moved ~ 7 cubic yards of dirt. Ask me anything

Reds/Indians game thread. 1970 thowback uni's night

So I was looking around for a site to buy THIS

anyone else like making up other personas, no not like DID

coolest part of the Reagan ceremony...

I want to go here for vacation

My clutch is f***ed - I need a new car.

Any good FREE virus scanners out there?

Lets do the Weimar again!...saw "Cabaret" once again.....

Okay, who else LOVES sugar-free popcicles?

Is Sonic Youth a "Jam" Band or Not?

Happy Birthday LeftPeopleFinishFirst!!!!

today i washed my car for the first time since october...

DON'T look at this picture

Listening to Ray Charles. Ask me anything.

anybody here use an online movie rental company

Ok...spoil me...anyone see The Chronicles of Riddick Today?

Another poll to hit

Margaret Thatcher: the scream poll

Wow, just found out a girl I was friends with in highschool is in porn,

Hee hee! Jay Leno just slammed Fox!

Open Art Studios in SF Bay Area (East Bay) This Weekend

The world really is ending (at least for movie buffs)

Fox Announces New 24/7 "FART" Network To Salute Reagan


Hey, Rush! Ann Coulter is available!

New Game -- ID my Avatar!

Where should I move to??

Wow, JAWS is on...

What's your favorite obscure, really good TV show?

My roomate and best friend of 6 years died of lung cancer

I am not drunk, ask me anything, neo lies!

Eats Shoots & Leaves

Kleeb's Drunk, ask Duckie Anything

Advanced look at Charlie and the Chocolate Factory poster

I just added 38 RAY CHARLES songs to my Internet radio station.

Sopranos fans...

Happiness is... new P.J. Harvey, Skinny Puppy and Sonic Youth CDs

new Savage Weiner advertiser Motel 6/Accor Hotels

Computer question- HP

concert bootleggers: how do they do it?

Woman Sticks Fork In Her Boyfriend - Says, "Your Done" - Arrested

Due to expressed appreciation

Check out these links!

Creeping Ends Tonight!

Cincinnati basketball head coach Bob Huggins busted for drunk driving

Why DUers Should Celebrate Today:

How much should a brake job (all 4 wheels) for my Plymouth Voyager run?

A question about Reagan's funeral protocols

Who should be added to Mt. Rushmore?

Aubrey the Arse Hampster


A request for those who appreciate abstract art . . . .

DUers with anxiety & panic check in here.

Honoring the memory of President Ronald Wilson Reagan.

ghetto pimptastic penguin

I'm Counting Days

Clear the room...I'm about to eat chicken tacos!

Who has a good marinade recipe for steak?

Why is Rush Limbaugh getting divorced?

Possibly the greatest thread in DU history

So tonight when I picked up my tips...

Someone tell me not to give up

My english final/Reagan essay

Cycling Fans! The Official Dauphiné Libéré Thread Is Here! Check in!

Ladies: would you "do it" with Limbaugh for Millions of $$?

Why is alcohol legal and pot is not?

You guys might get a kick out of this

Keep this Ray Charles thread kicked for five days

Best Southern Delicacy

Will Pitt...

list of convicted killers with the middle name Wayne---it is huge

OK, I'm sorry, this is totally brutal

You-know-who's corpse passing by my house in about 45 mins.

ReaganPaloozia is over......

PRIME opportunity to goof on FReepers (photo thread on FR)

Which is Better? Velveeta or Kraft Mac And Cheese?

Delegates to Presidential Conventions

Colorado GOP Loses Redistricting Case

Campaigns Drawn to Political Labels

FEC Cites Sharpton Campaign for No Report

Ralph Nader Meets with Leaders of

Demonstrators Protest Iraq War in D.C.

Bush, European Leaders Remain Divided

Reagan Death No Boost for Conservatives

Officials Defend Punch-Card Ballot

Democrats Hope S.D. Win Is Fall Harbinger

Bill Allows Mixing of Religion, Politics

Florida Offers Guidance Felon Voters

Comedians on the Political Campaign

Lapse in filing deadline makes McCain veep candidacy unlikely

Florida Not a Given for Bush This Fall

Billionaire Soros Banking on a Bush Loss

Clerk in N.M. Gay Marriages Loses Election

Florida Vote Officials to Talk Felon List

Elections Chief Calls for More Secure Vote

Two Ohio Voter-Registration Workers Fired

Sen. Kennedy Loses Bid to Remove Pryor

Economy Provides No Boost for Bush

Nader Qualifies for Presidential Run in Arizona

Social Security Forecast May Spark Fight

Poll: Voters Say Iraq Didn't Merit War

National Mourning Helps Bush Politically for Now

Reagan, Bush Contrasts Are as Telling as Parallels

Kerry is not leading in ALL polls...

probable Chimpy acceptance speech at GOP convention

LA Times' Response to * Campaign's Objection over Poll Results

Fight Back Against Liberal Attacks on President Bush

Drudge digs out Kerry's 1984 (or 1988?) quote on Reagan

I saw my first Kerry bumper sticker today

Did Kerry say he'd kill Apache program?

BREAKING NEWS: McCain turns down Kerry

If you could fill Kerry's campaign staff and cabinet with DU'ers....

Women have the power

Kerry's REAL Poll numbers - all in ONE place

My husband's yelling at the tv now

Ron Reagan Jr. justed slammed Dubya and the annointed ones

Video of Reno speaking out for Castor.

Kerry Names 1969 Version of Himself as Running Mate

A Picture From The Reagan Funeral To Warm Your Heart

Won't be Clark or Edwards

Ron Patrick Reagan blasts Dub! (in a way)

ABC News just reported Kerry asked McCain to be VP

AP Interview: Howard Dean Looks Back

PA Poll: Kerry 47% - Bush 46%

The original "Two Americas" Speech. Mario Cuomo on Reagan

Info on Ron Fournier

McCain -- WTF!!! How many more straws can Kerry pile on?

When is Kerry going to get a real campaign manager?

Kerry's REAL Poll numbers all in ONE place - UP in all polls except one

Just what are swing voters?

Political futures market: an interesting look.

Can someone explain their horror regarding the AP 'McCain Veep' article?

Look, folks - Kerry doesn't care what you think of the McCain VP issue.