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Archives: May 9, 2004

College students are discouraged from voting by local election boards

Must we continue to have...

A question

57% of Gun owners support AWB and 76% of general public supports ban

Gen Ricardo Sanchez Part- Karpinski

Hop over to the DU Lounge.... and make Ih8thegop pay and pay.....

voter registration at your library

Remember this phrase.... "The Rule of Law"..

Freep skank: Pro-Choicers = Orcs

Getting deficit facts

"Winning" the war on terrorism

Disaster for Blair as Iraq torture claims widen

Finding ways to get more Open Minds here to DU

What does it mean to say a person has no soul?

Where is Christiane Amanpour these days?

Photos affect treatment of prisoners: Hamill

Iraq, Guantanamo & Bagram: The Bush Trifecta of prisoner abuse.

Get your IMPEACH BUSH Groove On

Get Limbaugh. Let's ruin his ass ... oh wait, nature already did that.

Leading Human Rights Groups Confront Abhorrent Bush

Are we headed for Civil War in THIS COUNTRY?

A Prison on the Brink

College students are discouraged from voting by local election boards

This SNL skit with Snoop is as crappy a skit as I've ever seen

The T-Wolves tried to f*ckin' KILL me tonight!!!

What is the caramelized carbonated sugary acidic water called?

I found a pic of Grovelbot!

Is tonite's SNL the worst ever?

NONONONONOONONO! -- The Olsen Twins on next week's SNL?

Should I go to a Frat party or Not?

To what age group does Avril Lavigne appeal?

The VERDICT IS IN. Van Helsing was a good movie.

Get Limbaugh. Let's ruin his ass ... oh wait, nature already did that.

another du donation thread

Codeine and Alcohol! boy i am screwed!

hmmmmmmm anyone remember crystal pepsi?

Brown vs Board of Education - 50 yrs later

Britain stands in the dock with America

The helmsman's hell

Letters from the Minneapolis Star Tribune (Give 'em hell, Minnesota!)

Florida's Harris Forgets to Sign Ballot

McNamara Moment - Broder

In Abu Ghraib, a wake-up call: Our own democracy is in danger

WP: Dissension Grows In Senior Ranks On War Strategy

Europeans Like Bush Even Less Than Before

Frank Rich (NYT): The War's Lost Weekend

The Admirable Openness of the 9/11 Commission: Why Charges It Is Overly Po

Someone Knew There Were No Weapons of Mass Destruction

A picture is worth a thousands new Al-Qaeda recruits

TIME:"Why Did They Do It?" (Prisoner Torture)

Right's Wrong Turn: Once in power, U.S. conservatives failed...

U.S. officials refuse to take responsibility BY WILLIAM O'ROURKE

Bush Logic on WTC and Iraq: LA TIMES letter to the editor

The Misunderestimated Man - How Bush Chose Stupidity

Swedish newspaper: "The torture, the lies, the hypocrisy-the USA

How Much Did They Know?

The Mideastization of the US, or: Rumsfeld Must Resign (Juan Cole)

Rush: MPs Just 'Blowing Off Steam'

The Images Are Getting Darker (WashPost Ombudsman)

McNamara Moment

Like the Wehrmacht, we've descended into barbarity

Salon: Time to get out?

Salon: Dukakis-Bush deja vu

Post Cards from the Edge (background to build up of usa torture jails)

What About the Hundreds Who Were Suffocated at Kunduz?

Bush is wrong to slam Cuba

army bullets in short supply

Op-ed pieces not written by their 'supposed' authors!

Bigger bloodier and better than the Passion

Newsweek - The Price of Arrogance


In Abu Ghraib, a wake-up call: Our own democracy is in danger

The New Yorker (Hersh) - Chain of Command

June 5 Saturday - March on the Pentagon

take action on amnesty site with letter to Bush about torture

Head's up Topeka - Idiot Usurper Alert for May 17

Philadelphia, May 18th re Haiti Coup.

a simple reminder

Blunkett tried to gag BBC over 'Panorama' docu-drama (London terror)

McChensey & Cohen on Media Matters at 2 PM EST

What to do- Disney censors M.Moore movie.

NPR at it again

The Sword of Spitzer

Tax Bill Beholds Special Interest Breaks

Arbitration vs. Litigation and how companies are taking away your rights

Medical waste goes missing - SA

Conservatives are trying to gut the Endagered Species Act

The KMT party-state is dead: Lee - TW

Has Rumsfeld committed treason?

American fights for his 'right' to be a Zulu

China: Don't push us, HK

Gunned Down to Impress America!?

Do you ever notice, Americans never seem to ask "why"?

my new firearm.

Once again, the moderator who can't be emailed, erroneously...

LBN Posting Policy

OK, I have to ask. Why was my self-pitying "Mother's Day" thread locked?

Shouldn't the "Clark should be V.P." type threads

I think this is a good idea

Is Grovelbot going to return?

Settlers get ready for outpost removal showdown

ILA agrees to allow Israeli Arab family to build in Jewish town

Ex-Israeli minister up for Ecstasy smuggling

Bush: Delay for Palestinian state

Alleged J'lem terror cell suspected of March 2003 murder

PA to put collaborators on trial

Would Arab-Israeli peace reduce terrorism?

Palestinians fire Qassam rocket at Negev

911 Plot Uncovered!

California reduces teen birth rate through sex education

Stark's (CA-D) reply finds its way to Limbaugh

McGuire of UnitedHealth Group - highest paid CEO in Minnesota

Anyone in the twin city area know this radio station, KSTP?

Iraqi Prisoner Abuse Controversy Makes Way Into Local Commencements

Philadelphia, May 18th re Haiti Coup.

I just donated - now is the time for PA pride!

WE DID IT! $2.00 a gallon!

Governor's Race

Wes Clark on "Meet the Press", Seymour Hersh is on "This Week with George"

Yo, I heard wesley clark's response today. I say that he is definitely vp

This video takes 48 minutes...

Cheney has over 100 guns including dozens of machine guns


So, where were Janet Reno and Bill Clinton when we needed them most?

Are The Iraq Pictures "Bush's Monica"

Is this timeline worth anything or even related to itself as it goes???

What if the Armed Forces decide they've had enough...

to the right -----Reagan's 'shining city on a hill' has become ??????

OK - I just left the pub...

Could use some help with a project in the activism forum...

Looks like some sort of rally or protest is forming at al Firdos Square...

OK - I just left the pub...

I think I am intolerant.

I think they're trying to tell us something

WTF is up with shrubco NOT closing down Abu Ghraib and blasting it to

Leash around the neck, dragged around naked by victors - Peru 150AD


Wrong thread. Ignore.


Another proud moment. Apparently, even the Marines' discipline


Chechen President Akhmad Kadyrov Killed in Stadium Blast

Americans are doing to Iraq what British did to India

Iraq Prison Torture - "isolated incidents" or systemic

Stephen Vincent Benet comments on the torture scandal:

Iraqis tortured Prisoner Thomas Hamill

Can anyone tell me how Schwarzenegger is doing on the budget?

Do you really think the President (dubya) had NO IDEA what was happening

Iraq enterprise "Dead Man Walking."

So when do we get the first poll where Iraqis say they prefer Saddam?

Allman on C-Span: ironic if world safer with Saddam?

First Roberts, then McCain and now Buyer

"A nation can survive it's fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot

why are we even discussing the pros and cons of torture?

Soldiers' warnings ignored (blame goes far beyond the military police)

First You Define Others as “Them.”

Good radio talk show on internet now for another hour

Has Broadband changed your life?

Ex-POWs: Civilized, humane treatment is a must

Humiliation, not physical abuse, is worst part, Iowa Muslims say

Cheney says Rummy best Defense Chief ever, Our Generals think differently

Nobody has talked about Rumsfeld choking up during his testimony

"This is what happens when you loot."

1st Court Martial to take place May 19th (Abu Ghraib )


Shebang Nugent, Ted's wife, takes calls on CSPAN at 10:45am EDT

Al Franken on CBS - now!

Uhh, can someone explain this?

Bayh on Faux...what a surprise

Richard Perle will be on Washington Journal

Matthews on NBC now: Anybody wants to report? I am tired after MTP.nt

watch Richard Perle on C-span...on YOUR computer NOW....(link)

"Reconciliation" by Ron Kovana

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. the mark of a real military leader!

-- it's live-action abuse," said a Pentagon official speaking about videos

I can't sleep -- the recent developments in Iraq weighs heavily on my mind

Bush is telling our troops to kill the same people he is apologizing too?

'Bushites set tone that led to torture'

There's an "Arab Defeatism" in this city

When will CNN do a "People in the News" segment on Al Franken?

Congressional poll: Dems to retake senate?

Camp Bucca (from January 5, 2004) Prisoner Abuse

Did Richard Perle Just Say "I'm A Democrat"???????

Slashdot: "Digital Cameras Change War Photo-Journalism"

The importance of the Abu Ghraib photos is that they show, in so many

Republicans are the Wrong Architects for a democratic society.

Rep. Jose Serrano's Speech Against Giving the FCC More Power


Verified Voting Paper Trails


How bush achieved stupidity

call your congressional representatives if they supported...

Very good website

Dying to win the lost War

PA to put collaborators on trial

Faux is just becoming absurdist

Faux doing their version of the Nightline List of the Dead

Teen charged in fetuses' deaths (TX)

Dick Cheney quoted as saying...

The "No more Wes-Clark-can't-be -Secretary-of-Defense posts" thread...

My repub brother: "Bush doesn't learn from mistakes"

"The photographs do not reflect our values"

What jobs can be offshored?

Lance Corporal Bedreaux tortured my daddy and photoshopped this picture

War Crime Trials and Swift, Severe Penalties are Required

I wonder if Sy Hersh is working on The Stovepipe, Part II...

Will a few good Generals be reprimanded /relieved

Heads Up! Sy Hersh on CNN Late Edition

army times editorial

Now that we have a sense for what is being done in our name,

Chalabi coming up on CNN

Finally, that whole "Iraq Abuse" story is over.

The only change at Abu Ghraib: All digital cameras will be confiscated.

White Supremacy, or why we do what we do in Iraq

Has anyone seen this? Maryland reservist sent note, pix to brass

Tin Foil Hats-- some new David Icke for a Sunday Morning

How did the war go this week?

Roy Moore campaigns for Jauregui

Let's stop this "announced to the world" bullshit !

George Will " When there's no consequence

An Iraq Soldier Speaks

If there's anyone that can get information about WMDs before election...

Ex-hostage Hamill says "let's end this ordeal ASAP"

Did the U.S. try to justify the prison beatings at any point?

Court Opens Door To Searches Without Warrants (FOR LOCAL CRIMINALS)

United Iraqi Scholars Group Conference - 500 strong anti-occupation

Here's the names of MANY men more culpable than Lynndie England...

It's not about "politics" when it makes the Repubs look bad....

Anyone watch Face the Nation?

warner....we're not letting anyone see the photos/videos now....

What did that man say?

Warner: It would be too hard to replace Rummy before the election

The Iraq war as a spectator sport

bush perversity and our nation is sick

Why Karl Rove hates women and Dem's

Has there been any comment, either at the Congressional testimony on Abu

New Torture: Dogs used to maim naked iraqi prisoner

Joseph Wilson on Ian Masters right now - you can listen online

Why isn't the press going after the "contract abusers"

Halliburton subsidiary to yank soldier's Internet access.

Bush Gang help promote it

Rep. Duncan Hunter.. . . Now there's an open mind.

Do you feel more liberal than ever before? What's your political journey?

happy mother's day, Iraq moms:

Amb. Wilson and Lawrence Eagleberger on now with Wolf


Rove opens his mouth: at Falwell's university

Remind me...what country and what time period do we live in?

Americhrist 2004

"Bush doesn't lie"!!!

Anybody see Greg Palast on Fox11 news in LA this morning?

Heads up: Carville and Matalin on MTP now (8:34 CT).

We raised about $1100 for Kerry campaign last night

Pictures of the Torturers

Lessons from Allard Lowenstein

Anybody see Greg Palast on Fox11 news in LA this morning?

Atrocities caused by labelling everyone a "terrorist"

Bush/Cheney '04: Run For You Lives

The Bush rape allegations were just too bizarre to be true?

McChesney and Cohen on Media Matters now

Baltimore Sun Asks the Iraq Stay/Go Question

Check out Wolf/CNN poll about Rumsfeld!

The DoD should have an immediate series of inspections of prison practices

It is absolutely necessary to repeal

John McCain - Secretary of Defense?

WMD found!

Body counts: the smell of Vietnam

Chalabi says that Iraq sex torture was the same method used by Saddam

Thomas Hamill: real American moron

who else wants to see Rumsfeld stay the course?

Now to Chechnya

Al Queda is Praying for a Bush/Cheney Victory in November

Talk about your appropriate names: Col Foster Payne is the head

The opposition forces to the draft are forming.

some US military analysts call Iraq "Dead Man Walking"

What %of DUers are really infiltrators trying to make liberals look bad

Researchers say, yes, money can buy happiness

Is France Laughing at George Now??

Soldiers' warnings ignored abuse not cause by a handful of soliders

BWHAHAHAHAHA -- Check out this cartoon

The Price of Arrogance

Who would you rather have in charge at the Pentagon

The Iraqi tortures are an extension of the American justice system.

Grocery prices sharply on the rise accoding to ABC news article

Any One Else Think McCain Might Blow a Gasket During Rummies ? Time


Now to Chechnya

Government 'Knew of Torture A Year Ago' Claims Amnesty

So, what do you think?

Current prisoner situation reminds me of Costa-Gavras "Missing".

Isn't Alan Greenspan's term as Fed chief coming to an end?

Rumsfeld's Dysfunctional Family Position

Anybody watching MTP now? Levin on.

the eastern world

Some Truth. WP: Dissension Grows In Senior Ranks On War Strategy

Anybody notice a pattern when anything goes wrong in Iraq?

Tony Blair faces calls to "stand down"

Looks Like Meet The Press is gonna be AWESOME!

you damn liberal democrats are exploiting torturegate!

Where is the outrage?

Waiting for the new RW/Faux/Limbaugh/Hannity Spin: More "Frat Pranks"?

"We gotta stay the course"

Does the Iraqi torture trace back to Honduras and Quatemala ?

Tactical dehumanization, a Pentagon practice

OK...."what if".....

New abuse detail hits administration defence of Rumsfeld

Wes Clark says it would be "patriotic" thing for Rumsfeld to step down

Analysis from the BBC on Chechnya

Today's Media Matters

Happy Mothers Day

Anyone think admin's outrage re Janet/Stern relates to Iraq Torture/Rape

Focus: Iraq prison abuse scandal - London Guardian story

Bombing of the Red Cross last year: who benefited?

"To Win the Peace, We Must 'Lose' the War"

Howard Stern "headliners and legends" on MSNBC now

Howard Stern criticizes Bush during May 6, 2004 radio show

Torturegate: What about Barbara? Anybody here heard of Barbara before?

How did you feel about the Dems radio address with Clark?

Corporate Leadership

"Trickle down economics, or...

LA Times editor slams FOX and other journalistic disgraces

Today's Stars and Stripes letters--a full page indictment against Bush

A Sea Change: Dookusmom says "bring'em home"

Is the US in process of making Saddam Hussein a "martyr" ?

What's The Worst Clinton Lie Lie??

Is Air America Really Going Bust?

If Rumsfeld resigned, who would replace him?

Dateline: Istanbul May 9, 2004

Apology to Syria and Iran

“Do you want to pray? Pray to me. I am your God.”

Are Ann Coulter, Kellyanne Conway or Laura Ingraham Lyndie England?

Fareed Zakaria: The Price of Arrogance

How can I "officially resign" from the Methodist church?

Here is what really makes Bush and his minions mad

Nancy Reagan makes a rare speech urging more stem cell research

Is the candidate who says this a Democrat?

Torture and abuse are nothing new for Bush

Lynch: Pray for Abused Inmates' Families

Hear ye! Hear ye!


Let's cut to the chase: Does this torture scandal go all the way BUSH ?

Anybody see the poll on Meet the Press this morning?

Church sexual abuse/Military sexual abuse.

I wasn't many weeks ago when.....

Saudi Justice? - 60 Minutes

OMG! my mother is fed up with *

Time to call Bush* on his lies - What he knew about Abu Ghraib

Should the UN censure the US?

Why has society allowed warring to trump all other of our priorities?

Hanging Heads Low?

When Ann Coutler said:

Holy Inflation..

Conservatives upset with Sessions (R-TX) for pact with Frost (D-TX))

Are there any Senator's, Congressman's children in Iraq?

Cheney is an evil man. Telling congress to "leave him alone" (Rumsfeld)

"Apparently, he was told to take a picture and he did what he was told,"

On this day... (1983)

GI writes letter to Bush

60 Minutes segment on torture of westerners....

Toby Keith and his sub genre fo country music

Here Comes the DISTRACTION "Threat of 'Dirty Bomb' Growing, Officials Say"

Meet the Republican pornographer.

I have been wondering. Where have you been?

Rape/torture whistle blower is someone who knew "right from wrong"

if it was in the papers.....

HOLY JEBUS!!! Kerry is going to Win in a LANDSLIDE!!

How would you rate DU on the political spectrum ?

Some quotes from FAHRENHEIT 9/11

I nominate Kurt Vonnegut as Gore's first guest on his new show...

Gun violence costs the USA $100 billion a year

Rush likens prison torture to "SKULL AND BONES FRAT HAZING"?!!

Peace without compromise

All this BAD news this week totally silenced my dad!

So. The first "show trial" in Iraq will be of an American.

What is it that keeps Pubs Clinging to Bush?

Anyone have a link to the army's report on the Torture Prison?

Cheney says "get off Rumsfeld's case" so he can DO HIS JOB??!!

Sy Hersh: The photos were being used to blackmail the detainees...

I need some more help

A little humor in a very sad day. Mickey mouse Bush!

I think I finally convinced my neighbor to vote for Kerry!

I need two new bumper stickers for my car

bush* is a dimwitted version of the Marquis de Sade

Christ on the Cross: Our symbol of Torture

What to say to anti-American Freepers

Check ou this fascist post on the Yahoo board

More for you to munch on...

Kerry will win by at least 7 million votes. Here's why.

The heirarchy of responsibility and order of prosecution

Real reason for abuse-FIND WMD's by any method!

We got one in our town.

Swiss FM "summons" British and US ambassadors to her office

An explanation for the use of torture

Will the Repukes charge $3/day to view the new Iraq porno/abuse flicks?

Has anyone in the media asked this question about the 'interrogations' ?


Arianna Huffington, Joe Trippi Challenge Kerry to "Go Big"

17 Congressmen got letters about Iraq prison abuse earlier this year?

Graham on MTP we must increase the size of our military

This group may also help the animal victims of the next 9/11

As it looks more like "cut and run" is the answer, what should Kerry say?

My mom saw the MTP poll and said Bush will get re-elected.

Stanford Prison Experiment on Dateline NBC NOW

Fort Huachuca: DIRECT CHAIN OF COMMAND connection to Iraq Torture?

The difference between sex and rape

Palast: Rumsfeld troubles due to differences in oil strategy with Baker

Who here remembered Operation Eagle's Claw?????????????????

Bush's Brain on Tina Brown on CNBC

Richard Nixon for President?

Seymour Hersch is the best Journalist in the U.S.A ..PERIOD!

Quietly, US Prepares for Israel Strike on Iran

Should the people of Iraq be able to buy TV time to advertise that they

Where is that veepstakes NCAA-type bracket contest that was posted

Middle Class musings: A new idea on how to discuss class.

Anyhone watch the CNN special on Iraq tonight?

Brooklyn benefit to defeat Bush this week!

The Freeper spin on Iraqi Prisoner Torture

Dupe, please lock ----- DUPE.

Here's how Kerry will go from 45% to 57% vs. the Abhorrent One


Let's Examine the WOLFOWITZ Succession

MoveLeft Media: I added more than 10 articles this weekend,. When you

the odds of another terror attack seem a lot higher now huh?

That old Greenspan magic seems to be fading

Kerry lackluster campaign? Don't believe it.

Let's DU this poll on Rumsfeld

TIME Magazine: bush* dream team in total chaos.....(link)

geez: anyone watching CNN Presents right now

Matalin: It would be irresponsible to fire DefSec in middle of 2 wars->

Book Tickets To The Hague

My friends, this may surprise you, but please hear me out!

The Scandal's Growing Stain - TIME

How does gay marriage actually UNDERMINE the sanctity of marriage?

If they try only the enlisted what happens to morale?

The Pub Pundits are ALL IN with Bush, but, they risk Crow din din

Does anyone have a link to the older PNAC docs?

NPR's take on the prison/torture story this evening was to put some

Support For UK Withdrawal From Iraq Grows

Al Franken & the Nixon Bathroom

Will there be an outcry when US military deaths reach 1000?

Coulter & Ingraham as Lynndie England

Let's demand the press answer the question: Bush knew what, when?

Fairly Unbalanced Freepers exposed

Lots of good stuff on Sixty Minutes tonight.

On Gun Control vs Prohibition

Topic A with Tina Brown..

Tedd Rall gone from MSNBC?

Did Clark seal the deal on MTP?

Bush COULD HAVE BEEN one of the greats.

Need help from Christian DU'ers

So Would DRUDGE Have Paid for the POW Naked Pics?

How much money do you have to make to be middle class?

Here's a reminder of what Bush threw away after 9-11...

If the economy is so good , why do so many people think it is so bad ?

I really wonder what Senior Bush is really thinking of Junior?

This is going to be one hell of a week!

Anyone have today's new Zogby poll

Democratic Underground Donator's Ethic.

Oral sex lessons to cut rates of teenage pregnancy

1 thing about the torturers in the Iraq "Abuse" scandal, they are freepers


Can I get some Help? What is this from Let'

Richard Perle just declared himself a Democrat...

This guy needs to be back on the regular radio. No not Malloy.

Have you been accuse of being Anti American lately??

Mother's Day Proclamation, penned in Boston by Julia Ward Howe in 1870:

A blog from Riverbend in Baghdad.....

The Dog Leash Picture will live in Infamy!

Just re-read the 2nd Hersh New Yorker article, and did a double take...

I Challenge all DUers past and present...

When they use the excuse "It was just a FEW soldiers"

A cute little story about "Republican Parenting."

Katherine Harris is back in the news.

I can't complain about the economy

US Army Capt Hugh Thompson, hero of My Lai, on 60-Min. in about 10 minutes

Defending the Accused Abu Ghraib Soldiers

Behavior Control - Issues of Responsibility

Question: Exactly who did the Private Contractors Report to?

I'll tell you what's f@cking infuriating...

Get a Load of This; Jesus Flys Over Tracy California

Will Bush bring dishonor to WWII Memorial dedication?

Anyone else hear this? CNN said * will go to the Pentagon in the a.m

Look at how CNN's Barbara Starr initially reported the rape/torture story

"Why We REALLY Fight!" a Ministry of Homeland Security edutrainment film

"Freestyle evangelicals"

So John Kerry Wants To Be Viewed As A Military Hawk!

French Cryptologist Broke 8/6 PDB -- translation needed!!

The War is Lost (updated and revised)

Donate to Tom DeLay's Opponent: Richard Morrison for Congress from TX

Should we lobby the Vatican to deny communion to Repugs?

Coup: Folks, the next few weeks may well be the most dangerous...

A RayGun Democrat tells MDMC why he won't vote.

The first new picture is released, worst yet to come

"Secretary of the Indefensible" | a TOON tribute & more

DU mentioned on CBS website.

Cheyney grads snub Santorum

Libertarians: What do you think of them?

Who should we keep an eye on in Kerry's campaign?

Suspicious Israeli movers arrested in Tennessee. Sound familiar?

MMM: What if they held a protest, and nobody came?

Kucinich Calls On Democratic Party Leadership To Act On Iraq War

R2I (resistance to interrogation) techniques

If Bush Were Sorry re Treatment of Iraqi Prisoners, He Would Do 12 Things

When are the uber leftists going to wake up

BBV: Why a VVPB will NOT save the day...

ANYBODY remember a news program 3 months before 9 11 ?

CARTOONS: How Will You Celebrate The End Of The Bush Regime?

BBV: optical scan ballots and secret voting by the blind with AutoMark

Diary of an interrogator: After a tough day's questioning, a relaxing even

Richard Perle will be on Washington Journal


The girl from a redneck trailer park who embarassed the world's superpower

War tab swamps Bush’s estimate; spending projection: $150 billion by 2005

The helmsman's hell

Iraqi scholars plan US opposition

Harsh questioning methods were OK'd for Cuba prison

Chalabi says that Iraq sex torture was the same method used by Saddam

Hans Blix Staffers were on Saddam's payroll

Bomb kills Chechen president

The Signs Were There

In Abu Ghraib, a wake-up call: Our own democracy is in danger

Fire breaks out at former K-25 plant (Oak Ridge National Lab)

Bush is wrong to slam Cuba

Senator: 'Many, many' abuse investigations ongoing

NATO Balking at Iraq Mission........( broke it, you own it)

Karl Rove speaks to graduates

First prison abuse court-martial date is set

Saudi Justice? - 60 Minutes

Friends Commend Abuse Whistle Blower

The Scandal's Growing Stain - TIME

Report steers clear of interrogators' boss ( Intel General Barbara Fast)

U.S. Soldier to Face May Trial for Iraq Prison Abuse (Public Trial)

Hundreds of Iraqi women turned away from Abu Ghraib prison

Military Personnel: Don't Read This!

A father's nemesis who became a son's trusted aide

US tanks push into Iraqi stronghold

Canadian peace activists to welcome US Iraq deserters

Iraq prison abuse scandal angers troops

New picture and military critics increase pressure on Bush

US soldier killed in mortar attack in Mosul

Prison-Abuse Panel Is Third in Bush's War on Terrorism - NYT

Seven Iraqis Killed in Baghdad Market Blast

War and Abuse Do Little to Harm U.S. Brands

Iraq enterprise "Dead Man Walking."

Cheney Defends Rumsfeld: 'Get Off His Case'


Senators: Superiors must answer for abuse

Iraqi Cleric's Forces Broaden Assaults

Small earthquake off Southern California coast rattles Santa Barbara

Concerns Rise Over Treatment of Indians in Iraq

Iman cuts De Beers links in ethics row

British clash with Shiite extremists; four die in Baghdad bombing (Sunday)

Army, Navy Times call for Rumsfeld, Myers to step down

Torture, the CIA and the Press

Senior General Attacks Rumsfeld - CBS

Two foreigners stoned to death in Afghanistan

Iraq fighters lie in wait among tombs for US army

Ban on homosexuals prompts gay day event

Sand, Rough Roads and Insurgents' Bullets Place a Tremendous Strain ....

NATO Balking at Iraq Mission

911 Plot Uncovered!

Corporate tax bill blossoms with special interest breaks during spring deb

Report: Spanish police question fingerprint as that of Portland lawyer

Labour would do better in next election without Blair

US pressure on cleric pushes militants south - CSM

'Gaddafi's police savaged my son to force a confession'

Pentagon Okayed Tough Questioning Methods

Sharon cancels Washington visit

Iraq Prison Abuse Scandal Angers Troops-"Where was the senior leadership?"

First prison abuse court-martial date is set

Vietnam gets revenge with swipe at US over Iraq

Powell aide blasts policy on Cuba

Saboteurs blamed for oil fire (Basra)

Britain's Blair Faces Call for Resignation

People Court Pronounces U.S. Guilty

Iran embassy hostage dies

Up to Eight Injured in Iraq Hotel Blast -TV

Second coup attempt..Venezuela

NY'ER: Photos show dog attacking a naked Iraqi detainee

Blasts heard outside Baghdad, warplanes overhead

Bomb tears through Four Seasons in Baghdad

Soldiers' warnings ignored - "going cowboy"

Nineteen insurgents killed in Baghdad clashes: US general (+6 civilians)

Venezuela Says Colombians Held in Anti-Chavez Plot

Comedian, Actor Alan King Dies at Age 76

Chirac, Blair agree to work together in UN on Iraq

Frauds Try to Exploit Iraq Abuse Scandal

Former FBI Translator Sibel Edmonds Calls Current 9/11 Investigation Inade

Grand Forks Herald: 2nd N.D. Nat. Guardsman Dies

Good ol' girl who enjoyed cruelty

Angola in bed with US for oily affair?

Canadian peace activists to welcome US Iraq deserters

Nancy Reagan calls for stem cell research

Hamill Says Iraq Mission Must Continue

US won't give aid for generic HIV drugs

Pentagon to Give Congress Abuse Photos

California reduces teen birth rate through sex education

Kerry Takes Communion on Mother's Day

Sierra Club leader blasts Bush environment polices in new book

Kerry Comes Under Fire for Stance on Iraq

Beware of Snacks, Poll Watchers Told/Philipp. Daily Inq.--New WMW

ND National Guardsman Dies of Wounds

(First) Soldier To Face Court-Martial In Iraq

Student Charged With Killing Unborn Sons | AP

London Times: Briton trained as (9/11) hijacker

WP: Fresh Initiatives Sought On Iraq, Domestic Issues

Pump prices jump a dime to $1.93

Agencies Turn to Herbal Drug in Treating Resistant Malaria | NYT

Majority of Iraqis want U.S. to withdraw ( IMMEDIATELY)

Bremer knew, minister claims

Accused soldier's dad blames leadership

Taiwan opens mammoth vote recount (March Presidential election) | BBC

Two men arrested after high-speed chase in Tennessee

Diplomat blames Irish media for hatred of America

BBC: Many reported hurt in explosion at Chechnya stadium

Danish Leaders Beset on War Data - Critics Suggest Nation Was Misled

Filipinos vote in tense election | BBC

Blair calls for Muslim troops as riots begin

U.S. Drops Army Brigade From Medal List (800th MP Brigade)

Protests threatened over rising (UK) oil prices

US mothers to march against guns

California soldiers say Abu Ghraib guards had little guidance

Iranian hard-line governing body bans torture

Jesse Jackson Calls for Troop Withdrawal

Blair apologises over Iraq abuse

Furious Bush Demands To See All Prisoner Abuse Photos, Videos [Drudge]

Hoon to face Commons as disquiet grows

Report: Chechen President Killed in Blast

Former Israeli minister indicted on drug charges (smuggling ecstasy)

As Insurgency Grew, So Did Prison Abuse | Washington Post

Red Cross chief told U.S. of Iraq abuse-TV

Bank of America expands India outsourcing

Army, Navy, Marine Times call for Rumsfeld Myers Ouster

Jessica Lynch: Pray for families of mistreated Iraqi inmates

Blair faces resignation call

US school segregation persists 50 years after Supreme Court ruling: report

CHAIN OF COMMAND (Sy Hersh New Yorker 5/17)

NASA Weighs Robotic Mission To Aid Hubble | Washington Post

Report recommends blacking out cell phone use at LA landmarks to foil terr

Abu Ghraib and Beyond

Soldier Who Reported Abuse Did Not Seek Limelight, Friends Say

Diary of an interrogator: After a tough day's questioning

Some 2,000 Gun Control Supporters At 'Million Mom March'

Cheney calls Rumsfeld "The best Sec. of Defense the country ever had."

Alberta Premier Klein skewered over outburst | Globe and Mail

Suspicious Men Arrested (Israeli movers in Tennessee)

Iraqis who fought GI's now patrol Fallujah

OMG, Survivor - Amber and Rob to marry!

Maybe the crazier the Lounge gets, the better for the fund drive

The Kiss!

May I be shallow? I just saw the latest Kerry ad...

Most Memorable Comb-Over

how well did the bands on the PMRC's filthy 15 sell?

Sooo... what did you do for YOUR mom on mother's day???

Is Heather Locklear a bastard child of Elvis?

No more GD for me for a while

SNL Weekend Update

Chappelle Show Fans ... "Black Bush"

Ruminations on my mother...

Does anyone remember Jumpin' Jack Doritos???

U.S. Department of Homeland Security Standardizes on Macs

Just got my WalMart annual report - wonderful shareholder proposals!

You are the best gamer on Earth if

I'm looking to buy something, but I don't know if it exists (help please).

The Reading Mother

Tomorrow is Mothers' Day.

Wrongfully Imprisoned Man Posed As Drug Runner For Safety


Good Morning DU

I just developed my first Democratic Underground pet peeve: Abbreviations

(Jermaine)O'Neal becomes an MVP -- Most Visible Prom date

DU Webmasters: The Abu Ghraib Story is Killing My Bandwidth

Reward-Seekers Help Nab Sasser Creator

CBS Sunday morning show interviewing

what's your junk food addiction while on DU...?

why isn't there a Mother------'s Day?

I freeping hate Med switch-overs

I Would Like To Wish All The DU Moms A Very Great Mothers Day!!!!!!!!

Is this website infringing on Microsoft's trademarks?

The IMR Burnt Toast Color Code - For Those Who Care...

Sex, drugs, and rock and roll... great weekend!!

Happy Mother's Day

What's the cheapest place to buy a car in the USA? I know!

I need opinions -- is this just too horrible?

Tough crowd in Late Breaking News this morning.

Hilarious Republican Mistake: Massive image (screen shot)

Happy Mother's Day to all the DU Mom's out there.

Happy Mothers' Day!

another du donation thread

W in Spongebob world

Man, the Carvilles are a freaky couple.

What is the etiquette about e-mailing...

wtmusic calls Cheney "The biggest dickhead the country's ever hired"

What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love And Understanding?

Katherine Harris Forgets to Sign Ballot

Where is everyone on this board in their life ?

What's for lunch today ?

People have complained about SNL being crap for YEARS now.

This one's a pisser...

DU this poll

There is a war

DU Mother's: Happy Mother's Day

I've become obsessed with a "weird" house

Favorite Hepburn/Tracy movie.

May the Force be with you sHArKs! Game time 13:00 Pacific.

Who Is This Workin' The Guitar Strings?

Can I get a ......? Fill in the blank

Can milk be preserved?

I forgot to send my mother a card!, what do I do??

This movie is so DUMB

The Future

DU Insomniacs check in (9 May)

I could never be a figure skating judge for women....

My mom died 10 years ago. You'd think Mother's Day wouldn't bother me...

Calder Cup Playoffs Rochester v. Hamilton Game 4 Tonight:

The "I have some good news and some bad news" thread.


Help!!! My Google bar keeps letting ads thru

Desert Island books

Accepting nominations for the official DU international national dish.

I lost on jeopardy

My 7 and 10 year old just.....

One last post about the new Loft :) . . . . okay maybe not the last

For the first time in twenty years

No copycat posts today?

One copycat post today?

Whose life do you prefer?

I just heard a good line from a friend about Iraq.

Clip from THE best Biblical movie ever made!

"Bug Season" has arrived!!!

Need help removing old mausoleum

When it's warm and sunny out......relax!!!! Cat pic inside.

Greetings from Hell

Huge apology to West Coast DU Survivor fans!!!

You gotta check out what I drew on MS Paint.

Game Cube or Playstation?

The Search for ProudGerman Begins...

People who aren't religious, please answer.

My father has no family, no past.

Sapphire & Steel fans, the time has come!


Is there a way to clean DVD's?

Shameless self promotion of the progressive kind

Anyone remember the R&B singer Esther Phillips?

the next person who says 'having said that', i swear to god...

Johnny Depp guest stars on King of the Hill tonight!

I need one question.....

The Lakers are an embarrassment

I have a hankering for creamed asparagus.....

Great SUV Satire...

Anyone see what happened to Mr. Bill?

Arizona Scores 8 Touchdowns!!!

My spam email today:

What Is The Secret Ingredient?

Just got back from Miami

No catty cop posts yet today?

Best pizza device you've ever recieved?

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe...

Mariners are lighting up the "Evil Empire"!!! Woo-hoo!

Help! I need a place to upload picture to!!!

Fried Okra, home grown black eyed peas,

who on du has been (or are) in the military?

who saw the opening of SNL last night?

What's more important to you: money or having a life?

Well, who needs milk anymore?

Need anti virus advice :(

(Another serious copycat thread) What can you tell me about Toronto?

Let's Play "Libertarian Survivor!"

I put my Kerry sticker on my car today

What life do you prefer?

Looking to buy new, inexpensive digital camera...

Medical question.... dots in one's vision? (not floaters)


To all the DU moms...

Does anyone else love cold weather?

Song of the day - Buffy St. Marie, Now that the buffalo's gone

3 cheers for my 300th post!

Fancy a pint?

What do you tell fundies when they say your going to hell?

Freepers try mimicking a DU thread

"Steve Martin to Be the New Inspector Clouseau", no, no, no, no...

Holy $%^&..I went over 5000 posts!

"" does it again...their on-line "draft registration" form

Flame Me If You Want... I Admit It: I Have NEVER Had Coffee At Starbucks

How 'bout a " new movies" thread?

What is your favorite kitchen appliance/gadget?

Dump wired phone and get DSL for intenet??

I just went to see "Van Helsing"

Is there a PLUMBER in the house?

Flame me if you want... I admit it. I've never had coffee!

Well, I'm glad my boyfriend and I cancelled tonight's outing.

Lyndsie Lohan, "Bad Girls," Lynndie England

Here's your (serious) copycat thread: What can you tell me about Dallas?

Best piece of advice you've ever received

Damnit they voted (spoiler)

What grade beef do you think Taco Bell uses???

Roofi is on!!!!!!!!!!

Geekish Wisdom: Nylon is your friend.

Flame me if you want.... but Ive NEVER been Stung...

The Iron Chef - What A Crock

Sting me if you want...but I've NEVER been flamed...

flame canuckamok if you want ... this is a police sting

Watching Master and Commander

What are the best warm climate cities for a democrat to live in?

Would someone fire up Word 2002 and see if it changes gun to hotdog ?

What is your favorite...

A look at Major League Baseball standings!

A good friend will come and bail you out of jail...but, a true friend...

How liberal are you?

need four published articles against music censorship

Man... im so bored, ask me anything.

What will we be posting about in a year, after Pres. Kerry has...

Sopranos thread.

Flame Sting if you want...but the Police have never been me.

A week from tomorrow is my B-Day!

Is God Real?

Who on DU would never join the military?

Beauty is where you find it.

Tonights "Mystery Object"

What's your Food Group/Type

Where is the cheapest place to buy a house in the USA?

Any San Mateo High School (San Mateo, CA) 1980's alumni here?

Fart suppression needed..... : (

Follow-up to my admittedly disturbing "Mother's Day" thread.

And Kaufman back from the grave?

The Draft is Coming! (satire)


Am I A Wuss?

This post is just a test to see how fast this will disappear.

Dammit, it's not fully dark here and everybody's gone 2 bed. Sunday nights

So, tell me about Buffalo, NY....

How's this for a role model?

Who likes "Scare Tactics?"

hm..looks like a fund drive...where's Grovelbot?

7th Sephiroth's Interesting day, or how i overcame a mugger and saw art

E3 the big video game show (for gamers only)

"Survivor" season finale tonight--who will it be?

What is your Blood Group/Type?

Art suggestions needed :) . . .

Calling all DU insomniacs!

Rod Serling's Night Gallery

Don't flame Sting! (or me)

Is it just me or did DU just shift even further to the left?

I did something last night that I have never done in 40 years!

Anybody ever read Harry Turtledove?

45 RPM Picture Sleeves: Day 7

This is so bizarre!

oh wow, I have 600 post!!!

Need help removing old linoleum.

What does the bouncy smiley represent, in your opinion?

If you were dating what you thought was a girl, and later found out...

Just Donated To Watch The Donkey Move - It Didn't

Caption the useful sidekick being greeted

CAPTION Mr. Bush in the long bus

Survivor thread (spoiler)

What point in North America is furthest from an ocean?

Today's Public Service Announcement

i see a donation bar

Do the ends justify the means?

Where is the most expensive place to buy a home ?

Feeling clever? Play the PERFECT COUPLES game

I'm bored, what birds are "special"

Primary Sexual Identification/Orientation

Better living through song titles II: titles you'd live your life by

OMG! Alan King died.

Where would you really like to do it?

I think there should be an acts-like-a-mother's day.

Gimme DU's greatest graphics ever

The thread-killer thread

I'd Guess The Torture Scandal Has Removed Martial Law As An Option

I think a national zogby poll is due out tomorrow

So if Santa Claus exists, has Christmas come early for John Kerry?

Apparently, Kerry's new problem is Clinton

Will any prominent Repub turn on BushCo?

In-laws turn against Bush

George Bush -- fallen away Republican

The Kerry campaign fights back!

Kerry's medals: Freeper puke piece of the day

Name your running mate now, Democrats urge Kerry

"The Daddy deferment " (Cheney)-- LOL

Wes Clark fans will like today's Newsweek Conventional Wisdom edition...

Be Absolutely Honest. No Talking.

Help John Kerry let America know there is an alternative to more Bush

Really, people... Kerry is doing FINE

A Kerry message starts to break through May 9, 2004

Oh man, you gotta give it up to the Bush campaign for this.

Va. DUers....

Heads up, Clarkies...turn on C-Span 1 now and wait for the

Has Nader gotten enough signatures to be on the ballot in any state

"Mr Dean is much easier for a European audience to understand."

Bush staffers check undershirts!!- that's Democracy!

After a lack of enthusiasm...

Stupid question: Is Kucinich running for reelection in the House?

My Mom Thinks Clark Will be the VP Choice

From the Women of the Kucinich Camp~Happy Mother's Day

Dennis wins Boulder County, CO!

Looking good for Kerry!