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Archives: May 8, 2004

Trolling for votes, Bush rides the luxury bus in hard-hit Midwest

I've grown convinced that there's another plane...

New software on market to evade DVD-protection law

Japan's whale hunters fight the good fight

Particles of plastic discovered in areas thought to be clean

Taiwan deserves more respect

Guantanamo abuses highlight Abu Ghraib failures

Note from Jef Hall

It really doesn't matter whether Rummy goes or not.

Anyone else noticed someone missing in all this hubbub???

Re: New pictures and video of Iraqi torture

apology...what apology...?

Explosive new Sibel Edmonds interview

Anyone know how bush's prayer thing is going tonight?

"Apt Pupil", Stephen King novella speaks to the current news.

General Franks shows you were the mentality is coming from

CNNI Iraqi interview: only someone gullible would believe bush's speach

Jimmy Kimmel just slammed Rummy!

Check out the Mark Fiore animation physics of war

A Collision Of Security, Democracy and Daily Life and no protestors

David Brooks' Crisis of Confidence

Tell Bush to take responsibility.

Arrest of lawyer was rushed. Evidence not strong dispute with Spain leaks

Kerry Was On Tavis's Show Friday. Good Stuff.

Does anyone remember "The Year of Living Dangerously"?

Would Powell turn on BushCo?? Would McCain???

Where could one find a list of the things W has said

DU this Poll: Who bears responsibility for Iraqi prisoner abuse?

What I don't understand...

Rummy and Bush SAID they would be scraping Geneva Rules

Anyone know if there's a clip of the protesters at the Senate Hearing?

Tinoire needs your help to prove TrueAmerican has supported the war.

If video exists of Iraqi boys being raped by guards/interpreters

Profile of England's loverboy

Reminder: Million Moms March May 9 - Mothers Day Washington, DC

No Mad Cow Cluster at NJ Racetrack, Officials Say

Forget porridge ... jail's the place for bream and cake (French prison)

Methodists Vote Overwhelmingly Against Call to Split the Church

Clinton Pardons to Remain Secret for Now

MD Gov Ehrlich Calls Multiculture Idea 'Bunk' . . . Offends Latino Leaders

Laser downs large rocket over N.M. desert

UN Official Blames Sudan for Violence

Judge orders N.Y. couple not to conceive

Fires rage out of control in Ukraine arsenal

Don Lautenbach, Emperor of America to post this....

What the HELL has become of country music!?

Does anyone have the link to the animation where cats do White Stripes?

I will admit it: car-bombs are my vice

Too funny....why soccer doesn't catch on here in the States....

Take lots of drugs or drink lots of alcohol

Who Have You Lost Touch With And Can't Even Locate On Google...

I betcha...

Can I make 400 tonight?

It's 12:57 am and I haven't had a drink yet. What's wrong with me?

Sometimes you score BIG at the thrift store...

Q: What do you call a drummer without a girlfriend?

Does anyone here listen to industrial music?

Do you believe extraterrestrial UFOs have visited or do visit Earth?

A Jerry Lewis Thread...c'est magnifique!

Damn, Anna Nicole Smith looks good since she lost the weight...

Anti-Bush protestors strong in Lacrosse, WI today!!!

Are We Reaching Critical Mass on * Administration Fatigue?

Bush's "read my lips" - from a WSJ editorial

Kerry's Mission: Show He Can Lead - WSJ

Bush botched both wars

Why all the world feels China's growing pains

"Why Bush (probably) Won't Dump Rumsfeld" by Slate's Fred Kaplan

Now the desperate damage control

Grytpype's Cartoon Extravaganza

Letter to Bush from Amnesty Sweden

NYT Editorial: Mr. Rumsfeld's Defense

Horrid Thoughts About Horrid Leaders

Mistreatment of Prisoners Is Called Routine in U.S.

Those Sexy Iranians

Worse than Vietnam

Mickey Mouse, Historian

Vegas has new crime element: Israeli mob

Oregonian: Rumsfeld Should Leave

Mary Riddell (London Observer): A new monster-in-chief

Dowd: World of Hurt

Torture as Normalcy As American as Apple Pie

Why Al-Jazeera Coverage Is Bad

If "This Is Not Who We Are," Who Are You Then?


Anthony Lewis (NYT):A President Beyond the Law

An open letter to President George W. Bush on the question of torture and

We're now considered the most dangerous people on earth

NeoCons in a panic: "Democracy Now" (Weekly Standard)

Old American Century galleries now public

Where’s Kerry?

Torture, the CIA and the Press

Torture Sanctioned by Pentagon Appointees ((neo-con Doug Feith))

Went Canvassing With EVP* Today

Head's up West Virginia - Bush coming to town May 14

"American Candidate" TV show: Vote for my friend

Protest Bush in Milwaukee area May 14

Phoenix PP/MoveOn/ACT Voter Drive

R21 Torture Techniques Taught in Iraq - e mail this to yr local paper

Events for Joe Hoeffel in Philadelphia

DU Task: Yahoo Outreach Effort for 04

TV News is Bad for Your Brain (Results of a Study)

Media's *Artful Dodger* Admiration of * Won't Wash in Torture Scandal

AP president proposes media lobby to fight government secrecy

Their Candidate Self-Destructing, CNN's Earth-Shattering Poll for 5/8

Oil enters $40 era as terror threats linger-experts

Big Gap Found in Taxation of Wages and Investments

Unemployment: State by State

Who really benefited from the Bush tax cuts?

Can someone help me out here (about trickle down economics)

New! 2.9% APR On Hummer H2s! Amazing 21% Sales Drop Spurs Big Savings!

looking for a good battery charger

Before The Wells Run Dry: Ireland's Transition to Renewable Energy.

The Dialogue Of Cultures At Abu Ghraib

Will Germany Abolish the Draft?

For reference: The Taguba Reprot

'Brave' officers faked enemy deaths for award - IN

Zim schools slash fees

Arab FMs try to revive summit

Sudan denies 'Darfur crimes'

Indian troops faked Pakistani deaths

India election campaign ends in acrimony

Children saved from 'slavery' - Burkina - BF

Bigotry and avarice fuel Nigerian conflicts

More Assault Weapon Lies from the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

Link to sign the Million Mom March petition to ban assault rifles

An "assault weapons" compromise.

Should cannibalism be against the law?

Mods, please clear my name

Can DU hold a fundraiser for Air America Radio?

just wondering about dupes

A question

changing computers...

Mods Help!

A request to move something back to LBN

How about a DU poll...


Israel proposes land swap with Egypt to enlarge Gaza

EU urged to punch its weight in Middle East

A Guiding Light Falls On Ramallah

The Great Satan

A Deal with the Devil

Israeli Prime Minister accused of betrayal by Christian Zionists

Student leader fired after criticizing Israel

Independence from Israel?

Ousted Student Leader Becomes Darling of Left

You could die laughing

"Cellphone calls IMPOSSIBLE"; by Professor A.K Dewdney

Feeney and Mica running unopposed! WTF?


Gary Waayers for the 50th

Unbelievable new CA poll: Kerry 46%, Bush 45%

Got something good back from the state

Flamebait!! Should Western Massachusetts secede?

Wellstone Bus Needs Bus Drivers for June 6th thru the 14th

Stadium bill stalls in House!!!

Mike Rogers (R-Brighton) accused of breaking campaign finance laws

Anyone from Wake County know anything about local candidates?

Bush bashing at Guilford College Graduation

Events for Joe Hoeffel in Philadelphia

Let's Act for Kerry next week and be our own press!

Ryan McCormick is coming to Lampasas to speak for the Kerry

Campaign Underground Database

Labor council refuses to endorse Gregoire for governor

Anti-war demonstrators assaulted in Spokane

My Hell In Camp X-Ray (Gitmo) - Brit recounts

Where can I find a transcript of today's proceedings?

LGBT have arrived in Clevleand?!

In speaking of Bill Clinton

Freeper's on US Soldiers Speaking Out...

OK, when did this " Two War " talking point start ?

The strange Lynndie leash picture reminds me

Abou the Geneva Convention ....

Remember the "Ayatollah" Fallwell when he said something like how the

Which weird torture fetish will appear next?

It's the sodomy, stupid!

Please read the last two paragraphs of this article. Layer upon layer

Saw a Kerry ad here a few days ago, Southwest Missouri..., n/t

Bev Harris on Coast To Coast AM . . .

How much more can the shrubbiepants* shovel?!

"The Role", written by someone who's been there...

Bush has brought liberating, democratic style rape-rooms to Iraq...

This is no surprise: Operation Phoenix now is underway in Iraq

Nifghtline for west coasties

Vietnam, hippies, and what the right forgets

What the fascists are telling us, IMHO.

Anyone notice the ads for Republicans at the bottom of the

Charlie Rose

Why the outpouring of "compassion" for the prison abused when

Someone PLEASE help (re: the Rumsfeld Hearing today)

Guard's Gone Wild: The video tape coming soon?

Would anyone care if there weren't pictures/video?

I really believe that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld can't fathom . . .

Anybody remember the "Inferno of Whores" on MWO?

Stem Cell research...a new source?

flashback: US military kills another journalist in Iraq

Rape Room Chronology from

Now HERE's a repugnant thought re rape in Iraq...

"Global Dimming" -- the latest environment problem

Is having to watch Bush on TV for four years Torture?

railroad watchers : is Indy having more traffic than it should?

Are transcripts yet available of the Congressional hearings?

Torture mentality: what we're up against:

Would you have believed what you saw in the photos had you not seen them?

From the archives: Stripes letter on US treatment of Iraqis, Nov 03

bush*'s "apology"....

For those that do not visit the Home page.

I can't help but think about the military academy scandals...

Me-Thinks al-Sadr goes down within a week

Isn't 'Softening Up', Understating it a bit?

Now that * is telling us to ante up (only) $25 Billion more,

US 'used Janet's nipple'

Compare Hamill's treatment with the Iraqi prisoners

Putin is scary

"A handful of miscreants" - Rep. Duncan Hunter, R- Calif

Dear Senator Graham.......

Is it fair to say that the Bush administration created the climate

Bush Vows to Repair U.S. Rights Record- "everybody will see the truth"


The longer we stay, the more they see us, the more they will hate us.

connect the dots... Titan corporation, CACI, Armitage dot dot dot

Just who are the 'uncivilized' 'immoral' people of the world?

Conservatives Justify Torture As 'Blowing Off Steam'

Just wondering, who is responsible for the prison torture?

Gay Marriage Foes Lose Latest Court Battle

Storm the White House Thread

The Effects of Brain Washing is staring us in the Face. We need a Rinse Bad

two screenshots from Fahrenheit 911

How do we beat this ?

great call on cspan for mrs nugent


"I didn't do it."

A snip from TPM on Asscrack's tangential involvement in the torture:

George W. Bush is right.

The folly behind sending more troops to Iraq.

Atrocities: What's to come

Grandpa Prescott would be proud of his little NAZI grandson

Who's ultimately responsible for putting the players in the game? RUMMY!

The Old Testament nails the Rich and *

It's simple, folks: we torture as a matter of policy

Howard Stern criticizes Bush during May 6, 2004 radio show

Has Karmic Justice started already?

Someone had a great post on here last night about the torture.

The Bug Man Commends Rumsfeld Testimony; Clear, Honest, Spin-Free

Disturbing thought about Lyndie England and her boyfriend

Limbaugh: "Prison Abuse Brilliant"

Rape, shame, honor, vengence, Abu Ghraib and Rob Roy

The only option remaining to prevail in the war and the world

Wife of former Enron FD jailed for 12 months

Freeps twist on Bush sealing Clinton pardons

gen Miller new HEAD OF IRAQI prisons: Did HE start the torture policy?

Bu$H: 'Wrongdoing of a Few'

Iraq torture? It's MADE IN AMERICA!

need help finding pics

Janet's Boob Didn't Hurt Anybody!

Rumsfeld must go: he's only sorry he got caught!

T or F: The bushgang are more representative of America than DU is

Just read up on Stanford Prison Experiment. What am I missing?

"Cheney Ducks Questions" by Sandy Huffaker

disgusting letter in my paper today

Softening up America

Zell on gay marriage

Censoring the Airwaves

Billy Graham: his own words

Let's Pay Off The Abused Iraqis! Then We'll Be Good Again!!!

DU this poll

Can the US ever regain credibility after the atrocities of Abu Ghraib?

A glimpse into the fundie/RW mindset at current back up

Why do we get so many "Help me with this Freeper response" posts?

If Torturegate is whitewashed here, will the U.N. officially condemn US

'Cooks & Drivers were Working as Interrogators'

Who decided to hire private contractors to lead the interrogations?

Would the resignation of Rumsfeld end the Iraqi torture story?

The Stanford Prison Experiment

Who OKed Abu Ghraib as OUR place to put OUR prisoners????

Prisoner abuse came from the top

Tonight's our unofficial Kerry fundraising party

The third Geneva Convention has been thrown out the window

USA Today Poll: 53% Say Rumsfeld Should Stay

Why doesn't Rumsfeld wear a wedding ring?

Why aren't we doing more to blast conservative values?

Camp Cropper - Baghdad Gulag Prison

Connection between Saddam capture and prison torture?

How bad will this get, if * is "Elected" again?

Two weeks. How many people were tortured while CBS sat on the story?

"The photos are us" - Iraqi abuse - WaPo - Please Read!

Bush WAS elected

Kerry Cluephone... Get rid of your political strategists!

On History Channel right now - Torture

Can you still be considered a Christian

Confusion: WHO is accused of raping "young boys"?

Why wont any one read my thoughtful post on antiarab racism and abu ghraib

two calls to cspan worthy of note

I'm so glad Colin Powell

The NEW Atkins Diet...

Do you think bush is mad

Outsourcing Delivers India

Bar Bush's beautiful mind

shiites told by cleric to kill soldiers because of torture

Where's Lt. William Calley?

I saw Dick Cheney on TV last night.

Did Bush create Abu Ghraib to get his Armageddon Train back on track?

Question about Blair

Please help with your suggestions

Gotta a Dumb Question

Hackworth responsible for 60 Minutes breaking abuse story

Would you consider yourself "Morally Superior" to the Ditto head Freepers?

Who asked General Myers to call CBS ?

Sexual perversion. Where the American public draws the line.

Kerry on Tavis Smiley show last night.

Looking in from the outside

It doesn't matter who resigns or not... The war is lost.

Let's send Rush packing

Oh Yeah? Well, Wait'll Next Year...

The Misunderestimated Man - How W chose stupidity

By calling the president curious George.

Ted Rall has been completely booted from MSNBC??

Food for thought..."Warning Signs" that Bush has gotten through to you

What really is the difference between Sunni and Shiíte?

Bush's Saturday chat...

Locked Inside A Nightmare

What scares me most about the Iraq torture.

The Red Dawn analogy

What are your favorite peace sites?

Sounds like the USA is running death camps in Iraq

The Arrogance of Republicans Has Dishonored America

This cartoon says it all about the prison torture scandal.

Iraqi Blogger Riverbend: "Just Go."

If Reagan restored RW pride in America, Abuse Scandal destroys it

Normally I am against the type of punishment that I am about to suggest...

Help me agrue some of this crap.

What is appropriate punishment for virus writers?

Why soldiers took pictures:

Enough is Enough. Draft Militia members!

The Most Important Considerations Re The Torture Pics

Forum on Electronic Voting now on C-SPAN

king of jordan and bush

Jim McDermott (D-WA) supports the return of the draft???

Let' s stop using the word RIGHT. Type and/or say CORRECT.

why ignorance is killing us

Former US appointed Iraqi human rights minister says abuse still going on

Turning Point

Abu Ghraib camp named after 9/11 victim?

Riverbend Abu Ghraib entry from March looks very different today

Must see photo collage of Iraq war dead

WHY is the Bush administration/PNAC connection never mentioned on TV?

Pentagon was warned in 2002 of contractors

Has anyone in Southern Ohio seen the newest Kerry ads?

How do the photos effect Saddam's trial for war crimes?


Press Release from The White House...(graphic language)

Anybody listened to "This is Hell" today? Iraq correspondent: IT IS OVER.

You can't say they're not Nazis now

we miss Bill

Gasoline is $1.90 for regular

The new pictures and video coming out about Abu Ghraib.

Torture used as excuse to reinstate DRAFT

Did anyone read George Will's column the other day?

NPR refers to Japanese "abuse" of prisoners in the Bataan Death March

Seriously, George Bush is a wonderful speaker!

Is it true that Blackwater was the civilian company ?

Rumsfeld Unable To Make Torture Scandal Vanish...

Guess what day of the week the news release of prisoner abuse went out

Rasmussen Poll Kerry Ahead last 3 days

Ashcroft's buddy helped set up the Iraq Gulag

Rummy, Bogie and Rick's Cafe

"Catholics Against Kerry" - your comments please

Only because I think the Dems are divided and lack the zeal

So has anything changed since the torture scandal broke?

So why is the economy improving and more jobs are being created?

Janeane Gaofalo speech that 'voting isn't art?"

Which Bush administration officials are psychopaths?

More Rumsfeld incompetence.

If abortion is criminalized, how will such laws be enforced?

What do you know about the classification of the Taguba Report?

Bush, War Crimes and the Geneva Convention: A Primer

The 50th Anniversary of Dien Bien Phu

Correction: Guantanamo-Prisoner Abuse Story - AP

Can You Name 3 Good Things Bush has done for America?

It really isn't about Democrats vs Republicans - --

Rove's advice to Dubya......

Video Shows Wounded Iraqis Being Shot by US Helicopters

Was it torture - You decide - the deifinitions


Clinton--Oh! How I miss him.

But being stripped, hooded and urinated on

Should I be offended when DUers refer to female Dems as "whores?"

Drudge: Pentagon OK'ed harsh interoggation techniques (removing clothes)

The only thing firing Rumsfeld would accomplish is to let Bush off the....

Since many of the torture victims were released

Soldier to my family member: "unfortunately, all is true."

How about that! Bush really IS a uniter, not a divider.

Are they setting us up to keep the "worst" from the public?

Extra - US, a nation of torturers, to "monitor and combat global anti-

Red Meat for the Kerry Campaign

Stop the public accusations of "Freepery"!

This torture scandal is another example of a sickness in the culture.

Show of hands: Who feels old, soiled and tired?

You are an Iraqi man at home with your wife and kids...

Iraq Prison Report Details Lax Discipline

Seymour and the Circle Jerk

As if we didn't already have enough trouble with control of our government

Official "Guy James Show" thread Please keep kicked!

Question to nadinbrzezinski ICRC report July 2003

Is "Redneck" a slur?

U.S. Town Sees GIs as Real Victims in Iraq Abuse

Who are the good-looking politicians?

Will Osama be found in the next 72 hours????

How Does Bush Remain Standing?

Where's the Great RW Distraction?

bush* and rumsfeld deliberately created system for abusing POWs (WP)

Please assist in the DU Task: Yahoo Outreach Effort for 04

Why didn't Sandra Day O'Connor retire?

Boston DUers... Help!!!

What repugs are saying about the pictures and treatment...

Arrogant Patriotism

Is it Christian to say we will "rid the world of evil"?

Unfreep this poll !

I'm trying to decide which is easier to explain to the kiddos:

betcha shrubya gives a televised address soon....

Should the military have higher standards?

Capital Gang: Rummy Won Two Wars!

Apparently Washington Post has some of the "new" pics.

Remember during the Monica mess, the big question was,

I am so very tired of hearing excuses for Iraqi prison abuse.

This is the biggest scandal I've ever known.

Healthcare book on C-Span2

Keeping people poor keeps us safe?

Kucinich opposes any proposed draft.

Should Bill Clinton host a tv talk show?

Please. A simple guide to WINNING the Election, please read?

If the Repugs think torture is OK, lets use it on Novak.

what will be bush's fate after the next terror attack they say is coming?

Out of Iraq now

Has anyone else noticed this?

Rape, Murder, Crimes Against Children Yet to Come

Where Prison Pics online?

Hmmm. Doesn't this sound strangely familiar?

I Would Like To Offer Some Inspiration - SEE THIS AND REMEMBER

No One Will Resign, face it! As with all corruption and criminals

My prediction for this June

Timeline of Iraq. Twilight Zone episode 21

Once again, it's the cover up. Was the Taguba Report illegally classified

dupe -- please delete

Outsourcing Oscars

America's Oil Addiction - FUBARed in Iraq - What Now?

Kate O'Beirne screed/prep for her Capitol Gang rant

What I think is happening in America....

The silent masses are ready and waiting

"Plutonium Files" -- Governments Care Zero about Human Rights


Abu Graibh-Style Abuses Right Here at Home

US powerless to halt Iraq net images (ban on digital cams for GIs?)

Elections are about voting for a preferred candidate; impeachment is about

Well, I am officially an outcast in my neighborhood.......

We are trying to get Al Qaeda to register? They don't want to register

Bush has went from "The War Time President" to "The War Crimes President"

Because I voted for * in 2000, I bear some of the responsibility...

for those who are wondering what Doc Thompson's up to...

Bush Losing Focus

George Bush owes all of us an apology.

Bush's Sad Legacy - WARNING disturbing historical images

Snip from Edward R. Murrow's Investigation of Buchenwald German Prison!

Is it true that the Neocon goal is mainly to destroy Mid East nations...

What if, early next week, every single one us wrote to the paper about Bus

If Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Rove

Check out the cover of this week's "The Economist" - "Resign, Rumsfeld"

Red Cross told Powell, Wolfowitz, and Rice

I did a bad thing on my blog.

The Passion

US soldiers 'seen raping woman' in new jail photos

Bush's Surrogate Tactics- *Fortunate Son*

Runoff: Best Governor in the United States?

hey take a picture of me with this rotting corpse....the other woman

Would another Tax Cut fix the problems in Iraq?

Do you support H.R. 2038 - the 'assault weapons ban of 2003?'

When did Bush administration take steps to end the torture?

Dumb photoshops from freeperville

Christian Nation? Here's what the Founding Fathers Say:

Two quotes for your reflection...

I like the way Russia swears in its leaders

U.S.-Picked Iraqi Council Wants to Stay

Cheney: Rummy Best SecDef EVER! (A Look at Bushco Strategy)

Republican Congressman ruined my son's graduation!

Give in to the madness

DIY Fans only!

when might torture be applied to American citizens??

I thought Condi was in charge there, wha hoppen'd

BWHAHAHA Karl tells graduates of Fallwell U. Character Counts

Do neighbors have the right to spy on their neighbors?

So it seems Lieberman gets his talking points from Faux News

I have had enough of this BS

Nazis set up special courts


Remember that letter that went around bashing Clinton during his last term

Preemptive: Bush took us down an ugly path.

The Torture Is Simply The Natural Evolution of the Reagan Revolution

Don't call it torture. It's just a broomstick up the butt.

Culture of Hate : ADC/MPAC statement on torture gate

Will W ever be prosecuted for war crimes?

I walked into Waldenbooks today; there has been a sea-change...

Something is bubbling under the surface....?


A tidbit more on the photos we haven't seen yet

Iraqi Castration...Could this be true?!

"Patriotic Americans Boycotting Anti-American Hollywood"

I shouted out, 'Who Raped the Iraqis?', when after all, it was you & me

Does anyone else think that PFC Lynndie England makes you think of...

AP president proposes media lobby to fight government secrecy

U.S. Soldier: Hot-Wire Scheme Trapped Uday

Does anyone still believe LIHOP?

Coleslaw Miller versus Lynndie England

Why wasn’t Bush removed from office by Congress?

OMG. Anyone watching SNL? Rumsfeld and Bush kissing

I was wrong. Horribly, horribly wrong.

Major problem with gun control?

Wash Post: Pentagon Okayed Tough Questioning Methods

How do we get the media to talk about Smedley Butler?

We have been invaded by Freepers

A Christian I Can Admire

Did anyone hear Bush's radio address this morning?

"We need a President who will restore honor and dignity to the oval office

Require READING for TortureGate....

Poll about an assault weapons ban, For or Against?

NEW Evidence Of Global Warming demolishes chief argument of sceptics

question about firing Rumsfeld

Some Insane Reasoning For Insane Actions In An Insane World...

Ted NUGENT's Wife, Shebang NUGENT, Lying Her A** Off on CSPAN

You can't handle the truth! How about Guantanamo? Is it clear? Crystal.

I'm not too bright, but... Wife says groceries prices are up...

Caspian Sea Oil: Iraq war top objective ???

What is the appropriate punishment for Lynndie England?

Mothers Day tomorrow

Rummy and the POWs

Feinstein and Boxer are two of the phoniest liberals

How can I respond to a freeper who claims Michale Moore admits to stunt?

A Real GI Hero In Iraq: Spc Joseph Darby

So, Ms. England's family releases pictures of her

Text of Democratic Radio Address 5/8/04 re Iraq

DD Anniverserly coming up...Did we do this to German POWs too?

Images of Iraqi Prisoners Used in Art 2 Months Ago "We knew what went on"

More than 60,000 women have been deployed overseas in support of Iraq war

Why the torture? Two theories.

USA, inc. is bankrupt.

Gasoline Prices and Taxes, By State

Could Lynndie England be executed if found guilty?

The "religion feeds most hatred and bigotry" false cause fallacy.

Should we really leave Iraq?

Why do women make the best scapegoats???

Bush political appointees in DOD undermined prisoner treatment

FLASHBACK: Guantanamo Base Commander Canned for being 'Too Nice' in 2002

Halliburton allegedly pulling the plug on GI communications

Iraqi prisoners were 'suspects', never charged or proven guilty

Interview: Sibel Edmonds: 9-11 comission doesn't want to know

"Thanks For The Sodomy" (very very very dark humor)

You folks just need to learn to deal with it...

Red Cross says abuses appear OFFICIALLY CONDONED, not isolated - Reuters

Should the public be allowed to buy RPG'S (Rocket Propelled Grenades)

Good ol' girl who enjoyed cruelty

"Sorry, you werent' supposed to see those photos" by Mo Paul

Enron, Seditious Conspiracy, Abu Ghraib

Must read electoral anyalysis - The New Battleground: by Mark Gersh

Mario Cuomo favors Bob Graham for vp nominee

We **really** should have drafted Sen. Clinton

Abu Ghraib: Timeline

PLEASE READ: What We Must Do to Reclaim Our Dignity

The "cult of intelligence", and ideologies of "the shadow government"

Iraqi abuse 'known in February'

Europeans Like Bush Even Less Than Before

More Bad News May Be on the Way for Bush

Pic That Proves QLR Took Photos Of Beaten Iraqis

Iraq jail abuse albatross on Bush candidacy

AP: More Bad News May Be on the Way for Bush

Senators insist prison abuse blame goes higher up chain of command

Congressman: Prison oversight plan was rejected (R-IN)

Images of Iraqi Prisoners Used in Art

Blair's office admits it knew about Iraqi prisoner abuse in February

Early Iraq Abuse Accounts Met With Silence (6 months ago)

Rice Speaks to Mich. Grads Amid Protests

Bush Says Iraq Prisoner Abuse Won't Derail `Mission' [blah blah blah]

Those Sexy Iranians

Soldier: Role was to 'make it hell' for prisoners

Clinton--Oh! How I miss him.

Wash Post: Pentagon Okayed Tough Questioning Methods

Spanish police question fingerprints

Sadr Militiamen Take to Streets in Basra

Two children among abused prisoners: report

Thousands of Muslims flee Nigeria town

One U.S. Marine Killed, One Wounded in Afghan Clash

Cargo cult's feud with Prophet Fred's sect splits Pacific island

UK troops clash with Basra gunmen

'I was beaten for three days by British soldiers'

Japanese poems rise from depths of prison

Rumsfeld Testifies Before Senate Armed Services Committee (The Transcript)

More Sprint layoffs (another 550 jobs)

Rumsfeld's testimony may not save his job, credibility of U.S.

In Fallujah, civility returns

More 'proof' of British army abuse in Iraq

Rumsfeld: The fallen angel?

Pentagon Refused Lawyer As Prison Adviser

Oregon Gov Kulongoski takes over higher ed leadership | The Oregonian

Republican primary will decide election (ID-03) | Spokane Spokesman-Review

U.S. wants to remove plutonium from lab-Security concerns at Livermore...

Shiite Gunmen Rampage Through Iraq Cities

WA Gov Locke returns nearly $190,000...campaign chest still holds $360,000

With Day of Prayer, Bush reaches out

Judge rejects claims to sue (Seattle's) Nickels over same-sex marriages

Justice Department investigating former Campbell aide | Denver Post

Photo of girl kidnapped from Vatican reopens 1983 inquiry

Kerry Links U.S. Strength to Responsibility | LA Times

N. Carolina senator Edwards to endorse Salazar

World calls for Rumsfeld's resignation over abuse

State of Wyoming says Matthew Sheperd's killer got justice

Man Held in Drive-By Md. School Shootings

Preachers stoke anti-gay sentiment (Dayton Tennessee)

Wanda Baucus: ‘You don't have the story at all' | Helena I-R

ACLU says student's expulsion for Web site violates his rights

Poll suggests uneasy Liberal majority (Canada) | Globe and Mail

UK (and US) forces taught torture methods

Bush sickened, but suspects still at work

Commander: No plans to close Abu Ghraib

Liberals prepared to allow marijuana bill to die | Globe and Mail

U.S. ignored torture allegations - Newsday

Hollinger increases damages claim (to $1.25 billion)

Kerry Leads Bush 43%-37% In New Jersey Poll

Shiite gunmen, British troops clash in Basra

Iran Army Shuts Tehran's New Airport on First Day

Judge tells Enron's Skilling to stay sober, find work | Houston Chronicle

Marine Killed in Afghanistan Attack

Bomb kills three Iraqis; gunmen wound cop

Suspected 'Sasser' creator arrested in Germany

Free prisoners as goodwill move, Iraqi leaders urge

Iraqi press calls for justice | BBC News UK edition

Rumsfeld Apologizes to Abused Iraqis; Worse Photos, Videos Are Yet to Come

Early Iraq Abuse Accounts Met With Silence

Accident Kills Stryker Brigade Soldier

WP: Kerry Challenges Bush on Iraq Abuse

A compromise for Lutherans? (gay issues) | Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Roadside blast injures Iraqi prisoners traveling in U-S convoy

Clinton: Rumsfeld's effectiveness is waning

US Iraq mission undercut by abuse -Democrat Clark

Pakistan Extends Deadline for Al-Qaida Fugitives to Take Up Amnesty or Fac

Explosion in East Jerusalem, Casualties-Police

Energy secretary considers federalized nuclear security

Bush: Iraq prisoner abuse is "wrongdoing of a few"

Sell-out film that pokes fun at the mullahs faces ban in Iran

Human rights activists on mission of mercy to Nauru

American Muslims Shamed by Prison Photos

Faux: Fire at Oak Ridge nuke plant, 'no radioactivity' involved

Bush: Prison Scandal Won't Deter U.S. (Radio Address)

Miller on CNN right now

Chairman, partner leave Air America

Shedding Populist Tone, Kerry Starts Move to Middle

Mistreatment of Prisoners Is Called Routine (Ashcroft & Iraq prison head)

Soldier's Family Set in Motion Chain of Events on Disclosure (Hackworth!)

Iraq prison report details lax discipline

Ex-Officer Faces Legal Action for Photos

Bremer: 'Something should have been done earlier'

Combined S.Korea-U.S. Military Commander Arrested

Gunned down to impress America

US Forces Raid al-Sadr Baghdad Offices, Detain Aides

"We will fight them again!" (Dahr Jamail reports from Falluja)

U.S.-Picked Iraqi Council Wants to Stay

Torture Sanctioned by Pentagon Appointees ((neo-con Doug Feith))

Kerry starts Louisiana courtship | New Orleans Times-Picayune

Iraq Mission Undercut by Abuse - Democrat Clark

Iraqi abuse 'known in February' (UK)

Rove Tells Graduates Character Matters

Details About Deaths of Prisoners in U.S. Custody in Iraq, Afghanistan

4 top Sea-Tac security officials pulled from jobs

Pentagon Approved Tougher Interrogations

WP: Dissension Grows In Senior Ranks On War Strategy

Canadian officials allege illegal catches by Portuguese vessels

Army Has Dominated Maj. Gen. Taguba's Life

Torture as Normalcy As American as Apple Pie

For many Iraqis, abuse settles opinion of U.S.

Associated Press President

Family group condemns Illinois politicians for pandering to homosexuals

WP: White House to Discuss Stem Cells With House

Go Now, Peer Tells PM

British quizzed Iraqis at torture jail

6 Air Force Academy Cadets Resign

Electoral votes seem to be tied, polls show

Pic that Proves QLR Took Photos of Beaten Iraqis

U.S. Presses U.N. on Role in Iraq for Politicians

(MG Miller) Commander: No Plans to Close Abu Ghraib

Oil prices artificially high

Former Iraqi rights minister says abuses continue

Diebold Finds Voting Machine Business Stormy

Soldier who killed 2 in Iraq jail defends actions

Image by image, confession by confession, the horror emerges

'Torture camp' alleged at 2nd detention center

Europeans Like Bush Even Less Than Before

NYT: In Abuse, a Picture of G.I.'s Ill Prepared and Overwhelmed

New Head of Prisons Defends Advice - Guards Were to Be 'Actively Engaged'

Spain says US Lawyer prints don't match up

Images of Iraqi Prisoners Used in Art

WP: Accused Soldiers a Diverse Group

Portland man innocent in Madrid train bombing, family says

Fox Threatens to Sue Co. Over Billboard

Man will be sentenced for abortion, assault though fetus survived

Russians try desperately to avoid conscription

Iraq’s Shiites, Sunnis Form Anti-Occupation Body

Pentagon Interrogation Guidelines Eyed in Prison Scandal

Calif. state Sen. Pete Knight, prominent gay marriage opponent, dead at 74

Cassini probe sights moon target (Titan) | BBC

U.S. planning for Israeli strike at Iran (warning: Washington Times)

Katherine Harris Forgets to Sign Ballot

Pentagon Refused Lawyer As Prison Adviser

Iraq abuse portends hard times

NYT- Rice Says She and Bush 'Strongly' Support Rumsfeld

Bush advisor Rove addresses Liberty graduates | AP

US military confirms existence of horrific pictures and video

Kerry: Peace Corps Can Help Heal Iraqi Abuse Damage

Uprooted Sudanese Balk at Invitation to Return Home

WP: Dissension Grows In Senior Ranks On War Strategy

Ex-detainees in Afghanistan also allege mistreatment

How to become a republican

Well, maybe "Van Helsing" should have had Vigo in it...

Once again, the mind recoils...

just got off work and decided

Is anyone else reminded of Belushi by HEyHEY's gallery photo?

I would like to thank the posters in GD, GD2004, and, of course

OK - just found a DVD that I rented from Blockbuster, months ago

I'm feeling very empty right now, and I don't know why

The greatest Ren and Stimpy episode EVER is on right now (SpikeTV).

NBC greed on "Friends"

I'm calling out Dr Weird

I just posted in I/P for the first time. Ask me anything.

Create your your favorite characters for

The Strange Case of Bobby ("I Fought The Law") Fuller . . .

DU Insomniacs check in (8 May)

Question Regarding the uses of the German Flag....

Man Wins 2nd $1 Million Scratch-Off Game


Urine good hands, Jorge(Posada)

Good Morning DU!

Some small community

"Shaggy's Hammered"

Bill Maher on Comedy Centeral

Jerry Lee Lewis VS Buddy Holly


Favorite Fictional Counter-Culture Savior Super-Hero?

Dadcom Had A Pacemaker Installed Yesterday

Caption: Chimpy's back on the bottle...

Remember the early days of Comedy Central?

Larry keeps peeing on his foot!

Crud. I wasn't chosen for new job.

Bad hair day for German Virus Authors

DU outdoors enthusiasts:


looking for a good battery charging system

Getting my real estate license; any advice???

I had a horrible breakfast this morning...

I consider myself to be technically savvy, but I have to be honest,

Guess the Comedian!

Reba sink a boulder in the water

Caption: Chimpy's latest conference call

When Sharon Bush wrote Barbara Bush

Royal Face-Off - Round One - Princess Eugenie vs. Princess Beatrice

I'm out of the 700 club!!!! YAY NT

Anyone know anything about these "recommended readings"?

I was cleaning out my room and I found this under my bed

Who wrote this famous phrase?

Irish's a fine, manly scent...

Congratulations Cocoa!! 10,000 posts

Famous Hollywood stars who ANNOY me today............

Robber Upset He Didn't Get Life Sentence

anyone have color problems with their vision?

Sea World Orlando

i am now a registered voter. booyah lol.

High-speed photography can do some strange things

Caption: Mad Cow Disease and how to start it

Saw Greg Palast speak in LA last nite...AMA...

The pop star crowd appeal of George W. Bush...loved by the young and old

"Testimony of a Traitor"

DU has another admirer - "The Ant Democraticunderground"

shaving in the shower

Anyone have a bunch of bees in the ass of their gnome yet?

Osama Bin Laden "October Surprise" Lottery


anyone in san diego gonna go and see greg palast tomorrow night?

$17 million for Monet painting/Waterlilies don't come cheap

Why do Freepers think the left adores Bill Clinton?

Anyone have a bunch of these in a glass their home yet?

Pachyderm love

I'm listening to the soundtrack from "Heavy Metal," ask me anything!

I don't know why I bother going to the movie theater anymore.

Use your DVD player to make any movie into a Kubrick or French art film

I just made 400 posts!

Sorry to be an idiot knob - but where's the free image hosting place


John Kerry & stripers

Any budding writers out there?

NFL: Who drafted this player????

Its The People With STUPID Pets Thread!

Where's the picture of the "get a brain Morans" guy?

Back to Work!

I wanna party with No Doubt

A few post definitions

My local post office is flying its flag upside down today

Hmm, how low a temp can I roast veggies? (baby red onion, beets, corn)?

Wow. I just cleaned up my "ignore" list.

Another youth revolution

God bless the children of Iraq (humour)

OK, the ultimate challenge, say something nice about South Dakota...

Have you ever had stinky feet?

Lindisfarne: Bring Down the Government & All Fall Down

What are your favorite movies of the last 5 years?

Notice the similarities between PNAC and

Can you walk and drink at the same time?

I have a Kerry bumper stick on my car and I had some nut pull

marijuana makes me feel more like i do now than i did a while ago

A hummingbird is gracing me with her nest this spring.

This Freeper is nuts. Bonkers. Off the deep end. And he's not alone.

Moms, does your mom send you a Mother's day card?

The Bush* re-election team sent me

My Fellow 'Merkins


Are "ask me anything" posts extinct?

Avant browser problem

Which pic does the average bush supporter most closely resemble?

DU Photographers...need advice on scanner for slides and

My monitor keeps changing to hot pink and back again. Help.

Dueling Has Returned!

Anyone have to wear a suit to work?

Mr. Justice Douglas and the C&O Canal

ASUS Motherboards (For techno-wizards)

Should people w/cell phones call 911 when they see

Anyone watch "The Shield"?

What's a good place to get a domain registered?

Can anyone help me with this Adware.Winshow problem??

Bought a new bike today and here it is

I just donated to DU!!!!!!!!!

I somehow put my taskbar on the side of my screen, how do I fix it

My kid ain't got soul--Woe is me

Capitalizing on moran stupidity

It's time to get nervous Kings fans

I've felt shitty all day

Any other fans of Richard X. Heyman?

Question about sticking your fingers in your ears and humming loudly

"Ask me anything" posts are extinct! Ask me anything!

I'm Kilroy. Ask me anything!

Should I give up?

Here's an interesting thing I noticed regarding the Miami Heat:

need help with Bios (computer)

The computer is your friend

Need Computer Help

practical uses for portable holes

Thunder echoing in the mountains tonight (Arwalden?).

Anyone out their own/drive a "narc" (retired cop car)?

Guess what I got for Mother's Day???

Returning from the DU grave has given me a Christ-complex

Boxing Tonight

Opinion; Nina Sky Music Video, Move Your and critique

Mr. Show's book club. This month's recommended read

So, is it considered cannibalism if Twinkie the Kid eats a Twinkie?


Toronto Star image of Rumsfeld - no caption needed

A young-sounding guy just called the radio station, gushing over...

has anyone seen the picture on bbc website right now???

Comcast fires entire TechTV staff

Anyone remember the streaming video

Guess this City!

Hey Everybody! My mom is a new member of DU!

Would you go out with a person whose name is the same as yours?

What line of work are you in?

Is cannibalism always wrong?

The mystery Guitar????????????????

I had this thing happen

If you don't know me by now

What new movies are out on video now?

Great fight on HBO!

who was that wise person who once said, 'fuck stuff'?

Bit torrent help please.

What should I do tonight?

I'm on the radio again tonight

For DIY Fans!

Live, from New York, it's Saturday Night! Opening skit: Rummy kissing *

You ever give up and refer to people by their race?

Are the images from DK666's server showing up for anyone?

what song are you listening to at this moment?

Are there any good things to say about the city of Houston, Texas?

Just came back from Wally-World .

All I want is a Pepsi, and she wouldn't give it to me....

my wife expects me to get her a present for mother's day, but

Name this bridge - Hypnotoad wins!!! I_Like_Chicken a close 2nd!

TROY: The Movie

Preferred TV news style ?

Which movie should I watch tonight?

Define "George Bush"--Dictionary Style!

How many people do you have on ignore?

Is anyone watching the Timberwolves/Kings game

First Dylan, now Mickey!!!

A Mother's day love story for you... :-)

Getting ready for Mother's Day...tell us a funny story about your mom.

Watching replay of PBS' "The Wives of Henry VIII"

"My" soccer team will be relegated: ask me anything



*************1 0 0 0 POSTS!!!!!!!!!!! ****************

Can you help get DU's name out to hundreds in Chicago area?

Caption: W is for.....watershed

Here's a question for a late night

computer question

Weird tan lines: Have you had any? Solutions?

JIM MORRISON:Poster boy for freedom of speech during the 60's.

This photo of Rumsfield needs a CAPTION!!!


Caption: Mom, the Prez has stolen my ice cream...

Hey, check it out! I'm SATANIC!

Each reply to this thread in the next two hours = Two Cents to DU!

Religious fundamentalism considered as a psychological disorder.

DU women: Ever just know, before you took the test, that you're pregnant?

Post a poem

Van Lear Rose by Loretta Lynn, produced by Jack White of White Stripes

Favorite phony cussword?

Rabrrrrrr art show - May 17-21. Artist reception, May 17

Official DU Hockey thread

Would you go out with someone who had the same name as your ex?

Feeling clever? Play the ONE LITTLE TYPO game...

Kerry's "message". . .

print this Kerry for president yardsign or poster

Andrew Stern of "America Votes" on C-SPAN

The Democratic Party in Florida blows

Travelling in the White House bubble

Electoral votes seem to be tied, polls show

Kerry fans: in case you missed it: Zell on Kerry

Rasmussen Reports Kerry 46%-Bush 44%

A contest for all our clever DU'ers

A Progressive Response to the Nader Campaign

Political Survivor

Need a high-def photo of one of the Diebold Machinez

W only apologized after he saw the poll numbers.

Kerry Rally & picnic in Phoenix on Saturday evening

Take a message to Kerry

WesPAC news - Wes on MTP Sunday


Kerry concerts and Steve Earle

Good article about Dean's 1st appearance back at VT Statehouse.

Nader for Senate!

Well, If its not up New Poll Kerry 47 % Bush 44 % ARG

got a fundraising appeal from kerry in the mail, no mention of iraq in it.

Not voting Kerry? What will you gain? An honest question,

Creating Candidate Handbook

Time to adjust.

Wes Clark democratic Radio Response

Anyone here dislike Dick Durbin or Stephanie Tubbs-Jones?

Wednesday, March 24, 2004 -- Zell Miller at Democrats for Bush Rollout

A Dean fan puts a Kerry bumpersticker over her Dean bumpersticker

I just have to say it: Wes Clark and John Edwards would BOTH be great VPs!

Despite Rhetoric, Bush, Kerry Agree on Many Issues

Dennis Kucinich, still working for democracy

I am scared out of my mind about Kerry in Ohio

Bumper sticker...someone noticed

How Many Dean Supporters Still Hang At DU? Sign In!

How many Kucinich supporters are still here on DU?

Who would be your dream VP