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Archives: May 7, 2004

Slate: The CPA's Multiple Personality Disorder

The Nation: The Horror of Abu Ghraib

Paul Krugman: The Oil Crunch

NYT/Anthony Lewis: A President Beyond the Law

The seeds of Abu Ghraib were sown in American prisons


Lt. Gen William Odom on Nightline, re: Iraq - mp3

Three former AIT heads to attend inauguration - TW

Japan Web site irks illegal aliens

Lien Chan: You want to talk about a coup d'etat? - TW

Underachieving Arroyo takes the lead ahead of Philippine poll

I'll Be Out of the Gungeon for a Few Days

Sharon, Mofaz order evacuation of 3 W. Bank outposts

Israel Announces Spending Curbs

Bush, Abdullah closer, but not eye to eye

US compounds own problems in Iraq, moderates say

lynndie's leash: who trained her?

1970s FBI Pegged Kerry as "Moderate"

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld should resign

Odds of a Kerry/Powell? What do you think about it? n/t

Who wants to bet that Dianne Sawyer interviews Lynndie England

Where do you think we'll end up after the November election?

Howard Stern had a good Bush rant today. You can download the show

General Discussion: Can'tcha Just FEEL The Love ???

Hardball has Queen Noor and her body language speaks

What's the ratio of good deeds versus bad deeds in Iraq?

Anyone else shocked by Gov. McGreevy's being deemed unfit for communion?

pic of bush hugging girl

Air America Radio chief resigns, fail to make payroll

U.N. Rights Commission Shirks Chance to Redeem Itself--New WMW

US troops crossed border to make a raid inside Pakistan

President Points to 'Nation at Prayer'

John Kerry Says Venezuela's Chavez is Becoming a Dictator


Is there anyway to block Lounge from Latest Posts at the start?

Jeff Rense Political Art


So Canadian Duers

Homestarrunner RPG to be released...for the Atari

Adult Swim fans rejoice!


What is a "yellow dog" Dem?

Someone tell me to stop drinking the Jameson!

Troy Built

I'm going to break 1000 posts tonight

OK. So I'm drunk, right?


Latest Flash-trash “ Gibson’s film restores Priest faith.”

Why Did We or Did We Love Rod McKuen?

Ford Or Chevy?

DU writers - Isn't just F*ckin cool being a writer?

I Had Another Epidural Injection Today

Who Was President When You Graduated From High School?


Did you read Doonesbury yesterday?

A Politically Weak President - WSJ's Al Hunt

Portland ME Press Herald - President should ask Rumsfeld to step down

New govt approved newspaper in Zimbabwe features gay bashing.

Palast: Muzzling Michael, Muzzling Me

Austin Statesman: A Rumsfeld resignation would help fix damage of Iraqi

Australia's political cartoons: The Age & Sydney Morning Herald

Mugabe using violence and arrest to close schools.

p.o.v.'s 'hooded torture victim' ed toons

Cordesman: Act Now or a Civil War May Hit Iraq

Norman Mailer: The White Man Unburdened

Iraqi Prison Scandal Raises New Questions About Kerry’s War Record

Riverbend: Just Go


If Rumsfeld Is Driven Out, We All Lose (Rumsfeld apologist and biographer)

Is Koppel a Commie?

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Enough of Rumsfeld

America's fundamental sin of abuse - Rick Salutin, The Globe and Mail

Poles apart

Don Williams -- Knoxville News Sentinel

Alterman - Slacker Friday

AEI's Rubin: Mistakes mustn't halt march

Our holy father, blessed be thy war.

The Military-Mass Media Complex

freeper site pls

Fact or lie?

Economist: Resign, Rumsfeld

Stars and Stripes letters (thumbs up Kerry, thumbs down Bush)

Slate: The Misunderestimated Man

Pamela Troy's "Every Picture Tells A Story"

Great Tom Toles 'Toon

Krugman: The Oil Crunch

Katha Pollitt (The Nation): Show & Tell in Abu Ghraib

Gunned down to impress America

Fisk: An illegal and immoral war, betrayed by images that reveal our racis

Conason: Lack of protection

Ballyhoo over "Battleground States" (WP - v. interesting)

Blair dead in the water? No such luck

"They deserved it!" (new RW tsunami about to hit)

The Best Reason For McCain to Stay Republican...

rumsfeld with the cooperation of senators gets off easy

Tom DeLay just won't stop.

Only the UN can save us

John Pilger's piece "Bush or Kerry?" is terribly disturbing to me.

Toward The Petro-Apocalypse - Le Monde

‘This has disgraced America . . . ' :Globe and Mail

I wonder if the cable companies

Sack Bush: The Bagged Statue Experiment

Reminder: Million Moms March May 9 - Mothers Day Washington, DC

Liberal bias?

So what is going on with Air America? Just on Olbermann.

Al Gore Group Buys TV News Channel


Do you guys read Counterspin Central?

the four civilian contractors who were killed

Beyond Words

need a chart

Well, it looks like Nancy was right on the mark in her predictions

Small Businesses Struggle with Rising Costs:

WTF is up with this consumer confidence report for May?

About those 288K "new jobs" created in April

Greenspan puts out warning about deficits. (For the umpteenth time)

Seeking sources for current holders of nation's debt.

John Kerry needs to push the TRUTH about the jobs numbers.

Oil just hit $40.00 a barrel !!!

Tongass Travesty

Fight Builds Over Rocky Mountain Front Drilling In Montana

Michigan's Gray Wolves No Longer Endangered

Montana, Wyoming Facing "Unprecented" Drought

Romney Unveils Climate Plan But Doesn't Think Warming Is Happening

Canada Vows To Crack Down On Illegal Fishing

Tiny Hawaiian Island Disappears Under Rising Seas - It's Gone

China Buying Unprecedented Amounts Of African Crude Oil

Quark Soup is back!

Climate Changes Ensures Penguin Boom On Southern Island Will Be Temporary

FWS Employees Must Attend Seminars On "Scientific Excellence"

Big SUV Sales Slump In April - Detroit Pumps Up Incentives

Wild Honeybees Virtually Gone In The United States (Varroa Mites)

Nonsense about Solar: (Long and lots of numbers.)

Caffeinated Climate Change - Bill McKibben On "The Day After Tomorrow"

Colombian Leader, Union Face Test of Will

Chile plans $400 mln-$500 mln liquefied gas project

Allies Say Brazil Government Lacks Coordination

James Fallows: The 51st State?

Does anybody else see this? What's wrong with the picture

About that UN Resolution that the Repukes say that Clinton ignored

Washington Unaccountable - Robert Parry

Bangladeshi MP shot and killed

Miaoli chief is indicted - TW

3 000 die each day from malaria

Koizumi aide quits amidst pension scandal

Union asks Lien: Aren't you a man?

Anyone seen Kim Jong-il since the big train blast in N. Korea?

An, ahem, "interesting" AWB article.

GUNS IN THE NEWS--May 7, 2004

Canadian Girls with guns

Man killed on ride was not properly restrained

4 Students Hurt in Md. Drive-By Shooting

And why isn't this flame bait?

I think this is cool

"inactive user?"

Rule Clairification?

Avatar request


Why was this moved to the lounge?

Another Avatar Request: Cutout Bush's head

I've been getting CO Liberal's problem too.

So btw, how is Cutout George doing at DU Headquarters??

For some reason, the ignore box is not coming up....thanks.....nt

A Problem Voting in a Poll

Progressively Disabling Features...

How do you feel about these kinds of threads?

I posted this in the lounge

Apology for the flamebait thread (the Nader one in GD2004)

Can't see the sig lines anymore. What's up? n/t

Campaign Underground suggestion

Ok, we need to talk about this nickname for CU people

Why was this article that I posted removed from I/P

Please limit the pictures of the Iraqis being abused

An apology, and a possible question


IDF soldier dead, 8 wounded on northern border

Israel accuses EU of favouring Arabs in Mideast conflict

Olmert: PM intends to evacuate all Gaza settlements

Israeli lessons for the US in Iraq

Bombs, or red herring?

It just keeps getting deeper

Osama Bin-Laden in custody??

Ed Gillespie, RNC Chair to speak in Orlando!

Disney not shy about politics

Many factors at work in bringing Israeli jobs to California

Campaign Underground Beta is up

Last year's problems persist for California firefighting agencies

Goodbye Illinois, Hello sunny LA

Romney isn't sure Global Warming is real

Racy RANT: Thank you for waking me up (language warning)

My latest article for a Newburyport journal

CSPAN rerunning Rumsfeld hearing - Dayton will be coming up soon


Nick Coleman: In God, er, the GOP We Trust

Official "We Love Mark Dayton" Thread

Who is still angry about the loss of WQRS

Campaign Underground

Ex-hostage Terry Anderson's reflections lead to politics

Rick Perry - The General Custer of Texas Politics

What kind of car do Texas DUers drive?

First Democratic Backbone Award Ceremony Wed. May 12th-Austin

8th CD and 6th CD Candidates

Legislative District Delegate Information Needed

Calls issue warning on initiatives

So who else is going to be at the King County convention

Pope calls Bush the Anti-Christ?

Malloy fans: new blog entry.

Has anyone heard from Fallwell, Robertson, or the other Fundies?

Rumsfield should have been fired for a statement he made!

If you could buy only ONE of the current anti-Bush books, which one?

Inspector (David Kay) warned U.S. officials of Iraqi prisoner abuse

Will Democrats allow the Bushies* to investigate themselves again?

C-Span 7:50: A repug said he didn't like Bush apologizing. He won't

The Mideastization of the US, or: Rumsfeld Must Resign

Jim Saxton (R-New Jersey) even looks like a Soviet era propagandist

Doonsbury today: It gets to the general "attitude"-repug/liberal divide


Bush will win 43 states including california

Fire Rumsfeld

The Buck Never Stops...

Drag Queen Gang Terrorizes South

Today's the day for Rummy!

Anti-Gay Group Swamps Lawmakers With Freedom Of Info Demands

Bush's Apology - - - What Apology?

Schedule for today's Rumsfeld hearings...

Full text of leaked Red Cross Iraq report to be released at 10:00 AM EST

NPR's Morning Edition...

Justice is duck blind

Our Girl Lynndie, born in Kentucky.

Noah Feldman(consulting to try to write Iraqi constitution) on C-Span 8:30

how much of a threat are bush's bornagains to our union?

So some Wing Nut on NPR blames the mess on Clinton's Army!

Why would American soldiers Hate And Torture? Here's Why!

Has Ted Rall gone too far

Rumsfeld Planned for Torture - World Court Withdrawal

Nation's Money Is No Place For Religious Rant

Globe and Mail: "America's fundamental sin of abuse"

WTF! Upper class ( 4%) went HEAVY for Gore: 56% ; Bush core support: 30%

Balancing Budget Game

What's it called when everything costs more, but there is no inflation?

The problem with Bush's apology

Malloy Alert: Mike to be WRKO in Boston this Saturday

Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld should resign


"I never thought American people could do things of this nature"

The Mentality of FAUX News

CSPAN Friday AM — The torture apologists are calling in

"what's the big deal?" asks a c-span caller

must read from Riverbend (Baghdad blogger): "Just Go"

Well, the job reports are in

CIA to investigate itself................................yep........

A Racist On the Rise

I'm sorry but Kerry kicked Deans ass in the primaries,

Tortured & kicked to death, to avenge Jessica Lynch

This morning Brian Lamb read a story about Air America

Are the right-wing apologists re: the torture scandal...

CSPAN Pentagon Correspondent discussing inane questions from the press

America disappeared in the year 2000

Looking for DU article of a couple of days ago

Newsday: They should ALL go

From where does * claim the power to declare enemy combatants?

CNN Polls: "Rumsfeld now has teeth AND polls!" Edition

30/30/30: another thought about the Stanford Prison Experiment

Who thinks that the Rethugs in Congress were not given a heads up?

Is "Friends" that important?

Sometimes I wonder if we're any better than the right-wingers...

Remember when Bush told Saddam he had 48 hrs to get out of town ??

The Left is Not Monolithic

BBV Voting being covered on Lynn Cullen now 10amEDT

Fla. to Purge Felons From Voter Lists...again

What issue are you -most- to the (R) side on?

Authoritarians Anonymous

Axis of Mass Corruption = Rove, Scalia, Cheney, Norquist?

More "wisdom" from the ABC Note

Heads-up....Juan Cole on Blitzer's show today...5pm EST

Pentagon to investigate contract scam - Senator Darrell Issa

Criminals in the media.

Idea to raise $ fast for Air America: a Lefty Stock Exchange

Does anyone know who wrote this (Bush Prayer speech)

Are ONLINE polls more trustworthy than CNN/Gallup, ABC/WP,IBD, WSJ?

Do it NOW

BBV - Stunning flaws found in ITA certifiers

My personal reaction to the photos of the torture.

How well do we communicate our ideas?

Drag Queen Gang Terrorizes South

Good Irony/Laugh with Mark Fiore this morning

MSNBC just had a clip from Kerry in Vietnam

Bush, The Newest Lie:

Powell needs to haul his butt up to the United Nations

Wager: how many vacation days THIS summer?

Sometimes DU really pisses me off -- (rant against Drudge)

LIMBO's Pal, Lisa MYERS, Leading Next Wave of KERRY Bashing

Angry Mother Speaks Out About What Her Daughter Suffered In Iraq

Now I don my Carnac the Magnificent turban

Ron Suskind will be on WP live today at 12 pm ET

Another Rummy Poll to DU!

BBV Greg Palast statement (I love him)

9/11 was the best thing to happen to Republicans

I hope I have underestimated the good will of the American people

Teresa Heinz Kerry abortion - This is all they could get on Kerry?

Bush Demands Prisoners' Humane Treatment

so, have we all realized that absolutely NOTHING is off limits . . .

Rumsfeld will testify at 11:45 a.m. EST.

Go take a look at the electoral map on

Do you think Vanessa Kerry will have as much integrity as the bush twins?

'Cooks and drivers were working as interrogators' at Abu Ghraib jail

In what instance would you ever vote for a Republican?

torture? abuse? you mean war crime ?

Hired Guns with War Crimes Past

It's wake up time for americans

Peace In Mississippi? - A Lynching

Before this is over they will be selling Lynndie England dolls for kids...

Human Development in the Arab World: Islam is Blocking Progress

must read "War is a Racket"

religious nut muslim hater General Boykin left in charge by rummy

So, um, slow down with the demands for resignations, Dems.


Anyone else see Nightline last night?

We've got through over 20 pages of stuff since yesterday?

What Dem will question Rummy?

c-span 1 & 2 not streaming here.

Paul Krugman discusses PEAK OIL in today's NYTimes!

Should Rummy go? Canada's poll results v. USA's

Exec Order Makes Iraq Lawless Zone?

"I would have apologized, but I wasn't asked" -*

sigh...please delete

Rumsfeld Hearing Thread

I think it is time for Bush* to call on Ollie North to run the prisons

This economy is being fueled by war and credit! Bogus jobs report

The probability of Rumsfeld resigning is directly proportionate...

Oil prices top $40 a barrel, highest in 13 years

Howard Stern talking about Dems now

transcripts "Moore admits Disney halt was a stunt"?

Chris Wallace. What does his father think of him?

Why are we not demanding Rumsfeld's resignation

Question of the Day for Rummy: If Saddam was responsible for what

Did Bush Know?

Torture and the Bush administration

Is it me or has Myers lost color (hair) over the last week or

Rumsfield Hearing 5/6/04 Thread 2

Where can I find the toll-free number to call Congress?

OMFG protesters in Rummy meeting

Rumsfeld predictions

Are Germans and English people the problem?

Are the Dems ever going to ask the real questions about this sacandal

Sen Byrd up (Rummy hearing , CSPAN1 et al)

Gen. Richard Myers -- My moran o' the day.

Rumsfeld Hearing 5/6/04 Thread 3

So, how do you answer this?

Second most important question for Rummy:

Lieberman's on....blah blah blah....loud voice, empty words.

About the morning-after pill...

Rumsfeld Hearing 5/6/04 Thread 4


This argument about infuencing the outcome of military trial is bogus.

Sen. Joseph Lieberman (R)

Not sure where this should go:

Are we perpetuating the humiliation?

I name Rumsfeld Xebeche, "He who talks loud saying nothing"

The Rummy Underneath

Fire Rumsfeld and THEN FIRE LIEBERMAN!!

John McCain is killing Dumbsfeld

Faux Nuze Lying again

Just what country do we think should 'apologize' for 9/11?

Take Me Home, Country Roads

POLL: Will we have a terrorist attack before NOV in the US?

Heh, heh, Krispy Kreme's earnings forcast falls 10%

National Day of Prayer in Daytona

Rumsfeld Hearing 5/6/04 Thread 5

VENTING: When is this country going to awaken & smell the blood & oil

I don't buy this "Repukie" torture outcry BS!

What Rumsfeld didn't know and when he didn't know it.

We will violate international law to make America secure.

A picture is worth 1000 words, protesters at hearing rate it and e-mail it

Elected Flag wavers who suck

Bumper stickers for the election....

Did you notice they cut off Sen. Jack Reed (D)(RI)?

Rumsfeld Hearing 5/6/04 Thread 6

This hearing is RIDICULOUS!

The jobs report was quite good

Surprise Kerry Supporters!

Anybody know how long the Rummy thing will last?

could the US ban photographs and reporters?

Why are they ALL saying it was PUBLIC in January?!!!

Article on Collective Denial that Abu Ghraib was "A few bad apples"

Notice how Lieberman is trying to clear Bush of responsibility.

Call Lieberman's office, hit #2 for a staffer

I thought Abu Ghraib had been closed - silly me

Rummy: Prisoner Abuse Wasn't A Big Enough Issue To Raise With *??

Torture "whistleblower" says most of his unit are "good guys"

Do yo know about the OTHER abuses at CAMP BUCCA?

Georgia to our shame Chambliss is up now.


Rumsfeld Hearing 5/6/04 Thread 7

I'm sure the Brown skin people are taking note

Former GI and Prison Guard

Proof that the modern repig is a soulless human monster

Rumsfeld, last year: "It's illegal to do things with prisoners of war that

Iraq torture was pornographic says military historian

Rummy Blasts Picture Taking leak to the Media at Illegal!?

9/11 does compare to Iraq

The Time Constraints Make This Hearing A Joke!

Lindsey Graham up now is he

Rumsfeld won't even look at Hillary

CNN follow up - first comments Rumsfield Admits responsibility & apology

News Flash: I hate that @ss Rumsfeld. He's an evil cyborg


Kurt Vonnegut : "They're adroit criminals"

Did Rummy say the US is going to pay restitution to the Iraqis?

Behind the demands for Rumsfeld to resign

CBS Dan Rather asking other news Correspondent

Bush Administration doesn't trust Armed Services

What scene in ER last night will get fined

Why, after Rummy finnishes a sentence I feel he hasn't said anything?

most americans think rummy should stay

If we only had more Sy Hersh's in this world.......

our tax money paid for whores at Gitmo

Rumsfeld must resign petitions.

Official "Thank You Rumsfeld Hearing Monitors!" thread

Anybody watched Hillary interview on C-Span after the hearing?

the US has NO "moral authority" in Iraq...

Help Wanted: Interrogator/Intel Analyst Team Lead Asst., Baghdad, Iraq

Rumsfeld now testifying in front of the House...

Of all people: Fox News Cries Censorship (eyes rolling)

My pal Dom, seeing CNN at lunch: "What is this about?"

US soldiers keeping a low profile in Iraq. What kind of war is this?

Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC - ripping on Bushco

Is CBS responsible for these pictures being released?

Rumsfeld Hearing 5/6/04 Thread 8

Is bush about to order an invasion of Cuba?

It's high time we move past "Worst. President. Ever."

Bush sickened, but suspects still at work

Quiet. Shh. Bush is now knee-deep in the scandal!!!

Randi: Rummy: not even qualified to be a secretary, let alone SOD

It would be bad for the Democrats for Rummy to resign.

When Iraq mess over. Onto Saudi Arabia? Howbout it?


OHNO my DVR just lost it's mind and rebooted

Oil Prices Hit $40, First Time Since 1990

Rumsfield's Ass Is Getting A Good Kissing By Rep Duncan Hunter...

Just an amazing story on distinguished Iraqi scientist in prison

Are Today's Hearings Under Oath? Or Just Informal Q&A...

Is Iraq responsible for 9/11? Then why bring it up at this hearing!!!!!!

New national poll(ARG) Kerry leads in head to head 47-44

Did the Torture Continue AFTER Bush Was Told in January?

If Rummy resigns

"since the President can't resign, obviously"

NOW with Bill Moyers tonight

How'd ya like to be Lynndie England right about now?

where can I get the Taguba report summary? I saw it on DU the other day..

'Cooks and drivers were working as interrogators'

Let me get this straight... Bush Knew in January (about Abu Ghraib)?

freeper site pls

Rummy Resignation Poll

OK. I don't understand why Rumsfeld should resign over this.

Are Rummy and Meyer conducting an investigation to find out if

Fucking Judy Woodruff

rush hannity and all the pukes, still frat play

Are the other pics/videos already in the media's hands?

Rumsfeld's Rules (Hilarious in retrospect)

Will Rumsfeld actually Resign

confused a freeper today what fun

Randi Rhodes has the best coverage of the Senate Hearings.

I get it! The Bush years - it's all a prank!

Iraqi Prisoner Abu Khalid is a father of 4. Devoted husband

The Day The Nazi Died

Your predictions for biggest upsets in the 2004 Congressional races:


Kerry Dismisses Rumsfeld's Apology

Who was gullible enough to believe the Disney ban was a stunt?

A Vote For Bush Is A Vote For Torture

bush "this is not the america i know"

Lieberman still fornicates with RW

House apologists take the stage now...

Those of you complaining about Moore's "stunt" completely miss the point.

Clinton's Military Didn't Do This In Bosnia

CNN Transcript: "This is how the British honor their war dead"

How is this not torture?

Okay. So just how much will Bushler's poll numbers go UP this week?

What about a Bayh/Lieberman ticket?

Letter to Krauthammer - from my Mom

Stern's Political Crusade - Ratings soar as radio host attacks Bush

Randi Rhodes question.

Rumsfeld will meet with Bush tonight to discuss stepping down....

Looking for a link about when Bush knew about the pictures

Rumsfeld Hearing 5/7/04 Thread 9

No wonder the Bushes aren't attending their daughters' graduation

email from Barbara Bush, "A mother's pride"

Installation art and Natl Endow for the Arts and bare breasts

Yellow Alert - Elevated

no wonder all the corporate pigs moved offshore...america is going down

I have a question about MIHOP...

Keep Saturday afternoon open from 3 to 6 for "The Guy James Show" Kick!

CNN, FOX, MSNBC, NYT all say "Pisoner Abuse" not "Prisoner Torture"

How to PROTEST US torture chambers paid for with YOUR tax dollars:

New evidence of Saddam link to 9-11

What did Lieberman say????

"War is hell" from one who knew.

Has anyone else seen this video?

It's probably been brought up already....

DU Pool Poll - How Long Will Rummy Last as SecDef?

hahah a cspan freeper callers

FoxNews Joke in Entertainment Weekly

Another dog and pony show on the hearings today.....

Who was in charge? Who is in charge? Who's running the country?

We have lost the war on terror

Rummy et al's EXCUSE:

Puzzled-What Changed RE: Geneva Convention for Guantanemo?

I don't know. Don't know. Wasn't aware of that. Didn't see them.

I love Randi's Fridays!

Rumsfeld Resign or Bring Our Troops Home: What's The Best Demand?

All gay male DUers

Monica'gate pales in comparison to this scandal.......

Why do Freepers hate America so much?

Lieutenant-General William Boykin...remember him? MUST read

Kerry Beats Bush 63% to 35%, with Nader Taking 2% - My Prediction

Fourth Soldier Tells of Iraqi Prisoner 'Abuse'

Who is this Rep. Gene Taylor?

Rummy and Bush are PO'd because........

I love it how Bernie Ward calls him "Heil Hannity"

Moore accused of publicity stunt over Disney 'ban'

CNN has a poll up tha ya'll might want to look into.

I'm so glad Senate/House committees are being seen in the Mid East.

White House Derby: Bush's mysterious lead

Rumsfeld Kicked Ass and Took Names

I Wonder What Is Going On At Gitmo These Days?

Adam Yoshida: Not enough Vietnam demonstrators killed!

Heather Wilson seemed alot more upset about...

Randi Has A Strategy That ALL LW-ers Would Do Well To Copy

Rummy: we must declare war on digital cameras dammit!

Sen. Carl Levin's excellent opening Statement today on Iraq prison abuse

Reichwing pundits blame Women, Muslims,Universities for Abu Ghraib torture

Bush people mise well just vote for Nader

Rumsfeld: It's not the Abuse, it's the PHOTOS of Abuse

Rumsfeld is lying right now about taking seriously reports made

well well Rummy has been asked to resign

Rummy- The REAL issue is that a secret report was given to the

Rumsfeld Hearing 5/7/04 Thread 10

Something trully bold is needed to quell the torture fire

what is the process for having the UN oversee elections?


"told everyone in the world" news release photo

It was rumored here this morning the Red Cross report would be released

Bulldozing the prison would be like

You Stupid Americans

Well, you know what's left

McCain is my new hero!!!

If the Clinton Administration ever pulled a stunt like Abu Ghraib.......

CNN: Pres bush* is getting constant updates on testimony"

Who said "Don't give in" while shaking Rummy's hand just now?

Local news says people dont think Rumsfled should resign

Question - La Voz de Aztlan

Bush and the gang are weathering the Storm

Here are some of the Republican refrains (My top ten list).

Help us Dem's in NW Fla with Rumsfield Poll

Did Joe Lieberman ever ask Saudi Arabia to apologize for 9/11?

Rummy's new tactic...."Sorry, I can't hear you"...

tearing down the prison would just be another propaganda photo-op

Lieberman really loves this war

Did/didn't Bush know?

IMO the torture photos are weak...

The Official 'Eat Poop, Freepers' Thread

BBV: optical scan ballots and secret voting by the blind with AutoMark

who's holding the pictures? and

Campaign Underground rocks...

You don't like pictures of torture by American troops?

Tape of Air Traffic Controllers Made on 9/11 Was Destroyed

I need YOUR help

Rumsfeld said the Iraqi's are human beings.

Wanna bet Rummy's Abuse Panel will filter bad video and pics OUT?

All of "this" could have been so easily avoided.. That's what really hurts

General My-God-is-great-and-your-God-wears-womens-underpants Boykin.

cspan callers drive me nuts and a few other thoughts

Is there a transcript of Rummy's testimony?

Poll 1 of 5 (Alabama - Georgia): Best Governor?

Poll 2 of 5 (Hawaii - Maryland): Best Governor?

Poll 3 of 5 (Massachusetts - New Jersey): Best Governor?

This says a lot--it's not anything that controversial, but still

Is Rumsfeld Senate hearing video online? I've looked at CSPAN..

Who "won" the congressional hearings today?

OK, all AOL users, please DU this poll.

John Warner of Virginia - POS Number 1

Rummy's goals in the hearings today as I see 'em:

A propaganda campaign against the Republican Party ?

Soldiers Back in U.S. Tell of More Iraqi Abuses

Disney Reason For Censorship Is BS

Rice Speaks to Mich. Grads Amid Protests

BBC News: Iraqi inmate: 'Treated like dogs'

It Could Not Be Worse and Its Not Going To Get Better

Do any of you doubt that GITMO has the same problem, only worse?

The propaganda machine in reverse

A Timeline of the Abuse Controversy

Myers reminds me of a politician on the take in "The Godfather"

What's *'s schedule for today? Is he pretending to ride the bus somewhere?

Did *'s Thanksgiving photo-op

Unintentional irony from Fox News, but the truth for once

Rumsfeld Hearing 5/7/04 Thread 11

Al Jazeera is showing this LIVE.... any bets???

saw in the last 2 days - these images will = US like Holocaust = Germany

Another Reason that * must not win a second d term.....

Does America know the hell it's hurtling into? More abuse, from ITV:

BBV: please phone or email CA Secretary of State office

Speaking or torture, remember Afghnistan?

Weren't nuclear weapons supposed to be a deterrant?

Dammit, it's not abuse, it's torture, people!

my favorite part was when the monster pretended to almost cry

Bush only loses IF KERRY WINS. (EOM)

Bayh: Our Cause Is "Morally Superior"

tin foil hat time re: Military "contractors" in Iraq....

Was the Fallujah incident payback for the prison stories?

I've got a "billionaires for Bush" type idea and need some help

They won't be there.

The first Mothers' Day was antiwar

Pat Tillman is in Hell!!! According to Fred Phelps. Why no media play?

Has anyone else noticed rising prices on LOTS of things?

What the locals on my Local ISP's Message board are saying Re: Tortue

Just caught clip of Teresa Heinz going after Cheney on MSNBC....

Is it systemic or systematic? American vs. British use n/t

When will the other shoe drop?

Lehrer (PBS the NewsHour) cut senator Mark Dayton's questions off

WORSE photos and videos to come

Dem Senators' questions today: HUGE disappointment. They missed the mark.

What's your opinion on this little bill floating through the House?

Here's what I've learned today about Prisoner Torture and Abuse

Atlast Bush castigates Rumsfeld!

C-span re-airing Rummy Senate hearings now, tune in to see protestors!

The genuis freeptards figured it out!

Don Rumsfeld: Stick your apology up your ass!

Rhode Island guy got rummy's panties all twisted up boo hoo...nt

You will never save money.

Apologist Curt Weldon... Faulting Liberal Media For Focusing On Abuse

Think GI's will React to GI's Being Hung on the "Abuse" Charges??

SHRUB..... is ................. STOOPID

Time Out: Where is the Investigation of the "Excuse" President??????

Which Senator had the best questions?

Who were the protesters at the hearing today?

Ultimate responsibility for Abu Graib lies with Bush....

Why were the torture pics taken?

Dateline NBC tonight about Lynndie England n/t

things you learn teaching the Seriously Short Set.

I am sick and disgusted by the torture and the excuses (a small rant)

Did the evening news show the protest?

My most recent article for a small New England journal

"America's not what's wrong with the world" (hehehe)

What I just heard on Faux News

see great discussion about abuse/torture at salon's table talk

Bremer: "We're going to be running a colony almost"

Would you/could you/ have you vote(d) in a Republican primary...

Paul Wolfowitz

The consequences of teens not having access to emergency contraceptives:

Does Joseph Darby Deserve a medal for his actions?

Analysis: A very different 'Shock and Awe' - upi

Halliburton traded heavy today. Down over a point. Hmm

Very funny, except it's true.

enough of the 'what have we?' done threads

Ok, let's imagine Rummy's gone...who's gonna replace him? Somebody worse?

Jeb Bush Strikes again

Founder of local Zen Center, Philip Kapleau, dies at 91

Why I support the death penalty for the soldiers who committed torture

Saying Sorry and Post-Presidency Bush As Marriage Counselor

Here's the defense of Lynndie England.

Lynndie England's family coming up on Hardball

Are Iraqi Prison snuff films next? Just wondering.

When digital cameras are outlawed

More Freeper hypocrisy

the monster weeps......rummy photo

When Bush talked about rape rooms and torture


Robert Klein, Richard Belzer, + more Will Headline First 'Blacklist Ball'

How can we pin this on Clinton? (Cartoon)

How are the freepers taking it?

Anyone listening to Majority Report right now -

Without the media, this story would never have come out!

Somebody really is celebrating "Mission Accomplished" now. (cartoon)

Iraq torture: This is what raising kids as conservatives does to them...

SIGN THIS: A Petition from - John Kerry Calls Rumsfeld Out

watch the congressional Iraq torture hearing on C-span now...(link)

DU this poll!

Iraqi rape and torture rooms now under new management.

Red Cross Sees Torture-Like Abuse in Iraq

So........fellow Insurgents.........

Who would join me to send sympathy cards to Bush loving legislators ?

Sheas & Rangel on Larry King now. n/t

Did anyone see Keith Olbermann on Countdown talking about rape

Someone PLEASE tell me that these torture pics I found are photoshopped!!!

Can Bush Actually Read Above The 6th-Grade Level?

Kerry web site better but still sucks, no good flyers.

I am kind of surprised...

Freeps are already blaming Dem's and Hillary.........

Tinfoil question: Are the Osama tapes that have been surfacing lately...

Wake up America

Charlie Rangle on Larry King

Is there an argument to separate the sexes in the military....

the audio will be the stake in the heart of count rumsfeld.

They Must really like DU...Check this out...

CSPAN House Hearing (Rumsfeld) Replay starting.....

Kerry has inquired about ad rates in NC. Now, why would he do that?

Senator Dayton is going offwards


Should we care what happens in other countries?

Support our Troops! Oppose their Commander-in-Chief!

I have to ask

US contractors sold 12 yr-old girls in Bosnia. So this stuff is not new...

The story is over. Rummie was slapped on the wrist. OK?

kerry petition for Rummy resignation over 64000 in a few hours..

Lehrer Newshour: Shields Hands Brooks His Nutless Scrotum

Can anybody tell me the name

Draw down of US forces happening after June 30 turnover date?

The first round of photos was bait

"acting innappropriately with a dead body"

Is Lieberman being groomed for Vice President?

OK, I'm sufficiently convinced Rummy will fall on the sword now

It's being mentioned a lot...The Stanford Prison Experiment


So the Repugs and the pundits are finally speaking up ...

They'll wait for all the photos/videos to leak, then Rummy resigns.

UK forces taught torture methods

Is it possible there are 18,000 court marshals a year?

Wouldn't it be great to be wrong for a change?

Rummy should be FIRED, not forced to resign.

It is Time for the President to Resign . . .

complete shock: video of troops destroying iraqi car

If Rumsfeld does not fall on his sword...

Who wants to do some research? Can we get the pics and videos?


New Security Weighed for Nuclear Sites

Conservative? Single? - and not gettin’ any?

How is HANNITY going to spin this?

the first people to propagandize are the people doing the fighting..

Question - when the Red Cross told the US about abuses,

I think DU's Rapid Creek may be on to something. Was Bush blackmailed?

Why on earth would any Rethug want Rummy to survive as SoD?

How come nobody asks if Cheney knew?

What's the difference between abuse and torture?

It's Not Torture, or Abuse-- It's 'Crimes Against Humanity'

How great was John McCain today?

How could we be so naive and foolish to think something good....

Nader is a "legit" candidate in the media... why not the Libertarian?


Sooooo...I've missed some of McCain's comments lately...

Timeline ? Who's Who? Can we fill in the blanks?

Nightline 5/7: Rumsfeld's big day

Mr. Rumsfeld - I have to ask

Did anyone else notice how Rummy would not look at Hillary?

Anybody watch NewsHour today? Mark Shields was absolutely

Time to "find" BinLaden and "reveal" the WMD

Are there any progressive Country Music fans on this forum?

What do you think of this?

Who leaked the Taguba report to the press?

I Knew It! Rummy doesn't know what a "Digital Camera Is! He isn't even

Shrub's bus pictures

"Don't Tell Him you Saw the Photographs"

Please call into C-Span now with your comments on the

Speaking about Rummy resigning, get rid of Wolfie too

they have shamed us all..and in november they must pay!

Can we kick Lieberman out of the Democratic Party?

If We Were Gonna Have Another MIHOP, This would be the time.

How did Lindsey Graham know worse to come!

Would it be inappropriate to send email to al Jazeera newspaper ?

If Bush had any LOVE for AMERICA, it would in the best interest if he

Oklahoma was strongly socialist when founded

Thanks to Bush, the world today thinks we deserved 9/11

Things just got worse

POLL--Should Donald Rumsfeld remain as secretary of defense?

The irony of John Fund commenting on physical abuse...

Can someone explain the "Southern Blue Belt"?

Now they're abusing elderly Iraqi women? WTF!!??

POLL--Have the US media overplayed the Iraqi prison abuse story?

Coincidence? HBO playing Bowling for Columbine on one channel

Tape of 9/11 Controllers Was Destroyed

I stand agaunst the Bush* admin on MORAL grounds

NYTimes says: Donald Rumsfeld Should Go

Lynndie England charged!!!! the bastards

"Wartime President" eh?

I Hope Rummy Doesn't Resign or Get Fired

What's Holding Back The World Court?

When will new poll numbers be coming out? I'll be interested to see how

I'm sick of looking at the torture pictures. Now, a new batch, with videos

Oh dear God, I can't believe I'm related to this woman

It's time to use the 14th Amendment against Florida

I am sick of people saying Abu Ghraib is an aberration...

1300 court martials. Too many laws.

Are DUer's contributing to the abuse of Prisoners by posting the pictures

Bush's Iraq is a disaster, and Kerry should steer clear of it. (TAP)

Would you be tempted to spit on the soldiers in Iraq...?

I wish Democrats sounded more like Jello Biafra and less like Joe Biden

BBV: Coast to Coast AM with Bev Harris- Repeat

al-Jazeera, Fox & U

Did anyone else get the impression that the hearing today was

We must clean house to rid ourselves of this horror

Everyone Keep One Thing In Mind

Can you help me DU this poll?

Which warmonger has the most empathy for the Abu Ghraib perps

Most Americans do not care, nor have they ever cared who we brutalize.

Deja vu - RUMSFELD/Monica Raised Hand/Oath

treatment of Native Americans

WTF...they are absolving him

WHY are so many here doing the BFEE's bidding today RE Rummy?

a question for those of religious beliefs

Rummy's just like a vampire.

Wes Clark on Meet The Press Sunday.

Just when you thought murder and raping women was the worst of it....

What do you guys think about Kerry offering Powell.....

What are We Going To Tell Our Children

Rumsfeld is Right.

Both Rumsfeld CSPAN online videos now posted...

It's the Wages (Losing) v. Inflation (Winning) Stupid!

Iraqi Abuse - Fire Rumsfeld Now --- Good Email to send to your friends

What's wrong with the people in Connecticut?

What's with the Southern-bashing on DU

Some very timely words from our old friend Tom Robbins....

What's Rove up to now?

Let's Do a Guerilla Photo Campaign With Posters in Cities to Show War

Contracts, Torture & Bush


So you really want Rummy to resign or get fired???

WP Aug 2003: Ex-Prisoners Allege Rights Abuses by U.S. Military

WP12/02:Human rights group says Bush must clarify torture not U.S. policy


Why does Hannity keep saying Kerry admitted to committing atrocities?

Just watched the McLaughlin Group and what a bunch

Here's a look at Kerry's military award ribbons

Support Our Troops - Help them get their adopted pets home!

Meeting John Kerry

Kerry's wife on 20/20 coming up

My Grandfather Hero of Iwo Jima

The mainstream press is ignoring the big Rumsfeld story...

WTF (Drudge) Guards raping young boys

The Dem campaign theme was "born" today.. "Wash away the stench"

Update on Life and Michael and Us

Michael Moore calls Disney "Pinocchio"

Randi Rhodes archives...

"Rape Pits" the Bush Version! He is now in charge of MEGA Rape Pits!

Whats happening to my country:?! A cri du couer

ICRC has confirmed that they released

Remember this picture? Pictures CAN change the world during wars

JAG: it reaches Douglas Feith

Poll 4 of 5 (New Mexico - South Carolina): Best Governor?

Poll 5 of 5 (South Dakota - Wyoming): Best Governor?

This week's Bill Moyers' NOW - Samantha Power, re: torture pics, MORE...

Here is your first look at Campaign Underground! (BETA)

"Smooth operation of a detention facility"

Bill Moyers (NOW) just SLAMMED Rush

Torture-Rape-Murder-Gate-Help me find the ulterior motive, would ya?

Sadr Saying If They Catch US Female Soldiers They Can be Kept As Slaves

Who here even remembers the Oklahoma City Bombing?

Amnesty Intl released nude Iraqi photos in April of last year. They knew.

Resignation March on Washington July 4th 2004

A challenge to all "anti-religion" DUers

Democrats: Bush Low-Balls Iraq Request (AP\MLive)

Israeli lessons for the US in Iraq

Groups Say They Cited Iraq Prison Abuse

North Korea Agrees to Military Talks with South

Navy lawyer defends driver for bin Laden /Seattle P-I

Local Iraqis divided over photos /Seattle P-I

Bothell mayor rebukes Sims /Seattle P-I

Court rules sperm donor is not liable for children

Talks With Palestinian Officials To Resume

Ceremony starts Putin's new term

Health fears have workers at Hanford seeking answers

'Al-Qaeda' offers gold for deaths

Fire Rumsfeld

NYT- Contractors in Sensitive Roles, Unchecked

'Cooks and drivers were working as interrogators'

Explosion Rocks Karachi

Pentagon Memo Warned on Army Contractors

Iraq's rebel cleric defies Bush

Dupe - sorry :(

Aides: Rumsfeld to Apologize to Congress

Evidence: Prisoners were beaten till faces 'like haggises'

Nancy Reagan tackles Bush on stem cells

Lawmakers To Insist On Oversight Of Iraq Money (WaPo)

Sept. 11 tapes were destroyed

Boston Priest in Abuse Scandal Defrocked

Nepal PM submits resignation

Apple announces more job cuts

Private Contractors and Torture at Abu Ghraib, Iraq

Pentagon Memo Warned on Army Contractors

Al-Sadr Denounces U.S. Abuse of Prisoners

Al-Sadr's Basra Aide Offers Rewards

Sharon's Deputy Says All Gaza Settlements Will Go

Crude hits $40 for first time post-1990

Security Plans Weighed for Nuclear Sites


Soldier who left baby behind is redeployed - to give birth

Transportation awards infrastructure, surveillance services contract

"I would have apologized, but I wasn't asked" -*


Soldiers Back in U.S. Tell of More Iraqi Abuses

American Lawyer Arrested in Connection with Madrid Bombings-more info!

Former Oregon governor admits sex with girl, 14

S. Dakota politician opting for sex change

Franks speaks out (a must read)

Aides say Rumsfeld to apologize to Congress

Iranian Gas Attack Victims Vow to Take U.S. to Court

Bush Resumes Campaign Bus Tour of Midwest

3 of 10 Reconstruction Workers Leave Iraq

Even With U.N. Resolution, Spain Says It Won't Send Troops Back to Iraq

Polish, Algerian reporters shot dead in Iraq

Roadside Bomb Kills Four Iraqi Police in Mosul

Bush campaign criticizes Kerry's wife for calling Cheney 'unpatriotic'

Rights group seeks role in Iraqi abuse case

Rummy Blasts Picture Taking leak to the Media at Illegal!?

Protesters gather at Titan headquarters

Cuba government denounces new U.S. proposals (Bush proposals)

BBV: Touch-screen voting stirs great debate around Palm Beach County, U.S

Iraq Sunnis Host Sadr Followers in Show of Support

Rumsfeld Apologizes to Iraqi Prisoners

Yellow Alert - Elevated

UTC Outlines Its Layoff Plans-Most Are Outside Connecticut (3000 jobs)

GOP Aid re Rumsfeld: "If he says anything arrogant, it's over."

Rumsfeld says he may resign..

Red Cross warned UK of Iraq abuse

Sudan Government Responsible for Ethnic Cleansing, Group Says

Vatican says Iraqi prisoner abuse is scandal which 'offends God'

Bush Again Apologizes for Abuse of Iraqis

Rumsfeld may Resign...

Rumsfeld Takes Blame, Says He Won't Resign

SARS virus may spread via sweat, food, touch: study | Xinhua

U.S. Rules Morning-After Pill Can't Be Sold Over the Counter

Mass Gov Romney hedges on global warming | Boston Globe


Guards punished for Cuba abuse

D'oh - dupe by 1 min - U.S. Town Sees GIs as Real Victims in Iraq Abuse

Founder of local Zen Center dies at 91

Secret Vote at Risk, Suit States (incredible BBV nonsense!) | LA Times


Bush Says Cause of Freedom 'In Good Hands'

A Timeline of the Abuse Controversy

Soldier's anonymous tip-off unleashed Iraq abuse scandal

Inspector says he warned U.S. officials of Iraqi prisoner abuse -David Kay

Abuse Will Make Jobs of U.S. Aid, Reconstruction Workers Tougher, Official

School Shooting in Randallstown, MD

Libya says U.S. has no right to criticise ruling

Bremer First Heard of Abuse Allegations at Abu Ghraib in January; ICRC Say

Klein says he isn't a bully

CNN Breaking - Hecklers Disrupting Rumsfeld Hearings!

Rumsfeld insists ‘everyone knew’ about charges

Chile legalizes divorce

Bush's ratings slip at crucial point of campaign


Abusive Guantanamo guards punished

MPs cry foul; Paul Martin's doctor runs private clinics

Bush bid to seal Cuban vote seen not assured

Two journalists on staff of Polish television killed in Iraq

Bush apogises in Egypt paper for abuse

Rangel Introduces Eight Impeachment Articles Against Rumsfeld

Kerry says Bush responsible for Iraq prisoner scandal: spokeswoman

Nuclear Site Guard Force Considered

US approves bill in favor of WHO bid - TW

Things just got worse


Shrub vs. Nancy

Abortion Critic's Ads Target Cardinal

Bremer first heard of abuse in January

WP: Capitol Hill Sees the Flip Side of a Powerful Warrior

John Kerry Dismisses Rumsfeld's Apology

Lieberman Decries Gaps in Bioterror Preparedness

Govt urged to raise Iraq torture with ambassador

NYT: Wowing Heartland, Bush Finds Warmth Missing From Beltway

Ex-prisoners tells of more abuses

Ad Assails D.C. Cardinal For Stance on Communion

NYT: Mistreatment of Prisoners Is Called Routine in U.S.

MP in Iraq worked at troubled Pa prison

Job growth strong (288,000 in April)

Few Arabs won over by Rumsfeld apology

Death squads didn't work in Vietnam, but the CIA is betting they'll be gre

Psychology offers clues in prison abuse

UK forces taught torture methods

WP: Americans Do Not Think Rumsfeld Should Resign (Poll Results)

Iraqi cleric defies US troops, taunts over abuse

Powell defends Rumsfeld, urges no rush to judgment on Iraqi abuse allegati

G.I.'s Kill Scores of Militia Forces in 3 Iraqi Cities

Rueful Rumsfeld: `Cruel' truth hurts: Rape and murder feared in Iraq abuse

Female Soldier Charged With Abuse

US town sees GI's as real victims in Iraq abuse

U.S. Faces Lasting Damage Abroad - Moral High Ground Lost, Experts Say

Red Cross: US may have tolerated Iraq abuse -WSJ

I'll be cleared: Iraq jail chief (Karpinski)

Sweden: "We knew about torture all along", DagensNyheter

More Photos, Videos in Iraq Abuse Scandal-Rumsfeld (worst is yet to come)

Bush's cabinet in disarray

UK forces taught torture methods

Scandal's fallout worries senators (a new bombshell)

Amnesty demands US 'war crimes' inquiry

Abuse photos undermine Bush's religious rhetoric

US soldier says her job was to make prison hell

From a Picture of Pride to a Symbol of Abuse in Iraq....(Pointy Girl)

'US soldiers abused young girl at Iraqi prison'

Death in Detention........"He was … covered in sweat and feces"

General Told MPs to `soften Up' Prisoners (MG Miller)

"Sometimes they pretended to kill me"

Exerpts from Red Cross report on Iraq

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 763 U.S. service members have died

White House Derby: Bush's mysterious lead

Movie "1984" On Showtime! Amerika's Future?

Website with screwups from "10.5"

Battle of the bands: Sublime VS. Beck

Anyone reading "Doonesbury" lately?

Post something about Curmudgeons

Los Lobos Guy Playing a Left-Handed Gibson SG

If only there had been a wedding on tonight's "Friends"...

Mari333 where are you?

Battle of the bands: Rage against the machine VS. The Beastie Boys.

Say something really REALLY nice about Paragon

Just got a really haunting song by Peggy Lee.

Next person to post about friends gets tombstoned

What strange type of person are you?

Say something REALLY nice about George Bush

libertyordeath - they canned Brian Burke - -what the fuck?

Whoever here has a dickhead boss...

DU wankers - Isn't just F*ckin cool being a wanker?

well, good night folks


Pledge your allegiance To George Bush!


Mac OS X riddled with security holes

I totally had my parents laughing yesterday.

DU Guitar players

If only there had been a bludgeoning death on tonight's 'Friends'...

Best fizzy soda beverage

Iraqtile dysfunction

Discover whether you will go to Hell

Hey, 25 year-old guy saying Petula Clark is awesome...

Caption the armpit of america

Need A Chew Toy For Your Dog?

Phone polls... damn, I'm such a geek

DU Insomniacs check in (7 May)

Porn actors need a union

PC Gamers: Half-Life 2 is nearing completion

What is the best sitcom that is currently on the air?

Former 'Real World' Cast Member Exposes Himself To Cop In Adult Store

Post something about the State Comptroller

Lynndie England Of Ft. Ashby, West Virginia

Where to buy retro rock T-shirts

I wasted 2 hours of my life last night

Man Bites Police Dog & Police Officer

Aaaaah! 12 hour fasting sucks!!!

Good Friday Morning DU!

Woman Claims Dog Was Loaded ... With Bullets

Women Spend 3 Years In Bunker As Sex Slaves - Freed

French Prisoners Publish Cookbook

Heart of the Beholder-- Movie Update

Student Charged With Theft - Ate 3 Pieces Of Candy From Bin

Post Something Nice About ARIZONA!!!

Woman Bites Off Attacker's Lip

Circular skewers

Left-brain vs Right-brain

President Bush apologizes

Zippedy do da zippedy ay

Another Photoshop Challenge: Ho Chi Minh as a Hero

Cartoon: Guardian's Steve Bell: "Welcome to Najaf"

Say something mean about ChavezSpeakstheTruth!

Caption: Will Ferrell feels the pain...

Who Was President When You Got Married?

Who will be President at the End of Days?

If you could have sex with any President/First lady, Which would it be?

Worst QUEEN songs.

Who will be the President when you get divorced?

I called in to work today

Hotmail blows

Who was President the first time you had Sex?

Who Was President When Your Children Were Born?

My MSN horoscope

Here's One Reason Baseball Sucks

Who Was President When You Got Divorced?

Computer Glitch Allows Drivers To Gas Up For Free

Breaking News from DU-UPI Proof bush* is a bad bad man

Who was president last time you had sex?

Boss Is Out Today - Weather Is BEAUTIFUL - Should I Leave Work Early?

Something Very Very Scary

Caption: Compassionate Poodleism, We Feel Your Pain

If you could have sex with any Secretary of Defense, who would it be?

Bubble-Wrap Bubble-Popping Lovers... Check In Here!!

Throw a grenade!

Sweet! Boss just said I can leave at 2 today!

Caption: BFEE oilman on re-anointment walk

I think. Therefore, I drink.

Best concept albums of the 80s, 90s and 00s?

who was president the first time you inhaLed?

Mutiny At EBay - Sites Biggest Sellers Air Their Gripes

Republicans Don't Want "Poop"

being home during the day has opened me up to a whole new world of DUers

Fur flies over contested cat food costs

World Hockey Championship Semi-finals US-Sweden

Name your dystopia

How's this sound for a marinade - du chefs I'm lookin at you (Robb)

PayPal links on DU?

What's my avatar?

Dallas DUers - I need your help!

Who was the first president you had sex with?

Screensavers, and TechTV killed!

New Bumper Sticker:

An Interesting Thread

If you could have sex with one of the Traveling Willbury's who'd it be?

How is Crack better than THC?

Anyone seen this site - God Hates Canada? (Warning - Phelps alert)

Burglar Breaks Into Home - Gets Caught While Sitting On Toilet

Can we knock it off with some of the rural jokes

So when Rachel got off the plane and came back ????

Rumsfeld's 'independent' panel will most likely be lead by...


Why are we not demanding Rumsfeld's resignation

If you could have sex with a toon, who would it be?

Am I the only DUer who doesn't like cats?

Anyone like the Village People?

I have an unusually large head

Favorite lollipop flavor

DU Gardeners/Flower Children. Need Help Quick!

Who would you rather have "relations" with?

YES!! only 15 minutes left!

Vote to keep a Freeper from winning a new car.

When I see CU I think Campaign Underground!

Amusing Bush Kerry joke. Read it here

Did Rumsfeld just get an ass chewing or what

Nazis-I hate those guys.

How Butch Is Your Bathroom?

Things you thought you'd never say

Hold The Cheese

I love stand up comedy. Anybody else?

Are you a dupe?

I just got my first star...couldn't donate much, though...

CONFESS!!!!!!! You like the feeling when you clean your ears with Q-Tips

What XML/RSS/Atom reader do you use?

Anyone else an appraiser?

Caption: Pickles, high as a kite

Trekkers, your opinion of Enterprise (as of 3x21)

At the risk of sounding cliche: T.G.I.F.

Recommendations for home/office printer, fax, scanner, etc. . . . . ?

DU Cooks: Favorite Potato Salad?

What's "BBV" stand for?

last episode of Friends synopsis

I've got some unresolved issues with the damn Smurfs

Imagine TV show characters from cancelled or discontinued shows now

Does Michele Norris have the sexiest voice on radio, or what?

Wow. Summer is a comin' in! Lord sing g*ddamn!

My 543rd post. Let me "Google" something for you...

Kitten Story!

Are there any political insiders here...

Rate the Friends final episode

I think its about time, don't you?

Real Band names

Here's my far more brilliant final Friends episode that should have been

What are some good online radio/music stations to listen to?

So wouldn't it be stupid-cool if in "Van Helsing"...

we all live in ayellow submarine, a yellow submarine

Would you eat something called dudhi?

Which do you think will most likely happen before the Nov 04 elections?

MY GOD Demonstrators disrupt Rumsfeld testimony

do tomatoes feel pain?

Guitar players: did you catch the tune at the end of "Friends?"

Going to the cabin, who/what should I bring?

Played hooky to watch Pirates game yesterday. Sunburn today.

How often do you use the "Hide A Thread" Option?

i just aced 3/4 of my finals, so screw you!

Will someone please recommend an inkjet refill kit that actually works?

You may want to consider getting a life if your favorite activity is:

Next line, please.... answer mine, then post yours....

Caption:Putin reviews his new Swiss Guard contingent

Joe Bussard's Vintage 78 . . .

Hey Chicago Duers-Celebrate My Birthday & See XNASA's Band!

Seasons don't fear the reaper...

i just won 2 tix to tomorrow's red sox game

What is your favorite Paul Henning produced show?

What do you do to get inspired?

"43996 user registrations since January 2001"

For those who you who insult others for liking certain TV shows

I've got a "Billionaires for Bush" type idea and need some help.

Say something nice about LynneSin.

One Of You Guys Posted A Message Last Year That Made Me Laugh

Cello Worth $3.5 Million Stolen From Porch

Who will you vote for?

Olsen twins bigger than Beatles, but Beatles still bigger than Jesus

George W Bush could molest a puppy on national TV

One Of You Guys Posted A Message Yesterday That Made Me Laugh


Barbara Bush sells her boy: A Mother's Pride

The University of Minnesota just screwed me over.

In honor of Rummy, Caption the Dummy!

Drag Queen Gang Terrorizes South

The Mask of Contrition of all CAPTIONS

are we being visited by tourists from the future?

Help! What should I do with stray cat?

The Language of Liars

Why is my car overheating?

What happened to everybody's sig's???

Give psycho-Rummy a CAPTION

King of Queens fans...did you notice

Happy Birthday Traci Lords

Any of you hear about this? (Not political)

I'm ih8thegop, and I approve this massage.

Fuck "Friends," the whole cast, NBC, the hype, the sponsors, . . .

Jesus saves


Eddie Guerrero vs John Bradshaw Layfield.........who will win?

Is there something in the air, or are a lot of peoples' shorts

see you people in 3 months!

Atheist joke.

Fuck Bush, the whole staff, CIA, the lies, the whores, . . .

Rachel Sweet or Johnny Rotten?

BAHAHA! Van Helsing is gonna SUCK!!

Best DIET Soda

My degeneration

Really good cartoon on Buzzflash, Kirk Anderson on Rumsfeld:

delete thread please

Caption THE MOST HIDEOUS pic of bush EVER. he looks EVIL..

did everyone just lose their sigs?

I just hid fifteen threads. Ask me anything.

A few of my favorite funny movies (Shockwave, Flash - post your own faves)

freeper site pls

Will Rumsfeld resignation cause defectors from the Bush Admin.

sometime today we'll reach 44,000 registrations since Jan. 2001...

It's One Thing For Friends To End. It's Going To Be Another Thing When

Where's The "Ignore Thread" [X] mark?

Anyone out there named Marcus?

Fuck stuff.

Which picture do you like better?

Oklahoma, Texas and Louisiana DU'ers:

DinoBoy: he's SOOOOO done with finals

If you were an object of your desire, would you do you?

Am I Watching Gov Hearings...or A Mighty Wind?

Hey Red Sox fans, let's remember Bill Buckner!

Did Anyone Lose Their Sieg Heils?

Did anyone lose their cigs?

So, What Do You Think James Trafficant's Day Was Like?

I went down the local for a couple of brewski's this afternoon...

What IS McCain (D) Saying to Lieberman (---)?

Godwin's Law has just been validated!

What is this shit? are you hearing rummy yell???

Who gained the most from an early death?

Who wants to move to Sedna with me if we lose in November

43,999 members of DU since January 2001...

44,000 EvilDUers!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!!!

Help with uploading pics

FM Radio Stations: Is Is Just A Coincidence That The NPR Stations Are Low

"Anybody know what day 'Cinqo de Mayo' is on this year?"

6 months old. My babies are getting so big.

"Once in awhile you can get shown the light...

What's The Largest Amount Of Cash You've Lost?

Here is your first look at Weather Underground! (Possibly)

Got a spouse/sig. other who shares your politics, but hates when you...

After the events of this week - Bush's* future, in Images

Yipee! I Got My Kerry Campaign KILT In Today's Mail

Here is your first look at Velvet Underground (maybe)

Speak for the cow - caption time!

Do you have satellite radio?

Who Was Present Last Time You Had Sex?


Name Your Transmission Preference

Who Wants To Move To Mexico With Me If We WIN In November?

Would you write an autobiography?

Raiders Hire 'Apprentice' Nick Warnock

Celebate for 11 minutes, 11 seconds!

GM Offers Discount On Hummer as Sales For Big SUVs Slide

Post something irritating about OHIO

This post is a sex thread,

What song have you heard on the radio lately

Celibate for 11 hours as of this morning...

The eleven minute celibate

Yoko Ono

Did someone forget to tell Cracker Barrel Mgmt that it's not 1940

Celibate for 11 years as of this month...

Metallica, Beatallica, or Apocalyptica?

Is Ramen bad for you?

Here is your first look at the London Underground! (MAYBE)

You! Yeah, you! Got a favorite song by Depeche Mode?

Rock Against Bush. CD, DVD, Stickers, $8!

Heart: Underrated band or Sellout Losers?

new Savage Weiner advertisers Reliaquote, Super 8,

Digital Cameras at 1/2 off!

If you could read minds, would you?


You! Yeah, You! Got a favorite Yak?

I have a great-looking member...

My mom told me to get off my soap box, waaaaaaaaa!

Kobe prosecuters: Keep out OJ case expert

Zima. .......I hear it's goat pee

Republican musicians.....but you like their music

Danes help with toilet paper shortage

Danes help neighbors with toilet paper shortage

Rumsfeld says he is not a Bunny

M Is For The Million Things She Gave Me

Would Scooby Do just leave us alone, and just retire?

The Navy Blue Angels are doing practice runs right over my office.

Military Warns About THC in Tan Lotion

From where you are now

Does "their" ever strike you as an odd word?

Fantasy Battles You'd like to See - Update!


Mom's I need help with a 4 yr old.

sing along...the Queen of all Argyll

"No Infections Found" (Scan Time: 22 Minutes)

Make your mailman GROAN tomorrow....

Who's bigger, Jesus or the Beatles?

Whedon: Angel Telefilms Unsure

Can I get a BS Please

i'm off to a dinner party (instructions inside)

How many people have me on their IGNORE list?

9:40 p.m. EDT: Sandra Bernhardt (sp?) is on AAR's"Majority Report."

Our loss of patriotismn (rant)

We all need to become conservative pundits.

Postcards for our troops...Update...

Last week in Pa, Gas was $1.99/gal. Today $2.14/gal.

I'm upset. Myles is dead

I need advice....

What movie should Sus and I see this weekend

This post is not a non-sex thread.

Yay! I'm extremely excited today :)

My computer has a worm, and it is the worst ever!

About Celibacy

Oral Intercourse: Lawmakers Shown Having Oral Intercourse...

Holy crap, GD is moving fast!


He tried to kill my daddy!

George W. Bush dancing with Brittany Spears?!?!?!?!?!


Who do you think will win the Stanley Cup?

Check out this musical pairing

Tori Amos: Love her or leave her?

Someone whistled at my butt tonight. Damn it was good.

Just got my high-speed cable for my computer--Ask me anything!

This Day in History: May 7th

I stumbled across a SCARY SCARY SCARY website

JAG waking up to realities....inferior body vests and the "mother"

I think someone put sugar in my gas tank

I don’t hate America- I’m just wondering does it exist anymore?

The Dem campaign theme was "born" today.. "Wash away the stench"

The Lowlands of Holland...the Brit/Celtic folky rocky thread

JCCyC's first cat thread

I'm currently eating a pint of Haagen-Dazs French Vanilla Mousse.

What about Windows users who make their desktop look like a Mac?

So who here has a navel ring? I could use some advice

Can anyone put Karl Rove's head on Torture Photo Folded Arms Guy?

What do we tell the CHIILLLLDRUN??

Now on "The Majority Report" -- JELLO BIAFRA!!!

Can you outrun a cannibal???

Kerry Wins Texas. Ask me anything.

I love LBN. But, there are just too many stories about the torture!

Have you ever been confusing to a member of the opposite sex?

Bush will not release Rummy from his cabinet...

childhood fears?

What's your favorite song by QUEEN?

I just bought 3 cell phones, so now what?

Just got back from GD...

Hey, Lady! You, Lady!

What movie do you think will get #1 this weekend?

What’s you favorite flower?

There's little love for Kerry on the GD board today.

Food you can't find locally.

Ann Coulter after seeing bu*sh & Condi in the act

Do you remember your President Nixon?

Do you think Lynndie England will get her own made for TV movie?

How meaningless was your college commencement speech?

Oral Sex: A Dangerous New Trend

Chain Gang

What animal are you?

The Smiths vs. The Cure

Anyone remember a fast food chain called Rax?

The Detroit Pistons rule.

Red Sox score 3 in bottom of ninth.... win 7-6... life is good

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy in the UK

What's The Largest Amount Of Cash You've Found?

What's the best T.V. dinner to eat.


I had Boston butt tonight. Damn it was good!

The Atkins diet: Love it? Like it? Dislike it? Hate it?

Today is Harry Truman's Birthday

Dark alterna-foll/country rock.....

The lounge is losing its character.

Name for Bush... Knuckular President, because he can't say nuclear

45 RPM Record Sleeves, Day 5

Camera dudes and dude-ettes, which 400 speed film is best?

Anyone have weird hearing?

Man, 26, shot dead outside Wrigley (Field)

What famous novels, short stories, and plays should I read?

What's your favorite cruising song(s)?

Have you ever alerted the moderators about a thread? What

Have you ever been confused for a member of the opposite sex?

Old geezers and electronics buffs: get a load of this book I bought

What movie or TV show do you know the dialog from TOO well?

Where the HELL is Shakeydave???

Last Saturday I cut my arm….Today major infection….

CHALLENGE: Find The Weirdest Web-Page (non-Sexual)

Feeling clever? Play the FORTUITOUS MOVIE PAIR game...

Best Line of Phil Och's "I Ain't Marching Anymore"?

How is Mac better than PC?

Better living through song titles: FAVORITE PHILOSOPHICAL SONG TITLE

I just kicked Calgary butt. Damn it was good!

Here is your first look at Campaign Underground! (BETA)

To all my friends of DU, especially my fellow lounge lizards: I'm sorry...

Because DU demands the best!!!! Pictures of Abbott and Evita

What operating system are you using right now?

This new worm - why is it called "SASSER?"

Where I'm buying my next personal computer (maybe you will, too)

Can anyone jump into this "caption this" pastime?

Caption Bush on the Bus

What book should I read next?

Yay !!! - I Finally Made The Public DU Gallery !!!

What was on the cover of TIME magazine the day YOU were born?

Post something mean about CONNECTICUT!

Oh Richaaaaaaaaaaardo! And tigereye!!!

My friends - I need your prayers

What's the WORST fast-food place (excluding McDonald's)???

"Don't be shy, say hello to someone you don't know" thread

The DU Gallery has been updated (5/7/04)

Who wants to move to Nunavut with me if we lose in November?

Elections and intelligent swarms

Where has Nader gotten on the ballot for November?

Would Rumsfeld's resignation help or hurt bush*?

The next time someone suggests Colin Powell for VP...

Bush returns to Iowa amid abuse scandal

Prollem an' Cammnitt: could this be why the world thinks we're stupid?

So when Rachel got off the plane and came back ????

Arianna Huffington to post weekly at Democracy for America.

"Area Joins in National Day of Prayer" where Don Evans Praises Pres. Bush

Jobs Tidbits

Arizona is buying Diebold machines!! Write Jan Brewer

Kucinich Boston Convention HQ Opens May 10


Yet another reason why....


"There has never been.....

Serious problems with

AP: John Kerry Dismisses Rumsfeld Apology for Abuse

Why we should all support Kerry!

Hey Naderites! How does it feel to be responsible for this?

Hitler and Bush family money laundering in the 1930's

West Virginia Poll: Bush 47, Kerry 43, Nader 2

Yipee! I Got My Kerry Campaign Kit In Today's Mail

Kerry up 2 points in Oregon, tied with Nader on ballot


What if Kerry had voted against the Iraqi resolution?

Fox pushes the envelope: the most convoluted Bush / Kerry logic so far

NJ Rutgers/Eagleton Poll: Kerry 43% Bush 37%

Kerry doesn't have any "really good surrogates??!!"

70 percent of Americans support Rumsfeld.

kerry running away with it on

Q. Will anyone ask Rummy why he ignored Red Cross Reports of Abuse?

America Votes action tomorrow. Election Action Day..Lewis Black in NH

Have You Donated $ To JK's Campaign?

Of those of you who definitely will support John Kerry for President...

Did Florida get lost in the Irag news, or did I just miss this?

so, Dem centrists - where are we in the Great Drive to Unity?

ARG Oregon Poll--Kerry 45%. Bush 45%, Nader 5%

Nader's People Mise Well Just Vote for Bush:

Should Dean run as an Independent in 2008 if Kerry loses?

Bush Loses Ground on Economy, War in Iraq, AP-Ipsos Poll Shows

What kind of Democrat are you?

Wesley Clark on Meet The Press This Sunday !

Get ready for jobs growth figures

How about Maxine Waters for VP?

VP possibility: What do you think about Tom Harkin?

Any one else receive this Mother's Day letter from Barbara Bush?

Go ahead DUers, help Bush win!

Wesley Clark to Deliver Democratic Radio Address Saturday

I now FULLY support Kerry and apologize

Why do the Rasmussen polls make more sense than others?

Bush Haters in Unexpected Places?

Is there a realistic chance of carrying West Virginia?

A Timeline of the Abuse...Unbelievable! Miller is now in charge in Iraq!

Sign Kerry's petition for Rummy's resignation

Question: If these job numbers continue up to November....

Why didn't Kerry vote against John Negroponte's nomination?

I watched Evan Bayh speak today at the hearings and like him for Veep

Granny D: Toward a new democracy.

Of those of you who are definitely voting for John Kerry for President...

John Kerry names Johnny Depp as running mate

Cali-for-ni-a ----Kerry 46 Bush 45 Survey USA

Here is your first look at Campaign Underground! (BETA)