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Archives: May 6, 2004

Wolfie's Fuzzy Math: Maureen Dowd

"Restoring Our Honor" by Tommy Boy

Is it all over for Blair?

The Problems at Abu Gharib are Not Rummies Fault.

Dowd: Shocking and Awful

Rebuilt Flight 800 teaches air safety

Judge tells pan-blue camp to shape up - TW

I'm finally home. Hello Gungeonites!

Girls beat teen unconscious at dance

Do you think Dave Ross should run for Congress?

Miller...the editor of the Nation now

dergham and arabic msnbc anaylist

moore on cnni now

Was Army Report Classified to Protect the Guilty?

Denis Miller is worth watching for once

IS Bush looking at a TELEPROMPTER during that Al Hurra interview?

Who are your strange bedfellows?

Civilian contract torturers paid $100,000/year

NPR reports Bush's Arab TV appearance CENSORED.

Brattleboro Reformer (VT)....are pro-union folks being fired?

So long Rummy, cant say its been good to know ya'

Will our adventures in the ME be rembered as our 'NANKING'?

Check out what Sy Hersh said on O'Really last night about the torture

I keep coming back here....

HI, kids! I'm home! (finally)

past the point of no return

Anyone been listening to Limbaugh.

This saddens me. Help!!!

The Master Thread of Bush Failures. Put your favorite on the Subject line.

Colombian Justice Cracks Down on Officials

U.S. Guardsman Probed for Iraq Naked Soldier Photos

Pentagon forced to withdraw leaflet linking aid to information on Taliban

Number of Prison Deaths Tied to Americans Rises to As Many As 14

Car Bomb Blasts Entrance to Baghdad's Green Zone

Torture Report May Have Broken Classification Rules

Car bomb explodes in central Baghdad

Rep. Maxine Waters Calls on Congress Not To Recognize New Haitian Governme

Ok - I am ashamed to admit it - I love soused Mary's

Strange timing: Nazi war criminals on Discovery Channel now...

Mark Morford, SF Gate.... Cat Lovers Beware!!

I'm Not Ashamed To Admit It...I Love Little Grouses On Garys..

Who's More Awesome (Techno): Faithless or Underworld?

I just came back from a trip to my mother's...and I'm scared.

What would happen if Kerry challenged Bush to an IQ test?

Check out my new avatar!

What's the longest you've read in a book series?

Some people are so nasty when you raise the curve.

Are there atheists in foxholes?

Kerry, his Senate testimony and Abu Ghraib

Conasan exposes conservative-driven, Kerry-smearing


Good editorial by NYT on kerry's Iraq plan

Mr. Rumsfeld's Responsibility (tomorrows WashPost oped)

Souter Still a Mystery After 14 Years

Talking to the Arab world: a lesson learned? (An Editorial from Lebanon)

Blumenthal: This Is the New Gulag

This is what happens in any war

Cohen: Who Should Have Known?

Bush on Arabic-language television: old lies and glaring contradictions

European Press Review: The Bolting of Washington's Horse

The looming oil crisis will dwarf 1973

Why Thomas Friedman is an ignorant SHIT HEAD.

Restoring Our Honor, Thomas Friedman

Salon/ War Room '04: Bush approval rating at its worst

The Bush dilemma toon

Mr. Rumsfeld's Responsibility

Michael R. Gordon: Warnings go unheeded over North Korea threat

FAA Scrapped Tape of 9/11 Controllers Statements/NYTIMES/

'Quiz' sheds light on Armed Forces mentality

Editorial: Wanted - Realism in Iraq

Ellen Goodman, "It Was Not A Good Week for Liberty"

I Usually Disagree Vehemently With George Will

Its not Torture its blowing off steam


Kristol: Honor the slain by crushing the mob

The danger of market forces in the military

How to get out of Iraq; by Jonathan Schell

This is the new gulag .......Sidney Blumenthal

We need to do our part!

Alterman - president on Arab television to not-quite-apologize

NYT Editorial: Donald Rumsfeld Should Go

Iraq failure analyzed

Josh Marshall has figured out why Rumsfeld won't be fired!

This is an interesting

Molly Ivins: Neo-Con Man

Rush: MPs 'Blowing Off Steam' - CBS

Democratizing Iraq, piece by piece

Mr. Rumsfeld's Responsibility (Important WaPo Editorial)

It's Time To Face The Not See Menace

CALL TO ACTION: Allow cameras into Abu Ghraib Prison Now! - Boycott Disney - Fire Rumsfeld

Tell bush* : Listen to your Mother.

Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction flak - pre-emptive strike on photos?

A Brief Guide To American Newspapers

Randi on listenership

MAD Magazine, April 2004 issue

Imus says he 'can't see a problem' with pictures

Ed Schultz takes on Clear Channel

Need to read some good fiction

Don't be a "not see".

The ghosts and demons of evil places.

The Draft European Constitution

Congress Representatives for India NOT U.S.!

WTF is up with

Help-Wanted indicator - ad hoc anecdotal reports here

GDP stats

Bill to give $37B more incentives to fire Americans & offshore

Lawmakers Seek to Remove Lead from Tap Water

SA govt needs to wake up to climate change

Royal Caribbean to Clean Up Waste Problem

EPA deluged by state (Wisconsin) on mercury rule

Animal rights award for the chef who said no

Corn for the Atkins devotee? (Low carb, high protein GM corn)

Russia's Oil Reserve Numbers Now A State Secret (BP Says Low Anyway)

Oceans Awash With Microscopic Plastic, Scientists Say

North Korean Farming Threatens Environment

Maori Protest New Zealand Shoreline Plan

Brazil Senate rejects bingo ban

Brazil opposition challenges Lula wage hike

Chile March Economic Growth Is Fastest Since 1998

US downplays Powell term of 'stupid little island' that caused rift

Nigeria farm fights kill 6

Protesting Coca Growers March Into Lima

Peru Congress Ousts Interior Minister

Blix in Austin: Why the War Wasn't Necessary

The Mystery of Abu Ghraib

Fisk: Wounded men being shot censored by TV

The actions of "six rogue soldiers" has caused a bigger effect on

Did Saddam gas his own people? Or did Reagan lie?

PW Botha 'advised right-wingers'

GUNS IN THE NEWS--May 6, 2004

MO: No background checks before permits...

Question(s) on CCW permit training requirements

Soon, Osama's Guys Can Buy American Again

ACLU joins with Gun Owners group to oppose the Patriot ACT

Do you ever worry about people spending to much time on DU?

Can we have an International Forum please? n/t

I have a paranoid question

Posting proven falsehoods about a Democratic candidate.

What are the rules reguarding a fellow DU'er...

Can we add David Brock's new site to the Links list?

About the DU gallery...

Need help from admin with a potential flame war

Sig Line Picture Won't Load....

Are There "Banned Words" On DU?

Real charity threads

madfloridian and I need help

Gaza Pullout Plan Won't Be Slimmed Down -Official

The settlers are not the golem

Arafat Fortifies Compound Fearing Attack

Israeli chess officials demand contest be moved from Libya

UN approves resolution saying Palestinians have 'right to sovereignty'

F.A.A. Official Scrapped Tape of 9/11 Controllers'

Chicago Neighborhood Map

Army man mourned after Iraq drowning

State: Purge felon voters on list

SAN FRANCISCO - Police shoot, kill disabled man

Want to make a difference? Join the Patrick Henry Democratic Club

Support the Oakland Cannabis Initiative - Download Petition

anyone gonna work against Randy Duke Cunningham

Study Finds Racial Profiling in Mass.

FINALLY: The Sox break their losing streak

Mass Dem State Convention, This Saturday, at U-MASS/Amherst

A Massachusetts get to know you thread

Action alert: "Defense of Marriage Pledge."

Federal officials seize two tons of marijuana in Hamtramck

Kerry Campaign is looking at buying ad time on NC TV

Kerry Art Auction in Cleveland

Can somebody help?

Kerry may visit Erie next week

Vehicle Emissions Inspections

So, Is the Texas Forum the first to reach the three pages mark.

I got a call today about a job in Kerrville - I'm comin' home!

Who is Richard Morrison?

Republican Lege wants to link teacher pay to student grades

Is Zionism Racism?

Get off our rumps right now and do something...

What happened to Abu-Musab al-Zarqawi and all the foreign fighters in...

Shouldn't we be looking into Guantanomo again as well?

Strange Fruit - from the Hangings in the South to Torture in Iraq

Bush's SS troops abused animals in Iraq

nightline for west coasties

Bush, Johnson and the Tet Offensive (Why is this man running?)

Cheney Visit to Wal-Mart Shows He'll Never 'Get It,' Says FAST

He's not my President in Chief, Sean Hannity makes me want to puke!

The Beginning of the End in Iraq?

Boy who claims he was bullied gets probation, community service for striki

Major General Geoffrey Miller, new Iraq Prison System CO, ran Gitmo?

Bush Photomosaic

We Got the RIGHT Guy for a Cover-Up! You're Up, Powell!!!

Old article detailing Bush's manipulative speech technique

Apologize, Schmapologize.

how many tim mcveighs will be comming back this time round?

Freepers invade "Ain't It Cool News" over Michael Moore

Bush's moral high ground slipping away

California's Debt


The new torture pictures will be the Angela Wright of this scandal.

Another reason to not like boxings Don King-Bush Donor

The looming oil crisis will dwarf 1973

question for trolling freepers

The Democrats Created WMD and passed it onto *

The Internet in China: Civilian and Military Uses

The Angry(War) President.***** Bush uses "Anger" as a Tool to

A Call For the U.S. to Investigate the Massacre of Mazar

Pictures of Iraq torture --- a turning point?

bush talks about rape & torture rooms......a history

Bob Wallace pegs the freepers and other neo-con fools

Female Repug: HILLARY had the pictures made. That is why she went to Iraq

Limbaugh on torture of Iraqis: U.S. guards were "having a good time," "blo

The 14 Defining Characteristics of Fascism

Saddam soldiers back in the streets of Falluja

Show me the money, or at least the pictures?

"Only a handful of US soldiers were torturers"

I Watched Bush's Interview With Arab TV... Can He Be Any MORE Stupid?

Prom's ban on same-sex guests being challenged

Soon China's GDP Will surpass America. What will be the reaction?

It has gotten soooooooo hard to do!!!

Josh Marshall thinks we might have put the wrong man in charge of Prisons

Interesting Article: Repug Srategist on the Repug Campaign Strategy

rollovers and mercenaries

Proof (links) needed

Watching Wilson on C-Span: It is clear that our press is intimidated by

Bush strategy is one of division....

Political "advice" from the enemy

Bush claimed presumption of innocence for torturers (hell with prisoners)

The constantly evolving "Bush scolds Rummy" CNN headline

Joe Wilson coming up on CSPAN

CALL TO ACTION: Allow cameras into Abu Ghraib Prison Now!

Clueless Bush not told there is a Resource Problem- 25Billion Supplemental

Libyan court sentences 7 foreign health workers to death by firing squad

Skilling: The CEO Who wasn't there-what's going on with Enron?

Why has Kerry been silent about the torture scandal in Iraq?

"Old Lies and Glaring Contradictions"...

CNN Polls: "Rumsfeld has no teeth, nor a poll about him" Edition

C-Span 8:57 ET: Was it a DUer? The person was right on the money and

US News: The Hunt For Bin Laden

Did he say "Abhorrent" or "Aberrant?"

Warning to and Truth Uncovered Movie

"Bush tries to calms Arabs on Prison Abuse" Note accompanying pic

What TV show Mr. Bush?

Will Catholic Church withhold communion from politicians who support wars.

Howard Stern on fire this morning... Talking about how people are afraid

Fox: Bush Interview "Definitely Helped?" Helped Bush? Helped Who?

DU this CNBC SquawkBack Poll - it is being freeped right now

bush to star on "American Idle"......

Ummm...why are we in Najaf patrolling??

USofA defeat in Iraq, and bloody retreat this summer will take down

Read Raed's Mom's blog........ From Monday the 3rd, 2004

So what are those tax breaks Jebbie will give to Disney?

Arab Television Shows Blindfolded Hostage

BBC just said Colin Powell's aid denounced Paul Wolfowitz.

Kerry's new ads nearly perfect

kicking ass on now 9:15 central

Cry me a river Mr. Powell, you do have the ability to quit you know!

Isn't it time for C-SPAN to change call-in numbers ??

they attacked us, we attacked them, the revenge game goes on

There are MORE pictures? Let me

Why being right on WMD is no consolation to Iraqi scientist, 'enemy' of US

bush KNEW ABOUT THE ABUSES and condoned them

The Red Cross knew!

The 'Rape of Iraq" acquires a New Meaning

NYT: Another Vision of Iraq- Kerry Offers Grounded,Pragmatic Vision

Leahy on C-Span 2- Failure of LEADERSHIP!!!!

U. S. G. I.'s harnessed elderly Iraqi woman & rode her like a donkey

Bush knew nothing about the pictures at all until....

1970s FBI File Pegs Kerry As Moderate

The Shrub is P.O'd

"US soldiers routinely used ... skulls as ornaments on military vehicles"

Proof the media is pro-Bush

oops double post - delete

Time to replace the National Bird

Poodle appoints 'Dodgy Dossier' genius as new MI6 chief

When comic strips fly in under the political radar...

the end of the Bush Al-Hurrah interview

Sid Blumenthal coming up on Air America.

While Dub's attending the National Day of Prayer service, maybe he could..

Aussie opinion: "Stuck in coalition of the immoral for no good reason"

FP in ecstasy over Kerry's bike accident

Donna Brazile will be on WP online forum today, 12 noon ET

What is the reason for this

Is this crisis consuming the White House?

michael savage 'hate radio' bigotry exposed by Jimmy Carter's

"Say What" Kerry takes lead in new Gallup poll 49-48

Protesters Ambush CONservative think tank


LOL, Fundies try to ban the term "FCUK" from T shirts

Help me find Negroponte Thread! (please)

Anyone see the photo of Sen Richard Shelby holding hands with Saddam?

Senator Lautenberg Calls for Censorship Hearings - Disney

McClellan on the missing Bush apology: "I'm saying it now for him."

C-span2 - Confirmation of Negroponte as Ambassador to Iraq...

They (the neocons and Freeps) are still trying to cover Bush's butt.

Oy Oy Oy...

Will America's past become America's future?

Reuters: Bush Wants Rumsfeld to Stay as Pentagon Chief

Franken is cookin'!!

AP-1970s FBI File Pegs Kerry As Moderate

Biden says one option is to leave Iraq

'Indecent Proposal' wife faints after court ordeal

Does this seem wrong to anyone else?

REMINDER: Bob Somerby on O'Franken Today 12 EST

The Spanish Inquisition and the abuse at Abu Ghraib prison.

wolfowitz speaking now about rumsfeld on c-span

Red Cross: U.S. Ignored Our Prison Pleas

They were not POW's but enemy combatants-no rules!

We are to believe when the President ask questions no one writes them down

China cracks down on Internet cafes (shuts down 8600)

Let's not forget Guatanamo

NYSE is down over 100 points - Is W speaking on TV?

Chimpy NOT Translated On US Propaganda Channel

Bush tells al-Hurrah reporter "Good job"

Our guy is losing to a war criminal

Finally. A sex scandal for Bush

This editorial cartoon: Wingnut or prophetic? long does Rummy have?

MoDo NYTimes "Shocking and Awful"

Jobless Claims Lowest Since 2000

Mark Luther is an idiot...

Hillary Clinton on Oprah Today

Rushism verification

sad email going around

Wolfie stands in for Rummy

Join SEIU and Fight for the Future. Open-sourcing the Union movement.

Cspan update: Pelosi calls for Rumsfeld's resignation

So who are these people I'm told still think Bush is very presidential?

Iraq prison abuse not THAT surprising...consider US prisons

Do You Agree with the “Hyde Park Declaration”

Scotty vs Helen on now...


The woman all Republican'ts fear, on Oprah today

Rangel says if Rummy doesn't quit he want's to file

What hurt's Bush's campaign bottom line more. Rumsfeld staying/Leaving

Wolfie now interviewing Former Supreme Allied Commander of Nato but it is

Prediction: The Left and Right will switch places a little on Abu Ghraib

Support the Oakland Cannabis Initiative - Download Petition

What should be the Democratic Party position on Iraq?

It now looks like God was playing a big joke on Jr.

Franken is making fun of Bob Woodward. He is ripping him to shreds!

Republicans Block Inquiry into Contractors

Support Our Troops - Bring 'Em Home !

Bush* Vanity And Arrogance

When will "Farenheit 9/11" be on video?

If Rumsfeld resigns what happens to the other neocons in the defense dept?

DU this CNN poll (Disney/Michael Moore)

Just a few can screw up all the good things in Iraq.

Tommy Friedman calls for Bush to fire Rumsfeld, but he's still a fool.

So, Powell and Armitage (former CACCI Board Member) are Bailing on Chimp!

It's time to start charging some folks with Murder!

The Bishop Gambit

Rumsfeld should be investigated, about Abu Ghraib, the run-up to Iraq, etc

Moon gives axe to wingnut hacks

our soldiers and american hostages will now be treated the same way

How does demanding a cabinet member's resignation help us?

WH sent 3 emails of questions Olbermann should ask Wilson

So Smirk is going on Fundie TV tonight for 3 hours?

Kerry on LIVE CNN

hi from London; Bush is NOT playing well here and

Latest AOL poll on election and Bush performance

Iraqi inmates freed, dumped at quarry

CNN: Gallup Poll & "Bush's lowest job approval rating since taking office"

Gun Owners of America and ACLU unlikely allies in opposing Patriot Act

Kerry: "As president, I will not be the last to know what is going on...

The Libyan AIDS verdict: The west is screwing up big time.

Should Rumsfeld be fired? POLL

Wanta bet King Abdullah would rather not have George "help the region

Should people who criticize the government be heavily taxed?

Bay Area MPs say abuse rumors circulated at Baghdad prison

so, is it still pointless to bring up impeachment?

FANTASTIC Pro-Democrat Email to share and pass around....

Richard L. Armitage former director of CACI guits to join Bush team

"Vote to Impeach George Bush! (Anyone remember this) Still Active.

King Abdullah II speaks English as a Second Language better than

did you know we just attacked 2 more cities?

Hey P.E.T.A! I just ate a big fat ass steak for lunch! YUM!

TPM: Letters Home from AG abuser.....

Kathleen Turner - voice of American liberal radio?

Which State Has The Worst Pair Of Republican Senators?

Heidi Collins: Latest CNN/Bush mouthpiece

Nixon & Bush....1973 & 2004 - Bush following path towards IMPEACHMENT

Harkin talking about NEGROPONTE'S record in Honduras on CSpan!

Chimp scold Herr Scumsfeld? Rrrrrright! Rummy decides whether to keep *

Do we watch CNN just to see who is the biggest whore

ThomWV, was that you on "the factor?"


Rangle just called for Articles of Impeachment

Hell, by Patrick Sabatier-a must read

"Helter Skelter" will add fuel to the fire

Scott mouthpiece McClellan disrepecting Helen Tomas yet again

Alumnus from my university killed in bu$h*'s Oil Jihad

David Brock on O'Franken

C-Span - Anybody heard HARKIN talking about tortures he recorded

MSNBC poll: 70% want rumsfeld fired

AWOL is on CNN live right now with the King of Jordan

PETA thinks Michael Moore shoud lose weight

Visualize 40,000...

What kind of numbers in the house and senate to we need for Impeachment?

Apology "flip flop"

Sing - A - Long!

Sony Classic Pictures & Lion's Gate says they'll distributed Moore's Movie

CSPAN1 ALERT Rangel up

If Rumsy gets fired, will he turn on Bush?

So Ted Rall Just Emailed Me....

Bush on CNN just apologized "I'm sorry"

I say, put the FKR in Prison

We are done, Kerry is an israel servant. why do we need a president ?

C-Span MCCAIN defending Negroponte - we cannot deviate from winning

No. He did NOT apologize... any more than YOU apologized if you felt sorry

Serious request for aid from Dallas-FW area DU'ers and friends.

Website Link Please

Re: Bush and King Abdulla

Beware of the 25 Billion Supplemental Request!!

Looking for input on an Islam/Christianity discussion (don't be scared)

Freepers pissed off at B*sh

It's about what kind of nation do we wish to be....

did he apologize or didn't he? Did he promise Nevada no nukes?

Why the hell is it such a big deal for a president to say "I'm sorry"?

Freaky FRIST on Senate floor saying that NEGROPONTE is just

If Rummy goes do we get Wolfie?

Bush Holds National Day of Prayer Celebration!

Pasolini's "Salo": The 120 Days of Abu Ghraib

Apology Fallout Roundup!

cspan 2 heads up Negroponte debate

I have Rushism!

it's official: clinton blamed for torture because of 'don't ask don't tell

Freepers response to Torture/Abuse scandal

Shrub won't ask rummy to quit

Iraq torture.

bush used the sorry word

Tom Druce ordered to serve full jail sentence (former Pa Repuke politician

Freeper: What I believe REALLY happened in the Iraqi prisons.

He Can't Even Apologize on His Own!

Daily Howler Highlights Devastating Letter in Today's NY Times

Where has King George the First been?

Political Science 101 -- Election Strategy

We can assume that all the Bush "supporters" are also sorry....

Juror in Nichols trial suffers heart attack

This prisoner scandal is *'s "Stain"...he mentioned the word stain during

Is this enough proof that LIHOP isnt a conspiracy theory.........

How many Iraq insurgents have died in the war?

Rummy is WAY above Bush in the pecking order....

"I was sorry for" versus "I AM sorry for"

Moonie shill for fascism, Bill Sammon, writes glowing White House report

Did Bush apologize?

How serious is a "reprimand" in the military?

Limbaugh opens his mouth: "having a good time" - blowing off steam

PETA's new target: Michael Moore

What's this about 25Billion BushCo to ask for...?

What is "moral clarity?"

comments please - my letter to editors of local my papers

M. Bush et le chaos

Ted Rall to be on Hannity today

More companies green-light domestic-partner benefits

DeBaathify, then reBaathify? Bush League's Old Junta Gets Their Boots Back

Ok I am going to pull a Bush here

Turkish demonstrators chant anti-American slogans set fire to...

Do you think Colin Powell sold out to save Africa from AIDS?

can't sleep; clowns will eat me

I love that ad of Kerry with his daughter & wife Teresa

Hollbroke on CNN

*Future*...RUMMY FIRED!!

Given recent news of tortures, has your attitude changed about our troops?

Senators seek demolition of Iraqi prison

Today's CNN Poll - Are You For Throwing Out The Trash?

Kyl (R-AZ)on C-Span2: We most certainly are not losing the war.

Afghanistan, What Could Have Been ?

Sure wouldn't mind having this guy as our President about now.....

The Anatomy of Fascism (new book by Robert O. Paxton)

Human Rights Watch in 03:Rumsfeld Wrong to Attack Belgian Human Rights Law

U.S. stocks tank again amid rate worries

Fahrenheit 911 : FIRST (mini)-REVIEW!!!

Has any president ever apologized to the "enemy" for anything before?

Will Lil' Rummy resign or be fired by the end of the month?

John Kerry 59% George Bush 37% per MSNBC Poll

Classic Quote: American War Criminals and Murderous Leaders

Bad Economic News for GWB in Pennsylvania

National Day of homophobia

Randi Rhodes discussing Bush*'s "I am sorry statement" Hilarious!

Transcript of bush and King Abdullah

Kerry may have a problem with Israel/Palestine now.

Need DU help getting info for a swing state talk show host

Utopian Communities in the USA-The Morphing of America

How is this not torture?

I don't think Rummy should resign. He should be moved over...

Who'll take Rummy place?

Thug who stomped and pistol whipped a guy to death is for Bush. Don King

Anybody heard the bugman on CSPAN 1?

Kerry: Rumsfeld Should Quit

WTF! Biden endorsing Negroponte!

Fla. judge overturns Right to Die legislation of Jeb Bush!

Well, on the lighter side, TSN just reported the Bush's won't attend

I guess there are just not any DFW DU'ers on this board anymore?

More Republican hypocrisy

Apologies vs Taking Responsibility

BBV: Lou Dobbs interviews Bev 6:40 EST May 6th, 04

What do you think of Bush* spending 3 hours on the Christian Day of

"Florida - Jeb Bush - Brain Damage"

Has Anyone Seen The New Miller Beer Commercial!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bush, when saying sorry called the abusers the WRONGDUERS.

Minding the Gap a little tidbit of racial inequality to think about

Rule #1: The Bush People Are Ruthless & Will Do Anything To Win

Bush showing megaweak leadership

Boy this Torture Scandal came out of nowhere!

'Bin Laden' Offers Gold for Killings

Read "Worse Than Watergate?" I just finished--

Junk. Mods: could you please delete this post and thread? Thanks.

How do I get involved with the Kerry campaign?

Rumsfeld's "Culture of Permissiveness" Phrase coined by Sen. Bob Graham!

Is there ANY Doubt about Rush anymore???

Email Leslie "Wolf" Blitzer and tell him that we are onto him!

Did the Catholic Church ever deny Giuliani or Pataki communion?

Disgusting email from Quickbooks re: Overtime rules

MSNBC: Dan Patrick and Bernie Ward in a yelling match over photos

This War is Toast

Lynndie Englands hometown and Racism Closet and open

Make no mistake, the tone is set at the top....

Newsflash: EVERY region is stereotyped and insulted on this board

next week, on "Jeopardy: Power Players from Washington, DC

What exactly do you have to do(not do) in this adminstration to get fired?

on C-Span2, Ensign from Nevada: Stop extension of unemployment

Donald Rumsfeld's Rules of Government

True, Bush apologized

Ok I'll confess I'm racist..

Midnight Passage - Mother Jones !!! (Republican Night-Crawlers)

Rumsfeld has a logical explanation for what

July 23, 2003: "Amnesty: Iraqis Complain of Torture by U.S. Forces"

Do You Think Saddam Did the Torturing Himself?

Teresa Heinz Kerry nearly had an abortion some 30 years ago

Duncan Hunter on Lou Dobbs - You've Got To Be Kidding!

They are trying to DESTROY a CRIME SCENE - The Prison at Abhu

'polite question' # 2 abt - where were the military chaplains assigned to

BEV ON NOW at Lou Dobbs

"The Hunting Of The President" trailer online tommorow

Randi Rhodes talking about the FAA tapes being destroyed.

Why isn't the Medicare scandal getting more traction?

What Will You (Will You) Be Praying For On Our National Day Of Prayer ???

'polite question' # 1 abt torture - what churches do the accused attend?

Another CNN poll that needs our help.

PBL made a statement we should all use to great extent

Has bush *ever* been in the physical presence of non-supporters?

'polite question' # 3 abt - how many at 3 hr 'christian' broadcast of

On CBS news, Laura Bush has also been trotted out to say she

A forgotten gem from Michael Moore...

I know it's MA, but still!

National Outrage Over Tortures: Better Late Than Never, I guess...

Any comments from McCain, Johnson, or other POW's about torture?

Inhoff from Oklahoma (r) trots out the Saddam/Osama connection, yet again.

DU Economists: Is Iraq\The Iraq War An 'Economic Engine' ???

It's About Basic Human Decency and Respect

should all rapists get a get out of jail free card

Negroponte Approved 95-3

FAA Managers Destroyed 9/11 Tapes

If jr. loses will this end the * political dynasty?

All AOL users, please vote in the poll.

Tom Harken on "Ed Schultz" said Rumsfeld shoudl resign.

IMO, these torture pics are deliberate. BushInc WANTS a Holy War.

Stern has mentioned BBV in the past 2 days- BBV please contact

Does Abu Ghraib in some ways equate to Tet in 1968...or Calley and Mi Lai

E-Mail CNN : The Jig Is Up!

Where DID? the prison pictures come from???s

John Denver Posthumous speechwriter for GWB...

Senator James Inhofe (R) from Oklahoma. Asshole Extrordinaire

Hannity doesn't care about the photos, cares about who leaked them

On PfC Lincle and the rest of this royal mess

What the heck?

Dubya's nightly prayer

RE anti-south flamewars-it's not a southern thing, it's a rural thing.

Habeas Corpus, the Patriot Act, and Quantanimo

This is Serious stuff folks

Right-wing hypocricsy: Specter demands Perry's resignation, 1996

Moore vs. Disney:


Now on CNN: Low Carbs!!!!

I am in love with Queen Noor

Visit David Brock's new daily site exposing the Right Wing Media:

Anyone remembers this? Bad treatment of Iraqis by our troops? A year ago!!

The Real Butchers of Baghdad: G. W. Bush and His Corporate Mercenaries

An Open Letter To Our Friends in the National Media (re Abu Ghraib)

Pledge Your Vote on

Kerry: As President I will not be the last to know in my command.

Tweety: "You have to be tough to get info out of these people"

Interesting. This article convinced a "waffler friend" about LIHOP/MIHOP!

Republicans go through companies executives donation records

Olberman-Second Hand Sorry-yeah!

Ron Brownstein, LAT : chimpy* Saw The Taguba Report In January!

Savage: Blames Feminists who wanted women to be equal

Check out the Freeper thread on Lynndie and the torture saga

Tom Harkin on CNN, re: Rummy should resign.

Is anyone watching Hardball?

Need some help....

CNN Poll Here: QuickVote On Rumsfeld !!!

Anderson Cooper snidely bashes Liberals

Why do they hate us? We liberated them!! I don't get it!

Where's Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham when you need them..?

DU this rumsfeld poll

Randi Rhodes on Air America

There are no longer torture chambers or rape rooms or mass graves in Iraq

Bush, Wife to Skip Daughters' Graduations

Its them damn "DOERS" again......

Paula Zahn is WAY over her head...

Howard Fineman just repeated bogus Spanish election interpretation

Woman you would most not want to have as a sister-in-law

So what is the take of the Christian right on our treatment of prisoners?

FOX Poll....

Who Attack America.... Watch a crime in slow motion

Anyone heard Neil Cafferty each morning?

Wolfowitz is promising a "long war" on CSPAN

So the Repuke talking point is that there were only 6 bad soldiers

In other news--I "ALMOST" shoplifted one time.

How will Rumsfeld go?

ok so now, bush knew at least jan


Flag Waver or Flag Burner ?

Who the f*** runs CNN anyway?

Check out Congress.Org's vote tallies! Then dance a jig! Whooohoo!

Abu Ghraib, I am undecided about why this is all coming to light

Guess who (dem.) doesn't think Rummy should resign?


I resent the focus on Rumsfeld...

Plaidder Ponies Up

Did anyone see Countdown with the good Bush/bad Bush t-shirt

Any one see, 'Good Bush Bad Bush' Tee Shirt on Olbermann?

Where's Ann Coulter?

U.S. truckers launch East Coast boycott to protest against high fuel costs

Karl Roves head must be spinnnniiiiinnnnggggg :=]

If Rummy goes, will Condi take over?

Another Topic: The Reason for Bushys many Vacations? Could it possibly be

That wasn't an apology

Judge offers some men option of jail or vasectomy

Bush Quote to keep in mind

How can we help Michael Moore distribute

what do we think of requiring "higher standards" of teachers?

Frontline/ Cyber Wars.

Great...Politics has invaded my workplace...

Rush Limbaugh's Rough Day.

With all that's going on right now, Lionel Richie gets a full hour?

The Wench!!!! Teresa Heinz Kerry Nearly Had Abortion

You must admit Bush and the Republicans have taken the ambiguity out...

Does Tweety Have a Sense of Self-Stupidity and Shame?

Bought this book-"Why I hate the Republicans"

To the Iraqis the only difference between us and Saddam is the length of

kerry NO quiet, news NO cover

today's C-span videos still on line for your viewing..interesting day(link

Time for Dems to Just Say NO!!!!


This is it folks...Bush is toast. He will lose big in November.

LOL! Watch Reuters try to spin chimp's poll numbers

1930s Germany: "they thought they were free"

Pat Robertson Near Billionaire and Weak minded Christians

Sign this Petition: WH Release Energy Task Force Records

NeoCon editor busted for plagiarism.

You've probably heard Limbaugh's defense of Abu Ghraib. I've got a..

Scott Zacky on Keith Olberman's "Countdown."

Do you think terrorists will strike at the Olympics?

(Madrid Bombing Suspect) Friends/Family Defend Portland Lawyer

Bush Pissed at Rumsfeld.

Does CNN have an anti-Islamic bias?

John O'Neill on Nixon White House Tapes??

WTF is up with all of the hoods? From Guantanamo to Iraq: HOODS.

Hanan Ashwari rocks!!!

Did anyone else watch Frontline?

General Peter Pace: bush* knew about POW sex-torture (DoD link)...

The Aaron Brown segment on how the UK treats its war dead

American War Crimes -- International Justice?

We should ALL apologize for the torture, not just Bush

Why Would They Document Their "Aborent" Crimes With Photographs?

Wanted: A Counselor to Heal this Sick Nation. America is showing definite

NOW do you understand why * wouldn't agree to abide by the world court?

LOL: Daily Show quote wraps up Bush's apology:

Tape of 9/11 Controllers Was Destroyed by FAA 'Quality Assurance' Manager

Al Gore, chairman of cable news channel

Sean Hannity comes to Chicago tomorrow. . .hmmmm

They think that they can make it go away by demolishing the Prison

Put on Nightline!

William Odom on Nightline tonite

West Coasters Bev Harris is on Lou Dobbs next!

omg...I've joined the "Lou Dobbs Semi-Fanclub"??!!??

I don't think we can do it alone

OMG, sky is falling, we're losing, call the paramedics, Kerry sucks!

What office within the WH do we pay for that monitors the media?

USAToday-DISS! Powell not told of $25 Bill Iraq Request

It doesn't matter if the RW spins the torture as "pranks," or if

On TPM: Why Bush does not want to get rid of Rumsfeld.

Heritage Foundation Republicans

Lieberman defends Rumsfeld from calls for his resignation

I wish SOMEBODY...SOMEWHERE could dig something up on Karl Rove...

Rep from Calif says CNN, MSNBC & Fox was notified of torture

Whose hard drives were seized?

Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo started in Ashcroft's post 9/11 Gulag in US

America forced the japanese to attack. Let 9/11 happen. Whats next?

I Dub Thee "TortureGate"..BUSH Knew in JANUARY and LIED.

Isn't Charlie Rangel calling for BUSH'S IMPEACHMENT? not Rummy.

Rummy is Toast. Tom Harkin calling for resignation

Why would a terrorist attack be good for Bush?

GAS $2.00 Gallon...

Anybody here think Mike Malloy would be having a field day...

If these "torture" photos affect us this much, just think of how much...

1st Review in for "Farenheit 911"

"around the table, coarse, vulgar, frat-boy bully remarks . . . " - TPM

This is NOT news!!!!

I feel depressed and hopeless

Attack Mexico?

Nicknames for Dubya*, New and Improved

It's alright, Ma....I'm only bleeding...

Bush just collected almost $39 million at fundraiser in one night !

Average IQ by state and how they voted in 2000: notice a pattern here?

A Reason for Optimism: Gallup Shows Bunnypants* Tied With Kerry

I just called Feinstein, Boxer, Harken, Kennedy, Rangel & Pelosi

If you could decide any ticket, both top and bottom right now, who would

men who could approve torture, could have approved 9-11

Lt. General William Odom on Nightline tonight! (5/6/04)

What are we gonna name this crisis? Torturegate?

I never dreamed America would sink to this level

So I missed Hillary on Oprah: fill me in

Why Are We Shocked?

Pledge Your Vote.....Kerry leads!

God Help the next American POW's

Let's take back the term "pro life"

How much will the administration be hurt by the torture episode?

Which State Has The Best Pair Of Democratic Senators?

Meet U.S. Army "pointy" finger girl.

A libertarian Du'ers view for the rest of you guys

Pat Tillmann's little brother tells the the religious wacks off

Abuse traced to MILLER prison visit in August-MILLER now made prison head!

CNN is using "i'm sorry" speech by Bush to bash Clinton

Pentagon Forced to Withdraw Leaflet Linking Aid to Information on Taliban

Question: Do DU'ers just want us Southern liberals to get lost?

Rangel Calls for Impeachment: Transcript from CSPAN (rough)

"The Emperor's New Flight Suit" & other nude/rude TOONs

I Remember Negroponte

Moore Smeared As Independant Claims He Admits Ban Was "Stunt"

Democratic party: For or Against the invasion/occupation of Iraq?

Wexler commenting on Rangel's call for impeachment

HEADS UP 9/11 RESEARCHERS: This is nuts!


What entertainment driven talk would you most like to see Kerry appear on?

An interesting comment from one of us about ourselves.

Schneider: Kerry is running against a popular, wartime president

another cute photo of 'our' girl in baghdad, playing dominatrix

Kennedy stole 1960.Bush Stole 2000. Which party is better?

Lynndie England seen as hero back in racist hometown

General Peter Pace, 2nd in Command in Iraq said Prez KNEW ABOUT ABUSE

Enough Freeper Postings Already !!!

Is JFK's dream of the UN dying?

The abuse scandal is going to bring this administration down.

wounds from phosphorus burns (from nazi's)....American Soldiers

AlllllRighty Then !!! --- When Do The rePublicans Start 'Jumping Ship' ???

Someone has to point this out

My final break with conservative ties

Child Molestation In Iraq: Did Hersch Mention This?

Was it torture? You be the judge.

Why do DUers yearn for a kinder, gentler American Empire?

I'm sorry but Kerry is no Dean...doesn't strike a chord.

Well, Dadcom Got A Survey From The DEMS (He emailed what he wrote them)

Isn't "Torture" overstating it a bit?

The War is Lost. The War is Lost. The War is Lost.

Private Indian security agencies send guards to Iraq: BBC

Shocking video of US gunship killing Iraqis

Nuclear waste changes sought

Blast rocks US offices in Baghdad

Brazil to send troops into Rio de Janeiro's "favelas"


Oil heads higher, in sight of $40 on supply fears

US teachers buying fake degrees in order to qualify for a pay rise

Mr. Rumsfeld's Responsibility (tomorrows WashPost oped)

Fighting flares in Najaf as troops take Sadr's office

Internet plus taxes equals big uproar /Seattle P-I

Paper Receipts Opposed for Voting Machines [verification bad says GOP]

please delete dupe

New governor named for Najaf

Two U.S. Soldiers Killed, Two Wounded in Roadside Bombing

Restoring Our Honor, Thomas Friedman

Chad Clashes with Sudanese Militia

Duplicate post

Chalabi Is Focus Of Broad Review By White House

Layton's wife will run for Parliament

Kenya, British row erupts - woman claims tortured

Bush tries to stem Arab outrage, But no apology over prison abuse

Poll: More Say Saddam Ouster Not Worth It

Bush prayer event on cable, satellite TV

LA Times: Causes of Labor, Gays Join at Event (California)

France sees Bush visit as healing time

Ban on E-Voting OKd by Panel | LA Times

Bush Wants Rumsfeld to Stay as Pentagon Chief

Many of Washington state's most common birds at risk | Seattle Times

Captured Canadian in Iraq Released

Israeli Cab Driver Convicted of Assisting Suicide Bomber in Christmas Day

Arabiya TV Airs Videotape of 'American Hostage'

Odds Are, Nevada Will Be a Tossup | LA Times

Family of Freed Canadian Hostage Paid $100,000 ransom

Libyan court sentences seven foreign health workers to death

Did Kerry make up jet-pilot story?

Guardian: Powell Aides Go Public on Rift with Bush

U.S. Officer Tells of Violence, Death at Iraq Prison

D'oh - posting weirdness -- Iraq Inspector Cites Halliburton Cost Problems

Darby MT rejects 2 candidates backing 'objective origins' (creationism)

Boy Who Said He Was Bullied Is Sentenced

Prisoners Eager to Voice Their Grievances

Libya death sentence for medics guilty of deliberate HIV-infections

Britain and Poland vow to stay course in Iraq

dupe sorry - Civilian accused of killing ‘doing fine job’


US's Ridge says Greece can stage safe Olympics: Greek minister

Murdoch's News Corp earnings jump nearly 70 percent

Bulgarian Medics Sentenced to Death in Libya

AP: Pakistani PM hopes Bush is re-elected

Federal Budget Deficit Worries Greenspan

Merger leads to (300+) Bank One layoffs

Productivity Grows Solidly, Jobless Claims Plunge - Good News for Economy'


Iraq Inspector Cites Halliburton Cost Problems

At last: Greenspan Says Deficit Will Hurt Economy

20 Million (American) Workers Without Healthcare Coverage

Breaking - US TRoops Battle Shias in Najaf

Lea Fastow pleads guilty (Enron's CFO's wife)

Fastow's Wife Pleads Guilty in Enron Case

sorry please delete dupe

Is this enough proof that LIHOP isnt a conspiracy theory.........

S.D. court: Pardons can't all be secret (Republican Bill Janklow)

Pentagon forced to withdraw leaflet

dupe. sorry

Bush Expected to Give Jordan Letter of Assurances

Chicago vote shows mixed views over Wal-Mart

U.S. Must Leave Falluja, Iraq General Says

Democrats: Bush's latest $25 billion request for Iraq is misleadingly low

AWOL is on CNN live right now with the King of Jordan

CNN Breaking News: Bush is Sorry

Foul smell leads authoritites to apartment zoo

FBI Papers Describe Role of Young Kerry Against War

Prison commander apologizes, invites Red Cross to visit

Abuse Common in U.S. Prisons, Activists Say

Centrist Democratic group notes Arizona's growing clout

Florida is purging voters again.

Iraqi tells how he was stripped, beaten and sexually abused by US military

U.S. Tanks in Holy Kerbala, Destroy Sadr Office

U.S. Troops Said to Mistreat Elder Iraqi

Up to 500 layoffs planned for BASF

Troops don't recall abuse at Iraq prisons

Wolfowitz, replacing embattled Rumsfeld at Philly speech, condemns abuse

North Korea Set To Test New Missile Engines: Report

Cash freed Canadian hostage

U.S. Iraq Inspector Cites Halliburton Cost Problems

Report says Canadian salmon industry in danger of collapse

Ukrainian Police Seize Two Containers With Radioactive Material

New photos show more Iraqi prisoner abuse

Danish Army Reprimands Soldier for Abuse

UN's Brahimi Arrives in Iraq to Political Storm

U.S. Initial Jobless Claims Fell By 25,000 to 315,000

Next rotation of troops will get to Iraq in more heavily armored vehicles

Darfur's human tragedy

delete. sorry my mistake.

(GOP Senator Allard): Rumsfeld should expect "tough questions"

10 insurgents killed, US soldier wounded in operations in Baghdad

dupe, sorry

UK investigates new allegation of abuse in Iraq

please delete dupe


1970's FBI file pegs Kerry as moderate

One Choice Rally (Women's Rights March)

Officer Accused of Abu Ghraib Shower Cam Capt. Leo V. Merck, 32

Qaeda-Linked Group Claims Baghdad Car Bomb-Web Site

Rush: MPs 'Blowing Off Steam' - CBS

Bush to Toughen U.S. Policies Toward Cuba

Sudan "starved Darfur refugees"

Housing Secretary Says Cuts Will Not Affect Most Public Housing Agencies

Kerry calls for Rummy's resignation (MSNBC)...n/t

Bush May Seek More Than $50 Billion for Iraq, Afghanistan for Next Year

US lawmakers pass resolution deploring abuse of Iraqi prisoners

For Roseville CA schools, Darwin debate rolls on | Sacramento Bee

Blair accused of appointing Scarlett to head MI6 as 'pay- off for dodgy

The torture victim (the man in the hood at Abu Ghraib)

(Judge Roy) Moore Not Ready to Endorse Bush, Kerry for White House

(Tom Harkin)Democrat Calls for Rumsfeld to Resign

Criminals Run Amok in Haiti Despite U.S. Force

U.S. Seeks to Subvert Succession in Cuba

U.S. Tells AP They Addressed Prison Abuse

Government plans to end inpatient care at Saginaw veterans hospital

Religious Networks Broadcasting Bush's(*) White House Prayer Event

UK will screen blocked Moore film

Morning-After Pill Not OK Over-The-Counter

Political Dispute Over Unemployment Benefits Threatens Tax Bill

Laos, Hmong Bill Passes U.S. Congress: Urges Stalinist Regime to Address C

CACI in the Dark On Reports of Abuse (Employee Still Working in Iraq)

Civilian accused of killing ‘doing fine job’

Civilians in Prison Case May Be Prosecuted (says Ashcroft)

Fannie Improperly Accounts for Securities, Ofheo Says

434 Afghan Detainees Win Prison Transfer

NYT-Bush and King of Jordan Ease Tensions Between Them

Bullet maker can't meet Army demand

Fla. to Purge Felons From Voter Lists

How many Democrats in the House are there?

New HIV case in US porn industry

U.S. Naval Brig to Undergo Prison Review

Bush Says Rumsfeld 'Will Stay in My Cabinet' (2:17 PM ET)

NYT: From Picture of Pride to Symbol of Abuse

WP: In Breaking Taboos, Photos Add Insult to Injury

New Abuse Allegations

Indian Contract Workers in Iraq Complain of Exploitation (NYT) KBR Folks

Ohio Casualty: Job cuts to save company millions annually (400 - 500 jobs)

'Cooks and drivers were working as interrogators'

April Data Shows New U.S. Residential Foreclosure Listings Neared 30,000

(Madrid Bombing) Friends, Family Defend Portland Lawyer

Dupe - sorry :(

Lawmakers to Insist on Oversight of Iraq Money

'Haiti on the brink of famine'

Israeli lessons for the US in Iraq

WP: Bush Apologizes, Calls Abuse 'Stain' on Nation

Conservatives want Don Cherry to run in federal election

Irish Nuns Apologize for Abusing Children

Variety: Fanning 'Fahrenheit' flames / Moore film "fire" spreads...

Methodist Stand Against Gays Leaves Denomination Divided---Formal Split

Cong. Rangel Calls On Congress to Impeach Rumsfeld

Bush Apologizes for Iraqi Prison Abuse

FDA Rejects Nonprescription Morning-After Pill for Now

Kerry Says He Would Demand Accountability

New Gallup Poll: Kerry 47% Bush 47%

U.S. will try to evade Cuba's jamming of broadcasts

British troops face new abuse claims

WP: Rumsfeld Under Fire for Prison Scandal

Rumsfeld to form abuse probe panel

Bush's (*) ratings slip at crucial point of campaign (USA TODAY)

Eyewitness: Nigeria's "town of death"

The Reich Stuff

US troops move into NAJAF!!!

Bin Laden Offers Gold for Killing Bremer, Annan

US Senate confirms Negroponte as ambassador to Iraq

Senators seek demolition of Iraqi prison [CNN]

Teresa Heinz Kerry nearly had abortion

Shia tell al-Sadr to leave Najaf

Blair defends Scarlett appointment

Bush pauses to comfort teen (Warning...disturbing image)

Powell wasn't told of $25 billion Iraq request

Southern Baptists Hear Proposal to Pull Children From Public Schools

Judge Voids Law Keeping Fla. Woman Alive

NBC: Delta Force, Navy SEALs involved in abuse?

(Canadian) Election is most important ever: PM - Globe and Mail

Schumer says calls for Rumsfeld resignation `premature'

F.A.A. Official Scrapped Tape of 9/11 Controllers' Statements

Bush, Wife to Skip Daughters' Graduations

MSNBC: American lawyer held in Madrid bombings

Moore admits Disney 'ban' was a stunt

Bush backs off from concessions to Israel

Nancy Reagan tackles Bush on stem cells

State: Purge felon voters on list (Florida)

Cuba cracks down on private sector

Ashcroft Says U.S. Can Prosecute Civilian Contractors for Prison Abuse

Texas Tombstone of Black Man Dragged to His Death Found Desecrated

Nato force 'feeds Kosovo sex trade' (Guardian)

Reuters: Soldiers Back in U.S. Tell of More Iraqi Abuse

Red Cross Says Repeatedly Warned U.S. on Iraq Jail

Private disgrace (Lynndie England)

'Muddle of the Road' finally tombstoned...

Hey, I didn't know freeps got their own personal posters!

The mother of all "seperated at births"

Self-Appreciation Day!!! - I love me!!!

So, I think my best friend is a quiet homophobe

we as yeomen are meant to eat jerked beef

I have just heard some very sad, terrible news

Maybe it's movie stuff, but why do soldiers tap clips on their helmets?

Bush is like... ?

Insomniac check-in (6 May)

Hey, we've been discussing good - well written songs tonight - how bout

Black Sabbath - Master of Reality

I feel good about squashing ants

Presidential Knockout.

I'm Not Ashamed To Admit It...I Love Little Louse On Dromedary..

What's neat quirks do your collective group of friends have

Any Dream Theater fans here?

Okay, does anyone like Hawaiian music?

Birds are singing at 2 AM

I should have been a professor

Is anyone else having a bad day?

I'm up early...YAWN...stretch...

'Ace Ventura' Alive And Well In Wisconsin - Woman Kept More Than 200 Pets

Is there really someone for everyone?

Internet Virus Outbreak - Personal Update

Tough Crowd - more idiocy

Are there Axes in Feistholes?

Man Arrested In Court For Impersonating Lawyer

Sign the Petition to Boycott Disney Until they Release 'Fahrenheit 9/11'

Sex Text Traps Teens

Has anyone ever called the Whitehouse?

Scientists Say Love Soothes The Beast In Men

DIALOG BOX: "Would you like to make your new homepage?"

Good Morning DU May 6th, 2004

Other than Sniffa, does anyone else want to confess to voting for Dole?

4 Digits

Anyone else just generally burnt-out today?

I Just Can't Get Enough Of All This "Friends" Crap

What does nt and eom mean?

Will Farhenheit 911 end up like The Passion?

Family Dog Is Hero For Fighting Poisonous Snake

Cow Suffers "Bags and Bags" Of Indigestion

AP Psychology test next week. Any advice?

Lawmaker Offends "Aging Sex Kitten Community"

Screaming Lord Byron had better not be an Arse,

Serial Tire Stabber Sent To Prison

Tourist Souveniers Turn Out To Be Ancient Statues

Girl Arrested After Beating Classmate At Dance - 12 & 14 Year Olds

Hey everyone?! I'm not responsible for my actions anymore...

Are there holes in atheist foxes?

Crusader Bush and the "Osama Finger"

Planet Of The Apes Is Real

one of my friends came out today

Just tried out my first serving of Soy Milk. IT'S BROWN! Eeeeeeew.

The roof, the roof, the roof is on FIRE!!!

What do you find the most cloying?

Weathergirl "Too sexy for Italian television"

Lovers queue for nipple tickling in Cartagena

HA! NYers are hilarious! Very liberal audience on WNYC right now

Is Rummy still SecDef? ................ What time is it?

Sex Offender Distributed Flyer Offering Overnight Baby Sitting - Arrested

Share the wisdom of your grandparents!

Did anyone else see "Twilight Zone--The Movie"?


In honor of our own Screaming Lord Byron: The Devil is an Englishman

Men: Do you like bubble baths?

I hate Sus and GOPisEvil - they USED my friendship

SPORTS TRIVIA: What happened for the first time 50 years ago today???

Funniest Parody Song!

Most Astounding Performance in a Motion Picture?

any recommendations for a cheap 19 inch monitor?

what should I get a journalist for graduation?

I'm Donating to DU!

UK will screen blocked Moore film

I'm just indifferent to all this "Friends" crap

Caption: Miaowwwww....where's our Ma?

Sex Drive...

Pop culture question

Tonnes of garlic bury Chinese workers

Who will Kerry pick for VP ?

You know you in ___________ when:

So WHO paid $104 million for the Picasso?

Anybody in Japan? Okinawa?

Is there anyone from Williamson County Tx here ?

Work to begin on new US Embassy [Berlin]

The President Returns... (JOKE)

Cartoon: Guardian's Steve Bell: "I respec all Airbs..."

Mary Chapin Carpenter--opinions?

I'm amazed the # of pages I printed since my printer said it's out of ink

Give me a friggin break!

for all you family value-oriented sadomasochists out there

This Just In: Mogwai kicks ass.

Could someone call into RT wing radio and note Mexican Independ. not 5/5?

Caption: getting the boot

just put a friggin locater chip in my head....

This just in: Mogwais are cute!

Bush*: "Bring 'em on just figure of speech".

I'm going insane!!!!!

Who wants to get drunk with me tonight?

Cheers, DUers from London!

Any body ever been fired for posting on DU?

I was looking at some older online writing of mine and found this.

Any DUers heard of the band "Clutch"?

Let's just admit it: Thin Lizzy fucking rules.

do any of you still beat your clothes on a rock down by the river?

The draft has been re-instated !

What to watch tonight: Friends or Survivor?

Post your favorite Bush jokes here!

CAPTION - sneezy the chimp

Is the AirAmerica Stream down?

I object to this anti-marijuana ad I keep hearing on Sirius...

Caption: pointing the finger...

I am a "Friends" fan... SO THERE!

Does anyone else get really annoyed with PDA?

Student Holds "Auditions" For Date To Senior Prom (Judges To Decide Date)

I'm going to play with cut-out dolls when I get home from work

Seeking free Web hosting for images

I am Kinda Depressed Today

I bet Khephra will get a kick out of this

Tony's off to Miami!

What are your Top 3 Eighties Songs?

83 degrees, winds SW at only 13...5 hours to go-home time...

CAPTION the Compassionate Chimp...

What music are you listening to right now that reflects your mood?

Bumper sticker ratio by county!

BREAKING NEWS: Polish president is a fanatic

Question for the lovely ladies of DU

okay, chocolate lovers . . . this one's for you . . .

Jack White produced Loretta Lynn's new album

Daily Howler Highlights Devastating Letter in Today's NY Times

Congratulations, Voltaire !!!

So how much to you spend a month on pet supplies

Who Is Your Favorite Match Game Celebrity?

Of the four remaining finalist on American Idol who do you want to win?

John Kerry names Johnny Depp as running mate

Caption Pickles and Smirk

who else is FIGHTING the urge to copycat post! re: sirjwtheblack's thread

who else is FIGHTING the urge to copycat post!!! re: matcom's thread

Is your kiddie a viscous cereal swiller?

I like diet mountain dew

Went down to the basement to start the laundry and clean out the old cat's

Moral Dilemma: Listen to Hannity spin Bush Apology or Listen to Randi


Office Rats!!! Feel like laughing????

Hey CARNIVORES and VEGETARIANS - I just ate a box of rocks!

A CAPTION with your coffee, please.

who else is FIGHTING the urge to copycat post!!! re: AlienGirl's thread

I'm eating WAT!

Another cup of coffee with your CAPTIONS????

'This Day in Rock' - May 6th

If you were married to "Invisible Girl" from Fantastic Four...

I'm not trying to start a flamewar, but....(WARNING: GRAPHIC!)

Rank the country you *have* listened to in order of preference

Hey VEGETARIANS I just ate a big fat plate of meat for lunch! YUM!

Are you annoyed when copycats copycat your copycat thread?

Remember "Gizmo" - Dog Kicked To Death Last Month? - Owners Want $200k

Hey PEAT EATERS I just ate a big fat block of Sod for lunch! YUM!

Freeptard scrawl in Indy bookstore bathroom


anybody wanna trade jobs for an hour?

Are you annoying when annoying annoyers Copycat you?

Hey IRON CHEF MORIMOTO I just made an entre of albino tree shrew YUM!

Hey MATCOM! I just BOILED RIBS before cooking them! YUM!

Vancouver gathering cancelled due to lack of interest

Hey MATCOM! I just BOILED Mama before cooking her! YUM!

Hey DOG-HATERS... I just ate my POO. Woof!!

HEY Bill Gates, I just updated my Linux system using YUM!

Hey DEREK JETER! I ate the New York Yankees for lunch!

Cool! MacLeans is publishing my letter regarding that Gatehouse

Today's Bush Body Language Lesson: "You Wanna Piece of Me?"

Man survives 6 nails in the head

which one of the NHL final four will win the Cup?

Are you annoyed when copycats copycat your copycat thread?

It truely is warm weather. Found my first TICK last night

Hey, Abmen, the assmates have taken over the insulin!

Can we post some silly jokes to help cheer up Sus

This is the REAL caption...

"Hey E.L.F.! I just poured gasoline into the local salmon stream!"

Hey Pita! I just ate a big fat ass tortilla for lunch! YUM!

What was the worst food to sing in a rock band?

Hey MOM I just ate before going swimming YUM!

PETA-baiting fish-taco-eating annoyed-copycat male-lead-singers thread

The official "I just boiled _________" copycat thread:

Hey Sus! I just ate what would have cheered you up!!

Hey Archae! I just had a kitten for breakfast. YUM!

Who will sex you up!

Hey, Jude! Everybody's got something to hide except for me and my monkey!


Hey Admins, the inmates have taken over the asylum!

Hey DVD Owners! I just bought a BETAMAX VIDEO RECORDER! YUM!

Hello Vegitarians, Im having veal parmesan tonight... YUM YUMMY!

NYPD Blue fans: The pilot episode is on TNT now (Dennis Franz etc.)

We as hunans, are meant to eat only rolls

"Have you ever snogged a muskrat?"

Anyone have any alternatives to Rimadyl (for dogs)?

Are my crocuses supposed to sneeze?

Is it annoying for my evil cat to sneeze?

Hey, admen, the nonmates have taken over the

Bacardi Pays Town $5,000 To Change Its Name To "Mojito"

Hey DU! I Jsut ate Rhode Island! YUM!

OK, one more time, if you haven't seen it:

Whatever happened to Carlos Jicanto?

I apologized to Jordan's King Abdullah for abusing Vegetarians today.

Rank the countries you *have* visited in order of preference

Lunabush wins Photoshop Challenge: Smirking Bush, Smirking Private(s)

For Jesus's second coming, will he come as an adult or as a child?

ESPN's NFL Offseason Power Rankings

Man sentenced to 120 years for killing cross-dressing teen

Crap in my unsolicited e-mail

Ok, can someone remind how to get AirAmerica to work?

Stanley Cup Confrence Finals Predictions

I'm not ashamed to admit it...I'd love a little spouse from Alpha Centauri

burn out temporarily on gd need something lighter..

My study group made our State and Local Politics prof cry today

are my sinuses supposed to creak?


We as plants are meant eat humans.

We as humans, are meant to meet animals

This school semester finally over, and let me say ~whew~

'Peeping Teacher' Will Retire At End Of Year

O Canada!

Why do we say "copycat" anyway? Cats don't copy!

Which of these are you?

We as humans, are meant to eat animals

We, as humans, were meant to eat Carroway Seed

why do some people think that when you...

Been away all afternoon... What the hell happened in the Lounge today?

Oh, say can you see...

Watch this clip till the very end, there will be a shocking moment!!!!!

I just had the best lunch. Any fish taco fans?

I found the most interesting picture in Joe Wilson's new book

What have you eaten that would have eaten you given the chance?

Right Here, Right Now

Are we going to talk like Donald Rumsfeld in this thread?

Caption the sad, sad, man

Anyone a fan of...

Is Karen Carpenter the Judy Garland of the latter 20th Century?

Anyone else enjoy some afternoon delight today?

I've never voted for a US liberal and I never will

It Was Great. I Went To A Fellow DUer Today

What do you find the most annoying?

Ok I'll confess I'm racist..

Dammit... I like "Friends" and I'm gonna watch tonight and feel sad

Most Annoying Modern-day Phenomenon

Dang.... Queen Noor

Hey! Want to read a book? Classics here, gitcher classics here!

"finish this sentence.......................

I like Dups on this board!!!

This Day in History: May 6

I Would Like To Offer A Success Story (even though its a 'double-post')

Hey P.E.T.A! I just ate a big fat ass steak for lunch! YUM!

Finish This Sentence: "I Wish I Was..."

Have you ever... (finish the sentence)

Let's post some good things about West Virginia

Post something nice about TEXAS

Post something nice about FLORIDA

one of the things I miss about Seattle is

Am I the only one that WON'T be watching 'Friends' tonight

The moment you've all been waiting for...

Phish to release new studio album

I saw the Navy Blue Angels today.

This woman on Paula Zahn...

This is my 2000th post!

NY Times: An Irreverent Comedy Is Seeking Christians

Dear Ms. Scarlett/Petition the Lord with Prayer


Southern Liberal Pride!

Post something that's a FLAME

What have you read lately (other than something political)?

Post something ambivalent about DELAWARE

Post something nice about JEFFERSON

Hey, forget those other people. Say something nice about me!

Post something nice about NORTH DAKOTA

Post something nice about a state in the states forums

Post something lackadaisical about Nebraska.

Bob Mould...the missing link between Lou Reed and Neil Young

Xbox Gamers: Destroy All Humans!

I'm a dork. I am really enjoying the Friends finale.

Doesn't it bug anyone else when people say about gasoline...

Husband offered job in Dallas

Post something nice about Nice

Post something nice about A RANDOM POSTER.

Mass Grave Blasted For Lack Of Diversity

I am in Love with Nellie McKay and her song Sari.

Post something nasty about VIRGINIA

Queen Noor on Tweety's "Hardball."

What's with all this nice shit?

Post something nice about ILLINOIS.

Watching a GREAT show.

I'd like to order some PhotoShop tricks - can I get a Mann Coulter

I don't care if the admins are all lesbians...

When did DU jump the shark?

Ozzy Ozbourne, Marilyn Manson, or David Bowie In a Romero Zombie Flick?

Favorite Traditional Patriotic Tune

Geez! You'd think I deserved a medal just for being honest.

When did 'jump the shark' jump the shark?

When did Jesus jump the shark?

What's up with

Who are/were the best male lead singers in a rock band?


I was just in a car crash. ASK ME ANYTHING!

Grammar question

Brave Dutch boy prevents a flood

We as humans are meant to eat humans.

The world Is starting to go right again!

I know Kleeb used to do this

Battle of the Bands: Prince vs. Billy Idol

Kerry, Bush and Vietnam. The Pics Please

MLB Pulls Its Head Out - Says Nevermind to Spideybags

Pat Tillman, Human


post some nice shit about nothingshocksmeanymore!

What annoys you the most about other drivers?

Weird coincidence.

MC.Escher or Salvador Dali?

Are There Foxes In Atheistholes?

Why are you, er, a DU'er?

OK I can't claim to be a newbie anymore, but I got a question

who's the hardest partyin' couple in commercials?

So for those who watched...

Am I the ONLY person watching the Daily Show?

Today in school

When did the shark jump DU?

Help! I have the O'Franken Phone Song stuck in my head...

If, and or but?

PC SUpport folks, when businesses move to thin client technology,

Did you not watch "Friends" last night? Well, you can get it next week!

Photoshop challenge

Stewie or Baby Sinclair?

Dylan Thomas or Bob Dylan?

Groucho Marx or Karl Marx?

I'm going out to run some errands now, so don't touch any of my stuff

Ok, what's the worst food you have ever eaten?

GRrrrrrrr! Just freaking Grrrrrrr! People are so blind and stupid.

I'm thinking of a number between...

Goddamnit I'm in a good mood!

"24" didn't tape!

Contraction question

Oil prices...Arab way of hating Bush

Post something nice about WISCONSIN

I know some people call in on Fridays ill...

Fill in the blank: My ________ smells like _________.

Here's a fun game - if Night_train will oblige

Hey MEAT EATERS I just ate a big fat block of Tofu for lunch! YUM!

My blog has been invaded by freepers!

What's the CORNIEST song you love?

post something OK about Oklahoma!

Philip K Dick or Kurt Vonnegut Jr.?

Post something nice about MONTANA

My kitten is asleep in the basket of newly cleaned, warm clothes...

Never mind the bollocks, here comes the KANSAS poll

Say something nice about George Bush

Jennifer Aniston is wearing an MC5 shirt during the "Friends" opening

Go Rupert!

say something ambivalent about Dookus

Groucho or Harpo?

Ramones vs The Sex Pistols

Do you watch the extras on a DVD?

who was the president when you were born?

Bonsai Kitties!

Harpo or Oprah

Anyone here have fantasies of feminist librarians?

? suggestions for inexpensive lodging near Disneyland ?

What does "great jazz" mean to you?

Zappa - Trouble Every Day


Complete this sentence. Donald Rumsfeld shouldn't resign because...

Behold...Libertarian hotties!

why seeing eye kangaroos could never work

Post something about Minnesota!

Recommend "country" music for those who think they hate country music...

Sorry - Kid Rock / Sheryl Crow Song "Picture" Is AWESOME!!!

Post something nice about PENNSYLVANIA!

45 RPM Picture Sleeves, Day 4

ER writers Molly Ivin's fans?

New Kerry bumper sticker (Exclusive DU Offer!)

So, when did "Friends" jump the shark?

I've been getting emails that insult my penis size

My post #5000

Survivor 5/6: What?? (with spoilers)

4 sale: The Hunting of the President

Snow? At THIS time of the year?

BTW - "Are you a Lesbian?"

Funniest Friends episode

Post something nice about MICHIGAN!

Post your Useless Trivia here!

Say Something MEAN about ME

Say something nice about ronnykmarshall!

Jesus likes lunar eclipses

Hey Red Sox fans, let's remember Darrell Johnson!

1000 posts. Thanks for a *grand* time.

john lennon or vladimir lenin

Coach Banned for "Crybaby Award"

Top 10 countries you've never been to you'd most like to visit?

Confess any stupid mistakes you've made with e-mail

Star Wars vs Star Trek

time for another "lost DUer" thread

is your kitty a viscious serial killer?

Poe or Lovecraft?

Post something terrific about North Carolina

Kerry beats Bush by one point in head to head matchup (Gallup)

During the Vietnam War

"Utilities Have Helped Bush, GOP"

Dean to appear in PA with Hoeffel later this month, per C-SPAN.

A Conasons piece on the Swift Boat smear gang!

The TIA Kerry vs. Bush poll adjustment formula

I hope Arizona doesn't become this election's Ohio

Kerry's Vietnam comrades join forces to tarnish war hero image

Russert on MSRNC discussing new polls. Somebody die?

Strategy for Good Use of Democratic Assets, Help Neighbor Perhaps?

Bush: Vive la France?

ATTN: CT 2nd District Residents!!!!! Sullivan--McNally Debate, May 7 6PM

John Kerry Talks Economics

Kerry to address 'New Dems' (details education proposal)

Kerry Should Start Floating Entire Cabinet Not Just VP

Average of all national poll since January

Damn the news networks. I wanted to watch Kerry speak!

US Presidential candidate lashes out again at Hugo Chavez

One less Bush voter!

Kerry defends campaign amid Democrats' criticism


PAC formed by Rogers is target of complaint

Florida vote purge II

Kerry needs to address/defuse a personal aspect

John Kerry's New Bargain for America's Children and Teachers

How about this Jim Clyburn for veep?

When do you think VP pick will be made?

The Kerry Quotables thread!

Anyone else think it's about time Kerry went after * on the war?

New Arizona and Vermont Polls

"How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?" in ads?

Florida: Purge felon voters on list

Candidate Health Care Plans Analyzed(Kerry helps 27 m uninsured vs*'s 2. 5

America Accidentally Elects Dennis Kucinich

Kerry moving closer to the DLC

Kerry backs embargo and easing Cuba travel

Check out the results of Kerry/Bush at

"Lord of the Rings" fans, nice photo of JK and Sean Patrick Astin

I think Edwards would be the perfect running mate

If it came down to Gep or Bayh who would you prefer?

Bush Support Drops in Poll -- Americans Express Worry

Has Bush* "changed the tone" during the last four years?

Dennis Kucinich accidentally elected president

Campaign humor from Leno and Letterman

Gallup poll: Kerry Gaining!!

They are trying to get Kerry on the abortion flap...saying he shouldn't

Who will Kerry pick for VP ?

Come on down South, John Kerry!

I just think I heard

The Big Democratic Party!

Kerry NEEDS a new campaign theme.

Im pretty upset so please bear with me.

Why don't we get permits and march around Disneyland and Disney World?

Dereliction of Duty! Dereliction of Duty! Dereliction of Duty!

Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Wolfowitz : Impeachable offenses

Big Worries About John Kerry

The DLC declares that Deanism is finally dead

Unofficial VP audition at Democrats' meeting

NBC Poll: Nader may play a major role in deciding election

Kerry Calls for Higher Teacher Standards

John Kerry On Gays

Teresa Heinz Kerry formerly a registered Republican

do you live in a district with a Dem or GOP congress person?

Wes Clark PAC (WesPac) has officially launched.

CNN Veepstakes: Round 2 - Who'd you vote for?

Presidenet Bush is in trouble per Schneider on CNN

What's the diff. between likely voters and registered voters?

CARTOONS: President Bush, Steady Leadership