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Archives: May 31, 2004

Andrew Cockburn (Salon): A man for all intrigues

At last the US press awakens

`Us versus them' leads predictably to barbarism

At last the US press awakens

Wrinkle-faced dinosaur sheds light on continental drift

Black is white, wrong is right... - TW

A thread I put a while back was locked...

Second-class status and a fear of a Fifth Column

'Litany for Dictatorships' by Stephen Vincen Benet

Manifesto for a Global Civilization

I got totally blown off by someone that I really liked...

OMG, I LOVE JAMES BOND "Tomorrow Never Dies"

Interesting quote

Troll Alert: saywhat the hell is going on here? We are the ringmasters!

Question concerning "expatriate enclaves " in Saudi Arabia

Most incredible story about Bush have ever read

At the rate Bush is freefalling this year in Zogby's job approval.....

Bush greets bikers

Anyone else hate Laura Bush?

Is there a member of the Bu$h family that you like?

OMG - They handed out excuses for Sadr's death, but he's not dead

Do you think bush* really WON the 2000 presidential election.

Australian water crisis impending

UN to probe DRC sex claims

Doctors flee Iraq

Iraq deepens internal Pentagon tensions

Violence threatens to make comeback in southeast Turkey

Web sites help Republican singles find `right' mate

Bank of Ireland chief quits over porn

Conservative pundits can't agree on Iraq war...attacking each other

Scientists accused of stealing AIDS orphans' blood

A Thank You note

I just spent 4 hours in the dark while my power was off. ASK ME ANYTHING!

To gay DUers who posted on the "falling in love thread..."

South Park DVDs - are they dual layer?

A legal question


The thread for people with nice Grandmas who can't cook to save their life

My dream came true

I would like to fall in love again

why am I still awake?

Happy Execution Day Karl Adolf Eichmann

A hypothetical constitutional question (warning: some dense reading)

Walt Whitman born May 31, 1819

I got totally blown off by someone that I really liked...

Should I vote in the Republican primary Tuesday?

Kerry 226 Electorial Votes, Bush 149; Cal. the big change.

Florida: Eroding: Bush's Cuban Support

How a hero to Muslims is a villain to the West

Draft dilemma

For many veterans, Iraq changed the face of war

oops, please deleted meant to post in Editorials and Other Articles

Common Dreams: Keep our Slaves Safe

Bush campaign negativity..

Medal of Dishonor

Outstanding interview McLaughlin' One on One Program.

Bush and Al Qaida: A Symbiotic Relationship

SUNTIMES: US is lost in Afghanistan ...(Nofacts)

What Studs Terkel's 'Working' Says About Worker Malaise Today

No More Tears (please do not ask why we "hate" you)

Who Will Call the Shots in Iraq?

Fineman: The 'Sock Puppet' Strategy (Kerry vs. *)

Hiatt: Why Hawks Should Be Angry

No Apologies Accepted: Beating Bush is never having to say you´re sorry.

EXCLUSIVE: USA-backed Colombian invasion of Venezuela imminent?

The applause is fading; it's time to change the Iraq script

Ashcroft, Snoops and Gag Orders: Elaine Cassel


How the Bush Administration Let N. Korea Get Nukes

800 dead in Iraq...but that is ok as long as George Bush gets his gun

Proud Of My Little Fat Self!

Remove Rush Limbaugh from American Forces Radio

I miss right-wingers being bitched at by Randi...

In The Name of God: Scenes From The Extreme

Crossfire now...what bulls**t!

Cheney Praises Fox News Channel (shocker, huh?)

Fox News caught setting up biased news story?

'Day After Tomorrow' breaks records, rakes in $155 million

Today's Thought

Nolle's Astro-report for JUNE

Is Astrology A Form Of Bigotry?

Astrologers: the Unraveling, at Starlight News

Stifling summer is forecast for teenagers on job hunts

Good editorial on the looming oil crisis....

Pension Under-funding Is the Emerging Global Dragon

Is there anything that needs to be publicized about the Ohio EPA?

Pollution kills 9,500 young salmon at Washington hatchery

Oceans Awash With Microscopic Plastic, Scientists Say

Porn puts paid to Irish bank boss' job


In The Name of God: Scenes From The Extreme

Now that’s a good reason to support gun control

I wondered where everyone was ...

Man flirts with car full of girls, promptly gets shot to death

Gun Nuts Versus Mothers

When will attacks on Kerry be stopped, or will they be stopped?


Why were 3 of my posts deleted. And why was no notice given?

Why was my post deleted in this thread

So, what is that area below the state forums

I donated money to the DU campaign and haven't received my

PA security 'conceals' 11 Palestinians - report

One hundred of “their” children

IDF razes 20 additional Palestinian homes in Rafah raid

Lieberman presents to Russia plan to expel 'disloyal' Arabs

UNRWA: Rafah residents need $16 million

PR isn't the problem

Egypt tells Arafat: Reform or be removed - report

This is the Enemy

?Preventive Warriors.?

The Flight of the Bumble Planes (referral post)

Anyone heard any news about a Midwest reunion of Howard Dean

A tip for my friends in Florida

California insurance broker spends $1.56 million to weaken Three-Strikes l

Schwarzenegger Orders 270 CHP Officers Hired

5 days to June 5 march and rally in LA and SF

Okay, the Pioneer Press says Kerry's lead is only 4 points...

Anybody else from Cincinnati disgusted by today's

Austin DUers! Tuesday night is Kerry-Oke Night!

BREAKING NEWS! Monorail train catches fire at Seattle Center

Your favorite Seattle alternative paper.

Another piece of old Seattle/Tacoma is going away!

Question concerning expats and the economy

Squabble postpones final accord on formation of interim government

Republican Kansas Senator killed during Tornado

106F/41C degrees in Al Kut. Do you know why Bush is killing your children?

Shrub in Italy: Will he drop in on the BBerg meeting?

torture at at least 4 prisons in Iraq

World Press Photo Awards, 2003

Poppy Bush shoving Clinton

911 heroes suffer while Bush uses them to get re-elected

Kerry says he’d stress domestic security

Give them a challenge, and Scientists find a solution...

What is Kerry's stance on the Patriot Act, Really?

Crazies will be calling C-SPAN's Wash Journal -- Socialist VP candidate...

Bush campaign accents the negative

Outsourced Engineer LA Times

Give It Up: Info for Protection

Bumbling Bush photo gallery

Memorial Day

NYT article on Air America

Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop...What's Next?

hey freedom lovin' americans- you MUST liberate North Korea!

I've always wanted to visit Australia, but

Bush about to smash a Clinton record....

who was that 14 yr. old girl who sang 'summertime' on NBC?

EU Agrees to U.S. Flight Demand

Oil companies are leasing more land than allowed by federal law

Update on neighbors (sloane and jo-anne)

Chevron redubs ship named for Bush aide.Condoleezza Rice drew too much att

Who will call the shots in Iraq?

Free Salon premium subscriptions for military today

I salute and honor all current and former members of U.S. Armed Forces

Troops have always given war trophy's to the president ???!!!

Did Clinton and Bush I hang out this weekend at some outdoor event?

Houston Chronical: "Experts: Job market dismal for teens this summer"

Kill me or release me, pleads death row Scot

Saddam and Cheney

George the 1st in WWII

Is the purged voter list in FL part of the public record?

human creativity is "the greatest resource on the planet" . . .

Please respond to LTTE in the Daily Record, Morris County, NJ

Ha, Ha!! Take That aWol*! John Kerry Has a Halo Too!!

Are there any first world countries where Church's don't have tax-exempt

"I will guarantee you that John Kerry will be president ..."

"Stay the Course?"........FUCK the course!

Scholars " Bush Campaign Is Making History With Often-Misleading Attacks."

The Flight of the Bumble Planes

Dave the Brave: Stupid President Tricks can only be seen on Letterman

Butler county/Hamilton ohio war memorial, and the price of war.

Newsday: 'Eyeing Bush use of Air Force One"

The PATRIOT Act is utterly & completely screwing this business owner (ISP)

I'm watching Chimpy laying the wreath at the regular

I will never understand (Kerry war record vs Shrub's)

Brooklyn Democratic Party weakened by corruption scandals

Chilling.."preventative warriors" Doc. on Democracy Now

Did you know Bush has a black cat?Must make Ashcroft crazy!

what can you tell me about bloc quebecois?

Fuck the pompous BS on memorial day

Big Brother to Watch Over Island

Anyone see this hideous photo...

Single issue voters

Bremer accused of interfering with vote

Pilger: The Silencing of the Daily Mirror

Is ESPN "political" ?

Michael isnt leaving Abu Ghraib, he just wrote to us

For Memorial Day viewing

Some questions about Halliburton

List of Articles/Links, written by Repub types, suitable for "conversion"

Kerry visiting my hometown today :)

Office Politics Give Liberal Radio a Rocky Start - NY Times AirAm article

Bush Keeps Saddam Gun at White House

Patriotic Memorial day - shopping channels ON, credit cards at the ready

Memorial Day Message from John Kerry

Something a little fishy in Iraq ...

The War Prayer

Great Pic!

Senator Eugene J. McCarthy, on 5-9-65:

There is an Iraq War Memorial, sort of

Does anybody honestly think Kerry is just playing at the center?

IIS group says there is 18K al queda is same group who said Iraq had WMDS.

And What About Those Other Little Firearm Laws (Saddam's pistol)?

Did anyone really have any doubts...?

So did anyone else cry like a baby....

Our Parents and Grandparents

This "Rolling Thunder" motorcycle group -

***Three Saudi princes tied to Al Qaeda die days apart! ***

Critique my campaign site!

Haven't seen this CT yet, or did I just overlook it?

Dean campaigns in Salt Lake City for a Dean Dozen...also his cousin.

Seen any polls lately ?

HELP!!!! has anyone here have some recent polls (presidential) for Calif.?

The WW2 Memorial was hatched by a liberal

its that simple pick a dem (re: all the talk about a republican VP)

What if all the world could vote?

Bush is most like?

rapturous Behinders coming to your tv

A request for Sen. McCain re: Navajo Codetalker

Can Kerry Beat Bush's Hold on the Obese (Not Just Overweight) Vote?

According to baseball hall of fame

Would you be willing to die for your religious beliefs?

Human rights groups: Iraqi women raped at Abu Ghraib jail

Archibald Cox - RIP

What do you do to help the homeless in your area?

Whatever happened to the Dixie Chicks?

Something Ellen Mariani said about the non-capture of bin Laden,

Again and again and again and again...

Artesia family nation's biggest oil and gas leaseholders - by a massive ma

Jet fighters flying over head this Memorial day morning.

I just lost my breakfast. I need a drink.

Canadian DUers - what are you doing for your candidate?

I am listening to Franken suck up to McCain while McCain sucks up to Bush


The Memorial Day Massacre Of 1937

What did Cheney have more of, draft deferments or DUIs?

I went to a HS graduation where they sang Battle Hymn of the Republic

Gas Station encounter

Bush Defense Dept. Spits on Indigenous Communities

La Guardia didn't find a knife in my bag last month

CNN Finally picking up Cheney coordinating Halliburton deal story

"The Day After Tomorrow" shows what's wrong with the RNC agenda

Is there any more information on that unfortunate joke played

Time for a new Kerry ad ?

A serious look at the day after tomorrow

Bush Spits On Soldiers And Veterans

Praise the Fallen (#1): Honour

Canadian political junkies: a daily tracking poll

Ben Nighthorse Campbell being investigated by Justice Dept?

Question for someone with the book "Plan of Attack" by Bob Woodward

Is this true?

OK, I just blew a gasket!

which state's constituions forbid athiests from holding a public office?

Stripes letter: Bush's National Guard no-show is so noted on Memorial Day

Please thank Howard Dean for his contributions. Last day is August 1st.

Is there a site that gives the total coalition KIA figures?

What if ??

Our country needs an "Educational Marshall Plan"

Kerry spent more time at Air Force base in Alabama as a boy than Bush did

What does bfee stand for?

Are Rolling Thunder Criminals?

Bush Loves Veterans!

Native son Michael Moore not invited to first-ever Flint Film Festival

The Strawberry Statement (by James Simon Kunen)

Do you think Scrub is really Òborn-againÓ?

Memorial Weekend Tragedies in Iraq -

What treatment do Independent party posters deserve

DISTURBING RESULTS in survey about Americans' beliefs about IRAQ WAR!

Can someone help me find an article by a theologian who...

Anyone familiar with "The Daily Star" (Lebanese?)

Is Patriot II gets passed, what will you then do?

Something you may not know about Bush.

Wikipedia: Corporatism

Who (has) damaged journalism most?

Favorite epithet for Bush and/or his evil minions?

RimJob is meeting with TX Freepers

I'm a widow of the war that was fought in Vietnam

"The world is safer?" "15 million are now free?" What planet am I on?

What's the max age for enlistment, even guard or reserves

Reminder: Important special election in S.D. tomorrow

Counterfeit trail led to Chalabi

I learn something new everyday: Edwards was on Gore's VP short list

Quietly, with little notice, May 2004 becomes 3rd deadliest month in Iraq

Click on a Memorial Day link

Looks like neocons are going to get their "civil war" after all.

let's not forget the 30,000 dead who had nothing to do with 9-11

BBV in NYT Magazine

A vote for Walt Brown is a vote for...

Real Torture, Real Sex, Real Electrodes at US Prisons in Iraq

Clinton's accomplishments for Veterans: a Memorial Day tribute

dan briody on now!

What's with Brian Williams' eyebrows and eyes?

On Memorial Day, I ask for remembrance...

Can anybody explain to me this economic "fact"?

Al Gore speech on Iraq and Bush (with better formatting)

July 1st in Iraq


A lesson in how the Freepers "welcome" a new member

Even Some in G.O.P. Call for More Oversight of Bush

Anyone have any information on Mitch Daniels?

On the day Safire pens "Progress in Iraq", 5 U.S troops are killed!

For those of us who can't get out to commemorate this day, some pictures:

Anybody read "Bubble of American Supremacy" by Soros?

So, was the "Valerie Plame Affair" the tipping point for *?

old man bush SHOVING President Clinton at WWII memorial (screen grab)

Bad as Shit

Would you be willing to die for any of your beliefs?

Is it moral to require young people to kill for a college degree?

ABC (6pm ET) covering Saddam's gun in WH

David Brock's "The Republican Noise Machine" - a big revelation.

Meanwhile in the Archdiocese of Mpls St Paul

Why have gas prices come DOWN to much since one week ago?

Anyone else confused by the musical chairs on the Iraqi National Congress?

anti-American protest/boycott in BELGIUM: bush* the KILLING master (PHOTOS

I saw something interesting on CNN today....

America's Abu Ghraibs - only a few soldiers indulging in pranks?

That POS Tucker Carlson

Why does John Ellis want to call himself "Jeb"?


Family Soldiers - A Slideshow

Kerry's pets

Anyone catch the conversation between Juan Williams and Brit Hume??

Fallujah already an Islamic mini-state

I have had a hard time watching the WWII memorial coverage

What's * gonna do when Kerry comes to take occupancy of the White House?

If I hear "freedom isn't free" one more time

Oil Crisis---reduction in speed limits---

Defense fund for Patriot Act attrocities?

Shrub's "Left Behind" Code Language

Mom just got back from Portsmouth VA memorial Parade

FLA: Vouchers become subsidy for state's private schools

Penny's from heaven

Who voted against the war?

Rumsfeld gets standing O today...

Let's revisit Ashcroft's phony terror alert

Is the current global conflict a continuation of the same clash

Who will be buying Clinton's memoir, "My Life," on June 22?

When is Kerry going to make his VP choice?

A Chilling Memory from Election Night 2000

O'Lielly: Canada Boycott until Army Private CO RETURNED by Ottawa!

Flashback: JFK's Alliance for Progress (Latin America)

McCain on Ofranken rerun right now 11:11PM EST

The lying game

Lots of booing and hissing during the Star Spangled Banner...

Clash of civilizations --' I'm not seeing much civilization in Am today'


Robert Reich for v.p. or campaign adviser?

al-Qaida Continues To Kill Americans. Another Wretched Bush Failure.

The Republican Noise Machine

Who is Wal-Mart fooling with this ad campaign that they pay a living wage?

Another "Pray For Bush" Web Site

Seattle Monorail in flames!

Summing It Up (joke)

Bush Campaigns with Unprecedented Lies

Defreep this map. GWB ahead by 10000 votes???

Zogby survey in my email.

Easy-to-Spot Air Security Might Be Easy Target

A message to the Bushies, the freepers, and other phony patriots

Praise the Fallen (#2): Fortunes of War

Oh, say can you see, by the dawn's early light,


Rolling Thunder is getting negative feedback on their site

man, look at bush...he looks disgusted

Celebrating Militarism

Is anyone here "anti-Nader" because he is an Arab?

I just watched "American Valor" on PBS ... very moving

Lyndon LaRouche : Who is he ? Help me please.

Al Franken agrees to no salary

Memorial Day Video: "Great Moments in Heroism: Poppy Bush Say So Long!"

Bush plans to slash popular programs if re-selected

Freepers debate the use of violent brownshirt tactics

Anyone see the story SF Art Gallery owner attacked?

Didn't Pat Robertson say...

Names for Right-wingers, please list.

Nazi AOL releases 'new' poll with Bush ahead in Ohio

Can huge conspiracies work? Or would someone talk?

All republicans on the news this Memorial weekend. Where are the Dems?

Did the US Gov't Develop the Aids Virus?

I was just watching a documentary about Islamic extremists

Political asylum in Canada....

"Face Reality" by Zbigniew Brzezinski

"War is a Racket" by Maj. Gen. Smedley Darlington Butler

My LTE re: Patriotism vs. Nationalism

CNN: Anderson Cooper says the US is in Saudi Arabia to help pump their oil


Sure Rolling Thunder supports W. He was Missing in Action during Vietnam.

AFP reporting cheney coordinated Halliburton deal

Another Memorial Day cheap shot at Kerry

Is something up in the financial markets.....

God... Ed Koch Is A Jerk

anti-bush* sign deep in reTHUGlican territory..Marysville, Michigan (PHOTO

My Uncle and the Loan Shark

Since most of us here will be "left behind" in the coming rapture...

New bombshell: on 9/11 Pentagon conducted live-fly hijacking wargame

Texans (and all) speak: Would a Kerry /Ron Paul ticket work?

Cancer Patient Gets Probation For Growing, Smoking Pot

Are you "Saved"? Why are the narrow-minded in a uproar?

The Deep Game

I am starting to worry if we can win.

Republican Survivor

TBTM Radio #39: Memorial Day Special

Actual Patriots Rally for Repuke-Harrassed Art Gallery Owner

Saudi unemployment rate 40%. And 6 million foreigners working there

Terror alerts and *'s approval rating

The US made Nicaragua a utopia. The same will happen in Iraq. Honest.

ok tell me about the heritage foundation

The Education of Alexandra Polier (accused of Kerry affair)

Absolute MUST READ: Beyond Fallujah: A Year with the Iraqi Resistance

Kerry in Portsmouth Va today - shook his hand Twice

Five Great Patriots

Touch of Albert Speer By Carlos Widman, Der Speigel..(WWII monument)

Walmart's secret agenda to subvert 3 year olds?

The RNC NYC protest. Do you worry?

Where hot young conservatives meet for fun and romance

Remember Dusty, the nurse in Vietnam?

Do You Hate *?

Draft Dean for VP

Should Dennis Kucinich be allowed to speak at the Dems Convention?

WOW...Protest in Boston...Army recruiting office (photos)

Deja Vu All Over Again -- Bush1 1980 Campaign and much more

Why do you think Chris Matthews voted for Bush in 2000?

A Return to Sanity, Finally - Fareed Zakaria

Let's start a Pray for Kerry website !

The Church has come out against Kerry

Ever wonder what became of the steel from WTC?

200 passengers got lost on 9/11 - at Cleveland Airport

Caption this Bush/Rolling Thunder/Village People picture

The Question W Revue | Benefit Performance for MFSO 7/12

"These Dogs Don't Hunt" Kudos to Jen6 and SoCalDem. Cartoon.

Why do the people who fight for our country get nothing when they get back

Speaking of conspiracies ... ONE name at the heart of all these

Good CIA, bad CIA and the root cause of the "intelligence failure"

Which religion is closest to the truth?

Child welfare head tries to improve agency's image (Repug incompetence)

Lakeside community offers no shelter from corruption probe

Pro-Taliban Cleric Killed in Pakistan

US tanks fight Iraq militia

Emergency Funds Spent To Replace Beach Sand

Two U.S. Soldiers Die in Clashes in Iraq

Bush Trip Brings Threat Of Unrest

mods, please delete

Were senior officials just outed?

Kidnappings Bleed Iraq of Doctors

Fit, but not quite ready for the Tour de France (Bush and Kerry Bikes)

China Accuses U.S. of Pushing Taiwan Independence

Kerry foreign policy team begins to take shape

Bush to Visit Tomb of the Unknowns

Bush takes spotlight off Medicare drug benefit

oops, please deleted meant to post in Editorials and Other Articles

Turkey Court Delays Terror Suspects' Trial

Another presidential visit to Normandy

N. Korea Accuses U.S. of War Pretext Plot

Officer shoots motorist on Highway 1

Archaeologists Dig Up World War II Plane

Three U.S. Soldiers Die in Separate Engagements

Pakistani minister's home under rocket attack

Formation of Iraqi government delayed

Liberia's Taylor not immune from war-crimes prosecution, U.N.-backed court

Nile Basin countries discuss water laws

Kerry Pays Tribute to Fellow Veterans

Iraqi council member assassinated

US delays talks on new Iraqi government

Terrorist rampage jolts oil workers; Westerners consider leaving S. Arabia

Easy-to-Spot Air Security Might Be Easy Target

Two local employees of Dutch journalists killed in Iraq

U.S. soldier dies from Iraq mortar attack wounds

2 Dead, 20 Hurt in Iraq Car Bomb Blast

Bomb Kills Two U.S.-Led Soldiers in Iraq

Foreign fighters gain Fallujah foothold

Internet geek becomes king of Kerry's electronic realm

Cheney office denies role in Halliburton deal (Time incriminating e-mail

Ads fail to sell democracy to Iraqis

Anti-American sentiment grows in Iraq holy city

Iraq Council Delays Choosing New Leader (security "just impossible")

Iraqis Chafe at U.S. Block on Choice of President

N. Korea plays Iraq card

(AWOL) Bush Praises U.S. Veterans and War Dead

Twelve Hours of Terror at Oasis Compound

Turkey Is Praised for More Press Freedoms

Canada's Anglicans Pick Liberal Leader

Bush Campaigns Heavily on Air Force One

Police Access to Federal Files Questioned

Coalition rules out two main contenders for Iraq presidency

Florida: Eroding: Bush's Cuban Support

Bremer threatens to veto Iraqis' choice of president

Bush Campaigns Heavily on Air Force One (Bush the Fiscal Conservative)

Blast in Karachi Mosque Kills at Least 13

U.S. Steps Up Push Against Online Casinos by Seizing Cash

Cuba claims tourism success

Christian lied about faith to survive Saudi siege

Police apologize to anti-war activist wrongly arrested for arson

Ashcroft out if W's in - mag

Oil firms violate acreage caps on land leases

Bremer threatens to veto Iraqi choice for president

Democracy in Iraq: Bremer threatens to veto Iraqis choice of president

Oldest Person Dies at 114 in Puerto Rico

Afgans wary of Karzi dealings

Draft Dean for VP

Saudi security forces 'allowed kidnappers to flee'

CNN: Police adviser: Snafu in Najaf

Iraqi Translators Face Death to Work for U.S.

Anti-American Sentiment Grows in Iraq Holy City

Uprising Has Increased the Influence of Sunni Clerics

Even Some in G.O.P. Call for More Oversight of Bush

NYT: U.S. Shifts Focus in Iraq to Aiding New Government

Judge rejects slave trauma as defense for killing

Forecast For Jobs Will Factor Into Vote

Bremer accused of interfering with vote

Rania’s Husband Gets Six Months’ Jail, 300 Lashes

Handover on track in Iraq: Myers

A Worn Road for U.N. Aide [WH forced Illawi on Brahimi]

Drug Discounts Beginning Tuesday, but Sign-Ups Lag

Isolated abroad, hated at home: House of Saud faces uncertain future

Boots made for backin' Bush (Nancy Sinatra backs *)

Al-Qaeda singles out Berlusconi

Oil price jumps in wake of Saudi attack

Oil traders expect 'terror premium' to strike today

Warm reception for Aristide in Johannesburg

Trial In Laci Peterson Slaying Set To Begin (Tuesday) - (MSNBC\AP)

Some in GOP want private airport screeners

Texas lacking standards on retardation in capital cases

Bomb Kills 16 at Shiite Mosque in Pakistan

Study: Driving Longer Means Larger Waists

Breaking: Fire On The Seattle Monorail

Campbell pushed no-bid contract (more repuke corruption)

Iraqis Condemn 'Meddling' US in Presidential Row

Torture 'systematic' in Egypt

Kerry running mate: the Hispanic factor

'Imperialists' steal Africa's wealth, cause wars

WP: Dates on Prison Photos Show Two Phases of Abuse

GOP looks to limit class-action suits

(Australian) Defence chiefs come clean on abuse

NYT: In Much of the U.S., Soaring Fuel Prices Are Starting to Hurt

Catholic Gay Activists Denied Communion in Chicago

Kerry targets Republican stronghold

WP: Army Investigates Wider Iraq Offenses

Making Hay Out of Straw Men

Socialist VP Candidate on C-Span

Poll: Democrat Leads Senate Race in Illinois

Costa Ricans protest over U.S.-Central America trade pact

Schools' cutbacks prompt concerns (No Child Left Behind?)

Libertarians pick their nominee

Bill Clinton ready to invade BookExpo

Alberta Martin, the last widow of a Civil War veteran, died Monday

WP: Design's Critics Not Listening To Their Hearts (WWII Monument)

Venezuela’s Signature Re-certification Ends Without Major Incident

One year on and Suu Kyi is still under arrest

Fresh fears as DRC rebels besiege airport - surround UN

How Abu Ghraib torture victim faces final indignity: an unmarked grave

Worried Democrats work hard to keep Nader off the ballot

(Vigilante) Militias round up illegal immigrants in desert

Cheney office denies role in Halliburton deal

More HIV-positive gay men are having unsafe sex

And for His Next Feat, a Billionaire Sets Sights on Bush (Soros)

Don't need no life preserver, don't need no one to hose me down...

Got your popcorn ready?? CNN's running "Flyboy" AGAIN!!!

They tried to freep my DU poll, LOL --

Movies that feature the drowning of New York City

Does anyone else love The Roches?

"Cop Land" gets the 116 minute "Directors Cut" DVD treatment

Bush's attempts at "memorializing" the fallen:

Any 4th gereration bedwetters her?

Watching "COPS" on Court TV

Who has ever tried memorizing

Any other 4th Generation soldiers here?

Right brain vs left brain

I just finished posting on Yahoo! boards.

Palm tree poachers plaguing the Valley

George W. Bush Vs. Giant Deformed Flying Baby

Randi Rhodes on the web?

Conservatives More Likely To Have Nightmares Than Liberals

Good Monday and Memorial Day Morning DU!

Experts: Beach Manners Often Go Unheeded

My daughter won't bring her b-f/ here. I think she's embarrassed....

Cars Plunge Into Beaver Lake Arkansas 94 Ends In Water

Anyone else like Squeeze?

Memorial Day Menu

Man Commits Suicide After Sex with Hen

Zookeepers Use TV to Entertain Gorillas

God Bless America....

Move to Iowa Turns Albino Alligator Pink

Does Free Republic get watched?

DUers in Mexico

Any original citizens

Greatest band/artist from Virginia

Recieved a freeper email....answered with an Oil tanker!

Plane falls on man

Top 17 Bumper Stickers You Would Like To See

What should I do today?

People chase a rolling cheese down a hill

Ricki, Jerry, Jenny, Maury, or FOX 'reality' shows?

Wow. There was, like, hardly anyone on the train this morning....

So who's read Foucault's Pendulum?

How do YOU define irony?

Deutsche DUers Hier!

If the game is chess, when do the pawns on both sides figure it out?

I think we all need this:

Czechs & Slovaks check in to this

Following a Wiz to a Far-Out Oz

William Hung shows up in more places than Nicolas Berg

Why do newscasters bother?

What a nice weekend...

Did You Know the Olson Twins are Fraternal?

ok former yugoslavia people come on in

What's wrong with my skin? (gross)

Magazine grooms husbands-to-be

Scots/English DUers here!

OK, here's one: any DUers with roots in the Baltic countries?

Mom can you take me to Supercuts?

Choose One:

Has anyone seen "The Devil's Backbone"/El Espinazo del Diablo?

Man spots Calvin Klein in a restaurant, drops his pants to show him he's

new Oxyrush advertiser Woflner Library

I think I'll miss Bush's facial expressions most of all...

How much tie-dye do you own?

It's another rainy Memorial Day...

The voices in my head are worse than usual

Was I really drunk last night?

Is it just me or...


Thank you, Veterans!

Childish adults: Selfless or not?

Anyone have an RC cola?

Thanks to moof, you need to help me think of long food.

My cat just puked..

Damn! I jsut missed my fav "West Wing"

Anyone have an RC Neohall

Tech tard needs computer help.

Why do they bother with end credits anymore?

what is the name of the song

I should ask this at 6PM, but who had to work today?

Man allegedly steals, wrecks five cars (in about an hour)

memorial day chatroom, new room, PLEASE COME

suggested nick-name for bush*

Anyone remember "After MASH"

My dream last night:

Hey Minnesota DUers..

OK. I'm Heading Outside. Everyone STOP Posting For The Next Hour Or So

Full Screen or Wide Screen?

When Your Yak Yaks, Does He Then Yuk It Up With You?

What are YOU cooking for your Memorial day feast?

Does anyone know how tall Russell Crowe is?

Anyone fire up the grill today?

Anyone fire up a girl today?


The Cat Box President


ok now look at my new avatar

this should be easy for someone to photoshop...

Anyone buy clothes from Ebay??

Does anyone remember the joke about the Texas Hitchker in a hailstorm ?

Just dropping by

Please help me with an analogy!

A '60s soul singer just e-mailed me. And she lives just one town over!

To express "you are" as a contradiction, use:

M*A*S*H 4077 Commanding Officer...Who's your favorite...?

Who made the better foil for Hawkeye Pierce?

moved to General Discussion

To express "you are" as a contraceptive, use:

to express "you are" as a contraction, use:

A little anti-Fox bumper sticker for you

How did you (would you) learn Macromedia Flash?

Spammer sentenced

dam, it`s raining!

To express "you are" as a conservative, use

To express "you are" as a control freak, use

The greatest monster-fighting Mexican wrestler of all time, period.

SoCal Duers: want to help me drag around a big Bush on Saturday?

Who made the better Hawkeye Pierce?

Who made the better sidekick for Hawkeye Pierce?

TV TRIVIA: What show had a bar named The Regal Beagle?

To express "you are" as a concoction, use:

Question: If one is good, is two even better?

Listening to Black Sabbath's Paranoid. Ask me anything.

WinXP Question for you advanced users

I want to scream, cry, run, away, and hide.

Where is my mind?

Am I morose or misanthropic?


The seniors graduated Friday. Class of 2005 is now ON TOP!

I have a spare DU bumper sticker. Who wants it?

How overweight are you? Let's see DUers..

what channel is the west wing marathon?

M*A*S*H marathon on the Hallmark channel

Klaus Kinski !!!!

Sexiest Bitch

I just brushed two handfuls of cat off my fur...

If you could do anything to Ann Coulter, what would you do?

To express 'You are' as a conniption, use:

Bush Likes Playing with Saddam's Pistol

Sexiest itch

I just brushed two handfuls of fur off my cat jacket...

Ugh, I had to watch the nightly news when flipping channels...

That brown icky gooey sticky substance, what's it called again?

It did not rain in St Louis today!!!

What music group did you hate originally that you now think is brilliant?

Calgary or Tampa?

dam, it stopped raining

I have 74 hours of mp3s. Ask me anything about them.

Listening to Led Zeppelin IV. Ask me anything.

Sexiest Witch

Mark Twain (on the Boer War)

I just had a republican memorial day

Favorite Song From This Group? (of songs)

Hello everyone! I'm sorry I was gone so long.

Its The Most Beautiful Of New England Days And I Am In Here With You Fools

If You Don't Eat Your Meat, You Can't Have Any Pudding!

Best Darrin

I just brushed two handfuls of fur off my cat.

For the Birdie Lovers/Experts...........

TO edition, essay and Overview done: Time for the West Wing marathon

Are you good or bad?

Conspiracy Theorists: GO NUTS!

Is anyone else just fed up with Ralph Nader?


Has anyone here read Woodward's " Plan Of Attack "

Kelly's Heroes , The Dirty Dozen, The Great Escape...

I'm here to testify for reprehensor...

Favorite Jack?

May 31, 2003: Al Franken takes on Bill O'Reilly at the L.A. Book Expo.

Widow of U.S. Civil War vet dies at 97

OK, how about songs with "heaven" in the title?

Am I a Bad Parent?

Sixties Heads...and straight Boomers

Is anyone here "anti-Nader" because he's a Lesbian?

I have a small dillema

Does anyone who has any political power actually read anything on DU?

Anyone have an RC filter?

Wedding Question. Would it be in bad taste....................

It might be an idea to open "The Lounge" windows tonight

What movie should I go see tonight?

favorite "adult" toy?

Favorite Woody?

Questions about attending a Hindu Wedding

Agh, just saw one depressing satellite image on the weather channel

Quinn's new favorite perch . . .

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

BE THE LAST to respond to this thread!!!

Favorite N*Sync Singer

"The Rebel" by Albert Camus

ok DU chat, new room name, I am your bouncer for the first time in a while

The Idiot's former teacher on Air America right now - A great listen

The Mystery of why my Dog, my only and favorite dog, got deathly ill.

That's it!!!!! I'm catnapping Quinn!!!!

Why are we here?

I am looking for a picture of *

EWW...Donald Rumsfeld has the same personality type as me!

Caption thread:

For the Philosophy freaks: Wittgenstein's Poker; Have you read it?

Who's watching the Willie Nelson special?

Holiday weekend almost gone, Who wants a WooWoo?

Question Lobby ???Please name song titles with god/angel/devil in them.

Jon Lovitz to appear nude in the Stepford Wives

I am crying over something that happened 25 years ago.

The holy city of _____ ?

for out door hemp growers in the northern hemisphere-

DU Business owners

Best pop song with a flugelhorn (Difficulty: no Bacharach)

Queen pimping for Jaguar


What did you do for Memorial Day?

Did spammer's take the day off?

TV Alert: Air America crew on Tough Crowd 11:33pm EDT Comedy Central

Help please! Clear Channel banned songs list?

Where is my remote?

why do Freepers hate Jimmy Carter so much?

Tacoma man(had 2 warrants) arrested for stealing $1.29 lighter

Listening to The Beatles Revolver right now. Ask me anything.

Happy Memorial day from my neighbor's dog...

OK, who photoshopped in Rummy's Head?

Oedipus Tex

Wanna make Sean Hannity cry?

What is the craziest name of a real person ever?

I saw a wild orca this weekend (pic)

Does Pennywise suck?

Anyone read/on The South Beach Diet?

Which kind of spam do you open/actually use?

Willie Nelson & Bob Dylan singing "You Win Again" right now on...

A piece of Back to the Future fanfic that I have been contributing too.

Any musicians here that record on their PC?

OK Im going to work now, STOP posting for 9 hours!

A 50 foot tree fell on my house.

Translation of blow-off lines

Prostitution capitol of North America?


THings that I am grappling with right now.

How does one become an abrasive person?

The T-Wolves are gonna kick some Laker ass tonight!

70 Smoke Free Hours for Me!

Are we being watched?

Cry to Me

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

Quick!!! Everyone hide! Before Matcom comes back!!!!!

Am I a nerd?


World War II Memorial registry

What is the best recent DVD release you have seen?

the OFFICIAL lakers/t-pups thread

DU Musicians. Do you have a site where.............


Who here has even heard The Shaggs?

Ben Frank's Protest Music Site.

The "Most inappropriate/offensive use of smileys in a post" thread

Who was your favorite Beatles singer?

What is the best way to serve a Republican?

Toilet Seats - Padded Or Unpadded?

My 50 foot tree was assaulted by this house today

I just found a treasure trove of old family photos! Here are a few.

Caption this!

Movie Thread

I'm starting a VAST LEFT-WING CONSPIRACY. Who wants in?

Party at TXlib's and KCDem's, 12 June 2004, for KCDem's B-day

Childless adults: Selfish or not?

End stage liver failure

Kerry to Attend Memorial Day Parade in Portsmouth VA

VP quest: Stamp it `top secret'

Kerry Pays Tribute to Fellow Veterans

How about George W. Bush as Kerry's VP?

Washington Post: From Bush, Unprecedented Negativity

Has anyone seen any polls for Fla?

Media reports woman yelling at Kerry; would they report this if it were *?

new ad at DNC website, on Bush cuts for veterans

HILARIOUS Black-Box Voting posters!!

I got a kick out of this site

Nader's Numbers (from

Forget the polls, check the markets

Is Nader siphoning votes from Bush too?

Kerry still holds lead in Minnesota

Why do Fat People Vote Bush? Can Kerry Target Obese Voters?

"Rolling Sissy" Motorcycle wanna-bee's support Bush...what a laugh

Clark, Clark, Clark!

South Dakotans - remind Democrats to vote Tuesday June 1.

Iraq war vet puts up fight for Schrock’s House seat

Current Intertop odds for VP:

I'm in Ohio and was polled today