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Officer Suggests Iraq Jail Abuse Was Encouraged

Rant on US News Coverage by Juan Cole

so what do you guys think of india?

'Happy' mice skew results

Analysis: Sharon disengages from the Likud

I don't like the way how politicians talk.

A single spark can light a prairie fire - May Day in the heartland

Illinois Families Petition Rumsfeld To Reverse Decision on Re-Deployment

Private data warehouse computers packed with 19 bil. public records.

Does anybody know the divisions involved in the attacks on Sunday?

BBV: 3.8 billion dollars...What could we use that money for....

Does Bush have a dilemma?

Who is most liberal/progressive?

Monday's Doonesbury (Non B.D. related but funny as hell ) SPOILER

Buffett Joins Kerry Campaign as Economic Advisor

Hey, I love computers. Have worked with them all my life. But...

When is exactly the right time to have enough courage to end the staus quo

Kudos to Jack .................In The Box

Is Forrest falling into the ocean a good thing?

Worst Nintendo Games (8 bit)

Is Schrodinger's Damn Cat Alive or Dead

Could you kill?

If you could rid the universe of one TV series what would it be?

Post your Conservative/Republican jokes here:

10.5: The Space Needle would not collapse...

Rep. Mark Cohen organizing forums on policies for the Democrats. Philly

I have questions about Swing Voters

DU May 3rd presidential preference poll

Dear Senator Edwards

Graveyard near Fallujah reveals Iraqi side of story

Pan-blue outrage laughable

'March for Women's Lives' leaves some women on the sidelines

A Whistle Blower Takes on the War Machine (Phila Inquirer)

George abduction toon

Rich Procter: 'Republicans announce convention event schedule' (satire)

When interest rates rise, should we expect instability to follow?

Supreme Court 2008 toon


WP: Disturbing Turn for Shock and Awe

WP: George Bush as Saddam Hussein

Global warming toon

The Bush 'Smear' Machine

For Bush, lies follow lies

Bush's Torturous Logic Shocked, Shocked, Shocked

Brotherly love toon

One Day in Iraq - Salt Lake Tribune editorial cartoon

Humorous Political link here.

'Make Nice'? Not Likely

Krugman: Battlefield of Dreams

Stupidity Causes Death - Col. David Hackworth

Support "The Voter Confidence Act, and NOT "The RECORD Act"

 George W. Bush is not an imbecile., He is a TRAITOR

A Peddler of Court Gossip May Pay the Piper (Turley re Condit/Dunne case)

Salon/Conason: Smear Boat Veterans for Bush

Bush Testimony Not So Secret, Criticizes Clinton

Salon: Will Roy Moore crack the Bush base?

Abu Ghraib prisoner prefers Saddam's torture to the US kind

Washington Monthly/Political Animal: OUR CEO PRESIDENT....

Salon: How Ahmed Chalabi conned the neocons

NYT - U.S. Is Losing Its Dominance in the Sciences

Immanuel Wallerstein: "US Withdrawal?"

Dean (as in Democracy for America) starts training campaign workers

self delete-Duplication

Protest bush Campaign Stops in Ohio May 4

TODAY'S ASSIGNMENT: Write Nancy Pelosi

May 5: Elections Assist. Commission Hearing - Make Sure C-Span Covers it!

Head's up Wisconsin and Iowa - Bush bus headed your way!

To Wonk...

My Recap of the Weekend Media Coverage of Kerry

wow--"US media revisit own failures on Iraq conflict"

(Afghan) Girls 'poisoned by militants for going to school' - USMedia says?

Brock Launches New Center to Correct Media Distortions ona Real Time Basis

O_o Just heard Shell commercial on AAR?

FAIR Action Alert - poor TV coverage of Women's Lives March

Did anybody tape today's Thom Hartmann off the air?

Three Days In Israel - Video

MSNBC testing Hillary-hating shock jock as news anchor

Did anyone else see Jenning's disgracful piece on NORAD?!

We need a second Liberal Network - A call for help.

I have a new computer. I didn't realize that I have to download a different

If you ever get on CITY OF HEROES

Warren Buffett concerned about inflation, trade/budget deficits.

EU emerging as largest economy

Bush expected to reduce March new Jobs # so as to increase April jobs #

Childhood Asthma Epidemic Worsened by Air Pollution, Global Climate Change

New Study Undermines Bush Anti-Regulation Doctrine

Scientists stirred to ridicule ice age claims

`The 7-day coup d'etat' and its real meanings

Border policeman's body returned to Germany from Iraq

Lawyers say post-9/11 U.S. is like police state

Capitalism trumps democracy in Hong Kong

Could you imagine being a policeman answering this call.

GUNS IN THE NEWS - May 1 - 3, 2004

State threads on the "latest" board

What's an RSS Feed?

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Is there a mod around?

Where is the DU

Hey Earl...what is RSS/XML?

There's a post by a depressed member and the mods LOCK it???


Didn't think I would ever do this

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Mods, am i allowed to repost someone else's post with a link to theirs?

Big Thanks to all the mods in LBN and GD

I Thought Sex Threads Were Tepidly Allowed Again In The Lounge ???

I'm just curious,

Peres: Likud poll proves party is subordinate to the settlers

Renewing European ties

Maybe Likud can, but doesn't want to

The Middle East: The Five Dots Bush Needs to Connect

Arms smuggling tunnel destroyed in Gaza

Gamble on Sharon Goes Awry for Bush- Likud Vote a Blow to U.S.Credibility

Investigation into the Slaughter of Hatual Family

Teheran Times: 5 Mossad agents tried to kill Hamas leaders in Syria

Kerry Tells of Flying a Jet Over Israel

IDF captain jailed for death by negligence of Palestinian teen

Row over anti-Israel art display

The Morning After Pill (aftermath of defeat of Sharon plan)

Israelis begin work on new Gaza settlement

Viva Palestine? With Friends Like These…

So, Saddam hid the WMDs by giving them to friendly countries

Does this sound like a cover up?

Get your Obama bumper sticker!

Democratic Underground meetups

Who will run for Governor in 2006?

Democratic Senatorial Poll

Orlando DU event


Did anyone attend the California Democratic Exec Bd Meeting yesterday?

Class-action lawsuit filed against Kaiser Permanente - California

Heads Up ...1240 am Sacramento has AAR live as of 5/3/03

Grid officials ask for conservation to ease energy demand - Calif

Are we ready to run a recall against Ahnold yet?

bush appearing in Dubuque

State plans 'infallible' death penalty: Mitt is at it again

Franken says he's more likely than not to run for U.S. Senate in '08

Anyone else get an obnoxious fund raising call from the Senate Causus?

Why aren't we going to get the new

Is there a NC labor lawyer in here? I have questions.

Protest *bush in Dayton on Tuesday!

Action alert for Toledo, Dayton, Lebanon, Cincinnati

Jerry Springer ready for political return

Any mid-staters listen to Bob Durgin on WHP 580?

Who's this strange man I see in these campaign ads?

Are there any House seats that the Dems can take?

Finance Committee approves payroll tax

Favor to ask of any Austin residents we might have here.

Feingold opponent propganda

How many DUers at the State Convention

Koffi Annan on Meet The Press replay; Joseph Wilson coming up

what does n/t mean pls?

sorry no url but...

" X-rated" Sims versus Ashcroft

WTF??? I just saw an Operation Ready ad during 10.5

Wait a minute

Cheney vs Kerry - The Westminster Speeches - on CSPAN now...

Germany Says Protection of U.S. Bases to End

BBV - E-voting is fatally flawed. Paper trails won't save it!

Dutch drug policies do not increase marijuana use, first rigorous comparat

CACI Opens Employee Probe Connected To Iraq Abuse

Hardball: Sometimes Bill Maher...

Atention Democrats


Making enemies one prisoner at a time

US spends less than $2.8b out of $18.4b of Iraqi rebuilding fund

Can you hear laughter Ramses???

Big Brother is Watching Your Every Move - upstate NY paper's

Newsweek's Evan Thomas: amoral Cool-Kid

Top 10 Conservative Idiots - Why "Saddam's Replacements"?

How many drinks does it take for Bush to no longer matter (or exist).

Can someone please give me some good news from Iraq this morning?


Great ads from the Media Fund at

how have the notorious photos affected you emotionally?

Newest Fox News Broadcast Partner: BP Stations

What's the best justification for the war on Iraq?

What the hell?! British troops compete with U.S. over prisoner abuse.

Who hacked the voting system? The teacher

Sex in theatre : How many Amer-Iraqis have been concieved?

Different view on "The Pictures" here and at Freeperville

in the you-reap-what-you-sow department...

How We Got Into This Unjust War

'Media Matters" Go to it. It's going to be great for us!!!

We need more of THIS....

great new website on the media....

Democrats as apostates in the face of Bush's* war on truth and liberty

No Republican has the backbone to challenge Bush ?

How many people do you know that DIDN'T vote Bush last time who will now?

How long has bush* known about the prisoner abuses?

New website from David Brock (author of 'Blinded by the Right')

Transcript with Sy Hersch 5/3/04 - 54 pg report was the 3rd

The whole world is in jail

Today's Top-10, what was missing..

We don't just need an investigation into the Iraqi prisons...

WP: Modern Day Slavery Prompts Rescue Efforts

Kerry Turns Tables on Bush and Cheney Over War Records

Democratic National Convention - Anyone going as a delegate?

I blame the Iraqi prison tortures on Bush and his incompetent war.

The "All Vounteer" military bears a lot of the "blame"..

The "DINO" Thing Annoys Me

Who will be the best man to protect our nation and get us out of Iraq ?

Can someone please show me how to compress a jpeg file?

Is it true those picture of troops mistreating prisoners are over 1 year

very technical puter question

This editorial is really going to piss you off

C-span: reTHUGs panel discussion dissing Kerry's faith (live now)

"Those Damn Muslims"

US panel studying Cuban regime change

Mondale: Cheney changing the role of VP

BBV petition: Greg Palast and MLK III speak truth to John Ashcroft

Crooked judges a big part of the cronyistic problem

Ever seen albums dedicated against Presidents

Hughes in meltdown yet?

Empty Suitcases in NYC

Bush Lies enshrined: Jim Hightower & the "Claims vs. Facts Database"

Local Sunoco Gas Station puts signs up stating Bush not to blame for $$$

Schwarzenegger in the Middle East

Rummy and Wolfowitz are right- Iraqis are dancing in the streets-

Would you support voting on Sunday?

New Kerry TV ADs: email around to moderate friends and family

Dry Drunk George

Rieckhoff on CNN now 1st Lt in Iraq who gave Dem rebuttall on Sat.

Have We Crossed A Rubicon? Wingnut Angst About Torture???

John O' Neill Tuesday 19 of 23 Kerry Officers "Unfit to be CIC"

UFOs to punish USA?

Wow, I was so impressed with Paul Rieckhoff on This Week

Huge Dubya-Worthy Typo At

colin powell speech to UN about iraq ; question...

Saudi Arabia blames "Zionists" for deadly attack - These are our "allies."

Does someone actually pay for people to write this?

Hypothetical Press Conference with G. Bush

Hostage Is Free; 9 G.I.'s Killed in Iraq Attacks (NYTimes)

white house correspondents....leno?

Whom do you think Bush was accusing of believing Iraqis can't self-govern?

Hilarious "question" on Howie Kurtz's on-line forum today

Cheney owns Thompson Sub-Machine Gun and 30+ Guns

dems polls and martial law

Schwarzenegger Pulls a Cheney On CA Energy Plan

How much air time did Kerry's bus tour get? Bush bus tour BIG NEWS.

20th Century Conflict Map

Kerry flew a jet...???

Kerry on CSPAN now...Anti-Defamation League...(nt)

what does cross burning mean... . . . sing your way to a new administration . . .

Rasmussen Tracking Poll: Oh No, The Sky is Falling

Do you look down your nose at tobacco smokers?

Do you look down your nose at people who drink too much?

Guantanamo Warden to Oversee U.S. Iraq Prison Rules (fox/hen)

Do you look down your nose at people who wear the same clothes everyday?

"The Great STUPID War" | a Monday TOON fix!

If you are short, can you really look down at other people

Do you look down your nose at people who listen to BAD music?

"FOX News Right-Wing Bias": Is this meme finally sticking?

Veep? Who gots the veep?

CNNfn - The Flipside -- just suggested abuse pictures are faked

Did we exchange Saddam’s rape rooms for Bush’s rape rooms?

building boom on "hot labs" (germs) - much money from bushgang

A classic bit of CNN Imperial Bushevik Pravda

Gulf War ex-POW: Abuse claims horrifying

NY Times Political Reporting: Target for Destruction?

Any other Deanies get a snail mail push poll from Pelosi?

Compas/National Post poll (Cdn): Libs 39%, Cons 27%, NDP 20%

Hamill was in Iraq to pay for a heart operation for his wife...SHOCKING!

A new Bill To Stop Voter Purging - Like Florida 2000

How do you view the world, and it's socio/political trends?

Letter: "Kerry 'Unfit to be Commander-in-Chief'" How damaging to us?

what if the girl in the torture photos was YOUR daughter?

Divide and Conquer: Get Peroutka on Presidential Ballot

Did Bush's 2003 tax cut cause higher federal tax reciepts?

do you look down your nose at marijuana smokers?

Dr. Dean on O'Franken right now!

Mission Accomplished

My question is,

Something I noticed in the film of Hammill "captors"

powel on c-span, how sad, he is bringing me to tears

"Sign Kerry Up As A Surrogate For Bush" Says Bush Campaign Leader

Just got this email about overtime pay. Vote Tuesday

Would we be better off if Asscroft hadn't lost to the dead guy?

CNN Headline News poll

If Jessica Lynch was the poster-gal for Iraq, what does that make this gal

Now that we have determined how silly Kerry looks, take a look

Screw cnn propaganda whores

Who Will Kerry Choose:CNN Poll

Soooo, I'm a bit slow on the "Up-take"...

Bush is no better than Manson

Iraqi Rape Photos

Analysis: Is Kerry turning into Bob Dole?

RW G Beck and N Boortz furious about torture

The Tortures are the culmination of Corporate philosophy

Bush, Kalamazoo, and "life-sized silhouettes of casualties of the war"

When Kerry wins, what happens in Iraq

May 3rd...the day my cousin was KILLED in Vietnam....

Any Nascar Dads here?

CNN Polls: "No one's been updating their polls" Edition

Buffett's campagin contributions

Just Started My Week With A Call From An Extremely Rude A-hole Recruiter

New Debunking WEbsite........David Brock...........

On torture what you all CAN DO right NOW

Has the Patriot Act assisted in capturing even one terrorist?

state by state polls

The Right-Wing is full of Cowards and Lier's

Seriously, how stupid is Sen. Biden?

Bush Gang is the problem. His handlers and followers

Imagine the outrage if Iraqis had abused our soldiers like we did theirs

Dole Rises to Kerry's Defense Over Vietnam

My email to Ramstein Air base re Hamill (civilian) transport/ treatment

If it's just a "few bad apples", what's with the coverup?

Bush bus to travel troubled territory

Is it possible to start a petition

Out of the blue of the western sky comes... Wes Clark!

Did you know W. Buffett is the second richest in the world?

Thirty-one percent (31%) now rate the U.S. economy as good or Excellent

shouldn't Kerry be on top of this prisoner abuse thing like

4 conversations Sun at grocery store in OK

Profits from Rape and Torture

5/3 Rasmussen Poll: Kerry 46% Laughing Boy 43%

Ferrakhan on cspan now -

We need a "RW Echo Chamber" web site and TV/Radio Show.

6 months.......................and counting

Editor-in-chief of U.S.-funded Iraqi newspaper quits,

To keep Abu Ghraib in perspective ... Camp X-Ray.

George W. Bush is a Traitor, it's just that simple.

Are your Senators and Reps selling Kerry out?

What I wanna know re: torture pics is this:

Randi Rhodes Show 5/03/04

Our Taxpayer Dollars go to rebuild Iraqi's homes that we Bombed!

Question for people in swing states

What I just heard on CNN HLN outraged me

What made me so sad about the prison photographs is that in an unnecessary

Stripes letters: Bush gets slammed for lack of veteran support

you Torture Apologists make me puke. f-u

Remember General Schwarzkopf's quote "The luckiest man in Iraq"?

Does Anyone Have a Link to FULL Pentagon Global Warming Report

Howard Dean coming up on Inside Politics.

Check out the new Kerry adds if you haven't seen them

Is it permissable to kill more civilians than enemy soldiers in a war?

Dole, Hagel, Luger and McCain....

I Will Begin Referring To John Kerry as "President Kerry"

Making BBV an issue is a Win-Win.

Germany to require training of prostitutes. That is risky business.

Author/Satirist Micah Ian Wright never was a Ranger

"private contractors" (aka mercenaries) use working as planned...

People who started out supportive of the Administration now support Kerry.

Is is just me or does Gen. Kimmitt sound like daffy duck? (nt)

Georgia high court overturns teen's sentence

James Carville MUST BE STUPID!

Republican Attack Dogs--Name 'Em (Playing Cards would be better)

When bush admitted 9/11 Iraq not Connected, need link help

What political affiliation best describes GW Bush?

Newest twist of the Bush regime: Bush on a bus.

link to DUer story of effect of torture pix on wife and SIL???

"It Comes Down to Hatred Vs. Character"

Re-elect the Shrub for what he'll do in the future!

"Ask President Bush" tour comes to Wisconsin

What exactly was Barry Goldwater's platform?

What bumper sticker were Randi and her caller talking about?

Tad Devine on Crossfire: AWFUL!

Do you believe Freepers secretly want Kerry to lose?

lots of angry republicans up in here, heads up

just saw tommy thompson on CNN and here's a project for us

Leave Kerry alone until September. He needs to preserve his money.

God save America ... fundagelicals!

Anyone know where Kerry stands on Urban Cowboy?

Do you think Cheney secretly wants Bush to lose?

Bush spells out economic recovery plan in Michigan today

Help select suitable attire for John Kerry when he goes biking

Is Glenn McCoy really this stupid?

Kerry needs to watch his image - He looks like a fool in this pic

Did you see this crap?

Is ClearChannel Talk Radio Promoting a "Support the Troops" Rally

Do you believe Hillary secretly wants Kerry to lose?

Media Matters for America document the outright lies of right wing media

A preview of this week's freper attack on Kerry

Is the libertythink site OK ?

In a shattered city, confusion reigns

"A mighty fortress is our Lord" by Martin Luther. let's all sing along

What would the U.S. do if an enemy treated our POW's like this? (nt)

Would you join the military or mercenary forces

May Day all around the world!!

Some "sick puppies" over there...

President of Sinclair Broadcasting Arrested on Sex Charge...

Randi saying what some of us have been saying about Democrats

Chickenshits who post Flame threads and then don't respond in them!

Which factor now threatens the bush candidacy most?

Lou Dobbs beating up on Chamber of Commerce Chief Tom Donohue

A Plea of Desperation to the Kerry Campaign

Want to feel good?

Now on Dobbs: Tom Donohue's record of campaign contributions

Wilson's Turn, by Ambassador Joseph Wilson

How Many Here Think Bush Is Unfit To Be Commander In Chief?

David Brock's New Site -- Mediamatters

CNN has another stupid poll up! Please du!

Vote in this poll.

Geneva Convention and Treatment of Prisoners of War

BushCo gets two days of headlines from the Halliburton hostage "escape"

On CBS this evening, they mention John O'Neill's "press conference"

Enjoy the * Michigan and Ohio Bush Bus tour, you are paying the bills...

New Jersey Poll: Bush 48% Kerry 44% Nader 4%

Just watched DVD "Taking Sides"

IRAQ: Revisiting the Famous Stanford Prison Experiment

I wonder If Cheney goes to the restroom with Bush too?

Families of the MPs in Iraq on Harball

Chalabi sharing info with Iran??? Did I just hear that right?

6/30-The Day Kerry Needs to Lead the American "Insurgents"

A repuke idiot, and an offensive website. Who would have thunk it?

Remember April 2, 2004?

Sharon Snookers Bush

aar stream off again

Howard dean on hardball now!

Finally something "The Press" understands: Sex & Torture

Disrespecting the Bing? POW Abuse Overshadows Fallujah Massacre

Larry King/Joe Wilson/ Monday, May 3

S Hersh and the My Lai massacre

Over half of Aussies oppose Iraq War

HELLO EVERYONE! - Buffett Says He Has Increased Bet Against U.S. Dollar

FAIR ALERT , hard to find women's march on the TV news

Wow..Atrios Blog is down...

What Republican Interns are doing

"Mission Accomplished Anniversary" by Mike Keefe

George W. Bush in Wonderland

Let's put our smartest Lefty against their smartest righty

Where Is The Outrage Over These Gas Prices?

Shit Kerry's New ads are amazing

KBR counter insurgency 'experts' behind Abou Ghraib atrocities...

Abu Ghraib was a CIA operation

Get your free "Mission Demolished" animation here!

Fat Mike from and NOFX coming up on Minority Report!

Dick Morris Has Written a New Book

So nobody told Smirk that we needed more money for Iraq?

Kerry + Clark = my friend "Joe's" vote (another Repub for Kerry!)

ROFLMAO!!!! Hostage 'Escape' was Really a Release

Question about the possibly faked Iraq prison abuse pictures

Firm that did Fla voting list of felons who weren't, gets $96 mil contract

How far we have fallen

six questions, and comments, about the torture of iraqi detainees

Medicare Drug Bill on C-Span 2 now

2-15-01: Bush* refuses to support International Criminal Court

What is with this obsession ReThugs Have with our board?

George W Bush is the person that has "politicized" the "war on terror"

Brigadier General in charge of "Torture" Unplugged! before she's caught!

NYT: Halliburton-by-the-Sea

Bush* mocking condemned inmate: "Please, don't kill me".

How Can CNN Even Ask The Question

Heads Up: Joseph Wilson on Larry King (CNN) NOW (9:07 EDT)!!!

Boycott ESPN!!!

How to get freepers and repubs on our side regarding BBV:

John Kerry, this election is unique in our 228 year history, because...

Ex-diplomats' letter to * on ME policy--add your name?

Air America now broadcasting in Sacramento California.

DU this ABC poll: acceptable timeframe for pulling U.S. troops out of Iraq

joe wilson on larry king now

Only 6 Bad Apples Repuking point

General strike/ day of protest in BC averted - Liberals cave!

Bush* on bin Laden

LIVE: Paul Reichoff pissed at both sides

Flashback 1980 (I hate 666 ronald wilson reagan)

Bush's crowd today was hand picked....

Sam Seder is Ranting Again!

This poll still DU-able! Main MS newspaper....

George W Bush making pride a nation wide phenomenon

Has Kerry a tv ad addressing the military spending lies Bush peddles?

Some "sick puppies" over there...

So, the command that will take the hit for prisoner abuse is a woman!

Why are all of Bush's ads negative ?

The Army isn't about to stop the torture. Torture and Occupation...

Irony of Bush saying "How's Kerry Gonna Pay for it?"

Anyone see CNN report on Warren Buffett and Steve Jobs?

Anybody been listening to AAR today?

Cell Block 1A.........the torture story goes mainstream, worldwide

For any who heard CNNs Page Two

Help- Need 3-5 eye-opening links!!

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee

would w tell the truth about 9-11 if he was 'Loosened up' a bit?

Kerry hits back at Bush lap dog Zell Miller.

Iraq torture pics: authenticity issues clarified

Costco Books

W Bush has brought great Shame to America.......

OMG, Bush on bus tour???

The president wanted to make sure appropriate action is being taken . . .

Bush as a Bad Ceo

The Flag Of Disgrace

OMG, L. Paul Bremer, "Bush paying no attention to Terrorism"

Iraqi editor-in-chief of US funded newspaper quits - cites US interference

Nightline 5/3: Prisoners of War

Add your favorite wacky insane Bush quotes

BBV Activism Idea- Feedback?

Newsnight: Fallujah Insurgents Organized, Sophisticated

Just heard on CNN: Mercenaries (aka. "Civilian Contractors")

Shell Oil advertising on Air America???

Which would be the least satisfying profession?

I Posted This on Another Board (question of the day)

Mission accomplished lie again!!!

Pat Buchanan says PULL OUT!

Why Freepers Are Obsessed with our Board...

What are our freedoms these days?

CNN now blurring out the face of the Trailor Trash that tortured men

Hardball: Martha Frederick-What the fool motivates people to go on tv?

Damn Lou Dobbs is pissed

Are the soldiers that tortured simply obeying authority?

MSNBC outs John O'Neill for what he really is

Pletka of AEI lashes Lieutenant Rieckhoff on CNN

Do you STILL feel let down by Gore's decision not to run?

Exactly how much ground has the Left lost?

*'s first words on hearing of the WTC attack

"With the tax cuts, we could afford a washer and dryer."

Is FAUX still using the "Fair and Balanced" slogan?

CNN Poll: 45% of Respondents Urge *Justified* Torture of US Soldiers

Democrats blocking House-Senate negotiations

For Canada's next general election, I want the NDP to win.

*sigh* I'm "troubled" by shrub's upcoming visit to Ohio

Kerry Campaign Slogan

How much will Kerry have to win by to ACTUALLY "win" the 2004 "Election"?

Would * draft the parents of young children?

George Walker Bush Insider Trading Timeline

Anyone listening to Louis Farrakhan on C-SPAN2?

Oct 5, 2001 Memo: Bush* limits information to Congress

Colin Quinn is the ultimate idiot

muslim democrats, please check in

Will they draft gays, lesbians, anarchists, pot smokers, communists, etc?

Apparently we've found Saddam's WMDs

check out the cover of this German newsweekly....

Parenti: Why the children of the rich won't be drafted if there is a draft

Has anyone tracked down Lynndie England?

Part of me would be offended by fake gays avoiding the draft

Any Washington area DUers wanna put me up for a night?

I listened to FAUX News today while off work...

What do you think about comparing Bush to Hitler?

Should prisoners get flat-screen tv's in their cells?

Is Chimp really going to ride the bus?

"George Bush furious at abuse of US soldiers in Iraq"

The Cult That's Running the Country, By Joseph Wilson

Is Lauren Bush a liberal?

Do you agree with John Brown?

would w tell the truth about 9-11 if he was "Loosened up" a bit?

Analysis: Withdrawal on the cards?

Coming back from Vietnam.

Gen. Janis Karpinski passing the buck. Is she Lurch?

More proof of the "Sovietization" of politics by this (mal)Administration

Ted Rall: Cartoon about American idiot, Pat Tillman

Stephanie Herseth online know what to do!

Why do people treat their Teens like Gods?

Dream dies in US army kitchen ~ Catering in Ira*

Need a Little Help from DUer's

Weird Thought: Could The U.S.Military Be Setting Up The National Guard ???

BBV: EAC Panel- Paper advocates outgunned 3 to 1

MSNBC runs Anti'Kerry Ad right after Tweety trashes Dean Who Fought Back!

Just on Limbaugh--Compares Abu Ghraib photos to frat stunt,

How many people do you know who voted for Bush but won't this time?

HUGE HAPPY NEWS! David Brock's new watchdog web site against VRWC

Kevin Bacon, what is wrong with this logic?

Charlie Rose tonight about the Iraqi prison scandal

What is the cash value of a human death?

Cuba challenges America and Europe

May 4, 1970 Kent State ... 34 years ago 4 students killed, 9 wounded

Icky Images from Our "New American Century" - a PNACy Wonderland!

I think Kerry is a hunk, anyone else?

TIA's Prediction of tommorrow's Rasmussen poll numbers

The crimes hidden behind "national security" must be prosecuted.

Would Al Gore have been a better candidate that John Kerry?

U.S. proposes to draft women; extend draft age from 26 to 34

Most American ideals were from THIRD Parties (You are Welcome)

Question for lurking conservatives

Blair Distracts Critics with Swerve toward Home Policy/UK-New WMW

Mexico ( & NOW Peru) pull their ambassadors from Cuba

Extent of Foreign Fighters in Iraqi Insurgency May Be Less Than Often Port

Kerry 'Unfit to be Commander-in-Chief', Say Former Military Colleagues

U.S. base in Najaf under fire

California Decertifies Diebold Bugware

US Names New Iraqi Officer to Lead Falluja Force

Sharon may modify pullout plan

Iraq Veteran Delivers Democratic Radio Address ...

Kerry Strives To Highlight Pro-Market Side - WSJ

2 Men Charge Abuse in Arrests After 9/11 Terror Attack

Alleged mercenaries in irons after plot scare - ZW

Training team despatched to Iraq (Aussies)

Is this for real? "Kerry 'Unfit to be Commander-in-Chief'...



Kerry 'Unfit to be Commander-in-Chief', Say Former Military Colleagues

Is this for real: Kerry unfit to be commander in chief. Link is below

Hitting the highway to find new Democratic votes (Seattle P-I)

Dupe--mods, please delete

India probes reports of ex-soldiers working illegally in Iraq

No joke: Great guffaw might be good for the soul (Seattle P-I)

U.S. Urges Pakistan to Use Force in Tribal Region

Italians rally for peace to free hostages in Iraq. Captors ordered protest

Work starts on embassy security fence for "Fort America"

Anti-Muslim Violence 70% Up: CAIR Annual Report

Turkish police foil NATO bomb plot - TV

Keralites back home from Iraq after ordeal in U.S. camp

Kerry to Begin Wave of New Ads to Counter Steady Bush Attack | NYT

Turkey 'foils Nato summit attack' | BBC

Nancy puts the kibosh on Ronald Reagan University

New virus snarls thousands of computers

Thousands Of Gays Expected In Rhea County On Saturday

24 Bulgarian Soldiers Sent Home From Iraq

Ex-Hussein supporter gets Fallujah

Commission comes up with death penalty recommendations (MA)

Kerry's Low Profile May Cost Crucial Latino Votes | LA Times

Activists shame Iraqi Governing Council, derail Iraq business forum

Torture commonplace, say inmates' families

Iraq Costs Surge, May Force Bush to Shuffle Funds, Seek More (Bloomberg)

Falluja turns out to bury dead after U.S. pullback

Laos - 2004 Anuual Report

Iraqi Rebels Release Held Italian Journalists

U.S. General Recommends Highest Rebuke for Prison Supervisors

Draft unlikely soon but hot topic now

Planned Parenthood to protest Bush adviser's terror comment

Gay Marriage Not Banned Presbyterian Church Court Says

Army Blasts Iraq Rebels With Artillery

7 U.S. Soldiers Receive Reprimands for Prison Abuse

Signs suggest improper influence of Bush on Fed

Former human rights minister told Bremer about Iraq detainee abuse

Schwarzenegger in Jordan following criticism from Arab-Americans

Group Donates TV Equipment to Promote Balanced News Coverage (in Iraq)

Sharon Will Modify Gaza Withdrawal Plan

Report: Muslim Harassment Up

Govt to probe hiring of men for Iraq (India)

UN warns corrupt employees will be 'dealt with severely'

Kerry ads to debut in Colorado | Denver Post

Iraq Militiamen Clash With U.S. Troops

Justice Department Fines Gates $800,000

Former U.S. diplomats slam Bush Mideast policy

Bible's words become instrument in gay-marriage debate (for and against)

India to probe how former soldiers were sent to Iraq

Some Afghanistan-Bound Troops Feel Relief

Pakistan Bus Bomb Attack Kills 3 People

No change in Iraq policy: Bush

Seattle Monorail route faces key votes | Seattle P-I

Court overturns Dixon's child molestation conviction

Fallujans emerge from their homes to survey their shattered city


Editor-in-chief of U.S.-funded Iraqi newspaper quits, takes staff with him

U.S. Soldier Killed, Two Hurt in Iraq Attack

White House Wrong on Medicare...Possible Subpeona

NYT- 2 Men Charge Abuse in Arrests After 9/11 Terror Attack

Kerry Ad Touts His 'Lifetime of Service'

Death Sentence Reimposed on Iran Professor

Top US officers responsible for prison abuse-general

UN rights expert calls for independent probe into crisis in Fallujah

Kerry faces organizational challenge in Arizona

Flag flap: limits on flags in Halifax (MA) challenged

Berlusconi wants Italy media blackout on hostages

Finding her way as first lady, Shriver embarks on book tour

Half-Dozen Blasts Rattle Iraq Capital

New teeth 'could soon be grown'

Accused Bin Laden Aide Jailed in U.S. for Stabbing

Pentagon fires Iraqi Gen Saleh , replaces with London Exile General

Secrets, snoops and scoops

Indians abused at US military camp in Iraq

FEC Cuts Off Funds for Sharpton Campaign

It was disgusting

Attention Minnesota DUers!

Oil Price Hits Highest Level Since October 1990

Americans Urged to Leave Saudi Arabia

U.S. in Falluja Turns to Officer Who Defied Saddam

Iraqi school boys: Now we hate the US

Oil Price Hits Highest Level Since 1990

Florida House Speaker Byrd Kicks Off U.S. Senate Bid

Immigrant bill attains magic 60

Senator complains Pentagon missed perchlorate report deadline

Barge flips over in Texas as partygoers crane to spy nude beach

White House Hopes for Iraq Turning Point

Court overturns Dixon child molestation conviction

New Ads Aim to Bring Kerry to the People

Cheney Says Kerry Would Raise Taxes, Choke Economy

Tiny New Agency Ill-Equipped for E-Voting Oversight

Report on Abuse Faults 2 Officers in Intelligence

Pentagon Misses Toxic Report Deadline

Iran's Khatami justifies years in office

Court Won't Hear EPA Pollution Dispute

Israeli Vote Also Deals a Blow to U.S. Policy

Another Iraq Prison Cited in Army Lawsuit

Veterans greet kerry

Agency Sees Withholding of Medicare Data From Congress as Illegal

WP: In U.S., Seeking To Limit Damage

Officials Say Wait to Get Medicare Card

WP: U.S. Sent Specialists To Train Prison Units

Labor Chief Chao Touts New Overtime Rules

Bush: GIs who abused prisoners should pay

Obese girls and boys bullied more often, research finds | Globe and Mail

Army Unit's Hometown Appalled by Photos

Billionaire Buffett backs Kerry's bid for White House

US Mad Cow Test Procedure Violated in Texas-USDA

Marines new strategy in Fallujah fraught with questions

'Chalabi gave Iran information on US occupation of Iraq'

Japan debates pacifist constitution

U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq - 751 U.S. service members have died

Old general veeping up

WP: George Bush* as Saddam Hussein

Democrats urge immigration changes

Bush administration wrong to withhold Medicare cost estimates, report says

Bush: Prosperity depends on election

US to keep high force levels in Iraq indefinitely: officials

WP: President Gets Back on the Bus

Israelis surround Arafat compound

80% of Canadians Loath George Bush... How'd they get so smart?

CBS News Says It Held Prison Abuse Story

Airline employee finds loaded gun on plane

Nigeria religious strife kills 67

Bob Kerrey’s 9/11 Commission Fiasco

US hostage Thomas Hamill well treated by captors

Anger grows over Iraqi prisoners

Psychological thumbscrewing OK: army

(Afghan) Girls 'poisoned by militants for going to school'

Editor-in-chief of U.S.-funded Iraqi newspaper quits, complaining of Ameri

Bush Vows to Stay Course on Economy, Iraq

Reports of Prisoner Abuse a Blow to U.S.

Aznar: Spain Failed to See Terror Threat

America's Deep, Dark Secret

WP: Group Says Kerry Released Edited Version of Military Records

Army seeks to identify whistleblowers who gave torture photos to the 'Mirr

Split on abuse inquiry

Is Forrest falling into pudding a good thing?

pray for me

Calling flowomo, big pussy for flowomo

German-Americans, would you take your German relatives to a hot dog stand?

Escape from Neverland Game!

If you vote in this poll you will have good karma forever! I promise!

The ultimate boredom solver. The Hero-Machine

what does n/t mean pls?

Day Care Center Growing Marijuana Plants

Do I need to lighten up?

At 12:01 p.m. Wednesday...

Be Careful with your Pets

Kids Growing Up Slower Than Neanderthal Kids Did

Gooooooood Morning DU!!!

so...vito, on the sopranos is gay eh?

BMW Owners Have More Sex Than Even Porsche Owners

What TV Series do you own the DVD sets for?

"Mission Accomplished" was typo..

Why Fox News is good for Liberals. (An Article)



I can no longer see Matcom's buttcrack smilie

Happy 71st birthday to JAMES BROWN!!!

My 1st performance at poetry slam

I just got the new Florida Quarter and the new Louisiana Purchase Nickel..

Startin' mah new job tuhday.

A kitten was in distress, and there's no way for me to know if it got away

Bad URL causes Norwegian government homepage to link to gay porn website

Boat Sails Past Nude Beach - Passengers Rush To Side Of Boat - Capsizes


Police Seize Underpant's Underpants

Where can I find the link to CNS link?

Democratic National Convention - anyone going as a Delegate?

Demnan is a new first-time home owner

I just had the scariest nightmare...

I'm glad a national TV audience was able to see the Texas Rangers

DU-Americans. Would you take your Scottish relatives to McDonald's?

"I have muted $ ______ worth of GOP advertising"

The Awful Fate of Those Who Pimp For the Chimp

Happy Birthday to Soul Brother #1, the Godfather of Soul.......

My 666th post!

Funny bumper sticker

Hey Trumad!!!! Look at who showed up at the Kentucky Derby!!

Forthright's Phronistery . . . English Word Lists and Language Resources

Did The Simpsons kill off Ralph Wiggum yesterday?

I'm back!

I have Hot Flashes and Night Sweats at 25

For those of you who yearn for a Pickles avatar...

Can someone fix me up with Arianna Huffington?

Any Martin Denny fans?

Dubya "Super Manly Masculine" Edition of "Caption Me"

Net Worm Snarls Thousands of Computers

O Lovely Colorado, thy priorities are messed up.

I'm out for a while...

who saw the Harry Potter skit on SNL this weekend?

Top-40 Songs That Should Have Never Fallen From The Charts

Rasputin's "banana"

Unintentionally funny CBS headline

People who create computer viruses...

Anybody see Mean Girls yet?

My cat has something to say!

Blair, Bush, a love song...

If you don't fall in love with these cats - you must be crazy

If You Could Have An Extra Body Part, Which Body Part Would It Be?

Have you used ink cartridge refill kits for printers?


"Hamburger-loving Americans, would you take your family to Fuddrucker's?"

tom_paine - have you finished coloring your GW Bush Coloring Book

Dave Chappelle's Family History of the World

Five Survivors left - who will win All-Star Survivors

Tell Me About Your Toilet Paper

Is your backyard like mine?

Is a feng-shu plant a good anniversry present?

Three Way Rock Band Poll - White Stripes, Von Blondes or Black Rebel M.C.

My new favorite word, "Troubling" what's yours? (nt)

What's the worst service you've ever had in a restaurant?

Are you ready for...The Horror Channel?

My cats will challenge Sus's cats to a battle of "Cutest Cats"

My first wedding anniversary is coming up! Any suggestions?

can you help me fix my toilet?

George W Bush in sex scandal.

Luddites, fear and ignorance...

Who's Your Favorite Obscure President?

Dog 'fined' for failing to wear seat belt

Are pansies less manly than other flowers?

Best Buy Apologizes For Tailing Black Stundents In Its Store

Mrs. Betty Bowers asks: "Is President Bush a homo?"

I am drinking Goose Island Root Beer.

Too my fellow Miami Dolphin Fans....

What TV show started out as your favorite and then just went "Pfft"?

I am already immune to the Windows "Sasser" worm

what is AOL up to? | attempts to send crap to my computer

I just bought

I Watch Cartoon Network's Adult Swim More Than I Watch Cable News

How do I get my frontal sinuses to clear

Boot Camp 1951, Sailors to be are dropping like flies!

98% of American men are EMASCULATED after viewing this film

Over 75% Of Maryland Teen Boys Masticate DURING A Date In A Restaurant

Once that you've decided on a killing...

eBay loser goes literally ballistic

The Self-Deprecatory Santa of all CAPTIONS

Why do I listen to Hannity?

10 Completely Random Tunes #1... Like 'em or Hate 'em?

Barney the dog has his own bong.

Matcom News plagiarizes!!!!!

Man On Corner With Sign Warning Drivers Of Checkpoint Ahead - Arrested

Soul Brother #1, James Brown turns 71 today!

Mad props to elad for the DU RSS Feed

City Official Refuses To Remove His Female Mannequin From His Office

Show me an expert farmer and I'll show you a man...

75% of fishermen and women are master baiters

10 Completely Random Tunes #2... Like 'em or Hate 'em?

Barney the dog has his own blog

More new Batman (Christian Bale) pics

Over 75% Of Milwaukee Using Porn - 46% Masturbate At Work

Navy Recruits For "Quality, not Quanity" At Wal-Mart

OK, it's not a big, big deal, but it gets on my nerves.

realultimatepower has convinced me that NINJAS ARE COOL!

Anyone watch "Bermuda Triangle" show Sunday? Q for airplane enthusiasts...

All right, all you cat lovers. Here's a senior cat that needs rescue.

The new Yahoo! Messenger beta is pretty badass

Discussion about Air America on!

for fun and relaxation - pictures of places to rent in Munich

DU bicyclists check in!

Killer satire on ""..."Complete Transcript Of...

My grandfather passed away yesterday afternoon.

I just came back from Poppa's funeral.

I am feeling very passive-agressive today. Ask me anything.

How shall I exact my revenge on Trumad?

Anyone watch that movie 10.5 on NBC?

What a SHITTY Day I have had

Join Rush Limbaugh in celebrating Pilondial Cyst Awareness Month

K C & the Sunshine band

Do Any Of These Appeal To You?

the beauty that is the kalamata olive.

In A Rare Moment of Candor the Bush Team Discuss...

Song of the day - Kerouac, On the Road (Waits, Primus)

I have to rant about something

Brothels Required To Hire Trainees

Best ever Xian bumper sticker (funny)

How can you be informed and still believe in a benevolent higher power??

Questions That Shouldn't Have Been Axed:

Kindergartner Caught With Marijuana On School Field Trip

Okay, I've been a posting foo. Somewhere in the last couple hrs. or so

In Europe, Cellphone Profits Go Up as Clothes Come Off

I am feeling very passive-passive today. Ask me anything.

And he's tradin' in his chevy for a cadillac ack ack ack ack ack

Job advice sought

I need some poems

Wow! Check out the final bid on this Arnie bobblehead at eBay!


Question for any Aussie's

Anyone see the Kucinich coverage on FauxNews?

The Repugs ruin my day.

When you post a thread asking a question, do you return to it or respond

Favorite scene from the Hitchhiker's Guide books

Wacko Jacko refers to young Neverland visitors as "rubbers"

Anyone wanna see a WWII plane 120 feet deep for 52 years?

Computer question

I am turning into a disgusting YUPPIE

My Johnson is about to expire

what planets better than ours are the closest?

This is a great sign

It's pork chop night

Photographers, which is better:

1. Grab the nearest book.

Remember "The Dream Police" by Cheap Trick? Did you like it?

anyone know where i can get bumper stickers made up?

Where do you predict we, the Unbelievers, will be disappeared?

I just got my neighbor's mail by mistake.

Need some help from DU'ers with knowledge about cars

Deep Purple without Richie Blackmore and Jon Lord...still Deep Purple?

"Nothingness? You shouldn't have!" "I didn't."

Just made an appointment with my doctor.....


So DU is Cheers...what character are you?

I just found a cool website, and opened an online shop.

What do you think of this image?

Need advice: my aunt found out she has cerosis (sp) of the liver due to

"I Support Our Troops"

DU Veterans: Where were you trained?

Any Yippies here?

Which would you rather be, a Vampire or a Zombie?

My Norton is about to expire

Best Cheap Trick song?

DU / Harry Potter Poll

God sends Britney Spears a message!

According to Our pResident the problem with health care is frivolous suits

Anyone remember the game QIX?

Office Space on Lifetime

We will... We will... ROCK YOU!

My new personals ad is really reeling them in!

Thee Monday night Dinner thread...

that 10.5 was one dumbass movie!

just heard something stupid on the local news...

For my 200th post, I'd like to thank Whitacre D_WI

Adhesive removal question

I also have a confession to make.

Conservative Underground

WTF? Jacko Was Torturing Iraqis? Or Was It Kobe? Or Scott Peterson?

Any other guys here who don't follow any sports?

Another game suggestion :You Liked Galaxina/Gala (or other similar games)?

Daily Show obliterating the Bushies

The new cutie

Do you feel dumber after watching 10.5?

Is there anything more fun to post than AAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!!!

Which is most likely to cause your impending doom?

Tonight's "Tought Crowd" might be worth watching

For the fans of "Van Helsing"

Are any of you DUers taking Lexapro?

TV Shows That Shouldn't Have Been Axed

Free/Open Source NewsReader (to view the DU news feed)

But why must the duchy be passed on the left hand side?

I can't believe the price of milk and butter!

Alright brain, you don't like me, and I don't like you...

Career Day in High School, Did Counselor Advise You

Which one's Pink?

What's your biggest pet peeve?

Bush's wet dream- California dropping into the ocean

Thinking of dropping out of college.

"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is to love & be loved in return."

Is your local news doing a special report on the local Earthquake Threat?

Leno on "10.5"

Five Random Questions...Answer If Ya Wanna

What CD/Cassette/LP/Tape have you worn out and replaced at least one time?

I just quaffed my Dr. Pepper.

Was anybody thinking, during 10.5, last night that...

I have a confession to make...

Tonight's Combination DU Insomniac/Hockey Thread (3 May)

Any fans of "Goonies"?

I love rock & roll.


Least favorite mispronunciations?

Converting a Republican friend. (An Update!)

Go-Gos poll: There WERE 9 tunes!

The most shocking death of a favorite TV character...?

Have other DUers been there for you, helped you out, supported you?

So....when did you join DU?

I didn't know that Leno and Letterman were once good friends

Top 20 Guitar Riffs according to Total Guitar (UK Magazine)

Ok, cutest ADULT cat time!

CAPTION, why is the male a bush and the female a pickle?

Caption Condi

45 RPM record sleeves (Day 1)

A couple of dream tidbits:

Science/Math/Computer Geeks... what are your favorite pun jokes...

Muzak atrocities you've heard?

How do you like your apogee?


Guilt Issues

My how DU has changed...

Leonardo's fight against global warming!

Fantasy Battles You'd Like To See...

DU LBN Syndication Feed on LIVEJOURNAL

My Red Sox are just KILLING ME.

What beer are you drinking?

Forget about all these cats.

Is it safe to eat beef? Serious question.

Today's my Birthday!

Official 10.5 Part 2 thread. 9:00 pm EDT NBC

7 random questions... Answer if ya wanna.

Common mistakes that bug you....

In a Legendary Battle of the WWII battleships, who would win?

I puked again today--DU diagnosis?

DU LBN feed on My Yahoo!

Please make an online pledge for cycling event to benefit cancer research

My brother sent this letter to the Kerry campaign

Linguistic expert,: how John Kerry can hone his message more effectively

Kerry to Begin Wave of New Ads to Counter Steady Bush Attack

My thoughts on why Kerry is advertising in Louisiana and Colorado

Sucking out the enthusiasm. .."Bush is bad" is not an agenda.

If one more person posts that God Damn CNS link

We should write thank you letters to Dole, McCain, and Nancy

Buffett endorses Kerry!

Huffington leads charge for female vote

Kerry's Low Profile May Cost Crucial Latino Votes

My dad in Texas put out a Kerry yard sign yesterday!


Iraq war veteran criticizes Bush on Democratic radio address

Edwards to address Ohio Democrats

Tom Toles hits the nail on the head regarding Bush and "national security"

Watch John Kerry's New Ads and Join the Campaign

If Election Hinges on Iraq, Kerry May Need Added Firepower (VP Clark?)

Newsweek (on Kerry's urgent task of developing a coherent message)

I just saw on that there is going to be a news

Anyone else get their Bush Picture from the RNC/Gillespie?

How can Wisconsin be polling so differentely from the rest of the Midwest?

Proof of Moron America....Cheesey ad's sway their opinions.

Kerry Voted against defense funding

The Gall Of The Chickenhawks

"Getting Down to the Nitty Gritty" Plans to train local candidates.

MaryBeth says "Count To Ten"

Max Cleland for VP?

Corzine Earning Political Stripes as the Money Man (taking Senate possible

Nader campaign flopped at Minneapolis May Day Parade

Stars and Stripes letter (Senator Kerry, please read)

(new)Kerry Ads Touts His 'Lifetime of Service' ("Heart" and "Lifetime")

Reply I got from J. Barnard re: Mondale Backs VP Cheney

Lots of local republicans angry at their party for blizzard of phone

If Zell Miller hadn't been appointed to the Senate, VP?

John Kerry Remarks on U.S.-Israel Relations (8pm) 5/3 CSPAN

State HQ's for John Kerry?

delete me please

Clark fans: "If Election Hinges on Iraq, Kerry may need added firepower"

Arkansas: Bush 45% Kerry 45%

Texas State/National Convention

Kerry on Smart Growth vs. Urban Sprawl

I love it! John Kerry is running this ad on CNN"S Inside Politics!

Kerry's $25 million ad blitz: during MAY SWEEPS. Very smart move.

This right wing bunch will make fun of you even if you compromise.

Nader may be Green and Reform party nominee for President

Kerry +2 in Oregonia

Dean on Hardball, now (5:45 Mountain time)

Kerry's new ad

John McCain for VP?

My suggestion for a Kerry ad. Vietnam, Veterans, War Hero.

The genesis of a simple question.

Just heard Bill Schneider say the Republicans still control the Agenda

I love Cheney's military history of deferments - LOL - he takes on Kerry?

Attention Minnesota DUers!

Hubby just brought up a good point

Kerry + Clark = my friend "Joe's" vote (another Repub for Kerry!)

Vote On Cnn Now: Veepstakes

war chests evening out?

Torture scandal is killing Bush in the polls.

New Michigan Poll

Kerry was Swift Boat Commander of Boat 44 and 94 - Photos from #94

Kerry's new ads....they are awesome

Ralph Nader Favors Youth Voting: Lowering the Voting Age to 16

what's the story with the "unfit for CIC" letter signed by military people

Plurality of Voters Say Conservatives Have More Influence in the Media

Anyone know where Kerry stands on urban sprawl?

Help me convert a democrat who will vote for Bush!

I want to see John Edwards and Howard Dean fighting for Kerry EVERY DAY!

Tom Delay as Kerry's VP? Why not?

You all waited for Kerry to strike back.

Kerry wasting money in Oregon?

What Edwards/Clark VP choice boils down to

UPDATED: Of the VP candidates being vetted, whom do you prefer?

Wanted Edwards for VP, but now believe that Clark is the better choice..

Goal: A Million in May. Join the Kerry campaign. Click link below.