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Archives: May 29, 2004

Clift: Washington Intrigue (Ashcroft, Ridge, Terror Alert)

another good site for propaganda

Private spaceships caught in political fog

Should citizens have the rights of corporations?

Missing black holes found

*/House of Saud connections

CNN's Ridge / Ashcroft front page graphic: Dumb & Dumber

Heh heh..."Bake Back the White House"

Westers -- Catch Charlie Rose tonight with great guest

if Bush gets a second term.... will he REALLY have a free hand?

"people die in war"

Kerry's pledge for respect, not fear

tinfoil alert...Moore 'interviewed Berg'

More Dirty Tricks on the Road to Bush's Reinstallment

RW Radio Stepping Up Comparing Iraq To WWII

Al Queda will NOT attack before the elections, they'll attack AFTER

Al Queda wants Bush to win the election!

"Dewey Wins"!!!!!!

MAJOR naval exercises - should we be paying attention?

Nightline..."The Fallen,: .......Holy Christ.

Rove's White House 'Murder, Inc.'

Brief report from the Toronto 9/11 Citizens Inquiry

Flight attendant charged with writing threatening note (bomb threat)

Pakistan test fires medium range missile

F.B.I. Issues and Retracts Urgent Terrorism Bulletin (NYT)

Kitten singing the vines.

I've killed a million petty souls...but I couldn't kill you....

Polkas and folk ballads....

So I'm driving to work this morning

I'm not dead yet... I feel happy! Really, I'd like to go for a walk

A phrase I really hope doesn't catch on:

John Kennedy born May 29, 1917

Really bad names for a child

Trying to forgive myself.

So I got diagnosed with ADD. Am I trendy or what?!?

BushCo chimps up again without knowing about new Iraqi appointment

I don't think its going to be close.

Poll finds hypothetical Kerry/Cosmo Kramer ticket with advantage over Bush

Kerry-McCain 14-Point Advantage Over Bush-Cheney

A Hollow Sovereignty for Iraq

Oh Say Can You CACI

Easy Company’ Veteran to Accompany Kerry to WWII Memorial Opening

(Myrtle Beach): Chalabi symptomatic of war's ills

Dead ahead: Daley's O'Hare boondoggle

(SW Fla:) November will provide a chance to correct some bad decisions

Exiled Allawi was responsible for 45-minute WMD claim

Highway 61 revisited

Re: picture of KIA casket w/ Bush/Cheney sticker


Long Beach (CA) suing two protest groups

I Have Met the Enemy...

Sebastian Brett (London Observer): Justice a step closer in Chile

The handover that became a shambles: ten U-turns on the road to 'peace'

Discipline Takes a Break at the White House

The Real Terror Threat - LTTE in NY Times

Why the Democrats' Left Wing Is Muted

BUSHCO BREAKING DOWN--coerced loyalty coming undone---Suskind NYT

Anonymous source in newspaper stories equals LIAR

Bill Press: Ashcroft is crying wolf -- again

*'s Accomplishments in Office.....

Dowd: An Ode to Clarity

Poking Holes in the Official Story of 9/11

Bush: a Study in Failure

Ruling points to command responsibility -- Robert Landauer

Bush Tries to Reassure Americans That He Knows What He's Doing

Fear and Loathing in Rockford

Does this sound like it would make a statement?

Bay Area DUers Sat June 5th

NOW w/ Bill Moyers: Adrian Wooldridge & Michel Martin - mp3 & vp3

NOW w/ Bill Moyers: Ron Paul (R-TX) - mp3 & vp3

Whe said, ble said.....

Sore! Just finished digging my pond! Ask me anything!

Starving Science...

Unfortunately, Saudi Arabia is in the news today.

Greenpeace Lands in Oregon

Bumpy ride for clean fuel

Honeyman tree clearing under fire (posted in oregon, too)

I say windhexe+depolymerization technologies an easy answer:energy crisis

Tokelau islanders put wealth before independence

Sudan presents a test of global humanity

Kerry's hunting/firearm stance and his voting record.

Hey, I like the "Member Since" change.

Hi Skinner

Keep this may need it this weekend

And my thread in GD was locked because ... ?

Nice job guys!

Kudos on the Home Page

The front page is excellent.


BBC (Saturday): Vanunu 'wanted to avert holocaust'

Hizbullah recruits minors to spy, run drugs

Rajoub: Dahlan is a traitor

Who's in the driver's seat? (good Yoel Marcus article)

Hamas criticizes Arab Summit

Column One: What Europe wants

IDF officer killed in Balata camp; Al-Aqsa claims shooting

IAF airstrike in Gaza kills three

After Rafah, Europe, Arabs have no excuse for inaction

CNN Breaking: Senior Hamas leader killed in blast...

Suicide U.: Iran registers volunteers for martyrdom

Chalabi-gate: None Dare Call It Treason

DNA testing sought in Starved Rock murders - Ottawa

U.S. service members from California killed as of May 30

Saw Mark Dayton at Linden Hills Park today

Great Norm Coleman site!!!!

Ohio Senate Race is SUDDENLY in PLAY!

Hoeffel making a name for himself in U.S. Senate race

Anyone Remember the 13th Floor Elevators?

Rossi raises GOP hopes of taking governor's seat

WOW! The Hunting of the President Trailer is online..

If we had been honest about 'exhausting diplomacy'...

KTLA just reported that Weinstein has bought the rights to Farenheit 911

Ray McGovern on the Mike Webb show now -- streaming

"7 bad apples" any quotes of "6 bad apples" or lesser number?

What should we do in Iraq?

Atrios' evidence that Zell Miller and Pat Caddell have Nagourney's ear!

Night owls, check out breaking news re: prison abuse

BBV: Meet Cathy Diebold

Whatever happened to "family values" in Oklahoma?

"The people I distrust most...

New Yorker, Rumsfield's secret Copper Green

E-voting petition over 100,000 now. Bev Harris, David Dill blog.

Doonesbury | B.D. heads for Walter Reed

military intelligence involved in mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners

Allawi's appointment bizarre-he was behind the media shutdown

Report: 1 of Every 75 U.S. Men in Prison

The story behind the story of the Ashcroft terrorist alarm....

Reminders for GOOD radio today! Please keep kicked!

A Quiet Colorful Revolution!

Will a major terrorist event be broken up this summer?

Other Iraqi opposition we're funding

stock up on little american flags, we're gonna get hit again, hard

...saw Arianna Huffington in West L.A. at Border last night

Rummy giving commencement speech NOW

What's French for, `Quit picking on us'?

Amy Goodman coming to town today

POLL: "Do you believe the new US al-Qaida threat claims?"

FL sec. of state says: "Touch-screen machines are not computers"

Does Patriot Act allow for martial law?

LOL!!! - Terror Threat Source Called Into Question (MSNBC)

my favourite Bill & Hillary photo

CNN has rumsfeld live: What an egomaniac.

Pat Tillman likely killed by friendly fire

What are you doing to "bring the war home"?

More money thrown at Iraqi opposition groups

With regards to Moore's Berg Interview....

Did the Times just wake up from a coma? Nuclear Danger editorial TOO LATE.

will the MoPaul convert to christianity before the rapture? thats the plan

Cheney's Heart

Wiil Ridge be next to jump ship? Ashcroft/Mueller appearance was big.

Hey media whores: thought about going to school after Kerry's election?

Freepers can't stand the light of truth

Kerry speaks of getting troops out rapidly

From the Ranks to the Street (Homeless Vets)

Poll suggests 67% of Irish against Bush visiting Ireland in June

Are there any laws that protect homosexuals from hiring discrimination?

If Jason Blair was fired, Judith Miller should go to jail!

The Bush Financial Evil Enterprise Quiz

Should US Soldiers be placed under UN Command?

will the jews convert to christianity before the rapture? that's the plan

New writer at Blah3!

DU CNN and Kelli Arena!

Indiana Students build car that get 2417 mpg - win contest

What was up with Letterman last night?

"I support the President Cause I don't Pretend To know what's going on."

FAHRENHEIT 9/11 opening in Australia despite e-mail threats

Best Freeway Signs - check this site out, you'll love it

BUBBLE Boy | what's Saturday w/o a few carTOONs?

New Terrorist Alert Poster

add William Haynes to the list - Abu Ghraib policies

Toronto 911 Inquiry live streaming Sat and Sun (May 29/30)

(W)e (M)ust (D)efeat Bush!

Let's honor Iraqi war dead too

Bev Harris on "The Guy James Show" today

The real Reason why * gets away with everything- Video stream

Greatest game ever...

Kerry offers Solutions! Bush gives us Problems. What is taking so Long to

This is the Matrix...


Calling All DU "Yellow Dog" Democrats: What does that mean exactly?

Nev. anti-war meeting stopped by bushgang members

New "Screw The Planet" Products

First Private Lynch, now poor bastard Tillman manipulated by neocons

Jessica Lynch POW / Abortion Rights Hypothetical

"Tomorrow" on track for $100 Million weekend; freepers heads explode

Ashcroft to Resign?

Bush explains how "more than 50 million souls now live in freedom"

Billy Bob Rumsfeld

For truck lovers.....

The price of gas going up again ! Saudis Attacked....

Women are taking the fall!!!

Can any People have a democracy if they don't do it themselves?

Republican meme ... Big Al is Ka-RAZY!

Contrast these two FReeper threads regarding Pat Tillman:

Kerry VP Rumor

The myth of the "librul" media

A new generation of cannon fodder

please, what's BFEE?

Most idiotic phrases today (which explains our descent into mediocrity)

Where are these lyrics from?

12 killed, hostages held in Saudi Arabia. Americans advised to leave.

Have you listened to the Al Gore speech?

Fox/MSNBC ignored Marcy Kaptur's opening speech

MUST READ: anonymous government official assesses Iraq . . .

Did the Aussie police drink to many Fosters?

20 things Sen. Kerry taught us (while in Seattle) /Seattle Times

Must Watch!: Greg Palast on C Span

Democrats divided over best way to beat Bush

The Liberals’ Creed-more crap from rightie!!

Wild Kingdom's Stan Brock: Where is he Now ?

Brzezinski on C-SPAN2

Bad Economy = Kids can't afford to get high!

Keep our Slaves Safe

Geneva Convention question

GOP freak Gilchrease says protesters are training for al Qaeda!

It WAS a nice ceremony until the Clown in Chief opened his piehole

George Bush: The Drip-Drop Scandal pResident.

Calling on DU folks and lets do it ! Adopt a swing State and help DU

Green card & Draft

Anyone know what this is about?

Marines, Out of the Picture, Try to Monitor Fallujah From Afar

Iraq to be led by the "45 minute Saddam attack" guy!! Screwd up again

"Tillman was killed saving comrades" (NYDN, May 1, 2004)

The Negro in World War II - Dad's Memorabilia

You freepers who "support the troops" read this:

A Vote for Osama: A GOP Scam!

hah hah, har'll like this site

Are the "red states" in jeopardy for Bush ? - Freepers start to doubt!!!!!

My Personal Tribute to Michael Moore -- An American Patriot

Bush nominee to Court of Appeals - sign a statement against.

Did anyone else notice the weak applause Bush got at the war memorial

I got a new mixer - my life is complete

Libertarian Party Presidential Debate on C-SPAN

Tillman Killed by "friendly fire"

Florida Election Board

Official "Guy James Show" thread please keep kicked

Where can I find the static cling

Shouldn't we DU this stuff too? - At least those that think it would be

Listening to Eric Clapton's new CD, "Me and Mr. Johnson."

Don't you just love Fundie forwards.

Good time to remember, David Kelly's last conact before death: Judy Miller

Allawi owns a Baghdad newspaper---is already propagandizing...

Texas study shows anti-drug ads don't work

Bowling for Columbine on Showtime tonight

History repeats itself

How can Pelosi and Daschle nationalize Congressional Elections?

Does Yahoo make a habit of changing their news stories?

Is cracking on Bill C's sex life fair game? I think so...

liberal songs and videos at MoveLeft Media.

If bush* really wants to honor American Veterans

Wow...Only three women had an Op/Ed column

Osama Must Fear Clark

Gore Vidal " Bev Harris, a splendid journalist patriot"

The Best of the Nixon Years

so....bush is actually a girl?.....that's what he says

Kerry was at the WWII dedication today......where was he?

Was thinking 'bout my Dad today - WWII memorial

CLARK: Key to Success (in Iraq)

I'm pissed that I can't listen to Howard Stern or see M. Moores new movie!

interesting site on the cost of attacking iraq

I take extreme umbrage with these "Jesus is a Democrat" websites...

Something that needs to be said about the NY Times....

Anyone have a coulter vs. franken mp3?

How I trapped my Bush fan friend:

Re: WW2 Memorial....Dammit the media is sooo insensitive to old people

Kids get in trouble for fighting in a violent culture--make any sense?

Excerpts from Noise Machine.....destroying Democrats with their help.

"Executive Decision" . . .

Geniph is going to the Democratic National Convention!

Americans Tired of Abuse Photos

Now even Margaret Carlson is dissing

Texas Prison Scandal 1996 when Bush was Governor?

would we actually allow bush to draft our kids? or kerry?

ROTFL! OH My God! Unbelievable

I'm in for one more cycle....

I got a standing ovation today

dKosopedia: The Open Source Political Encyclopedia

Why is afraid to show a picture of Bush?

who was margie schoedinger, how did she die? did bush kill her?

Rumsfeld thinks this is only the beginning, what the hell is he planning?

Here's a blast from the past (not for the weak hearted)

Sharon faces cabinet test on Gaza

The House and Senate are both repuke controlled, yes?

Donate to TBTM

"I'm George W. Bush and I approve of this message..."

Why the vicious Repuke attack on "Krazy" Gore? Simple. Truth is Al.

Site run by Freeper shows Kerry has most electoral votes

Alleged Kerry mistress to go on offensive!

My campaign site is really shaping up!

Why the Democrats' Left Wing Is Muted ----- NY Times frontpage

Architecturally, what do you think of the WW II Memorial?

What's the story on this website ?

I finally understand. Tornadoes in Oklahoma are MY fault!

"Republic of Cascadia" WTF?

BBV: Dear Friends of Election Systems Integrity:

Why is Bush's name on the WWII Memorial???

why is a man who STARTED A WAR speaking at the war memorial?

I just saw the new movie "The Day After Tomorrow"......

INCOMPETENT - The keyword message to defeat Bush

Bush on September 11, 2001

Freepers on Ann Coulter: "the crowd attacked her with orange peels"

Horrifying LTTE in tomorrow's Journal-Sentinel:

It is the sweetest death; to die for one's country.......

Did Bush1 just do a "reach around" on Clinton ?

Promote this TRUE Conservative, Bush's right flank!

Evolutionary Heritage & RW Propaganda & its captive audience of commuters

Nixon too drunk to discuss '73 Arab Israeli War

BWAHAHAHA! PERLE and other neocons march on White House,

Did Bush1 just attack Clinton physically?

It's a beautiful day in NYC. Walk by the Marc Jacobs store in the Village!

Interview with mom of dead GI from Moore's Fahrenheit 911

How will the affluent evade the draft?

KERRY: "NO DRAFT" - here is what Kerry has said about it

Neoclassical architecture predates Hitler, Speer and all the rest

Just sad

A Quote From John F. Kennedy:

Social mobility in the US, needs some help

Text of John Kerry's radio address to the nation

36 years ago on Memorial Day I was listening to the radio to Indianapolis

God Bless Our Soldiers. God Bless the Greatest Generation

how many of these networks now criticizing Gore broadcast his speech?

The current state of ideological polarization in the U.S. will lead to...

Democrats call in Clinton to rescue Kerry's campaign

How do we reach the republicans who hate Bush yet can't vote for a dem?

A Heresy - I'm disgusted by "War" Memorials

Bush dynasty ex-wife set to spill the beans

Uncle Bill "Bucky" Bush and dirty bucks

Osama Wants You To Vote For George

Blair to seek re-election

Army blasts Blair for delaying fresh Iraq deployment

Are we here at DU so completely out of touch?

Tabloiditis--Huxley's "Brave New World" continues evolution to nonfiction

I'm dumbfounded when I hear: "I don't believe in conspiracy theories."

How about George W. Bush for Kerry VP?

Is there really such a group called Al Qaeda? launches anti-Nader site

Tell us Your War Stories or Freinds or Family War (or antiwar)Stories!

CHINO Tribesmen, Ex-spook Handlers, and the Guerilla War on Democracy

Two fifth-graders found after a day lost in cave (Good news is nice :-)

Kerry debuts TV ad in Spanish

Humanitarian Groups Open Border Camps

Sorry, dupe.

Riots mar end of Mexico summit

US distances itself from Iraqi PM

Floods Bring More Suffering to a Battered Haitian Town

Torture, brutal executions of DRC revealed in court

Riggs sale would end era for bank to presidents

NYT- Surprising Choice for Premier of Iraq Reflects U.S. Influence

Bush slices funds from hospitals, Metrorail (Jeb)

Oh Say Can You CACI

Bush-Bashing 'Brother' Will Accompany Kerry to WWII Memorial Opening

Easy Company’ Veteran to Accompany Kerry to WWII Memorial Opening

U.S. Open to Earlier Date for Iraq Troop Review

Haitian flood survivors say many children lost

Duplicate post. Sorry

Driver for Japanese relives deadly Iraq gun attack

Poll shows two-thirds questioned in East say No to Bush's visit

Bumpy ride for clean fuel

Kurdish separatists end ceasefire with Turkey: report

Gunmen kill UN observer near DRC town

Tuskegee Airmen on CSPAN Now!! PST

Venezuela.. Praise Colin Powell's Statements on Signature Repair

Pak Test-Fires Nuclear-Capable Hataf V Missile

US does not rush to embrace Allawi despite his CIA ties

Kerry vows to rebuild 'shredded' U.S. alliances

WP: Keeping Kerry at a Distance

Self Deleted

Despite truce, gunbattles break out in Kufa

Mass. Town Rescinds Partner Benefits

Rocket Launcher Found on City Street

Proposed Iraqi PM has CIA links

Editor of opposition paper shot dead in Montenegro

Inmate's family questions death

Biogas: Manure to Methane Generation

Protests pose 'grave threats' to Bush visit, says Italian minister

Exiled Allawi was responsible for 45-minute WMD claim

Kurds move to end Turkish truce

Bizarre tale of boy who used internet to plot his own murder

Who gets final say on U.S. troops after June 30?

Cuba Base Sent Its Interrogators to Iraqi Prison

NYT Cuba Base Sent Its Interrogators to Iraqi Prison(recommend. by Miller)

Iraqi Governing Council Agrees Cabinet with US, UN

Kerry says Bush overlooks Iraq's toll on families, vets

Troops Bury Hundreds in Caribbean Floods

WP: Price of Sacrifice (Vietnam dead hero's medals auctioned on E-bay)

Abu Ghraib and the Empty Chair (No More Photo Releases)

Four U.S. Service Members Killed in Afghanistan

Sam Dash, counsel in Watergate hearings, dead at 79

Atlantic City schools to recognize Islamic holidays

Delta takes another step toward bankruptcy

Pakistan Detains Dozens of Tribesmen

Tillman killed by friendly fire

Powell: Help Requests Will Come From Iraq

6 killed, hostages held in Saudi oil refinery

Militants take hostages after killing spree

12 killed, hostages held in Saudi Arabia

U.S.-Picked Najaf Governor Accuses Cleric

Watergater Hearings Counsel Sam Dash Dies

Up in the cellblocks (Pentagon memo restricts IRC access to Abu Ghraib)

Marines Try to Monitor Fallujah in Truce

US Military Intelligence Accused of Abuse (4 prisons NOT Abu Ghraib)

Maryland's State Workforce to Shrink (351 jobs)

USS Abraham Lincoln going back to sea

Hawaii Man Named In Iraq Prisoner Abuse Probe

Dad Arrested in Stabbing Deaths of 2 Kids

Soldiers thank state museum for Kool Valentine present

Investigators Probe Hoffa Disappearance (Fox News Damages Evidence)

Report Cited Scant Evidence, Long Detention for Iraqis

A Look at U.S. Military Deaths in Iraq

Kerry says Bush overlooks Iraq's toll on families, vets

Kiss bassist: Comments not anti-Muslim

Clinton Urges Cornell Grads to Cooperate

U.S. Troop Deaths - 802 U.S. servicemembers have died in Iraq

For the universe, a bouncing baby planet

Australia's $600m gift to Iraq

Yemen Trial Begins in Oil-Tanker Attack

Berg's Family Discusses Michael Moore Footage (Moore "a total class act")

Pakistan test-fires nuclear missile

Suspected Taliban Sentenced to Death

EU, Latin America Condemn U.S. Prison Abuse in Iraq

Gunmen Attack Saudi Foreigner Compounds

Woman who displayed art inspired by Iraq prisoner abuse in gallery beaten

Bush Reaffirms U.S. 'One-China' Policy on Phone

Race against time for Venezuela recall drive

Bittersweet Tribute Set for WWII Veterans

Senior Hamas Leader Is Killed in Blast in Gaza City

Bush Says U.S. Must Persevere in Iraq, Evokes WWII

2 Mistaken for Suspected Terrorists

Chris Matthews on Now PST

Kerry says focus on Iraq endangers US

Navy to Deploy Carrier Groups to Test Rapid Readiness

Federal judge in Mass. says being called homosexual is not libelous

MTV to Start First Network Aimed at Gays

US hostages freed in Saudi Arabia

In next round, will disability rights be broadened further?

German Study Says Condoms Contain Cancer-causing Chemical

Locals 'apprehensive' about G-8 Summit

Army: Friendly Fire Likely Killed Tillman

Judge: Homosexual Isn't Libelous Term

Two Blasts Heard in Center of Baghdad

Saudi horror sparks fear of oil crisis

Marines killed in action in Iraq

Bush Hails Veterans, Calls WWII 'Greatest Mission'

WP: Kerry Says Security Comes First (less emphasis on Democracy)

Why the Democrats' Left Wing Is Muted

Rumsfeld Says 'War on Terror' Just Beginning

NYT: Deadlock Seen on Presidency in Iraqi Talks

CNN: Race against time for Venezuela recall drive

WP: Foreign Policy Team Takes Center Stage

U.S. supporters of Chalabi pressure Bush

The handover that became a shambles

Whiz kid invention - Super Mileage Car

SF gallery owner becomes target after showcasing painting of Iraqi prisone

Unitarians win Texas case (tax-exempt status)

Scientologists settle death suit

NY Times Ombudsman Criticizes Paper Over Iraq

Saudis storm besieged compound

Empty villages mark trail of Sudan's hidden war

Bush leads Kerry in new PD poll


The New Yorker - THE MANIPULATOR (Chalibi)

Bush dynasty ex-wife set to spill the beans

Monuments that should exist..(b3ta challenge)

Man...I did it again! that's twice in one week!

Weird movie double standards..this time with "Day After Tomorrow"

just cried me some tears of joy

First Ever 24/7 High-Definition Gay Movie Channel

I've given up on Deadwood.

Kids say the darndest things - and the truth

Just saw Day After Tomorrow. Ask me anything. (SPOILERS)


I can't wait until the Sopranos finale

What if Tom Yawkey hadn't been a racist?

Born and Raised in Pineloa... his mama believed in the Pentecost...

new Oxyrush advertisers

Avatar for those who are fans of "Shrek 2"

I pulled a gorgeous fire alarm last night. Ask me anything.


I urge you to put on the Tom Waits....

Today's Thought

Much Respect for DU

What is a good site for posting photographs??

as someone who has no use for Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard . . .

What's your favorite DubyaSpeak audio quote?

Six Feet Under question...

I pulled a gorgeous girl last night, ask me anything...

From LBN: Many in US in Denial about Weight.

I feel like going for a pun

I feel like going for a run

Do you love RealPlayer?

I feel like going for my gun...

My favorite blog is shutting down!

What's for breakfast, guys?

Barney (the dinosaur) sues Barney (the boy) over the website . . .


My company auditions temps

The best song which deals with the war in Iraq?

Favorite surviving Sopranos supporting characters

Asscroft's new Government Insanity Color-Coded Alert System!

I feel like I am going to have the runs

How do I keep my winter clothes spring fresh in storage? Use a dessicant?

Just saw truly moving C-Span Booknotes' author-interview rerun from 2001.

Mozilla Thunderbird/Norton Antivirus question

I got AJA back from ACL surgery & LOTR on dvd. i'm in for the weekend

DU Front Page


Ashcroft and Atkinson: Separated at Birth?

Perot sings for metal band

VP Thread

I survived my first year of teaching!

Breaking the bond with Internet Explorer - advice requested

Softball: High Times vs. The Onion (this is NOT satire, really!)

Hey. I'm on my lunch break until 2. Ask Me Anything!

Really Bad Names for a File.

Parrot sings for metal band

In general, are you self-conscious?

Veteran whacks would-be burglar

Fresh Prince of Bel Air!

I feel like going for a nun.

My Dog Barks At * and Ashcroft

Prostate - arrrrrrgggggggghhhhh

Bob Marley and The Whalers

Would you take a bullet for someone?

lost 25 pounds since February

Just came back from "Day After Tomorrow" SO UNREALISTIC!!!

I saw the Wailers last night!

What's in the punch, guys?

How do you get rid of a Trojan horse virus

Bob Woodward and Ron Popeil - separated at birth?

I hate it when phones don't work.

So I've been away from the internet for a week

I feel like going for a gun

12 Hours Smoke Free

Eagles Are The Greatest American Rock Band Ever

That was beyond depressing, Frontline, the day the music died

Looking for something different to grill out this weekend? (humor)

What's for lunch, guys?

What is your most hated comic strip?

my shirt smells like scope, ask me anything

For truck lovers.....

Prius Owners: How good is your car?

James Taylor: "Fire and Rain"

Am Set with My KERRY Victory Big Bell

What is the fascination with buying a "new" car?

New paradigm: editors don't really want what they ask for.

What's the weirdest stance you've taken

help please - 1st grade teachers or parents of 1st graders...

Margret Cho mic cut off 10 min into show!!!

Kill the hippies

"Most Extreme Elimination Challange"

My school is changing it's mascot.. ....advice?

Do "Dead Pet Threads" get to you? I can't read them anymore.

Apple Safari browser shows increase in global usage share

My babies (aka. Ugh...another cat pic thread)

Do you love a real player?

Does anyone here own a belly?

Does anyone here own any Telly?

Does anyone here feel smelly?

Anyone remember Bob Wilkins and "Creature Features?"

Does anyone here own any jelly?

Say No MORE!!!!

Which do you prefer: jelly or jam?

HERO Thread: Add a name of someone whom you respect.

Which DAY AFTER apocalypse movie do you prefer?

Kate the dog ate our car registration yesterday

What is the most reliable economy car?

Anyone going to see the Phish Coney Island show in a theater?

That Stanley Cup gets around!

How did 'eggs Benedick' get it's name?

WooHoo! I'm in a tornado watch!


Does anyone here remember Telly?

US presidential hopeful John Kerry becomes King of the "Cheeseheads"

My Good DUers.... "You Bow Before No One"

Does anyone here know a guy named Del?

Does anyone here want to gel me?

They were four men living all together, but they were all alone...

Fruitcake Debutantes Defined by O, And Other Spam Tricks

I just had the most amazing musical experience...

Did I do the right thing? You be the judge

Unlikely, but great, duets

Watching the Moffett airshow from work

Unlikely but great Duels

Does anyone here like Del McCoury Band?

here's a free e-mail Windows newsletter that I like . . .

Does anyone here like Dell Curry???

Official "appropriate level of maturity and sensitivity" Thread

which definition of "deliquescent" best fits the chimpjunta?

Am I missing something about the Pixies?

Bomb bomb bomb bomb Saddam, Bomb bomb bomb bomb Saddam!

Does anyone here own a Compaq/HP?


At what point do I need to start eating Wisconsin Dells again?

watched "sunrise at campabello" about fdr

My grandpa honored at the National WWII Memorial.

Favorite Original Movie Score?

Really amazing looking site I found while looking for a PHP script

I changed my username in the options....

Gin & Tonic time...

Has anyone ever watched the movies 1900 (Novecento) or Indochine?

Check out this sweet illusion!

The Beatles' "Anna" favorite John Lennon vocal, period.


Just finished a deep cleaning of the kitchen,

Cool deal! I'm going to see Howard Jones in concert on June 13th!

How much time before NewYawker99 reaches 70,000 posts

At what point do I need to start eating protein again?

Looking for a chateau...

Woman gets bogus $20 from ATM. Banks say "Tough luck, *****"

Ready to buy a Prius or Civic hybrid.....which one, where to buy it?

I profusely apologize in advance, but

Does anyone here own a Heli?

I'm going to Grad (Prom) tonight...

Latest "Disney Boycott"

I Reclaim This "War Weekend." This Is Now A PEACE Weekend

The 'Blue' at the top of the mast. Korea 52

Ever been to the Wisconsin Dells?

Heard Karrin Allyson last night

Worst earworms (songs stuck in your head)

Just finished a deep frying of the chicken,

I love the beach toys...

A freeper is stalking me...

No apology needed

Geni just won election to the DNCC!!!!

I need a female dog name that starts with Spar.....

I have 498 posts, ask me only 1 thing...

A bunch of severe weather tracking through Oklahoma...

Where can I find that Limbaugh flash?

Swastikas to be Taken Out of Courthouse

We need more catgut, dammit!!!

Here comes 45,000 !!!!

HELP!!! I have a drinking problem!!!

I just about had it with Wes Johnson

Tonight on THE SOUL EXPRESS: a 60th birthday tribute to GLADYS KNIGHT!

The DNC office backed out on my hiring. I don't have the job.

"A Bottle Of White...A Bottle Of Red..........

Most annoying PBS cooking-show host/chef?

Why is gas so much more expensive in Europe than the U.S?

Sunrise in Baghdad...

GopisEvil moved out of his apartment today.

What weird Sandwich Combinations do you eat

Why do people drive manual transmissions?

We need more catty threads, gosh darn it.

Just finished watching the best speech I've ever seen


My mom has a theory about Bush Sr's parachute jump

Does anyone here own a Deli?

Immagine If You Had The Ability to Pardon

What were the worst republican myths about Clinton

Horseplay or foul play?

Saturday cat thread ....... DEAL WITH IT!!!

TNT NBA crew endorses Kerry

So.... I've been out of town recently, what's been going on?

Pat Metheny Group on Austin City Limits

Does anyone know anything about the DelVikings?

Which presidents were/are musicians?

Rumsfeld's Wife. Warning!! Warning!!

Am I colorblind or normal?

I love the beach boys

"It's my life".

Good songwriters who were also good singers

IRON MAIDEN: Bruce Dickinson or Paul Di'Anno

Worst, most ridiculous villain from the 60s Batman TV show

Conan O'Brien: Yes or no?

Most Annoying song running through the head.. planted by a lounge thread

Worst "I'm a star so I'm gonna sing" singing celebrities of all time

Character actors who should get more shots at starring roles:

Psychologist has Gacy's brain in her basement

What teachers were usually the coolest?

Evaluate your own fitness!

Look what your neighbors donated.

John Kerry was on Cheers?!

What's the worse thing that you have eaten in a Restaurant or Fast Food

Van Halen singer: Dave, Sammy, or Gary?

IE 6.0 users - I'm having a hard time scrolling up and down.

Anyone have solar garden/path lights?

Hit rock songs sung by a band member who was NOT the lead singer:

i`ve just about had it with Wisconsin!!

It's Official - I'm Now a Ewan McGregor Fan!

Unlikely, but great, duels

T-Wolves win!!! Bring series to 3-2, go back to LA on Monday!!!

Lord Of The Rings fans, I have a question-

Worst baby name suggested so far by my husband,

Does anyone here own a Dell?

Do "Dead Head Threads" get to you? I can't read them anymore.

What can I make out of Gourmet Sandwich Wraps?

Support the day after tomorrow.

Seriously - Funny Video

Take a look at this old book I found and CAPTION

Me and my shadow................................................CAPTION

Have You Ever Had 'Happy Birthday' Sung To You By Restaurant Staff?

Cheers Poll: Who do you prefer Diane or Rebecca


What the heck is it with Erin?

THE TEMPTATIONS: David Ruffin or Dennis Edwards?

Why is gas so much more repulsive in Europe than the U.S?

Jaw dropper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did not see coming!!!!

What Debt Of GRATITUDE Do We Owe Led Zepplin?

Why are beer bottles all the same size?

Mandy Moore Gets Religion

I have 2 lbs of mussels, 1 lb large tiger shrimp and 1/2 lb calamari

I have 2 lbs of muscles, 1 large tiger and a 12 lb capybara

Which DUers were/are musicians?

Name a good songwriter who's a lousy singer.

We need more cat threads dammit!!!!

I would very much like to apologize for my stupidity last night

If you had the choice, would you rather live in the U.S. or Europe?

What kind of car(s) do you drive?

Debt collectroll: You're talking to me,so you must not be looking for work

What SuperHero Are You?

Manual Transmission drivers - what's your favourite gear?

Does anyone here own a Dali?

most modern music is crap.........discuss

Posting While Intoxicated: A DU holiday weekend cautionary picture story

It's now just three weeks to FUNDAY X (June 19 @ Saginaw, MI)!!

Kerry / Ham Sandwich 9 pt over Bush in poll.

A Kentucky Gay Memorial Day thingy....

Moran To Help Kerry Win

Media alert---Kerry will be interviewed live on MSNBC 3:00 est

A Resource we need to exploit

A vote for Bush is a vote for butt-nekkid men on my TV

Ha Ha...Repukes scrambling to copy MoveOn! Hypocrites!

Great article on MN's DFL State Convention

CNN asks Florida court for ineligible voters list

If Mc Cain were VP, how would he vote in the House?

"Kerry Surges Ahead In Swing State, Clark As VP Begins To Look.......

Would Kerry Suspend His Campaign?

Michael Moore on Terrorists: I'd REALLY crush 'em

Kerry/Gore 2004 - What do you think?

Could we turn Ahmad Chalabi into *'s Willie Horton?

Gen. Wesley Clark speaks to Mississippi Democratic Party

Kerry Stroll May Test Convention Security

is anyone going to vote based on vp ?

The Daily Kos: 8 Candidates to Support.

ok Wes Clark CAN help bring in crossover voters

Gov. Dean speaking in Hawaii today at the Democratic Convention.

Kerry, listen to Edwards

Libertarian Convention

CLARK stays well ahead of the pack...